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Child abuse leading to escalating violence

Election Reform

Perpetual War

Media reform

Economic issues

Marketing to children

Marketing scams

Class conflict

Contributing causes to crime and how to prevent them

Mass Murderers and violence that precedes their crimes

Police Violence

Copyright and intellectual property issues

Environmental issues

Health Care

Propaganda and psychological manipulation research

The CIA and other espionage issues worldwide including in the U.S.A.

Conspiracies, censorship, propaganda and a potential Truth and Education commission

Religious issues


Growing political reform movement with or without media coverage

Occupy Wall Street

This is not satire compared to what the news reports

Unsolved mysteries

Book Reviews or rewrites

Jill Stein

Elizabeth Warren

2012 elections


Preventing Violence

Child abuse leading to escalating violence

Does child abuse and bullying lead to more violence?

Child abuse and bullying link in study long over due

Daddy's Hands, Hard as steel when I’d done wrong

Public relation campaign for child abuse prevention

The real victim rights advocates

Cause and Effect of Hatred

Misplaced blame

Denial: Tell me something good I need to hear something good

Bullying research forgotten already??

Stop child abuse in schools pass H.R. 3027!!

Springtown Texas expands sanctioned child abuse AKA corporal punishment

Spare the Child for Christmas

Could Fort Myers daycare abuse be the beginning of a much bigger problem?

Children Psychopaths? And Mitt Romney’s Bullying History

Child care programs

Consistent punishment guidelines

These solutions are not new but they are still not getting across to the public

Abuse impairs creativity and can create indoctrination

Election Reform

Election Reform

Saving Project Vote Smart and improving it or replacing it

Open Call: What is your ballot or candidate question?

Ten ballot questions

Semi-Secret Fundamentals of Democracy

No advertising or lobbying expenses without representation

Free Speech

Educational Revolution

The 2000 election revisited

“Don’t even go there” job interview

Literacy in America and abroad

Should we accept the false premise of Dem. or Rep.?

Scalia, Alito and Roberts etal aren't even trying to understand!

Doing a recount of votes..

Election Season: What happens after the polls close?

The election process: Election Day & closing the polls

MOVE: Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act

Election Season: Let's discuss the process

Occupy the Commission on Presidential Debates!!

How the system restricts education

Perpetual War

If war isn't the answer; then what is??

War Propaganda

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Rules of war on life support

War on Terrorism Or War on Citizen’s Rights?

Torture as the first resort!

Obama, Kerry arm sales maintain permanent state of war!

Code Pink: peace outlawed by murderers

Who’s the “Low Life Scum:” Kissinger, CODEPINK, Harold Pinter or Hitler?

The terrorists must be laughing their asses off!!

Ding Dong the witch is dead (OBL); long live the witch!

Enemy Du Jour

September 11 2051

Protect the Afghan Schools

Hamas, Israel and USA should all renounce violence

Syrian fear mongering may not be working!

Should Bradley Manning get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Media reform

Alternative Media is an Absolute Necessity!!

The media isn’t reporting it but Grass Roots candidates are winning some local elections

Public doesn't trust media; media responds by ignoring news of this and protests as well!

Fast talking media pundits hate scrutiny

Setting a better example for the Mass Media

Violence as entertainment

Obsession du jour

Media presents incomplete research on Whitey Bulger as usual

Media Scams: Rosland Capital, Goldline, Merit Financial

Presidential speeches taken out of context by Mass Media

Government subsidizes Fox war on Media Matters

Missteps with Rangel, Lewis or Mass Media misrepresentation?

Is Miley Cyrus the “Pathetic” one or is hypocritical Mika Brzezinski?

Economic issues

It's the Economy Stupid; Duh, What's the economy?

Semi-Secret Fundamentals of Economics

Crime and war profiteering are excellent for the GDP based economy!!

Are job losses good?

Marketing to children

Roy F Fox on unethical targeting of children by marketers

Roy F Fox Harvesting Minds, Channel One Indoctrination of Kids

Wal-Marts unethical marketing to children

Michelle Obama pushes token advertising restrictions while ignoring research that calls for more

Marketing scams

Count down to Annual Black Friday Riots!

Why no discussion on preventing Black Friday Riots in the media?

Truth in Advertising Store Now Open!!

The “Fiscal Cliff” and the coming collapse of the insurance industry

Annual Nativity disputes and decorations thefts misrepresenting Christmas season

Complacent consumers have few if any rights

Loud complaint brings quick free replacements

“Just shoplift them next time; we’ll let you.”

Partial reversal of Planned obsolescence is long overdue!!

"We don't lie in advertising"

The Boston Olympics could attract protests corruption and even more terrorism

Craigslist is Evil!!!

America is facing some tough challenges right now

ABC’s consumer warnings are actually a fraud!!

Class conflict

Class Warfare

Tracking the elite ruling class

Corporate bureaucrats are robbing us blind!!

The real, wealthier, entitlement class

The rich have a right to profit from polluting and killing the poor


Psychology of the Ruling Class, White Collar Tyranny

Federal debt to the Company Store

The Social evolution of Tyranny

Trader Joes expired food store increases bureaucracy and class divide

Class warfare in school: arresting moms for educating kids

Education is being criminalized, especially minorities!!

Bashing Teachers

Is turn about fair play at sweatshops?

Emotional Distress Lawsuit

The CEOs who stole Christmas gifts from the poor

When Democrats and Republicans agree on Sylvia Mathews Burwell watch out!

Scientific study documents that the economic crisis has catapulted suicides in Greece (The impact of economic austerity and prosperity events on suicide in Greece)

Throwing School Mom in Jail~

Debtors Prison WTF~

Contributing causes to crime and how to prevent them

Ignored evidence linking corporal punishment, poverty and crime grows

Does lack of education increase violent crime? Religion?

How much does Income Inequality Affects Crime Rates?

States with high murder rates have larger veteran populations

Teach a soldier to kill and he just might

The tragedy of gambling politics in United States

How does gambling and gun control impact violent crime?

Politics, not technology, caused botched executions

Troy, Cameron, Gary all innocent? And executed?

Democrats do a bad job on crime; Republicans and the Media are worse!!

Politicians increase crime; Grass roots efforts reduce crime; Politicians steal the credit

Life Insurance and media companies are encouraging lots of murders

Union Busting adds to corrupt bureaucracy and incites crime

Crime Profiteering: another day, another school shooting

Continued withholding of solutions in Clackamas and Newtown

Unacknowledged Censorship in Arizona about Jared Loughner

The usual speeches and censorship in Aurora

Accidental Kentucky shooting of 2 year old is a trend not isolated

Eric Holder's crime speech ignores most important issues

Mass Murderers and violence that precedes their crimes

Without Conscience

Mass Murderers are animals

Reform School

How to create a monster

Richard Ramirez

Keith Hunter Jesperson

Is Itzcoatl Ocampo an example of divide and rule tactics?

Warnings signs for Aaron Alexis are abundant and came out quickly

Police Violence

Are the FBI and media underestimating police shootings by at least twenty-five percent?

A Brief History of Cops Convicted of Murder

The threat to police is greatly exaggerated

Debunking “The Rise of the Warrior Cop”

Is the militarization of the police leading to escalation of violence including Vegas shooting?

"Editor's Blog: To The Protesters & Haters" and Police

Ferguson coverage ignoring Beavercreek Ohio and long term solutions

Copyright and intellectual property issues

Copyright Bureaucracy

Copyright violators are thought criminals

Lawrence Lessig encouraging an Educational Commons

Verdict in downloading song robbing poor to pay rich

Stop SOPA and PIPA, Protect Free Speech and Democracy

Environmental issues

Environmental Apocalypse

Natural Born Killers of the Planet

Subsidizing the protection of the environment or its destruction?

Indigenous Protesters in Brazil, Burma, Nigeria and other poor countries lead the way protecting the environment

Thought control outweighs environmental protection

BP is just the tip of the iceberg

North Dakota explosion forgotten already now Walpole, Omaha, Mississippi, and many others also quickly fading into memory hole.

Media blackout of environmental disasters and protests continue

More Fire Memorials without Attention to Environmental and Safety Solutions

Greenpeace, not oil companies, charged with environmental damage

Weather Channel Storm Profiteering

Discovery Channel and the Real Eco-terrorists

Compost instructions Duuhhh

Health Care

Health Care Premiums and where they go

Media Ignores Single-Payer Health Coverage in Vermont Again

Santorum etal endorse Health Care Waste and Fraud (With relevance beyond the 2012 elections)

Health Care Divide and Rule Tactics

Propaganda and psychological manipulation research

Fundamentals of Psychology

Manipulation Tactics

Political Manipulation

Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment

Corruption or Bias in the American Psychological Association

Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize

Political Psychologist Are Suppressing Democracy

Human Research Subjects

Anti-violence social experiments could be part of a slippery slope

Studying monkeys and children to manipulate people better

“No Easy Day,” Benghazi are Orwellian research opportunities

There is no "collateral damage" at the Boston Marathon!!

It's A Brave New World at ABC while NBC is chasing the Running Man

The CIA and other espionage issues worldwide including in the U.S.A.

Espionage isn't intelligent

Cults of Espionage

It’s official tyrant using child soldiers had CIA connection

"Boston Strong" propaganda downplays martial law

Is 60 Minutes presenting Anti-North Korea propaganda?

Is “Prism” news? or is it ECHELON?

Are Naomi Wolf, Edward Snowden, Prism, and ECHELON, dividing us?

Bickering over Prism continues to ignore ECHELON and minimize disclosure!

Is the U.S. Wagging the Dog in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey etc.?

Democracy Now displays their ignorance or worse on U.S. Agency for International Development

I’m not completely ruling out an ISIS Wag the Dog Hypothesis but …

In condemnation of the Paris attack and cowardice, real cowardice

All is NOT forgiven here in the real world

Conspiracies, censorship, propaganda and a potential Truth and Education commission

Flawed study on conspiracy theories comes up with semi-accurate conclusions

Proprietary information is, by definition, a conspiracy Duuh

The First Amendment Often Protects Bribes More Than Speech!!

Why Do We Have Trade Secrets? Professor Michael Risch's defense of fraud? Includes a response from Michael Risch who responded to this post.

Trade Secrecy laws provide license to commit negligent mass murder

JFK and the Unspeakable James Douglass

Tyranny opponents or advocates?

Obama’s Youth?? or Corporate Youth?

Applause for Obama….and Stalin!

Obama’s censorship speech is incredibly hypocritical!!

Monsanto, Facebook and ExxonMobil Censorship strike again!

Obama is Suppressing Education, Protecting Corporate Secrecy

David Icke might not be so bad all the time, although he does have major obvious credibility problems

Censorship and smear campaign against Legal Schnauzer

Doing stupid things doesn’t support “charity”

Rejoice We Have Justice Rejoice

Truth and Education Commission

Ben Jealous’ “Truth and Reconciliation” proposal needs work

Religious issues

Why I’m a fundamentalist not to be confused with pseudo-fundamentalists

Apocalypse: a self fulfilling prophecy?

Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine

A Brief History of the Mormon Church

The assassination of the first Mormon presidential nominee

Excuse me Mitt do you believe Jesus Christ was a polygamist?

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Prophets


Walmart Watch

Will Wal-Mart's desperate advertising campaign save them?

Drunken Driving charges dropped against Alice Walton

Carolyn McCarthy please divest Wal-Mart stock

Wal-Mart censorship in Argentina is part of a larger pattern

Black Friday: “Stop Thief! Wal-Mart is stealing from consumers!”

Is Wal-Mart driving planned obsolescence?

Negotiating at Wal-Mart

Customer feedback for Wal-Mart and elsewhere

Have practice runs for Wal-Mart food riots begun?

Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices?

Wal-Mart shoplifting vigilantism gone wild?

Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd

Who is threatening to bomb Wal-Mart and why?

Wal-Mart Crime report August 2013

Wal-Mart Crime report September 2013

Wal-Mart Crime report October 2013

Wal-Mart Crime report November 2013 Black Friday Madness

Wal-Mart Crime report December 2013

Wal-Mart Crime report January 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report February 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report March 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report April 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report May 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report June 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report July 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report August 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report September 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report October 2014

Wal-Mart Crime report November 2014 Holiday Madness begins early

Wal-Mart Crime report December 2014; desperation for the holidays

Wal-Mart Crime report January 2015

Wal-Mart Crime report February 2015

Wal-Mart Crime report March 2015

Growing political reform movement with or without media coverage

Coming soon real reform ….. or book burning? Genocide?

Could alternative debates be a game changer?

Shots fired at protest; and Bono shilling for Monsanto?

Throw who in jail??

Corporal punishment the British and possible USA riots

The moment I felt most American

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street and Cash Register Protests

Fox’s “Nightmare on Wall Street” and police crackdown

Occupy Wall Street “Kool-Aid” anyone?

It's Half Time at Occupy Wall Street

Police Storm Troopers v. Protestors Occupiers or not

Let the Greeks Vote Occupy Greek Government

OWS: Surprise Mass Media ignores convention protests

OWS: preparing for first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

OWS: permit fees, assault on education, is democracy “ugly?”

OWS: Not Dead Yet!

OWS: Mourning in Wisconsin, July 4 gathering, entrapment etc

OWS: NATO can’t feed poor, Chicago, Roseanne/Jill Stein

OWS: War alternatives, Anarchy propaganda, The Black Agenda

OWS: May Day, college education, Charter Schools, propaganda

OWS: Medicare protests, Nurses, May Day, Bradley Manning etc

OWS: May Day, Charter Schools, support reoccupation! etc

OWS: Occupy Santa Monica, Chicago etc.

This is not satire compared to what the news reports

Bloopbert News: CNN plans to hire Jenna Jameson as news anchor!!

The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked my Blog!!!

Bloopbert Breaking News! Leaked transcripts for Jay Carneys beard conference!

Kissenger, Casey, and Clarence Thomas roundup

Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Mark Twain roundup

"They're arresting me for daring to tell the truth in a courtroom!!!"

Donate to American Crossroads

We interrupt this global catastrophe to….

Boehner steps on landmine while golfing with Obama

Urgent request for Charles Manson

Charles Manson endorses Richard Ramirez for President!

Unsolved mysteries

107 Wonders of the Ancient World

Lost city around Angkor Temples found

Massive effort to move 340-ton megalith is no longer routine

Book Reviews or rewrites

Deterring Democracy by Noam Chomsky or my version

Necessary Illusions by Noam Chomsky and my version of propaganda

Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington

Clash of Civilizations Part Two

Clash of Civilizations or Egyptian AND USA Revolutions

Stones into School, Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson

Jill Stein

Jill Stein addressed many issues in 2012; “viable” candidates didn’t!! 2016??

A closer look at Jill Stein

Jill Stein supports Constitution unlike Romney and Obama!!

Censored partly prevented at debates: Jill Stein, Democracy Now! Present issues

Final debates then vote for Jill Stein …..or Jesus? Santa?

Jill Stein “Fire Wall Street!!!”

Jill Stein keeps promise broken by Barack Obama

Jill Stein wins nomination without corporate control

Jill Stein for Senate!!!

Elizabeth Warren

How sincere is Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren is NOT as sincere as she appears!!

Is Elizabeth Warren supporting Charter Schools not Unions?

Elizabeth Warren is NOT a “consumer advocate!!”

Elizabeth Warren's propaganda overlooks many flaws!

Elizabeth Warren is a charismatic propagandist not the Messiah

2012 elections

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama agree, a lot!

Marketing Romney, Ryan and Cowshit in a Shoebox!

Mitt Romney embraces Mormonism while avoiding scrutiny

Mitt Romney is right; Rachel Maddow is wrong!!

How did Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum in Ohio?

Screw the Chocolate Factory Cut to Commercial

Are Cain, Cantor and Romney campaigning for Obama?

Perry’s Ponzi scheme and Obama’s more insidious scheme

Rigged Virginia Primary Prediction

Scott Walker is an Immature Ass


The Big Bang is a Political Theory Disguised as Science

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