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"We don't lie in advertising"

Czech Dream - Garden Row

According to one of the advertising people, the one with his back to the camera, in the Czech Dream, "We don't lie in advertising." He expressed concerns about the deception about a hypermarket that doesn't exist.

I mean, if you filmmakers are used to lying to people, we don't lie in advertising.

It's surprising, but we don't.

Can you repeat that?

Sure. I can say it again.

Even if you lie in your films, we don't lie in advertising. Complete transcripts

Some people might not be convinced; so perhaps it would help to get an opinion from a respected elder statesman.

What do you think Dick?

Thanks Dick, um that's always good to know.

But I'm not quite sure how that addresses the claim by the advertiser.

I tell you what; a couple of the other advertisers that contributed more to the ad campaign and ahd doubts about it justified it in a little more detail.

Perhaps their comments would help elaborate.

Richard Nixon

What did you just say about Czech Dream?

The idea behind marketing campaigns that are manipulative and misleading is something I don't agree with.

Then why did you take part in the research?

You worked on Czech Dream, to help reach its target group.

It's a professional approach to evaluating ads.

You got information on how to make the most convincing ad so it'd affect the recipient.

The decision to manipulate the recipient was yours.

It's your responsibility.

I don't see why you work on corporate things you disapprove of.

There are ads we wouldn't do if we had the power, as we don't believe in them.

But professionals must be able to test things that aren't their cup of tea, like an ad for something they don't like.

Selective research has no point.

A doctor can't refuse to operate on a felon who raped some little girl.

When they wheel him into the operating room, he operates.

So who is who, then? You are the doctor?

- In this analogy, I am.

That's enough. Complete transcripts

Does that make sense Dick?

Thanks Dick, um, it's good to make that clear but I'm still not sure what that has to do with the issue at hand.

That clip is presented much better in the video; assuming you haven't seen it. toward the end the girl who denied all responsibility was laughing when she held up her hand to block the camera and told them to stop; perhaps she suspected that many people might not think her denials had any integrity.

Whether they lie in advertising or not they have been steadily increasing the amount of money they spend on ads for decades, so much that it is taking up a growing percentage of the GDP; and it does nothing to improve the quality of products or services being advertised, although corporations can't make profits unless they find a way to pass these costs on to the consumers. The amount of money being spent on advertising rose from $39 billion in 1950 to $256 billion in 1990 (Benjamin Barber “Jihad Vs. McWorld” 1995 p.62); it increased even more in the nineties reaching $435 billion in 1998 (Naomi Klein “No Logo” p.8-9). Other sources indicate that advertising continues to rise faster than other expenditures.

Whether they lie or not they make little or no effort to inform the public of this nor do they try to remind the public that similar figures could be cited when it comes to political advertising.

Whether it is politics or advertising for products the vast majority of the information that people make their decisions with, except for a small percentage of the public that takes the trouble to do their own research from alternative sources, is bought and paid for by someone that has a motive to distort the truth.

At the same time the amount of money being spent on manufacturing and services is being cut.

This isn't the only expense that is going through the roof faster than expenses that benefit the public; campaign contributions have also been rising faster than the rate of inflation; which means that it is also accounting for a growing portion of the GDP. Additional expenses like union busting activities and research into child psychology, for the purposes of marketing to them, not helping them, have also been rising.

Expenditures that shift wealth to the rich are rising, thanks to their centralized control of the economy; and we are replacing quality merchandise and services with hype and lies!

Trade secrecy laws make it difficult to tell how much this is going up; but there is evidence to indicate that it is. Some of it was revealed by researchers into marketing to children like Roy Fox and Susan Linn or by Marty Jay Levit, a former union busting consultant.

Whether they lie in advertising or not they don't make any effort to inform the public about these inconvenient facts or many others like the enormous amount of environmental damage that is escalating despite all the ads from the oil companies about how "safe" they or the coal companies telling us about "clean coal."

Paid speech has little or no credibility, yet it gets much more protection than unpaid speech and the expense of it is passed on to consumers who don't necessarily have nearly as much protection under the first amendment.

Does that make any sense Dick?

If the President does it then it is not illegal.

Yea Dick that helps a lot, thanks.

Our ads work even if the product sucks or doesn't exist at all. Complete transcripts

Friday, November 22, 2013

Who is threatening to bomb Wal-Mart and why?

Wal-mart has been getting hundreds if not thousands of bomb threats for years, yet once in a while when people hear about them they often get the impression that this is something new.

One of the most common times for these bomb threats might be during the holiday season although that isn't always the case; however as I begin writing this bomb threats have been reported in Florida, Maine, Connecticut and Idaho. This might be slightly higher than normal but not much. The reporting of these threats is much lower profile and it has been for years; they only seem to report them briefly in the areas that they occur without mentioning that they're also happening in other areas as well.

So one important question that should also be answered is; are the police and the media reporting them properly? It might be reasonable to respond that they don't want the public to panic and that the vast majority of them are false threats. However there have been at least half a dozen actual explosions over the years and they have causes several hospitalizations and thousands of dollars of damages. The cost of evacuation for the false ones are almost certainly more than the cost of the real ones. And there have also been numerous examples where there have been explosive devices that didn't go off, either because they haven't been competent or they were lucky enough to catch them first.

If you consider the number of people that have died as a result of this as the leading measurement it isn't nearly as serious as problems with shootings or many other things at Wal-Mart including people that have died in stampedes during black Friday riots. As far as I know no one has died as a result of the few bombs that have actually gone off and some of them aren't much more powerful than firecrackers; but the fear factor is higher and one single incident could increase the deaths much faster if it does turn out to be real.

If this is the case then it might also be reasonable to investigate them and find out what social causes might be contributing to them. If this is done than a better effort could be made to prevent them. With limited resources I have already found what I consider potential contributing causes to some of them that can be prevented without waiting for the last minute.

Unfortunately investigating them and learning from them isn't what those with political power seem to have in mind.

Many of the people making these bombs and threats almost certainly have the same problems that perpetrators of other types of violence do which is why I have no doubt that addressing the early root causes of violence would reduce this type of crime as well ass any other as I attempted to explain in Does child abuse and bullying lead to more violence? and Child abuse and bullying link in study long over due. As indicated in these posts I believe there is an enormous amount of evidence from credible peer reviewed researchers to indicate that by reducing child abuse long term crime can be dramatically reduced.

Unfortunately the mainstream media isn't reporting on this properly either, nor is the political establishment; fortunately some academics and people at the grass roots level are doing better.

However that doesn't address this specific problem and there are some other major contributing factors that will almost certainly turn up with a closer look. Part of this would be helped by the fact that many of the people calling in these threats have already been caught and they indicate certain trends which the police must already be aware of. Unfortunately the most effective way to prevent them might not be the jurisdiction of the police, unless we continue to wait until the last minute before trying to prevent them, which will inevitably fail.

If past tactics were effective then they would have succeeded by now.

Almost five years ago a California police officer said that he thought Wal-Mart Bomb Threats might be Part of National Movement (02/20/2009); however based on the arrests that have been reported on the internet it doesn't seem as if the vast majority are part of a single movement. Instead it is usually a single individual that often calls them in or in some cases calls in many. there may be social causes to this that repeat themselves over and over again which could be addressed but there doesn't appear to be a single conspiracy although there could be some Small conspiracies for some of them.

Earlier this month an incident occurred in Oklahoma involving a man that had what looked like an explosive devise and had doused himself with flammable liquids. It didn't turn out to be a bomb but it still could have started a fire and done a lot of damage. This was only reported in a low profile manner but a closer look at the story indicates that they could just as easily have turned it into as high a profile story as the incompetent Time Square bombing attempt which was also a useless bomb but they turned it into a national obsession. Not that I think they should have overblown this anymore than they should with the Time Square bombing but it shows the priorities of the chimerical media, as indicated in the following excerpt.

Suspect in possible Walmart bomb threat in custody 11/08/2013

CHICKASHA — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has given the all clear regarding a vehicle at the Chickasha Walmart, which had suspicious wiring. 

Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson said a suspect was taken into custody regarding the incident.

"He said he was there to commit suicide and blow himself up," said Adamson.

No explosive device was found in the truck, according to Adamson.

CPD released a statement about the incident at 12:50 p.m identifying the suspect as Micahel Brown (42).

"It is believed that the suspect had doused himself with gasoline or other flammable liquid prior to officers arriving," the released states. "The suspect had an address in Ponca City and had arrests for DUI and Vandalism in that area but upon further investigation it is believed that the suspect had been living in Chickasha, but was now homeless and living in his vehicle in the Chickasha area."  Complete article

This man turned out to be homeless and possibly had problems with mental illness. He isn't the only one in this situation that has either been involved in bomb threats or other incidents including shootings and kidnappings. Yet there is little competent efforts to address the problems with either homeless or mental illnesses. Instead the government continues to cater to business interests preserving corporate welfare while cutting programs to help those at risk of becoming offenders. Not that this would be an excuse for bomb threats but when we have an economic system that isn't serving a growing percentage of the people due to corporate corruption it makes these types of incidents more likely.

A lot of the other people that call in bomb threats or make them in other manners are Wal-Mart employees. This shouldn't be implied that there is a problem with all Wal-Mart employees however it should raise questions about their hiring practices and there is plenty of indications that many of these people might be retaliating against what they consider abusive behavior by their employers. It is easy to conclude that this is no excuse and it may be true but when employees have a lot of legitimate concerns and they can't get them addressed through normal means it makes this type of incident more likely.

When employees express their concerns in legitimate ways then they should be addressed because they are legitimate concerns not because they might increase the risk of bomb threats; however when they also increase the risk of bomb threats they shouldn't use this as an excuse not to address the concerns of those that express their complaints properly. Then people with grievances may be less likely to feel they have to resort to extreme measures as an added benefit.

Another problem that should be considered is the possibility that when they fire people that take the initiative to stand up for their rights in retaliation, they might be getting rid of some of their best workers and, in some cases, keeping the worst or convincing them to suppress their complaints and any anger they might feel towards their employers. The people in the corporate office that make policy decisions seem to have little or no idea how they might be impacting people in the stores.

At least two incidents in Reno Nevada make it clear that some of these are the result of disgruntled workers including the following story.

He Means It: Disgruntled Walmart Employee Threatens To Shoot Boss, Plant Bomb. 11/08/2013

After being scolded for taking a two-hour lunch break, Reno police said a Kietzke Lane Walmart employee told co-workers if he were to be fired for it, he would “do it better than John.”

Justin Robert Wilt’s alleged comments referred to former store employee John Gillane, who is now serving a 96-year prison term for a Oct. 29, 2010, non-fatal shooting rampage at the store. Gillane, who feared being fired and disliked his bosses, shot three supervisors.

Reno police were called to the store Wednesday afternoon because Wilt, 31, was going to be fired and had threatened the day before to shoot his boss and plant a bomb, according to a police report.

Concerned employees had told managers Wednesday about the threats they said he made on Feb. 13 after being scolded for taking an unapproved two-hour lunch break.

After the conversation with his boss, he told witnesses he was tired of being treated poorly by management and if he got fired he was going to shoot people inside the store and do a better job than “John,” according to a report. He allegedly told co-workers he was going to shoot his supervisor who spoke with him about his extended lunch and would plant a bomb inside the store. Complete article

The story of John Gillane is told in "John Gillane found guilty but What about Wal-Mart?" 12/14/2011 Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogleman said “We want to be diligent about protecting the safety of the employees and the store, especially after what happened in the past;” however there is little or no sign that they seem to believe that their own practices help create a hostile work environment.

Many of the people constantly protesting Wal-Mart clearly disagree.

Whether they acknowledge the potential for their oppressive actions to contribute to backlash or not they could reduce the potential threat from disgruntled workers if they were more likely to address their concerns and the current protest could provide them an opportunity to do just that.

Their policies aren't just angering the employees that have to put up with their policies but they're also angering a lot of customers as well. Despite an enormous amount of propaganda about how Wal-Mart is "saving low income people a lot of money" many people know better. They have cut their prices in many cases by cutting manufacturing expenses dramatically and this has led to lower quality products which often have to be replaced much more often than they used to and it also leads to a lot more defective products that are broken right out of the package.

This means that a lot of people have to go out of their way to return them or just accept the loss. The vasts majority of these people deal with this reasonably but like the small minority of disgruntled employees some of them strike out in anger once in a while and one of the ways they might do this is to call in a bomb threat. Or in a few cases they might just start yelling bomb in person, which inevitably leads to them getting caught.

Whether it is a disgruntled employee or disgruntled customer that resorts to extreme measures there is almost always other contributing factors that can be pointed to that aren't Wal-Mart's responsibility; this often involves problems in their upbringing as I indicated previously. However to put all the blame on that would be inappropriate, since there is an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that Wal-Mart's policies are also contributing as well.

Even if they did blame other contributing factors, in many cases, it is the same politicians and propagandists that are arguing to cut funds to social programs that would help prevent them from creating more violent adults including programs that reduce child abuse before it escalates. This would be much less expensive than spending an enormous amount of money on prisons after these abused children grow up and turn out to be as violent as their abusers.

Wal-Mart didn't gain their dominant position in the m,market solely by being competitive; they gained it largely due to their enormous wealth and political connections that helped them get many subsidies and bankrupt their competition. Once they dominate a market they stop trying to cater to the wishes of their customers as much and take them for granted. This inevitably leads to problems of one sort or another.

One of these problems are an enormous number of angry people calling in bomb threats; and they obviously aren't deterred by the threat of punishment which clearly doesn't apply to those with political connections. In many cases they are even suicidal.

The people that make these decisions in the corporate office don't even seem to want to know about the results of their decisions. Our elected officials have pulled a bait and switch over the past thirty or forty years; they told us that we should watch out for the communist menace that makes decisions in a centralized authoritarian government bureaucracy then they gave us a centralized authoritarian corporate bureaucracy without acknowledging the results of their policies in the stores, or the factories for that matter.

The following are some bombs that have actually gone off.

Homemade bomb explodes at Ohio Wal-Mart 01/19/2006

Teens Charged With Setting Off Bombs in Maine Wal-Mart 11/26/2006

Five people were injured in an explosion at a Wal-Mart in Sylva, NC which is west of Asheville. 09/26/2007

Explosive Device Discovered at a Boone NC Wal-Mart 07/20/2008

Homemade bomb explodes at Maryland Wal-Mart 03/16/2009

Two Arrested in “MacGyver Bomb” Incident at Woodman’s in Rockford Ill. 07/23/2010

HPD: Homemade bomb explodes at southwest Houston Walmart 11/04/2010

"Buck Bomb" at Chambersburg Pa. Wal-Mart causes $12,840 in damage 10/10/2012

Police: Exploding chemical bomb at Wichita Wal-Mart may have been a diversion tactic for theft 01/17/2013

Update at 9:30 p.m.: Blast heard at West Monroe Louisiana Walmart 04/17/2013

Two Men Arrested in Connection with Explosive Devices in Camden Del. Walmart 10/23/2013

The following are incidents where they found bombs that weren't made properly and never posed a threat; however they didn't know this until after the fact in most cases.

Nevada Walmart evacuated over suspicious device 11/07/2010

Birmingham police explode package at Roebuck Wal-Mart 11/26/2011

Arizona Walmart associate arrested in fake bomb scare 12/14/2011

Bomb squad called to Beaufort SC Walmart after suspicious objects found in vehicles 04/09/2013

Altus Airman Arrested For Allegedly Stockpiling Bomb-Making Materials 10/24/2013 Carey said he could use explosives at Walmart to "tie up" law enforcement and other city resources. .... they found bomb-making materials.

The following is a long list of the many people that have been caught in these bomb scares; it isn't enough to be statistically representative, especially since it doesn't screen out those that more effectively avoid being traced and it is based on often erratic reporting by the media.

Man arrested for bomb threat at Russellville Ark. Wal-Mart 12/17/2008

Lusby Md. Woman Arrested for Wal-Mart Bomb Threats 02/21/2009

Wal Mart bomb threat suspect arrested in El Dorado County 08/17/2010

Former mall employee charged with bomb threats at West Park Mo. Mall, Jackson Walmart 06/27/2010

Man threatens to kill people at Walmart: Second incident at Old Saybrook Conn. store in 2 days 10/14/2010

Daniel Larson charged with making bomb threats in Green Bay Wisc. area 04/01/2012

Golden Meadow La. employee arrested for calling in bomb threat to Wal-Mart 05/19/2011 "so he wouldn’t have to do participate in some of his job duties"

You Can't Say 'Bomb' In a New Ulm Minn. Wal-Mart 06/20/2012

Nampa Id. store employee charged for fake Walmart bomb threat 09/12/2012

Slidell Police Department books man with causing Walmart bomb scare 07/07/2012 "I think it's safe to say that Mr. Hamilton will probably lose his opportunity to work for Walmart," Seuzeneau said

Suspect Arrested In Ca. Walmart Bomb Threat 08/02/2012

Employee Arrested for Making Bomb Threats at Copperas Cove Tx Wal-Mart 08/15/2012

Walmart Bomb Threat Suspect Arrested 10/09/2012

Man charged with making terrorist threats at Gulf Shores Ala. Walmart 11/01/2012

Man accused of bomb threat at NC Walmart 01/16/2013

Two youth charged after Strathmore Canada Walmart bomb threat 01/23/2013

UPDATE: Suspect arrested after bomb threat made at Calcutta Ohio Walmart 04/09/2013

Cops: Portage Ind. man arrested after making bomb threats at Walmart 04/25/2013

Walmart bomb threat suspect says he has schizophrenia 05/03/2013

Police: Man made fake bomb threats outside Fla. Walmart 06/02/2013

Man Threatened to Bomb Willow Grove Pa. Walmart, Police Say 06/27/2013

Police charge man in Russellville Ark. Wal-Mart bomb threat 07/06/2013 "scared patrons with a disparaging remark about Walmart"

Police Arrest Walmart Or. Bomb Threat Caller 07/10/2013

False Bomb Threat Gets San Pedro Man in Jail 07/25/2013

Employee charged in connection with Ky. Walmart bomb threat 08/03/2013 "as a joke"

Bomb threat strikes Minn. Walmart 08/08/2013

Bomb threats in Utah could be part of national scam 09/18/2013

Man threatens to blow up New Iberia La. Wal-Mart, leaves on pink bike 09/20/2013

Man Jailed After Police Said He Threatened To Blow Up Beckley WV Walmart 09/22/2013

UPDATE: Arrest made following bomb threat at Va. Walmart 10/13/2013

Man issues bomb threat in Russellville ark. Wal-Mart 11/15/2013

These are related stories as well.

Black Friday bomb threat clears East Stroudsburg Pa. Wal-Mart 11/29/2008

Bomb threats called into Utah pharmacies including Wal-Mart 09/18/2013

Police Believe Walmart Bomb Threats are Connected 07/30/2012

Wal-Mart Stays Open During Bomb Scare 12/28/2006

Ikea bomber: vendetta campaigns 06/15/2011

Psst one other thing, for you, no not most of you, just the FBI or NSA agent that is surely checking this post. Is this really the way you want to handle the problem with bomb threats at Wal-Mart?

Wouldn't it be better to share some of your data with sociologists and psychologists that are sincerely interested in finding out how to solve problems? Then if the commercial media continues to try to report on accurate research at least you could share it with alternative media outlets.

Also some of these protestors that you investigate and even arrest for trivial charges are actually trying to implement reforms so that these problems can be solved. Maybe that isn't the best way of handling things.

I'm sure you wouldn't sell out but the people that give you orders might and keep in mind in past authoritarian purges like in the Soviet Union those who carried out the early purges were often victims of the later ones even when they did follow orders.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Indigenous Protesters in Brazil, Burma, Nigeria and other poor countries lead the way protecting the environment!

Indigenous Protesters in Brazil, Burma, Nigeria and other poor countries lead the way protecting the environment; while the U.S. supports the oil companies!!

If you're relying on the traditional media for your information, you might not know it, but some of the people that previously may have had the least amount amount of political power are now having a significant degree of success standing up to powerful energy companies or loggers.

If on the other hand you already check out other alternative news outlets like Earth First Newswire or some of the other good reporting outlets that are ignored by the political establishment, you might already know this.

They know they're already in danger of being the victims of environmental genocide.

Those that rely on the traditional commercial media might think that this sounds alarmists; however others might not have that option. 


The following are a few of the stories they're reported on that have indicated some degree of success but much more is necessary.

Loggers Face Removal from Land of Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Brazil has taken the first steps towards the removal of thousands of illegal loggers and settlers from the land of the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe, by notifying them that they will be removed if they do not leave now. Survival has received reports that FUNAI, the Brazilian government’s Indian affairs department, is advising settlers who have illegally cleared rainforest for farming not to plant new crops, as they will have to leave before the next harvest. The Awá are one of Brazil’s last nomadic tribes. They have been driven to the brink of extinction as waves of illegal loggers, settlers and ranchers have flooded their land since the 1970s. The invaders have destroyed vast swathes of the tribe’s forest and massacred entire Awá families. Complete article

Nigeria: Coordinated Mass Protests Shut Down ExxonMobil by Okon Bassey / ThisDay

The people of Eket federal constituency in Akwa Ibom State yesterday embarked on a mass protest shutting down the operations of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil in Ibeno and Eket, in the state.

The mass protest was staged simultaneously around Mobil facilities, the Airstrip in Eket, Mobil Terminal in Ibeno and Mobil Housing Estate in Eket.

THISDAY checks revealed that the protest was in respect of the sum of N26.5 billion oil spill fund reportedly released by ExxonMobil through the state government to the four oil producing local government areas.

The protesters who chanted slogans with placards and trumpets, barricaded the oil company’s access gates, while a coffin with the inscription ‘RIP Mark Ward’ was kept at the gates of Mobil Terminal in Ibeno, amidst other banners and placards. Complete article

Burma: Village Protests Shut Down Coal Mine

The Karen National Union (KNU) in Southern Burma has suspended a coalmine from operating in the Pawklo area, east of Dawei.

The KNU stopped the mine after listening to the demands local villagers made to the political organisations district leaders.

The KNU Mergui-Tavoy District 16th Congress that finished on the 19 October decided that the coal mine in Tha Nay Kler village area should stop operating after KNU township representatives pushed for its closure.

P’doh Saw Beeler, chairman of KNU Mergui-Tavoy District told Karen News.

“We consider the villagers demands requesting the suspension of coal mining in the Paw Klo area. We will time to investigate the issue and talk and listen to local people about their concerns.”

The KNU permit granted to a Thai company East Star has been suspended, but sources claim the company still has a grant issued by the Myanmar government. Complete article

In many cases these are the people that have been considered the least political active and the media has virtually ignored them. And, at least in the case of Burma, it is taking place in a country that is supposed to be much more oppressive than the U.S.

Not only that but the media is also ignoring the vast majority of environmental destruction that continues to escalate. When they do report some of these stories they report very limited details and then they quickly forget it; while the propaganda from the oil companies is repeated over and over again.

As I reported in a previous post about, Trade Secrecy laws provide license to commit negligent mass murder, trade secrecy laws often enable corporations to avoid reporting on many environmental disasters; and when they are reported there is little or no effort to compile the full cumulative amount of damage that is taking place. The list of environmental disasters that have been getting little or no attention from the commercial media has continued to expand since then; but in order to keep up with even a relatively small fraction of it people need to watch an enormous amount of news for the rare isolated story in the traditional media or search for more reliable information from other sources.

Fortunately, to some degree, the potential for some real reform is also happening even though it is not being reported by the media.

A large percentage of the public in the developed world might be somewhat ignorant of all the damage that is being done but those that live near where the worst of it is happening have no choice but to acknowledge it.

Do we have to wait until the amount of environmental damage escalates again in the back yards of many more Americans?

Of course this is already happening for many people even in the U.S.; but they tend to be the ones with the least amount of political power as well and in many places they have been speaking out as well but the media doesn't give them more than a token amount of attention either.

The commercial media often attempts to present the environmentalists like Earth first as extremists or in many cases they even portray them as terrorists; but a closer look clearly indicates that the energy companies are much more likely to resort to violence, or in many cases those that tehy associate with resort to violence but somehow the media doesn't report on this as terrorism. Instead, if they address it at all, they attempt to portray it as activities of rogue criminal organizations with no connection to the energy companies although they decline to consider who would benefit by these activities.

The following are a sample of some of the stories i thought might be worth more attention, including more reports of environmental damage that hasn't been reported nearly as much as it should have, examples where environmentalists have been oppressed and additional comments from Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky about why we need to do more and the fact that indigenous people already are.

Romania Rejects Giant Rosia Montana Gold Mine

Worlds Apart: Indigenous Leaders Abandon Faith in UN to Find Climate Solution.

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights; Censored News

Noam Chomsky: Indigenous People Are In The Lead

Kicked Out of UN Climate Talks for Showing Solidarity with the Phillipines

Colombia: Mine Opponents Assassinated

Burma: Village Protests Shut Down Coal Mine

Loggers Face Removal from Land of Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Koch Pipeline Spills 400 Barrels Of Crude Oil In Texas

These Are The Keystone XL Protesters That Interrupted Obama During His Boston Health Care Speech

Report: Pipeline Regulators Spent More Time With Industry Than On Oil Spills

B.C. home of most pipeline safety incidents since 2000

CN Fuel Cars Derail, Explode West of Edmonton

ND Spills Went Unreported; State Testing Website (AP)

14 Incredible Photos of Brazilian Activists Liberating Beagles from Cruel Lab

FBI Investigated PETA for Anthrax Plot Based on Rumors

Naomi Klein: How Science is Telling Us All to Revolt

Fracking Victim Sued for Defamation After Proving Drinking Water Flammable

Unist’ot’en Camp Site of Late Night Bombing

Mi’kmaq Warrior Society Members Beaten in Jail

Monday, November 11, 2013

Black Friday: “Stop Thief! Wal-Mart is stealing from consumers!”

Walmart: Stop treating your customers poorly!

Black Friday is coming, just in case you didn't know.

Major corporations are once again running an enormous number of promotions for items that are almost certainly a bunch of junk and they will fall apart as soon as anyone uses them; but since they expect them to be given away they think they can get away with minimum amounts of returns.

At the same time Wal-Mart and other corporations are relying on tax payer money to arrest people for stealing trivial things like Oreo cookies.

No one seems to think it is wrong to complain when a shoplifter steals things but corporations steal much more.

If you think it is just as reasonable to report corporations stealing as shoplifters you might want to consider the following event which might happen on Black Friday. Someone, perhaps you, walks into Wal-Mart at the busiest time of Black Friday and says, at the top of his, or your lungs:

Stop Thief! Wal-Mart and other corporations are stealing from consumers!

Wal-Mart has cut manufacturing costs to the bone and they've sent advertising prices through the roof!

Now everything they sell falls apart four or five times as fast as they used to.

Jeans that used to last five or six years now fall apart in no more than two; sneakers that used to last close to two years now fall apart in four or five months; toasters and coffee makers that lasted over ten years now break in under two.

Wal-Mart has used their market power to pressure manufacturers to cut costs so much they have to eliminate quality and abuse their workers so bad they even endanger their lives.

When you hear about dozens if not hundreds of sweatshop workers dying in factory fires, not only is this a human rights violation but it is also consumer fraud because by the time these products make it through the Wal-Mart bureaucracy there aren't any savings for the customer since the products are garbage, not that the workers should be blamed since they didn't choose these conditions.

Then they use taxpayer money to arrest people when they protest the human rights violations of Wal-Mart against both their workers here and abroad.

Stop thief! Wal-Mart is also stealing from tax payers!

First they use taxpayer money to subsidize their stores so they can drive out sincere businesses then they use tax payer money to virtually outlaw or restrict complaints from both their customers and their employees!

If this person or you like you could get creative and bring in documentation about many of the fraudulent things Wal-Mart has done; there are literally dozens of books written about it and at least four or five of them are very well done with sources for their claims.

It really isn't hard to find accurate and reliable information implicating Wal-Mart in fraud, as long as you don't rely on the commercial media. They never report the worst of what Wal-Mart does if they can avoid it and when they have to say something they spin it and report it in a low profile manner. After all a large portion of the money they steal from consumers is spent on advertising or campaign contributions instead of putting it into the quality of their products.

Without the help from corrupt politicians and incompetent or corrupt media outlets they never would have been able to get away with this much fraud.

The Supreme Court has declared that we're not allowed to shout fire in a crowded theater; I guess we're supposed to let people die when it burns down.

I know the original decision says that "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic;" but a closer look at the case indicates that the speech that was being suppressed wasn't causing a panic nor was it false. In fact the government was telling much more lies than the anti-war protesters.

Hence my conclusion that the supreme Court thinks we should let people burn in a fire and let Wal-Mart rob people blind.

If you think the Supreme Court is full of shit why hesitate to warn people when Wal-Mart is robbing them blind?

If you happen to be part of an ambitious protest organization feel free to be more creative and have multiple people speak out one after another with more legitimate concerns.

Try not to give the impression that the workers are at fault since these decisions are all made by the thieves in the corporate office who also happen to be cowards; they know they don't have to deal directly with the people that are impacted by their decisions and they arrange for others with little or no influence to listen to complaints even though they aren't the ones responsible.

Let me know how it turns out.

By the way be careful of riots or shootings. There is a shooting on average once every four or five days if not more often and riots and shootings as well as many other bizarre incidents are much more common on Black Friday when the police routinely arrest many of the shoppers but ignore all the deceptive things that Wal-Mart does.

Edit: Associate Voices have come up with their own more organized web page to help promote protests. See "Walmart Associates Share Stories, Request Black Friday Events at Their Stores" if you want to join them.

I Called The Police On Walmart Today ;-)

Non-Violent Walmart Protesters In Ellwood, Illinois, Arrested By Riot Police And they're doing the same thing now in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wal-Mart Crime report October 2013

In addition to the usual large number of incidents including shootings and bomb threats as well as many other things, there has been several indicators about how badly Wal-Mart is handling crimes in their stores. At the beginning of the month a 13 year old girl was stalked at an Orange County Ca. Wal-Mart; her grandmother was told by a Wal-Mart employee, "Well, our security is just for shoplifters" and she responded, "Come on, what’s more important? Merchandise or children?” Lack of concern about the safety of their own shoppers has been indicated by many other past stories about Wal-Mart. While reviewing these stories I have seen dozens of stories where they over reacted to shoplifters but not one where they over reacted to defend their customers. Not that I think they should over react for either but it indicates their priorities.

In 2008, two years after the 2006 statistical study showing many problems with crime at Wal-Mart Mesa, Arizona Police say Wal-Mart snubbed efforts to cut shoplifting and now additional reports seem to have come out of Pennsylvania. An article, Walmart's tough stance on shoplifters taxes local police departments was followed up by a request that the Public Safety Commission look into shoplifting incidents at Walmarr. According to Commissioner Ryan Conrad, "People have told me they don't want to shop there They're afraid."

This seems to have been followed up with a clamp down on shoplifters but little or no effort to look into why there is so much crime at Wal-Mart. As I have indicated previously it is almost certainly related to Wal-Mart policies as well as other contributing factors. This almost certainly includes increased poverty that has accompanied Wal-Mart's and their efforts to suppress wages. Closer research into this would help but when research raises doubts about policies of those with political power it often isn't done or attempts are made to cover it up.

To make matters worse on one occasion when a Walmart employee attempted to help a victim of assault he was fired, Michigan Wal-Mart staffer Kristopher Oswald says he was sacked for trying to save woman in parking lot assault. It wasn't until there was an enormous amount of outrage that they offered him his job back but he refused because he still feared additional retaliation from Wal-Mart among other things, Man fired by Wal-Mart rejects job offer from store.

Wal-Mart's security may have even harassed someone for being unable to produce a receipt for his own jacket, Madison County man sues Wal-Mart, says security held him because he had no receipt for his own jacket. This story seems to indicate that they might be outsourcing some of their own security and there might be doubts about whether or not the employees even know about it. If this is the case it might be because a surprisingly large amount of the problems with crime in their stores are carried out by their own employees. The vast majority of them are underpaid and can't get by with what they get from Wal-Mart and it is difficult if not impossible for them to get their legitimate grievances addressed; yet it is only a small minority that are involved in these incidents. Most of them don't resort to extremes but when they fire many of their most sincere and best workers for standing up for their rights it should be a problem if some of the remaining ones resent it.

Also Al Norman is celebrating 20 years of battling Walmart; but they still have enormous problems including people coming up with increasingly strange ways to stir up things, for one reason or another, like stabbing meat with a potentially tainted needle sending white powder in the mail, both of which turned out to be false alarms. On top of that another fire killed more people in a Bangladesh sweatshop and of course Wal-Mart executives don't seem to face any potential consequences; not only that but Alic Walton is apparently having her record expunged for DWI.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart.

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compliling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch. Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in October 2013. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. To minimize redundancy most gun related incidents will only be one lines, since they have been highlighted by Wal-Mart Shootings; some of the other more relevant incidents may have additional summations.

Crime reports: Bomb threat called into Montgomery Walmart, 72-year-old woman robbed 09/27/2013

Mother And Son Arrested For Strong-Arm Robbery Spree Outside Houston 09/27/2013

William Lee Dumford arrested on suspicion of arson at Walmart 10/01/2013

William Lee Dumford arrested on suspicion of arson at Walmart 10/01/2013

William Lee Dumford, 60, was arrested Sunday evening on suspicion of second-degree arson and criminal mischief after a fire Saturday evening at Walmart.

Firefighters arrived to the east side of the store Saturday to find several pallets of plastic recycling materials engulfed in flames. Store manager Lori King said 30 to 40 bales of recyclable plastic were damaged. The store receives about $200 per bale when recycled. She said no damage was done to the store itself, but the recently repaved parking lot did sustain damage.

City Auto Plaza General Manager Mike Jannicelli said eight cars were damaged from fire and flames that spread to City Auto's property, but the amount of damage has not yet been determined.

Dumford also is a suspect in an arson case that occurred in the area of Four Mile Bridge in July, and he has two previous convictions of arson on record. According to a press release from the Cañon City Police Department, Dumford is known to panhandle in the Walmart parking lot. He was booked into the Fremont County Jail on a $3,000 bond. ... Complete article

Walmart self-fondling arrest leads to child-porn charges for EMT 10/02/2013

Police: Woman robbed, dragged across OKC Walmart parking lot 10/01/2013

NC stabbing suspect caught at Rock Hill Walmart 10/01/2013

George County sheriff warns of scam involving bogus checks that appear to be from Walmart 10/01/2013

Gallatin La police search for Walmart robbery suspect 10/01/2013

Theft at Tenn. Walmart caught on video, police seek thieves identity 10/01/2013

Cherryville NC police release surveillance pictures of Walmart robbers 10/01/2013

Shots fired during attempted robbery in California Walmart parking lot 09/28/2013

Texas woman charged with stealing nearly $80K from Walmart 10/02/2013

Armed man robs Walmart liquor store (last month) 10/02/2013

Man commits suicide at West End Billings, Montana Walmart after buying shotgun there 10/02/2013

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office targets theft at Wal-Mart, Target 10/02/2013

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In Antioch Tenn. Walmart 10/02/2013

Wal-Mart reciept leads to arrest of Lubbock man in August arson case 10/03/2013

Recaptured inmate tracked to Salt Lake City Utah Wal-Mart 10/02/2013

Woman assaulted, robbed at Walmart in Seabrook NH 10/04/2013

Package found outside Fla. Walmart causes bomb scare 10/04/2013

Boynton Beach Fla. Police Search for Walmart Purse-Snatcher 10/04/2013

Two arrested for SANTA ROSA BEACH Fl. Walmart thefts 10/04/2013

Madison County man sues Wal-Mart, says security held him because he had no receipt for his own jacket (updated) 10/04/2013

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A Madison County man is suing Wal-Mart, unidentified store employees and security contractors, claiming he was held against his will for up to 30 minutes while he was questioned about his lack of a receipt for his own jacket.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday by Deldricke Ragland and seeks $50,000 for the Oct. 15, 2011 incident at the 6140A University Drive store.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogleman said the company hasn't seen the complaint.

"While we haven't yet seen the claims in the lawsuit, we always want our customers to be treated with dignity and respect," he said. "We take these types of claims very seriously."

Ragland's complaint alleges he had gone to the store with his wife, and had completed his shopping and was waiting for her on a bench near the store's cashiers. He was then approached by a store greeter and someone "representing himself as connected with an outside or contract security company."

"These two individuals requested a receipt for a jacket inside Mr. Ragland's shopping basket," the lawsuit alleges.

Ragland claims he told them he had no receipt because he owned the jacket and had brought it with him to the store. The lawsuit also claims the jacket was more than four years old, had obvious signs of wear and tear and was not a "brand or type carried by Wal-Mart." ...... Complete article

Eastlake Co Ohio. police arrest mother, daughter in Walmart theft, pick up another shoplifter at the scene 10/04/2013

Police search for suspect in midtown Tulsa Walmart Neighborhood Market robbery 10/07/2013

Man gets 35 years for fatally stabbing wife in Walmart 10/08/2013

Police seek two for retail theft at Silver Spring Walmart 10/07/2013

The following article was originally posted with a few extra paragraphs. This is no longer available on line for one reason or another; however I cut and pasted those paragraphs about ‘Code Adam’, before it was removed and found an edited copy to link to. The missing paragraphs are recorded accurately although they aren't in the segment for the full article.

Police Searching For Suspect Who Exposed Himself To Teen At Orange County Ca. Wal-Mart 10/07/2013

ORANGE (CBSLA.com) — Police Tuesday are intensifying their search for a man accused of brushing up against and exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl at an Orange County Wal-Mart.

Julie Evans and her granddaughter were shopping for gifts in the baby aisle of the Wal-Mart in Orange when police said the suspect began tracking the victim.

“This guy circled around her quite a few times,” Evans said.

Police said the suspect brushed up against her before exposing himself in the middle of the aisle and touching himself.

Evans reported the incident to the store’s management but said nothing was done.

It wasn’t until her daughter called the store manager that she learned Wal-Mart has a system, known as ‘Code Adam’, to deal with threats inside the store.

“All any employee needs to do, whether it be a manager, associate, anybody, all they have to do is get on the intercom and say ‘Code Adam’ and the security team that’s in their office will lock it down without even coming out,” said the victim’s mother, Brook Salazar.

Evans said that did not happen and the suspect got away.

“I want to see every employee in the Wal-Mart at Orange to have to go to a safety training class to know exactly when you talk to them and they say ‘well our security is just for shoplifters’ come on, what’s more important? Merchandise or children?”

Wal-Mart declined an on-camera interview but released a statement condemning the incident and expressing cooperation with the investigation.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable. It’s upsetting that something like this could have happened in one of our stores. We have been providing information to local police and will continue to do so as needed,” the statement read.

Police have released surveillance footage of the suspect. Anyone with information is asked to contact police. Complete article

Police: Girl, 13, says man exposed himself in Orange Walmart

Wake Forest police charge man in theft of computers, phones from Walmart 10/08/2013

Walmart.com's Peninsula headquarters evacuated over white powder scare 10/09/2013

SAN BRUNO -- A letter leaking white powder -- later ruled harmless and possibly a prank -- prompted a partial evacuation Tuesday of Walmart's online commerce headquarters, authorities said.

A worker discovered the powder seeping from a letter in the first floor mailroom at the building at 850 Cherry Ave. around 12:20 p.m. Testing subsequently showed it to be baking soda, but authorities were still investigating why it was sent to Walmart.com's offices, said Central County, Millbrae and San Bruno Deputy Fire Chief David Downing.

Downing said there's no good reason to send a powder-filled letter and authorities were looking into whether it was a prank or the work of an unhappy worker. Investigators were following leads, including the Redwood City return address on the envelope. ..... Complete article

Woman follows accused 'flasher' from Wal-Mart parking lot in Athens Alabama until police arrive 10/09/2013

ATHENS, Alabama - An Athens man was arrested for exposing himself to a woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot after the victim followed the man until police could arrive, according to Chief Floyd Johnson.

Earl Blake Emerson, 39, of Ardmore was arrested and charged with public lewdness. He was booked at Athens Police Department and released on $500 bond.

The incident occurred at 9:30 this morning when a woman called police to report a man exposing himself in the Wal-Mart parking lot on U.S. Highway 72.

"The female victim told our dispatcher she pulled into a parking place and noticed a man in the truck next to her staring at her," Johnson said. "When she looked over she noticed the man was masturbating. The victim then pulled behind the offender to get the tag number of the truck the man was in."

Johnson said Emerson moved to the driver's side of the truck and left the parking lot. The victim followed the truck until police officers arrived and stopped Emerson on Cactus Street. Complete article

Shoplifting suspect at Ga. Walmart nabbed with 17 items 10/09/2013

Shoplifter found with loaded gun and drugs in Pennsylvania Walmart 11/09/2013

Police: Man jumped into North Carolina Walmart bin, struck elderly man in face 10/09/2013

Walmarts top W.Va. list for retail sales of meth's pseudoephedrine 10/09/2013

Woman injured during attempted robbery at Tyler Tx Walmart 10/09/2013

Fire At Wal-Mart Linked Factory In Bangladesh Kills 10 People 10/09/2013

Yet another accident has cost the lives of factory workers in Bangladesh, shedding doubts on efforts to improve working conditions in the impoverished South Asian nation. This factory has been linked to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) and other major retailers, whom had previously promised to address labor conditions in the country. Now, it’s fair to wonder if their efforts will be effective in reforming Bangladesh’s garment industry.

Beyond the 10 confirmed deaths, at least 50 more people were injured and officials fear that the death toll could rise. While details are not forthcoming, it is believed that the factory, manufacturing garments for two Canadian firms, Loblaw Corp. and Hudson’s Bay co. Loblaw corp. has already denied that any of its products were manufactured there and iterated the point that it has very high standards when working with outsourced companies.

The factory is also believed to have manufactured garments for Walmart corp. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) has announced that it is seeking further information. Perhaps more so than any other firm, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) has come under fire for conditions in Bangladesh. Critics charge that Walmart’s efforts to drive down prices are encouraging, or even forcing, local companies to cut corners in order to cut costs. Complete article

Police arrest man accused of taking upskirt photos of women in Fla. Target, Walmart 10/10/2013

Two suspects nabbed in Me. Walmart computer theft 10/10/2013

Family members indicted in theft from Rocky Mount Va. Walmart 10/10/2013

Suspect wanted in connection to Amherst Co. Va. Walmart theft 10/10/2013

ID needed for Fort Myers Fla. Walmart theft suspects 10/10/2013

Glendale PD: Suspected rapist seen at Phoenix Walmart 10/11/2013

Police trying to ID trio that stole 21 smartphones from NC Walmart 10/10/2013

Arrest Made In Robbery Of 70-Year-Old Woman Outside Fremont Ca. Walmart 10/11/2013

FREMONT (CBS SF) — A suspect has been arrested in connection with a robbery that seriously injured a woman outside a Walmart last week, Fremont police said Friday.

Alberto Solano, an 18-year-old Newark resident, was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of felony robbery, battery with serious bodily injury and elder abuse, Officer Geneva Bosques said.

Solano was identified by an off-duty police officer who saw a video of the attack on local news, Bosques said. The officer had previous contact with the suspect. Complete article

Police arrest mom for trying to steal 42 items from Ind. Walmart 10/11/2013

Armed gunman threatens employees in California Walmart 10/11/2013

Armed robbery by a gunman in a Virginia Walmart 10/11/2013

Woman arrested for leaving 1-year-old in car at Va. Walmart 10/11/2013 Police said the child, who was left unattended for less than 20 minutes, was not injured and was turned over to a relative.

Fire Crews Respond To Car Fire At Kan. Walmart 10/12/2013

Walmart's tough stance on shoplifters taxes local police departments 10/12/2013

This year, state police have charged or cited 135 people for stealing more than $35,000 worth of merchandise, according to a Morning Call review of court filings originating from the Lower Macungie Walmart. If that rate continues, police will net nearly 180 shoplifters by year's end, a number that would easily become a one-year record for retail thefts in the township for the past decade.

And that's just the number of people who have been caught.

Across the region, where Walmart exists so do a high number of retail theft arrests, a fact that police attribute in part to the diligence of Walmart's security staff, the size and popularity of the store and the fact that many Walmarts are open around the clock.

Walmart spokeswoman Dianna Gee said the company has increased staffing and put more emphasis on theft prevention at the Lower Macungie store this year.

"That doesn't mean there has been an increase [in shoplifting]," she said. "It means we're doing a better job [catching thieves]."

She noted shoplifters represent a small fraction of the 140 million customers who visit Walmart stores daily. And that Walmart has developed strong working relationships with local police to combat shoplifting.

"It's something every retailer faces," Gee said.

Police see more of it, though, when Walmart sets up shop. Whitehall Township police responded to 124 shoplifting calls through September at the Walmart at 2601 MacArthur Road, according to police Chief Linda Kulp. Last year, the number of calls totaled 254, more than any other store on the road that boasts hundreds of retail outlets.

Kulp said her department handles about 20 shoplifting cases weekly at stores that include Walmart, Kmart and shops in the Lehigh Valley mall. Either shoplifters prefer Walmart or they're getting caught more at that store. Walmart accounted for one-third of the retail thefts Whitehall police handled in 2012, more than the Lehigh Valley Mall.

The Colonial Regional Police Department reported 68 retail thefts by the end of September at the Walmart on Easton-Nazareth Highway in Lower Nazareth Township.

Police Chief Roy D. Seiple said his officers deal with about 75 shoplifting cases per year there, more than twice the number at Kohl's department store, which had the second most number of cases. Complete article

Berlin Md. woman charged in Walmart theft 10/13/2013

RHS Football Players Help Deputies Catch a Theft Suspect at Callaway Fla. Walmart 10/13/2013

A local football team helps put a would-be shoplifter behind bars. Rutherford High School football players say they were out in front of the Callaway Walmart fundraising for new uniforms.

Angela Brooks, a JV Football Parent, witnessed the happenings. "All of a sudden we looked and of course there's a cop there and a guy comes flying in and tells the boys to go after him."

A Bay County deputy asks the Rutherford football team for help in trying to arrest a shoplifter. Eight players sprang into action. "People were telling me that they went that way and they went this way *laugh* so i couldn't catch them."

The players chased the alleged shoplifter through the Wal-mart on North Tyndall Parkway. Yakeif Duncan then tackled the suspect. "He threw a punch at me, I dodged it and one of my friends was like, oh once he threw the punch he tackled him and then wrapped him up. And he tried to get away from him and we just slammed him."

The robber then begged for the boys to let him go. "He's like alright dog, Don't do this man. C'mon let me go."

Video sent to Newschannel 7 from a viewer shows the man in cuffs. The boys didn't even hesitate when the deputy asked for help.

"They thought he was joking initially, but as soon as they realized he was serious they just took off and of course them being football players and opportunity to make a tackle laugh*.

Rutherford Football Head Coach Alvin Dempsey told NewsChannel 7 he and his staff teach the kids what to do in situations like this. "That's one of the things we talk about in building our program-character, young men, great citizens. You know it’s just some of the things we teach that they just stepped up and did today." Complete article

Man attempts to steal shotgun at gunpoint in South Carolina Walmart 10/13/2013 A Clover man was arrested at York’s Walmart Sunday after threatening to “shoot up” the store if a clerk didn’t let him leave with a shotgun, according to a York police report.

Three injured when SUV hits objects in Las Vegas Nav. Wal-Mart parking lot 10/13/2013

EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana 10/13/2013: Blog post with several articles on subject: Have practice runs for Wal-Mart food riots begun?

Oswego County NY trio charged in Walmart scheme to steal, return coffee press, shower curtains 10/14/2013

Couple walk out of Walmart Pa. with four televisions 10/14/2013

Fairfield police looking for Wal-Mart arson suspect 10/14/2013

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Police are looking for a suspect who started a fire inside the 24-hour Wal-Mart store early Monday morning.

Police and fire responded to the store at 2701 N. Texas St. at 3:25 a.m. after citizens reported a fire and explosions, Sgt. Troy Oviatt said.

The building was evacuated, and it was determined a fire burned through a wicker basket and caused several carbon dioxide containers to rupture, Oviatt said. Complete article

Winona Mn. man gets nearly 2 years in prison for attempted Walmart robbery 10/15/2013

Cash Reward Offered For Spokane Wa. Walmart Robbery Suspect 10/15/2013

Police investigate shooting in Sumter SC Walmart parking lot 10/15/2013

Deputies: Man exposed himself to woman in SC Walmart parking lot 10/15/2013

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) - Deputies in South Carolina are asking for help locating a man accused of exposing himself to women at a Lake Wylie Walmart and Food Lion.

According to investigators, a man is accused of approaching a woman at the Walmart in Lake Wylie in mid-June.

A woman reported that while she was walking into the garden section that a man approached her and told her something might be leaking from her car.

He told her that he just got off work at Walmart and she would need to move her vehicle to the back of the parking lot so he wouldn't get in trouble with his job. Complete article

Lake Worth Fla. man accused of biting, pulling knife on Walmart security 10/15/2013

What started as a shoplifter being stopped turned into a knife fight with a biting man for three Walmart security guards according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

It happened at the Lake Worth Walmart at 4545 Hypoluxo Road on Saturday at about 4 p.m. Security watched as Dean Wright, 34, began bagging $786 worth of items while in the bedding section, including GoPro video cameras and an airsoft machine gun, deputies say.

Security workers identified themselves and tried to stop Wright. But after biting a guard, he then pulled a knife. A customer saw the melee and punched Wright in the face and a guard kicked away the knife, according to the report. Complete article

Lubbock police seeking accomplice in shoplifting at Wal-Mart 10/16/2013

Man accused of taking photos under woman's dress at Bossier Pa. Walmart 10/16/2013

KPD: Woman steals flat screen from Kingsport Tenn. Walmart using a motorized scooter 10/16/2013

Shoplifter posing as policeman threatens Ky. Walmart employees with gun 10/17/2013

Man Burglarizes Three Tenn. Walmart Stores In One Day 10/17/2013

Man blew up fireworks in Gainesville Fla. Walmart, police say 10/17/2013

A Gainesville man was arrested after police say he lit and threw fireworks inside a Walmart store Wednesday night.

Gainesville Police say Darnell James Haley, 24, of 1046 SE 41st Drive, walked into the Walmart on Archer Road at 10:56 p.m. with fireworks. While inside, Haley used a cigarette lighter to light the fireworks, the police report said.

After Haley lit the fireworks, he dropped them on the floor in the electronics department where they caused damage by leaving several burn marks on the tile floor, the report said. Complete article

Police: Man facing child pornography charges shot video of girls at New Castle Pa. Walmart with hidden camera 10/17/2013

Michigan Wal-Mart staffer Kristopher Oswald says he was sacked for trying to save woman in parking lot assault 10/17/2013

HARTLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. Wal-Mart's firing of a Michigan man who says he tried to help a woman being assaulted in one of the retail giant's parking lots is being met with outrage.

Some CBSNews.com readers are even calling for a boycott of the Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Kristopher Oswald, 30, told WXYZ-TV in Detroit that he ended up fighting with the woman's attacker as he tried to defend her at a Hartland Township store.

Wal-Mart has policies against workplace violence to prevent employees from assaulting co-workers or tackling a shoplifter, but it appears nothing allows for them to assist in situations of imminent danger and self-defense, he said.

A spokeswoman for Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc. told The Associated Press on Thursday that while the company understood Oswald's intentions, his actions violated company policy.

"We had to make a tough decision, one that we don't take lightly, and he's no longer with the company," company spokeswoman Ashley Hardie said. Complete article

He was later offered his job back which he refused as reported in article below.

Walmart in North Bergen NJ evacuated after man says there are bombs in the store, police say 10/18/2013

NORTH BERGEN -- The Walmart on 88th Street was evacuated yesterday after a man called the store and said that there were bombs inside of the store, police said.

Around 4:25 p.m., officers responded to the Walmart at 2100 88th St., police said.

Workers at the Walmart told police that they received a call from a man who told police that there were bombs inside the store and that if the workers notified police he would detonate the bombs, police said.

The man told workers that if he gave them money through Green Dot Money Packs, that he would not detonate the bombs, police said. Complete article

Commissioner on Walmart shoppers: 'They're afraid': Commissioners to ask Public Safety Commission to look into shoplifting incidents at Walmart. 10/18/2013

Lower Macungie commissioners are voicing concern for the safety of shoppers at a Walmart store in the township amid a high number of shoplifting arrests there this year.

Commissioners on Thursday night said they would ask their Public Safety Commission to discuss the crimes at Walmart after Commissioner Ryan Conrad suggested the township send a letter to the department store chain outlining its concerns.

"People have told me they don't want to shop there," Conrad said. "They're afraid."

"I think that, as a township, although we can't [force them to do anything], we can at least put them on notice that we care." Complete article

DEA: Fla. Walmart pharmacy worker stole $100,000 in pills 10/18/2013

Greenville NC Man Accused Of Stealing Shrimp, Steaks, And Perfume 10/18/2013

Goose killed with bow and arrow in Gatineau, Que Walmart parking lot 10/18/2013

A Gatineau, Que., man is facing charges after allegedly killing a Canada goose with a bow and arrow in a Walmart parking lot on Wednesday.

The 911 call came from a witness at about 3 p.m. Wednesday, Gatineau police said.

When officers arrived at the Walmart on 51 Boulevard de la Gappe, they found a goose that had been killed with a bow and arrow. Complete article

Pa. Wal-Mart deer hunter gets probation 10/18/2013

Walmart Scam Targets Victims by Mail 10/18/2013

Alligator forces Walmart to lock doors 10/20/2013

Two women accused of taking 614 items from Walmart in Utica 10/20/2013

Nashville man steals from Walmart with minors 10/20/2013

Info needed in Walmart cellphone theft 10/20/2013

Long Island NY cops nab Walmart employee and charge him sexually abusing a 5-year-old boy 10/20/2013

Police arrested a 22-year-old Walmart employee who they said sexually abused a boy in the bathroom at one of the chain’s Long Island stores, Suffolk County cops said Sunday.

Matthew Bulmer, an employee of the Islandia store, lured a 5-year-old boy who was at the store with his mother into the bathroom and sexually abused him around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, cops said.

Bulmer was charged with first-degree sex abuse and acting in a manner to injure a child. He was scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip. Complete article

Fire department evacuates Staunton Va. Walmart 10/21/2013

Here's The Weirdest Stuff That Happened At Walmart This Week 10/18/2013

Three people shot in argument outside Arizona Walmart 11/20/2013

Suspects stole TVs, computer, Airsoft guns from Meijer Inc., Walmart, Big Rapids Mich. police say 10/21/2013

Salisbury NC man charged with threatening Walmart loss prevention officer with box cutter 10/21/2013

Oswego County duo charged with stealing 25 iPhone cases from Granby NY Walmart 10/21/2013

Woman accused of shoplifting from Walmart leads Baytown Tx. police on chase 10/21/2013

Carlsbad NM police: Walmart employee embezzles money to pay for medical bills 10/2/2013

Man accused of flashing woman at Lake Wylie NC Walmart receives threats 10/22/2013

Surveillance shows thieves stealing expensive items from Mt. Pleasant Pa. Walmart 10/22/2013

Charges lodged against Rochester NY woman following theft from Walmart 10/22/2013

Report of a gun stolen from a New York Walmart 11/22/2013

Credit card thieves shopped at Conn. Walmart 10/22/2013

Prosecutors: Man killed Noblesville aunt, in 2011, bought gold chain at Pa. Wal-Mart with her credit cards 10/22/2013

State Police Cracking Down After Recent Thefts At Pa. Wal-Marts 10/22/2013

Registered Sex Offender Arrested After Allegedly Exposing Himself To Teen At OC Wal-Mart 10/22/2013

Fla. Walmart toy department worker arrested in molestation of 2 boys 10/23/2013

A Walmart toy department worker is in jail after investigators say he sexually abused two boys over a period of about six years.

Ormond Beach resident Brandon Giove was arrested Tuesday and charged with sexual battery and two counts of lewd/lascivious molestation, records show. Giove, 22, is being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail without bail.

Volusia County sheriff’s investigators learned in September that Giove, who worked in the toy department of the Ormond Beach Walmart, had “engaged in sex acts and inappropriately touched two boys multiple times over the course of about six years,” sheriff’s spokesman Brandon Haught said. Complete article

Police looking for man responsible for 'quick change' scam at Wal-Mart in Silver Spring Township Pa. 10/23/2013

Two Men Arrested in Connection with Explosive Devices in Camden Del. Walmart 10/23/2013

CAMDEN, Del. - Two men have been arrested in connection with the discharging of homemade explosive devices in the Walmart in Camden.

According to the Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office, the incident happened on September 21. Investigators were called to the scene around 6:30 that night to check out two suspicious devices blown up inside two different restrooms.

An investigation eventually led to Malcolm A. Casson, 21, and Bradford J. Husfelt, 20. Both are from the Dover area. Complete article

2 Arrested After Homemade Explosive Devices Discharge Inside Walmart 10/23/2013

West Milwaukee Walmart store evacuated after bomb threat 10/23/2013

Police searching for suspect in Fla. Walmart robbery 10/24/2013

Man fired by Wal-Mart rejects job offer from store 10/25/2013

A Linden man fired by Wal-Mart in Hartland Township for aiding an assault victim in the store parking lot says he rejected the store’s offer to return to his job.

Kristopher Oswald said Thursday that Arkansas-based Wal-Mart has been “unwilling to compromise” in negotiating a return to his job, which he lost Oct. 13 when he assisted a woman who screamed for help in the store parking lot.

“The entire situation has left me with incredible anxiety,” the 30-year-old Oswald said. “Wal-Mart feels it’s absolutely not their responsibility to help an associate harmed while on the clock. I have refused their offer to take my job back for fear of retaliation.

“They could not guarantee that nothing would happen from management if I did take my job,” he added. “It’s a day-to-day struggle. I feel like if I say the wrong thing, I’m going to have a company coming after me.”

Messages left for Wal-Mart’s corporate public information office haven’t been returned.

Oswald said he wants the company to issue a formal apology and eliminate from his personnel record that he was fired for violating store policy. Complete article

IMPD: Man took pictures up women's dresses at Ind. Walmart store 10/25/2013

Man's body found at Portsmouth Va. Walmart 10/25/2013

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) - A man’s body was found inside a Portsmouth Wal-Mart.

Det. Misty Holley with the Portsmouth Police Department told WAVY.com officers were dispatched to the Wal-Mart on Frederick Boulevard on Oct. 25 for a report of an unresponsive, unconscious man.

The man was pronounced dead after officers arrived. Police roped off the area by the bathrooms near the electronics department of the store. Wal-Mart closed the electronics department entirely during the investigation.

Detectives have identified the victim as 37-year-old John Beau Calland of Virginia Beach. His cause of death is unknown. They are waiting for information from the Medical Examiner's office. Complete article

UPDATE: Man’s body found inside Portsmouth Va. Walmart 10/25/2013

Donation box containing $100 stolen from NM Walmart 10/25/2013

Local Wal-Mart evacuated third time in a week after bomb threats 10/26/2013

Negligent Walmart shopper loses $3,000 in theft of purse 10/26/2013

Drug addict stabs meat with syringe at Wa. Walmart 10/26/2013

POULSBO, Wash. - Police have arrested 33-year-old Daniel Oaks Thieman, a heroin addict who they say walked into a Poulsbo Walmart, stabbed meat tubes, fell asleep, and then walked out of the store Friday morning.

Shortly after 6 a.m. an employee was alerted by a customer that a hypodermic syringe had been found stabbed into a Jimmy Dean sausage tube. While removing the meat, the employee noted another tube with hole pokes, and immediately alerted the on-duty manager who dialed 911.

"Somebody had pushed a syringe into the tube at an angle, and it poked out the other side," Poulsbo Police Officer Nick Hoke said. "The actual metal needle tip was not attached to the syringe though." Complete article

Walmart Heiress Asks To Expunge DWI Arrest 10/27/2013

Charges: Alabaster man sexually exposed himself at Pelham Al. Walmart parking lot 10/28/2013

Fla. Police seek Walmart parking lot power tool thief 10/28/2013

Death penalty decision coming in SD Walmart stabbing 10/28/2013

Drive-by shooting reported at Rock Hill NC Walmart 10/28/2013

Gainesville Fla. man hides Wal-Mart headphones in pants, fights officer 10/29/2013

Arrest made in abduction, rape outside Gwinnett Ga. Walmart 10/29/2013

Tenn. Walmart employee steals Halloween 10/29/2013

Lake Worth Fla. Walmart employee accused of stealing lottery tickets 10/29/2013

Police charge Waterloo Ia. woman with Wal-Mart toilet scam 10/29/2013

"Lewd act" in Walmart parking lot in Macomb prompts arrest: Kentucky man faces charges in McDonough and Schuyler Ill. counties 10/30/2013

Woman caught attempting to steal Okla. Walmart linens 10/30/2013

Ill. Walmart workers arrested in debit card scam 10/29/2013

3 Charged in Thefts from Waynesboro Va. Walmart 10/30/2013

Man arrested in connection to Va. Walmart larcenies 10/29/2013

Three Arrested for Shoplifting From Lacey NJ Walmart 10/30/2013

Onlooker fires shot as shoplifting suspect pursued at West Chatham Ga. Wal-Mart 10/30/2013

UPDATE: Police ID man found dead at Portsmouth Va. Walmart 10/31/2013

Man Charged in Receipt Scam at Delaware Wal-Mart 10/31/2013

Grand Island Neb.'s north Walmart evacuated after bomb threat 10/31/2013

Career criminal arrested for stealing carts full of merchandise from North Fort Myers Fla. Walmart 10/31/2013

Gas leak forces evacuation of Shawnee Ks. Walmart 10/31/2013

Firefighters: Small fire at NC Walmart extinguished by employee 10/31/2013

Man Walks into Ark. Walmart with 3 Women, Walks Out with 3 Stolen TVs 10/31/2013

Walmart: the next clean energy giant? 10/30/2013

Walmart Disabled Greeter Matt Wood Fired For Clocking In Late 11/28/2013

Al Norman celebrates 20 years of battling Walmart 10/24/2013

Dollar General Beats Walmart 10/27/2013

24 Sad Photos Of Wal-Mart Doing It Wrong 10/28/2013

Walmart Investigates Minn. Pork Farm after Animal Abuse Claims 10/30/2013

Babe star James Cromwell attacks Walmart Minn. supplier's treatment of pigs 10/30/2013

Wal-Mart to promote 25,000 workers. Policy change or publicity stunt? (+video) 10/29/2013

Wal-Mart: We felt the government shutdown: The head of the retailer's US operations said sales were hurt by the closure, especially in neighborhoods with federal workers. 10/29/2013

Neb. Walmart teacher recognition 10/29/2013

Liquor license suspensions for two Wash. Walmart stores 10/28/2013

Local Alabama pharmacist reacts to Walmart's proposal to become main provider of Medicaid drugs 10/28/2013

Wal-Mart Checking Complaints About Greeter Firing 10/28/2013

Walmart grocery developer makes changes to plan 10/26/2013

Or. Walmart appeal headed to high court; Matt Langer recall returns: Sherwood news 10/26/2013

Walmart makes pitch to become Alabama's main provider of presciption drugs through Medicaid 10/25/2013

Sherwood Councilor Dave Grant responds to Walmart-driven recall effort against him 10/24/2013

Walmart makes push to galvanize position, in Northbrook Ill., opponents stand their ground 10/23/2013

Northbrook Ill. issues order mandating Walmart not use its seal 10/23/2013

With Walmart as a lab, PSU investigates how green roofs work 10/23/2013

Walmart and Protestors Clash Over Wages 10/23/2013

5 ways Wal-Mart is changing 10/22/2013 More self-checkout lanes; More 'made in the USA' goods; Smaller locations; Deeper holiday discounts; Tons of ads

Matthew Yglesius: Why Wal-Mart's E-Commerce Efforts Will Fail 10/22/2013

Breaking: Wal-Mart workers on strike, defying firings 10/18/2013

Alaska fisheries battle Walmart over sustainability label 10/20/2013

New York Times: Wal-Mart Heavies Up on Talent in Retail Battle with Amazon 10/20/2013

14 Wal-Mart facts that will blow your mind 10/18/2013

Asia's Week: Wal-Mart's Checkouts, Retail Rough-Go 10/18/2013 The mammoth U.S. chain said this week it would close 20 underperforming stores even as it continues to build more on net elsewhere in the country.

Walmart rolls out aggressive plans for holidays 10/18/2013

Outrage over Wal-Mart's sacking of hero employee 10/18/2013

Fired Walmart worker: Retailer ready to rehire Good Samaritan (+video) 10/18/2013

Hialeah Gardens Walmart Employees Rally Against Managers for More Hours 10/18/2013

Wal-Mart Is Cleared by India in Probe of 2010 Purchase 10/17/2013

Streets to be named after Walmart, St. Jude 10/17/2013

'Walmart moms' air disgust with D.C. 10/16/2013

Miss. won't have to cover Walmart, other stores' losses in EBT card malfunction 10/16/2013

UAH engineering professor: 'No reason' to question findings of Wal-Mart-financed traffic study 10/15/2013 .... The city paid Anderson $7,000 to review Skipper's findings after members of the Midtown Huntsville Association requested a second, independent traffic study. The association is largely comprised of residents of the Piedmont neighborhood behind Mason Plaza.

Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke: US Economy Tough, Unpredictable 10/15/2013

Government shutdown thins Wal-Mart shopping list 10/15/2013 Government paralysis has led to less spending by shoppers, Wal-Mart executives told analysts and investors Tuesday.

India's Bureaucratic Nightmare Kills Wal-Mart Retail That Could Benefit Millions in Poverty 10/15/2013 This report came out as Wal-Mart had it's own bureaucratic problems with EBT cards and there is mucyh more evidence to indicate that their bureaucratic problems are growing as bad if not worse than India's. Furthermore it ignore the fact that Wal-Mart brings poverty to many places and their products are so low quality that they ahve to be replace much more often.

Walmart upping NFL ad buys on Thanksgiving Day to push ‘Black Friday’ sales 10/14/2013 Walmart has been an advertiser on National Football League broadcasts in the past, but the retail giant rarely has bought a lot of TV spots during games because of the high cost. But, all that appears to be changing as the retailer is increasing its NFL advertising this Thanksgiving to support its Black Friday sales, reports AdAge.

After quarter-century fight, Walmart arrives in St. Albans 10/11/2013

Wal-Mart employee recalls time spent in concentration camp 10/11/2013

At Walmart and Other Retailers, Price-Matching Has Its Perils 10/09/2013

Where Wal-Mart Isn't: Four Countries the Retailer Can't Conquer 10/10/2013 Wal-Mart (WMT) is the biggest retailer in the world, with sales of $135 billion in 26 countries outside the U.S. But it doesn’t have stores in some of the world’s biggest markets. Not in Germany, not in South Korea, not in Russia. And as of this week, not in India, either.

School district says ‘no’ to Walmart 10/10/2013 Why did a small school district in suburban Chicago just tell Walmart that it would not provide major tax breaks for the company to build a 300,000-square-foot store? ...... That apparently quashes the deal.

Lecturers to discuss Walmart labor practices 10/10/2013

Pumpkins, hay catch fire outside Cornelius Walmart 10/09/2013

Wal-Mart parts ways from India partner, delays retail store plans until 'conditions allow' 10/09/2013 MUMBAI, India – Wal-Mart Stores said Wednesday it is splitting from its Indian business partner and suspending plans for its own retail stores in India because strict government regulations on sourcing from local small businesses make it impossible.

VCU student reaches finals in national Walmart competition 10/08/2013

Virginia Mason wins another exclusive contract to care for Walmart employees 10/08/2013 With "exclusive contracts" how can they claim this is a competitive market? Furthermore should Wal-Mart be controlling anyones health care? Should the patients ahve their say?

Gas Line Break At North Spokane Wal-Mart 10/08/2013

Walmart Stores In India? Retailer Fights Losing Battle With Bureaucracy 10/07/2013

How Angry Walmart Workers Helped Convince Foreign Investors To Dump Shares 10/07/2013

Forbes: Update on Walmart Pittsfield: Cleaner, But Out of Stock 10/07/2013

Update: Lamont Ca. residents oppose Walmart development 10/04/2013

Portland takes stand against investing in Walmart 10/04/2013

Cibolo residents file lawsuit in Walmart case 10/04/2013

Wal-Mart Stores Eyeing Acquisitions in China 10/04/2013

City asks judge to throw out Sarasota Walmart lawsuit 10/04/2013

Portland takes stand against Walmart 10/03/2013

Dollar stores win as Wal-Mart fumbles 10/03/2013

Sherwood camping ban, with anti-Walmart roots, back to staff for final touches 10/02/2013

Suffolk Walmart temporarily closes after carbon monoxide detected 10/01/2013

Suit puts Mt. Laurel Walmart on hold 10/01/2013