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Urgent request for Charles Manson

The incredible problems with this country have become so bad recently that I suddenly realized that there is only one way that they can possibly be reversed so I decided that there was something I just had to do. I had to pay an emergency visit to Charles Manson and request his help with the situation which seems to be the only way that we can possibly solve this problem. This would give him a chance to make amends for the crimes he was convicted of forty years ago and it would provide him an opportunity to show that he deserves parole finally after all these years.

(First posted on Open Salon December 5 2011)

I went through security started with some small talk before getting to the point; first I explained that he was right about all the problems that they had with the reform schools and that they only did more to breed violence. And I explained that he was also right, to a point, when he said, “These children that come at you with knives. They are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them……something that Nixon should have been doing. He should have been on the side of the road, picking up his children, but he wasn't. He was in the White House, sending them off to war.” this is part of the reason I came to him with my request; and part of the reason why I think he would be qualified to help reverse this trend. I explained that they continue to make the same mistakes that they were forty years ago and if they aren’t reversed then it will be much worse for the entire world. If he fulfilled my request then he would have an opportunity to reverse this trend and contribute to major reform effort which would be better late than never.

Then I explained what my obvious request was and for some reason which I can’t understand he seemed surprised.

I explained that this country desperately needed him to host the final Republican debate shortly after Donald Trump hosts his debate and makes his endorsement! 
I don’t know why he was so surprised by this; perhaps they haven’t been allowing him to keep up with the news so he wasn’t aware about how insane the Republican campaign has become and didn’t realize that this is the one and only obvious solution to this problem that could quickly turn things around. He would have the opportunity to ask them the important questions that the Mass Media and Trump would never think to ask or want to; and then he could make his endorsement which would be sure to bring in millui9ons of votes and enable the right candidate to win in a landslide!

Why would anyone take Trump’s endorsement seriously if they can go with the endorsement of Charles Manson? 

They wouldn’t of course!

This would be a great opportunity to ask some important questions like about the environment which he has indicated that he understands much better than they when he said, “there's going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we're doing bad things to the atmosphere… The automobiles and fossil fuels are destroying the atmosphere and we won't have air to breathe.” It would also be an enormous improvement in the way the Republican debate is going; in fact it can’t get any stupider so anything would be an improvement! Think about it, who could possibly be less qualified to host a debate than Trump? Clearly Manson would be able to do a much better job and move this debate dramatically in the right direction.
Some people think this might be interpreted as a satire; nothing can be further from the truth! How can it possibly be more satirical than it already is? Of course, it can’t possibly get any more absurd! If someone comes to this false conclusion then it will only indicate that this really is an incredibly stupid way to elect the person that is supposed to be the highest official in the land and show without a doubt how much we need to reform this insane system.

Charles had some doubts about whether or not the candidates would attend; but I reminded him that he could handle that easily. All he had to do was remind them that if they didn’t show and participate that he would stop their tickers, permanently! I haven’t forgotten how he stopped Vincent Bugliosi’s wrist ticker forty years ago; he even wrote about it in his book. He attempted to say he wasn’t bothered by it but if that was the case why would he even mention it at all? This is the same guy that said the Warren Commission did work that was “admirable;” why should we assume he has any credibility?

I suppose there might be some candidates that might not attend; John Huntsman and Ron Paul have already indicated they thought Trump’s debate was a joke but they may take his more seriously though. It could also give him a great opportunity to inquire about the Mormon religion from both John Huntsman and Mitt Romney and find out more about whether or not it actually is a cult. Clearly there are few people that know more about cults than Charles Manson. It would be nice to know how closely Mitt was connected to the Salt Lake City bombings and the cover up that took place in the eighties and he would be the ideal person to ask these questions. Apparently his fathers cousin was First Counselor of the church while that investigation was going on and there was an enormous scandal about the fact that the church was trying to buy up and suppress an enormous amount of documents which they thought were real. The fact that they were forgeries doesn’t make them look much better. I understand that Marion G. Romney may have been incapacitated and Gordon Hinckley may have handled most of the cover-up but it would be nice to know how Mitt felt about it especially since he has been involved in a similar cover up when he bought up his computers from when he was governor and destroyed all the records so that the public could never find out what he was doing behind the scenes. Is that the same way he wants to run this country? Who could do a better job investigating this and interviewing them than Manson?

He could also ask more about why Mitt decided that he wanted to pose the way he did in a famous picture from Bain Capital. This was something he considered to be a good idea at the time but I’m not sure he still thought that when he ran against Kennedy in 1994 and the now famous ad about the Ohio workers that he had fired so that he could ship jobs overseas where people would be forced to work in sweatshops for low wages and the wage scale would also be lowered her. In fact he lost that race so badly that he abandoned any attempts to try again when John Kerry came up for reelection before the got started. Surely Manson could do a better job inquiring about this than the traditional Mass Media has been doing.

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The following are the original replies when this was first posted on Open Salon.

EP! EP! EP! EP!! Great post Zachery~~You nailed it and this should be on the cover~~Nice job my friend~~

scanner December 05, 2011 11:51 AM

Manson would be much easier to work with than congress! And smarter than Trump! He just peaked to early - If he had turned all that spunk into the party - like say, abramoff , we would be much better off, and K street would have more veggie offerings too!

Snowden December 05, 2011 12:17 PM

Zachery you deserve far more readers and comments than just me. I am glad to see Scanner up there. Manson would score at least 50 points higher on an IQ test than Trump. Trump has a hard enough time getting people to except the 6 figure salary he offers to work for him let alone talking anybody into going out and committing cold blooded murder on his whim. Did you ever hear of the Process Church? Manson was deeply steeped in its precepts as are many people who are now running the intelligence community. Process stands for pro cessation of human life and we are well on our way to realizing their objectives. Now let me see who shall I vote for? Shall I pick from the fine assortment of mixed nuts the republicans are offering or shall I vote for a second term for Emperor Elagabalus?

Jack Heart December 05, 2011 12:38 PM

[r] At first I thought ... yeeeowwwwww.... where is this going? ... but you swept me up in your smooth and consistent "modest proposal" styling.

The clowns of the Republican Party deserve calling out, but as always, I at the same time can't give the hypocrits and sellouts of the Dem Party a pass. They made fun of Cain's not knowing about Libya which was a disgrace, but they knew about Libya, its truth, but they as well as Republicans lied about it to score their corporate war profiteering so they ALL disinformed the public about it and still are.

I saw Axelrod on Meet the Press yesterday talking about what a stunning flipflopping hypocrit Mitt is. No argument, but Obama and Axelrod calling out anyone else for not sticking to promises and stances???????? With straight faces???

Ron Paul is creeping up on the Republican clowns. His domestic stuff REALLY troubles me, but his anti-military stance is compelling. And he is consistent and believes in what he says, rather than playing games. Obama definitely beware!!!!

Your awesome blog re the Repubs deserves much credit (and I am behind on your fine blogging and hope to catch up with more this week) but I needed to do my equal time venting re the Dems.

take care, zachd!!! best, libby libbyliberalnyc December 05, 2011 12:55 PM

Scanner, thanks for the recommend, you should be the editor; I would welcome an EP but don’t really expect it.

Snowden, I notice that Abramoff is now a well publicized author making money again; I guess you just have to be in the right crowd and no matter how much you get caught stealing they’ll give you another chance to do it again, although I must admit some of the things he says make much more sense now, but skepticism is advised.

Jack, more readers are welcome of course and it does seem to be getting slowly but steadily busier, however a lot of the things I write are just as important later as they are now so I’m not quite so concerned with immediate results. No doubt Manson is much smarter than any of the candidates running and perhaps slightly saner; not that any of them are prizes but this is the most insane crop of candidates I have ever heard of even worse than what we got in 2010 which was truly nutty. I’m not familiar with the Process Church but have recently found out that the Mormons are well represented in the CIA and the FBI, presumably because they’re taught to blindly obey orders, which is what they want. They also look for more evangelicals or followers of James Dobson since they’re raised in an authoritarian manner. Vote independent clearly; don’t chose corporate candidate A or B ever again! Many of us made that mistake for way too long.

Libby, I don’t mean to give the democrats a pass and usually don’t but that certainly doesn’t put me in the GOP camp which is insane. Ron Paul actually seems rational on some issues compared to the other Republican fruit cakes but when it comes to following through I don’t trust him any more than the others; he’s a corporate candidate as well.

Thanks all zacherydtaylor December 05, 2011 01:14 PM

"A Modest Proposal" - exactly! This is just really great - funny, insightful and way too close to the truth to be comfortable.

aim December 05, 2011 01:19 PM

Z--Where scanner leads, I follow. And this is a terrific piece. We need MORE writing like THIS!

Chicago Guy December 06, 2011 07:19 AM

AIM, agreed this is way to damn close to the truth; if the sorry state of the media and political establishment doesn’t wake people up and spur reform we’re in much more serious trouble than many people expect.

Chicago Guy, glad you like it although it isn’t my usual style; more often than not I usually try to do more serious blogs but sometimes the situation is just to stupid to handle it seriously.

zacherydtaylor December 06, 2011 09:32 AM

How about having the GOP candidates run through obstacle courses for each superpac endorsement?

old new lefty December 06, 2011 02:17 PM

Gads, Zachery, I don't know what new suppliment you're taking but this elevates your writing to a whole new level. I agree with others, while you usually present an abundance of information, this is highly effective in getting your point across and the reader to stick with it. Rated and shared.

Samasiam December 07, 2011 12:36 PM

Lefty, I think that is what they’ve already been doing, although it is slightly more subtle than that.

Sam, the different writing style may be more effective in some ways; however I must admit that is does involve some appeal to emotion, although I think it is within reason, and this is one of the things that I have often been criticizing other for. Caution should be taken to avoid escalating it and allowing fact checking. For the most part I intend to continue to try to raise important issues that I don’t think are getting enough attention but that often require some thinking. Or at least that is what I like to think I do. The most effective solutions aren’t the most exciting ones; however that doesn’t mean everything has to drone on in a manner that puts people to sleep so I may occasionally do things like this too.

zacherydtaylor December 08, 2011 11:59 AM

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