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Florida Has History Of Some Of Worst Abuses At Schools

Another story about extreme abuses by teachers has come out in Florida schools; however many people may not realize that this is far more common than the isolated stories reported by the media imply, in some schools. This isn't limited to Florida; however there are more of these high profile stories that have come out of the South where corporal punishment is considered more acceptable and many of the worst often come from Florida.

I don't like to single out one state or region for criticism; however when they use a bad practice that back fires and the evidence is overwhelming then recognizing this can show how to dramatically reduce violence; and no one will benefit more than the regions that are currently abusing kids more, leading to escalating violence.

This report includes a teacher that abused his own four year old so badly paddling her with a board that she died and he was convicted of murder and several other teachers doing petty things like pulling chairs out from under students, and other activities that they're supposed to teach the students not to do. This doesn't mean that all of the teachers in Florida are bad at all; apparently some of these teachers are now being prosecuted because of tougher accountability laws demanded by the teachers unions, who are apparently as outraged as many parents and civil rights activists by this activity and want to fix it as much if not more than anyone else.

This type of activity isn't new and it goes back centuries but it hasn't been completely eliminated and most people still don't realize the full consequences for this and how it leads to more violence when abused children grow up and turn out to be violent adults.

It is virtually guaranteed that the reason that these teachers became so abusive as adults is because they were abused as children them selves when this was considered normal and acceptable.

Some of these activities date back to when they still had slaves; and many of the practices that we thought were eliminated after the civil war really weren't. In some cases they continued to use slave labor or virtual slave labor in prisons of reform schools for boys. Some of the worst atrocities were exposed in the past couple of decades by the "White House Boys" who were former residents of a few boys schools who were abused and spurred an investigation into people that were considered the pillars of the community, but turned out to be abusive man doing more harm than good. Many children that went to these abusive reform schools may have come out more violent than when they went in, since that is what they were taught when they were in there.

The highest murder rates are in the states that have the highest acceptance of corporal punishment, including Florida which made it into the top ten in 2014, which is unusual for such a large state, since they often have more diverse population including some more progressive areas.

Corporal punishment and other abuses also leads to increased class conflict since it is often used more against minorities or those with the lowest education that are expected to do menial work. this is part of a process that many people don't recognize to control the working class and ensure that they blindly obey orders whether it means accepting lower wages when the upper classes ship jobs overseas to suppress unions, or when they want recruits to join the military and blindly obey orders when fighting wars based on lies.

This goes beyond abuse of children; it is also about control and indoctrination so that the ruling class can preserve their own authority; however some of the psychological manipulation takes more research to fully understand.

Florida is also the state where the 1977 Supreme Court case Ingraham v. Wright, came from where they decided that school children weren't protected under the constitution from cruel and unusual punishment or for lack of due process, even for trivial offenses like allegedly not leaving the stage of an auditorium fast enough when ordered to by a teacher. This is not typical, even in Florida; however in some of the worst schools they can be badly abused and the Supreme Court has decided to do nothing, a ruling which stands to this day; although many other states have banned corporal punishment since then and many teachers are trying to reduce it even in the South.

Regrettably even many police consider this acceptable and one of them even stood by while it happened without seeming to understand the consequences, which is almost certainly a contributing cause for police violence as well.

The following describes some of these incidents recently exposed:

State officials weigh cases of 18 Northeast Florida teachers for possible discipline 01/19/2017

At least 18 Northeast Florida teachers may lose their teaching licenses or face other punishments after a series of professional practices hearings held in Tallahassee on Thursday and Friday. ....

Most of the teachers on trial have already been investigated by their districts for a variety of alleged misdeeds, ranging in severity from first-degree murder and assault to cheating on tests. Many have already been punished by their districts with suspensions, firings or letters of reprimand. ....

The most well-known Duval County case involves John Norfleet, a teacher at Andrew Jackson High who in 2015 was arrested for disciplining his 4-year-old daughter at home with a 1-by-2-inch piece of lumber. She died after the beating, and he received life in prison plus 30 years. His wife, the girl’s stepmother, was sentenced to 60 years.

Most other cases before the panel were for less severe incidents.

At least three Duval teachers were disciplined after allegations that they caused physical harm to students.

Lenora Peterson-Cook, who taught at Cedar Hills Elementary, and Robin Welch Kennedy, who taught at Neptune Beach Elementary, were each accused on separate occasions of pulling or tipping a chair, causing a student to fall.

While teaching second grade, Peterson-Cook in 2015 was accused of using profanity, flipping off students with her self-described “chocolate finger,” throwing a pencil at a student and pulling the chair out from under a student. She admitted to saying inappropriate things, cursing, flipping off students and grabbing one by the arm, but she denied pulling a chair out from under a student, district documents show.

The district suspended her for 30 days without pay.

Kennedy was teaching third grade in 2013 when she was accused of tipping two students’ chairs on separate occasions, causing students to fall. She denied doing that. She also was charged with driving under the influence in 2011 and 2012, so the district recommended a 15-day suspension without pay, the reports state.

Winston Northern, a computer technology teacher at A. Philip Randolph Career Academies, was investigated by the district when a parent complained that Northern had allowed a parent to “administer corporal punishment” a student in front of the class. Northern denied that anyone was physically chastised in his class. The district’s investigator concluded that not enough evidence exists to prove or disprove the allegation. Complete article

How can any reasonable person believe that tipping a students chair over or throwing a pencil at a student is a reasonable way of teaching them to behave, assuming some of these allegations are true? using coercive methods to teach obedience is far more common in the south where they're taught to obey authority and believe them more which is why they were more inclined to believe police officers when they pulled someone over for DUI; however there have been many cases where additional evidence has proven that some students have been telling the truth when some of these reports are made or that police officers have been falsifying evidence.

When children see their teachers or parents behave in this manner they conclude that it is acceptable as long as it is being done by someone in authority and they learn to do it themselves when they get away with it or later in life when they become the authority figures.

Police in many of these conservative areas have no idea how corporal punishment teaches violence as indicated in the following article from a couple years ago:

Florida Cop Agreed To "Stand By" And Watch As Father Paddled His Misbehaving Daughter 01/2/2017

Here is the police report filed by the Florida sheriff’s deputy who last week agreed to “stand by” and watch while a father spanked his misbehaving 12-year-old daughter with a paddle.

Last Monday evening, Okeechobee Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joseph Hall was dispatched to a residence “in reference to a juvenile problem.” Upon arriving at the home, Hall met with Dale Garcia, a Walmart worker who explained that his daughters Haley and Jessica had been arguing over a tablet computer.

Garcia, 42, told Hall that during the argument Haley locked herself in her bedroom. Jessica, Garcia added, then used a knife to pick the lock and gain entry to her sister’s room (where she bounced upon her sibling’s chest).

“Dale said he wanted to use his paddle to discipline Jessica for using the knife,” noted Hall, who added that Garcia “wanted me to stand by while he spanked her with the paddle.”

Hall reported that he agreed to the request, and subsequently “stood by as Dale spanked Jessica 4 times on her buttocks.” He then departed the Garcia residence since “no crime had been committed.” Complete article

In a recent article Obama’s Opposition to Corporal Punishment Needs to be Finished by Grassroots I cited John B. King's recent push to eliminate corporal punishment in schools, for some of the same reasons cited here and in another article Killing Kids For Insurance Is Semi-Routine explained child psychologist James Garbarino's recommendation of a home visitor program that has proven to be successful. I first heard of These programs when they were introduced in Massachusetts, in the 1990s, in articles that also explained they proved to be successful in Hawaii, which according to that article was the only place they had enough data to research at that time. At approximately the same time there were other news stories about Community Policing with similar programs that also proved to be successful, including one where police often went to domestic violence cases accompanied by a social worker. These social workers could have been trained to educate the parents in such a situation about alternative methods to discipline their children.

James Garbarino's book also cites additional examples where teachers are trained to consult with social workers when they suspect that a child might be abused and advise the parents to avoid these punitive methods. When possible they try to avoid putting people in jail, instead relying on educational methods, regrettably this isn't the method many police and school system's in the South handle these situation, instead relying on more authoritarian methods that clearly contribute to their higher violent crime rates.

This is another example where they use the same methods to teach children not to use violence that they're trying to prevent, which is counter productive. This officer doesn't seem to understand that this parent might be teaching his daughters to use violence by disciplining them with violence. This is almost certainly because he may have been raided in a similar manner, and he may have been taught in this manner that those without political power are supposed to obey authority figures without question. The misbehaving daughter may have learned that the appropriate way to settle her dispute with her sister, and convince her to obey, is the same way her father teaches her to obey.

These child rearing methods started changing shortly after WWII when many modern researchers including in Benjamin Spock began recommending different ways that involved spending more time with kids, often to explain why they shouldn't use violence instead of threatening them with it, and compromising more in some cases when the issues aren't quite as important. Since then several additional researchers have improved on this including Barbara Cooroso author of "Kids Are Worth It" and "The Bully The Bullied and the Bystander" that have proven to be far more successful at raising kids and areas where these improved methods are more common have better educated and less violent people. Regrettably her own home town, Littleton Colorado was reluctant to listen to her and many of the people there seem to have been more inclined to listen to James Dobson who continues to recommend biblical discipline that teaches escalating violence. if this wasn't the case it may have been much less likely that the bullying at Columbine would have been ignored by authorities and this could have made the 1999 Columbine shootings far less likely.

One of the researchers that she cites to explain why corporal punishment isn't the most effective way to teach children is Philip J. Greven author of "Spare the Child" who reviewed Ingraham v. Wright, which resulted from abuses in Florida in the seventies, in this book. Greven explains that most schools that use corporal punishment only use "one or two licks, or sometimes as many as five" most of the time; however at Drew Junior High School, "students were struck many more times and with far more severe injuries." The case that made it to the Supreme Court was because students “were slow in leaving the stage of the school auditorium when asked to do so by a teacher,” and after James Ingraham claimed he was innocent without a trial for such a trivial event, "he was held by two school administrators 'by his arms and legs' and was 'placed … struggling, face down across a table.' The principal 'administered at least twenty licks.'” For additional details and further explanation about other problems with corporal punishment see Philip J. Greven author of "Spare the Child."

A panel from the Appeals court recommended in favor of Ingraham with what Greven and I considered a far better argument than the opposition however the full Appeals Court rejected this argument and when it went to the Supreme Court where they also rejected it on a five to four decision with Lewis Powell and William Rehnquist writing the majority decision against Ingraham. Greven explains how they simply ignored some of the most extreme arguments against corporal punishment and relied on several weaker arguments including tradition and precedent, which is often considered far more important in the court system than rational arguments for their opposition. They ignored that tradition and precedent were also used previously to justify corporal punishment against prisoners and slaves; and this was overturned in these cases since the results were so outrageous.

Philip Greven argues that a major part of the reason Powell and Rehnquist don't empathize with the children being abuse is almost certainly because of how they were raised as a child often using corporal punishment. I don't doubt that this is a major part of the problem but it goes beyond that. This is also part of a control process to help preserve the authority of those in power and keep those from the lower classes from obtaining the education they need to participate in the democratic process and stand up for their rights. A large portion of this wouldn't fit the definition of a conspiracy theory, since it isn't completely secret, therefore it could be confirmed easily with public knowledge, although that is how many mainstream pundits might try to dismiss it. And there are also some details that are done in secret, including some that have been publicly exposed for decades; those portions would fit the definition of a conspiracy theory, although some portions of it have now been proven to be true.

Lewis Powell is also justice that wrote San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez and the author The Powell Memo (at which he wrote, in secret months before being nominated to the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon. In addition to the comments by Hendrick Smith Who Stole the American Dream? also went into details about how Lewis Powell wrote this memo to many powerful people before he was nominated at the request of the Chamber of Commerce. This memo describes recommendations about how to control propaganda, often in secret for the benefit of the owners of many large corporations. This memo describes how to marginalize people like Ralph Nader and avoid any environmental or worker safety regulations and create think tanks to do a large amount of this work in secret when possible.

This memo was exposed and a large portion of the following efforts continue to be exposed a little at a time although they're reported much more widely in alternative media outlets. There should be little doubt that there is an effort to control the working class and marginalize them.

As I said he also wrote the opinion in San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez as described in Jonathan Kozol's book "Savage Inequalities. Jonathan Kozol points out that while the mainstream media routinely remind the public about Brown v. Board of Education where they ruled that segregation was not Constitutional they almost never mention San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez which as Kozol explains almost reverses it in practice. This decision led to an education system where many of the richest students get much more funds for their education than the poorest from tax payers, and often get even more from their own parents, if they don't think it is enough.

It could easily be argued that rich people should have the right to spend extra money on their child education if they can afford it; however it is much more difficult to argue that tax payer money should be used to subsidize the education of the rich at much higher rates than the poor, which is what this decision has allowed.

One of the justifications that Lewis Powell makes is that, "there is no basis on the record in this case for assuming that the poorest people -- defined by reference to any level of absolute impecunity -- are concentrated in the poorest districts." This claim is not only absurd but it is blatantly false; and if he didn't find evidence to refute it clearly it must have been because he didn't want to.

Florida is also where the somewhat notorious reform school, The Dozier School for Boys, is located. Articles about it often refer to it as being widely known however when the mainstream media covers it at all it is covered in articles that the vast majority of the public never read. It is widely known among a segment of the public that makes an effort to learn about these things and a much smaller percentage that happens to watch the right show like Vanity Fair Confidential, or read one of the relatively low profile articles that are usually published in locations that don't reach the vast majority of the public.

This school certainly hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as "Pizzagate" which has been proven repeatedly to be false; and by reporting so widely about this as being "Fake News" many people might get the impression that all these stories about abusing children and even raping them are false; however this isn't even close to the truth. Rape and abuse at many reform schools across the country are much more common than the vast majority of the public realize and it often teaches the children they're allegedly reforming to respond to their problems with violence, although, many of them have quietly been exposed at the local area and partially improved.

When many of the most important stories about how these abusive schools are not widely reported; but alleged "fake news" is widely debunked, without mentioning how often real abuses take place it should be no surprise that a growing number of people start believing in irrational conspiracy theories. Even though it may not take much research to determine that "Pizzagate" is false it also doesn't take much research to determine that many similar stories are true and that only the alternative media that the establishment is trying to portray as propaganda provide it with the coverage it deserves, assuming people look for the best sources, which is often hard to find.

One of the most famous victims of these reform schools is Charles Manson who was badly abused long before he became a cult leader that inspired numerous murders; however when the media cover him they almost never mention that, since it isn't politically correct. It is far more politically correct to act as if many mass murderers became that way because they were "naturally born killers" or so they routinely imply with the coverage that is provided by the media; however this is simply not true and the research from the most rational researchers clearly indicates that abused children are far more likely to turn out to be violent adults.

If more people understood this then we could do far more to further reduce violence.

Georgia is also one of the largest states that still use corporal punishment and it also climber into the top ten for murder rates in 2014, which is usually dominated by smaller states that don't have as diverse a population and have high rates of violence. They also had their share of problems with this including the following article about an outraged parent over a video of a teacher hitting a five year old child with a wooden paddle:

Georgia School Paddling Case Highlights Continued Use of Corporal Punishment 04/15/2016

A Georgia mother's outrage-inducing video of a school principal paddling her 5-year-old son sheds light on America's enduring — but slowly fading — affinity for corporal punishment.

A majority of parents say they approve of spanking kids, although their numbers are declining, public opinion polls show. Most states have banned it at school. And yet 19 states, primarily in the South and West, still allow it: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

Students in those states received corporal punishment 166,807 times in the 2011-2012 school year, according to the most recent federal data available. That's an average of more than 900 times each school day.

That level of frequency seems to contradict a wide body of social science research on the negative impact of slapping, spanking or paddling a child. Some argue that spanking can help drive down a child's IQ or ability to learn. Others say it triggers more aggressiveness. And child welfare advocates warn that corporal punishment — along with harsh but non-physical discipline — is often applied disproportionately to students with disabilities and those who are black, raising the chances that they will fall behind in school. ....

Corporal punishment's strong support in the South seems to be rooted in a number of cultural factors, including a strict interpretation of the Bible, a conservative approach to law and order, and the legacy of using of violence to control people, as in slavery, said David Finkelhor, who heads the Crimes against Children Research Center and Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire.

At the same time, spanking has disproportionate support among blacks, which, scholars say, reflects in part parents' concerns that they need to keep their children in line at home to protect them from the possibility of violence outside of it. In some black households, corporal punishment is considered morally superior to sparing it.

More than three-dozen countries have banned corporal punishment, part of the spread of human rights advocacy in recent decades. That makes America something of an outlier. .....

"What I've noticed is if you have science that says don't do this but if your personal beliefs, religious beliefs, what your parents taught you is the opposite, a lot of people will go with the opposite rather than the science," Greydanus said. Complete article

One of the teachers cited above was charged with murder when his paddling of a small child went to extremes. Advocates for corporal punishment will no doubt say this isn't what they recommend and it, certainly isn't what James Dobson puts in writing and he even speaks against taking it to this extreme; however in practice it tends to escalate and this is the inevitable result on some occasions even if it isn't what advocates like James Dobson recommends.

The recommendations of child rearing experts like James Garbarino or Barbara Coloroso are far more effective; they don't teach children to resolve their problems with violence; and they're less likely to backfire with unintended consequences. If minorities or poorer people were more aware of these recommendations it is highly unlikely that they would continue to support corporal punishment as much, if at all.

There are some statistics that indicate that far more minorities are likely to use corporal punishment on their children and in the schools that use corporal punishment lower income people are more likely to be subject to it. Part of the reason for this is that some of the strongest support for corporal punishment is in the South. This may well be part of the reason why they're lower income in the first place. The heavy use of corporal punishment has proven to impair development of critical thinking skills. However even within the same states in most cases lower income people are more likely to live in areas where it is allowed in schools and this is especially true for blacks.

It is also where the military is more likely to recruit from, although they may not fully understand why they have more recruits from the South.

This almost certainly goes back before the Civil War where the people in the South used violence to control their slaves and to intimidate and control anyone that challenged their beliefs. They also continue to have higher prison populations and rely more heavily on prison labor which the wealthy profit from.

The South has relied far more heavily on prison labor shifting a large portion of legalized slavery to the prison system after the Civil War and except for a relatively small number of obscure articles this isn't being reported to the public to this day.

Slavery is still alive and well in the Southern Prisons but most people don't even know it. This isn't fringe conspiracy theory even a handful of mainstream media outlets like an Atlantic article listed below report on it occasionally, but not often enough to draw much attention.

Legally, at least, the prisoners are supposed to be protected from the use of corporal punishment; however the same can't be said for children attending many southern schools. Children aren't protected from corporal punishment, especially poor children, which might cause psychological problems and make them more violent later in life, possibly more inclined to turn to crime; then once they get convicted they start getting protection from corporal punishment but are no longer protected from potential slave labor. This is a blatant example of how the school to prison pipeline works and the wealthy people that make policy decisions profit off the labor obtained through prison labor or private prisons in many cases.

This is more insidious than a conspiracy since they've successfully kept the vast majority of the public distracted and little or noting is being done to change it.

Corporal Punishment also leads to more paranoia support for war even if it is based on lies, support for torture even when the evidence overwhelmingly shows it doesn't work, an amazing double standard that prevents them from understanding that when we bomb innocent people in foreign countries they don't like it anymore than we do, and credulous voting patterns as I explained in Bernie Sanders Wins Least Violent States. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did much better in the South were many voters were much more inclined to respond to emotional appeals, although in the General Election Trump wound up beating Hillary Clinton easily.

The leaks from the DNC and Podesta clearly indicated that the political establishment understood that they could get their favorite candidates to win much more easily in the South, which is why they front loaded Southern states to give a "pied piper" candidate that they thought Hillary could easily beat and beat Sanders in the primaries. It worked well when it came to giving Hillary Clinton a much bigger advantage although they still had to rely on fraud in at least eighteen states. However when she relied on primary victories in states that she knew she couldn't do nearly as well in the General Election it turned out to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Donald Trump was able to win their primarily because an enormous amount of people never developed critical thinking skills that enabled them to see through his scams; the same went for Clinton in the primaries. This was an example of massive manipulation and many of the political operatives understood that they could more easily manipulate people that were raised in dysfunctional homes and more inclined to make their decisions based on emotions without recognizing that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ever even did a good job pretending that they cared about looking out for the best interests of the public.

This is also a major reason why many Trump supporters support his position on torture; they were desensitized to it when they were raised in an authoritarian manner that often involved harsh use of corporal punishment which many of them are still not fully dealing with.

They often get abused by those that they were dependent on as a child when they were developing long term behavior patterns and it leads to a lot of long term anger and inability to recognize the true roots of their problems often blaming anyone but the people that abused them and vainly looking to their abusers for solutions. They see Trump as similar to a father figure and when entire groups of people fall for a demagogue they fit in with the crowd as long as they go along with the beliefs chosen by their leaders, however irrational they are.

Think about it; is Trump even coming remotely close to pulling a good scam? He came from the Casino business which is all fraud, conducted more fraud with Trump University and got caught with one scam after another. Hillary Clinton was constantly being caught at one scam after another; yet an enormous number of people accepted these two incredibly bad candidat4es as the leading choices because they were the only ones that the media presented as "viable" candidates and gave them obsessive coverage.

As much as I hate to say it many children never developed the critical thinking skills they need to participate in the Democratic system because of early childhood education that often suppresses critical thinking skills instead of developing them. One of the most important ways to change this is to stop abusing them and educate the public about how much damage ealy abuse does.

For some sources and additional details see the following articles:

In Final Report, Experts Identify Remains At Notorious Reform School 01/21/2016

Official White House Boys Organization

The White House Boys-An American Tragedy by Roger Dean Kiser

Springtown Texas expands sanctioned child abuse AKA corporal punishment 09/27/2012

Escalating use of corporal punishment often leads to more widely accepting of hazing as well in military or police academies. This teaches cadets and police officers to control the situation but it also has negative consequences; when you google "Police Officer" or "Sheriff's Deputy arrested for child abuse," it routinely turns up plenty of examples. It shouldn't be surprising when a large number of police officers or veterans become violent or develop sexual fetishes like the following officer who also happens to be from Florida:

Investigators: Polk deputy tied naked children to desk, beat them with paddle 05/26/2011 A Polk County sheriff's deputy filmed herself strapping naked children to a desk and spanking them with sex toys, then sent the videos to a boyfriend she met on a fetish website, investigators said.

On Thursday, 45-year-old Robin Leigh Pagoria was charged with aggravated child abuse, production of child pornography, promotion of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Punishment rates for blacks nearly double those for whites 08/26/2016 For example, low-income students in Tennessee are 1.38 times more likely to attend a school that uses corporal punishment when compared to higher-income students. The same pattern holds in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Researchers: African-Americans most likely to use physical punishment 11/10/2011

Corporal Punishment and Low-income Mothers by Lorelei Mitchell

Penal labor in the United States

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery? 08/28/2016

The Atlantic: American Slavery, Reinvented The Thirteenth Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” 09/21/2015

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Cops Killing And Arson For Insurance Routine?

I don't know if insurance fraud is the most common form of corruption for police; but if it isn't it must be close.

The most common form of insurance fraud for police is probably false workers comp claims; but it may also be part of a slippery slope that leads to more corruption that escalates. Whether this is true or not there are a surprising number of different forms of insurance fraud being committed by police including a lot of arson and at least a few murders. Some of these are being committed by police chiefs or union leaders in higher positions of authority.

There is no doubt that if the volume of this was reported more often by the traditional media that it would be much tougher for them to preserve the glorious image of police officers that are trying to protect us. It would also be easier to find institutional reform that are less likely to provide a motive to commit crime. At least by disclosing how often it happens the public can understand better how much of their premium money is being used for fraud; however insurance companies have a lot of political influence and they wouldn't want anything that would reduce sales or bring regulations even if they save lives. 

Not that there aren’t some police officers that are trying to protect us and expose the police that aren't and they’re as much of a victim of epidemic levels of fraud as the rest of us, if not more since on the few occasions where someone does get fed up with police corruption and randomly shoots police officers they might be just as likely to get shot as the crooked cops. However the Blue Wall of silence may keep this to a minimum or intimidate the best police from speaking out. 

There is even one cop that was arrested not to long ago for being a hit man for a drug running organization; a police chief that killed himself after was suspended and the following police chief that killed his own mistress partly for insurance money, after he found out she was pregnant from another man.

Ex-Police Chief Convicted of Murdering Pregnant Fiancée Years After Claiming Her 2009 Death Was an Accident 09/27/2016 By K.C. Baker

At first, South Dakota authorities believed former police chief Russell Bertram killed his 26-year-old pregnant fiancée by accident during a 2009 hunting trip.

He’d said his shotgun went off accidentally as he loaded it into his truck, hitting Leonila Stickney in her stomach, according to the Associated Press.

But on Monday, seven years after Stickney’s death, a Gregory County, South Dakota, jury found the 64-year-old Bertram guilty of first-degree murder, state Attorney General Marty Jackley and Gregory County State’s Attorney Amy Bartling announced.

“The jury returned a verdict in a case that could have likely gone unsolved but for the hard work of investigators and prosecutors,” Jackley said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Bertram, who had once served as police chief in Harrisburg, South Dakota, “took the life of his fiancée while claiming the death was a result of an accidental shooting with the hopes of collecting over $900,000 worth of insurance money,” prosecutors said in their statement.

Prosecutors also said they believed Bertram murdered Stickney because he had learned she was pregnant with another man’s child, according to The Daily Republic, which covered the trial. Complete article

Ex-police chief, 64, on trial 09/15/2016

A major part of the reason why they’re able to present propaganda glorifying police is that they only report the majority of these incidents at the local level and refuse to do a comprehensive study of it like they do with many other subjects implicating people with political power. One common tactic they might be using as well is quietly deleting controversial articles when no one is paying attention to make it harder for researchers to find out about it like this one Prosecutor: Ex-police chief killed woman for insurance money 09/15/2016, which is no longer available.

Some of these are deleted as routine from some web sites, so it is hard to tell whether they do this more for controversial subjects; however this isn’t the first time I have saved links for some of these controversial sites to check back on them later and find out they’re gone. I often suspect that it is more common when the subject is controversial against people with political clout, especially when they save an enormous amount of useless trash on the internet that has less value. Even if this isn’t the case they also use copyright laws to make it harder for independent researchers to investigate many of these subjects. This would be harder to justify when you consider that the vast majority of the media is controlled by only six corporations, and that we all finance it through routine expenses taken from our purchases and used for advertisements every time we shop.

To the best of my knowledge there is little or no research to find out what trades if any are more likely to commit insurance fraud; however I suspect that some trades with inside information might be more likely statistically because they might think their knowledge of the industry might help them get away with it. People that aren't accustomed to being held accountable may also be more likely to try it assuming they don't actually stand up to the higher standards we're supposed to expect from our elected officials of public servants, including police officers veterans, Security guards and Prison guards; and whether they're statistically more likely to commit fraud I've seen plenty of each case where they do eventually get caught.

I don't know about you but I've noticed far more examples of public officials, including police officers involved in fraud of all kinds than they want to let on.

Those that do their own research instead of relying on the useless information they might get from advertising or insurance salesmen are much more likely to have a good idea of how insurance works and that if it is bought at all then it should be kept to a minimum. An Intro To Insurance: Fundamentals Of Insurance explains part of the basics of insurance; however they omit a few simple facts which can be easily figured out. The premiums go into “what we will call the insurance bucket, or pool” and claims are taken out of this pool of funds. However before this happens expenses and profits have to be taken out in order for the company to be profitable, which they are.

This means that the more they spend on advertising lobbying enormous pay for executives and claims for people that are committing crimes the less they have available for legitimate claims. This is relatively simple but they don’t want to remind the public of this since it makes it clear that they can never get their money’s worth out of it and the money they pay for premiums is providing incentive for crimes including murder and arson, even by cops; and of course this endangers lives.

They say insurance protects you; however it does more to endanger the public since it helps increase crime; and since this crime happens it isn’t always available for those that need it.

Both the FBI and insurance companies provide some limited statistics to those that search for it including FBI: Insurance Fraud and Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: By the numbers: fraud statistics; however they don’t broadcast this because they want people to feel comfortable and keep paying into this even though they can never get their money’s worth. According to these sites, “Fraud comprises about 10 percent of property-casualty insurance losses” and other types of fraud are probably similar, and unlikely to get below 5 percent on the best examples and might be much higher. There are even some isolated examples where insurance agents were taking the money without insuring the customer, although that is rare, I’m sure. If you add that 10% to the commissions for your agent, cost of ads CEO pay stockholders profits it must add up to at least 25-30% of the money from premiums if not more.

There is absolutely no way that the average customer could get their money’s worth with this system; and they won’t spend any time discussing Single Payer system with full disclosures to find out if it would work better, which it does in other countries, because the people controlling the system profit off of it and the rest of us pay for it sometimes with our lives.

The reason the insurance companies don’t want the public to know about the amount of fraud is obvious they want to maximize their profits and they don’t do this by telling the truth instead they spend enormous amounts of money on ads that make insurance seem magical; without telling the customer that the more they spend on ads the less they have available for claims.

However the FBI is supposed to do their part to minimize crime and protect the public; yet they don’t try to inform the public about just how much this provides incentive that endangers the public .

The FBI answers to those at the top who are accountable to politicians collecting enormous amounts of campaign contributions from insurance companies and the media that might report on this sells enormous amounts of ads to the industry so their getting their share of the loot providing incentive to kill and burn.

Unless people at the grassroots level spread education about this that minimizes insurance purchases and possibly reforms both the political establishment and the media so the system can be changed so that it is designed to understand the root causes of crime and violence and prevent it then many of these crimes won’t be reduced.

If there is any doubt to this keep in mind the police that are here to protect us are involved in an enormous amount of these crimes including the following case where a cop blew up his own care, which could have endangered many lives; and many more examples only a small fraction of which are listed below:

Carlos Becker a Cop busted for torching his cars for insurance payouts 08/03/2016

Saving a bundle on car insurance wasn’t enough for one NYPD officer, who was busted by the feds for torching his Range Rover and two other cars to collect at least $34,000 in reimbursement checks from GEICO, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Carlos Becker promised to pay off two men if they helped him crash and burn his gray 2008 Range Rover Sport in September 2012, which law enforcement discovered with broken windows in Laurelton, Queens, court papers allege.

Becker called GEICO and the police to report his car as stolen after he claimed it went missing from his parking spot the day before. Later that month, he submitted claims to GEICO and received two checks totaling $34,260 for the car, which had been doused in gasoline and torched.

Becker pulled the same stunt twice before — getting an accomplice to crash an Audi sedan in 2012 and torch a BMW last year, the complaint charges. Complete article

Carlos Becker Former NYPD cop from Hempstead to plead guilty in fraud case 01/03/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Woman accuses Carlos Becker NYPD cop of assault, false arrest and pressuring her into a date, files $150M lawsuit 01/0/2017

Vancito Gumbs Georgia Cop Admits to Being “Hit Man” for Criminal Gang in Federal Indictment 05/05/2016

Vancito Gumbs Police officer among dozens of Gangster Disciples arrested in federal raids 05/11/2016

Virginia Cop Charged with Embezzlement for Taking Rifle Bags from Evidence Room 09/10/2016

Nevada Metro officer facing arson, insurance fraud charges 04/27/2016 Fire officials determined that Harper set fire to his $45,000 2014 Keystone Fuzion “toy hauler” in January while his $6,000 2015 Razor 90 four-wheeler was inside, according to prosecutors.

Nevada: I-Team: Metro Police K-9 officer charged with fraud 04/26/2016 Documents show charges against Officer Jeff Lynn Harper, 38, including insurance fraud; attempted theft of more than $3,500; third-degree arson; and burning property to defraud an insurer.

Cleveland Tenn. police officer arrested on charges of insurance fraud 09/15/2016 The night before, a car with tags registered to Millan was found on fire just across the Georgia line in Murray County, Ga., on Highway 225.

Officer April Shaynick Philadelphia Pa. Cop Commits Insurance Fraud After Leaving Crash Scene: Police 12/05/2012 She was later compensated by her insurance company for the damage to her vehicle.

Mississippi police chief kills self moments after getting suspended 09/08/2016

Felony fraud warrant issued for Greenville Mich. police chief 12/30/2016

Former Nebraska detective pleas in fraud case 01/13/2017

Pa. Judge, 2 law officers indicted in money laundering scheme & health insurance fraud. 12/16/2016

Hingham Mass. police chief testifies in cop's insurance fraud trial 11/29/2016

Former Cedar City Utah police officer who survived 2007 shooting faces insurance fraud charge 08/31/2016

Santa Barbara Ca. Police Officer Charged With Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud 06/06/2016

WATCH: Asbury NJ cop indicted on fraud charges 06/27/2016

NY EMS workers, traffic agents charged with insurance fraud 12/13/2016

South Carolina Highway Patrolman Arrested for Car Insurance Fraud 04/09/2016

Jose Urena Former NYPD cop jailed for insurance fraud 02/22/2016

Tavares Fla. Mayor Robert Wolfe accused of insurance fraud 07/13/2016

Norman Seabrook NYC Corrections Union Boss, Hedge Fund Manager Busted for Fraud 06/16/2016

Nicolas Carreno Former Broward Fla. Sheriff's Office Deputy Arrested for Alleged Insurance Fraud 05/09/2016

Jaime Robinson Pasadena Ca. Police Officer Charged With Insurance Fraud After ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Video 05/04/2015

Ex-Ca. correctional officer, wife sentenced to jail for insurance fraud 03/04/2016 A former state corrections officer and his wife have been sentenced to 240 days in county jail for insurance fraud stemming from a $4 million claim he filed after he was shot outside a San Francisco sex club in 2008. .... Her companion told Smiley that he “kills people for a living” and “was going to kill him,” according to the news release. .... No one has ever been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Joseph Esposito Former Cop Convicted Of Stealing $200,000 In Massive 9/11 Disability Fraud Scheme 05/19/2016

Former BCSO Ga. deputy among two charged in insurance fraud scheme 08/17/2016

Former Apache Okla. officer arrested on complaint of insurance fraud 08/16/2015

Met police arrest two officers in anti-corruption operation Seven people and two officers, one an intelligence unit detective, detained for allegations of money laundering and fraud 09/20/2016

Jose E. Urena Former NYPD Cop Jailed for Filing False Auto Claims 02/23/2016

Idaho Police Union President and Wife Arrested for Heist on Police Union Lodge 11/29/2016

Daniel Corey Clapp Ex-California Highway Patrol officer told to pay $183,000 for workers’ comp fraud 02/25/2016

Jerry Esch Former Nebraska police officer accused of stealing $21K in fraud 06/17/2016

Hoboken NJ cop scammed $187K in Sandy aid, AG says 06/17/2016

Lebanon Pa. City Councilman resigns after insurance fraud charge 08/16/2016

More details surface about alleged Detroit Mich. police towing scheme 10/19/2016

Thomas Shea Retired New York City Cop Pleads Guilty in Disabilities Benefit Fraud 06/08/2016

Michael Cucciniello Secaucus NJ police officer pleads guilty to fraudulent steroid buy 05/29/2016

Plumstead man arrested alongside two police officers on suspicion of fraud and money laundering in London UK 09/20/2016

Nicholas Zappas a Laguna Niguel Ca. Deputy Charged with Insurance Fraud 11/08/2016

Veteran Sacramento police officer arrested on multiple drug and weapon charges 11/08/2016

Costa Mesa police officer charged with insurance fraud against city 07/23/2016

Fresno police officer charged with insurance fraud 03/18/2014

Bail set at $100K for officer accused in hit-and-run crashes 07/18/2016

Edit additional reports of insurance fraud added 07/13/2017:

Ex-correctional officer, wife sentenced to jail for insurance fraud 03/04/2016

Police officer among those arrested for alleged insurance fraud 09/09/2011 UPDATE (January 7, 2016): On August 29, 2014 the charges against officer Balraj Thind were withdrawn. Four men, including a police officer, are charged and an arrest warrant has been issued for another suspect in an alleged $2 million fraud ring involving staged car crashes.

Sgt. Eric King Shallotte police officer, girlfriend arrested for insurance fraud 07/26/2011 An estimated 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims.

Aisha Barnes Former Shreveport police officer arrested for insurance fraud 06/09/2011 Barnes allegedly reported her 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer stolen. We're told it was found burning a short time later.

Woodrow Brooks Corrupt Fla. Cop Arrested for Staging Fake Accidents 02/09/2010

Officer Angelo Passanisi A Middletown Conn. police officer Accused of Staging Hit-and-Run insurance fraud 12/10/2009

William Robert Queen, Bullhead City police officer resigns following arrest for arson for insurance fraud 08/23/2009

Otto Gilden Barton Logan Township Police Officer Arrested on charges of insurance fraud and theft after investigators say he stole an ATV from the police impound facility. 04/07/2015

EXCLUSIVE: Retired cop, 47, seen riding roller coasters despite claims of 'great pain' that net him NYPD disability pension 01/14/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-NYPD cop who filed disability claim while working as Fla. Deputy fired; another officer claiming disability, who ran triathlons, ordered to undergo medical exam 03/01/2016

Jeanerette La. officer, Iberia deputy arrested; worked for mayor's company 07/11/2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Veteran Murders Brings Wars Based on Lies Home!

The recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale is a small fraction of the shootings that have been taking place involving veterans with mental illnesses following combat duty, or in many cases just the stress from being in the military starting with boot camp that puts a lot of pressure on cadets to conform and obey orders without question. These cadets are intimidated harassed from the beginning as part of a hazing process that is designed to toughen them up and teach them to blindly obey orders.

They have boot camp drill sergeants "routinely slapped and choked recruits," as part of their training to teach them to blindly obey orders according to Second recruit dies at Parris Island, third major incident this year 11/05/2016. This is just one of many exposes about the hazing process that has been going on in the military for decades if not centuries; however it is hardly ever mentioned in the press.

Instead the press routinely reports enormous amounts of propaganda about how veterans are all "heroes" who "risk their lives fighting for out country," as long as they obey orders without question. One of the problems with this is that wars are based on one lie after another; the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were just some of the most blatant and recent, after lies about the Gulf of Tonkin, babies being taken out of incubators during the first Gulf War and many more.

Another problem is that when they no longer need these veterans that they train to blindly obey orders they abandon them routinely and they often return to abandoned communities where there's no work available or many other problems and they don't get treatment for PTSD.

This may seem, to some like I'm critical of veterans for going on shooting sprees, or perhaps that I'm exaggerating about how often it happens. However, if so it is only because eh mainstream media does such a bad job reporting on the enormous amounts of problems they have; and some of the people to recognize this and do the most to solve this problem are veterans themselves and their families.

And in most cases, when veterans with PTSD do turn violent the vast majority of victims aren't random people in airports that make the news, but the family members of veterans and other veterans that get shot by them, and in some cases police; however for every veteran that shoots a cop there are far more that get killed by police, but this doesn't get widely reported either.

And when these veterans do draw attention to themselves by striking out violently after being trained to kill by the military that calls them "heroes" as long as they obey orders, even if those orders are based on lies, the people that routinely glorified them based on lies start condemning them based on incomplete information if not lies, just as quickly. When black veterans were outraged because of shootings by police in minority communities and overreacted by killing police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, which is actually the way the military taught them to deal with the "enemy" although they're supposed to believe lies about who the enemies are, then Barack Obama responded by calling them "cowards" even though they took on incredible odds inevitably being killed.

In the immediate aftermath of the Fort Lauderdale Senator Bill Nelson was quick to say that the shooter appears to be "crazy" or "nuts" without additional details about the possibility that it might be part of his abusive training teaching him to fight wars based on lies that might have contributed to his emotional problems.

It is perfectly rational to say that these veterans raised their objections in the wrong way; however that doesn't make them cowards, foolish unjustified and incompetent but not cowards. However the same argument can and should be made that the government is going about things all wrong by fighting wars based on lies and expecting that when they train veterans to kill they can do so when and only when it is justified.

They control these cadets by using intimidating tactics and glorifying them when they obey and insulting them when they disobey; this teaches them that those with power have the right to control those without power through intimidation tactics and violence. They use intimidation to dictate the truth and smear veterans without any accountability for those that give the orders. Even when they do hold someone accountable for abusive hazing practices, like the Abu Ghraib incidents it is only those at the bottom not those that give the orders at the top.

Like Ivan Lopez he came from Puerto Rico which has a high recruitment rate for the military. They recruit mostly from rural areas and are increasingly recruiting more from minorities and have always recruited more from lower income people. They often recruit from these low income people even though they provide far more protection for upper income people that rarely ever join the military. In many cases this is incredibly obvious when the veterans come home. If Esteban Santiago had gone back to Puerto Rico it would have been obvious that the country he fought to defend wasn’t defending his own territory. The same goes for many people in the South that find that they live in some of the most polluted or violent areas in the country. There was a famous case not to long ago when a veteran that was in the national news and returned to Flint Michigan only to find the government he fought to protect wouldn’t protect his water; and there are also many immigrant so called dreamers that join the military to defend the USA and the government won’t even promise them a path to citizenship.

It is routine for the government to glorify these veterans for propaganda but abandon them when the media isn’t paying attention.

They're been recruiting the highest rates from the north west where there are rural areas with little or no work but the highest volume comes from the South, where there is stronger religious belief and more authoritarian upbringing. I went into this more in several previous articles including States with high murder rates have larger veteran populations Teach a soldier to kill and he just might and several more articles listed below. The statistics on veterans in prison or being convicted of violent crimes including murder have many different factors which can be represented to suit either side, as many people often do. The percentage of veteran in prison is actually lower than non-veterans; however the ones in prison are more likely to be there for violent crimes; and a large reason why there are so many non-violent people in prison is drug policy which locks up an enormous number of minorities which skewers the statistics.

Veterans also get preferential treatment in many courts. Many veterans including Chris Kyle even admit to this in many memoirs when they talk about getting into lots of fights. There are also plenty of articles about large problems with veterans with PTSD that need treatment and they try to come up with programs that let them off easy, as I have pointed out in past articles but they still get involved in as many if not much more shootings than the general population according to several studies including ones I have cited in past articles and a couple more below.

A large part of this is about preferential treatment for those in the upper classes. Members of the ruling class send jobs overseas so they can drive wages down and many poor people have no other options but to join the military where they're treated in a very authoritarian manner. They're expected to defend our country by obeying orders; however the political class isn't willing to defend them or the communities they come from.

The majority of the benefits from our political economic and military system goes to the ruling class that controls powerful institutions.

The majority of the risks sacrifices and blame go to the working class which has far less influence over the decision making process and is expected to treat their superiors with respect even if they don't get the same in return. 

The following is an article about problems this veteran had and it is followed by another veteran shooting at an airport in Oklahoma which didn't get nearly as much attention and they didn't disclose that he was a veteran at all until after most of the national coverage had started to slow down:

Family: Shooting suspect 'lost his mind' after tour in Iraq 01/07/2017

The man police say opened fire with a gun from his checked baggage at a Florida airport had a history of mental health problems — some of which followed his military service in Iraq — and was receiving psychological treatment at his home in Alaska, his relatives said Friday after the deadly shooting.

"Only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn't feeling too good," his uncle, Hernan Rivera, told The Record newspaper.

Esteban Santiago, 26, deployed in 2010 as part of the Puerto Rico National Guard, spending a year with an engineering battalion, according to Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen.

In recent years, Santiago — a new dad, family said — had been living in Anchorage, Alaska, his brother, Bryan Santiago, told The Associated Press from Puerto Rico. Bryan Santiago said his brother's girlfriend had recently called the family to alert them to his treatment.

In November, Esteban told FBI agents in Alaska that the government was controlling his mind and was forcing him to watch Islamic State group videos, a law enforcement official said. The official was not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation by name and spoke Friday on condition of anonymity. Complete article

Both Lloyd Dean Buie who shot the father of Kansas City Chiefs long snapper James Winchester at an Oklahoma airport and Esteban Santiago were decorated veterans before they ran into psychological problems, although they rarely repeat that when reporting on these incidents. Esteban Santiago "received 10 medals and ribbons for his service, notably the Army Commendation and Good Conduct medals as well as the Iraq Campaign Medal with a campaign star," (Suspected Fort Lauderdale shooter was a troubled Army vet) before he was discharged on questionable grounds which is reported much more widely.

The reports that make the military look good tend to be reported much more often while the facts they don't want to draw attention to are often only reported in low profile areas giving the public a false impression of veterans which isn't even in the veterans best interests in the long term.

When Lloyd Dean Buie shot Michael Winchester, it wasn't until after the majority of national reporting was over that they even mentioned he was a decorated war veteran and provided additional details about his background and many of these reports may have only been at the local level or on the internet where people looked it up like the following article. And there are many more that don't even get that much attention, the vast majority of them are much less dramatic and often involve violence with the families of veterans that are often reluctant to admit that their loved ones aren't always living up to the propaganda of heroic veterans.

Oklahoma Will Rogers World Airport Gunman Lloyd Dean Buie Was Decorated Army Veteran 11/16/2016

OKLAHOMA CITY - New documents show 45-year-old Lloyd Dean Buie was more than $90,000 in debt and had more than double that in liabilities - all of it painting a bleak picture for a decorated veteran.

Court records show a troubled financial life for Lloyd Buie. After he refused to take an alcohol test on the job, he resigned from Southwest Airlines in 2015 and never went back to work.

A bankruptcy filing from September of this year shows he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to creditors across the country - nearly $100,000 in credit card debt and more than $250,000 in liabilities. Also, included was child support likely from one of the two divorces Buie went through, according to court records.

Buie also had a decorated military career. Army officials told News 9 he served from 1992 to 1999, including a tour in the Balkans during the Bosnian conflict in 1994. Discharged as a specialist, he was awarded several medals including the United Nations medal, the National Defense Service medal and the Army Achievement medal given to soldiers with outstanding service. Complete article

Police: Airport Shooting Suspect Was Ex-Employee; Retaliation Possible Motive 11/16/2016

On a couple occasions the shootings by veterans stirred up additional coverage including a series of articles in 2008-10 from the Colorado Gazette, New York Times and several other newspapers; when this happens the television media gives much more coverage to the demagogues that shout them down than they do to the print articles that go into much more details. This means that those who take the time to read through the details are much more likely to get an accurate picture of what is actually going on even if they don't agree with one view or another. Those that rely on shouting pundits on TV are much more likely to fall for the worst propaganda unless they have people at the local level helping them sort through the details, assuming they're willing to listen.

When there were a couple shootings of police last summer this was followed by more articles about veteran shootings; however they got much less television coverage and most people probably don't even know about them at all including the following two articles, the first a response to his critics with links to the original article and the second a recent follow up on the Colorado Gazette series that led to the book "Lethal Warriors by David Phillips which I mentioned in the previous articles about this subject:

Veterans and Mass Shootings 02/21/2016

In “Don’t Confuse Veterans and Violence” (Op-Ed, July 19), Phil Klay takes issue with a column I wrote noting that military veterans account for a disproportionate number of mass shooters. But the facts speak for themselves.

Veterans account for 13 percent of the adult population, but more than a third of the adult perpetrators of the 43 worst mass killings since 1984 had been in the United States military. It is clear that, in the etiology of mass killings, military service is an important risk factor.

And the numbers for suicide are even worse: A recent study in Annals of Epidemiology found that military veterans kill themselves at a 50 percent higher rate than their civilian counterparts.

In my column I suggested that we need to take better care of our veterans and that we need research to illuminate the connection between former military service and mass murder for the few who snap. I hope that Mr. Klay, who served in the military, and I, who did not, can agree on this.

Hugh Gusterson
Bethesda, Md.
The writer is a professor of anthropology and international affairs at George Washington University. Complete article

War Is Hell, and the Hell Rubs Off PTSD contributes to violence. Pretending it doesn’t is no way to support the troops. By David J. Morris 04/17/2014

In September 2007, at the height of the Iraq surge, I spent two weeks with the Army’s 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry in Dora, one of the deadliest neighborhoods in Baghdad. By that point in the war, I had embedded with a dozen-odd infantry units, and 2-12, the “Lethal Warriors” from Fort Carson in Colorado, was one of the best I’d seen. Cocky, aggressive, and competent in all the right ways, they exuded an indifference toward death that was hard not to admire. The dangers they lived with for months are impossible to describe with any justice, but one image stays with me, the thing I saw the first time I walked into 2-12’s command post. On the wall in front of me were 16 framed photographs, one for each soldier killed in-country.

At the end of their 15-month tour in Iraq, the Lethal Warriors returned to Fort Carson with an impressive battlefield record, having cleared one of the worst parts of Baghdad, in some cases digging up IEDs with little more than screwdrivers and tire irons. Unfortunately, the Lethal Warriors achieved a kind of notoriety that was less for their battlefield exploits than for the battalion’s connection to a string of murders. In December 2007 two soldiers from the unit, Robert James and Kevin Shields, were killed, and three fellow soldiers were charged with murder. The killings were part of a larger pattern of violence extending back to 2005, including 11 murders, in what was the largest killing spree involving a single army base in modern U.S. history.

The increased violence around Fort Carson began at the start of the Iraq war. A 126-page Army report known as an “Epidemiological Consultation” released in 2009 found that the murder rate around the Army’s third-largest post had doubled and that the number of rape arrests had tripled. As David Philipps wrote in Lethal Warriors, his 2010 book about the crime spree, “In the year after the battalion returned from Iraq, the per-capita murder rate for this small group of soldiers was a hundred times greater than the national average.” Tellingly, 2-12’s post-traumatic stress disorder rate was more than three times that of an equivalent unit that had served in a less violent part of Iraq. The EPICON summarized all this in classic bureaucratic language, noting dully that there was “a possible association between increasing levels of combat exposure and risk for negative behavioral outcomes.” Complete article

Most people won't like to believe that our government is constantly sending veterans to die based on lies, not to defend our country any more than I do but the overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that is what they've been doing for decades if not centuries. And the people doing the most to change this are doing far more to help these veterans and the victims of war than those that continue to glorify war, including many veterans that are fed up with being deceived by their own government; these peace activists and veterans are often demonized by the establishment and many of the loudest demagogues; but they're the real heroes reducing violence, not those that blindly believe what their government tells them.

Within the past few weeks one of the pundits casually mentioned that 20% of death row inmates were veterans without citing a source during a discussion about a different subject. This didn't get much attention so there wasn't much outrage about it; but after looking it up the only study I found said that it is only 10% which is still higher than the 7% of the population that are veterans. Even this may underestimate the problem since serving their country is often considered a mitigating circumstances, so it is possible that many veterans convicted of violent crime got lesser sentences out of respect for their service, especially if their defense argues that it was a result of PTSD.

In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another By Dave Phillipps 09/19/2015

10 Percent of Death Row Inmates Are Veterans 11/10/2015

Another trend is that there are also a lot of veterans killing people for insurance money. In previous articles I pointed out that if Murderpedia is statistically representative of people killed for insurance at least 2% and possibly as high as 8% of all murders in this country are for insurance related purposes, although few if any are solely the cause of insurance. When you add one contributing cause of murder to another it makes it even more likely and while searching through murders for both subject I found a lot of common ground, although it would require a more detailed review to find out for sure whether veterans, police or insurance agents are more likely to kill for insurance money, I suspect all three trades are as likely if not more likely than other trades judging by what I've seen including the following handful of stories which are insurance related murders by veterans.

Fort Bliss Army Commander Captain Lynn Reister Murdered by Enlisted Husband Roger and His Brother Rodney for the Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (2001)

Army Soldier Kevin Spann Murdered by Wife Gina and Teenage Friends for the Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (1997)

Army Soldier Gary Prokop Murdered by Wife Tyshee Manik & Childhood Friends for the Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (1998)

Explaining to the public the basics of pooled risk and that insurance was initially only intended to minimize losses in cases of emergencies can reduce these crimes. If this was done most people would realize that the entire insurance industry is largely fraudulent; but they have an enormous amount of influence with both the media and political establishment so this rarely happens in a high profile manner. The following two articles explain more about how insurance contribute to violence and why it should be kept to a minimum if it is bought at all; they include explanations about the basics of pooled risk more commonly know as insurance, that the media and insurance companies never mention but they're so simple that they're undeniable once people think about them. They're followed by more past articles about veteran shootings that are far more common than the media lets on.

Life Insurance and media companies are encouraging lots of murders

Killing Kids For Insurance Is Semi-Routine

States with high murder rates have larger veteran populations

Teach a soldier to kill and he just might

List of Veteran murders often of other veterans or their own family members and other crimes

Memorial Day Veteran Shootings Part of Much Larger Problem

Wounded Warrior Project finances War Propaganda with donations

Media Downplaying Two Police and Military Veteran Killing Sprees Ignoring Solutions

Media Suppresses Causes Of Orlando And Texas Shootings Again

Media Ignores Solutions For Both Police And Black Lives Matter

Barack Obama betrayed Police Veterans and Blacks

Meet The Real Jigsaw Horror Psychologists

Breaking News: Chicago Attackers Weren't Born As Violent Adults!

The following are more related articles about veteran shootings, including another Fort Hood shooting that got far less attention than the two reported in 2009 and 2014. There were also a could other high profile shootings at military bases that got a lot of attention for brief period of time like the Navy shooting by a military contractor but there are dozens if not hundreds that get much less attention. except at the local level and they usually don't realize how common it is at many other bases. .

Fort Hood solider arrested after deadly shooting of another veteran 05/03/2016

Eric Price: Marine Veteran Shoots His Wife & Mother Of Son To Death In An Alabama Doctor’s Office 04/14/2015

Calvin McKinnis, a seven year military veteran, killed by NOPD officer shot twice, says coroner 01/1/2016

JPSO: Calvin McKinnis, a seven year military veteran, killed in NOPD encounter shot his way into 9 Walmarts, McDonalds 01/15/2016

Arkansas Police: Drunk Army Veteran Shot Up Passing Cars in Neighborhood 10/27/2016

Veteran charged in Tennessee highway shootings was angry about violence against blacks 07/08/2016

Arrest and murder charges in the Colquitt Co. Ga. fire for Jeffrey Peacock Marine veteran 05/19/2016

Walter H. Laak, Marine veteran arrested after allegedly attacking pastor, firing into his Nevada home 09/20/2016

California Mom and Weldon McDavid Her Gun Instructor Arrested in Plot to Murder Husband 09/12/2016 Unconfirmed claim to be a marine

Former Marine gets 15 years to life in prison in infant son's murder Ca. 05/05/2016

Laura Anne Buckingham Former Marine accused of murder-for-hire plot 03/07/2016 Buckingham allegedly turned to a new boyfriend, Joseph Chamblin, a former Marine sniper who was court-martialed for urinating on the bodies of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, and asked if he could make Sutherland “go away.” At first, Chamblin thought she was joking, according to an incident report. But when she repeated her request and asked for details about how it could be accomplished, he began secretly recording her and eventually turned over the recordings to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Jamal Johnson Marine Arrested in Student's NYE Tx. Road-Rage Murder 01/06/2016

1 dead, Conrad Everett Davis Ex-Marine arrested in officer involved Brookville Ohio shootout A Brookville police officer was hospitalized in stable condition. 11/01/2016

OCSO: Tyler Prudden Former Marine arrested in Michigan for Lance Cpl. Lanija Antionne Gilpatrick, roommate's 2013 murder 07/20/2016

Jesus Salvador Molina Former Marine’s family upset about his arrest in his father’s death in Tx. 10/27/2016

Kenneth Shinzato American military contractor and Former U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa over murder case 05/20/2016

Andre Timothy Jackson, Jr. Ex Marine charged in 11-year-old Josue Flores' murder Tx. 06/04/2016

Marine accused of attacking SUNY New Paltz student indicted for sexual abuse but not rape 10/27/2016

Keahiokahouna Stewart Tennessee vet arrested over threats to murder Hawaii Democrats Sen. Mazie Hirono and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. 09/18/2016

Police Allege Air Force Sgt. Steven Williams Used Chainsaw to Cut Up Remains of Ex-Wife Air Force Veteran Who Had Been Missing Since April 05/27/2016

Steven Williams Ex-Husband Air Force veteran Arrested in Murder of Missing Air Force Vet Mom Tricia Todd 05/25/2016

Oakland: San Jose woman Dana Rivers Air Force veteran charged in triple killing 11/16/2016 Rivers, a former Sacramento school teacher, gained national attention when she had a sex change operation to become a woman in the 1990s.

Wife of Cary Joseph Heath an Air Force veteran, middle school teacher murder suspect arrested in Tx. 10/27/2016

Booked: Former Huntsville principal, ex-wife of slain colonel charged for theft of $2,000 in Alabama Walmart 09/10/2015 unsolved killing of veteran

White supremacist Couple suspected in Everett slaying of parents, father a veteran, arrested in California 10/05/2011

Disappearance of 2 soldiers casts light on gaps in military, civilian investigations 01/05/2017 Pfc. Melvin Jones, a cook, and Pfc. Jake Obad-Mathis, a supply soldier, both 20 years old

Military Policy and Legislation Considerations for the Investigations of Non Combat Death, Homicide, and Suicide of US Service Members