Friday, March 20, 2015

Emotional Distress Lawsuit

There has been a class action lawsuit filed against the US government, the Armed forces and the CIA yesterday on behalf of children all over the world that suffered from emotional distress as a result of the wars that have been fought over the past fifty years. They allege that the US government and it’s client states including some that have routinely relied on death squads to suppress their own people have been terrorizing children and leaving the majority of the world in ruins for the benefit of a small percentage of the public that control the multinational corporations.

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They claim that the US government supported organizations like SAVAK in Iran when the Shah was in power, death squids in Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala and many other countries, terrorist organizations like the Nicaraguan Contras. They claim they have an enormous amount of historical evidence to support their allegations including testimony before the US Congress and many admissions by US government officials.

Can you believe the gall of these people??

You shouldn’t; I made it up; of course they would never file such a lawsuit.

Not because these claims aren’t true but only those with enough political power file lawsuits like this. If you’re not born in the right country you can never take such action regardless of how strong and accurate your claim is. If on the other hand you are born in the right country and you go through a much milder amount of distress that is another story. Even if you don’t win hopefully you can settle out of court to avoid the cost of a trial.

“A New Hampshire couple who witnessed a whale kill a trainer at SeaWorld is suing the Orlando theme park, saying their 10-year-old son suffered emotional distress from what he saw.”

Lawsuit: SeaWorld trainer's death traumatized boy 08/26/2010

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