Monday, March 16, 2015

Charles Manson endorses Richard Ramirez for President!

Some of you may remember when I asked Charles to host the final debate between the republican candidate before the Iowa Caucuses and after Donald Trumps debate; he agreed of course but when Donald Trump withdrew his participation arrangements for Manson’s debate also fell threw the cracks. Now Donald Trump has agreed to endorse Newt Gingrich and this was too much for Charles to bear so he decided that he couldn’t allow Newt to pull ahead due to Trumps endorsement without trying to stop it. He couldn’t possibly give serious consideration to Mitt Romney due to the fact that if there is anyone that could possibly be worse than Newt Gingrich it is Mitt Romney!

Therefore, he has endorsed Richard Ramirez for President! 
This may seem like a surprise to many but it makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that Richard Ramirez couldn’t possibly be worse than these two clowns and the Republican party clearly needs an outside candidate to come in and save the day after the current batch of buffoons has botched things so badly!
Richard Ramirez has requested an immediate pardon from president Obama so that he can be released and run for office properly! He claims that it would be undemocratic for Obama to suppress the will of the people who want to vote for him by keeping him in jail!

Sources from the White House claim that Obama is giving serious consideration to this request due to the fact that he is concerned that after the way he kept his notorious “comfortable shoes” promise he would have a much harder time fooling the public again and that it would be much easier if he was running against a Mass Murder! He was hoping that the Republicans would self destruct but there is concern that his activities aren’t much if any better and that he needs an even more abonable opponent to ensure his reelection.

However there isn’t complete agreement on this plan; some people within the White House have expressed concerns that once the American public has an opportunity to vote for a candidate, any candidate, that hasn’t been sanctioned by the incredibly corrupt corporations they’ll vote for him in a landslide! This possibility is being taken seriously partly due to the large base that Ramirez would have from serial killer groupies and the fact that a growing portion of the American public is simply not being fooled by the nonstop propaganda saying that they’re only allowed to vote for corporate candidate A or corporate candidate B!

There has been some concern that this might disappoint the Mormon voters who were looking forward to finally getting one of their own in the White House; However Richard Ramirez has agreed to lend support to this constituency by nominating Mark Hoffman as his Attorney General!

With a cabinet including him how can you go wrong? 

OK Uhm

Trump changed his mind at the last minute and endorsed Mitt Romney instead of Newt Gingrich!

He said the rest of the world was laughing at us.



Could it be because of your absurd endorsement and how you changed it at the last minute Donald?

No, that wouldn’t be right; after all your reference was in the past tense implying something that happened before your endorsement.

Perhaps they’ve been laughing at us because of your comments about Obama’s birth certificate or the incredibly absurd batch of clowns that have been running for office especially in the Republican Party.

Donald did you notice how much of a rush Mitt was in to get out of there after he accepted your endorsement? His wife had to remind him that he was supposed to thank other people in the audience before he left. He seemed a little awkward up there, didn’t he?

He’s not a good public speaker and he misses a lot of things but I got the impression that even he knew how absurd your endorsement was and may have almost wished that he wasn’t receiving it but didn’t want to piss off any followers that might actually think your, well, admirable.

Which is kind of strange since there have been conflicting reports about how the negotiations for your endorsement went.

Some people claim that he was able to out bid Newt at the last minute to buy your endorsement.

Others claim that he didn’t pay enough to prevent you from endorsing him.

I can’t help but wonder who these three people, Newt, Mitt and Donald remind me of.

It rings a bell but I can’t quite place it

Wait I remember now!

They remind me of, well……

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I would rather have a Scientologist for attorney general. The Church of Scientologist tried to destroy records linking Manson to the Church, but the FBI found them any way:

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall February 02, 2012 10:45 PM

I'm not to familiar with Scientology but they might be as good as mark Hoffman for all I know.

Interesting webpage.

zacherydtaylor February 03, 2012 10:58 AM

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