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Wal-Mart Crime report June 2014

By now pretty much everyone is probably aware of the shooting at a Las Vegas Wal-Mart earlier this month; however most people probably aren’t aware that the month or so prior to that shooting there has been over a dozen other shootings at Wal-Marts across the country, and that this isn’t much above average for Wal-Mart. Between May first and June eleventh there was a shooting at Wal-Mart, on average, once every three days or less; during 2013 there was a shooting, on average, once every four and a half days.

This incident did lead one news outlet to report about the recent study about how Wal-Mart leads to increased crime. Most news outlets never reported this at all and this article probably didn’t get nearly as much attention as the rest of the story and it is already forgotten by most.

There was also a shooting incident and SWAT raid about the same time as part of a police attempt to retrieve guns that were stolen from Wal-Mart earlier in the year; however this didn’t get nearly as much attention in the mass media. This was one of many guns that were stolen from a Tennessee Wal-Mart that had surprisingly lax security. Little or no attempt was made to consider whether or not Wal-Mart’s security measures are partially responsible for this incident.

At the end of the month there were two more gun related incidents including a shooting incident that was reported as a “Craigslist Shooting” by some media outlets. This might be part of a trend; Craigslist doesn’t do any advertising on the commercial media and the only time they’re ever mentioned by them is when something like this happens. Even when these incidents happen at Wal-Mart, as they often seem to they rarely refer to them as Wal-Mart shootings and as far as I know there are many more Wal-Mart shootings.

In this case it also involved attempts to sell large amounts of stolen property. Little effort is made to find out if these are related to large shoplifting sprees at places like Wal-Mart where thieves apparently find it exceptionally easy to steal large amounts of merchandise so easy they routine walk out of there with entire cartloads of merchandise.

This isn’t in doubt; they get caught all the time, eventually but often not until after they get away with it over and over again. This month they’re looking for someone that was video taped stealing six carts full; and on numerous other occasions they caught people the second or third time they went out with carts full. They say when they catch them more often it is because their security is improving; but I remember no one thought they could get away with this.

So they didn’t even try.

The crash injuring Tracy Morgan also drew more attention, for a little while how many truck accidents Wal-Mart has and some of the pressure from the corporations that contribute to them. However the reports about hundreds of other accidents killing many more people didn’t get nearly as much attention as the one that injured an actor that happened to be better known.

If they follow their past behavior they won’t address any of the root causes of this anymore than they address them for any of their other problems unless there is an enormous amount of grass roots pressure to do so.

As usual there were several bomb threats and at least one or two arson and another incident where someone arbitrarily hits another person with a bat because he was copying what he saw on TV. A large number of these incidents also result in customers being put on “lock down” where innocent people are often detained on the premises until incidents are resolved. This seems to happen at least a couple of times per month, including shooting incidents and bomb threats.

There were a couple of incidents where cars caught fire in two different parts of the country and they spread to other cars, in one case six cars caught on fire. I don’t know how Wal-Mart insurance responds to that.

If they respond well that would be newsworthy.

Sometimes I have to wonder if Wal-Mart executives are using reverse psychology or if they’re living in fantasy-land. Earlier this month an op-ed was written about Wal-Mart that was critical of them, one of many; and many people, including me, didn’t even notice. Then Wal-Mart refuted it in an incredibly incompetent manner and it went viral. Amazingly, the vast majority of comments on the page at Wal-Marts web site commended them for refuting it. Do they expect people to believe these comments are sincere?

How could they not have seen that one coming?

Their problems are even in their home office where they had an outbreak of food poisoning. But they can take comfort knowing that their undercover loss prevention officers fit in so well that some people ask them for marijuana before attempting to steal food. We now have corporations with their own private police forces, or something similar abut most people aren’t aware of it and there is some doubt about how accountable they might be, as well as the regular police which are routinely called in to do most of the work. They’re facing another law suit where they may have overreacted by tackling and handcuffing a mentally disabled woman that they falsely accused of shoplifting.

There were at least two stories where their labor practices are being exposed in the Canadian media and courts, one where a judge ruled they illegally shut down a store that voted to unionize and another where a worker exposed their hostile work environment and bullying.

One thing that might deserve more attention is that this began when the worker refused to falsify temperature logs to cover up for another employee who didn’t do their job. If you consider the reports about how much pressure these managers are under to “keep their numbers up” it is easy to understand why they get caught so many times selling expired food, or when someone gets pinched by a scorpion.

Yep, pinched by a scorpion, this is Wal-Mart.

This pressure is also almost certainly part of the reason why they have periodic incidents where workers shoot each other or threaten to bomb the place; and there are plenty of disgruntled customers that are also fed up with Wal-Mart and threaten to do the same. When these incidents are reported as isolated incidents, as they usually are, they often seem as if they’re just irrational people, and in many cases they almost certainly are; but when it happens so often and some of them even make it clear that they retaliating for something then it should be clear that part of the reason for the statistically higher crime at Wal-Mart is their oppressive work environment.

There are also some lighter moments like when they retrieve a stolen computer from one thief put it to one side and another steals it and gets away; or bizarre incidents like when it takes three weeks for anyone to notice there is a dead body decomposing in the parking lot.

Decomposing bodies being found in their parking lots aren't unprecedented; this happened at least once before and there ahve been many bodies found before they began decomposing. The most common location for these bodies seems to be either the parking lots or the bathrooms; they're usually poor people or suicides.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in June 2014. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Troy police seek ID of Ohio Walmart credit card user 06/01/2014

Chinese workers reject Walmart's offer in labor dispute 06/01/2014

Ca. Walmart armed robbery suspect caught on surveillance tape 06/01/2014

FBI arrests man at Rochester NY Walmart 03/02/2014

Ga. Walmart shoplifter steals smartphones, fishing lures 06/02/2014

City woman accused of third Walmart theft in a month 06/01/2014

Walmart workers are going on strike to speak out. Why Walmart should listen. By Robert Reich 06/02/2014

Woman charged with leaving 4-year-old alone in car at VA. Walmart parking lot 06/02/2014

Man accused of taking photos up women's skirts at Mich. Walmart has conviction for similar offense 06/02/2014

Walmart Tops Fortune 500 most influential list 06/02/2014

Gun thieves hit same Memphis Tenn. Walmart for third time this year 06/02/2014

Suspect Arrested for Murder in Ok. Wal-Mart Drug Deal Gone Wrong 06/02/2014

Tulsa Police say one person died and two others were wounded Monday night after a a drug deal gone wrong around 10:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart at Admiral and S. Memorial Dr.

One suspect was arrested at approximately 4:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. Eric Santeliz, 20, reportedly told officers that he had arranged the narcotics transaction knowing that he did not have enough money to complete the transaction.

Santeliz said he planned to rob the victim. When the subjects were in the vehicle about to make the drug transaction, the victim and another person inside the vehicle reportedly pulled out a gun. The victim shot Santeliz and as he exited the vehicle, and then the victim was shot and killed, the police report states. Complete article

Thou shalt not steal! Woman arrested after swiping Bible, cheese and socks from SC Walmart 06/03/2014

Forbes: Report: Walmart's Billionaire Waltons Give Almost None Of Own Cash To Foundation 06/03/2014

UPDATED: Walmart management not sure when Auburn NY store will reopen after power outage 06/03/2014

Human rights fight in B.C. as Shoppers, Walmart resist drug labels for blind 06/03/2014

Walmart protest targets chairman's Paradise Valley home 06/03/2014

Manslaughter trial underway against former Conroe Tx. police officer in Walmart shooting 06/03/2014

Florida men asked Wal-Mart security officer for marijuana, stole food, police say 06/03/2014

Silver Spring Township police were charging two Florida men after they said the men approached an undercover security officer at Wal-Mart for drugs, then stole food from the store's deli earlier this month.

According to a township police press release, Hector Guerrero and Santos Sarante Jr., both of Hialeah, Florida, were taken into custody May 21 shortly after leaving the Wal-Mart on Carlisle Pike. Both men were charged with summary retail theft and released.

Almost immediately after walking into the store, the men walked up to a Wal-Mart theft prevention employee wearing plainclothes and asked her if she knew where they could buy any marijuana, according to police. Complete article

NYC NY City Council members rip Walmart’s charity of ‘dangerous dollars’ 06/04/2014 A key bone of contention is the Waltons’ support of New York City charter schools. Since 2004, the Walton Family Foundation has funneled $16 million into the cause, including the DREAM Charter School, Village Academies and the Success Academy founded by Eva Moskowitz.

Walmart's 'Made in USA' push exposes strains of manufacturing rebirth 06/04/2014

Forbes: Walmart Slashed Tax Bill By Giving Top Execs Big Bonuses 06/04/2014

New Mama Pit Bull Found Tied to Shopping Cart Behind Long Island NY Wal-Mart: SPCA 06/04/2014

Raleigh NC police charge man threatened Walmart clerk to make cash theft possible 06/04/2014

After Bribery Scandal, High-Level Departures at Walmart 06/04/2014

Wal-Mart strikers plan to upstage shareholder meeting 06/04/2014

Utah prison inmate enters guilty pleas in Wal-Mart bomb scare 06/04/2014

Three Rob Ill. Wal-Mart 06/04/2014

Police seek suspect in Rocky Mount NC Walmart robbery 06/04/2014

Man charged after gunfire outside Sanford NC Walmart 06/04/2014

Sanford, N.C. — Authorities have arrested a man and are looking for another in connection with a robbery and chase that ended in gunfire outside a Walmart Supercenter in Sanford late Wednesday morning.

Dwayne Lamont Solomon Jr., 22, of 200 Simmons St., Sanford, was jailed under a $50,000 bond Wednesday afternoon on one count each of robbery with a dangerous weapon and injury to personal property stemming from the incident in the store parking lot, at 3310 N.C. Highway 87 South.

Sanford Police Capt. Harold Layton said the victim, Vancel Russell, of Greensboro, followed Solomon and another man in their car after he was robbed of his cellphone and wallet.

Layton said a passenger in the car fired several shots at Russell's car, and at some point, one car hit the other in the parking lot. The injury to personal property charge stems from damages to chairs and grills outside the store. Complete article

Police investigating shooting at Queensbury NY WalMart 06/04/2014

UPDATE: Authorities have identified an individual in connection with the shooting as Raymond White, 54, from Lake George. State Police confirm that White was taken into custody around 1 p.m. on Thursday. He was taken to the Glens Falls Hospital for an attempted overdose of an unknown drug.

QUEENSBURY -- A man in his 50s was shot in a Wal-mart parking lot Wednesday evening.

State Police said the victim was an employee at the store off Route 9. He was able to walk back into the store after being shot with a shotgun around 9pm. He left a trail of blood, until medics arrived.

Police said the suspect and victim knew each other and there does not appear to be a threat to the public. A description of the suspect was not immediately available. Police said the victim's injuries were not life threatening.

Wal-mart remained open as police worked outside. A section of the store near the grocery area was blocked off and a pile of paper towels that appeared to be soaked in blood remained on a bench.

A Wal-mart representative issued this statement on Thursday morning: "We are thankful our employee is in stable condition. Our focus now is working with investigators and providing what they need. Wal-Mart is committed to providing a safe a secure shopping environment for our customers." Complete article

Man arrested after NY Walmart shooting 06/05/2014

Decatur Ala. Wal-Mart employees detain shoplifting suspect; 2nd suspect turns himself in 06/04/2014

Bomb threats lead to searches at NJ Walmart, Kmart 06/04/2014

Nonprofits to NY City Council: Don’t block Walmart’s funds 06/04/2014

Virginia Beach Police looking for Walmart shoplifting suspect 06/05/2014

Virginia Beach Police are looking for a person who has been seen on surveillance videos on six different occasions at local Walmarts filling carts with with large quantities of items and leaving the stores without paying.

All six times, the suspect is seen walking through the store and filling the carts with steaks, frozen chicken nuggets, frozen fish and laundry detergent before walking out of the store. Complete article

Walmart, Sam's Club in Doral Fla. evacuated for bomb threat 06/05/2014

Wal-Mart squeezes shareholders with store swag 06/05/2014

Wal-Mart Is Family Friendly—at Least to Members of the Walton Family 06/05/2014

Tenn. POLICE: Man allegedly drove to Walmart with no front tires 06/05/2014

Boynton Beach Fla. woman allegedly attempts to steal TV from Wal-Mart 06/05/2014

Police arrest alleged serial retail thieves at West Manheim Twp. Pa. Wal-Mart 06/05/2014

Maine communities saying no to Wal-Mart abatement requests 06/06/2014

Two Yankton SD residents indicted for unpaid Walmart shopping spree 06/06/2014

Walmart Plans Family Succession As Low-Wage Worker Plea Voted Down At Meeting 06/06/2014

Pharrell Thanks Wal-Mart for ‘Making the World a Happier Place’ 06/06/2014

Man accused of robbery in Fla. Walmart parking lot 06/06/2014

Bomb threat reported at Ky. Wal-Mart 06/06/2014

Tenn. Walmart murder suspect's cell phone password needed in investigation 06/06/2014

Three suspects sought in Md. Walmart theft 06/06/2014

Suspect allegedly has fondness for Ill. Walmart 06/06/2014

Two officers, three others dead in shootings at restaurant, Las Vegas Nevada Wal-Mart 06/09/2014

Two suspects declaring the start of "a revolution" shot and killed two police officers this morning at a pizza restaurant on Nellis Boulevard, then ran into a nearby Wal-Mart and shot at least one other person before killing themselves, according to Metro Police.

Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, in an afternoon news conference, identified the dead officers as Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31. The two were patrol officers in the area.

"What precipitated this event, we do not know," a subdued Gillespie said. "My officers were simply having lunch when the shooting started." Complete article

Victim who went after gunman in Wal-Mart wanted to be cop, mom says 06/0/2014

Bundy's Son: Las Vegas Shooters Kicked off Ranch 06/09/2014

Walmart Truck driver charged in Tracy Morgan NJ crash had 'Move or get hit' in Twitter bio

“Move or get hit!”

That was the furious motto on a Twitter account bearing the name of a Walmart truck driver charged in the car crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed his close friend.

The biography section of the account bearing the name of Kevin Roper now reads, “Trying to win more than lose! Driving trucks for a living #Walmart.”

But an earlier version of the account captured on a cached Web page shows a slightly longer bio section with an eerie threat.

“It’s my road move or get hit!” the Twitter account warned.

Kevin Roper, 35, of Jonesboro, Ga., has been charged with death by auto and assault by auto in Saturday’s grisly Cranbury, N.J., crash. ....

Roper couldn’t immediately be reached to confirm the Twitter link. A friend of Roper told the Daily News the Twitter account belongs to the man charged in the accident.

“I’ve know the guy for, like, three years,” said Jeremy Crawford, who operates the @BLBCashOut account. “I met him once. He seemed like a working guy.”

A Walmart spokeswoman said Roper doesn’t have a Twitter account. “Mr. Roper has not had and does not have any involvement on social media,” said Brooke Buchanan. Complete article

Walmart Could Take 'Full Responsibility' for Tracy Morgan Crash 06/09/2014

Walmart truck driver charged in Tracy Morgan crash 'hadn't slept in 24 hours' 06/09/2014

Morgan accident among hundreds for Wal-Mart trucks 06/09/2014 Wal-Mart trucks have been involved in 380 crashes in that time, federal data show. Nine people have been killed; 129 have been injured.

Walmart says driver in Morgan crash was within federal limits 06/09/2014

Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Was speeding while on Duty Almost 14 Hours 06/19/2014 The Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) driver whose truck crashed into a van carrying actor Tracy Morgan was in the 14th hour of his work shift, just short of the maximum allowed by U.S. regulations, preliminary findings show.

Shoplifting incident at Ga. Wal-Mart turns into lengthy chase 06/09/2014

Man accused of exposing himself in front of children at Wal-Mart in Silver Spring Twp. Pa. 06/09/2014

Low-wage protests planned at Wal-Mart, McDonald's in Springfield, Worcester, and Boston Ma. 06/09/2014

Delray man arrested after Walmart carjacking, chase in Boynton Fla. 06/09/2014

Suspect Sought in Berlin Wal-Mart Theft and Assault 06/09/2014

Man Claims 'Revenge' in Theft at Harvey Mitchell Tx. Walmart 06/10/2014

Police make arrests in Walmart Ca. parking lot shooting 06/09/2014

A Visalia man and his girlfriend were arrested Sunday in connection with the shooting at a grocery store parking that sent a man to the hospital Saturday night.

Joshua Lee Hickman, 29, and Necole Dalee Noriega, 32, were booked on allegations of attempted homicide, conspiracy, weapon possession and narcotic charges.

Police said officers responded to the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market on North Demaree Street for reports of shots fired. At the scene, officers located 32-year-old Anthony Garcia, who had been shot in the abdomen. He was taken to a hospital, where he was being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police said Garcia was shot in the belly after he left the store. The shots were fired from a vehicle, police said. Complete article

VIDEO: Wanted woman captured multiple times on Va. Walmart security cameras 06/09/2014

Police: Suspect sets TV, computer monitor on fire in NM Walmart parking lot 06/09/2014

Following Las Vegas Shooting, Why Is Walmart Such a Hotbed For Criminal Activity? 06/09/2014

On Sunday, tragedy struck in Las Vegas when two gunmen killed two police officers and another civilian before turning their weapons on themselves. Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, were fatally shot in a CiCi’s Pizza before the suspects fled to a neighboring Walmart, where they shot another victim. According to reports, the shooters made their way through the store, leaving terrified customers in their wake and exchanging shots with police officers before taking their own lives.

The senseless violence that met its devastating end in the famous and widespread discount department store is not the first of its kind to play out on Walmart premises. Earlier this year, two men got into an argument at a Walmart service counter in Chandler, Arizona that turned deadly. One man, saying he feared for his life, shot the other, killing him. In 2013, a Greenville, North Carolina Walmart parking lot became the setting for a racially charged crime scene. Lakim Faust, an African-American man, shot four people, targeting white people as his victims. A number of other crimes have also occurred on Walmart sites, including an attempt to sell a baby, the theft of a Girl Scouts cookie cash box, and an attempted sock robbery by a naked man.

When it comes to crime, it seems that Walmart has become a very common denominator. So much of one, in fact, that many community residents have spoken out against the opening of one of the superstores near their homes, often citing economic competition, degradation of small-town businesses, and certainly, a rise in crime.

But why? Walmart, the largest American employer with more than 2.2 million people in their workforce, has always had an unsurprisingly pronounced economic effect on its surrounding areas. But in a recent study published in the British Journal of Criminology, it is not just the local economy that is impacted by Walmart. According to researchers, lower prices also means higher crime rates. Complete article

Man shot and wounded at Festus Missouri Walmart; two suspects in custody 06/10/2014

FESTUS • Police on Tuesday quickly arrested two suspects accused of shooting a man in a restroom at a Walmart Supercenter, authorities said.

The victim was shot at a store at 650 South Truman Boulevard about 11:45 a.m. The man is expected to survive, said Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis. He did not have more details about the victim’s injuries or how many shots were fired.

The suspects and the victim knew each other, and police on Tuesday were sorting out what led to the shooting. Lewis said a handgun was used.

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Crystal City. Complete article

Shrimp slaves: Walmart, Costco act against forced labor 06/10/2014

Crash in Napanoch NY Walmart parking lot leads to DWI charge 06/10/2014

Conroe Tx. officer who fatally shot teen accused of shoplifting from Walmart gets probation 06/10/2014

Reward offered in Denver Co. Wal-Mart car theft 06/10/2014

Two weapons stolen from Tenn. Walmart recovered after barricade situation 06/10/2014

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Two of the weapons recovered after Monday’s barricade situation were stolen from a Walmart store earlier this year.

Five of the stolen weapons are still missing.

The man who barricaded himself in a home is 24-year-old Rodenick Winston.

He’s charged with theft of property and attempted murder for shooting at deputies.

The guns found inside the home were stolen from the Cordova Walmart in February, according to the sheriff’s office. ....

Washington said, “It was pretty chaotic, pretty scary. Anytime you have someone who barricades someone in a house and they take shots at officers, of course that raises everyone’s anxiety level.” Complete article

Mother says RI Walmart failed to report lewd act on her daughter 06/10/2014

Couple caught on surveillance video using baby to steal electronics from Tx. Walmart 06/10/2014

Man's employment with Cincinnati Ohio Wal-Mart 'like running on a treadmill' 06/10/2014

Residents upset about new Tx. Walmart being built near elementary school 06/10/2014

Police: Woman stole from NY Wal-Mart again 06/11/2014

Shareholders revolt against Walmart, Netflix 06/11/2014

Police looking for man who exposed himself at SC Wal-Mart 06/11/2014

Detectives looking for suspects in Ariz. Wal-Mart theft 06/11/2014

Deputies issue arrest warrant in Fla. Walmart, movie theater purse snatching cases 06/12/2014

Shoplifter arrested for NH Walmart theft 06/12/2014

Reports: Ware Ma. police charge man who allegedly exposed himself to young girls at Walmart store on Palmer Road 06/12/2014

Duo accused of stealing 18 TVs from Fla. Walmart identified 06/12/2014

Ithaca NY Wal-Mart emptied by bomb scare 06/12/2014

Small fire singes footwear area at Wal-Mart 06/12/2014

Small fire singes footwear area at Wyoming Wal-Mart 06/12/2014

Workplace bullying a major concern in Canada, says woman who sued Wal-Mart 06/12/2014

An Ontario woman is issuing a stark warning about an epidemic of workplace bullying in Canada after a manager at her former job made her life "hell."

In 2009, Meredith Boucher was a ten-year employee and assistant manager at a Wal-Mart in Windsor. She had won multiple awards for her work and saw a bright future in the company, until she became the target of abuse by her former manager, Jason Pinnock, she says.

"He was just trying to humiliate me, and he was doing it in front of everyone," Boucher told the CBC's Ioanna Roumeliotis.

Boucher claims that the bullying started after Pinnock requested that she falsify temperature logs for the frozen food section after another employee failed to keep proper records. Pinnock was allegedly worried the store would be hit with a bad audit report.

When she refused, Pinnock began tormenting her everyday at work for nearly six months. Complete article

Police: Man approaches boy, 9, in Pa. Walmart bathroom 06/12/2014

Deputies: 8-year-old caught with Fla. Walmart shoplifters 06/12/2014

Deputies: Orlando men used cloned credit cards at Fla. Walmart 06/12/2014

Woman accused of shoplifting, dragging children through SC Walmart 06/13/2014

Man claiming to be doctor kisses woman on mouth at Fla. Walmart, cops say 06/13/2014

Assault victim dies after attack on Tenn. Walmart parking lot 06/13/2014

The suspect from Thursday morning's assault at the Wal-Mart parking lot could be facing additional charges after his alleged victim died on Friday at the Med.

According to Dyersburg Police Capt. Mark Moody, Ricky Fortune, 50, from Ecru, Miss., passed away after being assaulted on Thursday, June 12. Fortune was found lying motionless by DPD officers responding to an assault call at approximately 1:44 a.m., on the Wal-Mart parking lot located on Lake Road near the Verizon Wireless Store.

Jeffrey A. Miller Jr., 23, 290 Red Bell Road, Newbern, Tenn., was located a short time later at the All-In-One, located on Highway 51 Bypass in Dyersburg, and taken into custody. He was charged with the aggravated assault of Fortune. Complete article

Tulsa Ok. Police search for armed robbery suspect at 31st, Garnett Walmart Neighborhood Market 06/13/2014

Woman’s body, chemicals found in car in Orlando Fla. Walmart parking lot 06/14/2014

Orange County officials spent hours Saturday at a Walmart parking lot investigating a car where a woman's body and hazardous chemicals were found early that morning, authorities said.

Orange County Fire Rescue Lt. Thomas Veal said someone reported seeing the dead woman inside the vehicle around 7:15 a.m.

When firefighters and paramedics arrived at the Walmart on East Colonial Drive, they found unknown chemicals inside the car with the body, Veal said.

So they called on the Orange County Sheriff's Office and hazmat team for additional help.

Dressed in protective body suits, hazmat members pulled various materials from the vehicle, placing them inside big yellow "hazardous material" bags. Complete article

Crews respond to car/ammo fire at Walmart in Lebanon County Pa. 06/14/2014

PD: Man arrested for indecent exposure in Ok. Walmart 06/15/2014

Parents of mentally disabled woman sue Wal-Mart, Livonia Mich. cops over her arrest 06/15/2014

Wendy Kozma was wrapping up her workday with a client when she got a mind-numbing phone call from her mentally impaired daughter: “Mom, this man is trying to take me from Wal-Mart.”

Kozma feared the worst: a kidnapping.

Within minutes, she would learn what was really happening. Her 25-year-old daughter, Jodi, who has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old, was being questioned for shoplifting at a Livonia Wal-Mart. Jodi was suspected of stealing hair ties and hiding them in her waistband and purse during a shopping trip with her grandmother, records show.

Jodi wound up in handcuffs, muscled to the floor by Livonia police.

Wal-Mart and the Livonia police wound up in court. ....

....After checking out, two plainclothes Wal-Mart security officers surrounded Jodi in the lobby and accused her of stealing merchandise. Complete article

Mich. woman with special needs handcuffed and interrogated inside a local Walmart 05/14/2014 “My mom said ‘Jodi, the police are on their way, it’s going to be ok honey.’ And the total opposite happened,” said Wendy.

Four police officers enter the store. One of them pushes Jodi’s cousin away from her. The other three surround Jodi and tell her to put her hands behind her back.

“They went to cuff her without telling her, without explaining, without talking her through anything, and then when she was taught, as we told her, don’t touch me, don’t touch me. Her hands went up and they threw her to the ground and got on top of her,” said Wendy. ....

“I told them that her IQ was very low and I was her guardian and that was the equivalent of holding an 8-year-old without representation and I needed to be by her side,” said Wendy.

Wendy Kozma says the sergeant claimed they were never told that Jodi is mentally impaired. The 911 call to Livonia police tells a different story:

Livonia Police: “Are they detained right now?

Walmart: “No, we can’t detain her and she’s claiming that she’s special needs.”

Fire causes $150 damage, closes NC Walmart for a few hours 06/16/2014

Man who shoplifted from Pa. Wal-Mart busted after picking up accomplice from prison, police say 06/16/2014

Police: Woman leaves children in car to shoplift in Ky. Walmart 06/16/2014

Payson woman arrested for stealing from Utah Walmart 06/16/2014

Gas leak at Avon Conn. Walmart 06/16/2014

Police blotter: Man jailed for burglary; arrests at Montana Wal-Mart; theft at TV station 06/16/2014

Mid-South woman fights attacker with umbrella in Tenn. Walmart parking lot 06/16/2014

XX 06/1/2014

Las Vegas police change account of couple's fatal shooting in Walmart 06/11/2014

Wal-Mart China to raise food safety spending to $48 million 06/17/2014

Mother-daughter duo accused in Vt. Walmart theft 06/17/2014

Police: Walmart employee helps rescue Tx. kidnapping victim in Ark. 06/17/2014

Suspect or hero? Dog taken from hot car at Center Township Pa. Walmart 06/17/2014

Woman dressed as Walmart worker tries to rob employee with gun in Poinciana Fla. 06/17/2014

4 suspected of credit card fraud at Walmart in Huber Ohio 06/17/2014

Police searching for woman, accomplice, who tried to steal TVs from Silver Spring Twp. Pa. Wal-Mart 06/17/2014

Nashville man accused of stealing from 3 Tenn. Wal-Marts in a day 06/17/2014

Thieves make off with $4K in cell phones from NC Walmart 06/17/2014

Conway man arrested after police said he tried to stab SC Wal-Mart employee during shoplifting 06/18/2014

Person wanted for using counterfeit checks at Walmart in Virginia Beach 06/18/2014

Police: Man reenacts movie scene, clubs Ariz. Walmart shopper with bat 06/17/2014

A man is in custody after police said he hit a stranger over the head with a baseball bat at Walmart.

Corey Mosley was arrested after police said they saw surveillance video of the attack at Walmart on Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: See video of the attack here.

According to the arrest report, Mosley told officers he recently watched a movie with a baseball bat being used on someone else and wanted to try it. According to police, Mosley also told them the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"That young lady was there doing what any number of us have done on numerous occasions," said Sgt. Daniel Grubbs, with Fort Smith police. "There's no pity for a person who would do something like this." Complete article

Citizens speak out on big box stores, Walmart 06/18/2014

Man arrested for Miss. Walmart shoplifting 06/17/2014

Eight Largest Cities Without Walmart 06/18/2014

Manheim Twp. Pa. police: Same computer stolen from Walmart store twice in a few minutes 06/18/2014

Two different thieves stole the same computer from the same Manheim Township store twice within a few minutes, police said.

Officers were called to the Walmart at 2030 Fruitville Pike for a theft shortly after 9 p.m. on Saturday, Manheim Township police Lt. Robert Baldwin said Wednesday.

As officers approached the store, the alleged thief, Timothy Ross, 29, of Elizabethtown, left the computer behind and fled on foot.

Officers caught up to Ross near the Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant at 1960 Fruitville Pike, Baldwin said. They arrested him after a brief struggle.

Ross suffered two fractured ribs and was taken to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment, Baldwin said. He was later taken to Lancaster County Central Arraignment.

While officers were running after Ross, store employees placed the computer underneath a cart at the entrance to the store, Baldwin said.

Then, within a few minutes of the first theft, the computer was stolen a second time by another man. Complete article

Wake Forest NC Police seek woman for questioning in Walmart incident 06/18/2014

Suspect search puts Tempe Ariz. Walmart store on lockdown 06/18/2014

TEMPE, AZ (CBS5) - Two fugitives who broke into a group home are in custody after they were tracked down in a Tempe Walmart store where they had changed clothes to elude police.

John Furfaro, 31, and Candice Hough, 29, were arrested Wednesday on charges of second-degree burglary.

After the pair broke into the group home in the 300 block of E. Laguna Drive in Tempe, they fled the area on a motorcycle and drove to the Walmart at 800 E. Southern Ave., said Tempe police Lt. Mike Pooley.

Officers followed them to Walmart and detectives temporarily placed the store on lockdown until they were captured. Complete article

Wife says husband was suicidal when he rammed truck into vehicles in Tx. Wal-Mart parking lot 06/18/2014

Man accused of using cloning credit cards at Missouri Wal-Marts 06/18/2014

Man Pinched By Scorpion In Box Of Bananas At South Hills Pa. Wal-Mart 06/18/2014

SCOTT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A man shopping at a Walmart in the South Hills got more than a bargain while shopping for some bananas.

He got a pinch from a scorpion.

The man says a Wal-Mart representative told him even the fruit company was surprised that a scorpion would be able to survive the long journey in a box of bananas. Complete article

Kraft recalling Velveeta cheese from Walmart stores 06/19/2014

Police allege Saginaw man used knife in theft attempt at Mich. Walmart 06/19/2014

Woman wanted for theft at NC Walmart 06/19/2014

Several cars burn in Tx. Walmart parking lot 06/20/2014

RICHMOND, Texas – One car on fire turned into a chain reaction of two then three in a crowded Walmart parking lot Thursday.

Shoppers sent us pictures and video of the blaze in front of the store in Richmond.

It appeared that one car went up in flames and spread to the vehicles on either side. Complete article

Ark. Walmart Shoplifter Head-Butts Employee, Gets Away With Loot 06/20/2014

Homeless man arrested after fight over best panhandling spot near Ill. Walmart 06/20/2014

Man Who Tried To Rob Walmart Commits Suicide, Broken Arrow Ok. Police Say 06/20/2014

Woman’s Decomposed Body Found In Car Parked At Elkton Md. Wal-Mart 06/20/2014

ELKTON, Md. (AP) — Elkton police say a woman’s body was found in a car that had been parked on a department store parking lot for three weeks.

Department spokesman Lt. Joseph Zurolo tells The News Journal of Wilmington, Del., that the body was found about 3 p.m. Thursday. He said a groundskeeper at Wal-Mart detected a foul odor and told store managers, who called police.

Officers found the decomposed body of a woman lying in the back seat.

Zurolo says the car was parked in an isolated spot on the lot. He says the store’s surveillance videos showed the car pulling into the lot on May 29. Complete article

Cashier, 19, charged in Ind. Wal-Mart theft 06/21/2014

Woman captured in Georgia who posed as Walmart employee, in Florida, during attempted armed robbery 06/21/2014

Woman pinned underneath car at Ohio Walmart 06/21/2014

Bentonville Walmart Employees Overcoming Bacterial Outbreak 06/23/2014

Police: NY Wal-Mart larcenies lead to Oneida County meth bust 06/21/2014

Lewiston man charged with trying to rob Auburn Me. Walmart 06/22/2014

6 cars burn in Wal-Mart parking lot near Yakima Wash. 06/23/2014

TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash. - Investigators believe a fire that burned six cars in a Wal-Mart parking lot at Terrace Heights started accidentally in the engine compartment of one of the cars.

The fire spread to the other cars Sunday afternoon before it could be stopped.

KIMA-TV reports no one was hurt.

A witness says he saw a car smoking when the driver pulled into the parking lot. When the driver went into the store, the car caught fire and spread to other cars nearby.

"A lot of people were freaking out worried about their cars,” said witness Jeremiah Mount. “Some people even ran into their cars to drive it away, to get away from it." Complete article

Two Charged with Theft Scheme at WV Walmart 06/23/2014

Man threatens to kill Florida Wal-Mart employees 06/23/2014

Brooksville, Florida -- A 52-year-old man was arrested Friday after he allegedly threatened to kill employees and managers at a Brooksville Wal-Mart.

Brooksville Police officers say on Friday morning, June 20, Rickey Stephenson reportedly rode into the Wal-Mart store in the 7300 block of Broad Street on a scooter and started verbally abusing two female employees who were looking at him. He then approached them in an aggressive manner and shouted obscenities and threatened to kill them as they called for help.

As he was being escorted out of the store by two managers, he said he would return with a gun and kill them. Complete article

Walmart Exec Skewers New York Times Article for False Facts 06/23/2014

BENTONVILLE, (KNWA) - The Walmart blog is usually a place for company updates, associate profiles and, more recently, inside coverage of the 2014 Shareholders events.

But on Friday, the site got a bit more serious - taking aim, and a considerable amount of red marker, at an opinion piece published in the New York Times Thursday.

The Times article, written by author Timothy Egan, dissected the economic contributions of Starbucks and Walmart, saying these "global corporate monoliths are poised to do more to affect the huge chasm between the rich and everybody else than anything that’s likely to come out of John Boehner’s House of Representatives."

But Walmart's Corporate Communications Vice President, David Tovar, says the piece was "wildly inaccurate." In a company blog entry called "Fact Check: The New York Times 'The Corporate Daddy'", Tovar references more than a dozen issues he has with the article - including the writers claim that the retailer is a "net drain" on the economy. Complete article

The Corporate Daddy: Walmart, Starbucks, and the Fight Against Inequality 06/19/2014

Fact Check: The New York Times "The Corporate Daddy" 06/20/2014

Wal-Mart flunks its fact-check: The truth behind its sarcastic response to the Times 06/25/2014

South Jackson Tenn. Wal-Mart theft suspects arrested after police chase 06/23/2014

Driver in Ohio Walmart parking lot accident cited 06/23/2014

New report shows seven violations at Walmart home office restaurant 06/23/2014

BENTONVILLE, Ark. —The Salsarita's Restaurant at the Walmart Home Office Cafe is closed while the Arkansas Health Department works to figure out how people got sick with shigella, a food-borne illness that causes stomach trouble.

The health department conducted an inspection last Wednesday right after people started getting sick.

Inspectors found nine violations on that inspection.

Of those nine violations, five were marked priority, meaning they were concerns that needed to be fixed fast. Complete article

Man Charged With Kidnapping Teen From Tenn. Walmart Parking Lot 06/23/2014

Disabled Oregon Walmart customer says worker tried to keep him from using motorized cart 06/23/2014

Police release photos of Mich. Walmart arson suspect 06/24/2014

THREE RIVERS, Mich. -- Three Rivers Police are searching for a suspect believed to have been involved in an arson at Walmart just after midnight Monday morning.

The store had to be shut down for 24 hours because of smoke and water damage caused by the fire.

The total amount of damage and loss to the store is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Complete article

Report: Teen, friend ran through SC Walmart in only Speedo after losing bet 06/24/2014

Richmond Tx. police: Disgruntled customer forces evacuation at Walmart with bomb threat 06/24/2014

RICHMOND, Texas -- A disgruntled customer’s phone call forced workers and customers to evacuate the Walmart on FM 1640, Richmond police said early Tuesday.

It was around 8:40 a.m. when a woman called the store and told the worker they had 15 minutes to evacuate the building because she was going “blow the place up.”

Authorities responded and swept the building and nothing hazardous was found. Complete article

Bear spotted outside Jefferson Co. Missouri Wal-Mart 06/24/2014

Hillary Clinton to Host "Hard Choices" Book Signing at Little Rock Ark. Walmart 06/25/2014

Men used cloned credit cards at Fla. Walmart, deputies say 06/25/2014

Deadly Accident Near Dayton Tenn. Walmart 06/25/2014

Deputies: Drunk driver crashes into Walmart in South Pasadena Fla. 06/25/2014

Man charged after stealing laptop from ND Walmart 06/26/2014

KPD searching for woman who reportedly took two laptops from Tenn. Walmart 06/26/2014

Cornelius Ohio Wal-Mart evacuated because of natural gas smell 06/26/2014

Women in a motorized cart accused of stealing NY Walmart clerk’s wallet 06/26/2014

Walmart worker swindled store, Pinellas Park Fla. police say 06/26/2014

Tulsa Ok. Police Make Second Arrest In Fatal Walmart Shooting 06/26/2014

Walmart truck hits fire hydrant in West Linn Oregon 06/26/2014

Chief and bystander capture alligator near La. Wal-Mart 06/26/2014

Newport News: Police searching for suspects in attempted theft at Virginia Walmart 06/27/2014

Quebec unionized Wal-Mart workers win Supreme Court victory 06/27/2014

The Supreme Court of Canada has sided with the union representing former Wal-Mart employees who claimed the company violated Quebec labour law when it abruptly closed its store in Jonquière, Que., not long after the workers voted to unionize.

In a 5-2 decision delivered Friday morning, the court ruled that the 190 employees who were terminated when the store was closed are entitled to compensation.

Bernard Philion​, one of the lawyers who represented the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in the nearly decade-long battle, said the decision sends a message.

"No matter how big the employer is, the Quebec legislation protects workers and their rights," he said.

The Wal-Mart employees in Jonquière became the first in North America to be unionized when they joined the union in 2004. Complete article

Camby Ind. Walmart reminds parents not to leave kids in car 06/27/2014

12-year-old Florida Boy Drives School Bus to Panama City Fla. Wal-Mart 06/27/2014

Police: Ohio Walmart thief runs, is found near OSP post 06/27/2014

Man who exposed self to child at Walmart arrested, Orlando Fla. police say 06/27/2014

Jackon Co. Man Charged with Fla. Walmart Theft 06/28/2014

Lynn Ma. Radio Shack robbed, suspects arrested in Walmart 06/28/2014

LYNN, Mass. —Three people were arrested inside a Walmart in Lynn Saturday after an armed robbery at a nearby Radio Shack, police said.

Officials told NewsCenter 5 that two men, one with a gun, stole $10,000 worth of electronics, including a clerk's iPhone, from a Radio Shack on State Street at 12:39 p.m. A female getaway car driver then took them to Walmart, where they all changed into clothes on display, according to police.

Lynn police pursued the suspects and were able to track the stolen phone to the Walmart on the Lynnway. Complete article

Shooting victim’s Utah Wal-Mart stop prompts investigation 06/29/2014

Man accused of gun, meth possession at Walmart in Colorado Springs 06/29/2014

Police: Bomb threat at Walmart in North Kingstown RI was hoax 06/30/2014

CEO: Wal-Mart Taught Me How To Be A Leader, Manager 06/30/2014

Man arrested for stealing soda and toilet paper from Utah Walmart 06/30/2014

Police: Surveillance shows woman assaulting child inside Pa. Walmart 06/30/2014

Customers evacuate Dickinson Walmart after sprinkler malfunctions 06/30/2014

Police say Craigslist deal turns into shooting at Beech Grove Walmart 06/30/2014

BEECH GROVE, Ind. - Police continue to investigate an online transaction that turned into a shooting at a Walmart in Beech Grove Monday evening.

The shooting was reported around 6:45 p.m. outside the Walmart at 4650 S. Emerson Avenue. One person was shot in the chest and arm and taken to the hospital for treatment.

"I see the guy just firing shots wildly and, at that point, I just ran in the door," said witness Cory Brooks.

Investigators believe the situation started as a Craigslist deal. Men selling several thousand dollars worth of cell phones were in a pick-up truck when they were ambushed by their two buyers. Complete article

Man accused of exposing himself at Milford Del. Wal-Mart 06/30/2014

Trial ordered for 67-year-old Saginaw Mich. man accused of using knife in theft attempt at Walmart 06/30/2014

Lower Nazareth Walmart shoplifting suspect arrested in P'burg Pa. 06/30/2014

Twitter commenters respond to Walmart ad for watermelon during BET Awards 06/30/2014

Police: Woman banned from Ga. Walmart found with drugs 06/30/2014

This Simple Chart Shows Why Wal-Mart Is in Trouble 06/30/2014 Same-store sales at the retail giant have dropped in 14 out of the last 21 quarters.


  1. I went to my local Wal-Mart recently to buy a machete to hack down some weeds (a lot of weeds, actually) in my yard. They don't sell machetes. Too dangerous, I suppose. They do however, sell handguns and rifles.

  2. I think some of them do sell machetes, and they definitely sell bats and hammers; on at least one occasion each people have been randomly attacked with these items often by assailants that just pick them up off the shelf. And on one occasion a child decided to give a spear a trial throw and almost hit his own sister by accident. Wal-Mart only secured them after the media reported on it. But this isn't nearly as common as shootings which are a semi-regular occurrence somewhere in the country.