Sunday, March 29, 2020

Fake Corona-virus Apocalypse?

A look at the numbers overwhelmingly shows that, although the Corona-virus should be taken seriously it's not nearly as big a threat as other diseases, including many caused by pollution, and there's strong evidence to indicate that many of these other diseases, which are being ignore, are also contributing factors to the Corona-virus cases. China and most of the world appear to be past the peak of the spread of the disease with recoveries out pacing the deaths by five or six to one. It was slow to spread in the United States for several months and only picked up suddenly in the past couple weeks; however, even though the total deaths is about twice the recoveries, for now, there's good reason to believe we'll pass the peak before too long.

There are many more pollution related deaths every year with about eight million worldwide, with about 200,000 in the United States; and the flu has been a contributing factor 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 in the USA with 290,000 to 650,000 people per year dying globally per year, so this isn't likely to be nearly as serious as either of those. The people most at risk are older people and people with other health problems, including the flu or pollution related diseases, yet these threats and creating a massive panic driven by media hype and government overreaction. It's certainly not nearly as bad as the worst plagues, which were over 300 years ago, killing a third of the population in the areas infected, which at times included large portions, if not all of Europe. Smallpox wasn't as bad as the plague in Europe, although it used to be one of the worst European diseases; however, for indigenous native American's, it was the only thing worse killing 90%-95% of the population, over 200 years ago, which was the worst pandemic since. As several historians who studied it reported, there hasn't been anything nearly as bad as that since, and they don't know why the plague didn't come back, since they didn't have the scientific knowledge to understand and cure it, with the worst since then being the 1918 influenza pandemic, killing between 1% and 3% of world population, although it was worse in areas more heavily infected. The worst since then was in 2012, when "8.6 million people fell ill with TB, and 1.3 million died. More than 95 percent of TB deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries." 5 Scariest Disease Outbreaks of the Past Century 11/25/2020

The current pandemic isn't likely to come close to this scale, yet the panic incited by obsession media coverage clearly seems to imply it is, even the recent TB pandemic was much worse, yet it hardly got nearly as much media coverage, I hardly even remembered it until I looked it up. There's little doubt that a major part of the reason why it didn't get nearly as much media coverage is because developed countries were hardly impacted, and well connected people were never close to being at risk.

I'm not a doctor and don't want to try to overrule good doctors, but a look at some of the facts overwhelmingly shows the media and political establishment are over-hyping massive amount of this while ignoring many other threats, some that are much more important, and addressing some of those will even help reduce the threat from Corona-virus; for example, greatly reducing pollution related deaths by converting to clean energy will save hundreds of thousands of lives, and reduce health risks that make people more susceptible to Corona-virus; providing better preventive health care, with single payer insurance, without gouging consumers and withholding it from those who can't pay outrageous prices, will do the same. Yet instead of doing this and implementing other obvious solutions, the media is creating an enormous amount of hype to scare people while simultaneously trying to prevent solutions that will work.

This is a major reason why many people on the internet or elsewhere have come to the conclusion that we're facing an Apocalypse, but it's based on mostly exaggerations created by the media and political establishment, so even if they ridicule Apocalypse claims they're inciting them at the same time. And this isn't limited to the Corona-virus Apocalypse; the political establishment have been hyping and distorting one issue after another making them look like and Apocalypse as well, including conflicts with North Korea, Iran, in Israel, and many other parts of the world, that look like "wars and rumors of wars" which are clearly happening, so rushing to totally dismiss Apocalypse ideas might not be appropriate, especially if these near predictions and other unsolved mysteries can't be explained without making as many blunders as the believers of Apocalypse.

Furthermore, in one case after another these examples that appear to be Apocalyptic can almost always be prevented by pursuing a course of action that addresses the root causes of them; we have good researchers on any given subject that can teach people how to avoid these disasters, without relying on controversial prophecy claims, yet they can't get any media coverage to explain to the vast majority of the public how to solve our social problems. Fortunately they do manage plenty of books that make it into libraries, although they get little or no media promotion, and some attention from alternative media outlets and the grassroots but the majority of the public relies on mainstream media or in some cases when they recognize how corrupt the media is they go to the wrong alternative sources, often falling for demagogue scams or phony conspiracy theories, even though there are other more rational conspiracy theories that might be closer to the truth. And the political establishment routinely carries out corrupt activities that are enabling these prophecies to come close to seeming to be true.

This doesn't mean we should rush to believe these alleged prophecies, since the vast majority of them do have major flaws; one of the most common ones is that they're usually based on the Good God hypothesis; however if this theory were true then the Good God could have and would have found a way to communicate more honestly so that all could understand him and advise us how to avoid these disaster. This leads me to the clear conclusion that either there is no Good God, or if there is some unknown advance intelligence known as God that he can't be as good as religious people think and must have some kind of undisclosed motive. If so we have to wonder what he's gaining for himself, how and why; and if there is something to it, is he going to reveal the truth and share any alleged benefits to this scam with the human race making amends for allowing all these atrocities in the past happen when he could avoid it. One possible explanation that I've considered in the past, in articles cited below, is that it's part of a massive research project, and we can benefit from advanced science assuming the truth comes out, although that won't be easy since this scam has destroyed God's credibility, at least to rational people. In order to fully benefit from this we need to be rational not blind cult followers that can fall for future scams.

The media occasionally reports on some of these alleged prophecies while making as many blunders as the less credible conspiracy theorist, including the following article, which falsly claims that the "world is in the grips of a coronavirus epidemic unlike anything seen since the outbreak of SARS in 2002," implying that the outbreak of SARS in 2002 was worse than this, which it wasn't and itnoring the TB epidemic of 2012, which was much worse, although it mostly only impacted those in poor countries:

Coronavirus prophecy: Bizarre claim Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived 03/04/2020

The world is in the grips of a coronavirus epidemic unlike anything seen since the outbreak of SARS in 2002. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has infected 94,214 people since last December and killed at least 3,214.

The virus, which first appeared in China’s Hubei Province, is now rapidly spreading through Europe and the Middle East at alarming rates.

Large outbreaks of COVID-19 in Italy, Iran and South Korea have prompted many to link the epidemic to biblical prophecies of the end times.

Militant Christians and biblical hardliners have flooded social media with claims the coronavirus is harbinger of the Apocalypse.

John Angelbeck tweeted: “Coronavirus? Hurricane Katrina? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Pal.

“Just read the Book of Revelation. Repent of your sins before it’s too late.

"I do care about you (and those who think like you do. And those who don’t)”

Another Twitter user said: “‘Beginning of Sorrows’ - Matthew 24:3-8’

“Australian Wildfires... Coronavirus... earthquakes in odd places...increased rage/murders worldwide ... massive hunger increases...

“And there are those that laugh at the Book of Revelation... #jesusiscoming”

But where are these outrageous claims about biblical prophecy coming from?

Many Christians believe the end of the world was prophesied in the last chapters of the Bible, the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation details the cataclysmic events that will unfold before the Second Coming of Christ.

One of these events will be the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, one of which is believed to be represented by the coronavirus.

The Four Horsemen are typically represented as Death, War, Famine and Pestilence or Plague.

Evangelists Gerald Flurry and Wayne Turgeon of The Trumpet said: “We have already examined the first three horsemen: The first is religious deception, next is war, then famine.

“With the fourth, pestilence, these horsemen represent the final, end-time culmination of the most traumatic problems endured by a rebellious mankind.

“They picture one of the most ominous scenarios ever. It is imperative that each of us takes heed while there is still time.”

Conspiracy theorists have claimed online the coronavirus represents the Pale Horse and its rider.

Charity Mukuba tweeted: “The rider of this pale horse has been released on earth today.

“We can already see the plagues of LOCUSTS and pestilences like CORONAVIRUS that have brought death. Locusts have brought famine #RepentAndPrepare”

John the Apostle wrote in Revelation 6: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

“And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

There is however no evidence to suggest the coronavirus is in any way a biblical portent of doom.

Instead, COVID-19 is triggered by a pathogen belonging to a family of viruses responsible for past epidemics.

Between 2002 and 2003, for instance, a coronavirus strain infected more than 8,000 people with SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Then in 2012, a different strain of coronavirus was responsible for the outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS. Complete article

Most of these prophecies certainly sound absurd; however, our government and the media is behaving absurd; leading me to the conclusion that even though the most far-fetched, and in many cases logically flawed theories won't turn out to be true, something absurd is going on.

Furthermore, it's becoming increasingly clear that our health care system is making it worse, by not treating people for years before it hit making them more susceptible to it, and by not providing adequate testing or treatment after it hit. And, a comparison with the countries that have universal health care or state run health care shows that we're being hit worse than most of them on a per capita basis, despite the fact that most other countries were hit first. I compare twenty two countries with universal or state run health care and compared them to the United States to see which was doing worse, adjusted for population and fifteen out of twenty two of them had lower death rates than the United States with only seven of them higher death rates, Seven of those fifteen were much lower while only three of the seven were much higher.

Three of the fifteen with higher lower death rates had higher numbers of cases, so overall I classified those as about equal to the United States so it comes to twelve that are doing better, with seven significantly better than the United States; three about equal; with seven doing worse, three of them significantly worse. Two of the countries that are doing much better than the USA are Cuba and Venezuela, which the USA routinely demonizes. Additional countries doing much better that weren't included include Bolivia, which underwent a coup supported by the United States, India, which has much more social problems, and even China despite the high numbers coming from there in the Hubei Province, the country as a whole has much lower rates of infections and deaths and is well past their peak. On average countries with Single Payer Health care are handling it much better, and there are several additional articles listed below, along with the details of my review also supporting this conclusion.

Numerous additional articles from peer reviewed sources also support this conclusion including the following one, and more listed below, at the end of this article, while defenders of the current system seem to be quit about how it's failing to treat this disease:

Public Health Experts: Single-Payer Systems Coping With Coronavirus More Effectively Than For-Profit Model 03/16/2020 by Jake Johnson

"Having a healthcare system that's a public strategic asset rather than a business run for profit allows for a degree of coordination and optimal use of resources."
by Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the coronavirus pandemic places extraordinary strain on national healthcare systems around the world, public health experts are making the case that countries with universal single-payer systems have thus far responded more efficiently and effectively to the outbreak than nations like the United States, whose fragmented for-profit apparatus has struggled to cope with the growing crisis.
"There is no need for people to worry about the tests or vaccine or cost of care if people become ill." —Helen Buckingham, Nuffield Trust

"It is too soon to see definite outcomes among competing healthcare systems. But even in this early phase, public health experts say the single-payer, state-run systems are proving themselves relatively robust," the Washington Post reported Sunday. "Unlike the United States, where a top health official told Congress the rollout of testing was 'failing' and where Congress is only now moving through a bill that includes free testing, the single-payer countries have been especially nimble at making free, or low-cost, virus screening widely available for patients with coughs and fevers."

While the Trump administration only recently took steps to massively expand COVID-19 testing—sparking concerns that the outbreak in the U.S. is far more severe than official numbers suggest—countries with forms of single-payer healthcare like South Korea and Denmark have for weeks been offering "drive-through" testing and other innovative mechanisms, allowing them to quickly test hundreds of thousands of their citizens and respond accordingly. Complete article

'We Need Medicare for All': Massive Coronavirus Job Losses Expose Obvious Failure of Employer-Based Insurance 03/26/2020 by Julia Conley

"3.3 million people just lost their 'if you like your employer benefits you can keep them' benefits. Healthcare can never again be tied to employment." After millions of Americans abruptly lost their jobs this month due to the coronavirus, resulting in a record-shattering 3.28 million unemployment claims in one week, Medicare for All advocates are pointing to the crisis as the latest and clearest evidence that the U.S. must abandon its for-profit healthcare system once and for all.
"I've been told people like 'choice' when it comes to healthcare, the 3 million people fired this week didn't have any choice when losing their health insurance." —Adam H. Johnson, The Appeal

Nearly half of the American population has health insurance through their jobs, a system which critics—including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—have long said is precarious for millions of workers.

With restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses closing their doors across the country to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, millions of workers could now be forced to seek coverage through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), through the Affordable Care Act, or through Medicaid.
Bernie Sanders ✔ @BernieSanders

Medicare for All means never losing your health insurance if you lose your job. That is what we must guarantee to the American people.

Highlighting the March 2020 spike in a graph showing U.S. jobless claims over the past five decades, advocacy group Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) issued a reminder that "under Medicare for All, nobody would have to worry about health coverage after losing their job."
Physicians for a National Health Program @PNHP

Under #MedicareForAll, *nobody* would have to worry about health coverage after losing their job. No COBRA with its outrageous premiums. No exchange policies with their sky-high deductibles. Just comprehensive #SinglePayer coverage that you can never, ever lose.

The image, Sanders' campaign advisor, David Sirota, tweeted, "explains one of the reasons why employer-based private health insurance is extremely bad."

Other critics suggested the coronavirus pandemic should mark the end of claims made by politicians and commentators that tying health coverage to one's employment is beneficial for workers and the economy. Complete article

Amazingly, our political establishment and the majority of the media that's helping rig the election by giving overwhelmingly positive coverage for candidate they support are trying to make it even worse, to enrich a relatively few wall Street campaign donors at the expense of the safety of the public, which risks turning this into a real apocalyptic even, even though we have a much better alternative, solving this crises based on good research. And we still have a good candidate running that wants to do just that, but the DNC is in the process of rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump even used the Corona-virus as an excuse to relax regulations protecting the environment, despite the fact that pollution related diseases makes people more susceptible to the pandemic and many other diseases as well. Joe Biden is no better, threatening to veto Medicare for All if it passes clearly selling out to insurance and pharmaceutical companies that seem to be far more concerned with maximizing profit than addressing major health problems.

Both Trump and Biden are bumbling idiots catering to the oligarchs, and would never have been front runners without astronomical support and obsession coverage from Wall Street and the mainstream media. Biden couldn't even provide a rational response on the view when asked if Trump was right about the cure being worse than the disease and he fumbled it saying "We Have To Take Care Of The Cure That Will Make The Problem Worse No Matter What." 03/24/2020 If you take him literally he seems to be saying that we should make the cure worse than the disease; however, it's obvious that his mind was getting confused, not that he meant to say this. Even if they rig the nomination for him, and he somehow manages to beat Trump he won't be making the decisions, instead his corporate backers will be making them!

Joe Biden hardly even pretends to defend progressive values like Barack Obama and Obama routinely caved to Wall Street bailing them out and overseeing the suppression of many protests during his presidency, including the Occupy Wall Street movement despite his broken promise about putting on a "comfortable pair of shoes" and joining the protests as president! However, in at least a couple cases, he did reluctantly give in to the protesters by delaying the approval of the Keystone pipeline and TPP, while there's little or no chance that Biden will do that. Trump did cancel TPP, but he's coming back with another trade deal that could be just as bad!

Neither Biden or Trump want to fix the health care system; neither Biden or Trump want to protect the environment, even though pollution related diseases clearly make people more susceptible to Corona-virus and other related diseases; neither Biden or Trump want to stop wars based on lies, which historically makes infectious diseases worse; both Biden and Trump have family members profiting off their political connections and are involved in epidemic levels of corruption;Both of them have a long history of lying and breaking promises; both of them have multiple accusers claiming they were involved in sexual harassment; and both have a history of catering overwhelmingly to the wealthy helping to rig the economic system, dispute some of their rhetoric during campaigns.

As insane and logically flawed as many of these Corona-virus Apocalypse theories may seem, the behavior of our own political establishment and the media that's enabling them is equally insane and absurd, so there's little doubt that something far fetched is going on. Furthermore, there's still a chance that we can elect a president that might bring about the major reforms that we need, and the delays in the primaries might provide one last chance for people to learn from how badly both Biden and Trump are addressing the Corona-virus and how much more effective Bernie's plan is to improve the health care system as well as reduce pollution, which does an enormous amount of good reducing a major risk factor, as well as solving many other social problems.

However, thanks to a consistent pattern of corrupt behavior rigging the primaries that got us into this position in the first place it may seems to take a miracle to reverse this cheating and enable Bernie to stop the establishment from rigging the primary for Bide, which is what some people seem to be hoping for including those promoting this Meme:

Bird Perches on Bernie Sanders' Podium, Internet Shits A Loaf of Magic Banana Bread 03/26/2016 A Good Friday miracle!

This is cute of course and if it helps inspire some people to support Bernie, that's great; however, counting on a God that works in mysterious miracles to save the day may not be the best solution to this problem, especially when you consider the fact that if God was as powerful and benevolent as people believe, that the least he would have done is communicate in an honest manner enabling us to understand what he's trying to accomplish, how and why. However, even though there are flaws to this belief, there's no shortage of people that might be inclined to believe God's going to come and save the day.

Nathan Robinson seems to be describing something they might consider miraculous, although he doesn't phrase it in religious manner, in this article indicating that he believes we now have a good chance of reversing this as well:

Everything Has Changed Overnight 03/27/2020 by Nathan J. Robinson

The Democratic primary is no longer over. This is a historic crisis requiring nothing less than FDR-style ambition and leadership. We’ve got just the guy.

e do not live in the same country that we did a month or two ago. It may look the same superficially. But everything has turned upside down: The stock market suffered a more sudden crash than in 1929, millions of people have lost their jobs overnight, and the healthcare system is being strained to the brink by a devastating global pandemic that has the potential to kill people in horrifying numbers. Americans are being advised to shelter in their homes for an indefinite length of time. The chart of new unemployment claims on the front page of today’s paper is astonishing:

In this topsy turvy world, there is only one issue on everybody’s minds: the virus, along with its consequences. Nearly every news story is about it; everything else is set aside for now. We know that without an indefinite lockdown, the virus could run rampant with devastating consequences, but without a strong social safety net in place, an indefinite lockdown will lead to massive income loss.

Donald Trump is about the last person you’d want in charge during a crisis, and his behavior has been downright criminal. He lied to the public repeatedly, implying the virus’s seriousness was being exaggerated for political reasons, suggesting it was no worse than the flu and promising that “like a miracle—it will disappear.” He has lied to people about whether they could be tested. (“Anybody that needs a test, gets a test.”) Against the opinions of both public health experts and economists, he has told the public he wants to have the churches open for Easter services and suggested that lockdowns are doing more harm than good. As people begged Trump to invoke the power of the state to compel ventilator production, he instead opting for protracted haggling over prices with private companies, and said that hospitals were asking for far more ventilators than they really needed. He has even reportedly denied medical supplies to states based on petty grudges.

With Trump’s incompetence already having caused needless deaths—and probably about to be responsible for many more—and his administration having made it clear that their main interest is in protecting corporate profit, not American lives, he should be hated. His approval rating should have tanked. And yet: it hasn’t. It’s actually risen, and most Americans approve of the way he has handled the crisis. Since he has handled the crisis in an objectively abysmal fashion and is killing people’s loved ones, you may find this puzzling. But it isn’t really: Trump has been on television every day talking to the American people, bragging about things he hasn’t actually done, promising that everything is under control, touting “beautiful” new tests and miracle cures, and promising that everything will be alright. He has—brilliantly—slapped his name on some coronavirus advice and then mailed it to everyone in the country. If people just turn on the television or check the mail (and they can do little else right now), they’ll see a president who seems to be in command.

It’s all an illusion, but in order to show people it’s an illusion, you’d need an effective, on-message Democratic opposition, exposing Trump and offering a clear plan of their own. Unfortunately, Democrats for the most part have failed utterly. Their messaging has been muddy, with an early Democratic relief proposal being so unambitious that some Republicans were able to paint it as stingy, and Nancy Pelosi originally defended a provision that would have denied paid sick leave to most people, and then scaled it back even further. As Ryan Cooper notes, at a time when Congressional Democrats should have been “hammering Trump at every moment of the day,” they were silent.

There is a total leadership vacuum on the Democratic side. We hear a lot about the “bipartisan” relief package that just passed, but Democrats need to show that they are in command at a time when Trump is flailing. This they have not done. In part, this is because the party’s frontrunner for the presidential nomination, Joe Biden, was completely missing in action as the worst part of the crisis escalated. Biden declined to do television appearances or speak to the public, giving the unlikely excuse that he was waiting until construction on a TV studio in his home had finished. Biden’s silence meant that Donald Trump was the only national leader people were hearing from; no wonder his approval rating shot up. In fact, that may have been intentional, with Politico reporting that Biden was afraid of being “too political” and criticizing the president during a crisis. “I don’t think the public wants to hear criticism of Donald Trump right now,” said a Biden adviser. This is indefensible: It’s like declining to criticize George W. Bush over Hurricane Katrina. Trump is directly causing people to die in large numbers and then lying about it. It’s the worst thing he’s ever done. But let’s not get “too political”? Why on earth would you not get political?

Eventually, after #WhereIsJoe began trending on Twitter and party donors were “perplexed” and asking the campaign why Biden was bungling so badly, he agreed to appear in public. Biden’s first national address came on Monday. It quickly showed why advisers had wanted to keep Biden off camera; Biden read listlessly off the teleprompter, the most memorable moment coming when the teleprompter malfunctioned and Biden struggled to speak without a script. Further TV appearances did not go well. Asked about Trump’s belief that the “cure would be worse than the disease,” Biden gave the confusing reply: “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what. No matter what.” (If we assume “take care” means “prioritize” and “that” means “Trump’s approach,” the answer makes sense, but when you watch it you go “Huh?” and right now we do not want a candidate who merely has “plausible non-nonsensical interpretations of their speech.”) At one point, Biden even said that he had experienced no symptoms of coronavirus before coughing repeatedly (and not into his elbow, leading to an awkward exchange with Jake Tapper). After the first “daily briefing” on Monday, Biden’s Tuesday briefing was canceled. Complete article

His article also goes on to report on the Tara Reade accusations which are almost completely being ignored by the mainstream media, which has potential to derail Biden's campaign. If you haven't heard about that, due to lack of mainstream media coverage, I've included numerous links below with additional details. This story and many others ensures that Biden isn't nearly as good a chance to beat Trump as the media has been trying to convince us all along. There are also many more stories about corruption of Biden and his friends and families, including another story that just came out about his sister funneling money from his campaign to her own consulting company. These stories might be getting ignored by the media now, while the primaries are going on but they're guaranteed to go viral during the general election campaign, ensuring that it's much tougher for him to beat Trump than they want us to believe.

For rational skeptics this may seems like a much more viable chance to reverse this; however, Nathan has been a Bernie supporter all along, and even though I want to believe he's right, which he might be, it's still going to be extremely difficult to reverse this cheating and insanity. I've supported wishful ideas like this repeatedly, even after seeing them fall through repeatedly. If however there are many more of these articles and enough people responding to them then it may be more likely to change the primary, and there's another one like is saying Bernie’s Leadership Shines Through During Crisis 03/27/2020

But there's something totally insane about what's going on, so I'm not ruling something extremely far-fetched happening, in fact the obvious corruption of the entire political establishment is part of that insanity. There's no doubt that it's guaranteed to backfire and even destroy those profiting from it in the short term; and they have access to good researchers that can explain this to them. Further more, they also have access to good researchers that know how to do a much better job indoctrinating the public, and must realize that they should have started out with a candidate that isn't so obviously flawed. Yet, one time after another they back incredibly obviously corrupt candidates like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and almost all the other candidates that dropped out of the 2020 race. This may not be clear to those that rely solely on the mainstream media for their news; but those accustomed to checking alternative media outlets know how flawed they are.

The insane political activity isn't the only major unsolved mystery going on and there's a chance that some of the other unsolved mysteries might be related, as I've been speculating about for several years, although it will seem far-fetched to those that haven't looked into it. One of the biggest unsolved mysteries goes back to prehistory as I pointed out in 107 Wonders of the Ancient World which explains that ancient civilizations moved megaliths well over fifty tons, some over seven hundred tons, yet experiments to replicate this failed to move megaliths between ten and fifty tons long distances without cheating, at least to get it on the sledge, and even then if they moved it at all only inched them forward. They didn't even try to move anything bigger than forty tons, implying that this shouldn't have been possible.

High profile mainstream archaeologists ignore this or make up incredibly bad explanations to dismiss it; the only high profile pundits acknowledging this major unsolved mystery seems to be the Ancient Aliens theorists on the History Channel but of course they make an enormous amount of ridiculous blunders to. Relying on their theories won't get to the truth without fact checking every detail and weeding out an enormous number of flawed ones. I came up with my own theory in UFO Hypothesis with rational use of Occam's Razor which attempts to do this, explaining that the known technology still makes it appear extremely difficult if not impossible to send life through space ships the incredibly long distances; however technology is rapidly developing to show that sending artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and many other advances might make it possible to send out crafts long distances that might take hundreds if not thousands of years that could then use robots or begin to develop other life forms once they arrive.

That article and most others cites Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" where he claims that he shared alien technology retrieved from corporations, which indicates, either there is something to it, or there's a massive effort to fake it, either of which is a major conspiracy. I also tried to explain how they were possibly providing controlled disclosure in Is Stanton Friedman working for the CIA to refute reverse engineering claims? by releasing some information through unreliable sources that few people would consider trustworthy, which could explain the colossal blunders by both the theorists on Ancient Aliens and the skeptics that attempt to ridicule them without acknowledging legitimate unsolved mysteries.

If there is something to this theory then a possible motive could involve massive amounts of research that the aliens might be reluctant to do on their own planet or might be impossible, since they might have a different environment this includes possible research into Climate change which as I pointed out in Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory is a form of geoengineering if it really is caused by man as most scientist now agree it is; and this could conceivably mean that they intentionally allowed it as part of their research that might help them learn how to partially control the climate. Other research could be into medical research which they might be sharing technology with the medical community as I speculated about in Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology?; Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery?; and Spectacular Heart Transplant for Sophia But at What Cost

The latest article on this theoretical medical research was Were Ancient Aliens Experimenting With Humans during Plague Epidemics? which would have involved research that took place before modern medicine was developed, and presumably before contact was allegedly made after Roswell as Philip Corso and other theorists claim or imply. If there is something to this then it could explain why the plague suddenly stopped coming back three hundred years ago since there's little or no reason to believe that modern medical people learned how to cure it. Furthermore, it could mean that this pandemic is the latest part of their medical research. Israel doctors have already said they're close to developing a vaccine for this, although it will take months for additional research and to get it through the regulatory process.

Several of my past articles including more listed below and Were Religions, Including Christian Science, Part of Ancient Aliens Medical Research Project? which reviews Mary Baker Eddy and Andrew Jackson Davis, an obscure alleged mystic from the nineteenth century that predicted the automobile, road system, refrigeration air conditioning, the typewriter and several other inventions that weren't developed until decades if not over a hundred year after he wrote a book, "The Penetralia" in 1856, which hardly anyone even heard of or read. At the time I wrote that article I wasn't able to read the entire book, but since then I read most of it and also found that he also managed to come close to telling people the speed of light ninety four years before it was calculated by credible scientists, on page 90 of "The Penetralia" he wrote "Some stars are yet so distant, that thirty millions of years will sink into oblivion, and infinite scores of human beings will live and die out of matter, ere their light can reach our globe! And it will help your conception to remember that light can fly two hundred thousand miles per second."

Einstein didn't even begin to develop his theory of relativity until 1905 forty nine years after he wrote his book and Speed of light wasn't calculated until 1950 and it was 186,000 miles per second, only 14,000 miles, or 7% less than what Davis claimed, yet he shouldn't have had any way of knowing this. There's also a lot more in that book that is far more advanced than someone with Andrew Jackson Davis's background and education ever should have known, yet a large portion of what he taught was far more rational than typical religious teaching of his time, or even our time; although that doesn't mean all of his writing is credible. He makes several statements letting people know that they should feel free to question his teachings just like he questions the teachings of other. This follows a pattern of behavior of at least a few dozen different alleged mystics that provide some incredibly good abilities or teachings then mix it up with serious flaws. One possible explanation for this is that if there is an advanced intelligence influencing religious leaders, whether you consider it "God" Ancient Aliens or some other unknown advanced intelligence, that it might be part of a control process to advance his agenda which isn't always in our best interests.

In my most recent article on this subject History Of Governing Is Almost All Bullshit I even speculated about the possibility that when it suits their purposes to solve some of the social problems that they must know will backfire that they might even rig an election for someone that is actually inclined to do that making it look like that person overcame epidemic levels of election fraud; at that time it seemed like there was a good chance that Bernie Sanders might just do that, with some people even predicting that he might win South Carolina primary or at least come much closer than previously expected, the day after I posted this article. However, four days after that the epidemic levels of fraud became increasingly obvious, at least to those checking with more reliable alternative media, and it got even worse a week after that with three elections going overwhelmingly for Biden leading the establishment to conclude that the primaries were virtually over.

However, Ohio was supposed to have their primary on that same day, but it was postponed, along with about ten other states, because of the Corona-virus, providing a potential opportunity to totally turn this around if Biden is exposed for the incredibly obvious fraud that he is. It now seems much less likely that Bernie Sanders will actually turn this around and prevent the primaries from being rigged, which will be catastrophic since it would mean that we're virtually guaranteed to get an incompetent clown whether it's Trump or Biden for the next four years, at a time when we need a much more rational, honest and sincere president that's actually trying to solve serious problems instead of rigging the economy for wealthy elites even though it's devastating to all of us, including the elites who may not have to pay the price as much as the rest of us, but even they will collapse if this pandemic and other environmental problems combined with an insane permanent state of war continue.

However, if he does manage to turn this around it may seem truly miraculous to many people with Bernie Sanders saving the day at the last minute, overcoming epidemic levels of fraud!

The problem is that if it's all staged then they'll only be solving some of our problems when it suits their purposes, not ours. I've been supporting Bernie Sanders since he entered the race in 2015 and continued supporting him through this election cycle, since he's been the only candidate that the media actually covers that has any decency. There's no doubt that he's far better than Biden or Trump, both of whom would be disaster, but as I've pointed out in several previous articles including Modern "Poll Taxes": Voter ID & Campaign Contributions and More Censored Candidates From The Underground the media routinely rigs elections by simply refusing to cover the vast majority of candidates running for office ensuring they never get the name recognition they need to be viable.

The candidates that are being suppressed the most might include others as good or even better than Bernie Sanders, but we have no way of knowing because they never have a chance to make their case, although a lot of the ones that I was able to find information about proved to be seriously flawed but a few were far better than the vast majority of establishment candidates, and possibly even one or two better than Bernie Sanders. As much as I like Bernie Sanders, there have been numerous times when he also caved to the establishment denying the epidemic levels of fraud in the 2016 elections and at best remaining silent about it happening again this year; and he also tried to help patch together the reputation of Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez and other leaders of the Democratic Party even while they were relentlessly trying to sabotage his progressive policies.

There are other examples where Bernie has caved to the establishment as well, and even though he does far better criticizing the media than any other establishment politician the most important criticism comes from the grassroots, and there are other examples where the best research also comes from other sources as well. Even if Bernie does manage to get elected he's not going to address all the problems that need to be addressed.

The most important issues may have to be pushed at the grassroots level, even if Bernie Sanders is elected. There are many important issues that he's indicated he'll do what he can to greatly improve on, including the protection of the environment, health care, ending outsourcing, stop fighting wars based on lies and more including other important issues that need to be addressed; but even on those the grassroots are going to have to do their part, otherwise he'll be blocked by Congress, the media and business establishment.

But there are other things that he's indicated that he's not willing to do as much as he should including challenging the duopoly; in both 2016 and 2020, he began his campaign with a pledge to support the nominee, without adequately calling out efforts to rig the primaries, and kept that promise he never should have made in 2016,indicating he'll probably do so again. Furthermore, even though he's done more to criticize the establishment media that other traditional politicians, he hasn't done nearly as much as alternative media outlets, nor has he mentioned the simple fact that allowing a fraction of one percent control the media enables them to rig the election, and call for a much more diverse media controlled by academics and grassroots not billionaires; the most effective call for reform on this issue will have to come from the grassroots even if Bernie wins.

There are also many other traditional issues like the most effective research to reduce violence where, even though he's better than other establishment candidates, he's not nearly as good as some researchers that get little or no media attention. I could into a long list of issues, many of which I've covered in past articles, including how gambling and insurance increases violence, how advertising is used for indoctrination, how propaganda including some developed by Edward Bernays, Frank Luntz and many other propagandists including Niccolo Machiavelli have been studying how to manipulate the masses for centuries, where the best research and calls for reform aren't coming from Bernie Sanders, they're coming from a small percentage of well informed grassroots.

And, if there's something to my theory, then we also need to do much more to disclose what's going on and how technology was developed so fast or if it was with the help of alien technology, which should be used to benefit all, not just the elites, whether or not poor people are being used for research based on alien technology. Even if this theory doesn't prove to be true there's plenty of evidence, including a lot reported by Harriet Washington to show there's no doubt that the poor are being used for research, which should be exposed and stopped, especially since the wealthy still get patents without sharing the benefits of this research with the poor or working class.

Also, if this theory isn't true then we need to demand a better explanation why there are so many promoting false theories like Ancient Aliens with the help of the mainstream media. I'm certainly not calling for censorship, quite the opposite, the best researchers on any given subject including this one are virtually absent from the mainstream media while incompetent clowns get obsessive coverage. If this theory isn't true then we need to demand explanations to major unsolved mysteries that actually stand up to scrutiny.

Whether this theory is true or not, we need major reform based on science that can be confirmed and stands up to scrutiny. This needs to include implementing Single Payer health care, protecting the environment, improving the education system, ending voter suppression creating more diverse media, and much more, all of which Bernie Sanders is much better at than either Joe Biden or Donald Trump; but, that the grassroots, if well informed might be even better than Bernie Sanders.

The following are daily updates recorded as they happen about how fast the Corona-virus has been spreading:

Coronavirus total cases, deaths, and recoveries in the USA
03/23/2020 total cases 42,379; deaths 517; recoveries 295;
03/24/2020 total cases 46,168; deaths 582; recoveries 295;
03/25/2020 10:55 AM total cases 55,081; deaths 785; recoveries 379;
03/26/2020 6:38 PM total cases 83,097; deaths 1,198; recoveries 1,864;
03/27/2020 10:30 AM total cases 85,762; deaths 1,306; recoveries 1,868;
03/28/2020 10:30 AM total cases 105,019; deaths 1,717; recoveries 2,537;
03/29/2020 10:24 AM total cases 123,628; deaths 2,231; recoveries 3,238;
3/30/2020 9:36 AM total cases 142,793; deaths 2,490; recoveries 4,562;
3/31/2020 10:34 AM total cases 164,744; deaths 3,163; recoveries 5,507;

Coronavirus total cases, deaths, and recoveries worldwide
03/23/2020 total cases 374,490; deaths 16,349; recoveries 101,520;
03/24/2020 total cases 395,694; deaths 17,234; recoveries 103,736;
03/25/2020 10:58 AM total cases 440,359; deaths 19,753; recoveries 112,032;
03/25/2020 6:41 PM total cases 528,827; deaths 23,959; recoveries 123,364;
03/27/2020 10:31 AM total cases 555,970 deaths 25,226; recoveries 128,706;
03/28/2020 10:31 AM total cases 620,938 deaths 28,653; recoveries 137,363;
03/29/2020 10:25 AM total cases 683,694 deaths 32,155; recoveries 146,396;
03/30/2020 9:37 AM total cases 739,371 deaths 35,016; recoveries 156,402;
03/31/2020 1036 AM total cases 805,377 deaths 39,469; recoveries 172,436;

My review of countries with Universal Health Care included eighteen countries, selected by Very Well Health, and added two countries with state run health care, Cuba and Venezuela, that the United States and corporate media routinely demonize, and after finding several articles also supporting this conclusion I also added Denmark and South Korea, since that article referred to them as having far more comprehensive health care than the united States.

Differences Between Universal Coverage and Single-Payer 03/22/2020

Australia, 55% fewer cases, 90% fewer deaths, 20% fewer recoveries, significantly better than USA;
Canada, 60% fewer cases, a quarter of the deaths, 12% more recoveries significantly better than USA;
Finland, a third fewer cases, less than a third deaths, a quarter as many recoveries better than USA;
France, 75% more cases, a third fewer deaths, 11 times as many recoveries better than USA;
Germany, almost twice as many cases, slightly fewer deaths, ten times as many recoveries, about the same as USA, although cures are much higher, and deaths lower;
Hungary, one seventh of the cases, twice as many deaths, 60% fewer recoveries worse than the USA, possibly not diagnosing all their cases;
Iceland, eight times as many cases, 75% more deaths, 35 times as many recoveries worse than the USA, although recoveries are better;
Ireland, 20% more cases, 25% fewer deaths, one eighth as many recoveries slightly better than the USA with fewer deaths, but also fewer recoveries;
Israel, a third more cases, less than a quarter of the deaths, 40% more recoveries better than USA;
the Netherlands, 80% fewer cases, a third fewer deaths, one forty fifth as many recoveries better than USA;
New Zealand, a third of the cases, no deaths, 30% more recoveries significantly better than USA;
Norway, one and a third times as many cases, one third less deaths, a sixth as many recoveries about the same as the USA more cases but less deaths;
Portugal, one sixth as many cases, 80% more deaths, 40% fewer recoveries worse than the USA, possibly not diagnosing all their cases;
the Slovak Republic, one sixth of the cases, no deaths, one twentieth of the recoveries significantly better than USA;
Slovenia, slightly more cases, 10% fewer deaths, 40% fewer recoveries about the same as USA;
Sweden, ten percent fewer cases, twice as many deaths, one fifth as many recoveries worse than the USA;
Switzerland, five times as many cases, five times as many deaths, twelve times as many recoveries significantly worse than the USA;
United Kingdom, about 20% fewer cases, over two and a half times as many deaths, a quarter as many recoveries significantly worse than the USA;
Cuba, less than one twentieth of the cases, one twentieth of the deaths, less than one twentieth of the recoveries, significantly better than USA;
Venezuela, only slightly more than 1% of the cases, only one death for every 85 in the United States, one seventh of the recoveries, which is a much better record since they have so few cases, significantly better than USA;
South Korea, more than 40% fewer cases, less than half the deaths, eleven times more recoveries, significantly better than USA;
Denmark, ten times as many cases, twice as many deaths, only 1 recovery, one fortieth the rate of USA, significantly worse than the USA.

The following traditional articles, some from sources that previously supported our current system, provide additional evidence showing that Universal Health care with Single Payer is far more effective at addressing this crisis:

Inhumanity Unbound: No Help From The EU Or US, While China And Cuba Provide Aid 03/28/2020

41% of Public More Likely to Support Universal Health Care Amid Pandemic 03/13/2020 Other surveys show that Single Payer Health insurance was popular among the majority long before the Coronavirus hit, indicating this is an increase over that support. Article may not make it clear that many people that supported it previously are still supporting it even though they were,t among the 41%

Italy has a world-class health system. The coronavirus has pushed it to the breaking point. 03/18/2020 Despite this claim, Italy is not one of the countries with Universal health care.

Coronavirus presents real-world test for state-run, single-payer health systems 03/15/2020 It is too soon to see definite outcomes among competing health-care systems. But even in this early phase, public health experts say the single-payer, state-run systems are proving themselves relatively robust. Unlike the United States, where a top health official told Congress the rollout of testing was “failing” and where Congress is only now moving through a bill that includes free testing, the single-payer countries have been especially nimble at making free, or low-cost, virus screening widely available for patients with coughs and fevers.

America’s health insurance gaps could speed spread of coronavirus 03/10/2020

Op-Ed: Without universal healthcare, coronavirus puts us all at risk 03/05/2020

Here's how the US health care system makes it harder to stop coronavirus 03/11/2020

The coronavirus exposes our health care system’s weaknesses. We can be stronger 03/02/2020

The Covid-19 risks for different age groups, explained 03/23/2020

How 5 of History's Worst Pandemics Finally Ended 03/17/2020 Smallpox—A European Disease Ravages the New World “There hasn’t been a kill off in human history to match what happened in the Americas—90 to 95 percent of the indigenous population wiped out over a century,” says Mockaitis. “Mexico goes from 11 million people pre-conquest to one million.”

5 Scariest Disease Outbreaks of the Past Century 11/25/2020

Why Was It Called the 'Spanish Flu?' The virus infected as much as 40 percent of the global population over the next 18 months. Of these, an estimated 20 to 50 million perished—more than the roughly 17 million people killed during the First World War. (World population at that time was about 1.8 billion indicating estimate of 720 million people infected,which means that 2.77%-6.94% of those infected died; which comes to 1.11%-2.78% of global population died.)

Half of U.S. deaths related to air pollution are linked to out-of-state emissions 02/12/2020

Study: Air Pollution Linked to Increased Risk of Death 08/21/2019

India suffers most pollution-linked deaths in world, study finds 03/2/2020 Pollution causes more than 2 million deaths a year in India, while Chad, Central African Republic and North Korea saw highest per capita rates. The report by the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) found pollution to be the largest environmental cause of premature death on the planet, causing 15% of all deaths – some 8.3 million people. The US came seventh with almost 200,000 deaths.

Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for older adults 03/14/2020 In Italy, a country with one of the world’s oldest populations, a March 4 analysis by the national health institute found that of the 105 patients who died from the virus, the average age was 81. This put a 20-year gap between the average age of people who tested positive for the virus and the deceased, the institute said. On Friday, an ICU physician in Lombardy — the epicenter of Italy’s outbreak — told JAMA there have been only two deaths of people under the age of 50.

Why Coronaviruses Hit Older Adults Hardest 03/14/2020

Cuba shares vaccine without trying t gouge people to save lives.

Cuban experience with local production of medicines, technology transfer and improving access to health

Biden Sides With Big Pharma Against Plan That Could Make Coronavirus Vaccine Affordable 03/17/2020 In contrast with Sanders and other Democrats, Biden has not embraced a key executive authority for driving down the cost of pharmaceuticals developed with federally-funded research, like the coronavirus vaccine that is currently being tested.

The following are additional stories about how this appears to be an apocalyptic event, discretion is advised before either accepting or rejecting them, since there is something bizarre going on, but rushing to the wrong conclusions could do more harm than good.

Biden suggests he would veto ‘Medicare for All’ over its price tag 03/10/2020

'It's kind of apocalyptic': San Francisco Bay Area residents describe coronavirus lockdown 03/17/2020

Coronavirus in the Bible: Preacher warns of 'apocalyptic signs' as ‘end of world nears’ 03/17/2020

Baba Vanga 2020 prediction: END OF THE WORLD, Putin assassination, tsunami in the New Year 02/10/2020

Coronavirus: Why COVID-19 is NOT the end of the world - 'The Lord’s shown me through 2026' 03/20/2020

Nostradamus 2020: Three predictions that came true - is coronavirus the fourth? 03/26/2020

End of the world: Is coronavirus the prophesied 'Plague' in the Book of Revelation? 03/26/2020

Coronavirus: Did the psychic Sylvia Browne predict COVID-19? Prophecy of pneumonia in 2020 03/25/2020

Coronavirus horror: Nostradamus warned of 'fire, blood, plague' in 1555 - Is it COVID-19? 03/04/2020

Coronavirus: Scientist PREDICTED deadly outbreak after chilling 2011 film 03/03/2020

Nostradamus prediction: Prophet warned Italy of 'very great plague' - Is it coronavirus? 03/03/2020

Coronavirus: Was the deadly plague predicted by the Bible? Claims end of world is near 02/19/2020

Book of Revelation: Did the Bible warn of coronavirus? Prophecy of 'seven plagues' to come 03/01/2020

Coronavirus: Bizarre claim Book of Revelation warns epidemic could have 'huge death toll' 02/29/2020

Nostradamus prediction: Was prophecy of 'scourge' and 'plague' a coronavirus warning? 02/29/2020

The following are articles about accusatiuons of sexual assault virtually ignored by most of mainstream media, including exxamples where establishment pundits routinely dismiss accusations against their candidate while expressing outrage about the same accusations against their opponents candidate:

Time’s Up Declines to Fund Joe Biden #MeToo Allegation 03/24/2020

Why has the media ignored sexual assault allegations against Biden? 03/2/2020

Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Accuser Wants To Be Able To Speak Out Without Fear of 'Powerful Men' 03/27/2020

yahoo News: Joe Biden Faces Sexual Assault Allegations From A Former Staffer 03/26/2020 This is one of the first articles to cover the subject by mainstream media but it was taken down;fortunately a copy was saved by the Wayback Machine

Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls 06/19/2019

yahoo News: Seven women have now accused Joe Biden of inappropriate touching 04/04/2019

Joe Biden Said He Believes All Women. Does He Believe Tara Reade? 03/26/2020 When it comes to #MeToo sexual misconduct issues, former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presumptive 2020 presidential nominee, has made it no secret where he stands: automatically believe women. "For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you've got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she's talking about is real," said Biden during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced accusations that as a teenager he had assaulted a woman at a party.

Tara Reade discusses Biden allegation with Hill.TV's 'Rising' 03/26/2020

Woman accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault | He put me up against a wall. Without consent, he went down my skirt and penetrated me with his fingers. When I pulled away, he pointed at me and said, "You're nothing to me." He smiles when he's angry. 03/25/2020

Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault – and the Media Refuses to Cover It 03/26/2020

TRANSCRIPT of Joe Biden's accuser Tara Reade finally telling her full story. CW: Sexual Assault 03/25/2020

You Clapping hands sign can’t Clapping hands sign pretend Clapping hands signto Clapping hands sign be Clapping hands sign theClapping hands sign party Clapping hands sign of Clapping hands sign the Clapping hands sign American Clapping hands signpeople Clapping hands sign and Clapping hands sign then Clapping hands signnot Clapping hands sign support Clapping hands sign Tara Reade Clapping hands sign who Clapping hands sign came forward Clapping hands sign with Clapping hands sign her Clapping hands sign#MeToo Clapping hands sign story about @JoeBiden #IBelieveTara 03/25/2020 Altered quote of Alyssa Milano from 2018 "You can’t pretend to be the party of the American people and then not support a woman who comes forward with her #MeToo story."

The following are some of my past articles on theories about unsolved mysteries or Ancient Aliens:

History Of Governing Is Almost All Bullshit

Is Falun Gong Partly Right About Aliens?

Were Ancient Aliens Experimenting With Humans during Plague Epidemics?

Were Religions, Including Christian Science, Part of Ancient Aliens Medical Research Project?

Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft?

Who's Controlling Oligarchies Dividing The Market? Aliens?

Top Twelve UFO sightings: based on best evidence or potential significance

UFO Hypothesis with rational use of Occam's Razor

Did Padre Pio Or Other Alleged Mystics Have "Revelations" from "God?"

Phony Apocalyptic Judgement Day May Be Here!

Prophets and Mystics

Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory

Looming North Korea Nuclear Apocalypse Result of Incompetence? Or Staged?

107 Wonders of the Ancient World

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A Brief History of the Mormon Church

Why so few arrests for Crop Circles makers? Is there microwave evidence?

"God's Not Dead" But Is He Nice?

Multinationals Are Using Public For Research On Massive Scale

Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy but could it be related to a far-fetched Apocalypse Prophecy or a weak copy of it?

Wanted unsuspecting research subjects

Is Stanton Friedman working for the CIA to refute reverse engineering claims?

Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery?

Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology?

UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun"

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Which version of the "Deep State" is the real thing?

We Must Become The Media And The Scientists!

Is this for real? Or Insane Reverse Psychology Experiment Or Research?

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Scientology connection to the CIA? Ancient Aliens? Other mystics including Helena Blavatsky?

Is Trump A Massive CIA PsyOp?

Spectacular Heart Transplant for Sophia But at What Cost

Is GOP Committing Political Suicide? Or Is Kavanaugh An Insane PsyOp?

False Flag Bombs, Incredible Incompetence or Both?

The following are some additional relate articles:

Capitalism is Literally Killing America 03/2/2020

Wikipedia: SARS

806k has gone to Joe Biden’s PR firm that also oversees Times Up, since Tara Reade asked to be represented by Times Up. 03/28/2020

Take everyone’s money during a pandemic, use it to subsidize a CEO’s $10 million salary, insist to everyone it’s not a bailout, celebrate American exceptionalism as thousands die preventable deaths — wash, rinse repeat. America F yeah! 03/25/2020

'Some may even die, I don't know': Former Wells Fargo CEO wants people to go back to work and 'see what happens' 03/25/2020

EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws amid coronavirus 03/26/2020

Biden Rejects April Debate as Sanders Says He Wants a Face-Off 03/25/2020

Donald Trump’s Campaign Slaps TV Stations With Cease And Desist Letter To Try To Halt Ad Attacking His Coronavirus Response 03/26/2020

Joe Biden's Sister Funneled Millions in Campaign Cash to Her Own Company Former Vice President Joe Biden's sister, Valerie Biden Owens, funneled millions of dollars from her brother's presidential campaigns to her own consulting company, a bombshell new report has revealed. 03/28/2020

Biden’s Sister Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Firm 03/28/2020

Joe Biden Funniest Moment Supercut 11/2/2020

Joe Biden tried to speak about the #coronavirus but apparently his teleprompter stopped working, which left him extremely confused. 03/23/2020

'Holy Crap This Is Insane': Citing Coronavirus Pandemic, EPA Indefinitely Suspends Environmental Rules 03/27/2020

Nurse dies in New York hospital where workers are reduced to using trash bags as protective medical gear 03/26/2020

E.P.A., Citing Coronavirus, Drastically Relaxes Rules for Polluters 03/26/2020

Time of Plague and Meltdown: Mass Murder by Corporate Duopoly 03/26/2020

Gov. Reynolds orders restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters to close at noon Tuesday 03/17/2020

‘I would rather die than kill the country’: The conservative chorus pushing Trump to end social distancing 03/2/2020 “I would rather have my children stay home and have all of us who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going and working,” Beck said. “Even if we all get sick, I’d rather die than kill the country. Because it’s not the economy that’s dying, it’s the country.”

Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus 03/25/2020

Last-minute complaints threaten $2T Senate coronavirus emergency aid 03/25/2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, warned that unless a group of GOP senators back down from their demand for changes to the unemployment insurance benefits, he would slow walk the bill until stronger guardrails were put on hundreds of billions in funding for corporations.

"In my view, it would be an outrage to prevent working-class Americans to receive the emergency unemployment assistance included in this legislation," Sanders said in a statement.

"Unless these Republican senators drop their objection, I am prepared to put a hold on this bill until stronger conditions are imposed on the $500 billion corporate welfare fund to make sure that any corporation receiving financial assistance under this legislation does not lay off workers, cut wages or benefits, ship jobs overseas or pay workers poverty wages," Sanders continued.

Was the Wuhan outbreak a lethal accident? 03/20/2020

Angel Moroni loses trumpet in Salt Lake earthquake 03/18/2020

This Is How Many People Die From the Flu Each Year, According to the CDC 02/11/2020 So how do these numbers compare to flu deaths in previous years? So far, it looks like the 2019-2020 death toll won’t be as high as it was in the 2017-2018 season, when 61,000 deaths were linked to the virus. However, it could equal or surpass the 2018-2019 season's 34,200 flu-related deaths. Overall, the CDC estimates that 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the flu. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year.

Coronavirus Death Rate in Wuhan Is Lower than Previously Thought, Study Finds 03/19/2020

China May Be Beating the Coronavirus, at a Painful Cost 03/07/2020 Officials reported only 99 new cases on Saturday, down from around 2,000 a day just weeks ago, and for the second day in a row, none were detected in Hubei Province outside of its capital, Wuhan, the center of the outbreak.

Corona-virus outbreak puts local shelters in a difficult position 03/17/2020

Israeli scientists: 'In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine' 03/15/2020

Quarantine Meditations: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix 03/24/2020 FYI if your government is pushing the suspension of civil liberties before coming up with a healthcare plan or providing you with financial security in an unprecedented economic crisis, then their desire to suspend civil liberties has nothing to do with fighting the pandemic.

Here are the states that postponed their primaries due to coronavirus 03/24/2020 Alaska

2020 Democratic Primary Election: Voting Postponed in 10 States and Territories 03/24/2020 Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Delaware and Rhode Island have postponed their presidential primary elections, citing the outbreak. In Ohio, officials declared a public health emergency just hours before polls were set to open last week.

Trump says he wants country 'opened up' by Easter, despite caution from health experts 03/24/2020

China says coronavirus cases on decline after hitting peak in epicenter 03/12/2020

China shows COVID-19 Coronavirus can be ‘stopped in its tracks’ 03/16/2020

Coronavirus testing at Joliet Walmart reaches daily limit fast 03/23/2020

STORY OF SOMEONE TRYING TO GET MEDICAL HELP FOR SUSPECTED CORONAVIRUS 03/21/2020 Finally after hours of waiting alone balled up in the center of the broken recliner chair, a doctor came in with a thick accent hard to understand. The very first thing he said to me was “You have sex with men?” ....... I asked him if I tested positive for code 19 and they told me they would not be able to give me that information unless I pay them $200 over the phone.

Rand Paul is first senator to test positive for coronavirus 03/23/2020

Federal law enforcement document reveals white supremacists discussed using coronavirus as a bioweapon 03/21/2020

Is The Coronavirus Really More Dangerous Than The Flu? 03/09/2020

'Grotesque Level of Greed': Owned by World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos, Whole Foods Wants Workers to Pay for Colleagues' Sick Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic 03/13/2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Epidemic 2020 Election Fraud Again

Massive epidemic levels of election fraud and suppression is now routine; however, mainstream media often ignores the vast majority of it, and when they do report on some of it they only cover a small aspect of it and often spin it as if it';s a minor issue or try to deny it. I went into an enormous amount of election fraud stories in 2016 explaining how they rigged the primaries in Can Hillary Clinton win without cheating?

(This is an ongoing systematic problem with evidence of additional voter suppression or other methods of rigging the primaries being exposed at the grassroots level; therefore it's virtually guaranteed that there will be more evidence, which I'll update on this page periodically through the election, especially if they successfully rig the nomination for Biden.)

They're doing it again, with an enormous amount of evidence scattered in various low profile locations. Some of the most important part of their fraud isn't actually rigging the actual votes, although there's an enormous amount of that, it's rigging the media coverage so that only candidates that the media support can get any coverage enabling them to get the name recognition they need to be to become viable. But occasionally a good candidate manages to overcome this and make it virtually impossible for the media, controlled by a fraction of 1% of the richest members of the public, to ignore him without losing the last shred of credibility that some people still think they have.

For all practical purposes the establishment virtually admits they're trying to manipulate the system to elect candidates that support their agenda and stop progressives like Bernie Sanders from getting elected often arguing for blatant double standards which they feel justified in using, yet consider it outrageous when others try to do the same thing; one example is Amee Vanderpool who tweeted the following just before Super Tuesday It was important for Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar to suspend when they did to slow the Bernie progression and Bloomberg needs to quit his run before tomorrow as well. Incidentally, this is the exact same reason that Elizabeth Warren should NOT drop out of the race. 03/02/2020

Amee Vanderpool supposedly supported Elizabeth Warren because she's been portrayed as a progressive, like Bernie Sanders; so you would think she wouldn't be so adamantly opposed to Sanders, as she and most other establishment pundits are; however, as I pointed out in Can Hillary Clinton win without cheating? she's not nearly as progressive as she seems, and Bernie Sanders has a long record of sticking by his principles. Vanderpool never really supported those progressive views, which Elizabeth Warren often caved on, instead wanting her to stay in because they were giving her an enormous amount of positive propaganda making her look progressive so she could draw votes away from Sanders, even though it was clear before Super Tuesday that she had no chance of winning.

This is just a small sample of the spin the media is constantly putting out all day every day on Cable and other sources, including social media. But this kind of deceptive spin isn't fooling everyone, and I've compiled an enormous amount of evidence below from many articles, one good description of how cutting polling access to low income areas is at an epidemic level being done by both political parties and how the media spins it is provided by Julie Hollar in:

Elite Media Dismiss Voter Suppression on Grounds That It’s ‘Complicated’ 03/13/2020

It’s charitable that the affluent aren’t complaining about standing in line for hours (as no one should face obstacles to vote)—but they’re also typically not worried about getting fired or missing a paycheck for doing so.

Some voters—disproportionately black and brown ones—waited in line for several hours on Super Tuesday to cast their ballots in the Democratic primary, and media paid attention. But their love for a good visual doesn’t always correspond with a love for connecting the dots, and so most of the coverage downplayed any suggestion that there might be voter suppression going on in 2020.

“Why Did It Take So Long to Vote in Texas and California?” asked a New York Times headline (3/4/20), which offered a reassuring answer in its subhead: “Some voters stood in lines for hours. But despite voter suppression concerns, the primary breakdowns apparently reflected snafus more than malign intent.” Reporter Michael Wines explained:
Some critics complained on Twitter and elsewhere that the delays amounted to voter suppression in a state where Republicans have been frequently sued, sometimes successfully, for trying to minimize Democratic power. But Texas elections are tightly controlled by local officials, not state ones. And in big cities like Houston and Austin which had the biggest problems on Tuesday, those officials are Democrats with scant reason to depress turnout in Democratic urban strongholds.

And yet, in the very next paragraph, Wines reported that “voting machines were divided equally between Democratic and Republican voters—but many more Democrats turned out to vote on Tuesday,” later explaining that
the imbalance stemmed from the county Republican Party’s refusal to agree with Democrats to hold a joint primary election in metropolitan Houston in which voters could cast ballots on any machine. All but a handful of the state’s 254 counties held joint primaries.

The article’s final paragraph noted that the Houston voting site at historically black Texas Southern University, where people waited up to seven hours to vote,
allotted 10 voting machines to each party, and eventually added 14 additional machines for Democratic voters, she said. But of those who showed up on Tuesday, 1,132 voted in the Democratic primary. Sixty-eight voted for Republican candidates.

It’s a curiously stark mismatch between evidence and conclusions, a phenomenon repeated in the Washington Post (3/4/20), where reporter Elise Viebeck likewise took issue with those suggesting voter suppression was happening: Complete article

To put it simply making lower income people stay in long lines all across the country with some of the worst lines in Texas, Michigan, and even California, when Bernie won anyway, ensures that candidates favoring the wealthy are much more likely to get elected, which means Biden of Trump! But even that isn't enough cheating for the establishment; one of the most compelling sources of cheating at the polls as well is TDMS | Research which did in depth studies showing that establishment candidates routinely out performed their exit poll predictions, while Bernie Sanders under performed in all races that were studied, with Biden benefiting in almost all of them, except for New Hampshire, where Buttigieg benefited as described in the following articles:

Is the DNC cheating? Again? 03/13/2020 By Michael T. Hertz

The DNC’s candidate always gains in the counting. And that is highly suspicious.

TDMS Research has been doing a lot of comparison in several primary states between exit polls and final reported results. For example, in connection with the Texas primary, TDMS wrote:

"The 2020 Texas Democratic Party presidential primary was held on March 3, 2020. Election results from the computerized vote counts differed significantly from the results projected by the exit poll conducted by Edison Research and published by CNN at poll’s closing. According to the exit poll Sanders was tied with Biden but lost in the unobservable computer counts by 4.5%."

"In this election, candidate Sanders saw the largest discrepancy between the exit poll and computer vote counts. His projected vote proportion fell 4% in the vote counts—a 12% reduction of his exit poll share. The combined discrepancies between the exit poll and the vote count for candidates Sanders and Biden at 4.4% significantly exceeded the 2.9% margin of error for the exit poll difference between the two. The discrepancies between Sanders and Bloomberg at 5.4% was triple their respective margin of error. See table below."

"There is good reason to believe that the exit poll just prior to publishing showed a Sanders win in Texas."

In the five primaries researched – Texas (-4.0%), Vermont (-6.3%), New Hampshire (-0.3%), South Carolina (-1.4%) and Massachusetts (-3.8%)– Sanders’ computer vote counts were always significantly below the exit polls. Biden’s counts, on the other hand, always went up above the exit polls, except in New Hampshire. The only candidate who went up in New Hampshire was Buttigieg.

Hopefully, the researchers will compute the results for other states, like California, Colorado, and Michigan. But the present results are disturbing in and of themselves. Why should Sanders always go down while Biden almost always go up? The results seriously affect the delegate count.

One might also point out that in the Super Tuesday vote, there were 14 states. All of the results in which Biden won were fully reported within days of the election. But in the three in which Sanders won – California, Utah, and Colorado – the final results were still unreported over a week later. This made it appear that Sanders was further behind than actually true by the time Super Tuesday II rolled around. That probably encouraged voters to choose Biden as the leading candidate.

TDMS Research did similar research in 2016. The result was that Clinton generally went up and Sanders down. We’re just having a repeat of 2016. The criticisms of these results don’t hold water. Even if there are mistakes, why do all the mistakes favor the persons who oppose Sanders? Complete article

Mark Crispin Miller, who'e been studying election fraud for years, if not decades and wrote "Loser Take All" made a similar observation based on a New Hampshire poll a few days before the election In Massachusetts, 2/28 poll showed Bernie LEADING with 25%, Warren in 2nd place with 17%—and Biden FIFTH, with 9%. Yet Biden won? 03/12/2020 WBUR Poll: Sanders Opens Substantial Lead In Mass., Challenging Warren On Her Home Turf 02/28/2020 I haven't seen a thorough study of all the polls available to see whether or not Bidfen outperformed while Bernie under performed the pre-election polls; however, I did look up a few below, and the ones I saw, listed below, indicates that in most cases that's exactly what happened, increasing the possibility of election fraud of some sort, which probably includes both voter suppression with epidemic long lines in areas more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders, and discrepancies at the actual polls, since it includes both exit polls and pre-election polls showing the same thing.

California, Texas, N. Carolina, Virginia 03/03/2020 Biden over performed in all four of these polls, with three of them by 6% to 11%; while Bernie Sanders was close on all four slightly under performing on two and slightly over performing on the other two.

Super Tuesday RCP Averages Wayback Machine retrieved 02/26/2020 Biden over-performed by over 14%; while Bernie Sanders only over-performed by just under 7% in California; Biden over-performed by 13.8% in Texas Bernie only over-performed by 7.7; Biden over-performed by 23.4% in North Carolina while Bernie Sanders only over-performed by 3.1%; Biden got five times his poll results in Minnisota, presumably because all the support for Amy Klobuchar went to him, before that he was expected to get a third of what Bernie got; in Oklahoma Biden increased his lead from 3% to 13% in final results while Bloomberg decreased by over 6%; in Virginia Biden did more than twice what the polls expected while Bernie Sanders did worse than polls anticipated, which predicted a comfortable win for him there; this poll also confirms Mark Crispin Millers doubts about Massachusetts, with him coming in fourth but getting well over double what was expected; Colorado also shows Biden outperforming his polls but not by as much as most other states, and Bernie still won this; Maine polls predicted a comfortable win for Bernie with Biden coming in fourth, showing that his victory was as much of a surprise than Massachusetts; Bernie did as expected in his own state but Biden did much better; Biden got more than twice what was expected getting a massive win in Arkansas instead of an anticipated modest victory; Both Bernie and Biden outperformed in Utah, and this was one of the few where the lead that Bernie got was predicted relatively close, while all others seemed to favor Biden despite the fact that he can't draw crowds and has little grassroots support.

Mainstream media acknowledges some of these problems, but gives them minimal coverage and tries to spin it to make it appear as if it's the way Democracy is supposed to work with what they portray as minor glitches; however alternative media is full of much more credible sources including Common Dreams, Lee Camp, Ben Norton and others who make much more credible arguments and show their work so you don't have to take their word for it, you can check the facts for yourself!

Mainstream media and the political establishment are counting on the public keeping their head in the sand and ignoring it, but those that do this will be waken up during massive protests which are expected to happen during the convention!

The following polls also have similar results, almost always having Bernie doing worse and Biden doing much better than expected and, even though his support isn't nearly as strong as Bernie's as clearly indicated by enormous crowds, enthusiasm and vocal support from social media. His positions on the issues also have much more support than Biden's, yet we're supposed to believe that everyone's voting for the candidate opposing them on issues.

Super Tuesday RCP Averages Wayback Machine retrieved 03/03/2020

Bernie Sanders holds 2-1 lead in California, poll shows 02/28/2020 Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken a commanding lead in California’s Democratic presidential race, ahead of his nearest rival by 2 to 1 and on track to win a majority of the huge trove of delegates at stake in the state’s March 3 primary, according to the final UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll of the contest. (Final results were 34% for Bernie to 27.2% for Biden with 98% reporting, most of the votes took days, some over a week, to count making Biden's delegate lead seem larger when the next primary was held.) Biden

Our Final Forecast For Super Tuesday Shows Biden’s Surge — And Lots Of Uncertainty 03/03/2020

Who’s ahead in Arizona? 03/17/2020

Who’s ahead in Illinois? 03/17/2020

Florida 03/17/2020

Ohio 03/17/2020

XX 03/1/2020

Washington forecast and results 03/1/2020

Ben Norton: The US gov's own soft-power arm USAID, which meddles in elections across the globe, says in its election guide:
"A discrepancy between the aggregated choices reported by voters [exit polls] and the official results may suggest, but not prove, that results have been tampered with" 03/05/2020

Mark Crispin Miller even raises doubts about Bernie Sanders remaining silent about election theft, which many of his supporters were angry about in 23016 as well, including me. There's no doubt that he's far better than the establishment candidates, and is consistently right on the issues, but when he remains silent and even tries to patch together the record of Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez and the DNC despite the fact that they're cheating his agenda and rigging the polls, it even raises some doubts about him even though we don't want to doubt him.

One thing we clearly need to learn is that even if we can elect a good candidate like Bernie he's going to need an enormous amount of help from the grassroots and there may still be times where we'll have to keep him honest. In the long run we ahve to start supporting the candidates that the mainstream media refuse to cover at all, their consolidated control of over 95% or national speech is the biggest obsticle, but Miller raises legitimate concerns when he wrote the following:

In the bad tradition of John Kerry and Al Gore, Bernie Sanders dummies up about election theft 03/12/2020

Why is Bernie still refusing to say anything at all re: his unlikeliest “defeats” in this election cycle—in Iowa, Massachusetts and elsewhere? If he thinks doing so would make him “a sore loser,” he hasn’t read today’s NYTimes, which has already gleefully (and illiterately) depicted him as “an aggrieved outsider” for blaming various other “factors”—everything except election theft—for his improbable “decline” against the ludicrous Joe Biden. (See below.) So if his muteness on the all-important subject of our rotten voting system is his effort not to seem unsportingly “aggrieved,” he should ungag himself ASAP, because that effort is a failure—and American democracy will be absolutely fucked beyond salvation if he doesn’t do the right thing and speak up at last, as Jill Stein (very bravely) did last time.

Let me be still more blunt about the man whom I’ve supported all along (with some misgivings): Bernie’s failure to say anything about that crucial subject is especially contemptible because one “factor” that he has now “cited” is the failure of “young voters” to turn out for him. “Let me tell you the bad news, to be honest with you: young people vote at much lower rates than older people,” he told a young crowd in St. Louis Monday morning. “All right? That is the facts [sic]. I hope all of the old people vote, that’s great, but I want young people to vote at the same rates.”So how does Bernie know that those young people have stayed home? How does he know that many of them didn’t try to vote, didn’t have their votes erased, flipped, or fractionalized? Does his campaign know nothing of the tricks and tactics that were used to steal the Democratic nomination four years ago, and that are evidently being used again? If they and he don’t know, they’re either ignorant, orin denial—or playing their part in the pro wrestling spectacle that is “American democracy” today.

We know that they’re not ignorant, because a lot of activists have clued them in, with rising desperation; and it’s unlikely that the man and his campaign are in denial vis-a-vis election theft, since Bernie is a seasoned politician, and election theft is plenty older than himself. This leaves the chilling possibility that Bernie—like John Kerry in ’04—is only playing the role of challenger, and will step back once Biden stumbles to the fore, or (take a sip of dramamine) when Hillary rides her broomstick to the rescue; and when Joe and/or Hillary, or maybe Liz, steps in to save”the center” from the rest of us, he—Bernie—will surrender to “reality,” and help the Democrats deliver the United States from Orange Julius.

Of course, it’s possible that Bernie won’t cave in like that, but would respond by doing something arguably cool like making a third-party bid, with Tulsi at his side. That would be cool—if the USA had a legitimate voting system (like in Venezuela). Since We the People don’t have such a system, no third party can do anything but help”elect” whichever of the “choices” on the menu the election gremlins, and their masters, have decided on, and then that theft, however flagrant, will be handily “explained” as the result of that third party having hurt the “losing” candidate (as Nader has been wrathfully—and wrongly—blamed for Al Gore’s losing Florida back in 2000).

And so—again—we need to reaffirm our right to vote, and to have our votes all counted fairly and transparently, before we can get anywhere but here.

Mark Crispin Miller Original article

There are also more stories about additional election rigging than many people can keep track of including many other more important ones with as much credibility as the ones previously cited. I compiled a long list of them below, which is more than I can go into in detail. In all fairness, some of them might not be quite as credible as others, but feel free to check them out to come to your own conclusions. One of the issues that's being ignored by mainstream media is thousands of alleged Trump supporters that are voting for Biden to stop Bernie, some thinking that he'll be easier to beat, others more concerned about misleading anti communism propaganda, which doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

There are also some stories about some Trump supporters voting for Bernie to keep the primaries going, but the final results don't seem to indicate that's happening, unless the votes are being flipped.

Rigging elections has been routine for decades if not centuries, but the history of this is only reported in good non-fiction books that get no promotional help from mainstream media or the political establishment, presumably because they recognize these books expose their own fraud! Check out the following well researched books (click on images for excepts) reporting what the media is ignoring, including both historical fraud and a growing trend in past couple decades:

Andrew Gumbel first published this book as "Steal This Vote" for more excerpts of that click here.

The following are a long list of articles about voter suppression or fraud; I'll be following this up with more in another Blog Post that will include any additional reports; but there's already enough to show it's an epidemic problem:

PROVEN: Biden Won the Democratic Nomination by Cheating. 03/14/2020

TDMS | Research

‘Rigged’ rhetoric makes a comeback after Trump’s comments and Sanders’s losses — and gives Russia just what it wants 03/04/2020 This spin is mind boggling they're far more concerned about the appearance of rigging the election, than they are about rigging it! Russia isn't creating the long lines in lower income or minority areas, and only the most gullible will believe mainstream media spin like this!

Was the Democratic primary rigged? 11/14/2017 Even for the Democratic Party, the past few weeks have been bizarre. First, Donna Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, published excerpts of a forthcoming book in which she says that after she took over the Democratic National Committee, she investigated “whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process” through the DNC, and discovered evidence that they did. “I had found my proof and it broke my heart,” she wrote. In the aftermath of Brazile’s bombshell, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked if she “agree[d] with the notion that it was rigged?” “Yes,” she replied.

The Grayzone and CODEPINK demand emergency OAS election observers in 2020 Democratic presidential primary 03/09/2020

Dear Democratic party: it's time to stop rigging the primaries 06/11/2018

Bernie Sanders Campaign IMMEDIATELY Address Systemic Democratic Primary Election Fraud 03/23/2016

Florida Woman Changed Voters’ Party Affiliations, Officials Say 03/07/2020

The Iowa caucus debacle shows why tech and voting don’t mix 02/05/2020

New Residency Law In N.H. Sparks Charges Of Voter Suppression And A Lawsuit 11/08/2019

New Hampshire primary showed how student turnout can overcome voter suppression 02/14/2020

Nevada early voting rules spark claims of voter suppression 02/20/2020

All the Ways Your Vote May Not Be Counted in South Carolina 02/29/2020 Conveniently cites a voter that supports Biden who couldn't vote, rather than provide comprehensive comparison for perspective.

California Trashes Thousands of Mail-In Ballots, ACLU Says 11/15/2017

Operation Chaos 2020

U.S. Citizens Officially Request Emergency Electoral Assistance From The United Nations 2016

Long lines, voting problems prompt an investigation, grilling of L.A.'s elections chief 03/11/2020 The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has ordered an investigation into complaints about long waits and equipment malfunctions that hampered voting at many poll centers during last week’s primary election. At a hearing on Tuesday, the supervisors ordered the county’s chief elections official, Dean Logan, to explain what they called “serious problems” for voters — and to address them before the general election in November. They didn’t mince words in telling Logan that they were dissatisfied and concerned with the performance of a new $300-million electronic voting system that his office unveiled for the primary.

Caucus app blamed for Iowa vote count chaos was created by tech firm Shadow, Inc. that is run by staff from Hillary Clinton and Obama's campaigns 02/03/2020

New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment 02/04/2020

Another New Voting System Causes Problems at the Polls 03/04/2020

After 6 hours, Houston man finally gets to vote at 1:30 a.m. 03/4/2020

THREAD We know that the Establishment is doing everything they can to stop Bernie Sanders. But this apparently includes actual election fraud. That is a bold allegation, but it is based in facts as reported on election night by TDMS Research. 1/8 03/05/2020 In the 2020 Massachusetts primary election results differed significantly from the results projected by the exit poll. As in the 2016 Massachusetts primary between candidates Sanders and Clinton, disparities greatly exceed the exit poll’s margin of error.

South Carolina 2020 Democratic Party Primary Exit Poll Versus Reported Vote Count 03/02/2020

New Hampshire 2020 Democratic Party Primary Exit Poll Versus Reported Vote Count 02/17/2020

The computerized vote counts from the South Carolina Democratic primary also differed significantly from the exit poll, yet again greatly exceeding its margin of error 03/05/2020

Was Maine’s Democratic Party Behind a Statewide Effort to Prevent Sanders Voters from Getting Ballots? 03/05/2020

U.N. is needed to oversee Democratic primaries due to election fraud 03/10/2020

Lee Camp Redacted: [11] Exit Poll Expert Proves Election Fraud w/ Richard Charnin 03/05/2020

Super Tuesday Biden Victories Questioned by Election Watchers 03/10/2020

In a Dark Time, the Eye Begins to See’: The Bernie 2020 Campaign Represents a Fight That Must Continue 03/11/2020

The Coming Freak-out Over the California Primary 02/27/2020

Bernie Sanders Calls Long Lines at Michigan Polling Places an “Outrage” 03/11/2020

Greg Palast tag/vote-suppression

Brian Ross Honors Palast for Reports on Georgia Purge 02/21/2020

Super Tuesday Results Demonstrate That Caucuses Suppress the Vote 03/05/2020

Analysis: Messing with elections messes with democracy 03/07/2020 Rick Hasen has written a book — “Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust and the Threat to American Democracy” — that went public Tuesday.

Civil rights group demands Texas Secretary of State address Super Tuesday voting issues 03/05/2020 AUSTIN — A Texas civil rights group called the secretary of state, Texas’ top election official, to work with local officials to resolve the voting issues Texans faced on Super Tuesday before the November general election. Attorneys from the Texas Civil Rights Project sent a letter to Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs on Thursday demanding the state to work to eliminate long lines caused by shortages of elections workers and problems with machines. Issues were reported in Bexar, Dallas, Harris, Hays, Tarrant and Travis counties. “We demand that you and other relevant stakeholders take immediate action to invest in voting infrastructure and prevent a similar disaster from unfolding in November,” Mimi Marziani, president of the Texas Civil Rights Project, wrote in letter. The letter states the issues disproportionately affected many first-time voters and voters from marginalized communities. “What should have been a fast and straightforward process turned into a nightmare for hundreds of thousands of people across Texas,” Marziani wrote. “Instead — and as Texas has seen over and over — the brunt of the burden was borne by communities of color, young people and people with disabilities.” The letter specifically asks Hughs to host a series of town halls with voters in those counties by the end of April to hear the issues they encountered voting this week and share preparation for the November general election, the letter says. Hughs should also create a commission with community leaders, political party members and voting rights experts to further investigate the issues, the letter says. The secretary of state’s office did not immediately respond to the letter.

'Tidal wave of voter suppression' washes over states, lawyer says 03/03/2020

The risk of continued voter suppression in the 2020 Elections 03/10/2020

Voter suppression alive and well on Super Tuesday 2020 03/08/2020 In Georgia, they purged tens of thousands of voters, disproportionately people of color, from the rolls for offenses as trivial as a misplaced hyphen in a name. In North Carolina, they enacted a photo ID law designed with what a federal court called “almost surgical precision” to suppress the black vote. And in Texas, according to a report from the Leadership Conference Education Fund, they’ve closed 750 polling places since 2013 — more than any other state — so that now voters like Rogers must pass an endurance test simply to exercise a constitutional right.

Long voting lines put voter suppression front and center 03/04/2020

👇🏼Voter purging in Missouri. Do we have any legal groups that people can get help from to be able to vote? Pls post possible links or phone numbers on this thread: #VoterSuppression #NotMeUs 03/10/2020

If you had wait in line for more than an hour to vote yesterday, let me know what happened in the comments-include where you were, how long it took and other issues you saw. #VoterSuppression 03/04/2020

My county in Michigan has a population of 158K and we have 38 polling locations. Fargo has a population of 122K with only 1 location? I'd like to speak to a manager. 😤 #VoterSuppression #NDPrimary 03/10/2020

The Mayor of Kansas City went to vote at the site that he has been going to for the last 11 years and he wasn't on the rolls. This is Exhibit A when it comes to #VoterSuppression in America today. It's outrageous and should never be tolerated. 03/10/2020

The New Poll Tax? Long Lines, Closed Polling Stations Hurt Black, Latinx & Student Voters in TX, CA 03/05/2020

One of the six polling places I visited on Tuesday in solid Bernie districts. They were all like this. Lines wrapping around buildings and coiling around the voting area inside. Each site had over half its machines broken. Countless voters turned away. #VoterSuppression 03/05/2020

Voting should not require heroism, great sacrifice or strife. It should be made as easy and accessible to anyone who wishes to cast a ballot. Anybody who tells you otherwise is... well, a Republican and advocating for #VoterSuppression. 03/04/2020 “It is an outrage that it is this hard to cast a vote. … It is because the state government wants it to be hard to vote. It’s wrong. It should not take that much heroism and that much sacrifice to do your civic duty.” @maddow re: #VoterSuppression in TX

Black and Latino voters were hit hardest by long lines in the Texas Democratic primary 03/04/2020

Bernie Sanders Calls Long Lines at Michigan Polling Stations an 'Outrage,' Suggests Dems Are Engaging In Voter Suppression 03/10/2020

Lee Camp [Redacted]: The exit polls were off from the unaccountable voting machine results in Texas, South Carolina, California & Massachusetts. The difference always benefits Biden & hurts Bernie Sanders. More details here - 03/11/2020

Bernie lost 553,000 Votes to California Dem Party Rules 03/09/2020

Super Tuesday Biden Victories Questioned by Election Watchers 03/10/2020

A Michigan State University student after waiting over an hour in line to vote, called it quits and walked out. He said “this is bullshit, I can’t wait this long, I have to get to work.” @MichSoS, this is unacceptable. #MichiganPrimary #YouthVote2020 03/10/2020

Polls are officially closed in Michigan, but the East Lansing city clerks office is still packed with students who have been waiting on average 3 hours to vote. This is what the line currently looks like. Btw most of these people are voting for @BernieSanders . #MichiganPrimary 03/10/2020

How Biden Helped Strip Bankruptcy Protection From Millions Just Before a Recession 10/23/2019

Jen Rice original reporting: Carla Reed and Hervis Rogers, the last two voters at Texas Southern University. Finally got their "I voted" stickers. They waited six hours, until just after 1am. #TXDecides 03/04/2020

It took 7 hours for Hervis Rogers to vote at his polling place on the HBCU campus of Texas Southern University in Houston. Texas has closed 750 polling places since 2012, many in black and brown communities, causing long lines and waits. 03/04/2020

Dr. Manhattan: a lot of organizers in North Carolina are telling me that most people planning to vote for Biden thought he supported Medicare-For-All, oof. 03/04/2020

The 20-year argument between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren over bankruptcy, explained 09/12/2019

Black and Latino voters were hit hardest by long lines in the Texas Democratic primary 03/03/2020

Elite Media Dismiss Voter Suppression on Grounds That It’s ‘Complicated’ 03/12/2020

Does the Bernie Bro actually exist? Harvard scientist analyzes 6.8 million tweets and finds Sanders supporters are NOT more hostile to rivals than people who support other candidates 03/10/2020

There Is Hard Data That Shows ‘Bernie Bros’ Are a Myth 03/10/2020

Salty Sanders Supporters Say They Won't Settle For Biden 03/11/2020

I Asked Biden About Obama-Era Deportations. He Told Me to Vote for Trump. 11/28/2019

Biden gets physical with voter in tense Iowa exchange over pipelines 01/28/2020 Former vice president tells climate activist to 'vote for someone else'