Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Helena Blavatsky Ancient Aliens Connection?

Is there a connection between Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society with Ancient Aliens, assuming aliens might have visited us thousands of years ago?

Or perhaps as Helena Blavatsky asked in "Isis Unveiled," "Where, Who, What is God?" which is part of the three leading objectives of the Theosophical Society; and, even though her claims about life on other planets have been proven false, assuming scientific research since she died in 1891 aren't completely made up, what connection does God have to ancient aliens, assuming either of them exist.

One of Helena Blavatsky's most popular quotes is, "There is no religion higher than truth," which clearly is a good idea, for everyone including atheists, members of the Theosophy Society or other religions, many that make similar claims, if they actually pursue it.

This should involve rational skepticism, but many of the highest profile people that claim to be rational skeptics limit their research to facts that support their own beliefs, which is the same thing they criticize in religious people.

Without going into the details of all the background and more complicated beliefs of the Theosophical Society this should be considered a reasonable objective for them and for other religions and even atheists, assuming God or Ancient Aliens exist and are having an influence on our society. If they don't exist, as many atheists believe, then atheists shouldn't be afraid to do the research, and if he does as religious people believe then neither should they.

Another reason why everyone should be more interested in figuring this out is that, even though it seems hard to believe, that there is such a thing as revelations or contact with alleged higher powers, like Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi, who Helena Blavatsky claims to have been in contact with, there are similar alleged revelations that founded major religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormons and many more including Constantine, who fought a war based on these alleged revelations and after winning that war allegedly with the help of the Christian God he made that the official religion of Rome.

And many more wars influenced directly or indirectly by these alleged revelations, whether they're real or not, have been fought since then, including the Crusades, Inquisitions, WWII, and the current so-called War on on Terror.

And God, or the Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi, assuming they exist, can't seem to find the time to say something like, "excuse me guys but this isn't working out so well; perhaps you might want to try some more rational methods to govern yourselves without fighting each other," or perhaps something even wiser.

The support for peaceful co-existence that members of the Theosophical Society are trying to bring about should be worth pursuing even if people can't agree on whether God exists or not, or what he's trying to accomplish and why.

Another major problem is that virtually all claims fall into one of two camps, either skeptics that claim or strongly imply that there is no God, or in this case Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi; and believers that claim that there is an all powerful God, of some sort, also believe that he's benevolent, worthy of worship and looking out for the best interest of humanity. If God was as powerful as the faithful claim and as benevolent surely he could maintain an open line of communication to explain his objectives and what his motive is.

For all practical purposes neither the believers or skeptics consider the possibility that there might be an advanced intelligence of some sort that has an undisclosed ulterior motive. Skeptics might justifiably cite this as evidence to prove that God can't possibly exist at all; and they often claim that "Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence," which I agree with. To the best of my knowledge the strongest direct evidence of the Masters are the miracles or unexplained phenomena that they allegedly performed for Helena Blavatsky and many of her earlier associates along with a relatively small number of so-called mystics since then. However this alleged evidence can't be displayed to others, so they would be justified in not believing them.

Additional evidence might come in the long narrative of their history and, perhaps more important in the letters that were allegedly written by these so-called Masters; however that would take a lot of time to review and fact check.

However there is much simpler indirect evidence that is much more compelling and conclusive that should raise major doubts about the development of early society and indicate that there's a strong possibility that it was influence by an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort. That evidence is the massive megaliths, dozens if not hundreds over a hundred tons, that were moved by ancient societies despite dozens of experiments to replicate them that are almost all under ten tons, and the few that are larger only go up to forty tons, and they involved cheating; and if anything proved that they couldn't have been moved the way skeptics claim.

This evidence should raise major doubts about the official so-called scientific explanation for social evolution, although the vast majority of scientific research that doesn't directly address major unsolved mysteries is almost certainly much more reliable than research that is handled by some of the so-called skeptics that routinely claim to debunk things perceived as supernatural or paranormal.

This isn't enough to guarantee that many of the alternative conspiracy theories to traditional scientific explanations are true though, especially high profile ones like the ancient aliens theories presented by the History Channel which is full of obvious blunders; although once legitimate concerns about the traditional scientific explanation are raised, which they have it should be worth looking closer at other major unsolved mysteries, including many that started many religions, and contrary to what traditional scientists would have us believe these so called "revelations" are still allegedly happening to many people although we often consider them schizophrenic or something.

Reasonable skepticism to these alleged mystics is appropriate; however a close look at about a dozen of the most credible ones that I could find, mostly from the twentieth century with better records than many historical figures, indicates that although the believers in these skeptics almost always jump to too many conclusions there appear to some unsolved mysteries surrounding them that skeptics can't explain without distraction tactics or declining to even do the research, often making blunders as bad if not worse than the fringe believers they're attempting to debunk; in addition to Helena Blavatsky these mystics or unexplained events include Joseph Smith Jr. founder of the Mormon religion; Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet; Padre Pio and Italian Stigmatic priest; Jose Arigo the alleged healer with a rusty knife; Edward Leedskalnin builder of Coral Castle; Uri Gellar spoon bender; Nikola Tesla associate of Thomas Edison and inventor of alternating current; The alleged Miracle of Fatima which might be a UFO incident; Gregory Efimovich Rasputin closely associated with Nochalas and Alexander, the last Tsar, and his wife; Bernadette Soubirous Seer of Lourdes; L. Ron Hubbard founder of Scientology; Joan of Arc; Michel de Nostredame and Leonardo da Vinci.

I reviewed many of them myself in Prophets and Mystics and if there are legitimate mystics there may be more; however I try to be skeptical about them and don't include any without finding something that appears as if other so-called skeptics can't explain even though many of the most far fetched conclusions about most if not all of them are almost certainly exaggerated or wrong.

At least six of these mystics, including Helena Blavatsky, involved alleged visions from advanced beings of some sort, often interpreted as being messengers from God or the spirit world, or something. In addition to these mystics having visions, at least half a dozen to a dozen of the followers of Helena Blavatsky, Joseph Smith Jr., Padre Pio, plus another dozen reported by Peter Washington, in Blavatsky's Baboon, dozens more Catholic Saints, and other historical figures including Mohammad, Paul and Jesus, have all claimed to have these revelations.

If there's nothing to the visions and no God or Ancient Aliens, as many skeptics believe, there has to be some other kind of sociological or psychological explanation for all these unsolved mysteries. And there has to be another explanation for other mysteries including Stigmata, bending spoons, or more megaliths being moved at Coral Castle etc.

If there is an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort influencing society, whether you call it God, Ancient Aliens or something else, there has to be an undisclosed motive and more to be explained. Many of these visions might involve hallucinations, illusions, or something; and they almost all have there stories told from one person to another before there's a credible investigation, assuming there ever is a credible investigation, which means that it's virtually guarantees that there are an enormous number of mistakes or contradictory versions of the events.

I have explained in past articles including Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology?, which also has a list of most related articles before it, that there are more unsolved mysteries than traditional scientists are willing to acknowledge at any given time, perhaps with the exception of the Ancient Aliens series, although they make an enormous amount of blunders so obvious that I can't help but wonder if they're trying to do a good job. My past articles have often cited Philip Corso, who claims to have shared alien technology with corporations in a best selling book twenty years ago about a year before he died. This claim has some problems but there's good reason to believe that it might not be completely false, like a lot of the other major unsolved mysteries.

If this is partly true it's virtually guaranteed that a large amount of modern technology has been developed as a result of research with alien technology. It may also be possible that the aliens that provided the technology intentionally, or not, have been around for thousands of years and if they had some kind of extremely advanced technology they could have influenced the creation of ancient megalithic structures; and if there is an unknown advanced intelligence that is capable of creating something that appears to be what religious people consider "revelations" it might be these aliens. However, they clearly must have an undisclosed motive of some sort, otherwise they would have opened up an honest line of communication, and these alleged revelations aren't honest communications, as the evidence has shown, some of which I'll review below.

This doesn't mean that many religious people don't consider revelations to be honest methods of communication, which obviously they do, since they believe that "God" is more trustworthy than anyone else, even though they can't seem to figure out what he's trying to accomplish, due to his mysterious method of communication that often puts out contradictory messages. As Jacques Vallee has pointed out in at least a couple of his books, including "Messengers of Deception" if there is some unknown advanced intelligence communicating with some cult members, they're often communicating deceptive beliefs, many of which can be proven to be wrong. But it's also possible that they could mix up some pieces of truth mixed in with deceptive messages, which should mean that any alleged messages from so-called "revelations" should be viewed with skepticism, unless they can be confirmed or refuted independently.

This includes a well known quote among theosophists, or skeptics attempting to debunk their beliefs mentioned in Blavatsky Theosophy.com: "The Men from Other Planets," “About the Aryan Root-Race and its origins, Science knows as little as of the men from other planets. With the exception of Flammarion and a few mystics among astronomers, even the habitableness of other planets is mostly denied. Yet such great adept astronomers were the Scientists of the earliest races of the Aryan stock, that they seem to have known far more about the races of Mars and Venus than the modern Anthropologist knows of those of the early stages of the Earth.”

This quote came originally from “The Secret Doctrine,” Vol. 2 of 4 as the related article explains and it also provides a link to another article claiming that the Secret Doctrine was essentially from an alleged revelation of some sort from one or more of Helena Blavatsky's "Masters," although the explanation seems to be more confusing, assuming you trust the sources. However, some of the writings that come from leaders of the Theosophy Society or the alleged masters that may have relayed certain revelations to them, are far more sophisticated than a truly rational skeptic might expect from a nineteenth century conwoman, as many skeptics try claim Helena Blavatsky, and her fellow leaders of the Society were.

Regardless of where the ideas from the Secret Doctrine came from without additional information to either confirm or refute these claims, it might be appropriate to consider it a hypothetical; however when it comes to life on either Venus or Mars, we now have enough scientific research to know that both are uninhabitable ruling at least some of her claims out. I've only read a small portion of her writings myself, including some excerpts cited "H.P.B. The Extraordinary Life & Influence of Helena Blavatsky" by Sylvia Cranston, and a few additional excerpts on the internet, but a large portion of her writings appear to be a result of alleged revelations from the "Masters" and they attempt to reconcile differences between religion and science, in a far more sophisticated way than she should have been able to do without an enormous amount of help; however large portions of it have serious flaws.

Additional claims in her book can also be confirmed or refuted with research, some of which didn't take place until after her death, including another quote from the “The Secret Doctrine,” Vol. 2 of 4 shortly after the previous one, "from the upheaval of oceans, deluges, and shifting of continents, down to the present year's cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and even the extraordinary weather and seeming shifting of seasons which are perplexing all European and American Meteorologists—are due to, and depend on the Moon and Planets; aye, that even modest and neglected constellations have the greatest influence on the meteorological and cosmical changes, over, and within our Earth ...." I don't know whether there was enough scientific research at the time to refute most of this but there is now, and even a basic understanding of meteorology should indicate that the tides are created by gravitational pull of the moon; however the rest of it has little or no impact on the weather, which means that it is is false, which is typical of many alleged revelations from so-called prophets, including Joseph Smiths Jr.'s (founder of Mormon religion) alleged translations of the Golden Plates and the Book of Abraham, which were proven to be false.

However shortly after that the Secret Doctrine says, "the Church and her arrogant servants could insist that the supposition that any other Planet could be inhabited should be regarded as blasphemy" which raises a legitimate point worth considering; and although modern science can't confirm that there is advanced life on other planets in other solar system it can confirm that it's a strong possibility; and we're rapidly developing the technology to send automated crafts to other planet, which if Corso is correct might be alien technology.

She also writes, "our cutting the Earth in pieces, opening canals, and thereby entirely changing our climates," at a time when she shouldn't have been aware of the potential for climate change and how it has a much bigger impact than the opening of canals and other changes that aren't nearly as severe as what she should have been aware of. One of the other possible objectives that I have previously written about in Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory is that if Climate Change is caused by human behavior then some degree of Geoengineering is already happening, intentionally or not, and if aliens have made contact then it could be part of a geoengineering research experiment.

For those not familiar with Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophy Society a couple of the most popular books written about them shortly after the hundred year anniversary of her death are "H.P.B. The Extraordinary Life & Influence of Helena Blavatsky" by Sylvia Cranston PDF written by a member of the Theosophy Society and "Madam Blavatsky's Baboon" by Peter Washington PDF a skeptic who may not be nearly as familiar with the subject, and apparently got many of his facts wrong, although some of his points were legitimate.

However I can't help but wonder why so many so-called skeptics, including Peter Washington, Michael Shermer, Joe Nickell and many more seem to display a lack of familiarity with the subject they claim to be debunking and often get their facts wrong or demonstrate that they haven't even researched the subject before coming to their conclusions are considered scientific by many mainstream academics. In many cases it's not hard for people without an advanced education to find ,many of their blunders, and they often pass up legitimate opportunities to raise doubts as a result of their lack of good research.

Whether a skeptic or believer, the three primary objectives seem like a reasonable goal, which basically summarizes her quote from Isis Unveiled, "Where, Who, What is God?" and this was made simple in a brief conversation cited by Sylvia Cranston in her book, which also indicates a willingness to allow for critical thinking which is contrary to the view of Helena Blavatky given by Peter Washington:

‘‘Madame,’’ she said, ‘‘what is the most important thing necessary
in the study of Theosophy?’’
‘‘Common sense, my dear.’’
‘‘And Madame, what would you place second?’’
‘‘A sense of humour.’’
‘‘And third, Madame?’’
At this point, patience must have been wearing thin.
‘‘Oh, just more common sense!’’

As written on the Theosophy Society's web-page The three declared Objects of the Theosophical Society are:

To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy and science.

To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.

This seems like a rational goal, although Peter Washington claims "These goals are less straightforward and mutually compatible than they seem." (p.69 for full excerpt) raising some legitimate concerns about the first one and how it is implemented and whether it's merely a declaration of universal tolerance and raising questions about whether or not they will allow people that don't believe in a divine being. Some of the writings from Cranston's book of the Theosophy Society's web site implies that it's not nearly as authoritarian as many other religions dictating the truth to their followers, which might address his concerns assuming he's open to feedback; however his book doesn't seem to involve much if any interviewing of members of the Theosophy Society and a review from Notes on Madame Blavatsky's Baboon implies that if he had he could have corrected a lot of misunderstandings, without raising doubts about his own research.

However his last concern raises even more doubts, "Finally, the statement of all three implies that the Society is objective and non-partisan. This is of course nonsense. There is nothing objective about the study of occult phenomena by a society that has already decided that they exist and merely need to be located and explained." (p.69) He neglects to mention that they did do some research, although the evidence can't be passed on easily to those not present during this research, to confirm that there was some unexplained phenomena present; instead he claims or implies they made it all up without seeming to consider any other possibilities; nor does he attempt to explain why they made it all up, and the common dismissal that it's just superstition often seems less likely when looking closer into many of the details, which skeptics often simply decline to do.

Peter Smith showed obvious flaws in his research when he wrote, "Smith soon acquired followers whom he attempted to lead to the Promised Land. This was located at Carthage, a pleasant small town on the banks of the Mississippi, where the prophet was soon attracting thousands of converts." (p.51) It shouldn't have taken him much research at all to find out that Joseph Smith Jr. was attracting his followers to Nauvoo Ill., not Carthage, which was another nearby small town, that some of his followers fled to after exposing polygamy of their leaders and facing oppression from their own leaders. This is just one of many obvious blunders that Washington should have caught, and would have if he had checked with some people more familiar with a variety of subjects that he covers.

Rational debunking actually requires research, which a surprising number of so-called skeptics often decline to do; and if they did it might show that some of these unsolved mysteries are far more complicated than they realize, and that typical conmen or women shouldn't be able to come up with nearly as complicated a mythological belief system as either Joseph Smith Jr. or Helena Blavatsky did; and that they shouldn't have been able to deceive so many rational people as well as the gullible people as they did if it was a simple con.

If he had done more research he would have found that the Mormons have much more in common with the Theosophical Society, and that both of them aren't as easy to dismiss with ridicule; and the followers of both belief systems know it because they're far more familiar with the facts that so-called skeptics like Peter Washington routinely ignore or misrepresent. I may not agree with everything the Theosophical Society believes, however I suspect that Will Thackara's Notes on Madame Blavatsky's Baboon is far closer to the truth on many of the details including the rebuttal of the Hodgson Report, which Wikipedia confirms in addition to reports from Sylvia Cranston in her book.

However that doesn't mean that, assuming they did get visions or revelations of some sort or letters from an unknown advanced intelligence, which they refer to as the "universal brotherhood" or a few variations of that term, that this advanced intelligence is trustworthy and doesn't have an undisclosed motive. If this "universal brotherhood" does exist or something that appears like them then Jacques Vallee's claim that they might be "Messengers of Deception" for some unknown motive is worth serious consideration. And a closer look at why they shroud their activities in secrecy might, confirm this including the first letter that was allegedly sent to A.P. Sinnett from Koot' Hoomi Lal Singh which attempts to justify their secrecy, and refusal to create some kind of unexplained phenomena that might convert half of London if this phenomenon were carried out as described in the following letter:

Letter No. 1

Received Simla about October 15th, 1880.

Esteemed Brother and Friend,

Precisely because the test of the London newspaper would close the mouths of the skeptics — it is unthinkable. See it in what light you will — the world is yet in its first stage of disenthralment if not development, hence — unprepared. Very true, we work by natural not supernatural means and laws. But, as on the one hand Science would find itself unable (in its present state) to account for the wonders given in its name, and on the other the ignorant masses would still be left to view the phenomenon in the light of a miracle; everyone who would thus be made a witness to the occurrence would be thrown off his balance and the results would be deplorable. Believe me, it would be so — especially for yourself who originated the idea, and the devoted woman who so foolishly rushes into the wide open door leading to notoriety. This door, though opened by so friendly a hand as yours, would prove very soon a trap — and a fatal one indeed for her. And such is not surely your object?

Madmen are they, who, speculating but upon the present, wilfully shut their eyes to the past when made already to remain naturally blind to the future! Far be it from me, to number you with the latter — therefore will I endeavour to explain. Were we to accede to your desires know you really what consequences would follow in the trail of success? The inexorable shadow which follows all human innovations moves on, yet few are they, who are ever conscious of its approach and dangers. What are then to expect they, who would offer the world an innovation which, owing to human ignorance, if believed in, will surely be attributed to those dark agencies the two-thirds of humanity believe in and dread as yet? You say — half London would be converted if you could deliver them a Pioneer on its day of publication. I beg to say that if the people believed the thing true they would kill you before you could make the round of Hyde Park; if it were not believed true, — the least that could happen would be the loss of your reputation and good name, — for propagating such ideas.

...... We doubt not but the men of your Science are open to conviction; yet facts must be first demonstrated to them, they must first have become their own property, have proved amenable to their own modes of investigation, before you find them ready to admit them as facts. ....

.... As for human nature in general, it is the same now as it was a million of years ago ..... Your daily remark is, that one cannot be expected to believe unless he becomes an eye-witness. Would the lifetime of a man suffice to satisfy the whole world of skeptics? .....

I conclude by reminding you that such phenomena as you crave, have ever been reserved as a reward for those who have devoted their lives to serve the goddess Saraswati — our Aryan Isis. ..... Complete article

This letter appears to be based on the assumption that the Brotherhood has been around for thousands of years and has been communicating with a small group of people at any given time, which wouldn't be necessary if they really were looking out for the best interest of mankind, as they claim, although members of the Society seem to overlook this like many other religious followers that believe their God is all powerful and benevolent. Neither the Masters, A.P. Sinnett or any other members of the Society seem to consider why, if these assumptions were true all along, the Masters or God wouldn't have maintained an open line of communication thousands of years ago and advised them on how to get along better long ago before the Crusades or Inquisitions were fought. If they did exist and had done this then it would have been much easier to convince the majority of people to listen, since they would have been accustomed to doing that thousands of years ago and passed it down from generation to generation without fighting all these wars over religion.

What could the Masters have gained for thousands of year by shrouding their activities in secret?

They don't seem to address this question at all that I know of, but at times Helena Blavatsky seems to be trying to rectify this as described in a letter she wrote about a discussion with someone that claimed that Jews wouldn't be welcome in Heaven saying, "The differences in religious dogmas, were created not by saints but by all-sinful mortals... [and] divide humanity into inimical nations and races. If there were no dogmas, there would also be no Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Brahmanists, etc.; all would believe in One God... all would regard themselves as brothers, . . . they would be ashamed before the rest of their brothers to kill and slaughter each other in wars, to torture each other like wild beasts, and to create a hell for another," Cranston p.106-7 which seems to make sense, but it's not quite true. If past prophets, including Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, and Jesus are messengers from God they inspired these religious dogmas, which she blames on sinful mortals, however if sinful mortals really did make these mistakes as she claims and the Masters were maintaining an honest line of communication through the centuries they could have corrected these mistakes as they went along, instead of allowing them to escalate to religious wars.

If the Brotherhood or benevolent God most people choose to believe in, existed and didn't have an undisclosed motive, it's difficult if not impossible to imagine why he would have withheld advise that could have prevented the Crusades, and after Blavatsky's time, two world wars and continued fighting since then. However the faithful that want to find a reason to believe routinely accept seriously flawed justifications.

One of these justifications was described in another article from Helena Blavatsky where she wrote, "The only thing I can say is that such a body exists, and that the location of their Brotherhoods will never be revealed to other countries until the day when humanity shall awake in a mass from its spiritual lethargy and open its blind eyes to the dazzling light of Truth." (Cranston p.137) Once again, the clear implication of this is that it's the fault of humanity for not being ready, but the reason they're not ready, assuming that's the problem is because they lack the education needed, because "God" is withholding it from them!

If you accept the writings of Helena Blavatsky, then it appears as if this brotherhood appears to be part of a control process that is using her for their own objectives, whatever that might be and she indicated this when she writes, ‘‘it is not I who talk and write; it is something within me, my higher and luminous Self, that thinks and writes for me.’’ (Cranston p.150) According to Professor Corson "She herself told me that she wrote them down as they appeared in her eyes on another plane of objective existence, that she clearly saw the page of the book, and the quotation she needed, and simply translated what she saw into English." Several other sources have provided similar accounts including an amusing question "what is a pi?" to her niece who didn't realize she was referring to a mathematical question, until she looked at what she was writing which had "π=31'4159," (Cranston p.311-2) she pointed out that the apostrophe, which she called a comma, was misplaced by one spot, without pointing out that it should have been a decimal point. Helena Blavatsky, once again explained that she didn't understand a large portion of what she was writing, she was just allegedly copying it from visions or revelations of some sort.

Although most of Helena Blavatsky's claims about how she received these messages are similar to alleged Revelations provided in many religions that are interpreted as divine truth, despite the fact that they often contradict each other, the Preface to the Secret Doctrine says, "These truths are in no sense put forward as a revelation; nor does the author claim the position of a revealer of mystic lore, now made public for the first time in the world's history." (p. xx)Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1 of 4 (These excerpts were selected by Cranston p.349-51, however she apparently selected several excepts throughout the first volume.) When there are contradictory messages, from both believers and skeptics, it is often necessary to use the best judgement and be prepared to adapt when additional information comes along; however there appears to be the possibility that this might be a massage from an unknown advanced intelligence attempting to change religious views, while simultaneously claiming that all past "revelations" were also true and worthwhile, in an Orwellian way of saying something like "We are now at War with East Asia; we have always been at war with East Asia," after previously been allied with East Asia.

Blavatsky admits that "has many shortcomings," and claims that this doctrine is only a portion of ancient texts being revealed to the public through her, for some reason, although she doesn't fully explain that reason. However the clear implication is that they're selectively revealing certain information to be passed on to those that are interested without opening up a complete and honest line of communication, and that there is much more information available which the Masters are withholding from the public, although presumably Helena Blavatsky seems to be doing the best she knows how to pass on what she can, without questioning the motives of her Masters.

This could be interpreted as meaning that it should not be considered divine truth that is above reproach, and this is later confirmed when she writes ".... the “Wise Men” of the Fifth Race, of the stock saved and rescued from the last cataclysm and the shifting of continents, passed their lives in learning, not teaching. How did they do so? It is answered: by checking, testing, and verifying, in every department of Nature, the traditions of old, by the independent visions of great Adepts; that is to say, men who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organizations, to the utmost possible degree." (Secret Doctrine v.1 p.294) Some of this indicates they're recommending scientific methods, which is not typical of religious indoctrination, which typically teaches the faithful to believe what they're told without question, even when it's contradictory or against the interests of the human race. At the time she wrote this science may not have fully explained continental drift, but it appears as if some of her claims are about lost civilizations that may never have existed at all, which might have been one of the shortcomings of this book, or a "message of deception," as Vallee might say.

This claim that her writings are being controlled by some kind of higher power is repeated over and over again throughout her writings, indicating that some of these mystics are being controlled by these higher powers. This isn't unique to Helena Blavatsky, Padre Pio and numerous other mystics, perhaps including Edgar Cayce and Jose Arigo also claim to be controlled by a higher power and many of these mystics speak of this as if they think it is a worthy goal, although they don't seem to know what God's plan is or why he's going about it.

A large number of people claim to have seen an enormous amount of activity which they considered paranormal, however, as indicated in the first Mahatma Letter to A.P. Sinnett, none of this can be shown to people that don't witness it firsthand. If there is no paranormal activity or influence from an unknown advanced intelligence as many skeptics believe then there is still an unusual social and psychology phenomena that enabled a small handful of these belief systems like the Mormons or Theosophy Society to expand into a large belief system. If these was an unexplained phenomena, caused by an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort the strongest remaining evidence of it appears to be the letters themselves. Apparently "Thirteen hundred pages of these letters now repose in the rare manuscript department of the British Library." (Cranston p.221) There were also additional letters sent to other people including Colonel Olcott, William Quan Judge, and many other people, which was enough to fill up several books, in addition to "the Mahatma Letters," if they were all published.

On top of that "Isis Unveiled," "The Secret Doctrine," additional correspondents and books by several of the leaders of this society would have amounted to an astronomical effort to fabricate the whole thing, which seems to be what many skeptics believe, including Richard Hodgson, author of the "Hodgson Report," which describes Helena Blavatsky "as one of the most accomplished, ingenious, and interesting impostors in history." However a hundred years later Vernon Harrison, a modern member of the Society for Psychical Research supposedly debunked his claiming he was biased and unscientific. (Cranston p.265-77 also confirmed in Wikipedia)

To the best of my knowledge there hasn't been a more credible study to determine if the hand writing of many of these letters are from the historical figures associated with them, or to figure out if they're from different people with each alleged Master using a different hand writing style. After searching the internet I found several reviews, mostly from supporters, that appear to show obvious biased, one from a critic went to a lot of trouble to show how unbiased he was, although there is still doubt about that.

Whether this is a result of contact from an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort, it required an astronomical amount of effort, from numerous people, to put together all this material. If this is a result of contact with an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort it had a major impact on the actions of followers and they already related an enormous amount of information through these letters and books, although that doesn't make it all trustworthy, as many of the faithful believe, since it's virtually guaranteed that the unknown advanced intelligence clearly has an undisclosed motive and is sending out contradictory messages.

One of the most important goals of Theosophical Society is to create what they call a universal brotherhood living in peace as described in her letter to William Quan Judge, "On the day when Theosophy will have accomplished its most holy and most important mission — namely, to unite firmly a body of men of all nations in brotherly love and bent on a pure altruistic work, not on a labor with selfish motives — on that day only will Theosophy become higher than any nominal brotherhood of man." She goes on to say, "Orthodoxy in Theosophy is a thing neither possible nor desirable. It is diversity of opinion, within certain limits, that keeps the Theosophical Society a living and a healthy body, its many other ugly features notwithstanding." This clearly implies that her teachings aren't nearly as authoritarian as Peter Washington tries to imply especially when he compares her to G.I. Gurdjieff, who is much more authoritarian. Washington goes into detail about about how abusive Gurdjieff is, and often compares him in selective details to Blavatsky; however there are other sources that indicate that she's not nearly as abusive as him, which he omits.

However, making up stories about a Supernatural Brotherhood, assuming the skeptics are correct, isn't the most effective way to accomplish this, nor would it be more effective, assuming her Masters do exist for them to communicate in this manner, which predictably leads to numerous arguments which could ache been avoided if they communicated openly with everyone, further indicating that if they exist they have an undisclosed motive.

By refusing to maintain an open line of communication with all people the Masters, assuming they exist, enabled the Coulumb affair that led to the Hodgson Report; and it also enabled another argument where people from both sides were citing alleged claims that the Maters were communicating through them, and may have even relayed a prophecy through another mystic. According to Sylvia Cranston "In June of 1889, HPB wrote: A curious prophecy was made to me, in 1879, in India, by a mystic who said that every letter in the alphabet had either a beneficent or a maleficent influence on the life and work of every man." (Cranston 370-8) This alleged prophecy seems to be shrouded in riddles that make no sense, like many other alleged prophecies; however, Cranston or Blavatsky go on to describe a dispute with several people with names beginning with C including Mabel Collins who also claimed to be receiving revelations instructing her to write "Light on the Path" which was part of the dispute. If they believe the revelations from Masters are real, then this raises the possibility that the alleged Masters are sending messages that contributed to this argument and helped bring about the actions fulfilling the alleged prophecy, which would make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After Helena Blavatsky's death there were more arguments where the Masters took sides as described by Peter Washington who writes, "When Master Morya wrote to Olcott ordering him to retain the presidency, Master Koot Hoomi wrote to Judge encouraging him to depose the colonel." (Washington p.103) Another account was written about this event in 1894 "Isis Very Much Unveiled, Being the Story of the Great Mahatma Hoax" By Fydell Edmund Garrett This lead to an enormous amount of bickering, which if the Masters were real they could have easily predicted, or avoided with an open line of communication assuming they didn't have an ulterior motive that might have involved manipulating their followers in a divide and rule tactic.

This constant bickering is enough to make many people dismiss the Theosophical Society in their entirety; however they do come up with some decent ideas, as described in an interview with Charles Johnston, where she says, "We invade their lands, and shoot them down in sight of their own homes; we outrage their women, and rob their goods, and then with smooth-faced hypocrisy we turn round and say we are doing it for their good. But there is a just law," (Cranston p.227-32) and numerous other morals that were far better than the morals at that time or even now. She also goes on to warn, "There is the danger of black magic, into which all the world, and especially America, is rushing as fast as it can go. Only a wide knowledge of the real psychic and spiritual nature of man can save humanity from grave dangers." Cranston adds, "Hitler and his leading Nazis used the black arts, it is said, in carrying out the policies of the Third Reich, as did the Chinese Communists. Hypnotic brainwashing is a common practice." and there were similar claims from additional mystics over the decades since she died, including some that were members of the Theosophical Society and others that only vaguely associated themselves with it or ran different cults, often claiming that they were in contact with supernatural Masters as well.

But it wasn't necessarily the "black arts" that caused atrocities either before Blavatsky lived, like the Crusades or Inquisitions, or after she died including the Holocaust which many people claim that she predicted. Whether the Masters are real or not the antisemitism and religious zeal that lead to these atrocities were inspired by earlier religious leaders including Jesus, who Blavatsky claims was one of the greatest Masters. The Catholic Church encouraged the antisemitism that eventually lead to the Holocaust, and Protestants were just as antisemitic in most cases.

According to Peter Washington Rudolf Steiner claimed "Dark Forces" brought about WWI "despite the best efforts of helpless statesmen," ( Washington p.163) and G.I. Gurdjieff "attributed the war to occult powers – more specifically to hostile planetary influence – but he also argued that, because of all these occult forces, there was nothing individuals could do about the situation directly, be they peasants or cabinet ministers." (Washington p.180) Both Steiner and GurdJieff claimed to have been in contact with some kind of higher power that influenced their teachings. However if this higher power does exists and it didn't have an ulterior motive it could have done a much better job communicating with humanity and providing better advice that could have avoided many atrocities including the Holocaust. There must be a more diplomatic way of saying that "either God doesn't exist, or he knowingly withheld advise that could have avoided most of the atrocities in history including the Crusades Inquisitions, and Holocaust, therefore if this God exists he must be a major league asshole," but I'm not sure what it is.

Richard Gabriel attempted to make a similar point in “Bible Battles” on the History Channel when he said, “How does one reconcile that with the idea that some people use the bible as a guide to their life? Well, one would either have to admit that history is wrong, and I don’t think that it is, or that God is a savage creature, in that the instruction of the bible is certainly full of enough violence to give rise to the question of what kind of a God, if there is one, would permit this?” in response to Joshua 6:21, talking about exterminating everyone; however his statements could have applied to many historical events since then. If there is an advanced intelligence that's been communicating with religious leaders for thousands of years and it has the ability to appear astrally, make these letters appear in mysterious ways, or create some of the mystical events attributed to it, then this advanced intelligence could have done a much better job guiding the human race, assuming it's goal was in the best interests of the human race.

If, on the other hand skeptics are right and this unknown advanced intelligence doesn't exist there has to be another explanation for how they control their followers, and other mystical events allegedly surrounding them.

Peter Washington may not realize it but he came close to explaining how some of these cult leaders control their followers when he wrote "This role also explains the father’s greatest gift to his son, according to its recipient: a harsh domestic regime which taught the boy how to take care of himself in a hostile adult world. Cold baths and early rising were the order of the day, supported by severe punishments for non-compliance. …… These rough methods he was later to reproduce with his own followers." (Washington p.173)

As I explained previously Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine, and several other articles this is part of very old tactics used to teach people how to indoctrinate their children. One of the most important aspect of cult indoctrination doesn't involve anything paranormal or supernatural at all and can be explained with child psychology from reliable traditional sources like Alice Miller, Philip Corso, Barbara Coloroso and more credible academic sources that focus on early child rearing techniques. Unfortunately these good researchers get very little attention from the traditional media or even a large portion of the other segments of the scientific community, including the so-called skeptics that could do a much better job debunking large portions of fringe beliefs and explaining, as Michael Shermer says, "Why People Believe Weird Things."

Basically what my previous article pointed out is that authoritarian parents often teach their children to obey orders and believe what they're told by relying on corporal punishment and other abusive and often emotional child rearing tactics. This is also a major contributing cause for violence later in life and blind support for wars based on lies from politicians. The Dobson article also points out how this teaches children to follow their leaders even when it means destroying the environment against the best interests of the majority, and when it is obviously not "pro-life" to support policies that poison the working class or kill people in these wars based on lies.

This research along with other historical research also shows how social activities set the stage so that the Holocaust, which many people believe that Nostradamus, Helena Blavatsky and other mystics predicted in their alleged prophecies came about, indoctrinating large numbers of people through violent and controlling upbringing to blindly obeying orders and accomplishing their goals through violence. The same abusive upbringing that teaches authoritarian beliefs also increases paranoia and makes people more susceptible to racism which is a major contributing cause to the holocaust. It wasn't the new religions, like the Theosophical Society that were the most obedient and violent, it was the old ones.

However this doesn't explain many of the other phenomena surrounding many of these so-called mystics, though; which might explain why so-called skeptics like Michael Shermer avoid educating the public about it; he often uses many of the same distraction techniques to divert attention from research that doesn't support his beliefs just like religious people or conspiracy theorists he disagrees with. The strongest evidence surrounding Helena Blavatsky's alleged mystic abilities is the letters, which can be confusing to confirm or refute; however the megaliths moved by Edward Leedskalnin, stigmata demonstrated by Padre Pio, spoon bending by Uri Geller, Incident at Fatima, UFO claims researched by Jacques Vallee, and many other unexplained phenomena are much harder to explain when taking a closer look at many of the details.

If on the other hand there is one or more unknown advanced intelligence influencing our evolution, then it could begin to explain a lot of these unexplained phenomena, which might have some common causes in common, even if there's an enormous amount of variation. The good versus evil hypothesis, which is a variation of the "Dark Forces" or "black magic" beliefs of Steiner, GurdJieff, The Theosophy Society, and many other religions has been around for thousands of years in one form or another and it has been repeated by some UFO researchers, including Linda Moulton Howe, who claims that she believes there are some aliens that are looking out for the best interests of mankind and others that want to destroy it, although she fails to explain their motive.

If she's partly correct, then how can we tell the good from the evil? Simple if the good were as interested in our best interests as the good versus evil hypothesis typically claims, then they would communicate honestly and warns us of what is going on and why so we would recognize the "dark forces," which creates an obvious problem, since we would have known about that, indicating that the good versus evil hypothesis is seriously flawed.

If there was an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that influenced our development and the Bible, then that would have included the Proverbs that were mostly attributed to Solomon, and were among the child rearing techniques that I mentioned in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine, which could have been part of the guidance to teach leaders how to control the masses and this would have contributed to the blind obedience that led to Crusades, Inquisitions, Holocaust and propping up of other tyrants that have been supported by religious leaders for thousands of years.

Anyone that has watched the Ancient Aliens series and has a minimal amount of background in science, including archaeology or many other related fields, must have noticed that they make an enormous amount of obvious blunders; however there are also a lot of major unexplained mysteries, and even with all these blunders it doesn't disprove the basic theory. As I explained in previous articles, this might be part of an effort to confuse the issue to ensure that it isn't considered seriously until it suits the purposes of those controlling the limited disclosure, enabling them to make it look like irrational fringe beliefs to those that don't research it well enough.

If there is something to this, and contact was made at Roswell or several other times in the forties and alien technology was exchanged, either as a result of reverse engineering or intentional sharing of technology from the aliens, then it could begin to explain some of these unsolved mysteries. As I explained in past articles including Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology? and Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory if ancient aliens have been influencing our society for thousands of years and are responsible for many, if not all, of these unsolved mysteries one of their motives could be advanced research that they might not be inclined to do on their own planet, including research on manipulating DNA or impacting evolution, or if climate change is caused by man then it indicates that some form of geoengineering is possible and they could be researching that.

This isn't a guarantee, of course, but it does explain the rapid development of technology over several decades, a lot of unsolved mysteries, including how many ancient monuments were built, and some of the disclosures about sharing technology from aliens and research into climate change.

This theory also explains the motive behind many of these unexplained mysteries; and it it's partly true it also indicates that there could be some benefit for society if it's exposed and people are prepared to deal with the truth in the best way possible, since this technology could be used to dramatically improve the quality of life, if our leaders stop putting ulterior motives ahead of the best interests of the majority.

But if it's not true, then there are still other unexplained mysteries that need to be explained and there's still another undisclosed motive by many of our leaders, whether it's greed and ideological fanaticism or something else. There should be some things that most people should be able to agree on including the demand for disclosure of what our government and multinational corporations are doing and why; the end of environmental destruction for profits; and wars based on lies; an economic system based on honesty and equal opportunity for all; and a democratic and media establishment where all ideas and candidates have a chance to be heard and more. But none of this is happening because the political and media establishment is obsessed with one scam after another!

If this is somewhat close to the truth then it's virtually guaranteed that the CIA or other covert organizations are heavily involved in the cover up and controlled disclosure. If so the roots for a connection between mysticism and contact with aliens might go back beyond their first contact. According to Peter Washington one of the mystics he wrote about, John Godolphin Bennett, who was in British intelligence during the first World War and early twenties, "lived much of his life in a twilight zone where intelligence work blended into a vague belief in hidden brotherhoods and occult societies." (Washington p.195-6)

This was, of course, before the establishment of the CIA, or even the OSS, or the first alleged contacts with UFOs including Roswell; however he lived until 1974, and it's virtually guaranteed that they would have at least researched him as much as they could if they thought there was a connection. Washington claimed that this possible connection between the intelligence community also applied to "other people in this book," however if this is true the book doesn't explain which other people were also involved in the intelligence community and the majority of the events took place before the modern intelligence institutions took their post World War II agenda, which might have included alleged contact with aliens at Roswell or elsewhere. But if there was exchanges of advanced technology it must have been a massive undertaking of some sort.

If there is some truth to this theory, are they ever planning to disclose it? If they were willing to do it in the most credible manner possible, preparing the majority of the public to accept harsh realities about how and why their religious beliefs came about it's virtually out of the question that this would be it; however if they convinced many of the faithful to believe some of these absurd things they might have even convinced themselves to believe some of them too. This might have included a bizarre satires, as I attempted to explain in Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy two years ago, which started with a rational conspiracy based on credible reporting, and also included an absurd conspiracy theory, which should have fallen apart, but if anything it's only become more credible, and more recently, Is this for real? Or Insane Reverse Psychology Experiment Or Research? which follows up by pointing out how insane our political and media establishment has become since then, and the fact that the official version of truth is as insane if not more insane than some well researched conspiracy theories, even if they do deal with hard to believe phenomenon.

Some of this absurd speculation includes the possibility that the CIA or political establishment has been creating a clownish simulation of the Apocalypse with the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem and with Donald Trump defeating the "Whore of Babylon before getting "hurled alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur," as the Apocalypse said, which is increasingly looking like real possibility, or a more comical satire of that, now that he's taken Putin's side against the political establishment in an insane charade that makes no sense but some people might be laughing too hard to worry about it.

This sounds like something insane fringe conspiracy theorists come up with like a fringe Christian group Cutting Edge: Events foretold in The 1995 Illuminati Card Game that are about to happen. but for some odd reason the CIA reposted this on their own web page, CIA website reposted: Subtitle: Events foretold in The 1995 Illuminati Card Game that are about to happen, without providing any disclaimer or explanation as to why they posted it there, which some people might interpret as adding credibility to it, although it shouldn't be hard to figure out, as I did, that it wasn't officially from the CIA, they just saved a copy; but why would they post it publicly.

However if none of this is even close to the truth, then there still have to be other explanation for all the unexplained phenomena; and if the so-called traditional skeptics like Michael Shermer or Joe Nickell can't explain these mysteries without either ignoring the toughest ones, or coming up with an explanation even more senseless than the supposedly fringe conspiracy theories, then this is as good if not better than anything they come up with!

None of this makes any sense at all; but when the official version of truth is more insane than conspiracy theories and there's hard credible evidence of major unsolved mysteries, and more evidence to indicate that some more far-fetched things might be much closer to the truth than most reasonable people would believe, then it's at least worth considering different possibilities to get to the truth.

Alleged message from translation of this Crop Circle: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN promises. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPPOSE DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. (Bell sound).” However if they really did oppose deception, as they claim, they would communicate in a more honest manner than riddles like this!

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The 25 Rules of Disinfo

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don’t discuss it — especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it’s not reported, it didn’t happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

2. Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the “How dare you!” gambit.

3. Create rumor mongers. Avoid discussing issues by describing all charges, regardless of venue or evidence, as mere rumors and wild accusations. Other derogatory terms mutually exclusive of truth may work as well. This method works especially well with a silent press, because the only way the public can learn of the facts are through such “arguable rumors”. If you can associate the material with the Internet, use this fact to certify it a “wild rumor” which can have no basis in fact.

4. Use a straw man. Find or create a seeming element of your opponent’s argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues. .....

A War For Truth begins with the Questions.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Media Glorify Themselves While Still Refusing to Cover Causes of Violence!

The reason some people think the mainstream media is doing a great job is because they tell us this, over and over again; and after the shooting at the Capital; they did it with more hype and appeals to emotion, making it more effective!

The reason a lot of other people don't buy that at all is because they check with other sources to get their news and it doesn't take much to learn how much more the media is with hyping themselves than they are on reporting on the most important issues, despite all the propaganda and deceptive public relations designed to glorify the mainstream media!

With all the coverage that the public listens to they might get the impression that journalism is a dangerous job, and it may seem so after a shooting but after checking several lists for top twenty to thirty most dangerous jobs it's clear that they don't make any of these lists, and one of them includes a subcategory for homicide with only nine entries also not including journalists.

Not that this makes the Capital shooting any less tragic; but it's just the beginning of the lack of reporting on many of the greatest threats to the public and how to prevent them, which is what good journalists should be doing.

I've written several times about how the media declines to report on some of the most important contributing causes of violence and how it escalates, including Prevention of violence has to address all causes, not just Guns! which reports on how early child abuse often leads to escalating violence and abandoned inner cities have the worst violence problems, partly because jobs have been shipped overseas and the political establishment ins constantly cutting funds to educational or child care opportunities while increasing funds to prisons that clearly don't work; yet the best reporting on this is in alternative media outlets that the traditional media portrays as fringe.

For all practical purposes the mainstream media, that portrays itself as heroically and bravely reporting the truth, routinely declines to report the best research on one subject after another, often, perhaps, becasue they even ahve a financial incentive to ignore some of the contributing causes of violence including as I recently pointed out in Insurance Executives Profit By Inciting Murder Occasionally Paying Killers where I explained that an enormous amount of the money going to insurance premiums is going to advertising, which would be reduced if the media did a better job exposing how our insurance system is actually providing an incentive for an enormous amount of fraud and even murder.

All these propaganda ads they come up with telling us how good a job reporting the news are distracting complacent people that don't check with alternative sources from the fact that our media establishment is a for profit organization, and as Robert McChesney reported in several of his books including "Rich Media Poor Democracy" and "The Problem Of The Media," as they've been consolidating into a much smaller group of corporations controlling a larger percentage of the media market, with six oligarchies controlling over ninety percent of the media, they've been slashing their budget for investigative reporting and the so-called wall between advertisers and reporting has been virtually eliminated.

Those that control the media and the political debate are the ones in the least amount of danger of the threats that face us, yet they're the ones making the most money, with the least amount of accountability. If you check the lists of most dangerous jobs it's clear that the highest paying ones are the safest and the working class dominates the most dangerous jobs, including loggers, fisherman, and a variety of other labor intensive jobs, yet this reporting is buried where no one sees it, while they hype of some of the smallest threats to society, which don't impact the vast majority of us. One of the things they hype the most is crime or violence, but the workers at the highest risk of murder, cab drivers, aren't getting any attention at all, while they provide an enormous amount of hype when the rare reporter or celebrity gets shot.

The second most dangerous job, when it comes to murder is police officers, who're killed at less than half the rate of cab drivers, which does get much more attention, however, when it comes to all threats to police on the job they come in fourteenth to eighteenth on several lists cited below, and other threats besides getting shot on the job cover more than half of their deaths as well, yet this is practically never reported in the mainstream press.

But even this isn't fully in context. Police are much more likely to be shot and killed in areas where violence is higher; so if the media wanted to report on the causes of this violence and how it can be prevented, they could and should report about more research showing how early child abuse leads to escalating violence and how abandoned inner cities also leads to more violence. After police officers the other top targets for murder on the job are all working class people, mostly that have to deal with the public, especially food service managers and retails sales or cashiers, presumably in the highest violence areas as well, but unless you do your own research you're not likely to find out about this since the media doesn't report it in a high profile location where most people will see it.

And of course, before the Capital shooting and another shooting a few years ago in Virginia where a reporter was killed, is the threat to reporters in war zones, including Iraq and Syria; however, even these reporters are at much more risk if they're local reporters and freelancers, not from International networks that routinely provide the most war propaganda giving an enormous advantage to pro war voices!

Perhaps the most famous reporter killed on the job, James Foley was a freelancer working for Global Post a little know online news reporting outlet, not the mainstream media. The vast majority of quality reporting on international affairs including wars, which are routinely proven to be based on lies, doesn't come from mainstream media it comes from small outlets that most people aren't familiar with.

But those most at risk aren't necessarily the ones that are most well known, especially if they're killed by allied or United States forces during combat, and the media that wants us to believe they're protecting journalists and are so heroic remained silent, or kept their reporting to a minimum when over a dozen reporters, mostly, if not entirely foreign reporters were killed by American forces, and there were more since then in other conflicts, although they're only covered by alternative media outlets too.

And on the rare occasion where media pundits speak about against wars base don lies and give fair coverage to peace advocates that often provide better investigative research than the mainstream media, which turned out to be more accurate, even though they have much fewer resources the mainstream media often fires them, like when they famously, at least in alternative media outlets, fired Phil Donahue and Peter Arnett, who allowed peace advocates to have a chance to express their views or stood by his story when allies bombed a baby milk factory in Baghdad when the military tried to claim it was a biological weapons plant.

On just about any given obsession du jour like the recent rescue in Thailand or the poison attacks in Britain it doesn't take much to think about what other related subjects they're ignoring while obsessing on this. The missing boys in Thailand weren't reported at all when they disappeared a week and a half before they were found in the cave, then all of a sudden they became a massive obsession. How many more children are missing that aren't getting any reporting at all?

Why aren't they reporting on other threats to much larger numbers of children that could be saved with practical solutions, like reforming our health care system with Single Payer or reporting on how child abuse leads to escalating violence. Occasionally buried under all the obsession du jours about a missing child they report, in a much lower profile way that some of the stereotypes about missing children being taken by strangers are wrong, acting as if it has nothing to do with all their hyped up misleading stories.

When there are much higher numbers of people being killed by smog, or other toxins caused by chemical or energy companies why don't they get nearly as much coverage as the nerve agent attacks, allegedly from Russia?

Could it be that the media has financial ties to these corporations and are selling them an enormous amount of deceptive propaganda ads?

If it's not, it is one hell of a coincidence!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Walmart Crime Report June 2018

There were at least thirteen shootings at Walmart last month, with four of them causing six deaths, and another three bodies were found at Walmart unrelated to the shootings, and a Walmart worker was also killed at home in a domestic dispute. Not counting the one at home this means there were at least nine deaths at Walmart.

There was also a report of the large number of bodies being found at Walmart referring to it as a "phenomenon," as if it was beyond comprehension. There were no more deaths than usual at Walmart this month the biggest exception is that the media actually reported on it more than they used to with this story being repeated throughout Florida where more bodies are found than any other state and to a lesser degree the rest of the country, although it still hasn't been reported on mainstream national media; and they still aren't reporting on the full extent of the deaths at Walmart. Part of the problem, which they did report to some degree, is that homeless people have to die somewhere; however they still haven't reported on why there are so many or how our economic system leaves so many people without resources that they die in obscure place, either at Walmart or probably even more in the woods or under bridges where few notice and the media declines to report.

Technically everyone is supposed to have rights; in practice, not so much.

One of these shootings involved a pastor who killed someone that went on a shooting spree and another was a double murder and suicide, which could have easily been turned into one of the media's obsession du jours; however when shootings like this happen at Walmart they don't seem to get as much coverage as others, and are only briefly mentioned, at most by the national cable or network news with most reporting only at the local level, or on the internet. At least two of these shootings were officer involved shootings and they both resulted in deaths.

They had a sentencing for one of the past shootings from 2016 by a transgender Walmart worker who shot a co-worker, supposedly because of bullying and other problems at work, although the judge said it was "never about gender, bullying or harassment." This is typical of the so-called judicial system that arbitrarily puts large portions of the story off limits when trying to sentence shooters, supposedly as a deterrent; not that he wasn't at fault; but if the judicial and political system routinely ignore many of the leading contributing causes, including early child abuse leading to bullying and escalating violence it virtually guarantees that attempts to reduce violence will be ineffective, which is part of the reason why Walmart, or other locations that ignore causes of violence have more problems than those that don't.

There were also almost a dozen if not more than a dozen other gun related crimes where no shots were fired including an abandoned gun left in a cart petty arguments a couple attempted carjackings or stolen vehicles and several armed robberies. this is just part of the high crime problems that happen at Walmart and it has been months if not over a year or two since at least one or two local police department didn't report in their local papers about it, although there's still little or no national reporting on the subject or thorough research into it, at least not better than this compilation of reports, that I can find.

There have also been dozens of overreactions by loss prevention officers over the years, including one claim this month by a shopper who claims to have been treated like a criminal and tackled holding his "head into the asphalt," before he could show his receipt. Authorities claim this isn't the way it happened, but there have been many other similar incidents.

There were well over a dozen crashes, chases, hit and runs this month, including a couple of the ones at gunpoint and a couple more carjackings with force. these chases and crashes often start with shoplifting's that escalate; often including attempts to steal entire shopping carts full of expensive items which has been going on for years if not decades since they've noticed long ago that there's no one watching due to their corner cutting. Some police departments act as if this is a new phenomenon; however Walmart has to have records of this going on for decades and it has been reported in large numbers in isolated local reports that have been mostly forgotten.

These crashes often result in injuries or occasionally deaths to people on the highway and the taxpayer foots the bill for the high court costs so Walmart doesn't avhe to figure in these expenses when they calculate their profits, which is what they refer to as a negative externality, meaning we subsidize their profits!

Two of these crashes were exceptionally dramatic and they both happened on the same day in Texas and Florida. In one of these cases someone tried to run down his girlfriend after she went into Walmart to escape him he followed her and crashed through the entrance down the aisle then left the store before the police arrived; and in a slightly less dramatic incident in Florida a woman crashed into Walmart before walking inside throwing cans at customers and hanging from the rafters.

Walmart can be a very strange place!

There were the usual half a dozen knife fights or robberies and a couple arsons, which is fewer than they've had in months, one of which was from a disgruntled worker that was recently fired from Walmart. There's little if any effort to find out if any of this could be reduced if Walmart addressed the legitimate concerns of many of their customers or workers; however it's virtually guaranteed that it can.

Plenty more sexual assaults and attacks on workers as usual; and a few large scale embezzlement cases. The corporate media has been demonizing incompetent government for allowing such large scale fraud, and to some degree they're right; but large corporations have as much if not more; and the reason the government and corporations have so much is because they're constantly lobbying to reduce oversight that would prevent this, since the target is usually those with the least political power.

There have also been a couple stories about stealing trade secrets from Walmart or a lawsuit to prevent a former employee from working with Amazon competing against them. These get very little attention, and the law is often designed to keep their business practices secret, which is incompatible with a free market where consumers get the benefit of competition. They've consolidated to a small number of oligarchies and these non-disclosure and non-compete contracts that are buried where few notice only indicate that our entire economic system is based on lies which are kept secret by law!

Walmart acted surprised that their old store was being used to detain migrants fleeing from oppression but it was exposed that if they didn't know it's because they didn't want to know. This is one of the few secrets they keep that gets leaked to the public due to massive amount of pressure. Most people have forgotten by now but a few years ago there were massive exaggerated and unbelievable conspiracy theories about Jade Helm and collusion with Walmart and the government to detain citizens; now it appears as if there might have been some truth to it if you sort through the exaggerations, although there's no guarantee that it was planned that far ahead. However it indicates that more conspiracy theories could also prove to be partly true, as is often the case.

Walmart has bee exposed selling misleading sunscreen pills, had another salmonella outbreak, which seems to happen almost every month, a customer found prescription drugs in their ibuprofen and want to increase their patents for a health information system. Their discussion to buy Humana are still going on along with a lot of other efforts to increase their influence on the health care system, which should scare everyone and indicates this could eventually prove to be part of another conspiracy theory that eventually turns out to be partly true.

Walmart is also involved in several environmental lawsuits, mostly at the state level since the Trump administration isn't even pretending to protect the environment. And they're denying their involvement in the Georgia's government race, although there's little or no doubt about their massive efforts to influence the privatization of education along with increased control of health care.

They been exposed for not sharing proceeds from "Santa Fe Strong" T-shirts which is common profiteering off of disasters more interested in selling merchandise than figuring out how to solve the problem. This is the same company that wants to increase their use of drones to service customers in their stores.

What could go wrong?

They've been involved in more scandals than anyone can possibly keep track of; and a Bloomberg article is trying to convince us that shopping at Walmart will help the poor. This clearly contradicts the studies compiled by Stacy Mitchell listed below, and there's good reason to believe that they use their connections with the media to create an enormous amount of deceptive propaganda disguised as news or in opeds, especially in Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal.

But sometimes they provide some amusement like police walk up to vehicles while people with warrants are having sex at Walmart.

Or fights with the police against someone in their underwear and cowboy boots; or topless shoplifting women. What's next naked shoplifting women? Actually that wouldn't be unprecedented.

Wild life continues to visit Walmart on a regular basis with three snakes curling up on shopping carts in three different states; and in Texas the police escorted an alligator off the premises.

Someone found a Bearded Dragon, which appears to be a domesticated pet, in their bicycle box; however strange as some of the things that happen at Walmart are, this story can't be complete assuming it wasn't made up. He was found on the seat and these products are almost all shipped from foreign countries, and there's little or no chance that he could have survived long in the box, unless he snuck in shortly before being discovered.

Strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in June 2018. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

A man used $450 in counterfeit money at Hilton Head SC Walmart, report says 06/01/2018

Man charged with cutting boy's throat with a handsaw in Cahokia Ill. Walmart 06/01/2018 A Cahokia man has been charged with attempted first degree murder in connection with an attack on an 11-year-old boy in a Walmart store. Corey C. Hoffman, 24, is accused of using a handsaw to cut the boy's neck on Wednesday. The charging documents do not say if or how Hoffman knew the boy.

Brown Deer Wisc. Police: Woman arrested for eating fruit and trying to use heroin in Walmart bathroom 06/01/2018

Man wanted for allegedly photographing child in changing room at Tomball Tx. Walmart store 06/01/2018

Police: Woman locks herself in Minn. Walmart bathroom to escape abuse 06/01/2018

Former Walmart Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing Trade Secrets 06/01/2018

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — A former Walmart employee has pleaded guilty to stealing the company’s data and supplying it to his next employer, which was a vendor for the retail giant.

John Stan Harmon pleaded guilty Friday (June 1) in U.S. District Court to one count of theft of trade secrets.

Harmon worked as a buyer in the furniture department for the Bentonville-based retailer, which gave him access to “highly sensitive” information on profit margins, production, and pricing for items bought and sold by Walmart and its subsidiaries, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Before leaving Walmart in October 2016, Harmon obtained pricing and production information on thousands of the retailer’s outdoor products.

Harmon then sent the information to his private email and later forwarded it to certain executives at Outdoor Leisure Products, where he subsequently went to work, according to federal court documents. .....

Stealing trade secrets is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Complete article

Patent Applications Offer A Peek Into Walmart’s Possible Techy Future 06/01/2018

And the award for “techiest” retailer goes to … Walmart?

The big-box retailer recently published a number of patent filings that would certainly make it a contender for “Most Futuristic Shopping Experience” if they come to fruition. Though a patent represents an idea, not a technology that has already been created (much less deployed), if Walmart develops even one of these, it could change the way consumers (and merchants) think about retail.

A patent application from March 22 describes a sensing device for shopping carts that would help customers navigate around the store. Shoppers would pair their mobile phone with the shopping cart peripheral device and, using location signals and telemetry data, the cart would return navigational information to the user’s phone. Could this be the advent of self-driving shopping carts?

Another March patent application suggests an employee productivity tool in the form of a wearable tracking device. The device would leverage tech, such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart monitor, speakers, vibrating motor and visual display. Walmart said it could be used to determine metrics and tasks for each user and transmit relevant messages to employee devices. Complete article

Suspect Wanted for “Upskirting” at Ga. Walmart 06/01/2018

Woman arrested after caught with underwear stolen from Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza Fla. 06/02/2018

Man Facing Burglary Charge After Incident At Ky. Walmart 06/03/2018

Manitowoc Wisc. Walmart reopens after bomb threat Saturday evening 06/02/2018

Who is this bearded Pa. Walmart shoplifting suspect? 06/03/2018

Body found off cliff’s edge overlooking Bloomington Utah Walmart 06/02/2018

ST. GEORGE — A body was found on the side of a hill overlooking the Bloomington Walmart in St. George early Saturday afternoon.

Emergency personnel were dispatched to the area after an individual called 911 shortly after 1:30 p.m. to report a “person down” on the side of the hill.

A person appeared to have fallen to their death and was located approximately 100 feet below the edge of a cliff just east of where the asphalt ends on Rio Virgin Drive. Complete article

Driver has medical episode, crashes into parked car, shopping carts at Utah Walmart 06/02/2018

ST. GEORGE — A driver who had been waiting in a Walmart parking lot pickup zone was taken to the hospital after police said he wrecked his car Saturday afternoon.

The incident, which happened at approximately 4 p.m., involved an olive green Kia Soul parked on the south side of the Bloomington Walmart Supercenter building, 2610 S. Pioneer Road.

A man had been waiting in the car while his wife went into the store to purchase some items, St. George Police Officer Ken Childs said.

Shortly after the woman returned and got back into the car, Childs said, the driver lost control of the vehicle and backed into an unoccupied parked vehicle in a parking stall behind him. He then went forward and crashed into a line of shopping carts, sending them through a bay door and into the store’s cart storage area. Complete article

Pop stars no longer fight for billing at Walmart gig 06/01/2018

Importance of keeping the massive US retailer on side has ebbed in the age of digital music.

For years, the Walmart shareholder meeting has been an oddly reliable place to see the biggest pop stars perform.

Sprinkled among presentations about profit margins, Walmart employees have been privy to performances by stars at the peak of their fame, from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to Britney Spears in 1999, after the release of her album Baby One More Time had catapulted her to chart-topping stardom. 

Attendees at the 2018 meeting on Friday could be forgiven their disappointment at a much less splashy line-up — but the reason lies in the changing landscape for music sales and the declining importance of hawking CDs through Walmart’s massive US chain of stores. Complete article

Columbus man arrested on Ga. Walmart shoplifting charges after trying to use old receipt 06/04/2018

He followed a woman around Tx. Walmart taking improper pictures, police say. He was arrested 06/04/2018

Bomb threat investigated at Eden Prairie Minn. Walmart 06/04/2018

Florence SC police search for Walmart shoplifting suspects 06/04/2018

Pensacola woman accused of trying to return stolen items from Fla. Walmart 06/04/2018

Walmart's Brazilian Blunder Comes to an End With Advent Deal 06/04/2018

Brazil’s national anthem hails the country as “an intense dream.” For Walmart Inc., Brazil has been more of a nightmare.

The world’s top retailer retreated from Latin America’s biggest market Monday, selling a majority stake in its Brazilian unit to private-equity firm Advent International. Walmart will retain a 20 percent stake in the business after the deal, which will result in a $4.5 billion non-cash net loss in the quarter. The long-rumored sale is the latest move by Walmart to reshape its global footprint, following deals in the U.K. and India.

At first glance, Walmart’s decision to pull out of a nation that pundits have long touted as a key emerging market raises eyebrows. But a closer look at Walmart’s 23-year history in Brazil shows a disjointed, money-losing unit that struggled to connect with consumers, endured a revolving door of management, and couldn’t match French retailers Carrefour SA and Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA, the top two players there. The nation’s punishing recession and political upheavals didn’t help, but Walmart’s Brazilian misadventure was deep-rooted. Complete article

This database catches fraud. Why doesn’t Walmart want to be in it? 06/04/2018

Walmart has been pushing to be able to cash bigger checks without participating in a state database. Now that the state's financial regulator is leaving, it might get to.

Florida's check-cashing industry has been notorious for allowing criminals to commit money laundering, workers-compensation fraud and tax refund schemes.

So when state lawmakers in 2013 passed a law requiring licensed check-cashers to report, in real time, the people and checks passing through their doors, law enforcement called it a big step in the right direction. Florida is believed to be the only state with a database like it.

But the nation's largest retailer is displeased.

For the last year, Walmart has been pushing to be able to cash bigger checks without participating in the database, arguing that its own anti-fraud programs are a "highly effective" substitute.

The company asked for a temporary waiver last year so it could cash bigger FEMA assistance checks in the wake of Hurricane Irma. And in this year's legislative session, it pushed for a bill that would have effectively gutted the state's database, rendering it nearly useless. Complete article

Brown Deer Wisc. Police respond to Walmart after teens use profanities on employee's walkie talkie 06/04/2018

Sex offender tries to meet girl, 14, in Arkansas Walmart parking lot for sex, police say 06/04/2018

Michigan man charged in Saturday WV Walmart theft 06/04/2018

Wakulla County sheriff seeks identify of suspect in Crawfordville Fla. Walmart theft 06/05/2018

POLICE NEWS: Theft-and-return caper thwarted at Ind. Walmart 06/04/2018 Goshen police arrested two people in an apparent theft scheme at Walmart. James Wieland, 47, and Amanda Baldwin, 33, both homeless, were each jailed on a theft charge around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Delavan police look for help to identify woman who allegedly stole from Wisc. Walmart 06/05/2018

Officers console kids while mom accused of robbing Tx. Walmart is arrested 06/05/2018

Suspect dead after officer-involved shooting at Pearland Tx. Walmart 06/05/2018

PEARLAND, Texas - Police say the man shot by an officer at a Walmart in Pearland Tuesday evening has died.

Officers responded to a shooting call Tuesday at the Walmart at 1919 North Main Street in Pearland. There they encountered the suspect, identified as 55-year-old Abel Guzman, who displayed a firearm.

Police say they tried speaking with Guzman who then raised the firearm at an officer. That's when officers fired at the suspect and struck him, according to police.

The suspect was transported to Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital where he later died. Police say the officer was not injured. Complete article

Body Found in Vehicle in Norwich Conn. Walmart Parking Lot 06/05/2018

A body was found in a vehicle at the Walmart parking lot in Norwich Tuesday.

Police were called to the parking lot at 220 Salem Turnpike for a report of a deceased person. The death does not appear to be criminal in nature, police told NBC Connecticut. Complete article

They were having sex in the Spanaway Wash. Walmart parking lot when a sheriff's deputy walked up, documents say 06/05/2018

If you thought a man catching his underwear on fire in the Spanaway Walmart bathroom was the weirdest thing that could happen there, here's another contender.

A Pierce County sheriff's deputy on patrol Sunday morning saw a suspicious-looking car in the parking lot of the store, so he thought he would take a look.

He walked up to find a Pierce County couple having sex in the front seat of their Nissan Maxima — one of them had a warrant for her arrest, and both of them had been trespassed from all Walmart properties, Pierce County prosecutors say. Complete article

Complaint alleges D.C. Walmart failed to accommodate deaf employees 06/05/2018

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Chris Kuszynski helps lead the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's efforts to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ADA compels companies with more than 15 employees to accommodate workers' disabilities on the job.

"Growing up when the law was changing to provide greater opportunities for people like me with disabilities, I have seen what the law can do and how it can benefit individuals and it's exciting to be a part of that," said Kuszynski. Complete article

Suspects wave handgun, steal vehicle from woman in Tx. Walmart parking lot 06/05/2018

SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Police Department and Crime Stoppers want the public’s assistance in tracking down the people responsible for an aggravated robbery.

The robbery occurred May 31 around 6:15 p.m. in a Walmart parking lot located in the 8000 block of Bandera Road.

According to police, the two suspects approached the victim while she was sitting in her car and displayed a gun.The suspects then ordered the victim to get out of the vehicle, police said. Complete article

WMPD: Shoplifter runs from La. Walmart as cops work theft case 06/05/2018

Two women wanted for using stolen checks at NC Walmart and Lowes, police say 06/05/2018

All clear given after packages investigated at Kroger, Walmart in Cookeville Tenn. no bomb 06/05/2018

Police investigate recent thefts at Bedford Pa. Walmart 06/05/2018

Walmart Employees Hate When Customers Do This One Thing 06/04/2018

Brush fire near Walmart in Stead per Reno Nevada Fire Department 06/06/2018

Nevada girl, 10, honored for shielding her young relatives from barrage of gunfire in Walmart parking lot 06/06/2018

Troopers: Palmer man leads officers on wild chase that ends with a crash near Wasilla Alaska Walmart 06/06/2018

A driver found slumped over the wheel of an SUV in Palmer awoke and fled authorities at speeds over 100 mph Tuesday night until he crashed and was found in the woods, Alaska State Troopers said.

The driver, identified as 39-year-old Billy Joe Jones of Palmer, was wanted on two warrants — including one for a 2015 high-speed pursuit that ended when his vehicle hit a patrol car, troopers said.

A trooper stopped to check on Jones just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, according to an online dispatch. He was initially not responsive but woke up minutes later and fled. Complete article

Attack outside Arkansas Walmart leads to man's arrest 06/06/2018

MONTICELLO, Ark. (KATV) — A 25-year-old Monticello man is facing charges following an attack at Walmart on Tuesday, our news partner Monticello Live reports.

According to Monticello Live, police were dispatched to the Walmart parking lot at approximately 11 p.m. and met the victim outside his vehicle in row 4. Authorities say the victim had a cut to his neck but did not know who the suspect was.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, was treated for his injuries and was released. ....

Barfield faces charges of criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault and first-degree battery. Complete article

LaFayette P.D. searching for woman caught on video stealing at Ga. Walmart 06/06/2018

Walmart gets fancy with own line of wines 06/06/2018

Briefcase Full Of Clothes Prompts La Vergne Tenn. Walmart Evacuation 06/07/2018 The Tennessee Highway Patrol's bomb squad was called to the Walmart on Murfreesboro Road in La Vergne after someone reported a suspicious package in the store's parking lot. The package turned out to be a briefcase full of clothes left near a trashcan.

Man Allegedly Caught Leaving Pa. Walmart With $85 Worth Of Bacon In Pants 06/07/2018

15-Year-Old In Custody After Wal-Mart Parking Lot Shooting In Lodi Ca. 06/07/2018

LODI (CBS 13) – A 15-year-old is in custody after a shooting in a Wal-Mart parking lot on June 2. The juvenile fired a single shot at an occupied vehicle in the reportedly busy parking lot around 3:50 p.m, according to Lodi police.

The police identified the teen and arrested him on Monday for attempted homicide, multiple gang enhancements, and firearm charges. Due to his age, the suspect’s name has been withheld. He has been booked into Juvenile Hall.

The Lodi Police Department shared via Facebook that they responded to the call on the ground and in the air with the first deployment of their drone, called the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The UAS assisted officers in the search for the shooting suspects south of the parking lot.

Despite the patrol’s efforts, the suspects were not located immediately after the call, fleeing the area before the units could get in their perimeter positions. Complete article

Walmart Sues Its Former Head of Tax for Jumping to Amazon 06/07/2018

Walmart Inc. sued its former chief tax officer for violating her employment agreement by defecting to online rival Amazon Inc., the latest broadside in the slugfest between the two retail giants.

Lisa Wadlin, Walmart’s senior vice president and top tax executive, wrongfully left the Bentonville, Arkansas-based chain last month to move to Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Walmart officials said Wednesday in a lawsuit. They’re seeking to stop Wadlin from taking the Amazon position until May 2020 and bar her from handing over “sensitive business information obtained at Walmart.”

“Wadlin’s pursuit of employment with Amazon eviscerates the contractual terms Walmart bargained for’’ in her employment pact, Walmart’s lawyers said in the Delaware Chancery Court lawsuit. Walmart said it’s seeking to protect its rights to lawfully restrict “senior employee’s ability to work for its direct competitor.’’ ..... It’s not the first time a Walmart executive has sought to defect to Amazon. In August 1997, Amazon appointed former Walmart information systems vice president Richard Dalzell to the position of chief information officer. Walmart sued alleging the online retailer was targeting its tech workers to pick up secrets about its computer systems. The companies later settled.

Walmart officials said Wadlin was deeply involved in the company’s mergers-and-acquisitions planning and played a critical role in its purchase of a controlling stake in Flipkart Online Services Pvt. That company is India’s e-commerce leader. Amazon had been vying with Walmart for the firm.

Wadlin “had access to Walmart’s highly confidential and sensitive business information and strategies,” the chain said in the complaint. .....

Wadlin let her superiors know in January she was contemplating a job change and Walmart offered her a severance package that included two years’ pay if she agreed to serve as a consultant during a transition period, the retailer said.

The tax executive asked Walmart to waive her non-compete restrictions, but the company refused, according to the lawsuit. Complete article

Bearded dragon shows up with California family's Walmart order 06/07/2018

Hemet, California -- A family in Hemet, California, had quite a surprise when they opened the box for a bicycle they ordered from Walmart.

Inside the package was a bearded dragon. It was sitting on the seat as they lifted the bike out of the box.

The lizard is native to Australia.

Riverside County animal control responded and said the dragon appears to be in good health and was likely someone's pet. It may have crawled into the box during the packing process. Complete article

Police respond to report of one person shot outside of 103rd Street Jacksonville Fla. Walmart 06/07/2018

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded to the call of a person shot at the Walmart on 103rd Street.

A witness tells First Coast News that the victim of the shooting ran into a daycare for help.

This is an ongoing story, stay with First Coast News for updates. Complete article

Man charged with robbing woman at gun point at Highway 280 Alabama Walmart 06/07/2018

A Childersburg man has been charged with first-degree robbery in connection to a robbery at the Walmart on Highway 280 Saturday, Sylacauga police said.

Monroe Lamar Kilgore's arrest on the first-degree robbery charge was announced Thursday.

Police responded to a reported robbery in the parking lot of the Walmart store on Highway 280 Saturday and spoke with a female victim, police said.

The victim told police she was sitting in her vehicle when a man approached her with a gun and demanded money. The suspect then reached inside the vehicle and took some money from the car, she told police. Complete article

12-year-old carjacked outside Norfolk Va. Walmart while waiting for his dad 06/07/2018

NORFOLK, Va. - A 12-year-old boy was carjacked while waiting for his dad, according to court documents.

Police said on March 26 around 8:15 p.m., police were called to the Walmart parking lot at 3350 E. Princess Anne Road for a robbery that just occurred.

The records said when police arrived they located the boy and his father, who stated that while the boy was sitting in the car alone in the parking lot, two unknown men approached the car and implied a weapon.

They said the men told the boy to get out of the car and he complied. Complete article

Animal Control Removes Snake From Shelbyville Tenn. Walmart 06/07/2018

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - The Bedford County Animal Control has stayed busy responding to snake calls as the temperatures heat up this summer one of them even made its way to a Walmart parking lot.

An eastern rat snake was found in the Shelbyville Walmart. The Bedford County Animal Control Director Jack Cooper came out to the store to remove it. Complete article

Springfield Tenn. Walmart site of death investigation 06/07/2018

Springfield police don't suspect foul play was involved in a Thursday death at the local Walmart on Tom Austin Highway.

Samuel Joseph Didominico, 53, of Greenbrier, was found dead inside a vehicle in the store's parking lot, according to a news release issued late Thursday by Springfield police.

Authorities were called to the scene to investigate the death at 1 p.m., according to a Robertson County dispatcher. Complete article

Car stolen with force at Norwalk Va. Walmart 06/07/2018

NORWALK — Police are investigating an incident in which a car was stolen with force at Walmart on Wednesday night and was recovered in Darien a short time later.

Police were dispatched to the parking lot of the store at 680 Connecticut around 10:15 p.m. on a report of the theft of a Honda Odyssey. The owner told police that they had been approached by multiple suspects and struck in the head before the car was stolen.

Norwalk police put out a broadcast alert for the vehicle to area departments and the unoccupied car was recovered by Darien police about a mile away. Complete article

Three lessons the labour movement must learn from the Fight for 15 at Walmart 06/08/2018

Across Europe trade union strength is diminishing. In many countries union membership is falling. Even where membership and collective bargaining appear robust this is mainly due to legal supports rather than unions’ retaining structural power. Sectoral agreements are being hollowed out and the problem for unions is structural. Union power in Western Europe was at its height in the 1960s – a period marked by large-scale industrial production and Keynesian economic policy. Since the 1970s new information, communication and transportation technologies have enabled networked forms of production, distribution and finance to develop in which product markets, corporate ownership and labour process are internationalised. In combination, these processes seriously undermine the possibility for effective formal collective bargaining in many sectors.

If unions in the twenty-first century are to remain relevant, they must embrace what is an ever more connected and networked world. The Fight for 15 movement in the United States provides an illuminating example of some ways in which the internet can benefit organised labour. Below I discuss three lessons which UK trade unions should take from the early stages of the low-wage worker movement which shaped the ‘Fight for $15 an hour’. This mobilisation can be traced to the founding of the Organisation United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart). OUR Walmart was founded as an independent worker association in 2011 by the United Food and Commercial Workers’ (UFCW) union, a union with a broad membership of more than 1.3 million across the retail, food processing and meat packing industries. This article draws on six weeks spent participating in the campaign in California and 43 interviews with workers and union officials (for a more academic account of this work see ‘Networks of injustice and worker mobilisation at Walmart’ in Industrial Relations Journal). .....

Lesson 1. The transformative potential of social media for participatory organisation .....

Lesson 2. expansive solidarity and the power of reputational damage ....

Lesson 3. Don’t bureaucratise communication but be aware of surveillance...... Complete article

Pa. 2016 Walmart shooter gets 18 to 40 years in prison 06/08/2018

MERCER — The case of a transgender woman who shot her co-worker in 2016 was never about gender, bullying or harassment, the judge who sentenced Zachary T. "Claire Wolfever" McClimans said Thursday.

"It doesn't matter if Zachary or Claire is standing in front of me," Mercer County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Robert G. Yeatts told the defendant. "You committed a very serious crime."

That, along with several other factors, is the reason that Yeatts handed down the longest sentence allowed by law — 18 to 40 years in a state correctional facility.......

"It's all about you," Yeatts told the defendant. "You were not remorseful that night. You were not remorseful when you talked with (the doctor) and you made an interesting statement today." Complete article

$170,000 stolen after woman forgets suitcase of cash in Ariz. Walmart cart 06/08/2018

A woman reported to police that a suitcase she lost at the Walmart in Kingman contained $170,000.

A Valley Vista woman reported this week that she was shopping while carrying a suitcase loaded with cash from a business and home sale.

She placed the suitcase on the bottom of the cart, forgot it when she returned her cart and drove home without it. Complete article

Man arrested for allegedly taking suitcase with $170K at Walmart 06/15/2018

KINGMAN — Kingman Police Department arrested Jeremiah G. Peacey, 39 of Kingman, in connection to an ongoing investigation of a large amount of cash that was reported stolen June 5 from underneath a shopping cart at Walmart.

Investigators identified Peacey as the male subject seen in surveillance photos from Walmart, and his girlfriend, a 40-year-old Kingman woman.

KPD detectives located Peacey and his girlfriend at a residence on the 2100 block of Snavely Avenue Tuesday afternoon. A search warrant was later served and detectives reported they recovered a significant amount of cash, and a 1999 Jeep that Peacey is alleged to have purchased after the theft.

Ga. Police: Walmart employee’s hand cut while trying to stop shoplifters 06/08/2018

A man cut a Walmart employee’s hand with an X-Acto knife when the associate tried to stop him from stealing $2,000 worth of merchandise from the store, Douglasville police said.

The incident occurred Sunday at the retailier’s Concourse Parkway location, according to a post on the Douglasville Police Department’s Facebook page. Complete article

Walmart Thief Couldn't Out Run Joliet Ill. Officer: Court Filings 06/07/2018

Deputies go to Yorktown Va. Walmart for disorderly call, chase shoplifting suspect instead 06/07/2018

PD: Florida boy tied to bomb threat at Lake Delton Wisc., other Walmart stores across country 06/08/2018 Investigators determined the boy had also called bomb threats in to several other Walmart stores across the county, causing the stores to be evacuated and closed for a search, resulting in thousands of dollars or losses for the company, according to the release.

Woman gets harassed by peeping tom at WV Walmart 06/07/2018

'Suspicious device' prompts evacuation of La. Walmart 06/07/2018

Police searching for woman they say scammed cashier at Moline Ill. Walmart 06/08/2018

Arkansas man charged with murder in April 23 Walmart shooting 06/08/2018

NOPD: Man, woman swapped bar codes at La. Walmart to steal expensive items 06/08/2018

Hagerstown man accused of groping woman in Md. Walmart 06/08/2018

Police search for persons of interest in Tulsa Okla. Walmart car theft 06/08/2018

He stole a BB gun from Fla. Walmart, cops say. Then they looked in his car 06/08/2018

60 people sickened in salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon from Walmart, Kroger 06/08/2018

A salmonella outbreak in five Midwestern states has been linked to pre-cut melon sold at Walmart and Kroger stores, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far 60 people have been infected with 32 cases confirmed in Michigan alone, WILX reported.

Including Michigan, the outbreak, which started around the end of April, has spread into Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

Anyone who bought pre-cut melon or any items containing pre-cut melon from Walmart or Kroger stores is urged to throw the product away. Complete article

St. Louis woman, 3-year-old son got sick from salmonella after eating melon from Walmart, suit says 06/12/2018

SCHP: Orangeburg SC Walmart hit-and-run suspect fled, injured when truck overturned 06/08/2018

A 39-year-old Cordova man was injured Thursday night as he fled the scene of an accident, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.

The man allegedly struck a parked 2014 Jeep and a pedestrian in the parking lot of Walmart, at 2795 North Road, at 10:43 p.m. Thursday, according to S.C. Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Judd Jones.

Jones said the pedestrian did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

The Cordova man, who was driving a 2002 Ford pickup, allegedly left the scene of the accident but lost control of his truck a few minutes later on Broughton Street. The truck overturned. Complete article

Tencent Unveils Collaboration With Walmart China 06/08/2018

Helping broaden the reach of Tencent’s mobile payments and mini program services, Tencent has unveiled a collaboration with Walmart China. With the relationship, Walmart will also be to expand digitally in the country, technode reported.

The work will focus on customer experiences, payments, precision marketing and communications through WeChat. In addition, the collaboration seeks to provide Walmart’s Sam’s Club with a stronger membership program. This work comes after Walmart China had tested “smart stores” in Shenzhen with “Walmart Scan and Pay” — a Tencent mini program — in March. Through the system, customers were able to scan their purchases and pay with their phones. Since then, the program has been rolled out to stores in 28 cities.

The news comes a few months after Walmart inked a deal with Tencent to use WeChat Pay, its popular payment app, in all of its stores in the western region of China. Reuters, citing Walmart, said the move underscores a market in China that is dividing into either the Ant Financial camp with its Alipay digital payment service or the Tencent camp with its WeChat payment app. Complete article

Ca. Walmart bathroom video Peeping Tom sentenced to 150 days in jail 06/08/2018

Police: Man, woman conspired to steal from Ga. Walmart 06/08/2018

Pair wanted for stealing TV, other items form Walmart in Boone NC 06/09/2018

Police search for man caught on camera stealing from Va. Walmart twice 06/09/2018

Farmers vie to get dryer balls on Wal-Mart shelves 06/10/2018

Fight at Walmart in Columbus Ga. results in multiple criminal charges 06/10/2018

A fight at a Walmart in Columbus before sunrise Sunday morning resulted in multiple criminal charges.

Robert John Russell, 29, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a knife or cutting tool, battery, terroristic threats and obstruction of an officer.

According to the Columbus Police Department’s report, an officer was dispatched at 1:40 a.m. to the Walmart at 5448 Whittlesey Blvd. in reference to a fight. Complete article

Police: Man takes cash register from Fla. Walmart, tries to carjack 2 people both defended themselves with guns at knifepoint 06/11/2018

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. — Authorities said they arrested a man Friday on suspicion of taking a cash register drawer from a Walmart in Florida and then trying to carjack two people at knifepoint.

Christopher Raymond Hill, 36, was arrested on charges of strong arm robbery, carjacking with a firearm or deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and trespassing, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office online inmate information search.

Investigators said the incident began when Hill went into the Walmart at the River City Marketplace and asked if he could have change for a $20. A cashier told Hill he would have to buy something and he then bought a pack of cigarettes.

Once the register was open, Hill reached over, grabbed the register and ran out of the store, according to a JSO arrest report. ....

According to the report, the man was able to grab his pistol from his truck and pointed it at Hill, who then ran away toward Starbucks. ....

Hill got out of the car and came toward her, officials said. She said she pointed her pistol at him and he ran away, according to officials. Complete article

System crash closed Harlingen, Tx. Walmart for hours 06/10/2018

Persons of interest sought in incident at Hartsville SC Walmart 06/11/2018

Who is this guy? Springetts Pa. cops look for Walmart theft suspect 06/10/2018

Ca. Walmart Shopper Exited Store With Packed Cart And No Receipt 06/09/2018

Police: Bluffs woman tried to steal 47 items from Iowa Walmart 06/10/2018

Florida man arrested after he allegedly paid for one donut, stole two others from Walmart 06/11/2018 Walmart claims they suffered a financial loss of $1.16, according to the arrest affidavit. (It will cost taxpayers hundreds if not thousands of dollars to settle this case! Florida was the same state where they chased down a shoplifter and beat him up for stealing a 59 cent donut four or five years ago.)

Man picking wife up from work confronts Del. Walmart robbery suspects after shot fired followed by second shot 06/12/2018

NEW CASTLE, Del. (WPVI) -- Two armed suspects who tried to rob a Walmart in New Castle, Delaware were confronted by a man picking his wife up from work.

It happened just after midnight Tuesday at the store on the 100 block of Wilton Boulevard.

Police said a man holding a gun entered the Walmart and confronted an employee at the register area of the store.

"He went over to a cash register where an employee was and demanded money," said Delaware State Police Sgt. Richard Bratz. "At that point, the suspect shot one round into the ceiling." ....

He then confronted the masked male suspect.

"The guy's looking at me and he said, 'What do you want?' I said, 'I don't want nothing.' He said, 'Are you the man with the key?' I said, 'I ain't got no keys.' And he fired a shot at me," he said.

He said the pair then took off running and he threw the breaker bar at them. Police said the two suspects fled through the lawn and garden door. Complete article

Tennessee man fights police at Walmart in underwear and cowboy boots, authorities say 06/11/2018

MADISONVILLE, TENN. — Police in east Tennessee arrested a man who was fighting them in his underwear and cowboy boots at a Walmart, the Advocate and Democrat of Madisonville reported.

Jacob Bradley Hodge, 28, of Madisonville, was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, the newspaper reported.

Police were responding to a fight at the Walmart in Madisonville when officers were confronted by Hodge, who was screaming and cursing while clad in just his underwear and cowboy boots, authorities said.

Patrolmen Daniel Martin and Kyle Day of the Madisonville Police Department tried to get Hodge to go home with his friends, but he became belligerent and started to walk away, the Advocate and Democrat reported. Day said he grabbed Hodge’s arm but the man resisted. Hodge then hit Day in the face as the patrolmen attempted to handcuff him, police said. Complete article

Man injured in Salisbury NC Walmart shooting charged with stolen vehicle possession 06/12/2018

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A man injured in a shooting outside a Salisbury Walmart Tuesday afternoon was later charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Police say 20-year-old Dijmon Antoniq Lucas and a friend got into an argument with two other people over a parking space at a Walmart. Lucas and his friend went inside to ship and when they came back out, a car pulled up beside them and someone fired six shots, police say.

One shot grazed Lucas.

When police checked the license plate on the 2005 Chevy Malibu Lucas was in, they realized it was stolen. Lucas reported ran off but was caught a short time later. Complete article

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Walmart shopper in Cassville, Missouri finds snake on shopping cart 06/12/2018

CASSVILLE, Mo. -- Rick Bowers posted his unusual shopping trip to the Walmart in Cassville, Mo.

Bowers shared video of a something definitely not on his shopping list. A snake slithered in and out of his shopping cart. Employees gave him permission to remove the snake from the cart outside the store. Complete article

VERIFY: Where do the proceeds go from Walmart's 'Santa Fe Strong' shirts? 06/12/2018

SANTA FE, Texas - A KHOU 11 viewer reached out to us, upset about a claim circulating in Santa Fe. She said Walmart was selling "Santa Fe Strong" t-shirts and none of the proceeds benefit the Santa Fe High School shooting victims and their families.

Here's what we verified:

KHOU 11 confirmed shirts are being sold at the League City Walmart off FM 646 and two other locations in the area.

A Walmart spokeswoman confirmed proceeds of those shirts were not going to Santa Fe shooting victims or their families, adding that "it was never advertised that proceeds would be donated." Complete article

Suspected child molester at Yakima Wash. Walmart arrested 06/12/2018

YAKIMA, Wash. - A man is arrested after police say he is suspected of molesting a four-year-old at a local Walmart.

Police arrested Sal P. George, 26, after he was accused of inappropriately touching a girl at Walmart Supercenter located at 6600 West Nob Hill Blvd., the Yakima Police Department reports.

Police said a woman and her two children were shopping in the toy aisle on Tuesday, June 5, around 3:16 p.m. when her four-year-old girl went one aisle over and screamed "stop it". Complete article

Tenn. Walmart keeps officers busy 06/13/2018

Police officers in Monroe County were busy this weekend responding to calls at Walmart.

On Saturday night around 7 p.m., officers went to Walmart in Madisonville where they spoke with loss prevention staff, who advised they caught a male suspect on camera removing a tag from an item and a female suspect concealing multiple items. Upon detaining both suspects, the concealed items were recovered.

Patrolman Jesse Moses said he asked the female suspect what her name was, she allegedly told them it was Stephanie Moser and that her date of birth was in October. But when officers searched her bag, an insurance card showed the suspect’s name as Stephanie Arp with a birthdate in January. Moses said he asked her about the name, and she allegedly said that was her cousin. Complete article

Officer cleared after shooting man outside Zebulon NC Walmart in April, officials say 06/12/2018

Ohio's 100 largest employers - 2018 rankings; Walmart No. 1, then who? 06/12/2018

She took 2 young kids to Walmart and left with pet fish. There's a problem, Biloxi police say 06/12/2018 The value of the theft is about $10, De Back said. But to Walmart and police, it's the principle that matters. (Principles protecting consumers from corporate fraud, on the other hand, aren't worth spending enormous amounts of tax dollars.)

2 arrested in Ga. Walmart parking lot with drugs 06/12/2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb to attend grand opening of Fort Wayne Ind. Walmart milk processing plant 06/13/2018

Man placed cellphone on floor at Columbus Ga. Walmart to film under woman’s skirt, police said 06/13/2018

Houston Tx. officer buys man's groceries after someone stole them at Walmart 06/13/2018

Man Accused of Trying to Lure Boy Into Pa. Walmart Bathroom for Sex 06/13/2018

Man charged for voyeurism after "peeping tom" incident at Myrtle Beach SC Walmart 06/13/2018

Inside the Tx. Ex-Walmart Where Immigrant Kids Are Locked In for 22 Hours a Day 06/14/2018

Man at Wash. Walmart pulled down 8-year-old girl's pants, exposed himself, father says 06/14/2018

Sheriff’s Office: Drunk Woman Left Son Alone In Car In Md. Walmart Parking Lot 06/13/2018

Police searching for man who 'brandished gun' at Davis County Utah Walmart 06/13/2018

CLINTON, Davis County — Police are searching for a man who brandished a handgun and was "acting suspicious" in the Clinton Walmart parking lot Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

By the time police arrived on scene, the man had entered the Walmart on 1632 N. 2000 West, met up with a woman, made a few purchases and left in a vehicle, according to Clinton Police Sgt. Richard Murdock.

The man did not appear to be in a hurry, according to the store's surveillance video.

Police evacuated Walmart for a couple hours as a safety precaution while they performed a search, Murdock said. The evacuation has since ended.

Officials are now searching for the man to clarify why he was brandishing the gun. Police are investigating whether the man made threats or if the incident was a misunderstanding. Complete article

Mom accused of leaving 7-year-old son alone in hot car while shoplifting makeup from Tx. Walmart 06/14/2018

Deputies: Men stole beer, pork skins at gunpoint from Chapel Hill NC Walmart last month 06/14/2018

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Two men have been arrested after authorities said they stole beer and pork skins at gunpoint from a Chapel Hill Walmart last month.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office said two men entered the store on May 16 and filled a shopping cart with meat, toilet paper, beer and pork skins before attempting to leave the store without paying.

An employee attempted to stop the men, but one of them displayed a firearm and threatened to shoot the worker, deputies said.

As the men loaded the stolen goods into their car, another employee approached them and one of the men threatened to kill the employee if they were followed, authorities said. Complete article

Police: Ill. Walmart thief slashes employee with knife, crashes car 06/14/2018

A Roscoe man slashed a Walmart employee with a knife while trying to steal medication and then tried to evade the police in his car before he crashed, police said.

On Wednesday, Gregory J. Ratliff, 29, attempted to steal various boxes of medication from the 2424 W. Jefferson St. Walmart, Joliet police Sgt. Darrell Gavin said in an email. The police had spoken with several witnesses and obtained video evidence about the theft, Gavin said.

When Ratliff was confronted by loss prevention employees, he brandished a knife and cut one’s arm, Gavin said.

He also threatened to harm other staff members. Complete article

Woman on the Run | Topless Ga. Walmart shoplifter wanted by deputies 06/14/2018

ATHENS, Ga. -- Deputies are looking for a shoplifter who is in definite need of a shirt on Thursday.

The Oconee County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a topless female shoplifter who was running from the Walmart down Epps Bridge Road in Athens.

The department posted about the incident on its Facebook page, saying " No further description was given, but we presume she’ll be the only topless woman running down Epps Bridge Road." Complete article

Dead bodies found at Walmart stores in Brevard Fla. is a phenomenon. Here's why it's happening 06/14/2018

Peter Unger traveled the world, first in the Navy at the tail end of the Korean War and then as a free spirit searching the ancient paths of India for life’s sacred meaning.

Toward the end of his life Unger, sporting a flowing white beard and well-off financially thanks to his handcrafted jewelry business, sought sanctuary in the idea of living simply.

But in a twist of fate, the 85-year-old who shunned worldly cares was found dead May 7, alone in a nondescript white Ford van that sat parked undisturbed for days at a Walmart, a retail giant seen by many as America’s temple of commerce and materialism. ....

In Brevard, police have investigated nearly half a dozen such parking lot deaths since 2015, from the badly decomposed remains of a man found inside a fly-swarmed sedan at a beachside Walmart in the simmering July heat to that of a man who suffered from cancer, found the same year in a sport utility vehicle that sat in a far corner of the Walmart lot in Viera. In both cases, it was the pungent smell that first caught the attention of passers-by or workers.

“It’s unfortunate but these do happen … it’s not uncommon,” said Lt. Cheryl Trainer, spokeswoman for the Melbourne Police Department, an agency that has investigated the bulk of the Walmart parking lot deaths on the Space Coast. .....

Across the nation, the stories bear similar refrains:

In California, a woman missing for months turned up dead. Investigators in the February 2016 case said the woman's body remained in the car, parked at the retailer, for up to three months.

Illinois, the body of a 49-year-old man who was reported missing for more than a month, was found dead May 18, 2018, in a van at a Bradley, Illinois, Walmart. He was seen going into the store on May 1 and then leaving a short time later. He died of natural causes, according to media reports.

In Ohio, police said a 59-year-old man found April 17, 2018, in a pickup truck at an Airport Thruway Walmart, died of natural causes. The body was in the truck, parked on the side of the retail store since April 8, authorities report.

Here in Florida, a Walmart employee walking the parking aisles Feb. 22, 2018, at a Tarpon Springs store, reported a strong odor. Officers arrived and found an unidentified body. Police suspected suicide. Complete article

Dead bodies found at Walmart: A list 06/15/2018

• In San Angelo, Texas, a body was found in a parked truck at Walmart, 5501 Sherwood Way, on Jan. 16, 2018. Police at the scene did not indicate foul play, according to a report from sanangelolive.com.

• In Pittsburgh, Joshua Nord, 32, of Sharpsburg was found Jan. 17, 2018, in a car in a Walmart parking lot in Frazer. According to a report from triblive.com, "Frazer police Chief Terry Kuhns said Wal-Mart usually checks its parking lot, but inclement weather during that week likely delayed the check. Nord was wanted on an assault warrant by Sharpsburg police and a Frazer officer searching for Nord and his vehicle found it in the parking lot."

• In Virginia, a body was found Feb. 10, 2018, in a parking lot at the Pounding Mill Walmart in Tazewell County. There was no foul play suspected, according to Maj. Harold Heatley of the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office in a report on wvva.com.

• In Florida, the body of Donald Ruddick, 81, of Oakville was found in a camper in a North Naples Walmart parking lot on Feb. 11, 2018. The camper was parked outside the Walmart on Juliet Boulevard, off Immokalee Road just west of Interstate 75. According to a report in the Naples Daily News, detectives did not think the death was suspicious. The camper was attached to a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis.

• In California, a body was found inside a burned motorhome March 27, 2018, at an Oceanside Walmart parking lot. According to a report on 10news.com, "firefighters responded to a vehicle fully engulfed in flames at Walmart Supercenter, 3405 Marron Road."

• In Melbourne, complaints about a strong odor in a Walmart parking lot led to the discovery of a decaying body inside a van with partially taped up windows. The van was parked near a car wash. Inside was an unidentified body, possibly that of a homeless man, reports show.

• In Vallejo, California, Christopher Groody, 56, was found dead outside Walmart on May 15, 2018. According to a report by the Vallejo Times-Herald, Groody, believed to be homeless was found next to a shopping cart filled with his possessions. Foul play was not suspected, according to police there.

• In Norwich, Connecticut, a body was found in a vehicle June 5, 2018, at Walmart, 220 Salem Turnpike. Police said the death did not appear to be criminal in nature.

Man draws knife during dispute at Moraine Ohio Walmart 06/14/2018

MORAINE — Two men were questioned by police this evening after a knife was drawn during a fight inside Walmart on Dorothy Lane.

Police were dispatched to the store at approximately 7:27 p.m. after one of the men drew a knife during an altercation in the store’s meat department.

Police confirmed the knife was not used during the assault but one of the males was treated for injuries on his forehead. Complete article

Police: Woman stabs man at Orange County NY Walmart 06/15/2018

WALLKILL - A Bloomingburg woman is behind bars after police say she stabbed at man at a Walmart in Orange County.

Police say Cheyanne Hasbrouck, 24, slashed the 27-year-old victim in the throat Wednesday night at the Walmart on Route 211 East in the Town of Wallkill.

The victim was transported to Orange Regional Medical Center, but there is no word on his condition. Complete article

Man arrested after alleged knife threats at Port Orchard Wash. Walmart 06/14/2018

PORT ORCHARD — A man found lying on the ground in the liquor aisle of the Port Orchard Walmart was arrested Thursday after he allegedly threatened employees with a knife.

No one was injured.

"He was intoxicated and was found on the ground by an employee," said Sgt. Donna Main of the Port Orchard Police Department. "When they asked if he was OK, that's when he pulled out a knife."

The suspect was not compliant, and officers had to use a Taser to subdue him. Complete article

Some Walmart locations make customers lock bags before shopping 06/14/2018

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Some Walmart stores in Kansas have a new policy requiring customers to lock up your larger bags in lockers before you're allowed to shop.

Walmart's corporate office confirms it's a new policy at the Pawnee and Broadway Walmart, and it left customer Cherie Powell-Shields shocked when an employee approached her.

"I walked in, and an employee came up to me and said ma'am for you to shop here, you have to put your purse in a locker, and I told her no, I wasn't going to shop here then," said Powell-Shields.

She left, and she says she won't be back.

"It's a trust issue, and two I didn't stop to see if anybody else was being asked to put their bags in lockers, and is it profiling? I don't know," said Powell-Shields. ....

Walmart did not give KWCH permission to take video of the lockers, but they are transparent and have lock pads. Complete article

Police: Caps fan exposes himself at Springfield Va. Walmart 06/14/2018

Two Arrested For Stealing $1,300 In Items From Claremore Okla. Walmart, Police Say 06/15/2018

Discount Diva: No, that person following you at Walmart is not a sex trafficker 06/13/2018

Panhandler indicted in altercation that happened outside Benton, KY. Walmart 06/14/2018

Police seek man in Islandia NY Walmart forcible touching 06/15/2018

Cortland man accused of stealing at NY Walmart, setting fire at Dunkin Donuts 06/13/2018

Police: Thief takes grill, pressure washer from Malone NY WalMart 06/12/2018 MALONE — Malone-based State Police are asking the public to help identify a man who allegedly stole a Weber Grill and a pressure washer from the WalMart in Malone, totaling $524.

Police: Man found passed out in Va. Walmart bathroom, tried to smuggle drugs into jail 06/15/2018

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) -- A Stafford County man is behind bars after he allegedly passed out in a Walmart bathroom after using heroin and then tried to smuggle drugs into jail.

The incident began at around 2:30 p.m. on June 9 when a deputy with the Stafford County Sheriff's Office was called to a reported medical emergency at the Walmart located at 11 Village Parkway.

When the deputy arrived, he found rescue personnel treating an adult male. The deputy noticed several drug-related items in plain view and said the suspect -- 29-year-old Richard Carlton Garner -- appeared lethargic and denied medical transport.

Garner was taken into custody and admitted to using heroin.

During the intake process at Rappahannock Regional Jail, a substance that looked like heroin was located in a clear bag hidden in Garner's shoe. Complete article

Walmart heirs deny involvement in Georgia governor's race 06/15/2018

Representatives of the Walmart company heirs deny any involvement in the Georgia governor’s race after a candidate was secretly recorded saying he backed a school choice law because campaign money from the family’s non-profit foundation was at stake.

Republican Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle admits he made the remarks that have surfaced in the past week.

His campaign issued a statement Friday calling it “old news” that stemmed from a “purely political conversation” Cagle had in his campaign office.

Walton family members are leading supporters of the school choice movement in America, including charter schools and tax-credit vouchers for private schools. Complete article

Man gets 10 years in prison for plot to defraud Walmart 06/15/2018

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A Connecticut man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges that he defrauded Walmart nearly $1 million through identity theft and hundreds of bogus checks.

U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson in Louisiana sentenced Walter Glenn on Wednesday.

U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin's office said in a news release that Glenn and others used the personal information of more than 400 people to create bogus identification cards and counterfeit checks. Prosecutors say Glenn and others traveled the country and tried to cash more than 800 counterfeit checks worth more than $2 million at more than 450 Walmart stores in 23 states from January 2014 through August 2015. Complete article

Man arrested for $1.3 million in Walmart fraudulent returns 06/15/2018 YUMA, Ariz. - A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Yuma after allegedly attempting to make fraudulent returns of over $1.3 million dollars at Walmart stores nationwide.

The Yuma Police Department said an investigation revealed Thomas Frudaker attempted to return a computer he had purchased earlier at the Walmart located at 2501 S.

Avenue B. Police said Frudaker had attempted to return it at another Walmart located 8151 E. 32nd Street. YPD suspects Frudaker removed parts of the computer before returning it.

Frudaker has been suspected of committing fraudulent transactions at over 1,000 Walmarts across the United States throughout a period of 18 months, authorities said.

Loveland Colorado police: Road rage driver runs over man in Walmart parking lot 06/15/2018

LOVELAND, Colo. — Police in Loveland are asking for the public’s help identifying a road rage driver who ran over a man in a Walmart parking lot late Sunday night.

On Friday, authorities released surveillance video of the incident that police say originated in Fort Collins. The confrontation took place around 11:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Walmart located at 250 West 65th Street.

The video shows two SUVs pull into the parking lot and the driver and passenger from the victim’s vehicle get out. At that point, the suspect vehicle turns toward the men at a high rate of speed and rams the victims’ SUV, striking the male passenger. Complete article

Kerfuffle at Fla. Walmart liquor store ends with crash, arrest 06/15/2018

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) - A kerfuffle at a Walmart liquor store ended with a traffic crash and aggravated battery, DUI and driving without a license charges on Thursday.

According to the Winter Haven Police Department, Christopher Fields, 31, entered the store on Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

Shortly after, Frank Caley, 35, came into the store and approached Fields.

Caley began yelling at Fields for no reason. Fields said he didn't know Caley and never had any interaction with him.

Fields backed away from Caley and told him to leave him alone when Caley picked up two large liquor bottles and held them up like he was going to hit Fields.

Fields backed into a corner and Caley hit him across the mouth with a bottle, knocking Fields to the ground where he briefly lost consciousness. ....

Officers went to his home at the RV park, but were told by a neighbor he had just left in his SUV at a high rate of speed.

Shortly after, an off-duty Auburndale police officer witnessed a crash at Cypress Gardens Boulevard and Highway 27. Complete article

Walmart ordered to stop polluting in California 06/15/2018

YUCCA VALLEY — The regional water board on Thursday ordered Walmart to stop discharging wastewater that violates state pollution standards.

The Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board met in Yucca Valley Thursday morning to discuss the local store’s code violations as well as the new sewer system.

The Yucca Valley Walmart owns and operates a waste treatment plant that is connected to the store as well as the two neighboring fast food restaurants, Panda Express and Taco Bell. The plant has exceeded state limits on several measures of pollution, including suspended solids, nitrogen and dissolved solids, on and off since it opened in 2013 and little has been done to reduce its violations, according to the water board.

In addition, measurements have shown too little oxygen to support microorganisms that decompose the waste.

“The problem is that we were dealing with the individual store and not the company,” said Jose Angel, executive officer of the water board. “Once we elevated it to the district level, it became embarrassing to Walmart.” Complete article

Police search for three suspected of armed robbery at Barstow Ca. Walmart 06/15/2018

BARSTOW — Police are on the lookout for three suspects who allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint here early Friday morning.

The incident occurred at the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter, located at 301 Montara Road, at 1:43 a.m Friday. Barstow Police Department officials said the suspects, described as two men and a woman, made off with cash and the victim’s cell phone.

The victim, a 32-year-old Barstow resident, told police he was sitting in his vehicle waiting for his wife to get off work when a “small to mid-sized two-tone, black over grey SUV” pulled in front of him and stopped.

A Hispanic woman sitting in the passenger seat of the SUV then asked the victim for directions before a white man jumped out of the SUV and ran towards the victim pointing a handgun at him and demanding his wallet.

“The victim exited his vehicle and ran away,” police said. “After the victim separated himself from the area, he turned and saw the suspect rummaging through his vehicle.”

Approximately $1,800 in cash, along with the victim’s cell phone, were taken before the suspects fled the scene. They remain at large as of Friday afternoon. Complete article

Man Arrested for Taking Photos Up Woman's Skirt in Tx. Walmart: Police 06/15/2018

Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for Shawnee Kansas Walmart attack 06/15/2018

Two charged with animal cruelty after setting snake on fire in Walmart parking lot last month 06/15/2018

Deputies: Corbin man tries to take items from Ky. Walmart 06/15/2018

Police Charge Man For Indecent Exposure At Burke Va. Walmart 06/15/2018

Fort Worth man who warned a Tx. Walmart shopper about a pervert was the pervert, police say 06/16/2018

2 Arrested In May 29 Shooting Outside Lebanon Tenn. Walmart 06/16/2018

Bystander kills suspect at Washington Walmart 06/17/2018

Police in Tumwater, Washington said a gunman was fatally shot by an armed bystander outside a Walmart Sunday evening.

Witnesses told KOMO the suspect began shooting inside the store at about 5 p.m. and continued firing shots in the parking lot.

Police said two people were shot. One shooting victim was flown by helicopter to a hospital, while another was being treated for a non-life threatening injury, according to The Associated Press.

“The suspect tried to carjack a car, and when the individual who owned the car did not cooperate, he ended up shooting that car driver,” said Laura Wohl with the Tumwater Police Department.

“Then the suspect tried to hijack a second car. And as he tried to hijack a second car, a citizen who was in the parking lot took his gun and shot the suspect.” Complete article

Armed man who shot, killed Walmart gunman is a pastor, report says 06/18/2018

One of the armed citizens credited with taking out a carjacking suspect who went on a rampage in a Washington state Walmart parking lot Sunday reportedly is a pastor in the area. .....

The pastor who shot Day reportedly has emergency medical training and helped the wounded man before he was taken to the hospital.

Family: Walmart victim paralyzed from neck down 06/18/2018

Police: 'Paranoia' may have caused man's rampage that ended outside Tumwater Walmart 06/19/2018

'Let's go,' said man who joined pastor to confront suspect outside Tumwater Walmart 06/19/2018

Amazon supplier in China ‘will tackle illegal work practices’ 06/17/2018

Amazon and its Chinese supplier Foxconn have moved swiftly to tackle illegal working conditions exposed in an investigation by the Observer and rights group China Labor Watch.

Temporary workers hired without basic rights such as sick pay and holiday pay have been offered staff contracts, and managers have been told to hire more workers to reduce levels of overtime. The company says it is also taking action to tackle “confusing” overtime payments.

Amazon said last week that independent auditors had uncovered issues of concern at the factory in Hengyang, China, making its Kindle tablets and Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers. The investigation and the audit both found that Foxconn had hired too many agency workers – known as dispatch workers – in breach of Chinese labour laws and that payslips showed they had been paid a flat rate for overtime and regular work, instead of the time-and-a-half required by law. Excessive levels of overtime were also recorded. Complete article

Gonzales woman arrested for attempted kidnapping at La. Walmart parking lot 06/17/2018

GONZALES - A 58-year-old Gonzales woman suffering from a "mental disorder" was arrested Friday in connection with an attempted kidnapping at a Walmart parking lot.

According to the Gonzales Police Department, an area woman suffering from a mental disorder, identified as Luzmaria DeMaher, approached a woman outside the Walmart in Gonzales and "made some very nasty comments about the woman and her ability to parent."

During the outburst, DeMaher reportedly tried to unbuckle the children from their car seats and take them from their mother. The woman did not know DeMaher, police said.

Police were called and DeMaher was arrested. The children were not taken and no one was hurt in the incident. Complete article

Alleged Walmart TV theft leads to police pursuit in West Manheim Township Pa. 06/17/2018

Must have been a nice TV.

A man allegedly carried a 65-inch television from the south Hanover Walmart out of the store without paying the full price and subsequently fled from law enforcement, according to police.

Joshua James Williams, 30, was charged with retail theft, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and false identification to law enforcement following the incident on June 4, according to court documents. No fixed address was listed for Williams, who was born in California. ....

Several civilians attempted to stop Williams as he allegedly dragged the television on Baltimore Pike, according to the affidavit. ...

The officer used his stun gun, which struck Williams in the back, according to the affidavit. Williams allegedly attempted to remove the stun gun probes and continued to defy the officer, resulting in a second use of the stun gun. Complete article

Police seek help ID’ing larceny suspects from Rome NY Walmart 06/18/2018

Police looking for suspects seen with counterfeit money at Carrollton Ga. Walmart store 06/18/2018

Police seek help identifying 3 in Pa. Walmart surveillance photos passing counterfeits 06/18/2018

Police: Joliet Ill. woman left dog baking in car at Walmart parking lot 06/18/2018

Little Rock Arkansas police investigate after shots fired in Walmart parking lot 06/18/2018

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — Little Rock police are investigating after a confrontation in a Walmart parking lot led to gunfire Saturday.

Officers were called shortly after 2 p.m. to the store at 2700 S. Shackleford Road. Witnesses said a heavy woman wearing a dark-colored T-shirt and blue jeans had gotten out of a vehicle, argued with a man and fired one shot at him, according to a police report. The woman reportedly stashed the gun in her bra and fled north on foot.

No injuries were reported.

Officers viewed surveillance footage that supported witness accounts of the incident, according to the report. One 9 mm shell casing was found at the scene. Complete article

Water Pours Into Rockford Ill. Hospital And Walmart Store 06/18/2018

Enosburgh Falls man pleads not guilty to embezzling from Vt. Walmart 06/19/2018

3 arrested after theft at Millbrook Alabama Walmart, police pursuit down I-65 06/18/2018

MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - Millbrook officers arrested three people Monday after a theft at Walmart and subsequent chase by authorities. According to Millbrook Police Chief PK Johnson, Cornelius J. Hall, 26, Joshua C. Hoston, 23, and Bernisha L. Simington, 18, were arrested and charged with theft of property in the third degree. All three are from Montgomery. Johnson said officers responded to the Walmart on a call of a theft of property that had just occurred. The officers spotted a man fleeing toward and getting into a black 2015 Volvo SUV; the vehicle fled the parking lot, turning onto Highway 14 and getting on Interstate 65 toward Montgomery. The SUV traveled southbound then veered onto the right-hand shoulder, losing control and running into the woods next to Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. Two men left the vehicle and fled the scene. They were apprehended, along with two women who remained at the scene. One of the woman was later released without charges. Stolen electronics and a loaded handgun were found in the vehicle. The vehicle was determined to have been stolen out of Montgomery. Complete article

UNSOLVED: String of thefts at Belk, Walmart in Whiteville NC 06/18/2018

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Whiteville Police Department is looking for several people in a string of thefts happening at all times of the day at the city’s Walmart and Belk. 

Police say it has been going on for months costing the stores thousands of dollars and the people behind it remain unsolved. Lt. Andre Jackson with the Whiteville Police Department said people are filling up shopping carts with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and just walking out of the store using the front door or the fire exits.

He said it started in November and December of last year. “It’s starting to pick up rapidly,” Jackson said. Complete article

Wareham Mass. Police Arrest Three for Stealing Televisions from Walmart 06/1/2018

Marana Ariz. police searching for 3 people linked to Walmart theft 06/19/2018

Service dog bites woman in Lebanon Tenn. Walmart 06/19/2018

Gunman fatally shoots himself and two others after he crashes his vehicle outside Alabama Walmart 06/19/2018

Police identify 3 killed in double murder-suicide outside Tallassee Walmart 06/19/2018

Police have released the identities of the three people who died in a suspected double murder-suicide outside a Walmart store in Tallassee.

Tresea Miller, 58, and her 75-year-old mother, Barbara Buttles, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene, Tallassee police said. Police identified the suspected shooter as 65-year-old Harold Miller, the husband of Tresea Miller.

Police said Harold Miller is believed to have fatally shot himself after gunning down his wife and mother-in-law.

Officers were dispatched to Walmart at 2190 Gilmer Avenue to investigate a shooting around 10:15 a.m., Tallassee Chief Matthew Higgins said. Officers found two crashed vehicles in the parking lot near the garden center, then saw Harold Miller's body. The women were found inside one of the crashed vehicles, police said.

Mayor Johnny Hammock said the shooter crashed a car into another vehicle before he opened fire in the parking lot.

"Preliminary investigation has determined that there was a previous history of domestic incidents between the family members and at this time the case is being ruled a Murder/Suicide," the police chief said in a news release. Complete article

Missing Ky. Walmart worker murdered by daughter, son-in-law: cops 06/19/2018

A missing Kentucky Walmart employee was murdered by her daughter and son-in-law — who later tried to cover up the crime, police said.

Sherry Rose, of London, was reported missing Monday by co-workers at the local megastore after she failed to show up for her shift for a week.

Her daughter, Christie McFadden, 28, and son-in-law, Joseph McFadden, 31, later admitted stabbing Rose to death during an argument, according to an arrest report. They were arrested and charged with the 58-year-old woman’s murder just after midnight Tuesday, according to the Times-Tribune. Complete article

Laurel County Ky. Walmart employee remains missing after six days 06/18/2018

Holstered gun found in Wisc. Walmart shopping cart 06/20/2018

MUSKEGO, Wis. (AP) - Police say a customer at a Walmart store in Muskego pulled out a shopping cart only to find a holstered gun inside.

The .32 caliber gun was turned over to police when it was discovered last week. Officer Michael Rakers says the gun was not listed as having been stolen or used in any crime.

Rakers tells the Journal Sentinel that it's odd that someone would put a gun in a cart while they shopped. Police haven't said whether it was loaded. Complete article

Prescription drug found in Va. Walmart's over the counter ibuprofen 06/19/2018

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A woman found a prescription drug in her over the counter ibuprofen bottle.

Toni Stugard purchased a bottle of the Equate brand ibuprofen from a local Walmart.

“Over the weekend he [her husband] went to take a couple for a headache and saw something white in the bottle. I said, 'oh, it’s something white in there.' I thought it was one of those plastic things that keep the pills fresh, and he takes it out and it was a prescription drug,” said Stugard.

Stugard found a round white pill with the markings IP 33 on one side and a 3 on the other side. After doing a google search she discovered the pill was prescription drug mixed in with the over the counter ibuprofen.

“I said, 'oh my God, I wonder if there was more.' I emptied the whole bottle to see if there was any more, and there was not it was just one. My immediate thought was if the wrong person got a hold of this,” said Stugard.

Stugard contacted the number for Walmart on the bottle but didn’t reach anyone on a Saturday.

“Immediately I went online and contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and called them and they gave me another number to file a complaint,” said Stugard. Complete article

After Its Own Mini Format Flopped, Walmart Gives Small Stores Another Try Via New Sam's Club Concept 06/19/2018

If you build it (smaller), they will come. At least retailers are hoping that’s the case.

Sam’s Club is joining the mini-me retail club with a new small format store that’s an incubator for digital conveniences, as merchants adjust their fleets in an overstored retail market with $54.9 billion in U.S. e-commerce sales flowing through the product pipeline.

Come fall, the 32,000 square foot unit, a quarter of the size of an average 136,000 square foot Sam’s Club, will bow in the Lower Greenville neighborhood of Dallas.

The move signals that parent company Walmart hasn’t given up on mining small stores for growth, despite failing to make an impact in a scaled-down box. The nation’s biggest retailer fumbled its small-store push, shuttering the Walmart Express format in 2016. Complete article

Walmart To Use Drones In Stores To Provide Better Customer Service 06/17/2018

You walk into your local Walmart. There may be someone to greet you at the door, yet as you make your way down the aisle, you realize you need help. Within moments a drone flies down from above and hovers in front of you, then leads you to the item you’re trying to find.

Is this real, or is this science fiction?

Yes, it’s real! Walmart has filed a patent for drones to help shoppers in its stores. The way it works is simple. You have your shopping list on a mobile device, such as your mobile phone or a tablet that’s provided by the store. The mobile device communicates with the drone, and it flies over to help you find what you need. The patent application states the following: “If, for example, the user has requested navigation assistance to an item selected from a virtual shopping list on the mobile electronic device, the computing device can control the aerial drone to provide navigation assistance to guide the user to the location of the selected item.” Complete article

Minor charged with arson after fire at Greenville Alabama Walmart 06/19/2018

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A juvenile is now under arrest and charged after there were reports of a fire at the Greenville Walmart.

Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn said a 17-year-old minor has been arrested and charged with first-degree arson.

In a picture sent from Renee Goss, there appears to be smoke visible in the air of the store. Complete article

Walmart ‘Surprised’ Old Store Is a Migrant Shelter. Records Hinted at the Possibility. 06/20/2018

Walmart said it was “surprised and deeply disturbed” to learn that one of its former Texas stores was being used to house migrant children who had been separated from their parents. “We sold the building in 2016 to a developer and had no knowledge then of its intended use today,” the giant retailer said in a Twitter post last week.

But real estate records pointed to the potential use. A Walmart executive signed a document that indicated the buyer was purchasing the property with a $4.5 million loan from a nonprofit that runs migrant children shelters.

The nonprofit, Southwest Key Programs, now leases the roughly 200,000-square-foot building in Brownsville, Tex., that houses nearly 1,500 migrant children, many of whom have crossed the border seeking refuge alone or with their families.

When Walmart sold the building, Southwest Key was relatively unknown, even though for decades it had been running shelters for migrant children, as well as a juvenile justice program. The shelters have only recently provoked intense criticism after they began housing increasing numbers of children who had been separated from their parents as part of an aggressive crackdown on illegal immigration by President Trump.

A Walmart spokesman, Greg Hitt, acknowledged that the company had been aware that Southwest Key was financing the purchase as the deal was closing in December 2016. But he said the retailer had not looked into what the nonprofit did or why it was providing a loan to the buyer. ......

The United Food and Commercial Workers, a union pushing for change at Walmart, was organizing events with Latino workers and activist groups in San Diego, Dallas and Chicago on Wednesday to protest the use of the former supercenter as a shelter for children separated from their families.

“The chances that Walmart — the largest retailer in the world, with billions of dollars of resources and entire legal and real estate departments at their disposal — didn’t know about the intended use of this building is impossible to believe,” said Amy Ritter, a spokeswoman for the union. Complete article

Dallas groups say Walmart profits from kids separated at border; company hits back 06/20/2018

Woman steals wallet with pillow at Chesterfield Township Mich. Walmart 06/19/2018

Salem man allegedly dealing drugs in NH Walmart parking lot backs into police trying to flee 06/20/2018

Fla. Wal-Mart associate arrested after allegedly helping himself to deli meals, Monster drinks 06/20/2018 It prompted the loss prevention officer to check video surveillance, and he found that St. John had snatched a deli meal and a Monster drink 10 times during the month of June. The total value of the items was $94.48. The Connecticut native was arrested on 10 counts of petit theft.

Missing Belton woman had used Uber to get to and from Walmart in Raymore 06/20/2018 (Headline for this article was changed to "Dozens search for missing Belton woman in park. She last spoke with parents Sunday" after the fact; this happens a lot eliminating Walmart's name from the headline of bad stories, however in many cases the URL shows original headline; with numbered articles it makes it that much harder to recognize when they change headlines. There is no official acknowledgement or explanation about why news outlets often change headlines, but they often favor corporations with political power.)

30-year-old man still missing, last heard from leaving La. Walmart, NOPD says 06/20/2018

JFRD: Person run over in Walmart parking lot in Mandarin Fla.06/20/2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department says a person was seriously injured after being run over by a car in Mandarin Wednesday morning.

JFRD says the person was run over in a Walmart parking lot located on 10991 San Jose Boulevard and was trapped underneath the vehicle.

Authorities say the victim was in a parking spot when a car was attempting to park. Complete article

China's Xi can make life tough for U.S. companies, from Apple to Walmart 06/20/2018

China doesn’t import enough from the U.S. to match President Trump’s tariffs dollar for dollar, but President Xi Jinping can still retaliate by squeezing American companies in other ways.

American businesses including Apple Inc., Walmart Inc., Boeing Co. and General Motors Co. all operate in China and are keen to expand. That hands Xi room to impose penalties such as customs delays, tax audits and increased regulatory scrutiny if Trump delivers on his threat of bigger duties on Chinese trade. The total amount of U.S. goods exported to China only amounted to $130 billion last year, meaning Trump’s potential tariffs on $250 billion or more of Chinese imports can’t be matched, at least directly. But if you measure both exports and sales of U.S. companies inside China, the U.S. has a surplus of $20 billion with China, according to Deutsche Bank AG.

Pressuring companies through bureaucratic means “is a practice that the Chinese have used for a long time and our companies are on guard,” William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China, said on Bloomberg Television. “This is definitely a concern.” Complete article

Walmart receives patent for health information system 06/20/2018

Walmart recently received a patent for a system designed to store patient medical records in a blockchain database. The information can then be retrieved at the scene of an emergency when a patient is unable to communicate.

The Walmart patent involves three devices which allows the medical record to be stored and retrieved. The first is a wearable device which serves as the local storage medium for the blockchain database. There is a also a biometric scanner used to obtain a patient’s encrypted signature and a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner that reads the wearable device.such as a bracelet.

Walmart’s patent application notes that at the scene of an accident first responders would scan the patient’s wearable device using the RFID scanner. Then they are able to get an encrypted private key as well as a public key associated with the patient they are attending. To decrypt the private key a biometric feature of the patent has to be scanned, this could be the face or a fingerprint. Once decrypted, the patient’s medical records can be accessed from the blockchain database.These medical records can also be shared with other healthcare providers such as paramedics, hospitals and emergency rooms.

Walmart said this patent theorizes the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which will enable medical professional to easily transmit pertinent medical information from one party to another. Perks associated with this patient include time savings which in some emergencies is the difference between life and death. Complete article

Crime Stoppers: Suspected NC Walmart thief fights off officers 06/20/2018

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Walmart Superstore off Independence is huge. Hundreds and hundreds walk through the front doors each day.

But when one woman in a red bandana and a cart full of stuff tried to leave without paying, a loss prevention officer was seen on surveillance chasing her down.

"It was something she was doing that kind of tipped off loss prevention," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller. "They see her at some point just before she goes out of the store." ....

Then something odd involving another woman riding a shopping scooter, who attempts to help the first suspect in a struggle that has intensified.

"The woman on the scooter grabs one of the loss prevention officers and scoots her out of the way to try to help this other woman get out of the store." .... "She's physically fighting with these two loss prevention officers and one of them is actually punched in the face by this individual." Complete article

Slithering to Sales? Snake Found Chilling in NJ Walmart Shopper’s Cart 06/21/2018

One Walmart shopper in New Jersey recently discovered that looking out for slithering reptiles in the grass may not guarantee a snake-free life indoors!

Surprisingly, the shopper in question was able to complete his shopping list before noticing the sneaky buggy-mate. Upon revealing the incident to two store employees, the man was immediately allowed to take his unpaid cart outside to dispose of the reptilian.

Either this man is unlucky, needs glasses, or his pet snake gets him a lot of free groceries. Complete article

Former Tenn. Walmart cashier arrested after more than $100,000 reported missing in audit 06/20/2018

Clinton Ill. Walmart to close doors 06/20/2018

Judge dismisses anti-kickback suit against UnitedHealth over $25 Walmart gift cards, free in-home visits 06/21/2018

Walmart cleared in fatal shooting Officer had shot, killed 25-year-old woman at Lake Hallie Wisc. store 06/21/2018

Woman allegedly trespasses at Walmart 06/20/2018

Police ask public's help in identifying Wisc. Walmart thief from photos 06/21/2018

Man wanted for stealing air conditioners from Ill. Walmart 06/21/2018

Man used disabled-customer cart for a shoplifting visit to Walmart, Morrisville NC police say 06/21/2018

Broken pipe temporarily closes Destin Fla. Walmart 06/21/2018

Police: Two women tried to steal makeup from Ill. Walmart 06/2/2018

Va. Walmart shopper wants someone arrested over parking lot incident 06/21/2018

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Shane Jenkins said he was knocked to the ground and sent to the hospital after an incident outside the Colonial Heights Walmart last Saturday.

After spending $144 inside the store, Jenkins said his issue occurred when a store employee stopped him in the parking lot.

"All of a sudden I feel somebody grab by cart and forcible pull my cart away from me," Jenkins said. "I hear him yell at me, 'show me your receipt.'"

Jenkins said his shopping cart was then turned over.

That's when he said someone else in the parking lot got involved.

"He comes and he goes at my face and tackles me to the ground," Jenkins claimed. "He's holding me on the ground, forcing my head into the asphalt."

The receipt proved Jenkins paid for all his items. Complete article

Walmart store-scanning robot gets big boost 06/21/2018

Bossa Nova, the company that makes the shelf-scanning robots that are rolling around a few dozen Walmart stores as part of an ongoing trial program, just announced $29 million in new funding.

The latest round brings the company's total funding to $70 million.

Bossa Nova has been billed as a robot replacement for clerks with scanner guns, but that's not the core pitch. The company has been aggressive in creating a multi-disciplinary platform at a time when brick and mortar heavyweights -- those that have thus far survived the digital onslaught -- are looking for ways to cut into Amazon's lead.

Bossa Nova robots rove stores scanning shelves and alerting managers to the state of inventory in real-time. With robust onboard AI, the robots are Big Data mining machines writ small. Complete article

Walmart loses appeal over $1.39M award to woman injured by falling box at Farmers Branch store 06/21/2018

An appeals court denied an appeal from Walmart to toss out a verdict awarding $1.39 million to a Texas woman injured by merchandise that fell from a shelf.

Dawn Bishop was shopping at a Walmart in Farmers Branch in July 2012 when a box that she estimated weighed 15 pounds fell on her head.

After the incident, she went to an urgent care facility and was diagnosed with a cervical strain and a head contusion. Bishop testified that she was still in pain after the incident despite lengthy physical therapy, steroid injections and visits to more than five doctors.

The original jury had found that a Walmart employee who was stacking shelves near Bishop was negligent and his negligence caused Bishop’s injury. The employee worked mainly as a cashier and testified he had not been trained to stock shelves. Complete article

Alabaster Alabama police trying to identify suspects in Walmart theft 06/21/2018

Woman accused of driving into Mich. Walmart last month arraigned 06/22/2018

Police looking for suspects in thefts from Missouri Walmart shoppers 06/21/2018

Cibolo Tx. police release photos of woman, vehicle in Walmart theft case 06/21/2018

Police looking for suspect after Ky. Walmart customer's cart stolen 06/21/2018

Putnam County School Board member arrested on grand theft charge at Fla. Walmart 06/22/2018

Theft from Wisc. Walmart investigated by police 06/22/2018

3 arrested for shoplifting from Walmart in Conway SC, investigation connects 2 to BB gun shootings 06/22/2018

Suspect in Walmart fraud cases set to be arraigned in Ariz. 06/22/2018

Reported bomb threat prompts Oregon Walmart evacuation 06/22/2018

Sheriff: Fleeing Suspect Found In Minn. Walmart 06/22/2018

All clear given at Jennings La. Walmart following bomb threat 06/2/2018

Jefferson Parish La. woman sues Walmart, claiming pregnancy discrimination 06/19/2018

A Jefferson Parish woman filed a lawsuit Sunday (June 17) claiming a Walmart store in Lake Charles disciplined her -- and ultimately fired her -- due to her pregnancy, according to federal court records and the woman's attorney.

The suit, filed against Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Walmart Louisiana LLC, alleges the company violated several federal laws and a state law, costing Juanita Fischer both her regular paycheck and health insurance while she was pregnant with her first child.

Fischer is represented by William Most, a civil-rights attorney based in New Orleans.

Both federal and state laws prohibit discrimination against employees due to pregnancy. Federal law also requires reasonable accommodations be made for employees with pregnancy-related limitations. Complete article

Bomb threat at Walmart Distribution Center in Dinwiddie Va., employees evacuated 06/23/2018

3 people in police custody following a theft at the Holton Kansas Walmart 06/23/2018

Fight at Ky. Walmart store leads to exaggerated posts on social media of active shooter 06/23/2018

Man seriously injured in shooting at Salem Oregon Walmart, police say 06/25/2018

SALEM, Ore. – A man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries Sunday night after reports of a shooting at a Salem area Walmart store, police officials said.

Officers were called out at about 9:15 p.m. on reports of a shooting at the Walmart on Lancaster Drive NE.

Police say a witness took the shooting victim to the hospital before first responders arrived on-scene; authorities say he suffered serious injuries.

Officers do not have a suspect in custody. Complete article

2 shot in Walmart lot in Homewood Ill. 06/25/2018

Two people were shot outside of a Walmart in Homewood Sunday night, according to Homewood police.

Officers were called to the Walmart fuel station at 17550 S. Halsted St. around 8:05 p.m. for reports of gunfire and found two people suffering from gunshot wounds.

The shooting stemmed from a fight in the parking lot, police said.

The two were taken to area hospitals where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Complete article

Man fired from Eastlake Ohio Walmart accused of setting fire inside store, police say 06/25/2018

EASTLAKE, Ohio - A man fired Saturday afternoon from an Eastlake Walmart is accused of starting a fire in the fabric aisle of the store, police say.

First responders were called about 4 p.m. to the Walmart on Vine Street and found smoke inside the store. They learned that a manager used two fire extinguishers to put out the fire in the fabric aisle, according to a post on the Eastlake police department's Facebook page.

The store was evacuated so Eastlake firefighters could assure that the fire was out and the smoke was clear.

Police learned through their initial investigation that an employee had just been fired and had likely started the fire, the Facebook post says. The man had left the store before police and fire crews arrived. Complete article

59-year-old caught under ringing items at Pa. Walmart, cops say 06/24/2018

Police Work to ID Waterford Conn. Walmart Theft Suspect 06/2/2018

Troy Alabama PD give all-clear following Walmart bomb threat 06/25/2018

BLOTTER: Alleged thief arrested for drug possession after Fla. Walmart won’t press charges 06/24/2018

Shots fired at Irvington Nebraska Walmart 06/25/2018

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Police are investigating a report of shots fired at the Irvington Walmart on Monday night. The Walmart sits on 99th St. near Interstate 680.

Cop cars and police tape can be seen at the scene of the shooting. It appears that the fight began inside the building and progressed out into the parking lot where shots were fired and then another altercation began.

Suspects drove away and were apprehended at 108th St. and Corby St.

No one was injured during the fight. The investigation is still ongoing.

This is the same Walmart where a woman was murdered in the parking lot back in April. Complete article

Two men allegedly assault victim at Columbia SC Walmart, break victim's jaw in two places 06/25/2018

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Two men allegedly attacked a victim who was shopping at a Walmart on June 16 off of Two Notch Road and broke the victim's jaw in two places, according to the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

RCSD says two black males approached the victim and began harassing them. One of the suspects, pictured in surveillance footage wearing a blue shirt and jeans, began punching the victim while the second suspect, seen wearing a white tank top and black shorts, continued to instigate the assault.

RCSD is asking for the community's assistance in identifying the suspects. Complete article

Woman says she was sexually assaulted in Newport News Va. Walmart parking lot 06/25/2018

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A woman says she was sexually assaulted in the parking lot of a Walmart, according to police.

The victim, who News 3 isn't identifying, says she was near her car on Saturday night just before 10 p.m. at the Walmart on Jefferson Avenue near Kiln Creek.

As she was putting her infant daughter into her car, she heard a noise and looked over to see a man exposing himself.

"I said, 'What in the world are you doing?' Then, he put his hand up my shorts. I started screaming," the victim told News 3. People nearby heard her screams and rushed to her aid as the man drove off in a silver car. "Honestly I just feared for my life in that moment." Complete article

Cops: Armed suspect took cash register from Walmart in South Fulton Ga. 06/25/2018

An armed man stole a cash register with an “undisclosed amount of cash” from a Walmart, South Fulton police Cpl. Maureen Smith said in a statement.

The theft occurred about 1:35 p.m. Monday in the 1100 block of Research Center Atlanta Drive.

Police have yet to identify the suspect but obtained his image from the store’s security camera. Complete article

Walmart pulls misleading sunscreen pills off shelves 06/25/2018

Walmart has yanked shady sunscreen pills off its shelves after the feds warned that they provide bogus protection against the sun, according to US Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The Food and Drug Administration had recently ordered four companies hawking the pills to stop claiming they protect against sunburns and the risk of skin cancer because “there’s no pill or capsule that can replace your sunscreen,” according to FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Schumer (D-NY) followed that up at a recent press conference by urging the FDA to force retailers to pull the pills from their shelves. Complete article

Waterford Conn. police seek suspects who allegedly tried to steal from Walmart 06/25/2018

Walmart employees share 5 annoying things they wish shoppers would stop doing 06/26/2018

Florence SC police seek Walmart shoplifting suspect 06/25/2018

Ohio Walmart Reports 2 Shoplifting Incidents 06/25/2018

Deputies in WNY need help identifying people in Painted Post NY Walmart theft case 06/25/2018

CPD officers respond to south Columbia SC Walmart 06/26/2018

Police investigating after purse snatching in Ohio Walmart parking lot 06/26/2018

Officers arrest Ariz. Walmart shoplifting suspects 06/26/2018

Homeless man accused of robbing woman on Ill. Walmart parking lot 06/26/2018

Trio charged in theft from Ohio Walmart 06/26/2018

Federalsburg man cited for disorderly conduct at Md. Walmart 06/26/2018

Police search for thieves who drove stolen van to Conn. Walmart 06/27/2018

Man wanted in South Fulton Ga. Walmart holdup 06/26/2018

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. - Police in the city of South Fulton are looking for a man who held up a Walmart at gunpoint and stole a cash register.

Investigators told Channel 2 Action News the suspect entered the Walmart on Research Center Atlanta

Drive Monday afternoon, approached the money center, then stole a cash register. Complete article

Man accused of exposing himself to child, drawing knife in NY Walmart parking lot 06/27/2018

QUEENSBURY (WRGB) -- A 19 year old man is facing charges after authorities say he exposed himself and then drew a knife.

Deputies from the Warren County Sheriff's Office arrested Brandon Burke of South Glens Falls Monday night. Deputies were called to the Walmart on Quaker Ridge Boulevard around 10:50 pm for a report of a man who threatened another with a knife.

According to the sheriff's office, Burke intentionally exposed himself in front of an 11 year old child and her mother. They said when he was confronted by the child's father, Burke pulled out an illegal spring-loaded knife. Complete article

FOX 2 Exclusive: Pair wanted for stealing shoppers’ wallets at Manchester Missouri Walmart identified, police release new video 06/26/2018

Brewer Me. Police looking for man who allegedly stole money bag from Walmart 06/27/2018

Man who received oral sex in Taylor Pa. Walmart parking lot going to jail 06/27/2018

Easton Md. woman faces theft charges from Walmart 06/26/2018

'Walmart Online Survey' scam 06/27/2018

Two charged with theft from Brunswick NY Wal-Mart 06/27/2018

Robbery suspect leads Salisbury NC police on chase near Walmart 06/27/2018

Thieves target Summerfield Fla. Wal-Mart, steal items ranging from fertility drug to stereo equipment 06/27/2018

Police: Man tries to run over girlfriend, plows through San Angelo, Texas Walmart 06/28/2018

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Police Department said that a man was trying to run over his girlfriend when he plowed through a San Angelo Walmart in his pickup truck early on Thursday morning.

According to authorities, Caleb Wilson, 19, of Eldorado, was shopping at the store on Sherwood Way in San Angelo at around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday when he got into a fight with his girlfriend.

A customer intervened in the fight and convinced the woman to go back inside of the store.

When Wilson's girlfriend and customer checked to see if Wilson had left the scene, authorities said that Wilson sped towards them.

Wilson's girlfriend and the customer jumped out of the way as Wilson’s truck barreled into the store with his red Dodge Ram 2500, plowing over shelves and displays on his way to the back of the store. Complete article

Frederick man charged with assault on Mount Airy Md. Walmart employee 06/28/2018

A Frederick man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly struck an employee at the Mount Airy Walmart during a confrontation over allegedly unpaid-for merchandise.

 Edried Richard Thomas Spencer, 28, was charged with four counts including robbery and second-degree assault. He was released on $2,500 bail, according to electronic court records.

According to the statement of probable cause, Mount Airy police responded to the store Tuesday evening. They determined that Spencer had left with approximately $500 worth of merchandise when a manager approached him in the parking lot and asked to see his receipt. Spencer did not respond and continued to leave.

The manager attempted to retrieve the merchandise and Spencer pushed him, according to the statement, and when the manager attempted to do so again, Spencer punched him in the face before fleeing with several items. Complete article

Water Wasters: Walmart water woes and more 06/27/2018

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Amarillo school as well as a Walmart are at the center of this week's Water Wasters.

We spoke with someone at each location to get to the bottom of your concerns. ....

Up next, we received seven different photos from multiple viewers of flooded parking lots and broken sprinkler heads at the Walmart located at 45th and Coulter.

Sprinklers can also be seen over watering different areas, causing the runoff. Complete article

Four Troubling Concerns About Walmart's New JetBlack Service 06/26/2018

Walmart’s recent announcement about JetBlack, its new concierge-style service that caters to doorman-equipped, apartment dwellers in Manhattan for $50 per month, is peppered with so many flaws that even Joan Crawford’s eyebrows may soon try to rise up from the grave.

In ascending order of importance, here then are the four most disturbing aspects of the recent announcement. In isolation, each one should be enough to spur skepticism, but, when taken together, all signals point to the fact that we could be looking at retail's next Edsel.

1. Putting “black” at the end of something does not automatically make something cool Complete article

Country Fresh dairy to lay off 103 Michigan workers after Walmart move 06/27/2018

LIVONIA, MI -- Dairy producer Country Fresh, a brand owned by Dallas-based Dean Foods, announced last week it intends to close its Metro Detroit facility in Livonia and lay off 103 workers.

The Livonia layoffs are expected to begin Aug. 18 and continue through about Sept. 7 at the plant located at 31770 Enterprise in Livonia.

"We expect the separations to be permanent," Human Resources Manager Deborah Lee wrote in a letter dated June 20. Complete article

Jackson Tenn. police investigate theft of air rifle from Walmart 06/27/2018

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police are asking for help to identify two people as they investigate the theft of an air rifle from Walmart.

According to a release from the Jackson Police Department, two men concealed an Airsoft rifle around 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Walmart on Emporium Drive and left the store without paying.

Police say they left in a red two-door pickup truck. Complete article

4 firms, including Walmart, testify to hiring of veterans 06/27/2018

16 fabulous, funny and petty conversations overheard at Walmart. 06/27/2018

Police looking for two women who allegedly stole nearly $2,000 in vacuums at Okla. Walmart 06/28/2018

Wig-wearing suspect targeted banks inside Texas Walmart stores, police say 06/28/2018

Woman crashes car into Fla. Walmart, throws things at customers, police say 06/28/2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - After crashing her car into a Walmart, a woman ran inside and started to throw things at customers Thursday afternoon, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Detective Tracy Figone said the woman "appeared to be on an unknown narcotic substance."

Figone said the woman entered the store and was hanging from the rafters before throwing items at customers.

The car "sideswiped" the garden center at Walmart, but nobody was hurt. Complete article

Texas police catch 8-foot alligator heading toward Walmart in wild video 06/28/2018

An 8-foot long alligator was stopped during its trek to Walmart by animal control officials and authorities with the Arkansas Pass Police Department early Thursday morning.

In a video posted by the police department, authorities are seen wrangling the gator, taping its mouth shut and covering its eyes.

In the video, Officer Allen Mize holds down the gator’s back end while Albert Flores, a game warden with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, holds down its front. Meanwhile, Sgt. David Muniz can be seen taping the reptile’s mouth shut, KIII-TV reported.

“Officers found this little 8-foot guy trying to sneak out of the pond for an after midnight shop at Walmart this morning,” the police department wrote, joking that the video was the first episode of “Alligators of Walmart.” Complete article

Allentown trio accused of stealing TVs from Bucks Pa. Walmart, fleeing up Rt. 309 06/28/2018

Two men and a woman from Allentown led police on a 7-mile Route 309 pursuit after they stole two 65-inch televisions from an Upper Bucks Walmart and fled, police said.

Pennridge Regional police stopped the car on Route 309, just north of Lawn Avenue near Sellersville, shortly after midnight June 4 and the three were arrested, Hilltown Township police said Thursday. Complete article

This clearly contradicts the studies listed by Stacy Mitchell and other sources. There has been evidence that corporations buy studies to support their image, so some skepticism and fact checking is advised. If You Really Want to Help the Poor, Shop at Walmart 06/28/2018

Now and then, my wife and I shop at Walmart. We’re not trying to get in the middle of a brouhaha. We go for the bargains. But as recent research reminds us, maybe there’s another reason. Maybe we should support the mammoth retailer for helping the poor.


First things first. As retailers go, Walmart Inc. has proved remarkably divisive. The chain is disdained by elites. Its efforts to expand have long provoked political resistance from unions and their allies. Progressive towns that manage to keep the store out congratulate themselves. There’s still no Walmart in New York City.

(Target’s fine.) On the other hand, sometimes the resistance loses. Back in 2013, true-blue Washington finally saw its first Walmart stores open, but only after the mayor vetoed a bill that would have required the company to pay its employees 50 percent above the minimum wage. Complete article

Suspect wanted for stealing TV from Conway SC Walmart 06/2/2018

Norman Okla. police hoping to identify man reported for suspicious behavior at Walmart 06/28/2018

Walmart opens first Hawaii training academy 06/28/2018

Police need help identifying 'Granny Thief' accused in Walmart wallet grab 06/2/2018 The victim was shopping with her grandson when the child took her wallet from her purse and threw it from the cart in the checkout line. That’s when police said the Granny Thief took the wallet. She denied doing so, but police said the theft was caught on surveillance.

Huntley man inappropriately touched woman, teen girl at Ill. Walmart, police say 06/29/2018

3 Michigan suspects arrested, $3,000 of heroin seized in McMinn Co. Tenn. Walmart parking lot 06/28/2018

Miami-Dade Fla. police officer receives Purple Heart after killing Walmart gunman 06/28/2018

Police: Scott Ostrem, Gunman practiced firing before killing 3 at Colorado Wal-Mart last November 06/29/2018

They rode electric carts through Walmart. But that's not why they're wanted by Biloxi Mississippi cops. 06/29/2018

Dog left in hot truck in NC Walmart parking lot 06/29/2018

Shoppers help dog left in hot car outside Lincoln Nebraska Walmart 06/29/2018

Florida man accused of switching price tags at Walmart 06/30/2018

San Angelo firefighters battle blaze near Walmart Neighborhood Market at Ward Street 06/28/2018

Bomb threat found written on wall, Weaverville NC Walmart evacuated during search 06/29/2018

Lawrenceburg Tenn. Police officer shoots, kills armed robbery suspect in Walmart parking lot 06/29/2018

LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. (WZTV) — UPDATE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said a suspect armed with a knife was shot and killed by a Lawrenceburg Police officer Friday evening.

It happened along North Locust Avenue in the parking lot of Walmart and a gas station.

TBI said Lawrenceburg police officers were responding to an armed robbery at a nearby pharmacy at Rite Aid when they encountered the suspect armed with a knife. One officer fired his gun, striking the suspect, who was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Complete article

Vehicle fire in Walmart parking lot in Kingsport Tenn. 06/30/2018

Chesterfield police seek man accused of making fraudulent returns at Walmart 06/30/2018

Woman arrested at Wal-Mart in Summerfield Fla. after deputies find drug paraphernalia in her makeup bag 06/30/2018

Groton Conn. police search for person accused of stealing air conditioners from Walmart 06/30/2018

Woman shot when she drops her own gun at Tenn. Walmart 06/30/2018

LEXINGTON, Tenn. (AP) -- Police in Tennessee say a woman was injured when a gun she carried into a Walmart fired a shot after falling from its holster and hitting the floor.

The Jackson Sun reports that bullet fragments hit the woman in the leg at the store in Lexington. She was treated and released at a hospital Thursday.

Lexington police Capt. Jeff Middleton says the woman walked into the store with the gun in the holster at her side. Complete article

Owasso Okla. Officer Injured During Walmart Incident 06/30/2018

OWASSO, Oklahoma - A police officer is recovering after an incident at an Owasso Walmart Saturday.

Police were responding to a trespassing call when they say a man attacked a loss prevention officer.

During the fight, police say the suspect got in his car. When the officer tried to stop him, he drug the cop across the parking lot. Complete article

Lawsuit: Shoplifters accuse Walmart, Bloomingdale’s of extortion 07/02/2018