Thursday, February 16, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Makes Me Scream!

Whether Elizabeth Warren deserves it or not she got an enormous boost to her image when Mitch McConnell suppressed her speech on the Senate floor. Like many other cases when she comes up with a good message I can't argue with the message but I have major doubts about her sincerity.

The coverage about Elizabeth Warren first seemed a little odd to me when it was drastically increased starting in 2011; and the traditional media started portraying her as the greatest hope for progressive liberal. At that time it seemed like it might be exaggerations but not much more to worry about. However the closer I checked the details the clearer it was that she was very vocal about a handful of issues taking positions that sounded good and would be good if she followed up on them at the right time and convinced a significant portion of the so-called progressives to join her.

Many other problems continued to turn up including numerous examples where she adopts the outrageous tactics she criticizes when other politicians uses them; routine endorsements to candidates that oppose many of her progressive positions; criticizing record breaking fund raising while participating in them; and many other examples where she has supported the corporate agenda that she seems to oppose, if you take the propaganda surrounding her seriously.

Basically what it comes down to is that she’s just another politician; except that she has much better propagandists helping her deceive the public; and intentionally or not she’s even getting help from the Republican Party with their extreme attacks on her like this obviously counter-productive attack from Mitch McConnell, which he should have known might backfire and boost Elizabeth Warren’s popularity!

This may seem like a farfetched conspiracy theory to some but a large portion of these conclusions doesn’t fit the definition of a conspiracy since it isn’t completely secret; which means that I can and have cited sources in past articles to support major doubts about her. However the patterns of behavior giving her one opportunity after another at certain times when it helps boost her image provides a growing amount of circumstantial evidence to indicate that there might be a bigger conspiracy to plan some of these events; however even if this isn’t true checking the stories that can be confirmed is enough to show she can’t be relied on to support progressive causes any more than other phony progressives that showed how much they supported Wall Street, contrary to campaign promises, after getting elected like Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

One of the most obvious examples which many progressives seem to recognize is her refusal to endorse Bernie Sanders and support for Hillary Clinton. Another example that gets far less attention is the enormous amount of coverage that she received as a progressive superstar at a time when people coming from the real grassroots couldn’t get any coverage at all.

Many of these grassroots candidates almost certainly would have done far more to support progressive issues if they actually got half the coverage that Elizabeth Warren gets.

What most people don’t realize is that she caved to Hillary Clinton far sooner than the media indicated and that the only reason she held out with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton is that when rumors that it might be coming got around there was an enormous amount of outrage that was easily visible on Twitter and almost certainly was accompanied by phone calls and E-Mails that are less visible; otherwise it is virtually guaranteed that she would have endorsed Hillary Clinton months earlier when the rest of the pseudo-progressive members of Congress did.

As I pointed out in a previous article, one of the reasons that she was able to develop her progressive image is that when she wrote her earlier book “The Two-Income Trap” she reported well on how Hillary Clinton opposed a bankruptcy bill as First Lady and helped convince her husband to veto it; but then after collecting a lot of donations for her Senate campaign she voted for an almost identical bill. However once she became a Senator she stopped talking about that and even provided a far different version in her next book "Fighting Chance;" but amazingly reports the opposition to the bill as first lady while completely omitting any mention that she reversed herself painting a very flattering picture of Hillary Clinton.

This book came out at approximately the same time she signed a letter urging Clinton to run, clearly implying that she would endorse her if she did. However this clearly tipped off many of the progressives, including a lot who believed her propaganda at that time and they made it clear to her that this wouldn’t be a popular endorsement and eventually when Bernie Sanders indicated he would run that they wanted her to endorse him who was far better. These progressives were widely reporting on her earlier criticism of Hillary Clinton.

there seems to be little or no doubt that this is why she was the only woman Senator that allegedly remained neutral during the primary.

Her hypocrisy was obvious to those paying enough attention; but the media hardly covered this at all; so it was understandable when most of the public didn’t notice; however her hypocrisy about statements about Lawrence Summers would have been even more obvious but it got even less coverage, even most reasonably well informed progressives probably missed that one.

In her book "Fighting Chance," which came out in 2014 she wrote that Larry Summers made it clear “But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize other insiders. I had been warned,” giving her readers the impression that she wasn’t inclined to play by those rules that that she would be the outsider. However prior to that book coming out she had already demonstrated that she was taking that advice to heart and not criticizing insiders, including Larry Summers who she said, "made terrific contributions to the field of economics;" and she also supported Janet Yellin, both of whom opposed the Glass-Steagall Act helping to bring about it’s repeal and preventing it from being reinstated which she accurately blamed, at least partially, for the collapse on wall Street in 2008. Ironically the media gave her an enormous amount of credit for standing up to Larry Summers and other issues like opposition to Climate Change even when a few lower profile articles accurately reported that she wasn’t actually doing much on either issue or many other issues she’s credited with supporting progressive causes.

One of the biggest issues that she spoke about fixing when she was trying to get elected was campaign finance reform which she strongly supported as a candidate, but like most if not all candidates that support it during the campaign she quickly forgot about it as a Senator when she rarely mentions it at all. Even worse, a close look indicates that she’s shifting a large cost of campaigns to people that believe her propaganda who she may betray after collecting money from them.

Even when politicians like Elizabeth Warren do speak out about campaign finance reform they practically never discuss ways to put control of the election in the hands of the public, or come as close as they can to it; which is why I have repeatedly argued that campaign finance reform wouldn’t be good enough, since it typically changes the rules they manipulate so that they can just adjust their tactics without addressing the concerns of the public; which is why I have argued for a broader Election Reform and Saving Project Vote Smart and improving it or replacing it, which dramatically increases the public's ability to hear from all candidates, not just the ones the media wants to cover, and control a much more diverse interview process that candidates, or perhaps they should referred to as job applicants, would be required to fill out a job application controlled by grassroots members of the public and allow diverse people to ask additional questions at town hall meetings or debates that aren’t screened by a small segment of the media controlled by six oligarchies which currently control over ninety percent of the press.

Others have also come up with other improvements on our system but the best ideas, whether mine or from other people never get mentioned in the traditional press.

Instead, while criticizing the influence of money during her campaign she broke records raising more money than any other candidates for Senate. Part of the way she did this was to take advantage of all the positive propaganda she was getting from the press and asking for small donations from people that couldn’t afford it creating a virtual poll tax requiring the public to do their part helping to finance campaigns without being able to control them or ask their own questions in a high profile venue.

She writes about a kid who says, "I give you money every month and I'm taking on hours so I can give you more." And she goes on to say “It gives me goose bumps” as if this is the way to solve the problem. Many of these people donating to her campaign are relying on the propaganda that they hear from the traditional media and don’t realize that buried in low profile locations are an enormous amount of research raising doubt about her support for these progressive campaigns.

There is no way that poor people or middle class people can compete by funding campaigns this way and when they donate to a candidate like these they don’t have control over how it is spent, unlike large donors to traditional candidates that get an enormous amount of access behind closed doors.

And there is a major chance that if they donate based on deceptive propaganda from the commercial media that their candidates will take their money without supporting their cause when it counts, and all the small donors might get is broken promises just like other candidates.

This is already happening on a large scale in many cases. One of the most obvious ones is union money supporting Democratic candidates for years, yet the same Democrats have been taking enormous amounts of money from corporations as well, and when it comes time to make decisions they routinely favor the corporations while giving lip service to workers. Hillary Clinton was one of the most obvious ones and as I explained previously supposed supporters of workers like Richard Trumka seemed to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, even though he was much better on workers rights and the rank and file like him much more than union leaders. Many of these union leaders decided to remain neutral during this election, often because they knew if they put it to a vote workers might favor Bernie over Hillary, when the leaders like Trumka seemed to prefer Hillary.

If Hillary was so good for workers why would she support NAFTA so much and until it became clear that the working class hated TPP she was one of the strongest champions of it; and Elizabeth Warren supported her despite this.

Even Bernie Sanders, who I still believe is far better than most mainstream politicians, has caved when he agreed to endorse Hillary Clinton and campaign for her without pointing out the enormous amounts of election rigging that was going on that was exposed in the DNC and Podesta leaks as well as enormous amounts of voter irregularities in at least eighteen states that Bernie could have spoken out about; but instead he tried to convince his followers that the system wasn’t rigged despite all the evidence that it was and when they saw through it that was part of the reason Trump managed to get elected.

The thousands of small donors didn’t want their candidate to ignore that and see their donations going to an effort to patch together faith in a flawed system. On top of that even before the primaries were over the most vocal of so-called Bernie Sanders supporters like Van Jones and several others that got a fair amount of media coverage while the primaries were going on spent an enormous amount of time defending Hillary in a hypothetical campaign against Trump instead of speaking out for Bernie while he could have still prevented the primaries from being rigged.

If they financed an interview process like I suggested in the two previous articles about election reform and reforming Project Vote Smart then the people that donate to the interview process would have control over it instead of donating to campaigns and watching when they betray them after taking their money.

Elizabeth warren ahs also taken positions against teacher unions in favor of charter schools, provided propaganda to cover up planned obsolescence, hired gambling lobbyists to help run her campaign and opposed many other progressive causes which I went into in previous articles listed below. She also avoided her own primary thanks to help from the political establishment even though she had an opponent and refused to fill out her Project Vote Smart questionnaire and was reluctant to take many positions on many issues until she was pressured from the grassroots during her campaign, but this was quickly forgotten by the traditional media. The majority of problems with her politic as are reported briefly and quickly forgotten by the traditional media while propaganda glorifying her is repeated over and over again.

Perhaps one of the most obvious problems is that she never actually came from the grassroots at all; she was closely tied to the political establishment going back to the Clinton administration and first became famous when she was working with the Obama administration; the candidates or researchers that really do have grassroots rarely get so much coverage. She was forced to retract her statement, “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they [Occupy Wall Street] do” when it was exposed that it wasn’t even remotely true. There are many researchers like Naomi Klein, Stacy Mitchell Michelle Alexander that did far more to research an “intellectual foundation” for them to expose epidemic levels of fraud.

One of them is also Juliet Schor who exposed what Elizabeth Warren refers to as the “over-consumption Myth” and also exposed fraudulent advertising to kids; but instead of agreeing with her she provided a lame and misleading argument against Juliet Schor, so not only was she not helping in this case but she was arguing that people should essentially buy more of the hyped up garbage that they have no use for.

Using political hype to glorify pseudo-progressives isn’t limited to Elizabeth Warren; many of the supposedly progressive members of Congress lined up to endorse Hillary Clinton long before the primaries, even though she had the worst popularity ratings in history with the possible exception of Donald Trump.

The fact that these two horrible candidates could ever get the nomination in the first place partially with the help of the political establishment including Elizabeth Warren should raise major questions.

One of the worst so called progressives besides Elizabeth Warren is Corey Booker but the media is presenting him as one of the most popular candidates that could potentially run in 2020; yet he was one of the Senators that took enormous amounts of money from pharmaceutical industries, then voted against the bill to re-import drugs from Canada saving consumers enormous amounts of money.

Not that there aren’t legitimate problems with a bill that would essentially require drugs to be exported so they can be shipped back to save money; but none of the opponents objected to that part; nor did the supporters try to fix it; which should raise even more questions.

This bill would have been better than the current system but it should be obvious that if Canada has much lower process for the same drug and it is just as safe they must be doing something right and we should simply consider doing the same thing without requiring export and re-importing, which is foolish.

Why aren’t the reasons for these high drug costs, patents, ever mentioned or explained to the public?

Could it be that if they explained it the public would realize how corrupt the system is and that the government is helping corporation gouge consumers?

Well, yes that is exactly what is going on. The government subsidizes research for medical purposes and routinely gives them patents that allow monopolies without anything in return. There are no limitations on how much they can charge in return for the subsidies. The government takes the risks but the drug companies get all the profits. They spend far more on advertising than they do on research and there are many other problems indicating that the heath of the public isn’t nearly as important as the profits of the drug companies donating money to political campaigns.

Googling about pharmaceutical industries government subsidies for research or advertising expenses quickly turns up relatively low profile articles like Big pharmaceutical companies are spending far more on marketing than research 02/11/2015; How taxpayers prop up Big Pharma, and how to cap that 10/27/2015; and How The US Subsidizes Cheap Drugs For Europe 09/24/2015; that are rarely repeated in the media unless members of the public seek them out. These could help educate the public but only those that do good research find out about them.

Instead of re-importing drugs we could just finance research with a tax on medications that would be far less than the price gouging. This would allow full disclosure of research so that competing companies could share their research data and minimize replication of the same research enabling them to find out more about potential problems. The current system encourages them to keep everything secrets so that different companies won’t know about advancements that other companies are making and they might not know about potential dangers. Full disclosure would allow free exchange of information decrease costs and increase safety for patients.

But is would make it much more difficult if not impossible for the drug companies to gouge consumers committing enormous amounts of fraud.

Why aren’t any of these so-called progressives even discussing this?

I don’t like Donald Trump and his outrageous cabinet any more than anyone else but I’ve been looking closer at Elizabeth Warren since she first raised doubts about herself in 2011 and one problem after another has come up which the media routinely buries. She’s not nearly as progressive as the media presents her; and if we turn to her for solutions she’ll betray us just like the other manipulative politicians that have routinely done it in the past, including both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who both came up with excellent rhetoric during campaigns but showed they didn’t mean any of it when in office.

The following are some of my past articles that include many external sources showing how fake her progressive image is. Many of these sources were reported briefly by the traditional press but quickly buried and forgotten, which is a routine propaganda tactic that works like a charm for the oligarchs.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boycott Trump Towers Possible Target for Next Terrorist Attack

Is Donald Trump trying to incite a terrorist attack at Trump Towers?

It's hard to imagine what he could possibly be trying to accomplish with his absurd and insane activities; or what the political establishment could possibly be trying to accomplish by allowing him to get the coverage he needed and putting him up against the only candidate the public hates so much that he could get elected president in the first place.

I'm going to assume, for the sake of argument, that this isn't part of a fringe conspiracy involving the Illuminati or UFOs or something like that, since that would be considered a fringe conspiracy theory, at least for now. Especially since a large part of this insanity can be explained without resorting to fringe conspiracy theories. However that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of smaller conspiracies around, since they keep getting caught at many of them and both political parties now routinely accuse each other of participating in them, many of these conspiracy theories make no sense, although others are more rational.

Donald Trump said “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on,” and now over a year later after assuming the presidency, he's following through on it; and it's a disaster.

If Donald Trump or most if not all the other politicians and media pundits can't figure out "what the hell is going on,” at least to some degree, it is because they don't want to!

I'll give you a clue that should be easy to understand if anyone was willing and able to avoid adopting an incredibly obvious double standard:

They don't like it when we bomb them any more than we like it when they bomb us!

If anyone else bombed us one time after another and called it collateral damage but acted outraged when other countries or terrorists used the same language we would be so outraged that we would fight them relentlessly and we shouldn't be surprised if they do the same!

Of course some of the details are more complicated and there is some fanatical religious beliefs involved; however there are often as many fanatical Christian, Jewish or other beliefs also involved and there are plenty of moderates from all three Abraham religions and many other faiths that are willing to do much more to tolerate each other without constant violence inciting the opposition without acknowledging inconvenient facts.

Right now there is almost certainly no one that is doing more to incite massive amounts of terrorism than Donald Trump; and that could make his own hotels a prime target for terrorists. Not that I'm calling for this, quite the opposite; however with Trump's current behavior blatantly calling to kill civilians family members of alleged terrorists, without a trial, stealing oil from countries that they consider sources of terrorist activity without due process, and banning enormous numbers of people from coming to the country without due process either it's just not hard to see how this could be the greatest terrorist recruiting tool fanatical Islamic organizations have.

If somehow he manages to avoid having his towers bombed the people doing the most to save his property just might be among those he's demonizing, assuming he, or someone else who removes him from power responds more rationally.

Recently At Texas Muslim Capitol Day, supporters form human shield around demonstrators; (01/31/2017) and there are numerous incidents like this across the country, although there are also other examples where Donald Trump and the rest of the political establishment is successfully inciting violence, whether that admit to us, or even themselves that is what they're doing or not.

One of the biggest problems is that the vast majority of the public is kept complacent and distracted since the traditional media only reports many of the most important facts briefly while repeating the worst propaganda over and over again so that many people don't suspect that many of these wars are based on lies and many of the real attacks on our country are retaliation for atrocities committed by our own government, although there might be some Islamic extremism mixed in with the justifiable grievances.

Many of these peaceful protesters are probably better informed than the average Americans, so they might know that this conflict goes back decades if not centuries and Muslims don't forget many of the details any more than Americans are willing to forget about 9/11, although many Americans have no clue what caused 9/11.

Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama are as responsible, if not more responsible for the situation we're in than Trump!

They both abandoned any sincere support for the Constitution long ago, although when it suited his purpose Obama id a better job pretending to support it. They both fought wars based on lies and one of the reasons they objected to Anwar al-Awlaki isn't necessarily because he was a terrorist, but because he was far more familiar with history than most of the public and he was informing his own people about it in his preaching. To the best of my knowledge, he didn't start out calling for terrorist activities, or perhaps ever call for them; and he made attempts to have legitimate concerns of the Muslims addressed peacefully before the USA government labeled him a terrorist.

Several sources including Democracy Now Truthdigg and Jermey Scahill author of "Dirty Wars" and a couple articles listed below, which goes into much more detail, explained more about this, although a large portion of it is ignored by traditional media. The mainstream media doesn't debunk much if any of it and even confirm large portions of it although they don't repeat it often, which is a common propaganda tactic.

Part of the reason he was labeled a terrorist wasn't because he called for terrorism at all but because some of the people listening to his sermons leaned more about the atrocities being committed against Muslims and acted on their own. The most famous was Nidal Hasan who apparently E-mailed Anwar al-Awlaki but there was no evidence that Awlaki encouraged him to commit the shootings and he was never put on trial; instead he was assassinated in violation of the Constitution and so was his son.

Most of what Anwar al-Awlaki did, as far as I can tell, was inform his followers about the history the United States has against Muslim countries. I didn't watch his sermons but they almost certainly included reports about how the CIA was responsible for the Iranian coup in the fifties. The Shah negotiated an outrageous deal with oil companies that enabled them to profit and the Shah to keep power but was disastrous for the Iranian people who suffered from the resource curse. Then when Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was elected he insisted on renegotiation and nationalized the oil fields. Truman refused war or a coup but when Eisenhower got in power he authorized the coup.

After that the Shah terrorized his own people with the support of the United States and SAVAK. This was followed by continued support during the student uprisings which enabled a radical Islamic government to gain power instead of democratic forces; if the United States had supported democracy instead of coups it could have avoided this. Then they supplied arms to both sides of the Iran Iraq war providing the chemical weapons that were used against the Kurds, while also funding the mujaheddin which turned into the Taliban and Al Qaeda and much more.

Anwar al-Awlaki did far more to educate his people about the lies the United States have been feeding to their own people than he did to incite terrorism; and when peaceful means didn't work to get them to stop that is when they fought back with what we call terrorism.

Of course when the USA supported SAVAK or dropped bombs on Muslims they didn't call that terrorism because this is a political term they define dramatically different for their own activities than they do for their enemies.

If our enemies held the same double standard we would never stand for it and a lot of what Anwar al-Awlaki did was let his people know about it while ours were fed non-stop propaganda or distracted by celebrity or sports worship.

When Donald Trump was coming up without outrageous rhetoric about killing family members of terrorists without trial or looting countries for their oil Barack Obama and before him George Bush were actually doing it, but only those that paid close attention to the media, in most cases the best reports came from alternative media not the traditional media, knew about it.

Now we have a president that is bragging about committing atrocities and doing them at the same time and the mainstream political establishment is pretending to be the good guys standing up to him, conveniently forgetting that they did the same things, only with more effective propaganda to cover it up, and that they provided the media coverage and incompetent opposition he needed to get elected.

If the mainstream media covered diverse candidates and informed the public about all aspects of many more issues there is no way either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could have come close to getting the nomination. The mainstream media is trying to convince us we would have been better of with Hillary Clinton, and perhaps in some ways we would, but at least it is incredibly obvious how incompetent Trump is and if he doesn't destroy this country he'll wake it up and provide an opportunity to educate the public assuming the grassroots gets their message across.

Sadly, Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens didn't sacrifice his life because he was fighting to defend the United States and make us safer from terrorists; he died because he believed the lies told by our government and unwittingly made us more at risk for future terrorist attack, the opposite of what the propaganda routinely tries to tell us. However in this case the traditional media is prepared to partially expose it and blame it all on Trump without admitting their own responsibility, or fully exposing their own propaganda.

Think about that dramatic scene at the end of "A Time To Kill," close your eyes and imagine as Matthew McConaughey might say if Nawar Anwar al-Awlaki, was white!

Would you be outraged?

Want revenge?

Keep in mind that although most Americans don't know it this is routine for many Muslims, they pay attention to the news that our politicians and media rarely ever mention to us and spin badly when they do.

Do you really think we're defending our country from terrorism by killing thousands of Muslims every year in one conflict after another based on lies and pretending that the enemy should accept at as collateral damage even though we would never even consider such an outrageous claim if it were reversed?

This is already routine for Muslims and they know it.

Know who else knows it?

Or should and would know it if they wanted to?

The so-called foreign policy experts media pundits and politicians involved in the decision making process.

There's also a lot more about political manipulation that they've proven many of them also know more about, and although I can't report the vast majority of it in a relatively brief blog there is no doubt that they understand many of our problems much better than the reporting in the traditional media lets on. If many good researchers searching alternative media outlets can figure out what is going on so do many of all their pundits that are constantly doing a bad job spinning facts in their own favor.

They've understood this for decades if not hundreds of years and there is plenty of research to show how they've done just that some of it going back, at least to the nineteenth century when William Tweed was outraged by Thomas Nast's cartoons and famously allegedly said, “Stop them damn pictures, I don’t care so much what the papers write about me. My constituents can’t read. But, damn it, they can see pictures.“ And Then Boss Tweed said, “Stop them damn pictures”

Or at least this was somewhat famous when he said it and well remembered by a small percentage of the public that keep track of history, but the vast majority of the public doesn't read now much more than they did then, and when they do it is often the shallowest tabloid trash that has little or no credibility.

Since then they've done much more research to learn how to manipulate the public and as the Podesta and DNC E-Mails indicate they've been putting that research to work for decades and as I pointed out in Frank Luntz confesses to sabotaging democratic process for clients the Republicans have been just as bad, and even report many of their manipulation tactics in books along with lame denials and their followers still fall for the same scams.

They also have plenty of research available to know that there policies are destructive and, even if they wanted to deny to themselves that sacrifice zones were growing in abandoned inner cities and other parts of the world there have been plenty of protests informing them for decades even if they don't report it, so they had to know that taking the extreme positions they've been taking would lead to disaster.

There's even a quote from The Declaration of Independence, that clearly indicates they understood that if they don't push the public too far they won't rebel, "all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, ..." If they wanted to understand that pushing the public too far with their extreme policies they could have and would have anticipated this massive protest against Trump.

And they also know that they can control who is elected, or at least limit it to a small number of choices by simply not giving the best candidates the coverage they need. This is exactly what they've been doing for decades; and despite all the criticism that Trump has been heaping on the media and the efforts they've made to expose his scams after it was too late to stop him from getting elected it is clear that many of them know that Trump never could have been elected if they hadn't given him obsession coverage and put him up against a candidate that was so horrible that she couldn't even beat Trump.

Does anyone still think we should completely rule out the Illuminati or UFOs or something like that?

Well when it comes to the most extreme exaggerations yes; and if more traditional research explains all the absurdities that are going on then perhaps we should remain skeptical of these fringe theories.From a scientific point of view we shouldn't try to prove one theory or another; instead we should go through the process of figuring out which one is true, which will provide evidence as we go. 

However if there is evidence of major unsolved mysteries, if might not be such a good idea to completely rule them out, at least not until considering them more carefully. Most of these bizarre theories can't possibly be true in their entirety; but many of them might have some good points and if traditional media and so-called mainstream science refuses to acknowledge many unsolved mysteries.

When there are legitimate unsolved mysteries that might impact the long term development of our ancestors it is highly unscientific to pretend they don't exist to prove our preconceived ideas. 

And, it's time to admit to ourselves that Donald Trump did not get elected despite the opposition of the political establishment; he was elected because they drove the country to the edge and gave Trump the coverage he needed to appeal the the most disenfranchised people that political strategists have been studying for years.

Now they're trying to present themselves as the good guys compared to the fanatical Trump without acknowledging that they helped him get elected.

The levels of corruption are so extreme that it isn't even in the best interest of those that are benefiting from it, since they already have much more money than they could ever use and they need a stable society to benefit from it but they're pushing the economic system they rely on over the edge, and it is so obvious that even they have to know that it can't be sustained. Donald Trump promised to do one thing then did the opposite on almost every subject with cabinet choices that include an EPA secretary that opposes environmental protection, a labor secretary that opposes protection of workers rights a secretary of HUD that claims the pyramids were built for grain storage by Joseph, an education secretary that has destroyed education in Michigan and has admitted that "We do expect something in return, .... We expect a return on our investment" for campaign contributions which is admitting to a felony since this is an obvious quid pro quo, a secretary of energy who couldn't remember that he wanted to eliminate this department and indicated that he has little or no idea what it does and a nomination for the Supreme Court that is a former president of "Fascism Forever."

This has gone viral on the internet; however amazingly the traditional media continues to pretend it doesn’t exist in the majority of their coverage so far. It is inevitable that Neil Gorsuch will be asked about it before his confirmation and he could, and probably will argue that it was a “youthful indiscretion,” and he’s not a fascist, which is a standard argument acceptable for the wealthy, although not acceptable for the rest of us.

However this will be difficult for a rational person to believe, unless they want to ignore most facts like typical politicians, when considering his support for the Hobby Lobby case. This decision allegedly protects religious liberty; however it only protects it for employers not for employees. The Hobby Lobby case allowed companies to deny coverage based on the religious beliefs of the owners with no regard for the religious beliefs of employees who may want to control their own health care decisions and their own religious beliefs. If this decision had gone the other way it would not have infringed on the rights of the owners of corporations to make their own health care and religious decisions for themselves; it would only have deprived them of the right to force their beliefs on their employees which they shouldn’t be able to do anyway.

This decision gives more power to executives, who aren’t accountable to the democratic process, at the expense of workers. This is especially important with large corporations consolidating into a small number of oligarchies controlling most if not all of the economy.

We now allow a fraction of one percent of the public to control well over ninety percent of the media, which is a clear bad obvious violation of the intent of the First amendment. So it is also important to know if he supports Citizens United, Buckly v. Valeo and a few other major cases are part of the complex justification to make this possible burying the details in long arguments the vast majority of the public never read. Donald Trump came up with rhetoric saying that he would stand up to corporate corruption; but it is now clear that he’s doing the opposite, and Neil Gorsuch doesn’t appear to be any exception.

But it’s easy for people to understand how outrageous it is to allow a fraction of one percent to control well over ninety percent of the media.

This is just one of many court decisions that are clearly designed to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the vast majority of the public. As I explained previously in Florida Has History Of Some Of Worst Abuses At Schools a couple of other include a decision that allows corporal punishment to be used against school children even when it is excessive and there is no due process; and another one that allows the wealthy to get a far better education than the poor who aren’t entitled to be educated well enough to realize how they’re being manipulated by the wealthy.

Additional evidence raising doubts come from his family including his mother who served under the Reagan administration and had no regard for environmental protection, at least for areas where poor people live, which includes the vast majority of pollution according to Apples Don’t Fall Far from Trees: The Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court 02/07/2017

Neil Gorsuch is clearly a plutocrat along with the rest of Trump’s administration and they want to keep control of the government in the hands of the elites they pretend to stand up to just like any other politician.

This is just a small fraction of the insanity in this presidency and it is clear that many of the people that control the political establishment and the media knew all a long how to ensure that a candidate this insane could never get elected. His advisers must know how to at least do a better job pretending to have a sincere presidency.

As far fetched as it sound there has to be more to this than they're letting on and it isn't just that Donald Trump was so good at manipulating the media so they would give him the coverage he needed to get elected as the media often implies; however there are some things that we can be sure of regardless of what is going on or why we should all be demanding major electoral reform and a much more diverse media that covers all candidates. We need to start electing people that aren't pre-selected by the media and political establishment and we need to demand much more disclosure about what our government is doing and why among many other things.

If this is a much larger conspiracy of some sort than what could be so important that it would be worth all this insanity?

Is there any hard easy evidence of what is going on? Or at least to a major unsolved mystery that indicates that an enormous amount of what we're led to believe isn't true?

There might be, and there is definitely hard evidence of major unsolved mysteries that go back thousands of years, although there's little or no hard evidence to connect it with this unless you count a seemingly far fetched interpretation of the Apocalypse from the Bible, which sounds far more like the current circumstances than many reasonable skeptics might expect it to. However this isn't the most conclusive evidence of a major unsolved mystery.

The hardest evidence that is almost impossible to deny involves the megaliths from ancient history including some over seven hundred tons that were moved hundreds of miles allegedly with only technology that was available to primitive man, yet experiments for megaliths above ten tons ran into major problems that involved cheating to get partial success, at best and above forty tons they didn't even try to do any, after failing with the ones close to it as I explained in 107 Wonders of the Ancient World. This may sound like the theories provided in Ancient Aliens of some other flawed book or TV show however as I explained in UFO Hypothesis with rational use of Occam's Razor and several other articles, most of these higher profile theories are full of obvious blunders so they can't possibly be true in their entirety. But at least they don't pretend these major unsolved mysteries don't exist.

However even though there are a lot of false facts in these shows and they can't be relied on as reliable sources occasionally they get somethings that are right and can be confirmed independently. In order to sort through it it requires a lot of familiarity with many different subjects that aren't widely reported by the mainstream media.

As I said the Book of Apocalypse is far more similar to what is going on than a reasonable skeptic might expect; I went into this more previously in Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy; and the absurd actions of Donald Trump the political establishment and the media continues to look as insane as the situation described in this book. If anything instead of looking less like the Apocalypse it is looking more like it, in some ways. In the book of Apocalypse, "the beast was taken prisoner, together with the false prophet" .... "and they were were hurled alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur." If you consider this somewhat close to what might be coming soon it could mean that if this is following a variation of this alleged prophecy Donald Trump might be removed from power as soon as it suits "God's" purposes.

There are already enough signs to indicate this is a strong possibility; ironically one of them might be one of the rare occasions where he actually comes closer to the truth than most politicians, which seems to happen from time to time. Usually when this happens it is about something controversial and they don’t want the public taking it seriously and, intentionally or not Trump makes statements that don’t seem credible to most people but comes close to the truth, when you sort out the details.

One of those times was when he said that John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured. His reasoning was wrong but his point was valid; he wasn’t a war hero because he was fighting a war based on lies and dropped bombs on civilians, which is cowardly, although by getting caught he paid the price for his crimes, although propaganda was used to make him seem like a hero.

The most recent one was when he said "We've got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country's so innocent?" which was correct and many of those murders weren’t even remotely justified, often for wars based on lies.

The traditional political establishment responds with outrage and the only rational reviews of the statement are in alternative media outlets or very rare traditional media outlets that get buried where few people find them. They also routinely misuse the definition of the word “compare” for propaganda purposes. If you look at most dictionaries they provide at least two definitions, 1. “to liken” and 2. “to analyze the similarities and differences.” The second is far more useful for a rational debate that wants to get to the truth; this enables people to consider the legitimate problems and fix them.

The first “to liken” is of course the one they use for propaganda purposes; with the second there is no need to claim that Trump claimed we were the moral equivalency to Russia which does have their share of problems. The traditional media and political establishment is acting with self righteous indignation to avoid any discussion of the many legitimate problems and put all the blame on Trump.

That doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t deserve his share of the blame he was for the Iraq war as indicated on his interview with Howard Stern despite his denials and he acts as if it is justified to continue bombing and torturing people anyway. If he really wanted a legitimate claim to the high ground he would argue to end the wars based on lies; unfortunately the only place to find this argument is in alternative media outlets where peace advocates and civil rights workers get their only chance to present their views since the establishment media is very selective about letting them speak.

If the investigation into his Russian connections or bad press from his smearing the United States saying that we “have a lot of killers, you think we’re so innocent,” isn’t enough to get him impeached justifiably or not there’s an incredibly long list of other reasons that could do so, many of which are justified; however they’ve been ignored for a long time. The truth is that if they wanted to use justifiable reasons to impeach him they could have done a better job reporting on him long before he became the front runner instead of giving him obsession coverage.

The truth is that if they did a better job neither Trump nor Clinton could have ever come close to getting the nomination let alone being elected president!

Assuming you believe that "God" is staging many of these Biblical events and will continue doing so at least until he fulfills his purpose what ever that is, as many religious people do.

However any reasonable skeptic would hesitate, at best, to take this too seriously, especially without a significant amount of corroborating evidence and peer review, as they should. For true believers these prophecies can be interpreted in many ways to support a variety of contradictory beliefs; a rational skeptic wouldn't considered it credible evidence of anything without much more evidence. But, as I said in past articles, even if there isn't anything to it, it is worth considering since religious people involved in many of the most important decisions believe it and because of major unsolved mysteries that indicate there might be problems with the traditional scientific beliefs.

We already have enough evidence to prove that many of the conclusions about "God," if he exists, that religious people choose to believe can't possibly be true and it comes from their own Bible which they consider the word of God. In Exodus 14:4 it says God or Yahweh "shall then make Pharaoh stubborn" (some translations say "obstinate" or "harden his heart") so that he doesn't obey God's orders then he uses this as an excuse to show his powers and terrorize the Pharaoh and his entire army and eventually the entire Egyptian people and at other times in the Bible the entire human race. In Matthew 10; 34-7 Jesus says "it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword" and he goes on to say that he'll turn family members against each other if they don't love Jesus or his God more than their own family.

This is enough evidence to prove that if their "God" does exist and the Biblical version of him is close to being accurate he's not merciful or benevolent as they chose to believe, nor is he a reliable source of morality; if this hypothetical "God" exists at all he's the greatest control freak, or cult leader, the human race has ever known staging atrocities presumably for his own reasons to accomplish an unknown goal. If the Bible isn't the literal truth of God then it is still used to inspire his religion and if it isn't what he intended then if he was as benevolent as he's made out to be then he could have, and would have, opened up an honest line of communications so that these misunderstandings wouldn't happen and then he could have at least tried to prevent a lot of atrocities like the Crusades, inquisitions and Holocaust.

As Richard Gabriel, a professor and Biblical historian, puts it, “How does one reconcile that with the idea that some people use the bible as a guide to their life? Well, one would either have to admit that history is wrong, and I don’t think that it is, or that God is a savage creature, in that the instruction of the bible is certainly full of enough violence to give rise to the question of what kind of a God, if there is one, would permit this?” (The History Channel in "Bible Battles")

If God doesn't exist then he has nothing to do with what is going on, although the belief in a non-existent God does; however if there is an unknown advanced intelligence influencing the enormous monuments that haven't been explained and inspiring religions that constantly fight against each other what could he possibly be trying to accomplish? How could he gain from this?

In several previous articles I speculated about the possibility that, although the hypothesis presented by most Ancient Astronaut theorists presented on "Ancient Aliens" are seriously flawed they might have the basic idea right and there might have been some kind of advanced intelligence that managed to travel the long distances with the help of Artificial Intelligence and long lasting technology that would still take hundreds if not thousands of years to get from one solar system to another. If this is the case they might have done experiments, including some that were to dangerous to do on their own planet and others that might have to be adjusted to to different environments on other planets, like ours. In "God's Not Dead" But Is He Nice? I speculated about the possibility that Ancient Aliens might be involved researching Climate Change; and in Multinationals Are Using Public For Research On Massive Scale that they might have allowed their technology to be shared one way or anther with people within the scientific and political community and used to to develop many modern medications which they're using the public as research subjects.

In both these cases, even if there is no alien technology there is still an enormous amount of research on both medical developments using the public as research subjects and Climate Change, as it would be developed normally; however that has been extremely rapid over the past few decades, especially compared to thousands of years developing technology at a relatively slow pace.

If there is no help from alien technology why is our technology all of a sudden developing so fast?

Also whether there is something to this far-fetched theory or not there will almost certainly be arguments to claim that keeping secrets is in the best interests of the majority of the public; in fact there already have, however those are terrible. The most common claim is that they’re keeping secrets for national security reasons but this is routinely exposed when the truth partially leaked out and it is clear that we’re selling weapons that routinely wind up in the hands of the enemy and that many of the attacks against us are retaliation for wars, based on lies.

If they’re using us for research subjects on a massive scale then they could argue that it’s for our best interests; however that wouldn’t be true anymore than it is true that when researchers use guinea pigs, rats or monkeys they’re looking out for the best interests of the research subject. The only difference is that it would be humans being sacrificed for research. Like many research projects, with or without alien technology the poor are used as subjects and the rich control the benefits and keep most if not all for themselves.

If they really were looking out for the best interests of the majority there would be no need for all this secrecy so the existence of secrecy is evidence that they’re definitely not looking out for the best interest of the majority.

The best they could reasonably argue is that there are mitigating circumstances and that we could benefit from this research when it is disclosed; however if that were the case and they wanted to minimize the damage they would allow disclosure in the most effective way possible, so for now even that isn’t a possibility.

However we shouldn't assume that there can't be other explanations for many of the things that are going on, especially since, the vast majority, if not all, of recent events doesn't involve anything that would be considered paranormal or supernatural, that is often attributed to "God;" and there's also an enormous amount of research, including the disclosures by Wikileaks to indicate that there is a vast conspiracy to manipulate the elections and that the reason Trump was elected was at least partially a result of that conspiracy, although most interpretation of this conspiracy seems to indicate that they tried to rig the nomination for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because they thought he would be easy to beat.

In the Book of Apocalypse God allegedly let's Satan out when it suits his purposes and promises to do so in the future without any explanation of what he's trying to accomplish or why. Recent history shows that our political leaders do somethings very similar constantly leading us into one war after another; and they know how to manipulate the vast majority of the public by appealing to their emotions and often turning them against each other.

There are some things that we should be able to understand either way. Regardless of how or why our politicians are leading us into one war after another they've proven that they can't be trusted to control our government and we need to do far more to elect people from the grassroots that are actually accountable to the public. Ending these wars based on lies is just one of many obvious things that needs to be done like protecting the environment repairing the election system controlled by the elites, ending outsourcing so we can have local labor and dramatically reduce shipping and distribution costs redirecting the expenses to workers or consumers, and exposing the manipulation tactics that our politicians have been using to control us so that the majority of the public will stop falling for their scams one time after another.

This means relying much more on alternative media outlets at least until we can get major media reform, which would allow much more diverse ideas from many different points of views.

We also need to expose the fear-mongering which both political parties are participating in.

In addition to the protest that took place at the Texas Capital Support poured in after mosque burns 01/30/2017 from many people that are doing far more to counter Trump's divisive rhetoric and irrational bans or threats to invade countries. If these people can do more to influence decision then a lot can be done to show that terrorism isn't the way to respond; however there are enormous efforts by the Democratic Party to take credit for this. If this is successful they can use it to regain power and do the same outrageous things that helped get us into this mess in the first place.

Right now we can be certain that we're getting stuck with an enormous tab to protect Trump Towers and Donald Trump is not only cons=ducting activities that will incite an attack against his own property but against all of us.

We should be calling for full disclosure of this and everything else that impacts society the way it would really be done if it were a democracy as our political leaders pretend it is.

In a real democracy it is absolutely necessary to give the public the information and the education that they need to participate in the democratic decision making process. this has to include educating the public about manipulation tactics that the elite have been using to convince the public to vote against their own interests over and over again.

The people from the UFO community may not be right about everything; and a disclosure effort should be designed to prove that aliens exist, unless they actually do, but they've done far more than most people to call for disclosing the full truth of what is going on than most people.

Also anyone that does enough research into political history and recent events must know or at least suspect that if the leading members of the political establishment and those that control the media wanted to stop Trump from taking this country to such an extreme and insane position they could have and almost certainly would have.

Unless they have a bizarre undisclosed motive of some sort. They must know that if he keep going as he is it won't even be in their own best interests. Efforts to prevent total destruction should be helped even if it helps prevent the destruction of the elites; however in order to prevent this from happening again they need to be exposed and removed from power.

Donald Trump has been coming up with so many insane things that it is hard to imagine that the media, which routinely refuses to give coverage to the most rational grassroots candidates that come up with the most effective political policies on one issue after another couldn't have prevented him from getting elected. They've been covering one fanatical clown after another in the Republican Party with the help of political advisors like Frank Luntz, or Dick Morris and many others to tell them the most effective ways of convincing the public to vote against their own best interests they had to know if they pushed it to an extreme something disastrous would eventually happen, and unless the grassroots stop it that is what will happen soon.

This is true whether it is related to a far-fetched Apocalypse hypothesis or not.

The following are some sources or related articles to this one:

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Big-Donor Education Secretary 11/23/2016

Trump's Supreme Court pick Neil Gorusch founded and led club called 'Fascism Forever' against liberal faculty at his elite all-boys DC prep school 02/01/2017

OFFICIALS: Trump Authorized Raid That Killed Civilians Without Proper Intelligence, Backup For SEALs 02/01/2017

Trump’s First Military Raid Killed An 8-Year-Old American Girl And A Navy SEAL (VIDEO) 01/31/2017

Jeremy Scahill: The Secret Story Behind Obama's Assassination of Two Americans in Yemen 05/27/2013

Inside America’s Dirty Wars How three US citizens were killed by their own government in the space of one month in 2011. 05/13/2013

Secret Service wants to shut down traffic on Fifth Ave. around Trump Tower when the President-elect is in town: sources 11/14/2014

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wal-Mart Crime report January 2017

Walmart shootings have been rising slowly but steadily for years and broke records at the end of the year; and we had another fourteen shootings this month, which would have been a record just a couple months ago, plus two more that happened nearby and the victims went to Walmart after being shot. They had at least one hundred and four total for 2016 including five in January 2016; eight in February; seven in March; eight in April; four in May; seven in June; nine in July; seven in August; nine in September; six in October; and two consecutive record breaking months fifteen in November; and nineteen in December.

The shootings this month included one that got nationwide attention for a little while, although most of that minimized the fact that it happened in a Walmart parking lot often not mentioning it at all. A police officer was shot and killed in the parking lot by someone who had earlier killed his girlfriend the previous month and another police officer was killed in a traffic accident in Orlando during the manhunt, although that wasn’t on Walmart property. The media certainly didn’t mention the high number of shootings that take place on Walmart property or other crimes either.

There were also two additional fatal shootings and another suicide; they seem to have at least one suicide each month lately, as well as bodies being found on their property, often of drug overdoses or poor people without health care whose deaths aren’t considered suspicious, but they have to die somewhere. It isn’t uncommon for these shootings or other incidents including chases and crashes to start with petty thefts.

In addition to the shootings there were also over half a dozen gun related crimes that often involved threatening employees or on one occasion a patty theft of two pairs of shoes; and several panics that took place even though no shots were actually fired.

In addition to the deaths that they have as a result of the shootings they had another one as a result of an assault and several injuries due to car crashes. There were several chases following attempted shopliftings including one that ended in a crash, and a DUI that almost crashed in the parking lot, as well as another fight over a parking spot.

Walmart always has lots of bomb threats but most of them are through notes or anonymous phone call; this they had several that were done openly including one where the customer falsely claimed he would use “Islamic State explosives” and another where a woodlands man arbitrarily asked a customer to buy the explosives for him. Many of these people obviously have psychological problems.

They had at least half a dozen fires this month including at least two arsons, one of which injured four people and another fire almost killed a dog that was rescued at the last minute. There were also at least two stabbings and several more threats to stab people including employees and one of these threats was made by someone who stole the knife he threatened the employee with. It’s not uncommon for Walmart armed robbers to show up without any weapon and steal it from Walmart.

One of the attacks was with a machete on a rampage through an Oregon Walmart, which seems to happen on a semi-regular basis.

Usually it’s the robbers that do most of these attacks but when one Walmart employee got fed up with a disgruntled customer she fought back and one of their shoplifters was a cop. They might go easy on cops for use of excessive force but never for stealing from Walmart, which happens on a semi regular basis as well.

They had a boy who bought a baseball bat to go on a vigilante attack searching for someone who stole from him nearby and a heroin overdose in the diaper aisle. After a popular greeter got frustrated with kids riding a scooter through the store endangering people he was fired for losing his temper. Walmart practically never seem to use reasonable discretion, since decisions are made at the corporate office as a matter of policy without considering the circumstances.

One of their policy decisions involves a strange attempt to save money with self check out aisles; however whatever money they seem to save is probably lost by additional security constantly checking for thefts and using tax payer money to arrest people for petty amounts, in what should be considered institutional entrapment.

However, apparently, this problem isn’t bad enough for them they’re now coming up with a “Scan & Go app” which they say will get people out of the store quicker that they’re testing in selective stores. We already have enough information to know that this will only increase their crime problems more; however any research that they do will almost certainly be proprietary and whether it increases tax payer costs dealing with high crime may not be as important as if it increases profits.

Walmart is juggling over half a dozen, or more, law suits or investigations, for one reason or another, including one where they have a large amount of scanner problems, mostly over charging people, talks about settling a bribery probe that has been going on for years, a police officer suing because he was fired for carrying a gun, another employee suing because he was fired for Down syndrome which they were able to deal with for years before arbitrary changing his hours and firing him when he couldn’t accept it, and a gender bias lawsuit.

One other law suit involves the Tracy Morgan settlement which apparently paid him quite well, however the insurance agency doesn’t want to give him what they consider an exorbitant amount. Tracy Morgan criticized Walmart in the immediate aftermath of that accident but quickly stopped talking; after settling he became speaking highly of them, but the details are confidential. A close look at non-celebrities clearly indicates that they never get treated so well and Walmart often fight them tooth and nail to minimize damages.

Can there be any doubt that celebrities get better treatment because they draw more attention and can do more to damage Walmart’s reputation if they speak out?

Another investigation involves selling of contaminated food from a fire in Canada that they were ordered not to sell because it might not be safe for the consumers. This has received hardly any attention nationwide and can be added to the many times that they’ve had listeria, salmonella, or other food poisoning or been caught selling expired food; however this is worse since consumers can’t check the expiration date to find out about potential fire contamination.

They also had another embarrassing sales display that outraged consumers when they sold condemns next to a Valentine’s display that parents were outraged about since their kids saw it.

There is no way they could dominate the retail market without their political connections and in addition to their donations to campaigns they finance inaugurations including one in Missouri and make what they call philanthropic donations, however these are rarely unconditional and they often involves donations that can only be redeemed with additional purchases at Walmart to people that hesitate to criticize them.

There also expanding into car sales or at least advertising for them and signing a big contract with a temp service to hire workers, which tends to be highly inefficient especially with a large corporation that handles it’s on contracting. In many cases they’ve used contractors to attempt to blame them for problems they have, whether this is the reason for this contract remains to be seen.

They have their share of downright bizarre incidents as usual including a man who squirted seaman on the backsides of several women and two women groping the crotches of Walmart employees customers and an EMT treating her after she was caught getting drunk in the beer aisle.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in January 2017. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Harrison Pa. commission could decide on Wal-Mart training academy next month 01/01/2017

Troopers: NY Tops, Walmart workers busted selling alcohol to minors in western suburbs 01/02/2017

Man Dresses Like Tx. Wal-Mart Employee to Steal Merchandise: Police 01/02/2017

Fairfax police believe several are behind 'brazen' TV thefts at Walmart 01/02/2017

Father of 2 ambushed, killed at Walmart in Tomball Tx. 01/02/2017

TOMBALL, Texas - Tomball police are investigating after a man was attacked at a local Walmart.

Justin Jones was inside the store at around 1 a.m. on Monday, when police said someone came up behind him and hit Jones in the head.

Jones was rushed to an area hospital, but he died from his injuries several hours later. Complete article

Man charged with murder after attacking man with motorcycle helmet at Tx. Walmart 01/03/2017

Officer Arrests Walmart Toy Thief for Switching Price Tags 01/03/2017

Men wanted for stealing two TV's from York County Va. Walmart 01/03/2017

Man sentenced for Ind. Wal-Mart theft 01/03/2017

Men used cloned credit cards at Va. Walmart, Target 01/03/2017

Man charged in scuffle over parking spot at Hempfield Pa. Wal-Mart 01/03/2017

A Greensburg man was cited for criminal mischief after police said he rammed a woman's car in a fight over a parking spot at the Hempfield Wal-Mart at the height of holiday shopping.

State police said Roy T. Albert, 67, bumped the victim's car in the parking lot of Greengate Centre Dec. 21 while both were jockeying for the same parking spot, said Trooper Daniel Poponick. The victim had just parked and gotten out of her vehicle when Albert bumped his vehicle into hers, causing less than $500 worth of damage, Poponick said.

Police initially thought the incident was an accident and cited Albert with several traffic violations. But when witnesses told investigators Albert did it intentionally, those charges were withdrawn and he was charged via summons with criminal mischief. Complete article

Indy Walmart worker accused of attacking customer 01/03/2017

A Walmart employee in Indianapolis has been charged with battery after police say she attacked a customer on New Year’s Eve.

Officers were called to the disturbance at the store in the 5800 block of West 10th Street around 5:26 p.m., according to Fox59.

When they arrived, they spoke with the victim, who said 23-year-old Michael-Candice Ingram grabbed her by her hair and punched her in the back of her head with her fist.

The victim says the confrontation started when she asked Ingram to put a “money gram” in her last name instead of a reference number. When Ingram couldn’t do that, the victim says she became upset and called Ingram a profanity and attempted to walk away. That’s when the alleged battery began. Complete article

Woman hit by vehicle in Md. Wal-Mart parking lot 01/03/2017

York-Poquoson Va. Sheriff’s Office searching for suspects in Walmart shooting 01/03/2017

Chandler Ariz. Walmart surveillance video shows fatal encounter with police 01/03/2017

Man threatens to bomb La. Walmart with Islamic State explosives in attempt to steal booze & bullets 01/03/2017

A Louisiana man was arrested and charged with theft and impersonating a war veteran after he entered a Walmart store and tried to steal more than $500 worth of alcohol and shotgun shells, saying he would bomb the store if he was not freed by managers.

On Monday, Keyon Pullins, 23, entered the Walmart location in Baton Rouge dressed in full military gear. He proceeded to gather five bottles of Ciroc vodka, five cases of Crown Royal whiskey, one bottle of Grey Goose vodka, and eight packs of 12 gauge shotgun shells. While attempting to leave the store without paying, Pullins was confronted by the Walmart's managers, according to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

"[Pullins] requested that the managers let him go, due to him being in full military uniform," the sheriff's office said in an arrest report, cited by WAFB. "The managers stated that they would not do so, so [Pullins] attempts to leave. When he did so, managers grabbed him by the back of his uniform and pulled him back into the store...[Pullins began to scream and cuss at the managers stating that he was in the military and 'to just let him go about his business.'"

Pullins was then taken into a store office for questioning, according to the report, where he claimed he would access a bomb from the jihadist group Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) and use it on the Walmart location.

"Once inside, [Pullins] begins to threaten the managers and workers by saying the following, 'I will get a bomb from ISIS and blow this place up,'" the sheriff's office said. "Managers stated that they began to get nervous due to the accused being in full military uniform." Complete article

Suspects steal TVs, cat food from Ohio Walmart 01/03/2017

News short: Man found dead in his truck at Wash. Wal-Mart identified 01/03/2017

Richmond: Three suspected gang members charged in Va. Walmart shooting 01/03/2017

4 arrested in connection with alleged Md. Walmart theft 01/03/2017

Glendale Ariz. PD: Wal-mart security thought they had seen it all until... 01/03/2017

GLENDALE, AZ - A man allegedly used a vacuum box to conceal stolen items, but it's what he put inside that has people scratching their heads. Police report that on Dec. 23, Walmart security workers observed a man, later identified as 30-year-old Kashief Jarreau Jackson, taking a Shop-Vac out of its box and then went around the store putting other items in the box. They say Jackson then resealed the box with tape and purchased the Shop-Vac box for $64. Police say Jackson was confronted outside the store by police and security workers. When they checked inside the box, police reportedly found nearly $1,400 worth of products including scientific calculators and five breast pumps. Complete article

Man, 28, is charged with following women around Ohio Walmart and squirting their backsides with syringes filled with his semen 01/03/2017

Timothy D. Blake is charged with squirting at least 12 women with syringes filled with his semen
He would allegedly masturbate in his company truck or in the Walmart bathroom in Marietta, Ohio
He allegedly would fill a syringe with his semen and then spray it on unsuspecting women
According to police, he said 'maybe it was his way of having sex with these women'

A man has been charged with serial semen syringe squirting.

The man, Timothy D. Blake, 28, of Sams Creek Road, Mineral Wells, West Virginia, was charged with being the suspect who had terrorized and grossed out a series of women in Marietta, Ohio who said they'd had semen squirted at them.

Blake allegedly admitted to 12 instances over two months of masturbating, then filling a syringe with his semen, and following women around a Walmart in Washington County and spraying their backsides with his bodily fluids, reports News and Sentinel. Complete article

Military Police Officer Assists SAPD Officer in Theft Suspect's Apprehension at Tx. Walmart 01/03/2017

MPD: 2 teens steal from Wisc. Walmart, face charges 01/03/2017

Two Pocatello men arrested after incident at Idaho Walmart 01/03/2017

Washington Twp. Pa. police seek person of interest in Walmart theft 01/03/2017

Teenager Takes Out Anger, Over Being Dumped, on Car in Wisc. Walmart Parking Lot 01/04/2017

Police seek identity of 2 accused of using stolen card at Opelika Ga. Wal-Mart 01/04/2017

Bay County Mich. Walmart evacuated due to trash compactor fire 01/04/2017

Police investigate suspicious package reported at NM Walmart 01/04/2017

Troopers searching for suspects in purse theft at Boyd County, KY, Walmart 01/04/2017

Police looking for 3 men who took 21 iPhones from Pa. Walmart 01/04/2017

Two charged with shooting in Mississippi Walmart parking lot 01/05/2017

New photos help identify Dalton Ga. Walmart theft suspect 01/05/2017

Suspect surrenders to police after Haines City Fla. Walmart shooting 01/05/2017

HAINES CITY, Fla. -- Police say a woman suspected of shooting another woman outside a Haines City Walmart on Thursday has turned herself in, police said.

Yajaira Rivera, 37, of Davenport has turned herself in at Polk County Jail, police said

Police were called shortly before noon to the parking lot Walmart at 36205 Highway 27 North, where Mandy Nicole Guzman, 30, of Lake Hamilton, had been shot at least once in the lower abdomen.

Guzman and Rivera argued inside the store while shopping, police said. The two have known each other for a few years.

Police said Guzman completed her shopping with her two young children and exited the store. The victim placed her items and children into her vehicle, and then pushed her cart to the cart return rack. Rivera was waiting by the cart rack, where she shot the victim, police said. Complete article

Ex-Indiana cop accused of thefts at Wal-Mart 01/05/2017

A former Clarksville police officer has resigned from his new Clark County council post amid theft charges.

Mike Popplewell Jr., who also resigned from the Clarksville Police last month, his letter of resignation from the council Wednesday, county Sheriff Jamey Noel said.

Popplewell was charged with three counts of theft Thursday. He is accused of stealing a Fitbit, a greeting card and jewelry from Wal-Mart, 1351 Veterans Parkway in Clarksville, during a Black Friday patrol shift Nov. 25, according to a probable cause filed by Indiana State Police Sgt. William J. Wibbels Jr.

He also is accused of stealing two Paw Patrol toys, valued at $59 each, on Dec. 5, the same day that Clarksville Community Schools conducted its Clarksville Cares event at the store for its preschool to fourth-grade students, according to a probable cause affidavit. Popplewell was at the school's event serving as a school resource officer through the Clarksville Police that day, schools spokeswoman Nicolette Langdon said. Complete article

Surveillance video shows person of interest in fatal stabbing of man found outside OC Ca. Wal-Mart 01/05/2017

Canadian Walmart shopper injured while chasing ‘unsafe’ shopping cart sues for $500,000 01/05/2017

Suspect in Fla. Walmart robberies arrested 01/04/2017

Bloomington Ill. Walmart Death Investigation 01/04/2017

Emergency crews were called to the Walmart on Bloomington's west side for what police are calling a death investigation.

According to our news partners, WJBC, several police cars, fire. and ambulance vehicles surrounded a pickup truck in the store parking lot, as police set up crime scene tape around the truck. Police officials said the scene was contained and there was no threat to public safety.

McLean County Coroner Kathy Davis tells us it's an isolated incident. Complete article

Woman accused of getting drunk inside Fla. Walmart, grabbing EMTs crotch 01/05/2017

LADY LAKE, Fla. - A woman was arrested Tuesday in Sumter County for multiple charges when she was accused of drinking five beers in a Walmart beer aisle and assaulting an emergency management technician after she was handcuffed, deputies said.

According to the arrest report, Shellby Conder, 18, told the Walmart manager in the Villages that she drank five cans of beer from the beer aisle and was drunk. She also told the manager she needed a ride home, the report states. More News Headlines

Conder told deputies that she was drunk when she approached them outside of the store bathroom, according to the report. Complete article

Wanted man captured in Danville Ky. Walmart parking lot 01/0/2017

Gun Pulled on Walmart Employee in Greater Alexandria Va.: Police 01/05/2017

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA -- Police say that three suspects took property from a Richmond Highway Walmart store early Thursday and when confronted by an employee, displayed a handgun.

The incident took place at about 1:40 a.m. Thursday at the Walmart located at 6303 Richmond Highway (see map below). The store is open 24 hours a day. An employee saw three men walking in the store and acting suspicious, police said.

The suspects took property from the store and went outside when the employee confronted them, police said. One suspect displayed a handgun, according to police. The victim notified police and the suspects drove off in a van. Complete article

4 arrested in connection with alleged Md. Walmart theft including two semi-automatic replica pellet pistols, 01/03/2017

Three elderly women followed from Danville Wal-Mart, robbed at their homes 01/06/2017

Good Samaritans Credited With Stopping Alleged Purse Thief At Pa. Walmart 01/06/2017

South Carolina woman’s reaction to empty Walmart bread aisle goes viral 01/06/2017

Woman fires at men after robbery attempt outside Cobb Ga. Wal-Mart 01/06/2017

A woman fired a gunshot at two men after they tried to steal her purse in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in west Cobb County, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The incident happened Friday on Barrett Parkway, the station reported.

Cobb County police said the shot hit another person’s car, the station said. Complete article

No One Injured In Walmart Shootout(GA) 06/30/2010

Round Rock Tx. police searching for Walmart hit, run suspect 01/06/2017

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — A woman was walking in a Round Rock Walmart parking lot when she was hit by driver who quickly fled the scene. Police are now asking for help from the community to find the hit and run suspect.

Around 8 p.m. on Dec. 17, the woman was hit at the Walmart on 2701 S Interstate 35. Surveillance video from the store captured the suspect speeding off after hitting the pedestrian. Jaymie Clark was picking up last minute Christmas items from Walmart, but all it took was a second, walking out to the parking lot, for her world to change.

KXAN spoke with Clark, who is recovering from her injuries.

“Half of the kneecap was crushed,” she said, recalling a “flash of white” and hearing someone scream. “My front and back pelvis was broken as well, and bruising along the right side of my rib, bruising on my arm.” Complete article

Ithaca NY WALMART MURDER: Dryden man to take third mental exam 01/06/2017

Women suspected of Fla. Walmart robbery sought 01/06/2017

Bomb threat called in to Bonita Missippi Walmart 01/04/2017

Anderson SC Walmart on 81 evacuated after note referencing a bomb found 01/06/2017

Cashier accused of stealing $20k from La. Wal-Mart 01/06/2017

Who are these guys? Biloxi Mississippi police want to know 01/06/2017

Man arrested for thefts at Boardman Ohio Walmart 01/04/2017

Ephrata Pa. police looking to ID woman suspected of stealing from Wal-Mart 01/07/2017

Woman gets probation for stealing $80k from Cheyenne Wy. Wal-Mart 01/08/2017

Robber hits bank inside Colorado Springs Walmart 01/08/2017

Massive manhunt under way after policewoman shot and killed at Orlando Fla. Walmart 01/09/2017

Detectives released a photograph of suspect Markeith Loyd who is on the run this afternoon, and said they wanted to speak to him on suspicion of murder.

One female officer was shot and killed and another was wounded and taken to hospital following a shoot-out at the Walmart store in Orlando.

Witnesses said that the shooter was wearing a security uniform and continued to shoot blindly behind himself even as he fled the scene.

It was reported that the female officer was hit at least nine times, and that she had entered the store to arrest Loyd after a shopper recognised him from a wanted poster. Complete article

Ex-boyfriend named as suspect in pregnant woman's killing 12/13/2016

Here's Why You'll Lose Money in Walmart 01/09/2017

Man charged with stealing $1,500 from Fla. Walmart 01/08/2017

Officials suspect severed foot found near Ill. Walmart is not from a human 01/05/2017

Cops: Woman Shoplifted $1,000 In NY WalMart Goods 01/08/2017

Walmart settles disability-rights suit over payment machines 01/09/2017

Man threatens Okla. Walmart employees with pistol, police say 01/09/2017

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Oklahoma City police are searching for a suspect they say robbed a metro Walmart.

The incident took place at the store in the 7800 block of NW Expressway.

Police say the suspect stole several items from the store and attempted to leave. When confronted by security, he pulled out a pistol and threatened employees. Complete article

Stevensville woman charged with hitting Wal-Mart manager, Missoula Montana policeman 01/09/2017

A Stevensville woman who allegedly hit a manager in the face while drunk at Wal-Mart is also charged with punching the police officer called in to investigate the incident.

On Sunday, four Missoula police officers were called to the Wal-Mart on Reserve Street after a manager reported a customer had attacked her.

The manager said she saw 27-year-old Kyla Kay Alder in the store about 6:30 p.m. attempting to return an item without identification. She then attempted to take purses and jewelry into a changing room, and began to yell profanities after being told she couldn’t, a court affidavit said. Complete article

Monday’s Most Wanted: Couple stole $12K in merchandise from Tenn. Walmart 01/09/2017

Road Outside Walmart Headquarters In Bentonville Arkansas To Shut Down For Months 01/09/2017

Tx. Walmart arson results in 4 injuries 01/09/2017

Four people were injured Monday afternoon in Princeton after a man poured lighter fluid on stacks of clothes inside a Walmart and set them afire.

Firefighters put out the flames within 15 minutes- but not before smoke filled the store- resulting in four people being treated for smoke inhalation.

None of the four people requiring medical treatment are believed to have been seriously injured.

The suspect was arrested walking not far from the store after police posted surveillance photos of him and citizens dialed 911. Complete article

The Walmart Scan & Go app will get you out of the store in a jiff 01/10/2017

We know exactly what it's like. You're beat, tired from shopping at Walmart for what feels like hours. The combination of pushing that broken cart with the wobbly wheels, and the punishment on your legs and feet from that hard floor has you hoping for a quick trip through the check out line. But instead, you're faced with the reality that there are only 3 lanes open and two of them are for those with less than 10 items in their cart. Thanks to a new app called Walmart Scan & Go, you can bypass the checkout line, exit stage left with your cart of goodies already paid for, and have your worn out tootsies soaking in a bubble bath before you know it. It's actually a simple, but clever idea.

With the app, which is available for iOS or Android devices, you scan an item's UPC code as you take each product off of the shelf and deposit it in your cart. When you have completed your shopping, you pay using the app, and a receipt is generated on your phone's display. Show it to the greeter/bouncer/security guard at the door, and you're done.

Now, there is a catch. Walmart is currently testing the app so it will work at one store only at this time. But hey, maybe you shop there! That store is Walmart #5260 in Rogers, Arkansas. We do think that Walmart does plan on eventually offering this service throughout its entire system. Complete article

San Jose Ca. man gets prison for bizarre Wal-mart, Chevron crashes that injured 7 01/10/2017

Man arrested at Carlisle Pa. Walmart for attempting to steal 16 video games 01/09/2017

Deputies seek woman after thefts at 2 NC Walmart stores 01/09/2017

Monsanto, Walmart, GM Funding Missouri Inauguration 01/09/2017

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Gov. Eric Greitens' inaugural festivities are being funded by some of the state's most prominent businesses.

Greitens has not revealed a cost for Monday's privately funded celebrations, but he did release a list of "benefactors" that helped finance the events.

That list includes such businesses as Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, Enterprise, Express Scripts, General Motors, Monsanto and Wal-Mart. Complete article

Officer Arrests Woman for Shoplifting at RI Walmart, Sister for Obstruction 01/10/2017

Woman charged with stealing pocketbooks from NY Walmart shoppers 01/10/2017

Police: Man charged after forcibly touching NY Walmart worker's 'intimate parts' 01/10/2017

Decision on Pella Iowa Wal-Mart crash charges still may be months away 01/10/2017

Man attacks 3 people with machete after rampage through Oregon Walmart, police say 01/10/2017

WOODBURN, Ore. — Police say a man was running around inside a Walmart store before assaulting a woman and attacking three men with a machete.

Woodburn police officers were called to Walmart around 10 p.m. Monday for the report of a man with a machete inside the store. Police say the suspect was breaking cabinets and taking ammunition. He also reportedly swung his machete at the Walmart greeter and threatened to kill him.

Officers found the suspect, identified as Alan Brock, in a parked car in front of the store. Police say Brock drove away and sped up, aiming his car toward officers before quickly turning and driving over an embankment and crashing into a fence.

Investigators say Brock then assaulted a woman and stole her purse and keys at a neighboring apartment complex before breaking down a door to an aparment and slashing three men with a machete. Complete article

Durham NC Wal-Mart, Office Depot pay fines for price-scanner errors 01/10/2017

DURHAM Two Durham stores were among five in the state that recently paid fines for excessive price-scanner errors, state officials said Tuesday.

The Office Depot at 56000 South Miami Blvd. and the Wal-Mart at 5450 New Hope Commons Dr. in Durham each paid fines, according to the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Standards Division.

The division conducts periodic unannounced inspections of business price-scanning systems to check for accuracy between the prices advertised and the prices that ring up at the register.

If a store has more than a 2 percent error rate that cause customers to be overcharged, inspectors discuss the findings with the store manager and conduct a more intensive follow-up inspection at a later date. Undercharges also are reported, but they don’t count against a business. Complete article

Judge Orders Wal-Mart to Pay $16M in Gender Bias Lawsuit 01/0/2017

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been ordered by a federal judge to pay $16.08 million to a former New Hampshire pharmacist in a gender bias case, but the amount is only about half what a jury awarded and may fall substantially further.

U.S. District Judge Steven McAuliffe also asked the New Hampshire Supreme Court to advise whether the plaintiff Maureen McPadden was entitled under state law to any of the $15 million of "enhanced" damages that comprised most of the award.

Though "reasonable minds can differ," Wal-Mart "asserts - not implausibly" that such damages are not available, the Concord, New Hampshire judge wrote on Jan. 6. Complete article

Machete-Wielding Man Stabs 3 At Apartment, Threatens To Kill Walmart Greeter 01/10/2017

Police want to identify RI Wal-Mart shoplifter 01/10/2017

Wisc. Walmart employee extinguishes fire 01/10/2017 A different employee who started the fire is no longer with Walmart, according to Wright.

Lacey NJ PD seek Walmart thermostat thief 01/10/2017

New Hudson man sentenced to 180 days in jail after crash at Lyon Township Mich. WalMart involving senior citizens 01/11/2017

Workday lands massive Walmart contract 01/11/2017

Cloud software vendor Workday just announced its biggest customer win to date -- discount retail giant Walmart.

In an 8-k filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Workday said Walmart has purchased a subscription to Workday's Human Capital Management, Recruiting, Learning, and Planning products.

Walmart has more than 2 million employees and is considered the world's largest private employer. Based on that employee count, the deal could, over time, be worth $100 million to $200 million in annual revenue for Workday, Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White noted in a research report.

"However, Workday did not specify the number of Wal-Mart employees that will be part of this subscription," White said. "Also, a deal of this size will take some time to ramp and thus we do not expect the full revenue impact be felt in the first year or two." Complete article

Barrage of midnight gunfire reported outside Middle Georgia Wal-Mart 01/11/2017

It was about midnight Monday when a manager at the Wal-Mart on Gray Highway in east Macon heard a barrage of gunfire.

The manager told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy who answered the call for help there at 12:04 a.m. Tuesday that the blasts had come from just outside the store.

There were no known injuries or property damage, the deputy’s write-up of the incident said.

The deputy found 21 spent shell casings — 19 of the .223-caliber variety and two .40-caliber casings — lying in the fourth aisle of the store’s parking lot. Complete article

Wal-Mart employee allegedly rang up $18K in gift cards without payment 01/11/2017

Walmart to eliminate 1,000 corporate positions 01/11/2017

Armed Clinton man arrested after Ill. Walmart lockdown 01/12/2017

A wanted man was captured after he led police on a chase that started at the Wild Rose Casino and ended in a lockdown at Walmart.

Police were called to help apprehend a wanted man fleeing on foot from the Wild Rose Casino, shortly after 9 a.m. on Thursday. They say the man ran into Walmart. Police created a perimeter and the store was put on lockdown. Police tell us all customers and employees were evacuated.

Police officers, along with Walmart security, conducted a search of the store. They say the suspect was found hiding in a merchandise display.

According to police, 35-year-old Jacob M. Dau of Clinton was arrested and charged with unauthorized possession of offensive weapon, control of firearm by felon and domestic abuse assault with display of a weapon. He bond was set at $10,000. Complete article

Gas smell prompts brief evacuation of Suffolk Va. Walmart 01/12/2017

Boy, 12, arrested after stealing car to shoplift toys at Ariz. Walmart 01/10/2017

NH woman found slumped over steering wheel in Walmart parking lot facing drug charges 01/12/2017

Police: Man stole home security camera system from Springfield Mass. Walmart 01/12/2017

Two men sought after south Topeka Kansas Walmart robbed 01/10/2017 Topeka Police are looking for two men they say were stealing from a south Topeka Walmart, when one revealed a handgun.

MCSO: Woodlands man asked Tx. Walmart customer buy explosives for car bomb 01/11/2017

A 36-year-old Woodlands man is accused of making threats to blow up the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Tuesday.

According to the MCSO, Danyal Arafat was fiddling with the engine of his 1970s-model Volkswagen in the Walmart parking lot at 3040 College Park Drive around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday when he asked a passerby to purchase ammunition and explosive components.

The shopper, who refused, then called law enforcement to report that Arafat gave him a bag of money and told him to go inside Walmart and purchase shotgun shells and model-rocket motors. The shopper said Arafat wanted the items so he could finish making a bomb to blow up the Sheriff's Office.

The shopper also told deputies that Arafat made numerous other remarks about making bombs and mustard gas during their conversation. Deputies deployed a bomb detection dog to thoroughly search Arafat's van for any explosive materials but found none, according to the MCSO. Complete article

Felon allegedly armed with pistol leads police on foot chase through Kansas City Missouri Walmart 01/10/2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A federal affidavit filed Tuesday says that a convicted felon allegedly armed with a Bersa .380 semi-automatic pistol ran from officers and had to be wrestled to the ground inside a Walmart on Monday night. Jeremiah W. Flathers, 34, faces a federal count of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition after he was arrested in the Walmart at 11601 E. U.S. 40 Highway.

The affidavit says that Flathers was seen on surveillance after 7 p.m. opening unpurchased merchandise with a pair of scissors, and then walking around the store with the scissors pointed outwards. Officers were called, and he initially complied when they confronted him, handing over the scissors, though he appeared fidgety. When he heard a dispatcher relay over radio that he was wanted by the U.S. Marshals for amphetamine distribution, Flathers ran away.

As he ran, officers say he was reaching towards his waist area and pockets before he was apprehended. He shouted "I have a gun" while he was on the ground, adding that it was in his pocket. Officers recovered the handgun and found that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, specifically an Emerson JPC plate carrier. The court document says that Flathers spontaneously said: "I was just trying to get rid of the gun and my probation/parole officer told me I could wear a bullet resistant vest." Complete article

Fire suspected at Amherst Canada Walmart 01/12/2017

Pair indicted in Fla. Wal-Mart shooting death in Sept. 01/12/2017

Wal-Mart to train Lancaster County Pa. employees at customer service academy in York 01/12/2017

Police looking for suspects who stole over $12,000 worth of merchandise from NY Walmart 01/12/2017

200 people evacuated from Fla. Wal-Mart after merchandise catches fire 01/12/2017

About 200 people were evacuated from a Lauderdale Lakes Wal-Mart Supercenter after a box of merchandise inside the store caught fire Thursday night, fire officials said.

The incident happened around 8:35 p.m. at 3001 N. State Road 7, said Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles.

The fire, which started in the back of the store near the sporting goods section, was put out by employees before firefighters arrived, Jachles said.

The building had filled with smoke and was tested for air quality, Jachles said.

The fire is under investigation by the Broward Sheriff Fire Marshal's Bureau and the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations Complete article

Federal fugitive living under dead boy's name found working at Salem Oregon Walmart 01/13/2017

Police investigating double fatal shooting at Riverdale Ga. Walmart 01/14/2017

RIVERDALE, GA -- Riverdale Police responded to the parking lot of the Walmart store in the 7000 block of Old Highway 85, on a shooting call.

On arrival, officers discovered two deceased victims inside a vehicle in the lot that had been shot to death.

The police investigation is now active and ongoing. No motive has been determined at this point. Complete article

Vigils held for man found dead near Walmart 01/16/2017

Walmart faces 174 charges related to sale of Canadian fire-contaminated food 01/13/2017

Walmart Canada and four of its senior managers face 174 charges under the Public Health Act related to the sale of food contaminated during a wildfire that engulfed Fort McMurray, Alta., last May.

A 31-page charge sheet lists the sale of various food items ranging from chocolate bars and nacho chips to pasta, breakfast cereal, bacon and cheese. The charges, filed by Alberta Health Services, state that Walmart Canada failed to ensure that food that had been contaminated or was unfit for human consumption was not stocked or sold at its outlet in downtown Fort McMurray.

Four of the charges allege that Walmart lied to public health inspectors by saying it was not selling food that had been contaminated during the fire.

Court documents show the alleged violations occurred at the Walmart outlet on Hospital Street between May 24 and May 29, 2016.

Prior to allowing residents to re-enter the city, municipal and health officials repeatedly advised residents and businesses to throw out any food products other than those stored safely in cans and tins.

"I think the most alarming thing is the actual number of violations," said Keith Warriner, a food safety specialist at the University of Guelph. Complete article

Fort McMurray Walmart customers react to charges of selling wildfire-contaminated food 01/14/2017

$13 in goods leads to arrest at Iowa Walmart 01/13/2017

The Walmart Foundation Is a Perfect Example of How Corporate Philanthropy is Changing 01/10/2017

Recently, we argued that the once-sleepy world of corporate philanthropy is getting a lot more sophisticated as funders sharpen their priorities and "fuse traditional grantmaking with market-based approaches in ways that traditional foundations either can’t or won’t do." We also noted how corporate philanthropy was getting more tightly yoked to the quest for higher profits.

Changes at the Walmart Foundation in recent years are a perfect example of what's going on. Since Kathleen McLaughlin, a McKinsey veteran, took over leadership of the foundation in 2014, Walmart’s corporate funding has undergone a paradigm shift from widely dispersed local grants to bigger strategic programs that tap into the company's key assets as a business. The backdrop of all this activity, detailed in Walmart's 2016 Giving Report, is a long-term push to revamp the retail giant’s tarnished image in ways that will strengthen its bottom line in coming years.

Once upon a time, the Walmart Foundation mainly existed to sprinkle small donations far and wide in the communities where it operated. It still makes a blizzard of these grants every year, and the foundation has the longest 990 of any charitable organization that we know of. But the real action is around a series of strategic initiatives with many moving parts, mixing grantmaking with other tools—and munificence mixing with self-interest. Complete article

Police: Two men steal from Pa. Walmart two times in one week 01/13/2017

Man wanted for Kohl's shoplifting caught after NJ Walmart theft, police say 01/13/2017

Sumter County sheriff’s detectives seek suspect in theft from Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. 01/14/2017

Officials investigate Walmart evacuation in Pooler Ga. 01/14/2017

Fugitive Files arrest made at Southridge WV Walmart 01/14/2017

Police identify man who allegedly fired 2 shots inside Tempe Ariz. Wal-Mart 01/15/2017

TEMPE, AZ (KPHO/KTVK) - Police evacuated a Tempe Wal-Mart after a man pulled out a gun during a fight with a woman and fired two shots into the ceiling, police said.

Police later identified the suspect as 23-year-old Anthony Gutierrez. He is still on the run.

No one was injured in Sunday morning's incident at 800 E. Southern Ave.

"It was a scary situation," Tempe Police Commander Mike Pooley said. "You had a store full of employees. When our officers were arriving the employees were still running out of the store. We had no idea what we had until we went in and we were able to find witnesses, get everybody out of the store and clear the store and made sure everyone was OK Complete article

Man on bail attempts to kidnap ex-wife at Walmart in shooting 01/23/2017

Utah’s newest liquor store to be located in Wal-Mart parking lot in booming part of West Valley City 01/15/2017

Police accuse 3 of using 27 fraudulent credit cards at Pa. Walmart 01/16/2017

Barboursville WV Wal-Mart Evacuated Due to Gas Leak 01/16/2017

Man shot in face outside west Charlotte NC Walmart 01/16/2017

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A man was shot in the parking lot of a Walmart in west Charlotte early Tuesday morning.

It happened around 2:10 a.m. outside the Walmart on Wilkinson Boulevard.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say the man was shot in the face but is expected to be OK.

Police are searching for multiple people in the case. Complete article

Man shot inside car at west Charlotte Walmart, police say 01/16/2017

Off-duty cop tackles, arrests Walmart shoplifting suspect in Colorado Springs 01/16/2017

3 arrested after surveillance captures thieves taking TVs from Ohio Walmart 01/16/2017

Police looking to identify two women accused of shoplifting from WV Walmart 01/16/2017

Officer sues Pa. Wal-Mart for firing him for carrying gun while working as police officer 01/17/2017

TAYLOR, Pa. — A Pennsylvania police officer is suing Wal-Mart after he says he was fired for carrying his police-issued gun while in the store.

While in uniform and on-duty, Michael Zuby said he stopped by the Wal-Mart store where he was employed to grab some lunch.

Zuby, who worked as security at the store, was told by his boss he had to take his gun out of the store.

According to a report from The Times-Tribune, Zuby was told store employees are never allowed to carry a gun while on the property. Complete article

Washington NC Police respond to victim shot in a wooded area near Walmart 01/16/2017

WASHINGTON, NC (WITN) - The Washington Police Department responded to Walmart Saturday afternoon for reports of a shooting victim on the property. Investigators say a 21-year-old was shot in a wooded area near the intersection of Pontiac Drive and Manual Drive. The victim was transported to Vidant Beaufort Hospital. No word on the victim's condition. Complete article

Suspect leads Clovis Ca. police on wild chase after allegedly shoplifting from Walmart 01/14/2017

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One man is in custody Saturday after allegedly stealing from a Clovis Walmart and leading police on a high-speed chase.

It started around 5:30 p.m. when police say they tried pulling the man over. He didn't stop and eventually led officers on a high-speed chase on Highway 168 before exiting on Shields Avenue and crashing into the median.

That when he got out of the car and ran into someone's home to hide. With the help of neighbors, police were able to find the man and take him into custody. Complete article

Go-karts stolen from SC Walmart after alarm system disabled 01/16/2017

Arizona woman charged in stabbing at NM Wal-Mart 01/12/2017

FARMINGTON — A 33-year-old woman is facing charges in connection to a stabbing that occurred last week at the Wal-Mart on West Main Street. Jerlene Marcia Heyde, of Many Farms, Ariz., was charged on Jan. 6 in Farmington Magistrate Court with aggravated battery against a household member and evidence tampering. She was arraigned on Monday and remained in custody today at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center. Farmington police were dispatched at approximately 2:28 p.m. on Jan. 6 to Wal-Mart at 1400 W. Main St. in reference to a stabbing that had occurred in the parking lot, according to a statement of probable cause. Complete article

Orlando Fla. Nightclub gunman took wife to Walmart, bought bullets the night before shooting, source reveals 01/17/2017

Man robs Money Center in Colonial Heights Va. Walmart 01/17/2017

NC Walmart evacuated after gas leak detected 01/17/2017

Woman Accused Of Groping 2 Walmart Employees, Customer In Vacaville Ca. 01/17/2017

VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Police are turning to the public to help identify a woman accused of groping two Walmart employees and a Walmart customer.

On Sunday just after 11:30 a.m., the woman reportedly walked into the Walmart on Helen Power Drive. There she walked up to a female associate and grabbed her groin area before leaving the store. She was reportedly gone before police arrived, according to a statement from Vacaville police.

On Monday, the same woman walked into the same Walmart at 10:30 a.m., spoke with another female associate and reportedly grabbed her groin area as well. After leaving the store, she allegedly grabbed the groin of a man in the parking lot. He didn’t report the incident to police but told a store employee what had happened. Complete article

Scam targets seniors in Alabama with Walmart gift cards 01/18/2017

Woman caught stealing from NY Walmart after previous ban from the store 01/18/2017

Aurora Ibd. Police searching for Walmart theft suspect 01/17/2017

Gas leak forces evacuation of NH Wal-Mart 01/18/2017

Dog Pulled From Burning Van at Lake Geneva Wisc. Walmart 01/1/2017

LAKE GENEVA - One dog is lucky to be alive after a car fire in the parking lot of a Lake Geneva Walmart.

It happened shortly before 1 p.m. this afternoon. The City of Lake Geneva Fire Department was dispatched for a car fire in the parking lot of Walmart on Edwards Blvd.

Arriving crews found a well-involved fire engulfing two vehicles. The firefighters used foam and dry chemicals to fight the fire, which had spread to three adjoining cars.

While fighting the fire, firefighters made entry into a burning van and rescued a dog that was trapped. Fire crews resuscitated the dog and transported it to the Lake Geneva Animal Hospital for treatment. Complete article

Walmart sued for firing of employee with Down syndrome 01/18/2017

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Walmart is facing a federal lawsuit from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission over termination of a 15-year Wisc. employee with Down syndrome at a Wisconsin store.

According to a news release from the EEOC on Wednesday, Marlo Spaeth, of Manitowoc, Wis., was disciplined for absenteeism after management changed her schedule of 15 years. Spaeth typically worked from noon to 4 p.m. The new scheduling system called for Spaeth to work later and longer shifts and, because of her disability, she was unable to adapt to the changes in routine, the news release said.

Walmart did not change Spaeth’s schedule even after she requested the changes, the news release added. The new schedule took effect in November 2014 and Spaeth was fired for attendance issues July 10, 2015. Complete article

Corning residents plead guilty to hitting officer with car during attempted Iowa Walmart theft in Dec. 01/19/2017

Fort Morgan electric system not cause of Colorado Walmart blackout Tuesday 01/18/2017

Gun Barrel City Tx. Wal-Mart evacuated during bomb threat 01/17/2017

Vero Beach Fla. Wal-Mart & Sam's Club evacuated due to bomb threat 01/19/2017

Woman hides in Va. Walmart dressing room from man who allegedly sexually assaulted her 01/19/2017

Man robbed at gunpoint for 2 pair of shoes in Walmart parking lot in Fairfax County Va. 01/19/2017

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (ABC7) — A man was robbed at gunpoint for two pair shoes by another man in the parking lot of a Walmart in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Police say the man was not injured in the incident.

On Jan. 18, the victim was waiting in the parking lot to sell two pair of shoes in the 2800 block of Fairhaven Avenue. While waiting, the other man walked up and pulled a gun on him and stole the shoes, according to police. Complete article

Police: Belpre man commits suicide outside Parkersburg WV Wal-Mart 01/19/2017

PARKERSBURG — A Belpre man taking his own life in a Wal-Mart parking lot Thursday is possibly related to a domestic situation, Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin said.

The deceased was identified by police as Cameron R. Lucas, 23, of Belpre.

Parkersburg Police Department officers were dispatched to Wal-Mart at 2900 Pike St. to a complaint of a suspicious person sitting in a vehicle with a firearm, Martin said.

Officers approached this subject with caution and as they were approaching from the rear of the vehicle, they identified one male passenger inside the car, Martin said.

Officers continued to get closer to this subject and the passenger was witnessed by the officers to brandish a semiautomatic pistol and take his own life, Martin said. EMS responded and took the male to Camden Clark Medical Center where he passed away from the self-inflicted gunshot wound, Martin said. Complete article

Midlothian Tx. Walmart Evacuated due to a bomb threat 01/19/2017

Florida woman used photocopied $20 bills at Walmart, Applebee’s 01/19/2017

Man walks into Ga. Walmart with gunshot wound 01/20/2017

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- A man walked into a Walmart after being shot in the arm Thursday night.

The Walmart is on Hurricane Shoals Road.

Lawrenceville Police are investigating and Capt. Greg Vaughn said the victim could have walked there from the Hillcrest Greens Apartments that are nearby. Complete article

Judge: Ithaca NY Walmart Murder Suspect Ruled ‘Incompetent' 01/19/2017

Scam alert: Misleading email circulating, offering Wal-Mart gift card 01/20/2017

Late police calls: Odd theft at Ohio Walmart 01/1/2017

Suspects in Isabella County Mich. Walmart theft case identified 01/19/2017

Man nabbed in Dec. at Rochester Minn. Walmart pleads not guilty 01/20/2017

Shelley man arrested for burglary at Idaho Falls Walmart 01/20/2017

Police: Teens in stolen car attempt to rob Ill. Wal-Mart, lead officers on chase 01/20/2017

JOLIET – Police say teens tried stealing TVs from Wal-Mart while their companions led officers on a chase in a stolen car Friday.

The incident began shortly before 12:45 p.m. when the two 17-year-old boys and two 16-year-old boys arrived at Wal-Mart, 1401 Route 59 in Joliet, in a gray Dodge Intrepid, according to Deputy Chief Ed Gregory.

"Store security called [police] for a shoplifting in progress. The 17-year-olds went into the store while the two 16-year-olds waited in the vehicle," Gregory said. "One of our captains was in the area and checked the registration on the Intrepid to learn it had been stolen out of Markham."

But when the 16-year-olds saw police near the vehicle, they sped off onto Route 59 and drove south into Shorewood, Gregory said. Joliet and Shorewood officers pursued the vehicle to Vertin Drive where the driver lost control and struck a mailbox. Complete article

Man, 37, arrested after series of bomb threats to Jacksonville Fla, Wal-Mart stores 01/20/2017

A 37-year-old Illinois man was arrested Wednesday after police said several Jacksonville-area Wal-Mart stores received bomb threats followed by phone calls threatening gun violence.

Beginning about 7:45 a.m., a man called six of the retailer’s locations using the same phone to warn employees about a bomb planted inside each store, according to an arrest report. Later the caller said he “was about to walk into the store and shoot everyone,” the report said.

The calls were traced to a pre-paid Verizon phone that police said was registered to Jason Jorge Martinez. Armed with a warrant, police tracked the calls to Hemming Park downtown where they found Martinez. He was taken into custody following an interview. Complete article

Police: Man robs Fla. Walmart then grabs food at Wendy's 01/20/2017

Luggage Stolen From Vehicle at Kahului Hawaii Walmart 01/19/2017

Isabella deputies ID, charge Pa. Walmart retail fraud suspects 01/20/2017

Witness saw twister as warnings sounded; damage reported at Wal-mart in Warner Robins Ga. 01/21/2017

Gunman At Large After Shooting In Colorado Walmart Parking Lot 01/21/2017

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are searching for a gunman who shot a man in Aurora early Saturday afternoon.

It started as a fight between two men in a Walmart parking lot at 10390 East Colfax Avenue. One person pulled out a gun and shot the other. The victim ran into a business called Ace Cash nearby and called for help.

He was taken to the hospital and was suffering from life-threatening injuries.

The suspect got away in a dark colored car. Police said they don’t have a good description of him. Complete article

Some Residents Not Surprised By Shooting At Walmart 01/22/2017

Police say man threatened Ankeny Iowa Wal-Mart employees 01/21/2017

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A man has been charged after Ankeny Wal-Mart employees say he threatened to kill them with a knife he had stolen from the store.

The Des Moines Register says the incident happened Jan. 10. Employees say the man tried to leave the store with the knife, clothing and beer and that when they stopped him, he threatened to kill them. They let him leave and locked the doors behind him. As they did, police say, the man brandished the knife and tapped it against the glass door.

Police arrested 33-year-old Kelly Alan Sears, of Des Moines, and charged him with two counts each of harassment and trespassing. Complete article

Man accused of threatening security guard with a gun, stealing from Greensboro NC Walmart 01/22/2017

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Police are looking for a man accused of stealing several items from a Walmart in Greensboro and threatening the security guard with a gun.

Officers responded to the incident shortly before 11:30 p.m. Saturday at 121 W. Elmsley Drive, Greensboro police said in a press release.

Police said the man took several items after pushing and then threatening the security guard with a concealed handgun in his pocket. Complete article

Idaho Walmart theft suspect arrested 01/22/2017

POLICE REPORTS: Alleged Tx. Walmart shoplifter tells police he’s ‘working security’ 01/22/2017 Police arrested Alexander Ignacio Herrera, 43, of Livingston, on a criminal mischief charge after he was caught trying to shoplift from Walmart Thursday night, according to a Lufkin Police report. When approached by an officer, Herrera reportedly said he was working security at the store.

San Antonio Tx. police reopen Walmart security guard's 1994 cold case killing 01/22/2017

A new report says San Antonio police have reopened the cold case murder of a Walmart security guard.

James Fogle, 30, was shot and killed when he interrupted an overnight burglary on Jan. 20, 1994, and police believe there are people who know what happened, KSAT-TV reported Friday.

"I think after 22 years, somebody's conscience may be weighing heavy on them where they may feel that they can call in and not necessarily leave a name, but give us some new information on the case," cold case Detective Michael DeLeon told the station.

Fogle was killed responding to a burglary alarm. He was shot multiple times in the back and died instantly. Complete article

Boys find bag of dead ducks dumped at Missouri Walmart 01/23/2017

Three people arrested for shooting at Williamsburg Va. Walmart in Dec. 01/23/2017

State police ID man suspected of DUI after nearly hitting Plattsburgh NY Walmart 01/23/2017

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. — One man was arrested Monday night after police said he drove through a stop sign, nearly hitting the Walmart in Plattsburgh. Advertisement

Several agencies, including New York State Police and Clinton County sheriff's deputies, responded to the scene just after 10 p.m. outside the Walmart at Consumer Square located off Route 3.

Officials said the man, identified as Navro Deere, 23, of Morrisonville, drove his car past a stop sign in the parking lot and came close to hitting the building. Complete article

Tornado intensified before slamming into Ga. Wal-Mart in at least a 14 mile path, weather service says 01/24/2017

Two Suspects Arrested in Milford Delaware Walmart Shoplifting Scheme 01/24/2017

Liverpool NY man accused of having stolen merchandise from Wal-Marts across state 01/24/2017

Walmart Academy Graduation 01/24/2017

Police seek Tx. Walmart shoplifting suspect 01/25/2017

Really Big Data At Walmart: Real-Time Insights From Their 40+ Petabyte Data Cloud 01/23/2017

Walmart – the world’s biggest retailer with over 20,000 stores in 28 countries, is in the process of building the world’ biggest private cloud, to process 2.5 petabytes of data every hour.

To make sense of all of this information, and put it to work solving problems, the company has created what it calls its Data CafĂ© – a state-of-the-art analytics hub located within its Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters.

Here, over 200 streams of internal and external data, including 40 petabytes of recent transactional data, can be modelled, manipulated and visualized. Teams from any part of the business are invited to bring their problems to the analytics experts and then see a solution appear before their eyes on the nerve centre’s touch screen “smart boards”.

This tool has cut down the amount of time it takes to solve complex business questions, which are reliant on multiple external and internal variables, from weeks to minutes. Complete article

Walmart is going to start selling cars because why not? 01/2/2017

You can already buy just about anything you need at Walmart, and now the mega retailer is going to start selling something you probably never expected: cars. Yep, the country’s biggest store chain will provide car-buying services at 25 of its largest stores in Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma, allowing you to walk into the store for a gallon of milk and walk out with a new gas-guzzling SUV. Isn’t America wonderful?

As Automotive News reports, selected Walmart stores won’t actually be operating themselves as dealerships, however, but will instead partner with dealership groups to provide access to car-buying terminals within its stores. Much like Walmart provides spaces for banks, credit unions, fast food chains and even doctors to operate within its stores, the auto sales will be conducted from a small shop in the front of the store. Customers will be able to purchase cars via CarSaver, a digital platform which utilizes touchscreen kiosks so shoppers can browse a selection of new and used vehicles and even get approved for financing and insurance right from within the Walmart.

It sounds like a slick little system, but here’s the catch: the cars aren’t actually at Walmart at all. Customers can’t test drive them or kick the tires at the store, but instead have to travel to the actual car dealership that has the car they wanted. If a customer actually follows through and purchases the vehicle, CarSaver gets a “success fee” of $350 or thereabouts. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried to get approved for an auto loan before even sitting in the car I wanted to buy, but hey, it’s Walmart after all. Complete article

Walmart Maintains Market Domination While Its Competitors Stumble 01/23/2017

Walmart recently announced that they were going to add 10,000 jobs. It bucks a trend in retail that has seen job losses and bankruptcies. This comes as the retail industry suffered through a rough 2016. Through the end of November 2016, the retail industry shed 57,969 jobs. Among the retailers cutting jobs in 2016 were Verizon, Nordstrom, and Ralph Lauren.

2017 is looking like another rough year for the retail sector. Earlier this year Macy’s announced the closure of 68 stores and the loss of 10,100 jobs. The retailer laid off over 4,000 and closed 36 stores in January 2016. Sears and K-Mart have also announced the closure of a combined 150 stores; Sears sold off its Craftsman line and K-Mart remains a brand on life support. Complete article

Man tries to help Missouri Walmart employee, gets bit in the leg 01/24/2017

BRANSON, Mo. A Branson man is in jail, charged with three counts of assault in the third degree, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance.

Police say Hayden Forrest started a fight in the Branson Walmart Supercenter on Saturday night and injured five people, including two officers.

On Monday, we spoke with a mother who recorded part of the incident on her phone. The video shows two men struggling to pin a man on the ground. Tonight, we met one of the men in the video: David Brown. He says he jumped in to try and help a Walmart employee who was being attacked, and he walked away with one of the strangest injuries of his life.

“He got pretty far in there,” explained Brown, “You don’t see a whole huge bite wound... You see where his tooth sunk in there.”

Brown says Forrest bit him in the leg hard enough to rip his pant leg open and cover his leg in blood. Complete article

'He got a gun! He got a gun!': Terrified Walmart customers scramble during apparent robbery 01/21/2017

A man pulled a gun inside a crowded Walmart on the South Side on Saturday night during an apparent attempted robbery, according to police and a staffer.

Officers were called to the Walmart at 8331 S. Stewart Ave. in the West Chatham neighborhood about 8:15 p.m., according to police.

No injuries have been reported, police said.

A cashier at the Walmart said a man wearing a red jacket and blue jeans entered the store and was in the line at the Money Center when he suddenly brandished a gun and apparently tried to rob another customer in the line. Complete article

Homer man shoplifted from NY Walmart, police say 01/24/2017

Purse stolen in parking lot of Statesville NC Walmart 01/25/2017

Police: Woman’s purse stolen from Wichita Kansas Walmart 01/24/2017

Idaho Walmart theft suspect arrested 01/22/2017

Clayton man facing theft charge in Ind. Walmart incident 01/24/2017

Bomb Squad responds to ‘suspicious package’ at Arkansas Wal-Mart 01/23/2017 “A guy locked his backpack to the wall before he went into the store because he didn’t want Wal-Mart to think he was shoplifting,” Conway Police Department spokesman LaTresha Woodruff said.

Walmart store in Mechanicsville Va. evacuated due to bomb threat 01/26/2017

Woman jailed after Tx. Wal-Mart assault 01/25/2017

Johnson City Tenn. Police Department officers arrest Walmart shoplifter who threatened employees with pocket knife 01/25/2017

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Johnson City Police Department officers arrested a shoplifting suspect Tuesday evening who reportedly threatened Walmart employees with a pocket knife while he was trying to steal a television set from the store.

According to a JCPD news release, officers were called to Walmart, 3111 Browns Mill Road in Johnson City, in reference to a shoplifter.

An investigation revealed that the suspect — Steven Collins, 29, of Kingsport — was confronted by loss prevention employees at the store when he was attempting to steal a 55-inch television set. Complete article

Boy buys baseball bat at Ca. Wal-Mart, beats suspected thief at In-N-Out 01/25/2017

Chico >> A 15-year-old bought a baseball bat at Wal-Mart and allegedly assaulted a suspected thief around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday at In-N-Out.

The attack happened after a 21-year-old man allegedly stole a cellphone and identification from a 29-year-old woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Forest Avenue, according to a news release from the Chico Police Department.

Police say the 15-year-old boy purchased an aluminum baseball bat from the store and along with the woman and another woman, started looking for the thief.

The trio found the man in the In-N-Out parking lot, on Business Lane behind Wal-Mart, according to the release. The 15-year-old chased the man and hit him multiple times with the bat. Complete article

Arkansas Man Allegedly Steals Beer then Fires Gun at Ohio Walmart 01/26/2017

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OH - A man was arrested on Wednesday night after he allegedly fired 12 shots near the St. Clairsville Walmart.>

According to Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas, Derek Young, 25, of Arkansas is behind bars after the incident. >

Sheriff Lucas says Young first went into the store and stole beer before heading to the lower lot by Arby's and firing the 12 shots into the air. Lucas tells us nobody was injured and the Sheriff's office was able to apprehend Young without any incident. Complete article

Columbus Ga. police fire shots at alleged shoplifter in Victory Drive Wal-Mart 01/26/2017

A Columbus police officer shot twice at an alleged shoplifter during a chase Thursday afternoon in the Wal-Mart at 3515 Victory Drive, authorities said.>

The suspect, whose name has yet to be released, was treated at Columbus Midtown Medical Center and released into police custody. No officers were injured.>

Authorities said they received a call around noon Thursday to investigate a shoplifting in progress. Two officers responded to the scene and identified the suspect in the store who was allegedly opening packages and placing the stolen property in his clothing.>

Boren said the suspect fled and the officers chased him throughout Wal-Mart. He pointed a handgun at officers multiple times during the chase, according to the police chief.>

They were in the garden center area in Wal-Mart when shots were fired. Complete article

Suspect named in officer involved shooting at Victory Drive Wal-Mart 01/27/2017

Mount Olive police charge NC Wal-Mart employee with steaing money 01/26/2017

Murfreesboro Tenn. Walmart evacuated after bomb threat 01/26/2017

Bomb threat hoax leads to evacuation of Walmart store in Newport Oregon 01/30/2017

Charges: Disabled ND man who tried to run over Wal-Mart customers with scooter, then kicked cop fails to show at court 01/26/2017

Wal-Mart revamps pay policy, speeds up training program 01/26/2017

Two years after raising minimum wages for store employees to $9 per hour, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is making adjustments to the way it hands out pay increases and trains store employees.

The retailer will abbreviate a training program that new employees must complete to earn $10 per hour. The six-month program introduced last year will now take three months to complete, said company executives.

Wal-Mart WMT, -0.45% will stick with an annual raise system it first implemented last year, in which most store employees get their raise on a single day. That changes a longtime practice of linking store employees’ annual raises to performance, doling them out on each employee’s hire-date anniversary.

This year employees hired on or before Oct. 31, 2016 will get a 2% raise on Feb. 18th. Longtime workers who make the most their job title allows get a onetime lump sum of 2% of their annual pay, as they did last year. Wal-Mart says its average salary is $13.69 per hour, or about $25,000 a year for a full-time employee, a pool the company says makes up just over half of its store workers. Complete article

Suspect charged in iPod thefts at Havelock NC Walmart 01/26/2017

Tracy Morgan ordered to hand over financial documents in Walmart crash settlement 01/23/2017

Tracy Morgan must hand over six years of tax returns and other highly personal information in an ongoing dispute over his megabucks crash settlement with Walmart.

A federal magistrate judge in New Jersey gave the comedian 20 days to cough up the documents sought by Walmart insurers in a ruling last week.

In the underlying dispute, Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and Liberty Insurance Underwriters are fighting their obligation to the “exorbitant” cash windfalls promised to Morgan and fellow comedian Ardie Fuqua by the retail behemoth.

Morgan and Fuqua both received confidential settlements from Walmart after the deadly July 7, 2014, crash on the New JerseyTurnpike that killed their friend James McNair. Complete article

Man charged in theft of electronics from Manchester NH Walmart 01/27/2017

Greeter known for his festive spirit for all holidays fired from Hanover Pa. Wal-Mart 01/27/2017

The Baltimore Pike Wal-Mart in Hanover will be missing a familiar face from now on.

Ken Emerick, a greeter for nearly eight years who was known for his festive holiday attire, was fired yesterday, York Daily Record reported.

Emerick, fondly referred to as Mr. Ken, was removed from the company followed an incident earlier this week when he tried to stop a group of eight or nine boys from riding their scooters through the store.

Emerick told the York Daily Record that he yelled after them, but one of the boys replied, "There ain't a (expletive) thing you can do to us."

"I guess I lost it," he said, and he grabbed the scooter. Emerick said he may have rubbed against the boy, but he didn't hit him.

The boys involved a security guard, who called the police.

Emerick was asked to punch out early and was suspended. On Thursday, he was told he was fired.

His action, he explained, came from his concern for elderly customers who may have gotten hurt by the kids on scooters.

"My priority is I don't want to see anybody hurt," he told York Daily Record. Complete article

Obstacles Remain in Talks to Settle Wal-Mart Bribery Probe 01/27/2017

One sticking point in the retailer’s efforts to end the federal investigation into foreign bribes is its future eligibility to accept food stamps in the U.S.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. tried and failed to settle a foreign-bribery probe that has stretched for five years and cost the company more than $820 million, according to people familiar with the federal investigation.

In the final weeks of the Obama administration, the world's largest retailer and U.S. officials weren't able to agree on a deal before Donald Trump's inauguration, people familiar with the matter said. "Wal-Mart and the government are very far apart in terms of a settlement, " one of the people said Thursday.

The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission have been investigating allegations that Wal-Mart violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by paying bribes to foreign government officials as it expanded around the word. The talks are intended to settle any charges that would arise from the probe. Wal-Mart has acknowledged the government probes and said it is cooperating with them. Complete article

Walmart Foundation donates grants for kids, veterans 01/27/2017

A central Illinois nonprofit was among three organizations this week that received a total $280,000 in grants from the WALMART FOUNDATION.

ILLINOIS COALITION FOR COMMUNITY SERVICES will use the $200,000 it got to support its BACKPACK BITES FOR KIDS program that provides weekend meals for 571 children each week from schools that include St. Patrick Catholic School in Springfield and Riverton Elementary School.

The VETERANS FOUNDATION OF ILLINOIS received $50,000 for its veterans service program, and GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS got $30,000 to support its veterans employment program. Complete article

Police seek your help in case of $1,000 shoplifting incident at Ill. Walmart 01/27/2017

Walmart Apologizes For Condoms In Colorado Valentine’s Display 01/27/2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– Walmart is apologizing for what some are calling an inappropriate Valentine’s Day display.

Condoms were put in the holiday aisle next to the Valentine’s Day stuffed animals.

The Walmart store is located off Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs.

Walmart customer Susan Alexander saw the display on Thursday and called the manager. She was told it was “cross merchandising.”

“I have a 7, 8, 12 and 15-year-old. I don’t want any of them to be seeing that in the Valentine section. Keep it over in the pharmacy,” said Alexander. Complete article

Michigan State Police say two men found dead in Dodge in Walmart parking lot -- 'Nobody knows what to think' 01/28/2017

OWOSSO, MI -- Rather than asking for a drink, customers Friday night coming through the doors of the Rainbow Bar asked first if anyone had heard about what happened.

Police were investigating a double homicide less than a mile from city limits in a Walmart Supercenter parking lot.

Around 5:20 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, police received a call stating there were dead people inside a vehicle in the parking lot of the Walmart at 1621 E M-21 in Caledonia Township, said Michigan State Police Lt. Paul Pummill.

Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said police are investigating it as a double homicide. Complete article

Men found dead in vehicle outside Walmart are from Flint, state police say 01/28/2017

Craigslist drug deal led to shooting deaths in Walmart parking lot, police say 01/29/2017 ..... Once the Grand Rapids men arrived in the parking lot to purchase an undisclosed amount of marijuana, they robbed Carson and Hammond and fatally shot them inside a white Dodge Nitro.

Police were able to apprehend one of the suspects -- a 31-year-old man -- Saturday night in Grand Rapids.

A 23-year-old man was arrested around 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning after a search warrant was executed at a Stewart Street home in Grand Rapids in partnership between state police and the department's Special Response Team.

York Co. SC Walmart thieves crash getaway car, escape, but return for loot, police say 01/27/2017

LAKE WYLIE Two women accused of stealing almost $1,400 in goods from a Lake Wylie Walmart, then crashing a stolen getaway car, were arrested when they returned to retrieve loot, police and jail records show.

Cassandra Michell Webber, 32, of York, is charged with hit and run, driving without a license, shoplifting, conspiracy, possession of a stolen vehicle and disregarding a yield sign, jail records show. Webber was jailed under a $20,125 bond, York County jail records show.

Courtney Nicole Cason, 29, of Charlotte, was charged with criminal conspiracy, shoplifting and giving false information after she allegedly gave officers a fake name. Cason is jailed on a $5,590 bond but has two holds on her from other agencies, jail records show.

Deputies were sent to Lake Wylie to assist S.C. Highway Patrol troopers around 7 p.m. Wednesday after people in one of the vehicles involved in a collision fled into a nearby field, a York County Sheriff’s Office report stated. Complete article

Judge gives probation to teen involved in 2015 beating outside Salem Va. Walmart 01/27/2017

XX 01/2/2017

Man sentenced in fraud scheme that hit Wisc. Walmart 01/27/2017

3 charged in shots fired incident at Williamsburg Va. Walmart 01/24/2017

Wal-Mart in south Las Vegas Nevada closed after grease fire in McDonald’s outlet 01/28/2017

Detectives seeking pair that fled with laptop in pickup from Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. 01/28/2017

Queensbury NY Walmart evacuated during fire. 01/29/2017

Authorities investigate officer-involved shooting at Arkansas Walmart parking lot 01/29/2017

Authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting following an undercover drug bust at a Walmart parking lot, according to the Sallisaw Police Department.

Sallisaw Police and the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department were conducting the investigation in the Sallisaw Walmart parking lot.

Police say officers began shooting after a suspect hit an officer with their vehicle.

Three suspects were later taken into custody following a pursuit. Complete article

Possible gas leaks forces evacuation of Blackfoot Idaho Walmart 01/29/2017

Danville Ill. Wal-Mart evacuated after bomb threat 01/29/2017

NC Walmart crime spree lands man in jail 01/30/2017

Walmart employee stabbed in back at Kearny Mesa Ca. store 01/29/2017

A 24-year-old Walmart employee was stabbed by an unidentified man at a store in Kearny Mesa on Saturday night, police said.

The victim was standing outside the Walmart on Shawline Street near where employees often smoke when a man came up behind her and stabbed her in the back about 9:55 p.m., San Diego police Officer Robert Heims said.

The assailant was last seen running north through the store’s parking lot. He was described as Latino, in his 30s, and about 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium build. He was wearing a green shirt, tan pants and was balding. Complete article

Man arrested after overdosing on heroin in diaper aisle of Muncie Ind. Walmart 01/29/2017

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man was arrested Thursday after police say he overdosed in the diaper aisle of a Muncie Walmart.

Officers were called to the store in the 4800 block of Clara Lane around 6 p.m. to investigate a report of an unconscious man.

When police arrived, they found Brett N. Henry, 25, surrounded by a crowd of people. Officers advised the crowd to make room and they began to attach AED pads on the man’s chest. EMS personnel arrived shortly after and began treating Henry. ....

When asked about gel caps, police say Henry admitted it was heroin, which he crushed and snorted while in the Walmart restroom. Complete article

Woman Uses Self-Checkout to Steal From Vero Beach Fla. Walmart 01/29/2017 The suspect failed to scan 9 items totaling $31.01.

Crews Respond To Attempted Fire At Ky. Walmart 01/30/2017

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) Fire crews responded to the Walmart on Grey Lag Way Monday after they say two people tried to set towels on fire in the bathroom.

They say that no arrests have been made and the two people, who they believe are juveniles, were gone by the time police arrived.

The attempted fire happened around 9:40 p.m. Complete article

Police: 2 arrested after NH Walmart hit by same thieves twice in 2 months 01/31/2017

Police: Possible shoplifter opens Ga. Walmart boxes with knife 01/33/2017

Weekend Arrests: Beer Run at Tx. Walmart and More 01/30/2017

Bedford Ind. Man Arrested After Stealing From Walmart 01/31/2017

Suspects Stole TV, Threatened Walmart Employee: Manchester Conn. Police 01/31/2017

3 injured in robbery at Secaucus Walmart: court document 01/31/2017

Deputies shoot man armed with ax, knife outside Fla. Walmart Suspect tried to run over deputies, officials say 01/31/2017

ORLANDO, Fla. - Two Orange County sheriff's deputies shot a man who was armed with a 9-inch knife and an ax when he tried to run them over with his vehicle, officials said.

The shooting was reported at 12:23 p.m. Tuesday outside the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Chickasaw Trail and Lake Underhill Road, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said they were called because Abraham Canaan, 51, had been knocking over items inside the store.

Officials said two women accused Canaan of stalking them. He also might have been stalking another woman, who works at the store. Complete article

Bomb threats targeting Wal-Mart lead to 1 man’s arrest, another’s release 01/31/2017

A series of bomb threats made to Jacksonville-area Wal-Mart stores led to the arrest Friday of a homeless man that coincided with the release of a different man previously jailed in the case.

Nicholas Kinney, 48, faces felony charges of false bomb report and threat to throw, project or discharge a destructive device, according to his arrest report.

He remains in custody at the Duval County jail on $100,000 bail.

Kinney was arrested Jan. 27, the same day court records show prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against 37-year-old Jason Jorge Martinez.

Martinez had been in jail since Jan. 19. He was found in Hemming Park after police said several calls received by the retailer’s stores threatening explosions and gun violence were traced to a pre-paid Verizon phone registered in his name.

But the threats didn’t end with Martinez’s arrest.

The 48-year-old said he was angry about Wal-Mart posting online that he’d stolen merchandise, the report said. Complete article

2 sought in theft from Fruitville Pike Pa. Walmart 01/31/2017

Fla. Walmart employee, 2 others accused of fraud 01/31/2017

Watertown NY woman accused of taking items from Walmart 01/31/2017

Stolen Credit Cards Used at Md. Target, Walmart: Police 01/31/2017

Staunton Va. police seeking suspect in Walmart larceny 01/31/2017

Police: Possible shoplifter opens Ga. Walmart boxes with knife 01/30/2017