Monday, June 1, 2020

Walmart Crime Report May 2020

The pandemic has made everyplace crazy; but Walmart was crazy long before it, and the shootings happening every month are hardly slowing down, with at least eleven shootings last month, three of them fatal, and one other shooting with a BB gun. Two of those fatal shootings were suicides; and there were also numerous other people and cars shot without additional fatalities. A follow up article about an April shootings indicates that he intended to commit suicide by cop. And there was finally a settlement in the lawsuit against Beavercreak Ohio for the 2014 shooting or John Crawford III for carrying an unloaded BB gun he found on the shelf of Walmart, presumably to buy it; however the family specifically said this settlement didn't bring justice for his killing, and there have still not been any criminal charges.

There were also massive protests at Walmart's across the country over the weekend against police shootings, spurred by George Floyd, but there are fatal police shootings almost every month at at least one Walmart across the country, and many of them, including John Crawford III have been questionable. At hundreds of Walmart stores closed early, including ones in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia and North Carolina. Walmart is having plenty of abusive police claims last month that didn't get as much attention as George Floyd, including one incident where four Missouri police were caught on film taking down a 68 year old African American woman and her son after they falsely concluded they were stealing a TV, and they were even informed of their mistake before they did it.

And another incident where a Birmingham Alabama cop tackled a woman who wasn't wearing a mask; they claim that she was also acting disorderly. I don't know if this is true, but have heard of many authoritarian police acting in a threatening manner for incredibly minor violations, justified or not, and it's virtually guaranteed that many people would be outraged by this and a few of them might be more likely to resist, which would be virtual entrapment. There was also an incident where an African American couple claim they were racially profiled, with an investigation underway.

In addition to the three people killed by guns this month there were another two bodies found on the premises, one that was a result of an alleged murder; and at least two more deaths as a result of the Corona-virus, for a total of seven dead on the premises. This doesn't count a couple murders happening in Connecticut, where the suspect was later spotted in a Pennsylvania Walmart, although no incident happened there, and he was eventually caught in Maryland.

There were also close to a dozen other gun related crimes, including an argument where a gun was drawn, and numerous armed robberies, including one by a man dressed as a security guard, and of course, they can now wear masks without appearing suspicious, during the pandemic. They also had someone fire a flare gun at an employee. There were two threats against Walmart in Texas about a week apart by people that knew each other; when the police raided the home of the first one they found a small arsenal, including a machine gun.

There have always been lots of good Walmart workers that have had to rely on food assistance, even when they work full time, since they don't get fair wages; this hasn't stopped during the pandemic, and plenty of people are donating them free food, but the oligarchs are still taking the vast majority of profits while suppressing wages. While the vast majority of workers handle this without resorting to extremes, even though they're being treated unfairly there are a few that strike out, by making bomb threats or other types of threats. Most would agree this is unjustified but what's as bad, if not much worse is that the executives push policies that's guaranteed to incite activities like this.

Of course, this month everything seems to surround the pandemic, including those that died as a result of it. There were only two of the deaths attributed to Walmart, that I know of; but with over a 100,000 deaths in less than three months it's virtually guaranteed that many more were regular Walmart shoppers or workers, since it is the biggest employer in the country and has the biggest market share by far for both groceries and department store merchandise. In addition to those tow there's another regular customer in a coma as a result of the virus.

There weren't quite as many so called "COVIDiots" as in April, but there were still at least four incidents where customers coughed spit or sprayed Lysol on merchandise, and a couple more incidents where fight began as a result of the pandemic. Dozens of Walmart's across the country have been shut down for cleaning; in at least four or five cases, if not much more this happened after major outbreaks. More often than not Walmart is reluctant to report the details and they often come from workers or other insiders speaking without authorization. If people have accurate information to make their decisions, it's no thanks to Walmart management or executives.

There were at least dozen significant incidents, not counting fender benders which rarely get reported widely, involving automobiles, including vandalism of vehicles, stolen vehicles, plenty of crashes, including several hit and runs, one incident where a man got in an argument with his friend and tried to run him over, and at least one car that went up in flames. They also had at least four arsons, and one other fire which is now slightly lower than usual, although slow months on any given crime problem are almost always worse than usual five years ago, since the long term trend is always getting worse.

They had at least five knife attacks with at least two of them resulting in stabbings. There were numerous brawls, related to the pandemic or not, incidents where people were pepper sprayed, robberies from vehicles, assaults on police officers, and various other attacks.

Walmart's self-checkout artificial intelligence security system is causing a lot of problems, related to the pandemic or not; there are lots of false positives leading to false accusation and some Walmart workers claim it's doing more harm than good, despite the fact that they're not authorized to speak to the media, and management refuses to acknowledge the problem or fix it. They have an enormous amount of problems with their self-checkout and people trying to steal. A lot of the money they save is used for higher security, but even more money is paid by tax dollars, so it would be what they consider a negative externality; which essentially means we're subsidizing their crime problems. If they had to pay for the extra court costs and liability, there's a good chance they might find it more profitable to hire more cashiers.

They had another recall of a chest that puts children at risk, which is routine; they could set reasonable standards, with or without government regulations, but they choose not to and keep making the same mistake. They also have more discrimination lawsuits, and a lawsuit for a lawyer who was allegedly wrongfully terminated has reopened their Mexico bribery scandal. One of their minor lawsuits was supposedly settled after they made an agreement, but when they had a ruling in their favor after the settlement they tried to retract the settlement, and a judge has ruled they can't. This isn't even a big pay out for a company that size, but it shows how petty they can be, otherwise they would have let it go in the first place without trying to renege on a deal. Walmart has also been shamed for firing another person with a disability, after working there reliably for ten years because of a minor scratch on a vehicle, and another community rallied to his defense.

Small businesses around the country are demanding to be allowed to reopen, since they're far less crowded than Walmart. Corporations, including Walmart are using this pandemic as a method to help push more people out of business increasing control for a small number of oligarchs. Instead of enforcing antitrust laws, or using reasonable discretion with businesses that aren't a threat to the public the government is helping these oligarchs wipe out small business, which isn't something new, although the method is slightly different.

The economic system is now controlled by fewer people than ever before; and they often move from one business to another making an enormous amount of money while the rest of us have no chance at these high paying jobs. Instead of competing against each other they've divided up the market and use their control to destroy innovative businesses or people that treat customers better.

Walmart also had another topless woman riding in their carts in the parking lot; and in a separate incident, a man, who was asked to leave for not wearing a mask and thrown a rock into that McDonald's before going to Walmart was caught stealing panties and other bizarre behavior. Compared to the panics about the coronavirus, these seem milder than usual.

But strange things still happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Walmart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Walmart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country; now after counting them for several years that average is over two per week. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Walmart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in May 2020. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

Employees evacuated from Walmart in Miami Garden 05/01/2020

Yukon man shoplifts from Okla. Walmart 05/01/2020

Lakewood man charged with mooning customers at Brick NJ Walmart 05/01/2020

Officer, deputy injured during chase after Walmart theft 05/01/2020

PORT WENTWORTH, Ga. (AP) - A police officer and a sheriff’s deputy were injured in a car chase Thursday afternoon, after three men stole from a Walmart and fled, authorities said.

Rincon police said a theft was reported at a Walmart on Thursday afternoon. Police said they pulled over the three suspects and began to question them, but the suspects fled and threw a gun from the car.

Rincon police decided not to pursue because of the busy time of day.

Port Wentworth police said an officer later saw the suspects’ vehicle going 85 mph in a 50 mph zone. The officer attempted to pull the car over but they continued to flee.

An Effingham County Sheriff’s Office deputy attempted to help the officer during the chase but the two crashed into each other and were hospitalized. They were both later released from a hospital.

Port Wentworth police arrested Jermaine Kareem Evans on Friday and identified the other two suspects as Jamari Pai’Shaw Chisholm and Javonta Hakeem Coney. Complete article

TPD: 2 men arrested after one tries to run over the other in Okla. Walmart parking lot 05/01/2020

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Tulsa police say they arrested two men at a local Walmart after one tried to run over the other.

It happened at the store near Admiral and Memorial Friday afternoon.

Police say Angle Watashe tried to run over Rocky Breck.

They say Breck jumped out of the way and Watashe rammed two cars, injuring a family in one of them. Complete article

Gillette Wy. Police Detain Armed Suspect At Walmart 05/01/2020

The unidentified suspect who was detained at Walmart by Gillette Police officers this afternoon had been acting suspiciously at the checkout counter at Hobby Lobby prior to the incident, according to an eyewitness who contacted County 17 with details about the incident but did not give permission to use his name.

According to the eyewitness, the suspect, who was dressed entirely in black clothing, purchased a large “Bowie” style knife from a clerk at Hobby Lobby. When the clerk reportedly asked the man his age, he reportedly took the knife and left the store.

As the eyewitness was checking out, he heard aggressive yelling and shouting that sounded like it was coming from the back office of the store as the front doors were closed. As he was walking out, however, he saw the suspect taking the knife out of the packaging on the sidewalk north of store as he loudly yelled something about a detention order and “how are you going to like that.”

The suspect then wandered over to Walmart where he was ultimately detained in a back bathroom by GPD officers. It’s not clear what if anything the suspect was charged with and more information will be shared as it becomes available. Complete article

Ah yes, Walmart Brawl 04/30/2020

Pandemic or not, Walmart remain the same.

Complete video

Utah Walmart responds after customer raises concern about employee wearing face mask with confederate flag 05/02/2020

HARRISVILLE (ABC4 News) – Walmart’s corporate office is responding after a customer raised concerns about an employee wearing a face mask with the confederate flag while working at the Harrisville location.

The customer, who requested to remain anonymous, spoke exclusively to ABC4 News about her experience Wednesday evening.

“To me, it’s a symbol of hate. That flag makes me feel an emotional response. It puts you shock and it puts you in a place of a fear. All I was trying to do was bring it to the table. How was there all these people around him and no one said anything?” she said. “I know people have a right to wear whatever it is they want to wear. But Walmart has prided itself along the lines of being inclusive, diverse, and forward-thinking.”

She said she felt invalidated after multiple assistant managers brushed off her concerns, could not confirm their mask policy with her, and were unable to direct her to the store manager.

“It made me feel like…why should I even say anything? This is why people don’t say anything. The minute I, as a black woman, say something or raises my voice, then it’s ‘Oh. Here’s an angry black woman again. Oh, cry me a river. Racism was over how many years ago … you know, you get all that,” the customer said tearfully. Complete article

East Syracuse NY Walmart worker may have exposed public to coronavirus 05/01/2020

Syracuse, N.Y. – The Onondaga County Health Department announced today an employee of the East Syracuse Walmart store who tested positive for coronavirus may have exposed other people to the disease.

People may have been exposed if they visited the store at 6438 Basile Rowe on these days and times:


The employee took Centro buses to and from work. People who used the following Centro bus lines may have been exposed: ....... Complete article

Walmart returned $12.6M in coronavirus aid it received through CARES Act 05/01/2020

Add Walmart to the list of surprising recipients of coronavirus aid through the CARES Act.

The discount retailer gave back $12.6 million that it received unsolicited through a fund established to help health-care providers. In a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar and CMS Chief Seema Verma last week, Walmart asked to be excluded from future disbursements.

"We recognize your automatic disbursement of funds through the additional CARES Act funding triggered payment. Respectfully, we would request detailed information on the process to decline the payments, as we will be returning these funds to HHS," the letter, penned by Bruce Harris, Walmart's vice president of federal government affairs, said. Complete article

Bloomington Woman Arrested After Stealing Items From Ind. Walmart 05/01/2020

38 additional Walmart employees at Massachusetts store test positive for coronavirus 05/02/2020

81 coronavirus cases at Worcester Walmart, city says 05/02/2020

Sumter sheriff seeks help nabbing tire bandit who ripped off Fla. Villages Wal-Mart 05/02/2020

Dodge City, Kansas Walmart to close for weekend 05/02/2020

Car goes up in flames at Pa. Walmart 05/02/2020

Perry Highway Hose Company along with Pennsylvania State Police responded to a call at 11:55 a.m. for a car fire in the parking lot of Walmart on Downs Drive.

As of now the only information given on the car is that it was a white Dodge. The car has been totaled from damage and removed from the site.

According to crews the fire was quickly brought under control, however two other nearby cars received damage as well. Complete article

Watch Walmart Customer Completely Lose It Over Pickup Order Dispute 05/03/2020

It is easy to let your frustrations get the better of you in the middle of a stressful situation. Toss in a pandemic, restrictions to daily life and uncertainty to build a ticking time bomb waiting for a spark. You also cannot ignore people relying on stimulus money from the government, rising unemployment numbers and supply chain disruptions to everyday items. And when it comes to retail, a piece of regular life that already had people frustrated, you're essentially counting down the moments.

That is where this gentleman comes into play at his local Walmart. Two employees are attempting to help him with his pick-up order and it seems that something has gone awry. What transpires is an explosion from the man that sends the Walmart employees stepping back as he pounds his fists into the trunk of his car. He then begins to shout into the female employee's face, telling them to go in and get him the rest of his order.

He also manages to kick over the part of the order he has in front of him. That or he kicks someone else's order over onto the ground, which is actually worse. No matter what the truth is, the video has made the rounds on TikTok before landing on Reddit and going viral. The response on Reddit was not favorable for the man in the video, with some comparing his actions to one by a grown child. Complete article

At Levittown PA. Walmart, Company Mum On COVID-19 Cases 05/0/2020

Walmart is one of the largest employers in Bucks County with a half-dozen stores and among the biggest retailers in the Leittown area, but the company has declined to make public the number of local workers who have fallen ill with COVID-19.

The store in Levittown Town Center off Levittown Parkway in Tullytown Borough has hundreds of employees and serves thousands of customers per week. At anytime during business hours, several dozen workers are on the clock at the store.

According to several employees, the Tullytown store, which has been packed with crowds during the stay-at-home order, has had several workers contract COVID-19. An exact number was unable to be confirmed as of Saturday afternoon.

A Walmart spokesperson said the company has had positive cases at some stores, but declined to release more information on how many workers had COVID-19 and whether there were any at the Levittown location. They pointed to local health officials, who have left it up to retailers to confirm cases and release details, which many larger ones have done. Complete article

Police: Reported Wyoming Walmart hostage situation a hoax 05/02/2020

A Saturday afternoon call to the Gillette Police Department that a Walmart employee was being held hostage in the parking lot of the store turned out to be a hoax.

Officers responded appropriately to what they believe was a tense situation and when on scene were able to make contact with the employee and verify there was no danger and the report was false, according to a report posted on the city’s Facebook page. Complete article

New Drive-Thru Testing Coming to Miami-Dade Fla. Walmart 05/03/2020

Second potential coronavirus exposure at East Syracuse NY Walmart; bus passenger also tested positive 05/03/2020

Previously banned shoplifter accused of stealing from NY Walmart again 05/03/2020

Drive-thru coronavirus testing site opening at Orlando Fla. Walmart 05/01/2020

Police investigating shooting at Manchester, NH Walmart, 2 hospitalized 05/03/2020

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - Police are investigating a reported shooting at a Walmart parking lot in Manchester, New Hampshire that resulted in two people being hospitalized, officials said Sunday.

Officers responding to reports of a shooting at the parking lot of the Walmart on Gold Street at 2:15 p.m. found a person who was not shot but taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons, police said. A second person also arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The shooting is under investigation and no other information was immediately available. Complete article

Manchester man jumps into argument at Walmart parking lot, gets shot, then arrested 05/04/2020

A man who police say intervened in a couple’s argument got a bullet in his back and faces a criminal threatening charge, as details emerged into a Sunday afternoon shooting at the Walmart parking lot in Manchester.

At one point three people had their weapons drawn in the lot on Gold Street. And as in an action movie, one of them ended up jumping on the hood of a fleeing car, traveling about 20 feet before rolling off.

Man arrested after police allege he fired flare gun at Napa Ca. Walmart worker 05/03/2020

A 35-year-old man was arrested Saturday afternoon after firing a flare gun inside the Napa Walmart store, according to police.

Carlos Paulino de Biase was booked into the Napa County jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, making criminal threats and resisting police. The allegations against de Biase, who has no listed address, stemmed from an incident at about 12:15 p.m. at the Walmart at 681 Lincoln Ave., police reported.

Officers were called to the store after receiving reports that a man had discharged a flare fun at a Walmart employee before fleeing, according to Sgt. Mike Walund. Police found de Biase at the intersection of Lincoln and Soscol avenues west of the store and confronted him at gunpoint before handcuffing him, Walund said. Complete article

Walmart Deploys First-Ever AI-Powered Self-Service Scales to Its Stores in China 05/01/2020

SEATTLE, May 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is the leader in leveraging transformational technologies to improve the customer shopping experience, reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Walmart is committed to saving customers money and minimizing its environmental footprint. In January 2019, Walmart China launched its Omega 8 innovation platform. The platform helps open cross-industry communication channels and extend cross-border innovation.

"For Walmart, innovation is in our DNA, and we are actively embracing innovation from beginning to end. Omega 8 acts as a bridge between technology companies and Walmart to jointly create technical solutions that can solve for the pain points of retail," said Ella Chan, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at Walmart, in a public speech.

Since its official launch, Omega 8 has built a sustainable communication platform for connecting Walmart and leading technology companies. It has focused on the most complex challenges retailers are facing and identified innovative approaches through scalable technology solutions which deliver rapid value. After more than a year of development, the platform has completed dozens of innovative proof-of-concepts and has selected only a handful of companies that meet the high standards of Walmart. The best of those projects will be deployed in Walmart stores to be used for optimizing store operations and improving customer experience.

In response to increasing customer demand for self-service shopping, Walmart is leading the way by launching self-service fresh produce scales in many stores. This improves the shopping experience by saving customers' time and making it easier for them to shop, all while lowering operational costs. With conventional self-service scales, customers often needed to click through several screens to identify the correct product among hundreds of possible options. This can be confusing, often leading to customers requiring associate assistance to successfully complete the weighing process. Complete article

Orange County Fla. Walmart offering free coronavirus testing 05/04/2020

Woman loading groceries into vehicle arrested at Buffalo Ridge Fla. Wal-Mart 05/04/2020

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer to stop by Walmart COVID-19 testing site 05/05/2020

Woman dies after shooting herself in the Ga. Walmart parking lot on Gateway Road in Columbus 05/05/2020

COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) – On Sunday, May 3, a young woman shot herself in the abdomen in the Walmart parking lot on Gateway Road.

Muscogee County Chief Coroner Buddy Bryan has confirmed that 19-year-old Hannah Leanne Bates died at 5:14pm in the Piedmont Surgery Unit.

News 3 is awaiting more information about the incident. Complete article

Man arrested after Greensboro police investigate report of NC Walmart robbery, shot fired in business 05/04/2020

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One suspect is in custody after Greensboro police investigated a robbery at the Walmart on 3605 West Gate City Blvd. Friday.

Xavier Trent Crosson,29, is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Police say they got a call at about 10:30 a.m. on Monday reporting the robbery and telling them a shot was fired in the business. Complete article

Niles Ill. police: Man pulls out gun during argument with woman in Walmart parking lot 05/04/2020

A woman told police on April 29 that an unknown man, approximately 50 years old, “started a verbal argument” with her and then took out a gun while they were in the parking lot of Walmart, 5630 W. Touhy Ave. According to police, the woman said the man told her to “go back to (her) own country and speak English since it was America.” Police said the woman, who is American and was speaking English, also said the man displayed gang signs and referred to the “kings” during the incident.

Two customers allegedly verbally threatened an employee at Walmart, 8500 W. Golf Road, when she stopped them at the exit and asked to see a receipt for items they had in their cart on April 27. According to police, a sound bar speaker that was at the bottom of the cart had not been paid for. One of the individuals agreed to pay for the item while the other continued to yell at store employees, police said. Officers told the pair they were no longer welcome inside the store, according to police. Complete article

Worker at Quincy Mass. Walmart dies of coronavirus, officials say 05/04/2020

QUINCY — An employee at the Quincy Walmart has died of COVID-19, according to city officials.

The office of Mayor Thomas P. Koch said that all other employees at the store will be tested for the novel coronavirus.

Quincy officials said the Walmart, which is located at 301 Falls Boulevard, voluntarily closed at 3:30 p.m. Monday and will remain closed until city officials feel the store has met the necessary protocols to reopen.

This news comes after a coronavirus outbreak at the Walmart in Worcester, where 81 of the store’s 414 employees tested positive for COVID-19. Complete article

Quincy Walmart closed after employee dies of coronavirus 05/05/2020

Worker at Quincy Walmart Dies From Coronavirus; 10 Others Also Test Positive 05/04/2020

Skowhegan Maine Walmart found to have discriminated against longtime employee 05/04/2020

Michael Morin filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission after company officials said a change in its computerized scheduling system could not accommodate his modified schedule.

The Maine Human Rights Commission announced Monday it had found Walmart violated the Maine Human Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act when it failed to accommodate one of its longtime Skowhegan employees because of his disability.

For nearly two decades, Michael Morin has worked for Walmart as a cart attendant. During that time, Morin, who has an intellectual disability, has had a modified, set schedule.

Morin’s 19th anniversary with the company is Saturday, and during the time he has worked at the Skowhegan store, he has received raises and positive assessments of his work. Complete article

Worcester Mass.: City steps up to shut down Walmart 05/04/2020

FOR SHAME: I know it’s shouting into the dark void at the heart of American society to complain about Walmart, but what the actual hell, Walmart? Can we just stop and take a minute to appreciate that Walmart allowed the Worcester location to remain open despite more than 20 positive cases before the city stepped in and closed it for a cleaning.

It says so much about the company, its priorities and its relationship to the people of this city. They do not care. And it’s not just Walmart, any retailer of that size would weight its fiduciary responsibilities above that of the health of its employees and customers.

At last count, we’re up to 81 positive cases at that store. And that’s just employees — 81 out of 414 employees testing positive. Complete article

COVID-19 Safety Mess at Denver Colorado-Area Walmart 05/05/2020

Following our post published yesterday, May 4, about a weekend visit to an Aurora Walmart previously linked to three COVID-19 deaths, including that of a full-time employee, we received an email from a Walmart spokesperson, who politely but firmly informed us that the company is "not allowing media inside at this time," as if America ended at the store's front door.

This response was surprising, given that our piece lavished praise on the Walmart in question, located at 14000 East Exposition, for tightening up mask use and social distancing in a major way following a temporary closure after public-health officials identified it as one of the state's 157 current outbreak sites. Presumably, however, I was the irresponsible one, for not wearing a fedora with a card reading "Press" tucked into the hat band, so that employees could have promptly identified and expelled me.

But if I was persona non grata, can you guess who wasn't? Dozens of unmasked customers at the Walmart at 6675 Business Center Drive in Highlands Ranch, which we stopped by immediately after our meander through the Aurora store. They were admitted despite a sign at the entrance warning that "per state/local order, it is required that customers wear facial covering, excluding persons who have difficulty breathing." Complete article

Texas Speaker: Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot showing ‘disgusting disregard for the safety of others’ 05/04/2020

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen warned Monday morning that major retail stores may be hindering the ability of smaller businesses to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic by not following guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a series of tweets, the outgoing GOP speaker cited “some of our largest home improvement superstores,” saying workers are not wearing masks and keeping 6 feet of distance. He put the onus on the stores’ “corporate owners” to make sure the guidelines are being followed, suggesting their negligence hurts small businesses that would like to reopen soon.

"These owners are the engine moving the reopening of Texas forward so they can pay their bills and employees,” Bonnen wrote. "It is time we start calling out the retail giants for their disgusting disregard for the safety of others and the well-being of their neighboring businesses.” Complete article

Midlothian Va. Walmart evacuated due to ‘haze of smoke in the grocery area’ 05/04/2020

False claim: Walmart, Amazon, Target, Kroger, Costco have not had reported cases of coronavirus among employees 05/04/2020 They've had many.


Bedford Ind. Man Arrested After Report Of Intoxicated Person At Walmart 05/04/2020

Police: Several Bose headphones stolen from Virginia Beach Walmart 05/04/2020

2 suspects arrested with stolen trailer after bystander flags down police in Utah Walmart parking lot 05/05/2020

As Seen at Twin Falls Idaho Walmart 05/04/2020

Person dies of apparent suicide in Walmart parking lot near Liberty Missouri 05/06/2020

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A person was found shot to death Wednesday morning in the parking lot of a Northland Walmart.

Investigators believe the death was the result of suicide.

It happened shortly after 9:30 a.m. at 8301 N. Church Rd. just west of Interstate 35 near Liberty. Complete article

Napa Man Police Shot, Killed After Walmart Burglary Wanted To Commit ‘Suicide By Cop’ 05/05/2020

NAPA (CBS SF) – A man apparently intended to commit “suicide by cop” following a burglary last month at a Walmart store, Napa County sheriff’s officials said Tuesday.

Brandan Nylander, 24, of Napa, broke a glass display case with a hammer in a Napa Walmart store to steal shotgun shells, then threw a hammer that struck a Walmart employee and then led police on a three-minute vehicle pursuit.

The sheriff’s office on Tuesday released the last 20 seconds of the video of the pursuit that started after the 2 p.m. burglary on April 24. The video shows Nylander stopping his car at a locked gate at the Napa County Airport at 2030 Airport Road.

As Nylander gets out of the driver’s seat of his car with the shotgun, he turns and briefly faces the two deputies who parked behind his car. Complete article

Video: Walmart robber killed by deputy was holding loaded shotgun 05/06/2020

Hammer-holding man wanted for damaging vehicle in NC Walmart parking lot 05/06/2020

KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WAVY) — Kitty Hawk Police are looking for a man who they say took a hammer to another driver’s door in a Walmart parking lot.

According to a Facebook post, police say they responded to a Walmart shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Once on scene, officials learned the man took a hammer to the driver’s side door of another vehicle and damaged it.

Police shared photos of the suspect vehicle, a four-door, dark-colored Chevrolet Malibu, Tuesday evening. Complete article

Police: Topless woman arrested in NC Walmart parking lot 05/06/2020

A woman was arrested Wednesday morning after police say she was riding topless in a motorized shopping cart in the parking lot of Walmart.

Police say Brekaila Niyon White, 19, of Shelby, was wearing a blanket while riding through the parking lot of the store on East Dixon Boulevard around 4:20 a.m.

When officers spoke to White, she told them she was trying to get away from someone in a white vehicle, according to reports. Complete article

4 Walmarts in Massachusetts have now closed because of coronavirus cases among employees 05/06/2020

AVON, Mass. — Two Massachusetts Walmart stores were closed Wednesday so the employees can be tested for the coronavirus.

Walmart stores in Avon and Abington were closed pending the tests and will remain closed until enough employees with negative results can return to work, town health officials said.

The Abington Board of Health said the closure was in response to the death of an employee of the Walmart in Quincy. The employee, identified by friends as Yok Yen Lee, 69, died Sunday. Complete article

Walmart declines to confirm rumors of positive COVID-19 case at Ottumwa Iowa store 05/05/2020

OTTUMWA, Iowa — Comments exchanged on social media this week suggest an employee at Ottumwa’s Walmart has tested positive for the coronavirus. Company officials say they are unable to confirm those rumors.

“Please know we take your concerns very seriously. Protecting the privacy of our associates is also important,” Walmart’s Senior Manager of National Media Relations Casey Staheli wrote in an email addressed to KTVO on Monday. “While we are not able to confirm any information related to this store at this time, we have been working to ensure our stores are cleaned and sanitized regularly.”

In the event that Walmart does have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at any of its stores, Staheli said company officials will work with associates who have been impacted, and offer guidance and time needed to receive medical care. Complete article

Walmart settles suit by pregnant workers 05/05/2020

Walmart Inc. has agreed to pay $14 million to employees who claim the retailer wouldn't make workplace accommodations for them while they were pregnant.

The settlement, approved April 29 by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, covers claims by pregnant women who worked at Walmart between March 19, 2013, and March 2014, when Walmart changed its policies.

Legal fees and administrative expenses are also covered in the settlement, according to court documents.

Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said Monday that the retailer was "happy both sides could come together to reach a resolution. Walmart has had a strong policy against discrimination in place for many years, and we continue to be a great place for women to work and advance." Complete article

Coronavirus ‘very scary’ in senior living; masks go over your nose; do better, Walmart! (briefing 5/5) 05/05/2020

Big investors, Walmart heiress help fund anti-Trump super PAC airing ‘Mourning in America’ ad 05/05/2020

Warehouse Giant Seeing Insatiable Demand From Amazon, Walmart 05/05/2020

Wetumpka Alabama police searching for Walmart theft suspect 05/06/2020

Gallup NM Walmart to close for one day due to coronavirus 05/06/2020

Walmart donates toys to Ansonia, Conn. mayor decides to gift them to children with birthdays in the town 05/06/2020

Signs posted at Walmart reminding customers to wear masks 05/04/2020 TestNebraska starts work in Grand Island

Pa. State police seek help in finding Walmart theft suspects 05/05/2020

Birmingham Alabama police officer under investigation after taking down maskless woman at Walmart 05/06/2020

An altercation between a Birmingham police officer and a woman over the woman’s apparent failure to wear a mask at a store was captured on video and now has prompted an investigation.

The incident took place Tuesday night at Walmart in Roebuck. Video of the incident has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and shows the officer handcuffing a woman who is not complying. He then picks her up and takes her to the ground.

He ultimately gets her handcuffed and she is seen in later video standing with no apparent injuries. It appears she then spit at another woman while she was in handcuffs.

Little is known about what led up to the incident before the videos were recorded. Efforts to reach supervisors at the store weren’t successful.

Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Rod Mauldin said the officer was off-duty and working security for Walmart. He said the department is aware of the video and released this statement on behalf of the department:

“The same day the interaction occurred immediate actions were taken for the sake of public trust and transparency. Complete article

Woman faces charges after altercation with officer at Birmingham Walmart 05/07/2020

Birmingham PD release statement following video of officer body-slamming woman in a Walmart 05/07/2020

Woman body-slammed by off-duty cop in Alabama Walmart grew disorderly after associate asked she wear a mask, police say 05/09/2020

DC man charged with stabbing Uber driver at Walmart 05/07/2020

A D.C. man is charged with assault with a deadly weapon after an Uber driver was stabbed during a fight at the Walmart in Northwest D.C. on Tuesday night.

Court documents indicate the fight was over how many people could ride in the Uber vehicle.

Police said the attack at the store on H Street near First Street NW occurred after the Uber driver told Javon N. Hale, 25, that everyone could not fit in the car and that Hale would have to cancel the ride.

Hale, according to police, started “aggressively approaching” the driver, who took off running toward the Walmart.

In court documents, D.C. police said video footage of the attack shows Hale in the vestibule of the store punching and stabbing the victim, and then leaving. Complete article

Walmart to open second COVID-19 test site in North Las Vegas Nevada 05/06/2020

Letter: Please wear a mask in Elko Nevada Walmart 05/06/2020

Convicted shoplifter arrested again at Ariz. Walmart 05/06/2020

Sumter sheriff’s detectives searching for bandits who targeted Villages Wal-Mart 05/07/2020

Knoxville Tenn. police asking for help identifying Walmart theft suspect 05/08/2020

Man posing as security guard tries to rob La. Walmart Money Center 05/07/2020

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) — A man wearing a face mask, gloves and possibly a gray wig posed as a security guard and tried to rob a Walmart Money Center.

Bossier City police say it happened just before 4 p.m. Thursday at the Supercenter on Airline Drive.

Now violent crimes detectives hope someone can help identify him.

Surveillance video shows him to be over 35 years old, standing about 5′8″ tall and weighing about 200 pounds.

He was wearing a black security guard jacket and a black hat with the word SECURITY on the front.

The man drew a handgun and demanded money from a cashier at the Money Center. Complete article

Few details released by police concerning armed robbery report at Myrtle Beach SC Walmart 05/07/2020

Myrtle Beach police are investigating a possible armed robbery at the Seaboard Street Walmart Thursday morning.

A police report states officers responded to 541 Seaboard St. about 4:24 a.m. for a possible armed robbery. Several officers went to the incident location and the case remains under investigation.

The report offers no more detail about possible suspects, if the suspects are at large, if the robbery happened inside or outside the store or if anyone was hurt. Complete article

Maskless Connecticut man throws rock into McDonald’s after being denied service, then steals panties from Walmart: cops 05/07/2020

A Connecticut man is not lovin’ it. Jason Daddario, 37, of Danielson, allegedly lost it last week after a local McDonald’s refused him service because he wasn’t wearing a mask to protect from coronavirus inside the restaurant.

According to the Hartford Courant, police say that after agreeing to leave the McDonald’s, Daddario picked up a big rock and threw it into the Mickey D’s window. The hangry man then ran away to the nearby Walmart, where his actions took a bizarre twist.

Police say he stole several pairs of “ladies underwear" from the store and led officers on a brief chase on foot outside the Walmart before agreeing to surrender. Complete article

WALMART FIGHT: Roanoke Rapids NC police trying to ID women involved 05/07/2020

ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC (WITN) - Police are trying to identify two people they say got into a fight at a Walmart.

Roanoke Rapids police say the women pictured above got into a fight with two other women at the Walmart on Premier Boulevard Wednesday just after 7 p.m. They say the other women have been identified.

Police say one woman was reportedly walking slow in front of a car. They say another woman yelled at her, which was when the fight began. Complete article

Police: Two lied about who was driving after crash near Walmart in Seneca Falls 05/08/2020

The Seneca Falls Police Department reports the arrest of a pair of Seneca County residents following an investigation into a property damage crash at Walmart.

Angelina Ely, 29, of Varick, and Richard Thomas, 18, of Ovid was charged with obstruction of governmental administration, falsely reporting an incident, and conspiracy.

Police say the two falsely reported that Ely had been operating the vehicle that was involved. However, Thomas was the actual operator – and did not have a license. Complete article

Artesia man charged with criminal trespass for third time at Walmart 05/08/2020

Are dressing rooms open at NC stores? Target, Walmart, Belk & Macy's policies 05/0/2020 As of right now, Target and Walmart in our area have their dressing rooms closed. Belk stores are also temporarily closing fitting rooms.

Kentucky Men Arrested for Stealing Over $1,000 From Indiana Walmart 05/08/2020

Janesville Wisc. police investigate $600 worth of dog food, diapers stolen from Walmart 05/07/2020

Affidavit: Oklahoma Walmart shooting happened after one victim was ‘walking too slowly’ in parking lot 05/07/2020

Twitter, Walmart, Equifax and others dropped by S&P from its ESG index, while Costco is newly included 05/07/2020

Live updates: Walmart to open additional COVID-19 drive-thru testing site in Dallas Tx. 05/08/2020

Police: Report of disorderly female in Marion SC Walmart leads to man’s arrest on drug charges 05/08/2020

Pennsylvania man charged with burglary at Seneca Falls NY Walmart 05/08/2020

Mississippi YMCAs receive $20,000 donation from Walmart 05/07/2020

Arrest Made After Deadly Shooting at Tx. Walmart Gas Station 05/08/2020

Police say they have made an arrest after a deadly shooting at a Walmart gas station in Garland.

The shooting happened just north of I-30 at Broadway Boulevard.

Police said a woman, identified as 33-year-old Jessica Watkins, was talking to people at each of the pumps, possibly asking for money, when she was shot.

She was rushed to a nearby emergency room where she later died.

Investigators said Watkins approached 28-year-old Aaron Haas, who was sitting in his car at one of the pumps. At some point during the conversation, Haas shot Watkins and then left the scene. Complete article

Police: Woman set fire to towels at Coventry RI Walmart 05/08/2020

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) ─ Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the woman they believe set several towels on fire inside the Coventry Walmart on Friday.

The woman lit the towels, which were on a shelf, on fire soon after she entered the store, police said.

She then left the store and drove off in a four-door gold or silver Buick. Complete article

Coventry police arrest West Warwick woman accused of arson at Walmart 05/13/2020

Two women charged with shoplifting from North Augusta Ga. Walmart, used minors for help 05/08/2020

Two Georgia women were charged last weekend with shoplifting from a North Augusta Walmart with help from minors.

Regina Mekelle Smith, 40, of Hephzibah and Scotisscea Jocyette Hyman, 27, of Augusta were both charged with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and shoplifting valued $2,000 or less, according to jail records.

Around 1 p.m. on May 3, police responded to Walmart on Knox Avenue in reference to a possible shoplifting, according to an incident report by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety. Complete article

UPDATE: Lawsuit reopens Walmart’s past practices in Mexico 05/08/2020

A lawsuit filed Thursday in Benton County reopens a topic that dragged Walmart through the headlines for years — its past business practices in Mexico.

Last June, Walmart brought to a close a seven-year federal investigation by pleading guilty to bribing foreign officials. It paid $282 million in fines. The New York Times account noted, among others, that Walmart donated cars and computers to governments in Mexican communities where it wanted to open stores. Said the Times:
The investigation, which was conducted by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, came after The New York Times revealed in 2012 that Walmart had made suspicious payments to officials in Mexico and then tried to conceal them from top executives at the company’s headquarters in Bentonville, Ark. And even when the issues reached the main office, an internal investigation essentially went nowhere.

Now comes a lawsuit against Walmart Stores in Benton County Circuit Court by Shane Perry, a lawyer for Walmart for 15 years until his firing in 2017 and a former Bentonville City Council member. He was an ethics and compliance officer for his last three years with the company.

The suit contends he was terminated for refusing to change a memo he’d written about activities in Mexico to reduce its liability in the investigation of foreign practices. The suit is also brought in the name of his four children, whom Perry contends were dragged into a retaliatory Walmart investigation to dig up dirt on him. It says they were questioned about whether he’d beaten them, an allegation that the suit says arose from an innocent remark to a co-worker about mild use of corporal punishment. Complete article

FBI warns of threat made targeting El Paso Tx. Walmart stores 05/08/2020

Elizabeth Warren, other Massachusetts Democrats probe Walmart on store with more than 80 coronavirus cases 05/08/2020

7 Major Ways Walmart Won't Be the Same After Coronavirus 05/07/2020

VIDEO: Suspect Caught On Camera Stealing Customer’s Wallet At South Philly Pa. Walmart 05/08/2020

Man gets 50 years for killing woman, driving body to Colorado Springs Walmart in April 2019 05/08/2020

FBI agents raid home in Horizon City to make arrest in Walmart threats case 05/08/2020

HORIZON CITY, Texas -- Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, assisted by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, raided a home in Horizon late Friday night and arrested a man, officials told ABC-7.

The raid resulting in the arrest of 29-year-old Alex Barron of Horizon City was tied to a threat leveled against Walmart stores in El Paso, the FBI confirmed Saturday.

An FBI agent told ABC-7 that authorities executed a search warrant and Barron was being charged with making online threats. He was set to appear before a federal judge on those charges come Monday.

The raid took place along Henrick Drive, a dimly lit street of residences. An ABC-7 crew observed agents in tactical gear alongside SUVs and an armored vehicle near the home that was the target of law enforcement activity. Complete article

Texas man accused of online threat mentioning Walmart 05/09/2020

HORIZON CITY, Texas - A 29-year-old Texas man has been arrested, accused of making online threats that included a photo of a weapon and a reference to Walmart, the FBI said Saturday.

The FBI said it received a tip on Thursday evening about a social media post with a picture of a weapon and some of the text reading “#watchoutwalmartimcoming #droplikeflys.”

Arsenal, including machine gun, found in home of Walmart threat suspect 05/11/2020 The FBI said it received a tip Friday about a social media post with a picture of a weapon and some of the text reading "#watchoutwalmartimcoming #droplikeflys." Agents obtained a warrant to search the Horizon City home of Alex R. Barron, 29, which turned up the weapons cache, including at least one fully automatic firearm equipped with a suppressor, according to a joint statement from the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office in El Paso.

Pasadena’s Green Dot Hires Former Walmart Exec as Chief Product, Strategy and Development Officer 05/10/2020

Pasadena-based financial technology firm Green Dot Corporation said Thursday Daniel Eckert, a former Walmart executive has joined the company as Executive Vice President and Chief Product, Strategy and Development Officer, to lead all of Green Dot’s product and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform business efforts.

Eckert will be responsible for product vision, strategy, design and development, from conceptualization through launch and post-launch, and on business development activities to acquire and grow major BaaS platform partnerships, a company statement said.

“Daniel has been a valued Green Dot partner since he joined Walmart in 2010 and has a deep understanding of our business and the role we play in the financial lives of our customers,” Dan Henry, Green Dot President and Chief Executive Officer, said. “He possesses a unique ability to balance customer value and satisfaction with a sustainable business model, and we’re excited that he’s joining our team to continue driving our growth.” Complete article

Walmart’s Marc Lore sells another $10.3 million of company stock 05/10/2020

Walmart U.S. eCommerce CEO Marc Lore continues to sell his Walmart stock holdings. On May 7, Lore liquidated another 85,000 shares of his personal Walmart shares for a total of $10.369 million.

This is the third time Lore has sold 85,000 shares of his personal holdings since mid-March. The three transactions in the May 7 sale netted Lore an average price of $121.99 per share.

Lore has cashed out $30.708 million of Walmart stock since March 10. His cumulative personal Walmart holdings totaled 2,198,322 shares after the sale on May 7, which have a market value of $270.261 million. The bulk of Lore’s Walmart shares stem from payment of his interest in which Walmart acquired for $3.3 billion in August 2016. To receive full payment Lore must remain employed with Walmart for five years, which will end in August 2021. Complete article

Joliet Ill. Walmart Shoplifting Suspect Arrested 05/10/2020

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Abilene youth pastor spotted at Walmart in Mexico weeks before arrest 05/10/2020

Quincy Mass. Walmart Where Employee Died From Coronavirus Reopens 05/11/2020

Homeless man arrested after loading up backpack at Fla. Wal-Mart in The Villages 05/11/2020

Auburn NY police release surveillance image of masked man who shoved employee in Walmart robbery on April 26 05/11/2020

Three aggressive customers cause incidents at Niles Ill. Walmart stores, police say; one arrested 05/11/2020

Police in Niles responded to reports of aggressive customers at two Walmart stores last week, including a man accused of discharging pepper spray into another man’s face while the two waited in a customer service line.

Willie Rosenthal, 26, of the 500 block of West 14th Place, Chicago, was charged with aggravated battery on May 3 after police said he was identified as the person who pepper-sprayed a 77-year-old man inside the Walmart at 8500 W. Golf Road.

According to a police report, Rosenthal, who was stopped by Morton Grove police after driving away from the store, admitted he had pepper-sprayed a man inside the Walmart. A key chain containing a small container of pepper spray was found in Rosenthal’s possession, police said.

During a police interview, Rosenthal, who was described by witnesses as “very tall,” told an officer he felt he was being harassed by the 77-year-old man because the man kept asking him questions about basketball and was standing too close to him in line at the customer service counter. According to police, Rosenthal said he was afraid of catching a disease from the man. Complete article

Distracted driver cited for T-Bone crash near Ohio Walmart 05/11/2020

A distracted driver was cited for causing a T-Bone crash at the intersection of South Main Street and Gunntown Road Saturday morning around 8:50.

The Bellefontaine Police Department reports that Bonnie Campbell, 62, of Bellefontaine, was driving a 2018 Kia Forte southbound on Main when she drove through a red light and struck the passenger's side of a westbound 2016 Ford F150 on Gunntown operated by Thomas Beam, 74, of Lady Lake, Florida.

No one was injured. Complete article

Local woman and Wash. Walmart customer favorite in coma while battling COVID 05/11/2020

A Kennewick woman and customer favorite at Walmart is in a coma and fighting for her life after testing positive for coronavirus.

Anna Wynalda from Kennewick went to Trios Medical Center where she was originally diagnosed with pneumonia in April, but then she was tested for coronavirus where her result came back positive and her health worsened.

Anna was admitted to Legacy Emerald Hospital in Portland where she is currently in a ventilator in a coma. Complete article

Bonsack Va. Walmart employees receive dozens of lunches thanks to Food for Frontline donations 05/11/2020

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Local restaurants have delivered nearly 1,000 meals to essential workers thanks to your donations.

Food for Frontline stopped by the Bonsack Walmart on Monday with a favorite Mexican dish.

Wiping carts at the door and filling online orders are just a few of the routines Walmart employees find themselves in since the pandemic began. Complete article

Health Board says at least one positive coronavirus test came from Rapid City SD Walmart 05/11/2020

Funeral services held for Guillermo ‘Memo’ Garcia, 23rd victim of the Aug. 3 El Paso Tx. Walmart shooting 05/11/2020


Trial set for November in Jan. 13, 2018 Mississippi Walmart murder case 05/18/2020

Man Wanted For Stealing From Long Island NY Walmart 05/11/2020

Coronavirus: Pennsylvania woman accused of spraying Lysol on lettuce at Walmart 05/12/2020

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Most people wash lettuce before eating it. A Pennsylvania woman is accused of spraying it with Lysol.

According to the Richland Township Police Department, Jana Young, 31, of Johnstown, pulled a can of the disinfectant out of her pocket and sprayed the lettuce while she was shopping at a Walmart, WJAC reported.

Young was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief and was fined $211.52 to replace the damaged lettuce, police told the television station. Complete article

NC couple says they were racial profiling victims at Walmart; investigation underway 05/12/2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A local couple believes they were the victims of racial profiling after they say they were stopped leaving a Walmart and police were called. And it was all, they say, for wearing masks per CDC guidelines.

Roger Jones says it started out as a normal Saturday run to the Walmart near Mountain Island Lake to purchase mulch.

“My wife and I were doing a home improvement project like most other folks suffering through the quarantine,” Jones said.

Jones showed WBTV the receipts showing he paid for 25 bags of mulch. He then began loading the mulch into their vehicle.

“I looked up and we could see, the both of us could see, the store manager come running in our direction, running so fast she was dropping items… as well as two sheriff’s deputies running in our direction.”

Concerned, Jones took a picture of the deputies on his phone.

He thought the deputies and the store manager were aggressive, but he calmly showed the receipt to a manager. That’s when, he says, the deputies escalated the situation.

“A third deputy comes running out and then also another area manager came running out to continue to question us in regards to something we had already shown that we had paid for,” he said.

He said it appeared that one of the deputies even lowered his hand towards his weapon.

Concerned, he started recording the conversation on his phone.

“Once I hit record on the phone, to record the interaction, the third deputy on the scene, once my wife started to ask questions, told my wife to shut up, get over it, and get on with her day,” Jones said.

In the video recording, Roger Jones’ wife is heard saying, “Three police officers with guns running out here because we paid for mulch?” Complete article

Hours, days scaling back for drive-thru testing site at Rochester NY Walmart 05/12/2020

Rochester, N.Y. — (WHAM) - Starting Friday, the drive-thru coronavirus testing site set up in a Rochester Walmart parking lot will be scaling back its hours.

Through Wednesday, May 13, the drive-thru testing site will remain open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment only. Beginning Friday, May 15, the testing site will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays weekly from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., weather permitting.

13WHAM News reached out to Quest Diagnostics, the company in charge of the testing, to inquire about the reason for the scaling back in hours and days. An answer was not immediately available. Complete article

Walmart to give employees another round of cash bonuses for working during pandemic 05/12/2020

‘They’re trying to say I put something in my pocket’: NJ Walmart security helps man with proposal 05/13/2020

Afternoon Briefs: License yanked for barber who wouldn't close; fired Walmart lawyer sues 05/13/2020

Woman arrested for murder after man's body found near Port Arthur Tx. Walmart 05/13/2020

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — Port Arthur Police officers are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a wooded area.

Lachrisha Abshire, 33, has been arrested and charged with murder after the body was found in Port Arthur Wednesday.

The victim had injuries from an altercation, leading to his death according to a news release from PAPD. ....

The victim sustained injuries during an altercation that investigators believe led to his death. A female white, identified as Lachrisha Abshire, 33 years of age, was taken into custody a short time later, and charged with Murder. Complete article

78-year-old East Texas man charged with robbing Walmart at gunpoint 05/14/2020

TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) – A 78-year-old East Texas man is behind bars after being arrested minutes after allegedly robbing a Texarkana Walmart at gunpoint.

Ronnie Seymour is charged with aggravated robbery after the robbery on Wednesday. He was arrested at 2:45 p.m. just next to the store on New Boston Road.

Seymour reportedly pulled out a pistol while checking out, and ordered the cashier to give him the money from the register. When the cashier backed away instead, Seymour came around the counter and took the money himself.

He left the store with the stolen cash and was stopped by officers as he attempted to drive out of the nearby Lowe’s parking lot minutes later. Complete article

Man accused of assaulting NH Walmart employee after argument over social distancing 05/13/2020

AMHERST, N.H. — A man threatened and assaulted a Walmart employee Tuesday in New Hampshire after an argument over social distancing, police said.

Amherst police said that while the man was in line, he started an argument with another customer about social distancing. As the argument became heated, an employee tried to intervene, and the man assaulted and threatened the employee, police said.

The man then left the store.

Police described the man as white and in his 60s. He was wearing sunglasses and a mask. Complete article

FBI arrests yet another Borderland Tx. resident for making Walmart shooting threats 05/13/2020

SOCORRO, Texas -- A Socorro resident was arrested by police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday evening for allegedly making a Walmart shooting threat online.

It was the second such arrest in less than a week.

"The person responsible for today's online threat has been taken into custody. FBI, El Paso police and the City of Socorro took action once again to keep our community safe," the FBI said in a brief statement. .......

However, ABC-7 has learned from sources that the arrest involved a Socorro woman who allegedly posted on social media that she thought Walmart shootings were "funny." She also reportedly wrote, in broken English, that "I'm going to be the next one to shoot up Walmart." Complete article

Name and mug shot of woman who threatened an El Paso Tx. Walmart released by police 05/14/2020

Walmart shooting threats connected: FBI says 2 Borderland Tx. residents arrested were friends 05/15/2020

Authorities offer up to $5,000 reward for information that helps solve Abington Mass. Walmart arson case 05/14/2020

Authorities offer up to $5,000 reward for information that helps solve Abington Walmart arson case.
Abington Fire PIO @AbingtonFDPIO

All Abington units on scene at 777 Brockton Ave., Walmart investigating a smoke condition

7:26 PM - May 4, 2020

The alleged arsonist may have lit two small fires to distract employees while he shoplifted a bag of merchandise from the store, police told Boston25 News.

Now, authorities are looking to speak to a man shown in two surveillance photos that the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services posted on Twitter Wednesday. Complete article

Fla. Walmart pranksters pretend they’re coughing, squirt Febreze on shoppers 05/13/2020

Two Florida teens were arrested over the weekend after sneakily spraying Febreze at customers and workers in an east Florida Walmart and coughing.

According to a police report on the Smoking Gun, Amos Troublefield and Antonio Green told police in Vero Beach that they’d committed the pandemic era prank "...Just trying to be funny and make their videos for YouTube.”

Police arrested the two 18-year-olds after they’d left the store in a white pickup truck. Cops reportedly viewed security footage of Troublefield and Green goofing around in Walmart.

The pair was charged with shoplifting the $4.94 fabric spray used in their gag. They also stand accused of disorderly conduct. Complete article

Man climbs on Taylor Pa. Walmart’s roof with a knife 05/13/2020

TAYLOR, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) – Taylor Police say they took a man into custody Wednesday morning at Walmart after about an hour of negotiating with him.

Police Chief Stephen Derrenick says the man was involved in a domestic incident in Scranton and found his way to the roof of Walmart. He did have a knife but police say he did not threaten anyone.

Taylor Police say he was taken to a hospital for psychological evaluation and charges are pending. Complete article

Beavercreek, Ohio Crawford family settle lawsuit from Walmart shooting death 05/13/2020

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — Nearly six years after a Beavercreek police officer shot and killed 22-year-old John Crawford III in Walmart, the city reportedly has settled a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Crawford's family, the Journal-News reports.

The 22-year-old Crawford, a Fairfield resident, was shot to death Aug. 5, 2014, by Beavercreek police Officer Sean Williams after a 911 caller told dispatchers a black man was holding a rifle, appeared to be loading it and waving it near people. Crawford was holding a Crosman MK-177 BB/pellet rifle that he found unboxed on a store shelf.

According to WHIO-TV, the city and Crawford family attorneys have reached a $1.7 million settlement agreement. Complete article

Family: Settlement not justice after Beavercreek Ohio Walmart shooting 05/16/2020

Chest sold at Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon recalled; poses risk to children 05/13/2020

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A 4-drawer chest sold at retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon is being recalled because it poses a threat that could result in serious injury or death to children.

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Hodedah HI4DR 4-drawer chests

Hazard: The recalled chest is unstable if it is not anchored to the wall, posing tip-over and entrapment hazards that may result in death or serious injuries to children. The chests do not comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard (ASTM 2057-19).

Remedy: Refund, Repair Complete article

Home Depot and Walmart Face High Expectations on Earnings. Fair Warning. 05/13/2020

Retail giants Home Depot and Walmart report earnings next week. Both have been relative retail winners in a Covid-19 world. That means both stocks could be set up for a fall if results fall short of investors’ higher-than-normal expectations.

Home Depot shares (ticker: HD) are up almost 8% year to date and trade for 21 times estimated 2021 earnings. Walmart shares (WMT) are up almost 6% year to date and trade for 23 time coming earnings. The S&P 500, for comparison, is down almost 12% year to date and trades for about 17 times estimated earnings.

Retailers selling foods, cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment, of course, have fared much better than retailers selling discretionary items. Macy’s shares  (M), for instance, are down about 70% year to date. What’s more, they trade for less than 4 times estimated 2021 earnings. Complete article

Walmart Fights Prescription Opioid Misuse 05/13/2020

Walmart is highlighting a number of new measures to prevent opioid drug abuse and misuse during National Prevention Week this week, May 10-16.

By the end of 2020, Walmart and Sam's Club will install safe medication disposal kiosks inside up to 1,000 pharmacy locations.
"According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.9 million Americans misused controlled prescription drugs," said Thomas Van Gilder, chief medical officer, health and wellness at Walmart, in a company blog post. "The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from a home medicine cabinet. By offering a range of options for safe medication disposal, we can help our customers prevent prescription drug misuse and abuse."

Walmart has also created a virtual-reality (VR) tool for training first responders to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose. The new VR tool places users in a real-life setting where they see how an overdose affects a victim, and then enables them to walk through the steps of responding and administering the life-saving opioid overdose-reversal medication naloxone. Complete article

Walmart blasts Virginia regulator's report on pricing, biomass in Dominion's proposed 100% renewable energy tariff 05/14/2020

Walmart, one of Dominion Energy's largest customers in Virginia, warned regulators that their consideration of the utility's plan to offer a 100% renewable energy option to C&I and residential customers includes unreasonable pricing, according to a Monday filing. An April report from Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) hearing examiner Mary Beth Adams recommended approving Dominion's proposed tariff. The utility largely approves of Adams's recommendations and wants to see the tariff approved quickly, to prevent customers from leaving its service.

Walmart, alongside renewable energy advocates, said the premium would be paid for an inferior product, as it would include "energy that most customers do not consider to be renewable," such as co-fired coal and biomass units. The company has long-opposed the tariff but noted a litany of oversights in the net-positive report from Adams. Complete article

St. Mary's County Ca. Sheriff's Office Seeking Identity for Theft Suspect at Walmart 05/13/2020

Field Agent finds Walmart's store brands deliver on price, perception 05/13/2020

Michael Lipetzky of ND Walmart Receives Customer Service Award 05/1/2020

Valenzuela takes over Douglas Ariz. Walmart 05/13/2020

Man found sleeping in Nebraska Walmart bathroom carrying 5-inch knife, struggles with arresting officers 05/14/2020

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department said a man found sleeping in a Walmart bathroom was carrying a knife and struggled with officers during his arrest.

On Wednesday around 1 p.m., Lincoln Police received a call about a man sleeping in the Walmart bathroom, located on N 27th Street.

Employees told officers that the man wouldn't leave. Responding officers said when they got to Walmart, he had left and was found sitting in a bus outside but had left his backpack in the bathroom.

Officers talked to the man about what happened, and saw him continually reach for his waistband.

LPD said responding officers saw the 'glint of a knife' and they ordered him to show his hands, but he refused to comply.

Responding officers forced the man to move his hands away, where they removed a 5-inch fixed blade knife that had been concealed. Complete article

Police investigating robbery of bank located inside NW Austin Tx. Walmart 05/14/2020

A bank that operates inside a Walmart in Northwest Austin was robbed Thursday afternoon, police say.

It happened at around 2:30 p.m. at the Woodforest National Bank located inside the Walmart at the intersection of Hwy 183 and SH 45.
Austin Police Department ✔ @Austin_Police

APD is on scene of a bank robbery at Woodforest National Bank, 13201 N Fm 620 Rd. Case # 20-1350705. Media briefing will be at 3:15 p.m. Briefing location coming soon.

3:39 PM - May 14, 2020

Police say a suspect approached a teller, handed over a note, said he was armed, and demanded cash. Complete article

Police, FBI looking for help identifying suspect who robbed bank inside NW Austin Tx. Walmart 05/21/2020

Standoff suspect taken into custody in South Jordan Utah near Walmart 05/14/2020

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 News) – The South Jordan Police Department has lifted the shelter-in-place order issued after suspicious activity near the Jordan Gateway Walmart and Sam’s Club Thursday morning.

One witness said that someone came inside the Walmart, showed their gun and left.

Officials tell ABC4 News police responded to reports soon after of an armed man in the backyard of a home near 110th south and 5th west. Police say the situations are related and had the suspect cornered in a back yard of the residence in a stand-off. Complete article

Wareham Mass. Police locate truck wanted for hit and run in Walmart parking lot 05/14/2020

WAREHAM – The Wareham Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance. They are trying to identify the dark colored truck with the symbol on the side. The vehicle was involved in a hit & run in the Walmart parking lot on May 2, 2020. Police believe the name on the side of the truck is Atlas. If you have any information about this vehicle or see a similar vehicle please contact Wareham Police Detectives at 508-295-1206

Update: Wareham Police report the truck has been identified. Complete article

Reports: Employee at Tallahassee Fla. Walmart tests positive for coronavirus 05/14/2020

Employees of the Walmart in Fallschase Village Center say they have been informed that one of their coworkers tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Workers at the big-box store off U.S. Highway 90 east in Tallahassee said management informed them of the positive result during a staff meeting Wednesday morning. More employees were notified throughout the day.

"Nothing has been done," said one employee, who asked to remain anonymous. "There has been no deep cleaning. And they haven't really given any employees any options. They gave employees two weeks leave but it’s unpaid.”

Unlike Publix, which confirms local cases, a spokesman for Walmart would not confirm or deny the reports. The company is referring media outlets to local health authorities for questions about employees who have tested positive. Local health officials rarely provide more information about individual cases or circumstances. Complete article

Health department looking into COVID-19 concerns at Greenville NC Walmart 05/14/2020

Health officials warn of potential exposure at Missouri Walmart 05/14/2020

Walmart launching six COVID-19 testing sites across the state, including 3 in Indy 05/14/2020

State Representative Price announces free COVID-19 testing at 3 Amarillo Tx. Walmarts 05/14/2020

Utica NY Police Investigate Threat At North Utica Walmart 05/14/2020

1 injured in Humboldt Tenn. Walmart shooting 05/15/2020

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Humboldt police are investigating a shooting that left one person injured.

Officers were dispatched to the Walmart in Humboldt on Thursday around 10:30 p.m.

Humboldt residents say it is a shock that something like this would even happen, especially in times of uncertainty and need.

“I am really in shock about that because usually there is not any trouble here,” said resident Janet Smith. “Not really. Never at this Walmart have I heard of anything going on.”

Humboldt police officers responded to the Walmart area to investigate gun shots being fired at a person.

A 16-year-old boy from Humboldt has been arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony. Complete article

Customers put out lingerie fire at Cherry Hill NJ Walmart 05/15/2020

CHERRY HILL — A Walmart shopper posted video on Reddit of his efforts to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in the lingerie department.

Walmart spokesman Payton McCormick confirmed the incident happened on Wednesday at the store on Route 38.

The video, which was live streamed on a Facebook account belonging to DerekKingDread, shows flames and black smoke from fire on the floor reaching the ceiling.

"There's a motherf**king fire in the f**king Walmart," the man said, and asks if there's a fire extinguisher. Complete article

Man Pepper Sprayed in Wisc. Walmart Parking Lot 05/15/2020

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A 21-year-old Marshfield man reported that two unidentified females approached his vehicle in the Walmart parking lot shortly before midnight on May 14 and pepper sprayed the inside of his vehicle, striking him in the face.

The two suspects fled before officers arrived but were soon located and a traffic stop was initiated, according to the police report. The females were identified and the pepper spray recovered.

A 17-year-old Stratford woman, Ashayla Lee, and a 18-year-old Medford woman, Lauryn Strick, were both charged with Disorderly Conduct and the unlawful use of pepper spray on a human. Complete article

Suspects in NM Walmart disturbance taken into custody 05/15/2020

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A scary situation unfolded at the Walmart on Coors and I-40 Friday night.

"Me and my family we were here shopping, and we were by the shoes, getting my son some shoes, and the manager was like 'Hey, can you go to the automotive because we have a situation going on.' I started asking around, and finally on the way out, one of the youngsters at the cash register was like — there was a bomb threat. We had several agents come in with assault rifles, and they put us all in the back corner by automotive," a customer told KOB 4.

Police did not provide details about what caused the disturbance. In a statement, police said the subjects were detained. Complete article

‘If A Walmart Can Be Open,’ Why Not Us?: Pa. Conshohocken Gym Plans To Defy Gov. Wolf’s Stay-At-Home Orders 05/15/2020

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (CBS) — They want to be given the chance to survive, to feed their families. Those are just two of the reasons that at least two local businesses plan to defy the governor and reopen in just days. The owners say they have a plan to keep everyone safe.

Collin Whitney opened PWRBLD Gym just eight months ago.

“This is everything that I ever worked for,” Whitney said.

Whitney was only able to stay open for a short while before social distancing and stay-at-home rules forced his businesses to close.

“Within six months, it got shut down and almost taken away, and there is nothing we could do,” Whitney said. Complete article

PA Realtor: People Pack Lowe's and Walmart, but I Can't Show Homes? 05/15/2020 There is no reason why Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) should bar real estate agents from working during the pandemic, a protester said at a demonstration in Harrisburg Pa. on Friday.

For This Md. Walmart Employee, An Angry Customer Was The Last Straw 05/15/2020

Cynthia Murray has worked at a Walmart store in Maryland for nearly 20 years, most of them as a fitting room associate.

Her 64th birthday was fast approaching when the coronavirus pandemic hit and Walmart workers were suddenly "essential." Murray started worrying about her health and wondered if she should keep working every time she looked at customers who came into the store.

"You could see it in customers' faces — the panic," she says. "Don't get me wrong, some of our customers are awesome, ... they appreciated us being there. ... But you could see the panic, and it's really eerie." ......

But one angry customer put her over the edge. She says the man shouted and demanded access to the fitting rooms, which have been shut as Walmart tries to limit the spread of the virus. The next day, Murray went on unpaid leave. Complete article

COVID-19 drive-thru test site opens at Jonesboro Arkansas Walmart 05/15/2020

Walmart’s Latest Statement About Its New Express Delivery Program Is Tone Deaf 05/15/2020

Do you recognize these Beavercreek Ohio Walmart theft suspects? 05/15/2020

Police: Employee stole $13K+ worth of electronics from North Smithfield RI Walmart 05/15/2020

Help police ID man accused of taking items from Forest City NC Walmart without paying for them 05/15/2020

Police: Saddle Brook NJ Detective Outwits Walmart Electronics Thieves 05/15/2020

911: 1 person transported following vehicle vs pedestrian incident at Richland Pa. Walmart 05/15/2020

RICHLAND, Pa (WJAC) — Officials in Cambria County say one person was transported to Conemaugh Hospital following a vehicle versus pedestrian incident at the Richland Walmart Friday evening.

According to 911 dispatchers, the incident occurred around 6 p.m. Friday in the Walmart plaza in Richland Township.

The extent of the person's injuries are unknown at this time. Complete article

Elyria Ohio Walmart evacuated for bomb threat; employee in custody 05/17/2020

Elyria's Walmart was evacuated Saturday afternoon after a bomb threat was reported. An employee, Nicholas Rashedi, allegedly texted a family member about a bomb threat at Walmart and the family member notified police.

Upon arriving, police officers evacuated the store before giving an all-clear signal about 30 minutes later. Capt. Bill Pelko said no bomb was found.

Rashedi, 26 out of Avon, was arrested and charged with inducing panic and making terroristic threats, Pelko said. Rashedi was booked in the Lorain County Jail on a $15,000 bond. Complete article

Tinuiti announces new Walmart Ecommerce Acceleration Program supported by proprietary technology 05/15/2020

Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing agency across the triopoly of Google, Facebook and Amazon, officially launched its Walmart Ecommerce Acceleration Program, one of the first Walmart advertising and creative offerings in the market. The full-service program is designed to apply Tinuiti’s proven methodology with marketplace advertising and performance brand creative to profitably grow a brand’s sales on Walmart. Tinuiti’s newest offering is a good fit for Walmart Marketplace sellers (3P), vendors (1P) and brands looking to expand their marketplace presence.

“As one of the first agencies to focus on the Amazon Marketplace, we’ve tested and learned a lot over the years. Now, as leaders in this space, we’re writing the playbook on Walmart advertising while dedicating the time and resources needed to develop our Walmart Ecommerce Acceleration Program which parallels Walmart’s growth trajectory,” said Nii Ahene, Tinuiti’s chief strategy officer.

“Walmart is poised to be an emerging player in digital advertising and a viable channel for brands expanding beyond Amazon — especially for advertisers who invest early,” says Elizabeth Marsten, senior director of Marketplace Services. “Tinuiti’s approach combines advertising with performance creative and operations. We’re equipped to deal with any brand’s needs on any Marketplace front.” Complete article

Three wanted after retail theft at Walmart in Dixon, Illinois 05/14/2020

Summerfield man popped for petit theft in Volkswagen outside Fla. Wal-Mart 05/16/2020

El Paso Tx. Walmart mass shooter cases inch closer to trial despite COVID-19 pandemic 05/18/2020

$330 Worth of Liquor Stolen From Fla. Walmart 05/14/2020

Wilmington NC worker gets shout out from Walmart, LeBron James for keeping store safe 05/17/2020

4 white Missouri cops sued for alleged brutality on 68-year-old black woman and son in a Sam’s Club 05/18/2020

Four white police officers allegedly used excessive force on a 68-year-old black woman and her adult son after the son was wrongly accused of stealing a TV in a Missouri Sam’s Club, a new lawsuit claims.

Marvia Gray suffered “mental anguish” as well as injuries to her tailbone, back, shoulder, knees and arms when she was thrown to the ground and handcuffed March 23 inside the Des Peres store, the lawsuit filed Monday in St. Louis County alleges.

Her 43-year-old son, Derek, suffered a concussion, three shattered teeth and other injuries, the paperwork obtained by the Daily News states.

Marvia was especially traumatized during the incident because she feared for her son’s life following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, her lawyer Andrew M. Stroth told the Associated Press.

“Mrs. Gray thought her son was about to be another black man unjustifiably shot and killed by the police,” Stroth said in a phone interview. “You can see in the video that she is terrified with respect to what they’re doing to her son.”

Cellphone video shot in the store and obtained by the AP begins with Gray and her son already on the ground. Derek tries to sit up at one point, but two officers forcefully push him back down, according to the video. ....

Harms said the city’s public safety director reviewed the evidence and “unequivocally denies that the officers used excessive force to ‘beat’ the plaintiffs.” ......

A Des Peres Police officer in the store mistakenly thought he was stealing the TV when he returned later. The officer followed Derek to his SUV and voiced his suspicion before a store employee intervened and explained the TV was paid for, the lawsuit said.

Despite receiving this information, the officer still called the Des Peres Police Department and “falsely reported that he had ‘witnessed Gray steal a TV and place it in the parked vehicle,’” the lawsuit states. Complete article

Raw video shows confrontation between shoppers, Des Peres police 05/27/2020

Man facing charges after threatening Nebraska Walmart employees with knife 05/18/2020

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln man is facing charges after officers said he went into a store after it had closed and threatened employees with a knife as he left.

Last week, on Thursday night, officers were dispatched to Walmart on N 27th on a weapons violation.

Employees told responding officers that a man came into the store 45 minutes after it had closed and they asked him to leave.

LPD said the man then pulled a knife on the employee and threatened him, pointing the knife at the employee as he was leaving the store. Complete article

HEALTH ALERT: COVID-19 outbreak at Space Center Drive Walmart in Colorado Springs, 'out of an abundance of caution' customers are being alerted 05/18/2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The county health department is alerting shoppers after three employees at a Colorado Springs Walmart tested positive for COVID-19.

El Paso County Public Health confirmed with 11 News Monday that the employees all work at the location on 1575 Space Center Drive.

"This is considered an outbreak, which is defined as two or more confirmed cases within 14 days," the health department said in a statement.

El Paso County Public Health is alerting anyone who was at that location between May 8-May 13. Walmart is working with El Paso County Public Health to conduct an investigation of the situation and working with store employees who may have been exposed to the three positive cases. Complete article

Outbreak grows at Space Center Drive Colorado Springs Walmart as 4th employee tests positive for COVID-19 05/19/2020

44 'total probable staff' COVID-19 cases at a Colorado Springs Walmart, according to county outbreak data 05/22/2020

Longview PD investigating report man spit at Wash. Walmart employee 05/18/2020

Longview police are investigating a report that a man entered the Seventh Avenue Walmart Saturday evening, said he had COVID-19 and spit on an employee who escorted him out of the Longview store.

The case is under investigation, Longview Police Sgt. Marc Langlois reported. It is unknown whether the man actually had the coronavirus, he said.

Police could not immediately say what provoked the alleged assault.

The store employee who reported the incident also told police the suspect threw a license plate at them, according to Langlois and dispatch logs. The man then left in a pickup. Complete article

Panic shopping and hoarding gave Walmart a huge boost last quarter 05/19/2020

New York (CNN Business)Americans stockpiling groceries and household essentials during the coronavirus pandemic provided Walmart with one of its best quarters in decades.

Walmart said Tuesday that sales at stores open for at least a year soared 10% last quarter compared with the year prior. Online sales spiked 74%.

Although Walmart recorded nearly 6% fewer transactions during the past three months, the average receipt soared 16.5%, the company said. Complete article

Police: 2 women stole credit cards in Byron, used them at Ga. Walmart 05/18/2020

Summerfield man arrested after alleged pricetag switching at Fla. Wal-Mart 05/18/2020



Man charged after fight at Pa. Walmart over woman not wearing a mask: police 05/20/2020

A Carlisle man is facing charges after an assault in the Carlisle Walmart parking lot that stemmed from an argument over a woman not wearing a mask.

Police say the assault occurred around 3 p.m. on May 14, with Warren Gennell Bennett accused of punching another man while they were leaving the store.

The assault stemmed from an argument involving Bennett, 33, about a woman not wearing a mask while she entered the store, police say. Additional details of how the argument changed to a physical fight were not released by police. Complete article

Police respond to East Syracuse NY Walmart after reports of 2 unconscious people in parking lot 05/19/2020

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Tuesday, police responded to the East Syracuse Walmart for reports of two unconscious people in a vehicle in the parking lot.

When police arrived, the two people refused medical attention. The officers on the scene started investigating for drugs.

The NYS Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team was contacted and helped with the investigation.

Police found a handgun and numerous narcotics at the scene. Complete article

Self-Checkout Headaches May Be Putting Walmart Workers Too Close To Shoppers 05/19/2020

When Walmart began rolling out a new theft-deterrence system three years ago, the retail giant hoped it would improve the self-checkout experience for shoppers while saving the company money.

The artificial-intelligence-based system, developed by an Ireland-based company called Everseen, uses cameras to read the movements of customers, and determine if an item was bagged but not scanned at the self-checkout kiosk. It then alerts a self-checkout host to intervene and help the customer scan whatever was missed.

But that same system has now become a serious concern for some Walmart employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Emails reviewed by HuffPost show corporate employees discussing the system’s errors ― flagging legitimate scans as non-scans, and prompting workers to step in when they shouldn’t have to. They even wonder if the system should be shut down in the interests of social distancing, which would take away a backstop against theft. Complete article

Warrington Pa. Walmart Evacuated Tuesday 05/19/2020

Twenty new COVID-19 deaths confirmed in Kentucky; Beshear announces Walmart testing site in Paducah 05/19/2020

Police Blotter: "Previous Shoplifter" Back At Lookout Valley Tenn. Walmart; Woman Leaves Husband To Spend Night With Another Man, But Nothing Insidious Going On 05/20/2020

Wood River Ill. Police Looks for Person After Accidental Cart Incident at Walmart 05/19/2020

Mentally ill ex-employee threatens to kill manager at Daphne Alabama Walmart 05/20/2020

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — A mentally ill ex employee made threats to kill the manager at Daphne Walmart.

Daphne Police say the suspect called in the threat, and officers went to look for him at his home in Semmes.

Officers are closely monitoring Walmart, but there’s no reason to believe the customers or employees are in any danger. Complete article

Fight At Walmart, Broken Window: Homewood Illinois Police Blotter 05/20/2020

Kenyanna Ross, 43, of South Holland was charged with disorderly conduct in an incident described as a fight at Walmart, 17550 S. Halsted St. at 6:40 p.m. on May 12.

Ross was screaming and throwing merchandise around while inside the retail establishment. Complete article

WFPD: Tx. Walmart employees’s keys taken from locker, car stolen 05/20/2020

BURKBURNETT (KFDX/KJTL) — A 37-year-old Burkburnett man is arrested after police said a Walmart employee’s car was stolen earlier this month by a man who got her keys from her locker at work.

Billy Wayne Crawford has two charges of theft added to about three dozen other arrests.

The victim said her car was stolen May 9 from the Walmart on Central Freeway and that surveillance video showed a man with shoulder-length hair and a goatee took her purse from her locker.

The next day police said the car was located at a convenience store on Northwest Freeway, and the speakers, speaker box and a wallet were missing. Complete article

Police: Punxsutawney woman charged for hit-and-run of child in Pa. Walmart parking lot 05/20/2020

CLEARFIELD CO, Pa (WJAC) — Police in Clearfield County say a Punxsutawney woman is facing charges for a hit-and-run involving a child in the parking lot of a Walmart, according to a criminal complaint.

Authorities say Rose Graffius, 68, faces one charge of accidents involving death or personal injury from the hit-and-run incident that occurred last November in the parking lot of the Sandy Township Walmart.

Police say on Nov. 30, 2019, just before 6 p.m., officers were dispatched to the Walmart for a report of a child struck by a vehicle in which the driver of the vehicle "failed to stop and provide financial responsibility or render aid." Complete article

Loveland Colorado Walmart Distribution Center has COVID-19 outbreak 05/20/2020

The Loveland Walmart Distribution Center has 19 employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 and another four who are listed as “probable,” meaning they had symptoms but weren’t tested, according to the Larimer County Department of Health.

The Loveland distribution center is one of three Larimer County businesses that on Wednesday were added to the list of places with coronavirus outbreaks on the Larimer County Department of Health website.

American Eagle Distributing, an Anheuser-Busch distribution center at 3800 Clydesdale Parkway in Loveland, has four employees who tested positive and another 11 who are listed as probable, according to the county website, Complete article

'My gym is clean. It’s safer than Walmart’: Roanoke Va. gym owner urges Gov. Northam to ease reopening restrictions 05/19/2020

ROANOKE, Va. – As some Virginia businesses settle into phase one of reopening, others remain at a standstill.

“It's really disappointing,” said Duane Ellis, who owns Elite Health & Fitness Center in Roanoke. “I’ve been open 13 years and this is the hardest thing we've ever had to go through.”

Gov. Ralph Northam is now allowing gyms to hold outdoor classes only, but some say that's not enough. Complete article

With Money From Walmart’s Marc Lore, Stealth Startup Archer Buys Its Way Into The Electric Air Taxi Race 05/21/2020

Over the past few months, a mysterious company called Archer Aviation has been setting tongues wagging in the small world of West Coast dreamers trying to build the future of air travel.

The founders, two Wall Street figures who built and sold a financial talent recruiting firm, have lured dozens of top engineers away from electric air taxi startups like Joby and Boeing-backed Wisk with rich compensation packages that include signing bonuses of two to three times annual salary and talk of connections to deep-pocketed investors.

Now they’re coming out of stealth, offering sparse details on the aircraft they aim to build and revealing a big-name backer who they believe will help them amass the hundreds of millions in funding they’ll need at a time when investment in the space is receding: Marc Lore, Walmart’s e-commerce chief and founder of Complete article

Palatine Ill. Blotter: 2 Charged With Retail Theft At Walmart 05/21/2020


Oro Valley Ariz. police look for thieves who stole 'Magic' cards from Walmart 05/21/2020

Walmart in Pearl Mississippi given all clear after air conditioning unit pumps smoke into store 05/21/2020

Purchased PlayStation 4 stolen from shopping cart at Dearborn Mich. Walmart 05/22/2020

Blotter: Woman left Tx. Walmart wearing clothes she allegedly stole 05/21/2020

Individual Steals Over $1300 Worth of Items at Winter Haven Fla. Walmart 05/21/2020

‘6 gunshots rang out,’ witness says after cars hit by gunfire in Raleigh NC Walmart parking lot 05/22/2020

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Witnesses are speaking out after several vehicles were shot in a Walmart parking lot Friday afternoon in Raleigh.

Officers responded just before 2:45 p.m. at the Walmart located along the 6600 block of Glenwood Avenue.

“I was sitting in my car and all the sudden, six gunshots rang out,” said Michael Kelley whose car was hit by a bullet.

Raleigh police said a family was walking into the store on Glenwood Avenue when a car approached them.

Officers said the driver revved his engine and exchanged words with one of the family members.

The family then went into Walmart, but the family member who had the confrontation came back out into the parking lot looking for the driver, and started shooting, police said. Complete article

Images released of ‘associates’ of Walmart gunfire suspect, Raleigh police say 05/23/2020

Two arrested in armed robbery at Ca. Walmart store 05/22/2020

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two people were arrested on Thursday in an armed robbery at a Walmart store.

The Bakersfield Police Department said at around 7:06 p.m., officers responded to the Walmart Neighborhood Market, located at 5625 Calloway Drive, regarding an armed robbery that just occurred. A suspect entered the business and selected several bottles of liquor.

As he was preparing to exit the business through an emergency exit, the department said an employee confronted him. The suspect brandished a handgun at the employee and fled from the business with the loss. Complete article

Report: Shoplifter facing charges after scuffle with officers at Boardman Ohio Walmart 05/22/2020

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A woman is facing robbery and assault charges after a struggle with officers following a shoplifting attempt at the Boardman Walmart, according to a police report.

Breiash Floyd, 23, was arrested Thursday night at the store, along with 28-year-old Amber Floyd and 25-year-old Tiesha Howell, who each face theft charges.

Police were called to the store around 8 p.m. by a loss prevention officer, who reported trying to stop the three women who she reported refused to stop and got into a silver Acura SUV with a temporary tag.

Police spotted the suspects and ordered them out of the car, escorting them to the loss prevention office, where they were identified as the shoplifters by the Walmart employee.

According to a police report, when the suspects were informed that they were being arrested on theft charges, Breiash Floyd charged at an officer, pushing past him and running away. At some point, an officer hit Floyd with a Taser but said the Taser had no effect and Floyd continued pulling away from officers, the report stated. Complete article

Mt. Juliet Tenn. officers intercept stolen vehicle in Walmart parking lot, 2 in custody 05/22/2020

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WZTV) — Two men are in custody after Mt. Juliet Police officers intercepted a stolen vehicle in the Walmart parking lot Friday night.

Guardian Shield alerted officers to the truck reported stolen out of Ashland City on May 19. Officers found it in the store's parking lot, where they say they took two wanted men with crack cocaine in custody.

The first man, a 34-year-old, was wanted for a parole violation out of Nashville with the original charges of murder, robbery and kidnapping, Mt. Juliet Police say. The second man, a 55-year-old, is accused of shoplifting in Brentwood. Complete article

Man challenges police actions that barred him and others from Valley View Va. Walmart 05/22/2020

Roanoke police have banned at least 1,000 people during the past 22 years from the Valley View Walmart and adjacent store property without ever obtaining legal authority from the retailer to do so, a newly filed lawsuit says.

Jeremiah Henderson of Rockbridge County is asking a judge to invalidate all the police actions, called trespass bar letters, dating back to at least 1997. His lawsuit was filed May 15 in U.S. District Court in Roanoke. A city official had no comment.

Police can regulate access to private property upon the owner’s written request, but the Valley View Walmart’s ownership entity “has never authorized the Roanoke Police Department to act as its trespass bar agent,” the lawsuit said. Complete article

Small business owners petition NYC to let them reopen: Walmart is open, why not us? 05/22/2020

America cannot wait one minute longer to help its small businesses drowning during the coronavirus shutdowns, "Reopen New York" petition founder Simcha Minkowitz stated Friday.

In an interview with "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt, Minkowitz – who owns Amor Fine Jewelry in Brooklyn – explained that she helped found the coalition because of two friends whose lives were "shattered" after they were forced to permanently shutter their businesses crumbling under the strain of the economic crisis.

"I'm just one person that knows two people. So every single one of us knows someone that's hurting and we are all connected," she remarked. "And if the small businesses of America suffer, we all suffer. It's just that I cannot stand by and watch."

Minkowitz, who just opened her store 20 months ago, had taken out "tremendous" loans to do so. She felt she had to speak up for those who found themselves in a similar position. Complete article

Hogan and Walmart Announce Additional COVID-19 Test Sites in Maryland 05/22/2020

Walmart Responds to Food Bank Need 05/22/2020

Faribault Minn. Walmart temporarily closes for cleaning following COVID-19 cases 05/22/2020

A Walmart Employee’s Poem About Solidarity Has Made Him an Advertising Star 05/21/2020

Sprinkler goes off in Auburn Ind. Walmart 05/22/2020

Walmart begins COVID-19 testing at 7 New Jersey stores 05/23/2020

Leitchfield Walmart one of 7 in KY to test for COVID-19 05/23/2020

Jackson Mississippi Walmart enforces face mask requirement to all shoppers 05/23/2020

‘Strong’ after Walmart mass shooting, El Paso Tx. now very vulnerable to coronavirus 05/23/2020

3 injured in shooting at Milwaukee Wisc. Walmart 05/24/2020

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Three people have been injured after a shooting at a Walmart on Milwaukee’s north side.

Police said a 20-year-old man, a 29-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man are being treated for injuries.

Officials said the shooting happened around 1:30 p.m.

No arrests have been made. Complete article

In Memorium: America’s Walmart economy won’t survive the Coronavirus meltdown 05/24/2020 By James Howard Kunstler

It was only a few decades ago that Walmart entered the pantheon of American icons, joining motherhood, apple pie, and baseball on the highest tier of the altar. The people were entranced by this behemoth cornucopia of unbelievably cheap stuff packaged in gargantuan quantities. It was something like their participation trophy for the sheer luck of being born in this exceptional land, or having valiantly clawed their way in from wretched places near and far ­— where, increasingly, the mighty stream of magically cheap stuff was manufactured.

The evolving psychology of Walmart-ism had a strangely self-destructive aura about it. Like cargo cultists waiting on a jungle mountaintop, small town Americans prayed and importuned the gods of commerce to bring them a Walmart. Historians of the future, pan-frying ‘possum cutlets over their campfires, will marvel at the potency of their ancestors’ prayers.

Every little burg in the USA eventually saw a Walmart UFO land in the cornfield or cow-pasture on the edge of town. Like the space invaders of sci-fi filmdom, Walmart quickly killed off everything else of economic worth around it, and eventually the towns themselves.

And that was where things stood as the long emergency commenced in the winter of early 2020, along with the Covid-19 corona virus riding shotgun on the hearse-wagon it rolled in on. Complete article

Hundreds participate in birthday parade for 1-year-old El Paso Tx. Walmart shooting survivor 05/23/2020

Fake $100 bills used at Bellevue Wisc. Walmart could be tied to crime organization outside Wisconsin 05/2/2020

Athens Pa. Police seek help for Walmart theft suspect 05/23/2020

Police arrest Alabama Walmart thief 05/24/2020

'It was because of his disability.' Lockhart Tx. community rallies for man fired from Walmart 05/25/2020

LOCKHART, Texas — Many in the small city of Lockhart, a tight-knit community 33 miles south of Austin, are rallying behind 34-year-old Chad Gaddis after he lost his job last week.

He said he was fired on Monday, May 18, after he accidentally dented a parked car with a shopping cart at Walmart.

"Part of it hit part of car," Chad said.

Before that, for the past 10 years, he loved wearing his neon-yellow vest when he was part of the cart crew.

"I like it so much. And I do good at it," Chad said.

Chad said Walmart fired him on Tuesday. The 34-year-old was heartbroken. He said he felt, "really down, really down." Complete article

Walmart Mexico pays Mexico about $359 million in back taxes 05/25/2020

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Walmart de Mexico said Monday it has paid the Mexican government the equivalent of about $359 million in taxes for its 2014 sale of a restaurant chain known as VIP’s after tax authorities demanded it.

The payment appears to mark a victory for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has railed against what he claims is tax evasion by big companies.

Walmart confirmed Monday it had paid the tax bill, but it was unclear if Alsea, the buyer, would have to pay anything as well. Alsea, which operates restaurant chains, claimed it had paid all its taxes. Complete article

Walmart Stock Spikes Higher on Earnings and Then Slumps 05/26/2020

Retail giant Walmart Inc. (WMT) announced that it beat earnings estimates before the opening bell on May 19. The stock gapped higher at the open to $131.99 and then ended last week at $124.33, below its semiannual pivot at $126.15. The stock is above a golden cross on its daily chart. The weekly chart is neutral.

Walmart stock is up 4.6% year to date and in bull market territory at 21.9% above its March 16 low of $102. The stock is also 6.8% below its all-time intraday high of $133.38 set on April 20.

Walmart had a winning streak of beating earnings per share estimates in seven consecutive quarters. This came to an end on Feb. 18 when the retail giant missed expectations. The stock a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is not cheap. Its P/E ratio is 25.05 with a dividend yield of 1.74%, according to Macrotrends. Complete article

Owner of a dog locked in vehicle at NY Walmart argues with officer 05/25/2020

Three workers lose essential status after stealing from Walmart: Bainbridge Township Ohio police blotter 05/26/2020

3 women suspected of stealing from Lewis Center Ohio Walmart 05/27/2020

Man arrested after stealing beer from Sebastian Fla. Walmart 05/26/2020

"We want to resolve this in a safe way:" Police plead with UConn student linked to murders 05/27/2020

WILLINGTON/DERBY, CT (WFSB) - A search for a University of Connecticut senior linked to two murders, an abduction and other crimes continued on Tuesday.

According to state police, 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia killed 62-year-old Theodore Demers in Willington on Friday and knew Nicholas Eisele, who was found dead in a home in Derby over the weekend.

During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, CT State Police pleaded with Manfredonia, saying they want to resolve this in a safe way.
"My message is to Peter directly -- Peter, we've talked to your family, your friends and your roommates. All of them have said the same thing. That this behavior is out of the ordinary for you. We know this is not who you are. Peter, I want you to know that we are continuing our investigation. The one thing we are missing is you. We want you to be able to tell your story. We are here to listen to you, your parents, your friends, all of us here in CT. We want a peaceful end to this. Your family has hired an attorney on your behalf and your rights will be safeguarded. We are waiting to hear from you, we want to hear from you. Please call 911. Let us know where you are. We want to resolve this in a safe way. Please call us. We are waiting here to listen to you," said State Police Lt. John Aiello."

On Tuesday morning, Pennsylvania State Police released new information on Manfredonia's whereabouts, saying the latest sighting of him was when he was dropped off by an Uber in front of a Walmart in East Stroudsburg, PA. Complete article

Body found in creek behind Oklahoma City Walmart 05/26/2020

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH)--Oklahoma City police officers are on scene after a body was found in a creek in Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, the body was found behind a Walmart near Northwest Expressway and Interstate 44. Complete article

Walmart Workers Are Dying From Coronavirus. Now They Want a Seat at the Table. 05/26/2020

When Cyndi Murray comes home from her shifts at Walmart, she always has the same routine. “I have a little front room,” she told Intelligencer. “I get undressed and I put my clothes that I wear to work in a bag. I take them down to the basement and then I get in the shower.” This is how Murray hopes to ward off the novel coronavirus. For her family, the stakes are particularly high. She has asthma, her husband is at high risk because of his age, and her son is immunocompromised. “I’m really scared,” she added.

Murray is not alone in her fear. Mary Pat Tifft, a 32-year Walmart employee in Wisconsin, lives by herself. By her own choice, she said, she hasn’t seen her children and grandchildren in person for weeks, except for one brief respite last week: They stood in her driveway for a visit. Cat Davis, who works at a Walmart in New Bern, North Carolina, worries that she’ll bring the virus home to her five-year-old granddaughter. “I’ve always washed my hands constantly,” Davis said. “But now I make sure I sanitize everything that I’ll be using, like my personal equipment for my job.” The pandemic has forced new rituals on everyone. But for essential workers like Murray, individual actions can only accomplish so much. Their safety also depends on decisions made by their employer. And Walmart, they said, has moved too slowly, and too unevenly, to keep them and their coworkers safe. That refrain is familiar, and not isolated to Walmart; the same basic complaints have inspired multiple protests among workers for Amazon and other large chains and corporations. Walmart workers have been part of the pandemic protest wave, participating most recently in a sickout that affected several stores across the country. But Murray and her fellow activists believe they have a permanent solution to their problems.

Alongside Melissa Love — another member of Walmart’s hourly workforce — Murray, Tifft, and Davis have introduced themselves to Walmart investors not just as associates but as potential members of the company’s Board of Directors. The effort, which is backed by United for Respect, an advocacy group that supports Walmart associates and other retail workers who are not unionized, and Majority Action, which encourages shareholder activism, accompanies a proposal introduced by Murray ahead of June’s annual shareholder meeting. Modeled loosely on the NFL’s Rooney rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for open coaching positions, Proposal 7 would force Walmart to consider associates for seats on the board. “We would be able to bring to the board the things that we see inside the store,” she explained. “We would be independent. We’re not the Walton family, and we’re not their investors.”

This isn’t the first time that UFR members have floated the idea of putting associates on Walmart’s board. At last June’s meeting, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke in support of a similar floor resolution. But that resolution worked mostly a harbinger for activism to come: It wasn’t presented to investors until the day of the meeting itself, and there was no behind-the-scenes campaign for its passage. This year’s proposal was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission beforehand, which gave workers like Murray a chance to plead their case directly to Walmart’s investors. A joint report from UFR and the Center for Popular Democracy further outlines their case: Walmart’s current overlords waited “two, and in some cases seven weeks, before fully adopting major Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for employers.” And on Thursday, UFR activists will rally other associates around the proposal at an alternative shareholder meeting.

Murray aired the premise of her proposal at a congressional hearing last year, and it has the support of several prominent senators. The Reward Work Act, twice introduced by Senator Tammy Baldwin and co-sponsored most recently by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand, would not only restrict corporate stock buybacks, but would also require corporations like Walmart to allow workers to elect one third of their governing boards. If passed, the bill would give Walmart associates like Murray the opportunity they’ve been fighting for. Baldwin will join Representative Chuy Garcia, who co-sponsored the House version of the bill, for Thursday’s virtual meeting. Complete article

NYPD cop busted for shoplifting at Walmart suspended without pay 05/26/2020

An off-duty NYPD cop was busted in Orange County for shoplifting at a Walmart, police said Tuesday.

Officer Johana Rios — who is assigned to the 50th Precinct — allegedly tried to steal various items from the Walmart in Newburgh, NY, around 7 p.m. Friday, local police confirmed.

It was unclear what she tried to steal, but police sources said the items added up to around $125. Complete article

Walmart partners with ThredUp on resale fashion for women and kids 05/26/2020

The deal helps Walmart continue building up its online site with more clothing and accessories.

Walmart is bringing one of the biggest names in second-hand clothing sales to its site, marking the world's largest retailer's first entry into fashion resale.

Starting Tuesday, ThredUp will be a seller on, providing a selection of nearly 750,000 pre-owned women's and children's clothing and accessories from brands including Nike, Carter's, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. (ThredUp doesn't sell men's clothing.)

ThredUp's catalog comes from clothing mailed in by people looking to clean out their closets and make a few dollars in the process. The company, which competes with other resale fashions sites like Poshmark and The RealReal, takes pictures and lists the items on its site. Then, like a typical consignment store, it splits the proceeds with clothing owners. Complete article

Coronavirus cluster emerges at distribution center near Walmart in Worcester Mass. 05/27/2020

Health Dept. warns of potential COVID-19 exposure at Springfield Missouri Walmart 05/27/2020

Police reports: Arrested at Butte Montana Walmart; excavator damaged; message of 'love'; handgun missing 05/27/2020

Two Snyder Tx. Walmart employees positive for COVID-19 05/27/2020

Woman stabbed twice during road rage incident in Mich. Walmart parking lot, police say 05/27/2020

BLACKMAN TWP., MI – A Parma woman was stabbed twice Tuesday afternoon during an apparent road rage incident in a Jackson Walmart parking lot, police said.

Officers were called at 3:46 p.m. May 26, to Walmart, 1700 W. Michigan Ave., for the reported stabbing, Blackman-Leoni Township Department of Public Safety Director Mike Jester said.

The 40-year-old victim suffered stab wounds in her left hand and left thigh that needed medical attention, but were not considered life threatening, Jester said. Complete article

Police arrest Republic, Missouri Walmart employee for possible threat; store closed for sweep 05/27/2020

REPUBLIC, Mo. -- Republic, Mo. police arrested an employee at the Walmart accused of making a threat.

Police evacuated the store Wednesday around 5:30 p.m.

Investigators closed the store for a few hours for a precautionary sweep. Police did not find anything suspicious inside the store. Complete article

Republic Man Charged in Walmart Bomb Threat 05/31/2020

Southridge WV Walmart closes after vehicle strikes pole, knocks out power 05/27/2020

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — The Walmart at Southridge Centre was closed Wednesday morning after a vehicle crash.

South Charleston Police Chief Brad Rinehart said an elderly male struck a power pole with a vehicle and knocked out a transformer.

The crash occurred about 2:15 a.m.

A spokesperson with Appalachian Power said a pickup truck hit the transformer, damaging it badly. Appalachian Power de-energized the transformer immediately when they arrived and are now working on removing and replacing it. Complete article

Ocala man accused of lewd behavior at Fla. Walmart 05/27/2020

Police say he exposed himself and masturbated while following elderly women around the store.

An Ocala man has been arrested and accused of stealing items from a big box store and following multiple women around the business while masturbating.

Surveillance video from the Walmart at 2600 SW 19th Avenue Road showed Jovanek Miller entering the store. A loss prevention employee recognized Miller from previous theft cases and began watching him, according to Ocala police.

Miller was seen placing several items into a shopping cart. The camera showed Miller exposing himself behind an elderly woman and masturbating. Miller followed the woman to different aisles. He would stop near the victim and touch himself, police said.

During a two-hour stretch, authorities say, the 41-year-old man followed at least seven elderly women and masturbated near or behind the unsuspecting victims. Miller was apprehended when he tried leaving the store without paying for $243.36 worth of merchandise, officers said. Complete article

Muncie man charged in Ind. Walmart spitting incident 05/26/2020

MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie man faces a criminal charge over allegations he spit in the face of a fellow customer at the northside Walmart store.

Ralph Bernard Hannon, 70, was charged last week in Muncie City Court with battery by bodily waste.

According to city police, Hannon and a 43-year-old Delaware County woman were among the customers waiting for groceries in a pickup area outside the store, at 4801 W. Clara Lane, when the incident took place on May 17.

Two Walmart employees told investigators Hannon became upset when delivery of his order was delayed. Workers were "trying to explain the delivery and pickup process to Hannon, who was argumentative the entire time," a report said. Complete article

Woman disputes arrest at Bloomington Minn. Walmart 05/26/2020

A 25-year-old Minneapolis woman who disagreed with the Bloomington police officer who told her she was under arrest wound up with a felony assault charge in protesting the arrest. The suspect was arrested at approximately 5:30 p.m. May 14 outside of the Bloomington Walmart store. She was accused of concealing and stealing items inside a lunch bag that she had taken from a store shelf, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Damon Bitney.

A loss prevention officer watched as the suspect paid for a handful of items at a self-checkout register, then milled about, as if she was waiting for the two people who she had arrived with. She eventually headed for the exit, pushing a cart. When she exited the building, she was approached by the loss prevention officer and an off-duty police officer who was working at the store. The woman appeared to be using the cart to keep the officers away from her, Bitney said.

The suspect was instructed to return to the store with the officers as the police officer attempted to grab her arm. The woman pulled away, and the officer informed her she was under arrest. She said she was not, and continued to resist the officer’s effort to escort her to the Walmart security office. As the officer attempted to restrain the woman, she continued to resist, resulting in a physical altercation, Bitney explained. Complete article

Davenport Police shut down tent city behind Elmore Avenue Walmart 05/27/2020

Ryan Kelley is like many other 21-year-olds — he lives with his parents.

Home is three tents located at the bottom of the small valley between the back of the Walmart Supercenter on Elmore Avenue and the busy lanes of Interstate 74. Kelley shares a tent with his 19-year-old brother. His 18-year-old sister has a tent, and his parents sleep in yet another.

Surrounded by trees and the remnants of an old wood farm fence, Kelley and his family were nearly hidden from the world.

But the Davenport Police visited the three-tent, single-family encampment just before noon Wednesday. Visits from law enforcement are nothing new for Kelley. Moving at a moment’s notice is the norm, too. .......

“We try to work when we can,” he continued. “Our IDs got lost so we have to stay away from anything that needs that kind of information.

“So we end up working cash jobs. We end up working for some pretty sketchy people, I can tell you that.” Complete article

Potential exposure to COVID-19 at Cortland Walmart 05/27/2020

Man Attempts to Return Stolen Merchandise at Wisc. Walmart 05/27/2020

Latest Attempt to 'Unmask' Theft Suspect, Richland Wash. Walmart 05/27/2020

ATF makes arrest near Somers Wisc. Walmart 05/28/2020

New Haven Conn. PD releases body cam footage of viral Walmart arrest, says use of force was ‘appropriate’ 05/28/2020

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A viral video was circulating on social media Thursday showing part of an arrest of a man who reportedly tried to steal a cart full of merchandise from a Walmart in New Haven.

Police released body camera footage of the incident late Thursday night, saying it showed the shoplifting suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Richard Smith Jr., resisting arrest repeatedly.

The video showed the officer chasing Smith around the store before pinning him to the ground. The struggle then went on for more than 30 seconds once officers got Smith on the ground, where he was maced, before police backup arrived.

Police said Smith was trying to leave with a shopping cart full of air conditioners, a grill and a grill cover that he didn’t pay for. Complete article

Police: Guns, knives and marijuana seized outside Norwalk Conn. Walmart 05/28/2020

NORWALK — Three people were caught outside of a city Walmart with guns, knives and a quarter pound of marijuana, according to police.

Lt. Jared Zwickler, a Norwalk police spokesman, said an officer was patrolling the Walmart located at 680 Connecticut Ave. around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when they encountered a “suspicious vehicle.”

After pulling over the car, Zwickler said the officer smelled marijuana inside. One of the car’s three occupants handed over a bag of marijuana, Zwickler said, admitted that were also guns inside.

Police searched the car and found a rifle, handgun, a foot-long machete, two knives, an ax and 131 grams of marijuana packaged for sale, according to Zwickler. He said police also found a digital scale. Complete article

Police search for two people suspected in theft from truck in Ca. Walmart parking lot 05/28/2020

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield police are looking for two people suspected of stealing $2,500 worth of items from a truck parked in a Southwest Bakersfield Walmart parking lot in March.

Police said the theft happened on March 15, in the Wamart parking lot at 5075 Gosford Road.

According to police, a man took the items from the truck while a woman held a door open for the man and acted as a lookout. The got into their car and got away with the items. Complete article

Eureka Missouri Police try to identify man who allegedly damaged SUV in Walmart parking lot 05/28/2020

Eureka Police are trying to identify a man who allegedly could be seen on surveillance footage damaging an SUV parked outside the Walmart store at 131 Eureka Towne Center Drive. The SUV apparently was parked too close to a pickup the man was trying to get in, Eureka Police reported.

At about 10:45 a.m. May 10, the man was seen on the footage attempting to get into the driver side of a GMC 1500, and when he couldn’t get the door open wide enough to get inside, he went to the passenger side, where he allegedly ripped a mirror off the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and then got into the pickup, Capt. David Wilson said.

Before the man allegedly tore off the mirror, a woman who was with him went inside the store to try to find the SUV owner and get the person to move the vehicle. However, the man allegedly damaged the SUV before the woman he was with returned from the store, the report said. Complete article

Former Walmart execs find challenging roles to fill after leaving Bentonville 05/27/2020

Editor’s note: This is the final of a two-part series about retail industry executives who worked at Walmart. Link here for the first article.

Walmart is known as a talent builder in the retail industry so it’s no surprise many of its employees rise through the ranks and eventually leave to work at other companies and organizations. Three top Walmart execs left the retailer in 2019 to lead other companies.

Jamie Iannone was a rising star at Walmart through his work at bringing Sam’s Club into the technology forefront. Iannone joined Sam’s Club in 2014 as CEO of and headed up the retailer’s membership and technology divisions. During his tenure, Sam’s Club worked to improve Scan & Go, launched Sam’s Garage and Ask Sam apps to help customers and employees do their jobs and access services more efficiently. He also oversaw the concept club located in Dallas that is a technology laboratory for the larger retail chain.

“When Jamie came to Sam’s Club they were pretty far behind Walmart in terms of technology capabilities for the front and back-end of clubs. When he left earlier this year, Sam’s Club was seen as the leader of technology innovation within the Walmart portfolio,” said Scott Benedict, director of retail studies at Texas A&M and former Walmart executive. Complete article

Two dogs locked in vehicle in NY Walmart parking lot 05/28/2020

Potential COVID-19 Exposure at Cortland, NY Walmart 05/27/2020

Man exposing himself at Hot Springs Arkansas Walmart, police searching for information 05/29/2020

Walmart reportedly to allow tech employees to work remotely even post-pandemic 05/28/2020

Wayne County man accused of shooting a gun at man in Ky. Walmart parking lot 05/29/2020

WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A man in Wayne County is accused of shooting a gun at another man in a Walmart parking lot.

Deputies say it happened Thursday night in Monticello. Investigators believe 23-year-old Zachary Baker found his girlfriend in a car with another man.

Deputies say the two men started fighting. At one point, investigators say Baker shot at the other man before driving away.

Deputies say Baker admitted to police about the encounter and then told deputies he threw the gun into the creek. Complete article

Anita May ‘Anna’ Wynalda, who died from COVID-19 this month, was a devoted nurse, grandmother and Wash. Walmart cashier 05/29/2020

Through much of her 66 years, Anita May “Anna” Wynalda packed each minute of her day with life.

Whether it was working as a nurse during the day and as a Walmart cashier overnight, talking with people she encountered while out in the community or sending each of her children and grandchildren a text message, funny picture or emoji — “something to encourage you to get through the day” — she always found time for others, her daughter Patricia Martinez said.

Given how busy she kept her schedule, you may wonder how she fit it all in and still found time for sleep. Complete article

South metro Minneapolis Minn. Walmart stores close amid protests 05/29/2020

Some south metro area Walmart stores are closed on May 29 after looting and rioting at other businesses in recent days in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Apple Valley, Burnsville and Eagan Walmart stores posted to their Facebook pages May 29 that they had decided to close.

"Due to the recent events in Minneapolis, the store will be closed until further notice to protect the safety of our customers and associates. Serving the community remains a priority for us and we’ll reopen as soon as possible in order to do so," all of their posts said. Complete article

Walmart Employees Are Out to Show Its Anti-Theft AI Doesn't Work 05/29/2020

IN JANUARY, MY coworker received a peculiar email. The message, which she forwarded to me, was from a handful of corporate Walmart employees calling themselves the “Concerned Home Office Associates.” (Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, is often referred to as the Home Office.) While it’s not unusual for journalists to receive anonymous tips, they don’t usually come with their own slickly produced videos.

The employees said they were “past their breaking point” with Everseen, a small artificial intelligence firm based in Cork, Ireland, whose technology Walmart began using in 2017. Walmart uses Everseen in thousands of stores to prevent shoplifting at registers and self-checkout kiosks. But the workers claimed it misidentified innocuous behavior as theft, and often failed to stop actual instances of stealing.

They told WIRED they were dismayed that their employer—one of the largest retailers in the world—was relying on AI they believed was flawed. One worker said that the technology was sometimes even referred to internally as “NeverSeen” because of its frequent mistakes. WIRED granted the employees anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the press.

The workers said they had been upset about Walmart’s use of Everseen for years, and claimed colleagues had raised concerns about the technology to managers, but were rebuked. They decided to speak to the press, they said, after a June 2019 Business Insider article reported Walmart’s partnership with Everseen publicly for the first time. The story described how Everseen uses AI to analyze footage from surveillance cameras installed in the ceiling, and can detect issues in real time, such as when a customer places an item in their bag without scanning it. When the system spots something, it automatically alerts store associates. .......

False Positives

The video isn’t definitive proof that Everseen’s technology doesn’t work as well as advertised, but its existence speaks to the level of frustration felt by the group of anonymous Walmart employees, and the lengths they went to prove their objections had merit.

In interviews, the workers, whose jobs include knowledge of Walmart’s loss prevention programs, said their top concern with Everseen was false positives at self-checkout. The employees believe that the tech frequently misinterprets innocent behavior as potential shoplifting, which frustrates customers and store associates, and leads to longer lines. “It’s like a noisy tech, a fake AI that just pretends to safeguard,” said one worker. Complete article

Walmart says employee complaints about AI technology are a non-issue 05/31/2020

Texas Justices Won't Hear Walmart's Bid To Undo Settlement 05/29/2020

Law360 (May 29, 2020, 6:35 PM EDT) -- The Texas Supreme Court on Friday said it won't hear Walmart's attempt to dismantle a ruling that allowed a shopper to collect a $35,000 settlement that the company offered hours before a federal judge dismissed the underlying personal injury case against the retail giant.

The decision from the state's high court comes two months after Walmart Stores Texas LLC had petitioned for review, arguing that the February ruling from the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in customer Elizabeth Shirey's favor incorrectly held the settlement offer it made was still valid even after it won the case. The offer was "implicitly withdrawn," Walmart argued, Complete article

Fuel terminal site owner is Walmart executive 05/28/2020

Two brothers, one of them the head of Walmart’s supply chain organization in the United States, are the people selling the land for the proposed Dickson County fuel terminal.

Greg Smith of Rogers, Ark., confirmed in a May 20 phone interview that he and his brother Gary Smith own CB Builders Inc. of Franklin.

Gary Smith of Germantown, near Memphis, is also the agent for CB Builders, according to the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website. Complete article

Man sought for allegedly stealing $1K in calculators at Spring Tx. Walmart 05/28/2020

UPS Slaps 'Peak' Surcharge On Amazon, Walmart, Others, As Delivery Requests Balloon Post Lockdown Ease 05/29/2020

Police respond to Walmart retail theft in Lower Nazareth Twp. Pa. 05/30/2020

Man shot in the face with BB gun at Caldwell Idaho Walmart; suspect identified 05/30/2020

CALDWELL, Idaho (CBS2) — A man was shot in the face with a BB-gun at a Caldwell area Walmart early Saturday evening.

Caldwell Police says officers were called out to the supermarket near Cleveland Boulevard and Ustick Road for a reported shooting. Police found a man with injuries to his face, but the suspect had taken off and was no where to be found.

The suspect and victim, who know each other police say, apparently got into some kind of altercation before the shooting. Officers were later able to identify the shooter and an investigation is ongoing. Complete article

Hundreds of officers respond to Valley View, Roanoke Va. Walmart as store closes early due to protests 05/30/2020

Roanoke city manager Bob Cowell has released a statement on the protests that have moved throughout the city, causing businesses to close in their wake.

"I commend those that peacefully gathered today to exercise their right assemble and vocalize their understandable anger with the events that occurred in Minneapolis. I also thank the Roanoke Police Department for their work to ensure the safety of those assembled.

I join Mayor Lea and Cheif Roman in stating that unlawful activities such as those that occurred in separate events earlier this evening in the Valley View area will not be tolerated.

The City will continue to support those that peacefully exercise their rights and will do what is necessary to protect lives and property from those that choose to engage in unlawful activities." Complete article

Two other Virginia Walmart stores, one in Chesapeake and one in Norfolk, close for the evening due to ‘potential threat’ 05/30/2020

Valley View Mall, Target, Walmart among Roanoke businesses closing early on Sunday 05/31/2020

Pepper balls fired during protest at East Peoria Ill. Walmart 05/30/2020

EAST PEORIA — A group of protesters gathered in the parking lot of the East Peoria Walmart on Saturday night, and at two points police there fired pepper balls onto the ground near a shopping-cart barrier set up by protesters between the groups.

Other than those moments, one of which followed a brick being thrown at police, there appeared to have been no direct clashes between the groups between about 9:30 p.m. and shortly after 11 p.m. when the protesters began to disperse.

East Peoria Police Chief Steve Roegge stressed to reporters after the crowd had left that he felt people had a right to express themselves by protesting, but when bricks were thrown, it was time to do something.

There was a strange mix of about 50 active protesters combined with dozens of people who were taking in the scene in as spectators. Many had their cellphones out to record the events for social media. Complete article

Fire started at East Peoria Ill. Lowe’s, protests disperse from Walmart 05/30/2020

5 Walmart stores closed during curfew amid unrest in Milwaukee Wisc. 05/30/2020

FRANKLIN — Five Walmart stores closed Saturday, May 30 “due to the recent events in Milwaukee.”

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on Saturday called on the state National Guard to help support law enforcement in Milwaukee following protests over the deaths of George Floyd and a Milwaukee man turned violent overnight.

Evers said in a press release that he authorized 125 Guard members to assist after receiving a request from Milwaukee city and county officials. They are worried about a repeat of the demonstration over Floyd and Joel Acevedo, who died last month after an altercation with a Milwaukee police officer.

A 38-year-old officer suffered a minor gunshot wound around 3:30 a.m. Saturday on the city’s south side where protesters had gathered near a police precinct. He was treated at a hospital and released. Complete article

Clean up begins after night of looting, fires and vandalism in Raleigh, Fayetteville NC 05/31/2020

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Protests, fires and outrage over the death of George Floyd have broken out in more than a dozen cities across the country, with some protesters smashing windows, setting cars ablaze and clashing with police officers.

Tonight, protesters in Fayetteville and Raleigh have grown unsettled--and, in some cases, violent. A historic building was set on fire and vandalized, police cars are being smashed, flags have been burned and protesters have thrown bottles and other items at officers. By the end of the evening, it was unclear if the looters and people causing property damage were part of the original protests at all.

Protests began peacefully on Saturday afternoon, with protests scheduled in cities across North Carolina. Durham, Raleigh and Fayetteville had marches with hundreds of protesters chanting, "No justice, no peace." Complete article

Walmart in High Point NC closed due to protestors 05/31/2020

Protest draws crowd near New Bern NC Walmart 05/30/2020

Demonstrators lined the front entrance of the New Bern Walmart Saturday afternoon to protest the recent killing of Minneapolis, Minn. resident George Floyd and other black citizens across the nation.

By 1 p.m., approximately 40 residents lined up near MLK Jr. Boulevard Saturday, most carrying signs with slogans such as “Black Lives Matter,” “There comes a time when silence is betrayal,” and “It is not just George Floyd.” The demonstrators greeted motorists with shouts of “No justice, no peace,” and encouraged them to blow their horns in a demonstration of unity.

Pamlico County resident Virginia Harper said she joined the demonstration to condemn Floyd’s death, which occurred on May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. The officer has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

“That was murder, that was the murder of George Floyd,” Harper commented. “This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this but I felt like I had to come out, I couldn’t stay silent any longer.” Complete article

Walmart Telling Photo Lab Employees NOT to Ask for Proof of Copyright 05/31/2020

Walmart’s Photo Centers might not seem like a major avenue for copyright infringement or photo theft. But PetaPixel has been made aware of an alleged policy change that makes it far easier for bad actors to use and print professional photos without permission.

The alleged policy change was first “revealed” on Reddit, when a user posted the following FYI:
Walmart Photo centers are now being instructed (as of 5/15/2020) to no longer ask for proof of copyright release. The associates are no longer allowed to ask if the images are professional or not.

This information is currently in their Wire (OneBestWay System), but it is being enforced on a store by store basis until none of the stores will be asking for copyright proof.

Following up on this initial tip, we were able to get in touch with a Walmart Photo Lab employee, who shed more light on the policy change, explaining why it was put in place and revealing the extent of the instructions employees have been given.

“About two weeks ago, a new policy came from our corporate headquarters in Bentonville, AK,” explained the employee, who asked to remain anonymous. “The policy stated that due to a message on the kiosk screens, stating that there is a copyright policy, most customers just click out.”

This is a problem, as it obviously cuts into Walmart’s Photo Center profits. As a result, employees have been told to take a different tack entirely. Complete article

Plastic bags, antibiotic reporting are among proposals likely to be rejected by Walmart shareholders 05/29/2020

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Walmart will hold its annual shareholder business meeting virtually at 10:30 a.m. on June 3 as the company continues to take precautions to safeguard its employees and shareholders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The business meeting includes the election of directors for another annual term and ratification of the retailer’s independent accountants — Ernst & Young LLP — for the year ending Jan. 31, 2021.

Shareholders will also be asked to approve executive compensation for top-earning Walmart execs and amend the Saveshare Plan 2,000 for subsidiary ASDA. Company directors and leadership approved all four proposals, according to the company’s proxy filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Complete article

Malcolm Wilson and one other arrested for allegedly breaking into Mass. Walmart early on Saturday morning 05/30/2020

Tx. Walmart Theft Complaint Results In Felony Arrest 05/30/2020

Summerville SC protesters march from Walmart to Hutchinson Square 05/31/2020

Fruitland Park man arrested after paying unwelcome visit to Wal-Mart 05/31/2020

Mid-South West Memphis Arkansas Walmart locations temporarily closed for safety purposes 05/31/2020

Walmart closes stores around St. Louis Missouri as a precaution during George Floyd protests 05/31/2020

Shots fired near Walmart and Lowe’s on Beltline in Mobile Alabama 05/31/2020

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — An officer on the scene tells WKRG News 5 that shots were fired in the area near Walmart and Lowe’s on Beltline. Protesters were in the area Sunday night.

Windows were also broken out at the Lowe’s. One person appeared to be in custody at the Lowe’s. And someone tried to set a fire at the Staples store in the area too. Complete article

Police dispatched to reported shooting at Davenport Iowa Walmart 05/31/2020

Police were being dispatched to the Walmart on West Kimberly Road, Davenport, for a report of a shooting late Sunday evening.

Reporters have not confirmed whether shots were fired, but police dispatchers were heard saying a person had been wounded and an ambulance was seen leaving the area. The report was the latest on a night that sent police scrambling to area shopping centers to disperse crowds.

The unrest comes following the death of a black man in Minneapolis police custody earlier in the week. The officers involved have been fired. The incident touched off protests across the nation. On Saturday, hundreds gathered in Davenport and later Rock Island. Local events were mostly peaceful. Complete article

Lexington NC Walmart closed, arrest made after threat of gun violence, police say 05/31/2020

LEXINGTON, N.C. — Lexington police arrested a person on Sunday who they say made a threat to cause violence in a Walmart, according to a Lexington Police Department news release.

Around 2:30 p.m., Walmart personnel contacted the LPD and said that they had closed the store due to a threat of violence.

This decision to ensure public safety was in response to a threat that was reported regarding someone going to cause gun violence at the store.

No weapons were displayed. Complete article

Area law enforcement responds to Coral Ridge Mall, Walmart for attempted break in 05/31/2020

Several police vehicles responded to the Coral Ridge Mall and Walmart in Coralville on Sunday evening.

A law enforcement official told the Press-Citizen the response was due to a break-in at the Walmart.

As protests continued across Iowa and the country following the death of George Floyd, an African American, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer, with some cities reporting violence and looting, the Iowa City area has seen peaceful rallies and almost no police intervention. Complete article

Man Assaulted At Burke Va, Walmart Shopping Center 05/31/2020

BURKE, VA — Fairfax County Police are responding to an assault in the area of the Burke Walmart Sunday.

The incident happened in the 6000 block of Burke Commons Road. According to police, a man suffered upper body trauma and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Initial investigations found the victim and suspect, both adult men, are known to each other. Police do not believe there is a threat to public safety.

Residents are asked to stay clear of the area and follow police direction. Complete article

Roving Looters Leave San Leandro Ca. Walmart Ransacked And Smoldering 05/31/2020

SAN LEANDRO (CBS SF) — Looters smashed their way into the San Leandro Walmart store late Sunday night, shattering windows, stripping shelves, toppling displays and apparently igniting a fire.

It was a symbol of the outbreak of lawlessness carried out by mobile bands of looters who moved from East Bay community to community, playing cat-and-mouse with police and wrecking havoc on retail stores, both large and small. Few communities were immune, but San Leandro was among the hardest hit.

KPIX 5 was told around 5 a.m. Monday that some looting was still happening in the East Bay community in the area of the outlet mall. Complete article

Looters swarm Target, Walmart, other stores in Bloomington-Normal Ill.; 'It's senseless, it's sad' 05/31/2020

NORMAL — Overnight confrontations turned violent and devolved into looting at several stores across Bloomington-Normal, police said early Monday. No serious injuries were reported.

Looters broke into Target and the Bloomington-Normal Walmart stores, among others. Walmart and Target were closed Monday.

Normal Police Chief Rick Bleichner said his department is working on plans for deploying additional officers Monday, but declined to elaborate. Bloomington police did not comment on plans for Monday. Complete article

Watch now: Bloomington Walmart reopens; Target, Normal Walmart closed after looting 06/01/2020

Brick thrown through window of Dick’s Sporting Goods, fight breaks out at Iowa Walmart as stores barricade 05/31/2020

A fight broke out at a Davenport Walmart closing down the store Sunday evening.

Davenport police says, they received a report of two women fighting at Walmart on Elmore Avenue around 4:00 pm.

The women then continued their fight outside. Complete article

Small fire forces the evacuation of a Colorado Springs Walmart 05/31/2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Walmart in Colorado Springs was evacuated Sunday night following a small fire.

Crews were called to the Walmart on 8th Street just after 8 p.m. The fire was in a meat cooler and was extinguished by an automatic sprinkler. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

If there are any major updates this article will be updated. Complete article

Hundreds of Walmart stores close early amid protests; some cut hours for ‘potential threat’ 05/31/2020

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN/AP) — Several Walmart stores in North Carolina closed early over the weekend, although it is not clear why in all cases.

Walmart said it closed hundreds of stores across the country early Sunday afternoon to protect employees and customers.

Scott Pope, a spokesman, said several dozen stores were closed all day Sunday because of damage from protests. He said he didn’t know when those stores would be able to reopen.

In North Carolina, the Walmart in High Point closed early Sunday as a precaution over protests, according to WGHP. Nearby, a Walmart in the Davidson County town of Lexington also closed over a threat and a person was later arrested. Complete article

Store return policies have changed due to COVID-19 with some retailers suspending returns 05/31/2020

Some shoppers have been waiting for stores to reopen so they can return the unwanted merchandise that has been stashed in car trunks or closets since normal life came to a screeching halt in mid-March.

But at many stores, the return process will look different than it did before the coronavirus pandemic.

First, you'll stand on a socially distanced line at the customer service department before having minimal contact with the cashier, who will likely be behind a plexiglass divider, known as a sneeze guard.

Then, those pants, blazers or shoes you're returning will be placed in "quarantine" for at least 24 hours at most stores, many of which have also extended return periods to accommodate returns for when stores were closed due to COVID-19. Complete article

Laurinburg NC Walmart closes early, boards up windows 05/31/2020

Most Walmart stores in Salt Lake County Utah closed early tonight 05/31/2020

Aberdeen NC Walmart closes due to protesters 05/31/2020

Walmart closed in several locations throughout North Utica NY area 05/31/2020

Walmart in High Point NC closed due to protestors 05/31/2020

Saraland Alabama Walmart closes early, possible threat of riots on social media 05/31/2020

Looters run in and out of Walmart in Fayetteville, NC steal big screen TVs 05/31/2020

Walmart in Peru Ill. closing as a precautionary measure 05/31/2020

Protesters, police avoid confrontation at NC Walmart 05/31/2020