Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Looming North Korea Nuclear Apocalypse Result of Incompetence? Or Staged?

Are we supposed to take the insane behavior of our political leaders, including Donald Trump and John McCain, as well as Kim Jong Un, the clown they're trying to antagonize, seriously?

I try to be a rational skeptic about far-fetched conspiracy theories; however the official version of truth is as insane and absurd as many of these conspiracy theories; and the mainstream media is starting to come up with one irrational conspiracy theory after another, and trying to convince us that these are credible!

Either we're being run by a bunch of irrational ideological fanatics that are bringing us to the brink of nuclear war or there's something even more far-fetched going on.

Do Donald Trump and John McCain really think that the most effective way of dealing with an irrational tyrant with nuclear weapons is to call him names like an elementary school kid?

If this is an act, it is almost as insane as if they're really trying to incite a nuclear war!

Regardless of which, the confrontation of North Korea could have been avoided; as I have reported previously, Jimmy Carter helped negotiate a deal that would have eased tensions and prevented nuclear development for weapons; however Bush pulled out of it for arbitrary reasons that made no sense. Bush also accepted cooperation from Iran in the aftermath of 9/11 then instead of taking advantage of this opportunity to ease tensions he also arbitrarily added them to the "Axis of Evil" as well clearly inciting more wars that weren't necessary. For those not familiar with this I'll include some additional links below.

There should be no doubt that at best ideological fanaticism is responsible for our being in a permanent state of war!

The truth is that the establishment and alternative media both have far more rational foreign policy experts than the demagogues they present to the public, even though it may not seem like it if you cat your news from the traditional media.

And, in addition to refusing to remind the public about the history about this conflict, the media has demonstrated that they're incompetent at covering breaking news and went on with prepared programming even while the latest missile was being launched instead of reporting the breaking news. As reported in numerous alternative media outlets or good nonfiction books like Robert McChesney's "The Problem With The Media" and "Rich Media Poor Democracy," the consolidated media has gutted their funding for investigative reporting and dramatically increased their funding for prepared propaganda that is repeated over and over again.

Even without reading some of the best research on this subject it is easy to recognize that the media is controlled by only six oligarchies and they all repeat the same pattern of behavior jumping from one story to another providing obsession coverage for a day or two then quickly forgetting it without any diversity. If one network or Cable News show is covering one subject so are the rest while ignoring many of the most important news stories.

At about 6:26 give or take a minute or two Eastern time both CNN and MSNBC came out with breaking news about the latest missile launch beginning what was, for a little while obsession coverage. However CBS and perhaps the other network news didn't even report it at all on the evening news. At 7:00 both Hardball on MSNBC and The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox ignored it implying that they're probably prerecorded or plan their propaganda ahead of time and didn't bother interrupting their regular staged show.

The only one of the major networks that covered it at that Hour was Erin Burnett the "Breaking News Queen" was the only one that reported on it. For her, starting every news show with the phrase "Breaking News" is routine, like a large portion of the media, although she does it much more than most, which uses it so much that it no longer means anything anymore; and when they do have breaking news that should be treated as important it's like the boy that cried wolf and they don't seem serious about anything. This has, not surprisingly, led people to be skeptical of all this hype; it's like the boy that cried wolf!

This isn't the first time they stirred up the North Korean scare then quickly moved on to another obsession du jour, making it seem as if it isn't so urgent. A couple of weeks after Trump made his absurd "fire and fury" threat, which looked like something an immature little kid might come up with, he said that he thought North Korea was behaving better, for a little while, perhaps trying to give people the impression that his threats were working. However, there was no evidence to support this like most of his other absurd claims.

Bush's pulling out of the deal with also isn't the first or last obviously wrong practice that could have avoided war, including the narrow number of candidates that are routinely covered by the mainstream media, which ensures that only the candidates they support can get name recognition in the first place. This is how both Bush and Trump got elected in the first place, when neither one of them could have gotten the nomination if they provided reasonably diverse coverage of candidates in the press. I went into this more in The 2000 election revisited where I reminded people that before the 9/11 attacks and even before the first primaries back in 1999, the media virtually declared the Bush and Gore were the inevitable nominations and then they provided obsession coverage for the candidates of their choice to enable them to get the nominations.

This is standard operating procedure and it is why decent candidates that might be inclined to keep their promises never get any media coverage. It's also why so many people were outraged and looking for someone to stand up to "the establishment," although the assumption that Donald Trump would ever stand up to the establishment, which he has been benefiting from is absurd. However a large percentage of the public hasn't developed the critical thinking skills to check their own facts, which is what makes them so susceptible to deceptive propaganda.

There is no way that Donald Trump could have been elected if the media hadn't been giving him an enormous amount of coverage for decades to ensure that he had plenty of name recognition. This of course increased dramatically when they gave him his show "The Apprentice" that clearly targeted the moist susceptible people to propaganda; and it increased even more when he entered the presidential race in the most absurd fashion, by calling Mexican't rapists, and making appeals to emotion.

We're supposed to believe that this was all unexpected, however the political establishment has been studying how to manipulate the public for decades, and researchers like James Carville and Frank Luntz have been doing focus groups or other research to study how people respond to political manipulation so they can develop more effective ads to get votes even while they cater overwhelmingly to the corporate interests that finance political campaigns and the media.

They've known for quite a while that an enormous amount of people were angry at the political establishment; but instead of at least trying to address some of these concerns, to reduce the outrage they keep pushing for more fanatical policies that they must know had to backfire at some point!

With all the political research they do how can they possibly not know that if they keep pushing the country closer to the edge it's a matter of time before it backfires? Instead of trying to educate the public better and trying to prevent some kind of inevitable disaster they keep pursuing more radical polices moving further to the right. There should be little or no doubt that another major part of the reason Donald Trump was able to get elected was becasue they rigged the Democratic nomination for an incredibly corrupt candidate that is almost as bad if not worse than Donald Trump! the truth of the matter is that if they provided reasonable coverage for a diverse group of candidates that discuss many issues there would ahve been no way that either of these two clowns could have gotten the nomination.

On top of that they could have discussed ranked choice voting; the basics of Single Payer versus for profit insurance which spends and enormous amount of premium money on lobbying or advertising and keeping large portions for profit making less available for actual claims; educating the public about all these wars based on lies; informed the public about how union busting is causing inferior merchandise eliminating factory direct options and even increasing crime and many other things, which the oligarchies censor!

And those paying attention to the alternative media outlets might remember the famous “Pied Piper” attachment to a leaked Email!

Podesta Email [AGENDA & MEMO] Friday Strategy Call at 8:00 AM ET 04/23/2015 Includes “Pied Piper” PDF attachment showing they wanted to encourage an irrational candidate so that Hillary could win in the general election

Clinton's behavior has been almost as insane as Donald Trump's which is why he was able to get elected! Instead of trying to address many of the most important issues she relied on this insane "Pied Piper" strategy hoping to go up against an irrational candidate so that she wouldn't even have to do a good job pretending to do a good job to get elected; and she still appears to be living in fantasy land with several interviews and her new book showing that she's totally clueless about why everyone hates her so much!

The reason so many people were so outraged and Trump was able to get elected is that int was incredibly obvious that they rigged the media coverage for her; and instead of admitting that they were caught red handed when the Emails were leaked they tried to convince the public that they should have the right to rig the nomination for someone the people hate!

Any rational skeptic would agree that an insane Wag the Dog hypothesis where they're creating this confrontation for some far-fetched conspiracy is extremely hard to believe; however it is also extremely hard to believe that the political establishment could be so clueless that they allowed this clown to get elected and push us to the brink of nuclear war!

There should be no doubt that something insane and absurd is going on, which opens the door for one of those far-fetched conspiracy theories to be true or close to the truth!

In Trump's speech to the U.N. he said that Kim Jong Un, or as he phrased it, "Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself;" however if the official version of truth presented by the mainstream media, which I'm skeptical of, is true, so is Donald Trump and all the political manipulators that enabled him to get obsession coverage he needed to get elected while suppressing coverage for honest or rational candidates are also on a suicide mission.

I find this extremely unlikely; they have proven that although they're manipulative corrupt and deceptive they're not inclined to destroy themselves by choice. A Wag the Dog Conspiracy hypothesis may seem extremely unlikely but the insane behavior of the political establishment is as unlikely if not more unlikely; and even if the most far-fetched Wag the Dog conspiracy Theory doesn't hold up there's an enormous amount of evidence that a less far-fetched conspiracy is going on and the media is distorting the information they present to the public and that they've been caught lying about one war after another.

A large portion of past lies have been exposed and even the traditional media has often reported it and the government often has often admitted it although they both only discuss these lies briefly then quickly forget it and often treat people that keep track of their lies and admission as conspiracy theorists. Those more familiar with the most reliable alternative media outlets are much more likely to be familiar with these, and I ahve reported on some of them in numerous articles in the past including a recent one, Wars Based On Lies Has Long History Of Political Support, where I reviewed a long list of the lies used to get us into wars in the past; Even Bernie Sanders Ignores History of North Korea Conflict, which reviews the history of the negotiations with North Korea; and Is 60 Minutes presenting anti-North Korea propaganda?, which raises major doubts about some of the past reporting by Anderson Cooper on a "North Korean prisoner who allegedly escaped after 23 brutal years," however instead of going on with his life he went on a speaking tour that seems highly couched and doesn't seem to indicate that he is nearly as traumatized as other people abused that bad that wouldn't be emotionally capable of providing anti-North Korea propaganda.

I gave attempted to provide reliable sources for all these articles but if your not already doing your own research and checking your own facts I hope you'll consider it when you have time. Also, the last of those three articles was written in 2013 when I suspected there should be major doubts about his story, although sixty minutes wasn't reporting on it. In 2015, apparently, Blaine Harden wrote a book about this and also raised more doubts. To the best of my knowledge Sixty Minutes hasn't provided a high profile retraction; however apparently they did edit there internet article about it, North Korean prisoner escaped after 23 brutal years Last Updated Jan 18, 2015 8:30 PM EST, to say, "Editor's Note: This story first aired in December 2012. Since then, questions have been raised about the truthfulness of some of the account that Shin Dong-hyuk gave about growing up in a North Korean prison camp. In January 2015, Blaine Harden, who had written a book about Shin's experiences, said that Shin had changed key parts of his story, including the timing and circumstances of his time in prison, his torture, and his eventual escape. Harden first disclosed these discrepancies to The Washington Post and also sent a statement to 60 Minutes. We have not yet been able to reach Shin for comment."

At the time I wrote my article, if I had received attention from the mainstream press, my best guess is, that they would have treated my article as fringe conspiracy theory, as they often treat many other reports that expose their propaganda; however I would not have been aware that they seem to have confirmed my concerns and demonstrated their own propaganda tactics once again by reporting the deceptive propaganda far and wide while only reporting the doubts about it in a low profile manner.

They appear to be doing the same thing all over again with Will Ripley's reporting from within North Korea!

They're trying to portray North Korea as fanatical and authoritarian as they previously portrayed the Soviet Union; however, the even though the Soviet Union was extremely authoritarian and a closed society they weren't always as bad as the United States portrayed them, and they never allowed our reporters to go in and get into the Soviet Union at all let alone report about how their propaganda is so misleading openly within North Korea while allegedly being watched by their authoritarian guards that are supposedly watching reporters as well as the Soviet Union did.

Anyone that remembers how authoritarian the reporting about the Soviet Union and other tyrannical states might agree that this is even less credible than the story about Shin Dong-hyuk, which their disclaimer almost admits it is seriously flawed.

There should also be major doubts about whether a nation that can't keep the lights on for the vast majority of the country can develop this nuclear technology at all and the missiles to deliver them especially the Hydrogen Bomb which is more advanced than they probably should have been able to develop. However if they're right and they did develop this then one thing that is odd that they rarely if ever mention is the possibility that they could deliver it using other means. If they can develop bombs, even just the less severe ones, like the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki there should be more concern that they could smuggle it far closer to the United States without a missile system. I seriously doubt all this propaganda about tehm developing this technology but if they did then the delivery could be lower tech and that should be enough reason not to antagonize them!

Even if more far-fetched conspiracy theories aren't true, or partly true, there's an enormous amount of deceptive propaganda going on that has been routine for decades. For one reason or another we have a clownish president that has been caught one time after another in many scandals and scams including numerous ties to the mafia which can be found with a Google search, although most articles only report on one or two when further search will turn up more, Trump University lawsuit which was an obvious fraud and dozens if not hundreds more scams including his infamous tape where he bragged about being able to "grab them by the pussy. you can do anything," when your a celebrity. There is something seriously wrong with a media that provides obsession coverage for this demagogue to get elected that won't provide coverage for progressive candidates like Jill Stein or many even lesser known candidates unless they collect an enormous amount of bribes, thinly disguised as campaign contributions from the corporations that the media serve!

This absurd behavior including the rhetoric about a nuclear apocalypse, or "wars and rumors of wars" and the extreme weather are appearing to be increasingly Apocalyptic; however unlike the serious threat that is presented by the Bible it's being presented like an unbelievable satire that people shouldn't take seriously. And most people don't seem to be; however there are real threats that we should worry about even though the scare about North Korea may be based on propaganda not a real threat. One of them is that they could use this deception to lead us into another war based on lies!

Still as someone trying to be a rational skeptic it should be clear that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to take them seriously, even if the official version of truth is now as far-fetched as what most people consider far-fetched conspiracy theories. But there has been extraordinary evidence of many major unsolved mysteries for hundreds of years, although many people claiming to be rational skeptics refuse to admit to it. But some of this evidence is inadequate to fill in all the answers, just enough to raise major doubts about the official version of the truth. One of the clearest and most conclusive that I know of is the large number of megaliths well over a hundred tons that have been moved long distances by ancient civilizations even though when they do experiments between ten and forty tons they cheat and still can't move them long distances; and they don't even try to move bigger ones with ancient technology. Additional unsolved mysteries include alleged mystics like Edgar Cayce, Padre Pio, Uri Geller and many others, as well as many UFO sightings that have still not been explained. These require more review to demonstrate a major unsolved mystery than the megaliths but those that take the time to check the details might not be able to explain it.

If you Google "Donald Trump Apocalypse" there are a surprising number of people that are speculating that Trump really might bring on the Apocalypse including some credible scientists according to Donald Trump could be about to trigger the apocalypse, elite Doomsday Clock scientists conclude 01/26/2017 which reports that "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" has moved the "Doomsday Clock" closer to midnight based on Trump's irrational comments about both Climate Change and Nuclear War and this was before the recent increase in tensions with North Korea!

However it still seems to clownish and irrational to believe!

A Wag the Dog Conspiracy Theory seems as rational if not more rational, even if it is also far-fetched; but why?

In my recent article Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory I explained that an enormous amount of research about Climate Change and attempts to control the weather are being admitted to by the government and mainstream scientists including Dr. Michio Kaku, although they're often mixed up with fringe conspiracy theorists that often exaggerate and misrepresent them so it often seems like fringe science. However if there is something to it they have to do some research on it, and that appears to include according to admissions from government scientists, to cloud seeding in Vietnam to increase rain, which is also being allegedly done by both China and Russia; fracking that can induce earthquakes; and if Climate Change is caused by man, as most scientists claim, that is a form of geoengineering indicating that as Dr. Michio Kaku, further weather control is possible.

This theory also takes into consideration numerous other major unsolved mysteries including UFOs and the possibility that there may have been an unknown advanced intelligence that has been influencing our civilization for thousands of years and that it enabled the movement of the megaliths and influenced early religions, possibly inspiring religious texts including the Book of the Apocalypse.

This may be far-fetched to many people but whether a crazy Ancient Alien conspiracy theory is true or not it should be a good idea to protect the environment, educate children, prevent routine wars based on lies, allow diverse media that isn't monopolized by the rich and provide full disclosure of what our government is doing! Yet the government gets every one of these wrong!

If we could bring about the government and media reform we need while reversing the damage to the environment then we can simultaneously bring about a disclosure process to release all the information that the government has been keeping secret from us. This would have to be fact checked carefully since they have an incredibly long history of lying and have been repeatedly caught and if this is a fringe conspiracy then that will be exposed by the evidence, which is fine. I'm not trying to push a theory if it doesn't hold up and no doubt there are problems with it and it needs many more details to be filled in if it is partly true.

However even if it is false, most of the propaganda coming from the mainstream media and the government is also false and that needs to be exposed!

The following are additional sources with further details:

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory

It's increasingly difficult to deny that there is Climate Change going on and that it is virtually guaranteed that it is partly a result of carbon dioxide and other changes to the environment made by man. Almost all the traditional scientists agree on this yet the entire government and economic establishment is refusing to take the steps to minimize it. However even if the Climate Change deniers are partly if not entirely right there's still an enormous amount of damage being caused by environmental destruction, especially in third world countries and the poorest parts of the developed world where residents don't have the political clout to prevent powerful corporations from profiting off the destruction of the environment.

There are also a growing number of conspiracy theories about Geoengineering claiming that corporations are profiting off of cloud seeding technology or that they're using weather as a weapon; no doubt most rational people are skeptical of these theories especially the most far-fetched and exaggerated ones. However, the government has admitted that they have done some research into cloud seeding during Vietnam and both China and Russia claim they're also doing some of it, successful or not. Leading scientists have also admitted that fracking is creating earthquakes and the U.S. Geological Survey doesn't completely deny this although they claim that most of it is done by waste water disposal, which means that it's still man-made inducements of earthquakes.

Even though the most extreme of these theories probably won't hold up to scrutiny there is a growing amount of evidence, both new, and in some cases old that have been documented in obscure locations to indicate that more extensive weather control might be possible and that some research is at least being considered, if not actual modification. The conspiracy theorists have recirculated the following admission from Dr. Michio Kaku; and additional evidence, previously written off as religious superstition, might indicate that some efforts to research weather modification might be much older than most people suspect

Top Scientist Admits on Live TV: Recent Hurricanes are Man-Made 09/08/2017

Dr. Michio Kaku accidentally makes confession on weather modification

One of the world's leading scientists has made a shocking confession on live TV when he accidentally admitted that the recent "man-made" hurricanes have been artificially created through secret government weather modification. During an interview on mainstream media outlet CBS news, Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku said that the skies have been sprayed with nano particles and storms are then "activated" using "lasers".

Anonymous reports: People in positions of influence propose that the skies be sprayed to “combat climate change,” but they never exactly admit it is already happening: in this little-known slip-up, a mainstream scientist admitted it.

In the interview, Michio Kaku briefly dips into the history of weather modification (in little detail compared to extensive works, such as the book “Chemtrails Exposed: a New Manhattan Project”).

Very quickly, the CBS crew interrupted him to say the state weather modification programs were only “alleged.” Complete article

A reasonable amount of skepticism of this article is appropriate and Snopes was quick to fact check it; however they admit that some degree of weather control might be possible. Furthermore this story was circulated last year Scientist Dr. Michio Kaku Admits Government ‘Weather Control’ On CBS News 10/21/2016 and in 2014 Dr. Michio Kaku admits government weather control on CBS News 02/18/2014 yet Snopes doesn't mention this. They also missed this article which was posted on the 8th and attributed the recent revival to another source that posted it one day later, indicating that their efforts to debunk are poorly researched, since I was able to find all this in no more than a few minutes. They say, at this time that, "We contacted Kaku for further comment, but did not receive a response by press time." If they had debunked the previous claims then they could have cited that and there would have been plenty of time for Michio Kaku to get back to them, which might indicate that they haven't looked to closely into it. It also means that Michio Kaku might not be worried about debunking it since he's had plenty of time to respond to those claims as well.

This was updated a day or two after Snopes posted this article to say that Michio Kaku says the story is "100% false;" however Michio Kaku clearly does think that some form of weather modification is possible and there are other sources claiming that cloud seeding has been used in an attempt to increase rain in certain locations, although it is hard to imagine why they would want to do it during hurricane season when they know it would result in a disaster, assuming it works at all.

Even though some of the conspiracy theorists have taken some things out of context Snopes and Michio Kaku both avoided directly addressing the question of whether or not any weather control experimentation is going on like further research on cloud seeding the government admitted that it tried in Vietnam.

This should be considered inconclusive, at least but Michio Kaku clearly does believe that weather modification might be possible and it's worth researching in the future.

The same source says that Pope Francis: Donald Trump Voters Are to Blame for Hurricane Irma 09/11/2017 which isn't quite what the Pope said but it is clearly implied. This site, like many others including traditional media might participate in a little spin and perhaps should have reported that they were reinterpreting an old clip but they're not necessarily completely wrong. Regardless of whether or not this article is being misrepresented there should be no doubt that much more action needs to be taken to protect the environment and the Pope is right on this even if he may not always support the best scientific research.

In Portugal, Pope Francis recently Proclaimed Two Fátima Siblings Saints 05/13/2017; which, as many Catholics believe, might be evidence of "God's" ability to control the weather at least to some degree; and surprisingly, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that something far-fetched and hard to believe did happen there and it does involve the prediction of it months ahead of time, and extremely bizarre weather, according to thousands of witnesses. I mentioned the possibility that several unsolved mysteries including the movement of massive megaliths, UFO and Fatima might be evidence of a unknown advanced intelligence that might have been influencing early development of civilization in UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun" and Could Steve Bannon Be Providing Propaganda To Enable Climate Change Research Project? Some of this also involves claims from Philip Corso that he acquired technology from alien craft that was retrieved at Roswell and shared it with multinational corporations to reverse engineer it reported in his book "The Day After Roswell." as I have reported in previous articles, there are problems with his claims; however if they're partly true they could help explain a lot of major unsolved mysteries, including how ancient megaliths have been moved, how raped development of technology sped up so much in the last seventy years and even more so in the last few decades, and perhaps many other unsolved mysteries as well, although many more details need to be worked out.

The following excerpt indicates how one faithful believer concludes the incident at Fatima is evidence of "God's" ability to control the weather:

The Miracle of the Sun as Proclamation of the Universal Queenship of Mary 2007

The whole night it rained. This was a change in the weather from what had occurred earlier in the autumn season. It was as if Our Lady was perfectly stage managing the scene to emphasize the miracle. The rain transformed the dusty roads into muddy quagmires. What does de Almeida say concerning the response of the people to these adverse conditions? “They did not lose hope and they did not forget the cause for which they came.”

The day of October 13th arrived. De Almeida continues, “By 10 o’clock the sky was completely hidden behind the clouds and the rain began to fall in earnest. Swept by the strong wind and beating upon the faces of the people, it soaked the pilgrims, often without protection against the weather, to the marrow of their bones … But no one complained or turned back … Hours of waiting …The great mass of people congregate round the oak tree which, according to the children, is Our Lady’s pedestal.” .....

What is truly amazing about this miracle is that Our Lady perfectly “stage managed” the entire event. Each aspect of the miracle was directed to accentuate the miraculous nature of the phenomenon. Dr. Almeida Garrett reports, “The sky, which had been overcast all day, suddenly clears up; the rain stops and it looks like the sun is about to fill with light the countryside that the wintry morning had made so gloomy.” This sudden change of weather surprised all of the witnesses. Dr. Pereira Gens simply reports, “The rain suddenly stopped”; it “suddenly stopped,” of course, at the exact moment which had been predicted for the miracle to take place. Complete article

In "Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon" Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada review a large number of reports of unusual similarities between the incident at Fatima and UFO reports. The strongest evidence is probably reports of unidentified flying objects, of some sort reported in many location where the technology shouldn't have been developed at the time they were reported. In 1917 airplane technology was very limited yet thousands of people reported seeing something moving within the atmosphere, although, due to their belief system they seem to have concluded that it was the Sun, which would have been totally impossible. However not all of them claimed it was the Sun and there were numerous reports that it was globe, a disc or some other type of flying craft, including at least one person that assumed that it was a vehicle to transport "Our Lady."

Some of the other similarities that they compare include the ability to control animals, apparitions that allegedly appear to seers including the three children at Fatima, thunder, lightning, unusual clouds, rapid heating or cooling that have been reported at both Fatima and many UFO sightings. If it's possible, as Michio Kaku believes, to influence the weather, and there has been some influence on the development of our society by an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort, whether it's aliens or what people perceive as "Gods," for hundreds of years then this unknown advanced intelligence could have had some of the technology to do it all along, and could be continuing to research how to do more. Or if, as many UFO researchers, including Philip Corso, claim there are aliens that have been visiting us and they've made contact with some people within the government already, then it's conceivable that they could be helping to develop weather control technology teaching them how to use it.

If contact has been made it's virtually very likely that the aliens might have understood climate change much better than our most advanced scientists, although there's no guarantee that they can be trusted to look out for our best interest, nor is it guaranteed that our government is looking out for the best interest of the majority, if anything the opposite is guaranteed, since they're behaving so irrational.

Are our political leaders suicidal? are they willing to take our entire civilization with them while they destroy the environment? Are they ideological fanatics that actually believe their own lies? some of them might be but there should be little doubt that many of them aren't, and yet they're only putting up a token opposition to the environmental destruction that will eventually lead to our collapse.

As far fetched as it sound, a theory about weather control research that requires intentionally allowing Climate Change to happen could explain this absurd and irrational behavior; however this wouldn't mean that they can guarantee the restoration of the environment at all. Nor does it change the fact that they clearly act as if the vast majority of the public is expendable to be used for their own benefit.

Extremely far-fetched conclusions about the God's manipulating the weather were also made in 1964 when an extreme storm took place when the secular authorities decided to move a statue believed to be of Tlaloc that Aztec rain God, although some scholars thought it might have actually been his sister. They had to promise the people of Coatlinchan to provide large amounts of public works to get their consent, but some of them were still outraged and attempted to sabotage the move. But the secular authorities went ahead and moved it and some came to the conclusion that Tlaloc was angry and sent enormous amounts of rain as told in Time Life Lost Civilizations series:Aztecs: Reign of Blood and Splendor (1992) p.45-47 and another description in the following article:

Mexico's Lord Of The Waters By Ralph Graves

To some, the recent revival of Lake Chapala has been nothing short of a miracle, perhaps a divine intercession in answer to the many prayers to the Virgin. For others, it is merely a phase in nature’s continuing cycle of the lake’s rise and fall. But according to an elderly Mexican friend, the replenishment of the lake is more likely the work of the ancient Aztec rain god, Tlaloc.

“It’s simple,” he told me with a sly wink. “When Tlaloc is pleased, he makes it rain just enough for crops to flourish. When he’s upset about something, you get either a drought or a flood.”

Just who was this pre-Columbian rain-maker? Actually, the “lord of the waters” pre-dates the Aztecs, appearing in Meso-American mythology as early as the Olmec civilization. He was called Chac by the Mayas, Tajin by the Totonacs and other names by succeeding cultures. Regardless of the name, this deity was venerated by most early Mexicans as one of the four principle gods—those of earth, sun, rain and corn.

He was usually depicted wearing a green necklace and a Lord of Waters —two-braided pendant. He carried a rattle with which to make thunder and had large cicular eyes that gave him the appearance of wearing glasses or goggles. One of his earliest depictions is among the archeological ruins of Teotihuacan where wall paintings show the god in his part of the heavens surrounded by priests and the happy souls of the departed.

Much later, the Aztecs erected a great temple devoted to him in the their capital, Teotihuacan. Tlaloc was responsible for providing just the right amount of rain to grow crops—primarily maize, the primary food source of the ancients. He caused all plant life to flourish, bloom and bear fruit. He made the rivers flow and the lakes thrive, thus assuring a plentiful supply of fish and game.

But could this rain-making prowess extend into the twenty-first century? “Well,” recalled my friend, “he certainly caused a stir back in ’64, don’t you remember?”

That year I was studying at the University in Mexico City where my friend was teaching. In the early months of the year, as the new National Museum of Anthropology neared completion, it was decided that the monolith of Tlaloc was just the right finishing touch to accent the entrance of the impressive structure.

Up to then, the stone colossus lay half-buried in the nearby valley of Coatlinchan, sporadically visited by the curious. It was generally thought to be the most massive piece of sculpture produced by any ancient Mexican culture. And moving the 167-ton statue into the city required a super-human engineering feat.

For starters, the road bed along the route had to be reinforced in order to bear the weight. Then a special moving platform was constructed with a total of 72 wheels. The massive creature had to be chained like Gulliver in order for a custom-built steel crane to lift it and place it onto the platform. The final move, which took place over several days, was accompanied by police and fire vehicles and rain-soaked cheering crowds. Rain-soaked? And how!

It seems that Tlaloc was not amused at being uprooted from his centuries old habitat. The first day of the move was accompanied by unusually early and heavy rains throughout the Valley of Mexico. Each day of the move brought increasingly severe downpours, ultimately flooding large areas of the Capital. The city’s fascination with the move and the accompanying deluge was reflected by the press.

“They move Tlaloc and the Capital is flooded,” screamed the headline of one leading daily. Other papers featured articles about the irritable deity’s rain-making abilities and its displeasure at being disturbed. The final day of the move saw the most violent weather yet, punctuated by hail which ripped apart trees and caused damage to a number of buildings in the city.

Finally, the day after the move was completed and Tlaloc was once again at rest, the weather changed abruptly to a series of clear, sunny days with gentle rainfall at night—just enough to make the crops flourish.

So, were these events caused by Tlaloc, as the news media seemed to imply? Or were they merely coincidence? As my friend mused, “It’s like the case of Lake Chapala. You choose the answer that suits you best.” Complete article

How likely is it that a God would have sent that rain in outrage over the moving of a statue? Hard to imagine what his motive could possibly be; but the enormous effort it took to move it with modern technology, and the fact that experiments to moves something so large with ancient technology failed clearly indicates that there's a major unsolved mystery, which combined with the extremely odd weather is an even bigger mystery. Did Tlaloc flood Mexico City in outrage over moving his statue? Was it part of a Geoengineering experiment? or just a coincidence?

Also whether it is because of Tlaloc, a miracle, a bizarre Geoengineering experiment or just natures unpredictable cycles, Lake Chapala was shrinking and in danger of becoming a dead lake, but it revived itself from its worst declines, first after a drought in the fifties then more recently after a second decline, when Ralph Graves wrote this article about ten years and it has recovered even more since then.

This was shortly before some of the first efforts to Geo-engineer the weather were allegedly planned according to What Is Geoengineering and Why Is It Considered a Climate Change Solution? 04/06/2010 which reports that Lyndon Johnson received an early report about climate change and addressed Congress about it, aproximately ten months after the unusual storm that came during what is normally the dry season. His scientific advisers recommended research into far-fetched efforts to control the weather that they almost certainly didn't understand, ignoring efforts to protect the environment by limiting carbon emissions.

This isn't much to go on, but I'll give it a guess on one possibility that might have happened, assuming that some contact had taken place between aliens and government scientists by then, as the MJ-12 documents and Philip Corso seem to imply might have happened.

If, at this point, the aliens already had some ability to manipulate the weather and understood cloud seeding and perhaps other technology that might help partially control the environment, and wanted to do more research, but needed cooperation from leading government researchers and policy makers, they might have made contact, and as the bible often says, made another covenant with government scientists. The government scientists would have wanted something in return, and they might have demanded some kind of evidence that some weather control was possible and other advanced technology would be shared with them. This could have included advanced computer technology genetic engineering technology and technology that would advance space travel, and who knows what else.

The government scientists would have already been familiar with the incident at Fatima and if they had contacted the aliens as far back as 1947 when the Roswell incident allegedly happened then they would have had plenty of time to do some research into that and speculate about the possibility that it could have involved some weather manipulation. Some kind of deal might have been worked out and they might have come up with some plan as to how the research project would work out and if or when it would end. It is highly unlikely that the government scientists would have gone along with the plan if they thought it would have led to the destruction of the environment and the end of their civilization.

The aliens might have offered a demonstration of some sort that could be dismissed as a superstitious belief in Pagan Gods and this could have been provided during the movement of the statue. It would provide a mythical explanation that doesn't make any sense to rational people, but seems credible to religious people that happen to believe in one particular mythology. These mythologies, whether they're Christian or Pagan including the ancient Aztec or Mayan mythologies are often used to manipulate the masses and control them whether or not there is an advanced intelligence. If there is then they could be using them as part of a control process; and even if they aren't governments have been manipulating the public with their religious beliefs for thousands of years.

Many of these religions including Christian, Aztec or Mayan, worship blind senseless sacrifices that make no sense to rational people; however, even though they claim to defend a higher moral belief system, they routinely sacrifice the innocent, or people with the least political power so that the most powerful people, and most guilty, can control the decision making process. With or without a far-fetched conspiracy theory like this there is plenty of evidence to prove that it is routine to sacrifice those without political power for the benefit of those with political power. If there was a merciful God, as Christians believe then he simply wouldn't remain silent about all these atrocities committed in his name inspired by religions he allegedly created.

If on the other hand there are aliens or some other form of hidden advanced intelligence that has been perceived as Gods, which have been conducting research of some sort or have some other ulterior motive then it might make more sense.

There would still have to be plenty of details worked out to make this credible and answer many major unsolved mysteries; however the official version of truth isn’t making sense when many of the facts are checked, so some degree of speculation is worthwhile, at least until we get an explanation that holds up to scrutiny.

Looking through many of the alleged prophecies from many sources including the Bible, Quran, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and who knows how many other sources might indicate that there are some similarities between them and what is going on; however they’re typically vague and unreliable and can often be interpreted to support any belief system that people want, often contradictory versions. But as I pointed out in Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy and a few other articles, there are far more similarities between the characteristics of the Whore of Babylon and Hillary Clinton than a rational skeptic would expect; and since I posted that instead of this bizarre theory falling apart which I would have expected if there was nothing to it there seem to have been more similarities between current events and the absurd description given in the Book of Apocalypse, assuming you don't think I'm interpreting things to support my own beliefs, which is of course what other skeptics would claim.

Additional events that seem apocalyptic include the insane policy taken with North Korea that is happening that could distract from serious reform that is needed to confront the Climate Crisis. As I have explained in numerous articles including Even Bernie Sanders Ignores History of North Korea Conflict! there should never have been this confrontation and if the government acted rationally they could have easily avoided it. Jimmy Carter helped negotiate a deal that could have eased tensions between our countries in the nineties and if George Bush hadn't arbitrarily pulled out of it for absurd reasons this never would have happened.

Furthermore the government and the media both know how to do a far better job covering campaigns and if they wanted to avoid electing an insane clown like Donald Trump they could have and would have by simply providing more coverage for rational candidates instead of presenting two of the most unpopular and corrupt candidates in history as the inevitable nominees of both parties. They understand that in order for any candidate to be viable they need name recognition that can't be obtained unless the consolidated corporate media provides reasonably fair coverage, which they don't!

By providing obsession coverage to this insane clown and treating Clinton as the inevitable nominee the media and political establishment did far more to rig the election for Donald Trump than the Russians ever could have, assuming there is anything to this Russian conspiracy theory the media is obsessed with!

No doubt large portions of this theory sound insane to many people; however the official version of truth is almost as insane if not more insane!

It may be easy to dismiss this as a bizarre conspiracy theory, which it might be; however whether this is close to the truth or not the government is doing one insane thing after another and there should be some simple things that the public should easily understand.

There should be no doubt that much more effort needs to be done to protect the environment and that conservation renewable energy should be replacing fossil fuels as quickly as possible. In addition to that there are many improvements by creating local control of the economy that could reduce waste that could help protect the environment.

There should be no doubt that we need a far more diverse media and that we need to allow the public to control the interview process of our elected officials instead of allowing the oligarchies rig elections by refusing to cover honest candidates.

There should be no doubt that we should stop fighting one war after another based on lies and selling weapons all over the world to people that routinely turn them against us! There should be no doubt that diverting irrational military spending and waste to to education health care and infrastructure development as well as other social programs that are proven to work.

There should also be no doubt that allowing the government and corporations to shroud all their activities in secrecy is a bad idea and that we need to demand full disclosure of all the information that is impacting the public. A functioning democracy requires that the public be allowed to have accurate information to make their decisions!

I could go into a long list of other things, yet the government and media is doing the wrong thing on almost every one and more!

It really is a conspiracy; but if we could at least start a reform process then it might be reasonable to put some of the things that we can't agree about on the back burner while figuring out the details and acting on the things we can agree on.

The following are some additional sources:

Debunking the Sun Miracle Skeptics 09/09/2010

The Apparitions at Fatima

The Virgin of Zapopan: Her visit to Lake Chapala 08/01/2000

September storms prompt Lake Chapala revival 10/03/2014

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Artificial warming trial reveals striking sea-floor changes 08/31/2017

U.S. Geological Survey: Induced Earthquakes Myths and Misconceptions

Thanks To Fracking, Earthquake Hazards In Parts Of Oklahoma Now Comparable To California 09/07/2016

The Conspiracy And Science Of Weather Control And Modification 05/10/2017

Wikipedia: Weather warfare

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Does cloud seeding work? China takes credit for the storms now bringing a reprieve from severe drought, but is that claim valid? 02/19/2009

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Scapegoating human trafficker to protect corporations?

James Mathew Bradley Jr. has dropped out of the news cycle, for now but apparently they might be seeking the death penalty against him for his part in the human smuggling operation that killed at least ten or eleven people last July in San Antonio Texas. There doesn't seem to much if any attempt to report on other people organizing this smuggling operation or explaining where these immigrants would be working once they got into the United States.

But it should be obvious that there is much more to this story than the media has reported, and that if they wanted to they could report much more on it and, assuming that he's part of a bigger smuggling effort they might offer him a good deal if he testifies against those that are organizing it, as most reports about organized crime indicate the government operates. However that would be assuming they want to catch the people at the top of the smuggling ring, which might not be their intention at all.

There are occasional stories that say this isn't an isolated incident, including the following article, although they don't go into full details and are quickly forgotten one these stories fade from the headlines:

'Horrific' human-smuggling case in Texas not an isolated event, officials say 07/23/2017

Eight people were found dead and about 30 others injured inside a brutally hot semitrailer parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas, in what authorities are calling "a horrific scene."

One of the injured later died, officials said, bringing the death toll to nine in what police described as an apparent human smuggling attempt. Officials had first said two additional people had died but later corrected the number to one.

Authorities became aware of the truck overnight after a Wal-Mart employee, who was approached by someone who had been in the truck asking for water, notified police of the interaction, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said this morning at a press conference, alongside other officials from the city. .....

Meanwhile, surveillance video from the store showed that a number of vehicles entered the parking lot and "picked up lots of folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip," McManus said.

Some of the people who had been in the truck ran into the woods nearby, he said. The area was searched, and another attempt will be made in the morning, officials said. Complete article

The fact that they had cars coming to pick people up so quickly implies that they probably had some people in the area to minimize the damage. Also there is little or no reporting about asking the truck driver if he would cooperate in any efforts to find other people involved in this smuggling ring.

There's an enormous amount of talk about the "rule of law" and how this is allegedly what justifies our immigration system that enables this. If you listen to the talk on the mainstream media many of the loudest voices claim that it are the immigrants that are threatening the "rule of law" by coming here "illegally," even though it doesn't take much research to determine that it is extremely difficult for many of these immigrants to survive in other countries that often have oppressive governments, some supported by our own government. They're rarely involved in the decision making process, and even if they could be they often don't have access to an educational system or reliable news to enable them to participate in the democratic system.

Perhaps we should consider what the purpose of the "rule of law" that these loud pundits are talking about all the time that they claim justifies their oppressive immigration policies.

Are our immigration laws designed to minimize crime prevent civil rights violations and defend democracy?

Or are they designed to give those with political connections access to cheap labor so they can profit by violating peoples civil rights, using divide and rule tactics to drive down wages?

No doubt that if these questions were asked by the mainstream media they would clearly say that the first option is what the laws are designed to do since it clearly sounds much better; however any rational human rights advocate familiar with immigration laws much know that even though the second option isn't the literal truth it is far closer than anyone would want to admit! This is why they don't even ask some of the most basic questions in the mainstream media.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the people that control the media, large corporations, the two leading political parties are all much wealthier than the majority of the public, especially the immigrants they're constantly demonizing. It also doesn't take a genius to realize that the reason why they're so much wealthier is that one class of people does the vast majority of menial work for very little pay enabling the smaller class of people that control large institutions to make enormous profits. They decide which candidates we get to hear from and which ones we don't and we never get to hear from those that try to do a good job on this issue or any other one, if it interferes with their profits.

It also doesn't take a lot of research to find out that when members of the ruling class take advantage of our immigration system they're rarely ever held accountable, or if they do get exposed they face a slap on the wrist at most.

One of the most fundamental basics of the economic system our ruling class worships is, of course "supply and demand." If they investigate this and follow it to the top who will they find provides the demand?

We have an enormous amount of information, although it is scattered in low profile areas to answer that, at least partially, it is the ruling class and many of the people that control our government including Donald Trump and several members of his cabinet ass well as at least one nominee that was forced to withdraw after he was exposed in one scandal to many, although it wasn't the one about illegal immigrants that forced Andrew Puzder to withdraw.

Donald Trump has been involved in numerous scandals where he was caught hiring undocumented workers, and at times tried to manipulate the immigration laws so that he could get away with it legally. This includes an old report where he hired Polish Contractors to demolish a construction site preparing it for a new building and a more recent one, while he was president where Mar A Lago made a lame attempt to hire American workers while simultaneously asking for permission to hire 70 temporary workers from overseas. This ad was hidden in a location where few would see it and the reason clearly appears to be to get his waiver for foriegn workers he must first claim that he attempted to hire local workers and failed.

Andrew Puzder, his first choice for head of the Labor Department was one of at least seven Cabinet nominees including, Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, Linda Chavez, Bernard Kerik, Tim Geithner, and Wilbur Ross, that were exposed for hiring undocumented workers. Both Tim Geithner and Wilbur Ross were approved anyway. Meg Whitman former GOP governor nominee of California and head of Hewlett Packard and Lou Dobbs who rants and raves against undocumented workers stealing jobs and many other were also exposed for hiring undocumented immigrants. Donald Trump and most of these other people that get caught often claim that they didn't know about it after the fact although there is often evidence to indicate that either he should have known or almost certainly did know.

They're like the Corleone family they have "a lot of buffers."

Heavily relying on "outside contractors" is one of the most common way of avoiding responsibility for labor violations; and an enormous amount of the people that have been responsible for enforcing these laws have profited by using this method and avoiding accountability; however these are only a small fraction of the workers that are being smuggled in and most of these high profile cases probably got in through different means than the one exposed in Texas.

But the point should be clear when these people with connection get caught at worst they might not get an appointment to a Cabinet but are never prosecuted for providing the demand for all these undocumented immigrants; while the immigrants that work for extremely low wages often are and they often get threatened with deportation to help avoid accountability for those that do profit like the Polish workers working for Trumps contractors and the undocumented worker formerly working for Meg Whitman.

Where are the vast majority of these workers going? It doesn't take much to find that some of them are being used for sex crimes, and the majority of the reporting from the traditional media is probably about that but an enormous amount of them are working for contractors that almost certainly sell their products to many of the largest oligarchies that control almost all of the economy. However they have enough lawyers to advise them to maintain plausible deniability, or at least what they consider plausible, and they can rely on their allies not to enforce laws that the rest of us are accountable to.

According to the following excerpts from the ACLU there are well over fourteen thousand people smuggled into the United States each year, many of them under oppressive work environments:

ACLU: Human Trafficking: Modern Enslavement of Immigrant Women in the United States

Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It is an extreme form of labor exploitation where women, men and children are recruited or obtained and then forced to labor against their will through force, fraud or coercion. Trafficking victims are often lured by false promises of decent jobs and better lives. The inequalities women face in status and opportunity worldwide make women particularly vulnerable to trafficking. ....

While some trafficking victims are forced to work in the sex trade, many others are forced to perform other types of labor, such as domestic servitude, factory work or agricultural work. Trafficking victims commonly experience physical and psychological abuse, including beatings, sexual abuse, food and sleep deprivation, threats to themselves and their family members, and isolation from the outside world. .....

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that at least 12.3 million people are victims of forced labor at any given time, 2.4 million of whom toil in forced labor as a result of trafficking.7 The U.S. Department of State estimates that 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year.8 However, these numbers do not include the many individuals trafficked within U.S. borders.

The Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley estimates that at least ten thousand people are working as forced laborers at any one time in the United States.9 .....

Traffickers, usually a recruiter or the actual employer, will compel their victims to accept a job through various forms of deception, coercion or physical force. Traffickers deprive their victims of the ability to consent and use physical force or psychological, legal or economic coercion to trap their victims in forced labor situations from which they cannot freely escape.

In extreme situations, victims may be forced into an employment relationship because they were sold by a family member or physically abducted or kidnapped by traffickers. More commonly, traffickers lure their victims into employment relationships by making false promises about the nature and conditions of their future jobs. For example, a trafficker may promise a woman a job in the U.S. as a nanny earning minimum wage, but when she arrives she is instead forced to work in a sweatshop where her wages are withheld, she is forced to work eighteen hours a day and she is not allowed to leave the premises. .....

Forced labor and trafficking is an endemic problem in those industries that lack government regulation or oversight and where, as a result, employers often fail to comply with U.S. labor laws.

As the “informal economy” grows in the U.S. – that is, remunerative work that is not recognized, regulated or protected by existing laws or regulations – so do the occurrences of forced labor or trafficking. Forced labor and trafficking in the United States are most prevalent in domestic service, agriculture, sweatshop and factory work, restaurant and hotel work and in the sex industry. The majority of trafficking cases in the U.S. have been reported in New York, California, and Florida, states with high concentrations of immigrants.15 Complete article

Trade Secrecy or Proprietary Information laws do far more to make it difficult to sort through all the details of this than they do to help expose and prevent it. If not for these laws many sincere labor rights organization could trace the supply chain of many products and ensure that they're not relying on oppressed workers whether they call it slavery or not. Lawyers and public relations people working for the wealthy routinely spin it so that they can restrict the rights of workers as much as possible without calling it slavery, even though it often accomplished the same thing. If one segment of society makes all the decisions and gets all the benefits while another larger segment does all the work that is slavery or something way to damn close.

Many of the goods that are made by workers that are smuggled into the United States or across other state lines into sweatshops that ship their goods to the United States almost certainly get sold to oligarchies including Walmart, Target and many other legitimate corporations that are often exposed, at least briefly when factories in Bangladesh collapse.

"Each year, more than 100,000 people from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, and South Africa come to America on what is known as an H-2 visa to perform all kinds of menial labor across a wide spectrum of industries: cleaning rooms at luxury resorts and national parks, picking fruit, cutting lawns and manicuring golf courses, setting up carnival rides, trimming and planting trees, herding sheep, or, in the case of Valdez, Gonzalez, and about 20 other Mexican women in 2011, peeling crawfish at L.T. West Inc." The article, The New American Slavery: Invited To The U.S., Foreign Workers Find A Nightmare 07/21/2015, explains how in some cases Louisiana police have been used to intimidate workers that tried to stand up for their rights and were treated like slaves. a large portion of the farm good or undocumented immigrants that work in these jobs probably aren't always in full compliance with these laws; however they almost always work for contractors so like the Corleone family Donald Trump and other members of the ruling class have a lot of buffers. Apparently a variation of this program, the H-2B visa program is what Donald Trump uses to hire his workers at Mar A Lago.

Donald Trump has recently made several speeches falsely claiming that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, however for all practical purposes they're only the Party of Lincoln in name only. Lincoln said, "that no man is good enough to govern another man, without that other's consent. I say this is the leading principle---the sheet anchor of American republicanism." Peoria Speech, October 16, 1854 quoting the Declaration of Independence, which the founding fathers seem to have quickly forgotten when they enshrined slavery into the constitution, "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," the Declaration goes on to say, "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

All this chatter about how these undocumented immigrants are violating the law routinely ignores the fundamentals of the democratic process. If the wealthy are allowed to pass laws regulating the rights of the working class they should have the consent of the working class; instead they created a charade where the wealthy control all the information given to the working class to make their decisions and only allow them to hear from a small number of candidates that cater overwhelmingly to the rich giving the working class one promise after another during campaigns and breaking almost all of them once in office.

The United States has supported coups in Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras and many other countries creating many of these refugees; then instead of protecting their rights they use them for labor under oppressive conditions while the ruling class takes all the money. The ruling class controls all the large institutions that dominate the economic system and use their control of this system to rig everything; and this is just one of the ways they use to force the working class to drive down their own wages through "competition" even though the oligarchies that control the market don't pass on the benefits of this competition to the consumers. Workers get their rights and wages suppressed while economists, public relations executives, advertisers, union busters, political pundits, campaign workers, and other manipulative trades get paid much more, even though they don't contribute to the quality of merchandise. These higher paid jobs aren't designed to contribute to society, but to deceive the public and scam them.

Lincoln also said "Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." First Annual Message to Congress December 3, 1861 However neither political Party is doing much if anything to defend labor, instead controlling the electoral process by only providing media coverage to ideologues that support an economic system that rewards certain types of fraud as long as it benefits those with political connections.

If the political establishment was concerned about solving the immigration problems they created they wouldn't have created them in the first place! These policies were designed to enable those with political power to maximize their profits at the expense of those without political power. The political establishment is providing nothing but propaganda to defend democracy while rigging everything so that one class of people does the vast majority of the work while another get all the benefits.

When Donald Trump talks about bombing "the shit out of them," whoever he seems to want to bomb, he doesn't worry about the consent of those he's bombing, nor does he worry about the lies most wars are based on; when he hires labor under oppressive conditions he doesn't worry about the consent of the laborers, when he decides that he's going to deport millions of people who've been living here most if not all their lives he doesn't worry about their consent. Instead he's supporting voter suppression laws and many of the political manipulation that he railed about during the campaign, which is standard operating procedure for the so-called "outsiders" that the media occasionally presents as an alternative to the establishment candidates.

The constitution doesn't say that a fraction of one percent shall control the media and decide which candidates get name recognition needed to get elected!

However by consolidating the media into six oligarchies they've enabled a small percentage of the public to control the propaganda used to make decisions to avoid addressing the consent of the governed!

Now thanks to the consolidated control of the political establishment and media they've been able to create a totally disfunctional government that only serves the interests of those controlling it!

At least until enough people wake up and stop accepting the candidates that the mainstream media presents to us!

For the most radical racists and those living comfortably this may seem like a bunch of ranting and raving; however Donald Trump's decision to withdraw protection from "Dreamers" and other immigrants even includes many veterans that were recruited and trained to fight wars based on lies about weapons of mass destruction. Are we going to say to them, "Thanks for going to Iraq and fighting for oil, but now that we don't need you anymore get the hell out?" With all the talk about fighting terrorism there is little or no consideration to the fact that even though some of them may be irrational there may also be some that tried to address concerns peacefully and eventually came to the conclusion that the government wasn't cooperating and went to bizarre extremes. Instead of inciting terrorism by refusing to address legitimate concerns the government should be teaching the public about the root causes of violence including early child abuse, abandoned inner cities, economic inequality and other causes.

Of course it shouldn't just be the veterans that were deceived into fighting wars based on lies that should be entitled to participate in the decision making process; if we want to honestly declare our country to be the "leader of the free world" our politicians need to do their best to provide accurate education and news to everyone and allow as many people as are impacted by the decisions made by the government to participate in the democratic process instead of deporting those we don't agree with and increasing voter suppression activities!

There are plenty more reports about virtual slavery that has direct or indirect connections to multinational corporations, although most of them aren't covered by mainstream media; the following are a portion of the ones I found:

Human Trafficking: A Big Business Built on Forced Labor 04/03/2013

Virtual Slavery Indian workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were packed into cramped dormitories and forced to work 16-hours, six days a week, for less than minimum wage. When they complained, they were patrolled by armed guards. 06/11/2002

Despite U.S. laws, thousands still virtual slaves in America 12/13/2009

Employers using temps to skirt immigration laws 08/26/2017 He pointed to a 2005 case in which Wal-Mart paid $11 million to settle accusations that it used cleaning contractors that hired unauthorized immigrants.

Human trafficking risks in Asia’s supply chains: How should businesses respond? 08/04/2017

What Is Human Trafficking? 03/26/2017

Anti-slavery Movement Says Trump Approach To Fighting Slavery “Falls Short” 02/16/2017

'Horrific' human-smuggling case in Texas not an isolated event, officials say 07/23/2017

8 arrested in Texas human-trafficking ring that victimized children 05/03/2017

Thousands of undocumented immigrants said they were forced to work for $1 a day or less 03/05/2017

Immigrants Brought Over as Slaves, Report Says 07/24/2017

ACLU: Human Trafficking: Modern Enslavement of Immigrant Women in the United States

Undocumented families adjust to living under the constant threat of being torn apart 03/16/2017

If someone tips ICE off that I’m illegally in the U.S., will I be deported?

According to ICE, worksite immigration busts have increased tenfold over the past five years. 05/23/2009

Immigration Status Discrimination

Truck driver charged with human trafficking could face death penalty 07/24/2017

Fiancée of Truck Driver Accused in Deadly Human Smuggling Case: ‘He Was Scared’ 07/25/2017

What Donald Trump Knew About Undocumented Workers at His Signature Tower 08/25/2016

The Story Behind Donald Trump’s Undocumented Polish Workers 02/25/2016

A Few Times Donald Trump Has Allegedly Profited From Illegal Immigration 08/30/2016

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