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Oligarchy is inciting suicide increase then creating propaganda to distract from truth!

I don't want to be cynical every time the media goes into obsession mode after a famous celebrity dies, while ignoring the lives of the vast majority of the public; however their recent effort to highlight suicides based on a couple famous people that committed suicide shows how out of touch with reality they are once again!

And like many other issues they're ignoring the vast majority of problems contributing to the escalating suicide rates, most of which doesn't involve celebrities.

Like many other problems the traditional media went into overdrive creating hyped up propaganda about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain that seemed dramatic and had appeals to emotion, but it doesn't take much thinking to realize that they don't discuss any of the contributing causes of the growing number of suicides that these two drew attention to and they refused to report on the vast majority of suicides that aren't celebrities. One time after another they blame it on "mental illness," which may be partly true; however they never discuss the causes of that mental illness, especially if it might be related to economic political or social problems that the elites might be contributing to with their ideologies economic system or wars based on lies.

In some cases this might be easy for people to figure out at least partially, even without advanced studies from so-called experts; and social media may have demonstrated this when they went viral with some of Anthony Bordain's most famous quotes about Palestine, while mainstream media ignored it, “The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity.”

I can't say for certain whether it's part of the reason why he committed suicide, especially since the mainstream media is unwilling to report on some of the most important news, but it seems like a reasonable possibility, which he showed additional concern about when tweeting the following picture four years ago.

If this might have led to depression and suicide to a famous celebrity who had a major show to look forward to how would it have affected the Palestinians that have to live with oppression every day? If you rely on traditional media you might have no way of knowing and some people might even buy their propaganda about the Palestinians being the ones that started this conflict, even though it's the Israeli's killing much more of them and stealing their land. However, as Middle East Monitor reported last year, ‘Unliveable’: Gaza’s rising suicide rates 09/20/2017 it's a big problem that isn't being reported on, although Anthony Bordain might have been more aware of it than most of us, for all I know.

The ME Monitor reports, "The primary cause of the increase is no mystery. Blockaded by Israel since 2007, Gaza is the world’s sixth most densely populated area. Scant resources and an inability to escape have chipped at morale, leaving citizens feeling trapped." They go on to say, "The study also noted the sadness young Gazans felt when they observed other people’s lives outside of the Strip; one respondent reported suffering from chest pains when scrolling through social media and commented: 'All I could think about was my own sorry situation compared with the way other people in the world get to live.'”

The majority of the public is almost certainly totally unaware of this and the mainstream media isn't reporting on it, anymore than they're aware of most of their apartheid policies, perhaps even a potential genocide, which is being helped along by driving them to suicide, so unless more people check with alternative media outlets that do a better job they'll be totally unaware of the contributing causes of suicide in Gaza and many other places in the world with similar problems including our own southern border and many other places.

I'm sure Kate Spade had her problems as well, although I really can't imagine what they might be, based on what little I know about her. I never even heard of her until she committed suicide although I've heard of her more famous brother in law.

I don't want to be bitter, but compared to the plight of working class people that have enormous financial problems because of a rigged economic system it's beyond me why she committed suicide, although I'm sure wealthy people have their emotional problems as well, especially since they based a large portion of their lives living sheltered from reality. It's hard to believe she's the great business woman that earned her amazing fortune selling handbags without help from family conections, and the closer you look at her history the more obvious it is that she didn't.

Is there any chance that she made that fortune without an enormous amount of help from marketing people that got paid a fortune to hype up her shallow bags selling them to other rich people? Not really, even before I Googled it I pretty much knew what I would find, High-End Leather, Low-End Labor; Handbag Workers Embroiled in Bitter Contract Dispute 09/22/1999 I'm sure there would be some people outraged that I would speak ill of the recently departed but what about the thousands if not millions of people that are so fed up with sweatshop work that they;'re driven to suicide or dying of exhaustion? Before Googling that I pretty much knew I would find something like Disney Factory Faces Probe into Sweatshop Suicide Claims 08/28/2011; Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city 06/18/2017; and Foxconn's 11th: Death by exhaustion 06/06/2010

I don't want to knock Kate Spade, but burying the much larger social problems while glorifying well-connected celebrities isn't going to help solve problems for the rich or the poor. These reports of suicides in sweatshops may not be at Kate Spade's factories, but this kind of oppression is the norm not the exception and the fashion industry is part of the cause of it where people in one part of the world pay way too much for hyped up garbage while people in another part work under slave conditions and the media refuses to report on it! We're supposed to treat celebrities with respect, while they help provide the propaganda to sweep the truth under the rug which prevents solutions from all social problems from happening when decisions are based on propaganda.

This, of course isn't limited to sweatshop labor; the entire political and economic system is rigged by a small percentage of the public and the closer you look into one subject after another the clearer it is that oppressive political activities is contributing to social problems which tend to be much worse for marginalized people without political power, and those with a reasonable standard of living can easily ignore it. However refugees and sweatshop workers that have no other opportunities for economic advancement, despite all the propaganda about how our economic system is so great and glorious, know that they're at an obvious disadvantage, and when they get the runaround with a bunch of lies from those in power they know it, including Marco Antonio Muñoz, who was fleeing oppression in Honduras only to face more oppression in the United States, which claims to be "the defender of the free world," according to the following article:

Honduran migrant who was separated from family is found dead in Texas jail in an apparent suicide 06/1/2018

A Honduran migrant separated from his wife and child under the Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy was found dead in his Texas jail cell last month, officials said.

Marco Antonio Muñoz, 39, crossed into the U.S. from Mexico with his wife and 3-year-old son on May 12 near Granjeno, a town where Central American families seeking asylum often turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents. Muñoz and his family were detained and taken with others to a processing center in nearby McAllen.

The death is the latest incident to cast a harsh spotlight on the zero tolerance policy, which advocates for immigrants have denounced as inhumane and on the processing center, which a U.S. senator recently likened to a dog kennel.

After being told his family would be separated, Muñoz became upset and struggled with agents, according to an agent who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case. He was 5-foot-8, 140 pounds, according to a sheriff’s report filed after he was taken to a county jail, where his charge was listed as “illegal entry.” Muñoz signed in, but never signed out. Authorities say he committed suicide. Complete article

The Trump administration and many of their Republican allies have been trying to put the blame of this problem on the immigrants themselves, or in some cases the Democrats, often saying that they created the law which requires him to do this, which is false; and that they don't want to solve this problem, instead they just want to use this as a political issue in the election. The claim that they want to use this as a political issue instead of solving this problem might actually be true, based on their past history creating this problem and sweeping it under the rug; but if so Trump is playing right into their hands with his incredibly bad argument!

Part of the reason that they're forced to flee in the first place is because the United States has been supporting oppressive governments in Central and South America for decades, including Guatemala, which they admit to supporting the coup in the fifties, although they pretend they're not responsible for all the oppression since then; and Honduras, which as I pointed out during the 6016 election in, DNC Describe Wink And Nod Method For Bribes & Indoctrination Studies, That Hillary Clinton supported the coup. The same article pointed out that Hillary Clinton's position on immigration was only slightly less oppressive than Donald Trump's as indicated in an interview where she said “We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay. So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.” (06/18/2014).

This blatantly contradicted her political promises during the campaign, and now that she lost, it also contradicts her current position. The truth, which many people that are victims of trade, immigration and wars based on lies often know is that both political parties support similar policies that benefit corporations that finance campaigns and the media while both sides pretend they're trying to solve one problem after another.

Similar problems have come up when it comes to the high rate of suicides among veterans, which the media and the political establishment treat almost as if it's an incomprehensible mystery that can never be solved. Part of the reason they can never figure it out is that they put one of the most important contributing factors off the table before they even begin discussing the subject: is it possible that fighting one war after another based on lies is a contributing factor?

Not only is it possible but it's virtually guaranteed; and they would be able to figure it out if they were able to consider it, since some of the evidence is incredibly obvious!

This is also a major contributing factor when it comes to the problems with mass shootings from veterans coming home from these was then being abandoned without treatment for PTSD. Actually there are even more murders that don't get nearly as much attention, because they're treated as isolated incidents, and they're often killing only one or two people, often family members or other veterans, but it's the mass shootings that get the attention.

Amazingly several of the mass shooters practically came right out and said that they went on shootings sprees because, that although they fought wars they were led to believe was to defend the country, when they came back they found out the government they were fighting to defend wasn't defending their own people, and in some cases they were killing their own people, although the details, are of course, more complicated than that. It's not just Hispanics that are being oppressed as part of the economic system to oppress wages by taking advantage of sweatshop labor and migrant workers that aren't protected by labor laws; minorities in abandoned inner cities are also being oppressed. Shipping jobs overseas while cutting funds to education in African American communities, in abandoned inner cities has led to high crime problems and more confrontations with police, which was of course a major contributing factor to two shootings in 2016.

Gavin Long was of course one of them, and although I'm not recommending anyone go to the same extremes that he did, it is in our best interest to ackowledge his concerns and at least try to figure out whether some of them might have been legitimate, even if his methods of addressing them weren't. In Source: Baton Rouge officer shooter Gavin Eugene Long had extremist online persona Cosmo Setepenra 07/17/2016 he said, “If y’all wanna keep protesting, do that, but for the serious ones, the real ones, the alpha ones, we know what it’s going to take. It’s only fighting back of money, that’s all they care about, Revenue and blood. Revenue and blood. Revenue and blood. Revenue and blood. Nothing else.” He goes on to say, "Don't get emotional about it, When you make decisions that are based off emotion, when that emotion dies, then that fuel dies that energy for that decision. That's why you base your decisions off logic." And in a Twitter post, he wrote, "You can't talk (or protest) the devil into changing his ways, this has never been done and never will."

His claims that it will be necessary to fight a violent revolution don't have to be true if politicians address legitimate concerns or if the media covers candidates that won't sweep them under the rug; however under the current circumstances the media is only willing to cover candidates that collect donations from corporations and cater to their interests and the result is constant bickering and incompetence from both sides. John F. Kennedy made this point clear when he said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

The people in power that refuse to acknowledge the legitimate complaints of the public are doing more to incite violence and other problems that lead to these police shootings than reform movements like Black Lives Matter they often try to demonize and blame; and as long as they continue doing so there will be more like Gavin Long and Micah Johnson, even though many activists are trying to avoid it!

Clearly, at least to those that are being suppressed by this obvious double standard and those better informed about many issues, these oppressive tactics are contributing to depressions, suicide and mass shootings in more ways than one and one of the most important ways to reduce it is to review legitimate concerns from all citizens, not just those that donate to campaigns. In a Democracy people who are impacted by a decisions are allowed to participate in the decision, as Richard Wolff often points out; and Abraham Lincoln made the same point when he said "No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent."

Which means that not only should we be allowing people from other countries to participate in some form, on issues that impact them, although this might not extend to voting rights about domestic issues, but we should be increasing peoples access to the ballot when they live in this country, including making it easier for immigrants to become citizens and vote. But instead the political establishment has been relentlessly forcing their views on people all around the world supporting oppressive regimes, then oppressing refugees even more when they come to this country because they have no other options.

This also extends to American corporations like Monsanto that have been using their political connections with the help of the United States government to force their views on people across the world including in India where according to several credible sources including Dr. Vandana Shiva who wrote Monsanto and the Poisonous Cartel of GMOs in India 09/09/2016, and several other articles or books describing how Monsanto policies are making farming much more expensive and how large oligarch are driving them into bankruptcy and contributing to high suicide rates.

Monsanto responded by funding some of their own studies which aren't hard to find, nor is it hard to find reviews that debunk them and show how biased they are, including one listed below by Mother Jones, that provides what might be a reasonable middle ground, although I suspect that if Mother Jones, isn't quote right a closer review would show that the truth is far closer to Vandana Shiva's claims which are practically never reported by the mainstream media, which treats anyone that doesn't go along with corporate ideology as fringe, even if there research does hold up to scrutiny much better.

And after they sweep many of the biggest social contributing causes to depression and suicide, or worse mass shootings, under the rug and they come up with sudden concerns for this problem which they treat as inexplicable, how do you think they're going to try to solve it? If past is prologue there's a strong possibility that they'll send people to psychiatrists that continue sweeping these causes under the rug and prescribe antidepressants, as if the sole problem is a chemical imbalance!

However, there have been studies for years if not decades showing that Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds 01/26/2016, which is of course the exact opposite of what these drugs are supposed to do! I don't have the expertise to say that a chemical imbalance might be a contributing cause to depression of other mental illnesses; however I do understand some of the most basic principles of medical treatment including the Hippocratic Oath, which is often abbreviated, "First do no harm;" and I understand that almost all medications and surgical procedures have some degree of risk, so when there are other solutions that don't have these risks they should be tried first!

This could lead to the conclusion that if we did a better job addressing all concerns and minimized income inequality, allowing all people to participate in the democratic process to address these contributing causes to suicide and many other social problems that it could greatly reduce the problem as well as many other issues including stopping wars based on lies eliminating child labor and oppressive sweat shop conditions etc.

If we do this without trying to turn different factions of the working class against each other by praying on their emotions and racial prejudices it would be far more effective!

Nor do I think we even have to turn the working class against the ruling class, once we get major reform that share responsibilities fairly and far more people from the current working class get a fair education that is often withheld by the ruling class enabling them to handle college jobs and better control the government.

If they put all this unnecessary pressure on the working class to turn factions against each other it's virtually guaranteed that occasionally they also intimidate and harass members of the ruling class and celebrities as well, which probably contributed to many suicides including Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

When I see propaganda pieces about how celebrity news reporters are gleefully trying to help solve these problems hugging and kissing poor people they meet in photo ops, including Erin Burnett, who famously ridiculed the Occupy Wall Street movement when starting her CNN show, it's clear that they're just trying to put a new face on the same old policies that caused these problems in the first place. Erin Burnett is, of course married to a finance executive and the managing director of Citigroup, and, like many other multimillionaire celebrity pundits and politicians, she has a massive financial incentive to defend the status quo!

The people profiting off our problems aren't going to solve them no matter how good their propaganda looks!

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In 2014, Anthony Bourdain won an award from @mpac_national for his coverage in the Gaza Strip. His acceptance speech speaks truth to power & highlights the humanity of the Palestinian people. "People are not statistics." A ton of people are going to miss his courage & honesty. 06/08/2018

No, GMOs Didn’t Create India’s Farmer Suicide Problem, But… 09/30/2015 But 65 percent of India’s cotton crop comes from farmers who rely on rain, not irrigation pumps. For them, the situation is the opposite—reliance on pesticides and the higher cost of the seeds increase the risk of bankruptcy and thus suicide, the study finds. The smaller and more Bt-reliant the farm in these rain-fed cotton areas, the authors found, the higher the suicide rate. (An analysis that largely jibes with Shiva’s, apart from her heated rhetoric.)

Erin Burnett's New Show Getting Brutal Response After Her Mockery Of Occupy Wall Street 10/06/2011

75% of med students are on antidepressants or stimulants (or both) 09/04/2017

Antidepressant Side Effects

Expert Warns of Antidepressants Linked to Violence 05/29/2018

Tributes pour in for celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain 06/08/2018

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Insurance Executives Profit By Inciting Murder Occasionally Paying Killers

Over the decades or centuries for profit insurance companies have paid millions of dollars to people that committed murder for insurance money; and there are hundreds of people killed every year in the hopes of collecting more. The information to support this conclusion is public, although the media declines to report on the vast majority of it; and when they do they report it as one isolated incident after another, without reporting just how often it happens!

Coincidence or not the media is collecting an enormous amount of money in advertising from insurance companies; and, as I reported in another recent article, they also have interlocking boards of directors and other financial ties to the insurance industry.

I first reported this in Life Insurance and media companies are encouraging lots of murders which included a partial statistical review of the murders listed on Murderpedia, where I found more that one and a half percent of their entries at the time were related to insurance, but it was clear that this was incomplete and that it could be as high as six to eight percent of their entries that had an insurance incentive to commit murders. I didn't search further until recently and quickly found enough additional entries to put the figure over two and a half percent minimum; and I found them so quickly that it's virtually guaranteed that the total will be at least three or four percent if I did a more thorough search and it could still be as high as six to eight percent.

I also found dozens of cases where they paid out claims to people that were later implicated in the murders, including at least four over a million dollars, and more just below that. Obviously, if the insurance companies or the government knew they would be implicated right away these claims never would have been paid, but these cases weren't solved right away, and in some cases they weren't even recognized as murders, initially.

In many cases the only reason they were re-investigated is because once they got away with murder and collected insurance for it they did it again; and in some cases, especially in the nineteenth century or early twentieth century they kept on doing it, becoming mass murderers for insurance money! If many of these people were smart enough to quit while they were ahead after killing only one, or in some cases two people and collecting their insurance they never would have been caught; and there's no way of knowing home many other people were smart enough to quit while ahead, which means there are virtually guaranteed to be more cases that have never been exposed.

As I reported in the previous article about this subject, when they first started selling airline life insurance, there were close to a dozen mass murders where planes were blown up by people trying to collect insurance. Little or nothing was done to inform the public about this problem or how they prevented it from continuing; but it appears that the insurance companies voluntarily stopped selling insurance at machines at airports with no legislation in most states, except Colorado, which was where many of the victims from one of the planes that blew up came from.

Since the insurance companies are controlled by some of the wealthiest people in the country, and they share the proceeds with politicians and media outlets, they have an enormous amount of clout; and, whether you call it a quid pro quo of not, there's little or no discussion about how to minimize the incentive to kill for insurance or to study how often it happens. If anything, instead of passing disclosure laws to make it easier to study this, they pass proprietary information laws to keep data secret so it's more difficult to study it and figure out how to minimize this. However simply by comparing murder rates to Europe, where they have a stronger safety net and more regulation along with better child care, education and health care, it's clear that heir practices are working better.

Even if there's not much more than three percent, and Murderpedia over represents the total percent of murders related to insurance claims, it's virtually guaranteed that there are still over two or three hundred people killed each year partly as a result of the incentive provided by insurance pay-outs, even if the vast majority of them don't get away with it; however there's no way of knowing for certain how many there are, since many of the one exposed, that did pay out, weren't even considered murder, some as a result of poisoning or perceived accidents or natural causes. A more likely estimate is that there are at least four or five hundred people killed each year, partly as a result of the insurance incentive, and possibly over one thousand.

This doesn't mean that the incentive from insurance is the only contributing factor in many if any of these murders; however it is one of them and often the deciding factor, although it's difficult if not impossible to tell exactly, when looking through all these cases. In most cases the person committing murder also comes from an abusive upbringing and there may be other contributing issues; however the same people that don't cover the insurance incentive adequately aren't covering how poverty, early child abuse, income inequality, abandoned inner cities, untreated PTSD after wars based on lies, gambling and many other issues contribute to violent crime. In many cases, like gambling or the military industrial complex the media and political establishment also have conflicts of interest when reporting on them as well, since thy also have ties to these industries as well.

One simple solution that would greatly reduce the incentive to kill for insurance would be to explain the fundamentals of insurance to the public so they would understand it better and realize that sale should be kept to a minimum and only use to minimize damages when a disaster strikes, possibly considering a more rational safety net for all instead of the promise of massive payouts in what seems like a get rich quick scheme. The reason this isn't considered is that the entire industry is based on deceptive advertising leading consumers to believe that it's a solution to everything, but once they try to collect they often find out the hard way that something in the fine print means they won't get much if anything when a disaster really does strike and those that know how to rig the system wind up with all the money, especially those that own the insurance companies, although their scams are considered legal under the law, which is written by politicians collecting their campaign donations.

The basic principles of insurance is that it's pooled risk, which means that everyone puts a small amount in to the pool of money to pay claims then when a disaster happens those in need collect from it; however expenses have to be subtracted first, and in the case of for profit industry so do profits which aren't available to pay claims either. Once you understand this principle it should be obvious that the average consumer rarely ever get's their money's worth since the most efficient system is bound to cost at least 15-20% of the total amount collected for one bureaucratic expense or another, but few if any systems, especially for profit insurance are that efficient, which means the average consumer isn't likely to get more than fifty to sixty cents on the dollar they spend on insurance; and if some are scamming the system then those not in on the scam get even less.

If you asked for change for a dollar and only got forty to fifty cents you would be outraged; but that is essentially what happens with insurance.

They tell us that competition makes this system more efficient; however they don't compete by being more efficient; instead they compete by coming up with more deceptive advertisements and the more they spend on advertising the less they have for claims! So this is one industry where competition makes the product less efficient; but it's virtually impossible for consumers to get accurate information about insurance.

The more you think about the expenses that come from the pool of money used to pay claims the more obvious that it is how inefficient our current system is, and that we should buy as little insurance as we can get away with assuming that we buy any at all. The person selling you insurance gets his commission, which isn't available for pay outs; the money insurance companies pay on advertising isn't available for claims; the money to lobby against single payer health care comes from your premium dollars, and so much more. Multi million dollar compensation packages for CEOs aren't available to pay claims, the money murderers collect when they get away with murder isn't available for claims.

As I reported previously in For profit insurance has an incentive to betray people after disasters! and insurance agent investigating a fallen tree tree trying to save on claims sent photos of their flowering plant to police who responded by detaining them for hours before determining that the plant wasn't marijuana but a hibiscus plant. They were of course sued along with the insurance company, and the money the insurance company spends on this lawsuit and thousands of others isn't available to pay legitimate claims!

If you look up any given insurance company and check to see how often they're being sued, either by checking their Wikipedia page or googling them among other means, they all spend an enormous amount of their resources, which come from your premium dollars in courts or paying out settlements. The money they collect from your premium dollars could and often is used for legal expenses to deny your claims! If you Google past disasters like Hurricane Katrina or half a dozen more each year you'll find one lawsuit after another going to court instead of paying claims.

They spend enormous amounts of money on ads to convince you that your covered for this that or another thing! However, if they keep all these promises how can they possibly make enough money to spend a fortune on executive pay, return for stock holders or lobbying against single payer?

They can't of course!

Our entire insurance system is a scam and it's providing a massive amount of incentive for people to kill each other or burn down houses and fake car crashes, which often also lead to deaths!

Then if you want someone to help stand up against the powerful insurance companies there's always plenty of lawyers advertising about how they want to help you out; however where is the money for their ads coming from; and what's their motive?

They want to get rich too; which means that they have an incentive to only take the cases they think they can profit off of, often by settling quickly and quietly, which almost never happens with large pay-outs. Michael Cohen and Keith Davidson have demonstrated that it's not unprecedented for two lawyers, who in this case wind up on opposing sides, supposedly, to be working together for the benefit on one client while pretending to defend others. It's unlikely that many lawyers are quite as obvious as them but many of these lawyers supposedly taking on the insurance companies might be inclined to settle them as easily as possible to maximize their own profits, even if it isn't in their clients best interests, which could mean that they're just adding one scam to another with consumers getting little or nothing!

As I reported previously in For-Profit Insurance is Government Authorized Crime Syndicate many of the people involved in these insurance scams are those selling the insurance or lawyers representing professionals which according to recent reports includes Michael Cohen, who was also exposed representing clients staging crashes for insurance!

On top of all the money consumers lose from a fraudulent insurance system we also have to pay out an enormous amount of money in court costs and to keep all these people in jail for life, which is what insurance companies consider a "negative externality" since they don't have to pay these expenses.

And many of these cases aren't fully solved or there are often major doubts about the outcomes possibly sending the wrong people to jail or continuing to let people get away with murder. As I reported previously, one of the victims was a famous politician from Nevada, Kathy Augustine, who previously collected on her husband's million dollar insurance policy then married his caretaker, who was later convicted of killing her; and there's good reason to believe that she might have been involved in her previous husband's death.

Another examples is when De'Marquise Elkins was convicted of killing a baby in a stroller in a very controversial murder where the daughter of Sherry West said "The night her little brother Antonio was killed, Glassey says West was already asking her about collecting life insurance money, and that her story has changed." there was a lot of suspicion that Sherry West, who had major emotional problems of her own, possibly similar to Susan Smith, might have arranged to kill her own son for the insurance money. The main witness against De'Marquise Elkins claimed he testified "for my conscience,” however he already "collected $2,000 and (would) get another $8,000 (reward money) if Elkins and Lang are convicted." De'Marquise Elkins had a violent history but a close look at this case raises major doubts about it even without legal expertise. If they needed to blame someone for it the police would have been smart enough to pick someone that had a bad record.

This of course sounds like a fringe conspiracy theory however as Jen Roesch pointed out in The making of a racist travesty 07/31/2013 there are an enormous amounts of problems with this case. It's hard to imagine that the insurance companies would want to be involved in the cover-up of something like this; however the publicity for a case like this could be incredibly bad for their reputation, especially since as I pointed out in Killing Kids For Insurance Is Semi-Routine, which also mentions this case, there can be no justification for selling insurance for babies, and there have been over a dozen other cases where babies were killed for their insurance.

News reports don't say whether or not Sherry West actually collected on this policy; however, since they convicted Elkins, justifiably or not, it's virtually guaranteed that they did. If they hadn't they might have been sued drawing attention to the case, which would have been bad for sales, if the media reported that they paid it that would also have outraged people, so one way or another they avoided any media reports either way, perhaps helping it fall down the memory hole while they conduct business as usual, until the next child is killed for insurance, assuming they can't keep that out of the news. 

Also, Helaine Olen and Chuck Jaffe both pointed out in reviews cited in previous articles this is an incredibly obvious scam even when the babies aren't killed for insurance money!

A single payer system for health care as well as a better and modest safety net for everyone that didn't pay out massive amounts of money to a small number of people, along with better child care education and other programs that prevent violence from escalating from an early age would be far more effective at minimizing these murders than our current system! Unfortunately the people controlling the system are making massive amounts of profits off it while it's the rest of us that have to pay the price for the enormous amounts of violence that it incites.

The best, and simplest, way to minimize losses from lapsed insurance policies, is to never buy them in the first place!

The following are over three dozen cases where scam artists or murders successfully collected money for insurance before eventually getting caught; this includes at least four or five cases where they collected more than a million dollars, more that were close to it and a lot that were for much smaller amounts which make it seem petty, but that's little consolation to the victims; there are also a handful that are collections for other types of insurance but a murder was also involved; and a further search is virtually guaranteed to turn up hundreds more where this came from:

Police Investigate ’03 Death After Charge Against Nurse 10/03/2006 Mr. Higgs and Ms. Augustine were married three weeks after the death of Mr. Augustine in 2003, and the newlyweds received $1 million from his life insurance policy.

Kathy Augustine's Family Outraged About 48 Hours Mystery Show 05/23/2007

Charles Augustine's Death Ruled Natural 05/01/2007

But They did find the metabolite of succinylcholine, succinylmonocholine. (Forensic Files 2010) Narrator: A metabolite means it's a by-product of succinylcholine. If you don't look for it, you don't find it. And that's not a condescending answer. That is the truth. Narrator: There has never been a documented case of succinylmonocholine produced as a result of embalming fluid. However, in Charles Augustine's case, there were no records of which embalming fluids were used. So, this possibility, however remote, could not be eliminated. Therefore, the medical examiner did not change the manner of his death to homicide.

Black Widow Murders Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt were convicted of the murders of two vagrants Before their arrest, Golay had received a total of $1,540,767.05 in insurance proceeds from McDavid's death, and Rutterschmidt a total of $674,571.89.

Wife accused of cold-case murder used insurance payout for lavish trips 08/15/2017 She collected a cool $1.4 million insurance payout and made regular jaunts to the Turks and Caicos Islands after killing her coffee-bar-owning husband in Manhattan in 1996, authorities say.

3 Accused of Murder in a Plot To Get $1 Million in Insurance 1989 Mr. Hanson was believed dead until mid-1988, when the police in California discovered that he was not the man who had died in Dr. Boggs's office. The discovery and the fact that Mr. Hawkins had cashed $1 million in life insurance checks prompted the authorities to seek Federal warrants for the arrests.

Feds to seize $5 million in life insurance proceeds linked to murder of housekeeper in Colleyville Dec. 2016 (Policy wasn't paid but may have been illegally issued contributing to the motive for the murder) Charlies Mercier, an insurance agent in North Augusta, wrote five life insurance policies for Anita Fox totaling $5 million in 2007 and 2008, the affidavit said.

Daughter of Mother Whose Baby Was Killed Says Mom May Have Killed Him for Life Insurance Money 03/29/2013 "The night her little brother Antonio was killed, Glassey says West was already asking her about collecting life insurance money, and that her story has changed."

De’Marquise Kareem Elkins convicted of killing a baby in a stroller March 21, 2013 Earlier, the man who tipped Brunswick police to 18-year-old De’Marquise “Marky” Elkins and co-defendant Dominique Lang, 15, as suspects, testified that his conscience led him to act, not the reward. “I didn’t do this for the reward money. Can I say this? Whoever had the guns to shoot a baby... I’m doing this for my conscience,” Argie Brooks said. He has collected $2,000 and will get another $8,000 if Elkins and Lang are convicted. Lang, who testified that he saw Elkins shoot Antonio and his mother, will be tried separately.

Lynn Turner killed two people March 3, 1995 / January 22, 2001 Her husband, police officer Maurice Glenn Turner, 31 / Her boyfriend, firefighter Randy Thompson, 32 She collected around $153,000 in death benefits for her husband's death and $36,000 in her boyfriend's death. ..... Witnesses from Turner's first trial testified that she had collected more than $140,000 in insurance benefits and $700 per month from her husband's police pension after he died. ..... Soon after Glenn's funeral, Turner collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars from Glenn's estate and from insurance proceeds and death benefits as the primary beneficiary under Glenn's insurance policies. ..... Turner, who had been incurring substantial debt prior to Thompson's death, collected over $30,000 as the beneficiary under Thompson's life insurance policy.

A Taiwanese woman named Lin Yuru, successively murdered her own mother, mother in law and husband in order to use their insurance money to pay off her gambling debts. 2008 - 2009 Madam Hou died at the scene and Lin subsequently received NT$5.06 million in insurance claims. ... That month, Lin also bought life insurance for her four-year-old son. .... Lin called for help after finding her mother-in-law dead in bed. She later received NT$7.43 million from insurers. .... Mr Liu died and Lin later claimed NT$4.75 million from insurers.

Catherine Flannagan and Margaret Higgins aka "Black Widows of Liverpool" killed at least one probably more October 2, 1883 The sisters were also suspected of poisoning Mrs. Higgins’s 10-year-old stepdaughter Mary and one of Mrs. Flannagan’s sons, John, 22. Each time there was a death they collected on the insurance money. .... That December the previously healthy 22-year-old died. His mother collected an insurance payout of £71 and John was buried with minimum fuss or effort.

Mrs. Anna Cunningham killed five 1918 - 1922 She collected the $1,000 insurance and the family moved to Gary. A year later a daughter, Isabelle, 28, died. She had been insured for $1,000 just five weeks before her death.

Martha Needle killed five 1885-94 Although Martha collected substantial sums of insurance money this was not the motive for her own family which was never determined ..... Martha later collected 100 pounds (2010:$40,000) life insurance on Mabel's death.

Herman Webster Mudgett aka "Dr. H. H. Holmes," killed more than twenty-seven people from 1885-1894 Disfiguring the corpses and claiming that the people had been accidentally killed, Mudgett collected insurance money from policies which he had taken out on each one. .... Within days, attorney Jeptha Howe filed a claim with the insurance company on behalf of Carrie Pietzel and collected the money. He kept $2,500 and Holmes took the remainder. ..... The fire destroyed the top floor. As usual, he had insured the building with several companies for a total of $25,000. An astute investigator noted the fire started in several places. After investigating Holmes, his report that Holmes tried to defraud the insurance companies did not pan out. Holmes was not charged and was free to go. However, he did not collect the insurance.

Albert Edward Horsley (born March 18, 1866 – died April 13, 1954), best-known by the pseudonym Harry Orchard, was a miner convicted of the 1905 political assassination of former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg. didn't kill for insuracne but did collect for other insurance scam and committed murder in separate incident. Seeking to run away with another woman, Horsley burned his cheese factory and collected the insurance money, thereby settling his debts.

Josephine Gray, known as “The Black Widow,” killed two or three people March 3, 1974 / November 9, 1990 / June 21, 1996 Despite being a suspect in this murder, Josephine Gray collected over $54,000 from Mr. Gray’s life insurance policies. ..... She collected $165,000 after deaths of 3 men .... After escaping prosecution for more than two decades by using threats of voodoo against potential witnesses, a woman who authorities said had a hand in the deaths of three lovers was convicted yesterday of fraudulently collecting the victims' life insurance benefits. .... Prosecutors said she collected $165,000 in insurance money after two husbands were shot to death in Montgomery County and a young boyfriend was found dead in Baltimore. ... She later killed Robert Gray in order to eliminate the only witness to the Stribbling murder and to collect even more insurance proceeds.

Martha Lowenstein Marek killed four from 1932-7 in Vienna, Austria Emil Marek had conspired with his wife Martha to defraud his insurers by getting Martha to chop off his leg in order that they could collect $30,000 in accident insurance he had taken out. Martha, however, was not very good at wielding the axe and it took 3 blows to sever the leg. The insurer's doctors were not convinced that it was an accident that had occurred while cutting down a tree as the Mareks claimed and therefore rejected their claim. .... A few weeks later, Martha’s 7-year-old daughter, Ingeborg, died of a mysterious ailment and Martha collected money on the child’s small life insurance policy.

Mary Ann Cotton killed at least one perhaps over twenty-one people between 1857-72 William's life was insured by the British and Prudential Insurance office and Mary Ann collected a payout of £35 on his death, equivalent to about half a year's wages for a manual labourer at the time. .... Once again, Mary Ann collected insurance money from her husband's death.

Betty Neumar killed at least one possibly more July 14, 1986 in NC Not arrested until 2008 She collected at least $20,000 in 1986 when Harold Gentry was shot to death in his home. A year earlier, she had collected $10,000 in life insurance when her son died.

Judy Ann Buenoano killed at least two or three people between 1971-83 in Florida, Colorado and Alabama PDF Following Goodyear's death in 1971, Buenoano collected the benefits from various life insurance policies on her husband's life totalling approximately $33,000. She also received $62,000 in dependency indemnity compensation from the Veterans Administration. When Bobby Joe Morris died, Buenoano again received insurance money from three separate policies on Morris' life totalling approximately $23,000. The house mortgage was also paid off. Buenoano owned life insurance on Gentry's life totalling $510,000 in benefits, and she was a 50% beneficiary under his will.
Wikipedia: Judy Buenoano

Mary Ellen Samuels killed two in California December 8, 1988 / June 27, 1989 At trial, the prosecution introduced evidence showing defendant collected on several insurance policies after Robert Samuels's death. The total amount of these policies was in excess of $240,000. .... Thus, here the prosecution was entitled to introduce evidence that defendant collected life insurance benefits and inherited property on the death of her estranged husband, because it is reasonable to infer that she knew she would be entitled to them when her husband died.

Mary Beth Harshbarger killed one September 14, 2006 Buchans Junction, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada There are reports that Mary Beth had increased her husband Mark’s life insurance not long before the hunting trip. Mary Beth collected on life insurance policies worth $550,000 (US). Mark Harshbarger’s family noted that despite collecting on the policies, Mary Beth failed to post her $200,000 bail.

Velma Ogden-Whitehead killed one June 23, 2006 Des Moines, King County, Washington, USA She sold two properties that were part of her husband's estate for a profit of $460,000 and collected life insurance and benefits from his employer that totaled more than $650,000, according to King County Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng.

Dr. Glennon Engleman killed seven or more from 1954-80 St. Louis, Missouri, USA Glennon Engleman (1963-1980) was a St. Louis dentist who killed 7 people for their life insurance and unpaid dentist bills. He used a variety of means, including car bombs and shooting. He collected the insurance by killing his former male patients and then wooing their widowed wives to give him money to invest for business purposes. Former female patients who didn't pay their bills were just killed. ..... After Halm's death, Miranda collected approximately $75,000 in insurance proceeds. In March 1977, Nicholas Miranda, Carmen Miranda's brother, paid Engleman $10,000 in cash as payment for his part in the scheme. ..... The government also produced as witnesses representatives of two insurance companies who testified that Frey's widow had collected on insurance policies after his death.

Sharon Elizabeth Kinne killed three from 1960-4 Missouri, USA / Mexico City, Mexico Kinne was convicted in October 1965 of the Mexican crimes and sentenced to ten years in prison. Escaped from the Mexican prison on December 7, 1969. Despite extensive manhunts, her whereabouts are unknown. ..... With the investigation into his death closed, James Kinne was buried and his wife collected on his life insurance policies, valued at about $29,000. ..... As soon as Sharon collected the insurance money from James' death, she raced out and bought a brand new blue Ford Thunderbird.

Anne Gates killed one or two people 1987/1978 Louisiana and Indiana Clevenger, then a sheriff’s investigator, said the 29-year-old autoworker had a $100,000 life insurance policy, and his wife collected the money.

Anna Marie Hahn killed five or more 1932-7 in Colorado and Ohio "While the fire caused minimal damage, Anna still managed to collect $300 from the insurance company. The other two fires both took place at the Hahn residence -- the first on June 2, 1935 and the second on May 20, 1936. Anna collected just over $2000 for both fires."

Marie Alexander Becker, killed ten or more 1932-1936 Belgium She gave him a lethal dose of Digitalis, collected on his life insurance and used the cash to open a smart dress shop.

Johann Otto Hoch killed fifteen or more 1890-1905 in Chicago Ill "Huff" cleaned out her $900 bank account, sold their house, collected $2500 in life insurance benefits -- and vanished. ..... He then collected on Caroline's life insurance, sold her house, cleaned out her bank accounts and disappeared. ..... Immediately after his release Hoch journeyed to Argos, Indiana, where he introduced himself to a brand-new widow, Mrs. Mary Schultz, as Albert Buschberg, a millionaire Chicago druggist. He married the widow, collected the $2,000 insurance policy on her late husband’s life, and prevailed upon the widow and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Nettie, to go back with him to Chicago where both mother and daughter disappeared, along with $1,500 in savings.

Sandra Camille (Powers) Bridewell suspected of killing two or more people but not convicted June 16, 1982 / December 11, 1985 Texas/Oklahoma, USA She collected the insurance on her husband's life, sold his practice, and began dating other wealthy men.

Stacey Castor killed one possibly two husbands and attempted to kill her daughter 2000/ August 20, 2005 NY
Stacey Castor killed two husbands, tried to murder own daughter and frame her for the deaths 03/19/2016 Widow Wallace calmly collected $50,000 in life insurance and moved on.

Blanche Taylor Moore killed one to four people 10/7/1986 NC Blanche collected a little fire insurance, investing the cash in a new mobile home. When fire razed the trailer a month later, she blamed that pervert again and collected another insurance check.

Robin Lee Row killed three February 10, 1992 in Idaho He says Robin Row collected $28,000 in life insurance from Keith's death.

Sante Kimes killed three with her son and collected on unrelated insurance scams In Sacramento she sets fire to her first house to collect insurance. She only destroyed the kitchen and received $10,000. Sante burns down Honolulu house, to collect insurance money. The firemen could tell it was arson but insurance still paid.

Steven David Catlin killed three 1976 / 1984 California/Nevada, USA Prosecutors presented evidence that Catlin had financial motives for killing the women—he was the beneficiary of life insurance policies on his wives and the sole beneficiary of his mother’s estate. Catlin, meanwhile, had acquired another fiancee, encountered on a visit to the hospital. His grief was tempered by her love -- and by the $57,000 he received from life insurance payments.

Joseph Lyle & Erik Galen Menendez killed parents August 20, 1989 In recognition of Jose's importance to LIVE, the company invested in a "key man" life insurance policy that would guarantee that if Jose died, the company could continue operating without worrying about going under. The policy was valued at $15 million. LIVE also purchased a "key man" personal policy for Jose's family that was valued at $5 million. ..... The brothers shopping sprees were funded by Jose's personal life insurance policy of $650,000.

Morris Bolber, Herman and Paul Petrillo killed 30-50 people 1932 - 1939 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA The gang embraced insurance agents and made highly successful use of the period's widespread cheap insurance policies, often taken out without medical examination (not required for policies under $500) or the knowledge of the principal concerned, who would subsequently meet an agonising death by arsenic, engineered by the spouse, possibly with intent, possibly in superstitious ignorance of their actions. This went on from 1932 until 1938, when the death in hospital of Ferdinando Alfonsi brought matters into the open, something that was bound to happen sooner or later, as the gang's activities proliferated.

Lyda Trueblood killed at least one possibly as much as six people 1915 - 1920 in Montana/Idaho, USA All 4 of Lyda's husbands had held a life insurance policy where they listed her as the beneficiary. Lyda Trueblood was able to collect over $7,000 over the years from the deaths of her first three husbands.

Robert Girts killed his wife To collect insurance money September 2, 1992 Ohio
Separately, Girts had a possible financial motive, as he collected life insurance money and was then able to invest in another funeral home PDF
Robert Girts: The Husband From Hell 12/26/2017 Upon Diane's death he had received $50,000 in life insurance proceeds. ..... On December 18, 2015, in a Cleveland court room, Robert Girts, in connection with the death of Diane Girts, pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and insurance fraud. The judge sentenced him to 12 years but gave him credit for time already served. That meant that Mr. Girts would remain a free man. Case closed.

Amy A. Gilligan at least 5 victims possibly as many as forty-eight or more 1908 - 1916 James Archer died in 1910 of apparently natural causes. The official cause of death was Bright's disease, a generic term for kidney diseases. Amy had taken out an insurance policy on him a few weeks before his death, so she was able to continue running the Archer Home.
Killer Wives: 8 Most Infamous Black Widow Murderers 08/25/2016 Between 1911 and 1916, at least 48 people died while in Archer-Gilligan’s care – including Archer-Gilligan’s husband. .... police also discovered that she had taken out “sizable insurance policies” on her husband.

Man sued over $500K life insurance payout after murder-suicide 05/02/2016 A lawsuit claims a Baton Rouge man improperly collected a $500,000 payout from his business partner's life insurance policy after the partner gunned down his estranged wife and shot and killed himself in Connecticut last year.

The following are additional related cases including reports on Michael Cohen, a couple rare studies on the subject that are only reported in low profile locations and more murders for insurance although they din't successfully collect:

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Dead husband of La. woman suspected of poisoning another man made her sole beneficiary of $750K life insurance policy 06/01/2018 Questions remain about how Hale accepted a $10,000 payout from Skipper's life insurance policy or how she became his legal next of kin.

DA: Holyoke Mass. man died in intentional crash orchestrated by 2 people to get insurance money for car 11/03/2017

Elkin Mom Charged with Insurance Fraud in House Fire That Killed Autistic Son 04/05/2018

Judge: Man who killed wife cannot collect life insurance 12/19/2017 The judge has determined that the money should instead go to the couple's two teenage daughters. Police say Joseph Fitzpatrick III had searched the internet for information on life insurance policies five days before he killed his wife, Annemarie Fitzpatrick.

Prosecutor: Flint woman killed mother in 1991 for insurance 08/04/2017

Authorities: Oklahoma Man Killed Father in Insurance Scheme 03/21/2018

Osaka man held in alleged drowning of wife for insurance money 04/20/2018

Jury rejects death sentence for Fla. woman who killed roommate for insurance money 11/03/2017

Bellflower Ca. woman arrested in scheme to kill boyfriend for insurance money, authorities say 12/15/2017

Canadian Ex-lovers get life sentences for murdering ‘gentle and decent man’ 07/07/2018 The pair were after a $2-million life insurance policy.

Tx. Teen accused of using hitman to kill his father for life insurance money 05/30/2018

Police: Wife, lover killed security guard for $1M insurance policy 04/03/2018

Wife of slain Cleveland firefighter convicted of murder-for-hire plot 07/07/2017

Man who ‘killed’ wife took control of life-insurance payout for kids 12/29/2011

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meet The American Oligarchs!

I've never been on the board of directors for a major corporation, or smaller ones.

Just sayin'

Nor have I ever been elected to higher office or had a job as a high profile media pundit with high name recognition; nor have any of my relatives ever been on major boards elected to higher office or worked as celebrity media people; nor do I recall any of my friends or neighbors past or present ever having any of these jobs.

Just sayin'

However it doesn't take a lot of research to realize that people who do get on the board of directors of one major corporation often get elected to at least two or three more, often much more; and they often get jobs working at high profile administrations as government appointees or the coverage they need to get name recognition to get elected to public office before breaking the promises to the public to keep promises to campaign donors.

According to a study that came out forty years ago, Huge U.S. Firms Found Linked by Board Members 04/23/1978, "Among the nation's 130 largest corporations - which control $1 trillion in assets, about a quarter of all corporate holdings - the study found 530 direct interlocks, where a director of one company sat on another's board, and 12,193 indirect interlocks." They found additional problems for antitrust violations and one of the recommendations they came up with was "that any officer or director of a company with $1 billion or more in sales or assets be prohibited 'from being an officer or director of any other company of a similar size,' whether or not the companies are in the same line of business."

To the best of my knowledge, these recommendations were never implemented, nor was the majority of the public even informed about this study; instead there was a massive consolidation of many of the largest corporations into much fewer hands since then. There have been a few more studies on this since then; however they're not reported widely at all either, and the details of them are often not disclosed to the public, unless they pay to read it; and even then the summations strongly imply that they don't cover half the conflicts of interests. Furthermore these studies are financed by academic institutions that are often part of the oligarchy, which gives them incentive to spin it.

No doubt that if they paid attention to my review, which they won't unless a lot more people pay attention first, then they would disagree and try to spin it in their favor, as they usually do. However there are some basic principles that can be easily understood and confirmed without much if any research. The first one as I already mentioned is that the vast majority of people from the working classes aren't involved in high positions of power, either on boards of directors, as politicians, media pundits, or any other supporting positions that also have access to power.

As I've reported previously many of the abandoned inner cities with the highest murder rates also have lower income, higher concentrations of both megachurches and Charter Schools; however it's virtually guaranteed that they have much fewer people living in them that are controlling powerful institution, and in most cases when they do have some powerful people living in these cities with high murder rates they're almost always in the wealthier and less violent parts of large cities. This essentially means that the people making the decision are much wealthier but the people with much less say in the decisions are much more likely to pay the price are the ones not involved in the decisions and that often don't have the educational background to decide many of the most important policy questions anyway, although if they have good intentions they can often figure out many simple things that wealthier people simply don't want to know.

Once you start looking at the conflicting financial incentives and the basic principles of many powerful industries, including military manufacturers, private prisons, oil industries, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and many more the evidence of an oligarchy not a free market continues to grow assuming you want to fact check them accurately.

After a relatively brief look of my own into Interlocking Boards of Directors, that starts with about ten of the biggest military contractors and at least six of the largest media corporations that control over ninety percent of the news reported to the public along with a few more boards including Walmart, one of two private prison corporations and perhaps at least two or three times that after I add a few more, it's clear that almost all, if not all of the biggest corporations have interlocking board members with major financial institutions and a revolving door with government officials that are often either elected or appointed. This study, if you want to call it that, isn't as comprehensive as the ones cited below and it hasn't been peer reviewed, at least not yet; however I have shown my sources so if there's any doubt you can check the facts yourself.

Also these financial ties should be considered a minimum and it's virtually guaranteed that there's many more conflicts of interests, since they often don't provide complete information in any one source, and the more you look the more financial ties can be found, virtually guaranteeing that no one can keep track of them all.

There are at least two and a half dozen political appointees and half a dozen former elected officials sitting on the boards of directors for the ten biggest military contractors; almost all of them, if not all, have at least one former government employee working in a higher office. At least eight members of the Council on Foreign Relations work for these military contractors; and they also have close financial ties to the oil industry with plenty of interlocking board members with the. There are numerous ties to media institutions as well, including Kelly Ayotte, who recently lost a reelection to the Senate and was quickly appointed to several corporate boards including one military and one media board. She also has ties to health care and insurance corporations. Clearly a large portion of the people that make many of the most important decisions about starting wars, that are routinely based on lies, like the weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist have financial ties to the weapons industry.

The revolving door between the government and military contractors has been going on for decades; and there's also a long list of corruption scandals which few people keep track of including Darleen Druyun was investigated for speeding up payments for McDonnell Douglas and kept her job anyway, while others were charged or fired, only to get involved in another scandal with Boeing, which she wound up being convicted of.

Darleen Druyun didn't do anything unusual at her government job; although it's very rare to actually prosecute them especially when those involved, like Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld and many other higher officials have more political conections

Previously in Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery? I reported about how Harriet Washington exposed how pharmaceutical companies are using public funds to develop drugs then getting patents they use to gouge consumers; she also exposed how they often used the public as research subjects, especially those that weren't in a position to resist, including veterans and prisoners. Both military contractors and private prison industries have numerous financial connections to pharmaceutical or health care industries, which might be circumstantial evidence of motive for some of the unethical research activities conducted on prisoners and veterans that Harriet Washington exposed; and they both also have plenty of connections to the government in their revolving door.

It should go without saying that the prison industry is not one that society would want to be a growing industry; and the objective should be to rehabilitate inmates in the most effective manner possible so they won't be threat to society when they're released. However the financial incentive for profitable prison corporations wants the maximum amount of business that they can get in order to increase their business, which clearly contradicts this basic and simple principle and creates a major conflict of interest.

However the prison industrial complex has been expanding for decades; and a lot of the people profiting from it have close ties to government, which is enabling this growth. Whether or not they have interlocking boards or directors with other major corporations or not they do an enormous amount of business with many of the largest corporations in the country that are taking advantage of cheap labor allowed in an exception to the thirteenth amendment which continues to allow for slavery of people that have been convicted of a crime. Industries that are profiting from prison labor include many of the same defense contractors, who often do have interlocking board members with prison companies and manufacturers or retailers including Walmart which has an enormous crime problem of their own; and as I have reported in numerous articles including Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime a large part of the reason they have worse crime problems than any other store is their policies cutting corners creating a virtual invitation to shoplifters and angering many customers and workers who often retaliate against them for their outrageous policies, although the vast majority of them don't.

Many major corporations also have a lot of ties that are harder to detect including BlackRock which finances many military contractors, although I probably wouldn't even suspect that if not for the divestment movement in the internet, and Vanguard Group which is a leading stock owner of CoreCivic the leading private prison corporation, which received some of their initial funding from Goldman Sachs. There are interlocking board members of most if not all of these major corporations with the finance, banking or insurance industries which create many more ties that are much more difficult to detect, although many of them are disclosed in a low profile manner.

But even without a more thorough search there are close to a dozen board members of the six largest media companies with direct ties to the insurance industry; and they collect an enormous amount of money in advertising from this industry as well which creates a massive conflict of interest.

Both insurance and gambling operate on the same basic principles, which the media never mentions to the public, since it would expose them both as obvious scams. They both pool money from customers then return it to the winners, or people with claims after subtracting expenses and profits. In both cases they spend an enormous amount of money on both lobbying and advertising so both politicians and the media have a major financial incentive not to explain these basics and spin it in favor of the corporations they serve, while pretending to defend the public.

In both these industries the more they spend on advertising the less they have to return to consumers; which means that competing with each other can't possibly benefit consumers, since they can't possibly change the basic math. However deceptive advertising is essentially theft by deception, in practice, with virtually no regulation to require a reasonable degree of honesty. The entire advertising industry is designed to scam consumers, one way or another; you simply don't maximize profits with honesty! Advertising executives consult with psychologists and other so-called experts to find out which deceptive advertisements work the best, like using fashion models and celebrities to make disposable expensive, but torn jeans look cool, even though the workers that make it are often being oppressed in sweatshops, which media companies profiting off of advertisements have an incentive not to report!

Breaking news: the only way to get the media to report self incriminating facts like this is to put it on a meme and attribute it to them, since they would never report it themselves; unless perhaps they accidentally said it on a hot mic!

A few years ago when there was a scandal about insider betting at fantasy football corporations, which are virtually unregulated, there were a few low profile disclosures about their financial ties to several media companies, including Comcast which owns MSNBC. I was unable to find sources for these times when searching for them; however I did find new ties that have developed since then, which I listed below, including one joint venture with Comcast, CBC and Fantasy Football companies. Not only does that provide a conflict of interest for reporting on problems with the gambling industry; but it's also one of many joint ventures from corporations that claim they're competing against each other. Most of these are reported in a very low profile manner; but in a couple of his books Robert McChesney has reported that there are many more where that came from.

But the ties between these six corporations don't end there; two of them, Viacom and CBS are involved in merger talks with each other and they already have interlocking board members, with two members of the Redstone family sitting on both boards, which supposedly isn't supposed to happen with corporations supposedly competing against each other; so for all practical purposes, it's actually only five conglomerates controlling over ninety percent of the media industry. One of the other leading media companies, is also involved in merger talks with AT&T, which they're trying to claim is being stopped for political reasons, even though the media and telecommunications industries have already merged so much they've turned into oligarchies not a free market system competing against each other.

If that isn't what it's become it's way to damn close, though; with each industry dominated by a small number of oligarchies and all of them having ties to financial institutions and government regulators.

Another common tie between media companies are reporters that constantly move from one company to another, but only those going along with their agenda are eligible at all. A few good reporters like Chris Hedges and Robert Parry have been in the mainstream media; but once they start doing too good a job they're forced out one way or another and can't get any coverage again except through alternative sources like their lower profile outlets, Consortium News and TruthDig. Others work at all three networks at one time or another; and Anderson Cooper, who has ties to the CIA even works at both CNN and supposedly competing 60 Minutes on CBS.

These media companies also have interlocking board members with many of their advertisers as well, which gives them a financial incentive to help them consolidate other industries as well; and the largest retailers have interlocking board members with their suppliers, which gives both an incentive to help each other consolidate wiping out small business almost turning the entire economic system into one big oligarchy or monopoly. These interlocking board members often include politicians from both parties; even when a media company like CNN, which is supposed to be liberal has conservative board members or high level management from the Republican Party; and News Corp has directors or management from Democratic administrations including the Clinton campaign and administration, who they're supposed to hate.

Almost all major corporations have ties to both political parties and they answer to these corporations while consulting with them to come up with propaganda to convince the majority of the public they're at least trying to look out for their best interests; or if they can't do that keep the public divided so they can't unite to stand up to the oligarchy!

If we ever had a free market system where these corporations had to compete with each other for their customers that was eliminated decades ago and as Dwayne Andreas a former Archer Daniels Midland executive was caught saying "The competitor is our friend, and the customer is our enemy,"

Dwayne Andreas also said "There isn't one grain of anything in the world that is sold in a free market. The only place you see a free market is in the speeches of politicians," decades ago but you'll never hear the media say this, even though the more you research it the more you'll find out it's true!

The media is colluding with other wall street corporations to ensure that you only hear from candidates that support their agenda, even if they do have to pretend to support the views of the public for the duration of the campaign and find some more rhetoric to blame others when they fail to follow through on their campaign promises!

For sources or additional information on this subject see the following articles:

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Wikipedia: List of American state and local politicians convicted of crimes

Wikipedia: Darleen Druyun McDonnell Douglas investigation and Druyun pleaded guilty to inflating the price of the contract to favor her future employer and to passing information on the competing Airbus A330 MRTT bid (from EADS).

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery? 05/05/2018 At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons. The list of such companies contains the cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more. All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor. Just between 1980 and 1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31 billion. Inmates in state penitentiaries generally receive the minimum wage for their work, but not all; in Colorado, they get about $2 per hour, well under the minimum. And in privately-run prisons, they receive as little as 17 cents per hour for a maximum of six hours a day, the equivalent of $20 per month.

Stop Supporting Prison Slavery By Avoiding These 7 Companies 02/18/2018 Whole Foods; McDonalds; Wal-Mart; Victoria’s Secret; BP; AT&T; Aramark

Martori Farms: Abusive Conditions at a Key Wal-Mart Supplier 06/24/2011

Comcast Business’ Fantasy Sports Play 09/22/2015

COMCAST AND CBS SPORTS DIGITAL PARTNER TO LAUNCH FANTASY FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE ON XFINITY X1 09/07/2017 Comcast announced a new partnership with CBS Sports Digital that will put fantasy football scores and stats on the same screen as the games themselves, offering Xfinity X1 customers a new way to experience live sports on the television.

Scandal Erupts in Unregulated World of Fantasy Sports 10/05/2015

Fired from MSNBC for Anti-War Views, Phil Donahue Speaks Out on Republicans and Journalism, While Campaigning for Norman Solomon in California 01/16/2012

Jimmy Carter Tells Oprah America Is No Longer a Democracy, Now an Oligarchy 09/24/2015

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery” 07/30/2015 CARTER: It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. senators and congress members. So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect and sometimes get favors for themselves after the election’s over.

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