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Growing Evidence Of Mega-Church Fraud Violence & Support For War?

Religion teaches morality.

Or so we've been told by religions for thousands of years. One of the most important morals might be, "Thou shalt not kill," assuming you'r not more concerned with obedience to God, or religious leaders appointed to represent God, which many Biblical verses seem to put higher priority on.

The growing movement towards increasing attendance in Mega-Churches is defended by the organizers of these Mega-Churches as well as many other people in the religious community supporting their religion.

Just for the sake of argument lets assume they're right and these Mega-Churches are more effective at teaching morality; which would theoretically mean that people that attend these Mega-Churches would be less inclined to commit murder and the murder rates around these Mega-Churches would be lower!


Well maybe not!

As I explained previously in Media is aiding and abetting in Televangelist Fraud, Apartheid States of America and Megalithic Churches correlated with local murder rates most Megachurches, on average are in cities with above average murder rates, often well above average. Few social statistical reviews show an exact correlation, since there are multiple causes for violence and they all have to be considered carefully; however the correlation between higher murder rates in cities with Megachurches compared to those without is stronger than most.

There are some exceptions, of course. One of the biggest is the Megachurches in New Jersey or Connecticut, which are among the least religious states, where the majority of Megachurches are in wealthy suburbs just outside of some of their worst abandoned inner cities. But these states don't have nearly as many Megachurches as the South or several other parts of the country where people are more religious. California has a larger number of Megachurches and most of them are in cities with below average murder rates but many of those are near more violent cities and those in more violent cities are often in much more violent cities like many other states, so the average murder rate for the cities in California is still above the national average, and most of those with lower murder rates are also in cities with much higher incomes.

A closer look comparing cities, within the same population range with Megachurches to those without shows even further how strong a correlation this is, when divided by population in four different population ranges of cities with above 100,000 people all four of them show the cities with higher murder rates have more Megachurches; when comparing the average murder rates for smaller cities where they don't always have Megachurches the ones in two of three population ranges show that they have higher murder rates in the cities with Megachurches, and the third is only higher in those without Megachurches as a result of a handful of cities with exceptionally high murder rates, when those are excluded even that range has higher murder rates in the cities with Megachurches than those without, as indicated in the following summation:

In the ten cities with a population over one million the five with the highest murder rates, the highest with 21 per hundred thousand and lowest with 10 per hundred thousand, have ninety-one megachurches and seventeen of them with attendance, according to at least one source, of over 10,000, which is what they call a Gigachurch; even though the five with the lowest murder rates, 3.3 to 10 per hundred thousand, have a much higher population they only have seventy Megachurches, and ten Gigachurches; if you counted the top six there would be one-hundred-and-eleven megachurches and nineteen Gigachurches; the bottom four would have about the same population but only fifty Megachurches and eight Gigachurches. In cities with a population of half a million to one million all of them have Megachurches; but the ten with the highest murder rates have more Megachurches than the ten with the lowest rates. The top ten in this range have average murder rates over a fifteen year period from 42.98 per hundred thousand in Detroit to 10.07 and they have a total of ninety-seven Megachurches and ten of them are Gigachurchs. The cities with the lowest murder rates in this range have murder rates ranging from 2.4 per hundred thousand in El Paso to 8.9 in Tuscon Arizona and they only have a total of sixty-nine Megachurches with only seven Gigachurches.

The same goes in all the other population ranges, or something similar including those between 250,000 and 500,000 where the cities in the top ten for murder rates have forty-six megachurches with three Gigachurches verses only thirty-one in the cities in the bottom ten for murder rates, although they do have four Gigachurches but there's still many more attending the ones in the top ten; and in the cities with a population from 100,000 to 250,000 where they have thirty-eight Megachurches with four Gigachurches in the cities with the top ten murder rates and only twenty-three Megachurches in the cities that have any with the lowest crime rates. This range also has fifty-four cities without any Megachurches and the average murder rates for those is significantly lower than the average for cities with at least one Megachurch.

In the cities with populations between 250,000 and 500,000 there are only two that don't have any megachurches, and one of them at least is above average and if the other one isn't it's not much below average for the cities in that population range; however this isn't statistically significant since there are so few. When it comes to cities with fewer than 250,000 and more than 100,000, the average rate for cities with at least one or more Megachurches in it is 6.05 per hundred thousand, which is about thirty percent hire than the cities without any Megachurches in them, with an average rate of 4.75. This omits four cities, which are large and have Megachurches just beyond the border. Three of these cities have a large volume of Megachurches and the other one only one in a bordering town but more near by, which for all practical purposes they serve with their own population. These cities include Kansas City, Kansas; Newport News Va.; North Las Vegas, Nevada; and Paterson NJ. There was one city, Syracuse NY, which I entered in those with Megachurches because East Syracuse, with only 3,000 people has a Megachurch which clearly must serve Syracuse. There were also six additional ones that were entered in the category of cities without Megachurches even though they also had Megachurches in bordering towns. Two of these were negligible, since they weren't much lower than the average but the other four were significantly above average. If anything it might have been more appropriate to omit those as well, or include the ones with a large number of Megachurches in bordering towns be entered on the list of cities with Megachurches, which would have increased the difference.

When it comes to the cities with a population between 40,000 and 60,000, the cities with Megachurches have an average murder rate of 3.7 per hundred thousand which is about forty percent higher than the cities without Megachurches which are only 2.7.

The cities with a population of 60,000 to 100,000 is the only population range where the murder rates are higher in cities without Megachurches where the average rate is 4.17 about fifteen percent higher than the cities with Megachurches, which have a rate of 3.57. However the murder rates for both categories are driven up by the eight cities with the highest murder rates, which are, all more than four times the national average one of them are as much as sixteen times the national average, and six of them are in cities without Megachurches, although four of these have Megachurches in towns bordering them, including one that is a Gigachurch, which must draw some funds and parishioners from Gary, and one more has a Megachurch in a small town no more than ten miles away. These six cities, Youngstown Ohio, Wilmington Delaware, Gary Indiana, Compton California, Camden and Trenton NJ, have an average murder rate of 41; the two highest with Megachurches, Macon Georgia and Fort Myers Florida have an average murder rate of about 22. Even in this population range if these cities weren't counted then the cities with Megachurches would still be higher, with a rate of 3.14 than those without with a rate of 2.81.

Date for cities with less than 40,000 people is limited; however, even though I didn't look up the rates for those without Megachurches, and Wikipedia doesn't list them, I compiled a list of those with megachurches, and calculated rough averages. These use averages for fifteen years of data for each city, or as much as is available, which is more comprehensible than the one year data used to compare with other cities; however they were straight averages without converting back to murders and accounting for populations changes. The margin of error using this method is minimal when it's the same city with modest population changes, but with cities that fluctuate from 195 to almost 40,000, it is of course higher making this rough. The average murder rates for 296 cities with Megachurches is 3.49 which is only slightly lower than those with a higher population, even though murder rates seem to be going consistently down. Thirty-four of these cities had rates above seven, some well above this, which is more than double the average rate for this range and they drove it way up. These thirty four have an average rate of 13.83; without these the rest of them would only have an average rate of 2.15. Some of these thirty four cities are urban cities bordering much larger cities with high rates; however some of them, especially in South Carolina, and other parts of the South including Alabama and Louisiana, are in rural areas where you might expect them to be much lower.

The data to come to these conclusions has been reposted here on Megalithic Churches correlated with local murder rates by population an additional explanation of some of the details will be posted here shortly that will enable anyone that might be inclined to check the math and decide for themselves whether I'm distorting the "Lies, damn lies or statistics," as Mark Twain or Benjamin Disraeli might say.

Phil Zuckerman makes a similar point in his review published in the Los Angeles Times a few years ago, Think religion makes society less violent? Think again. 10/30/2015, where he compares rates of violence in countries, or states that are more religious and finds that they have higher rates of violence. He also cites statistics of child abuse deaths when he says, "Consider child-abuse fatality rates: Highly religious Mississippi's is twice that of highly secular New Hampshire's, and highly religious Kentucky's is four times higher than highly secular Oregon's."

Apparently he makes the same argument in The Nonreligious: Understanding Secular People and Societies By Phil Zuckerman, Luke W. Galen, Frank L. Pasquale where he cautions against confusing correlation and causation, as many good sociologists and statisticians do; however I believe that in addition to his research additional work by Alice Miller and Philip Greven strengthens the argument that early child abuse leads to escalating violence, and that religious support for corporal punishment is also a major factor teaching small children to deal with their problems through violence later in life, which would explain the strong correlation between high murder rates near megachurches or in highly religious states compared to more secular communities.

His article in the Los Angeles Times is in the op-ed section, claiming that it's a matter of opinion, which part of it may be, but a large portion of it is based on facts which can be confirmed or refuted; and the mainstream media often allows many politicians or people of faith to make wild claims, loudly with conviction and appeals to emotions, without any fact checking, even when they're full of obvious flaws. Good academics often go to far in the other extreme by saying they're not sure even when there is much more evidence that has been fact checked to support some of their claims.

I've written about this numerous times with many more sources in past articles and there's little or no doubt in my mind that there's an enormous amount of evidence, including the research by Greven, Miller, Coloroso, Garbarino, Straus and many more that early child abuse leads to escalating violence later in life. This includes corporal punishment which has been demonstrated to escalate to more violence over and over again; and this conclusion is backed by by statistics where the states that still allow it in schools, and presumably use it much more in homes routinely make it into the top ten for murder rates, with six to eight of them included. The only one that ever makes it into the bottom ten states for murder rates is Idaho, which uses it the least, and has no major abandoned inner cities, which is another major contributing cause to violence.

As Philip Greven and Alice Miller also argue early child abuse, often starting with corporal punishment, is also a major part of an indoctrination process designed to teach children to blindly obey orders, believe what their taught without question from their leaders, and to go along with the crowd, without developing critical thinking skills which are necessary to participate in the democratic process and hold leaders accountable, especially when they fight one war after another based on lies.

There may also be far more evidence that many of these Megachurches are also involved in far more child abuse scandals than most people realized; and it may also be related to escalating violence in the areas that they serve, although proving that connection is far more difficult. However, we've all heard about plenty of scandals involving Televangelists, and many of them have involved sex abuse or child abuse, assuming you've paid attention to the news; but it may be far more common than I suspected. To find out how common this is I looked up a little more on the internet and started finding far more stories than I expected, including some from a few of the biggest megachurch pastors in the country, and many with political connections, including to many presidential candidates.

There are dozens if not hundreds of these reports across the country that aren't hard to find once you start searching. Many of them are new, which might mean that more of them are being exposed, or there have been more all along than most people realized or more likely a little of both. One of the biggest examples might be Rod Parsley's Church in Ohio, who apparently settled a lawsuit a few years ago for a Daycare beating in 2006. The insurance company that they're still in the process of trying to convince to shoulder the settlement refuses to do so because they claim their coverage didn't cover use of corporal punishment, which is being disputed.

According to Televangelist Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church Refuses to Fully Shoulder $3.1M Settlement for Daycare Beating 10/10/2015 one of the fund raising pitches that they use is a pitch saying "Do not miss this opportunity for Pastor Parsley to pray for you, along with KENNETH COPELAND, a gifted preacher with incredible understanding of God's power — a man of astonishing faith! They will lead an army of prayer warriors to pray for YOUR needs! Then we'll send your prayer cloth back to you saturated with the anointing!"

Apparently this is just one of many incredibly bad scams that the faithful fall for, as long as it's given in a hyped up manner from a charismatic preacher. I don't know if many of their donors know that their money is going to pay for past legal settlements or Parley's lavish lifestyle; however this is typical of the claims that hundreds of preachers across the country make either on TV, in Megachurches, online, in revivals or any other way they have of communicating and a shocking percentage of the public seems to trust them.

A little noticed sideline to a much higher profile abuse case a few months ago in California also indicates the values of some of Parsley's fellow preachers, or more specifically the brother of the president of “The Valor Christian College." David Turpin, who was arrested in January in the now infamous "Horror House" case where they imprisoned there own kids and kept them on a starvation diet, is the brother of Dr. Randy Turpin, who is the president of “The Valor Christian College," which was founded by Rod Parsley. This is apparently the same Rod Parsley that met with John McCain who was seeking his endorsement in the 2008 primary, saying "I'm very honored today to have one of the truly great leaders in America, a moral compass, a spiritual guide, Pastor Rod Parsley," and received it; but then when his comments about destroying Islam were reported in the media he distanced himself politically, as they often do, before eventually rejecting his endorsement.

Randy Turpin claims to be estranged from his brother, and has volunteered to adopt his nephew's and nieces; however he wrote a 2016 book about prayer and fasting, which authorities are considering in relation to the starvation diet of David's children; and his parents clearly weren't estranged from David when they visited the family in a five day visit to California in 2012. They claimed they had no idea anything was wrong and said that "They are the sweetest family."

This is why politicians are constantly courting Televangelists and Megachurch pastors, because if their followers trust them even when they get caught at one scam after another they often blindly support the candidate that their leaders tell them to even if their religious leaders and their political leaders are constantly supporting positions that go against the interests of the followers. However, the mainstream media minimizes the coverage of this or buries it where few will notice it, just like they minimize coverage of all the sex scandals so most people don't realize how extensive it is. If the truth isn't repeated over and over again like the deceptive propaganda that faithful quickly forget.

Televangelists look the other way at the scandals that politicians get caught up with just like politicians look the other way in the scandals that Televangelists get caught up in and reports of their conections are only found by those that look closely. But there are plenty of them including Bill Clinton's relationship with Bill Hybels, ties between Kirbyjon Caldwell and George Bush, And many more including a long list of Televangelists that lined up behind Donald Trump, like Kenneth Adkins, who was found guilty of child molestation.

I have no doubt that if I started searching I could easily find dozens more, including some that I already came across and more that were almost certainly buried demonstrating that the separations between Church and State has been dramatically reduced if not completely eliminated.

Additional research will surely show that the religious areas that have high crime problems and a high concentration of Megachurches, also have much more economic inequality environmental destruction, cheating scandals, often in areas where for-profit Charters Schools are concentrated, and many other social problems.

Politicians understood how to use this mentality to manipulate the public going back thousands of years, as some people including Hermann Göring demonstrated that they understood, especially when stirring up paranoia to fight wars based on lies, even when it's against the interests of the majority of the public!

Hitler was of course famous for Hitler's Youth which trained thousands of children to blindly obey orders in the thirties using many of the same tactics that Megachurch pastor's use to indoctrinate their followers. He learned this from observing religious indoctrination taking place before him, in both the Protestant and Catholic religions. They both had their Youth groups that were taught to blindly obey from an early age without questioning authorities.

Before Hitler rose to power Mussolini took control of of Italy in the March on Rome shortly after Pius XI was elected Pope, and like the competition between Pius XII had with Hitler to control the education system, as described in "Hitler's Pope" by John Cornwall, Pius XI had a similar battle for power with Mussolini, as described in The "Pope and Mussolini: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe" by David Kirtzer. Both Popes, Hitler and Mussolini all agreed that the education system should be authoritarian and oppose teaching of critical thinking skills.

Pius XI negotiated deals with Mussolini starting within a few months after Mussolini's March on Rome, to restore some of the Catholic power that started collapsing when Napoleon invaded Europe and escalated when Pius IX was exiled during the 1848 revolution. Both Pope's wanted a restoration of the political power that the Catholic Church had in the past which is when they led Crusades and Inquisitions, although they wouldn't have been inclined to say they wanted to return to that. In both cases Pius XII, starting as Eugenio Pacelli negotiating a deal with Germany over control of the education system and later with Hitler; and Pius XI negotiating with Mussolini for control of Italy as well as the education or indoctrination of children were willing to put their best interests ahead of the children or those that wanted to teach democratic principles, and rather than allowing Democracy to spread they enabled Hitler and Mussolini to rise to power.

Only after Pius XI lost the power struggle to Mussolini did he say, “I am ashamed, not as pope, but as an Italian! The Italian people have become a flock of stupid sheep. I will speak up, have no fear of that. The concordat means a lot to me, but my conscience means more.... Here they have become like so many Farinaccis. I am truly upset, as a pope ..." ("Pope and Mussolini" Kirtzer also cited in "Hitler, Mussolini and the Vatican" Emma Fattorini with additional excerpts) Perhaps he should have been ashamed, but he shouldn't have been too surprised!

Indoctrination methods designed to control the public instead of educational methods to teach them to govern themselves is what he encouraged from the beginning; the main thing that he was ashamed of was that he didn't have the upper hand in controlling the educational and political system!

Amazingly, Mussolini was able to convince the masses that he was the leader of the religious faithful, like Donald Trump, even though his early career was a rabid anticlerical Publishing God Does Not Exist text in 1904! Mussolini seemed to recognize flaws in the religious argument when he recognized Epicurus in 1904; however he demonstrated, with his actions that he wasn't overly concerned with morality, when he started using thuggish tactics no later than WWI and shortly after that when he formed his Fascist Party. Only after he lost the power struggle did he express shame because the "Italian people have become a flock of stupid sheep."

Mussolini remained strongly opposed to the Vatican at least until 1919, then in 1922 after his March on Rome, he claimed to be a strong defender of the Church and began giving them their privileges back in return for the support of Pius XI, who should have realized this was a political deal, not based on true faith on Mussolini's part. The Pope accepted this because the deals he made with Mussolini's advanced his own power and he used his perceived credibility with the faithful to encourage them to support Mussolini even though it wasn't in their own best interests!

Donald Trump didn't rise to power in exactly the same way as Mussolini, of course, but there were a lot of similarities. One of the ways that he was able to win the election, or at least appear to win, as I've said in past articles, is the mainstream media that pretends to oppose hims gave him the obsession coverage he needed to gain name recognition, fist with decades of periodic coverage, then escalating with his show "The Apprentice" and finally with obsession coverage during the campaign when they knew there was an lot of anti-establishment sentiment, and the media gave them a pretender that claimed to be anti-establishment. Another major advantage that he had was courting the support of Televangelists, who were able to convince their followers that Trump was among the faithful even though like Mussolini he had a long history of having no respect for the Church and even now it should be obvious that he's only pretending the support religious faith for political and control purposes!

Now once again he's demonstrated that he supports wars based on lies, just like establishment politicians; and the rest of the political establishment can pretend to speak out against him claiming what they hope to be perceived as the higher ground as they speak out against his actions in Syria!

The following are a couple sources about additional research showing how religious indoctrination leads to escalating violence:

Alice Miller The Truth Will Set You Free

Philip J. Greven: Spare the Child

“We Can Do Better—Child Abuse Deaths in America.”

Hitler’s Pope Pope Pius XII helped Hitler destroy German Catholic political opposition. John Cornwell reports on this new discovery. 1999

The following is a long list of Televangelists, often with political connections, that have been involved in various scandals, and often continue to preach with support of the faithful, although there are also many examples where they've gone to jail, or at least been forced to step down, at least temporarily. There have been many examples where these scam artists have come back with more scams even after doing jail time, and the government and many faithful let them get away with it:

Jury finds pastor Kenneth Adkins, supporter of Donald Trump, guilty of 8 charges in child molestation case 04/10/2018

Pastor at church attended by 25,000 steps down amid misconduct allegations 04/11/2018 Bill Hybels, 66, served as a served as a spiritual adviser to President Bill Clinton and said in 2012 that he planned to retire in October 2018.

Kirbyjon Caldwell, famed Houston megachurch pastor, sold millions in worthless bonds, feds charge 03/30/2018 President George W. Bush, left, shares a laugh with the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell during a fundraiser in Houston in 2003.

South Florida's Five Worst Religious Leaders, Including Accused Molester Bob Coy 11/19/2017

Ohio Religious Right Pastor Faces Increasing Scrutiny Over Practices January 2006 Parsley is extremely active in Repub­li­can politics in Ohio. In November of 2004, he worked to bring out voters to support a state constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage in Ohio. Many of those voters, analysts believe, also backed President George W. Bush, perhaps providing him with a margin of victory in that key swing state.

‘Horror house’ dad’s estranged brother takes leave from job at Christian college 01/17/2018

Preacher uncle of ‘horror house’ kids wants to adopt them 01/25/2018

John McCain’s Spiritual Guide Rod Parsley: America Was Founded to Destroy the “False Religion” 03/14/2008

McCain rejects minister John Hagee's endorsement 05/22/2008 McCain has faced pressure to distance himself from the Rev. Rod Parsley over the minister's statement that Islam was "an antichrist religion that intends through violence to conquer the world." The Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling on McCain to repudiate Parsley's endorsement. A McCain spokesman says the senator rejects the remarks and adds that it's entirely inconsistent with what McCain believes. But the campaign is not rejecting the endorsement at the moment.

Jury awards televangelist's granddaughter $2 million in Trinity Broadcasting molestation scandal 06/06/2017

Salem pastor resigns after church investigates claims of sexual misconduct by him, 3 others 03/08/2018

Measles cases put Texas megachurch under scrutiny 08/31/2013

Parsley and McCain relationship appears political, not spiritual 05/15/2008

Grandmother of 13 siblings found captive in Southern California home: ‘They are the sweetest family’ 01/18/2018

Black Mega Churches: attitudes towards corporal punishment and perceived guilt or innocence 08/19/2015

Here are the pastors and televangelists that I have found and know of that own or use Private Jets that are supposedly owned by their ministry Jared Bartholomew 07/27/2008

Dr. Who? – Televangelists With Fake Educations and Degrees 08/19/2015

Megachurch youth leader sentenced to eight months for sexual relationship with minor 02/21/2018

Alabama youth pastor Acton Bowen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 04/11/2018 Acton Bowen, 37, was arrested Tuesday on charges of second-degree sodomy, enticing a child to enter a vehicle or house for immoral purposes, and second-degree sex abuse, reports. Bowen, a married author, public speaker, minister and founder of Acton Bowen Outreach, lives in Southside, Alabama, in Etowah County.

Nashville pastor molested at least 8 children during 20 years as church leader, police say 03/31/2018

Founder of Florida's largest ‘megachurch’ accused of molesting four-year-old 11/15/2017

Donald Trump’s saving grace: Televangelists 09/30/2015

Televangelist with Trump ties: 'Jesus himself gave us the flu shot' 02/07/2018 The Copelands were among the more than two dozen advisers on the Trump campaign's advisory board. Ahead of the 2016 election, Kenneth Copeland said that Christians who don't vote for Trump "are going to be guilty of murder," are "guilty of an abomination to God," and are "guilty of every baby that's aborted," in video posted by Right Wing Watch.

Suspect in megachurch shooting waives first court appearance 10/24/2012 Police said Palmer was a former employee at World Changers Church International. He resigned from his position as a maintenance worker in August, citing personal reasons.

Debunking Megachurch Myths: Especially the One About Sheep Swapping 02/22/2013

How a Megachurch Melts Down 09/07/2014

Wikipedia: New Life Church (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council 08/18/2017

Hawaii Megachurch Accused of Human Trafficking and Using Violence to Raise Money 03/30/2018

The Sex-Abuse Scandal That Devastated a Suburban Megachurch 02/14/2016 C.J. Mahaney

Wikipedia: Ted Haggard

Andy Savage, Memphis Pastor in Sex Abuse Scandal Takes Leave of Absence as Criticism Mounts 01/15/2018

Eddie Long, Georgia megachurch pastor embroiled in scandal, dies 01/15/2017

How This Megachurch Is Impacting a Gang-Infested Community 11/30/2017

The following are some articles about lies used to lead us into past wars, establishing a pattern of behavior that the vast majority of the public continue to fall for and a few about more lies to lead us into war in Syria; I don't guarantee all of it; however the alternative media has a far better track record than the establishment media which often admits they were wrong after the fact, when it's too late; before quickly burying it in more propaganda and beginning the propaganda for the next war.

Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War 03/16/2006

Faith and War: Conflict for Religious Americans? 11/12/2002

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack 04/16/2018 Exclusive: Robert Fisk visits the Syria clinic at the centre of a global crisis

Russia Probably Hid Evidence of a Chemical Attack in Syria, or so We’re Told 04/16/2018

There’s a Good Chance We’re Being Lied to About the Chemical Attack in Syria 04/11/2018

U.S. Intelligence Officials Who Warned About False WMD Claims Before Iraq War Are Now Warning About Baseless Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims 04/13/2018

Experts Skeptical of Claim that Syria Carried Out Chemical Weapons Attack 04/11/2018

The Big Lie About the Libyan War 03/22/2016

Obama's Libya Debacle How a Well-Meaning Intervention Ended in Failure March/April 2015

Hiding US Lies About Libyan Invasion 07/07/2017

US, NATO Lie to Justify Genocide and Destruction in Yugoslavia 03/23/2018

Clinton's speech on Yugoslavia: piling lie upon lie 06/12/1999

Rand Paul On Syria Chemical Attack — Maybe Assad Didn’t Do It 04/17/2018

Rand Paul: 'If you were Assad would you set off chemical weapons? No.' 08/29/2013

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game" so don't take my word for this do your own research and come to your own conclusions, instead of switching from following one cult leader to another!

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Assault On the Post Office disguised as Defense Of it?

Some of Trump's arguments about Amazon avoiding taxes are perfectly legitimate, however like most of the times when he makes a rational argument against corporate interests, he manages to distort everything and mix it up with wild unfounded accusations. I've said repeatedly that if the mainstream media really wanted to prevent Trump from getting elected, they could have done so by simply not providing him with adequate media coverage to enable him to get the name recognition he needs to get elected or obsession coverage needed to manipulate the clueless with his demagoguery.

However, even without what some might consider a fringe conspiracy theory, the mainstream media is currently demonstrating how uninformed the majority of the public might be about the way the Post Office and some related businesses work and the basic fundamentals of out economic system.

One of the most fundamental principles of the so-call "free-market" system that we supposedly have, is that if consumers make informed decisions then the most efficient provider of products or services will get the most business and those that can't do as good a job will go out of business.

This is based on the false assumption that consumers are always rational and that they have access to accurate information to make those decisions, both assumptions, which are false.

Another false assumption that the mainstream media has been promoting for decades is that all regulation makes it harder for businesses to provide good or services, using this as a justification to eliminate protections for the environment, workers, consumers, and restrictions on consolidation which creates oligarchies. These regulations might also prevent deceptive advertising; and, when it comes to some businesses including utilities, the shipping industry, and the media, they even enable some business to consolidate to oligarchies and suppress small businesses. Even when it comes to retail they've enabled oligarchies to take over eliminating a real "free enterprise," which I'll get back to below.

In fact, if you watched the news coverage of this subject close enough you might have seen hints of the reason why consumers don't have accurate information to make informed decisions; thanks to trade secrecy laws the public is banned from having full information, even when it's the government running the business; they can negotiate secret deals that might give some unfair advantages to those with political connections.

Some of this is subtly indicated in the following article from the Washington Post, which even though it's owned by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, provides a little more information than most of the mainstream media about the subject, although not enough:

Is the post office making or losing money delivering Amazon packages? 04/04/2018

It seems like a straightforward question: Is the U.S. Postal Service making or losing money on its package delivery contract with Amazon — you know, the one President Trump can’t stop tweeting about? To answer it, all you need to do is start with the Postal Service’s revenue from Amazon, subtract all the expenses associated with delivering the Amazon packages and — voila! — you either get a positive number (a profit) or a negative one (a loss). Accounting 101.

As with most interesting questions, however, this one turns out to be more complicated than that.

For starters, other than Amazon and the Postal Service, almost nobody — including Trump — knows for sure what the revenue from the contract is. Analysts have estimated that Amazon uses the Postal Service for 40 percent of its shipping and that the per-package cost works out to roughly $2, or about half of the standard rate charged by other big shippers. One reason the Postal Service is willing to give Amazon such a big discount is the huge volume of deliveries that the contract guarantees — a key factor in business with high fixed costs. Another is that Amazon performs a fair amount of the shipping work itself, arranging the packages by Zip code and carrier route and dropping them off on pallets at one of 20 Postal Service distribution centers across the country. (Amazon founder and CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.)


Indeed, under federal law, the Postal Service must not calculate only the incremental costs and revenue associated with any special contract or any of its lines of business when calculating costs. In setting rates, it must determine the full cost of providing the service by assigning an appropriate share of the common, or “institutional,” costs. ..... Complete article

Why doesn't anyone "other than Amazon and the Postal Service, almost nobody — including Trump — know for sure what the revenue from the contract" is?

It's almost certainly because what even deal they came to is almost certainly secrets, and anyone with knowledge about it probably signed one of those "non-disclosure" contracts we've been hearing so much about in recent sex scandals. These contracts are probably much more common in regular business dealings than they are with sex scandals, but even when it comes to a business that is owned by tax payers we're not allowed to know what is in the deals signed on our behalf; therefore we can't know for certain whether or not Amazon is getting a deal that most of us could never get enabling them to consolidate their monopoly and defend it from small competitors that might want to get into the market.

However there is enough propaganda to make it seem otherwise, including a recent conversation on Morning Joe that is part of the senseless gabbing to make it seem as if this secrecy is justified, mostly by quickly skipping over any hint that they might be negotiating deals to give some businesses an advantage over others.

Joe Scarborough ridiculed Trump by saying that Amazon pays the same rate the rest of us do; he made this claim in an excited way repeating it over and over but it doesn't appear to be true. Steve Ratner, seemed to know this and although he didn't call Scarborough out he hinted at it no more than a minute or two later by saying that if they negotiated a better deal they would be required by law not to sell below costs, which the article from the Washington Post seems to confirm. Then Eugene Robinson added that if the Post Office decided to charge them more they could take their business elsewhere, without reviewing the basic principles of the shipping industry or mentioning possible secret contracts, which the Washington Post hints at by saying that few people know what Amazon is paying.

Unlike an enormous amount of anti-regulation propaganda that the public has been listening to for decades the basic fundamentals of many industries, is almost never discussed in the mainstream media; if it was it would explain why competition doesn't work in many industries, which is why they were introduced as either government owned industries, or subsidized industries, with what we hope are reasonable regulation to look out for the best interests of the general public.

The law mentioned by the Washington Post article is cited as part of the evidence to indicate that they couldn't possibly be losing money; however that doesn't guarantee that they're not getting an unfair advantage over the competition; and a few other comments that were mentioned briefly by the media in the first day or two implies that they might just be doing that. Some of the pundits mentioning this law said mentioned the possibility that the amount they charge Amazon can't be below cost, they allowed for the possibility that it might be enough to cover all delivery costs, including as the Washington Post puts it "an appropriate share of the common, or 'institutional,' costs;" however the law doesn't require deals to provide their share of the retirement plans for postal workers. We have no way of knowing if this is the case since any contracts they might have made are secret; however if it is it could give them an advantage over the competition by shifting the cost of these retirement funds; or it could be used as part of an effort to slowly chip away at the retirement funds putting them into a crisis as happens in many 401 retirement funds.

Another example that the Post Office has been given to some oligarchies, including Amazon, is there recent advertising campaign where they promote themselves for providing services for other businesses by showing the postal worker lift their door with the Postal logo and close it with the logo of some of the most popular industries shipping their products through the mail. This is an obvious product placement ad which gives an advantage to the oligarchies over small businesses. Most people don't recognize this for one of the many seemingly small and subtle advantages the government gives to oligarchies.

This isn't the fault of postal workers, or customers, of course, but the decisions aren't made by them; they're made by politicians taking campaign contributions from oligarchies or those appointed by them.

The Post Office is one of the industries that don't work based on entirely competition, if at all, despite corporate propaganda to the contrary, others include utilities where start up costs are too high and businesses wouldn't go into it unless they got some assurance that they would be able to make a profit from the government, which they received in return for regulations protecting the public. It also includes the shipping, media, airplane, and space exploration industries, which have major advantages thanks to some of those regulations and in some cases, including electricity or cable television, especially, in rural areas or space exploration they never would have begun without some form of government subsidies.

These industries all have high start up costs so small businesses can never hope to break into the market and compete; and there are additional factors that the "market" can never handle, without reasonable regulations, including safety, pollution, or other forms of fraud, especially if they provide trade secrecy laws instead of disclosure laws to prevent the public from having access to the information they need to make informed decisions. This is especially important when oligarchies negotiate among themselves to give each other advantages that can put small businesses, that often provide better service or more innovation, out of business, or force them to support larger oligarchies to avoid anti-competitive activities.

One of the most important regulations that they should require is disclose laws that would prevent oligarchies that get advantages from the government or monopoly shares of the market to prevent them from participating in fraudulent anti competitive practices or hide human rights abuses or environmental destruction that we all have to pay for. Instead of passing disclose laws the government often does the opposite with trade secrecy laws!

This is especially important when it comes to the media, which controls the information we sue to make decisions. Robert McChesney explained a lot of this in The Problem of the Media and Rich Media, Poor Democracy.

One of the problems that McChesney pointed out is that when it comes to books or media stories they don't always respond to the market, as most economists try to claim, or at least imply, if they avoid direct claims. In many cases when there is greater demand for books that might educate the public about corporate fraud the media provides much less promotion for those books, while providing an enormous amount for books that provide deceptive propaganda, including "Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News," by Bernard Goldberg which I was able to find much easier when I first looked into the subject years ago, and Bernard Goldberg has gotten much more media coverage, mainly from Fox News than Robert McChesney, and on the rare occasions that McChesney is mentioned by the media he's often ridiculed as a "Communist" or something. When I looked at Gold berg's book I didn't even get past the first chapter before I realized how bad it was and tried another one on the subject from someone I had never heard of before, which was McChesney, "The Problem of the Media."

McChesney and other authors including Ben Bagdikian have documented how the corporate media lobbied for preferential treatment going back, at least to the 1920s when they first established regulations for radio that later extended to television. They reported on the history of how educators tried to get some requirements from the media to provide some good public education in return for their rights to use public airways without charging for it. They managed to get some concessions, although corporate interests with connections to politicians, kept them to a minimum from the beginning.

However starting in the eighties when they eliminated the "Fairness Doctrine," which required opposing views to have some air time, even if those opposing views were selected by the elites as well it was better than nothing; and the consolidation of the media began to escalate. This got even worse during the Clinton years, when he managed to get so-called liberals to support the same media consolidation they opposed when Reagan and Bush tried to push it though.

To make a long story short, all accountability has been eliminated from the mainstream media, now that the vast majority of it has consolidated into six oligarchies and the biggest remaining media outlets, like the Washington Post, are owned by billionaires, often with ties to other oligarchies, like Amazon and the CIA.

The truth according to the commercial media is treated almost like a commodity and they can negotiate secret rates with other oligarchies to give them advantages; but trade secrecy laws prevent the public from knowing about it. This has enabled the largest oligarchies to consolidate over the past thirty years so there is no free market, any more just propaganda repeated over and over again when the oligarchies that divide up the economy pretend to compete against each other.

Now in addition to giving Amazon an advantage, from the post office, the government, and the media, they're making Jeff Bezos look good by comparison by arranging for him to argue with the worst demagogue elected to office in recent memory, if not ever, without reminding the public that Trump never could have gotten elected if they hadn't given him obsession coverage instead of covering a much more diverse group of honest candidates that don't collect bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions.

They've been using the same propaganda tactic to make blocking the merger between AT&T and Time Warner seem like political retaliation for what they try to portray as their brave coverage challenging the Trump administration. This propaganda is distracting from the obvious that the media has already merged way to much. The reason they created the First Amendment in the first place, as many of us were taught in school, is to prevent Kings, Emperors, or other small groups of corporations from controlling all the media enabling them to censor educational information they don't like, which is exactly what has happened thanks to consolidation that has already happened and the merger Trump is resisting is making it even worse; and at the same time the mergers, past and perhaps more in the present or future from corporations like the Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation are also adding to this.

Good investigative reporters have to struggle to get funds or find jobs working for some of the few, lower profile media outlets that occasionally report on some of the most important news, often buried in some of the best non-fiction books that get little or no promotional help from the mainstream media; including Naomi Klein and Stacy Mitchell, who have both reported on how slotting fees are used to ensure that large retail outlets only deal with other oligarchies preventing competition. Naomi Klein has also reported about how some of the clothing supposedly made by competing manufacturers have been made in the same sweatshops on occasion, often in so-called "free-trade zones," which are actually areas in the third world where they avoid taxes and prevent any protection of human rights for the workers.

When ever human rights advocates find these sweatshops they close up and move to where rights are not protect thanks to secrecy laws. Stacy Mitchell has also reported on an enormous amount of the anti-competitive practices used by Amazon or Walmart, among other oligarchies far more accurately than Donald Trump, who occasional mixes up accurate facts with lies, does.

One of the most outrageous things about the so-called "free-market system" that economists chosen by politicians and covered by the media is that these economists aren't subject to the market at all, despite all their propaganda!

Have you ever hired an economist?

If you did hire an economist would you hire someone that thinks growing subsidized cotton in the United States; and shipping it halfway around the world; so they can take advantage of sweatshop labor to suppress wages; before shipping it back through complicated distribution networks, instead of factory direct, is efficient?

If you had a choice and other economists at least pointed out the obvious fact that we can't have an economic system if we don't maintain an environment that sustains life would you pick the same ones the establishment picks?

Of course there are more details than that but most of us can't even have any say in how the economy at all; instead we're given a small group of people with the same ideology to chose from; and even if a small percentage of us object the majority accepts this absurd selection.

What the majority of the public may not be aware of is that there are better economists available and even some people with basic sense that don't have degrees in economics that do a far better job reporting on the problems of our economic system and ways to fix it like promoting a steady state economy like Bill McKibben has recommended. Some of these people point out incredibly obvious flaws like when you pay lobbyists and advertisers much more because they deceive the public than you do workers in manufacturing or providing services that improve quality of life there's something wrong with the economic system!

I Quit Working For Sinclair And They Sued Me. Here’s Why I’m Fighting Back. 04/06/2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Active Shooters Used To Chip Away At Constitution

The most recent active shooter obsession du jour seems relatively minor compared to many other shootings with a massive body count; however, although few people seem to have noticed, Brian Williams causally admitted the potential threat to our democratic process when he said something like, "Everyone is assumed to be a suspect, until proven to be otherwise."

With the excitement about another active shooters in breaking news keeping a few people glued to the TV, (although since there were fewer deaths they might have gotten bored with it quickly) few people might have noticed how accurate this statement is and that it has become routine during news stories about all these active shooting incidents. It's bad enough that people in the area of these shootings have their lives threatened but they also have to be treated like criminals, or so the media and political establishment would have us think.

I don't want to go into some fringe conspiracy theory like Alex Jones does on InfoWars or Jade Helm, which turned out to be nothing, or so it seems; and the most effective solution to this problem shouldn't involve such absurd things; instead it should involve rational research to address the root causes of violence and prevent them like they do in many other developed countries that are much less likely to have these problems. However I went into these causes more in numerous articles including Prevention of violence has to address all causes, not just Guns! and Marketing Failed Solutions To Shootings for Profit? Or Propaganda? and so have other good researchers on alternative media outlets but the closest thing that the traditional media or political establishment comes up with is obsession coverage about gun control, which, as pointed out in previous articles, may be part of the solution, but it's not the only contributing factor to violence, nor is it the most important.

However the only thing the mainstream media seems to come up with, bedsides the gun control debate which goes in circles without accomplishing anything, is more preparation for treating potential shootings like a combat situation that can't be avoided without creating a police state and as Parkland Students who have been given donated see-through backpacks rightfully pointed out these solutions are stupid, and not likely to solve the problem.

In addition to the total lack of coverage for many of the most important contributing causes, and regular active shooting incidents, which I'll go into a little more below, we're approaching the five year anniversary of the Boston Bombings, when for those of you who have forgotten, the city of Watertown was put into a virtual state of martial law. Radley Balko warned us that if this isn't addressed, it could be come standard operating procedure, and even though it hasn't yet nothing has been done to change things since he wrote the following article in the Washington Post four years ago shortly after the first anniversary of the bombing and state of martial law:

Was the police response to the Boston bombing really appropriate? 04/22/2014 By Radley Balko

The economist and historian Robert Higgs has written prolifically over the years about what he calls the “ratchet effect.” In times of crisis, governments tend to expand, usually at the expense of civil liberties. When the crisis abates, government power does, too, but never completely back to where it was before. With each subsequent crisis, government encroaches a bit more. Higgs has documented the effect through major wars, depressions and other national emergencies. But the effect may be particularly pronounced and dangerous with respect to the war on terror, because as crises go, terrorism can never completely be defeated.

We’re now more than a year out from the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. The studies, reviews, and after-action reports have been written. Politicians and other public officials have held hearings, cast blame and pontificated on the lessons they have learned. There have been calls for more monitoring of foreign travelers; better information-sharing among federal, state and local government police agencies; and the inevitable demands for more security, more surveillance and generally more government power to prevent similar attacks in the future. There have been ponderous searches for answers that inevitably end up with public agencies simultaneously deflecting blame and jockeying to inherit the authority and funding from those agencies that inevitably do get blamed.

But there’s an important component missing from all the reports, testimony and lesson-learning: an assessment of whether the government response after the bombing was appropriate, democratic and consistent with the principles of a free society.

As the Atlantic reported last year, we haven’t seen a lockdown and an occupation of an American city on the scale of what happened in Boston after the marathon since the Watts riots — not in Oklahoma City after the Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, not in Atlanta after the 1996 bombing in Centennial Olympic Park, not in D.C. during the 2002 sniper attacks, not after a series of pipe bombs went off in federal courthouse in San Diego in 2008, not during the dozens of instances in which a mass killer or serial killer was still at large. In Boston, 19,000 National Guard troops moved into an American city, not to put down a civil uprising, quell riots or dispel an insurrection, but to search for a single man. Armored vehicles motored up and down residential neighborhoods. Innocent people were confronted in their homes at gunpoint or had guns pointed at them for merely peering through the curtains of their own windows.

In the end, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wasn’t found by Guardsmen, a commando team or a police officer in an armored vehicle. After the shelter in place had been lifted, he was spotted by a resident of Watertown who saw something unusual in his back yard and called the police. ..... Complete article

As I said I usually don't rely on InfoWars as a leading source but in one of the rare cases where they did a better job pointing out the extremes the government has gone to they documented some pictures from this event that most people may have forgotten in InfoWars: BATTLEFIELD USA: De Facto State of Martial Law Declared In Boston *Pics From the War Zone* 04/20/2013 Radley Balko pointed out that according to one poll 86 percent of the public in Boston supported these extreme measures, and there was an enormous amount of support for what was considered heroic activity by the mayor, police chief, and the rest of the police department. However, they might not be so supportive if they were reminded of how some police went into a panic and shot up innocent vehicles when searching for Christopher Dorner, as Radley Balko pointed out in his article and another one cited. this is just one of hundreds if not thousands of incidents that alternative media outlets have reported, including Radley Balko, who is one of the few to get his reporting in as high a profile newspaper as the Washington Post.

Radley Balko and others go into more details about how this is an extreme measure when confronted with violence; however the most important problem isn't that they go to extremes when they face a terrorist attack or active shooter; it's that the United States government and media doesn't educate the public about the contributing causes of violence and how to prevent them before it escalates to this extreme. In Europe they don't have one of the 50 cities with the highest murder rates in the world of all cities not at war, with a population of at least 300,000 people (Wikipedia); the United Stated has four, five if you count one of the cities in Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States although they don't have representation. All but three, in south Africa, of the other forty-five cities with the highest murder rates are in South America, Central America, or the Caribbean, which numerous United States politicians, including John Kerry, have referred to as our "Backyard;" however after leaders from Latin America expressed outrage about this reference, he reconsidered and declared that "The era of the Monroe Doctrine," which has been used to justify interference rarely reported accurately in traditional press "is over."

The traditional media and, in most cases the educational system, practically never provide accurate reporting on either our government's activities that has been destabilizing Latin America, or the contributing causes of violence at home including in many abandoned inner cities, that have much higher rates of violence than the rest of the country. There are over one-hundred-twenty-five cities with more than twice the national average murder rates, often three to five times average or more; these cities have little or no economic or educational opportunities, nor do they have much political influence.

These cities also have more than their share of mass shootings. You would think that there would be some effort to figure out what is wrong in these cities that is contributing to high violence; but, although there is plenty of research, in the academic world, or on alternative media outlets, little or none of this is reported in the mainstream media!

There are some times where the people from these cities know more about the causes of high crime than the majority of the public; however, this is not always the case, partly because they might not have the educational background to recognize some of the most important long term causes. However the political and media establishment is typically reluctant to listen to them at all, nor are they likely to listen to better educated researchers that try to help them figure out the causes of violence.

The recent shooting in Parkland Florida is an exception since it is in a wealthy city that rarely ever gets many murders or violence. They've allowed the students from that high school to get an enormous amount of coverage; however, mostly only when they focus on the same things the media covers. On a few occasions they did try to cover additional contributing causes, including one brief discussion where they indicated they also supported efforts by minorities in dangerous cities to increase funding for their education system, but this wasn't reported nearly as widely as the debate on gun control. Besides, before these kids were survivors of a school shooting they're weren't any more inclined to look into the subject than anyone else, so it would be expected that many of them might repeat the same propaganda that the media drills into their head, instead of doing their own research.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few of the Parkland survivors and their families researched additional contributing causes and attempted to draw attention to them; however, if they do then the media might be inclined to stop covering them like they do all other good researchers.

This includes Diane Ravitch, who once had access to numerous presidential administrations going back decades, including the George H. W. Bush administration where she worked for his Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander; however when she stopped supporting the education reform movement supported by both political parties, and large portions of corporate America, including many economists, lawyers, and business executives, but few if any teachers, except for those like Michelle Rhee that were recruited specifically to promote this reform movement, they stopped covering her at all, and when they felt obligated to mention her, as a result of popular support they treat her as fringe.

When she wrote "The Death and Life of the Great American School System" (2010) and "Reign of Error" (2013) she became a pariah within the political establishment; because she exposed that the modern school reform movement was about increasing corporate control of education, often through use of Charter Schools, that are often for profit, while cutting costs to lower income children. This educational reform movement has been supported by both political parties and it's been given an enormous amount of coverage on the mainstream media favoring supporters, while critics are relegated to the fringe, or alternative media outlets that don't reach the vast majority of the public.

One of the states that had the biggest increases in reliance on Charter Schools is Michigan where Betsy Devos is from and this is a result of her support and help from her allies; however the areas where it has been increased the most have been disastrous for education and it's also been a disaster for crime and violence, since the cities that have increased use of Charter Schools the most also have the highest rates of violence or murder, including Detroit which is among the worst cities in the country with murder rates more than forty per hundred thousand, which is eight times the national average. Additional cities that have also increased their reliance on Charter Schools are also among the most violent in the nation and often have the biggest scandals involving cheating.

This includes Atlanta, Washington D.C. Birmingham, Columbus, and New Orleans, among others. Diane Ravitch has recently reported more about additional scandals in Florida where many of the legislatures are married to woman on boards of these Charter Schools, many which might be for profit.

I could go on much longer, and at times I already have; but the bottom line is as long as they continue to ignore the most rational solutions, based on the best research then these shootings aren't going to be reduced much if at all.

They've already used this as an excuse to infringe on the rights of those in local areas and are constantly trying to push legislation that deprives the public of their privacy, the assumption of innocence, and additional constitutional rights!

It's hard to take Trump seriously, or to imagine why the political establishment gave him the media coverage that he needed but it's clear that they did, for one insane reason or another. As long as they continue to rule out solutions that shouldn't be controversial and promote those that are guaranteed to fail, this can only end bad, unless more people from the grassroots wake up, including the educators that are standing up for their rights in schools across the country and many more efforts to hold the political establishment accountable.

The following are additional sources on the subject:

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2018: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation UPDATED: MARCH 10, 2018 additional updates are semi-routine A large portion of these shootings take place in cities with more than double the national murder rates. These cities include at least six or eight percent of the population but no more than eleven or twelve yet they account for more than their share of mass shootings.

Mass shootings in the US: there have been 1,624 in 1,870 days 02/15/2018

Florida: Legislators’ Wives Are Opening Charter Schools 04/02/2018 By Diane Ravitch

Florida: Charter School in Financial Chaos 04/04/2018 By Diane Ravitch

America’s Most Outrageous Teacher Cheating Scandals 04/01/2013 Most of these scandals are in cities with well above average murder rates and high poverty rates as well. New York is the only one where the murder rates are dropping steadily; but the report on that cheating scandal indicates it's exaggerated. Los Angeles is almost double the national average murder rate; and Columbus is more than double; Chicago, Ill., Birmingham Al., Atlanta Ga., and Washington D.C. are all at least three times the national murder rates. The Texas schools caught cheating weren't specified but a search of the internet indicates that they include Houston and Dallas which are both more than double the national average murder rate and El Paso which is half the national average murder rate.

The majority of these cheating scandals are in areas where income is relatively low and presumably class size and funding per student is also low; however there's good reason to believe that funding for prisons and courts are much higher in these cities; which is what creates the "School to Prison Pipeline," as many people call it. This conclusion is supported by both Diane Ravitch's books and Jonathan Kozol's as well as many other alternative media outlets, although it's ignored by traditional media and the political establishment.

Diane Ravitch Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools (2013)

Diane Ravitch The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education (2010)

US protests against Bolivia's decision to expel USAID 05/01/2013

Kerry declares the end of the Monroe Doctrine era 11/18/2013

Monday, April 2, 2018

Walmart Crime Report March 2018

For a while it seemed as if this might be the lowest number of shootings Walmart had in years but in the second half of the month they had enough shootings to catch up and have as many as they've been having in several years with at least ten shootings related to activities at Walmart, although three of them didn't happen on the premises the shooter was involved in crimes shortly before at Walmart. Three of these shootings resulted in deaths including an officer involved shooting, and there were five more injuries plus additional damage to property; another one of the shootings that took place off the premises was also a retired police officer that was pursuing the alleged shoplifter.

In addition to the regular gunshots someone fired a flare gun at the store after getting into an argument with employees, and was arrested at gunpoint by the police. Another suspect tried to steal a BB gun for self defense at a homeless shelter where he was living and threatened to shoot the employee with it when confronted. At least three more angry customers threatened to either blow up the store or shoot it up and there was at least one more person that left a knapsack and saying that they would find out what was in it when it blew up, although the report didn't indicate his motive or whether it was anger over bad service, perceived or real.

Another person who was in a stand-off in a house after killing people somehow managed to escape the stand-off go shopping at Walmart for trivial unrelated things before returning to the home where the police stand off was still going on and finishing it by being killed by the police. I don't know if he was armed at Walmart but nothing happened there, although he was caught on tape so this is verified.

I did not make this stuff up, it's Walmart.

There were at least an additional gun related crimes, including one that led to an active shooters scare even though there were no actual shots, another where the Trump administration prosecuted someone for lying to buy a gun, and one where they simply decided they would flash their weapons as part of a right to bear arms demonstration most other incidents were armed robberies.

Several additional cities have reported on crime problems at their stores, including at least two where they have to cut back on police services due to high crime problems at Walmart. One of these towns, Raytown Missouri lured Walmart to their area with tax breaks, before finding out that thirty percent of their crime problem is at their store, but they don't pay taxes to fund it so they have to cut back on police services to other areas. Atlanta Georgia also is announcing that they will no longer respond to all shoplifting calls due to lack of resources. This will impact the small business the worst, since they can't afford their own security, possibly giving Walmart another competitive advantage to increase market share even though their stores have proven to increase poverty and crime according to many studies.

A story about a third store with high crime problems said they don't discuss internal policies, apparently even when the breaks they get from government and their policies increase crime. This is almost certainly the same policy at other stores as well, although they avoid making public statements about it. Without discussing how their policies increase crime they use another policy in Florida which is designed to shame the poor often before they're even convicted by posting everyone suspected of shoplifting on Facebook. This has been tried by Walmart before, usually in the South and proven to be a failure, yet they rarely if ever admit to their obvious blunders.

In addition to the three people shot to death there were also three more people that were killed as a result crashes or one women who was dragged by a car and died, and a seventh person killed in a motor home that was engulfed in flames. One of the gun related deaths appears to be a suicide, and the one where it was set on fire and another where an elderly person drove into several cars at a high speed before ramming into the store appear suspicious, although they weren't declared suicides. There were a total of at least twelve chases crashes or other auto accidents, including one where an employee totaled a car brought in for service, and a carjacking along with several chases as a result of shoplifting's one of which was previously mentioned involving a shooting.

Another incident involved multiple vehicles catching fire and there were at least four additional fires with three of them arson, two by children, and the fourth was a massive fire on the roof where solar panels caught fire. They had another major brawl caught on camera that went viral, and four knife attacks including one where a person was stabbed and another where a man attempted to kidnap two toddlers, the others were robberies. There was at least a couple other kidnapping, one of of a child who barely escaped another of a woman who was raped at a nearby hotel afterwards.

A police officer and jailer were both charged with shoplifting and another police officer was implicated in a hit and run; a couple other officers where attacked while trying to detain shoplifters.

Walmart also had another shopping cart located with razor blades in it; most of these stories don're report the reason for it but one previous one reported it was convenient for shoplifters to use them to cut the wrapper without being noticed which is why this happens so often. Police found pipe bombs at a Walmart in Colorado at about the same time they were going off in in Austin, although these didn't go off or get nearly as much attention.

There were also a variety of assaults, including one where a man with the strange tattoo on his face got in an argument with his girlfriend and his face went viral, robberies, including one where a man may have been dressed as a woman, porn pictures of children, numerous bomb threats and suspicious packages, and a missing veteran that they claim isn't suspicious even though he left his car at Walmart without explanation.

Walmart had at least two more recalls this month of a high chair that has a fall hazard for children, and an instant pot with a fire hazard. Walmart is also being sued for age discrimination for raising the age to sell guns, their part is distribution of explicit photos of one of their workers, and a whistle blower that claims they were cheating in their competition with Amazon; a judge has cleared the way for them to develop a rare and endangered forest but that's being appealed.

Walmart is increasing their attempts to monopolize a large number of industries going beyond retail with deals with efforts to offer meal kits, assemble furniture, buy cannabis, or at least the products used to grow it, booze and even cars at Walmart. Their efforts at servicing cars have led to a long list of disasters including the car crashed this month and many more where they totaled many cars or engines.

There efforts to control more of the health care industry is also increasing with a deal to offer dental care in Texas which they want to expand nationwide, efforts to offer gift cards for blood donations, and talks about buying Humana health insurance. It's hard to imagine how this wouldn't turn into a disaster especially when they're already being sued by Florida and other states for their part in the Opioid crisis and the FDA is also asking them to restrict sales.

Walmart is collecting a lot of patents at a growing rate indicating that they want to use their access to technology to even further advance their control of the economy including more patents or increased use various scan and go shopping technology, even though their past experiments with self-check out have led to massive increases in shoplifting, often with the legal expenses paid for by taxpayers. They also have self-scanning robots in their aisles and their filing patents for shopping assistants with computerized carts and even drone bees to replace real bees which are dying off. This sets a potential dangerous precedent similar to Monsanto where they're using their patents on seeds to eliminate natural seeds that have been previously available for millions of years for free.

They're also creating an alliance with Google which would farther consolidate control of the economic system under fewer oligarchies or even a monopoly. Some of their customers have said that some of their new technology, including robots are "a little scary," while others are more concerned with elimination of jobs and reduced service. They're trying to improve freshness with I phone technology, although if they can't fix their problems with old fashion technology while small businesses have done much better, and other technologies they've added have back fired it's hard to imagine this will do better.

Another consumer advocate tried comparing Amazon and Walmart and found problems with both; but some of the biggest problems are only reported locally including a store that had 22 food violations, which is very common, although reporting it is usually low profile.

What I less common, I hope, is for consumers to buy cereal without noticing until after they eat it that the expiration date is twenty-one years ago!

Apparently Walmart decided to eliminate Cosmopolitan at the check out for being to sexy.

Perhaps what's more surprising is that anyone cares; but some are outraged because they eliminated others are praising Walmart and Jesus.

There are no reports of Walmart never even considering educational material at the check out that might improve quality of life, or perhaps even teach people about the causes of violence including child abuse and corporal punishment that could escalate to more violence including school shootings.

The sole purpose of our economic and political system is to increase profits for those that are already rich, and considering other options isn't even an option!

Perhaps, that's why strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in February 2018. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

Police: Joliet man arrested for stealing memory card from Ill. Walmart 03/01/2018

AISD officer owns truck impounded by Austin PD in Walmart hit-and-run case caught on camera 03/01/2018

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police say they have identified a person of interest in a case where a pickup truck ran into a woman as she was walking in a south Austin Walmart gas station parking lot a few weeks ago. The Austin Police Department confirms the suspect vehicle has been impounded and taken to an APD impound lot.

“We do have a person of interest identified. It’s an ongoing investigation and that’s all the details we can provide,” Austin police said Thursday.

According to impound records, KXAN uncovered a dark green, diesel Dodge pickup was towed from McCallum High School and taken to APD’s impound lot around 1:17 p.m. Wednesday. The license plate on the impounded truck comes back to two individuals, one of whom is an Austin ISD police officer.

A spokesperson for the school district says a school resource officer at McCallum has been placed on administrative leave. KXAN is not identifying the officer because he has not been charged or identified as the driver at the time of the incident. Complete article

Walmart Wants To Sell The Freshest Produce, And It's Using iPhones To Do It 03/01/2018

In the future, Walmart wants to make Eden their intelligent and cleverly named food system for produce, available to every shopper, according to Parvez Musani, Walmart’s vice president for supply chain technology, who shared with me by phone yesterday how Eden came about and what it does.

Before Parvez and his team developed Eden, Walmart’s process to check shipments of produce to their 43 distribution centers around the country was a combination of visual inspections as well as taking photos of incoming product. Then a shipment would be manually checked against Walmart and USDA specifications to determine if the product should be accepted, or rejected.

Then seemingly, a light bulb went off about 6 months ago when his team realized that there was a better way - create an algorithm coupled with machine learning to inspect produce on the farm, while being transported and in the distribution center (and that’s just to start). Their mission is to bring transparency along the produce supply chain. Complete article

Instant pot sold at Walmart recalled 03/01/2018

An instant pot made by Double Insight is being recalled because it poses a fire hazard.

The Gem 65 model 8-in-1 multicooker was sold only at Walmart. About 104,000 of the instant pots were sold between August 2017 and January 2018. It cost about $80. Double Insight said a manufacturing defect can cause the multicooker to overheat and melt on the underside, posing a fire hazard. Complete article

Graco highchairs exclusively sold at Walmart under recall 03/01/2018

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Highchairs made by Graco and sold exclusively sold at Walmart are being recalled for a fall hazard.

The recall involves Graco Table2Table 6-in-1 highchairs with model number 1969721. The number is found printed on a label on the underside of the toddler seat and on a label on the back of the booster seat.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the highchair’s rear legs can pivot out of position making the chair unstable and posing a fall hazard to a child in the highchair.

The manufacturer has received 38 reports of the rear leg pivoting out of position, including five injuries to children who got bumps and bruises when their highchair fell over when they were in it. Complete article

Police believe man dressed as woman robbed bank in Tx. Walmart 03/01/2018

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Police believe a man dressed as a woman robbed a bank in north Austin Walmart Thursday morning.

The Austin Police Department initially described the suspect as a black female or black male dressed as a woman, between 6-foot and 6-foot-2, thin build and around 140 pounds.

Photos were released by APD of the suspect wearing all black with white shoes and sunglasses. Complete article

FDA asks online retailers Amazon, Ebay, Walmart to restrict anti-diarrheal medication used by opioid addicts 03/01/2018

The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to online retail giants Thursday asking them to limit the sale of an over-the-counter, anti-diarrheal medicine that drug users are taking to mimic a euphoric high from opioids.

In a letter to Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and Jet, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb noted that a growing number of people are taking the drug loperamide in high doses, which can result in serious heart problems or death.

The FDA has become aware that people are taking these high amounts of the drug, a caplet often known by its brand-name Imodium A-D, as an alternative to an opioid, both to manage symptoms of withdrawal and to get high. Imodium is often known in drug circles as the "poor man's methadone." Methadone is often prescribed by doctors to treat people with addictions to heroin or prescription painkillers. Complete article

Oppenheimer downgrades Walmart because the retailer’s online sales target is a ‘stretch’ 03/02/2018

Walmart shares will no longer beat the market as investors question the firm's e-commerce prospects, according to one Wall Street firm.

Oppenheimer lowered its rating to perform from outperform for Walmart shares, citing the company's slowing online sales growth.

"We are increasingly concerned that with recent key drivers of outsized e-commerce sales expansion potentially waning and given our now more muted EPS growth expectations, the valuation at which shares trade could prove capped," analysts Rupesh Parikh and Brian Nagel wrote in a note to clients Friday. "As a result, we no longer see the case for outperformance."

The retailer's shares declined 1.2 percent Friday after the report. Complete article

Copperas Cove Tx. Walmart adds technology to shopping experience 03/02/2018

The Copperas Cove Walmart is saving shoppers time with new technology.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Feb. 23 at the Copperas Cove Walmart for the store’s new Pick-up Tower. The event was organized in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

With fewer than 100 Pick-up Towers in the entire company, this is the only Pick-up Tower in the area, according to Cove Walmart store manager Tania Culpepper......

First, customers shop online for any desired nongrocery items, many of which are discounted when ordered via the internet. A personal shopper at the Cove Walmart will fill the order and place it in the tower, or a separate locker if an item is oversize. Complete article

Utica NY Walmart employees: child playing with lighter started clothes on fire 03/01/2018

UTICA, N.Y. - Utica fire fighters were dispatched to the Walmart store in North Utica Thursday evening for reports of a fire.

Store employees called emergency crews just before 9:00pm, but when crews arrived the fire was already out, according to fire officials on the scene.

Walmart employees tell NEWSChannel 2 a child was left unattended with a lighter and started some clothes on fire. Complete article

Multiple vehicles catch fire at Pasadena Tx. Walmart parking lot 03/02/2018

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- According to the Pasadena Fire Department, three vehicles caught fire at a Walmart in Pasadena Friday morning.

Firefighters responded to reports of multiple vehicles on fire in the 1100 block of Shaver around 11 a.m.

No one was injured and the fire is now out, according to the Pasadena Fire Marshall. Complete article

KCSO searching for person of interest in Idaho Walmart theft 03/01/2018

Tenn. Walmart parking lot sting nets baby formula theft ring suspect 03/02/2018

Kissimmee Fla. Walmart evacuated due to bomb threat 03/02/2018

Quincy woman arrested for Felony Retail Theft at Ill. Walmart 03/02/2018

11-year-old sexually assaulted in Norfolk Va. Walmart 03/02/2018

Police investigating theft of flat screen TVs from Ga. Walmart 03/02/2018

Two Rob Ca. Walmart of Prepaid Visa Card by Handing Them a Note Threatened to Harm "Subjects on Scene" 03/02/2018

Police: Man forces woman from Colorado Springs Walmart to motel, sexually assaults her 03/03/2018

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Colorado Springs police are investigating a case where a woman was reportedly forced into a motel and sexually assaulted.

On Friday just before 11 p.m., the woman showed up at the police center stating she had just been sexually assaulted.

According to the investigation by police, she was at the E. Platte Ave. Walmart when a man she didn't know approached her. He then allegedly threatened to harm her if she did not follow his instructions.

That's when the woman was taken to an unnamed motel in the area. Complete article

Flint Mich.'s Claressa Shields takes swing at acting in Walmart ad 03/04/2018

Man reports being tackled in Montana Walmart over debt 03/04/2018

Bomb threat triggers evacuation at Las Vegas Nevada Walmart 03/03/2018

Disgruntled Customer accused of threatening to commit ‘mass murder’ at Ky. Walmart 03/04/2018

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WKRN) – Authorities have charged a Kentucky man with terroristic threatening following an accusation that he threatened to commit “mass murder” at the Hopkinsville Walmart.

According to an arrest report obtained by WHOP NewsRadio, Robert Carl Palmer contacted the Emergency Communications Center in Christian County and said he was going to the Hopkinsville Walmart “with two AK’s” and full magazines and he would “create another mass murder.”

The radio station said Palmer reportedly told police he was angry after being disconnected during a phone call to the Walmart service department. Complete article

Walmart shopping cart in Suwannee County Fla. has razor blade on handle 03/05/2018

SUWANNEE COUNTY, Fla. (WTXL) - The staff at Walmart in Suwannee County found a shopping cart with a razor blade attached to the handle.

"Fortunately nobody was injured," the Suwanee County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post over the weekend. "Please be careful and inspect any shopping carts before grabbing them."

The sheriff is asking that anyone with knowledge of the incident contact his office at (386) 362-2222. He says people providing information can remain anonymous. Complete article

No injuries in rollover Sunday at NC Walmart 03/05/2018

No injuries were reported in a wreck on CC Camp Road in front of the eastern entrance to Walmart Sunday afternoon, despite one vehicle rolling over.

The accident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday, according to the wreck report from Elkin Police Department.

Hannah Sue Horton, 19, of Elkin, was attempting to cross over CC Camp Road from Taco Bell into the Walmart entrance directly in front of the restaurant. A 1989 Toyota being driven by Rhonda Danielle Pearon, 39, of Roaring River, struck Horton’s car in the right side, causing it to rollover. Complete article

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Shipping Solution 03/05/2018

2017 was the year that saw many nascent blockchain projects take off, giving investors and tech evangelists a sense of optimism about the future of this technology and its implications for both the private and public sectors.

We can see an acceleration this year, with companies like Walmart dipping their toes into the pool and finding new ways to make their supply chains more sophisticated and efficient.

The world’s top retailer by revenues filed a patent last week, describing in it a “smart package” that would operate on what is presumably a private blockchain developed by the company. Complete article

Arrest made after apparent overdose in NH Walmart parking lot 03/04/2018

Beaufort SC police need help to identify a man accused of groping women inside Walmart 03/05/2018

Car chase after attempted robbery at Casselberry Fla. Walmart ends near Rollins College, police say 03/06/2018

WINTER PARK, Fla. - An attempted armed robbery at a Casselberry Walmart led to a police chase that ended near Rollins College, prompting a lockdown Monday afternoon.

Casselberry police said a man with a handgun tried to steal TVs from the Walmart between State Road 436 and Lake Howell Road and was confronted by a security officer.

The suspect pointed a gun at the security officer in order to escape before taking off in a car into Seminole County, police said. Complete article

Oregon man, 20, sues Dick's, Walmart over new gun sale policies 03/05/2018

A 20-year-old southern Oregon man filed suit Monday against Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart after he says both national retailers refused to sell him a rifle in recent days.

Tyler Watson's lawsuit could be the first of its kind in the U.S., according to his attorney, Max Whittington. Whittington knows of no others.

Watson claims he encountered age discrimination when he tried to buy a .22-caliber Ruger rifle on Feb. 24 in Medford at Field & Stream, which is owned by Dick's Sporting Goods. Complete article

Tested in Springfield, Walmart meal kits to be offered in 2,000 stores 03/05/2018

In Springfield, Walmart has quietly been testing interest in meal kits

The Arkansas-based retailer announced Monday that the new kits — currently available in 250 stories — will roll out to more than 2,000 stores by the end of 2018.

The kits, made with fresh ingredients and assembled in-house daily by deli employees, tested well in Springfield, according to a news release. Complete article

Armed robber holds up Walmart cashier midday in Prince William County Va. 03/05/2018

Prince William police are seeking a brazen armed robber after he held up a Walmart cashier in the middle of day this weekend.

The man walked up to the register at the Walmart at 17041 Jefferson Davis Highway around 2:29 p.m. Sunday and began to conduct a transaction before pulling out a gun and demanding cash, police spokesperson Officer Nathan Probus said Monday.

The robber fled the store on foot and no injuries were reported. Complete article

Fugitive caught after Minn. Walmart lockdown 03/05/2018

Law enforcement from several local agencies converged on the Forest Lake Walmart the morning of March 5 after a run-in between a Wyoming police officer and a wanted fugitive earlier in the day.

According to information from the U.S. Marshals Office the Forest Lake Police Department and the Wyoming Police Department, a Wyoming police officer initiated a traffic stop in Wyoming around 3:30 a.m. on a vehicle that was being driven without headlights. During the stop, the officer recognized the passenger, Jesse Lee Satter, 36, formerly of Pine City, as a fugitive with multiple felony arrest warrants, and when the initial officer tried to arrest him with backup, Satter reportedly pushed the vehicle's driver out of the vehicle and drove away, hitting two officers and two squad cars. He allegedly drove into Forest Lake and crashed at the Lake Street/Broadway roundabout before fleeing on foot.

Satter is wanted by the Minnesota Department of Corrections for a parole violation, among other warrants (the DOC website lists drug-related crimes as his highest offense). At some point during the search in Forest Lake for Satter, law enforcement believed he may have entered the Forest Lake Walmart, and by the 8 a.m. hour, several squad cars could be seen parked at the entrances of the building, and law enforcement had evacuated the business and blocked vehicles from entering the store's parking lot. However, Satter was not found in the building. Complete article

Give blood at Walmart, earn $10 gift card at select Tampa Bay Fla. area locations 03/04/2018

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – One Blood and Walmart are teaming up to help give the gift of life.

Walmart is hosting a number of blood drives outside their stores at several Bay area locations.

All donors will receive a free $10 Walmart gift along with a wellness check-up of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron count and a cholestrol screening. Complete article

Thieves use prepaid Visa cards to scam Nebraska Walmart stores 03/05/2018

Scam leads to $250,000 loss for area Walmart stores; 5 Birmingham Alabama women arrested 03/06/2018

After bomb threat on bathroom stall, Weaverville NC Walmart evacuated, closed for hours 03/06/2018

‘Bluest baby I’ve ever seen’: Strangers at Nebraska Walmart save life of 8-month-old girl 03/06/2018

Teen gets 8 years in prison for snatching purses from elderly women at Ga. Walmart 03/08/2018

Police: Man Fired Flare Gun Into Front Door Of Lodi Ca. Walmart 03/06/2018

LODI (CBS13) – A man is behind bars for allegedly firing a flare gun at Walmart employees.

Lodi police officers responded to the Walmart along Lower Sacramento Road early Tuesday morning and found 18-year-old Daniel Aguiar with a flare gun in his waistband. The suspect was arrested at gunpoint without incident, officers say.

It was determined that the suspect had fired one flare toward the main entrance of the business after being involved in an argument with employees. Complete article

Man caused Rollins College 'active shooter' scare after robbing Fla. Wal-Mart at gunpoint, authorities say 03/06/2018

The man who caused Rollins College to send a warning alert of an “active shooter” Monday afternoon was fleeing police after he pointed a gun at a Wal-Mart security guard, according to an arrest report.

The saga began shortly after 3 p.m., when Frank Carl Taylor, 39, allegedly walked out of a Casselberry Wal-Mart without paying for two TVs. As a security guard confronted him, Taylor pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the man, the report said.

Responding officers found Taylor nearby on Lake Howell Road, getting into a car parked on the shoulder with its hazard lights on. He fled officers’ attempts at a traffic stop and a pursuit began, police said.

During the chase, Taylor ditched the gun in front of a house on Forest Brook Road and hit two street signs, police said. The pursuit was called off as he headed down Lake Howell Road, authorities said.

Taylor was eventually found on the Rollins College campus after stealing another car, according to the arrest report. He was never armed while he was on the campus. Complete article

Family eats cereal with 1997 expiration date bought from Walmart in Colorado 03/06/2018

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Cereal lovers may want to take a good look at the expiration dates on their groceries after this story.

A Lakewood, Colorado family bought a box of Quaker 100% Natural Granola cereal from a Littleton Walmart on Monday. It was the Quaker cereal with oats, honey and raisins. It wasn’t until the Carelse’s sat down for a serving that any of them realized something was terribly wrong.

“It looks like February 22, 1997,” Anthea Carelse said, pointing to the box’s printed “best by” date. The box appears to date back 21 years. Complete article

Pa. Walmart cited with 22 food violations 03/05/2018

YORK, Pa. — A Walmart in York County was cited with 22 food violations in February.

The store at 1800 Loucks Road in York was inspected on Feb. 20 and found to be out of compliance, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for food and restaurant inspections.

The following violations were reported:

--Food employee observed in deli area, not wearing hair restraint properly, hairnet not covering or restraining all hair. ......

--An insect control device located in three basin sink area with potential to contaminate food, equipment, and / or utensils. .... Complete article

Walmart is about to open a technology research center in Plano Tx.'s Granite Park 03/06/2018

Walmart is opening an emerging technologies office in Plano to work on new systems designed to improve store operations.

The world's largest retailer already employs 2,000 technologists in Silicon Valley, but it believes there's plenty of talent to tap in Texas. The new office officially opens April 5 in a Common Desk shared space at 5830 Granite Park in Plano. Complete article

Ohio family stuck in Kalamazoo Mich. after their car was totaled at Walmart 03/06/2018

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A Walmart employee remains in the hospital Tuesday following an accident at the Gull Road location in Kalamazoo that also totaled an Ohio family’s car.

Will Vickery is the owner of the 2001 Buick that crashed into the front of the store’s garage Monday evening.

“I just heard a loud boom,” he said

He rushed into the garage from the Walmart waiting area and saw an employee pinned underneath his car. While he did not see the crash, Vickery believes a Walmart service technician was getting the car onto a lift and accidently hit the gas instead of the brake and ran over a fellow employee. Complete article

Police: NY Walmart employee facing felony charges for stealing electronics 03/07/2018

Sheriff’s crime report: Couple arrested for warrants, meth possession at Missouri Walmart 03/06/2018

Watertown NY police look for man in connection to Walmart theft 03/06/2018

Two Arrested and Two Wanted in Milford Del. Walmart Shoplifting Investigation 03/07/2018

Arrest made in Greenville Ohio Walmart robbery 03/07/2018

Walmart heiress Alice Walton retakes top 'Forbes' spot as world's richest woman 03/07/2018

Ex-Newton County jailer charged with shoplifting at Covington Ga. Walmart 03/07/2018

COVINGTON, Ga. - Former Newton County jailer William Ellis Chesson of Covington was arrested Feb. 1, 2018 on felony shoplifting charges.

The arrest came after a Covington detective was contacted by a Walmart Asset Protection associate with video evidence allegedly showing Chesson, in his uniform, shoplifting more than $500 worth of merchandise during at least 21 incidents between Nov. 13, 2017 and Jan. 29, 2018. Complete article

Beavercreek Ohio Walmart likely to remain closed through weekend after solar panels catch fire 03/09/2018

The Beavercreek Walmart Supercenter will remain closed at least through Monday or Tuesday after solar panels caught fire Wednesday afternoon on the roof of the building at 3360 Pentagon Blvd. .....

“I was just in there shopping. The next thing I knew they told us to evacuate,” Ray Abling of Fairborn said.

He and his wife left their cart behind and headed out of the store. He said staff didn’t say what was going on, but that no one panicked.

“When I got out to my van I looked up and seen that smoke, somewhere out back. … It was billowing black … there was a lot of smoke,” he said. Complete article

Police: Wanted suspect bit Hoover officer in assault at Alabama Walmart 03/07/2018

HOOVER, Ala. — A Huntsville man bit an officer during a traffic stop at a Walmart off Highway 280 Tuesday afternoon, Hoover police confirm.

The driver, whom police described as "immediately uncooperative" reached for a handgun, prompting officer intervention. A physical struggle ensued until two bystanders helped the officer restrain 33-year-old Patrick Earl Trotman-El. Police confiscated his handgun at the scene. Complete article

Man indicted on charges he sold pot brownies at Ga. Walmart 03/08/2018

A Douglas County grand jury has indicted a man accused of selling brownies laced with drugs.

Addae Simmons allegedly posted pictures of “pot brownies” on Instagram and sold the products outside a local Walmart, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Undercover police officers arrested Simmons last year after they purchased the marijuana-filled treats Oct. 25 and Dec. 7 at a Walmart in Douglas County, according to the indictment. Complete article

He sold pot brownies at Walmart, cops say. Friends call him a ‘budding entrepreneur’ 03/09/2018

Cobb woman to serve 15 years for running over man she met at Ga. Walmart 03/07/2018

#Walmartoftheskies video goes viral after a brawl on Southwest Airlines flight 03/07/2018

19-year-old woman charged with Aug. 2017 murder of man in Ky. Walmart parking lot 03/07/2018

Police: Man faces charges after exposing himself at Tenn. Walmart 03/08/2018

Police say man pretended to be disabled, stole from Tx. Walmart 03/08/2018

Southridge Centre WV Walmart rolls out grocery pickup option 03/08/2018

Tx. Walmart Feb. parking lot hit-and-run case transferred to different APD unit 03/08/2018

Police searching for man suspected of stealing mobile printer from Walmart in south Oklahoma City 03/08/2018

Walmart Hands Out Bonuses Up to $1,000 ($20 a week) To Employees 03/08/2018

12-year-old Michigan girl gets candy product into Walmart 03/09/2018 Certainly sounds good but is it obvious propaganda?

Possible cloned credit card used at Ohio Walmart 03/09/2018

La. Walmart reopens after bomb threat 03/08/2018

Man arrested after bank robbery in Bellmead Tx. Walmart 03/08/2018

A Waco man robbed the Chase Bank in the Bellmead Walmart on Thursday morning and was arrested shortly after he walked out of the store, Bellmead police Lt. Kory Martin said.

William Juan Bridgewater, 63, walked into the business at about 10:30 a.m. and handed a note to a Chase employee that said "This is a Robbery give me all your money," Martin said. Employees gave the man $7,004 in cash, and he walked out, Martin said.

"He walked outside, and we were notified that he left," he said. "Then units arriving on scene were able to identify him with the early description we had of him and arrested him standing right outside." .....

Bridgewater was taken to McLennan County Jail on a charge of robbery. Martin said no one was hurt, and the investigation is continuing. (photo shows elderly suspect with bruises and scrapes all over his face.) Complete article

Why Some Investors Are Refusing to Buy Walmart Stock 03/05/2018

Since the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. killed 17 in February, gun retailers including Walmart, Kroger, and Dick’s Sporting Goods have ramped up restrictions on firearm sales.

Amid a debate about the weapons regulations, Dick’s ended sales of assault-style weapons, while the country’s largest retailer, Walmart, raised the minimum age of such purchases to 21.

Yet, firms like Walmart—better known for its back-to-school supplies and low prices—may still be keeping a growing class of investors at bay with its reputation as the country’s largest gun retailer: funds that choose based on environmental, social, and governance principles (ESG). Complete article

Man arrested after shooting at a repo man in a Fla. Walmart parking lot 03/09/2018

Hollywood police arrested a man they say fired shots at a repo man in a Walmart parking lot.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Sylvera Mathurin Jr., 27, was arrested Thursday and charged with premeditated murder and possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon.

Mathurin pulled a gun on a Heat Recovery tow truck driver who was trying to repossess a silver Nissan Murano from the Walmart on the 300 block of South State Road 7 on Wednesday night, WSVN7 reported. Police say Mathurin fired several shots but missed hitting the repo man. Complete article

Woodhaven Mich. police wait outside Walmart for woman seen with box cutter stealing 03/08/2018

Woman arrested for stealing from Walmart in Dearborn Mich. 03/08/2018

Women suspected of stealing from Wisc. Walmart gave officer fake names, police say 03/09/2018

Police: Man Steals Almost $6K In Merchandise From Indiana Co. Pa. Walmart 03/09/2018

Trial of man involved in Me. Walmart shootout begins 03/09/2018

Walmart and Kroger promised to switch to cage-free eggs. This obscure Iowa law could stop them. 03/09/2018

Companies from McDonald’s to Walmart have recently flocked to cage-free eggs, fueling a national sales boom for a product many consumers believe is more humane.

But in Iowa, the country’s largest egg-producing state, there are fears that the trend has gone too far. And this week, lawmakers there passed an unusual bill that would require many stores to stock eggs from caged chickens — a move designed to stop retailers from phasing them out.

Although the law would apply only to stores’ Iowa locations, it’s intended to address a growing national dilemma. The country’s largest grocery chains have committed to cage-free eggs, sending shock waves through the industry — but consumers aren’t buying as they were expected. Complete article

Walmart Gives Out Bonuses, Not Raises, Following GOP Tax Plan 03/09/2018

Attributing it to the tax changes made by congressional Republicans late last year, Walmart handed out bonuses to employees across the country Thursday.

Two bonuses were given out: one being a one-time cash bonus of up to $1,000 ($20 a week) and the other a quarterly bonus based on the store's sales performance where the employee is located.

Walmart spokesperson Anne Hatfield says it’s a day for celebration for all employees. Complete article

Walmart agrees to purchase power from PSO's proposed Wind Catcher project 03/09/2018

Public Service Company of Oklahoma and Walmart Inc. announced an agreement Friday on the proposed Wind Catcher Energy Connection project.

The $4.5 billion Wind Catcher project includes the acquisition of a 2,000 megawatt wind farm under construction in the Oklahoma Panhandle near Guymon and a dedicated generation tie line to the Tulsa area, where the energy will be delivered to customers.

The new wind energy will compliment PSO’s existing power resources, and the project is expected to save PSO customers around $2 billion over 25 years, the utility company said in a statement. Complete article

Suspected shoplifter flees with space heater, makeup from Wal-Mart in Summerfield Fla. 03/09/2018

Off-duty nurse saves overdose victim at Pennsylvania Walmart 03/09/2018

Walmart bars customers from buying too many items online — and it's losing sales as a result 03/09/2018

Man indicted in DUI-related death, injury of WV Walmart pedestrians 03/09/2018

Alleged Minn. Walmart thief charged 03/09/2018

Rowan County Ky. Sheriff Investigating Possible Stalking At Walmart 03/11/2018

North Reading Mass. Walmart closed due to sewage leak 03/11/2018

Man arrested after leaving phone with child porn recording inside Fla. Walmart bathroom, police say 03/10/2018

A man accused of leaving his child pornography-ridden phone recording inside a Walmart bathroom was arrested Saturday, Clermont Police said.

Jacob Perritt, 39, is facing charges including three counts of sexual performance by a child, giving false name to authorities, video voyeurism and possession of Methamphetamine, according to jail records.

The device was found by a Walmart employee who said the phone was perched on a mirror, recording inside the bathroom.

Another employee who looked into the unlocked phone to determine who it belonged to told police he “observed a file containing at least three photos indicative of child pornography,” along with a photo of Perritt. Complete article

I ordered items online from both Amazon and Walmart to see which site does it better — and they both frustrated me 03/10/2018

Amazon versus Walmart is the story of our time — at least when it comes to shopping online.

As more and more customers move online, retailers are racing to convince them to shop on their website over a competitor's. The two companies that have captured many of those customers are Amazon, and, to a smaller extent, Walmart. It seems on the surface level that the two retailers' offerings now might be equal in terms of price and convenience. .....

What I found was that while the two services are not exact copies of each other, they're basically equal. I had quibbles with both, and I found there's definitely room for improvement and innovation in the e-commerce space. Keep reading for my full experience: Complete article

Police ask for help identifying alleged thieves in Pa. Walmart surveillance photos 03/12/2018

Carver woman charged with driving stolen car to Mass. Walmart to break into vehicles 03/12/2018

Former Alabama Walmart employee to plead guilty to stealing over $200,000 by altering time card 03/13/2018

Man threatens employees at west Little Rock Arkansas Walmart, leaves with stolen merchandise 03/12/2018

Montgomery Co. Md. Cop Charged For Stealing From Walmart; Suspended With Pay 03/12/2018

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Montgomery County Police officer has been charged with theft after allegedly stealing items from a Walmart in Germantown over several months.

Jose A. Barahona, age 25, has been charged with theft less than $100, theft $100 to under $1500 and theft scheme $100 to $1500, Montgomery County Police say.

He has been suspended with pay. His police powers have been suspended pending the investigation and future court action.

Authorities say Barahona worked as a security guard at the store, located at 20910 Frederick Road, and a loss prevention employee reported him to police. Complete article

Forget self check out. How about no check out? Walmart gives it a go 03/12/2018

The grocery game is changing.

Gone are the days where customers must wait for a cashier. And that self-checkout business? Well that could be old hat soon, too.

At least that's what Walmart is hoping it will achieve with new technology that nearly eliminates the checkout process.

In an attempt to stay competitive with rivals such as Amazon, Walmart is introducing a new checkout program called "Scan & Go" that allows customers to completely skip the checkout line. The program is currently being tested at three locations across Central Florida, including Walmart stores in Titusville, New Smyrna and Winter Springs. Complete article

Walmart to expand online grocery delivery to 100 metro areas 03/13/2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Walmart has announced plans to expand its popular Online Grocery Deliver option to more than 40 percent of U.S. households by the end of the year.

The service, currently available in six markets, will grow to serve more than 100 metro areas across the country.

“We’re saving customers time by leveraging new technology, and connecting all the parts of our business into a single seamless shopping experience: great stores, easy pickup, fast delivery, and apps and websites that are simple to use,” said Greg Foran, president and CEO, Walmart U.S. “We’re serving our customers in ways that no one else can. Using our size and scale, we’re bringing the best of Walmart to customers across the country.” Complete article

Have you ever wondered: What are the blue lights in the Walmart parking lot on the east side of Sioux Falls? 03/13/2018

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - There are four Walmarts in Sioux Falls, one on each side of the city. In the parking lot of the east side location at Arrowhead Parkway, there are two blue lights with cameras in the parking lot.

According to the Sioux Falls Police Department, crime at each Walmart in Sioux Falls varies. A majority of the crimes reported at each location within the past year are small shoplifting petty thefts. The west side location has the most reported of 184. That's compared to 94 at the east side location.

The blue light system is part of a test program Walmart is trying out all over the United States. There are a few different reasons why Walmart chose the locations they did to try out the program. Complete article

Zachary first responder killed in hit and run involving U-Haul at Baker La. Walmart 03/12/2018

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A Zachary undercover police officer, who is also a firefighter, was killed after being run over by a U-Haul truck Monday night, according to officials.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner's Office identified the victim as Christopher Lawton. Coroner William "Beau" Clark says an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday to determine the exact cause of death.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office reports Albert Franklin, 33, and Ashley Chaney, 30, have been arrested. Deputies say Franklin will be charged with first-degree murder, hit and run, damage to property, and as a fugitive from the Zachary Police Department. They added Chaney will be charged with obstruction of justice.

The incident happened at the Walmart on Plank Road in Baker around 8 p.m. on Monday, March 12. Officials say the U-Haul truck hit the officer, then left the scene.

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said two undercover Zachary police officers were executing a drug-related felony warrant at the time. The two officers saw the suspect in the U-Haul and parked in the parking lot to observe him. They watched him for several minutes, then pulled up behind him and got out of their marked unit. Gautreaux said when the suspect saw them, he began to drive away. Complete article

Man escapes hourslong standoff to shop at Ind. Walmart, killed by police after returning home 03/13/2018

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – The murder suspect at the center of an hours-long standoff last week broke through the police perimeter and went shopping at an Indiana Walmart, police tell WTHI.

Michael R. Reynolds, 36, is accused of fatally shooting Amanda Kerns, 40, on March 5 at a home in the 2100 block of Putnam Street. Police say he also shot and critically injured a second person, Ronald Lawrence, at the same location.

Officials believe the shooting was the result of a domestic violence situation.

The shooting led to a 20-hour standoff with dozens of Terre Haute police officers surrounding the home. Reynolds was later shot and killed by state police SWAT officers.

However, newly released information by police reveals Reynolds didn’t stay in the home throughout the entirety of the standoff. He broke through the police barrier, and he went shopping at Walmart on South U.S. 41, WTHI reports. Video from the store confirms his visit. Complete article

Woman carjacked at Granite City Ill. Walmart 03/13/2018

GRANITE CITY A woman was carjacked at the Granite City Walmart, and police are asking for the public’s help in the investigation.

Police said two men approached the woman in the parking lot at 379 West Pontoon Road and ordered her at gunpoint to hand over the keys to her truck, a blue 2017 Ford F-150 with Missouri registration. They then fled with both her car and the black Ford SUV hatchback in which they originally arrived.

The men let the woman take her 2-year-old son out of his car seat before they fled, Fox2 reported. Complete article

One person airlifted after car crashes into Hilton Head Walmart, report says 03/13/2018 Dies ten days later

A car crashed into the Hilton Head Island Walmart on Pembroke Drive Tuesday afternoon, sending one man to the hospital, according to a Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue news release.

The driver was taken to the Hilton Head Airport shortly before 4 p.m. and taken for medical care by way of an air ambulance, according to the release. Only the driver was injured in the crash.

The driver was backing up when he hit a parked vehicle in the parking lot which then hit a second parked vehicle, Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col. Bill Neill said. The driver then put the car in drive and went forward until he hit the building. Complete article

78-year-old Hilton Head man who crashed into Walmart hit at a 'significant' speed, cops say 03/15/2018

Hilton Head man dies 10 days after car crashed into island Walmart 03/26/2018

LaFayette Ga. police searching for suspects in weekend Walmart theft 03/12/2018

Suspect wanted in attempted Tenn. Walmart theft 03/13/2018

Chicopee Mass. Police asking for help to ID woman involved in Walmart theft 03/13/2018

NM Walmart worker suspected of stealing more than $2,500 from registers 03/13/2018

Nebraska Walmart shoplifting suspect was carrying drugs, loaded gun 03/13/2018

Queens couple scammed by ‘puppy seller’ using NY Walmart money transfer 03/13/2018

Jury deliberates in trial of NY man charged in connection with Me. Walmart Shooting 03/13/2018

Upland Ca. police don safety gear for shoplifting arrest at Walmart 03/12/2018

Dapper thief passes 11 counterfeit $20 bills at Muskego Wisc. Walmart 03/14/2018

New York man convicted on charges linked to firing gun at Augusta Me. Walmart parking lot 03/14/2018

18 federally indicted in Flint Mich. for Walmart prepaid card scam 03/14/2018

LOCK 'EM UP: Walmart store locks up laundry detergent pods after viral challenge 03/14/2018

Deputies looking for pair after woman’s credit card number used at NC Walmarts 03/14/2018

Female shopper claims man exposed himself to her inside Pa. Walmart 03/14/2018

Shots Fired at North Belt Missouri Walmart Parking Lot 03/14/2018

(ST. JOSEPH, MO.) Authorities responded to a shots fired call in the parking lot of North Belt Walmart Wednesday night.

Witnesses said there was a confrontation between two people in two different vehicles. They said multiple shots were fired in the area around 7:30 p.m.

Police are not releasing any information at this time. However, several vehicles in the parking lot were hit by bullets. Complete article

Suspect Charged in Shoot Out in Walmart Parking Lot 03/16/2018

Judge clears way for Walmart in rare Miami Fla. forest, but legal battle continues 03/14/2018

A Miami federal judge has lifted a temporary stop to construction on a Walmart-anchored shopping center on rare pine rockland and hinted that environmentalists are unlikely to win their battle in court.

It’s not clear when Palm Beach County developer Peter Cummings will resume work on the planned shopping center and apartments spread across nearly 140 acres near Zoo Miami. But environmentalists, armed with additional information released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since the case was argued, said they plan to keep fighting a project that could pave over one of the largest remaining tracts of pineland outside Everglades National Park. Complete article

3 Moreno Valley men arrested following 4 Ca. Walmart burglaries, Rancho Cucamonga chase 03/14/2018

Accused car thieves found, arrested at Fla. Walmart 03/14/2018

Jackson Tenn. police seek to ID subjects in Walmart thefts 03/14/2018

Austin Tx. police investigated package found near northwest Austin Walmart 03/14/2018

OPD investigating Tx. Walmart theft 03/14/2018

Dalton Tenn. police looking for man who allegedly stole wallet from Walmart parking lot 03/14/2018

Dickson Tenn. Walmart parking lot meth lab busted after shoplifter pursuit 03/15/2018

Mattoon man charged with stealing car from Ill. Walmart parking lot 03/15/2018

Armed Man robs Walmart in Monona Wisc., still not located 03/15/2018

MONONA, Wis. - According to a release, a man conducted an armed robbery at the Walmart Supercenter on Royal Avenue in Monona Wednesday night.

The suspect fled on foot with money from the Lawn and Garden Center and continued west toward Gishold Drive, according to the release. Monona police used K-9 Miya to track the suspect. Miya took the officers through several parking lots on Industrial Drive.

Miya located the suspect's backpack, containing a handgun and U.S. currency, inside a tree. Complete article

'Robot Bees.' How Walmart Wants to Use Drones on Future High-Tech Farms 03/15/2018

Looks like Walmart (WMT, +0.47%) might have its sights set on moving beyond grocery delivery.

Now the retail giant is getting involved in the supply side of goods, applying for six patents over the last year that involve farm automation. The patents include one that seeks to prevent crop damage, another that controls pests, and one that would facilitate cross-pollination.

Many of these patents heavily rely on drone technology for their application. One would employ a drone to shoot pesticides in a targeted manner rather than the typical pesticide cloud. Another is a “robot bee,” technically a pollination drone, that they hope could one day mimic the way real bees pollinate crops.

With groceries already comprising 56% of Walmart’s revenue, the use of these advanced technologies could further reduce costs and allow the retailer to get goods to the consumer quicker than before. Complete article

Walmart Whistle-Blower Claims Cheating in Race With Amazon 03/15/2018

In its race to catch Inc. in online retailing, Walmart Inc. issued misleading e-commerce results and fired an executive who complained the company was breaking the law, according to a whistle-blower lawsuit.

Tri Huynh, a former director of business development at Walmart, claims he was terminated “under false pretenses” after repeatedly raising concerns about the company’s “overly aggressive push to show meteoric growth in its e-commerce business by any means possible -- even, illegitimate ones.”

Under Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon, Walmart has invested billions of dollars to catch up with Amazon in e-commerce over the past few years, and last year enjoyed quarterly online sales growth rates surpassing 50 percent, well above peers that include Target Corp. and Best Buy Co. Complete article

Fire inside SC Walmart causes evacuation, damages estimated at $6 million 03/15/2018

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A fire inside the Walmart store on Garners Ferry Road caused customers to have to evacuate Thursday evening.

Video sent to us from a viewer showed heavy smoke along with some firefighters inside the store.

Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins says there's no word on what started the fire just yet but fire damage is estimated at $5,000.

WIS also learned Walmart is estimating at least $6 million in damage from merchandise that was destroyed by smoke and water from the store's sprinkler system. Complete article

This Columbia Walmart was evacuated Thursday night because of a 'suspicious fire' 03/15/2018

$6 million Walmart fire started intentionally by a juvenile, fire chief says 03/16/2018

Broward County Fla. sues manufacturers and pharmacies over opioids 03/15/2018

Broward County is going after opioid manufacturers it blames for the epidemic that has ravaged communities — and large pharmacy chains that it says were too ready to fill even questionable prescriptions for the drugs.

The county filed suit Monday in federal court against 19 companies in the opioid suit, including manufacturers such as Purdue Pharma, Cephalon and Teva Pharmaceuticals and pharmacies such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS.

The complaint alleges deceptive and unfair trade practices, public nuisance, negligence, unjust enrichment and racketeering.

Broward, like many other local governments across the country, is suing or considering suing the companies because of the large costs incurred as the opioid epidemic taxes local police and emergency medical services. About 200 suits, including one by Delray Beach, have been filed nationally. Complete article

Chicago students trash Ill. Walmart during walkout over gun violence 03/15/2018

Chicago police are trying to identify the dozens of students from Simeon Career Academy who they say took part in a vandalism spree while they were supposed to be protesting guns.

Shoppers and store employees were stunned by the destruction Wednesday morning at the Walmart in Chatham Market on the South Side.

Chicago police say it started when students at neighboring Simeon Career Academy were allowed to leave the school for 17 minutes to take part in the nationwide walkout to protest guns. Complete article

Walmart suspends gun sales in Florida stores temporarily 03/15/2018

Madison Alabama Walmart cleared after bomb threat 03/15/2018
Juvenile charged in Madison Walmart bomb threat 03/16/2018

Milford Man Arrested Following Multiple Shoplifting Incidents at Del. Walmart 03/15/2018

Arkansas immigration activist harassed in Walmart parking lot 03/15/2018

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Electronics Stolen from Walmart in Schuylkill County Pa. 03/16/2018

Sexual Assault: Former Abilene Tx. Walmart employee accused of soliciting teen shopping with parents 03/15/2018

Accused peeping Tom charged a 5th time: now at Cicero NY Walmart; DA wants prison 03/16/2018

Charlotte County Fla. police searching for suspected Wal-Mart thief 03/16/2018

Man yells racially-charged words at family outside Bryant Arkansas Walmart 03/16/2018

NY Walmart employee turns in man charged with possessing weapons cache 03/17/2018

Drug sting goes down in Tx. Walmart 03/16/2018

NY Walmart shenanigans result in nine criminal charges and seven traffic violations 03/16/2018

Box-cutter-wielding robbery suspect outside Stafford Va. Walmart arrested 03/16/2018

Mississippi Walmart armed robbery suspect in custody, additional charges pending 03/16/2018

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) - A man is in police custody after an armed robbery outside U.S. 98 Walmart.

Authorities say Thursday around 10:30 a.m. Hattiesburg Police Department were dispatched to 6071 U.S. 98, Walmart in reference to an armed robbery.

The victim stated while she was sitting in her vehicle a white man walked up to her and demanded money.

She told the suspect no, and he stated he had a knife. The suspect then left towards Sam's and got into a silver car. Complete article

Ca. Walmart sued over explicit photos of worker at Torrance store 03/16/2018

A Walmart employee has filed a “revenge porn” suit against her employer, saying the retail giant did nothing when she complained that a co-worker allegedly distributed sexually explicit photos of the plaintiff to their colleagues on the job.

The woman is identified only as Jane Doe in her Los Angeles Superior Court suit filed Thursday. Her suit names as additional defendants Flora Garcia Solares, who allegedly disseminated the photos, and their mutual former boyfriend, Walmart associate worker Lamar Davenport, whom she accuses of having given the images to Solares.

The suit’s allegations include revenge porn, harassment/hostile work environment, gender discrimination, retaliation, defamation and intrusion into private affairs. The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. Complete article

Arkansas woman accused of trying to steal knives from Walmart, shoving employee 03/16/2018

Bomb Threat Reported at Walmart in Mount Pocono Pa. 03/17/2018

Police search for suspects in connection with stealing cell phones from Va. Walmart 03/17/2018

Grass fire near Pueblo Colorado Walmart burns several acres 03/17/2018

Broomfield Colorado police find pipe bombs inside stolen vehicle at Walmart parking lot 03/18/2018

Broomfield police found two pipe bombs inside a stolen vehicle Sunday morning in the parking lot of a Walmart and arrested three people.

Officers were patrolling the lot, near West 120th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, shortly after 4 a.m. when three people got out of their car and hurried into the store. An officer ran the vehicle’s plates and discovered it had been reported stolen out of Thornton on Wednesday, Broomfield police spokeswoman Joleen Reefe said.

Police arrested the three as they headed back to the car. Zach Rickard, 30, John Ulibarri, 48, and Heather Moore, 28, were taken into custody and transported to the Broomfield jail.

Police say Rickard shoplifted items from the store. Ulibarri had an outstanding warrant at the time. Moore was the driver of the stolen vehicle.

Police called in the Adams County bomb squad to disassemble the devices. There is no danger at this time, and Walmart is open. Complete article

Large U.S. retailers urge Trump not to hit China with tariffs 03/19/2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Several large U.S. retail companies, including Wal-Mart Inc, Target Corp, Best Buy Co Inc and Macy’s Inc, on Monday sent President Donald Trump a letter urging him not to impose massive tariffs on goods imported from China.

The Trump administration is said to be preparing tariffs against Chinese information technology, telecommunications and consumer products in an attempt to force changes in Beijing’s intellectual property and investment practices. Washington could impose more than $60 billion in tariffs on goods ranging from electronics to apparel, footwear and toys.

“At the same time, we are concerned about the negative impact as you consider remedial actions under Section 301 of the Trade Act could have on America’s working families,” the letter stated. “Applying any additional broad-based tariff as part of a Section 301 action would worsen this inequity and punish American working families with higher prices on household basics like clothing, shoes, electronics, and home goods.” Complete article

Woman who fled Great Falls Mointaqna Walmart cited for shoplifting, drug possession 03/18/2018

Crews investigate possible gas leak at recently reopened Beavercreek Ohio Walmart 03/18/2018

Man collapses at Walmart in Millcreek Pa., officials offer free AED training to employees 03/16/2018

Sisters charged with shoplifting from NY Walmart 03/19/2018

George Jr. escapee climbs onto NY Walmart roof 03/19/2018

‘You paid by serving my country’: Man pays for veteran’s groceries in Iowa Walmart line 03/19/2018

Walmart teams up with Handy to set up your furniture for you 03/19/2018

Amid growing pressure from Amazon, Walmart is the latest retailer to offer in-home product setup for customers.

Walmart (WMT) is partnering with startup Handy to offer TV mounting and furniture assembly, the companies announced on Monday.

Shoppers will soon be able to book an appointment with a local Handy professional when checking out at a Walmart store. The service can later be scheduled online or through the Handy app. Complete article

Trump administration charges Tennessee man accused of lying in attempt to buy a gun from Walmart 03/19/2018

The Trump administration announced charges Monday against a Tennessee man accused of lying in order to try to buy a gun — mounting the kind of prosecution the Obama administration had generally shied away from.

Authorities say Kari Milak Whitehead, 26, who according to court documents had converted to Islam, was watching Islamic State propaganda videos and had indicated he wanted to kill “white people,” tried to buy a rifle from a Walmart last month.

On his background check form he said he’d never been committed to a mental institution, concealing a commitment ordered by a judge in December, the government says. Complete article

Women dragged by car outside Salinas Ca. Walmart, 1 dead 03/19/2018

SALINAS, Calif. — Two elderly women were hit and dragged by a car in the parking lot of Walmart in Salinas Monday afternoon. One died from her injuries.

Salinas police said two women, ages 80 and 87, were walking behind a parked car when the driver attempted to back out of a parking space.

The driver quickly accelerated, struck the two women, and dragged the victims a short distance.

Police said they are not sure why the driver accelerated so fast. His name was not released and he was not arrested. Complete article

Man threatens to stab Valley Stream NY Walmart guard, cops say 03/20/2018

A Queens man was charged with robbery after he pulled a knife on a store security guard who confronted him as he tried to leave a Valley Stream store without paying for items, police said.

Mark Ware, 39, of Dormans Road in St. Albans, was stopped by the security guard at the Walmart on Green Acres Road at 6:10 p.m. Monday, Nassau County police said.

Ware “produced a knife and threatened to stab him,” police said in a news release. The defendant was then apprehended by mall security and arrested by responding officers, police said. Complete article

An unholy alliance between Google and Walmart could give Amazon a run for its money 03/19/2018

In the great retail war of our time that pits Amazon against every other major retailer, a new shopping initiative from Google could tip the scales back in favor of big box stores.

On Monday, Google announced a new program called Shopping Actions. Under the initiative, when Google users search with the phrase "Where can I buy [product]," Google will serve product listings from mega-retailers including Walmart, Target, Costco, and more. Customers can either directly buy these products from the stores' websites, or put them in their Google Express shopping carts.

So what's in it for Google? Google will actually get a cut of purchases made with Shopping Actions from partner retailers. But that's not all.

According to Reuters, Google found that many of users' shopping search queries resulted in purchases on Amazon. So this initiative not only results in dollars for Google — it also takes purchases away from shopping competitor Amazon. Complete article

Breach! Walmart exposed personal data of 1.3 million U.S. shoppers 03/19/2018

Keeping your personal information out of the hands of criminals is hard enough these days. With massive data breaches like the one we recently warned you about at Equifax, it almost seems like the battle is already lost.

But we can't give up. It's important to take every precaution available to keep this data safe.

Unfortunately, some situations are out of our control. We need to be able to trust companies that we do business with to have proper security. That's not always the case. Now, a Walmart partner is responsible for exposing personal data of over a million consumers.

Another huge data breach was recently detected by security firm Kromtech. The breach exposed personal data of more than 1.3 million consumers from both the U.S. and Canada.

When the exposure was discovered, it was thought to be information compiled by Walmart. That's because that data was stored in an Amazon S3 bucket named "walmartsql" and was accessible by the public. It turns out that the info belongs to a firm called MBM Company Inc., which operates a company named Limogés Jewelry that partners with Walmart and other companies. Complete article

Suspect who allegedly robbed woman at Ohio Walmart on Possum Run picked up in Alabama 03/19/2018

Shoplifting spree at Raynham Mass. Walmart 03/19/2018

2 from Marion arrested in Manchester Iowa Walmart thefts 03/19/2018

Police: Woman who stole from Wash. Walmart struggled with employees, arrested on assault charges 03/20/2018

Mondragon arrested after allegedly shoplifting at Montana Walmart 03/18/2018

Attempted robbery in Fresno Ca. Walmart parking lot, police say 03/18/2018

After Hurricane Maria, fuel requests by Walmart stores in Puerto Rico went unanswered 03/20/2018

Mississippi Walmart ousts 3 men with rifle, handgun, machete 03/21/2018

COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) — The states of Georgia and Mississippi have open-carry laws, meaning licensed gun owners can go around in public displaying their weapons. But businesses still have the right to prohibit weapons on their property.

That's what happened in a Mississippi Walmart Monday night after three Georgia men went shopping while openly carrying an M-4 assault rifle, a handgun and a machete.

The Commercial Dispatch reports that a Walmart employee called police and then managers asked the men to leave once officers arrived. Complete article

Walmart is adding FedEx Office to 500 of its stores 03/20/2018

Walmart is continuing to build on its efforts to become a one-stop shop in the Internet age. The retailer on Tuesday said it is adding FedEx Office locations, where customers can ship packages, drop off returns and pick up deliveries, to 500 of its U.S. stores.

The announcement follows a pilot program in which the companies tested FedEx stores in 46 Walmart locations in six years. Under the new program, FedEx Office will expand to about 10 percent of Walmart’s U.S. stores over the next two years. Complete article

Is Walmart Doing Business With The Cannabis Industry? 03/20/2018

Although the federal government still considers marijuana an outlaw substance, more than half the states that make up this great nation have ripped the plant out of the trenches of prohibition for both medicinal and recreational purposes. This commitment to statewide drug reform has laid the groundwork for a golden industry of ganja -- one that is expected to be worth in upwards of $24 billion within the next seven years.

Without a doubt, cannabis is on its way to becoming one of the leading cash crops in America. And there is green-eyed enthusiasm all around. So much that traditional industries ranging from Big Pharma to international breweries have all shown an interest in capitalizing on the monstrosity of legal marijuana. But the appeal of pot has not stopped there. It also seems that retail giant Walmart may be inching its way toward putting pot (or at least potting soil for pot) on its shelves in the not so-distant future. Complete article

Wal-Mart wins challenge to state refusal of liquor licenses 03/20/2018

AUSTIN, Texas — A federal judge has blocked a Texas state agency from withholding from Wal-Mart licenses to sell liquor by the bottle.

In a 50-page ruling signed Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman of Austin, Texas, concurred with Wal-Mart's constitutional challenge to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission refusal of licenses for retail liquor sales.

The giant retailer wants to get into the business of selling liquor in Texas but argued that restrictions on package liquor licenses, some dating to the end of Prohibition, amounted to unconstitutional discrimination. Complete article

Dispute over police calls to Raytown Missouri Walmart causes heated debate at meeting 03/20/2018

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Make Change at Walmart, a division of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, wants Raytown to reconsider a proposal to declare Walmart a public nuisance.

The issue came up last year when Raytown was forced to lay off 17 police officers, and fingers were pointed at the store -- where 30 percent of the city's crime occurs, but it doesn't pay property taxes into the general fund for police or city operations.

Alderman Eric Teeman, who would later resign weeks later to take a position on Missouri's Board of Education, proposed charging Walmart for police calls.

Make Change at Walmart says 812 police calls occurred at the store in the past year. Walmart didn't verify that number, but said 90 percent of calls are handled by off-duty officers working security for the company.

When the group came to another Raytown meeting this month, they said they were cut off. .....

“When local governments are being squeezed, why is a multi-billion dollar company in the black by $15 billion a year? Why are they offloading those costs to local governments? Why aren’t they footing the tab?" said Randy Parraz, national director for Making Change at Walmart. Complete article

They got married in a Pa. Walmart garden center 03/19/2018

After vows were exchanged in an unusual setting, the haters tried to steal their day

A Facebook post over the weekend – “Someone for real got married in the Walmart garden section. Only @ a York Walmart” – drew quite a bit of attention.

Wait, people actually got married at a Pennsylvania Walmart? Yep. Leida Torres and Chrissy L. Slonaker Torres sure did. And it made news beyond Facebook. The local newspaper – the York Daily Record – wrote about the nuptials. (Support local journalism.)

The choice of venue isn’t all that unusual when you hear that Torres is a customer service manager at the Walmart Supercenter at the West Manchester Town Center in York County. That's where the couple met in 2015, which makes sense considering that Slonaker works there, too. Complete article

Raleigh NC woman finds wedding rings at Walmart, looking for rightful owner 03/20/2018

Employee charged with stealing rings from Ill. Walmart 03/20/2018

SAPD looking for WalMart Aggravated Robbery suspect 03/20/2018

Report: Yulee man caught masturbating at Fla. Walmart 03/20/2018

Man accused of stealing electronics from Tallahassee Fla. Walmart 03/21/2018

Second person arrested at Elkhart Ind. Walmart named 03/22/2018

Suspect arrested in Monday's bomb threat at the Opelousas La. Walmart 03/20/2018

Union SC man falsely reports hostages held at Walmart 03/19/2018

Police searching for suspect in Punta Gorda Fla. Wal-Mart Shoplift 03/21/2018

Lexington SC Police looking for Walmart shoplifters 03/21/2018

Human trafficking try at Beaufort Co. SC Walmart reported on Facebook. Here's what police say 03/21/2018

Several recent social media posts warning of human trafficking attempts at one of Beaufort's Walmart stores have alarmed users across the county and prompted at least one police report.

The report was made to the Beaufort Police Department on Saturday. It concerned suspicious activities at the Walmart on Robert Smalls Parkway that the complainant believed could be an attempt at human trafficking, police spokeswoman Sgt. Hope Able said Wednesday afternoon.

Word of the incident spread through the Parris Island community by means of an internal email sent out to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot personnel and family members, according to an official statement from Parris Island spokesman Capt. Adam Flores.

"NCIS (the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) was notified on March 20, of the incident and has since coordinated with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office and the Beaufort Police Department," the statement read. "The Beaufort Police Department is currently investigating the incident and we will continue to support local authorities throughout the investigation process. We advise anyone that witnesses suspicious activity to report it immediately to local authorities."

The police department initially said Wednesday there were no reports of possible abduction situations at either the Beaufort Walmart or the Lady's Island Walmart on Sunday. However, a subsequent news release said that in fact such a report was made on Saturday. Complete article

Walmart talks about surveillance video after alleged Beaufort County abduction attempt 03/21/2018

Investigation into Beaufort Walmart kidnapping rumor over. Here's what police found 03/22/2018

‘It’s a little scary.’ Walmart rolls out shelf-scanning robots in 50 stores 03/21/2018

They might not be the killer machines from the future in the “Terminator” films, but shelf-scanning robots deployed at 50 Walmart stores across the nation are still an unsettling sight for some consumers.

“Well, it’s a little scary because I feel it’s taking somebody’s job,” shopper Deborah Espinoza told KTVU at a Walmart testing the robots in Milpitas, Calif. “But if it isn’t taking somebody’s job, if it’s gonna do benefits for Walmart, then it would be good.”

Walmart executives, however, insist the robots will not entirely replace human workers at the retail giant’s stores. Complete article

Walmart tests shelf-scanning robots in Ca. Bay Area 03/20/2018

Police investigating after man stabbed near SC Walmart 03/21/2018

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A 38-year-old man was reportedly stabbed after being approached by two men near Walmart Monday afternoon.

According to a Myrtle Beach Police Department incident report, officers responded to the Seaboard Street Walmart after receiving a report of an assault. A witness told police the victim approached his truck and fell down, saying two men had stabbed him.

The victim said he was drinking beer near the pond when he was approached by two men. As he was talking to one of suspects, the other went behind him. The victim then said he felt a pain in his lower back, the report says. Complete article

Man In Custody Following Ky. Walmart Robbery 03/22/2018

Man jailed for role in $12K Walmart robbery in Upper Merion Pa. 03/21/2018

Kanawha County WV Sheriff's Office Asks for Help Identifying Walmart Theft Suspects 03/21/2018

Police searching for Tx. Walmart theft suspects 03/21/2018

Pa. Walmart Shoplifting suspect sought by police 03/22/2018

Okla. Walmart shoplifting suspect arrested after tazer fails 03/22/2018

Walmart Is Going Upscale, But It Doesn't Mean What You Think 03/22/2018

Crime of the week: Police investigate shoplifting at NM Walmart 03/22/2018

Man with unique face tattoo batters woman in Fla. Walmart 03/22/2018

Suspect first told police the victim was his wife. She wasn’t.

An Ocala police officer arrested a man on suspicion of punching a woman at a store on Wednesday night.

A Walmart employee told Officer J. L. Gurney that he was sitting in the break room area when he saw the man yelling profanities at the woman. The witness said the verbal abuse continued for several minutes and at the same time the man punched the woman in her face and head.

The witness said the man and woman walked to another area of the store and the behavior continued. Complete article

Walmart files patent applications for drone shopping assistants and smart shopping carts 03/22/2018

Walmart filed a host of patents today related to how it keeps track of inventory — and the technologies could change the way its customers shop, as reported by Gizmodo.

One of the patents is clearly for the in-store experience, and proposes a sensing device to make shopping carts smart and communicate with a mobile device (presumably to help you navigate to where items are). There’s also a patent that tracks users through wearables, and several for managing / sensing inventory levels.

Walmart has also filed a patent for drones that would assist customers shopping in-store. The patent outlines a method where a drone can be summoned via a mobile device — either personal or one temporarily provided — and then “provide assistance to the user in the form of price verification or navigation assistance.”

There are also two patents for autonomous tech. One outlines a method for detecting items placed in a container, and the other is a system of sensors, a processor, and a communication interface for automatically gathering information about vehicles (presumably transporting goods), like pre- and post-delivery weight, size, and temperature. Complete article

Judge's ruling would let Texas consumers buy booze from Walmart, Costco 03/22/2018

AUSTIN -- A protectionist Texas law that has kept Walmart, Costco and other giant retailers from selling hard liquor was found unconstitutional by a federal judge this week, prompting cheers from free-market advocates — and vows of a quick appeal from one of the parties on the losing side.

The Texas law that was struck down — unique in the United States — forbids publicly traded businesses from owning liquor stores while allowing family-owned companies to grow into giant chains without fear of competition from large national or international corporations.

If the late Tuesday ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman survives appeals, Texas consumers — like those in at least 31 other states and many foreign countries — will be able to buy vodka, tequila and bourbon from Walmart-owned stores and from other multinational retailer outlets. Complete article

Masked robbers lead police on high-speed chase after breaking into Tx. Walmart pharmacy 03/23/2018

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A high-speed police chase that ended off the Eastex Freeway early Friday morning all started with a break-in at a Walmart pharmacy in northwest Harris County, police say.

Authorities tell ABC13 four suspects broke into the store on 8280 Barker Cypress just before 3 a.m.

Workers were inside at the time.

Officials say the suspects, who were wearing masks and had crowbars, stole several items from the pharmacy including a locker, which had a GPS tracking device.

Complete article

Leon Co. Fla. sheriff works with Walmart to make social media celebrities 03/23/2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - The Leon County Sheriff's Office is working with Walmart to make certain people social media celebrities.

To get the sheriff's help in becoming better well-known, at least locally, a person must first risk serving jail time by stealing something from a Walmart in Tallahassee.

This week Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil started a Weekly Walmart Round-Up! to be posted to Facebook. Complete article

Elderly Walmart greeter attacked by shoplifter in Largo Fla. 03/22/2018

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) - An elderly Walmart greeter was attacked in Largo on Wednesday when a shoplifter tried to make an escape, police said.

According to an affidavit, the greeter was working at the Walmart located at 2677 Roosevelt Blvd. when he saw a woman leaving the store with a shopping cart full of stolen merchandise. The items were worth $479.78 in total.

When he confronted the woman, later identified as 21-year-old Xana Maria Chiarmonte, she rammed him with her cart several times, then headed toward another exit. When he asked her to stop, she rammed him with the cart several more times and headed back toward the original exit.

Chiarmonte also punched the man in the stomach and arms when she tried to force her way out of the store, police said. Complete article

Police: 'Road rage' argument began at central Arkansas Walmart, ended in shots fired; 1 arrested 03/22/2018

A central Arkansas man is in custody after shots were fired at an occupied vehicle Wednesday night, authorities said.

The "road rage"-related argument began at the Walmart at 1155 U.S. 65 and ended in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Hogan Lane, according to Conway police spokesman Latresha Woodruff.

No injuries were reported. Woodruff said the parties involved had differing stories and that the shooting is still under investigation. Complete article

Walmart partnership allows this DFW entrepreneur to make dental care accessible to all 03/23/2018

While getting patients to the dentist can be like pulling teeth, Dr. Lan Chi Le has built a business designed to make dental care easy, affordable and accessible for all.

Le is the founder of ZYGO Dental Management Group, a practice she owns with her husband, Joey, who serves as the company’s chief technology officer. ZYGO is named after the zygomaticus major, a facial muscle that allows a person to smile.

Since opening its first location in 2016, ZYGO has grown to 11 units and roughly 50 workers, and services 125 to 140 new patients per clinic each month. Its rapid growth is thanks largely to a partnership that has brought seven of its clinics to Walmart stores in Texas. Complete article

John Crawford shooting: Beavercreek Ohio wants separate trial from Walmart 03/22/2018

Complaint: Thieves ran credit card scams at New Lenox Ill. Walmart 03/22/2018

Tx. Walmart customers stuck in store for hours as officers investigated package no bomb found 03/21/2018

Mason City Iowa woman threatened "to inflict bodily harm" upon two Walmart employees early Tuesday morning 03/22/2018

Broken Arrow Man Accused Of Taking Upskirt Photos At Okla. Walmart 03/23/2018

Two charged in connection with deadly Tenn. Walmart shooting 03/23/2018

Ellicott City Md. man sentenced for Walmart shooting 03/23/2018

Police: Auburn NY Walmart open for business after apparently false report of men with guns 03/24/2018

Onida woman admits scamming Pierre SD Walmart store 03/23/2018

Man accused of NY Walmart thefts 03/23/2018

Machete-wielding man attempts to kidnap two toddlers at Kenner La. Walmart 03/23/2018

Police say Budier-Herrera had a 10-inch machete, a container of pepper spray and a makeshift shiv made out of razorblades and duct tape. A man armed with a machete tried to take two children from their mother at a Walmart in Kenner La. Friday afternoon.

According to the Kenner Police Department, Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera walked into the store around 2 p.m. carrying a bag and a machete and approached a mother and her 2-year-old child.

According to police, Budier-Herrera told the woman that if she didn’t listen to him she would die. He then blocked her path and placed his hands on the handle of his machete before trying to take the child. Police say the child’s mother pulled them back and ran behind the deli counter as store employees intervened. Budier-Herrera then ran into the meat and poultry section, where he pulled a machete from his waistband and started swinging at employees.

Police say he then tried to kidnap another child who was strapped into the child seat of a grocery cart. While trying to undo the seat strap, Budier-Herrera was tackled by employees and a Kenner Police Officer who was working an off-duty detail inside the store. Complete article

Woman arrested after alleged threat to 'shoot everybody' at Baton Rouge La. Walmart 03/23/2018

A woman was arrested in the Walmart Thursday afternoon after threatening to shoot up the store when employees refused to exchange her items, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

Latonja Tucker, 38, was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of terrorizing in the store located at 9350 Cortana Place.

According to the EBRSO report, Tucker tried to exchange items in the store's customer service department, but was denied because her license was expired. Tucker allegedly said, "Man, if my momma pass away, I'm going to come to Walmart and shoot everybody in this b***h up." Complete article

BYU-Idaho student allegedly threatens to blow up Walmart 03/23/2018

REXBURG—Andrew Blamires, a 19-year-old Brigham Young University-Idaho student from Oklahoma, was arrested by Rexburg police on Wednesday, March 21, on charges of allegedly threatening to blow up a local business.

According to Rexburg Police Captain Randy Lewis, Blamires had posted on his Facebook page complaining of a disagreement he had had with local Walmart employees about the price of a carton of eggs.

Blamires posted the following after the incident:

Anyone else’s Wal-mart not honor their rollback prices or bag your milk? #bastarddidntevengivememyeggs #ipaidadollarfiftynineforthose #thatWalmartisgoingtomysteriouslyexplodebeforeileaveRexburg Complete article

Serial Fla. Walmart thief sentenced to 30 years in prison 03/23/2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A man arrested for trying to steal $5,000 worth of jeans from Dillard's last year has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for a rash of thefts from Walmart stores in Tallahassee.

Cameron Eustace, 46, plead guilty to robbery and six counts of petit theft on Wednesday. He was sentenced to 30 years at the Florida Department of Corrections.

Eustace has also been labeled a violent career offender.

According to court documents, Tallahassee Police were investigating his involvement in multiple thefts from Walmart stores in Tallahassee back in 2016. In fact, Eustace is also suspected in several thefts from Walmart stores in Wakulla County. Complete article

APD will no longer respond to shoplifting calls in parts of Atlanta Ga. 03/23/2018

ATLANTA - A new move by the Atlanta Police Department has many small businesses feeling vulnerable.

The department announced earlier this week that, due to a recent uptick in crimes across Zone 2, which encompasses the Buckhead area, the Police Department will not be dispatching officers to shoplifting calls in most cases.

For big-box stores, hiring their own security isn’t as much as a burden as it is for the smaller stores, such as the men's store Labels.

Labels said the move by the Police Department could possibly make the store's closed sign permanent.

“Weekends are insane. We get a lot of people coming through these doors,” sales associate Daniel Laos told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen.

Labels is a hot spot for high-end men’s clothing at discounted prices.

But like any retail store, Label’s in Buckhead has had people getting their hands on merchandise without paying. Complete article

Police charge Pa. Walmart thief six months after taking $700 in merchandise 03/23/2018 A Lebanon man who police say fled the North Londonderry Township Walmart after staff confronted him for theft last fall has been charged.

Bond set for woman accused of robbing, dragging victim in Ohio Walmart parking lot 03/23/2018

Police: Dahlonega man had stolen merchandise from 10 Ga. stores 03/23/2018

UPDATE: Police search for man who disappeared from Idaho Walmart 03/24/2018

UPDATED: 4 shot, including 14-year-old bystander as rap group targeted at West Valley Utah Walmart 03/24/2018

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — UPDATE: (10:30 a.m.) - New details are emerging in Saturday night's shooting at a West Valley Walmart.

According to the West Valley Police Department, people inside a red Hyundai sedan were seen talking with the rap group near the RV in the parking lot.

The 14-year-old girl was near the RV talking with the rap group.

Witnesses told police that "words were exchanged" and the red Hyundai sped off.

A short time later, the same red Hyundai was seen on 5600 West when someone in the vehicle opened fire at the RV, hitting three members of the rap group, and the 14-year-old girl.

Police say the three shot members got into the RV, which sped off in pursuit of the red Hyundai sedan.

The RV was found a short time later after it got a flat tire.

Police think the tire may have been shot out. Complete article

Police solicit public's help with finding suspect in Walmart shooting 03/27/2018

20-mile chase of meth suspect ends in Alabama Walmart produce section; passenger found passed out in truck 03/25/2018

A 52-year-old Tuscaloosa County man with a long history of criminal trouble led lawmen on nearly a 20-mile chase Saturday night that ended near the produce section inside Walmart.

Dozens of onlookers watched in surprise as the massive law enforcement caravan converged on the store and followed the suspect inside. Many, including Travis Hudson, took video of the spectacle.

It began around 10:15 p.m. and was the result of a West Alabama Narcotics Task Force investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine from Fairfield to the Brookwood community. Task force agents and Lakeview police officers tried to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle near exit 86 when the suspect refused to stop and a vehicle pursuit ensued, said Tuscaloosa police Lt. Teena Richardson.

Officers pursued the suspect through Brookwood, then along Interstate59/20 to Skyland Boulevard where the pursuit ended after the suspect crashed into a concrete barrier in front of Walmart Superstore. The suspect jumped from the vehicle and fled inside the store, where he was apprehended near the produce section of the store. Complete article

Armed suspects target retail store in East Las Vegas 03/24/2018

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - A group of armed men targeted an East Las Vegas retail store last month, Metro police said.

On Feb. 22 at 8:15 p.m., three men entered a retail store on the 1400 block of South Lamb Boulevard, near Charleston Boulevard. Police said each suspect was pushing a shopping cart in the business and randomly filled it with high-end merchandise.

As they attempted to exit the store, a loss prevention employee approached the group. One of the suspects pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and threatened the employee. The suspects fled the scene with the unpaid items, police said in a release. Complete article

Watertown NY woman charged with petit larceny at Watertown Walmart 03/25/2018

BLOTTER: Man shoplifts meat – lots and lots of meat from Fla. Walmart 03/26/2018

Man accused of robbery in Great Falls Montana Walmart 03/25/2018

Benton, KY Walmart shoplifting suspects wanted 03/24/2018

Man Snaps Bloody Selfie After Lebanon NH Walmart Frozen Food Fight 03/26/2018

Police seek help identifying 5 in Pa. Walmart surveillance photos 03/26/2018

Arnold Missouri PD looking for person of interest in assaults at Walmart 03/26/2018

Man found in Commerce City Colorado Walmart parking lot with apparent self-inflicted gun wound dies 03/27/2018

A man in a vehicle in a Walmart parking lot in Commerce City apparently shot himself, police said, and he was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Shortly after 8 p.m., an officer on patrol at 5990 Dahlia St. “observed a suspicious vehicle” in the parking lot, police said in a news release. The officer made contact with the lone person in the vehicle who appeared to be suffering from a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

The victim was taken to the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, where he was pronounced dead, police said. The man was not identified. An investigation is ongoing. Complete article

Man dies after being shot in NM Walmart parking lot 03/27/2018

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Albuquerque Police say a man was shot and killed overnight at a Walmart parking lot on Carlisle.

Officers were called to the scene of 2701 Carlisle NE and say they found the victim in a vehicle that had been wrecked into the retaining wall with a gunshot wound.

He died at the scene.

Detectives are still actively investigating this case as a homicide. Complete article

Body found inside burned motorhome in Oceanside Ca. Walmart parking lot 03/27/2018

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (KGTV) - A body was found early Tuesday morning inside a motorhome that burned in a Walmart parking lot in Oceanside, police said.

At about 1 a.m., firefighters responded to a vehicle fully engulfed in flames at the Walmart Supercenter on 3405 Marron Road.

After putting out the fire, crews found an unidentified person dead inside.

Fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire and the person’s death. Complete article

Walmart theft suspects lead authorities on pursuit from Sheboygan into Milwaukee Wisc. with deflated tires 03/27/2018

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Two women have been taken into custody after fleeing from police on I-43.

The Walmart, located at 4433 Vanguard Drive in the Town of Sheboygan, called the police for assistance with an incident at the store.

It happened around 3:35 p.m. on Tuesday. Complete article

‘It’s crazy!’ Melee caught on camera at Walmart in Milwaukee Wisc. spills out into parking lot 03/27/2018

MILWAUKEE -- A melee at Walmart in Milwaukee started in the checkout lane and spilled into the parking lot. It happened at the store near 103rd and Silver Spring, and some said they're upset not only by what was caught on camera, but also, what can't be seen in the video.

Police said no arrests were made after the fight on Monday, March 26. It's unclear what prompted it, but the video is worth seeing.

At around 6:40 p.m., pushing, shoving and even punching near the checkout lanes was caught on camera. It was so bad, some women even ended up on the floor -- knocking over equipment as store security stepped in. It played out as kids watched. Complete article

Fort Bragg Paratrooper Reported Missing, AWOL After Car Found at NC Walmart 03/27/2018

Seeman's vehicle was found at the Walmart on Gillespie Street, police said. His cell phone was found in his vehicle.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.-- Authorities are searching for an 82nd Airborne Division soldier who has been reported missing and AWOL.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, 25-year-old Sgt. Carl Seeman was reported missing to the Fayetteville Police Department by another soldier around 8:35 p.m. Sunday.

Sgt. Shawn Strepay told the paper, it is out of character for Seeman who lives in a barracks on Ft. Bragg. Complete article

Walmart Bans Cosmopolitan Magazine because It's Too Sexy and ‘Offensive’ 03/27/2018

Updated | If you're someone who flips through copies of Cosmopolitan magazine while waiting in line at Walmart, you're going to need to find some new reading material.

On Tuesday, a press release from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation announced that the big-box retailer would no longer stock Cosmo in its stores. This shift, which would impact 5,000 Walmart stores nationwide, stems from what the NCOSE called the magazine's promotion of sexual exploitation.

The decision, according to the organization, will ensure that families and other individuals will no longer be subjected to what it calls "hypersexualized and degrading" content in the magazine. Complete article

Hearst’s granddaughter praises Jesus, Walmart after Cosmo booted from check-out lines 03/29/2018

Cosmopolitan supporters fight back with petition against Walmart decision 03/29/2018

Bees keep dying. Walmart wants to replace them with swarms of tiny robots 03/27/2018

Bees have been in trouble for awhile now - and that means trouble for everyone else.

Scientists have been studying a worrying phenomenon called colony collapse disorder for more than a decade, after beekeepers began reporting that their worker bees in hives were suddenly vanishing. The queen and some young survive for awhile, but can’t live long without the workers.

This is a big problem, not least because bees are responsible for pollinating as much as 80 percent of cultivated crops, according to the University of Arkansas. The global food supply rests on the furry bodies of buzzing bees. Complete article

Walmart in Cedar City evacuates after suspicious package found 03/26/2018

(KUTV) — A suspicious package was reported at a Walmart in Cedar City on Monday afternoon, causing authorities to evacuate the building and warn people to avoid the area.

The suspicious package was reported at 11:40 a.m. after a person dropped a package off at Walmart wearing gloves and a health mask. This alarmed a number of people, one of whom called police after the person finished dropping off the package.

"For your safety, and to minimize the burden on fire personnel and law enforcement, we ask you to please stay away from the area while the investigation commences," the Cedar City Police Department said in a Facebook post.

It was learned that the person to whom the package belonged reportedly has severe allergies and wears the gloves and health mask for protection. Complete article

Shoplifting leads to increased security at Okla. Walmart 03/28/2018

An increase in shoplifting by various methods has prompted Walmart’s management to implement on-site security.

Following a string of shoplifting reports over the past several weeks, the store now employs a door guard in the evenings. The guard was observed checking carts and bags against receipts of exiting shoppers.

”(It’s) Common practice to have security at certain stores across the US based off a certain set of criteria,” said Case Staheli, senior manager for national media relations with Walmart’s corporate office. “This security guard is there during the nighttime hours to bring in an added layer of security to our customers and associates."

Store personnel declined to comment, and media relations stated they do not discuss internal policies, so additional details about what criteria justified extra security could not be determined. Complete article

Police searching for man accused of exposing himself to young females in Ohio Walmart 03/27/2018

Tenn. Walmart clerk delays robber until police arrive 03/27/2018

Man receives 23rd felony conviction after burglarizing Knoxville Tenn. Walmart 03/27/2018

Boys steal knives at Pa. Walmart, but one cuts self and both get caught in Lower Macungie, police say 03/27/2018

St. Marys Ga. Walmart evacuated due to suspicious package 03/25/2018 Bomb technicians had exploded the package and found nothing inside of it.

North Port Police searching for Fla. Walmart suspect 03/27/2018

Beaufort SC police need help to identify this pair, suspected in Walmart theft 03/26/2018

Flooding prompts evacuation of southeast Calgary Canada Walmart 03/27/2018

Teenager Quentin Pamplin sentenced to 8 years in prison for severely beating man in Ind. Walmart 03/27/2018

Police calls for Monday, March 26: Multiple thefts at Minn. Walmart; man throws shoes at cars 03/26/2018

They tried to shoplift from a Biloxi Mississippi Walmart, but only one made it out successfully, cops say 03/27/2018

Three vehicles damaged after vehicle fails to stop in Idaho Walmart parking lot 03/28/2018

18-year-old charged with attempted murder in shooting at Durham NC Walmart 03/28/2018

By Sarah Krueger and Adam Owens, WRAL reporters

DURHAM, N.C. — A Durham man has been charged after two people were wounded Wednesday afternoon in a shooting at a Durham Walmart, police said.

The shooting at the store in the New Hope Commons shopping center occurred shortly after 3 p.m.

A witness said two men started arguing in the store's produce section, and one pulled out a gun and shot the other in the stomach near the store entrance. A stray bullet also hit a Walmart employee in the foot, the witness said.

Authorities said a 35-year-old man and 38-year-old woman were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Complete article

Police-involved shooting at Pa. Walmart parking lot 03/29/2018 later reports say suspect died

LOWER MACUNGIE, Pa. (WPVI) -- A police-involved shooting in a Walmart parking lot in the Lehigh Valley forced everyone in the store to evacuate.

It happened on Mill Creek Road in Lower Macungie, Lehigh County, around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Witnesses say state police were chasing a man who might have been shoplifting.

Gunshots were then heard outside the store near a white minivan.

The Lehigh County coroner was on the scene. But police have not released details on if there was a fatality. Complete article

Man dead after what state police call 'officer-involved shooting' outside Walmart in Lower Macungie 03/29/2018

Police say masked Walmart shoplifting suspect fired at trooper before being shot 03/29/2018

Neighbors of Walmart Shooter Left Horrified and Shocked 03/30/2018

Before Walmart shootout, shoplifting suspect had threatened police, had extensive record 03/31/2018

Caught on camera: Man charged after police chase, shoplifting from Tenn. Walmart and resulting in retired police shooting 03/28/2018

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn., (WVLT) -- Sevierville Police Department officers responded to a reported shoplifting at a Walmart on Saturday that lead to a short chase and a single-vehicle accident.

The original report came from a retired law enforcement officer who said he saw Jeffrey A. Todd, 34, run from the Walmart at 1414 Parkway and began to leave the parking lot.

The retired officer followed the man in his vehicle until SPD officer Hannah Haggard saw the suspect's Chevrolet Malibu and followed him south on the Parkway as the suspect turned into Duncan's Clothing at 1544 Parkway. Officer Haggard tried to stop Todd in the parking lot, but he proceeded to turn onto New Era Road and continue.

As Officer Haggard was about to abandon the chase, she saw Todd's vehicle had crashed into a ditch. As Officer Haggard approached the crash site, Todd continued down the road and pulled behind a house at 2148 New Era Road.

Officer Haggard proceeded to the house, where she saw a man standing in the front yard holding a pistol. The man identified himself as the retired law enforcement officer who was at Walmart.

Behind the home, Officer Haggard found the suspect inside his car. Todd ignored the officer's commands to stop and drove back down the driveway onto the front lawn, officials said. As the suspect's vehicle approached the retired law enforcement officer, the retired officer fired three shots from a 9mm semi-automatic pistol toward the suspect's vehicle. Complete article

Little Rock man says he was robbed at gunpoint in Arkansas Walmart parking lot 03/28/2018

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — Little Rock police are investigating after a man said he was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night outside a Walmart.

Officers were called at 10:24 p.m. to Walmart at 8801 Baseline Road. Jorge Antonio Sanchez, 25, said he parked outside the store and was getting out of his car when a man came up behind him, according to a police report. The man pressed an "unknown type of gun" against Sanchez's back and took Sanchez's wallet and cellphone. The robber then ran away. Complete article

3rd grade girl narrowly escapes abduction at Phoenix Ariz. Walmart 03/28/2018

Cartwright School District sent out a letter to parents warning them of the incident, which happened Tuesday morning, March 27, before school.

In the letter, the district writes, "The safety of our students is a top priority at the Cartwright School District and we are cooperating with police in their investigation."

According to the letter, four students were approached by a man as they were walking to school.

The man grabbed one of the students by her jacket, but the girl was able to escape. Complete article

You can now buy a car from Walmart 03/28/2018

You can already buy your groceries, clothes, furniture, toys and household items from Walmart. Why not your car?

Walmart announced it's expanding the deal it has with online platform CarSaver designed to help customers save time and money when they're looking for a vehicle.

Through CarSaver, Walmart says you can buy, finance, lease and insure new and used cars from all of the top brands. Complete article

Missouri trio arrested for a string of thefts at Holton Kansas Walmart 03/28/2018

Yuma Police Department seeks suspect after armed robbery at Walmart 03/28/2018 The Yuma Police Department is currently searching for a suspect in reference to an armed robbery at a local Walmart on Wednesday night. YPD’s news release states that the department responded to a report of threats with a weapon at the Walmart located at 2501 S. Ave. B at 8:15 p.m.

Man accused of stealing cash from register at Bainbridge Fla. Walmart 03/29/2018

Man accused of grand theft for switching barcodes at SD Walmart 03/28/2018 Between December 2017 and March 12, 22-year-old Bryan Buck is accused of using Walmart's self-checkout without paying full price for several items. Buck would allegedly take the barcodes off inexpensive items and place them on expensive items, according to court documents. He would then go through self-checkout lanes and pay the less expensive prices for the items.

Idaho Falls Mom Describes Scary Walmart Incident 03/28/2018

Shaq Somehow Managed To Spend $70,000 At Walmart 03/29/2018 And we're supposed to believe this isn't an obvious celebrity endorsement at Walmart, where they spend more on propaganda than the workers making products or providing services?

Suspect ID sought in Sylacauga Alabama Walmart robbery 03/29/2018

Charges filed in shooting at Ind. University Park Mall, robbery at Walmart 03/28/2018

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The man accused of shooting a woman in the parking lot of the University Park Mall Monday evening has been charged in that case and for a robbery at Walmart that happened minutes earlier, according to court documents.

Joshua Villanueva-Rose, 20, has been charged with attempted armed robbery, armed robbery, battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun without a license.

Mishawaka Police were dispatched to Walmart on W. Indian Ridge Boulevard around 8 p.m. Monday for an armed robbery call.

Not long after the Walmart call, police received another dispatch for a shooting at the University Park Mall, less than a mile away.

At Walmart, the victim told police she had just gotten off work and was sitting in her vehicle in the parking lot when a man, later identified as Villanueva-Rose, approached her and asked for a cigarette, reports said.

She told him no and tried to roll up her window.

Another man opened the passenger door, displayed a handgun and demanded her purse, according to the probable cause affidavit. Complete article

Walmart in Talks With Humana for Deeper Partnership 03/29/2018

Walmart Inc. is in talks with health insurer Humana Inc. for a closer partnership to provide health care to consumers at home and prevent illness, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Health-care spending accounted for about 18 percent of the U.S. economy last year, and continues to surge with an aging population, pricey medications, and a complex regime of reimbursements and middlemen. Companies have been trying to address some of the market’s inefficiencies by forging alliances or getting bigger: Cigna Corp. is acquiring Express Scripts Holding Co. for $54 billion, and CVS Health Corp. is buying Aetna Inc. for $68 billion.

Walmart and Humana have explored a wide range of options including a merger, though an outright combination isn’t likely at this point, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing private information. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Walmart was in early talks to acquire Humana. Complete article

A troubling precedent for Walmart: Paying $1.3 million to a city for abandoning plans to open stores 03/29/2018

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has agreed to pay the District $1.3 million after abruptly scrapping plans to open a store in one of Southeast Washington’s poorest neighborhoods.

The settlement, which the District’s attorney general announced Thursday, comes two years after Walmart backed out of plans to open two stores in underserved D.C. neighborhoods — one at the Skyland Town Center in Southeast Washington and the other at Capitol Gateway Marketplace in Northeast Washington.

Experts say the settlement sets an interesting precedent at a time when retailers continue to shutter hundreds of stores to make up for shifting customer preferences.

“This isn’t a classic clawback — it’s sort of a kissing cousin to a clawback,” said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, a District-based watchdog group that tracks government subsidies for businesses. LeRoy called the settlement “unusual” but said it could put pressure on other retailers to pay local governments if they change their plans. Complete article

Dartmouth Mass. police searching for 2 men accused of robbing Walmart assaulting employee and crashing car 03/2/2018

DARTMOUTH, MA (WHDH) - Police in Dartmouth are searching for two men who allegedly robbed a Walmart.

Officials said the men shoplifted before assaulting a female employee and driving away in a white Honda.

Police added that the suspects crashed the car and then ran away. Complete article

Neptune NJ Walmart bomb threat came from 11-year-old: Monmouth prosecutor 03/29/2018

Irving Tx. Walmart Reopened After Suspicious Package Deemed Safe 03/29/2018 The bomb squad determined there was no danger

Man who shot good Samaritan at Tx. Walmart Nov. 25, 2016 sentenced to life in prison 03/29/2018

Police arrest suspect in Ariz. Walmart armed robbery 03/29/2018 Yuma police have arrested a man they believe robbed a Yuma Walmart on Wednesday by indicating that he had a gun. The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Abraham Castillo.

Surveillance Video Released In Broken Arrow Okla. Walmart Upskirt Photo Incident 03/30/2018

Couple suspected of fraudulently using stolen credit card at NM Walmart 03/29/2018

Suspect sought in theft of cash from elderly shopper at Cranston RI Walmart 03/29/2018

Glens Falls woman charged with NY Walmart thefts 03/29/2018

Walmart employee faces charges after money missing from registers, Gulfport Mississippi police say 03/30/2018

Baby found alone in car outside Walmart store in N. Harris Co. Tx. 03/30/2018

Pregnancy discrimination suit against Walmart can proceed in Illinois, local judge rules 03/30/2018

Payson man arrested for reportedly starting fire in Utah Walmart 03/30/2018

A man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of setting a fire in the Payson Walmart.

Christopher Bird, 31, of Payson, was booked into Utah County Jail on Thursday on suspicion of aggravated arson, a first-degree felony, as well as intoxication and carrying a dangerous weapon under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both misdemeanors.

Payson Fire Department responded to the Walmart after 4 p.m. Thursday on reports of a fire in the sporting goods department, according to the police report.

Employees at Walmart saw Bird leaning over campfire logs with a lighter, the report said.

Bird dumped a gallon of kerosene and a gallon of white gas on the floor, the report said, and had started opening other containers of gas before leaving the area.

Employees used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out before the flammable liquids ignited, the report said. Complete article

Man Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up Cross Lanes WV Walmart 03/30/2018

CROSS LANES, WV (WOWK) - The Nitro Police Department have arrested a man for threatening to blow up the Walmart in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

According to Chief Eggleton, the Walmart was briefly on lockdown at around 3:00 PM on Friday, March 30th, 2018, after a man made a bomb threat to an employee.

Police say, Leonard Simpson, 59, of Nitro, brought a backpack into the store and left it inside. An employee asked Simpson where the backpack was, when he responded, "you'll know where it is when it blows up." Complete article

Good Samaritans help Slidell La. officer attacked in Walmart 03/30/2018

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - A Slidell man is facing multiple charges after violently fighting and attempting to disarm a Slidell Police officer at Walmart Thursday.

Shortly before 8:00 p.m. a Slidell Police officer was working a security detail at Walmart when he attempted to stop 37-year-old, David Lewis, for shoplifting.

According to the report, the officer was attempting to stop Lewis when he began violently fighting with the officer.

Lewis is accused of kicking and punching the officer to the ground. The officer’s police radio was pulled from his belt during the struggle, preventing him from being able to call for help, according to the report. Complete article

Thomaston Maine rejects Walmart’s request for a tax abatement 03/30/2018

Clovis Ca. P.D. arrests two people in a stolen car outside of Walmart 03/3/2018

Ringo Starr Bringing All Starr Band To Walmart AMP 03/30/2018

Ocala Walmart theft suspect busted when cart crashes into door 03/30/2018

Okaloosa County Fla. Sheriff's Office: Karma haunts shoplifting suspect who ran from deputies 03/30/2018

Morganfield Ky. police: Henderson sisters use self-checkout to shoplift 03/30/2018

3 arrested in connection to recent Holton Missouri Walmart thefts 03/31/2018

Two arrested in Wisc. Walmart theft Saturday, police say 03/31/2018

Walmart 'sincerely apologizes' over confusion around program for people with intellectual disabilities 03/31/2018

Walmart is apologizing two days after it said it would end involvement in a program that gives on-the-job training to people with intellectual disabilities in Quebec saying the announcement "created confusion."

Vice-president of corporate affairs for Walmart Canada Robert Nicol issued the statement Saturday that Walmart would continue to support people in the program.

"Our goal was to find other ways to help people in these programs, including direct employment," Nicol stated via email. Complete article

Alcoa Police say man brandishes BB gun in Tenn. Walmart 03/31/2018

A Knoxville man was arrested Friday after allegedly holding a Walmart clerk at the point of the BB gun he was stealing, the Alcoa Police Department said.

Shannon Ray Teele, 37, of Knoxville, was charged with shoplifting and simple assault. He was being held on a total $4,000 bond pending a 1:30 p.m. April 4 hearing.

According to an APD report, Teele told arresting officers he had been staying at a Knoxville homeless shelter, where he had “issues” with other residents.

He said he left the facility because he believed other residents were trying to harm him, and that some of them followed him when he obtained a ride to Alcoa.

He told police he went inside the Hunters Crossing Walmart to procure a BB gun in order to protect himself, a report stated. Complete article

Police investigating southside Alabama Walmart bomb threat that led to evacuation 03/31/2018