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Wal-Mart Crime report August 2014

Once again when the police aren't catching shoplifters they're joining them. When they're not tasing chasing or shooting people for various reasons including petty theft or carrying a toy gun they're being attacked. It seems to be semi-routine in some places to escalate about petty theft until they involve shootings or tug of wars over babies.

In both Wisconsin and Connecticut police officers or former police officers were arrested for stealing from Walmart. The officer in Connecticut was suspended without pay as a result of the investigation; in many cases when they're caught abusing rights or even killing suspects under suspicious circumstances and they're suspended it is often with pay. The incident in Wisconsin apparently led to an armed stand off outside the home of the former police officer after he pulled a gun on the loss-prevention officers at Walmart.

Another shooting in Dallas started with a murder; the suspect was in turn killed by an off duty police officer who was working security at Walmart. This was one of at least six deadly shootings that involved Dallas police this month. If there is much if any discussion about potential conflicts of interest when police officers routinely work for major private corporations on the side I haven't seen it; and without this discussion or further review of a large number of incidents it will be difficult to tell whether these incidents are impacted by their training and incentive, even if this particular incident is justified due to a murder.

Do you want to get your health care at Walmart?

I wish I was making this up but they really are opening up clinics at Walmart. It is hard to doubt whether or not they're trying to create a monopoly system or at least consolidate and strengthen the oligarchy system they've already created.

It took a few days but eventually when a runaway teen decided to move into Walmart they noticed, seriously. This was also in Dallas.

Maxwell Smart may have made shoe-phones famous long before anyone heard of a cellphone but if you want to catch someone trying to take up-skirt photos you have to go to Walmart; using a shoe-phone for this may not be routine yet; but using cellphones, almost is, for some people, including one that admits 'I am a perverted person,' to a judge.

There was another problem with an unsafe roof; but this time it collapsed before anyone saw it coming. No one was injured and the last time, when another one was sagging due to excessive snow they were able evacuate before it collapsed and required much more repair.

The highest profile incident at Walmart this month was probably still the shooting where the police killed someone with a BB gun even though they didn't cover it nearly as much as Ferguson; there was another one shortly after it where the suspect who was tackled and tased went viral. Instead of killing this one even though he had a longer record and didn't turn out to be living at the address he gave them they let him go. The video that was used to justify this incident was released much sooner.

Even though someone was killed over a misunderstanding about BB guns Walmart still continues to display them in the same manner as before and another incident, also in Ohio involved a teen that tried to shoplift one.

In Texas they sentenced a man to eight years in jail for trying to steal underwear. In this case he supposedly pulled a gun out on those that tried to stop him although he denies that part. This wouldn't have the first time that gunfire started at Walmart over underwear.

People are also getting bit by bats at at least one Texas Walmart and they're being treated for rabies although they may not have found one of the people that may have been bit.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in August 2014. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Lawyer removed from Tenn. Walmart murder case 07/01/2014

Coventry RI Walmart evacuated for bomb threat 07/01/2014

Armed men in NM Walmart flee cops, run to Home Depot 07/02/2014

Cell phone video captures chaotic incident at Tenn. Walmart 07/03/2014

Murphysboro Missouri Police searching for man who allegedly robbed Walmart 07/03/2014

Colorado Walmart Evacuated after Bomb Threat 07/04/2014

Police Blotter: Two ND Walmart employees arrested for retail theft 07/04/2014

Recall expanded: Fresh fruit sold at Walmart 07/04/2014

Greeter's stool stolen from Pa. Wal-Mart on Carlisle Pike, police say 07/04/2014

Woman shoplifting at Hilton Head SC Walmart pulls knife 07/04/2014

Police: 2 men used fake gift cards at Hendersonville Tenn. Walmart 07/04/2014

Forbes: Yes, Combined Dollar Tree and Family Dollar A Threat, But Walmart Isn't Going Anywhere 07/05/2014

Newfoundland mom upset Wal-Mart withheld 'inappropriate' baby photos 07/05/2014

2nd plea in SW Pa. elderly shopper mugging case 07/05/2014

Blaine Minn. Walmart groping suspect held by shoppers until arrest 07/05/2014

Hartford Conn. police officer accused of stealing from Walmart 07/05/2014

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A Hartford police officer who was suspended last week after allegedly stealing from Walmart while working a security job is now facing charges.

Luis Feliciano, 34, turned himself in to police on Tuesday and is being charged with fifth degree larceny and possession of a shoplifting tool, which is a device used to remove security tabs from merchandise.

The incident reportedly happened at the Walmart on Flatbush Avenue in Hartford, where a police officer is usually seen working a private-duty security job.

According to a private duty security list, Feliciano was working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 28, when the theft allegedly occurred, and was reportedly captured on store surveillance.

Hartford Police spokesperson Deputy Chief Brian Foley said Feliciano has been suspended from the police department, without pay. He has been a Hartford police officer for about two years. Complete article

The 4 states stumping Wal-Mart: Mew York, California, Massachusetts and New Jersey 07/05/2014

At the end of January, Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) had 4,837 stores across all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. That is 44 percent of Wal-Mart's global total, and those Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores generated 71.1 percent of the company's net sales for the fiscal year that ended in January 2014.

Based on a total U.S. population of nearly 317 million people, there are 1.5 Wal-Mart stores for every 100,000 people in the country. But where those stores are located is a problem Wal-Mart needs to overcome if it is going to post sales growth in the American market.

In four large-population states, the number of Wal-Mart stores per 100,000 people is about half the national average or less. Unless Wal-Mart can boost its market penetration in these four states, the company will continue to stagger as it tries to increase revenue. Complete article
So much for creating a monopoly system; I guess they'll have to continue settling for oligarchy which is virtually as bad.

Man killed when trucks collide near Green Bay Wisc. Walmart 07/06/2014

Ferguson coverage ignoring Beavercreek Ohio and long term solutions 08/5/2014 reported on the 28th

The coverage of the excessive force by police against minorities surrounding Ferguson is long overdue; however it isn't covering the full extent of the problem including a similar incident in Beavercreek Ohio and at least five incidents total where police killed minorities in the last month under questionable circumstances. Nor is it covering the root social causes that precede these conflicts and the most effective long term solutions to them.

Mother Jones was one of the few news outlets that reported on five black men killed in the last month by police, adding the fifth after an update, 4 Unarmed Black Men Have Been Killed By Police in the Last Month, 08/13/2014, In addition to that there was another incident where Police in Forney, Texas, apologize to mom and kids pulled over at gunpoint after a 911 caller got two vehicles mixed up and the California Highway Patrol officer in Brutal Roadside Beating Could finally Face Felony Charges after an enormous amount of coverage and grass roots pressure. Complete article

Woman arrested for allegedly stealing from Utah Walmart to pay for drugs 07/06/2014

Video released in Northeast Philadelphia Pa. Wal-Mart burglary 07/06/2014

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Police are trying to determine if a burglary at a Northeast Philadelphia department store was an inside job.

It happened on Sunday evening at 9 p.m. at the Wal-Mart located at 1 Franklin Mills Boulevard.

The bandit was caught on camera entering the store at 9 p.m.

After casually making his way to the back of the store, he unlocks the door to the cash room with his own key.

Once inside, he heads right for the safe and stuffs an unknown amount of cash and money bags into his backpack. Complete article

Employee robbed at gunpoint in Walmart parking lot in Greensboro NC 07/06/2014

Man shoplifts from Smyrna Tenn. Walmart twice in 3 days 07/06/2014 Stolen items included two security cameras.

Anniston Ala. Police release image of Walmart robbery suspect 07/07/2014

Del City Ok. police looking for armed robber in Walmart theft 07/07/2014

Saginaw man accused of using knife in theft attempt at Mich. Walmart accepts plea deal for June incident 07/07/2014

Police: Duffel bags cleared after bomb scare at SC Walmart plus unrelated car fire 07/07/2014

Miami Ok. Walmart Shoppers Receive Jury Duty Summonses 07/07/2014

Man, woman believed to be connected to robbery spotted at Ok. Walmart 07/07/2014

South Medford Ohio Walmart evacuated after sprinkler line bursts 07/07/2014

Woman treated for rabies after bat bite at Round Rock Tx. Walmart 08/15/2014

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — A woman has come forward about being bitten by a bat at a Round Rock Walmart, the second person to reportedly come into contact with a bat at that store — all as health officials continue their search for the unknown woman bitten by a bat there. Round Rock health officials say that as a result of last week’s media attention surrounding efforts to find the woman who was bitten by a bat in order to get her the precautionary medical attention for rabies, another woman is now being treated for rabies after she came in contact with a bat.

The 37-year-old called the Williamson County and Cities Health District a week ago to say she had two bite marks on her hand. She says she may have been bitten while swiping a bat away from her leg inside the store. She is now receiving a series of shots to treat the rabies virus.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the first unidentified woman, who officials say may have been bitten by a bat Aug. 6 around 9:15 p.m. while shopping at the Walmart at 4700 E. Palm Valley Blvd. Witnesses say she was in the beauty products aisle when the bat touched her foot, possibly putting her at risk for rabies. Health officials say the virus is almost always deadly without treatment. Complete article

Rabies concern after bat bite at Round Rock Tx. Walmart 07/08/2014

Forbes: Health Care For $4: Are You Ready For Walmart To Be Your Doctor? 07/08/2014

Goodbye, doctor’s office. Hello, Walmart?

Based on Walmart’s latest moves, it’s not as unlikely as it sounds.

After years of “Will they or won’t they?” discussion, Walmart is making its long-awaited move into delivering primary care: The retailer has quietly opened a half-dozen primary care clinics across South Carolina and Texas, and plans to launch six more before January.

The clinics will be staffed by nurse practitioners, in a partnership with QuadMed.

Walmart watchers know that the company already has more than 100 “retail clinics” across its stores, a strategy it’s pursued for years. So why fuss over a handful of new clinics? Complete article

Woodbridge Man Charged for Leaving Two Children in Vehicle in Va. Walmart Parking Lot 07/0/2014

Man charged with DWI after stealing motorcycle from NC Walmart, running from police 07/08/2014

Caldwell Id. police find boa constrictor in Walmart parking lot 07/08/2014

MC Walmart associate assaulted 07/08/2014

Hope Mills NC returns playground equipment donated by Walmart amid controversial rezoning 07/08/2014

Kansas City Kansas police investigate shooting at Walmart parking lot 08/08/2014

KANSAS CITY, Kan. —Kansas City, Kansas, police are investigating a shooting in the parking lot of the Walmart.

Police officers were called to the Walmart Supercenter at 10824 Parallel Parkway at 4:57 p.m.

According to police, a silver car was waiting in the parking lot for a while when a maroon car pulled up next to it. Someone in the silver car got into the maroon car.

A conversation between the people in the maroon car escalated into an argument and someone allegedly started firing shots from inside the car. Complete article

Police say Huntsville Ala. woman fought with Wal-Mart security during failed shoplifting attempt 08/08/2014

Lebanon Tenn. police find mobile meth lab in Walmart parking lot 07/09/2014

El Con Ariz. Walmart reapplying for liquor license 07/09/2014

Two women arrested for allegedly shoplifting at Walmart in Godfrey, Illinois 07/09/2014

Explosive found at Tullahoma Walmart 07/09/2014

Family finds snake in case of water from Ok. Walmart?! 07/10/2014

NC babysitter accused of leaving children unattended in van at Walmart parking lot 07/10/2014

Looting reported at Ferguson Missouri Walmart 07/10/2014

Man Uses Stolen Credit Cards at Fla. Walmart 08/13/2014

'I am a perverted person,' man tells judge about taking up-skirt photos at Mich. Walmart 08/13/2014

Lubbock Tx. police seek Wal-Mart wallet thief 08/13/2014

Teen caught living in Tx. Walmart for up to four days built 'secret hidden compounds' in store 08/13/2014

It sounds like something out of a Natalie Portman movie or a sitcom, but it's true: A teenager was caught trying to make a supermarket his home.

CBS in Dallas-Fort Worth reports a 14-year-old boy had been living inside a Walmart in Corsicana, Texas, for up to four days. Employees said they hadn't noticed him earlier because he built "secret hidden compounds" inside the retail store.

According to Fox News, the unidentified teen made two campsites inside the store, one behind several strollers near the baby products, and the other behind stacks of paper towels and toilet paper. He also changed his clothes periodically to avoid being noticed when traveling between the two spots.

He allegedly slept in a makeshift bed, took food from inside the store, broke a hole in the wall behind the drinks aisle for refreshments, and wore diapers to avoid getting caught while using the restroom. Complete article

Police: Thieves pull gun on Ok. Walmart employee after beer run 08/13/2014

OKLAHOMA CITY —Two men stole an 18-pack of beer and pulled a gun on an Oklahoma City retail store employee trying to stop them, police said.

According to officers, two men stole the beer and ran out of the Walmart at Southwest 44th Street and Western Avenue a little after midnight on Aug. 5. Police said the thieves ran to a waiting car with a third person behind the wheel.

Investigators said the victim fought with the man before the driver pulled a gun, and the three took off. Complete article

Anti-Wal-Mart group: We've filed appeal of Muskegon County Mich. judge's ruling 08/13/2014

Musician arrested before gig in 2013 Franklin Tenn. Wal-Mart theft 08/13/2014

Foes, fans of Ca. Walmart expansion in Rohnert Park set to square off again 08/13/2014

Police: NC Walmart Employee Charged For Taking $7,000 From Store 08/13/2014

'Dedicated' Tx. Walmart employee killed by suspected drunk driver 08/13/2014

Walmart profit up 0.6% in Q2 08/13/2014 Sales at Wal-Mart U.S. stores open at least a year were flat and traffic was negative for the seventh quarter in a row, continuing a weak trend for the retailer at home. Prior to this quarter, Walmart's U.S. stores had seen five straight quarters of sales declines.

Wall Street Journal: Wal-Mart's Prices Aren't All That's Low 08/13/2014

Walmart’s check-cashing service is another way of preying 08/14/2014

Officer shoots attacking dog at Tx. Wal-Mart 08/12/2014

Walmart’s Spin on Workers and Manufacturing Exposed 08/13/2014

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the increasing media interest around the business practices of America's largest employer and retailer, the Center for Media and Democracy is launching a new web resource on Walmart that fact checks the company’s advertisements and statements. Using the model of, Walmart’s profile in SourceWatch details Walmart’s employee pay and policies, its PR on veterans, its lobbying and political contributions, environmental impact and its spin on domestic sourcing. The site also includes a section analyzing the impact that the company’s business practices on shoppers.

“Walmart likes to say it is committed to supporting families, communities, and our economy, but the facts often tell a different story,” said Lisa Graves, Executive Director at the Center for Media and Democracy. “This new resource gives reporters and consumers the information they need to understand the true nature of Walmart’s business practices and the effect the company’s decisions have on U.S. manufacturing, workers, and other aspects of our economy.” Complete article

Chinese regulators investigating Wal-Mart store: Xinhua for food safety violations 08/09/2014

(Reuters) - Chinese regulators are investigating a Wal-Mart store in the southern city of Shenzhen for food safety violations, the official Xinhua news service reported, based on videos it said were taken by a Wal-Mart employee at one branch.

The U.S. retail giant told Reuters that it had launched its own investigation in response to the video and found no evidence to support its claims, nor had multiple visits by authorities uncovered any wrongdoing.

"We are comfortable saying, based upon this inspection, that none of the alleged activities exists in the store today," Wal-Mart said in a statement.

The voiceover to the video - made by an anonymous person who claimed to have worked for Wal-Mart for seven years - said employees in the store's deli section, operating under the principle of "don't change for a month," would often use cooking oil so old it had turned "black as soy sauce" to cook items like fried chicken for sale to customers. Complete article

Jasper Ind. Wal-Mart Battles Feral Cat Invasion 07/13/2014

Adam Richman Explains His Choice To Endorse Walmart Beef 08/12/2014

Update: Surveillance of Springfield Ohio Walmart robbery 08/14/2014

Police looking for woman accused of stealing credit card on Bourbon Street, using it at Slidell La. Walmart 08/14/2014

1-alarm fire at Secaucus NJ Walmart quickly extinguished, none injured: deputy fire chief 08/15/2014

How Much of Wal-Mart Is Really Made in America? 08/15/2014

Deputies: Boy, 15, Pointed Gun At Ca. Walmart Security Guard 08/15/2014

Police: NY Wal-Mart employee stole funds 08/15/2014

Pair charged with theft from East Franklin Pa. Wal-Mart 08/15/2014

OKC Police say woman scammed second Walmart with deck of cards in iPhone box 08/15/2014

2 Burger King managers, one other accused of stealing from Fla. Wal-Mart 08/16/2014

Police: Man kicks officer, pepper-sprays Jupiter Fla. Wal-Mart employee 08/17/2014

JUPITER — A 19-year-old West Palm Beach man pepper-sprayed a loss-prevention officer and kicked a police officer in the face after trying to steal a stereo speaker from Wal-Mart, according to an arrest report.

Velmando Williams tried the leave the Indiantown Road store early Friday with the speaker, valued at about $100, hidden in his pants when the loss-prevention officer tried to stop him, the report said.

Williams then allegedly sprayed the man with the pepper spray and ran.

Jupiter police officers were able to find Williams and arrest him. He had already hidden the stolen speaker, the report said.

When he was in the police car, Williams started kicking the windows and banging his head on the glass, the report said. Complete article

Huber Heights Ohio Coming Together to Help Okla. Family Stranded at Walmart 08/17/2014

Roadway near Wal-Mart in Hurricane, WV re-opens after vehicle hits tree; female driver killed 08/17/2014

Decatur Alabama man allegedly pulls knife on Wal-Mart employee during shoplifting attempt 08/18/2014

Police: man snaps picture under woman's skirt at Jacksonville Fla. Walmart 08/18/2014

Police search for woman who entered Silver Spring Twp. Pa. Wal-Mart with child, committed fraud 08/18/2014

Police seek man in Wal-Mart South Jackson Tenn. shoplifting incident 08/18/2014

Recall: Children’s water bottles sold at Wal-Mart, Target recalled 08/19/2014

NC woman accused of leaving baby in vehicle to shop at Walmart 08/19/2014

Caldwell Idaho woman: Snake found in Wal-Mart parking lot belongs to me 08/20/2014

Pa. Police need help identifying WalMart theft suspect 08/20/2014

Wal-Mart upskirt suspect with shoe phone charged with voyeurism, Sanford Fla. police say 08/20/2014

A Wal-Mart shopper with a device hidden in his shoe snapped photos up a woman's skirt in the toilet-paper aisle and in a checkout line at a Sanford store Tuesday, police said today.

Paul Senzee, 40, of Apopka was charged with video voyeurism after he allegedly placed the device, described as iPhone or iPad, under the same woman's skirt at the Wal-Mart at 3653 Orlando Drive.

"Senzee walked up behind the victim multiple times and extended his foot forward and under her skirt,'' Shannon Cordingly, a Sanford police spokeswoman, said in a statement. "Once police are able to execute a search of Senzee's cell phone they will be able to determine if there are additional victims."

The alleged victim confronted Senzee after spotting his secret camera. Complete article

PD: Man assaulted Denver Colorado Wal-Mart staff while fleeing robbery 08/20/2014

Purse snatching suspect targets woman at Ariz. Walmart 08/20/2014

New Mexico man steals Wal-Mart scooter, rides it to meet probation officer 08/20/2014

XX 08/2/2014

1 of 2 officers in Walmart shooting is back on job 08/20/2014

Victim's father reacts to Walmart video depicting son's death 08/20/2014

Use of Force Expert Explains What Grand Jury Will Hear in Walmart Shooting Case 08/20/2014

Man arrested after allegedly stealing TVs from two Utah Walmart stores 08/21/2014

Colorado Police Search For Bank Robber Who Headed To Walmart 08/21/2014

Montana Blotter: roommate tiff at WalMart ends in fisticuffs 08/21/2014

Police search for man wanted in attempted theft from Silver Spring Twp. Pa. Wal-Mart 08/21/2014

No injuries in Wednesday crash near Alaska Walmart 08/21/2014

Photos lead to arrest of Wisc. Walmart theft suspect 08/22/2014

Falmouth man accused of Mass. Walmart assault, shooting bow and arrow 08/22/2014

Police: Men arrested in rolling meth lab parked at NC Walmart 08/22/2014

Former police officer pulls gun on Wisconsin Walmart employees while trying to steal TV 08/23/2014

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. —The man arrested Friday morning in an armed robbery is a former Racine police officer, police said Mount Pleasant police said Paul Garcheck, 41, tried tried to steal a television from the Walmart on Oakes Road just after 4 a.m. When workers confronted him, he pulled out a gun, police said.

Police tracked Garchek to a house in Racine, where they arrested him after a brief standoff.

Nobody was hurt.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, there’s some sort of crazy person out there who’s trying to kill people or something,'” said neighbor Lika Phipps.

Neighbors said the scene was chaotic in front of Garchek’s house. Police had guns drawn and shields out trying to get him to surrender. Complete article

Iowa Walmart roof collapses following heavy rain 08/23/2014

MASON CITY, Iowa – Shoppers and employees were evacuated from Walmart on Saturday morning after a portion of the roof collapsed.

Chief Bob Platts with the Mason City Fire Department tells us that there have been no injures reported, but that there was one employee in the stock room at the time of the collapse. We are told the man jumped into, and hid inside one of the distribution trucks parked at a loading dock, and crews were able to get him out safety.

Kevin Losee was one of the many patrons shopping that morning and says, “It was a very different trip to Walmart.” He tells us that at first, he thought the noise he heard was a crack of thunder, and with all of the activity in the store at the time, he figured someone might have dropped something. But, little did he know that moments later everyone would be evacuated.

“Sirens started going off, and I saw all of the employees start running,” Losee says. “They were saying to evacuate the store and just leave the carts and go so, that’s what we did.” Platts says this orderly and quick evacuation was what made this incident into something manageable, rather than a complete disaster. Complete article

Man tackles teen who took BB gun from Ohio Walmart 08/23/2014

ENGLEWOOD — A 15-year-old boy who stole a BB gun from Walmart this afternoon was tackled by a bystander while the teen was running from police.

Englewood police responded around 1:30 p.m. to Walmart, 7725 Hoke Road, after loss prevention officers reported that two boys were leaving the store with stolen merchandise, said Officer Chris Kelley of the Englewood Police Department.

The youths ran across the street to a soccer complex to avoid the tailing police cruisers, but a man who saw what was happening tackled one of the boys, Kelley said.

"A BB gun fell out of the kid's waistband" when the teen was tackled, Kelley said. Complete article

Deputy seen striking suspect inside SC Walmart placed on leave 08/23/2014

BEREA, SC (FOX Carolina) - A Greenville County sheriff's deputy has been placed on administrative leave after he was seen forcefully subduing a man inside an Upstate Walmart on Saturday, according to Master Deputy Jonathan Smith.

Several witnesses recorded videos showing the deputy shocking the suspect with a stun gun and striking the suspect numerous times. The videos were quickly posted and shared on social media, but Smith said there was much more that the cell phone videos did not capture.

"There's a whole lot more to this incident than could be seen on (the videos) that were posted on social media," Smith said.

Smith said deputies were called to the Walmart on White Horse Road just after 1 p.m. Saturday in reference to a man acting strangely and disturbing shoppers at the store. Complete article

SC Walmart suspect earlier charged with officer assault 08/25/2014

2 suspects scope out Madison Tenn. Walmart before 3 gunmen rob it 08/24/2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Police are investigating a violent early morning robbery at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Madison.

Three masked gunmen entered the business at 109 Gallatin Pike around 2:30 a.m.

Surveillance video shows the three men wearing latex gloves and backpacks demanding money from both employees and customers.

Detective Jamey Bledsoe said at least a handful of customers were forced to the ground. Complete article

Chicopee Mass. police: 32-year-old Springfield resident Jovet Delapaz-Pastrana, suspected of shoplifting at Walmart, arrested after violent struggle 08/25/2014

CHICOPEE – A 32-year-old Springfield man was ordered held in lieu of $1,000 cash bail last week after he allegedly assaulted two police officers and a Walmart loss prevention officer in front of the store.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning after the loss prevention officer for the store at 591 Memorial Drive saw the suspect select merchandise from the shelves, take it to the customer service desk and attempt to “return” it with a receipt for similar items, according to a report filed by Officer Gerald Nelson.

When police arrived at the store, they saw the suspect outside and a struggle ensued as they attempted to take him into custody, according to the report, filed in support of court documents. Complete article

Woman uses her daughters in an attempt to steal from Carlisle Pa. Walmart 08/25/2014

Update: Willis gets 1-15 years for firing on couple in Utah Walmart parking lot 08/25/2014

Thief takes $33,000 in cellphones from Missouri Wal-Mart 08/25/2014

DeWine, family's attorney respond to Ohio Walmart shooting 08/26/2014

Man shot and killed in Dallas Walmart gas station; officer shoots suspect 08/27/2014

DALLAS -- Dallas police are investigating after an off-duty officer shot and killed a suspect in the murder of another person at the intersection of North Central Expressway and Midpark Road early Wednesday morning.

According to police and witnesses, the officer was working a security job at a Walmart store when there was a commotion at the gas station in the parking lot just before 1 a.m. between people in two vehicles.

One shot was fired, police say, and one of the vehicles crashed into parked cars. A man was discovered dead inside.

The suspects then took off and the officer chased them into the parking lot of a Denny's restaurant across the street.

The officer says he spotted a gun and told the suspect to put it down, but he didn't listen. The officer fired his weapon and shot the suspect, who took off in his car again -- eventually crashing into parked cars. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say the officer felt his safety was at risk.

Dallas police have now been involved in at least six deadly shooting incidents this month. Complete article

Man banned from Kansas Wal-Mart after exposing himself 08/26/2014

Lubbock Tx. man sentenced to eight years in prison for December Wal-Mart underwear robbery 08/26/2014

Abel Cervantes took to the witness stand during the punishment phase of his robbery trial Tuesday and said he was sorry for his actions. However, he still denied threatening the Wal-Mart employees who tried to stop him during his getaway after stealing women’s underwear.

The 12-member jury that deliberated for nearly an hour in the 26-year-old’s trial found him guilty of a second-degree felony count of robbery.

During the punishment phase of the trial, they spent the same amount of time deliberating before sentencing him to eight years in prison.

Police said he stole women’s underwear Dec. 9 from the Wal-Mart at 1911 Marsha Sharp Freeway and threatened employees with a gun when they tried to stop him.

Cervantes said he didn’t have a gun.

“I’m terribly sorry if they felt that I would harm them,” he told jurors. “I would not hurt nobody.” ....

Cervantes said he was terrified of the legal system, which was why he pleaded guilty to all the charges against him. .... He said he and his girlfriend were living in his Jeep and were running out of clothes when he stole the underwear. Complete article

4 wanted after stolen credit card used at west Nashville Tenn. Walmart 08/26/2014

Decatur Alabam police charge man in Wal-Mart computer theft; 2nd suspect still at large 08/26/2014

Woman escorts alleged Titusville Fla. Walmart peeper to store's security office 08/26/2014

Man stole laptop, bagels from West Shore Pa. Wal-Mart, fled scene in Harrisburg cab 08/26/2014

Alleged attack at Missoula Montana Walmart parking lot likely will leave 70-year-old blind in one eye 08/26/2014

Woman charged with shoplifting at NH Walmart 08/26/2014

Thieves target La. Walmart in mid-afternoon burglary 08/27/2014

Report: Woman run over at E. Second St. Reno Nev. Walmart 08/27/2014

OSHA reviews conflicting accounts, response time in Kalispell Montana Walmart worker's death 08/28/2014

Thief Caught on Camera Stealing TV’s from Pa. Walmart 08/28/2014

Couple suspected of ripping off 2 Walmarts in Washington State 08/28/2014

Walmart shooting draws Sharpton’s attention; activist coming to town 08/28/2014

Dozens of car batteries stolen from NE Philly Pa. Walmart 08/28/2014

Police: 3 take $4,710 in gift cards from Burlington Twp. NJ Walmart 08/29/2014

Man arrested in Fla. Walmart snatch and grab from 69-year-old woman 08/29/2014

Carbondale man sentenced to two years for Ill. Wal-Mart thefts and ordered to pay $1,523 restitution to Wal-Mart 08/29/2014

Ohio State Rep. Alicia Reece: Release Walmart shooting tape 08/29/2014

DeWine defends withholding video of Ohio Walmart shooting 08/29/2014

Dangerous tug-of-war over baby involving alleged Walmart shoplifter in Rostraver Pa. 08/29/2014

ROSTRAVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. —A potentially dangerous tug-of-war over a baby was captured on video Thursday by security cameras at the Walmart store in Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County.

Police said it shows how the baby's aunt, who was accused of retail theft, struggled for the child, then left the baby behind to get away from the store's loss prevention officer.

The security camera video first gives a glimpse of Djuna Marcel Tansmore, 48, of Monessen, trying to leave the store with not only her baby niece in a car seat in a shopping cart, but allegedly also taking more than $86 worth of Tide detergent and Miracle Whip she didn't pay for. The video then shows store security ordering her back inside.

Rostraver Police Chief Greg Resetar said that's when the struggle over the baby in the car seat began.

"The straps weren't released and it sort of tipped the cart, and she sort of was trying to shake it, moving around, trying to dislodge the baby from the mechanism," said Resetar. Complete article

Brier Creek NC Walmart evacuated after small fire inside fast food restaurant 08/29/2014

Wanted: trio steal hundreds of dollars in items from Elizabethton Tenn. Walmart 08/29/2014

Firefighters respond to burning truck at Singing Hills Walmart in Sioux City Iowa 08/29/2014

Woman accused of stealing from Fla. Wal-Mart 08/30/2014

Walmart Protesters seek Boycott of Beavercreek, Greene Co. Ohio Businesses 08/30/2014

Beavercreek police supporters gather at Wal-Mart 08/31/2014

Waterford Conn. police look for two suspects in Walmart robbery 08/31/2014

Two-vehicle accident in Montana Walmart parking lot rolls SUV 08/31/2014

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