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Final debates then vote for Jill Stein …..or Jesus? Santa?

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There are going to be two final debates for the independent candidates on November fourth and fifth; the first hosted by Ralph Nader and the second by The free and equal Elections Foundation; then it is the final day to vote assuming that you haven’t done so early.. 

As many of you may already know I have been recommending Jill Stein since I took a closer look at her and even more so when I came to the conclusion that Jill Stein supports the Constitution unlike Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Whether you agree with me or not is of course up to you but it seems pretty clear that both the candidates that have been supported by the traditional political parties gained their support in the usual way, by collecting campaign contributions from corporations and agreeing to do their agenda regardless of what they promise the rest of us.

It is becoming clear that we may have many other choices to choose from including Rocky Anderson who I don’t recommend, not because I disagree with him but because I think support for him could take votes away from Jill Stein. I know this sounds like the same argument that I’m objecting to and I partially justify this by arguing that we need to break up this corrupt duopoly in the most effective way possible; and that in the long run we should get instant-runoff Elections so we won’t have this choice to make.

Regardless of this there are still many people that don’t like these two anyway but there are other options for them including Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode and it turns out that they can either vote for Santa Claus or Jesus Christ as well both of which are running for president as write in candidates or have people campaigning for them to be written in.

I didn’t make this up; seriously check the links!

I don’t know how well Santa Claus is expected to do but apparently he is a real person and he is even listed on Project Vote Smart’s list of presidential candidates. Whether Jesus is a real person or not seems to be up to debate for some people but apparently 1.6 million people have pledged to vote for him according to the web page and that has grown dramatically over the past three days, perhaps by as much as 100,000 people or so. When I checked it on Saturday it probably wasn’t much over 1.5 million and certainly not over 1.6.

I don’t know whether this is going to turn out to actual votes or not but there are so many people that are fed up with both candidates that I suspect that the number of people voting for alternative parties will be much higher than most people expect and I doubt if Mitt Romney has a chance no matter what unless he steals the election, his campaign has been so pathetic. I know that the poll numbers have been indicating that it is close but I have serious doubts about whether they are legitimate anymore, or if they ever were. They’ve been fluctuating in an irrational manner and even many of the people in the corporate media are raising doubts about them. They haven’t done much to explain how they gather their results but I doubt if they can keep up with technology or that they’re as trustworthy about taking the polls as they imply. The corporate press has been reluctant to include alternative candidates in the polls and on the few occasion just including different names changes the result.

I suspect that the candidates that have been supporting alternative candidates are much more sincere about these votes and that most of the people that don’t aren’t happy and only think about voting for the traditional candidates because they think they’re the only choice.

Furthermore Mitt Romney doesn’t has a strong base in his home state, or should I say most of them. Michigan, Massachusetts and California are all considered out of reach and he is unlikely to win New Hampshire either. His only home state that seems secure is Utah and even the Salt Lake City Tribune endorsed Obama! If Romney can’t win his own home states and his base is abandoning him for Jesus then I find it ahrd to believe that he has a chance especially after all the disasters that have been happening to his campaign which makes me wonder even more about the legitimacy of these polls.

It seems to me that the most important thing that we need to accomplish is to break up this corporate duoploly and if we fall for the same trick over and over again then we will never do that and a lot of other people seem to agree with me and including Mormons against Romney and Obama for that matter and No to Obama and Romney who provided the following photos. And as I indicated earlier I hope the alternative debates may have been a game changer; but even if they don’t lead to a victory the more votes for alternative party candidates the less likely they are to take it as a mandate to continue corruption as usual!

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Barack Obama has often used the phrase “that’s not who we are” when talking about his agenda or the things that he claims that people misinterpret about him; this includes the claim that “we don’t spike the football” after killing Osama bin Laden after killing him but he has often said to ask Osama Bin Laden how tough we are on our enemies and used the slogan Osama bin Laden is alive and General Motors is Dead; and when saying that we don’t torture but he has shut down all investigation into that and continues to bomb innocent civilians many of whom die slowly and miserably.

Barack I don’t imagine you’re reading this but just in case; you’re right that it’s not who many of us are or at least that we don’t want to support that but it is who you are, and Mitt Romney as well as many other members of the establishment that rely on propaganda.

For what it’s worth the producers of South Park must be amused by the fact that both Santa Claus and Jesus are running for president sort of; there spoof was to the best of my knowledge intended to be a satire to question the beliefs of many people about both of these figure and how they distorted the perception of Christmas; I didn’t watch it myself and thought it might not be much better but that’s beside the point. If anyone is interested I think that the blog I did last year, Spare the Child for Christmas, is just as worth considering this year since we haven’t addressed any of the issues that well since then.

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