Monday, November 11, 2013

Black Friday: “Stop Thief! Wal-Mart is stealing from consumers!”

Walmart: Stop treating your customers poorly!

Black Friday is coming, just in case you didn't know.

Major corporations are once again running an enormous number of promotions for items that are almost certainly a bunch of junk and they will fall apart as soon as anyone uses them; but since they expect them to be given away they think they can get away with minimum amounts of returns.

At the same time Wal-Mart and other corporations are relying on tax payer money to arrest people for stealing trivial things like Oreo cookies.

No one seems to think it is wrong to complain when a shoplifter steals things but corporations steal much more.

If you think it is just as reasonable to report corporations stealing as shoplifters you might want to consider the following event which might happen on Black Friday. Someone, perhaps you, walks into Wal-Mart at the busiest time of Black Friday and says, at the top of his, or your lungs:

Stop Thief! Wal-Mart and other corporations are stealing from consumers!

Wal-Mart has cut manufacturing costs to the bone and they've sent advertising prices through the roof!

Now everything they sell falls apart four or five times as fast as they used to.

Jeans that used to last five or six years now fall apart in no more than two; sneakers that used to last close to two years now fall apart in four or five months; toasters and coffee makers that lasted over ten years now break in under two.

Wal-Mart has used their market power to pressure manufacturers to cut costs so much they have to eliminate quality and abuse their workers so bad they even endanger their lives.

When you hear about dozens if not hundreds of sweatshop workers dying in factory fires, not only is this a human rights violation but it is also consumer fraud because by the time these products make it through the Wal-Mart bureaucracy there aren't any savings for the customer since the products are garbage, not that the workers should be blamed since they didn't choose these conditions.

Then they use taxpayer money to arrest people when they protest the human rights violations of Wal-Mart against both their workers here and abroad.

Stop thief! Wal-Mart is also stealing from tax payers!

First they use taxpayer money to subsidize their stores so they can drive out sincere businesses then they use tax payer money to virtually outlaw or restrict complaints from both their customers and their employees!

If this person or you like you could get creative and bring in documentation about many of the fraudulent things Wal-Mart has done; there are literally dozens of books written about it and at least four or five of them are very well done with sources for their claims.

It really isn't hard to find accurate and reliable information implicating Wal-Mart in fraud, as long as you don't rely on the commercial media. They never report the worst of what Wal-Mart does if they can avoid it and when they have to say something they spin it and report it in a low profile manner. After all a large portion of the money they steal from consumers is spent on advertising or campaign contributions instead of putting it into the quality of their products.

Without the help from corrupt politicians and incompetent or corrupt media outlets they never would have been able to get away with this much fraud.

The Supreme Court has declared that we're not allowed to shout fire in a crowded theater; I guess we're supposed to let people die when it burns down.

I know the original decision says that "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic;" but a closer look at the case indicates that the speech that was being suppressed wasn't causing a panic nor was it false. In fact the government was telling much more lies than the anti-war protesters.

Hence my conclusion that the supreme Court thinks we should let people burn in a fire and let Wal-Mart rob people blind.

If you think the Supreme Court is full of shit why hesitate to warn people when Wal-Mart is robbing them blind?

If you happen to be part of an ambitious protest organization feel free to be more creative and have multiple people speak out one after another with more legitimate concerns.

Try not to give the impression that the workers are at fault since these decisions are all made by the thieves in the corporate office who also happen to be cowards; they know they don't have to deal directly with the people that are impacted by their decisions and they arrange for others with little or no influence to listen to complaints even though they aren't the ones responsible.

Let me know how it turns out.

By the way be careful of riots or shootings. There is a shooting on average once every four or five days if not more often and riots and shootings as well as many other bizarre incidents are much more common on Black Friday when the police routinely arrest many of the shoppers but ignore all the deceptive things that Wal-Mart does.

Edit: Associate Voices have come up with their own more organized web page to help promote protests. See "Walmart Associates Share Stories, Request Black Friday Events at Their Stores" if you want to join them.

I Called The Police On Walmart Today ;-)

Non-Violent Walmart Protesters In Ellwood, Illinois, Arrested By Riot Police And they're doing the same thing now in Los Angeles.


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    They run as many scams as Walmart which has a harder time stealing from customers if they wake up or shop local or both.