Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Phony Apocalyptic Judgement Day May Be Here!

The sex abuse accusation that have come out recently is long overdue, and I don't want to raise doubts about the most credible ones that have come out; however the people and institutions controlling these disclosures are the same ones that were covering them up years ago. So I think a reasonable amount of skepticism is appropriate before giving them brownie points for their disclosures. This is especially true since they're not reporting on the best research about the most important long term causes of this abuse of power and how child abuse often leads to long term damage and abused children often become abusive adults that repeat the cycle.

When the people doing the abuse control major institutions it's even worse and there's still plenty of evidence to indicate that there is still a lot of cover ups going on.

I try to be a rational skeptic; however the political establishment has become so absurd and irrational that it's as ridiculous as many of the so-called conspiracy theories they often ridicule; and even though the most irrational conspiracy theories have often proven to be false many of them have come far closer to the truth than many of us would have ever expected; and others have proven to be true.

I can't help but wonder why it's all coming out so fast all at once. Could this have been planned as part of a controlled disclosure process of some sort, is it just a coincidence or is it the snowball effect where women see that there are more disclosures so they feel more comfortable coming out publicly? The assumption that women are more comfortable coming forward now that they see others coming forward seems like the most rational assumption, at least until there's stronger evidence of something else; however I wouldn't be surprised if that evidence comes out, and perhaps it already has, although it may be considered an irrational fringe conspiracy theory.

Regardless of why all of this is coming out now, there was evidence of an enormous amount of scandals for years, if not decades and a large portion of it was treated as a fringe conspiracy theory like the Pizzagate scandal, or like accusations that only came from people that had an incentive to distort the truth for political reasons, so people might not consider it reliable. They had evidence of Harvey Weinstein's "Open secret" decades ago, including an old tape of Courtney Love warning girls that they should go to a room alone with him; and there was also evidence of many of these other scandals available previously, which they could have reported on if they wanted to. They also had Trump's Access Hollywood tape for years before reporting on it when it suited their agenda for what ever purpose.

If they wanted to do a better job covering sex scandals they could have long ago!

Instead they treated most of it as a fringe conspiracy that had little or no credibility. They proved an enormous amount of coverage for a couple of the worst offenders, either for sexual harassment, in Donald Trump's case, or covering it up for allies in both Trump and Clinton's case; but they refused to provide adequate coverage for many progressive candidates that were far more concerned with the best interest of the majority of the public.

It's not a fringe conspiracy theory to claim that they rigged the elections, at least to some degree, by simply refusing to cover candidates that don't support the agenda of the corporate elite. This is a rational conclusion that can be made, and confirmed by looking at the coverage they provide and recognizing that no candidate has a chance to win national office without name recognition, and they can't get name recognition without coverage from the media which is controlled by six oligarchies.

They provided this coverage for two candidates that were terrible on this issue, and they pretended that Hillary Clinton was better on it simply because she is a woman.

It's almost predictable that they could have rigged the elections for a handful of of candidates that they support, although it is much more difficult to tell which of those handful that the public would support. However it should be incredibly obvious that we need a much more diverse media that covers many more candidates and issues, instead of focusing one a limited number of issues, which they cover obsessively before moving on to other issues to cover obsessively.

There's also much greater research to cover that explains how violence, and sex abuse escalates starting with early child abuse.

Ironically one of the few high profile people that do discuss this is Louis C.K. who has spoken out against child abuse and corporal punishment, although I wouldn't consider a comedienne to be the most reliable source on this subject, he is among the best that actually gets coverage.

According to numerous accounts including Louis C.K. Is Accused by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct 11/09/2017 Louis C.K. was accused by numerous women of asking if he could masturbate in front of them and even when they said no, or treated it like a bad joke, in some cases he did it anyway. Are we supposed to believe that anyone would do anything so absurd?

This has been reported repeatedly by many outlets and Louis C.K. apparently admits it so unless someone comes up with an even more bizarre conspiracy theory, which I'm not going to, at least not yet, if ever, I guess we're supposed to believe it. But like a lot of other stories, why didn't they report on it sooner? Several of their own witnesses said that they did talk about it previously, yet the media didn't report it until it was part of the massive movement of disclosures.

Perhaps, the best you can say about him is that unlike some of the people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump that are faced with overwhelming evidence at least he admits it and the abuse he's accused of isn't nearly as bad, so in the language of sexual therapists I guess you could say he's in recovery.

I'm certainly not going to claim that wearing torn jeans is part of the sex environment that leads to sexual dysfunction but these comedians are part of a marketing scam that has been going back decades, which was incredibly obvious when they first came up with it. According to Why IS everyone wearing ripped jeans... and why do they cost more than ones with no holes? 07/24/2017, which provides a deceptive report on the history of why so many people are paying more for disposable garbage marketed by the fashion industry, they're marketed by celebrities, and provide risks to factory workers, which few people in the consumer economy are likely to care about.

This article admits that thanks to the process they use to make ripped jeans, "In Turkey, one of the world’s biggest jeans exporters, 1,200 people have silicosis and 46 have died as a result." However the majority of the article is deceptive advertising disguised as news. This article falsely claims that, "denim now is less likely to rip than the lightweight fabric of old;" however as I pointed out in Is Wal-Mart driving planned obsolescence? the quality of jeans and many other products has been slowly deteriorating for decades; and the mainstream media is providing propaganda cover for it, while a few more reliable sources, like Stacy Mitchell, who I cited in that article provide better research with more limited funds. There are more reliable sources reporting on deceptive marketing tactics; but the best evidence might be things that older people might remember themselves from when these marketing tactics first came out in the seventies.

When they first tried to market jeans like that teens saw through it easily and most of them didn't fall for it and anyone that tried to be cool by wearing pretorn jeans would be ridiculed. The cool kids that did wear torn jeans almost certainly got them as hand me downs at a time when fewer parents could spend much money on clothes and jeans lasted much longer so kids grew out of them before they wore out. More reliable sources like Sociologists Juliet Schor "Born to Buy" and Child Psychologist Susan Linn "Consuming Kids" report on how the industry uses models to market their products and even recruits cool kids to market products to their friends in big cities or in chat rooms, including what they call the "Girls Intelligence Agency" which recruits children to help psychologists with their research and market to each other. The industry tries to present this has harmless, however Schor and Linn report on how they might break up friendships and cause fights so that they can market for profit.

These industries are interested in increasing profit, not the best interest of children they market to. They start by marketing to children, because they're the most impressionable, but this has long term implications which the marketers realize and child psychologists like Susan Linn have pointed out. The long term implications, is essentially that they turn a shocking segment of our society into incredibly shallow fools buying up useless garbage even though it does an enormous amount of damage to the sweatshop workers that produce the stuff, and the benefits for people that by them are trivial, although marketing makes it seem important.

This isn't as important as early child abuse that leads to escalating violence later in life, and often sexual dysfunction; however a growing portion of our economy is selling incredibly shallow crap and they often use sex to sell it.

Few if any people denies that sex sells; and most people will agree that just because it sells doesn't mean it should be an invitation to sexual harassment or rape; however simply declaring that there can be no excuse for men, while it is acceptable for everyone to participate in deceptive advertising that leads to shallow behavior is ignoring a real part of the problem. There is little or no doubt that sex sells however it is no longer discussed much at all even one of the few articles that you can find, assuming you look for it, Why It’s Unfortunate That ‘Sex Sells’ in Advertising and in Life 08/02/2014, provides limited discussion on the issue and even includes a link to a study that claims that it doesn't sell as much as people believe, although this is almost certainly false.

One of the biggest problems with their coverage of this issue, like many other issues, is that they provide little or no coverage about research that teaches what leads up to this and only focus on exposing it for entertainment purposes. They spend an enormous amount of time saying that they want to "talk about" this subject or that subject without actually providing a diverse discussion. Instead they repeat the same things over an over again without covering good research.

One of the other major problems, in addition to early child abuse leading to escalating violence is also the culture or sex that many of these complaints have taken place, which may not be a problem if its consenting adults. This includes Al Franken, who I'm not a fan of and I think that, although I'm having more doubts about the accusations against him the more I find out about it, he probably should resign for his part in rigging the nomination for Hillary Clinton enabling Trump to win the election, when Bernie could have easily beat him.

When I first came across this accusation against Al Franken on twitter the first day it came out my first impulse was to retweet it, since I didn't like him that much after he helped rig the nomination; however something about it didn't look quite right and I hesitated looked closer and changed my mind. It seemed trivial to me at the time so I don't remember exactly what the tweet said but what made me change my mind was partially reading the article and looking at the clownish picture which the media has since informed us is undeniable evidence of groping. At that time that isn't what I thought and concluded that it was a clownish prank and that this wasn't a serious complaint.

After the obsessive media coverage about it I began to change my mind, for a while, but the photo was still clownish and trivial, typical of many comedies and didn't seem like the evidence that the media claimed it to be.

On top of that Snopes reported in, Did Franken Photog Say Groping Image Was Staged? 11/17/2017 that an arbitrary photo was attached to it and a fake quote to the photographer claimed that it was staged and they quickly debunked it. Perhaps to quickly.

This claim was debunked by Snopes.

This photo really does seem staged even if I can't refute Snopes claim that it was debunked, it's hard to imagine why she would be wearing a flak jacket and helmet while sleeping like that unless it was staged. Furthermore it didn't take much research to learn that she was a Trump supporter, even though he has far more credible allegations against him than Al Franken. Celebrities almost certainly don't go into the line of fire, and Franken's expression doesn't look like he was in combat. She also claimed that she "performed the skit as written, carefully turning my head so he couldn’t kiss me on the lips," after the sexual assault because she was "was a professional" and she let it go and anger stirred up in her for years. A photo since then has clearly showed that she didn't turn her head as she claimed and it was accompanied by plenty of other photos and videos that raise major doubts about almost all of her claims, indicating that it appears to have been consensual all along.

She has a long history of flirting, teasing, and jokingly groping men and allowing them to grope her, which may be fine as consenting adults; however when they start saying that it is without consent it's clearly misleading at best.

These photos haven't been debunked and they're accompanied by more and video that raise major doubts about Leeann Tweenen's claims! But Al Franken should still resign for his roll in rigging the primary for Hillary so that Trump could win!

Even if the tweet that Snopes debunked was fake as they claim it's hard to imagine how Snopes was able to debunk it within a day after Leeann Tweeden made her slanted disclosure and the tweet was faked, especially since they even admit that hey didn't know who the photographer was, there's an enormous amount of additional evidence on Twitter including these responses to the View tweet about the subject which includes a link to The Rest Of The Photos And Videos From Franken And Tweeden’s USO Tour Just Emerged 11/20/2017 if you go down far enough. This evidence was brought to the media's attention no more than a couple days after the story broke, yet now two weeks later they're still reporting on the story as if this didn't exist.

Leeann Tweeden has been selling soft sex all her life, mostly in her modeling career but also as part of her work with the sports and gambling industries, and apparently the gambling show that she previously worked for was canceled as a result of the "Black Friday" criminal case, why is she being paid big bucks as a news casters? what qualifications does she have? Apparently she is a regular on Hannity and several other right wing TV shows; and apparently KABC is also a right wing talk show. There's clearly a lot of speculation on Twitter by those disclosing her obvious distortion of the facts that she sold out to right wingers as part of a plot to smear Al Franken. I can't rule this out but there might be other possibilities, including some that might turn out to be much more far-fetched, or at least they'll seem that way to people not familiar with the subject, and if this proves to be false after it's debunked to everyone.

This is an incredibly obvious smear; and Al Franken could easily use this as part of a slam dunk case for slander or libel suing her for millions of dollars, yet he's apologizing instead. Why? Does he think that he would be accused of using provocative photos of her to justify sexual assault? If there wasn't so much of this and it wasn't part of her routine then this might be a legitimate concern but if the media actually covered it there would be little or no doubt except to the most extreme left wing fanatics. Most feminists can use a reasonable amount of discretion and see right though this and realize that Leeann Tweeden is actually harming their cause by making false claims that raise more doubts about legitimate complaints, as clearly indicated by a large amount of the responses on Twitter.

Not only has this demonstrated that Leeann Tweeden has no crediblity for this false claim but it also demonstrated that the media isn't even remotely trying to do a good job investigating; and it implies the bizarre possibility that even Al Franken is helping, by apologizing when he has to know it's an obvious smear.

There are real victims of sexual harassment that deserve more attention and this issue should focus on them to resolve on it, not making her to be a phony hero.

But Al Franken and the rest of Congress should still resign for their role in rigging the nomination for Hilary Clinton so that Trump could win.

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Perhaps equally clownish is the recent rant from Donald Trump about getting LiAngelo Ball out of a Chinese jail for shoplifting a pair of sunglasses, which apparently carries a potential ten year jail sentence, and instead of discussing whether or not this is a reasonable punishment for the crime, they spent an enormous amount of time arguing over whether or not he or his father, LeVar Ball, should be thanking Donald Trump for getting him out of jail!

One other thing that Al Franken could have learned from LeVar Ball, even though he did rant and rave like an idiot, is that it's not necessary to thank someone for something he didn't necessary do, nor is it necessary to apologize for something he didn't do!

About LaVar Ball vs. Donald Trump In a stable country, we would not be talking about this feud of the blowhards. This is not a stable country. By Dave Zirin 11/21/2017

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There was little or no discussion about how much more serious minor crimes from working class people are treated than much bigger crimes by those that rig the economic system and the subject doesn't even come up for debate. This is especially relevant since he's in the process of trying to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and is running one incredibly obvious scam after another.

There's so much insanity going on that it's impossible to keep track of it all; but there should be a few things that should be obvious including that Donald Trump never should have been elected president and there is no way that he ever would have been elected if the media hadn't been giving him an enormous amount of coverage for decades; and when he came out with his outrageous speech about Mexicans that there should have been even less chance that he would have been elected. The main reasons he did get elected is because instead of treating him like a fringe candidate, the way they do many other candidates, including rational ones, and ignoring him they gave him obsession coverage. And they did their part to rig the nomination for Hillary Clinton who is one of the few people that people hated more than Trump!

In a functioning democracy we need a media that actually covers candidates the people like!

The mainstream media only covers candidates that serve corporate interests!

The official version of truth has become as absurd and insane as many fringe conspiracy theories and in some cases there might be even harder evidence to indicate that it isn't entirely true.

Regardless of why the political and media establishment has gone insane and isn't even pretending to do a good job anymore, Trump has received an enormous amount of support from the same religious people that blindly look the other way at Roy Moore's sexual scandals, many who also happen to be religious evangelicals.

A modest amount of research shows that there has been far more sex abuse problems in the evangelical community than the media typically reports; and it's accompanied by an enormous effort to cover it up, like many other sex abuse scandals; however many of the victims may be more willing to help cover it up and remain in denial about it. This appears to be especially bad in Alabama where I remember a few years ago the daughter of a Judge was charged with having sex with students, along with another female teacher at the same school. On a couple occasions I have looked up the story on Google without remembering their names which were, Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess and I found numerous other examples from other teachers having sex with their students, including at least six, along with additional stories about cover-ups at evengelical schools, listed below.

Apparently this is far more common than the mass media has been reporting; and there is good reason to believe that their child rearing tactics and religious upbringing has a lot to do with it. Alabama is also one of the states that routinely makes it into the top ten for murder rates, as I have reported before, and they're one of the states that use corporal punishment in schools the most. Arkansas, where most if not all of Bill Clinton's accusers came from is also one of the states that use corporal punishment the most, and they also climb into the top ten for murder rates as well, although not quite as high.

This is not coincidental and there's an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that this is a major part of the early indoctrination process for devout religious people who often use the Bible as a guide to raise their children including the verses from the Book of Proverbs among others. Most evangelicals interpret these verses as justification for corporal punishment, however Why We Don't Spank makes an argument why they should be interpreted differently. Gordon Hinkley, former First President of the Mormon Church also came out against corporal punishment, and Utah, which is the only majority Mormon state is also the most religious state that routinely makes it into the lowest ten for murder rates. The rest of the states in the bottom ten for murder rates are among the least religious states that use corporal punishment the least.

I've gone into this in numerous past articles including Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine and Ignored evidence linking corporal punishment, poverty and crime grows where I explained that early child abuse leads to escalating violence and is used to dictate beliefs, including many irrational beliefs, to children as part of an indoctrination process. To put it bluntly children are taught to obey and believe what they're told to belief or they're intimidated and abused. This leads to an enormous amount of emotional instability and a lack of critical thinking skills that are necessary to hold their leaders accountable. This is also a major reason why politicians from the Bible Belt are able to pass an enormous amount of legislation that is bad for the working class with the support of the working class including laws that suppress workers rights and pollute and kill people living in poor areas. My previous article about "Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine" explains why many religious people that claim to be "pro-life" support wars and polution among other things that kill an enormous amount of innocent people.

Tina Johnson, one of Roy Moore's accusers is one of the people that appear to have dealt with it better than most said, "The Lord that I serve is not the one Roy Moore serves because my Lord knows that he did it. He knows it and I know it. He can say whatever he wants to say. The truth will stand when the world wants, and that's the truth." I don't doubt her claim that this is the truth; however if she thinks that a God that inspired the Bible and the use of corporal punishment in it, along with the Crusades and Inquisitions, can be trusted to pass judgement she's mistaken. If this God was as merciful as religious people claim, it shouldn't be hard to understand that the least he could have and would have done is maintain an honest line of communication and provided much better advice than what is available in the Bible. The Bible has been used as a guide to control the masses without holding leaders accountable for thousands of years and it has resulted in an enormous amount of wars and other atrocities.

New Roy Moore accuser: He grabbed me 'on my buttocks' 11/17/2017

Out Front 11/17/2017 Tina Johnson "The Lord that I serve is not the one Roy Moore serves because my Lord knows that he did it. He knows it and I know it. He can say whatever he wants to say. The truth will stand when the world wants, and that's the truth."

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Teacher-teen sex tryst case won't be dismissed 10/13/2017 Lawrence County Circuit Judge Mark Craig denied a motion to dismiss on Thursday in the case against Taylor Brooks Boyles, 27, a Moulton Middle School teacher who allegedly had a sexual relationship with a student during the student’s senior year at Lawrence County High School, the Decatur Daily reported.

North Alabama judge rules state's teacher-student sex law is unconstitutional 08/10/2017 Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson issued a ruling today dismissing the charges against former Decatur High School teacher Carrie Witt and David Solomon, an ex-aide at Falkville High.

Destrehan High teacher Shelley Dufresne admits sex with student 04/09/2015 Separately, Dufresne and Rachel Respess, 24, are accused of having group sex with the student at Respess' Kenner apartment on Sept. 12, Dufresne's birthday. That case is pending in Jefferson Parish, where the district attorney's office has not made a decision on charging the two women.

Trial set for Jeremy Eusea, former HHS teacher 03/30/2017 Former Destrehan High School teacher Kimberly Naquin was charged with having a sexual relationship with a female student in the parish. This month, she pleaded guilty to inappropriate behavior with the same student in Jefferson Parish.

As I've said on numerous occasions, I try to be a rational skeptic, but the official version of truth is becoming increasingly more insane than some conspiracy theories and as I pointed out in Yes Virginia, There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy Hillary Clinton had more of the characteristics of the "Whore of Babylon," that many people refer to her as, than a rational skeptic might expect. Since I first wrote that article things ahve only become even more insane, which is now typical in the political establishment.

This is vague of course and the Bible is routinely used to support any given belief that people want to prove by finding interpretations that suit their purposes, so it's clearly subject to confirmation; however, thanks to the increasing amount of insanity in the political establishment it's difficult to completely rule it out even if it it surely must need some additional details and a few adjustments. But there should be some things that are clear, including major doubts about whether or not we should rely on an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that religious people refer to as God to pass judgement over us and get us out of the incredibly stupid messes that the political establishment get into, often with the help of cult leaders supporting fanatical religious beliefs.

Religious leaders have an incredibly long history of claiming to support a God that rewards the innocent and punishes the guilty; however this usually seems to happen after death in heaven, in the highly unlikely event that a mythical place where people go to their reward exists. But these religions routinely put the leaders that pass judgement over the vast majority of the public above the law and allow them to fight one war after another based on lies that only benefit the rich, assuming they benefit anyone at all, yet God can't even find the time to say something like, "Hey wait a minute that's not what I meant!" If that seems a little to simple surely a God that is "All-Powerful" can find some way of preventing all these disasters.

As I have also pointed out in numerous articles including the most recent one, Did Padre Pio Or Other Alleged Mystics Have "Revelations" from "God?" there might be more evidence of some extraordinary claims of some sort, although it may not be what religious people believe, than the vast majority of the public has noticed. The strongest evidence of a major unsolved mystery is the megaliths that were allegedly moved with ancient technology, even though experiments that have been done to replicate it don't even come close to proving that it is possible, instead they had to cheat when they started moving them over ten tons and didn't try to move any bigger than forty, even though ancient civilizations moved megaliths well over a hundred tomes including a couple weighing seven hundred and twenty tons a distance of four hundred and twenty miles.

The most common theory to explain this seems to be the Ancient Aliens theory provided by the History Channel show that makes so many blunders that it's hard to believe that they're trying to catch all their mistakes.

They can't be right about a lot of their claims, but if they're right about the general idea, could the aliens be responsible for the similarities with the apocalypse and sharing of technology, as Philip Corso claimed, to develop advanced computers and other technology? Perhaps, but could they also be looking out for our best interest?


Hell no!

If they were looking out for our best interest the first thing they would do is communicate honestly and provide good advice, not remaining silent while we jump from one con game to another!

Is it possible that they don't think that we can handle the truth, and this is the best way they can come up with to prepare us to handle it?


Hell no!

Then what could they be trying to accomplish?

Everything that they seem to be doing seems insane and designed to increase corruption for the benefit of the greedy even if it brings about the destruction of our society; however if there is some kind of unknown advanced intelligence behind this the aliens, or what ever they are, are almost certainly trying to accomplish their own goals in the most effective way they know how to.

One thing they might be trying to accomplish, as I pointed out in several previous articles about this subject, is do research that they might not be able to do on their own planet like research climate change, or conduct research on medical advancements etc.

There actually is some of this going on with or without advanced technology from Roswell or aliens. The medical industry is definitely conducting research on many people, as Marcia Angel, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Harriet Washington from Harvard University, pointed out although the research on this is only reported in alternative media outlets or in library books most people don't read. They're also doing research on Climate Change, although the extent of that research could be much bigger if there has been an unknown advanced intelligence influencing our society for thousands of years.

They clearly can't be too concerned about the best interest of the vast majority of the public but they might try to appease some of the people that are going along with this con-game by pretending they are. They could come up with some kind of absurd reverse psychology excuse for them to wit hold the truth and claim that the people had to stand up for their rights before they would give them to them. However if an excuse like this is used only those with an incentive to believe it will and others might be pressured to go along and accept bad excuses to keep them distracted.

They might cite the woman's march among other things as evidence of their success; but these marches aren't accomplishing much and every time they come up with one protest the establishment creates another disaster or war to keep people distracted and manipulate them.

They might argue that this insane con-game is exposing the cult indoctrination that is going on in the South where Roy Moore is getting so much support but they aren't reporting the vast majority of it and they're doing little or nothing to teach the public about how educational programs and child abuse prevention among other things could solve the vast majority of our problems.

They are routinely pretending to be the ones that stand up to Donald Trump, who they portray as out of control and impulsive. With him constantly calling them fake news, although often for the wrong reasons they can pretend they're the lesser of two evils and go one step further and try to pretend that by standing up to Trump, or at least pretending to they're doing their job defending democracy. Other world leaders are now pretending that they're standing up to him by speaking out against his latest racists retweets; however they're also racists in their policies, although it is far more subtle, most of the time, creating an economic system that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the majority often leaving minorities worse off and taking advantage of racists that they pay attention to only when it makes them look better. But he never would have been in power in the first place if they had provided fair coverage.

If this is part of a phony Apocalyptic Judgement Day as I speculated about in previous articles, including "Yes Virginia, There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy" it might explain why that absurd theory didn't fall apart after I posted it and may have even become stronger. That theory pointed out that according to Apocalypse 19:20 "the beast was taken prisoner, together with the false prophet who had worked miracles on the beast's behalf and by them had deceived those who had accepted branding with the mark of the beast and those who had worshipped his statue. These two were hurled alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur." This could be interpreted as after Trump, assuming he is the Beast, rises to power and no longer suits God's purposes he'll remove him from power. As I've pointed out repeatedly the stage was set for a possible impeachment trial in 2016 when they rigged the nomination for two candidates that should be banned from running because of their incredibly corrupt record.

Even without a far-fetched conspiracy theory there is something incredibly corrupt and insane when they get two nominees that have incredibly high negative polls, partly because they're both incredibly corrupt!

If this insane theory is close then they could be staging this as long as it suits their purposes; and they may have arranged for reasons to remove this nut-case when, and only when it suits their purposes! In the mean time they can use the insanity to accomplish whatever it is they're trying to accomplish!

Some things really are simple to understand and the most effective way to solve these problems is to come out and disclose the truth whether it's aliens or something else; and they're clearly not doing that!

Instead they're conducting one scam after another to keep us distracted from disclosing the most important things and reforming out government so that the environment can be repaired, the education system can be fixed and the oligarchies can be held accountable!

If the public want to know the truth and control their own government they need to wake up and start doing their own research and force our elected officials to start answering to voters. We also need to hold the media accountable and stop settling for the corrupt candidates that they cover and start considering candidates that they refuse to cover.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Did Padre Pio Or Other Alleged Mystics Have "Revelations" from "God?"

Padre Pio is most famous for his stigmata, which is difficult for skeptics to debunk, especially if the target audience is familiar with his story. However he also allegedly has Religious ecstasies or Bilocations which are variations of alleged religious "revelations," which people of many religions have been claiming to have for thousands of years, and they've had major impacts on our history, whether they're real or not.

These alleged "ecstasies," "bilocations," "revelations," or what ever you want to call them are much more difficult to prove and would be much easier to dismiss in their entirety if there weren't so many stories about them that went into an enormous amount of detail, although most people don't pay attention to them. Some of the most famous mystics, including Padre Pio also have some major unexplained phenomena that happens around them, or at least they appear to.

Even if, as many so-called skeptics claim, these can all be explained through natural means, there are still many religious people that believe them and make major decisions based on these beliefs. Many of these people look much closer at the history behind these unsolved mysteries, often closer than the so-called skeptics that attempt to debunk them. They can see that the skeptics are obviously not using the scientific methods that they claim to promote, and often reject their skepticism and adopt the religious interpretation of alleged mystical activities, even if they're also flawed.

The biggest recent attempt to debunk his alleged stigmata that I know of was Sergio Luzzatto's claim in his book, "Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age" that Padre Pio created his own stigmata with carbolic acid, as described in Padre Pio: Wonderworker or Charlatan? by Joe Nickell Fall 2008 The story about carbolic acid had been investigated numerous times, and he added a claim that Padre Pio had asked someone to get more carbolic acid in 1919 about a year after he first received the alleged stigmata. In most versions of this story including one of the most famous and I suspect credible biography of Padre Pio, Bernard Ruffin "Padre Pio" revised 1991 edition a doctor visited the friary in 1918 shortly before the stigmata appeared permanently and gave them carbolic acid which they were supposed to dilute, but he forgot to tell them, and use as a disinfectant to give the boys a shot for medical treatment. Unfortunately, Padre Pio and Padre Paolino split it on their own hands and burned themselves as well as the boys. These burns healed relatively quickly, and when Padre Paolino first heard about the alleged stigmata from Nina Campanile he initially dismissed it as a burn from the carbolic acid; however when Nina Campanile insisted he checked and realized that unlike the boys and himself he still had the wounds, which stayed with him for fifty more years, until shortly before his death. In this time thousands of people saw the wounds and it was inspected by numerous doctors as told by Ruffin and other sources.

If the claim that Padre Pio was faking his wounds for fifty years were true then it would have left another major unsolved mystery, how did he manage to live to the age of eighty-one with all his health problems? Actually this is a legitimate mystery on it's own even without faking the stigmata since his health care especially when he was younger was very poor and he had lots of health problems that might have been at least partially related to the abuse he accepted when he was younger from superiors and teachers, which is also part of a religious indoctrination process, as I explain below, mostly without relying on supernatural explanations.

Most of the unsolved mysteries surrounding Padre Pio and many other so-called mystics aren't so easy to recognize without looking close at the details, which is why a true rational skeptic should keep an open mind until doing more research, with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Some of these so-called mystics really are all just a bunch of hype, probably including Jeanne Dixon, who I haven't looked too closely at, since most of the tories that I found about her quickly fell apart, and she seems to have been catering to the credulous. However, in some cases, including Padre Pio, Edgar Cayce, Joseph Smith, Jose Arigo, Uri Geller and more, a closer look indicates a legitimate unsolved mysteries, although the most devout believers of these mystics often tend to be cult followers and they almost certainly don't get the details right and come up with many flawed conclusions.

Ironically many of these skeptics fail to research some of the best work about early childhood upbringing that contributes to indoctrination and prevents many children from developing critical thinking skills and could explain an enormous amount of these unsolved mysteries. I'm not convinced that this would explain all of it but it would explain a lot and if they compared it to Padre Pio's history it could help understand why so many people adopt such irrational beliefs and follow cults with highly irrational beliefs.

Whether there is a legitimate unsolved mystery about Padre Pio or not there religious followers of him believe that he's being influenced by God and they believe that this makes him a high moral authority, worth praying to for moral guidance.

What is it about him that makes them think he's a superior moral authority?

I don't know how his followers would answer that; however, as far as I can tell, the leading reasons why they consider him a leading moral authority is alleged mystical events surrounding him, including his stigmata, alleged miracle healings, bilocation, religious ecstasies, prophecies, and other mystical events which are often difficult to prove or know what they're supposed to mean, and the leading moral value that he seems to preach is obedience to authority, even when authorities are proven to be corrupt, as the history about him clearly shows, although those sympathetic to him don't phrase it that way.

They obviously look at hims very differently, and some of their reasons are legitimate, or at least they seem to be. there are many good things about him, as described in Bernard Ruffin's book "Padre Pio" revised 1991 edition although I don't agree with all his conclusions. Most people consider him a very pleasant person, and he supported a hospital that helped improve health care in his area where there was little access to medical care, and supported other social programs that helped the working class and the poor. I can't completely rule out the possibility that there might be some truth to at least some of his alleged miracle healings; however if there were real, and they were as a result of influence from a advanced intelligence that he refers to as "God," it would have been far more benevolent if this God opened up an honest dialogue with everyone and explained how these cures work so they could be replicated for all to benefit from.

It would also have been much better if this God provided advice about how to avoid wars and many other disasters that have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years. Unfortunately instead of doing that he allegedly sends messages like one Padre Pio described in a letter to Padre Benedetto where he told him about an alleged visit from Jesus during one of his religious ecstasies, near the end of the first World War, where he wrote, "In one of his visits that I received from Jesus in recent days, I asked Him insistently to have compassion on the poor nations, so tried by the misfortune of war, and cause his justice to give way at last to mercy. It was strange. He answered only by means of a gesture that seemed to say, 'Slowly Slowly.' 'But when?' I asked. And He, with a serious expression, but with a half smile on his lips, gazed at me briefly and, without another word, dismissed me."

Neither Padre Pio or many, if any, of his followers even think to ask why God doesn't just open up an honest line of communication, and provide advice that would make these wars much less likely or perhaps avoid them completely and set up a democratic system where people develop critical thinking skills and learn how to hold their leaders accountable, avoiding war environmental disasters epidemic levels of fraud and much more.

Instead whether these mystical events are true or not they're used as part of a belief system that teaches people to blindly believe their leaders, and obey orders.

However, as far as I can tell the most important and effective indoctrination methods that religions use to control their followers don't involve anything paranormal, and if skeptics of the paranormal did their research and tried to educate the public about early child hood indoctrination, often through intimidation and use of corporal punishment and other forms of child abuse to teach them to obey blindly and believe what they're told they might do a far better job convincing religious people to question their faith, eventually.

In the following excerpt Bernard Ruffin, who is a Lutheran Minister sympathetic to Padre Pio, provides what I consider a mostly accurate description of the mystery surrounding Padre Pio; although, I believe there is at last one more possibility that should be considered:

One thing is certain: Padre Pio cannot be dismissed lightly. There are basically only four conclusions that may be drawn concerning the Capuchin priest and his Ministry:

First, one may conclude that Padre Pio was one of the Greatest frauds of history, a showman, perhaps in league with Satan, a magician capable of humbugging the public to a degree imagined even by P.T. Barnum.

Second, one may conclude that Padre Pio was in large measure a product of the superstitious imaginations of an ignorant and gullible peasantry who read into the life of a simple, holy priest what they wanted to see, building around him a cult of mindless self-delusion.

Third, one may conclude that Padre Pio was a madman, a pathetic creature, hysterical and possibly schizophranic, who remained outside the mental institution by his clever ability to convince thousands of people that his delusions were reality.

If none of these three scenarios be true, then one must conclude that Padre Pio of Pietrelcina was one of the most significant figures in Christian history, a man of prophetic and apostolic stature, who, through great personal holiness and enlightened wisdom and through spiritual gifts inexplicable by science, tended to confirm the truth of the Gospels and the veracity of historical Christianity to an indifferent and unbelieving age; a man capable of conveying to an extraordinary extent a sense of God's love and care; and evangelist who never conducted a crusade, and who, without traveling more than a few miles from his friary in fifty years, yet seemed capable of transforming lives to a degree unimagined by the most successful evangelical preachers. Additional excerpts to Bernard Ruffin "Padre Pio: The True Story" (briefer excerpts will be discussed below but see these for more context or read the full book.)

His book goes on to provide a reasonably good history of Padre Pio, showing some degree of skepticism, and in the forward or appendix where he explains how he first heard about Padre Pio he explains that he did a lot of fact checking and revised his work when he found evidence to raise doubts, indicating that he's not entirely a blind follower as many Catholic biographers might be. If you accept his four options and you think he's a reasonably good researcher the fourth conclusion might seem like the most reasonable; however that still doesn't explain why God doesn't open up an honest line of communication that might help people avoid wars plagues and many other disasters; which is why there clearly should be at least one more option.

If there is an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that most people refer to as God could he have an undisclosed agenda?

Actually most religious people seem to admit that God has some kind of an agenda, although they have a hard time explaining what it is in a rational manner. They often talk about "God's Plan" and how he rewards those that behave in a moral manner by sending them to heaven after they die; however there's still no explanation about why he neglects to communicate in a consistent manner that isn't shrouded in mystery, like revelations, including those from the Apocalypse which are routinely interpreted in many different ways that few people can agree on, including some possibilities that I've come up with previously, although I don't consider them conclusive or reliable without further confirmation, as I've explained before and will mention again below.

But, I still try to be a rational skeptic, although occasionally I find what might be extraordinary evidence of some kind of major unsolved mystery, even it isn't adequate to explain all the details. However, as I attempted to explain in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine the most important indoctrination methods used by religious people, or perhaps even non-religious people, aren't based on paranormal events to control people, but early childhood indoctrination methods that often involve corporal punishment that often escalates to child abuse and using fear and intimidation to teach a child to believe what they're told instead of developing critical thinking skills and sorting through facts to find out what's true, including challenging authority figures when they're wrong or abusive.

For someone that is familiar with the research showing how early child abuse contributed to indoctrination there's plenty of evidence in Padre Pio's history to show that he was subject to early indoctrination methods, and he seems to have learned to like being subject to abuse and come to believe that it serves a purpose of some sort, although he doesn't seem to understand it and simply trusts that God or Christ is looking out for our best interest even though evidence doesn't support his beliefs. However, he's been indoctrinated not to question authority figures. When accused of being disobedient he once responded, "If my superior ordered me to jump out of the window, I would not argue. I would jump." The same seems to go for not questioning beliefs like when Christ allegedly told him he would end the war "Slowly! Slowly!" without providing additional details; and on another occasion according to Ruffin, "Benedetto and Agostino asked Pio to ask Jesus why it was God's will that he remain outside the friary, Pio reported that Jesus said to tell them that they should not ask."

Apparently when the Lord says or implies they should remain ignorant they believe this is acceptable and, perhaps, desirable.

Padre Pio supposedly didn't remember being spanked by his parents however his parents attempted to follow the maxim of Solomon, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6) and there are many other proverbs that encourage the use of corporal punishment. It's not uncommon for many people to forget the early abuse the suffer as a child especially if it's really young, and Padre Pio apparently has a history of forgetting other things, like when asked about the first alleged appearance of his stigmata in the sixties, he said it happened at San Giovanni Rotondo in 1918, and only changed it when reminded of a written report he made about ten years earlier.

There was also a story that came from his father about when he was a baby and he cried a lot and he jumped up from bed exasperated and shook him vigorously yelling, "The Good Lord must have sent a little devil into my house instead of a baby." Then he dropped him accidentally and his wife shouted at him hysterically. This kind of emotional behavior could also lead to indoctrination when a small child is afraid that his parents might start yelling at him for reasons he can't understand, although he wouldn't have understood anything this early, but it could establish a pattern of being terrified of outbursts.

One way or another he learned that he should accept the punishments given to him without complaint even when it wasn't justified and if he complained at all it was limited and at a time when it would be ineffective at changing anything. His school teacher Don Angelo Caccavo routinely whacked children on the open palm with a short ruler as a form of punishment, and on one occasion when some of these students falsely signed Francesco's name (before he took the name Pio) to a love letter and handed it to a girl who turned it over to Don Angelo he responded by beating Francesco with his fists losing his temper and would have beat him much worse if his wife hadn't realized what was going on and intervened. He was horrified when he learned that Francesco hadn't written the note, and Pio later said "All his remorse could not take away the black and blue marks that I carried about for days." But this didn't lead him to think that questioning authority was acceptable.

Padre Tommaso, who he studied under later was much worse and would teach his students to self-flagellate themselves until they bled. The description provided by Ruffin of Padre Tommaso indicates that he was a fanatic abusing boys for arbitrary reasons to teach them to obey orders without question. Students were taught that they were expected to take an absurd amount of abuse without question to prove that they were devoted to God. Anyone not willing to put up with this insanity would inevitably leave, like one student from Naples who said, "Back home in Naples we pay a dime to see madmen, Here we see them for free." When Padre Tommaso overheard him he ordered him to strip and take the discipline immediately, but instead he just left.

Ruffin writes, "Extreme severity of this sort is a thing of the past. Moreover, if half of the stories told about him are true, Padre Tommaso had to have been excessive even for his time and place. Most modern Capuchins, however, suggest that not everything about traditional community life was bad. After all, at least one very positive thing can be said for the old ways: they produced Padre Pio." Not everyone would completely agree, although Padre Pio was a compassionate person who most people clearly liked, the blind obedience to authority he preaches is what enables many tyrants to get away with massive amounts of atrocities and promote wars and it convinces many people to submit to slavery, or virtual slavery.

This abuse, as Ruffin says, "is a thing of the past," or at least it seems to be; however, since it was used to develop indoctrination techniques for thousands of years, to teach people to accept the beliefs that are, for the most part, passed down from one generation to another, the results of this activity is still with us. This form of indoctrination doesn't require anything that we would consider supernatural or paranormal. It's hard to imagine why so-called skeptics like Michael Shermer of Joe Nickell, don't pick up on this, and try to explain it to the public when trying to debunk irrational beliefs. There is good research from the academic world, from researchers, including Alice Miller, Murray Straus, Philip Greven, Barbara Coloroso and more, in early child psychology to show this yet they don't look into it.

However a close look at their work indicates they have their own ideological beliefs and are reluctant to question them as well. Some of the best child psychology research is often marginalized within the academic world for one reason or another, and Michael Shermer has indicated that he follows other academics, including Steven Pinker, that are openly in denial about their work. This research has escalated significantly since World War Two including large changes in child rearing tactics promoted by Benjamin Spock that significantly reduced child abuse in the decades since then, and this was escalated when Alice Miller and others added to it, and is almost certainly a major cause of the reduction on murder rates from the early nineties to 2014 when they hit their all time low.

Extreme abuse like this wasn't always recommended by everyone in the Church either, although the vast majority of leaders and numerous verses from the Bibles including Proverbs have been repeatedly used to justify it. Saint Augustine was critical of this type of abuse and seemed to understand that it was used in an arbitrary and abusive way that didn't teach children well according to his book "Confessions."

(For review of Confessions describing Saint Augustine's views on corporal punishment click on picture.)

Saint Augustine also claimed that he didn't see many, if any, miracles in his time but once said, "Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature." If there is such an unknown advanced intelligence religious people know of as God influencing religious figures, I'm not ruling out the possibility that he sent a more rational alternative through Augustine, then allowed the dominant figures in the Church to promote child rearing techniques that were far more abusive and authoritarian. God certainly didn't open up an honest line of communication and advise against his abuse used to indoctrinate people for thousands of years.

Padre Pio clearly learned not to question authority from these educational techniques, and he also learned to use them as well, although he was never nearly as severe as Padre Tommaso. According to Celestino Orlando Padre Pio didn't hesitate to take of his sandal and use it to discipline children when they were acting up. Another student, Padre Aurelio Di Iorio admitted he wasn't the best informed teacher when he said, "He had a superficial way of teaching. He taught history and grammar, but he knew little of the former and none of the latter. His lectures were never more than twenty minutes long, and they were unprepared. He was not strict, not even when he administered examinations. He let the kids do pretty much what they wanted." This implies that he may not have always been consistent with his teaching methods, but it is unlikely that he was well informed about the subjects he taught.

Regardless of how good a teacher he was his reluctance to question authority resulted in his support for censorship of efforts to expose sexual and financial scandals involving people leading the Catholic Church, and this may have included, child abuse scandals and rape, that was exposed much more extensively in the nineties and since then, although Ruffin's descriptions aren't quite that specific. However he supported the suppression of at least two or three books which may still have copies that haven't been made public somewhere which could provide additional details.

A couple of these books include Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, written by Emanuele Brunatto, and Letters to the Church, written by Brunatto and Mayor Morcaldi both who were friends of Padre Pio and wrote these books to come to his defense by exposing his critics. Padre Pio's first response was to say, "The Church has a formidable weapon to neutralize the scandal, refute the episodes alleged in the book that might prove a source of scandal." But when he was told that "Unfortunately, those allegations are true," his response was to ask his friends to suppress the book without holding the Church leaders accountable. Brunatto insisted that "The price for our silence, the price of the book, is known: the liberation of the just and the removal of the guilty," which was far more likely to prevent it from happening again; however if this information wasn't made public then there's still a chance that it could. Officially they never fulfilled this demand, although they did allow Padre Pio to start preaching again, and the possibility that there was an unofficial deal is implied by the circumstances, which are described in greater context in Ruffin's book or the excerpts provided above.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, apparently went into print but the Church bought up all the copies and put it on the index of forbidden books, and Letters to the Church, was apparently never published, but my best guess is that some copies of both are available somewhere, which could shed more light on the scandals of the Church. But, if this Good God religious people worship does exist and he did influence Padre Pio as they believe, he remained silent about this and much more given tacit approval to many things that he could have prevented simply by speaking up.

On one occasions Padre Pio blamed a potential victim of sexual harassment for the crimes that we would now blame on her abuser. Padre Pio declined to absolve Maria DiMaggio for living with Archpriest Don Giuseppe Prencipe as husband and wife, and pressured her to resist him. She was willing to do this but according to a disposition from her when she tried to do this the archpriest attempted to rape her. After she signed a disposition saying this, Prencipe threatened to kill her unless she retracted her disposition.

This was typical of his refusal to question authority and the God that he worships, assuming he exists, doesn't do much if anything to hold those in power accountable; if anything by creating these alleged visions to control some religious leaders, including Padre Pio, God indicates that he supports their actions, for one reason or another.

He was also a strong supporter of Pope Pius XII, who also supported him in return. Pius XII and Padre Pio were both strong believers in the alleged Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, which I reviewed in UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun" Pius XII also claimed to have seen another Miracle of the Sun, on a different occasion, although his chauffeur who was the only one present besides him didn't confirm it. A statue from Fatima was brought to San Giovanni Rotondo in August of 1959, while Padre Pio was having serious health problems, and in front of an undisclosed number of witnesses, as the statue was being taken away Padre Pio prayed to the Modonna and allegedly felt a "mysterious force" and jumped up claiming that he was healed. His health improved dramatically until it deteriorated again in the sixties leading up to his death. A doctor disputed his account but the faithful continued to believe it was a miracle.

Pius XII was also a strong supporter of indoctrination techniques used to control children and thought that the Church should be able to control their education, often including censoring history to suit the Churches version. In "Hitler's Pope" John Cornwell explained how both Adolph Hitler and Eugenio Pacelli, who became Pope Pius XII, engaged Adolph Hitler about who should control the education process for children in Germany before he became Pope. They both agreed that children should be taught in strict authoritarian manners, however they disagreed about which of them should control the education process. Hitler won, although if the Pope had aligned himself with educators that wanted to teach critical thinking skills, it might have been different. This was a major part of the reason that many people, including John Cornwell, who was a devout Catholic that didn't expect to find so many problems with Pius XII, believed Pius XII enabled Hitler to rise to power.

Padre Pio was fond of saying that he would like to put Hitler in a cage and take him around the world so he could show everyone how evil he was, however he still preached the same blind obedience to authority that Pius XII and other Catholic leaders taught and this is what enabled Hitler to get so many people to blindly follow him. By supporting authoritarian education techniques both Padre Pio did more to enable World War II than to prevent it; and the God they worship remained silent, at best, instead of advising how to prevent it.

As Ruffin's book and many other sources indicates the evidence of his stigmata is very difficult to completely dismiss, especially after looking at many of the details of all the witnesses that saw it including medical examiners. Skeptics like Joe Nickell and Sergio Luzzatto try of course, but after looking at the track record behind these skeptics and seeing that they often have to come up with claims that are as flawed as the mysteries they claim to debunk it seems to me that there is a fair amount of evidence to indicate that there is a major unsolved mystery.

The evidence for revelations, religious ecstasies, or bilocation, isn't nearly as strong but as Bernard Ruffin repeatedly says there are so many stories that they can't all be wrong, or perhaps if they are there must be another social phenomenon that creates leads to all these claims, including many that are from seemingly credible sources. This doesn't mean that many if any of the stories are accurate as they're told. Few if any of them seem to completely keep their stories straight. In most cases there are only one or two witnesses for these revelations sometimes a handful more, or if there's a large crowd like at Padre Pio's masses or the crowd at Fatima where a handful of people have these revelations the crowd sees Padre Pio's or Lucia dos Santos and two other children in a trance during the alleged revelations, leading them to believe they're having them. Even if skeptics don't believe the revelations happen the faithful do and they allow them to influence the way they live their lives, including blind support for authorities, even when they're obviously corrupt, and wars even when they're proven to be based on lies.

If there is such a thing as these revelations of bilocations perhaps the strongest evidence of a single example is the alleged story of Giovanni Battista Rizzani as he was dying and a vision that both his wife claimed she saw of Padre Pio and another one that his daughter allegedly saw him as well about seventeen or eighteen years later. As Ruffin describes it, Padre Pio wrote a deposition which is still in the Vatican archives, which can be tested for his hand writing and carbon dated, that says he "had an extraordinary experience" and found himself far away in a wealthy home as a father, who happened to be an atheists, was dying and his child was being born and he saw what he called "Most Blessed Virgin Mary" who said “I am entrusting this child to you. Now she is a diamond in the rough, but I want you to work with her, polish her, and make her as shinning as possible, because one day I wish to adorn myself with her.”

Supposedly he didn't know about Giovanni Battista Rizzani and his family at the time of his deposition, but both his wife, Leonilde Rizzini, and daughter, Giovanna Rizzini, claimed to have seen a vision of him either that night or years later at St. Peter's Basilica. Skeptics might doubt this but the full story is told in Bernard Ruffin "Padre Pio" revised 1991 edition and believers accept this as evidence of his divinity and of God's messages sent through his prophets.

Perhaps one of his most famous religious ecstasies, although it wouldn't be considered the strongest evidence since it is based solely on Padre Pio's testimony, is the visits from an "Exalted Being," which he perceived as Christ, although his earliest descriptions of the vision didn't use the name Christ. Allegedly Christ pierced his side with a spear and this was allegedly how he first got the stigmata, at least in it's permanent form in 1918. According to Ruffin his earliest accounts "did not identify the Exalted Being as Christ, but described the hands, feet, and side as dripping blood," but in 1967 he referred to him as Christ.

Padre Pio and many other mystics have allegedly come to believe that somehow their God or Christ is doing them a favor by causing them to suffer for no clear reason that they can explain rationally. Frances (Fanny) Crosby, a Methodist and another alleged mystic once said that "If I didn't suffer, I would think God did not love me," and others literally refer to themselves as "Slaves of Christ" as if this is a good thing. The irony is that if there are such a thing as revelations and they're controlling people at least partially then they really are slaves of their cult leaders or whoever is controlling the revelations, yet skeptics or non-believers are unwilling to acknowledge this and might only believe that those with fanatical beliefs are real slaves. However if there is an unknown advanced intelligence influencing religion then they can influence anyone that uses religion, directly or indirectly, to make major decisions. Those that control the lies or myths people use to make decisions can partially control the decisions.

This alleged vision took place when Padre Pio was much younger than pictured and Christ was allegedly dripping blood as he did after his crucification.

I can't say for certain whether these revelations are partly true or not, but there's far more evidence to indicate that either there is some truth to them or there is a major unsolved sociological mystery to show how so many people came to believe in them. Major events in our history were allegedly influenced by these revelations. The Bible is, of course full of them, the entire Qur'an and Book of Mormon are allegedly from revelations or a translation of golden tablets that is very similar to a revelation. The Christian religion was adopted by the Roman Empire as a result of alleged dreams from God, which is a variation of a revelation.

If there is such a thing as a revelation as most religions believe how can any of these religions know for certain that the revelations they choose to believe in are true and all others are false? They can't; but they have an emotional attachment to their own beliefs, and argue passionately for them, often willing to fight and die in massive numbers when their leaders manipulate their emotions and turn them against each other.

If there is an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that has been influencing our civilization for thousands of years there should be little doubt that he could have provided better advice and maintained an open and honest line of communication. Instead, assuming he exists he communicates in mysterious ways, if he communicates at all, and inspires religions that fight each other over and over again. This is hinted at in Qur'an Verse (5:48) "Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so race to [all that is] good." This can be partially confirmed independently, assuming your skeptical of the credibility of this revelation, as you should be, simply by thinking it through. If there is a God or Allah and he wanted to have only one religion he could have done so by simply maintaining an open line of communication with everyone, and provided reasonably good advice about how to set up societies and deal with each other without fighting one war after another based on lies.

Some things are simply not hard to figure out!

This means that if God or Allah exists then he must have some kind of an agenda.

If God doesn't exist then there have to be explanation for many major unsolved mysteries including how they moved ancient megaliths weighing hundreds of tons when experiments had to cheat between ten and forty tons and they didn't even try to do them bigger.

As I've said numerous times there might not be enough evidence to prove how religion came about how the megaliths were moved or how to explain other mystics but there is enough evidence to raise major doubts about the official version of history; and recent events involving the absurd behavior of the political establishment indicates that they're as insane as many of the so-called fringe conspiracy theories that they ridicule, including those claiming that the elections were rigged.

The elections were rigged!

That's not a fringe conspiracy theory; that's the truth and the evidence to prove that isn't even secret. They rigged the elections by simply refusing to cover honest candidates and declaring Hillary Clinton n to be the inevitable nominee years ahead of time and giving Donald Trump obsession coverage he needed to manipulate peoples emotions. If they covered honest candidates there is no way either Trump or Clinton could have been elected.

But beyond that the full explanation might be based on speculation. If you've been reading my Blog, or if you noticed a couple comments earlier in this article, you may know that I have been speculating about the Ancient Aliens theory; although the version of it on the History Channel is full of so many mistakes that I can't believe they're making them by accident.

A large amount of this speculation is based on the assumption that they're intentionally putting out false information through the mass media; if this isn't true they're so incompetent it is beyond belief; and they've often demonstrated that they're more competent than they pretend to be.

Some of my past articles have also cited Philip Corso's best selling book "The Day After Roswell" which claims that he shared technology obtained from alien spaceships that crashed, at Roswell or elsewhere, with corporations to reverse engineer. Like most if not all other high profile research on UFOs or other fringe beliefs this had a lot of problems; but if it's partially true, and my theory that they're releasing accurate information through unreliable sources mixed in with false information is also true then this has enormous implication.

Additional evidence to a far-fetched conspiracy escalated when the 2016 election kept getting more insane and it became obvious that they were rigging the election and that they weren't even trying to hide it. I first found claims, that seemed absurd, that referred to Hillary Clinton as the whore of Babylon; the first of these claims talked about how she might become the whore of Babylon in 2008. After reading the Book of the Apocalypse it became clear that, even though this claim still has many problems, she has far more characteristics of the Whore of Babylon than I would expect; and when I first wrote about it in "Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy" back in June of 2016 I pointed out that she has become more like the Whore of Babylon as she worked as Secretary of State. And since then, instead of seeing this absurd theory fall apart, there have been more similarities to the Book of Apocalypse to current events then I would have expected.

Sound insane?

Yes, of course, however the entire political establishment seems to ahve gone insane and the official version of truth is as insane as some fringe conspiracy theories, so I'll go on insane or not.

If there is some truth to Corso's claim that he shared alien technology with multinational corporations and they developed it, including computers, genetically modified technology, nanotechnology, transportation technology, some being used by NASA and many other technologies, including medical technology then it would be necessary to do research to develop it.

Whether this is true or not there is evidence from sources within the medical community including Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Harriet Washington, a Harvard Professor and expert on medical ethics, that have exposed massive efforts to use people for medical research, often without consent or fully explaining the consequences of the research. This is often done on many of the poorest people in society, in violation of their own ethical guidelines.

These are not fringe claims, however if they obtained an enormous amount of technology from aliens one way or another it is virtually guaranteed that there is much more to it than they've let on.

If they're also research on a large variety of scientific fields and if Climate Change really is caused by man then that opens up the possibility that they're also researching that as well. Even though there are plenty of fringe conspiracy theories about weather modification that people should be skeptical of there are also some more rational claims coming from people that have studied climate change to indicate that they have some understanding of how they effect the environment. There's no doubt that they're doing some research into this but just how far can they go? There should be little doubt that the most extreme theories aren't true but some of the evidence indicates there might be more than most people expect, especially if there has been an influence from an unknown advanced intelligence for thousands of years.

No doubt there is good reason to be skeptical about this, and believe it or not I try to be a rational skeptic but there is plenty of extraordinary evidence of many unsolved mysteries, and after looking at the details, assuming people do a good job fact checking, it might not seem quite as extraordinary once people understand it.

For some additional details on some of my past articles on the subject see the following:

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Even if large portions of this theory don't prove to be true there should still be little or no doubt that there are a massive number of scam artists, that could fit the Biblical definition of a false prophet, including the ones mentioned in the Book of Apocalypse. The more reliable child psychology source3s that I cited go along way to explain why so many people fall for scams that are so incredibly bad. This would also include incredibly bad scams from people catering to emotion in politics as well, like Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Roy Moore that should never be able to fool anyone yet they're doing it on a massive scale, as well as the enormous number of televangelists robbing the faithful blind with the help of the media.

A good understanding of how early indoctrination teaches people who often start out as abused children to believe what they're told and not to challenge their leaders explains why so many people might follow Roy Moore or Donald Trump even after the insane amount of credible accusations against both of them. The same could go for Hillary Clinton although she was usually more subtle.

How can so many people fall for such bad scams?

Is early childhood abuse enough to explain this?

Perhaps, it certainly explains most of it; but if there is a God, as they actually believe, then that provides more possible explanations; and regretably the claim that God has been good to them by allowing all this insanity simply doesn't hold up.

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