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Boehner steps on landmine while golfing with Obama

Warning: Graphic Images

John Boehner steps on landmine while golfing with President Obama New York Times March 15 2012

While golfing with President Obama John Boehner stepped on a landmine that was apparently buried in the sand trap. He has lost his foot and is in serious condition at Virginia Medical Center. He is expected to recover with no additional complication.

President Obama made a statement saying that they would find who was responsible for placing this landmine and hold him accountable. They were discussing ways that they could solve the debt crisis, once again, during their third golfing trip together. Obama was quick to say that he wouldn’t let their political differences get in the way when it came to seeking justice for this horrendous crime which he assures will not go unpunished.

Some commentators, including Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity saying that whoever did this should get the death penalty. They have indicated that this type of terrorism should not be tolerated.

Charles Koch steps on a land mine four days after Boehner injury Washington Post March 19 2012
While golfing in Connecticut with his brother David and Scott Walker, Charles Koch stepped on another land mine that was located on the putting green. He is in critical condition but is expected to recover; they think that they will be able to save his leg; however they aren’t certain yet.

President Obama held a press conference yesterday afternoon to announce that this will be fully investigated and that he would not let his political differences with the Koch Brothers interfere with the quest for justice anymore than he will let it interfere with the search for the terrorist who placed the mine that cost Boener his foot. He said they would seriously consider the death penalty when the time comes but first they had to find the terrorist which he assured the public won’t take long.

As previously reported Scott Walker is becoming a lobbyist for the Koch brothers after being recalled as governor of Wisconsin. He has been meeting regularly with members of the Congress that consider him a martyr. Many watch dog groups have been criticizing this revolving door policy.

Security being increased across the country at golf courses and country clubs Wall Street Journal March 19 2012

Country clubs and golf courses around the country have been installing new security systems to enable them to have around the clock surveillance throughout the perimeter as well as in the neighboring areas close to the clubs. There has been some objection from the ACLU that they’re now monitoring the neighboring houses in addition to their own property and they claim that this is an invasion of privacy. The courts have upheld the right to put the cameras up due to the patriot act and the emergency situation with a mad bomber mining the golf clubs after both John Boehner and Charles Koch were seriously injured earlier this month.

The golf courses have, for the most part been vacant since these events. They have been conducting searches to find out if there are any more land mines in many areas where there were in adequate surveillance presence prior to the recent events to ensure that no one has entered the premises and placed more mines



Anti-landmine Protest ignored by the Mainstream Press Concerned Citizen Blogspot March 24 2012

There was a major march yesterday to protest against the fact that President Barack Obama still refuses to join the International Convention Banning Land Mines. There may have been as many as two thousand protestors and yet there was little or no mention of it in the Mainstream press. There were a few local stories reporting it but none of the national papers or TV stations covered it.

The protestors were objecting to the fact that in order to clear the mines from golf courses around the country, most of which didn’t have any, only one mine was found since the Boehner incident, they’ve taken the equipment that was being used around the world to remove mines in many areas where the poor were forced to work. These poor people didn’t have the option of waiting for the fields to be cleared and there are many more landmines in them. Past landmine clearance efforts have come to a halt while all the resources have been redirected to clear wealthier areas that have few if any mines and the most powerful government in the world still continues to support the use of mines for military purposes despite the fact that the vast majority of the people who are killed or injured are innocent civilians in poor countries.

Terrorist caught suspected of placing mines in Golf course Washington Times March 30 2012

Police have arrested a suspect, Joseph Scapgouty, in connection with the recent terrorist activities that have left Speaker Boehner and Charles Koch both seriously injured. After reviewing surveillance cameras in the area of the mining’s they found a suspect who was acting suspiciously a block from the course where Charles Koch was injured. After matching the photo up with immigration records they arrested a suspect from Nigeria that was here on a refugee VISA. He may have been a disgruntled refugee that blamed the USA for the problems he had in Nigeria. He also lost a foot and was walking on a prosthetic limb. He claims that this was lost in an incident in his homeland that involved a landmine. This incident was unconfirmed; however the prosecuting attorney said that even if it was true that it was no excuse and that he would be seeking the death penalty.

Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have raised some doubts about the claim that he was injured with a landmine; they say they suspect he was probably hit by a truck. The source for this claim appears to be Rush Limbaugh who has also doubted this claim and all three have indicated that they believe that the death penalty is justified.

Protests over speedy execution without due process ignored by the Mainstream Press Concerned Citizen Blogspot April 17 2013

Joseph Scapgouty was executed last night after a speedy trial that didn’t allow many mitigating circumstances to be presented to the jury and the appeals court refused to look closely at many of these issues. There were enormous protests around the country that received minimal amounts of media coverage in the traditional Mass Media; on the few occasion that they did mention it they failed to discuss how many diverse groups were raising many different issues that weren’t addressed. In addition to those who oppose the death penalty there were also many protestors objecting to the fact that the US is still not supporting the ban on landmines and they’re also citing the double standard that is being used when a poor person that has been victimized by these landmine is executed while many soldiers that distribute many more land mines that kill poor people go unpunished, and in many cases even get medals commending their activities.

There were also protestors objecting to the lack of evidence that the judges allow2ed on the behalf of the defendant. And there were many other protestors that were showing solidarity with the cause including those that wanted to stop sweat shop labor that is also victimizing many of the same poor people around the world; and anti-war protesters that are calling to end the calls for an imminent war that President Romney may be about the launch along with additional protestors that continue to cite the election irregularities that enabled Romney to claim the presidency after another election where a large number of votes were never counted and there were a record number of independent votes clearly indicating the dissatisfaction with the current political system.

OK maybe this hasn’t happened quite yet but according to the papers that I checked while um traveling into the future it just might unless something is done to change it.

Last week President Obama pardoned two turkeys; whether he ate a third one that didn’t get pardoned the next day or not, he didn’t pardon one single potential victim of landmines around the world anymore than he pardoned any potential victims of sweatshop labor around the world. Nor did he pardon any other victims of corporate fraud; instead as usual he continues to break the record when it comes to collecting funds for his campaign for reelection by hobnobbing with those that profit from the exploitation of these children; and of course John Boehner and most if not all other members of Congress follow suit while they pretend to have debates that don’t address any important issues. Clearly when he wishes the public a happy thanksgiving or Christmas he only means it when he is addressing a small percentage of the public.

To the rest of you excluding the Congress and the President I wish you Happy Holidays but see no need to buy things that don’t improve the quality of life for the majority when it is only being done to preserve the power and profits of the powerful.

The following are some sites that address problems with landmines and provided the pictures that have been used on this page:

Global Landmines Land-mines: A deadly inheritance Don’t Touch by Faye Wilson
Photographs by Tim Grant “Every 22 minutes another man, woman or child somewhere in the world will become a landmine victim.” slow?

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The following are the original replies when this was first posted on Open Salon.

Mining golf courses to blow up John Boehner? I think you just made the terrorist watch list Zachary.

Jack Heart November 28, 2011 11:54 AM

I imagine I've been on it for a while now; after all I haven't been buying the indoctrination attempts for quite a while. It wasn't long ago that they accused the NEA of being a terrorist organization.

zacherydtaylor November 28, 2011 12:02 PM

I loved Caddy Shack! So damn American! Hitting the long ball with the Dali Lama! Ah..Land Mines! How much do they suck? I cant think of a better place for them than a golf course, as long as the caddys get the day off.

Snowden November 28, 2011 12:25 PM

If I had thought of Caddy Shack I might have mentioned it. It seems to be the only location that would get the attention of those that make the decisions although I don't really think it would accomplish the desired goal it might draw attention from those that elect the corrupt politicians and spur action indirectly.

It's no joke for those in other parts of the world despite the fact that those in power continue to make lame excuses not to support a ban.

zacherydtaylor November 28, 2011 12:30 PM

Landmines have never been very popular even in military circles that use them, as its... not very sporting, if effective. IED's are just homemade landmines really.

Korea has been the concern, as that is such a close force to force situation, the argument has bee that you don't have a lot of time to stop the DPRK, unless you hold them with mines, and make them run through them, if, with Fuel Air and pre-planned artillery barrages, plus if one wanted, tactical nuclear weapons, one could avoid mines there, and the side effects of that globally are ugly, since they kill or maim non-combatants with such regularity. Even cluster bombs can be ... ugly that way as to non-detonated rounds used in a lawful, if war really is "lawful" ever really, but, used in a lawful strike on military targets with proportionality observed in the moment, but then, the area weapons used to deny... they don't all go off, and blow people's hands and feet off rather regularly. With fuel air, you can kill an area, in the moment, same as with super claymores, as to whether you really want them to go off on their own. If you have good sensors, and there is a lawful target, using such weapons might be better, although, it's still killing too, if soldiers don't have any say over that part.

Don Rich November 28, 2011 06:23 PM

Don, the excuse that they’re needed in Korea has always been lame bu8t your right that is what they claimed they needed it for going back at least to the nineties. However there is one important factor worth considering that tears apart even that lame excuse. At the e4nd of Clinton’s second term they negotiated a cooling off period with North Korea that could have quickly led to the loss of even that lame excuse; but then as soon as GW Bush got into office he arbitrarily decided he didn’t want to develop good relations with Korea and reversed all the progress that was made.

There is no excuse for landmines but since they’re used out of mind out of sight and they don’t affect those with political power they get by with their lame incompetent excuses only so long as the majority keeps their heads in the sand on the issue. Many military leaders have indicated that even if there ever was a practical use for land mines there no longer is especially with a military as sophisticated as the one the US has.

zacherydtaylor November 29, 2011 09:27 AM

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