Saturday, November 24, 2012

David Icke might not be so bad all the time.

I know David Icke has a lot of credibility problems with a lot of the things he says; however after stumbling across his website and looking at some of the things he says, or at least some of his photos, and posts I have come to the conclusion that he might not be so bad all the time; and he often gets things right although it will be necessary to check the facts in many cases.

As I said it will of course be advisable to use your own judgment when dealing with someone like David Icke, or anyone else but some of this is worth considering.

Furthermore if you compare him to some of the highest profile media spokespersons he may actually be much more credible than some of them even though some of the things he says are wacky. For example, Chris Mathews is considered much more credible by many people and he is presented as a credible source by the mass media but he often behaves like a demagogue who appeals to emotions and repeats the same things the rest of the establishment says, in many cases. Yet a check of the facts often makes it clear that he has been distorting the truth although it may not seem that way until you check the details. On the other hand, David Icke often comes up with absurd statements; some of the more extreme involve people turning into lizards which he considers a viable hypothesis; so you don’t expect credibility. But then occasionally he makes statements that are so obviously worth consideration that they stand on their merits even when they come from a source with no credibility. These are often things that the mainstream media doesn’t even consider.

David Icke hasn’t, to my knowledge, used appeals to emotions or intimidation to convince people to believe his theories; or at least he hasn't done what I would consider a good job appealing to emotions; and he has responded quite rationally to people who think he is nuts, even if he often may be; by saying, quite simply, “I don’t care.” No intimidation, so it is up to the viewer to use their own judgment.
However shortly after I originally posted this I noticed some of his comments about gun control. Reasonable advocacy for gun rights or reasonable gun control makes perfect sense, to me, and I suspect most of the public; however David Icke, has at times appeared to advocate for the extremist view that everyone including mentally ill people and people with violent records should easily be able to get guns. When this appeal to emotions is targeted at the irrational, even if I don't think it is a good appeal to emotion, it might work well to them. This is why, even though he does make some points that I consider good, when he isn't making colossal blunders it would be a good idea for someone to be watching his comments like the right wing watch.

The following are some of the links I obtained these from:

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You are overcooking the pudding, McAlpine, and more and more people are starting to see it

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