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Wal-Mart Crime report October 2014

Walmart has had their share of shootings this month as well as at least one hit and run which led to a SWAT stand off at the home of the person that left Walmart afterward. There were the usual number of bomb threats, which will inevitably rise more for the holidays; and one exceptionally detailed one where they demanded money be loaded onto a designated card. Don't they know that can be traced? Not that it matters; as usual when they didn't get what they wanted nothing happened. They also had another chase that resulted in a highway crash because of stolen baby formula.

I don't know if anyone is keeping track of how often major shootings or crashes result from petty theft, besides me I guess.

One of the Walmart employees that attempted to stop a shoplifter was pepper sprayed again. Another police video was shown on the internet where they tasered an elderly shoplifter raising doubts about how much trouble the police should go to arrest people for stealing from Walmart.

The people involved in the white collar crimes or suppressing wages and reducing consumers rights are practically never held to these standards, or even held accountable at all; if they were then perhaps this amount of force might be justifiable but there would probably be less crime or need for it, since white collar crime leads to more poverty and blue collar crime.

Grist has reported once again on how Walmart's attempt at green-washing is misleading like just about all of their other propaganda advertising. Their use of solar is a step in the right direction but proportionately it isn't nearly as much as many smaller businesses apparently; and others have reported that even if this is helpful it doesn't make up for the enormous amount of energy to ship products half way around the world or that it is lower quality and has to be replaced two or three times as often as many items used to be.

Someone in West Virginia apparently bought contaminated water that was tampered with. This is just one of many ways that Walmart has had problems with saboteurs of one sort or another. It is difficult to know why they get so many but there have been plenty of stories to indicate that a certain percentage of them are resentful about one of Walmart's policies or another.

This isn't limited to Walmart, of course, but the responses from Walmart often seem much more out of touch than many other stores, even other big-box stores. This is almost certainly because the decisions are made in the corporate office by people that probably don't know how they're carried out in the stores, or factories and they're carried out in a strict authoritarian manner. Their workers don't appear to use any discretion of their own; and their have been numerous stories to indicate that it is because their policies discourage that.

This could create a lot of problems with simple things like whether they need a receipt or not for returned items; which apparently some people have been taking stuff off the shelf and going to the return counter and getting credits without ever paying for them. Is this something that could only happen at Walmart?

If they still make profits with all these problems it is because they have been cutting so many corners with their imports that they have much larger mark ups than they used to. This has been reported in numerous books that have exposed their scandals and it comes with a cost in lower quality of merchandise which they couldn't compete with if the market wasn't divided up by big-box oligarchies.

This could also explain their latest embarrassment; their website has apparently been marketing "Fat Girl Costumes;" or at least they were until the inevitable outrage spread through the internet. The initial response was an obvious automated response by someone that didn't seem to understand what was happening, or perhaps didn't care.

If you were the one that worked there and heard about this would you care?

Would you wonder what now or what next?

Apologizes for "Islamic" Halloween costume?

Perhaps what's next could be an HIV infected person threatening to infect their loss prevention officers over eleven dollars worth of merchandise; or perhaps that was the last crazy thing to happen there.

Some one did what with a stuffed animal at Walmart? And put it back??

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in October 2014. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Sevierville Tenn. police looking for suspects in jewelry theft from Walmart 10/01/2014

Police: Thefts at Two Walmart Pa. Stores Connected 10/01/2014

Couple harassed by men with rifle in Tx. Walmart parking lot 10/01/2014

Judge dismisses lawsuit over Sioux Falls SD Wal-Mart 10/01/2014

Walmart responds to BCI report 10/01/2014

Marysville police investigate shooting at Washington State Walmart parking lot 10/01/2014

String of Ill. Walmart thefts may have come to end 10/01/2014

Police arrest man who threatened Rio Rancho NM Walmart patrons 10/01/2014

Teen arrested after Pa. Walmart bomb threat 10/01/2014 The suspect has been charged with “threat to use weapons of mass destruction” and “terroristic threats.”

Deputies: Man stole security cams from St. Pete Fla. Walmart 10/01/2014

Naples Fla. man steals over 40 items from Walmart 10/0/2014

Report: Woman charged with drug possession after stealing Halloween decorations at Ga. Walmart 10/01/2014

Suspect attempts to stab Va. Walmart employee 10/01/2014

Two RI women accused of shoplifting spree at North Attleboro Ma. Walmart 10/01/2014

Three wanted for stealing TV from Virginia Beach Walmart 10/02/2014

Police, Wal-Mart partner to reduce crime in Burlington NC 10/02/2014

Mother and son accused of stealing electronics from Casper Wy. Wal-Marts 10/02/2014

Fire at Ruthrauff Ariz. Walmart extinguished, store remains closed 10/03/2014

Judge: Man who attacked with hatchet in Marshall Tx. Wal-Mart insane 10/03/2014

Police: Thieves try to rip off Winter Haven Fla. Walmart 10/03/2014

Snake hitches a ride to Ohio Walmart 10/03/2014

Man running from Ill. Wal-Mart jumps onto hood of a car 10/03/2014

Person wanted for shoplifting from Tabb Va. Walmart 10/03/2014

Wal-Mart Plan Generating Lots of Comments to Iowa Politicians 10/03/2014

Siblings charged with stealing iPads from Monroe NJ Walmart 10/03/2014

New video and pictures from Beavercreek Ohio Wal-Mart shooting 10/03/2014

Open Carry rally held in front of Beavercreek Ohio Walmart 10/05/2014

Protestors block police entrance after Beavercreek Walmart meeting 10/08/2014

Officers in riot gear at Walmart shooting protest 10/08/2014

Walmart security guard beaten during robbery in Greensboro NC 10/03/2014

Bomb threat at Rosemead Ca. Walmart proves unfounded 10/03/2014

Colorado Walmart customer finds razor-sharp blade in pumpkin 10/03/2014 Cassidy York and her mother started their trip Friday to the Rimrock Walmart hoping to find a great pumpkin, with Halloween just a month away. Instead they say they got more of a scare,..

Tracy Morgan hits back at Walmart 10/03/2014

Midtown Anchorage Alaska Wal-Mart warned by APD about excessive nuisance calls 10/05/2014 He said the CAP team has found, through surveillance, "Wal-Mart is selling a significant amount of alcohol to these chronic inebriates," and the number of calls for service to the store have spiked significantly.

Janesville Wisc. Walmart closed for bomb threat 10/06/2014

Brodhead man accused of bomb threat to Janesville Wisc. Wal-Mart 10/15/2014

Police Blotter: Possession with intent to distribute in Denville; disorderly conduct outside Hanover NJ Walmart 10/05/2014

San Leandro Ca.: Two suspected shoplifters in custody after shooting at Walmart 10/06/2014

SAN LEANDRO -- Two suspected shoplifters were arrested after one opened fire on security guards at a Walmart on Sunday night, police said.

One of the suspects was injured during the scuffle, but not seriously, San Leandro police Lt. Robert McManus said. Neither suspect, nor any customers or Walmart employees, were hit by gunfire.

Although police initially said they were seeking a third suspect, they later reported that the two in custody were the only ones involved in the shooting. Police did not identify the suspects, saying only that they were both San Leandro residents, ages 18 and 39.

The shooting happened about 11:40 p.m. at the store in the 1900 block of Davis Street. Two security guards, dressed in plain clothes, spotted the suspects taking items off shelves and going past the cash registers without trying to pay, McManus said. Complete article

Suspects in San Leandro Ca. Walmart shooting, robbery charged with attempted murder 10/07/2014

Mayor: No one on Cedar Rapids Iowa council supports new Wal-Mart proposal 10/06/2014

Parents say man exposed himself to young girls at Charlotte NC Walmart .... Again 10/06/2014

Walmart to offer health insurance shopping 10/06/2014

BOLO Alert issued for man accused of Missoula Montana Walmart attack 10/06/2014

KPD: Man wanted for felony shoplifting at Fort Henry Drive Tenn. Walmart 10/06/2014

Former prisoner from Kent County allegedly uses crowbar in Fruitport Mich. Wal-Mart smash-and-grab 10/07/2014

Robber Makes Off With Pills from Tenn. Walmart Pharmacy 10/07/2014

Wal-Mart cuts health benefits for 30,000 part-timers (Video) 10/08/2014

Man leaves Wal-Mart with a stranger's purse, Mobile Alabama police ask for help identifying him 10/08/2014

Man arrested after allegedly trying to steal two TVs from Fla. Wal-Mart 10/08/2014

Police Bust Spider-Man Shoplifting Suspect After Joy Ride in Ohio Walmart Power Chair 10/08/2014

No explosives found in Cottonwood Ariz. Walmart bomb threat 10/08/2014

Accused 'eyeshadow thief' arrested again for shoplifting at Ark. Walmart 10/08/2014

Woman attacked outside Ariz. Walmart files lawsuit 10/09/2014 Tucson Police public records show the address has an extensive history of crime reports, before the attack. Watkins says, "We found that there were over 450 police calls to the 455 Wetmore location, in just a two year period."

Pinellas County Fla. deputies looking for Wal-Mart attempted shoplifting suspects 10/09/2014

Man charged with multiple TV thefts at Ill. Wal-Mart 10/09/2014

Tiffin arrested, charged with arson in Sept. 5 fire at Ohio Walmart Supercenter 10/09/2014

Robber with gun grabs money at Crowley Tx. Walmart 10/09/2014

Why Walmart Workers Losing Healthcare Might Not Be Bad 10/10/2014

Bomb Threat At Nebraska City Walmart 10/10/2014

Woman pepper-sprays Ga. Walmart employee, escapes with cart full of stolen goods 10/10/2014

DULUTH, GA (CBS46) - Duluth police are looking for a woman who stole several items at a Walmart and pepper-sprayed an employee so she could escape.

The incident occurred just after 6 a.m. Oct. 8 at the Walmart in the 2600 block of Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, according to police.

Authorities said that an employee approached the woman as she was leaving the store with a cart full of stolen goods, which is when she used the pepper spray. Complete article

Crossville Tenn. Police search for suspect in connection with Walmart theft 10/10/2014

Ky. Woman allegedly stole $15,000 in Walmart gift cards to pay for heroin 10/10/2014

Hudson NH Police Seek Woman Wanted For Wal-Mart Return Scam 10/11/2014

Police: Suspicious backpack found outside Pasadena Tx. Walmart 10/11/2014

Two charged with trying to steal items from Fla. Wal-Mart 10/11/2014

Fire forces evacuation of Spring Tx. Walmart 10/12/2014

Reported Robbery Sends Police to Nebraska Walmart 10/12/2014

Three wanted for theft at Walmart on Nimmo Pkwy Virginia Beach Va. 10/13/2014

Man jailed following arrest at Fl;a. Wal-Mart 10/13/2014

3 thieves ripoff Ill. Walmart 10/13/2014

Suspects Sought in Tenn. Walmart Theft 10/13/2014

Sheriff’s reports: Bomb threat at Commerce Mich. Walmart 10/13/2014

Denver Colorado police trying to ID attempted shoplifting suspect accused of assaulting Walmart employees 10/13/2014

Michael Brown protesters attempt to shut down Maplewood Missouri Wal-Mart 10/13/2014

Person wanted for stealing from Yorktown Va. Walmart 10/14/2014

Persons of interest wanted in Tx. Walmart store fire 10/14/2014

Police: Man arrested for exposure involving a stuffed animal in Brooksville Fla. Walmart 10/14/2014

A Hernando County 19-year-old used a stuffed animal to masturbate in a Wal-Mart on Tuesday, then put the “soiled” toy back on the shelf, Brooksville police said.

Sean Johnson, of Lake Panasoffkee, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at the store, 7305 Broad St.

His actions were recorded on surveillance video, police said. Complete article

Family robbed at gunpoint at Murfreesboro Tenn. Walmart, Suspects wanted 10/14/2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Murfreesboro police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying suspects who robbed a family in a Walmart parking lot.

The incident happened Saturday, Oct. 11 at the store on South Rutherford Boulevard.

Police said the family, a couple and their young son, was robbed before they could leave their parking space. Complete article

Deadly assault at Yulee Fla. Wal-Mart leads to SWAT standoff; suspect found dead inside home 10/14/2014

YULEE | A grudge ignited nearly a decade ago over a job loss exploded into violence Tuesday that ended with one man killed in a Wal-Mart parking lot and the other dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

Allen James Fourtunia, 59, blamed supervisors for losing his job at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in 2005, and a random encounter Tuesday with one of those bosses ended in death, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Fourtunia ran over Steven G. Swan, 53, in the parking lot of a super Wal-Mart on Florida 200 in Yulee, so angry that he got out of his car and kicked and punched Swan before driving off. Swan was taken to UF Health Jacksonville where he died. Complete article

Video Captures Police Tasering Suspected Shoplifter Near Lakeside Colorado Wal-Mart 10/14/2014

LAKESIDE, Colo. (CBS4) - A video that shows police tasering a suspected shoplifter has prompted complaints that officers used too much force in subduing an older man.

The incident began on Friday afternoon when security guards at the Wal-Mart in Lakeside pursued a man they thought stole from the store. Lakeside police chased the suspect across the street into Wheat Ridge to a dumpster where he was hiding.

A bystander videotaped the suspect emerging from behind the dumpster when police attempted to force his arms behind his back.

“I just pulled out my phone and started recording,” Pete Ortega said. His video was posted to Facebook, where some commenters said it was clear the police should have used more discretion.

“You probably have over 700, 800 pounds of police force there, and there’s a 60-year-old man there that probably weighs a buck-fifty, and you’ve got to pull the taser out to take him down? I just don’t think it was right,” Ortega said. Complete article

Jersey City man attempts to shoplift two cell phones from Bayonne NJ Walmart: police 10/15/2014

Surveillance image shows man stealing TV from Mich. Walmart, deputies say 10/15/2014

13 Investigates: EPA reveals details of PCB test results at Ind. Walmart warehouse 10/15/2014

Arrests after Ca. Walmart burglary of stolen baby formula pursuit and crash 10/15/2014

NATIONAL CITY — Suspects in a Walmart robbery led police on a short chase before the driver lost control of their getaway car and overturned on west state Route 94 Wednesday, National City police said.

Employees told police about 11:30 a.m. that a man who had robbed the store on Highland Avenue in a prior incident had stolen baby formula, police Sgt. Alex Hernandez said. The suspected thief got into a white, four-door Impala that was waiting outside and it sped off.

Police arrived just as the car was leaving, Hernandez said. The 22-year-old driver raced onto north Interstate 5, then north Interstate 15 and east Route 94 before exiting on Euclid Avenue. She then got back onto Route 94, headed west, and attempted to merge onto north Interstate 805 when she lost control of the car and crashed.

The car flipped off the freeway and landed upside down. Officers pursuing her said she was driving, at times, about 100 mph. Complete article

San Leandro Ca. Police Seek Man Suspected Of Inappropriately Touching Girls At Target, Walmart 10/15/2014

Several St. Louis Missouri area Walmart locations locked-up ammunition during weekend protests 10/16/2014

Wal-Mart lowers revenue outlook for year 10/15/2014 Shares of Wal-Mart closed down 3.6 percent, their worst one-day drop in nearly two years.

Low-Wage Workers To Protest Outside Walmart Billionaire Alice Walton's NYC Home 10/16/2014

Officials: 'All clear' at Northport Alabama Walmart after bomb threat 10/16/2014

Panhandler arrested after fight over turf at Montana Wal-Mart 10/16/2014

Woman steals 67-year-old's necklace in Delaware Walmart parking lot 10/16/2014

South Dade Fla. Walmart Project Could Kill Endangered Species 10/17/2014

South Jordan Utah cops nab Wal-Mart robbers in 20 minutes 10/17/2014

Banned from Walmart: Port St. Lucie Fla. police say man recorded images of women's panties 10/17/2014

Cocaine charge for man who was allegedly stealing from Walmart in Rantoul Ill. 10/17/2014

Woman hit by car, killed in Nevada Wal-Mart parking lot 10/17/2014

Ky. Wal-Mart employee injured in hit-and-run 10/17/2014

Suspect sought in theft of wallet at Waveland Mississippi Wal-Mart 10/19/2014

Man arrested for video voyeurism after woman says he took cellphone photo up her skirt at Jacksonville Fla. Wal-Mart 10/20/2014

Woman punched in face, knocked to ground during predawn robbery at Hoover Alabama Walmart 10/20/2014

HOOVER, Alabama - Police are searching for two men who robbed a woman of her vehicle early today at a Hoover Walmart.

The holdup happened about 4:30 a.m. at the Walmart on U.S. 280, said Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector. The 49-year-old victim had left the store and was approaching her 2011 Ford Flex when one man tried to take her purse.

When she resisted, one of the men punched her in the face and knocked her to the ground. They took her keys and then fled in the Ford Flex, which had license plate number 1849AN0. Complete article

Algonquin Wal-Mart evacuated after bomb threat 10/20/2014

Deputies investigate rifle theft at Va. Walmart 10/21/2014

Domestic altercation leads to stabbing in Nevada Walmart parking lot 10/21/2014

Police seek man who flashed teen girl at SC Wal-Mart 10/21/2014

Police: Josh Young charged with shoplifting at Ky. Walmart 10/22/2014

Man accused of killing mother in Massachusetts arrested in Belmont NC Walmart 10/22/2014

Police Blotter: Urinating in front of Walmart in Hanover NJ 10/21/2014

Police: Man Took Upskirt Photo at SC Walmart 10/22/2014

Alleged Colorado Walmart purse snatchers caught 10/22/2014

Westfield Mass. police seek public's help in ID'ing Walmart larceny suspect 10/22/2014

Man stabbed near downtown Long Beach Ca. Walmart 10/22/2014

Peoria man gets 23 years for armed robbery in East Peoria Ill. Walmart parking lot 10/22/2014

Police: Woman stole wallet, used cards at Fla. Walmart 10/23/2014

Mechanic Falls woman killed by tractor-trailer in Auburn Me. Walmart parking lot 10/23/2014

Havre Montana Walmart bomb scare ends without incident 10/23/2014

Man who phoned in Ga. Walmart bomb threat wanted $2,500 08/23/2014

The man who phoned in a Wednesday bomb threat to the Lexington Road Walmart was hoping to extort $2,500 from the store, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

No update on the investigation into the threat was available Thursday from police, but a report on the incident itself had been filed by a responding officer. According to that report, the man, described as “Asian,” based on “a strong accent that was apparent when he talked,” called the store shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday. According to the report, he was “asking for five Green Dot VISA cards,” reloadable debit cards available at Walmart, and he wanted each of the cards loaded with $500.

The store’s evening shift manager told police “she heard the man state that if (Walmart) did not load the cards or if they evacuated the building or let the police know what was going on, he would blow up the building.”

The caller went on to say that if his request was not met in an hour, “the (Walmart) building would be blown,” a threat he made repeatedly as he spoke on the phone with an assistant manager. At one point, the caller said the bomb was located “in the center of the building or on the side of the building,” according to the police report. ...

During the time he was on the phone, the man set a number of incremental deadlines for loading the money onto the cards, but “(e)very time he would give a certain amount of time to load the Visa cards the time would expire and nothing would occur,” according to the police report. ....

According to media reports, bomb threats are regularly phoned in to Walmart stores. On Wednesday, as Athens-Clarke County authorities were dealing with the local bomb threat, authorities in Havre, Montana, were also dealing with a threat aimed at a Walmart. An Air Force bomb disposal unit searched the store and adjacent areas, but found nothing. Complete article

Neenah Wisc. woman ruled competent in 2013 Walmart shooting 10/23/2014

Should You Do All of Your Shopping at Walmart? 10/24/2014

Video surveillance photos lead to capture of Hoover Alabama Walmart robbery and assault suspects 10/24/2014

Sex offender charged with exposing himself at Burlington NC Walmart 10/24/2014

Meth pipe found in SD Walmart dressing room 10/24/2014

Man accused of leaving Fla. Wal-Mart with cart full of unpaid 10/24/2014

Walmart isn’t really green, just really big 10/24/2014

Please don’t mistake Walmart’s bigness for greenness. Thank you.

On Tuesday, Slate proclaimed that “Walmart is killing the rest of corporate America in solar power adoption” because the company leads the nation in total “installed capacity” — in essence, it has installed more solar panels than anyone else. In reality, Wally World is a greenwashed clean-energy laggard owned by a family that funds anti-solar groups.

Slate’s data, which show that Walmart has more than double the megawatts of second-place Kohl’s, comes from the Solar Energy Industry Association, a U.S. trade group. But in that same report, Walmart ranked 11th (out of an undisclosed list of megacorporations) in the proportion of facilities with solar power, at just 5 percent. (For comparison, a small business with one facility and one solar installation would score 100 on that test.)

In all, solar, wind, and biomass accounts for just 3 percent of Walmart’s total U.S. electricity use, according to data from the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. And less than one-fifth of the renewable energy the company purchases from offsite is third-party certified, meaning we just have to take Walmart’s word for it. More than 200 organizations in the EPA program meet 100 percent of their electricity use with green sources, including fellow retail giants Whole Foods, Staples, and Kohl’s. Complete article

Yuma Ariz. Wal-Mart evacuated after bomb threat 10/25/2014

Man accused of trying to steal TV from Fla. Wal-Mart 10/25/2014

Victim speaks out about Orange Co. Fla. Wal-Mart robbery attack 10/25/2014

Alleged incident at Ky. Wal-Mart leaves man facing sexual abuse charges 10/24/2014

Shoplifter caught at Id. Walmart 10/26/2014

Silver Spring Twp. police search for two women accused of Pa. Wal-Mart retail theft 10/26/2014

Suffolk Va. Police investigating shoplifting case at Wal-Mart 10/26/2014

Police: Man stole from NC Walmart 10/27/2014

Contaminated WV Walmart Water? 10/27/2014

Over the weekend, one family's Saturday started off with a little yard work and ended in the emergency room. A man was taken to the hospital after drinking a bottle of Sam's Choice water that was purchased from the Walmart in Elkins.

"Saturday afternoon my husband was working in the garage. He came up, got a water out of his cooler, and chugged the majority of the water. Then he realized it wasn't water. He came in the house and said 'What is this?' It smelled like cleaning solution," said Patricia Cunningham.

The Cunninghams immediately called poison control. They told John to drink lots of water and then they went to Davis Health System and United Hospital Center just to be safe. At UHC John got a blood and urine test done.

"They did say his kidneys were down and that he had blood in his urine," said Cunningham.

Cunningham purchased a 15-pack of Sam's Choice water from the Walmart in Elkins. Three bottles were cloudy and foamed when you shook them, while the others seemed like normal water. Complete article

Man shot, killed in Colorado Walmart parking lot 10/27/2014

ARAPAHOE COUNTY - A 54-year-old man is in custody after a 61-year-old man was shot and killed in a Walmart parking lot Monday night.

Police say the suspect, identified as Daniel Fougner, was a transient.

The shooting happened at around 8:45 p.m. at the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot located at 1412 South Parker Rd. Complete article

Flasher strikes for third time at Arboretum NC Walmart 10/28/2014

McCandless Pa. citizens group fighting Walmart store loses one round 10/28/2014

Walmart's Website Featured a Section of 'Fat Girl Costumes' before they apologized 10/27/2014

Retail giant Walmart is reaching out to the plus size market in an ill-advised way this Halloween: by offering online shoppers a section of "Fat Girl Costumes."

This tip comes to us from a reader, who was hunting high and low for a Halloween costume when she turned to Walmart, because sometimes desperation makes us do strange things. That's when she noticed that the retail giant was helpfully directing her towards the section for "fat girl costumes."

As of this morning, the Fat Girl section is still up; it features a lot of the same outfits as the Women's Plus Size Adult section, which makes us think some web developer created the section as a "hilarious" joke and then neglected to change it. At least one person has complained about it to Walmart on Twitter, where they got a very polite, very general, only slightly robotic apology: Complete article

Man trying to shoplift food pepper sprays SD Walmart employees, then flees 10/28/2014

Bismarck ND Police trying to identify alleged scammer 10/28/2014

Shoppers upset after Walmart refuses to give them $100 gift cards they bought for $10 10/28/2014 "This mistake is being made by a person putting together a button on a web site, these kinds of mistakes are more and more common," Tiede said.

OhioWalmart worker accused of reducing prices 10/29/2014

NC Walmart 2013 shooting suspect gets nearly 98 years 10/29/2014

Albuquerque NM police looking for 3 suspects who stole cash drop safe from Wal-Mart Wed. morning 10/29/2014

Woman Arrested for Smashing Displays at Gainesville Fla. Walmart 10/30/2014

Wal-Mart to close 30 underperforming stores in Japan 10/30/2014

North Kingstown Police look for man who exposed himself in RI Wal-Mart 10/30/2014

Man robbed Utah Walmart with sawed-off rifle, police say 10/30/2014

RIVERDALE, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) - Police arrested a man who robbed a Walmart early Thursday morning.

According to police reports Justin Adams walked into the Riverdale Walmart just before 2 a.m. on Thursday with a sawed-off rifle demanding money.

"Usually these type of aggravates robberies are with hand guns or some other type of weapon like knives," said Lt. James Ebert with the Riverdale Police Department. "He had the gun in the backpack with the zipper undone so you can see it if you looked inside the back pack." Complete article

HIV Positive Woman Tried to Infect Wal-Mart Employee: Police 10/30/2014

Dallas police say a woman who tried to shoplift $11 worth of frozen food from Wal-Mart threatened to infect an employee with HIV.

According to a police report, Diamond Lawrence, 25, attempted to walk out of the Forest Lane Wal-Mart Tuesday afternoon with the food when she was confronted by the employee.

While Lawrence was being escorted back into the store, the worker said Lawrence bragged about being HIV positive, saying "I can infect whomever I please."

Officers said Lawrence was wearing a medical wristband that identified her as having HIV.

Shortly after that, officers said Lawrence struck the Wal-Mart associate in the face, then scratched his neck, in what police believe was a deliberate attempt to draw blood and expose him to the virus. Complete article

Bomb Threat shuts down Tx. Walmart 10/30/2014

Addicts target Ind. Wal-Mart in shoplifting scheme 10/30/2014

INDIANAPOLIS - Feeding a heroin addiction often means addicts resort to stealing – from friends, family and businesses.

For former heroin addict Ashley Milburn, it meant a shoplifting scheme involving a group of women earning hundreds of dollars a day illicitly by scamming Wal-Mart.

Milburn, now serving time behind bars, spoke to Call 6 Investigator Rafael Sanchez about how she used to steal from the big box retailer – and how she's sure her fellow heroin users are still going about it.

The key to the scam: Wal-Mart's no-receipt policy for returns.

"I'd take the headlights [from the automotive section]," Milburn said. "I would take them to the customer service desk and return them to get a Wal-Mart gift card. There are a couple of pawn shops that buy the gift cards, so I'd take them there, get cash and buy some drugs." Complete article

Wal-Mart bringing Black Friday to Halloween weekend 10/31/2014

Mother and children targeted outside a Fresno Ca. Walmart 10/30/2014

Police say the suspect cased the store looking for someone who wouldn't fight back or couldn't. He picked a mom, with two kids.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police say it was a stunning robbery in which the suspect targeted the most vulnerable victim, a mother with two young children.

The robbery happened at the Walmart in Southeast Fresno on Kings Canyon at about five o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the suspect cased the store looking for someone who wouldn't fight back or couldn't. He picked a mom, with two kids. And the best witness was a picture perfect surveillance camera. Complete article

Rincon Ga. Police: Not-so-nice neighbors and 3 different cases of sticky fingers at Walmart 10/31/2014

Gilbert Ariz. Walmart manager writes book about working retail 10/31/2014

Man fleeing Fla. Walmart security carries toddler into pond 10/31/2014

Woman robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of a metro Okla. Walmart, police looking for suspect 10/31/2014

Lufkin Tx. Police officers arrest man suspected of Walmart arson 10/31/2014

Walmart apologizes for "Islamic" Halloween costume 10/31/2014

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