Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to create a monster

Start by abusing your child. Occasionally slap him when he gets older make the beatings more violent.

If he fights back hit him even harder. After a while he will become nervous and scared of you, when this happens it is a matter of time before he gets nervous and does something stupid. When this happens give him a break instead of hitting him again laugh at him and humiliate him a little bit. If he cries threaten to give him something to cry about. This is good since when ever he tries to think things through and discuss things you can hit him. This way he will learn to settle everything with violence. When he goes to school he may be very nervous so the other older abused children will sense this and they may take out their anger by bullying him. When this happens and he comes home beat up blame him not the bully. Tell him he should have stood up for himself and teach him to fight so you can have a tough kid you can be proud of. If he gets in trouble later in school and the teachers call you and ask you to discipline him you can downplay it then reluctantly agree to hold him accountable.

When you punish him make sure he knows he is being punished for being caught not for causing trouble itself. This way he’ll learn to hide it and avoid getting caught next time. An occasional compliment for winning a fight would be a good idea. You might also want to cheer him on if you ever see him abusing animals. It would help if you gave him positive feedback for something and this is as good as any other thing. Feel free to demonstrate so that the kid could get the idea from you to begin with. It would also be a good idea to beat up your wife a little so that he learns that kind of behavior is acceptable. Teaching the kid to blame minorities for all the problems in the world will be a good idea too. It doesn’t matter whether the minorities deserve any blame or not in fact it may be better if they don’t as long as you keep repeating it often enough not only will you convince your kid that it’s true but you’ll reinforce your own belief that it is true. Teach him all kinds of superstitions and mix this up with mythology so he won’t be able to sort out right from wrong. Neglect him when you feel like drinking and when you punish him for something make sure it isn’t consistent and it is often over trivial things and done in an emotional way.

If you’re the mother of a child being raised like this you can do your part to by verbally abusing him to and telling the kid all this abuse is for his own good. You can also join in on the abuse especially when the kid is smaller so he still can’t stand up to you. In fact it would be much easier if you made sure you started beating him while he is still you otherwise he might realize he can fight back. Of course he may eventually be able to fight back any way when he gets bigger so you have to be ready to find more effective ways to keep him under your power. Otherwise you’ll just have to get rid of him which might not be to bad an idea since then someone else will have to deal with the monster you created. At that point you might want to think about places to put the blame because you certainly won’t want to take it yourself.

If the child is a girl be sure to treat her just as abusively after all with woman’s lib movement woman have just as much right to become monsters as men. This means they have just as much right to be abused as a child. If this isn’t new ignore it after all we don’t need to let inconvenient facts get in the way when trying to create a monster.

If there are discussions about stopping violence be sure to join in and dispute anything that might help address the situation in a rational manner. It would be a good idea to propose all kinds of ideas that are counterproductive and do much more harm than good. Ideas that are tough to implement and wait for the last minute will do the trick nicely. After all why should you settle for creating just one just one monster when you can help preserve a system that creates many.

Most important of all don’t let anybody know that you are trying to create a monster; the best way to do this is to avoid telling even yourself. Keep in mind if you let others know how to create a monster they might interpret this as things to avoid doing to prevent violence. If you can convince yourself of your own B.S. stories that would be ideal. If you don’t know how to this you may have missed your opportunity you should have gone through this same training as a child.

First posted on tripod on 09/04/09

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