Monday, March 2, 2015

Wal-Mart Crime report February 2015

Texas has their share of interesting activities at Walmart.

And at least one person has creative ways of dealing with bad customer service from tax preparers there. She head butted her and started a brawl that made national attention.

At least two Walmarts had chemical scares this month. One of them said it was an "Unfounded" carbon monoxide scare but they took six employees to the hospital "for further evaluation" and offered no explanation why this would be necessary if it was "unfounded." The other one was apparently a real chemical spill and it sent 4 to hospital

Another manager was fired after being overly aggressive in pursuing a shoplifter. This is a semi-routine event yet the managers keep saying they have the impression that they're encouraged to do what it takes to stop shoplifters, even though Walmart repeatedly says it is a violation of their policies. As usual no effort is made to explain this. They took another poll which often accompanies these discussion and the people overwhelmingly though that he shouldn't have been fired.

However they didn't discuss why they have such a big problem with shoplifting or whether or not the design of their stores, or anything else might be contributing to it. It doesn't take a genius to look at how open many of them are and that there is an easy opportunity to get past the door that many shoplifters can easy recognize. This is a major reason why they have a large number of people walking out with entire shopping carts full. Stores never used to be designed this way and some still aren't.

Instead one of the commentators claimed that it was in the customers best interest to stop these shoplifters since it would result in higher prices. This might be true if they passed their savings on to customers, and the same argument could be made for better employee pay; however Walmart and other oligarchies rarely ever do that although there is propaganda indicating they would.

There were at least five separate shooting incidents at Walmarts this month and at least three of them resulted in at least one death. One of them was killed by a police officer. Another shooting incident, which didn't result in any deaths only involved a BB gun but this was stolen from the store during the incident.

This isn't the first time an armed robber didn't even bother bringing his own gun, real or not, to rob the place. This also implies that even after John Crawford III was shot in a misunderstanding they still aren't doing a good job securing their BB guns.

In an argument in Maine someone who said he was a military veteran and could “level them,” over a parking spot. there was also at least one purse snatching where a 66 year old woman was dragged trying to stop him. Most of the less dramatic purse snatching probably don't get reported as widely but they're probably still far less common than the shoplifting incidents. There has also been reports of exceptionally high car break ins at an East Oakland Ca. Walmart.

Walmart has been exposed for outrageous business practices in the Mexican farms they buy from. This was apparently widely reported in the LA area where the LA Times is more widely read but it received little or no national attention. The first I heard of it was when Walmart and Mexico said they weren't tolerating this type of activity and were acting on it.

This is typical of the way they respond to these events, only after they're widely reported and if they follow past behavior patterns follow up reports might indicate they only do a minimum amount of improvements if they can get away with it or try to minimize coverage.

They also increased pay but labor groups are insisting that it isn't enough and they're only doing this because it is impacting service and costing them business.

Wal-Mart is Suing Texas for Right to Sell Liquor. They claim it is interfering with free enterprise; this isn't the first time they've made such a claim but they never seem to see any problem with restoring monopolies or the closest thing they can get to that, with the help of their political connections as an interference with free enterprise.

That would of course involve acknowledging inconvenient facts or possibilities.

A woman was apparently kidnapped from Mississippi Walmart, held hostage in tent for a couple of days before escaping. This isn't Walmart's doing, of course, but it is indicative of many of the problems that are happening in abandoned parts of the country that receive little or no attention unless something extreme happens. If these problems were addressed before they escalated then reforms could almost certainly reduce many of them. Unfortunately the only thing the government seems to be interested in is increasing profits for corporations that donate to campaigns and finance the media with their misleading advertising.

Another woman who had a fight with a family member while moving apparently decided to bring her rental trailer to Walmart and inform an employee that there was C-4 explosive in it. As usual it was a bluff.

They almost all are.

Apparently it is easier for angry people to say there is a bomb than to actually figure out how to build one and blow it up. Otherwise Walmart would almost certainly have blown up much more often, instead of getting so many false alarms and rare occasions where there is a soda-pop bomb.

A couple of teens shot young and old people with Blow darts in Texas.

Texas Walmarts have their share of interesting activities.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. For regular updates about events at Walmart through the month see Walmart Watch on twitter. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in February 2015. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Police call a SD Walmart bomb threat Friday a misunderstanding 01/20/2015

Two face felony charges in Belleville Walmart purse thefts 02/01/2015

Puppy Rescued From Snowbank Outside Pa. Wal-Mart 02/02/2015

Albuquerque NM police responds to bomb threat at Coors-Rio Bravo Walmart 02/02/2015

Bomb Threat Forces Omaha Nebraska Walmart Evacuation 02/03/2015

Anonymous tips lead to arrest of North Adams man who threatened Mass. Walmart clerk with knife, police say 02/03/2015

Grand theft reported at Walmart in Paramount Ca. 02/02/2015

Man arrested, accused of shoplifting at Greensboro NC Wal-Mart 02/02/2015

Forbes: Wal-mart, Target and others under fire for selling bogus supplements 02/03/2015 The entire supplement industry has turned into a marketing scam as described in "Food Politics" by Marion Nestle (not related to Nestle corporation).

Police: Man exposed himself to woman in Statesville NC Walmart 02/03/2015

Police: Teen led police on chase ending in a crash after man attacked, robbed in Shelby NC Walmart parking lot 02/03/2015

Man steals woman's purse at Walmart in Port St. Lucie Fla. 02/03/2015

Police try to ID Williston Vt. Wal-Mart vandalism suspects 02/03/2015

Walmart in Seabrook NH closes due to snow on roof 02/03/2015

Crime Stoppers: Man steals woman's purse in Nebraska Walmart 02/03/2015

Breastfeeding moms hold nurse-in at Glenpool Okla. Walmart 02/03/2015

Traffic congestion snarls around new Missouri Wal-Mart store 02/04/2015

Couple steals from Wisc. Walmart, arrested when they return for more 02/04/2015

Police: Man had heroin, syringes at NY Walmart 02/04/2015

Shoplifters flee Myrtle Beach SC Wal-Mart, no arrests made 02/04/2015

Myrtle Beach SC Wal-Mart employee reports beer, underwear theft 02/04/2015

Wal-Mart driver loses bid in NJ Morgan crash lawsuit 02/04/2015

Police hunt for Fla. Walmart purse-snatching duo 02/04/2015

Unfounded carbon monoxide scare shuts down Middletown Delaware Walmart 02/04/2015

The Middletown Walmart was evacuated over a carbon monoxide scare that ultimately turned out to be unfounded, police said.

Middletown police and fire crews arrived at the the 700 block of Warwick Road at 12:15 p.m. after an unknown odor was reported in the pharmacy area of the store.

Authorities said they and fire crews found no trace of elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

Six employees were taken by ambulance to the hospital for further evaluation. Complete article

Man arrested for attempted purse thefts at Winston-Salem NC Walmarts 02/04/2015

$20,000 in Cell Phones Stolen from Russellville Arkansas Walmart 02/04/2015

Charges: In freezing cold, drunk man brought kid without jacket or shoes to Minn. Walmart 02/04/2015

Poll: Should an Alabama Wal-Mart manager punched by a shoplifter have lost his job? 02/04/2015

An Alabama Wal-Mart manager was fired recently for chasing after and confronting a shoplifter attempting to steal thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise from the Prattville store.

While trying to stop the shoplifter last month, Don Watson, who served as the night manager, says he was hit in the face, but managed to recover the property. Nearby security personnel helped subdue the suspect until police could arrive.

Watson thought he was just doing his job in trying to reduce shoplifting at the store. Watson worked for Wal-Mart for five years, the last year at the Prattville store.

Wal-Mart, however, said Watson's actions were "gross misconduct." Complete article

Poll results: Overwhelming Majority says Alabama Wal-Mart manager punched by shoplifter shouldn't have lost job 02/05/2015

Cheese thieves: couple accused of stealing 57 blocks of cheese from Tenn. Walmart 02/04/2015

Va. Walmart evacuated after fire 02/05/2015

Va. Walmart robbery suspect could be connected to other cases 02/05/2015

Myrtle Beach SC Wal-Mart employee stops shoplifting attempt 02/05/2015

Robbery At South Topeka Kansas Walmart 02/05/2015

Officials: Chantilly Va. Walmart fire was intentionally set 02/05/2015

Boynton Beach Fla. police seek man who used stolen credit card info at Walmart 02/05/2015

Man stabbed on bike path near Iowa Walmart calls 911 for help 02/05/2015

Police search for man who exposed himself at Lancaster SC WalMart 02/05/2015

Car of Michigan man accused of murder found at Farmington Me. Walmart 02/05/2015

Walmart's Reign Over Retail Is Hanging by a Thread 02/06/2015

For decades, Walmart (WMT) has been the model of retail in the U.S., but its reign is coming to a slow but steady end. Online shopping has made low prices easier to find, and the company's plans to grow outside of the U.S. have brought more headaches than growth.

The result is a retailer that's stuck in a rut with deteriorating financials. The long history of failed retailers from Woolworth to Montgomery Ward to Sears (SHLD) tells us that a retailer's time on the top of the industry rarely lasts long. For Walmart, this may be the beginning of the end.

Slow Growth in the U.S.

For any retailer, the goal is to build stores that will grow their own sales year after year while simultaneously expanding your footprint into more markets. So, to measure a retailer's success we need to look at its overall growth rate and same-store sales growth to see how it's doing on a store level. On both fronts, Walmart is struggling. Complete article

Rincon Ga. Police: Walmart employee steals $3,800 in cash 02/06/2015

Man accused of taking up-skirt pictures of woman at Fla. Walmart 02/06/2015

Wal-Mart creates new position to improve China reputation: Bloomberg 02/06/2015

Tempers Flare During Public Hearing For Proposed Walmart In Middle Valley Tenn. 02/06/2015
Hixson Tenn. residents say NO to new Walmart 02/06/2015

Unscanned merchandise prompts La. Walmart worker’s arrest 02/0/2015

POLICE: Deadly shooting near Monkey Junction NC Walmart was a 'murder-suicide' 02/06/2015

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office held a news conference Saturday at 4 p.m. to discuss a murder-suicide that happened Friday afternoon near the Walmart in the Monkey Junction area of Wilmington. According to District Attorney Ben David, 62-year-old Richard Albert Nielson approached 38-year-old Russell Allen Mitchell wielding a Ruger handgun while Mitchell was cashing in lottery tickets.

He shouted Mitchell's first name and shot him in the head. He then shot 29-year-old Jessica Lynn Modolo in the head and the stomach, killing her unborn child.

New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon said that he believed she was four months pregnant at the time of the murders. Modolo was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and is in critical condition.

Nielson then shot and killed himself. Officials classified the incident as a murder-suicide. Complete article

Man sentenced for stealing TVs from Wisc. Walmart 02/06/2015

Fire Forces Brief Evacuation At Fountain Colorado Walmart 02/07/2015

Group Protests Walmart’s Leave Policy for Service Members in Apple Valley Minn. 02/07/2015

Vehicle occupants escape injury when their cars collide at Fla. Wal-Mart 02/07/2015

City readying for vote on Yuma Ariz. Walmart market 02/07/2015

FIRST ON 3: Man on parole for murder pulls gun and attempts to shoot deputies at Athens Tenn. Walmart 02/09/2015

MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A wanted man on parole for murder drew a pistol on McMinn County deputies as they attempted to arrest him at the Athens Walmart on Saturday, and the sheriff says the officers' actions likely saved lives in the crowded store.

At about 1 p.m. off-duty Narcotics Detective Jared Price recognized a wanted suspect, Ricky Lee Womac, 44, of Charleston, while shopping in the Athens Walmart. Price kept surveillance on the suspect until Deputies Paul Redrup and Dylan Presswood arrived, according to McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy.

“At that point, Mr. Womac was at a cash register,” Guy said. “Deputy Redrup approached him from behind and told him he was under arrest. Womac pretended to place some money in his left coat pocket, and that was when he drew a 22 caliber magnum handgun and cocked it. Both deputies grabbed Womac, and Deputy Redrup was able to place his hand in the revolver's action. Womac attempted to fire the weapon, but the hammer came down on Redrup's hand.” Complete article

Police searching for Fla. Walmart fraud suspect 02/09/2015

Trio suspected of setting fire inside NJ Wal-Mart identified 02/10/2015

Walmart in Martinsburg WV Evacuated After 2 Fires Set 02/09/2015

NYSP: Troy NY woman tried to steal from Walmart 02/09/2015

Do you know this Ohio Walmart / Sam’s Club thief? 02/09/2015

For policy, Jeb Bush shops at Walmart 02/10/2015

Walmart employee in Raeford NC charged with larceny 02/10/2015

Wanted man found at Tampa Fla. Wal-Mart 02/10/2015

Angry customer headbutts Tx. Walmart worker after heated dispute 02/10/2015

LA PORTE, TX — A video is making its rounds on social media that shows a tax worker and a customer getting in a violent fight inside a Walmart, WTVD reported.

“Take your poor (expletive) out this store,” the Jackson Hewitt tax worker could be heard saying to a customer on video. “Your momma is a (expletive).”

The customer, Jessica Albitz, is then seen headbutting tax worker Alice Keener. Keener is then seen fighting back. She takes Albitz by the head and starts banging in on a table nearby. Keener then slams Albitz to the floor.

Albitz said that the two were in a verbal spat a day earlier when Albitz and her husband went to the Jackson Hewitt tax booth inside Walmart to file their taxes. Albitz was not their tax worker, but was just clocking in to work. Complete article

Woman speaks out after Tx. Walmart fight goes viral 02/11/2015

Laptops reportedly stolen from Ariz. Walmart next to Foothills Mall 02/10/2015

Man wanted for stealing gas powered trimmers from Virginia Beach Va. Walmart 02/11/2015

IMPD: Suspects broke into Ind. Walmart, stole 6 TVs 02/11/2015

Trio accused in NC Walmart wedding ring heist 02/11/2015

New York Church Taking Walmart To Court Over Gun Sales 02/09/2015

Shoplifting calls from Walmart lead to arrests in Franklin Township NJ 02/11/2015

Okla. Walmart embezzlement charge refiled 02/11/2015

Chief: Suspect in body armor planned Alexandria La. robbery 02/10/2015

The quick capture of a suspect in Tuesday morning's armored car robbery outside the Coliseum Boulevard Walmart is being credited to retired, off-duty and active law enforcement personnel from several agencies and a civilian hailed as a "true hero."

Charges against the suspect, 57-year-old James Pascal Gilbert Jr. of Deville, are pending. Gilbert is being treated for minor injuries sustained in a two-vehicle wreck that happened at the intersection of La. Highway 28 West and Cloverleaf Boulevard as he was trying to escape.

Search warrants have been served in several locations around Rapides Parish by Alexandria police and Louisiana State Police in connection to the case. Authorities anticipate Gilbert will be charged once he has been released from medical care and once officials have finished processing evidence.

Alexandria Police Chief Loren Lampert said that Gilbert — dressed in body armor with several weapon — had robbed an armored vehicle manned by two armed guards around 10:20 a.m. outside the store. Law enforcement did not identify the armored car company, but witnesses reported the armored car belonged to Loomis, which has several offices in Louisiana. Complete article

Argument over parking space at Presque Isle Me. Walmart results in arrest of Caribou man 02/09/2015

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — An altercation over a parking spot Saturday afternoon at the Presque Isle Walmart Supercenter quickly escalated when several witnesses told police they believed one man involved had a gun.

It turned out no gun was involved, but not before members of multiple state and municipal law enforcement agencies responded to the incident, in which Wesley Rankin, 66, of Caribou, was arrested and charged with criminal threatening.

Police cannot take any situation for granted when there is a possibility of a gun being involved, Presque Isle Police Chief Matthew Irwin said Monday. ...

Several witnesses, including members of that family, told White that Rankin swore at them, “lurched” his vehicle in their direction and unzipped his jacket to indicate he had a gun, repeating several times he was a military veteran and could “level them.” Complete article

Crossville man pleads guilty in Walmart crash that hurt three 02/11/2015

COOKEVILLE — The man who crashed his SUV into an outside break area at the Cookeville Walmart in 2013 and injured several store employees pleaded guilty last week to three felony charges in Cumberland County.

Brian William Peck, 45, of Crossville, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony theft — one for items valued at more than $500 and another for items valued at more than $1,000 — and one count of burglary in Cumberland County Criminal Court.

And that plea was entered just a week after Peck pleaded guilty in Putnam County to the felony charges of vehicular assault and reckless endangerment in the Walmart incident and sentenced to serve 10 years in prison. ....

After entering his plea in Putnam County, Peck did something MacLeod said he had never before witnessed.

“He asked if he could address the court, and when the judge gave him permission, he turned around and apologized directly to the victims for his actions that led to their injuries,” MacLeod said. Complete article

Police seek to identify suspects who stole tv’s from Pa. Walmart 02/11/2015

Prattville Alabama Walmart robbed, two women sought 02/10/2015

Woman blames Walmart after tripping on rug in WV 02/12/2015

Man charged with theft, having knives at Ohio Wal-Mart 02/09/2015

At least 3 Busted for Shoplifting at Morganton NC Walmart 02/10/2015

Hardship on Mexico's farms, a bounty for U.S. tables 12/07/2014

The tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers arrive year-round by the ton, with peel-off stickers proclaiming "Product of Mexico."

Farm exports to the U.S. from Mexico have tripled to $7.6 billion in the last decade, enriching agribusinesses, distributors and retailers.

American consumers get all the salsa, squash and melons they can eat at affordable prices. And top U.S. brands — Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Subway and Safeway, among many others — profit from produce they have come to depend on.

These corporations say their Mexican suppliers have committed to decent treatment and living conditions for workers.

But a Los Angeles Times investigation found that for thousands of farm laborers south of the border, the export boom is a story of exploitation and extreme hardship.

The Times found:

Many farm laborers are essentially trapped for months at a time in rat-infested camps, often without beds and sometimes without functioning toilets or a reliable water supply.

Some camp bosses illegally withhold wages to prevent workers from leaving during peak harvest periods.

Laborers often go deep in debt paying inflated prices for necessities at company stores. Some are reduced to scavenging for food when their credit is cut off. It's common for laborers to head home penniless at the end of a harvest.

Those who seek to escape their debts and miserable living conditions have to contend with guards, barbed-wire fences and sometimes threats of violence from camp supervisors.

Major U.S. companies have done little to enforce social responsibility guidelines that call for basic worker protections such as clean housing and fair pay practices. Complete article

After this report came out Mexico and Walmart responded. I missed the report when it came out but as far as I can tell the report of their response got more coverage on the internet which is when I found out about the first report that probably wasn't reported as widely through traditional media outlets.

Wal-Mart: Abuses outlined by L.A. Times 'have no place in our supply chain' 02/12/2015

Mexico and Wal-Mart launch initiative to improve lives of farmworkers 02/12/2015

Vocal Opposition to Proposed Middle Valley Tenn. Walmart 02/12/2015

Wal-Mart Sues Texas for Right to Sell Liquor 02/12/2015

Wal-Mart filed a lawsuit in an Austin federal court on Thursday challenging a Texas law that forbids the company from owning and operating liquor stores in the state.

The lawsuit says the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission code prevents Wal-Mart from obtaining a permit to sell hard alcohol because it is a publicly traded corporation.

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said the company is seeking a “fair and level playing field so we can offer our customers a full assortment of adult beverages.”

“This is counter to Texas’ belief in free enterprise and fair competition, limits our customer’s choice and keeps the price of spirits artificially high, all of which harm Texas consumers,” Lopez said in an email. Complete article

Myrtle Beach SC Wal-Mart employee injured while stopping alleged shoplifter 02/13/2015

Police search for suspects in connection to robbery at Winston-Salem NC Walmart 02/13/2015

Authorities investigate two separate bomb threats in Hinesville Ga. 02/12/2015

Ky. Walmart cashier arrested on theft charge 02/13/2015

Raleigh, Clayton police charge woman in merchandise thefts from NC Belk, Walmarts 02/13/2015

Wal-Mart VP offers his health insight to Bill Frist and friends 02/13/2015

Gadsden police investigate bomb scare at East Gadsden Alabama Walmart 02/13/2015

Gadsden police are investigating an early morning bomb scare that happened earlier this week at the East Gadsden Walmart.

According to police reports, the incident happened Tuesday at 2:49 a.m. A 39-year-old woman drove a truck with a self-contained rental trailer hitched to the back up to an entrance at the store. When she encountered an employee, she asked to borrow a jack. He told her it was against company policy. However, she told him there was "a device with C-4 in it" inside the trailer.

When the employee asked the woman if she "was serious" and where the device might be, she was evasive and said she "would take care of it," the report stated. She then dropped the trailer off, less then 100 feet from the only open entrance to the store, and left the scene.

Officers kept shoppers away from the trailer while it was examined. The bomb squad also came to look inside the trailer, and found nothing. No device was detected and the situation ended about 90 minutes after it started, according to reports.

Police said the woman had been in a fight with a family member over a move just prior to driving to the store. Complete article

Conn. mom accused of leaving child in cold car while she shopped at Walmart 02/13/2015

Truckers Use Ark. Walmart Parking Lot as Truck Stop; Customers Feel Unsafe 02/13/2015

Police respond to bomb threat at Norman Okla. Wal-Mart; No device found 02/14/2015

Disorderly Conduct at Bismarck ND Walmart 02/13/2015

A Bismarck police officer had to draw a gun in the south Walmart parking lot.

Someone called police around 7 p.m. to report a possible drunk driver. Officers spotted the car in question in the Walmart parking lot.

Three people were inside and an officer ordered the driver to get out of the car. Police say he got out and confronted the officer and refused to comply with his orders.

That's when the officer pulled out his weapon. The man ran off with a woman but didn't get far. Complete article

Authorities say man killed, officer injured in exchange of gunfire at Mississippi Wal-Mart 02/15/2015

IUKA, Miss. – Authorities say a man has been killed and a police officer injured after an exchange of gunfire inside a Wal-Mart store in northeastern Mississippi.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain tells The Associated Press the incident began Sunday evening as a traffic pursuit. He says officers from the Iuka Police Department were following a man who bailed out of his car and ran inside the Wal-Mart.

Strain says the officers followed and the man opened fire. Officers returned fire, killing him. Complete article Locals react to Mississippi Walmart shooting 02/15/2015

IUKA, Miss. (WTVA) --It's a mystery. That's the reaction of many in Tishomingo County following a fatal shooting Sunday night at Walmart.

Brent Means, 34, was killed during a stand-off with police.

Two officers, including the Iuka Police Chief, were injured.

"The way he was driving, we thought he was gonna hit somebody or hit a pump," said Sherry Rice.

Convenience store clerk Sherry Rice says the man later identified as Brent Means was circling the pumps and asking customers for money.

Eventually, the police got involved.

"Back this way. Come back through, police chasing him the whole way," added Rice.

The chase would end at Walmart.

Blake Yandell was there.

"He slid all the way across Walmart parking lot and slid right in front of the door," said Yandell.

Means entered the building with police in tow.

Yandell captured the sound of gunshots on cell phone video.

"All I know is shots started firing off. I don't know who shot first," added Yandell.

Yandell has come under fire for posting the video on social media.

"I'm sorry for the person who lost their daddy and I'm sorry for the officers that got injured," added Yandell.

In the light of day, there are many questions to be answered.

Crystal Palmer says she just spoke to Brent Means Saturday night and Sunday morning.

"He was talking about how great his life was now and how happy he's been," said Palmer.

Palmer is among many friends who struggle with loss amid all this chaos.

"I've always known him to be a good guy. He's never hurt anybody," added Palmer.

City Attorney Nate Clark says the officers involved are recovering from minor wounds.

He says if it wasn't for the impending bad weather, more shoppers would have been inside Walmart.

"We're blessed that we didn't have anybody else-certainly bystanders hurt or hit. We're thankful for that," said Clark.

Also thankful is local businessman and alderman Johnny Southward.

"It was devastating last night, but I think we will all get through this," said Southward.

As the investigation details slowly surface, there are those who hope official information will prevail over rumor.

"This town needs to come together instead of pointing fingers and saying who did this and who did that," said Iuka resident Ronny Powell. Complete article

Purse-snatcher drags woman, 66, outside Walmart in Daytona Beach 02/1/2015

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —Daytona Beach police said a 66-year-old woman was briefly dragged while trying to prevent a man from stealing her purse in a Walmart shopping plaza.

Police said the victim is okay but the suspects made off with the purse on Saturday morning.

The victim had her purse in the cart's top shelf, but it was clipped to the cart so the suspects couldn't just snatch and grab it.

"She had a bump on her head, and her ear was a little scraped, and she had a bad gash on her leg," an anonymous witness said. Complete article

Man arrested in Utah Walmart on multiple forgery charges 02/16/2015

Fond du Lac pair arrested at gunpoint after Wisc. Walmart report 02/16/2015

Two people were taken into custody at gunpoint following a traffic stop over the weekend.

Fond du Lac police received a call from an employee at Walmart around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15 reporting that two individuals were using knives to cut caps from bottles of alcohol in the store.

The suspects, a 25-year-old Fond du Lac woman and a 33-year-old Fond du Lac man exited the store and got into a vehicle and drove off. Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Thiry said officers made a high risk traffic stop a short time later near the intersection of Rolling Meadows Drive and West Johnson Streets.

"Since knives were involved during the theft, we did the high risk traffic stop as a precautionary measure," Thiry said. Complete article

Albany man tries to rob NY Walmart, flees in Mercedes Benz 02/16/2015

Montgomery Alabam police searching for man, woman involved in Wal-Mart Jan. 14th shooting 02/17/2015

Credit card taken during burglary used at Walmart 02/17/2015

Boyd found guilty in August 2013 Neenah Walmart shooting 02/17/2015

4 reasons Walmart is the most-hated retailer in America 02/18/2015

Police: Man Leaves Reidsville NC Walmart Without Paying 02/17/2015

Chemical spill at Shrewsbury Pa. Walmart sends 4 to hospital 02/18/2015

SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa.-- Four people were taken to the hospital Wednesday from a Shrewsbury Walmart after a chemical spill.

Emergency crews were called to the southern York County store just after 4:00 p.m.

According to Fire Chief Tony Myers a container in the back of a truck in the loading area overturned. The unknown chemical caused the four to have several symptoms including burning throats. Complete article

Two Tomball teens accused of shooting blow darts, hitting 72 year old was on a motorized scooter and a 10 year old boy in Tx. Walmart 02/18/2015

TOMBALL, Texas - Two Tomball teens accused of shooting blow darts at Walmart customers are now facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bail was set at $30,00 for Clay Vittrup and Cameron Perry, both 18 years old. Vittrup is out on bond.

One of the victims, Eva Cook, said the dart looked like a metal needle with a 4 inch metal tip. Luckily she was wearing a heavy coat when it hit her in the shoulder. Cook said, "I turned around and it was hanging out right there."

The 72 year old was on a motorized scooter and leaving the Walmart on Tomball parkway on January 16th, when she was hit by the front doors. After loading her groceries, she brought the dart to Walmart security who said to her, "'Oh this happened again. Another person has been shot.'"

Turns out just 5 minutes after Cook, a 10 year old boy was also struck.

Cook said, "He had gotten hit I think in the elbow area and it was bleeding." She went on to say, "He was a pretty strong little boy. He was aggravated that it hurt." Complete article

Wal-Mart discriminated against Mass. lesbian employee, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules 02/18/2015

A federal agency says Wal-Mart discriminated against a lesbian employee who sought health coverage for her ailing wife and has ordered "a just resolution" for violating her civil rights.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ordered the retail giant to work with Jacqueline Cote of New Bedford, Massachusetts, who hopes the determination will help her pay off $100,000 in medical bills.

In a Jan. 29 EEOC ruling, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, the agency said Cote "was treated differently and denied benefits because of her sex."

Cote tried to enroll her partner in Wal-Mart's health plan repeatedly starting in 2008, but coverage was denied and the company didn't provide it until 2014. In 2012, Cote's wife, Diana Smithson, was diagnosed with cancer. Complete article

Bank inside South Austin Tx. Walmart robbed 02/18/2015

Nearly 40 Percent of Wal-Mart's US Workers to Get Pay Raises 02/19/2015

Walmart raises pay for 40% of U.S. workers, but no changes in Canada 02/20/2015

Walmart gives up a little — workers fight for more 02/23/2015

Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States, hiring around 1 percent of all U.S. workers. Its announcement that it will raise what it pays to 500,000 workers to at least $9 an hour in April and $10 an hour next year has had a major impact. And of course, the reaction on Wall Street was immediate: Walmart’s stock price dropped by 3 percent.

The way big business media like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times presented this move emphasized the business reasons why Walmart was investing a billion dollars in its employees. Its stores are messy, which means it’s harder to find what you want to buy, and customer service is lousy. Two years ago, it reduced staff to a bare minimum, which means most stores much of the time don’t have enough workers to do everything required.

Walmart is in a brick-and-mortar service business, the kind of enterprise not easy to outsource abroad, meaning that it tries to increase profits by increasing the exploitation of its workers. Walmart has been very aggressive in cutting hours, demanding flexibility and lowering benefits.

Its workers have pushed back, becoming part of the low-wage workers’ struggle for respect and for $15 an hour, a 40-hour week and a fixed schedule. Complete article

Wal-Mart beats 4Q profit forecasts 02/19/2015

Slide in customer service spurred Wal-Mart pay increase 02/19/2015

Truckers Respond To Ark. 'Walmart Parking' Story 02/19/2015

Bitter cold doesn’t stop Beavercreek Ohio Walmart shooting activists 02/20/2015

Potential Measles Exposure Sites Include Calif. Target, Walmart 02/20/2015

Family of a former Bradford County deputy files suit against Wal-Mart over fatal crash in Hawthorne Fla. 02/20/2015

Child molester caught filming up girl's dress at Rohnert Park Ca. Wal-Mart to serve 8 years 02/20/2015

64 protected trees need to come down for new Biloxi Mississippi Walmart 02/20/2015

Walmart computer theft nets Wareham Mass. Police 3 arrests 02/20/2015

Halfmoon NY Walmart evacuated after bomb threat 02/21/2015

Wal-Mart’s wage hikes come after years of fighting in court 02/19/2015

Raymore Missouri Walmart evacuated after report of suspicious person brandishing a weapon 02/21/2015

Officials say body found in vehicle in Concord NH Wal-Mart parking lot 02/22/2015

Phoenix Ariz. drive-by shooting results in 1 dead, Walmart evacuation 02/21/2015

PHOENIX -- Authorities say a 16-year-old girl has died after she was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting in Phoenix.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said the teen, Niani Rayshawn Allen, was riding in a car with three other passengers near 67th Avenue and Broadway Avenue on Friday night when someone in another vehicle fired into the car.

Phoenix police said Allen's friends then drove to a Walmart store about two miles away to get cover and call for help.

Walmart, which was filled with shoppers, was briefly evacuated after one of the friends yelled someone had been shot. Complete article

Walmart lot in East Oakland Ca. is hot spot for car break-ins 02/22/2015

When it comes to car break-ins, you’d be hard-pressed to top the Walmart parking lot off East Oakland’s Hegenberger Road — where there’s been an average of one car burglary every single day for the past year. Complete article

Critics: Wal-Mart wage hikes aren’t enough for workers 02/20/2015

Man who tried to rob Walmart employee appears before judge, Fla. police say 02/21/2015

Sumiton Alabama Walmart evacuated due to possible gas leak in bakery 02/18/2015

Ky. Walmart evacuated due to crack in walls 02/22/2015

Heavy snow and 'boom' close Walmart for second time this month in Seabrook NH 02/23/2015

Battle Ground police seek Washington state Walmart assault, shoplifting suspects 02/23/2015

Witness: Woman said she was kidnapped from Mississippi Walmart, held hostage in tent 02/23/2015

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport Police believe they've found the man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman found naked in a Lowe's parking lot Monday. Andrew Clinton Cruse Jr, 54, of Gulfport is charged with kidnapping, rape and sexual battery.

The victim was found Monday around noon in the parking lot of Lowe's on John Hill Blvd. Witnesses said the woman was naked, and bound with duct tape when she came out of the nearby woods. Those who found her called authorities, and she was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Monday night she was in stable condition. Police said her injuries weren't life-threatening.

One of those witnesses described the shocking scene to WLOX Reporter Michelle Lady. Daniel Wilkey said he was leaving Lowe's, headed back to his car when he saw a naked woman with her hands behind her back. She was running by the garden center and fell over. When he got to her, he noticed her hands were tied behind her back with white zip ties, which were then covered with duct tape. She also had tape around her throat.

The victim told him she met her captor at Walmart, and he had been holding her hostage in his tent for the last two days. She said he beat her with a hammer and tried gagging her. She had bruises and cuts on her back. Complete article

Wal-Mart Opposes Arkansas Law Some See as Allowing LGBT Bias 02/24/2015

Police release images of NC Walmart robbery suspects 02/24/2015

KPD officers search for Tenn. Walmart shoplifter 02/24/2015

Woman, 90, dies after being hit by car in Falmouth Maine Wal-Mart lot 02/24/2015

Police: Shoplifter shoots shoplifted BB gun in SC Walmart shoplifting attempt 02/24/2015

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Marshall Jackson, 66, just left his job in Charlotte and was stopping by the Celanese Road Walmart around midnight. While at the register, he looked over and saw a man pushing a shopping cart quickly toward the door, bypassing the register line.

"He was making a beeline for the door," Jackson said. "I told the clerk, ‘That man is leaving and he hasn't paid.’"

The clerk, another employee and Jackson started yelling at the man, who stopped to look at them then bolted for the door.

They reached the parking lot and saw the man pushing the cart suddenly stop.

"He turned around and faced us and then reached down into his pants. I thought he was reaching for something, but I didn't think it was a gun," Jackson said.

It was a gun. He pointed it at them and they ran back toward the entrance to Walmart. .....

Employees later found an open package that once held a pellet pistol in the store.

Apparently the man unwrapped the pistol in the store and shoved it down his pants. Complete article

Police are Looking for Suspects of a Walmart Theft in Athens Tenn. 02/24/2015

Man causes disturbance at Clarksville Tenn. Walmart 02/25/2015

August 2013 Wisc. Walmart shooting trial under way 02/24/2015

Theft ring hits Tenn. Walmarts 02/25/2015

Teens Threatened Kids at Branford Conn. Wal-Mart: Cops 02/25/2015

Lufkin man gets 10-year sentence for setting fire to Tx. Walmart Garden Center, other locations 02/25/2015

Family reunited with dog after stolen with truck from Ariz. Wal-Mart parking lot 02/25/2015

Jury finds Boyd responsible for Wisc. Walmart shooting 02/25/2015

Walmart Police Report Involving Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant Unearthed 02/25/2015

Update: Kansas Wal-Mart closing set for April 28 02/26/2015

Woman guilty of stealing from Wisc. Walmart 02/26/2015

After Wal-Mart parking lot shooting in Chalmette, New Orleans couple arrested 02/26/2015

Anti- Wal-Mart case to be brought to Michigan Supreme Court by Muskegon County Mich.'s BOW NOT 02/26/2015

Another theft at Topsy Lane Nevada Walmart 02/27/2015

Police: Man stole computers from Walmart in Port Richmond Pa. 02/27/2015

Nebraska Walmart Employee Pepper-Sprayed By Shoplifter 02/27/2015

Man charged in Chantilly Walmart fire 02/27/2015

Fire Forces Shoppers from Wal-Mart in Luzerne County Pa. 02/27/2015

Raleigh NC police search for Walmart robber 02/2/2015

Man stabbed at Ky. Wal-Mart; another jailed 03/01/2015

'Prank' bomb threat to Holland Township Mich. Walmart made by juveniles 03/01/2015

Man arrested for indecent exposure at SC Wal-Mart has ‘problem with sticking his hands in his pants’ 03/01/2015

Falmouth Mass. police: Boy falls from SUV as mother flees Wal-Mart with stolen television 03/02/2015

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