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Millionaires And Billionaires Control The Truth According To MSM!

Anyone that hasn't had their head in the sand for the past decade or two knows that only six oligarchies control over ninety percent of the media in this country, and probably most if not all of the world, for that matter. These oligarchies are, of course, run by CEOs that are worth millions if not billions of dollars each. The three biggest exceptions that could conceivably rise to challenge these oligarchies, are owned by billionaires that are as rich or even richer.

It is difficult to find reliable information from a few of these executives, and in some cases there are conflicting reports, however, the poorest of these CEOs may be Jeffrey Bewkes who according to the only reasonably credible estimate I could find is only worth $12.7 Million, however this is probably a major underestimate since his compensation package is about $32 Million a year. The second two poorest are Robert Iger and Jeffrey Immelt who are both worth $85 to $100 million according to reports found on the internet; however Jeffrey Immelt who supposedly only gets $22 million per year may be worth much more according to another report which claims he's worth $600 million. The rest along with CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Jeff Bezos owner of the Washington Post and Amazon are worth hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars.

All the top executives of the biggest news corporations are rich white males!

If you look through the lists of 15 or 25 richest media moguls listed below the vast majority of them are white men as well, with the exception of Oprah Winfrey a few foreigners that presumably control media organizations in other countries and a handful of rich white women that took over family business; this includes a lot of people from the Hearst dynasty that has had an enormous amount of influence controlling the news the public uses to make their decisions for well over a hundred years.

These are all authoritarian corporations that aren't directly accountable to the majority of the public; and they control the information we get about which political candidates are considered viable; ensuring that if they disapprove of a grassroots candidates all they have to do is decline to give them the media coverage they need to make them viable. If, on a few rare occasions, grassroots candidates get some name recognition, among the people that pay the most attention to alternative media outlets, they routinely portray them as spoilers of fringe candidates and often demonize them for giving someone like Trump a chance to win ignoring the obvious fact that Trump would never have a chance to win if they hadn't given him obsession coverage, and that the only other candidates they gave a significant amount of coverage to were as bad, if not worse than him, including Hillary Clinton.

Not surprisingly they only cover candidates that support the agenda of the wealthy and the vast majority of politicians are also much richer than the majority of the public.

Contrary to the propaganda provided to the vast majority of the public, the richest people aren't paid a fortune because they're so much more productive than the rest of us; they're paid a fortune because they control powerful institutions and they use this control to rig the economic system against us.

This is true in one industry after another; however the simplest and most obvious one to explain might be the insurance industry, which they often seem to present as a magical method of protection from disasters, even though it never works that way. However that wasn't the way it was always presented. There was a time when they explained the fundamentals of insurance to the majority of the public which is why for a long time people recognized that it needed reasonable regulation to minimize epidemic levels of fraud.

Insurance is pooled risk, which means everyone pays into it and after, what should be a modest amount of administration expenses are taken out the rest of the money will be available for those that need it when a disaster strikes. Since the administration costs can't be completely eliminated this isn't perfectly efficient, however it is better than leaving people destitute when a disaster happens, so people used to understand that this should be kept to a minimum.

Now the administration expenses have sky rocketed, thanks in part to deregulation and allowing many other things to be paid for with premium money that they were never intended for. Salesmen get their commissions, CEOs make massive salaries, they spend skyrocketing amounts of money on advertising to compete with each other making it less efficient, the opposite of what they claim, and there are many other expenses that are paid for with premium money including massive amounts of fraud now that regulations that were intended to minimize it are gone, and enormous amount of money from premiums are spent lobbying against single payer, which works much better in the countries that have it! Since the media gets and enormous amount of this, in the form of advertisements for insurance or political advertising demonizing Single Payer or the ACA, which is almost as bad as the Republican plan.

This means the media has a massive incentive to deceive the public about the basics of insurance, which they're doing; however since it is relatively simple, if people look at the basics; and enormous number of people are learning about this scam anyway through the grassroots even though the media refuses to report accurate coverage about it.

Many of the people making these commercials are making a fortune with money that should be going to claims, either depriving people of coverage or sending premiums through the roof!

Outsourcing, and union busting tactics are also relatively easy to understand, yet the media refuses to explain the basics on this either. By sending jobs overseas they force local workers to compete with workers that receive no protection against outrageous conditions and wages they can't live on making them more desperate both in third world countries and in the manufacturing areas where factories have left years if not decades ago. We now send subsidized cotton half way around the world where sweatshop workers are forced to endure horrible conditions; then ship cheap low quality merchandise back through complex distributions systems to get back here; while the factory direct advantage that used to be available is almost non-existence except as a deceptive advertising scam.

Economists and media pundits get big money to try to convince us that this has something to do with efficiency!

Some of the psychological manipulation tactics are developed with the help of political operatives like Frank Luntz, who gets paid millions of dollars to study people and figure out which types of political propaganda is most successful at appealing to peoples emotions and convincing them to vote for candidates that routinely betray them.

And despite an enormous amount of propaganda dismissing claims that the CIA controls the media there is an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that it is at least partially true; and even if they don't have complete control they receive and enormous amount of preferential treatment. On a few rare occasion there are people in the media with direct ties to the CIA, that have been publicly disclosed, including Anderson Cooper who interned with the CIA, before working for Channel One which targets children with advertising in schools and has been proven to negatively impact their education, and Dana Bash who married a high ranking member of the CIA for about eight to ten years. Jeff Bezo owner of both Amazon that ahd a $600 million contract with the CIA and the Washington post also provides a strong link between the CIA and the mass media.

Anyone familiar with dozens of CIA whistle blowers knows there's much more evidence than that, that the mainstream media practically never reports on and when these whistle blowers do disclose the truth the mainstream media ridicules them as Conspiracy theorists without actually addressing the details, which isn't a credible manner of dismissing these allegation, however it is very effective propaganda! But the strongest evidence of CIA influence in the traditional media isn't necessarily secret at all, if people pay attention; it is the fact that they provide one CIA pundit like Bob Baer, and many others, after another presenting them as reliable sources, while the critics of the CIA and peace advocates practically never get any time on the media at all, and those that check alternative media outlets on a regular basis know they do a much better job exposing the lies from politicians leading us into one unnecessary war after another!

And, I hesitate to say that right wing claims about Jews controlling the media might be partially true, especially since, some of the most extreme claims like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was obviously not true before World War II, otherwise Jews could have, and would have used their political clout and control of powerful institutions to prevent World War II and the Holocaust from happening. Additional doubts about conspiracy theories about Jews controlling everything should also be raised by the fact that some of the strongest critics of excesses in the occupied territories are Jews!

However, they claim that the vast majority of the media is controlled by Jews, and clearly they do control far more than their share of the population; but that still doesn't mean the fringe conspiracy theories about Jewish control is valid since this is more of a class struggle than it is a struggle between people of different religions or races, although some of it does fall along racial or religious lines. A far more credible claim about Jewish influence is presented by John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt authors of "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" (article) and a longer book by the same name, that provides a very thorough description of their influence in Washington. This book claims that this isn't a result of a conspiracy, since most or all the lobbying by the Israel government and their supporters isn't completely secret, which is partly true. However, it is often only reported in low profile locations where the majority of the public doesn't read it, and if you look closely through their book they mention numerous activities that were kept secret for a while, and additional evidence about further discussions held behind closed doors, which clearly implies that although most of it may not be a conspiracy, some of it is, and some of that has been exposed already.

The fact that one of these authors is Jewish, along with other high profile critics of Israel, clearly indicates that there isn't a unified Jewish conspiracy. However since the United States Government is so unified in their policy in the Mid-East which refuses to acknowledge that in order for the Jewish people to relocate there, after World War II, and even more after the 1967 six day war, they had to displace an enormous amount of Palestinians, that weren't responsible for World War II. Unlike before World War II when the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" claimed they had an enormous amount of political power behind the scenes, it now appears as if they really do have much more political clout than they did then, and they are over reaching it with their activities, that are maintaining a permanent state of conflict, if not outright war, or Intifada.

This permanent state of conflict helps manipulate people emotions and justifies an enormous amount of secrecy, that couldn't be as effective without a consolidated corporate media that supports the same ideology without providing balanced news on the subject, which is relegated to the fringes on alternative media outlets that often do a much better job, although they're often mixed up with extreme news outlets that really are prejudicial anti-Semites. By labeling legitimate criticism of Israel policy and those making it as anti-Semites the supporters of Israel are making it difficult to tell between the real bigots and rational researchers, and many of the Jewish supporters of oppression against Palestinians are demonstrating that bigotry isn't limited to those who hate Jews or Blacks but can work in the other direction.

Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino billionaire isn't the biggest player in the media world wide; however he has made a few purchases in media interests that are among the biggest that aren't part of the six oligarchies and has used in in more blatantly corrupt manners than the higher profile ones. This includes efforts to support Bibi Netanyahu by getting around campaign laws; and an obvious effort to intimidate a judge in Las Vegas that was investigating him. He has also had a history of trying to increase his gambling interests in China during the Romney presidential campaign. This type of control is not available to the vast majority of the public and certainly not to those that oppose Israeli oppression or the epidemic amounts of fraud involved, either directly or indirectly, in the gambling industry. this problem isn't limited to Sheldon Adelson, the mainstream media makes a fortune selling ads telling gamblers that "You can win," with few or no reminders that if the odds weren't rigged heavily in favor of the house they would go bankrupt instead of making a fortune off this obvious scam.

How Sheldon Adelson Is Changing the Face of Israeli Media 04/08/2014

Sheldon Adelson’s Purchase of Las Vegas Paper Seen as a Power Play 01/02/2016

The new breed of newspaper mogul? On Adelson's purchase of the Review-Journal 12/17/2015

There are similar conspiracy theories about other groups including the Mormons who apparently have a disproportionate representation in both the Congress and the control of media according to John Heinerman and Anson Shupe authors of “The Mormon Corporate Empire.” They demonstrate that Mormon's have a large representation in the media as well as the CIA and FBI, although it doesn't seem to be as large as the Jewish representation if you look at the religions of the highest profile media pundits. Once again one of the authors is Mormon, indicating that they don't have universal support among their own people either. And, like the Jewish people and many other religions the conflict between the different financial classes should be considered bigger than the any conflict between people of other religions. In both cases the wealthy manage to control the less educated followers without sharing the wealth in a reasonably fair manner.

In many cases the wealthiest people of many religions often work with each other to maintain the status quo for their own benefit often taking advantage of conflicts to manipulate the emotions of the followers against their own best interests and distract them from the fiscal policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the majority. Like the political pollsters, including Frank Luntz and many more that aren't quite as obvious, there are also sociologists and psychologists that study how to take advantage of class conflicts and constantly play different people against each other for their own political reasons. This includes research that helped develop Jesse Helms classic "Hands" ad and many more where politicians take advantage of racial bigotry to get elected then once they get in office they favor their campaign contributors. This ad is now considered to obvious but they've developed many more that are more effective in these times, and are prepared to adapt them as they learn which ones work the best.

Like Frank Luntz openly admits, a large amount of this research is "proprietary" which means that psychological manipulation can be legally done in secret to manipulate the public, and they ridicule anyone that points out the obvious, that "proprietary" is another word for conspiracy! A large amount of this research is secret, but not all of it, some is published in libraries around the country although it is hard to sort through it all. I wrote about some of it based on a handful of these sources in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine, Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment, Corruption or Bias in the American Psychological Association, Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize and Frank Luntz confesses to sabotaging democratic process for clients which explains how psychological research is used for religious political and military indoctrination.

As I pointed out in several previous articles the vast majority of the people that get any coverage for political office and people that have opportunities that the highest profile jobs in the media that might have some influence in the decision making process either come from the upper classes, or are educated with the help of scholarships like Rhodes Scholarship and guided by the upper classes until they're sure they'll go along with the program before getting a high profile job. Details of this are easy to confirm as I began to show in Tracking the elite ruling class and The existence of a ruling class is undeniable! where I reviewed how they ahve a common ideology on many subjects, although they disagree on other. When it comes to their fiscal ideology and exposing the scams that rig the economic system so that those with access to power get the vast majority of the money there is little or no real challenge to that, although there is an enormous amount of propaganda that makes it seem as if there is. I have continued this in a running page, which may be periodically updated on Memes 8 Consolidated Media Control

CIA Cloud over Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post 12/18/2013

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Does Training Cause Police Domestic Violence And Infighting

And does this training also teach police to obey orders without question even when their orders come from an incredibly corrupt political establishment that is representing multinational corporations at the expense, and often even lives, of the American public and the police?

First of all as I have pointed out in numerous articles in the past, and will cover a little more below, the most effective way to reduce crime involves recognizing the long term root causes of crime and preventing them, usually by educating people about how child abuse and other contributing factors, lead to escalating violence, providing better education and repairing abandoned inner cities and creating a functioning economic and democratic system that protects everyone, not just those with the most political power.

If this was done then there would be far fewer calls to the police and less confrontation on the few occasions where there are calls to the police, reducing the need, or perceived need for aggressive policing. This shouldn't be controversial, however many people from the political and media establishment base their decisions on ideological grounds. Many communities around the country already do a better job at this, and they're among the least violent and almost certainly far less likely to have problems with their police or citizens.

The media image of police being here to protect us all, isn't nearly as accurate as they would have you believe, as many people in abandoned inner cities or other areas where police are more corrupt than average already know, and the following article about a police chief, which is far from an isolated incident, indicates:

Texas Police Chief Arrested Following Standoff at Home 03/22/2017

A Texas police chief has been arrested following an exchange of gunfire and a standoff at his home northeast of College Station.

Normangee Mayor Gary Dawkins tells KBTX-TV in Bryan that police Chief Charles Herford was taken into custody more than four hours after the standoff began early Wednesday.

The incident prompted a broad response by law enforcement officers, including local police, sheriff's deputies and state troopers. Dawkins says no one was injured.

It's not clear if the gunfire occurred at the home prior to the standoff or during it. The Eagle newspaper reports that the incident began with a dispute between Herford and a family member.

The Normangee school district cancelled classes for the day because the standoff was in proximity to a school. Complete article

Texas police chief arrested following chase, standoff 03/23/2017

.... Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Jimmy Morgan told the station that just before 2:00 a.m., deputies received a 911 call from Herford’s wife, who was crying. During the initial conversation officials lost contact. A dispatcher called back, Herford’s wife answered, and the dispatcher soon heard what sounded like a gunshot.

As sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, they noticed Herford’s police unit driving through town and attempted to stop him. Trooper Morgan says Herford eluded law enforcement, but officers continued to search for him.

For nearly three hours, law enforcement continued searching for Herford and, according to Trooper Morgan, there were “conversations” via radio between Herford and the sheriff’s office. .... UPDATE: Normangee Police Chief released from jail after posting $8,500 bond. 03/23/2017

There is simply no way the vast majority of the public could get out on bond after an alleged crime like this; and, as many reports of police shooting minorities indicate, there is a strong possibility that if he wasn't a police officer, especially if he was a minor, that he might have been shot and killed during the stand-off.

This was a major story in Texas, I'm sure, and could have been a major national story as well, yet there was little or no coverage of it in the mainstream press, outside of Texas, except for those relying on alternative media outlets to get their news.

Police are much more likely to be involved in domestic violence than the majority of the public as indicated by several studies, which are rarely mentioned at all, by the traditional media, including the following:

One Group Has a Higher Domestic Violence Rate Than Everyone Else; the Police 12/19/2014

The NFL has jump-started a national conversation on domestic violence, but there's one group we're overlooking: The people we trust to keep us safe.

In families of police officers, domestic violence is two-to-four times more likely than in the general population — from stalking and harassment to sexual assault and even homicide. As the National Center for Women and Policing notes, two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population.

America's police domestic abuse problem was on full display in Monday's horrific murder of Valerie Morrow, who police say was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Rozniakowski, a Philadelphia-area police officer. Morrow, 40, had just been granted a protection from abuse order against Rozniakowski, who had been charged with 75 counts of stalking.

After Rozniakowski reportedly resigned from his job Monday, police say he kicked open the door to Morrow's home, shot her to death and wounded her teenage daughter before being apprehended at the scene.

There is an epidemic of domestic violence by police officers: In the last two weeks, a Cleveland police officer was arrested for stalking and domestic violence, and officers in New Jersey and New York were charged in domestic violence cases.

A 2013 Bowling Green State University study, through news searches, tallied 324 cases of reported officer domestic violence. It is likely that this number is a gross underestimate, because as the National Center for Women and Policing has detailed, officers frequently cover for each other. ..... Complete article

Why are police so much more likely to be involved in domestic violence?

In most cases it is almost certainly the same reasons for the rest of the population, however the police may be subject to some of the contributing causes of violence more than the rest of the population. As I have explained in numerous past articles including, Ignored evidence linking corporal punishment, poverty and crime grows, the most important contributing cause of violence is almost certainly early child abuse including corporal punishment, which leads to escalating violence including bullying, hazing, and domestic violence, later in life. This was followed up by a series of additional articles that cover some of the other leading causes of violence and summed it up with Politicians increase crime; Grass roots efforts reduce crime; Politicians steal the credit, which explains that the best educated communities at the grassroots level often do the most effective job holding their politicians accountable and preventing them from catering to corporate interests at the expense of the public.

In the case of police authoritarian upbringing, that might be considered desirable among many police departments, may escalate during police training through a hazing process that is often very similar to military boot camp. I went into this in numerous past articles including Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment and Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize where I reviewed the research that was almost certainly used to help develop boot camp training practices that were designed to teach recruits to obey orders without question and use escalating violence when fighting wars, in the military. These Boot Camp indoctrination methods teach recruits to develop solidarity among themselves, but only when they go along with the program, which means obeying orders and believing the version of the truth taught them by their commanders.

This is a major part of the indoctrination process that is used to train soldiers to obey without question even when we fight one war after another based on lies like the weapons of mass destruction that never existed, the removal of babies from Iraqi incubators that was faked by a relative of the Kuwaiti ruling family and the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was misrepresented if not totally fabricated. Regrettably many police officers use very similar methods to train their police and they often also often give military veterans preferential treatment when hiring. I don't like to demean veterans, who aren't responsible for the indoctrination they're put through by the government that has betrayed them, and the people that often do the most to stand up to this indoctrination are often veterans themselves that go through it and understand better than others how they're being betrayed, however understanding how this could lead to escalating violence requires understanding how this is used for indoctrination purposes.

Like the veterans who recognize the problems with this indoctrination some of the better educated police that are trying to reform the system are also among those that are trying to solve the problem, like David Couper, former police chief of Madison Wisconsin, who has been involved efforts to reform police for years if not decades. He wrote the article below about his own experience with boot camp training in both the military and as a police officer when he saw military methods used in a police academy. He started this article by referring to another article about a "lost boy" immigrating from Africa training to be a local police officer, and saying that he thought this training made sense for military training but not for police training; however I'm not so sure that it is right even for military training since it has been used to teach veterans to obey without question even when wars are based on lies.

Hazing and Bullying in the Police Academy by David Couper former police chief of Madison Wisconsin 12/16/2013

... I stress in my book that police officers need to be college educated, well-trained, controlled in their use of force, honest, and respectful. The following is a story about one of my experiences teaching leadership and improvement methods to a large urban police department in the West:

“As I was setting up my classroom at their training academy, I looked out the window and observed a formation of their new police recruits. I decided to go outside and get a closer look. The recruits were standing in three ranks—it was an inspection, a situation I could easily relate to from my days as a Marine.

“Suddenly, the training instructors started yelling at the new officers. Some were ordered to do push-ups by way of the familiar military command: ‘Drop and give me ten.’ In addition, I heard the instructors calling the young officers ‘assholes.’ I returned to the classroom in time to greet the chief and his command staff. I introduced myself and the curriculum for the next three days, then asked, ‘Are your officers permitted to call citizens names?’ They seem shocked, ‘We have rules against doing that. Why do you ask?’

“’Well,’ I replied, ‘I was watching your new officers outside this window and observed your trainers calling them very derogatory names. You know, it really doesn’t matter if you have rules against such conduct because when their teachers call them names, they will think that it’s okay for them to do the same to citizens. And if you ever try to discipline them, their defense will simply be, ‘That’s what the department taught me.’”

“I recently learned that the department never did change. Their academy remains stress-based, military, and intimidating. I don’t know if their training officers ever stopped calling recruit officers names. But one thing I do know, is that if they don’t stop, I predict they will continue to have problems with officers disrespecting citizens. How could they expect any different kind of an outcome?…

“Half of our nation’s police academies train in an atmosphere police trainers themselves identify as stress-based; that is, intimidating, even bullying. This makes half of American police academies more like military boot camps or correctional facilities than places in which college-educated young men and women are prepared to be professional police practitioners…

“Today, many police departments still continue to run their training academies like boot camps. These departments have training officers who look and act like Marine Corps drill instructors. They even wear the familiar Smoky Bear hats of a Marine drill instructor. As I became more acquainted with police work, I couldn’t understand why police were using the same training model I had been subjected to as a Marine. There was no similarity whatsoever between being a Marine infantryman and a police officer—the two job functions were as different as night and day.

I found this documentary about police training in Atlanta to be very unsettling. I challenge the basic assumptions about the efficacy of this model. First of all, is it necessary to bully and abuse police recruits in order to teach them the skills necessary to be an effective police officer today? Do people learn better under encouragement than stress? I think we all know the answer.

Secondly, if the stress-based, boot camp style is a necessary part of police work, why aren’t the highly-valued physical fitness requirements required of all police officers during their careers, not just at the beginning? (In fact, the only skill that continues to be evaluated by most police departments is periodic firearms, and not physical fitness, qualification standards.)

The best argument against this method of teaching occurs in the documentary itself. It was when Mach was having trouble on the shooting range and we see two styles of teaching used on him: one by an aggressive and demeaning male instructor and the other by a nurturing female instructor. Which one was effective in helping Mach qualify that day? Of course, the instructor who acted in a helping and humane manner.

This kind of debasing treatment in one way or another continues as the primary training protocol in at least half of our nation’s police training academies. It must stop. Complete article

It appears as if this type of training might also impact domestic behavior as well especially if it begins with an authoritarian upbringing before police academy training then escalates the same training at the academy, which is almost guaranteed to be a contributing factor to high rates of domestic violence among the police.

This type of training is, like the training in the Stanford Prison Experiment and Obedience to Authority experiments I described in previous articles, designed to use intimidation to control the situation and is an escalation of authoritarian child rearing tactics that lead to excessive violence and blind obedience. In another previous article, A Brief History of Cops Convicted of Murder, I cited many more police violence cases and similar arguments about how this training leads to blind obedience, which was the opposite of what Stanley Milgram said the Obedience to Authority experiments were intended to do. David Couper recently reposted an article from Jelani Cobb, Militarizing the Minds of Police Officers which describes aggressive training by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who began training veterans in the military, and is apparently using the same authoritarian training now to teach police officers, and it is haveing the same problems contributing to excessive violence in both cases and he's in total denial about the causes of this as I have pointed out previously when I wrote about him in Teach a soldier to kill and he just might, where I wrote about similar problems with veterans coming home from war and having problems with violence, or in some cases they haven't even seen combat but have been through aggressive intimidation in the military, including boot camp which created PTSD anyway. His denial in that article included some incredibly obvious misrepresenting of statistics showing that he was clearly not even willing to acknowledge obvious facts, which many people defending the military or police violence often do, causing the problem to get even worse.

This aggressive training is also leading to violent behavior against peaceful protesters on many occasions. If the Obedience to Authority experiments really were intended to avoid blind obedience to authority this is a clear example where police should be thinking about this carefully before they obey orders from politicians that have little or no justification, especially when these politicians don't address the grievances of their own citizens and rely on police to suppress the protests even when the policies they're protesting are incredibly corrupt.

I've gone into the details of how the government is bending over backwards to cater to campaign contributors in many other articles, and so ahve many other people from alternative media outlets, so I'll keep it brief here.

There is no doubt that if a poor person killed a rich person by poisoning him he would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; however when rich people pollute the environment in poor neighborhoods and slowly kill large amounts of people for profit, instead of prosecuting the rich people they arrest protesters.

If a poor person got a great deal by switching price tags and got caught they would be charged with "theft by deception" and prosecuted to the full extent of the law; however if a rich insurance executive took money they collected from premiums and spent it on deceptive advertising and lobbying against Single Payer ensuring that the public never learns about the fundamentals of insurance, this isn't called "theft by deception" because the lawmakers are on the side of those with political connections; nor is it called "theft by deception" when they hire union busting consultants in secret protected by "trade secrecy" laws, even when union busting tactics result in a hostile workforce.

If working class people do the research to expose this and protest against it instead of charging the executives with fraud or "theft by deception," they arrest the protesters.

When the government and the media refuses to inform the public about the basics of insurance or pooled risk and that private insurance competes by spending premium money on deceptive advertising increasing bureaucratic expense making for profit insurance inefficient compared to Single Payer in other countries; and a small percentage of the public learns from more reliable sources that the media portrays as fringe about this and protest, often handicapped people instead of addressing the concerns they arrest protesters.

When corporation ship jobs overseas to sweatshops that are so dangerous they burn down killing hundreds so they can increase profits by crushing wages and endangering lives the police do not protect the public from epidemic levels of fraud they throw them in jail if they speak out about it!

I could go into one example after another; how extreme does it have to be before the police admit that they're not hired to protect the majority of the public equally at all, as an enormous amount of propaganda implies; they're hired to obey orders from the oligarchy without question!

I have no doubt that there are a lot of good police officers that never intended to aid and abet in epidemic levels of fraud on a massive scale; however it is extremely rare for them to speak out and admit that this is what they're doing! Ray Lewis is one of the rare people that have actually done this, and to some degree a lot of other police officers like David Couper are trying to bring about reform as well; however they're only a small fraction of the police; and even though I'm sure there are many more that dislike the current pattern of behavior they're going along with the program anyway, even if it is destructive in the long term, and for those with the least amount of political power even in the short term. Most of these people are either going along the program or protesting in a peaceful manner; however a few of the most unstable occasionally strike out violently when they realize that peaceful protest doesn't work the way it should in a real democracy!

I can't speak for all the protesters standing up to corporate corruption, butt here is good reason to believe that a lot of them aren't relying on the traditional media for their news and have found far better research to explain how to reduce violent crime including by or against police officers as I explained in several articles including, Politicians increase crime; Grass roots efforts reduce crime; Politicians steal the credit, which means that if the political establishment listened to them and the researchers that provide the best academic work, instead of the propaganda provided by their campaign contributors, they could do far more to reduce violence and tensions between the police and the rest of us.

It isn't even in the police's own best interests to continue ignoring the epidemic levels of fraud that they're unintentionally helping with by blindly obeying orders to suppress protests even when the political establishment refuses to address concerns and the media only covers corrupt candidates supported by the oligarchies. The so-called "war on cops" that the media and police have been hyping up isn't nearly as bad as they claim; however it may no longer be totally fabricated as I implied a few years ago when I first pointed out that they've been distorting the statistics. 2013 was the safest year for police fatalities in the line of duty since the establishment of the Union over two hundred years ago, on a per capita basis; and in order to find a year were there were fewer police dying in a year they would have to go back at least to the nineteenth century when we had much less than half the population and when the records might not be quit as complete so even then there might have been more police dying in the line of duty.

In order for the police and media to create the image of a dramatically increasing assault on police they had to point to the increases since 2013 without reminding the public of the history before it; if they compared it to any year prior to 2009 or so the years since 2013 would still be far less risky for police than reported by the media. Also some of the most common statistics often cited are from the Officer Down Memorial Page which in 2015 included eight Air force veterans killed in Afghanistan and there were also at least a couple police officers listed in other years that were listed as dying as a result of complications from shootings that happened fifteen to twenty years ago and many more that die of 9/11 related illnesses; so statistics cited without a closer look from this page can easily be inflated or taken out of context, as the media often has. However since 2013 police deaths have gone back up there have been at least fifteen police officers killed in six high profile ambushes where police were targeted at random; and glancing through the police memorial page indicates that there may have been at least four more similar incidents that weren't quite as high profile. However a far bigger risk to police officers is clearly domestic violence, which is much more common. This is probably more common than drug shootouts or robberies that often get far more attention.

There is plenty of research to indicate that by addressing the social problems that precede many of these domestic violence calls they can be reduced dramatically. The biggest one as I have reported in previous articles is child abuse and corporal punishment that leads to escalating violence later in life. This isn't the subject that most protesters raise the most, however it probably should be, and the economic problems that many protesters do try to address is one of the leading causes as well and it contributes indirectly to child abuse, since parents with financial difficulties, often at least partially because of corporate corruption that is creating economic inequality is sending their jobs overseas. Like the murder rates being higher in states that still allow corporal punishment in schools police are more likely to be killed in states that still allow corporal punishment in schools. These states only cover about 40% of the country or a little less yet about 45%-49% of the police killed in the line of duty since 2013 have been killed in states that still allow corporal punishment. Texas, which is the biggest state that still allows corporal punishment has more officers killed in four out of the past five years than California, which doesn't allow corporal punishment, and is more populous, even on the one year that they had a higher total Texas still had a slightly higher rate per capita.

If the political establishment was willing to address many of the most legitimate grievances by protesters and listen to the best researchers then the reversal of the threat to police since 2013 could be cut back, and violence to the general public can also continue the decline that has also been reversed, although not by as much since then.

The fifteen high profile ambushes since 2013 all happened at a time when attention to police violence was increasing however the people that have been subject to police violence have known about it all along and the highest violence against police were also when there was the most violence by police historically, in the twenties during prohibition and the second most violent period of time was in the late sixties and early seventies when police corruption was also at a high point. Even after the recent reversal since 2013 there isn't nearly as great a threat to police officers as there was during whether of those two periods.

In the high profile killings of police that were clearly retaliation for police brutality that has been reported, it would be easier to recognize the root causes and that contributed to the shootings even if it is clear that tehy weren't justified and that these shootings weren't directed at the police that were known to have been involved in abusing behavior. Alexander Bonds apparently said, “I got broken ribs for a reason, son. We gonna shake,” on a Facebook video saying "that he would not back down if he encountered police officers on the streets." (Police Officer Is ‘Murdered for Her Uniform’ in the Bronx 07/05/2017) Jerad Miller also indicated that he was abused by police during his encounters with them. It may be easy to dismiss their accounts as biased since there is little or no corroborating evidence to the incidents they complained about; however since the movements to film police there have been an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that eh police are far more brutal than they have been portrayed as and there is a major pattern of behavior to indicate that there may be a lot more to their complaints than most people want to believe.

The shootings by Micah Xavier Johnson and Gavin Long might be considered even clearer if people were aware of the impact of their training in the military, which is similar to the authoritarian training given to police to teach them to blindly obey. They were trained to fight and obey orders when they were sent to Afghanistan or Iraq then when they returned they both must have known that the war in Iraq, at least, was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction that the government knew or should have known were non-existent and recognized that the same government that sent them to war based on lies was doing little or nothing about the problem with police shootings against minorities. It shouldn't be too surprising that when they were trained to fight the enemy and recognized that their own government was betraying them and many others, that they perceived them as the enemy. This doesn't mean it was justified, of course; however they weren't trained to think rationally in boot camp; they were trained to obey, and resolve their problems with force, just like many police.

The government is relying on people from the lower working classes to fight their wars for them; and when they come home they often find that despite all the propaganda from the media and the government glorifying veterans who are allegedly "fighting for freedom," which many of these veterans believe and intend to do, although the wars are based on lies, then they're abandoned by their government. Many of these veterans come from areas where there are few if any other job opportunities, since the oligarchies have shipped them overseas, and a large number of these veterans come from the South, where some of the worst pollution and economic inequality exists. I can't say for certain that this was the primary concern for Micah Xavier Johnson and Gavin Long, but even if it isn't this is an outrageous way to treat both the veterans and the rest of the population especially those that don't go over the edge and strike out violently committing suicide by cop.

Another common tactic that seems to sound like great propaganda but incredibly bad social science to prevent future shootings is the common practice of calling extremists that go on shooting sprees killing police knowing that it is a virtual guarantee that they'll be killed before they're done, "cowards" over and over again and coming out with heartfelt stories about how great the police were, which in many cases I don't doubt. But this does little or nothing to find out how to prevent future shootings and it is simply not true.

These shooters are taking on overwhelming odds; it is the police that are often going up against peaceful protesters that should be considered cowardly, when they drag out handicapped people protesting corrupt health care laws, or turn on water cannons against unarmed environmental protesters at the DAPL camps.

If you Google some of these names it isn't hard to find plenty of people from both sides of the argument either calling them cowards or heroes, which should concern everyone. The people calling them cowards are often in total denial of anything that might be considered a mitigating circumstance; but the people that consider them heroes are often fully aware of them and know damn well that the police aren't protecting everyone equally. Many of these shooters started out with angry rants on social media but the police can't possibly keep track of all the angry rants. What the political establishment could do is at least try to figure out what their legitimate grievances are, or if they're not concerned about the ones they've decided are too extreme, then they could address the grievances of the peaceful protesters, then the people on the verge of striking out will at least see that non-violent protest do work and can get their concerns addressed, and might be less likely to go on a rampage.

In a real democracy that is what the political establishment would do instead of catering to those bribing politicians with "campaign contributions."

Of the seven highest profile shooters targeting cops as revenge in an ambush, Alexander Bonds, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah Xavier Johnson, Gavin Long, Scott M. Greene, Jerad and Amanda Miller, all four of the minorities were killed by police, only one of the white people were killed by police, another committed suicide and the only that was arrested alive was involved in a long history of racist incidents and conflicts with the police. This feeds into the claim that police are much more likely to target black people. Dylann Roof, who killed nine blacks was also referred to as a "coward," by many on the left; and this also supports claims that the police are less likely to kill white supremacists; however, unfortunately they also miss the point.

Like many other violent felons Dylann Roof was badly abused as a child and most, if not all, of the others shooting police were also abused as children. The same abusive and authoritarian upbringing that teaches violence to them is often also taught to abusive police officers.

Prevent the early child abuse, and later conflicts will also be prevented, not complicated!

If there was more reporting on this and how successful many social programs to teach about how this abuse leads to escalating violence are and that they're much less expensive and more effective than mass incarceration, then the public would be more inclined to elect officials that are willing to fund good programs that reduce violence than authoritarian police practices that don't work!

This past weekend there was another high profile police shooting where someone that called 911 was killed by the responding officer, 'American Nightmare': How A U.S. Police Shooting Is Roiling Australia 07/18/2017 and another one that is getting far less attention, 2 bodies found in Seal Beach apartment are that of a Los Alamitos police captain and Westminster’s city clerk 07/17/2017, looks like it might be another murder-suicide, although they haven't come to that conclusion yet it is strongly implied by this article. these are just a sample of the stories of police misconduct, most of which are only reported at a low profile while the propaganda about them protecting us is routinely repeated over and over again without addressing the root causes of violence.

They have psychologists that almost certainly know that authoritarian police training is far more concerned with teaching obedience than with protecting the public yet they rarely report it all, and if it is reported it is only when few people are paying attention.

Edit 07/29/2017: Yesterday Donald Trump just made another of his outrageous comments saying, "please don’t be too nice," to "thugs," possibly inciting violence, and an audience of police applauded him without questioning him on the spot. Like some of the most extreme police, Donald Trump is in total denial about the large number of problems with excessive force that are only being reported in there entirety by alternative media outlets. traditional media outlets generally report them only as isolated incidents without letting the public how common they are. This is part of the authoritarian rhetoric that is inciting violence, and fortunately even though there was no one speaking out against it on the spot there were apparently many police departments speaking out against it shortly afterwards, including David Couper as the following article shows. If there isn't more problems with police as a result of this rhetoric it will be because of the people, including many police speaking out against Trump. Unfortunately this will turn some police against each other, however it will show which ones are more likely to cause problems with violence, and are in total denial.

You’re Wrong, Mr. President, It’s Not Okay! by David Couper 07/28/2017

Police Chiefs Defend ‘Respect’ After Trump Appears To Endorse Brutality 07/29/2017

In MS-13 speech, Trump applauded for imploring police “not to be too nice” while arresting “thugs” 07/28/2017

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The following are a long list of articles about police misconduct including an enormous amount of domestic violence incidents, which are normally only reported briefly at the local level; these have been compiled with the help of several grassroots organizations including and Corrupt Frisco Cops

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Mistrial declared for third time for Shannon Kepler an Okla. ex-cop accused of killing daughter's black boyfriend 07/07/2017

Adairsville Ga. police officer arrested for assaulting, holding wife captive 06/07/2017

Keith Haynes accused of killing pregnant ex-girlfriend works for Dallas Tx. sheriff 04/17/2017 Haynes was initially hired as a detention officer by the sheriff’s department in June 2013 but resigned a month later for personal reasons, spokeswoman Melinda Urbina said. The department hired Haynes as a detention officer again in September 2015, and then transferred him to courtesy patrol, a civilian division that assists stranded motorists on highways. Urbina said he “voluntarily demoted” to courtesy patrol.

Child Beaten with Belt, Evanjelina Salamanca and Derek Calderon Fort Stockton Tx. Police Officers Indicted 06/14/2017

Otto Machelle Thomas Shooter In Tx. Police Officer Larry Tuttle Murder-Suicide Claimed Domestic Abuse 02/09/2015 She appeared in Ebony Magazine in 2001, along with a bio that said that she was a military police officer.

Dallas Tx. officer killed by woman in apparent murder-suicide, police say 02/08/2015 It was the second death of an active Dallas police officer in a month. Officer David Kattner was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in an apparent suicide in his Little Elm home Jan. 9. Kattner, a 26-year veteran of the department, had been charged with sexual assault. He died the same day he was scheduled to meet with internal affairs investigators about the allegations.

‘I killed him because he was going to hit me again,’ Woman kills cop boyfriend over abuse 02/11/2015 Thomas was featured in an Ebony magazine article in 2001 where she was described as a military police officer in the Army who counseled youth groups.

Dallas officer's killer had history with police 02/11/2015

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Joseph Sperring, an Alachua County Fla. deputy arrested for 2nd time in 7 months Deputy facing domestic battery charges had DUI arrest in December 07/12/2017 She told police that Sperring threatened to kill her and then himself and put the handgun in his own mouth.

Polk County Fla. Sheriff's Deputy arrested for DUI and property damage 07/10/2017

Revere Mass. Police Detective Charged With Child Abuse 01/19/2017

NC Cops in No Hurry to Help Woman and Her Kids When Another Cop Threatens to Kill Them. *911 Calls* 01/17/2017

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A Black Police Officer’s Fight Against the N.Y.P.D.: Edwin Raymond thought he could change the department from the inside. He wound up the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by 12 minority officers. 02/18/2016

Head of Detroit police union charged with malicious destruction of property after crash 02/27/2017

Former Pa. Aliquippa police officer to stand trial for bar shooting 02/22/2017 Aliquippa, PA officer charged w/ aggravated assault for shooting jail guard during off-duty bar fight.

Revere Police Officer Accused in Covering Up Abuse of Children is Suspended 03/2/2017 Angela Halcovich had filed a restraining order the week before in Chelsea District Court against her boyfriend - Revere police detective Marcos Garcia of Saugus - saying he had physically abused her 5-year-old son and made threats against her. Prosecutors said Halcovich told investigators that she beat one of her sons with a belt and she knew that Garcia was also beating her children.

How do we fix the police ‘testilying’ problem? By Radley Balko 04/16/2014

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NYPD Cop Arrested for Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Walks Free Without Bail 12/12/2015

Video Catches Colorado Cop on Rampage as Fellow Cops Try to Stop Him from Torturing Handcuffed Man 11/30/2015

Massachusetts Cop Chokes and Puts Gun to Woman’s Head After Cited and Released for DUI 11/22/2015

Video Shows Cop Punching Heavily Pregnant War Veteran While CPS Removes Toddler From Home 04/03/2015

Time running out for Bronx NY teen arrested by David Terrell accused crooked cop to realize full-ride college dream 07/12/2017 Officer David Terrell was seen shooting craps with a group of men gathered on a Bronx street last year. Terrell was in his uniform at the time, his service weapon at his side. He was gambling over whether or not to release an arrestee in handcuffs in Terrell's squad car.

Latavius McIntosh, Dawson Ga. PD officer arrested after GBI investigation 07/10/2017

Michael Pena, A Tx. Sheriff's Deputy arrested after assaulting family member, BCSO says 07/08/2017

Orlando Fla. Police Officer Michael Favorit reassigned after 25 citizen complaints 07/09/2017

Sgt.Valentin Khazin White NYPD sergeant claims he’s caught hell for not playing along with department’s bullying of Dana Harge a black officer 06/23/2017

NY Times: Shoar conducted ‘scathingly personal’ campaign against FDLE agent 06/21/2017 The gun that killed O’Connell was Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Banks’ service weapon, and her family has said that she wouldn’t have harmed herself. Banks, who placed the 911 call the night she died saying that she shot herself, maintains his innocence. Not long after, the original medical examiner changed his opinion on the manner of the death from suicide to “shot by another” and wrote a new death certificate but never filed it.

Doug Esther an Ohio County Sheriff's deputy jailed after alleged assault 06/20/2017 Once pretrial services lifted the weapons restriction, Beatty said, Esther was allowed to return to work.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Noe Lopez Pleads Guilty to Drug Smuggling In Ca. 06/22/2017

Monticello NY police officer charged with raping minor 06/22/2017

LAPD cadet scandal continues: Officer Robert Cain arrested for underage sex with cadet 06/23/2017

White St. Louis cop shot black off-duty officer — then claimed it was a ‘friendly fire’ incident 06/22/2017

Colby Cannon, Loudon County Tenn. man charged with killing his sister and his fiancee 06/24/2017 Cannon has a background in law enforcement. He volunteered with the Loudon police department from 2010-2013, according to police chief James Webb. He began as a non-sworn officer, Webb said, and did not carry a firearm. He eventually gained enough training to carry a firearm, but was never certified to work solo, and never completed the training. Records show Cannon began as a part-time employee with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department in January 2017.

David Schmitt Jefferson County Kansas Deputy arrested for the second time this month 06/25/2017 driving under the influence Saturday & unidentified crime in connection to an April, 2016 domestic battery arrest.

Schyuler Brown a Franklin Ind. police officer arrested on domestic battery charge 06/26/2017 Franklin police officer arrested on domestic battery charge

Christopher Kelly, a Fired Durham NC deputy charged with sex crimes involving student 06/26/2017

Patrick Gaynor Meriden Conn. police captain fired following lengthy internal investigation prompted by retaliation claims allegedly by Police Chief Jeffry Cossette 06/27/2017

Evan Cossette a Meriden officer receives 14-month sentence in brutality case 04/06/2016

Dennis Putnam, Former Leesburg Fla. police officer arrested on sexual battery charges, investigators say 06/27/2017

Keith German Fugitive ex-Asbury NJ cop Keith German found at N.C. strip mall 06/2/2017 German is accused of tipping off the gang members to police investigations in exchange for their assistance in disparaging and stalking a woman who had rebuffed his advances.

Arrest affidavit details sexual abuse allegation against Hector Almazan Gonzalez, a Marlin police captain 06/29/2017

Aaron Spikes a GA deputy fired, accused of sexual assault on duty 06/30/2017

Jennifer Hessig a Sarpy deputy county attorney, and her husband Harold Hessig a Bellevue detective arrested in connection with domestic dispute 07/06/2017

Robbery of pigeon store owners linked to racketeering case against Baltimore police detectives Detective Jemell Rayam, Wayne Jenkins, Daniel Hersl, Marcus Taylor, Momodu Gondo, Maurice Ward and Evodio Hendrix 07/07/2017

Freetown police chief: Michael J. Malek, a Fall River Mass. officer arrested on assault, improper gun storage charges 07/05/2017

The police murder of Iraq War veteran Brian Easley 07/10/2017

McClain County Sheriff’s deputy fired following reckless driving arrest 07/06/2017

Scott O’Connell, a St. Johns County Fla. deputy arrested on domestic violence charges 07/07/2017 O’Connell is the brother of Michelle O’Connell, whose death was the subject of a New York Times investigation. Michelle O’Connell, 24, was found dead of a gunshot wound in the home of her boyfriend Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Banks on Sept. 2, 2010.

Justin Walters Army veteran accused of killing wife, New York trooper at upstate home ordered held without bail 07/10/2017

Brayan Terrazas, Police Officer With Past DWI Arrest Nabbed for Biting, Choking Wife: NYPD 07/07/2017 Terrazas, who joined the NYPD in 2008, was first arrested in 2012 for driving drunk after crashing his car into a concrete median in Long Island City. He was suspended without pay after that incident. Last year, Terrazas was arrested again and temporarily suspended after he was charged with slapping his girlfriend while she held their baby. That case appears to be now sealed, officials said.

Guard files lawsuit over NJ cop who allegedly threatened to blow his head off 06/19/2017

Roy Oliver Fired Balch Springs Tx. officer accused of pulling gun on woman after accident 06/19/2017

David Warren Jacobs Former Franklin County deputy charged with assault 06/16/2017

Armando Alvarado Jr., a SAPD officer arrested on drunken driving charge after crashing into Kirby PD squad car 06/17/2017

Man who killed Little Elm officer had history of domestic violence 01/09/2017

Senior Cpl. Jose Gamez Dallas officer arrested for allegedly choking girlfriend 09/04/2016 In August of 2014, Gamez fatally shot a man suspected in a separate shooting at a Dallas gas station. Police said the suspect, Sergio Ramos, refused to drop his gun when approached by Gamez, who was off-duty at the time.

After Creating Danger, Can Cops Use Force with Impunity? 06/15/2017

Lucas Zeien Indiana State Police Officer Charged with Insurance Fraud 06/13/2017

Timothy James, Jacksonville Fla. Sheriff's Officer arrested for beating handcuffed teen 06/10/2017

Erich Fritz Former officer pleaded guilty to kidnapping, rape charge dropped 06/12/2017

Sweetwater Fla. cops pummeled, water-boarded suspects for years, prosecutors allege 06/13/2017

Joseph a DeAngelo Boston police officer suspended for posting racially offensive video 06/30/2017

William McDonald, Greenville Co. deputy arrested on domestic violence charge in Pickens Co. SC 06/20/2017

James Michael Harvie, Ex-officer, marine pleads guilty in domestic violence case 06/19/2017

Cecil Bryan Wilkins Spartanburg Co. SC deputy charged with domestic violence 06/18/2017

Jeremiah Ferris Fargo police officer arrested on domestic assault charges 06/13/2017

Kristian Perez, Off-duty ICE agent allegedly pepper-sprays, pulls gun on girlfriend, other man 06/12/2017

Steven Bagshaw, 21-Year-Vet Of Baltimore Police Arrested For Theft And Fraud 05/26/2017 Police say Bagshaw received payment for services he did not work by defrauding the Baltimore Police Department, the City of Baltimore, and the Horseshoe Casino of time and attendance while receiving monetary compensation.

5 Inglewood officers who killed couple in parked car are now off police force 05/30/2017

Troubled cops find second chances in Georgia schools 05/22/2017 Statewide, school system police departments employ officers who have been terminated or resigned under the cloud of an investigation at twice the rate of local police departments, according to an investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Actions News.

Kevin Dobies, Former Collier Fla. deputy arrested, accused of 'doctor shopping' for pills 05/25/2017

BAYTOWN, Texas -- Michael Coppock A fired Baytown police officer is indefinitely suspended and facing a felony bribery charge after investigators say he offered to dismiss traffic tickets in exchange for naked pictures of a teenaged driver. 05/2/2017

Carson Lee Plank, Fla. Sheriff’s deputy fired after allegedly covering up Deputy Frank Bybee, crime 05/24/2017

DEA gave a false story about deadly 2012 attack in Honduras, U.S. report says 05/24/2017 The shootings sparked fury in Honduras, where protesters burned government buildings and demanded the expulsion of DEA agents. The controversy temporarily derailed U.S.-Honduran anti-drug efforts.

Former HISD officer admits to fondling Tx. middle school student 05/25/2017

Alleged Danville bank robber identified as ex-Southern California cop 05/24/2017

Deputy who fired gun in school, shot teacher gets 30 days in jail 05/22/2017

Upstate Michael Jordan McClatchy SC deputy fired after harassing estranged wife, her boyfriend, police say 04/25/2017

Sergeant Mike Bongiovanni and officer Robert McDonald Two Georgia Cops Criminally Charged for Punching, Stomping Head of Unarmed Man 04/26/2017

Jackson County Mississippi ex-deputy admits having sex with a jail inmate 05/18/2017

2 Orleans County NY deputies arrested 05/17/2017

Dallas school police use handcuffs to restrain 7-year-old boy 05/17/2017

Alexi Figueroa Miami police officer arrested on charges of false imprisonment and battery 04/26/2017

Alberto Randazzo Former NYPD sergeant sentenced to 28 years for child exploitation 04/20/2017

NYPD cops accepted strippers, vacations for expedited gun permits: feds 04/25/2017 Those facing bribery charges include retired NYPD Officers Gaetano Valastro and Robert Espinal and Lt. Paul Dean. The three worked with Sgt. David Villanueva and Police Officer Richard Ochetal, who have already been accused of accepting lavish gifts for pushing through gun permits for those who would meet their expensive tastes, federal prosecutors allege.

Slain Dallas Cop Might’ve Been A White Supremacist: Still A Hero? 07/13/2016

Sean M. Groubert, a South Carolina trooper charged in shooting of unarmed man

Retired Florida cop in deadly theater shooting was ALSO texting moments before pulling the trigger: officials

Lawsuit: Patrick Vicari and Charles Turner, Ind. police used excessive force in traffic stop

3 cops on paid leave after shooting during manhunt in Washington state John Kendall was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

Irwindale pays $2.75 million settlement to girl who served as a police Explorer Scout molested by Daniel R. Camerano ex-police officer 04/21/2017

Dallas Police Officer Arrested, Accused of Burglary Officer's arrest warrant mentions another officer charged with stalking, burglarly of estranged wife's home 04/23/2017

Officer Wilfredo Guzman a Rockaway NJ cop charged with sexually assaulting 2 teenage girls 04/23/2017

Ruben Hernandez Former FBI agent sentenced to jail after shooting at GRPD officers 04/20/2017

Eric C. Pendleton Alabama corrections officer charged with accepting bribes from inmates 04/21/2017

Charles Cravens Tennessee sheriff pleads guilty to sex – including threesome – with inmates in exchange for benefits 04/21/2017

David Tenebruso NYPD traffic enforcement agent cuffed for punching wife while holding 8-month-old daughter 04/20/2017

Armed Dakota Acess PL Mercenary Arrested For Domestic Violence, Illegal Weapons, and Meth 04/19/2017

Houston PD officer arrested on meth charge 04/18/2017

Forrest County Mississippi deputy arrested 04/15/2017

2 San Antonio police officers arrested on drunken driving charges hours apart 04/14/2017

Four inmates found dead at South Carolina prison 04/07/2017 Last year, three correctional officers were fired after authorities said they stabbed an inmate four times in the torso. The officers were charged with attempted murder and misconduct in public office, CNN affiliate WIS reported.

Detroit police officer arrested for domestic violence 04/08/2017

NC police officer charged with strangulation, kidnapping 04/09/2017

Palm Springs Ca. security guard arrested on suspicion of intentionally running over pedestrian, police say 04/10/2017

20 Stories of Police Behaving Badly

Vanderbilt University Tenn. police officer resigns following arrest 04/06/2017

Florida cop accused of robbing drivers he pulled over 03/12/2017

After DUI arrest, crashing into a telephone pole taking down power lines, Michael E. Niedzwiecki, a Woodstock Ill. police officer resigns 04/01/2017

Judge: Rochester cop illegally arrested woman who called police 04/04/2017

Detective Guevara’s Witnesses Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara is accused of framing at least 51 people for murder. 04/04/2017 Guevara joined the Navy at age 17, but an eye condition boomeranged him back home. One of his colleagues, Detective William Dorsch, watched with astonishment, not sure if he should be envious or suspicious. Then Dorsch said he saw what he’d never witnessed before or after in all his 25 years on the force: Guevara blurted out, “That’s him,” placing his finger next to one of the photos.

Magazine for N.J. law enforcement contains ads for anabolic steroid providers 02/14/2011

Michael Phelps and Nicholas Downey Ex-Ca. deputies plead to lesser charge in pursuit beating case 04/03/2017

Our Police Officers: Not Just A Few Bad Apples 08/12/2016

Thomas Pierson Ex-Harris deputy indicted in two more sexual misconduct cases involving stopping women 07/27/2016

WATCH: Georgia Deputies including Thomas Pierson Kill Unarmed Teen Before Lying to Family about Cause of Death 04/0/2017

Ex-jail officer charged with battery 01/19/2016

Cleveland Ohio police officer arrested on suspicion of attacking, sexually assaulting girlfriend in Parma 01/16/2017
Cleveland Ohio officer charged in Parma rape was arrested in 2009 for trying to force woman to kiss him 01/18/2017

Galveston Tx. Police Officer Arrested After Multi-Agency Investigation 01/15/2017

Council Bluffs Nebraska Police Officer Arrested 01/18/2017

Officer Yong Yun, NYPD officer with gambling, drinking problems kills himself in Staten Island 01/1/2017

Former CPSO La. deputy pleads not guilty in stun gun incident 01/12/2017

Former Newton NJ Police Officer Arrested for Assault of a Juvenile 01/03/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Army vet falsely arrested while walking his dog says he endured racial taunts by Trump-loving NYPD cop 01/17/2017

Somers Point NJ police officer indicted in domestic violence, witness tampering case 01/12/2017

Indianapolis Ind. PD officer arrested for shoplifting, resisting law enforcement 01/12/2017

Timmonsville SC police officer arrested on charges of domestic violence 01/12/2017

UPATE: Waterloo Iowa officer found not guilty in off-duty incident 01/15/2017

Thomas Peterson, Former Nebraska probation officer appeals conviction of violating the civil rights of four female clients 01/04/2017

Wisc. Corrections officer arrested for drunk driving; 3rd law enforcement arrest in 3 weeks 01/15/2017 According to the Sheriff’s Office, 46-year-old Matthew Kriska, a Department of Corrections captain from the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility was taken into custody for DUI — first offense after he crashed his vehicle on I-43 southbound at Oklahoma.

The video begins with the deputy pulling over a truck that was swerving near 83rd and Bluemound early on Sunday, January 1st. Eventually the driver, identified as Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Boden stepped back with the deputy -- wanting no part in a field sobriety test.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, 43-year-old Anthony Rivera, a Milwaukee police officer was arrested for his first DUI offense after crashing his vehicle along 25 feet of guard rail and five wooden posts.

Deputy David Israel Ceballos Ca. Deputy arrested for allegedly having sex with teenage girl in Explorer program 01/01/2017

Gwinnett Ga. prosecutor arrested in huge DeKalb prostitution bust 01/19/2017

Sheriff accused of meth theft pleads to felony, resigns 01/19/2017

Former Guyana police arrested for shooting at daughter’s boyfriend 01/17/2017

Columbia Police Officer Charged with Sexual Assault 11/22/2016

Former Galveston County deputy accused of asking teen girl for sex 11/18/2016

Santa Cruz Sheriff identifies deputy who fatally shot teen 11/22/2016

Maine Corrections officer who donated kidney will stand trial for sex crimes 11/21/2016

Fired OKC police officer sentenced Monday to five years probation in child abuse case 11/28/2016

Mayor responds on cop sued in 2nd killing in which gun not found 11/29/2016

REHIRED: Minnesota Deputy Convicted Of Drunkenly Beating K9 Partner After Groping Casino Patrons 11/16/2016

Mexican Police Murdered 22 And Manipulated Crime Scene, Review Finds 08/19/2016

Woodstock police officer faces DUI charge after Lake County Ill. crash 02/24/2017

Roosevelt Finley Former Alabama police chief indicted on 7 counts of ethics violations 03/30/2017

Nicole Baca, NM Metropolitan Detention Center corrections officer arrested on perjury charges 03/31/2017

Suspended Rowley Mass. officer back on job 03/29/2017

Ex-NYPD officer busted for selling heroin out of Staten Island 03/28/2017

Ted Arboleda Florida deputy accused of letting woman off after getting oral sex, new outlet reports 10/20/2014 Found not guilty March 2017

Adam Soto Off-duty NYPD cop arrested for drunken driving after crashing into parked cars in Queens 03/24/2017

Fla. Prosecutors find no wrongdoing in shower death at Dade Correctional mental health unit 03/17/2017 At least six inmates claimed that the shower was specially rigged so that corrections officers controlled the temperature and were able to crank it up to scalding — or down to an uncomfortably frigid spray, thereby using it as punishment to control unruly inmates, most of whom suffered from mental illnesses.

Off-duty Cincinnati officer arrested, accused of carrying AR-15 drunk 03/15/2017

UPDATE: Wyoming Trooper Under Investigation 03/14/2017

NYPD sergeant who raped 13-year-old girl gets just three years in prison 03/13/2017

Andrew Dinh Riverside County Ca. sheriff's deputy arrested on suspicion of sexual assault 03/13/2017

New York City Detectives Indicted in Bogus Drug Bust 03/07/2017

Richard Baumhammers After completing high school in 1983, Baumhammers graduated from Kent State University in Ohio in 1989 and began to pursue a law degree at Cumberland Law School in Birmingham, Alabama.

Benjamin Nathaniel SmithAfter dropping out, he transferred to Indiana University (Bloomington), where he studied criminal justice.

Fired Wayne County deputy now faces sex abuse charges 02/26/2017

Auburn City Manager: Deputy chief of police arrested, charged with DWI 04/03/2017

Massachusetts cop's wife allegedly faked house robbery and blamed Black Lives Matter 10/29/2016

Ca. Cop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Touching Minor, Possessing Steroids — Gets Only 45 Days in Jail 02/0/2016

Polk County Fla. Sheriff's Deputy arrested for DUI and property damage 07/10/2017

Maulia LaBarre, a Former Honolulu Hawaii Police Department officer accused of bribing a prostitute pleads guilty in corruption case 07/11/2017

Capt. Richard Foster a Nitro police officer facing charges, placed on administrative leave after off-duty incident involving gun 07/14/2017

Woman was fatally shot through door of Minneapolis Minn. police car, sources say 07/17/2017

Officer fatally shoots himself at prison near Huntsville Tx. 07/16/2017

Lying police? Missing files, lost evidence: Missouri Newspaper investigation reveals glaring details in David Robinson case 07/16/2017

Fla. State attorney drops 41 cases over officers' issues 8 Jacksonville officers on list 'with known issues' 07/14/2017

Jared Mullis a Central California detective charged in colleague's death 07/16/2017