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Wal-Mart Crime report March 2015

There was a shootout involving seventeen people in an Arizona Walmart parking lot this month. Half of the people involved were police who were responding to a crime report and all of them were injured, including one who was shot, and they killed one of the suspects. This made dozens of internet news stories and must have drawn a lot of attention in the alternative press but I didn't see any coverage of it in the traditional national press. In addition to checking the world news, local New England news I checked three major national papers, the New York Times, USA Today and the Boston Globe, to see if they covered it, and none did.

They did think it was worthwhile to cover a "Spider-man escape by a shoplifter and numerous other stories that seem less dramatic. A few days after the event it became clear that the people that started the riot were Christian street performers and might have been part of an apocalyptic cult; but there was still no national news except for more local and internet stories.

There was another shooting a couple days before at a Colorado Walmart and one a couple days after at an Oklahoma Walmart, and shortly after that another officer involved shooting at a Canadian Walmart that resulted in another death; but these weren't covered by the national press either. According to Walmart Shootings there were "at least 92 shooting incidents, leaving 16 people dead and 42 injured. This is up from 2013, where there were 83 shootings, leaving 24 killed and 42 injured." They only found 53 incidents in 2012; however I suspect they improved their search methods as they went along and there are probably more that they didn't catch from that year and previous years. After watching these things for a while, it is clear that if you use search engines and don't keep on top of it many disappear and it is much harder to find them if not impossible.

None of this is in the traditional news, which sells an enormous amount of advertising time to Walmart and their suppliers, nor do politicians discuss it, although they take an enormous amount in campaign contributions from Walmart and their suppliers. Grass roots efforts with much fewer resources do a better job covering this.

Police from at least three or four different states have expressed concerns about Walmrt and the problems they have there this month; and so ahve several customers. This is on top of dozens of other police departments that have expressed similar concerns over the years but they're not reported widely either. The chief in Springfield Missouri said his concerns fell on "deaf ears" in a report early in the month; after it made the news and got a lot of attention he met with Walmart officials, behind closed doors, and said he was more "optimistic."

I don't have any way of know how much if any political pressure is put on police chiefs; but after reading enough of these stories I wouldn't be surprised if part of their "optimism" is based on that.

As the month closes they have reported that Walmart is training their employees in active shooter incidents to ahndle them better.

I find this stunning, although if they can't avoid them this may seem better than nothing. However there is much more that can be done to address the contributing causes and make it much less likely for this to happen in the first place. There is an enormous amount of research to indicate far better ways to address this problem that they have been, some of which I went into in several posts including Politicians increase crime; Grass roots efforts reduce crime; Politicians steal the credit.

They found dead bodies in the parking lots or near four different Walmarts in Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina and Florida this month. One of them might have been decomposing for a week before they noticed.

This isn't as uncommon as most people might think. There have been lots of bodies turning up at Walmart although four in one month is more than I have seen. And there have been at least two other cases where the bodies started decomposing before anyone noticed. The most common places for the bodies to turn up is usually either in the bathrooms, the parking lots where some people stay indefinitely, or in wooded areas nearby.

They're usually poor people, ofter drug overdoses, or suicides. This time at least to of these cases involved murder, on top of the shootings already described.

Many of the things that happen there happen over and over again; and in many cases the contributing causes can be understood and addressed but the most sincere researchers aren't involved in the decision making process. There have been hundreds of bomb threats and this month one of them involved a devise they took seriously enough to blow up in a controlled explosion, although my best guess is that even this was fake. The most common real bomb is just a soda pop bomb which isn't worth the scare attributed to it although it takes people by surprise.

They also had chemical problems leading to evacuations in at least three states, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois this month. There are a long list of arrests for petty theft where hundreds of not thousands of taxpayer dollars are used to prosecute people fro stealing as little as 78 cents worth of bananas, and thanks to felony shoplifting laws, under a hundred dollars worth of shoplifting can cost people as much as ten years or more in jail.

White collar crime for much higher amounts rarely ever gets nearly as much time assuming it is prosecuted at all.

They've had at least a couple fights over parking spaces, trouble with KKK recruitment fliers, a controversy about requiring an injured toddler to be present during jury selection and another settlemt for a fraction of the damages asked for, copyright arguments over a satire and another about sneakers, and they had one of their employees work right up until she gave birth, in the store.

There is another debate about whether the local government should foot the bill for changes in the entrance to one of their Walmart stores, which is just a small sample of the subsidies that Walmart gets from taxpayers. This is on top of the subsidies for welfare and health care for many of their employees and the high cost of handling enormous amounts of crime at their store.

Wal-Mart has said they don't have video of a July 2011 Dez Bryant Tx. incident, or at least not "officially" according to the article. Walmart has one of the most sophisticated surveillance systems in the world although most people have little or no knowledge of how much they're being watched when they shop at Walmart or sleep in their parking lots.

That is proprietary information, like the government they have the right to spy on you but you don't ahve the right to fully understand how much they're watching.

If you buy any Easter Eggs at Walmart, you probably won't find a Dried crab in it but don't completely rule it out.

Walmart Watch provides more updates throughout the month on Twitter. They say, "You Can't Make This Stuff Up."

That's not true. I could make some of this up.

But why would I?

Strange things really do happen at Wal-Mart!

And there are plenty of sources to back it up.

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. For regular updates about events at Walmart through the month see Walmart Watch on twitter. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in March 2015. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

Kings Park man charged with shoplifting at NY Walmart found by cops to be carrying knife, guns, ammunition 03/01/2015

Police seek SC Walmart shoplifting suspects 03/02/2015

Waldo man stole goods worth $663 from Fla. Wal-Mart, police say 03/02/2015

Man gets 25 years in prison on Nevada Walmart theft less than $100 in 2014 03/02/2015

A man was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison after he was found guilty of attempting to steal less than $100 worth of items last year from a local Walmart in Reno, officials with the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office said.

Marc Schachter, 47, was sent to 25 years in prison with parole eligibility after five years, after a jury found him guilty of attempted robbery at a local Walmart in September. He must also serve an additional concurrent term of one to four years in prison for his conviction, officials said in a news release.

“Schachter‘a sentence as a career criminal will keep him out of our community for an extensive period of time,” officials said in a statement Monday morning. Complete article

Deputies: Man found dead in Viera Fla. Wal-mart parking lot 03/02/2015

NC Walmart robbed by note 03/02/2015

Tulsa Okla. Police Search For Man Who Exposed Himself Inside Walmart 03/02/2015

Reidsville police look for suspects in NC Wal-Mart larceny 03/02/2015

Springfield Missouri Police: Walmarts are home of the five-finger discount 03/02/2015

Walmart markets itself as the home of low prices but Springfield police say the company's five Supercenter locations also are popular targets for those seeking a five-finger discount.

Shoplifting incidents reported at the five Walmart Supercenters in city limits accounted for more than half of the shoplifting calls police recorded in 2014. Department crime statistics also link a significant number of stealing and robbery calls to the five locations.

"They are havens for thefts," Police Chief Paul Williams said. "Bad guys know those are good places to go steal stuff."

Williams said the department has approached Walmart representatives a few times in recent years with ideas for curbing the thefts, which can take officers away from more serious work. So far, he said, "it's kind of fallen on deaf ears." Complete article

Springfield Missouri Police chief "optimistic" about curbing Walmart crime 03/27/2015

Glassman says Walmart asked to relax traffic mitigations for Bel Air South Md. store 03/03/2015

Albany-area couple stole chicken and soda from NY Walmart, ate them while shopping, police say 03/03/2015

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. -- A Troy couple ate a rotisserie chicken and drank soda they didn't pay for while shopping at Walmart, state police said.

The pair, 23-year-old Melissa Crandall and 22-year-old Tommy Crandall, took the chicken and soda from Walmart and began eating it inside the store Monday afternoon. They then tried to hide the empty packaging, state police said in a news release.

Police caught up with the pair at a Dunkin' Donuts across the street on Hoosick Road and charged them with petit larceny. Complete article

Former Ky. Walmart employee accused of stealing toys from store 03/03/2015

Mom arrested, charged with using teens to help her steal from Tenn. Walmart 03/03/2015

Police: Suspects use fake money at Lexington Nebraska Walmart 03/03/2015

Massive New Berlin Wisc. Walmart prepares for grand opening after vocal opposition 03/03/2015

Three Men Rob Omaha Nebraska Walmart 03/04/2015

Suspects swipe elderly person's wallet at Conn. Walmart 03/04/2015

Fight over handicapped spot at Wisc. Walmart sends 71-year-old woman to the hospital 03/04/2015

GREENFIELD, WI (WITI) — A fight over a handicapped parking spot sent an elderly woman to the hospital! It happened at the Walmart store on W. Layton Avenue in Greenfield. The suspect is accused of using her chest to knock a 71-year-old woman to the ground in a fight over a handicapped parking spot.

John Rawlings of West Allis says growing up, he was taught a valuable lesson.

“It doesn`t matter who is in the right and who is in the wrong. You should treat everybody as you want to be treated,” Rawlings said.

That lesson is the first thing he thought of when he saw the fight during a recent trip to Walmart. Complete article

Gladstone Missouri Walmart evacuated over reported threat 03/04/2015

Man shot in Walmart parking lot on Indianapolis Ind. west side 03/04/2015

Two Pekin Ill. Walmart Supercenter employees face charges of felony thefts from the store 03/04/2015

Police: Trio steals Walmart items, sells them to different Okla. Walmart location 03/04/2015

Cheyenne Wyoming man's wrongful termination lawsuit against Wal-Mart moving ahead 03/05/2015

Man wanted for groping woman inside Ga. Walmart 03/05/2015

Police say La. Walmart thief got away with 32 cans of baby formula and a clothes hamper 03/05/2015

Teen arrested after shooting NC Walmart employee with BB gun 03/05/2015

11,200 workers lost jobs when Target's CEO swung the axe at Wal-Mart 03/05/2015

Police seek suspect in carjacking of 87-year-old at NM Walmart 03/05/2015

Man accused of shoving fishing reels down his pants at Winston-Salem NC Walmart 03/05/2015 A loss prevention officer reportedly tried stopping the suspect, but the suspect allegedly threatened to stab him with a knife.

Wanted suspect arrested at Walmart in Damonte Ranch Nevada 03/05/2015

Woman accused of fight at Niceville Fla. Walmart 03/05/2015

Shotgun used in killing bought at Cortland NY Walmart 03/05/2015

Lincoln woman arrested after allegedly attacking boyfriend at Me. Wal-Mart 03/06/2015

Rincon Ga. Police: Walmart shoplifter, speeder 03/06/2015

Police looking for men in Missouri Walmart robbery surveillance photos 03/06/2015

Tracy Morgan's lawsuit against Walmart on hold pending truck driver's appeal in civil suit 03/06/2015

Walmart surveillance key to Spring Lake NC murder investigation 03/06/2015

Wal-Mart denies claims in lawsuit over fatal Beavercreek Ohio shooting 03/06/2015

Wal-Mart says it doesn’t have video of July 2011 Dez Bryant Tx. incident 03/05/2015

In the early-morning hours of July 11, 2011, someone called the Lancaster, Texas police to explain that a man pulled a woman from a Mercedes registered to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and dragged her to another car. A woman later returned with Bryant to the scene to tell the police that she wasn’t assaulted “in any way.”

Despite this conflict in the evidence, the Lancaster, Texas police officer didn’t enter the Wal-Mart store and request an immediate opportunity to review the available surveillance video. Which means that Wal-Mart didn’t officially preserve the video evidence that would have been captured by its cameras.

Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what Wal-Mart told Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal on Thursday. Complete article

Dallas County D.A. has Wal-Mart police report 03/04/2015

Knife-Toting Man Taken Into Custody After Hourslong Standoff Outside Santa Ana Ca. Wal-Mart 03/06/2015

A man was taken into custody in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Santa Ana early Friday morning, hours after a security guard spotted him in a vehicle with a large knife, authorities said.

The security guard was driving through the parking lot Thursday night when he saw the man, who was sitting alone in the car, said Sgt. Matt Hermans of the Santa Ana Police Department. The employee called police about 9:15 after noticing the knife.

Officers responded to the location at 3600 West McFadden Avenue (map) and a standoff ensued with the unidentified man, who appeared “dazed,” Hermans said. Complete article

Walmart attempts to join green movement, save reputation 03/05/2015

20-year-old Ex-Walmart Mich. employee pleads guilty to embezzling more than $10,000 from store 03/06/2015

Berlin NJ police: Walmart shoplifting suspects may be from Williamstown area 03/06/2015

2 wanted for Walmart theft in Moundsville WV 03/06/2015

Gladstone Missouri Walmart evacuated for bomb threat 03/04/2015

Idaho Walmart cameras catch Hayden man stealing photos of women 03/05/2015

Company Recalls Bassinet-To-Cradles Sold At Walmart, Kohls, Amazon, Toys R Us 03/04/2015

Chicago Women Caught With 100+ Fake Credit Cards at New Lenox Ill. Walmart: Cops 03/06/2015

Cops: Armed man caught shoplifting ammo in Riverhead NY Walmart 03/0/2015

Police: Man Tried To Steal, Damaged $6,000 Worth Of Stuff At Pa. Walmart 03/07/2015

Orlando Fla. PD: Bomb threat forces Walmart evacuation, closure 03/07/2015

Orange County Fla. Walmart back open after suspicious device cleared 03/08/2015 This is at least the third incident in previous week, in Fla. and at least the second with a suspicious package.

Woman faces multiple charges after leaving NY Wal-mart 03/08/2015

Police looking for Missouri Walmart thief 03/09/2015

Woman arrested for shoplifting with child at Tenn. Walmart 03/10/2015

Person wanted for stealing from Virginia Beach Va. Walmart 03/10/2015

Tip leads to arrest in Ga. Walmart groper case 03/0/2015

Scam artist is sought in theft at Lockport NY Walmart 03/10/2015

Tips to Avoid the Walmart Scam 03/10/2015

Woman arrested for 2012 theft from Walmart, deputies say 03/10/2015 Store employees estimated the group Gallo was part of had taken $10,000 from ranging from Ohio to Florida.

3 things not to buy at Walmart 03/10/2015

Utah Walmart employee helps catch accused criminals 03/10/2015

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - With the help of a persistent store clerk and fast-acting officers, law-enforcement authorities caught four accused criminals, Tuesday.

It all started at the Kimball Junction Walmart in Park City.

"One individual took some kind of a knife from the store, and another individual took some kind of electronic device," said Sgt. Ron Bridge, with the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

The alleged thieves did not know at the time, but an observant store clerk watched everything unfold. Complete article

Dad on Wal-Mart death: Some police 'want to shoot' 03/11/2015

Henry County Ga. Walmart groper arrested 03/11/2015

Walmart tries to rein in Dadaist cartoonist behind 03/11/2015

Cartoonist Jeph Jacques says he doesn’t understand all the long faces at retail giant Walmart over his use of an image of a horse outside one of the chain’s stores.

Jacques said his domain is an example of “postmodern Dadaism” but Walmart lawyers call it trademark infringement and have ordered him to cease and desist.

“I would argue that is an obvious parody and therefore falls under fair use,” the Massachusetts-based creator of the Questionable Content comic strip told the Star in an email. “Publicly available images of a horse, a Walmart store, and comical music make it clear that the site is meant to be a joke.

“I would be happy to provide a disclaimer on the website explicitly stating this. If you have any requests for other animals you would like to see added to the image on the website, I would happily comply!” Jacques said, feeling his oats. Complete article

Thirsty thief caught trying to steal 27 cases of beer from Fla. Wal-Mart, deputies say 03/11/2015

Argument over Fla. Walmart parking leads to assault 03/12/2015

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- An argument over a parking spot last month at a Middleburg Walmart turned ugly when weapons were pulled. Now, detectives with the Clay County Sheriff's Office are asking for the public's help in identifying two people involved in the incident.

According to a CCSO incident report, a woman and her three children parked at the Walmart on Branan Field Road shortly before 7 p.m. on Feb. 18. The woman's 10-year-old daughter grabbed a shopping cart wheeled it next to the car. That's when a white Lincoln sedan tried to pull into the adjacent parking spot that was blocked by the shopping cart.

A woman in the Lincoln jumped out and started yelling at the alleged adult victim in the parking spot, the victim told CCSO.

The victim said she felt threatened so she reached into her car and grabbed her stun gun. The woman from the Lincoln continued to argue with her, the victim said, so she held up the stun gun in a threatening manner, but didn't engage it.

The male driver of the Lincoln, who had been watching the incident unfold, then got out of the car, pulled up his jacket, showed the alleged victim a holstered hand gun and said, "I'll shoot you," the incident report states. Complete article

Man fights with Wal-Mart security guard over gun in New Hartford NY 03/11/2015

Registerd sex offender charged with child molestation at Greenfield Ind. Walmart 03/12/2015

Police charge man in Raleigh NC Wells Fargo, Walmart robberies 03/12/2015

Meth lab found inside backpack in Muncie Ind. Walmart restroom 03/12/2015

MUNCIE, Ind. - The Pendleton District Meth Suppression Team were contacted by employees of the Muncie Walmart located at 1501 E. 29th St. around 11:30 p.m. Thursday because of a suspicious backpack in the men's rest room.

When troopers entered the rest room, they found a backpack with an active meth lab inside.

Members of the team donned their protective respirators and suits and dismantled the lab, removing the chemicals from the premises.

The health department was called in for an inspection, required by law. They deemed that both the men's and women's rest rooms would have to remain closed until they could be professionally decontaminated by a company specializing in meth decontamination. Complete article

Arrest made in Ind. Wal-Mart meth lab investigation 03/17/2015

Armed Robbery outside Nebraska Walmart thwarted overnight 03/12/2015

Kingston, Napanoch, NY residents charged in Walmart scheme 03/13/2015

Settlement Reached In Ft. Scott Black Friday Kansas Walmart Suit 03/13/2015

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A settlement has been reached between Walmart and a woman who alleges she was trampled at their store during a Black Friday sale.

Amanda DuVall filed suit against Walmart saying she was trampled and injured at a Fort Scott Walmart during a Black Friday sale in 2013. She claims that the company failed to take reasonable measures to protect her. DuVall was asking for $75,000 in damages for injuries and medical expenses.

The US District Court shows that a settlement was reached between the Bentonville, Ark. retail giant and DuVall on March 6. Complete article

Rincon Ga. Police: Woman wearing revealing clothing is banned from Walmart and separate shoplifting case 03/13/2015

Police charge man with taking indecent liberties with child at NC Walmart 03/13/2015

Police: Mom left 3 kids in car while she shopped at Tenn. Walmart 03/13/2015

Employee gives birth in Ripley Tenn. Walmart 03/14/2015

RIPLEY, Tenn. — It’s a headline ripped right out of a movie script.

A mother gave birth to a baby in a Walmart.

Walmart Super Centers have a lot of things inside, but a delivery room isn’t one of them.

But one of the employees here gave birth to a baby Thursday night. Complete article

Man accused of stealing baby items from Pa. Walmart arrested 03/15/2015

Dead man found in Tx. Walmart parking lot may have been there a week 03/16/2015

DEER PARK, Texas – A man was found dead Sunday evening inside an SUV in a Walmart parking lot.

The body of Harry Lee Curly was discovered in the driver's seat of the silver Dodge Durango.

Curly is from Corpus Christi.

Deer Park P.D. investigators on scene said there didn't appear to be any foul play, but they're treating the SUV as a crime scene. Complete article

Collinsville Ill. Walmart shoplifters spray deodorant and fire shots in bizarre escape 03/16/2015

COLLINSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Police are looking for several shoplifting suspects who fired shots at someone they may have thought had followed them out of the store.

The trouble began after midnight at the Collinsville crossing Walmart on 157. Five suspects, one man, four women and a young child were spotted trying to walk out of the Walmart without paying for three carts full of merchandise.

One of the suspects sprayed deodorant in the face of one of the employees after being confronted. They told another employee they had a gun. But, they never showed it. Then they fled with one of the carts, put the stuff in their car and took off.

At about the same time, two other people who had been shopping at Walmart, pulled out of the lot behind the suspect`s car. This may have caused the suspects to think someone from the store was following them. That is when one of suspects got out of the car and fired several shots at the pick up truck and sped off. One of the bullets hit the truck, but he two people inside were not hurt. Complete article

Suspects charged in shoplifting and attempted murder at Collinsville Ill. Walmart, shooting that followed 03/17/2015

Police: Del. Wal-Mart Worker Stole Ammunition, Survival Gear 03/16/2015

Teen charged with stealing from NC Walmart three days in a row 03/16/2015

A Salisbury teen has been charged with stealing three days in a row from Walmart.

Rashad Anthony Wright, 16, of the 1600 block of Old Wilkesboro Road, is charged with two counts misdemeanor larceny, misdemeanor first-degree trespassing, second-degree trespassing, misdemeanor assault on a law enforcement official and misdemeanor resist, obstruct, delay an officer.

He remained in the Rowan County jail Monday under a $15,000 secured bond. Complete article

Three face child abuse charges after woman falls on toddler in WV Wal-Mart 03/16/2015

San Antonio Tx. Police Department's bomb squad detonates device at Southwest Side Walmart 03/16/2015

SAN ANTONIO -- Members of the San Antonio Police Department's bomb squad detonated a small device suspected of being a pipe bomb at a Southwest Side Walmart Monday morning.

Police responding to the Walmart off Loop 410 and Ray Ellison Drive shortly after 11 a.m. were flagged down by someone who noticed a small section of PVC pipe under a car in the parking lot.

Investigators detonated the pipe as a precaution. Complete article

Man exposed himself outside Napanoch NY Walmart after theft, cops say 03/16/2015

Video of Crowded Fla. Walmart Parking Lot Goes Viral 03/16/2015

PANAMA CITY BEACH--- Amateur video of the Walmart on Front Beach Road shows heavy traffic and congestion in this area. Spring breakers call the Walmart "the place to be." But who's responsible for the parking lot parties?

Garrett Smith owns the Kwiker Liquor across the street from the Walmart, and says the viral video is an accurate depiction of a standard weekend night.

A Panama City Beach ordinance prohibits alcoholic beverages in right of ways, parking lots, and other public facilities, but as Chief Drew Whitman points out, that parking lot is technically Walmart's private property.

NewsChannel 7 reached out to Walmart's corporate offices and was told Walmart is aware of the increased traffic in that area during Spring Break. The representative, however, hadn't heard of any plans to strengthen security there.

The store contracts with the Bay County Sheriff's Office to provide more security during those months. A spokesman for the Bay County Sheriff's Office says one deputy is stationed inside the main store, and another is stationed in the liquor store. Complete article

CONSUMER ALERT: New Shopping Center, Walmart Store Headed To Hephzibah Ga. 03/16/2015

Tuscaloosa Alabama Police remove KKK recruitment flyers found distributed throughout area Wal-Mart 03/16/2015

investigating flyers recruiting members to the Ku Klux Klan found spread throughout the store this weekend.

Erin Hofmann, a spokesperson for Wal-Mart, confirmed reports on social media that flyers were found in the Wal-Mart on Skyland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa Monday.

Hofmann said after they became aware of the flyers, the store's management went through the store and collected them, then notified both Wal-Mart corporate and area police of the incident.

Hofmann said it is against store policy to distribute literature of any kind inside a Wal-Mart without management permission. Complete article

Shoppers sickened at Gurnee Ill. Walmart 03/17/2015

GURNEE, Ill. (WLS) -- Medical teams checked out several people after they started coughing and having breathing problems while shopping at the Walmart in north suburban Gurnee.

Fire department officials said someone sprayed an unknown chemical inside the store on Monday night.

Medics treated the customers at the scene. Complete article

Witnesses Detain Suspect In Deadly Colorado Walmart Hit-And-Run 03/17/2015

At first, witnesses to a deadly crash could only watch helplessly as the driver peeled out of the parking lot and sped away.

Those at the scene say the suspect had just run over a 67-year-old woman in the Fountain Walmart parking lot. The crash happened just after 11:20 a.m. Monday.

"I was mad. ... I was very upset. Anybody that hits anybody and then takes off and runs--that's just wrong. She didn't bother to see if the woman was okay...she just took off," Steven Wozinak said.

But the suspect didn't get far. After crossing Camden Boulevard, the suspect crashed into a parked car in another lot across the street. Wozinak told 11 News he wasn't going to let her get away again.

"I was able to hold her in there [in the car], then we had probably six or eight other people with me that blocked the other side of the two doors and the back doors." Complete article

Harford Md.'s traffic demands for Bel Air South store are 'unfair,' Walmart says 03/17/2015

Woman steals 13 iPads from NH Walmart, police say 03/17/2015

Elizabethton police identify Walmart theft suspect 03/17/2015

Deputies release photos of Fla. Wal-mart shoplifting suspects 03/17/2015

Fight over Cumberland County NC Walmart centers around growth 03/17/2015

Vacuum Cleaners Swiped from a Pa. Wal-Mart 03/17/2015

Mystery coughing fit prompts Flint Mich. Walmart evacuation 03/18/2015

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, MI -- Weird popping noises and a sudden outburst of coughing have forced authorities to evacuate a Grand Blanc Township Walmart as they investigate a "very unusual" situation.

Grand Blanc Fire Chief David Servetter said his department was dispatched around 11:30 a.m. to Walmart, 6170 S. Saginaw Road, after popping noises were heard near the store's customer service desk.

Servetter said people near the desk reported having a coughing fit after hearing the noise. Emergency responders investigated the situation and discovered coughing outbursts were being reported in other locations inside the store and were not limited to where the sounds were being heard. Complete article

'House of Cards' falls on Walmart 03/18/2015

Warning: The following includes potential spoilers for Season 3 of 'House of Cards'.

Bashing Walmart has now officially gone mainstream. In the current season of House of Cards on Netflix, a presidential candidate takes aim at the retail giant.

Here's a sample:

"The starting salary for an employee at Walmart is below the poverty line....The American government subsidizes Walmart to the tune of $7.8 billion a year by issuing food stamps to over one in 10 of its workers. But here's the scary part. Fifteen percent of all food stamps are actually used at Walmart. Meaning Walmart gets to double dip into the federal government's coffers.

"Walmart's top executives have reaped almost $300 million in tax-deductible performance pay over the last six years." Complete article

FBI investigates bank robbery at Farmington NM Wal-Mart on East Main Street 03/18/2015

SPD investigating shoplifting incident and fight at Sahuarita Ariz. Walmart 03/18/2015

Police warning women about purse snatcher at Tx. Walmart 03/19/2015

Forbes: Can Walmart Save The Planet? 03/19/2015

Suspected car thief trying to pass another car hits, kills woman in Colorado Walmart crosswalk 03/19/2015 Forbes indicates they can with the help of the Environmental Defense Fund; however Green, Inc. author says big environmental groups have sold out to big business.

Wal-Mart to pay comedian's family $10M in Tracy Morgan limo crash 03/20/2015

Is crime causing Albuquerque NM Walmarts to change their hours? 03/20/2015

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Most Walmarts are open 24 hours, but those hours have changed at some stores here in Albuquerque.

Walmart at Coors and I-40, San Mateo near Zuni and Eubank near I-40—they are three locations that Albuquerque Police say keep them busy.

KRQE News 13 has covered everything from shootings to shoplifting and drug busts to deaths at the three stores over the years. Two years ago, police found a body in the trunk of a burned up car behind the Walmart at Coors and I-40.

At Eubank and I-40, police released pictures after armed robbers wheeled a safe with nearly $23,000 in cash from the store. It happened last October around midnight. Complete article

Crime appears a factor as Albuquerque NM Walmarts cut overnight hours 03/20/2015

Shoplifting suspect marvels with ‘Spider-Man’-esque escape from Alabama Wal-Mart: ‘This is awesome’ 03/20/2015

A suspected shoplifter at a Wal-Mart in Mobile, Alabama, was deemed “Spider-Man” by employees after a stunning escape that involved climbing into the building’s ceiling.

The incident happened Thursday and was caught on cellphone cameras by customers watching it unfold.

Video of the man’s attempted apprehension shows him struggling with employees before being led back inside the building. As the he is ushered into a McDonald’s within the store, he manages to scale the wall and get into the duct work. Complete article

Alabama Walmart shopper speaks about crazy shoplifting incident 03/19/2015

Suspect shot by Denver Colorado officer near Walmart ID'd 03/20/2015

DENVER - The man shot by Denver Police Friday morning has been identified as 42-year-old Thomas Clark.

Clark was wanted for failure to appear for sentencing on a sex assault on a child charge, DPD said.

The incident happened at 7800 Smith Road, near a Walmart. Police say Clark became confrontational. Officers initially used pepper spray, and shots were fired. Complete article

Murder victims found behind Oklahoma Walmart identified 03/20/2015

SEMINOLE,Okla. — Two people were found dead on a rural road behind a Wal-Mart.

The bodies were found this morning in Seminole, inside an SUV.

The discovery has rocked this small town of about seven thousand.

“I seen a few police cars, driving this way and that way. I was wondering what was going on and then I seen the helicopter,” Mark Florie said.

Florie was fishing in his grandfather’s pond, just feet away from where the bodies were found. Complete article

Two bodies found behind Seminole Okla. Walmart, homicide suspected 03/20/2015

Suspect arrested in connection with Tx. Walmart purse-snatching robberies 03/20/2015

Police investigating apparent pepper spray incident at Gurnee Ill. Walmart 03/20/2015

SEC to allow shareholder vote on Wal-Mart independent chairman 03/21/2015

29 iPads stolen from Greenfield Ind. Walmart 03/21/2015

Walmart in Maryland Evacuated After Phone Call About "Bomb Making" Materials 03/21/2015

Woman robbed in Republic Missouri Walmart parking lot; police search for suspects 03/21/2015

Swansboro NC residents question private meetings about Walmart lawsuit 03/21/2015

Police: Women traveled to Gainesville Fla. to steal from Wal-Mart 03/22/2015

One dead, two shot, including one Officer, in 17-person battle in Ariz. Walmart parking lot 03/22/2015

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. — One of the nine suspects was killed. Another was shot in the stomach. All eight responding officers were injured, including one 10-year veteran who required surgery.

It’s the aftermath of an all-out melee in a Walmart parking lot in Cottonwood, Arizona, a town of 11,000 people about an hour’s drive south of Flagstaff.

But details are murky outside of the injury and arrest reports. Complete article

6 arrested after deadly brawl at Arizona Walmart 03/23/2015 The scene "looked like a riot in the middle of the parking lot," Louie Solano told CBS News affiliate KPHO.

Police: Family in Ariz. Walmart melee were Idaho religious street performers 03/25/2015

PHOENIX — Before the Gaver family was arrested for its reported involvement in a fatal melee and officer-involved shooting at a Walmart in Arizona, the family performed on the streets of Boise, Idaho, as a religious band, authorities said.

The band's name, Matthew 24 Now, apparently refers to the second coming of Christ. A Facebook page identifies the members as Peter Gaver and his sons, Jeremiah and Nathan. It chronicles the band's "busking," or performing in public for tips, and relates some of its experiences.

The trio were among seven Gavers arrested on suspicion of assault and/or resisting arrest Saturday night after a Cottonwood police officer was disarmed during a parking-lot brawl, triggering a series of shootings that ended in the death of 21-year-old Enoch Gaver and the wounding of an officer, according to police. ....

The Matthew 24 Now page includes an Aug. 9, 2014, entry that quotes the Bible and reads as:

"For those who are mind controlled: who don't own their mind/soul any longer, there is only one hope. Trust Yahweh with all your heart and don't lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straights. Proverbs 3, 5, 6." Complete article

Documents detail deadly Cottonwood Walmart brawl 03/25/2015

Yavapai County released new details regarding the Walmart parking lot fight that left one suspect dead and an officer shot over the weekend.

The county documents detail multiple fights and gunfire.

At one point, an officer tells one of seven other colleagues on the scene "they got my gun."

Descriptions of the big fight played out in the documents with phrases like "deployed his TASER twice," "choked," "kicked him in the head," and "struck in the back of the neck with an object he described as an expandable baton."

Sgt. Jeremy Daniels was eventually shot in the left leg. He's since been released from the hospital.

The report also gives insight into what was said during these chaotic moments. It states that one of three people who were shot said "I've been shot" and "I think I'm going to die." Complete article

Troopers seek 2 in Del. Wal-Mart robbery attempt 03/22/2015

Increased Police Presence Keeps Fla. Walmart Parking Lot Quiet 03/22/2015

Entrance to Ohio Sam's, Wal-Mart being studied 03/22/2015

BURLINGTON, Ohio - A new entrance to Sam's and Wal-Mart via County Road 410 are three projects currently being reviewed for possible state funding, according to Lawrence County Engineer Doug Cade. Complete article

Thief breaks into north Nashville Tenn. Walmart register, takes $500 03/22/2015

Wal-Mart fights bid to curb gun sales 03/23/2015

Kingsport Tenn. Police Department officers search for Walmart shoplifter 03/23/2015

Homeless man booked on suspicion of sexually abusing Utah Walmart employee 03/23/2015

Suspects passed off counterfeit bills at midstate Pa. Wal-Mart, police say 03/23/2015

Police: Rock Hill SC Walmart customer confronts shoplifters 03/23/2015

Tony Presley went to Walmart in Rock Hill Friday night to get a guest registry book for the funeral of his grandmother, who died a few days ago. He ended up thwarting a crime and helping catch two men who police say tried to dash off with a stolen computer.

Presley was threatened by one of the suspects, he said, before officers caught up with the pair and arrested both, thanks to Presley’s having written down the license plate number of the getaway car.

“I just did what I thought I had to do – help,” said Presley, 33, of his “buttin’ my nose in.” Complete article

Baby left alone in NY Walmart leads to resisting arrest charge 03/24/2015

LAKEWOOD, N.Y. (WIVB) – A concerned group of citizens took action Sunday in a local Walmart when they found a child left unattended in the shoe department.

Police responded to the scene of the Lakewood Walmart Sunday around 9:15 p.m., when they say a group of citizens called in a baby with no guardian. The group, made up of concerned shoppers and employees, attempted to find the parents but weren’t successful. They found the one-year-old outside of a stroller asleep.

When police arrived at the scene, they say they investigated the situation, and learned the baby was left unsupervised for a “significant” amount of time, although they could not give out a more definite timeline. Officers moved to find the parents of the baby, and they say they found success after searching through the store. Complete article

Police: Two suspects get into shootout outside Oklahoma Walmart, one in custody 03/24/2015

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City police are investigating a shootout between two men in a metro Walmart’s parking lot.

“It’s definitely pretty wild,” said Tristan Harrington.

Harrington likes to go grocery shopping early in the morning.

However, he had no idea his early morning trip to Walmart on Tuesday would put him in danger.

Officers say shots were fired around 4:30 a.m. in the Walmart parking lot near I-240 and Santa Fe. ...

“People are selfish to get into a violent altercation around little kids and families, it’s unfair,” said Harrington.

When police arrived at the scene, one of the drivers hit the gas and led officers on a high-speed chase. Complete article

Beating suspect explains why he attacked homosexual man at Mississippi Walmart 03/23/2015

Woman arrested after a series of bizarre confrontations at Fla. Walmart 03/24/2015

NY Walmart cashier accused of stealing cash 03/24/2015

NY Police Monitor: Man accused of scamming Wal-Mart 03/24/2015

PPB: Oregon Walmart shoplifter flees in motorized wheelchair 03/24/2015

Forbes: Why Teamsters Present Walmart With A New Challenge 03/25/2015

Warning issued to anyone who has used ATMs at Wal-Marts in Carlisle and Shippensburg Township Pa. 03/25/2015

maine sets hearing for Wal-Mart tax appeal 03/25/2015

Dead body found inside car at Brier Creek NC Walmart 03/26/2015

Wal-Mart in no hurry to pay workers after Pennsylvania court loss 03/26/2015

If you worked at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart in the late 1990s or early 2000s, the company owes you money, according to state courts.

But don’t expect a check just yet.

In December, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed a jury verdict and lower court rulings that Wal-Mart owed $151 million in unpaid wages and damages to employees who worked at the retail giant between 1998 and early 2006. Including attorneys’ fees and expenses, the total was $187 million.

Wal-Mart spokesman Randy Hargrove said Thursday the company disagreed with the state Supreme Court’s findings and that the retail giant requested a review of the decision. Complete article

Wal-Mart wants U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Pa's. wage case 03/24/2015

Ontario Police arrest trespasser at Walmart 03/26/2015

Police: 8 go to hospital after odor at Muncie Ind. Walmart 03/26/2015

MUNCIE, Ind. - Police say several people were treated at a hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties at a Muncie Walmart store.

Muncie Police Department detective Kyle Monroe says he believes eight people including store employees had been examined at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital following the incident that was reported about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Monroe tells The Star Press that all of the patients were released following treatment. He says they complained of a burning sensation in their throats after an odor was detected, first in the customer service area and then near the checkout lanes. Complete article

BPD: Man suspected of multiple thefts from Tenn. Walmart, Target in custody 03/26/2015

Walmart threatening small businesses in North Central Florida 03/26/2015

Couple 'huff' canned air, pass out in Mich. Walmart lot with 3-year-old in car, police say 03/27/2015

Deputies identify body found near Wal-Mart in Four Corners, Lake County Fla.; died of gun shot wounds 03/30/2015

Dried crab found sealed in plastic Easter Egg at Birmingham Alabama area Walmart 03/27/2015

These particular plastic eggs were made in China and distributed from Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart representatives say they have launched a product safety investigation. They are using the barcode information and surveillance video to track the eggs.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – It was more than Jelly Beans and Chenille Chicks inside a green plastic egg for one Birmingham mother. While she and her husband were stuffing plastic Easter Eggs for her child’s party, Mary Claire Brislin discovered a dried crab inside one of the eggs.

Brislin said at first she recoiled thinking the crustacean’s legs belonged to a tarantula. She remembers saying to her husband, “Oh my gosh! There is a crab in this egg. There is a dried out crab corpse in the egg!”

She says she is thankful her children were not with her when she discovered the crab remains.

“My original plan was to have the three-year-old help me. I’m glad that we ran out of time before bedtime to do that,” Brislin said. Complete article

East Montgomery Alabama Walmart plan frustrates residents 03/27/2015

Hampton man allegedly stole cologne, phone case from NJ Walmart 03/27/2015

Ill. Walmart bomb threat unfounded 03/27/2015

Georgia Woman says security at Wal-mart is subpar 03/27/2015

By: Paris Holmes - Columbus, GA. - A Smiths Station woman has security concerns about a local retail giant. Penny Clark says she doesn't feel safe shopping there anymore.

"If you're open 24 hours, we should be safe 24 hours," says Penny Clark, a Smiths Station resident and Walmart shopper.

Penny Clark had just gotten off work around 11pm when she went to Walmart, as she was pulling in her daughter was pulling out.

"I called her and told her I just missed you so she said stay there I'm gonna turn around and come back," says Clark. Clark says she parked her car close to the store entrance and when she got out she saw some young men.

"I could hear these guys yelling obscenities, the F-word, and other stuff," says Clark.

Clark says before she knew it, she was attacked.

"I saw one of the guys walk toward the store and then out of my eye I saw something move and I turned and he was running dead at me. Right before he got to me he jumped up in the air and came down with his fist and just hit me. Complete article

Wal-Mart to Nix Request for Injured Tx. Toddler 03/28/2015

Two days after Wal-Mart Stores filed a motion asking a federal court to order an injured toddler be present at jury selection in a gross negligience case, the retail giant plans to withdraw the request, according to a company spokesman.

The boy's parents claim that Cayden Hinson suffered a partially paralyzing spinal cord injury because of Wal-Mart's gross negligence.

In the motion that it now intends to withdraw, Wal-Mart asked a federal court in Marshall to order that the toddler be present during voir dire, if the parents intended to have him attend any other portion of the trial. The company lawyers wanted to evaluate jurors' responses.

The company said that the boy's "injuries are devastating and cannot help but elicit a sympathetic response." Complete article

Conn. Walmart shoplifters caught on camera 03/26/2015

Security video captures Tx. Walmart arsonist 03/26/2015

Thomasville Ga. Walmart employee assaulted 03/26/2015

Topeka Kansas police roundup: Bananas, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stolen from Walmart 03/2/2015

Bananas, with a value of 78 cents, were stolen from a Topeka Walmart earlier this month.

A Topeka Police Department offense report shows bananas were taken from the North Topeka Walmart on March 15. The incident happened at 1:53 p.m. The bananas were recovered the same day, the report shows.

Premium Gold Yu-Gi-Oh cards valued at $44.94 were taken from another Walmart store. The incident happened at 12:20 p.m. Tuesday at 1301 S.W. 37th.

As with the bananas, the stolen Yu-Gi-Oh cards were recovered the same day. Complete article

Walmart is quietly going on a massive building spree 03/23/2015

In January of last year, residents in Slidell, La., a suburb of New Orleans on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, were shocked to discover that a wooded stretch of land tucked into the middle of their neighborhood was slated to be cleared for a Walmart Neighborhood Market. It not only seemed an unlikely place to put such a store, but just weeks earlier Walmart had announced plans to build a Neighborhood Market less than four miles south on Pontchartrain Drive. Furthermore, Slidell already had two Walmart Supercenters. Developing the wooded lot on Roberts Drive would be the fourth Walmart in a town of fewer than 30,000 people.

“We are beside ourselves,” said Caroline Poupart, who lived directly behind the site of the proposed Walmart. “That green space has been here since the inception of time,” she told The Times-Picayune.

Yet there was little residents could do to stop Walmart. Like most U.S. cities, Slidell has permissive zoning when it comes to commercial development. This particular wooded lot is zoned for “neighborhood commercial,” under which Walmart’s Neighborhood Market store, which is essentially a large supermarket fronted by a few acres of parking, qualified as an acceptable use. Complete article

Walmart Plans on Driving Out Even More Businesses 03/25/2015

Fake Walmart receipt puts 3 in jail for attempted theft in Hanford Ca. 03/23/2015

DVD theft at Walmart sparks police chase through East Lampeter and Manheim Townships Pa. 03/26/2015

2 sought in attempted robbery at Delaware Walmart 03/22/2015

Woman says she was attacked, hit with eggs in Alabama Walmart parking lot 03/26/2015

Vetr Inc. Downgrades Wal-Mart Stores to Sell (WMT) 03/28/2015

Vehicle hits pedestrians outside Saskatoon Canada Walmart 03/27/2015

Man wanted for Colorado Walmart computer theft 03/2/2015

Myrtle Beach SC police find stolen cars and fugitives in Wal-Mart parking lot twice in same week 03/28/2015

Jury awards woman $510,000 for injury outside Ind. Wal-Mart store 03/28/2015

Documents: Man faces 10 years after stealing from Springfield Missouri Walmart 03/28/2015

Man dead after standoff, lockdown at Peterborough Canada Walmart 03/29/2015

A 58-year-old man is dead and the province's Special Investigations Unit is investigating after a standoff Saturday at the city's largest department store.

A gunshot was heard the man's SUV at around 8 p.m. Saturday, according to a news release issued Sunday afternoon by the SIU.

More than 300 shoppers and staff were evacuated from the Chemong Rd. Walmart around the same time after the four-hour long armed standoff.

City police were called at about 4 p.m. about a man who had a firearm, the SIU said.

Officers the located the man and his SUV at the parking lot of the Walmart at 1054 Chemong Rd. Complete article

San Leandro Ca. Walmart Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out At McDonald’s Inside Store 03/28/2015

Man who allegedly injured Tx. Walmart employee arrested 03/29/2015

Walmart in Buckeye Ariz. evacuated after bomb threat 03/29/2015

Walmart Investigating After Breast Cancer Survivor Claims She Was Humiliated by Employees in Louisiana 03/30/2015

Man threatens to blow up or bomb Oklahoma Walmart; three people arrested 03/30/2015

Sentenced: Former Racine police officer to serve time in prison for Wisc. Walmart armed robbery 03/31/2015

RACINE COUNTY (WITI) — A former Racine police officer charged in an armed robbery that occurred at a Walmart store in Mount Pleasant has been sentenced in the case against him.

42-year-old Paul Garchek is charged in two separate cases.

The first charges him with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and resisting or obstructing an officer. The second charges him with retail theft – removing an anti-theft device and armed robbery.

In court on Monday, March 30th, Garchek was sentenced to a total of four years in prison and four years extended supervision. Complete article

Lihue Hawaii Walmart evacuated after outburst by disgruntled customer 03/31/2015

Woman arrested for using stun gun on Ca. Walmart customers 03/31/2015

Teens snatch woman's keys in Fla. Walmart, take off in victim's car 03/31/2015

Men assault, rob woman in Colorado Walmart parking lot 03/31/2015

Walmart CEO to Arkansas governor: veto ‘religious freedom’ legislation 03/31/2015

EPD needs help finding man who stole TVs from Okla. Walmart 03/31/2015

Man attempts to use stolen debit card out of Flint for nearly $1,100 purchase at Mich. Walmart 03/31/2015

Small fire closes Douglas Ariz. Walmart store for two hours 03/31/2015

Suspect caught in Montana in custody after ND Walmart kidnapping 03/30/2015

Wal-Mart Fights Back Against Converse Over Copyright Infringement 03/31/2015

Pair accused of shoplifting from Conn. Walmart 03/31/2015

Walmart produces active shooter response video for employees 03/31/2015

SAN MARCOS, Texas — A new video from the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University teaches civilians how to respond if faced with an active-shooter incident.

The video is a collaboration between ALERRT and Walmart and will be used to train 1.5 million Walmart employees, reported KXAN.

The video, which is part of a Walmart Active Shooter Awareness Campaign, is intended to train employees and civilians. According to ALERRT research, about half of active-shooter incidents are over before law enforcement arrives. Complete article

Is Walmart selling unsustainable products from 'sustainability leaders'? 03/31/2015

Call Prompts Evacuation Of Payson Ariz. Walmart 03/31/2015

Man Charged With Stealing Underwear from Va. Walmart 03/31/2015

Getting charged with crimes at Walmart in Morganton NC seems to be an upward trend 03/31/2015

Why not pursue real Swansboro NC Wal-Mart story? 03/27/2015

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