Monday, September 9, 2013

The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked my Blog!!!

Another blog obviously hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

I just looked at my own blog and found a post highly critical of the current plan to attack Syria by Obama, Syrian fear mongering may not be working!

I would never post anything so critical of the Obama administration and their policies!

I support their attack plan and everything else they do one hundred percent!

The Obama administration is clearly the best thing that ever happened to democracy and I would never say otherwise!

All these claims about the possibility that these Tomahawk cruise missiles could hit innocent civilians just because they always have in the past are false; if Obama says they can aim much better it must be true!

I can't understand how this could have gotten onto my blog but then I found out about The Syrian Electronic Army that hacked the Marines webpage and it all became clear. The Syrian Electronic Army must ahve hacked my Blog too!!!

There can be no other possible explanation; I would never be critical of the Obama administration; I worship the ground they walk on!

Then I went and looked at some of my other blogs to check see if there was more damage and i was shocked by what I found; many other blogs have also been hacked!

There is a blog critical of both Eric Holder and Obama claiming that they ignore some of the most important issues about overcrowding prisons and there are even blogs going back over a year complaining that neither the Republicans or Obama address the most important issues about subjects like health care and how neither one of them cut back on red tape or advertising for insurance like a Single Payer Health insurance plan would. I never wrote these! If Obamacare provides profits for insurance companies that are outrageous it must be because they do such a good job providing health care that they deserve these profits!

This means that they must have either inserted all these posts after the fact or they must have been planing this contingency for over a year!

If that is the case what else would they have been hacking over the past several years in anticipation of their chemical weapons attack?

Have they been planting dozens if not hundred of stories critical of Obama over the years so it would appear that he doesn't have nearly as much support as he tries to convince people?

Clearly that must be exactly what has been happening!

That means that many of the stories critical of the Obama administration over the past several years are all fake and we shouldn't believe them!

The Syrian Electronic Army obviously has even more technical skill than even the NSA which Edward Snowden has been reporting on. In fact, it is a major possibility that that was even one of the stories that they have created that never happened!

That's exactly what must be happening; the Syrian Electronic Army must have fabricated this whole story about "Prism" or "ECHELON" or what ever you want to call it to make Obama look bad. It isn't the Obama administration and the NSA that has been spying on everyone; it is the Syrian Electronic Army!

I don't know how they developed this spectacular technology that is so much better than the rest of the developed world but clearly that is exactly what must have happened; after all if they can develop all these chemical weapons so much better than the rest of the world and avoid having anyone report on them until the Obama administration needs an excuse to attack them then they must be capable of anything!!

Don't believe anything that you read on the internet that is critical of the Obama administration; it is clearly all part of a massive conspiracy by the Syrian Electronic Army!

I would like to thank all the conspiracy theorists in the mainstream media and the political establishment that helped to solve this mystery and expose the conspiracy being carried out by the Syrian Electronic Army!

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