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Wal-Mart Crime report September 2013

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compliling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues uninvestigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch. Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in September 2013. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. To minimize redundancy most gun related incidents will only be one lines, since they have been highlighted by Wal-Mart Shootings; some of the other more relevant incidents may have additional summations.

There have been at least seven bomb threats during the month; and two of the articles about them have mentioned more which haven’t been reported here. They don’t report these nationwide any more than they report the shooting incidents although they are much more common than most people realize. There has also been a bomb threat at a school that was allegedly made because a janitor didn’t get a free gift certificate which was given to the teachers.

This isn’t the only example where Wal-Mart has been getting involved in the local education system and it might raise conflict of interest issues. Their involvement is often portrayed as charitable, however it may come at a higher cost than many people realize. If local schools are indebted to Wal-Mart many of them may hesitate to criticize them as many that have also received money from oil interests haven’t taught children about environmental destruction. Also it gives Wal-Mart an unfair advantage over competition and it is clear from many of the stories that Wal-Mart has much more support from politicians and business interest than they do from local communities who are constantly trying to keep them out, perhaps because they are aware of the damage indicated in \the studies previously mentioned. In one example after community opposition convinced a town to get another impartial study, at a high cost to the town, the mayor indicated that he would make his decision before they even came up with their report.

They have also attempted to use their “low price” reputation to justify a veto of the bill giving their workers a higher wage in Washington DC, which is misleading since the wages of their workers is a very small percentage of their expenses and it ignore the studies that indicate that Wal-Mart contributes to poverty. It also ignore the fact that Wal-Mart ahs been a leader in off-shoring and that their products are much lower quality forcing the needy to replace things more often.

They have even come up with a new reality show instead of relying on the market and choices of consumers to decide what their new products might be. The winner of this contest should keep in mind the pressure that Wal-Mart puts on its suppliers.

I started with one that I missed from August; strange things happen at Wal-Mart.

Kansas Couple Arrested For Walmart Sex 08/01/2013

Man pulls knife on security at Gallatin Walmart during robbery 09/01/2013

GALLATIN, Tenn. - Police are asking the public's help in identifying a man in connection to an attempted aggravated robbery at a Gallatin Walmart on Sunday.

According to officials, the man went inside the store around 9:30 a.m. and took a GPS device from the shelf.

While he was trying to leave the store, security officers confronted him.

Once back inside, the suspect pulled out a knife and threatened an officer before fleeing the scene. Complete article

Police: Suspects identified in Walmart shooting 09/01/2013

Faulty fire alarm causes Augusta Walmart evacuation 09/02/2013

Man beaten, robbed outside of Shreveport Walmart 09/03/2013

Three Alexandria men are behind bars this morning on charges they robbed a man outside of Walmart Monday night, knocking the victim unconscious.

The incident happened about 10:30 p.m. at the business in the 1600 block of Bert Kouns Industrial Loop.

Police say the victim was in the parking lot when he was approached by three black males. The suspects reportedly assaulted the man before taking his wallet and leaving the scene. Complete article

Demetris Oneal: Walmart worker accused of stealing bras, beef jerky from Greenacres store 09/02/2013

Return trip to Walmart lands man in jail 09/03/2013

Two men arrested for trying to steal vacuum cleaners from Wal-Mart 09/04/2013

$12K worth of phones stolen from Thomasville Walmart 09/05/2013

Drug-related shooting in Mississippi Walmart Parking Lot 09/05/2013

Former Walmart Employee Suspected In Over 30 Robberies 09/05/2013

Police: Thieves loading shopping carts, boldly walking out of local Walmart 09/05/2013

Disguised man accused of Walmart thefts 09/05/2013

Port St. Lucie police need help identifying man who exposed himself to Walmart shopper 09/06/2013

Police arrest man accused of stealing $30K worth of iPads from several Walmart stores 09/06/2013

Gunman robs filling station at Louisiana Walmart 09/06/2013

Man robbed at gunpoint at Georgia Walmart 09/06/2013

Walmart video game scam under investigation by Michigan State Police 09/08/2013

Walmart theft suspects crash after fleeing police 09/08/2013

Trio sought in theft of TV from South Union Wal-Mart 09/08/2013

Two people dead from murder/suicide in Ohio Walmart parking lot 09/08/2013

Police Find Drugs On Cedar Rapids Man After Walmart Theft 09/09/2013

Manhunt Monday: Walmart homicide suspect eludes police 09/09/2013

Sheriff's Office reports multiple larcenies at Walmart 09/09/2013

Police: 27-year-old man accused of stealing from Rock Hill Walmart 09/09/2013

Woman tries to walk out Walmart with a full cart, twice 09/09/2013

Robber gets away after threatening employee with gun at Walmart on Sparkman Drive, police say 09/10/2013

Deputies seek couple who robbed northwest side Walmart 09/10/2013

Wal-Mart arson, theft suspect sought 09/11/2013

Savannah-Chatham police are asking the public to help identify and locate a woman suspected of starting a fire in a local Wal-Mart last month as a distraction.

Police say the woman set the blaze about noon Aug. 20 at the Wal-Mart in the 6000 block of Ogeechee Road that allowed her to leave the store with a basketful of items. Complete article

2nd man charged in Walmart robbery attempt 09/11/2013

Computer thief strikes again at Valley Walmart 09/11/2013

Marietta police: 2 wanted in Walmart parking lot armed robbery 09/11/2013

Woman facing charges in Walmart theft 09/11/2013

Man arrested stealing magic cards at Walmart 09/11/2013

Deputies Say Man Made Bomb Threat Because He Didn't Receive Walmart Gift Certificate 09/12/2013

A criminal complaint alleges an employee at Cross Lanes Elementary told several school employees he was going to purchase gas and make a gas bomb because he was upset teachers in the school received Walmart gift certificates for outstanding performance and he didn't receive one.

Bruce Edward Stanley, 51, of Cross Lanes, a janitor at the school, was charged Thursday with making a terroristic threat, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court. Complete article

Tampa Walmart evacuated after threat 09/12/2013

Police search for Walmart scammers 09/12/2013

Three men arrested following active meth lab found in van outside Burton Walmart store 09/12/2013

BURTON, MI – Three people were taken into custody Wednesday, Sept 11, after Burton police discovered an active meth lab inside a van in the Walmart parking lot.

Burton police Lt. Mike Odette said they were called to the retailer's East Court Street location around 6:30 p.m. after a Walmart employee called and informed police a group of men were back at the store who’d previously tried to purchase Sudafed on multiple occasions.

When police arrived Wednesday evening, a 30-year old Waterford man, 26-year-old Flint man and 23-year-old Flint man were all taken into custody and transported to the Genesee County Jail. All three men were lodged for production of meth.

Police closed off part of the parking lot, while the Flint Area Narcotics Group and Michigan State Police response team showed up on site. Complete article

Man fires shots in parking lot of a Florida Walmart 09/15/2013

Bomb threat temporarily closes West Milwaukee Walmart 09/16/2013

WEST MILWAUKEE -- A bomb threat cleared the Walmart near 41st and Greenfield Ave., leaving employees and shoppers to watch as police work to clear the building. Law enforcement have searched the building, and haven't found any explosive devices. The Walmart has reopened for business.

"At 10:18 am this morning we had a bomb threat come in via the phone," Walmart store manager Joey Marx said. "At that point in time we did our procedures on evacuating the building as quickly as possible."

Witnesses tell CBS 58 they were shopping, and an announcement ordered everyone to leave the building. We're told this happened around 10:00 a.m.

Walmart shopper Aaron Redmond said, "[I was] in the line. Somebody told me its a blue code. I said I don't know nothing about no blue code. That was it. They said a bomb threat and that was it. That's all I know. Had my groceries, had my bag and my stuff to go to work with and that was it."

This isn't the first time this same Walmart location had a bomb threat. A bomb threat was called in on July 13, 2013. Complete article

Woman arrested for setting fire in Walmart 09/17/2013

Sheriff's sergeant reprimanded for vulgar language at Walmart 09/17/2013

Logan man sent to prison for 2011 Walmart arson 09/17/2013

String of thefts at Walmart related, deputies say 09/17/2013

Deputies looking for robbers of Spanaway Walmart they say shoved, injured pregnant woman and other customers 09/17/2013

Man must make restitution for stolen Walmart electronics 09/17/2013

Duo wanted in theft of $1500 in goods from Boone WalMart 09/17/2013

Utah man going to jail for running down teens in Walmart parking lot 09/18/2013

A 43-year-old Murray man will spend a year in jail after admitting that while drunk he used his RV to hit a group of teenagers in a Washington City parking lot.

Nickolas Michael May pleaded guilty in June to two counts of aggravated assault, one a second-degree felony and the other a third-degree felony, and one count of third-degree felony DUI.

On Tuesday, a 5th District judge ordered May to spend one year in jail followed by 36 months of probation. May was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims.

In plea-agreement documents, May admitted that on May 23, 2012, he drove his motor home into a 16-year-old and hit the parked SUV the youths were standing beside. Witnesses told police that the RV’s awning pole fell on the boy, pinning him against the RV. Complete article

Concord police seek help in identifying body found near Walmart 09/18/2013

Barefoot suspect stabs Walmart employee in San Antonio 09/18/2013

SAN ANTONIO -- An employee was stabbed at a north-east side Walmart late Tuesday.

The stabbing happened just after 11 p.m. at the store located in the 1400 block of Austin Highway.

Police said the loss prevention officer noticed a suspicious man who appeared to be shoplifting. When the employee confronted the man, he pulled out a box cutter and stabbed him according to investigators. Complete article

Man Arrested, Woman Cited After Incident At Pulaski County Walmart 09/18/2013

LMPD: Man impersonates officer, steals from Wal-Mart 09/18/2013

Kingsport police seek man who used fake debit card at Walmart 09/18/2013

Bomb Threat at Logan, Utah Wal-Mart 09/18/2013

(KUTV) Officers were called to a bomb threat at the South end of the Logan Wal-Mart store at 12:45 pm on Wednesday.

The Cache Valley Bomb Squad was contacted and responded to the scene. The store manager and officers searched the building and did not locate any suspicious packages.

The FBI was contacted and confirmed numerous Wal-Mart stores throughout the nation including several in Utah were receiving the same threat. Complete article

PCSD searches for man connected to Walmart robbery 09/18/2013

Young girl arrested in Wal-Mart robbery 09/18/2013

Meth-making drug sales spike at Walmart in South Charleston 09/18/2013

Police Chase Ends at Dallas Wal-Mart 09/19/2013

Sumter County deputies search for man in upskirt Walmart photos 09/19/2013

3 face felony charges after North Utica Walmart incident 09/19/2013

Mandan police seek men in Walmart theft 09/19/2013

17-year-old arrested, charged of robbing Huntsville Wal-Mart 09/20/2013

Gunman robs two Walmart stores in Missouri 09/20/2013

Newport News: Woman reported wallet stolen at local Walmart 09/20/2013

Bank branch in Wal-Mart robbed 09/21/2013

Sumter man barricaded self in home after touching woman at Walmart 09/22/2013

Man Jailed After Police Said He Threatened To Blow Up Beckley, West Virginia Walmart 09/22/2013

A Beckley man is in jail after police said he threatened to blow up a Raleigh County business.

Travis Lee Persinger, 26, is being charged with three counts of making false bomb threats.

Beckley police responded to five bomb threats at a Walmart on Eisenhower Drive earlier this month.

Persinger actually worked at the store and authorities said he told them he only made the threats because he was bored. Complete article

Walmart Chemical suspect in custody for mental health evaluation Nebraska 09/23/2013

McCOOK, Nebraska -- Criminal charges will be forwarded to the Red Willow County attorney's office, after an older McCook man threw chlorine bleach and ammonia on the floor at the service counter in the Walmart store in McCook Sunday afternoon, sickening 9-10 people, three seriously enough to be taken to Community Hospital.

McCook police officers were initially called about 2:30 p.m. to the store for a "public assist," to a disturbance in the area of the service counter. Ambulance personnel were requested, and because of the dangerous chemical mix and its fumes, the hazardous response team of the Red Willow Western Rural Fire Department responded to the scene.

McCook Police Chief Ike Brown said police officers subdued the man, who was reportedly shouting irrationally and throwing ammonia and chlorine bleach. The man was taken into custody, and later transported for a mental health evaluation. Brown declined to release the man's name. Complete article

Gadsden Police investigating knife-point robbery attempt at Wal-Mart 09/23/2013

Shots fired in Carlsbad New Mexico Walmart parking lot 09/23/2013

Teenager is charged with using fake gun to rob 2 Walmart stores in Branson 09/23/2013

Update: Pedestrian hit outside Paragould Walmart escapes serious injury 09/23/2013

Woman charged with shoplifting at Walmart 09/23/2013

New arrest made in Smyrna gift-card-scam case 09/24/2013

Threat forces evacuation at Gladstone Walmart Tuesday afternoon 09/24/2013

Police Looking for Walmart Shoplifting Suspect 09/24/2013

Walmart in Mount Pocono evacuates Tuesday morning 09/24/2013 briefly evacuated Tuesday morning after a forklift hit a propane line.

Greenville Walmart shooter picked victims by race 09/24/2013

Arrest made in Walmart filming girls, indecent-exposure case 09/24/2013

Bomb threat closes Heights Walmart for a few hours 09/25/2013

Sheriff: Man Flattened, Then Changed Woman's Tire in Stalking Incident at Walmart 09/25/2013

The man authorities are trying to identify made several sexual comments that made the 65-year-old Cartersville woman uncomfortable.

A 65-year-old Cartersville woman Monday, Sept. 23, was leaving Walmart just before 2 p.m. when she was approached by a man who offered to help her, Sheriff Clark Millsap said in a news release.

"As she was backing from her parking space, she was approached by a white male who told her that she had a flat tire," the release says. "He offered to change it for her and she allowed him to do so. ...

The deputy and Walmart management reviewed security video, which showed the man who had helped the woman had parked just after she did, and while she went inside shopping, removed the valve stem and waited for her to return. Complete article

Two women who attempted theft at Lake Hallie Walmart in July apprehended again 09/24/2013

Law and Order: Cashier accused of stealing $1K from Walmart 09/24/2013

Cops: Thief Used Stolen Credit Cards at Warminster Walmart 09/25/2013

Caught on Camera: Woman's Trailer Stolen from Durant Walmart Parking Lot 09/24/2013

Summerfield man, 80, accused of stealing clothing from Walmart 09/26/2013

Woman accused of fatally shooting boyfriend in League City, Texas Walmart parking lot 09/27/2013

Conroe officer indicted for fatally shooting teenage shoplifting suspect at Walmart 09/27/2013

Conroe, Texas officer indicted in teen's fatal shooting 09/27/2013

In a rare occurrence, a police officer in Montgomery County will face criminal charges in the August fatal shooting of a teenager suspected of shoplifting from a Conroe Walmart.

The family of the teen said Friday that the officer accused in the slaying should have been indicted Thursday on a murder charge, not manslaughter.

"This was murder. Manslaughter is not enough," said Juan Cuyun, the father of 19-year-old Russell Rios. "They tried to make it my son's fault."

Conroe police officer Jason Blackwelder, 29, is accused of shooting Rios in the back of the head on July 31 as the teen was fleeing Walmart security personnel.

Blackwelder, an off-duty Conroe police sergeant, saw Rios running away and followed workers who were chasing him into a wooded area, authorities said.

After the shooting, police released a statement that the two got into a "violent struggle" and the teen "began choking the sergeant."

Earlier this month, the family said an autopsy showed that Rios was shot in the back of the head, casting doubt on the officer's story. Complete article

2 persons of interest ID'd in attempted abduction at Mooresville Walmart 09/27/2013

Kernersville Wal-Mart evacuated after letter passed to employee 09/28/2013

KERNERSVILLE NC — A Wal-Mart was evacuated Friday after a man passed a note to a store clerk.

Police said a man walked into the store at 1130 S. Main St. about 5:32 p.m. and passed a note an employee telling them to evacuate the store.

Police have not released the details of the letter.

Though reports of gunshots were made, police said they were erroneous reports. Police searched the store for possible explosives and found nothing. Complete article

Cause Of Fire Behind Walmart Under Investigation 09/29/2013

Man Charged With Armed Purse Snatching Outside Newington, Georgia Walmart 09/30/2013

Police have arrested a man accused of committing an armed purse snatching in the parking lot of Walmart in Newington on Sunday evening.

The victim told police she had just finished shopping at the Walmart at 3164 Berlin Turnpike just before 7 p.m. and was walking to her car with another woman and a boy when a man approached her, pointed a gun at her and demanded she turn over her purse.

The victim gave the robber her purse and he ran, police said. No one was hurt. Complete article

Police: Nearly three pounds of meth found after dealer attempted to sell at Walmart 09/30/2013

Police believe 2 men who crashed truck into city house stole TVs from East Lampeter Walmart 09/30/2013

Ark. man sentenced for defrauding Wal-Mart 09/30/2013

Angry shoplifter causes a scene at Walmart 09/30/2013

Replay: '100 Eyes' on how Walmart affects home sales 09/30/2013

How a Wal-Mart Bangladesh “safety” scheme is dividing the Democratic Party 09/30/2013

Impact and Echoes of the Wal-Mart Discrimination Case 09/30/2013

Walmart in Hialeah evacuated after gas leak 09/30/2013

Wal-mart uses 'Boxtops for Education' to help local schools 09/29/2013

Pelican school principal Tony Swan, top center, and teachers guide kindergarten through fifth-grade students to pick up fruit donated by the local Wal-mart store as part of an assembly Friday afternoon.

Wal-mart manager Kelly Cooper said the Klamath Falls store adopted Pelican this year. As such, 20 teachers received $50 gift certificates each and the school received $500 to purchase school supplies at Wal-mart. Conger, Mills and Roosevelt schools also received $150 in certificates each. This is the third year Wal-mart employees voted to adopt a school.

Funds from the “Boxtops for Education” promotion at Wal-mart are used to aid the schools. Complete article

Are Wal-Mart's shoppers disappearing? 09/28/2013

Wal-Mart Supplier Li & Fung Says No Order Cutbacks in U.S. 09/26/2013

Huntsville likely to issue building permit for Mason Plaza Wal-Mart before $40,000 traffic study is finished 09/26/2013

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - The City of Huntsville expects to spend between $40,000 and $50,000 on a second traffic study requested by people living near the proposed Mason Plaza Wal-Mart.

But Mayor Tommy Battle said Thursday night that the study likely won't be completed in time to have any bearing on whether the city issues Wal-Mart a building permit for the 150,000-square-foot Supercenter.

"If they come for a city permit, they are allowed to get a permit per our laws and regulations," Battle said during a City Council meeting. Complete article

Neighbors wage war on proposed Winston-Salem Walmart 09/26/2013

Board approves a Tax Increment Financing Agreement to aid infrastructure improvements for the Walmart Supercenter under construction. 09/26/2013

Westwood parents can get student info at Walmart event 09/26/2013

In an effort to close the communication gap between teachers and parents of middle schoolers, Westwood Middle School is meeting families halfway.

Starting this week and running through November, teachers and administrators will be at the Walmart at 5700 NW 23rd St. from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturdays to help parents get access to their children's grades, attendance record and other information.

Specifically, the program is targeting families who don't have a computer or Internet access to log on to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, which lets parents see students' information online. Complete article

UK retailers remove 'staggeringly offensive' mental health costumes from sale 09/26/2013

Another Corruption Scandal For Wal-Mart As Retailer Accused Of Censoring Argentine Media 09/26/2013

Holyoke anti-Walmart group Holyoke First glad retailer retreating from Whiting Farms Road, but ever vigilant 09/25/2013

Winston-Salem Homeowners Fighting Proposed Walmart 09/25/2013

Walmart pulls "Naughty Leopard" costume 09/25/2013

Wal-Mart Cutting Orders as Unsold Merchandise Piles Up 09/25/2013

Wal-Mart Stock Dives, Then Comes All The Way Back After Inventory Scare 09/25/2013

Video: Watch the First Episode of Wal-Mart 'Get on the Shelf' Online Show 09/24/2013

We told you back in July about the deadline for entrepreneurs to get in on Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s "Get on the Shelf" contest, which allows people with new products to pitch their ideas to the world's largest retailer. Winners will have their products sold on Walmart.com.

Today, Wal-Mart debuted the first episode of its reality series documenting the contest. You can watch it above. It's a basic "Shark Tank"-style setup. Four different products, including a dog wheelchair, are featured. Complete article

Walmart opponents speak out in force, threaten legal action 09/24/2013

Insight: Wal-Mart 'Made in America' drive follows suppliers' lead 09/24/2013 But an examination of the company's "Made in America" campaign suggests Wal-Mart's caught on to a reshoring phenomenon that was already underway.

Wal-Mart selling a 'naughty' costume - for 2-year-old girls 09/24/2013

Wal-Mart moving 70K workers amid empty-shelf complaints 09/23/2013

Needy shoppers a part of Wal-Mart wage fight 09/21/2013

Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray’s decision to veto a law requiring Wal-Mart Stores to offer higher pay brought focus to the flip side of the living-wage debate: that Wal-Mart’s customers are often as economically disadvantaged as employees earning its low hourly wages.

WASHINGTON — Four bus rides to and from his northeast Washington apartment to the Walmart in Landover, Md. often consume half of Jimmy Pegues’ day. But since a heart attack last year pushed the used-car salesman into retirement and onto Social Security, biweekly trips for $4 generic prescriptions have become a lifeline.

“I come to Walmart — religiously,” said Pegues, 64, who saves $110 a month over pharmacies in the District of Columbia. “For me, at this point, and at this time in my life, the price is the most important thing.”

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s decision this month to veto a law requiring Wal-Mart Stores to offer higher pay pitted support for a “living wage” against a desire to spur investment and job growth in the city. But for thousands who cross the city line every day on their way to the Landover Walmart, the battle was about something more basic: low prices. Complete article

What Happened to Wal-Mart? 09/20/2013

Community fights Seminole Heights Walmart plans 09/19/2013

Mollen shuts headquarters after losing Walmart contract 09/18/2013

Wal-Mart Sells Coors About at Cost to Be Largest Beer Seller 09/16/2013

From JC Penney to Walmart, to Macy's and Kohl's, It's Going to Be A Tough Holiday Season This Year 09/16/2013

Muslim group asks Walmart to re-hire manager fired over Facebook posting 09/12/2013

D.C. Mayor Vetoes Wage Bill Affecting Walmart 09/12/2013

Walmart To Skip Discussion On Compensation For Bangladesh Factory Victims 09/12/2013

How Wal-Mart’s Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes 09/12/2013

Rescuers called to Castle Rock Wal-Mart on report of food poisoning 09/09/2013

Same-sex benefits at conservative Wal-Mart: What gives? 09/09/2013 Lately, Wal-Mart has been in a slump. Same-store sales have dropped for two quarters in a row. And last month, the company cut its sales forecast for the remainder of the year.

Broadway businesses vote 'no confidence' over Walmart store 09/05/2013

After Raytown beat Wal-Mart, what will happen in Waldo? 09/05/2013

Wal-Mart's Charm Offensive 09/05/2013

Cabot woman says new Walmart will ruin her property value 09/05/2013

New Wal-Mart underscores trend toward redevelopment 09/05/2013 Typically, Walmart plans for a store of some type about every three miles in a market as dense as the Tampa Bay area.

Walmart inspecting Sioux Falls petitions 09/05/2013

Wal-Mart and Washington D.C. in minimum wage showdown 09/05/2013

Wal-Mart Protesters Arrested Outside Board Director’s Office 09/05/2013

Businesses vote 'no confidence' over Walmart store 09/04/2013

Alaska fishermen protest Walmart decision 09/05/2013

Hamburg Walmart manager fired over anti-Muslim posting 09/04/2013

Bozeman widow files wrongful death lawsuit against Wal-Mart because of bad cantaloupe 09/04/2013

Walmart workers planning massive strike 09/04/2013

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