Friday, August 30, 2019

Bernie Sanders Has informed Grassroots Support; Others Have Media Propaganda!

In 2016 even the mainstream media had to cover how large the crowds were for Bernie Sanders, although they didn't cover him nearly as much as Hillary Clinton or Donald trump and often ignored many of his large crowds.

The media has come up with an enormous amount of reporting to claim that he's losing a lot of that support, although there's good reason to doubt that, including more large crowds, not covered by the media as much this time. And more importantly he may have support from many issue oriented people on several different subjects that are much better informed than the majority of the public relying on mainstream media for their information. This includes Walmart workers who are his biggest donor, organizers for Medicare for All, combating Climate Change, anti-war protesters, and more issues right down the line.

Bernie Sanders has been joining picket lines for decades, so he has enormous amount of support from the grassroots in unions, although occasionally other politicians, like Joe Biden, meet behind closed doors with union leaders then secure their endorsement, which he did when opening his campaign with a fire fighters union, but this was never put to a vote for the grassroots. Bernie Sanders was invited to the Walmart shareholders meeting, where he had enormous support from the grassroots just this week joined another protest in Kentucky before going to a rally in Louisville for thousands of people, which is typical of his rallies.

Bernie Sanders has also received positive coverage from Physicians for a National Health Program, a major organization supporting Single Payer, Diane Ravitch, a leading researcher exposing Charter School Fraud, and an enormous number of her followers on her Blog which is very popular, The Sunrise Movement and many other high profile individuals or organizations.

Most of the democratic political establishment has adopted his ideas, showing that he was more in line with the public, but he's supported these principles consistantly for decades, and the following Meme, along with sources for each claims listed below shows how popular his position has been for years.

Sources for each of these claims are listed below; in some cases I was unable to find the same exact poll, but found very similar ones, indicating that they're close.
Bernie Sanders has supported most if not all these positions consistently for decades, including medicare for all. Bernie Sanders relentless campaigning on this issue is the reason why it's being discussed at all; and some of the strongest backers of it have spoken out in favor of him including Physicians for a National Health Program as reported in Doctors' Group Welcomes Sen. Sanders' Medicare-for-All Bill 04/10/2019 and Physicians for a National Health Program: Bernie Sanders is right – why not Medicare for all? 09/26/2017 It wasn't until other candidates saw how popular it was that they began to support it, some even co-sponsoring his bill; however Kamala Harris backtracked on it, and Elizabeth Warren declined to say whether or not she still supported it. Joe Biden still doesn't support it.

If you take a close look at their records, none of them even come close to Bernie Sanders, to representing the views of the vast majority, which is actually bizarre, since you would think that they would know that they have to do something to appease the public, even if they don't want to do more than they have to. This is especially strange since they have an enormous amount of research available to them showing what the public wants, and they must know that if they push us to far it will backfire. There has to be an explanation for this, but without additional data it's much better to focus on the information that we can be sure of, before speculating about the more far-fetched, although I'll get back to this a little more below.

On most issues Elizabeth Warren is considered the most progressive candidate, except for Bernie Sanders, however a closer look at her record as I pointed out in Is Elizabeth Warren A Wall Street Stealth Candidate?, and about a dozen other articles prior to that, raises major doubts. Elizabeth Warren didn't support Single Payer in either of her two Senate campaigns, and the political establishment even canceled the primary for the first one, even though she had an opponent that supported it. This enabled her to avoid any further discussion on the issue. And her daughter also has ties to he health care industry founding a for profit insurance company.

Bernie Sanders has constantly been pointing out that other developed countries have had this already for decades, and they've been paying far less for their health care the we do in the United States. In addition to walking on many picket lines with workers, Bernie Sanders has also gone on numerous bus rides to Canada to support people buying their drugs at a much lower rate on prescription drugs including a recent trip from Indiana, as described in 'Insulin is our oxygen': Bernie Sanders rides another campaign bus to Canada 07/28/2019 which says, "Kathy and Hunter Sego paid $1,000 for 25 vials of insulin, enough for about six months. They estimated it would have cost $10,000 more for the same supply back home."

Jacobin Magazine also points out that the main reason that we're having the health care debate is because of Bernie Sanders in, The Medicare for All Moment Is Here, Brought to You by Bernie Sanders 07/31/2019 They credit Elizabeth Warren for helping him in the debate; however didn't mention her past opposition to it, nor did they mention that she recently declined to say whether or not she still fully supported it after criticism from supporters of the current system, most of which have backing from major corporations. Van Jones, who supposedly supported Bernie Sanders recently raised additional doubts about his past support by asking if candidates should support "Medicare for all for those who don't want it," which may sound appealing; however if the public understood that their premium dollars are being used to pay for a massive lobbying campaign against single payer and an enormous amount of other health care expenses they would be outraged.

The media never tells them that!

Furthermore, it's unlikely that Medicare For All, would ban private insurance; however if most people had accurate information to make their decisions it's unlike that anyone would want to pay for private for profit insurance which wouldn't be able to compete with the much more efficient system that doesn't have all these bureaucratic expenses!

However, Joe Biden just came out with an excellent campaign commercial talking about how personal heath care is to him, and how he's been directly affected by it as a result of his own tragedies with his family. This is really compelling, so perhaps I should switch my support to him!

But, that ad was paid for by his campaign contributors, which are mostly Wall Street insiders, and created by advisers that study how to manipulate the public with their propaganda. And it doesn't do anything to change the fact that private insurance still spend an enormous amount of money on lobbying against the public's interests, advertising to confuse the issue, enormous CEO salaries and many other bureaucratic expenses!

Screw that I idea I'm sticking with Bernie Sanders after all!

Why should I support someone that opposed all the most important issues until the campaign when I can support one that supported them all along?

Bernie Sanders has also been fighting for fair wages & to tax the wealthy since the beginning of his career while Joe Biden and the rest of the field, even Elizabeth Warren either opposed it or remained silent, often indirectly opposing it by supporting other candidates that opposed it, like when Elizabeth Warren signed a letter before the 2016 campaign asking Hillary to run. Bernie's support for a working wage goes back to the eighties if not sooner, although the mainstream media didn't give him much if any coverage unto he ran for president in in 2016.

I went into this more in 2015 in Nominating Bernie Sanders would virtually put Minimum Wage on the Ballot and Drive Voter Turnout Up when Bernie was all in for the fight for fifteen and he was helping to rally an enormous amount of grassroots support. This grassroots effort eventually won many concessions at the State level; it wasn't until this pressure built up that Hillary ?Clinton finally spoke up in the issue, recognizing that her opposition to it wouldn't be politically acceptable and tried to support a $12 minimum wage to head it off and prevent it from going too high. As Secretary of State she had previously intervened when Haiti raised their minimum wage in the garment industry from 31 cents to 61 cents to have it reversed back to 31 cents.

Then she tried to take credit when several states, including New York passed laws to raise the minimum wage eventually to fifteen despite her opposition, & she expected us to forget this! And Elizabeth Warren wants us to forget that she endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders in 2016 & didn't come up with her own plan until she decided to run for president. This is when she came up with her "two cents" plan which her supporters began chanting at rallies. As I pointed out in Psst, Elections Were Rigged By Oligarchy not Russia & Evidence Was Reported Before It Happened! campaign workers have been studying how to manipulate crowds for decades including the ones at a Trump rally where they were encouraged to chant "send her back." this isn't ,limited to Trump and there have also been some chants at Bernie rallies; however, the most important things is whether the plan stands up to scrutiny, and it's fact checked at the grassroots level.

A couple reviews, listed below, of Elizabeth Warren's plan raised major doubts about the possibility that they would move their wealth to avoid paying this tax, which is already happening for many other tax policies. this is very similar to both the income tax and the estate tax which FDR increased much larger and it lead to a growing economy through WW II and into the fifties and sixties. this was a very successful plan what taxed people at a much higher rate when their income rose to a point that they couldn't possibly have earned it all through hard work instead relying on suppressed wages from the working class to make them so rich.

FDR raised the highest tax rate to above 90% it was still above 70% when Eisenhower was president & they kept lowering it every year since then and did little or nothing to protect the working class while their wages dropped steadily, when adjusted for inflation! The top tax rate is now only 37% for income above $500,000, which is about sixty percent lower than it was when FDR was president! This doesn't mean the wealthy pay this tax rate on all their income, only the portion above $500,000, which most people don't seem to realize when they demonize this rate. When it was higher the top tax rate could have kicked in a t a higher income level; but it would greatly reduce income inequality, especially if it was accompanied by a higher minimum wage to ensure that working families can earn a reasonable wage!

Furthermore despite Elizabeth Warren's reputation as a "Consumer Advocate which I pointed out is clearly false in Elizabeth Warren is NOT a “consumer advocate!!” and as the Washington Post reported While teaching, Warren worked on about 60 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour, far more than she’d previously disclosed 05/23/2019 which says:

One of her most controversial clients was Dow Chemical, which she advised in the mid-1990s. A subsidiary that manufactured silicone-gel breast implants faced hundreds of thousands of claims from women who said their implants caused health problems. Dow Chemical denied that it played a role in designing or making the implants and sought to avoid liability as its subsidiary, Dow Corning, declared bankruptcy.

“In this case, Elizabeth served as a consultant to ensure adequate compensation for women who claimed injury from silicone breast implants who otherwise might not have received anything when Dow Corning filed for bankruptcy,” Warren’s list of cases said. “Thanks in part to Elizabeth’s efforts, Dow Corning created a $2.35 billion fund to compensate women claiming injury from Dow Corning’s silicone breast implants.”

So let me get this straight; instead of paying a reasonable amount of money to the people suing them they hired a lawyer, paying her extra money on top of what they would have to pay the victims to make sure the victims would get paid?

Is that how the legal system works? I always thought corporations hired lawyers to cut losses not to make sure they didn't cut losses!

Joe Biden hardly even does a good job pretending to defend the working class if you check his record, as he once recommended, presumably hoping people would assume he wouldn't ask them to do that if it was horrendous, which it is. There's something strange about that, although I don't know what it is.

He's no better when it comes to protecting the environment, nor is Kamala Harris, even though officially both of them claimed they supported a debate on Climate change. However even though Biden supposedly supports a Climate Change debate Symone Sanders says a climate change debate isn't needed because the process has already begun (despite zero primaries). 08/24/2019 Are we supposed to believe she made this argument without her bosses consent, or that she was unaware that he had already publicly said he supported it?

Supposedly Kamala Harris also supported a climate change debate, and by most accounts her record has been reasonably good compared to most politicians, especially Republicans, but she hasn't been as outspoken advocate for nearly as long as Bernie was and during this debate her supporters were involved in a controversy where they allegedly walked out on Sanders chanting to drown him out then continued in the all to drown out the Sunrise protest against the decision according to The Amazon is burning and @KamalaHarris's big idea is to do a counter protest when Bernie is demanding the DNC stand for climate justice. Got to put on a show for the party bosses and those wealthy donors in the Hamptons.... 08/23/2019 and More of that incredibly energetic, engaged and totally spontaneous Kamala Harris counter-protest against the ⁦@sunrisemvmt⁩ kids. 08/23/2019

This account was refuted No, Kamala Harris Staffers Did Not ‘Walk Out On’ Bernie Sanders Speech at DNC Summer Meeting 08/24/2019 although the witnesses on the scene stand by their story, and even if it was a friendly chant to support their candidate they weren't so outraged by the decision to oppose it that they joined in the Sunrise Movements protest against the decisions, which should raise major doubts and she is the biggest Wall Street fundraiser in the field by most accounts, with the possible exception of Joe Biden.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has been teaching people to stand up against Climate Change at least since the eighties, if not sixties, when Bernie Sanders discusses Climate Change with Middle School Students in 1987 08/22/2019 There are tapes of him on any given subject discussing progressive views consistently going back that far and earlier, although I can't keep track of them all.

This includes a tape of his 1992 where he speaks out against war mongering instead of spending money on our own people, Extremely Big Bernie Energy 08/28/2019 There are also tapes on speeches from other politicians including Joe Biden who made one bad argument after another in 2002-3 Joe Biden on day before Iraq war resolution passed. (Several more videos of his speeches included.) All the other candidates supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie in 2016, even though her record was as bad if not worse than Biden's!

Elizabeth Warren gained some political capital by criticizing Hillary for flipping on "that awful bill" after taking money from the banks, but once in the Senate she got in line & joined in signing a letter asking Hillary to run as they were all preparing to rig the nomination for her years ahead of time, she hesitated to endorse her, after receiving an enormous amount of backlash for her support for Hillary from her own voters, but then after it became clear that they were going to finish rigging it she jumped on the bandwagon, against the progressive views she claim to champion.

Elizabeth Warren was also an early supporter of Charter Schools as described in her book "The Two Income Trap" which I went into in several previous articles including Is Elizabeth Warren supporting Charter Schools not Unions? Diane Ravitch pointed out that she voted against Charters on one occasion, presumably because there was enormous amount of opposition from teachers including Ravitch because Charter Schools have proven to be such a disaster, yet both political parties continue pushing them. I listed a dozen of Ravitch's blogs about this below mostly about Bernie and how he contacted her or how the mainstream media was distorting his record.

While she was happy that Elizabeth Warren voted against that one bill she became skeptical when she surrounded herself with several people from Teach for America expressing concerns that she would appoint one of them as Secretary of Education if elected. she also advised Bernie Sanders on the subject, expressing some concerns briefly but then defending him & her followers on her Blog all seemed to be strongly in favor of him.

That doesn't mean we should all blindly support Bernie Sanders on everything without understanding the issues, as at least one person claims we are who tweeted I Will NEVER vote for @BernieSanders, because I think there is a cult issue there. Almost every other Dem candidate fully has my vote this time, for all their faults. Just not him. NEVER. Something's wrong over there. 08/21/2019, which gained an enormous amount of attention; however one of the responses pointed out that Donna Brazile once said “It was a cult. I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them.” But, of course, Brazile shared CNN questions with them, and she helped rig the primary for them implying that she was sympathetic to this "cult" and of course she flip flopped numerous times herself supporting the political establishment covering up their corruption.

There were numerous claims from various people saying that opposing candidates have a cult issue. How can you tell which one is a "cult" if any?

The answer is fact checking and recognizing if there's excessive pressure to suppress legitimate criticism of their leader, like in both the Trump campaigns and Clinton campaigns and many of the other political campaigns. Excessive appeals to emotions are also a characteristic of cults, which politicians routinely use to try to convince followers to support them even though they routinely vote against the interests of their own constituents.

If these appeals to emotion distract from positions that oppose the best interests of the public or corruption then this is a characteristic of a cult as well. Many Bernie Sanders supporters, including myself have spoken out against him when we think he was wrong like accepting the Russia conspiracy narrative, even though it was mainstream media that gave both Clinton and Trump an enormous amount of obsession coverage in 2016 as an effort to give Clinton an overwhelming advantage in the primary enabling her to win a seriously tainted primary, which is how Trump was able to beat her.

The cult environment benefits from an incompetent media that isn't even trying to do a good job covering all the candidates burying the best research exposing epidemic levels of fraud or wars based on lies. The Bernie Sanders supporters that I've seen online seem to be far more familiar with alternative media than other supporters, doing their own research which is why they support him, not because of undue cult pressure. They praise him because of his slogan "not me us," which encourages supporters to participate and express their views. When Diane Ravitch expressed some concerns about his understanding of Charter Schools he listened and improved on it; when Black Lives Matter confronted him in 2016 he let them speak then tried to address their concerns.

When Kamala Harris's supporters left the hall after she stopped speaking and Bernie began they went into the chant “She’s smart! She’s strong! With Kamala, you can’t go wrong!” But will this stand up to scrutiny and if it doesn't even come close, is this a characteristic of a cult? There're enormous problems with Kamala Harris's record including the ones that Tulsi Gabbard pointed out during the debate when she said:

Tulsi Gabbard: I want to bring the conversation back to the broken criminal justice system that is disproportionately negatively impacting black and brown people all across this country today. Now Senator Harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she'll be a prosecutor president.

But I'm deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. ......

The bottom line is, Senator Harris, when you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people's lives, you did not. And worse yet, in the case of those who were on death row, innocent people, you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so.

For the full transcript and context see Democratic debate transcript: July 31, 2019 Her record is incredibly bad like many other politicians, although the mainstream media only reports on the worst of it briefly while repeating propaganda over and over again but this drew an enormous amount of attention and Jeff Yang argued that Tulsi Gabbard's attack raises existential question for Kamala Harris' campaign 08/03/2019 which is t should since far more people are aware of it now, and there's worse where that came from, which helped contribute to a major drop in the polls; but the media is letting it drop down the memory hole, as they usually do and not reporting on additional research, hoping that she'll have a comeback.

But apparently instead of acknowledging serious flaws with their candidate and doing more research many of her supporters got the hashtag #TulsiDidntQualifyParty trending when Tulsi didn't make it to the September debates so she could possibly expose even more of Harris's record. Kamala Harris also accepted a total of six thousand dollars from Donald Trump, two thousand from Ivanka Trump; and after a troubling decision not to prosecute Steve Mnuchin despite the recommendations of her staff she accepted a two thousand dollar donation from him as well, which mainstream media practically never mentions, but if her supporters wanted to know about this and more they could. This is a potential characteristic of a cult mentality.

Rigging the political establishment in favor of those supporting Wall Street may also have some characteristics of a cult; but even if it doesn't then it's still incredibly corrupt, yet the Democratic Party is doing just that and Elizabeth Warren has made it clear that she's not going to challenge them in it. earlier this year the Intercept reported on how Cheri Bustos is blackballing progressive candidates that don't support their agenda in Progressive Caucus Slams DCCC Head for Assault on Primary Challengers 03/27/2019 and now they're also reporting that Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is doing the same thing against Andrew Romanoff and perhaps anyone else who opposes John Hickenlooper as reported in DSCC Pressuring Consultants Not to Work With Colorado Progressive 08/29/2019

Elizabeth Warren recently said "some Democrats in Washington believe the only way forward is to make change incrementally—a few tweaks here, some nudges there. No. This is a time of crisis...this is not the time for small ideas." 08/23/2019 with epidemic problems wit Climate Change that many progressive candidates are trying to address including Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many other progressives targets by this practice you might think that she might be outraged by it and speak out against it yet she's doing the opposite as reported in What Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Telling Democratic Insiders 08/26/2019 which describes how she's pledging NOT to support a grassroots organization that might fight for the big changes she claims we need:

With phone calls, texts and handwritten notes, the Massachusetts senator is continuing an unusually determined outreach effort to show party officials she is aligned with them. .....

Yet publicly, and even more in private, she is signaling to party leaders that, far from wanting to stage a “political revolution” in the fashion of Mr. Sanders, she wants to revive the beleaguered Democratic National Committee and help recapture the Senate while retaining the House in 2020.

The outreach is not just an effort to avoid the confrontational approach Mr. Sanders took in 2016, when he inveighed against party insiders and the committee itself, which he correctly believed was favoring Hillary Clinton. Ms. Warren is also trying to allay concerns among Democrats that, as a progressive candidate proposing sweeping change, she may not have enough mainstream appeal to compete with President Trump in the general election. .....

While Ms. Warren has been careful to avoid directly criticizing Mr. Sanders, her regular references to being a capitalist withstanding, she is also quietly taking steps within the party to make clear that she does not want to create a competing power base should she become president. She was one of the first Democratic candidates to sign a pledge circulated last month by the Association of State Democratic Committees vowing not to create any parallel political or organizing infrastructure that would compete with the national or state Democratic parties.

Elizabeth warren was right to say that we can't solve our problems, including Climate Change, with "a few tweaks here, some nudges there;" however despite her rhetoric about major changes that's usually not what she's proposing and even when it is she's indicated that she won't challenge the Democratic establishment if she does get elected so there's little or no reason to believe that she'll deliverer on her major reforms!

But why are they taking the political establishment to such a bizarre extreme, even though Climate Change will impact us all and even endanger the wealthy that are rigging the system? Are they that stupid or insane? or do they have some reason to believe that they might be able to escape the damage, even if they leave the poorest behind?

It's difficult if not impossible to know for certain, but the most common explanation is that they' might be ideological fanatics. there's certainly a lot of evidence to support this assumption; but they also have enough research to show how to manipulate the public more effectively than they often do. A more comprehensive explanation might require information not available to the public or involve what might be considered fringe conspiracy theory.

Even without that the majority of research available to the public shows that even though even Bernie isn't perfect like when he caved to the Clinton campaign after they rigged the primaries in 2016 and participates in CAKRs, he's by far the best candidate for the job and they should know that anyone that checks their own research would know this. (CAKRs, of course, stands for "Congressional Ass-Kissing Rituals," and is a standard operating procedure for all members of Congress, including Bernie Sanders when he praises Democrats even when they cave on Progressive issues he's fighting for, and most media pundits.)

However, even though Bernie Sanders is by far the best candidate the mainstream media is willing to cover and has shown that on most issues he's far more likely to continue supporting these issues when he gets to the White House it should still be clear that the most important reforms are going to have to be pushed from the grassroots with or without his help. In addition to electing him we'll also have to either reform the media or create a new media so that honest candidates can get name recognition to enable them to win. Few of them are as well known as Bernie, and even Bernie hasn't spoken out against the media as much as he could have, although if he did they might not give him any coverage.

And there's something extremely bizarre about the extremes the establishment has taken their activities especially when it comes to suppressing the debate on Climate Change even though they will also have to pay a high price for this. This is more bizarre when you consider the research they do on propaganda and opposition research that should enable them to put up more credible candidates that can't be exposed so easily by the grassroots. The research I've cited so far is credible and shows that Bernie is by far much better than any of the other candidates that media is willing to cover; however, there's also some other major unsolved mysteries that might be related, although the evidence of of theories to explain them might not be so strong.

One major unsolved mystery that has been around for centuries is how ancient megaliths were moved thousands of years ago as I pointed out in 107 Wonders of the Ancient World which explains that they did experiments that failed to move them with primitive technology above forty tons, and the only ones done between ten and forty tons involved cheating, the only successful experiments that did the job completely were under ten tons, yet ancient civilizations moved megaliths over seven hundred tons hundreds of miles, with hundreds if not thousands of them over fifty tons. this is enough evidence to prove a major unsolved mystery exists which the establishment is ignoring. However, it's clearly not enough to prove a connection with current events.

I began another theory based on UFO reports and claims by Philip Corso that he shared technology obtained from aliens in UFO Hypothesis with rational use of Occam's Razor and expanded on it with a theory about how they're putting out misinformation intentionally in Is Stanton Friedman working for the CIA to refute reverse engineering claims? This is still not enough to prove it's related to current events; however it does prove that either they're covering up something enormous, or they're going to an enormous amount of trouble to make it seem like they've obtained technology from aliens when they don't exist. My basic theory explains that the History Channel has been making so many obvious blunders and so are the skeptics that refute them indicating that many of the highest profile people debating this aren't trying to do a good job, perhaps as an intentional effort to confuse the issue.

The raped development of technology in the twentieth century after WW II and escalating even more in the twenty-first century might add to the evidence to show there's something to this, although there's a lot of facts that need to be checked. I followed this up with two of my most recent articles on the subject Were Ancient Aliens Experimenting With Humans during Plague Epidemics? and Were Religions, Including Christian Science, Part of Ancient Aliens Medical Research Project? which do involve significantly more speculation than the fundamentals, so it should require peer review from sincere sources or additional disclosures before considering some of it a strong theory.

However there is enough evidence to show that something extremely far-fetched is going on so I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it's related to the current political insanity that keeps getting even more absurd. This could even include the possibility that they may want to implement major reform which Bernie is pushing and we clearly need, so they might be willing to let him win even though they have the ability to cheat and rig it again and Bernie has already defended them when they did this the last time.

Even Bernie Sanders showed that he's interested in the subject, or that he's catering to believers who take it seriously when he was asked about it on the Joe Rogan show, Joe Rogan Praised by Twitter After Bernie Sanders Appears On Podcast to Debate Health Care, Gun Laws and Aliens 08/07/2019 If there is something to this theory and they were willing to provide disclosure this wouldn't be the way to do it, since that would require honesty and they're not providing it.

Furthermore, even if this theory is false, then even Bernie Sanders has his flaws so no matter who gets elected we need to hold him accountable at the grassroots level to push for much more reform including election reform so all candidates can get name recognition and reasonable coverage next time! And we shouldn't be blind cult followers for any candidate including Bernie Sanders; nor should we either accept the ancient aliens theory because of peer pressure from the supporters or reject it because of peer pressure or ridicule about the skeptics, who can't explain the unsolved mysteries adequately. Instead we need a careful look at the facts, and until we have solid evidence an open mind.

The following are the polls to back up the Meme showing how many people support Bernie Sanders positions and they're followed by more stories on the records of candidates and Bernie's support for Walmart workers:

New Poll Shows 65% of Democrats More Likely to Back 2020 Candidate Who Supports Medicare for All Over Obamacare Tweaks 08/28/2019 Only 13% are less likely to vote for a candidate that supports Medicare For All.

70 percent of Americans support 'Medicare for all' proposal 10/22/2018

New Poll: 63% Support a $15 Federal Minimum Wage! 01/26/2015

New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Major Minimum Wage Increase 01/15/2015 The poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates, shows that 75% of Americans—including 53% of Republicans—support an increase in the federal minimum wage to $12.50 by 2020, and that 71% of Americans believe the minimum wage for tipped workers should be increased so that all workers are subject to the same wage floor. The poll (and related memo) also shows that 63% of Americans support an even greater increase in the minimum wage to $15.00 by 2020.

Over 60% of Americans back tuition-free college 08/01/2016 Sixty-two percent of Americans said that they support making public college tuition free for anyone who wants to attend, according to a survey by Bankrate, which polled 1,000 people in late July. The overall margin of sampling error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

81% of Voters Support a Green New Deal, Survey Finds 12/18/2018

Poll: A majority of Americans support raising the top tax rate to 70 percent 01/15/2019 In the latest The Hill-HarrisX survey — conducted Jan. 12 and 13 after the newly elected congresswoman called for the U.S. to raise its highest tax rate to 70 percent — a sizable majority of registered voters, 59 percent, supports the concept.

New poll shows major support for expanding Medicare and Social Security 02/22/2017 Almost three out of four (73 percent) voters support increasing Social Security benefits.

A Huge Step Forward In The Quest To Expand Social Security 01/30/2019 The American people overwhelmingly support expanding, not cutting, Social Security because they understand its importance. A poll taken during the 2016 Presidential primaries revealed that supporters of the different candidates disagreed on nearly every issue – except for Social Security. 73% of Donald Trump supporters, 66% of Ted Cruz supporters, 71% of Hillary Clinton supporters and 72% of Bernie Sanders supporters all agreed that “Social Security benefits should not be reduced.” Moreover, in a poll taken in the lead-up to the 2018 election, 66 percent of voters said that they were more likely to back candidates who support “expanding and increasing Social Security benefits.” (Link to at least two more polls.

Americans Support Expanding Social Security But The GOP is Still Trying To Cut It 10/29/2017 Fortunately, Simpson’s America is not the real America. In the real America, grandparents and grandchildren care about each other. American families know that we are stronger together. And the new polling shows that. It reveals that the effort to turn grandparents and grandchildren against each other has failed: 70 percent of 18-29 year olds, 65 percent of 30-45 year olds, 76 percent of 46-65 year olds, and 70 percent of Americans over 65 all support expanding, not cutting, Social Security. The story is very similar when it comes to race: 69 percent of whites, 82 percent of African-Americans, and 79 percent of Latinos are united in support of expansion.

Polling Memo: Americans’ Views on Social Security March 2019 74 percent of Americans say Social Security benefits should not be reduced in any way. 84 percent of voters are more likely to back candidates who support taking federal action to lower prescription drug prices, vs. 11 percent who are less likely. 66 percent of voters are more likely to back candidates who support expanding and increasing Social Security benefits, vs. 18 percent who are less likely. 64 percent of voters are more likely to back candidates who support expanding Medicare, vs. 22 percent who are less likely.

About six-in-ten Americans support marijuana legalization 10/08/2018 About six-in-ten Americans (62%) say the use of marijuana should be legalized, reflecting a steady increase over the past decade, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

91 Percent of Americans Support Criminal Justice Reform, ACLU Polling Finds 11/16/2017 91 percent of Americans say that the criminal justice system has problems that need fixing. 71 percent say it is important to reduce the prison population in America, including 87 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Independents, and 57 percent of Republicans — including 52 percent of Trump voters.

Michelle Alexander: “A System of Racial and Social Control” 04/29/2014

U.S. Support for Gay Marriage Stable, at 63% 05/22/2019

About seven-in-ten Americans oppose overturning Roe v. Wade 01/03/2017 More than 40 years after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, 69% of Americans say the historic ruling, which established a woman’s constitutional right to abortion in the first three months of pregnancy, should not be completely overturned.

New poll shows the majority of Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade overturned 05/24/2019 Published on Monday, the poll found the 67 percent of respondents want the Supreme Court to keep the landmark case, which upheld the constitutional right to have an abortion, as it is.

Record-High 75% of Americans Say Immigration Is Good Thing 06/21/2018

Poll: 83 percent of voters support keeping FCC's net neutrality rules 12/12/2017

No, “83% of Americans” do not support the 2015 net neutrality regulations 05/05/2018 this article raises some doubts about how effective the 2015 regulations were protecting the public; however most of them to support fair access to the internet.

Most Americans Want Climate Change Policies 10/03/2017 Only about half of those respondents blamed human activity for warming temperatures, but 61 percent of them—including 43 percent of Republicans—said it's a problem the government needs to tackle.

Poll: Millennials care about climate change 02/26/2018 Should mankind try to stop climate change? Yes, 89% of Democrats; 77% of independents; 57% or Republicans. This is higher than all age ranges

New Polls Shows Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Money in Politics Solutions 06/02/2015 A poll released by The New York Times and CBS News today shows that more than 80% of Americans support fundamental change or a complete overhaul of the way political campaigns are funded. The survey found majorities of both Republicans and Democrats favor strong campaign finance reforms, including:
77% of Americans support limiting campaign contributions
78% support limiting the political spending of “independent” groups, such as Super PACs and politically active nonprofits
75% support disclosing the identity of donors to independent political groups
54% say that political money is NOT free speech protected by the First Amendment

Most Americans want to limit campaign spending, say big donors have greater political influence 05/08/2018 And there is extensive support for reining in campaign spending: 77% of the public says “there should be limits on the amount of money individuals and organizations” can spend on political campaigns; just 20% say they should be able to spend as much as they want. (Smaller majorities for other reforms in article.)

Poll: Majority wants to break up big banks 01/21/2015 A poll released this week by the Progressive Change Institute showed 58 percent of Americans support breaking up “big banks like Citigroup, which played a big role in the financial crisis and recently demonstrated they still have too much power by lobbying for and winning the repeal of a major reform designed to stop Wall Street abuse and taxpayer bailouts.”

53% Want to Break Up Big Banks; 75% Want Restrictions on Regulators Going to Work for Banks 04/24/2019

Why Democrats Should Embrace a Federal Jobs Guarantee 03/20/2018 The results of the Civis polling were nothing short of stunning, showing large net support for a job guarantee: 52 percent in support, 29 percent opposed, and the rest don’t know. “Even with explicit partisan framing and the inclusion of revenue in the wording, this is one of the most popular issues we’ve ever polled,” said David Shor, a senior data scientist at Civis Analytics.

A Promise So Big, Democrats Aren’t Sure How to Keep It 05/11/2018 There are good models. RecycleForce, for instance, cuts the recidivism rate of recently incarcerated individuals to 26 percent, versus a national rate of 64 percent, Keesling told me. And it saves the taxpayer $1.20 for every dollar invested. Surveys show that similar jobs programs have raised both earnings and employment rates for their participants, and also “decreased family public benefit receipt, raised school outcomes among the children of workers, boosted workers’ school completion, lowered criminal-justice system involvement among both workers and their children, improved psychological well-being, and reduced longer-term poverty,” a survey by the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality found. “There may be additional positive effects, such as increased child-support payments and improved health.”

Most Americans Support Increasing Taxes on the Wealthy: Poll 02/04/2019 Support for raising taxes is widespread, according to a new poll, which found that 76% of registered voters want the wealthiest Americans to pay more.

Three quarters of Americans favor higher taxes for wealthy -Reuters/Ipsos poll 10/11/2017

Majority Say Wealthy Americans, Corporations Taxed Too Little 04/18/2017 More than six in 10 say corporations, upper-income Americans pay too little. 67% support taxing big corporations more.

Trump's Corporate Tax Slash Ignores How Little Companies Already Pay 04/24/2017

You paid taxes. These corporations didn't 04/11/2019 About twice as many of the largest U.S. companies reported they didn’t owe taxes in 2018 compared with previous years, a partial result of the 2017 Trump tax law, according to a report.

86% of U.S. voters: Deploy military abroad only as ‘last resort’ 02/19/2018

Poll: 70 percent angry at political establishment 08/25/2019 The majority of Americans said they are angry at the political establishment, which they say benefits the well-connected class, according to a new poll.

The following are some additional sources for this article including details about the records of candidates:

Trump, Ivanka donated to Kamala Harris campaign in California 03/04/2019 The newspaper reported that the president gave Harris $5,000 in 2011 and another $1,000 in 2013 and Ivanka Trump donated $2,000 in 2014.

Harris Was Only 2016 Senate Democratic Candidate to Get Cash From Mnuchin 02/14/2017 Mnuchin gave Harris’ campaign $2,000 last year, (2016) according to records from the Federal Election Commission, making her the only Democrat who ran on the national level to receive money from him that cycle.

Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo 01/03/2019

Kamala Harris Has Nothing to Offer Progressives 08/2/2019

A Guide to the 2020 Democratic Candidates You Should Not Vote For 06/24/2019 Biden, Kamala, Beto, Buttigieg

A new poll shows Bernie has plummeted to the most popular candidate in the entire race 08/28/2019

Joe Biden: It Would Be an Insult to My Dead Son for Everyone to Have Healthcare 08/27/2019

Bernie Sanders Picks Up His First National Union Endorsement 08/26/2019 The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers union (UE) shares his unabashed anti-corporate populism.

Elizabeth Warren had the crowd going wild over pennies. In L.A., a crowd erupted into a chant of “Two cents! Two cents!” after Warren detailed her signature plan — 2% tax on the ultra-wealthy that would amount to two cents on every dollar over $50 million. 08/22/2019

Bernie Sanders joins striking AT&T workers on picket line before Louisville rally 08/25/2019

Facts on Warren’s Wealth Tax Plan 06/25/2019

Elizabeth Warren’s proposed tax on enormous fortunes, explained 01/24/2019

The Medicare for All Moment Is Here, Brought to You by Bernie Sanders 07/31/2019

Trevor Noah: 1980s Footage Of Bernie Sanders Shows How Consistent He Has Been, Even Looks The Same 05/09/2019

While teaching, Warren worked on about 60 legal matters, far more than she’d previously disclosed 05/23/2019 original title was “While teaching, Elizabeth Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour.” Warren did legal work related to major U.S. corporations. In 1987, she advised the former directors of Getty Oil on “Texaco’s bankruptcy and the settlement negotiations between Texaco and Pennzoil,” the list stated. In 2003, she served as an expert witness for the Fuller-Austin Insulation Co. in a case against insurers. In 2005, she provided testimony that bolstered the case of the private-equity firm Platinum Equity in a contractual dispute.

Elizabeth Warren’s First Campaign Event In Minnesota Draws Massive Crowd 08/20/2019 About 12,000 people showed up at the Democratic presidential hopeful’s town hall at Macalester College in St. Paul, according to her campaign.

Elizabeth Warren talks plans and pennies at Los Angeles town hall 08/21/2019

Fired up Bernie Sanders returns home for first Vermont rally of 2020 cycle 05/25/2019

Bernie Sanders versus the “corporate media,” explained 08/14/2019

Reminiscent of Enthusiasm Sparked in 2016, Bernie 2020 Draws Massive Crowds in Los Angeles California 03/24/2019 The Los Angeles Times put the estimated number of attendees at the rally in a sprawling city park at 12,000 people, but others suggested the number was much higher. ...... Exactly how many people attended isn't yet known, but the numbers are significant since the park can hold from 25,000 to 50,000 people, depending on the setup. On top of that, 22,000 RSVP'd on Facebook for Sanders' event in LA, and crowd size photos show a significant turnout. In fact, so many people showed up that an overflow crowd formed on the steps of City Hall across the street. An early report shared that 15,000 might have been there tonight, but it's not yet clear if this is accurate or includes overflow crowds.

Doctors' Group Welcomes Sen. Sanders' Medicare-for-All Bill 04/10/2019 Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), a nonprofit research and education organization of 23,000 physicians, medical students and health professionals, welcomes the Medicare for All Act of 2019 as an important step towards the organization's goal of a single-payer national health plan.

Bernie Sanders wins labor love — and frustrates foes — with Medicare for All play 08/22/2019

Bernie Sanders is winning the internet. Will it win him the White House? 06/25/2019

Physicians for a National Health Program: Bernie Sanders is right – why not Medicare for all? 09/26/2017

Union Leaders Rebuke Centrist Democrats for Claiming Medicare for All Would Harm Workers 08/02/2019

The Net Worth Of Every 2020 Presidential Candidate 08/14/2019 Out of the top four 2020 Dem frontrunners, Bernie has the lowest net worth and Warren is the wealthiest:

🔸Elizabeth Warren - $12M
🔸Joe Biden - $9M
🔸Kamala Harris - $6M
🔸Bernie Sanders - $2.5M

2020 Democrats hope powerful Nevada union can help serve them a win 08/23/2019 But Warren crossed the picket line repeatedly.

wtf Elizabeth Warren has been crossing the Culinary Union picket line in Nevada 08/24/2019

Susan Sarandon cooly responds to political troll asking if she was woken 'out of her cryogenic chamber' amid Elizabeth Warren flap 08/21/2019

Today @BernieSanders released his sweeping vision for a #GreenNewDeal. It's the biggest, boldest, and most ambitious plan we've seen so far to take on the greed of the fossil fuel billionaires, & create millions of good jobs tackling the climate crisis. 08/22/2019

Bernie Sanders Declares It's Time for Workers to Win the Class War 08/22/2019

Bernie Sanders to Walmart: Your workers need higher wages 06/04/2019

The thorn in Walmart's side named Bernie Sanders is digging deeper. The senator from Vermont and Democratic presidential candidate is taking his call for the nation's biggest employer to raise wages for its 1.5 million U.S. workers to Bentonville, Arkansas.

Sanders plans to be among those attending Walmart's annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, when he'll introduce a floor proposal to add hourly workers to its corporate board. The idea comes from Carolyn Davis, an 11-year Walmart employee, according to United for Respect, a workers' advocacy group.

Sanders took to social media to detail his travel plans. "I'm going to the Walmart shareholders meeting tomorrow to end the greed of the wealthiest family in America," Sanders said Tuesday in a tweet. "Walmart workers deserve a living wage and seats on the board." Complete article

Sanders Slams Walmart Board: Pays Employees ‘Starvation’ Wages 06/05/2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took a slight detour on the presidential campaign trail to slam Walmart at its annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Wednesday for paying its employees what he described as “starvation” wages while the Walton family is “the richest family in America” and pays its CEO $20 million in compensation.

Sanders was allowed to attend the meeting as a proxy for Cat Davis, a Walmart employee, where he read a resolution he asked the board of directors to pass that would require “hourly associates” to be nominated for seats on the board.

Resolved shareholders of Walmart urge the board to adopt the policy of promoting significant representation of employee perspectives among corporate decision makers by requiring that the initial list of candidates from which new nominees are chosen by the nominating governance committee include hourly associates. The policy should provide that any third party consultant asked to furnish an additional list would be requested to include such candidates.

Then Sanders challenged the board about its pay policies that he said leave many employees dependent on government welfare. He said:

Madam chair, the issue we are dealing with today is pretty simple. Walmart is the largest private employer in America and is owned by the Walton family, the wealthiest family in the United States, worth approximately $175 billion, and yet despite the incredible wealth of its own, Walmart pays many of its employees starvation wages. Wages that are so low that many of these employees are forced to rely on government programs like food stamps, Medicaid and public housing in order to survive. Complete article

Does the Walton family earn more in a minute than Walmart workers do in a year? 02/19/2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders to Crash Walmart Annual Meeting 05/21/2019

Bernie Sanders blasts Walmart's new employee-leave policy 02/05/2019

Sen. Sanders releases statement on Walmart paid leave 02/11/2019

The following are Diane Ravitch's articles about education reform and the presidential candidates:

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Why Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Correct About the Washington Post—and Corporate Media Overall 08/14/2019

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Hillary and Bernie’s Union Power -- in Iowa and Beyond 02/03/2016

Union Members Seem To Want Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton. Will Labor Leadership Follow Them? 08/12/2015 Search words "Union leaders decide to stay neutral when rank and file support Bernie Sanders in 2016"

Local union chapters disregard national leadership to endorse Bernie Sanders 01/26/2016

Labor for Bernie Activists Take the Political Revolution into Their Unions 03/17/2016

Richard Wolff on Bernie Sanders: The Socialist Outsider Who Took Center Stage 01/29/2016

CNN Caught Colluding With Democratic Party Against Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Campaign 03/01/2019

Teodrose Fikre: An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders: ‘No Bernie, It Wasn’t the Russians’ 07/23/2018

The anti-Bernie Sanders campaign being pushed by former Clinton staffers, explained 03/08/2019

Clinton Machine Quietly Launches Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders [Opinion] 03/08/2019

The 4 Democratic presidential candidates who cosponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Senate bill either no longer support it or won’t say if they do 08/20/2019

Bernie Sanders Supporter Susan Sarandon Hits Elizabeth Warren's Republican Past 08/20/2019

BERN NOTICE: The New Plan to Bust Amazon's Union Busting 08/21/2019

So basically @JoeBiden's campaign decided to brazenly plagiarize @BernieSanders -- and they expect nobody to notice or mention it. Classy. 👇 05/29/2019

Kamala Harris went to the Hamptons with huge donors and criticized @BernieSanders ’ Medicare for All plan...the plan she co-sponsored. You can’t make this up. 08/19/2019

The Campaign Press: Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent 08/16/2019 They considered a tweet by a Twitter rando called “Hoarse Whisperer” complaining that Bernie Sanders didn’t work hard enough for Hillary Clinton.

Washington Post editor responds to Bernie Sanders: Your 'conspiracy theory' is wrong 08/12/2019 this rebuttal can't possibly explain Mainstream media behavior.

No Billionaires for Bernie: Alone Among Democratic Frontrunners, Sanders Gets No Cash From Wealthiest Americans 08/06/2019

Bernie Sanders wins Twitter in hyper-engaged debate week 08/05/2019

De Blasio says Bernie would have won in 2016 07/06/2019

Symone Sanders Helped Sabotage Bernie's Campaign In 2016 07/0/2019

Symone D Sanders: So glad to see folks embracing Medicare-For-All. Important to note though @KamalaHarris was 1st to throw her support behind Bernie's bill 09/12/2017

Symone D Sanders: Basically...Bernie has ALWAYS stood on the side of the American worker. #DemDebate #DebateWithBernie 03/06/2016

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Different July 2019

Joe Biden Clarifies He's No Bernie Sanders: "I Don't Think 500 Billionaires Are Reason We're in Trouble" 05/09/2018

The New York Times Has It in for Bernie Sanders 07/01/2019

Bernie Sanders Is Going to Win the Democratic Primary, and It's Going to Be Easy 02/19/2019

🚨 Democrats rigged Bernie Sanders in 2016. Don't believe it? Here's the evidence for #ElectionFraud. We can't let them do it again in 2020. 🚨 05/27/2019

Bernie's Policy Releases in last 3 weeks: Expand Worker Ownership: 05/29/2019

Rep. Barbara Lee finds Kamala Harris a tough sell before Bernie Sanders’ crowd 06/01/2019 While Harris was attending a private fundraiser Friday at the home of billionaires Ann and Gordon Getty in San Francisco, Sanders was stopping by the Latino and labor caucuses at the convention.

How A Twitter Fight Over Bernie Sanders Revealed A Network Of Fake Accounts 03/14/2018

Since being VP, Biden earned substantial wealth through a book deal and speeches--one speech he was paid $200k by family foundation of Republican candidate he campaigned for. Joe has filed for a 45 day extension on filing his personal financial disclosure. 05/23/2019

NBC Reporter: Bill Clinton Told Tom Perez to Not Let the Party Go to Bernie Folks 05/03/2019 Biden

More young people voted for Bernie Sanders than Trump and Clinton combined — by a lot 06/20/2016

The Corporate Campaign to Kill Bernie’s Medicare for All Bill Is Here 04/19/2019

Subject: Re: Sanders-related advice from Mark Siegel 03/20/2016 ( because of the offices and the constituencies they represent), why not throw Bernie a bone and reduce the super delegates in the future to the original draft of members of the House and Senate, governors and big city mayors, eliminating the DNC members who are not State chairs or vice-Chairs. (Frankly, DNC members don't really represent constituencies anyway. I should know. I served on the DNC first as Executive Director and then as an elected member for 10 years.)

So if we "give" Bernie this in the Convention's rules committee, his people will think they've "won" something from the Party Establishment. And it functionally doesn't make any difference anyway. They win. We don't lose. Everyone is happy.

DNC Bosses Contemplating a Superdelegate Coup if Bernie Sanders Leads in Delegates 04/16/2019

Bernie 2020 Campaign Has Corporate Democrats Running Scared The overarching fear that defenders of oligarchy have about Sanders is not that he’s out of step with most Americans—it’s that he’s in step with them. byNorman Solomon 02/12/2019

‘Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum 04/16/2019

Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank of Smearing Progressive Candidates 04/14/2019

Are Sanders and Warren Throwing a Lifeline to the Military-Industrial Complex? 08/27/2019

Bernie Sanders Contributors 1989 - 2020

Fredrick Douglass Reconstruction 08/2/2019 Whatever may be tolerated in monarchical and despotic governments, no republic is safe that tolerates a privileged class, or denies to any of its citizens equal rights and equal means to maintain them. What was theory before the war has been made fact by the war.

Philosophrob: Elizabeth Warren has received more from the securities & investment industry so far this year ($118,166) than Donald Trump ($76,200). 08/19/2019

Wall Street's Worst 2020 Nightmare Is Coming True 08/29/2019

Extremely Big Bernie Energy 08/28/2019 Bernie, 1992: "In case ya don't know, and you haven't seen the latest polls, the American people hold the president of the United States in contempt, they hold this institution in contempt, they hold the Republican Party in contempt, they hold the Democratic Party in contempt." "We are spending $270 billion a year on the military, but we don't have a major enemy. I know it hurts your feelings. I know you're upset about it. I know you're hoping and praying that maybe we'll have another war. Maybe somebody will rise up. But it ain't happening."

Joe Biden on day before Iraq war resolution passed. Here he is arguing for Lieberman-Warner amendment to the final bill. "Unlike my colleagues from West Virginia and Maryland, I do not believe this is a rush to war. I believe it's a march to peace and security." (Oct 10, 2002) 08/28/2019 String of Biden quotes explaining his position on Iraq War as it happened.

What Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Telling Democratic Insiders 08/26/2019 With phone calls, texts and handwritten notes, the Massachusetts senator is continuing an unusually determined outreach effort to show party officials she is aligned with them. ..... While Ms. Warren has been careful to avoid directly criticizing Mr. Sanders, her regular references to being a capitalist withstanding, she is also quietly taking steps within the party to make clear that she does not want to create a competing power base should she become president. She was one of the first Democratic candidates to sign a pledge circulated last month by the Association of State Democratic Committees vowing not to create any parallel political or organizing infrastructure that would compete with the national or state Democratic parties.

Brazile: Clinton campaign was a 'cult' 11/08/2017

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Is Elizabeth Warren A Wall Street Stealth Candidate?

"A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth," or at lest it seems to, especially when it's not subject to reasonable scrutiny from opposing views. This is the most fundamental principle of propaganda; and since the mainstream media has consolidated into six corporations controlling over ninety percent of national media and at least a dozen of the next biggest media outlets also controlled by multimillionaires or billionaires, they've been gradually increasing the use of this method.

This is how they're creating a progressive image for Elizabeth Warren despite fact that the closer I've looked at her record, since 2011, when I first noticed how much obsessive coverage the media gave her, despite the fact that they were ignoring other progressives rising from the grassroots, the less progressive she appears to be!

Fortunately, there's a growing number of people getting media from the internet, where it's much more diverse, although you still have to be careful to sort out the misinformation. But the majority of the public almost certainly gets their information from the mainstream media, especially older people, and complacent people, which is probably the majority.

Occasionally even the mainstream media reports that wealthy people aren't nearly as concerned with her as her propaganda seems to imply like this article from Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren Starts Winning Begrudging Respect on Wall Street. 07/03/2019 However this was only reported briefly and it wasn't repeated in broadcast or cable news where most people get their news so most people aren't even aware of it, and the truth is they never were as concerned about her as they often claimed to be.

For a long time I hesitated to refer to her as a Wall Street puppet because she has come up with some legitimate criticism of them, especially the banks, which she gained her initial fame by criticizing for predatory lending and opposing the repeal of Glass-Steagall. I first took notice of her when mainstream media gave her obsession coverage in 2011 making her look like a progressive, even though they don't provide that kind of coverage fro people from the grassroots. this made me suspicious when I wrote How sincere is Elizabeth Warren? Her rhetoric sounded really good but the closer I looked the clearer it was that it wasn't matched up by her actions.

This article was followed up by close to a dozen more including Elizabeth Warren is NOT a “consumer advocate!!” (My other articles about her, along with more additional sources than most of you can read are listed below) which initially relied on some more subtle ways she supported the mainstream political establishment and fiscal ideology, and one lawsuit where she represented Travelers Insurance against workers with an asbestos claim; but, was later updated to report that she represented at least a dozen Wall street firms including Dow Corning in a breast implant lawsuit, among others all working against the best interests of consumers or workers.

This is why she's so rich! Shew's worth at least two or three times as much as Bernie Sanders, yet the media hardly mentioned this even though they spent an enormous amount of time criticizing him for being a millionaire while campaigning against millionaires!

Bernie Sanders made his money working for decades representing the working class before finally becoming famous in 2016 and writing a best selling book that made him a millionaire, not by defending Wall Street corporations, against the working class while pretending to defend the middle class or poor!

Furthermore, even though the vast majority of the public is just beginning to learn about a small portion of her history the wealthy have known about it all along including some multimillionaires and billionaires that supported her political career from the beginning. According to the following article Paul Egerman was one of her early supporters when she ran for Senate helping to raise funds for Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren from billionaires George Soros, Donald Sussman and Tom Steyer, who were all also top Hillary Clinton Bundlers:

Elizabeth Warren decries big money in politics. Her campaign treasurer embodies it. 05/23/2019

FAIRFAX, Va. — With a sizable American flag as her backdrop and supporters toting signs reading “The Best President Money Can’t Buy,” Elizabeth Warren decried the role big bucks play in politics.

“Corruption, the influence of money, touches every decision that gets made in Washington,” the Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. senator from Massachusetts told hundreds of people attending her May 16 campaign event at George Mason University in Virginia. “Whatever issue brought you here today, I guarantee if there’s a decision to be made in Washington, it’s been touched, pushed, massaged, tilted over, just a little, so the folks with money do better than everyone else.”

Warren’s declaration aligns with her aggressive rejection of traditional sources of campaign cash, from political action committees to lobbyists. Everyone will have access to her, she says, not just wealthy donors. She’s instituted “selfie lines” at rallies. She releases videos of herself personally calling donors who’ve contributed just a few dollars.

But Warren has also selected for her presidential campaign treasurer a man whose contributions run counter to Warren’s statements — among the most emphatic among the more than 20 Democrats running for president — against big money in politics.

Dubbed a “personal PAC man” to politicians by The Boston Globe more than a decade ago, retired software engineer Paul Egerman, 70, has quietly established himself as a key benefactor and rainmaker for Democratic political committees and liberal causes.

Since 1995, Egerman and his wife, Joanne, have given more than $8.4 million to various Democratic candidates and PACs, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of Center for Responsive Politics data. .....

Egerman also serves as a conduit between Democrats and big-dollar political donors.

For example, he’s the board treasurer for Democracy Alliance, a network of wealthy Democratic donors that helps support liberal causes and has counted liberal megadonors such as George Soros, Donald Sussman and Tom Steyer among its members. He’s also been an advisory council member to J Street, a political nonprofit and PAC that seeks to promote American leadership in creating a two-state resolution between Palestine and Israel.

Egerman in 2014 also hosted an ultra-exclusive Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser at his Massachusetts home. President Barack Obama attended. The entry price per person: $32,400, according to The Boston Globe. ......

Egerman’s history with Warren began about a decade ago, when he met her on an airplane. He’d later become campaign finance chairman for Warren’s 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. Complete article

For someone who is supposedly always fighting Wall Street corporations or billionaires she manages to get a lot of campaign donations from these same corporations for her political career.

Each of these corporations can be confirmed to have donated to Elizabeth Warren, either for Senate or President, or both, at Open (NBC Universal is owned by Comcast which donated to Elizabeth Warren.)

Philosophrob has reported at least eight billionaires, listed below, that have donated to Elizabeth Warren, saying that none have donated to Bernie Sanders. He's very good at checking his sources, and one of his most common ones is Open Secrets.

While the mainstream media provided an enormous amount of coverage about her pledge not to accept PAC money during the campaign they didn't provide nearly as much coverage to the fact that this wouldn't extend to the General Election if she got the nomination; and the news that she transferred leftover funds from her Senate campaign, much of which came from the PACs she now says she wouldn't accept was buried in a low profile news article that few saw, or the fact that Paul Egerman is one of the leading PAC organizers, nor did they report widely on several other examples of her cheating on this pledge, some of which are listed below.

Elizabeth Warren also supports numerous foreign interventions abroad including numerous contradictory positions on Venezuela, North Korea and several other countries, often being hawkish, when it suits her political agenda, according to When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive. 05/17/2019 There are also many times on this subject, and many others, where she caves after being pilloried on line for her positions, often hedging or avoiding the subject.

In 2017, even though she was adamantly opposed to Trump and much of his foreign policy, she still voted for a military budget that was bigger than the one he asked for! she received an enormous amount of heat for that, although it was almost all online, since the mainstream media ignored it; and declined to vote for it again in 2018, but it still passed overwhelmingly, and she didn't speak out against it either, at least not loudly so many will notice!

She has been especially bad on the occupation of Palestinian territories, like the vast majority of the political establishment ignoring the history of this conflict. The mainstream media is also incredibly bad reporting on this. The simple history, for those of you who haven't kept up on it, which is understandable, considering media coverage, the Israelis were thrown out of Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago by the ancient Romans, they were persecuted by Christians for centuries after that especially Catholics, but after the Protestant reformation about five hundred years ago they joined in the antisemitism as well. this didn't change until people were so shocked by the Holocaust which was committed by Christians not Palestinians.

Then instead of taking responsibility for demonizing Jewish people at a time when they had done no wrong they supported their efforts to take over Palestine, which by then was controlled by people that had nothing to do with the original ouster of Jews or the Holocaust. I'm not saying the Palestinians are all perfect but since then the Israelis have been demonizing them to justify stealing their land and oppressing them, yet mainstream media practically never mentions the majority of this history.

Israelis have been subject to an enormous amount of unjustifiable antisemitism in the past and some of it is still going on; however, they're using this as an excuse to classify all criticism of their actions as bigotry, even though some of it comes from Jewish people acknowledging their oppressive activities against Palestinians and how it's clearly inciting constant conflict. Yet Elizabeth Warren has supported the establishment position and Israel while they oppress Palestinians and steal their land insisting on their rights to self defense while denying the Palestinians the same rights to self defense as described in the following excerpt:

Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling of Gaza Schools, Hospitals 08/28/2014

The Israeli military has the right to attack Palestinian hospitals and schools in self defense if Hamas has put rocket launchers next to them, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said last week at a local town hall, according to the Cape Cod Times.

Warren, in defending her vote to send funds to Israel in the middle of its war with Hamas, said she thinks civilian casualties are the "last thing Israel wants."

"But when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself," she said.

Israeli tanks shelled schools and hospitals during the most recent conflict in Gaza. The Israeli government claimed at the time that rockets and militants had been located nearby. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency condemned militants for hiding rockets in two schools, and also sharply criticized Israeli attacks on other schools as. Complete article

Anyone not familiar with the situation in Israel, which for decades, included me, might want to check out "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" By Jimmy Carter and "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" By John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt, one of whom is Jewish.

On top of that her "plan for that" slogan sounds great and has been a massive propaganda success, at least to those that haven't checked the facts, but it doesn't stand up to scrutiny, as I pointed out in some of my past articles (listed below), and the following article also points out some additional examples:

She's got a (borrowed) plan for that: The media myth of Elizabeth Warren the wonk 06/11/2019

Elizabeth Warren is a policy wonk in the same way Donald Trump is a builder.

Neither of them is in the business of actually creating things. Both are very good at slapping their names on something and calling it their own.

A branding natural, Warren has issued campaign T-shirts that say “I have a plan for that.” Warren has successfully donned the mantle of a policy genius, with the happy cooperation of a media eagerly seeking labels and pigeonholes for each of the 25 Democratic candidates.

“Warren’s nonstop ideas reshape the Democratic presidential race,” the Washington Post declared in a typical headline.

But it’s a stretch to call these all her ideas. The Post provided a sampling of “Warren’s nonstop ideas.” The list began with “new ethics rules on Supreme Court justices.” Notably, her proposal here comes from a bill written and introduced by Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn. Warren signed on as a co-sponsor. ..... Complete article

Amazingly even though she's collected an enormous amount of money for her campaign she appears to be taking some of her own unpaid volunteers for granted, trying to force them to pay their own way when traveling to other states to help with the campaign, and even making them sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent them from speaking about their grievances as indicated in the following article:

Warren Fellowship Applicants: Campaign Program Was a ‘Great Scam’ 07/26/2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has built much of her political career as a champion of workers and consumers against the deceptive and exploitative practices of corporations and employers.

But as she navigates the latest chapter of that career arc—a run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency—the Massachusetts Democrat faces criticism from several of her own supporters who said the lowest tier of her campaign structure doesn’t match the image she projects.

Two early converts to Warren described the process for entry into her campaign’s volunteer fellowship program as deceptive and at times exploitative in interviews with The Daily Beast. They said they were pushed toward unpaid positions over paid ones, misled over the availability of financial assistance, and asked to sign highly restrictive nondisclosure agreements that worker advocacy groups concede are irregular. Both applicants verified their accounts with emails and text messages from the Warren campaign.

The complaints from those offered unpaid fellowships could raise new questions for Warren as she seeks to put her lengthy history of advocating for consumer and worker rights at the center of her rising campaign.

“What was sold to me was very different than it actually was,” said Jonathan Nendze, a rising senior at Seton Hall University who was offered a volunteer fellowship position on Warren’s campaign. “It was kind of a great scam of getting people to show up and work in the capacity of volunteer, but to function as a paid intern in the amount of work they’re doing,” he said. ......

Ultimately, Nendze was offered a position as a volunteer fellow. As part of the on-boarding process, he was sent a mandatory non-disclosure agreement—to sign upon accepting the offer and passing the campaign’s vetting process—stating that volunteer fellows would “not communicate with any member of the press” or “make any statement that may impair or otherwise adversely affect the goodwill or reputation” of Warren for President Inc., among other provisions.

The Campaign Workers Guild, a group focused on improving working conditions on campaigns, said providing NDAs to unpaid volunteers on campaigns is not a common practice, though it occasionally happens in large-scale races. Former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the only Democratic 2020 campaigns to offer a similar unpaid fellowship program, does not require volunteer fellows to sign NDAs, a campaign official confirmed.

Nendze said he did not sign the agreement. The emails sent to Nendze were reviewed by The Daily Beast. .......

In one email exchange, Cole asked Smith about the ease of getting around Des Moines without a car, which he made clear he would not have for the program. He was told that it was not necessary but “may require a fair amount of Ubers” and that he could “probably snag a good amount of rides from other fellows and/or staff here and there,” according to internal emails. Cole said he immediately became concerned with the potential costs associated with taking frequent Uber rides when he was not being paid.

Like Nendze, Cole was also concerned about the availability of housing while he volunteered for the Warren campaign. Those fears were assuaged somewhat when Anna Kucher, the campaign’s regional organizing director based in Iowa, sent an email sent to interns and fellows introducing herself on May 26. Complete article

This is truly stunning, especially since she's raised an enormous amount of money, indicating that she may be out of touch with what's going on at the grassroots. taking her own supporters for granted like this is guaranteed to backfire, and we'll probably hear more about it in the future. Even though the maltreatment of volunteers is outrageous one of the most important aspects we should be worried about is the use of non-disclosure agreements, which the media almost never discusses, although they're clearly far more common than most people realize.

This should especially concerning when there's a chance that campaign workers, reporters, or government officials may routinely sign some of these. In an open democracy the public needs to have access to information they need to participate in decisions, yet these agreements are designed to deprive them of that information, including how they may be manipulating voters, or in this case abusing campaign workers. this has recently been discussed when they disclosed that Trump had a history of requiring them, even from unpaid volunteers which the media said was almost unprecedented, although we may have no idea how common they are, since one of the conditions might be that they not even tell us they sign them in the first place.

The leaks of Podesta and DNC E-mails shows that they do far more to deceive voters than most people realize, yet they came up with an enormous amount of propaganda to convince us that instead of worrying about the fact that the Clinton campaign has been manipulating us, and that this appears to be standard operating procedure, we should blame the Russians for disclosing their manipulation.

We should do much more to demand to know just how common these non-disclosure agreements are; and the fact that they don't come out with a clear denial and admission that they shouldn't be used at all for campaigns or for many if any other reasons, should be a further indication to show they believe they should be able to act in secrecy?

They can't keep everything secret, and there's clearly an enormous amount of research available to the public scattered in locations where most people don't look to raise additional doubts about both traditional politicians and the media, which is all the more reason to doubt them, demand a much more diverse media and enable all candidates to be heard, not just those collecting massive amounts of money from corporations.

Elizabeth Warren also has plenty of financial ties to the health care industry including through Paul Egerman, Gary Cohn, who wants to stop medicare for all, and her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi who helped found United Health Group a for-profit insurance company, which may help to explain her position on single payer for years. She was originally opposed to Single payer in her Senate run, although she avoided discussion of it and when one of her primary opponents supported it the mainstream media hardly gave her any coverage at all while giving Elizabeth Warren obsession coverage, almost all positive, enabling her to get a massive lead in the polls, since few knew who else was running. this enabled the establishment to use her massive lead in the polls as an excuse to cancel the primary so her opponent never got the chance to finish making the case for Single payer.

Although she claimed to support Bernie Sanders medicare for all plan she's recently hedged on it refusing to say whether she still supports it or not and as the following article shows she's avoided discussing this and doesn't seem to "have a plan for that:"

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Everything — Except Health Care 06/11/2019

Elizabeth Warren has come out strong for a slew of progressive policy proposals. So why hasn’t she come out strong for Medicare for All?

In a recent MSNBC town hall, Elizabeth Warren put her policy platform on full display. Through emotional, personal anecdotes and with a depth of understanding, Warren gave the impression of a candidate well-aware of the problems faced by working Americans and armed with the policies needed to solve them. She detailed her plans to achieve universal childcare, cancel the bulk of existing student debt, and create over a million green jobs by progressively taxing the richest Americans. She boldly criticized Joe Biden’s conservative record and decried the greed of large corporations.

The performance supported Warren’s reputation as a candidate with a “plan for everything” — a reputation emphasized repeatedly by MSNBC moderator Chris Hayes throughout the event. Taken as a whole, however, the town hall revealed an alarming gap in Warren’s policy repertoire, one that has gone mostly ignored to this point in the campaign: she has no plan for fixing the broken US health care system.

Warren had several opportunities in the town hall to address the health care crisis. Instead, she avoided the topic almost entirely. Even when discussing issues directly related to health care like repealing the Hyde Amendment and improving access to hearing aides, she neglected to propose a comprehensive policy solution.

Unfortunately, this was not a simple case of forgetfulness. In fact, it continues a disturbing trend with the Warren campaign. Check her website: in a long and thorough issues page full of bold plans to alleviate Americans’ suffering, Warren makes no mention of health care. View her campaign materials: Warren has yard signs dedicated to several of her major policy proposals, but not a single one about health care. Follow her campaign appearances: you’ll hear the usual platitudes (“health care is a human right;” “everyone deserves access to care”), but you won’t hear her endorse a specific policy. Complete article

This is just a small fraction of her problems; I went into much more in past articles. One of the issues I went into previously was her support of Charter Schools as expressed in her book the "Two Income Trap." Even at the time it was published those in the education trade knew this was a disaster and they let her know by the time she ran for Senate. for the most part she avoided discussing the subject since then; and according to Diane Ravitch, she voted against them a few years ago, presumably under pressure form the grassroots who knew how bad they were. However since then Diane Ravitch has had more doubts about her since she's surrounded herself with advisers from Teach For America, which is a pro-charter organization that Ravitch has been exposing for epidemic levels of fraud, some of that is listed below and I'll update the previous article about it.

I have tried to avoid the subject of her claims to be an Indian, since for the most part I haven't considered it that important and it says far more about Trump and Scott Brown's racism or political pandering than it does about Elizabeth Warren; however one exception is the fact that she used this to advance her career justifiable or not and ignored the plight of native Americans for a long time saying nothing, until the protest at the XL pipeline received an enormous amount of attention and she felt she had to say something in support of them. This is a very common political tactics many politicians, including Elizabeth Warren, routinely do and when they finally do get some positive attention there are always some activists that try to make the best of it and others that call it out for what it is, without giving them the brownie points they clearly didn't deserve.

When the Washington Post broke the story about Dow corning breast implant case and a dozen other examples where she represented Wall Street firms, someone on Twitter said it should be the end of her campaign, and he should have been right, and may still be right; however, the rest of the mainstream media ignored it and continued giving her an enormous amount of positive propaganda. This is why she is still able to rise in the polls, at least for now. This is a common tactic by mainstream media, they don't completely suppress a lot of news but relegate it to a relatively low profile location, even the Washington Post has limited readership compared to cable and network news. Then they repeat the propaganda they want to promote candidates of their choice over and over again counting on the public to forget, assuming they read the low profile articles at all.

But it's still six months before the primaries begin, and there's plenty of time to report on her history. It may be necessary to report on a lot of this at the grassroots level, since the media is clearly unwilling to do a good job.

They do the same thing with Joe Biden but his record is so bad, and his support from the grassroots so weak despite the polls that say he's still in the lead that it's virtually guaranteed that he'll lose an enormous amount of support before the voting actually begins. Many of the other so-called top-tier candidates, except for Bernie Sanders are even worse, or at least they seem to be worse; however they don't do nearly as good a job coming up with positive propaganda or burying many of the negative stories as Elizabeth Warren, which makes her the leading establishment candidate when Biden falls apart, although they pretend she's anti-establishment.

In addition to my own past articles I complied a long list of articles, which I may add to, below about her record. Many of these were pointed out to me by people in social media, mostly Twitter, with a few from Facebook or other sources. In many cases I didn't keep track of the ones pointing it out to me but below are some strings from some of those who did.

Bernie Sanders has a much stronger grassroots base than any of the other candidates, which he got by being consistent for decades. Occasionally many of his supporters, including me, check his facts as well, and he does a far better job addressing legitimate concerns, which is why he has so much support.

We don't want to be cult followers; we want a leader that's accountable to the public and since his record holds up far better than anyone else he's the clear choice, at least compared to other candidates the media is willing to cover. He's going to need this grassroots support to elect progressives to congress to get his agenda passed; and we'll also have to push for election reform enabling grassroots candidates get more coverage the next time from the grassroots, even if Bernie doesn't do enough on this.

The following are past articles of mine about Elizabeth Warren with more sources in each:

How sincere is Elizabeth Warren?

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Is Elizabeth Warren supporting Charter Schools not Unions?

Elizabeth Warren is NOT a “consumer advocate!!”

Elizabeth Warren's propaganda overlooks many flaws!

Elizabeth Warren is a charismatic propagandist not the Messiah

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Elizabeth Warren Makes Me Scream!

The following are additional sources for this article with plenty more information that the mainstream media only reports on a low profile, if they cover it at all, while repeating positive propaganda over and over:

40 Senate Democrats Join GOP to Send $717 Billion Military Spending Bill to Trump's Desk 08/02/2018

Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu 08/28/2014

Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget 10/02/2017

Sorry, Critics Tell Warren, Greening US Empire's "Powerful War Machine" No Answer to Climate Crisis 05/16/2019

When It Comes to U.S. Militarism, Elizabeth Warren Is No Progressive 05/17/2019

Sen. Warren Turns Her Back on Native Americans After Exploiting Them 11/21/2016

Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory 12/06/2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren Makes a Statement on Standing Rock 12/04/2016

Several thousand pack Oakland soccer field to hear Elizabeth Warren 05/31/2019 Warren was introduced by Sonya Mehta, a former Oakland schoolteacher, who focused on the candidate’s cradle-to-college plans to pay for education.

Worrisome News About Elizabeth Warren 06/02/2019 Elizabeth Warren held a huge rally in Oakland, and she was introduced by a representative of Great Oakland Public Schools, Sonya Mehta, a billionaire-funded anti-teacher, pro-charter, pro-“reform” operation.

Carol Burris: A Message for Elizabeth Warren 06/07/2019

Where Is Elizabeth Warren's Plan For K-12 Public Education? 06/06/2019 Warren’s choice of education policy adviser for her campaign is also concerning. Josh Dulaney spent two years in the classroom via Teach for America and studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, two organizations aligned with modern education reform. If her idea to appoint a secretary of education who has taught in a public school classroom includes consideration of TFA products who taught for just two years, traditional public school teachers are unlikely to be impressed.

NPE Action 2020 Presidential Candidates Project: grades based on education positions Bernie and Bullock are the best; Booker is the worst; Biden, Tulsi and Warren are all bad.

Elizabeth Warren Has a Former TFAer Advising Her on Education 06/06/2019

Dow breast implant case spotlights Elizabeth Warren's work helping big corporations navigate bankruptcies 07/15/2019 Warren, now a Democratic presidential candidate, has never publicly discussed her role in the case. Her campaign said that she was “a consultant to ensure adequate compensation for women who claimed injury” from the implants and that a $2.3 billion fund for the women was started “thanks in part to Elizabeth’s efforts.”

The 4 Democratic presidential candidates who cosponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Senate bill either no longer support it or won’t say if they do 08/20/2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Turned To A Big Donor To Pay For The DNC Voter Database, Despite Her Fundraising Pledge 07/15/2019

Leftover PAC money funneled into Warren's campaign 05/02/2019 She also transferred into her account $10 million in leftover campaign cash from her run for Senate last year, and a political committee she operates with other candidates, according to disclosures filed with the FEC. Those two previous campaign accounts included about $400,000 in PAC contributions made by labor unions, trade groups and other special interests over the past two years.

Here's a Blue Shields guy who's determined to kill #MedicareForAll and has only donated to Elizabeth Warren. Don't tell me she's just like Bernie. #NoMiddleGround #Bernie2020 07/0/2019 Gary Cohen "My only donation to a presidential candidate so far this time around is to Elizabeth Warren, for whatever that’s worth. I will support whomever the Democratic candidate is. Maybe we can address the issues respectfully rather than talking about me."

Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships 07/12/2019

Elizabeth Warren’s $19 million haul highlights big fundraising quarter for Democrats 07/08/2019 Sen. Elizabeth Warren placed a big bet a few months ago: In a sprawling field of two dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls, and without a tested grass-roots fundraising machine, she pledged not to court wealthy donors who could boost her candidacy with big checks. ..... But there are exceptions to Warren’s rule. She plans to headline a high-dollar fundraising event in San Francisco on Aug. 22 to raise money on behalf of the eventual Democratic nominee, according to a copy of the invite obtained by The Washington Post. “The first confirmed headliner for the gala is 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren!” says the invitation for the event, which is sponsored by the Democratic National Committee. The event includes a limited number of $100 tickets in a “young professional/advocate” category. From there, prices go up to $50,000, which buys a table for 10, entree to a VIP reception and a photo op.

The First 2020 Race Is Underway: Scrambling for New York Donors 06/09/2019 In recent months, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has visited New York at least twice for fund-raising receptions, including one hosted by Meyer S. Frucher, the vice chairman of Nasdaq. ..... In March, Mr. Biden was the special guest at a $10,000 per-person dinner benefiting House Democrats, at the home of the billionaire hedge fund manager James S. Chanos. In April, he attended a private fund-raising lunch at the home of a major Democratic donor, Dennis Mehiel, for his political action committee. The night after Mr. Biden’s April visit, Ms. Warren mingled with donors at the Manhattan home of Mark Green, a former New York City public advocate, the official reason being her 2018 re-election bid (for which she has already stockpiled $15 million). A few months earlier, Meyer S. Frucher, the vice chairman of Nasdaq, hosted another fund-raising reception for Ms. Warren, according to people familiar with the gatherings.

Companies with CEOs/executives/etc who've donated to Elizabeth Warren: Bain Capital Berkshire Group Comcast Facebook Global Petroleum Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley NASDAQ NBCUniversal Rockefeller Family Fund Royalty Pharma Saban Capital Soros Fund Warner Bros Walt Disney Studios 06/10/2019

Elizabeth Warren's multibillionaire donors: • Bill Gates • Amy Goldman • Laurene Powell Jobs • Henry Laufer • Haim Saban • George Soros • Steven Spielberg • Thomas Steyer Most of these multibillionaires also gave to Hillary Clinton; none have donated to Bernie Sanders. 06/12/2019

Open Secrets: Bain Capital: 13th Warren, Elizabeth (D-MA) Senate $18,839 higher than O'Rourke, Beto (D-TX) House $14,530 actually he ran for Senate, but was still in the House.

Why Elizabeth Warren doesn’t scare many moderate Democrats 06/19/2019

Amelia Warren Tyagi

'That's what girls do': Elizabeth Warren tells young Iowa girls why she's running for president, with a pinky promise 05/09/2019

The Overlooked Difference Between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren 07/23/2019

Politico Distorts Poll To Favor Warren Over Bernie 07/22/2019

Elizabeth Warren Lies About Herself. 07/23/2019

Peter Thiel Says Elizabeth Warren Is Most ‘Dangerous’ Candidate 07/15/2019

Liz Warren Like a ‘Bad Bishop’ In A Chess Game! 06/10/2019

Harris, Warren tie for third place in new 2020 Dem poll, but Biden still leads 07/03/2019 Headline omits Bernie who's twice Harris and Warren

Elizabeth Warren Can’t Explain Why She Didn’t Support Bernie Sanders – David Pakman Show 06/06/2019

Why Elizabeth Warren is Writing Those Lefty White Papers 04/09/2019

Warren Slams Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer for Hiking Prices on Prescription Drugs 11/20/2018

As Bernie Sanders Leans Into Socialism, His Rivals Laugh 06/12/2019 The longtime independent senator is preparing to deliver a speech in which he will reiterate his support for the bogeyman du jour. Making Elizabeth Warren laugh can be tricky. Warren had just explained how her proposed 2 percent tax on every dollar over $50 million—“Two cents!” she likes to shout

Inside Biden and Warren's Yearslong Feud He sided with the banks in Congress. She was a crusading law professor on the make. In 2020, are we about to get a rematch? 03/12/2019

‘Liz Was a Diehard Conservative’ Elizabeth Warren doesn’t like to talk about it, but for years she was a registered Republican. Why she left the GOP—and what it means for her campaign. 04/12/2019

POLITICO Playbook: Guess who else voted against federal funding for abortion? 06/06/2019 Elizabeth WARREN voted for this bill twice. So did Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Eric Swalwell and others. Bernie Sanders voted no. President DONALD TRUMP signed it into law.

Elizabeth Warren Has a Theory About Corporate Power 05/16/2019

Elizabeth Warren Starts Winning Begrudging Respect on Wall Street 07/03/2019 “If she ends up being the nominee, I’d have no trouble supporting her at all,” said David Schamis, chief investment officer of Atlas Merchant Capital, where he’s a founding partner alongside former Barclays Plc head Bob Diamond. While Warren isn’t Schamis’s top choice, he said: “I think she is smart, hardworking, responsible and thoughtful. And I think she thinks markets are important.”

This should be the end of @ewarren 2020. She: 1. Hid past work for Dow. 2. Lied, claiming she was an advocate for victims. She was advocating against victims. 3. Used her campaign's legal team to pressure others to rewrite history. 07/15/2019

Elizabeth Warren's #TaxTheRich "plan" is a parody of Bernie Sanders. #FakeLiz says "the first $50M, that's cool". The crowd laughs! She won't touch the first $50M? Ridiculous! Again & again, her "plans" only help 1% & do nothing for 99%. No wonder MSNBC 💕 her so much. 😡😠🔥🔥🔥 07/07/2019

Elizabeth Warren String: ❌ 1. Let Bernie get rigged in 2016 ❌ 2. Never went to Standing Rock ❌ 3. Voted for Trump's defense bill ❌ 4. Defended Joe Manchin ❌ 5. Won't back #MedicareForAll ❌ 6. Stood & clapped for nazi Trump ❌ 7. Will take corporate 💰 in GE ❌ 8. Uses Twitter Bots 06/14/2019

EchoTheCat 😸 I*Am*Independent: Are you kidding me? $500 a month cap? How do you not understand that people still won't be able to eat and have their medication under your plan. 06/14/2019 Elizabeth Warren: .@Pfizer "promised" it wouldn't raise prices, then turned around & raised them anyway. We can't count on drug companies to tackle rising drug costs, so Congress must. We can start by passing my bill to put a $500 monthly cap on what families pay for out-of-pocket prescriptions.

Elizabeth Warren is not a progressive thread. 06/11/2019

Sorry, something went wrong. @Jehane94: Senator Elizabeth Warren (thread) 08/23/2018

So I was curious whether Warren had made any public statements on abortion before 2012. The *only* thing I found was a 2002 NYT op-ed opposing a Democratic amendment preventing anti-abortion extremists from discharging debt in bankruptcy. Guess who also opposed it: HENRY J HYDE. 06/06/2019

Open Secrets pages showing major Wall Street corporations donating to Elizabeth warren:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Contributors 2013 - 2018

Royalty Pharma: Sen. Elizabeth Warren $5,400

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Contributors 2009 - 2014

Comcast Corp: Sen. Elizabeth Warren $20,048

Saban Capital Group: Sen. Elizabeth Warren $5,400

Global Petroleum: Sen. Elizabeth Warren $5,400