Friday, May 24, 2013

Shots fired at protest; and Bono shilling for Monsanto?

The following are two guest posts from Earth First Newswire who is currently reporting on a surprising number of protests that aren't being covered by the commercial press. They're not the only ones reporting on many more protests and activities to educate the public but very little of it is being covered by the commercial media which is why more people should rely more an alternative media outlets some of which I have listed on a Wiki.

Shots Fired as Protestors Blockade Gas Company for Fourth Day

By Marissa Calligeros, Brisbane Times

Three shots have reportedly been fired at the site of a coal seam gas protest in Queensland.

More than 40 protesters from the community group Stop CSG Tara have manned a number of blockades around Queensland Gas Company’s Kenya Station, near the town of Tara on the western Darling Downs, since Monday.

Stop CSG Tara president Dayne Pratzky said shots rang out across one protest site on the main road heading into the Kumbarilla State Forest on Thursday morning, sending demonstrators ducking for cover.

“It was unbelievable. One minute we’re standing around blockading QGC’s machinery and the next minute we’re lying face down in the dirt wondering who’s shooting at us,” he said.

“I’ve got no idea who fired the shots, but it was very scary.”

He believes the shots weren’t fired at protesters but into the air.

No one was injured at the scene.

Police could not confirm reports of the shots, but officers at the scene have ordered protesters to leave the site.

However, Mr Pratzky said protesters would not back down. Complete article

Bono’s Dance of Destruction with Monsanto, G8

Rady Ananda, Activist Post

At the G8 Summit held two weeks ago at Camp David, President Obama met with private industry and African heads of state to launch the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, a euphemism for monocultured, genetically modified crops and toxic agrochemicals aimed at making poor farmers debt slaves to corporations, while destroying the ecosphere for profit.

And Bono, of the rock group U2, is out shilling for Monsanto on this one.

It’s phase 2 of the Green Revolution. Tanzania, Ghana, and Ethiopia are the first to fall for the deception, with Mozambique, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other African nations lining up for the “Grow Africa Partnership,” under Obama’s “Global Agricultural Development” plan. Complete article

For a long time I thought Bono was one of the few high profile exceptions that stood up to corporations; thi8s is the biggest of several signs that I have seen over the past couple of years to indicate this might not actually be the case. To see some of the other protests that aren't being covered see Earth First Newswire or other news outlets listed above.

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