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Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft?

Officially there's little or no chance that aliens, assuming the exist, have stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft; however if Philip Corso's claims that he shared technology allegedly obtained from retrieved alien crafts with Dow Corning, DuPont and Monsanto are partly true, then at a minimum the aliens gave him tacit approval to develop that technology.

If the same aliens, or their ancestors, also influenced the construction of ancient monuments, including megaliths that experiments proved couldn't be moved with the technology allegedly available to ancient civilizations, influenced these monuments as well, then it's virtually guaranteed that there's more than tacit approval to what this technology is being used for.

In "The Day After Roswell" Chapter 15 Philip Corso writes "General Trudeau encouraged me to start contacting plastics and ceramics manufacturers, especially Monsanto and Dow, to find out who was doing research on super-tenacity materials, especially at university laboratories." ...... "But through the general’s impetus and the contacts he set up for me at Du Pont and Monsanto, we aggressively pursued the research into the development of a cross aligned material for bulletproof vests." And there're many more stories about allegedly sharing technology with multinational corporations in this book, as well as numerous other sources, although most aren't nearly as high profile, and often have even more credibility problems.

Of course, there's good reasons for many people to be skeptical of these claims, especially if they haven't looked to closely at them; however, contrary to how it's often portrayed this isn't a matter of "belief," from a scientific point of view, it should be a matter of whether or not the evidence supports these claims. Unfortunately, once you take a close look at this subject, not only does it become clear that some of the strongest and highest profile believers, are doing a terrible job checking their facts, but so are many of the so-called skeptics, who often resort to an enormous amount of ridicule, or some of the same manipulation tactics they criticize when fringe believers use them.

After a close look at many UFO stories, they often don't seem to have what some people might call a "smoking gun," however, some of them are compelling enough to indicate that there might be something to them, especially if you see one major unsolved mystery after another; however, when it comes to the strongest "extraordinary evidence" to "extraordinary claims," I always like to start with megaliths that were moved in ancient times despite the fact that experiments to replicate it failed to do so and proved the opposite. This isn't enough to prove a connection to UFOs; however it is enough to raise major doubts about our social evolution, and if it's added to many other major unsolved mysteries, along with a large portion of the most credible evidence of UFOs it's enough to take this issue seriously.

Furthermore, if there's nothing to alleged UFO claims then in addition to Philip Corso, there are an enormous number of people from prominent and supposedly credible positions that provide some degree of evidence for them, including Maj. Jesse A. Marcel, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former minister of defense, Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt, Captain Robert Salas, Astronaut and Navy veteran Edgar Mitchell, Governor Fife Symington III, and many more that can be found fairly quickly, which indicates that either there's a legitimate unsolved mystery surrounding alleged UFOs, or there's a massive effort to make it seem as if there is, which would be another bizarre conspiracy.

So-called skeptics that decline to explain some of these mysteries, including how ancient megaliths were moved, or acknowledge that even if there are no aliens visiting us, there still has to be a rational explanation for why all the stories are being spread, aren't being nearly as scientific as they claim. Instead they're just creating another non-scientific belief system competing with other, often irrational beliefs, that don't fix their own mistakes, including the History Channels Ancient Aliens Theorists, who might get a few facts right ignored by skeptics, but add in more blunders than most people can keep track of.

If there was an effort to confuse the issue that might explain why Strom Thurmond wrote the forward to this book saying Philip Corso "had a great deal of credibility and expertise not only as a military officer but also in the fields of intelligence and national security. A veteran of World War II and Korea, Corso had also spent four years working at the National Security Council. In short, he was very familiar with issues that concerned me and my colleagues on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and he very quickly became a valued source of bountiful information that was insightful and, most important, accurate. As a matter of fact, the material he provided was invaluable in helping us prove that the stifling of American military officers was being ordered by individuals in high ranking positions within our own government."

But then shortly after the book came out according to the New York Times Senator Strom Thurmond Regrets Role in Book on Aliens 06/05/1997 saying, "I know of no such 'cover-up, and do not believe one existed." Is he in the habit of writing highly complementary forwards for books that he knows nothing about? Many book reviews are, no doubt phony as hell, and are treated like a commodity or advertisement designed to sell books, but it's hard to believe they're so common that he might write a forward like this without any knowledge about what it's about. If on the other hand, they wanted to release the information and then confuse the issue, they certainly accomplished that. But a best selling book like this can't become this popular without a major amount of institutional support, which it clearly had; so there must have been a lot of people that wanted to promote this idea.

This is part of a pattern, surrounding this subject where people from both sides of the argument routinely make major blunders that obviously should have been caught. In some cases the most credible version comes from sources that have serious credibility problems, making it virtually impossible to tell what's true without some confirmation. But there's certainly evidence of a cover-up of some sort, since if there wasn't then the side that was reporting the truth could easily fix the most obvious of their blunders.

However, if there was an exchange of alien technology, then this has an major impact on an enormous amount of new technology which is virtually guaranteed to go well beyond what he discussed in his book, which doesn't directly mention Microsoft; however, it does mention the development of computer technology and many other things. And this clearly indicates the aliens have a significant interest in the development of our society, which may go back thousands of years, if they also impacted the construction of ancient monuments.

The potential for this technology would obviously be enormous, assuming it was used in a rational manner; however, there's major doubts about that. The overwhelming amount of evidence in the news and reviewing how scientific technology is being used indicates that even though it has enormous potential, it's being used for all the wrong reasons, causing an enormous amount of environmental damage, fighting one war after another based on lies, and to use political power of those controlling this technology to corrupt the democratic process.

This may sound like conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, which are mostly seriously flawed, although I'll go into them a little more below, but even if stereotypes about the Illuminati or Deep State are often filled with logical flaws and other exaggerations, as I went into in Which version of the "Deep State" is the real thing? we do have a ruling class and it can be traced with public records. The majority of the people either running for office or getting high profile jobs in the media are screened by a fraction of one percent of the public. If the media, which is almost entirely controlled by six oligarchs, refuses to cover candidates they don't approve of they never get name recognition needed to get elected and they virtually admit that the first criteria for that coverage is the ability to collect large amounts of campaign donations from the usual multinational corporations.

As I went into previously in Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology? and Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory if ancient aliens have been sharing technology with the United States government and multinational corporations to develop, there's a strong possibility that they're using it for research, including some that the aliens might not have been willing to do on their own planet, at least not intentionally, like into climate change. If climate change is influenced by man then some degree of geoengineering is clearly happening, although it may not be intentional, and there's no doubt that scientists are trying to study it. If aliens are sharing technology and influencing our economic system, they might be doing so in a way to prevent the most effective solutions to environmental destruction, at least in the short term, to allow climate change to escalate for research purposes.

They may also be sharing this technology with academics developing advanced medical research, that need a ready supply of research subjects, or organ donors, which are currently being found in unethical manners in the third world, or in some cases even in the United States, although they usually use those least educated about the issues that are less likely to raise major objections. As I pointed out in the previous article (Researching Poor, Slaves, ...) this is already happening, and it's being reported by mainstream media in a low profile manner. A large portion of this theory can be confirmed through traditional sources; and even if the source of the advanced technology isn't from aliens, it's still being developed at a rapid pace, and it's still being used primarily to benefit the wealthy often using the poor for research or labor, without allowing many of them to have fair access to health care themselves. In some cases the difficulty getting health care is why many less educated people agree to allow themselves to be used for research purposes.

If this technology is coming from aliens then they're giving at least tacit approval to using it as part of an effort to maintain a constant state of war based on lies, as well. Philip Corso wrote about how Kevlar bullet proof vests are saving lives saying, "I don’t know how many thousands of lives have been saved, but every time I hear of a police officer whose Kevlar vest protected him from a fatal chest or back wound, I think back to those days when we were just beginning to consider the value of cross aligned layers of super-tenacity material and am thankful that our office played a part in the product’s development." This may sound good, and in the short term it is; however, if there was an unknown advanced intelligence studying us for thousands of years they would have also studied our social development and they would have research about preventing violence before it escalates long before many of these shootings occur. and there's also plenty of research into past wars that indicates that they could have been prevented saving many more lives. Taking advantage of this technology clearly would have been far more worthwhile if we weren't passing up on simpler solutions that are far more effective; and, of course, there's no reason we can't spread education about how improved child care and education will make many violent incidents or wars much less likely if they can't prevent all of them.

This technology is also being used to create a massive espionage infrastructure as I pointed out in Is "Prism" news? or is it ECHELON? This article points out that most of Edward Snowden's disclosures in 2013 weren't news at all; all the things that Snowden claimed to be exposing, under the name of Prism, had previously already been disclosed using the name ECHELON, which indicates that this might have been part of a strange controlled disclosure effort of some sort, for propaganda purposes.

Advanced technology is also being used to increased consolidated control of the media in cable television, satellite, and the internet. We now have well over ninety percent of the mass media controlled by just six corporations, and at least three of the largest media outlets that aren't part of these six oligarchs, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and Time Magazine, are owned by billionaires; which means that over ninety-five percent of all media is controlled by less than one percent of the public, and they're all multimillionaires and billionaires, providing propaganda that enriches themselves. The biggest social media organizations including Facebook and Twitter are also controlled by billionaires; and the technology that enables them to control so much just might be from aliens, if Corso is right.

One of the few high profile people that allegedly takes the UFO issue seriously in politics and has been presented as a champion that might demand disclosure has been John Podesta; however, if Corso is partly right it doesn't take much research to learn that some of his clients at the Podesta Group are the ones that would be profiting from the technology shared from aliens!

In addition to the hype about Snowden's disclosures, which many people familiar with ECHELON might have recognized as old news with a new spin there may also be some problems with Wikileaks disclosures and the timing of them as well, including John Podesta's E-mails. As I pointed out in an edit at the end of Wanted unsuspecting research subjects, which I posted almost at the same time as the initial disclosure of the release of Podesta E-mails, this looked a lot like a Friday night news dump, which is a common technique by traditional media to bury news they don't like to draw attention to; however, in this case it was guaranteed to draw an enormous amount of attention anyway.

But the fact that this was begun on a Friday night wasn't the most suspicious aspect of this disclosure; even though I'm no fan of the Russia conspiracy theory it really was carefully timed for one reason or another. Wikileaks apparently knew this was going to be leaked weeks ahead of time and announced that they were preparing it, instead of releasing it as soon as they had it. Also, like the disclosure about Prism, a large portion of these leaks was already public knowledge, although in this case the E-mails provided much more details about how the DNC and Podesta conspired with news outlets to rig the primaries, including when Donna Brazile leaked questions so she could help Hillary Clinton have an unfair advantage during the debates. Many Bernie Sanders supporters were easily able to figure out that the media and political establishment were rigging the election, simply by taking notice of the obsession coverage they provided for Clinton declaring her the inevitable nominee months if not years before the majority of the voters were even paying attention. On top of that, of course well over half if not closer to ninety percent of the major politicians lined up to endorse Clinton, long before any voters had any say, even though there was an enormous amount of polling indicating that the public didn't like her at all.

The timing really did help throw the election to Donald Trump, which raises a strong possibility that this was the plan all along, and if there is a coordinated effort of some sort, with alleged aliens sharing technology as part of their plan for one purpose or another then it's worth considering if this is related.

I first went into this possibility in 2016 in Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy without realizing that this absurd theory would become stronger, instead of falling apart as it should have if traditional skeptics are right.

I try to be a rational skeptic, but the official version of truth has so many problems that at some point it becomes necessary to be skeptical of that as well; however, I still don't support the most absurd conspiracy theories that I often don't even pay attention to, but this is beginning to look like some of the conspiracy theories about the Illuminati might be closer than many people might expect, although the exaggerations and distortions still can't possibly be true, and they don't even represent the original stories of the Wikipedia: Illuminati or Encyclop√¶dia Britannica: Illuminati. According to these historical records the Bavarian Illuminati began this movement to "oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power." Supposedly they really were looking out for the best interests of society; however some variations allegedly became "illuminated" as a result of revelations of some sort that are most often assumed to have come from God, or historically when they go wrong superstitious people conclude they must have come from the Devil, or whichever demonic being their culture believes in. There are some stories that the Knights Templar were also part of the Illuminati, hundreds of years before the Bavarian Illuminati, and that they became "illuminated" as a result of "revelations from God" however the historical records of this are not nearly as good as more recent events.

The Encyclopædia Britannica claims that (Wikipedia translated from Spanish) Sr. Maria de Santo Domingo was one of the earlier leaders as well and that she was thought to have "revelations" and "could converse directly with Jesus Christ and the Virgin." skeptics routinely dismiss these stories as superstitious; however even if they're right and there is no contact with a higher power of sort, there are hundreds of these alleged revelations throughout history, and they often have major impacts on the development of society. You would think that a good rational skeptic might want to research the subject and find out just how many of these so-called prophets or mystics there are throughout history and how their "revelations" or superstitions, impacted society; however instead of documenting how common they are typical skeptics routinely ridicule and dismiss them.

If there is an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort, whether it's "God," aliens or something else impacting society through mystics or prophets, then this type of treatment by the skeptics plays right into their hands since they can continue with what ever it is they're doing without informed interference from the skeptics that claims to oppose superstition.

One of the more famous alleged mystics of the nineteenth century is Helena Blavatsky which I went into in Helena Blavatsky Ancient Aliens Connection? the evidence of a major unsolved mystery surrounding her is stronger than most of the mystics that I've looked into with thousands of letters allegedly attributed to "Masters" she claimed were part of a "Brotherhood of man" that wanted to bring peace to Earth and unite all people under the same religion or belief system, which incorporated her version of science and religion, as dictated from her "revelations" from the "Masters" she believed were working on "Gods" behalf. Not only is there inadequate evidence to prove that all her claims are true; but there's evidence to prove that large portions of it are false, like a lot of other alleged mystics including Edgar Cayce, Padre Pio, Joseph Smith Jr., Uri Geller and many more; however a close look at the history behind these mystics may indicate that even if the alleged messages they received may be misleading, at best, there often appear to be many things that can't be explained so easily, occasionally including messages that might partially hold out or Padre Pio's Stigmata or many other major mysteries, often ignored by skeptics.

If the so-called skeptics did a better job researching these alleged mystics and reporting them to the majority of the public, then they could debunk a large portion of the false claims about them; and the most irrational conspiracy theories would be discredited long before they expand. However, they would also draw more attention to just how many of them there are, and ins some cases there are a small number of things that they might not be able to explain. The result is that some of the people that do the most in depth research are often those that want to believe and don't fix many of the major superstitions and, in some cases may even add to them.

That doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of research on this subject, or any other subject somewhere; in fact, anyone accustomed to doing research at the library on any given subject will find that there's always much better sources that the mainstream media never mention, and they often start by explaining the basics which is usually enough to recognize that the mainstream media is almost never providing the best reporting on any given subject.

This is enough to show that even if there isn't a major unsolved mystery of some sort involving aliens or anything else, there's an enormous amount of incompetence and political bias in the media. If they wanted to debunk the most absurd conspiracy theories they would allow better research on it; however, if they wanted to take advantage of diametrically opposing views without correcting the mistakes on either it might help cover things up, assuming they are sharing alien technology.

I'm not ruling out the possibility that propagandists take advantage of some of these exaggerated conspiracy theories and add even most distortions so that it's so ridiculous that few if any rational people believe it; then they try to stereotype all conspiracy theories, including those that do a much better job checking the facts, as being alike so they can dismiss them all without reviewing them. There's actually an enormous amount of evidence to support this pattern of behavior, although it's not located in one location that is easy to cite, instead it's a pattern repeated over and over again.

If that's the case then it would explain how some of the most absurd conspiracy theories developed about Obama, Blair, Bush, Greenspan, Gates and more members of an alleged Illuminati or Satanic Cult, and other absurd theories that are all over the internet. When rational people see something like this they assume it's just nuts or an incredibly bad joke, and often dismiss anything that seems similar to it without checking any facts. It's often not hard to fact check these panics, especially after some skeptics had time to research them like Wikipedia: Satanic ritual abuse where some of the most fanatical claims escalated after Geraldo Rivera aired a show on the mainstream media making false claims saying "Estimates are that there are over one million Satanists in [the United States and they are] linked in a highly organized, secretive network." This ironically indicates that some of the biggest conspiracy theories, don't come from the fringes, but from the mass media, which took years if not decades to retract these claims, and Geraldo is still accepted by many as a rational mainstream source of news.

However, a close look at a lot of these unsolved mysteries indicates that many of them can't be completely dismissed, even if the most extreme exaggerations aren't true. In some cases since the traditional so-called skeptics simply decline to research them at all the most thorough research comes from some of the people that might support fringe beliefs, at least partially. A reasonable amount of skepticism is advised but in some cases they do a better job than the so-called skeptics, for example when Michael E. Salla wrote Colonel Philip Corso and his Critics: Crossing the Rubicon between Objective Criticism and Debunking reviewing some of Philip Corso's critics, which include some researchers that claim that UFOs are real and that the government has retrieved some of their crafts including Stanton Friedman. Some of this criticism seems incredibly petty bickering over relatively minor details especially since Friedman himself claims that crafts have crashed and been recovered by the United States Government. Friedman admits that the book "includes many claims with which I agree," presumably including the claim that technology had been retrieved from Roswell, which he had claimed before. He writes in a book review "the implication is that in less than 3 years he could change the world’s technology… Not very likely in my opinion." A Review of Col. Philip J. Corso's Book "The Day After Roswell" December 1997 By Stanton Friedman However this technology was developed over decades, and even if some of Corso's activities did take place over this period, as Friedman seems to claim much more of the research took much longer. This is relatively trivial along with many of Friedman's other concerns, even if I partially agree with some of them. He also complains about the lack of an index or table of context, which I also find frustrating in many non-fiction books; however, even though I agree that good researchers should provide these, there are many authors that don't including some that are reasonable good, and the ones most likely to omit this are the ones accepted by the mainstream media.

Friedman and other critics also claimed that Corso tried to deceive Strom Thurman into writing the review without knowing what the book would be about, however Salla points out that he had a signed release saying he had an "irrevocable right and permission to use and to publish the material described below, in any and all editions of the book presently entitled Roswell Book...,” which was later changed into "The Day After Roswell," indicating that he did know what the subject was about. However, this might raise doubts about the legitimacy of many book reviews, since it also seems to imply that he didn't read the whole thing. I have little or no doubt that this type of agreement is not uncommon in the publishing world raising doubts about many book reviews. Overall, this review isn't perfect but I find Salla's review far more credible, in this case than Stanton Friedman, even though Friedman is usually the more credible of the two. If you take a closer look at Michael E. Salla and some of his other claims you might find many of them very hard to believe as I do.

I wish that there were sources that were consistently reliable on this subject, and many others, however after looking at it close enough, I've found that there are an enormous amount of blunders coming from sources on both sides of the issue which is why I came up with a "Recruit a group of crackpots" hypothesis back in 2008 that I reposted in an article explaining further detail about Friedman and Corso, Is Stanton Friedman working for the CIA to refute reverse engineering claims? This hypothesis was based partly on a semi-fictional documentary on Roswell staring Martin Sheen as a spook who follows Jesse Marcel around a reunion that he went to with his army buddies and meets him in a hanger at the end to explain his own research and speculates about the government releasing reliable information through unreliable sources, and lies through sources that are considered reliable. This may seem like a fringe theory; however, if it's true then things make sense, if it's not true then they don't, which makes it a viable theory, as far as I'm concerned.

Furthermore, whether or not the rapid advancement of technology comes from alien or not, those that control it, along with research on many other subjects that are causing enormous problems, including wars based on lies and environmental destruction, have an enormous amount of influence on our political establishment. Advanced technology is being used to consolidate the mass media and they control the information the public use to make decisions. Now that we have six oligarchies controlling the media they can use this massive propaganda advantage to advance their agenda by controlling the information the majority of the public use to make their decisions.

Andrea Mitchell recently flaunted this when she recently tweeted What will it take for the world to pay attention? @nytimes 11/01/2018 with an article to a New York Times story about a girl who died in Yemen. This predictably recieved an enormous number of people pointing out the incredibly obvious hypocrisy of a media pundit that never covers this story on her show, which could do an enormous amount to inform many more people about this then providing a low profile tweet expressing shock that most people aren't paying attention. This war, and the fact that it's being carried out with US arms by Saudi Arabia, is reported much more widely on alternative media outlets that don't receive nearly as much of an audience as Cable news informing a small percentage of the public, including those who responded to this tweet.

MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen 01/08/2018

I can't guarantee that this theory is perfect; however, the official version of truth is often as insane, if not more insane than this. In my previous article Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy I observed that Hillary Clinton had far more characteristics of the Whore of Babylon than I would have expected, and instead of seeing this theory fall apart as it should have, the political establishment kept getting even more insane with one absurd story after another that continues today. The Book of Apocalypse says that "the beast will turn against the prostitute," meaning the Whore of Babylon, which seems like Trump turning against Hillary, she didn't burn in a fire as the book claims but she did lose the presidency in an incredibly incompetent campaign that looks like it might have been staged as part of an absurd Apocalypse conspiracy. If there is something to this it appears as if they might drag this along with one absurd story after another until the beast is "hurled alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur," which could be a reference to when Trump's eventually removed from office.

Any rational skeptic would, of course call this an insane conspiracy theory, and I agree; however the official version of truth is becoming increasingly insane as well. For one reason or another they keep coming up with one distraction after another from more important issues, often preventing the majority of the public from basing their decisions on the most effective research on any given subject and enabling the oligarchy to do what they want, while the majority of the public falls for the lesser of two evils, one time after another. Stories like Trump behaving like a spoiled six year old, bickering with reporters, and turning on Republicans like he did after the election, are now routine, along with one mass shooting after another, followed by demands that we chip away at constitutional rights, instead of educating the public about how early child abuse, abandoned inner cities, abusive training of veterans in boot camp so they'll blindly obey orders and fight wars based on lies, contribute to many of these shootings. This research is available from reliable sources that don't go into fringe conspiracy theories, yet the media refuses to cover it.

Europe has repeatedly proven that by providing better child care and education along with banning of corporal punishment that they can greatly reducing violence with many of their countries having murder rates eighty percent or lower than ours.

If the political establishment continues to ignore the environmental damage being done along with wars based on lies that could get out of control then it will eventually even destroy themselves; which makes them insane, suicidal, or something even more far-fetched; greed is certainly part of it, but it's unlikely to be the full explanation for this insane quest for power at all costs.

If the official version of truth was true then they could do a much better job presenting it to the public, so until they start trying to do a good job, even though I think reasonable skepticism is appropriate, I'm not completely ruing out some conspiracy theories that seem like fringe to many people.

The claim that ancient civilizations can move megaliths between fifty and a thousands tons dozens if not hundreds of miles with primitive technology despite experiments that failed to replicate this should also be considered fringe!

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