Thursday, July 6, 2017

Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology?

In my previous article Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery? I reviewed Harriet Washington's new book "Deadly Monopolies" which was a follow up on her previous book "Medical Apartheid;" both of which were very well researched. She did an excellent job researching unethical research, primarily on African American's, in her first book and in "Deadly Monopolies," exposed how Big Pharmaceutical companies have been acting in secret, in many cases, to use unsuspecting people for research, and that the vast majority of the benefits wasn't going to the public at all, as their advertisements often claim, but their wealthiest investors, that often profit by using research developed mostly with tax payer dollars, or in some cases with the help of natives that shared their knowledge with pharmaceutical companies who didn't give them credit for their contributions.

However, as I explained at the end of that article she describes an environment of deception and secrecy that should have made it difficult if not impossible to develop massive advances in technology that has been established over the past several decades, not only in the medical field, but in other scientific fields as well including computer technology, space exploration, robotics, clones, nanotechnology, developing Genetically modified organisms, and many other fields. In most of these other scientific fields there is probably also a massive amount of secrecy about how their inventions are developed. If this was developed, naturally, as most traditional researchers claim then it should have been much more likely, if they exchanged information freely so that researchers could benefit from each others work, yet research from Harriet Washington and many other investigators clearly indicates that this isn't the case.

About twenty years ago Philip Corso wrote "The Day After Roswell," which, although the quality of the research wasn't nearly as good, claimed that there really was an alien spacecraft of some sort that crashed between Roswell and Corona New Mexico; and that he was assigned to share some of the technology that was retrieved from that crash with many multinational corporations so that they could reverse engineer it and recreate it.

This was a best seller at the time; but most people have forgotten about it, and haven't considered the full implications of this, if partly true. If it isn't true then there must be a massive effort to fake this and an enormous amount of other research into UFOs. People who don't keep track of this can easily dismiss it without scrutiny, especially since there really are a lot of blunders to it; however those that look close enough at the details might realize that if it isn't true, it can't just be a handful of fringe believers, especially since the witnesses for portions of these far-fetched conspiracy theories include many high ranking officials including astronauts members of the military and even President Jimmy Carter.

A good UFO researcher has to be a rational skeptic.

A good rational skeptic won't rush to conclusions; but after careful consideration will follow the evidence wherever it leads even if it challenges existing beliefs, assuming there is adequate evidence to draw conclusions.

I have discussed this in numerous past articles including my most recent one Is Stanton Friedman working for the CIA to refute reverse engineering claims? and more listed below. As I've said in the past I don't recommend that people rush to conclusions without adequate evidence but my previous article 107 Wonders of the Ancient World explains that even if there isn't adequate evidence to fully explain these unsolved mysteries there is evidence to prove that the current explanation adopted by mainstream academics about how massive megaliths were moved with ancient technology can't be true. Ancient civilizations moved megaliths over seven hundred tons long distances, yet experiments to replicate this effort started cheating with megaliths between ten and forty tons and didn't even try to go higher.

This is overwhelming evidence of a major unsolved mystery that challenges many of the so-called scientific claims about the development of many major civilizations, even if it doesn't prove many of the most far-fetched theories, especially those presented with an enormous amount of flaws on shows like Ancient Aliens. However, just because most of the claims made by high profile Ancient Aliens theorists like Giorgio Tsoukalos, who does a terrible job fact checking, doesn't completely rule out the possibility that there's an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that has influenced our civilization and has been responsible for UFO sightings as well. I'm not aware of any evidence quite as solid as the ancient megaliths of this possibility; however there is plenty more evidence of major unsolved mysteries that might also include a history of UFO reports and Alleged Prophets and Mystics.

A close look into the most credible claims of either UFOs or prophets and mystics almost always turns up major flaws from both the most adamant believers and skeptics; however there often seems to be some degree of evidence that there is a major unsolved mystery which neither side can fully explain. If nothing else there is a major unsolved sociology or psychology mystery explaining why so many people come to such absurd beliefs and the skeptics can't or won't come up with a rational explanation for a lot of it.

Whether it is the subject of UFOs, medical research, or any other subject the mainstream media practically never explains the most basic scientific principles, when it comes to sorting out different claims. Instead they almost always break up into two views, both with major flaws and argue back and forth while neither side corrects their own mistakes when they're pointed out. The mainstream media also ignores the most credible researchers on any given subject and gives an enormous amount of coverage to those that support different beliefs within a narrow view that doesn't challenge the dominant ideology promoted by a small fraction of the public.

Nor do they remind the majority of the public about the basic scientific principles taught at good grammar schools to sort out the best theories or other fundamental scientific principles. I can't rule out the possibility that this is because it would enable many children to recognize the propaganda provided by the media and the political establishment.

In grammar school, or at least the good ones they teach children how different theories are presented and explored to find flaws. When there is inadequate information they might consider multiple theories until they can conclusively rule out all but one of the theories, before becoming an advocate for one or another. If a theory is true then they should be able to explain all the potential problems with it, otherwise it should be considered inconclusive at best; and if they come across blatant contradictions that can't be reconciled then they should be able to rule a theory out, or at least admit that there are still problems that need to be worked out.

Mainstream media pundits and politicians don't do this.

I can't rule out the possibility that at least some of the people controlling the mainstream media and political establishment intentionally decline to do their best to educated the public about fundamental scientific methods to sort out the truth is because it would mean that the public would be able to do a much better job recognizing their deception and propaganda about many subjects.

The traditional theory believed by most scientists, which I assume includes Harriet Washington, Marcia Angell and other good researchers that have exposed Pharmaceutical corruption is that evolution without any influenced from unknown advanced intelligence of any sort happened naturally; and that social evolution also happened naturally. However many of the best scholars may be accustomed to focus mostly if not entirely on their own field of research.

This might be a mistake since those that only study one subject may not be cross checking their research with people from other fields as well as they could or should. In most cases, traditional academics do crosscheck their work with other mainstream academic fields; however there are some that are considered fringe which they often decline to address. In some cases like archaeology, where many of the megaliths are researched, aeronautics, or astronomy, it would be inappropriate for them to completely ignore claims about UFOs or the unsolved mysteries about how many of these megaliths were moved; yet they do so anyway and often rely on a field of self-proclaimed "skeptics" to address these unsolved mysteries. However in the medical and Pharmaceutical field which Harriet Washington and Marcia Angell work in it is hard to find direct evidence that I know of connecting alleged UFO technology without looking into the research done by those that study this field so it may be understandable if these academics aren't familiar with it.

When it comes to the unexplained phenomena surrounding UFOs most of these academics don't address it at all, or at least not in the mainstream media, sometimes saying it's not their field, and leave it to so called skeptics. However the vast majority of the highest profile "skeptics" aren't impartial at all. They also decline to look into many details when it doesn't suit their own beliefs and some of them, including Donald Menzel and Philip Klass, have literally advised throwing away data, claiming that it was garbage and that people shouldn't pay attention.

Both Klass and Menzel had a history of taking temper tantrums when they were still alive. One of the few exceptions that looked into the data and eventually admitted that he couldn't explain them all was Allen Hynek who was a consultant for Project Blue Book. In the seventies he finally admitted that in order to explain away all these UFO sightings he had to resort to claims and methods that were highly unscientific. He also told the public about how intimidation was used to explain away all these sightings without addressing all the evidence.

Allen Hynek did not rush to conclude that these UFO sightings were the result of extraterrestrial beings however he did admit that it was a major unsolved mystery and that it should be looked at scientifically without covering up the facts or resorting to ridicule.

My marginalizing scientific people that admitted they couldn't explain all the evidence they divided up the people that research the subject into those that are in denial about unsolved mysteries, many who usually use the most scientific methods, except when dealing with what they consider fringe, and those that don't deny this evidence including many that believe some of the most far-fetched claims. By eliminating the most rational people from the discussion they pass up an opportunity to debunk large portions of the least credible claims. When this is handled by skeptics, who often ignore obvious evidence, many people don't believe them, often falling for irrational beliefs. What we really need is scientific people willing to admit when they can't explain everything and willing to do more research until they can at least narrow it down if not explain these mysteries.

There are almost certainly more rational skeptics looking into this subject now; however, if so, the media doesn't cover them and the people that they do cover fall into predictable patterns of behavior that don't involve addressing obvious mistakes from both sides of the issue. A few of the current high profile skeptics include Michael Shermer, Joe Nichell and archaeologist Zahi Hawass. Shermer and Nichll seemed to have learned to avoid taking temper-tantrums and to openly recommend that data be destroyed when it doesn't suit their beliefs, like Menzel and Klass; but they still ignore evidence that doesn't support their claims and they often continue to rely on ridicule or distraction techniques. Zahi Hawas also uses these techniques and he still takes temper tantrums when inconvenient subjects are brought up. As the leading expert on Ancient Egypt, it must be incredibly hard to explain away all the massive megaliths or unsolved mysteries there.

However, like it or not, if there is a massive effort to confuse the issue, it has been successful and there are legitimate problems to both hypothesis, which I'll refer to as the Mainstream Social Evolution Hypothesis and the Unknown Advanced Intelligence Hypothesis or if I decide to use acronyms that would be MSEH and UAIH. Since there isn't adequate information to completely rule one of these theories in or out, or if there is, it hasn't been adequately explained well enough, both these theories need to be reasonably flexible, especially when new information is presented; and there could several variations to each.

No doubt that many people will consider one of these theories so far-fetched that it is almost out of the question if not entirely out of the question, especially those that accept the mainstream media claims. However they don't address many of the major unsolved mysteries which should be explained if the MSEH is true. Whether people believe one or another there should be some things that most reasonable people can agree on, though. This should include protection of the environment so that we don't face escalating environmental destruction; fair disclosure of unjustified patents or any other information that might involve epidemic levels of fraud; disclosure of any other information the public needs in order to make democratic decisions including information about wars based on lies; and many other things.

Unfortunately regardless of which hypothesis is true the political establishment is wrong on almost every issue, catering to the best interest of the wealthy at the expense of the majority in a course of action that will inevitably lead to destruction one way or another.

I prefer the term unknown advanced intelligence of some sort, since it is vague and there isn't enough information to narrow it down; and it also can be interpreted to include the grays that many UFO researchers believe in or the God that religious people believe in. However there is enough information to narrow down many of the assumptions that believers of one or the other claim are true; and it is possible to rule out some very common assumptions, although faithful people may not agree.

One thing that should be easy for people to understand is that if there was an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that influenced early development of civilization one way or another and if this was a benevolent or merciful "God" as religious people believe then God could have easily maintained an open and honest line of communication and let people know when their interpretation of him was misunderstood, especially after seeing religions fight one war after another based on their religious beliefs. It shouldn't be hard to figure out that if, as many people, and the Bible say that "All things are possible with God," that he could have at least provided better advise and done something to avoid many atrocities committed based on religious beliefs that he allegedly inspired.

This should be even clearer if religious people think critically about their own Bible, instead of worshiping it and trying to interpret it in a manner that always makes God great and worthy of worship. One of the clearest examples indicating that if the Biblical version of God is true that he can't be as benevolent as they chose to believe are Exodus verses 14:4: "I shall then make Pharaoh stubborn and he will set out in pursuit of them; and I shall win glory for myself at the expense of Pharaoh and his whole army, and then the Egyptians will know that I am Yahweh.' And the Israelites did this," 14:8: "Yahweh made Pharaoh king of Egypt stubborn, and he gave chase to the Israelites. The Israelites marched confidently away," and 14:17: "while I, for my part, shall make the Egyptians so stubborn that they will follow them, and I shall win glory for myself at the expense of Pharaoh and all his army, chariots and horsemen." Exodus Chapter 14 Catholic version

The New Testament doesn't get much better including Matthew 10:34-8, which says, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth: it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword. For I have come to set son against father, daughter against mother, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law; a person's enemies will be the members of his own household. No one who prefers father or mother to me is worthy of me. No one who prefers son or daughter to me is worthy of me. Anyone who does not take his cross and follow in my footsteps is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:34-8 Catholic version

If you accept the literal version of the Bible then a God that behaves like this is clearly not as benevolent as religious people choose to believe, but a brainwashing cult leader controlling who people love and who is their enemy. This clearly doesn't describe the God that allegedly gives unconditional love. This is just a couple examples of the serious flaws in the belief in a benevolent God; people willing to look at the Bible critically can easily find many more problems and it is hard to imagine how religious people come to their conclusions, which is almost certainly part of an indoctrination process that I'll get back to later. If, on the other hand the Bible isn't as perfect as religious people believe but God still exists, and his followers are using this as a guide to their life why doesn't he speak up and correct the misunderstanding?

If there is an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort known as God, or as a growing number of ancient aliens theorists seem to believe, if God was actually misunderstood and is actually aliens, then by declining to correct this misunderstanding the unknown advanced intelligence has given tacit approval to these beliefs, at best or at worst they're using it as part of a cult indoctrination process to control people through their leaders who use abusive tactics to lead people into one war after another based on lies.

This should raise questions about what this unknown advanced intelligence is trying to accomplish and how. Whether this advanced intelligence is God or aliens it clearly seems to have an ulterior motive that is not in the best interest of the human race and hasn't earned the trust that religious people think he deserves.

However if there was an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort and if he had a hidden motive of some sort then it might begin to explain many of these major unsolved mysteries. Philip Corso claimed that he gave technology to corporations to "reverse engineer," implying that he might have done this without the approval of the aliens. However if the aliens exist and they were concerned about sharing their technology they almost certainly could have protected it and kept it from the military, implying that at a minimum they gave tacit approval to the use of their technology.

As indicated in the following excerpt some of the technology that he claims to have shared was given to Monsanto and Dow Chemical:

Clearly, when the scientists at Roswell saw how this fiber - not cloth, not silk, but something like a ceramic - had encased the ship and formed the outer skin layer of the EBEs, they realized it was a very promising avenue for research. When I examined the material and recognized its similarity to spider thread, I realized that a key to producing this commercially would be to synthesize the protein and find a way to simulate the extrusion process. General Trudeau encouraged me to start contacting plastics and ceramics manufacturers, especially Monsanto and Dow, to find out who was doing research on super-tenacity materials, especially at university laboratories. My quick poll paid off.

I not only discovered that Monsanto was looking for a way to develop a mass production process for a simulated spider silk, I also learned that they were already working with the army. Army researchers from the Medical Corps were trying to replicate the chemistry of the spider gene to produce the silk manufacturing protein. Years later, after I’d left the army, researchers at the University of Wyoming and Dow Corning also began experiments on cloning the silk manufacturing gene and developing a process to extrude the silk fibers into a usable substance that could be fabricated into a cloth. Philip J. Corso "The Day After Roswell" Chapter 15

This is just a small sample of the technology that he claims that he shared with multinational corporations. As I indicated in previous articles, a large portion of the information leaked about this subject might be mixed with exaggerations or outright lies, in some cases so, at some point any speculation needs to be confirmed. But if he is partly correct, then they're sharing technology with many corporations that are using their copyrights to get rich and they're also using the public as human research subjects for the benefit of the wealthy, like the scenario described by Harriet Washington and Marcia Angell; however in addition to the greed motive they describe there might also be an additional motive or agenda for the unknown advanced intelligence.

In addition to Philip Corso's claims that he shared alien technology with multinational corporations, there are plenty of reports in the UFO community that there is further communication with the aliens. This has been reported on several of the UFO shows presented by the History Channel or other Cable shows covering the subject, and won't come as a surprise to someone keeping up with it. I could cite sources if I took the time to organize all these shows, but as I said they have credibility problems anyway so without confirmation large portions of this remains speculation anyway. However, if that is the case then it opens up the possibility that they're openly sharing other types of technology as well, and it almost certainly would include medical technology, especially since some of the most widely known technology that Monsanto is developing is genetically modified crops, which would have been considered science fiction decades ago. This may not be the pharmaceutical drugs that Washington and Angell wrote about but it does have implication for people's health and many people are being used as research subjects for that as well.

This also opens up several other possibilities including that they might have made some kind of deal with the alien's to develop this technology and that they might be doing additional types of research, which could even include research on Climate Change. Anyone paying attention to environmental news must now that we're on the verge of doing an enormous amount of damage to the planet and that at some point we might cross a point of no return of some kind. The political establishment has to know about it but they're acting in an incredibly incompetent manner that seems to indicate they're not going to do much if anything about it until it's too late.

Are they suicidal?

Not likely, they almost certainly think that they're going to reverse this in time and have some kind of plan to do so; however, if that is the case could this possibly be part of that plan? Certainly not in a sane or rational manner, and certainly not the most efficient way possible. The most effective way to repair the damage is to start as soon as possible and to minimize the damage yet they're doing the opposite.

Could any deal that they might have made with the aliens, assuming of course that they exist, involve a plan to reverse this? If so what would make them think they can trust the alien? Could they believe they're somehow doing the best thing for the public in the long run?

If this unknown advanced intelligence is real and it has influenced various religions and alleged prophecies, then they might be some indication of what they're planning but they have credibility problems and they will only show more betrayal by this unknown advanced intelligence, indicating that at best this is sort of a deal with the devil, which could come at a higher cost than they realize or once this unknown advanced intelligence no longer needs cooperation from the establishment they might be dealing with they could betray them just like they have betrayed many past civilizations that have risen and collapsed.

There are comments in the Quran about how many kingdom's Allah has allegedly destroyed, and Hinduism has historical texts about Shiva being the destroyer and re-creator of worlds; there are also Biblical texts about God constantly destroying one Kingdom to punish them handing power over to another, not because the visitor is pious but because the loser is being punished and he's just using the victor as a form of punishment. When he allegedly sets the stage for the Jews to invade Caanan he isn't giving them this city as a reward but using them to punish the Caananites; later when he's allegedly disappointed with the Jews he arranges for the non-believing Babylonians to punish them by invading Israel and throwing them into exile. this pattern of behavior is repeated over and over again in the Bible and then again in the Book of Mormon.

As I wrote in an article about A Brief History of the Mormon Church the establishment of the Mormon religion is the best documented founding of any major religion in history. The writing of this book is very similar to alleged revelations from God, although it is presented in a bizarre translation that was allegedly done with the help of translating stones of some sort. However, in this case we actually have enough evidence to prove that the historical version in the Book of Mormon can't be true, which means that if there is an advanced intelligence of some sort responsible for this revelation and indoctrination then he's lying betraying his own followers which should indicate that he has credibility problems. If the same method was used to inspire past alleged prophecies they may also have the same credibility problems.

To put it simply this is just not an honest and trustworthy way of communicating; yet many people believe it anyway.

Additional prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or many other alleged prophets claim that there will be a time similar to what is predicted in the Book of Apocalypse, claim that there will be a time where either the world will be destroyed or saved, some of them claim that it will be repaired.

The reliability of these alleged prophecies should be considered highly suspect to any reasonable person, yet there are plenty of people that believe them and the entire political establishment is acting in an incredibly irrational manner, so I can't rule out the possibility that it might have something to do with any pact that the establishment might have made with aliens, assuming they have been impacting these alleged prophecies.

If there were aliens that arrived thousands of years ago what would they do? Is it possible that they might do massive research projects they considered to dangerous for their own planet? If Climate Change is real then it means that humans can impact the environment one way or another; if their are aliens would they want to research that? if so they almost certainly did some of it before but it's possible that they might want to do more.

There are plenty of far-fetched conspiracy theories about how the political establishment is trying to Terra-form the Earth often with chem trails or something like that and others about how the military is trying to learn how to weaponize the weather. Not surprisingly they're considered fringe and I'm sure that they have an enormous amount of problems with them. It is virtually out of the question that the military could use weather as a weapon without doing more harm than good making that attempt insane. Chem trails have been easily explained by many skeptics.

However if Climate Change is real then it is a form of Terra-forming and mainstream academics claim that it is the result of CO2 and other forms of pollution including Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs which were banned because they were destroying the ozone layer. There should be no doubt that there is research into this even if aliens don't exist and if aliens to exist then it could be far more advanced than most people suspect.

If there are aliens that have been here for thousands of years could they be conducting some form of weather control experiments that have something to do with Climate Change?

If this is research into Climate Change, how can the establishment people, who theoretically made a deal with the aliens be sure that the aliens aren't trying to research what happens after more extreme damage to the environment or repairing the destruction caused by a nuclear explosion, or even some kind of far-fetched Terra-forming that would make Earth habitable for a different kind of species? They probably can't although they may have convinced themselves they can. Some of these possibilities are probably almost out of the question but without the information about the origins of the aliens they can't be completely sure. The assumption that they wouldn't do anything so extreme would be wrong if they remained silent while the Crusades Inquisitions and the holocaust went on; and if they're partly responsible for current atrocities.

As I reported in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine one of the ways the oil companies were able to avoid accountability for their environmental destruction was by allying themselves with religious organizations that helped elect people that didn't take environmental destruction seriously. This article focused primary on indoctrination methods starting with early child-rearing techniques that teach children to obey or believe what they're told to believe without critical thinking by using intimidation tactics like corporal punishment that led to blind obedience. These techniques can be explained without any influence from and unknown advanced intelligence of any sort including aliens, or God; however if there is and unknown advanced intelligence of some sort then they probably understand how to use these indoctrination methods and they might have been teaching leaders of their choice how to use them going back to ancient Egyptian times. There are definitely people in the academic world that understand these indoctrination methods and they use them. However if there are aliens then they may understand even more methods to manipulate people for their own interests, and they could easily be manipulating people that are they have theoretically made deals with, which and they have a track record of betraying past civilizations.

If the people making a theoretical deal with these aliens really were concerned about the best interest of the majority they would simply let the public know the information they need to make important decisions; if they don't do this and they do their part to preserve a culture of deception then they're also making it easier for the aliens to betray them as well if they choose, so if they want to eliminate that possibility it is in their own best interest to demand full disclosure, even if they have to admit past involvement.

If they're also using us for research subjects on a massive scale, which at least to some degree Harriet Washington's books clearly indicate they are although she attributes it only to the medical and political establishment, not aliens, then one of the best controlled supply of research subjects, in addition to the military which I discussed in the previous article would be prison inmates. Discussion of this in Deadly Monopolies was minimal, however she did report on this happening in Medical Apartheid, and there were additional research projects in prisons that she might not have covered as well, which weren't on African American like MKULTRA, which was coordinated by the CIA and used people like Whitey Bulger and other inmates for research subjects as I pointed out previously in Anti-violence social experiments could be part of a slippery slope. Having such a large number of people in a controlled environment where they personally watch any medications they take is more reliable than studying people in the free world since they can be sure when they take their medications when it is all observed by a nurse who hands it out at Med calls and they're required to take it immediately so they know it isn't being sold on the black market. If there are aliens working with the establishment then the mass incarceration practice provides potential benefits for their research and that could conceivably be part of the motive for ignoring the most effective methods of reducing crime as I pointed out in Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation Should Become a Priority Again! partially with research done by Marie Gottschalk "Caught: The Prison State," although, I assume that like Harriet Washington, Marie Gottschalk, also supports the MSEH without attributing any alien motives. If they're right then greed and ideological fanaticism must be enough to explain this extreme mass incarceration that is oppressive to the democratic process.

Is this starting to sound insane yet?

Perhaps, I try to be a rational skeptic but simple explanations don't explain many of the major unsolved mysteries and this opens the door to more far-fetched explanation; and since they're so complex it is unlikely to make complete sense without further peer review.

However if anyone is paying attention to the traditional media and the current political establishment they might conclude that standard operating procedure for the political establishment is as insane if not more insane.

The political establishment is ignoring many of the most important facts on one issue after another ignoring the will of the people and coming up with some of the most obvious lies on a routine basis. One of the most obvious examples is the absurd obsession with Russia meddling in the election by hacking E-Mails and disclosing that the DNC and John Posdesta were rigging the primaries to favor Hillary. as I explained in several articles including Democrats In Total Denial About Blatant Election Rigging the evidence to indicate that it was actually the mainstream media and the political establishment was rigging the primaries and election for candidates of their choice was public long before the DNC and Podesta E-mail leaks. The first requirement to be a viable candidate for higher office especially a national election like the presidency is name recognition and the mainstream media, which is controlled by six oligarchies ensures that only the candidates they approve of get the name recognition they need to get elected.

This is incredibly simple and easy to understand and confirm however there is plenty more evidence that the political establishment has many other ways of manipulating the system. I've gone into them in numerous past articles including the ones about the leaks and Frank Luntz and other pundits studying how to manipulate voters.

If the mainstream media wanted to stop Trump from getting elected they could have and would have. They've been giving him the obsession coverage he needs to get name recognition for decades and this increased dramatically during the campaign. The same mainstream media refuses to give any media coverage to antiwar protesters, labor rights activists, consumer rights activists, environmentalists and many other people that have real grassroots support, instead they provide obsession coverage for establishment figures that pretend to support all these causes during campaigns then do the opposite once elected, like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and many other traditional politicians.

If Russia had anything to do with rigging the election it is only because the political establishment here did the vast majority of the work to rig it for him and they're using them as a scapegoat for their own epidemic levels of corruption!

The same goes with the conflict with North Korea although some of the details are a little more complicated and it requires a review of the history as i pointed out in Even Bernie Sanders Ignores History of North Korea Conflict! Jimmy Carter negotiated a deal with North Korea in the nineties on behalf of bill Clinton; most of the administration was reluctant to deal with them but he arranged a deal that could have deterred development of nuclear weapons. But then when George Bush was in office he arbitrarily abandoned it for absurd reasons. This set the stage for the current conflict. at times Barack Obama also antagonized North Korea with his rhetoric claiming that this backward country was responsible for sophisticated hacking and John McCain antagonized the situation even more by referring to him as a "crazy fat kid."

If he really is as crazy as McCain claims the last thing he should be doing is trying to antagonize him, especially if, as the establishment claims, he has nuclear weapons!

I went into this even more in Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy over a year ago when I noticed that Hillary Clinton had far more of the same characteristics of the Whore of Babylon from the book of Apocalypse than any rational skeptic should expect. There are still many problems with this alleged prophecy but as I pointed out in that article she had far more of the characteristics of the Whore of Babylon after she was Secretary of State than she did before when some people started calling her that. And since then the political debate got even more insane seeming more like the book of apocalypse than a rational skeptic should expect. Since I wrote it Donald Trump beat her in an incredibly crude election that was mostly about smearing each other and had among other things the most obnoxious insults at Al Smith dinner, which made this defeat sound like when the Beast defeats the Whore of Babylon

What should have been an absurd conspiracy theory falling apart looked more viable after the election and with all the insane acting going on in Washington it is more rational to believe that this theory could be partially true as it is to believe that there is no rigging by the political establishment at all.

With or without the Unknown Advanced Intelligence hypothesis the political establishment had enough knowledge about foreign affairs to avoid this absurd conflict with North Korea Just like they knew how to rig elections so that a fanatic like Donald Trump couldn't get elected.

With or without the Unknown Advanced Intelligence hypothesis this absurd situation looks like an insane charade, and almost certainly is! if it isn't a charade then that would mean that we really could be on the verge of a nuclear war becasue of the clownish behavior of the entire political establishment not just Donald Trump!

I went into this in a series of memes on tweets about how #Trump's tweet is a dream come true for Joe and #Mika who can send their ratings through the roof and look like heroes not propagandists which should be satirical; however it looks way to damn close to the truth. there is no doubt that something insane is going on.

How absurd does this have to be before people that claim to be rational skeptics admit that the official version of truth is as insane and absurd as many of the conspiracy theories they ridicule?

As I say, I'm trying to be a rational skeptic about this and it is all subject to confirmation and peer review; however the official version of truth i increasingly as incredible if not more incredible than this.

If there is something to this then people at the top of the political establishment might have made some form of deal with aliens in return for advanced technology. if so do they think they're looking out for the best interest of the human race? Or do they admit, at least to themselves, that they're selling the rest of the human race out? a lot of them may want to believe that they're looking out for the best interest of the human race by participating in all this research for more technology and improved medical knowledge.

If that is the case then they would want to disclose this in the most effective way possible.

That clearly isn't happening; if they though the public wasn't ready for this information or something they would do their part to prepare the public for disclosure; but that isn't happening either.

And if there is something to this then they must be relying on the credibility of the aliens, assuming they exist, but by preserving the culture of deception the aliens have demonstrated they have no credibility and could betray them as well as us if they think it is in their own best interests.

As I said before whether there is some truth to this theory or not there are some things that any rational person should agree on if they truly support democracy or the best interest of the public and one of them is that the public should have access to the information they need to make important decisions and that we should demand full disclosure.

I have repeatedly called for Truth and Education Commission to inform the public about what our government is doing in secrecy but there shouldn't be any long term commitments against prosecution or conditions that have entrenched corporate power like past Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, including the South African one which led to a constitution that gave enormous amounts of power to multinational corporations and did nothing to pay reparations to those that were oppressed by the Apartheid government.

They may have cut back on the violence but they transferred from one tyrannical government to a more subtle but still corrupt government. As it stand if they are planning some kind of disclosure of reform with all their secrecy the best we can hope for, if they have their way is to transfer from one authoritarian government to another without providing the accurate information and education the majority need to participate in a sincere democracy.

Clearly if the establishment truly wanted a sincere democracy they would have already done much more to develop one than they have, which overwhelmingly means that if there is going to be real and democratic reform the people need to educate themselves about the issues and demand the truth from below!

As Frederick Douglass said, "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

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