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Why so few arrests for Crop Circles makers? Is there microwave evidence?

There have been hundreds if not thousands of Crop Circles popping up mysteriously for decades and some historical records that indicate they might have been happening for centuries. When they first drew attention as possibly being related to UFOs they were still limited to simple circles. Then they started becoming more complex and there was no doubt that hey could be an unexplained natural phenomena.

This was first explained away years ago as hoaxer when Doug Bower and Dave Chorley confessed to doing it for years as a hoax. They claimed they were responsible for crop Circles dating back decades. The circles have been appearing all over the world and there is no way that just these two could have done it, but there have been more people saying they're creating the hoaxes. They were eventually paid £10,000 for their exclusive interview, which means that if they were telling the truth they were satisfied with their hoaxes for decades without any compensation or attention doing an enormous amount of work and never getting caught or telling anyone.

This is the accepted explanation for the skeptic community.

Farmer David Gwinn seems to accept this explanation and claims Not aliens: 'Clever' crop circle was vandals, says Shropshire farmer 08/12/2015 Why haven't many people been arrested for this vandalism? As far as I can tell there is only one arrest that I've been able to find fifteen years ago.

Police Make First Arrest Over Crop Circles, (By Cahal Milmo 11/04/2000) when they arrested Matthew Williams after photos were sent to them anonymously. According to an article The Anatomy of Deception another group of hoaxers trying to prove that it can be done without getting caught were paid to do at least one Crop Circle shaped like a van over the course of two days with police protection before trying to do one without getting caught at night, and they were caught almost immediately. Supposedly they were unable to reproduce any of the unusual biophysical and electromagnetic features including blown out nodes that are supposedly done as a result of microwaves according to some research.

A quick search of the internet turns up an article supporting Team Satan and one with additional criticism. The supporters "A Circular State of Mind" wrote Crop Circle Challenge 2013: Team Satan Respond, which seems to satirize it more than address any of the details.

The additional criticism was included in Nancy Talbott's Letter to National Geographic TV's Mr. Sydney Suissa about an offer to participate in another TV show, where she claims that Team Satan was involved in additional scams including taking credit for a circle that had already been created as part of their debunking efforts. This letter also includes criticism about bias on the part of National Geographic which seems to be a pattern with traditional media outlets covering Crop Circles, or many other subjects, for that matter. She also claims that they haven't been able to reproduce the blown out nodes which she believes may have been created as a result of microwaves.

Nancy Talbott and several other researchers have all claimed that these are common in Crop Circles and can't be replicated by using the simple planks and ropes that most hoaxers claim to use. From what I've seen the skeptics don't refute this; instead they ignore it when possible or try to distract people from it or use ridicule. On at least one show about Crop Circles someone speculated that may be the ones with the blown out nodes caused by microwaves are just the simple circles caused by an unusual phenomena that they haven't discovered yet and the designs that are clearly done with intent are the hoaxers. They did no obvious follow up on this speculation like checking to see if the facts confirm this; instead they threw it out there, perhaps expecting some to accept this as a possible explanation. However Nancy Talbott's website, BLT Research crop circles sites numerous examples that indicates it isn't the case. Most people that get their information from traditional media might not be aware of this or many of her other claims.

About thirteen years ago the Discovery Channel did a show that attempted to explain how these blown out nodes might have been created. After the show aired there were several articles on the internet claiming there were problems with it, however like most other people that watched it at the time I wasn't aware of this so I'll get back to it. Several MIT students had a microwave generator of some kind which was more difficult to carry in and out of fields than the simple planks of wood other alleged circle makers claim to use. They also had to wear protective clothing made out of lead or something similar since the microwaves could be harmful to people. Part of the show included some clowning around which might serve well for entertainment purposes. This isn't uncommon in UFO shows or many other shows but it distracts from the issue.

After some troubles they claimed that they were able to replicate the unexplained characteristics although there was some indication that they might not be fully convinced. There was no discussion about whether other circle makers might have known this decades earlier or why they would go to such extreme measures to create hoaxes. Nor was there any discussion about the possibility that if hoaxer had been using this for a large number of circles over decades that they almost certainly would have had some kind of accident with this kind of equipment and gotten caught or that the microwaves would inevitably cause health problems.

Even if this really was possible and they could work out the problems it seemed highly unlikely that this experiment could have explained all these crop circles and how the nodes were blown out. that was basically my impression even before I heard about concerns expressed by Nancy Talbott, who was cited in the show implying her approval. Searching the internet for this show no longer turns it up or anything from the Discovery Channel that I can find but there are plenty of articles exposing it as a fraud including one by Nancy Talbott, M.I.T. Kids' Crop Circle Attempt Yields an Interesting (And Totally Inadvertent) Result. She claims that even with all their work they still weren't able to replicate the blown out nodes among other things.

This means that even though they cheated they still weren't able to explain how the Crop Circles are made, which actually fits a pattern for several other unexplained phenomena including how ancient megaliths were moved and how ancient civilizations were able to do enormous volumes of carved sculptures that are difficult if not impossible to replicate by technology allegedly known to people in those times, and even now in some cases.

I went into this more on 107 Wonders of the Ancient World and an old string discussing Megalith moving experiments which failed to move many if any megaliths above ten tons without cheating. The biggest experiments they tried that I know of were 25 and 40 tons and as far as I can tell they cheated and still only had a very limited success. Further explanation is in the two sources cited. this isn't adequate to prove that the megaliths were moved with influence from an unknown intelligence that causes UFOs, assuming a natural explanation can't be found for the UFOs; however it is adequate to indicate that there are major unsolved mysteries and from a scientific point of view it isn't unreasonable to develop theories then try to either confirm or refute them.

I have found that most of the research presented by the media about UFOs is full of incompetent claims from both sides and an enormous amount of their claims are so easy to discredit that I can't help but wonder if they're trying to do an honest job at all. Many of thees mistakes are too easy to recognize so I strongly suspect that they're intentionally doing more to confuse the issue than educate the public. If that is their objective it is successful; however if people take enough time to look at it, with rational skepticism, not to be confused with pseudo-skepticism, then they can find plenty of legitimate unsolved mysteries, even if they can't provide conclusive evidence to fully explain one theory or another. And the one presented by the traditional media always seem to have a large number of flaws that can rule them out to rational skeptics. Which means that sincere rational skeptics might do better to come up with their own theories.

This is why I suspect the government just might have decided to "Recruit a group of crackpots" (further discussion in ATS string about MJ-12) as the semi-fictional Roswell movie speculated about. Whether this is true or not the vast majority of information from the traditional media about this subject, and most others, is very poorly done; and the most reliable information comes from sorting through alternative media outlets. However in this case even most alternative media outlets on the subject also have their problems, and most theories will almost certainly fall apart, although claims that there are no unsolved mysteries also fall apart.

This is why it might help to have hard facts to fall back on when bizarre theories fall apart and the megaliths and crop circles provide that. Megaliths provide rock solid evidence that activities that can't be replicated took place thousands of years ago and if Nancy Talbott is right then crop circles indicate that other unexplained phenomena still occur. It is hard to tell what to conclude from this but the crop circles continue happening so if researchers are sincere they might be able to narrow things down. This could be potential evidence of an unknown advanced intelligence that has been on or near Earth for thousands of years; however filling in the details without additional back up information is speculative and rational skepticism should be maintained.

One claim that people should be especially skeptical of is the assumption that this unknown advanced intelligence might be benevolent, or the most extreme malicious claims. If they were inclined to invade like the war of the worlds, and they've been here for decades, if not thousands of years they would have already done so, and if they were benevolent there would be no need for secrecy. One example of that recently is ‘Aliens prevented nuclear war on Earth’: Edgar Mitchell Former NASA astronaut makes unexpected claim. (08/13/2015) If aliens were benevolent they almost certainly would have opened up a line of honest communication relatively shortly after they arrived, if it was possible.

Shortly after this story came out Edgar Mitchell claimed he was misquoted in another article, The UFOs Didn't Come In Peace! Astronaut Sets Record Straight On ET Nuclear War. 08/27/2015 this is typical of the information available about UFOs which often turns into bickering but Edgar Mitchell has still been claiming for years that he believes that UFOs are real and that they may involve alien intelligence.

The appropriate way to earn trust requires an open line of honest communication. If these aliens really were benevolent and they arrived thousands of years ago they could have provided advise that could have dramatically reduced wars and other atrocities that have taken place since then.

Instead, if they influenced cult structures that may have been associated with the megaliths and religion they might have inspired the religions that helped prop up the authority of many tyrants and maintain a steady state of war, often based on religious beliefs.

Some of the theories about obtaining technology from aliens include assisting with moving the megaliths and more recently according to Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" they reverse engineered alien technology to create some of the scientific advances over the past 6 decades. Bob Lazar also makes similar claims but both of them have credibility problems so their claims can't be entirely true. However if they're party true then this technology is being used primarily to benefit those that control it and a lot of it is being used to increase their control of the public and maintain a permanent state of war. Corso's claims also include sharing technology with companies like Monsanto, which implies the possibility that we're being used as research subjects as part of a genetically engineered development of crops which are fed to people. If this technology isn't from aliens the research is still going on for other reasons so there should still be demands for disclosure, at a minimum.

If people take this hypothesis seriously then the aliens wouldn't be benevolent since they're giving tacit approval, at best, by remaining silent and allowing their technology to be used in such a foolish and authoritarian manner.

This hypothesis may sound a lot like the Ancient Aliens series that has been on the History Channel for the past five or six years. This series has an enormous amount of blunders like in the introductory two hour show one of the leading theorists, Giorgio Tsoukalos, says that when he went into the tunnel of an ancient Egyptian tomb his lighter didn't work because there wasn't enough oxygen; however if this was the case then he shouldn't have been able to breath there clearly indicating his conclusion makes no sense at all. The series is full of one blunder after another. Many of them were addressed in Ancient Aliens Debunked; however even though these skeptics are far more rational than the high profile Ancient Aliens theorists they still don't explain how some of the giant megaliths were moved or some other ancient mysteries.

This would fit in with the "Recruit a group of crackpots" hypothesis; however consideration should be given to other explanations why there are so many blunders from both the theorists and the so-called skeptics, who are often as manipulative as the theorists.

Edgar Mitchell is just one many other astronauts or other government employees including military members that have come out with disclosures about UFOs. the strong implication is that either there is a conspiracy to cover up UFOs or there is a conspiracy to make it seem like UFOs exists and are controlled by aliens. Also It is hard to imagine hoe this could come about without a conspiracy one way or another but I'm sure some skeptics will come up with their ideas.

No doubt this all sounds absurd, and it is. However there are an enormous number of absurd things that actually are happening. It is hard to look at the political discussion that is now typical without thinking it is absurd; yet no one is claiming that their clownish behavior isn't happening.

The truth is as absurd as many bizarre conspiracy theories.

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