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Millionaires And Billionaires Control The Truth According To MSM!

Anyone that hasn't had their head in the sand for the past decade or two knows that only six oligarchies control over ninety percent of the media in this country, and probably most if not all of the world, for that matter. These oligarchies are, of course, run by CEOs that are worth millions if not billions of dollars each. The three biggest exceptions that could conceivably rise to challenge these oligarchies, are owned by billionaires that are as rich or even richer.

It is difficult to find reliable information from a few of these executives, and in some cases there are conflicting reports, however, the poorest of these CEOs may be Jeffrey Bewkes who according to the only reasonably credible estimate I could find is only worth $12.7 Million, however this is probably a major underestimate since his compensation package is about $32 Million a year. The second two poorest are Robert Iger and Jeffrey Immelt who are both worth $85 to $100 million according to reports found on the internet; however Jeffrey Immelt who supposedly only gets $22 million per year may be worth much more according to another report which claims he's worth $600 million. The rest along with CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Jeff Bezos owner of the Washington Post and Amazon are worth hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars.

All the top executives of the biggest news corporations are rich white males!

If you look through the lists of 15 or 25 richest media moguls listed below the vast majority of them are white men as well, with the exception of Oprah Winfrey a few foreigners that presumably control media organizations in other countries and a handful of rich white women that took over family business; this includes a lot of people from the Hearst dynasty that has had an enormous amount of influence controlling the news the public uses to make their decisions for well over a hundred years.

These are all authoritarian corporations that aren't directly accountable to the majority of the public; and they control the information we get about which political candidates are considered viable; ensuring that if they disapprove of a grassroots candidates all they have to do is decline to give them the media coverage they need to make them viable. If, on a few rare occasions, grassroots candidates get some name recognition, among the people that pay the most attention to alternative media outlets, they routinely portray them as spoilers of fringe candidates and often demonize them for giving someone like Trump a chance to win ignoring the obvious fact that Trump would never have a chance to win if they hadn't given him obsession coverage, and that the only other candidates they gave a significant amount of coverage to were as bad, if not worse than him, including Hillary Clinton.

Not surprisingly they only cover candidates that support the agenda of the wealthy and the vast majority of politicians are also much richer than the majority of the public.

Contrary to the propaganda provided to the vast majority of the public, the richest people aren't paid a fortune because they're so much more productive than the rest of us; they're paid a fortune because they control powerful institutions and they use this control to rig the economic system against us.

This is true in one industry after another; however the simplest and most obvious one to explain might be the insurance industry, which they often seem to present as a magical method of protection from disasters, even though it never works that way. However that wasn't the way it was always presented. There was a time when they explained the fundamentals of insurance to the majority of the public which is why for a long time people recognized that it needed reasonable regulation to minimize epidemic levels of fraud.

Insurance is pooled risk, which means everyone pays into it and after, what should be a modest amount of administration expenses are taken out the rest of the money will be available for those that need it when a disaster strikes. Since the administration costs can't be completely eliminated this isn't perfectly efficient, however it is better than leaving people destitute when a disaster happens, so people used to understand that this should be kept to a minimum.

Now the administration expenses have sky rocketed, thanks in part to deregulation and allowing many other things to be paid for with premium money that they were never intended for. Salesmen get their commissions, CEOs make massive salaries, they spend skyrocketing amounts of money on advertising to compete with each other making it less efficient, the opposite of what they claim, and there are many other expenses that are paid for with premium money including massive amounts of fraud now that regulations that were intended to minimize it are gone, and enormous amount of money from premiums are spent lobbying against single payer, which works much better in the countries that have it! Since the media gets and enormous amount of this, in the form of advertisements for insurance or political advertising demonizing Single Payer or the ACA, which is almost as bad as the Republican plan.

This means the media has a massive incentive to deceive the public about the basics of insurance, which they're doing; however since it is relatively simple, if people look at the basics; and enormous number of people are learning about this scam anyway through the grassroots even though the media refuses to report accurate coverage about it.

Many of the people making these commercials are making a fortune with money that should be going to claims, either depriving people of coverage or sending premiums through the roof!

Outsourcing, and union busting tactics are also relatively easy to understand, yet the media refuses to explain the basics on this either. By sending jobs overseas they force local workers to compete with workers that receive no protection against outrageous conditions and wages they can't live on making them more desperate both in third world countries and in the manufacturing areas where factories have left years if not decades ago. We now send subsidized cotton half way around the world where sweatshop workers are forced to endure horrible conditions; then ship cheap low quality merchandise back through complex distributions systems to get back here; while the factory direct advantage that used to be available is almost non-existence except as a deceptive advertising scam.

Economists and media pundits get big money to try to convince us that this has something to do with efficiency!

Some of the psychological manipulation tactics are developed with the help of political operatives like Frank Luntz, who gets paid millions of dollars to study people and figure out which types of political propaganda is most successful at appealing to peoples emotions and convincing them to vote for candidates that routinely betray them.

And despite an enormous amount of propaganda dismissing claims that the CIA controls the media there is an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that it is at least partially true; and even if they don't have complete control they receive and enormous amount of preferential treatment. On a few rare occasion there are people in the media with direct ties to the CIA, that have been publicly disclosed, including Anderson Cooper who interned with the CIA, before working for Channel One which targets children with advertising in schools and has been proven to negatively impact their education, and Dana Bash who married a high ranking member of the CIA for about eight to ten years. Jeff Bezo owner of both Amazon that ahd a $600 million contract with the CIA and the Washington post also provides a strong link between the CIA and the mass media.

Anyone familiar with dozens of CIA whistle blowers knows there's much more evidence than that, that the mainstream media practically never reports on and when these whistle blowers do disclose the truth the mainstream media ridicules them as Conspiracy theorists without actually addressing the details, which isn't a credible manner of dismissing these allegation, however it is very effective propaganda! But the strongest evidence of CIA influence in the traditional media isn't necessarily secret at all, if people pay attention; it is the fact that they provide one CIA pundit like Bob Baer, and many others, after another presenting them as reliable sources, while the critics of the CIA and peace advocates practically never get any time on the media at all, and those that check alternative media outlets on a regular basis know they do a much better job exposing the lies from politicians leading us into one unnecessary war after another!

And, I hesitate to say that right wing claims about Jews controlling the media might be partially true, especially since, some of the most extreme claims like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was obviously not true before World War II, otherwise Jews could have, and would have used their political clout and control of powerful institutions to prevent World War II and the Holocaust from happening. Additional doubts about conspiracy theories about Jews controlling everything should also be raised by the fact that some of the strongest critics of excesses in the occupied territories are Jews!

However, they claim that the vast majority of the media is controlled by Jews, and clearly they do control far more than their share of the population; but that still doesn't mean the fringe conspiracy theories about Jewish control is valid since this is more of a class struggle than it is a struggle between people of different religions or races, although some of it does fall along racial or religious lines. A far more credible claim about Jewish influence is presented by John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt authors of "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" (article) and a longer book by the same name, that provides a very thorough description of their influence in Washington. This book claims that this isn't a result of a conspiracy, since most or all the lobbying by the Israel government and their supporters isn't completely secret, which is partly true. However, it is often only reported in low profile locations where the majority of the public doesn't read it, and if you look closely through their book they mention numerous activities that were kept secret for a while, and additional evidence about further discussions held behind closed doors, which clearly implies that although most of it may not be a conspiracy, some of it is, and some of that has been exposed already.

The fact that one of these authors is Jewish, along with other high profile critics of Israel, clearly indicates that there isn't a unified Jewish conspiracy. However since the United States Government is so unified in their policy in the Mid-East which refuses to acknowledge that in order for the Jewish people to relocate there, after World War II, and even more after the 1967 six day war, they had to displace an enormous amount of Palestinians, that weren't responsible for World War II. Unlike before World War II when the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" claimed they had an enormous amount of political power behind the scenes, it now appears as if they really do have much more political clout than they did then, and they are over reaching it with their activities, that are maintaining a permanent state of conflict, if not outright war, or Intifada.

This permanent state of conflict helps manipulate people emotions and justifies an enormous amount of secrecy, that couldn't be as effective without a consolidated corporate media that supports the same ideology without providing balanced news on the subject, which is relegated to the fringes on alternative media outlets that often do a much better job, although they're often mixed up with extreme news outlets that really are prejudicial anti-Semites. By labeling legitimate criticism of Israel policy and those making it as anti-Semites the supporters of Israel are making it difficult to tell between the real bigots and rational researchers, and many of the Jewish supporters of oppression against Palestinians are demonstrating that bigotry isn't limited to those who hate Jews or Blacks but can work in the other direction.

Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino billionaire isn't the biggest player in the media world wide; however he has made a few purchases in media interests that are among the biggest that aren't part of the six oligarchies and has used in in more blatantly corrupt manners than the higher profile ones. This includes efforts to support Bibi Netanyahu by getting around campaign laws; and an obvious effort to intimidate a judge in Las Vegas that was investigating him. He has also had a history of trying to increase his gambling interests in China during the Romney presidential campaign. This type of control is not available to the vast majority of the public and certainly not to those that oppose Israeli oppression or the epidemic amounts of fraud involved, either directly or indirectly, in the gambling industry. this problem isn't limited to Sheldon Adelson, the mainstream media makes a fortune selling ads telling gamblers that "You can win," with few or no reminders that if the odds weren't rigged heavily in favor of the house they would go bankrupt instead of making a fortune off this obvious scam.

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There are similar conspiracy theories about other groups including the Mormons who apparently have a disproportionate representation in both the Congress and the control of media according to John Heinerman and Anson Shupe authors of “The Mormon Corporate Empire.” They demonstrate that Mormon's have a large representation in the media as well as the CIA and FBI, although it doesn't seem to be as large as the Jewish representation if you look at the religions of the highest profile media pundits. Once again one of the authors is Mormon, indicating that they don't have universal support among their own people either. And, like the Jewish people and many other religions the conflict between the different financial classes should be considered bigger than the any conflict between people of other religions. In both cases the wealthy manage to control the less educated followers without sharing the wealth in a reasonably fair manner.

In many cases the wealthiest people of many religions often work with each other to maintain the status quo for their own benefit often taking advantage of conflicts to manipulate the emotions of the followers against their own best interests and distract them from the fiscal policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the majority. Like the political pollsters, including Frank Luntz and many more that aren't quite as obvious, there are also sociologists and psychologists that study how to take advantage of class conflicts and constantly play different people against each other for their own political reasons. This includes research that helped develop Jesse Helms classic "Hands" ad and many more where politicians take advantage of racial bigotry to get elected then once they get in office they favor their campaign contributors. This ad is now considered to obvious but they've developed many more that are more effective in these times, and are prepared to adapt them as they learn which ones work the best.

Like Frank Luntz openly admits, a large amount of this research is "proprietary" which means that psychological manipulation can be legally done in secret to manipulate the public, and they ridicule anyone that points out the obvious, that "proprietary" is another word for conspiracy! A large amount of this research is secret, but not all of it, some is published in libraries around the country although it is hard to sort through it all. I wrote about some of it based on a handful of these sources in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine, Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment, Corruption or Bias in the American Psychological Association, Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize and Frank Luntz confesses to sabotaging democratic process for clients which explains how psychological research is used for religious political and military indoctrination.

As I pointed out in several previous articles the vast majority of the people that get any coverage for political office and people that have opportunities that the highest profile jobs in the media that might have some influence in the decision making process either come from the upper classes, or are educated with the help of scholarships like Rhodes Scholarship and guided by the upper classes until they're sure they'll go along with the program before getting a high profile job. Details of this are easy to confirm as I began to show in Tracking the elite ruling class and The existence of a ruling class is undeniable! where I reviewed how they ahve a common ideology on many subjects, although they disagree on other. When it comes to their fiscal ideology and exposing the scams that rig the economic system so that those with access to power get the vast majority of the money there is little or no real challenge to that, although there is an enormous amount of propaganda that makes it seem as if there is. I have continued this in a running page, which may be periodically updated on Memes 8 Consolidated Media Control

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