Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Media Censorship Of "The N-Word" Also Censors Cause Of Hatred!

The media spends an enormous amount of time discussing what they call "the N-word," with little or no concern about the context behind it or the root causes of racism or hatred.

You might get the impression that if they could just ban the word "nigger" that racism would be eliminated.

The media spend more time talking about how no one should use Niggar regardless of whether they intend to advertise Dick Gregory's book or are using it some other way which might not be as derogatory as it often has been, than they do discussing the causes of hatred and how it is taught to children from their parents; or how to prevent children from growing up racists and to create equal access to education and economic opportunities, or other racial injustices like dumping much more pollution in minorities neighborhoods.

If they spent more time talking about preventing child abuse and providing better education to all people, including minorities in the ghettos or "po' white trash" living in rural areas or anywhere else then they could do far more to reduce racism and solve many of the other social problems in our society. As I explained in a previous article about this:

Cause and Effect of Hatred

Starting at the kindergarten level because that is where a surprising number of people make their mistakes.

Why are so many people making so many mistakes about the basics of inciting hatred?

If a bully beats up a little kid every day and the little kid gets angry and hates the bully many people may not dispute the possibility that the reason that the kid hates the bully is because he is beating him up. This seems very simple and few people would argue about whether the bullying caused the hatred and perhaps contributed if the kid eventual strikes back.

This is quite routine with little children.

However when people become adults and they start dealing with much more complicated institutions there is often much more doubt about whether there is any cause for hatred. This has been clearly indicated when G.W. Bush declared that the terrorist hate us because they hate our freedom.

This is accompanied by an enormous amount of propaganda and ideological beliefs that confuse the issue and make it very difficult for many people to understand why they hate us. In many cases some of these people have said they don’t hate us they hate our government but our government and the Mass Media rarely mention this so many people overlook it. Our current society is controlled by a lot of big institutions that many people don’t understand but they influences a major part of everyone’s lives.


The reason why these people and those with other prejudices adopt their beliefs begins very early in child hood. In fact if people want to address hatred and violence in the most effective way possible it should be done before it escalates which means starting at childhood or tracing problems back through history to understand how many of these institutions including education institutions were developed. When sorting through history it will be necessary to keep in mind who wrote the history and what their biases may be if you want to sort them out.

People become angry because they believe that someone infringed on their rights; however in many cases they don’t seem to understand who did so and they often place the blame based on emotional grounds or prejudicial beliefs. The greatest cause of anger often starts early in life perhaps before many children even learn ho to talk or understand what is going on. This has been confirmed by many psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and other related academics.

They have found that abused children are much more likely to become angry and violent adults.

They have also found that patterns of behavior developed early in life whether they are violent patterns of behavior or not often remain with them throughout life unless something is done to change this.

Since anger often starts before they understand much about the world and that pattern of behavior may remain with them for life it isn’t surprising that they may not know how to handle it very well. In many cases the person who abuses them is the parent which means it is the same person they are dependent of for the necessities of life.

They are often looking for positive feedback from them and if their parents dictate the truth without accepting much if any rebuttal then the child may learn to respect authority without question but this doesn’t make the anger go away. If this happens and they need an outlet they may search for a scapegoat. If the parent tells them stories which they may not fully understand that blames a certain scapegoat they may accept this then if it is repeated over and over again they may consider it sacrosanct. For example blaming the Jews or blacks in many white supremacist cultures may often bring positive feedback from their peers which are accompanied by an explanation why they are to blame.

This explanation may not be rational but it brings positive feedback and since this eases their anger it becomes more import than sorting out the truth. ..... Complete article

Abused children become emotionally unstable and it impairs development of critical thinking skills. When strict authoritarian discipline methods are used to educate children it teaches them to obey orders without question and adopt the beliefs of their teachers without scrutiny and go along with the dominant crowd. Children develop low self-esteem when they're abused and they feel the need to do what it takes to get positive feedback, often from the crowd that might be abusing them, and they may adopt the same prejudices instead of standing up to their real abusers, who they have to live with on a regular basis. This begins before they have a chance to think for themselves.

Children aren't born hating people for all the wrong reasons. If you put children from different races together from an early age and their parents or guardians teach them to get along and settle their differences reasonably and consistently then irrational racism never develops in the first place.

None of this discussion about banning "the N-word," as they call it, helps people understand this!

Dick Gregory seemed to handle this far better than most when he dedicated his book which he called "Nigger," to his mother and said "Mama, when they yell this at you, you'll know they are just advertising my book." He followed up on this by telling many other people the same thing. He also puts far more emphasis on protection of all people and animals and ending double standards like when he protested the execution of Lawrence Russell Brewer who killed James Byrd Jr. while the majority of the media was focusing on the execution of Troy Davis, who was almost certainly innocent, and black. He didn't do this because he supported the racist views of Brewer, or because he didn't think that Troy Davis deserved the attention and shouldn't be executed.

Presumably he did this to point out the hypocrisy of how the death penalty is often used and to demonstrate that he didn't adopt the same Hypocritical beliefs, saying "Any state killing is wrong. If Adolf Hitler were to be executed, I would be here to protest … I believe life in prison is punishment. Execution is revenge." Evidence supporting his beleifs and that the death penalty isn't a deterrent isn't hard to find as the Death Penalty Information Center points out the vast majority of the states without the death penalty are in the lower half, when it comes to murder rates, and most in the upper half have the death penalty, which indicates that it clearly isn't working.

As I have pointed out in previous articles including, Ignored evidence linking corporal punishment, poverty and crime grows, there is also a correlation between the use of corporal punishment in schools and high murder rates, as well as support for the death penalty. These are also the Southern states which are most widely known for their problems with racism. This same correlation supports the claim that racism is taught thorough abusive upbringing.

Dick Gregory has also indicated that his support of civil rights extends to defense of all people as well as animals.

If we want to solve our social problems including racism and war it will do far more good to spend more time reporting on the best research on any given subject than trying to blame it all on the use of one word or another. It should be clear, and for those that read alternative media outlets almost certainly is clear that repairing the education system, abandoned inner cities and ending wars based on lies or divide and rule economic practices that attempt to play different races against each other to lower wages for the working class so that the ruling class can keep all the profit they make from abuses in the work force will do far more good to reduce or perhaps eventually eliminate racism.

There are plenty of examples where small children show that they're not as prejudice as many of their parents sometimes where you least expect it.

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