There has been a major effort to confuse the facts about this subject and that effort has been successful to put it mildly. Use your own discretion I haven't been able to look at all these sites and if I weeded out all the flawed sites there probably wouldn't be any at all.

"Some people think that for example aliens intervened in 3500 BCE in Egypt to help build the pyramids. Well you know doggone it the Egyptians were perfectly capable of putting big blocks on top of other big blocks right? If the Egyptians had suddenly developed cell phones then I would say OK there's intervention there but that's not what they did." Seth Shostak

"Not so fast Egyptians are probably not capable of moving nearly as much stone as they did Seth you might want to look into the large number of megaliths and experiments to move stones with ancient technology before you jump to conclusions. This doesn't prove Aliens intervened but it does prove another unsolved mystery that might be related. Before coming to hard conclusions it would be better if we had all the facts." Seth Shostak's distant relative

Related scientific articles
UFO related websites
UFO cults
UFO authors
UFO skeptics
List of most notable UFO sightings in Chronological order
plus additional links to more extensive lists of UFO sightings

List of witnesses

In order to figure out whether it is possible to get from one star system to another it is necessary to figure out what all the obstacles are and to figure out how to over come them. If all the obstacles can be overcome then it is possible. If they can't be overcome it isn't possible.

One of the most compelling arguments as to why there are no aliens visiting Earth is that it is just too far. The nearest star system is 4.3 light years away or about 25 trillion miles. The nearest single star system with planets in the habitable zone is probably much farther. The reason I exclude most binary stars is because in order for life to evolve it requires a consistent environment for a long time. In order for this to happen it almost certainly requires a single star system since a planet orbiting a binary would be exposed to 2 suns part of the year and only one at other parts of the year. This will lead to a highly inconsistent environment.

In many cases people have argued that the fastest automated space craft only traveled about 37,000 miles per hour I think. Whatever the speed is it is not nearly fast enough to get to a habitable system in a reasonable amount of time. It is often argued that we would have to go several times the speed of light to get to a star system in a reasonable time. If you think of getting there in the life span of a human without using cryogenics or multi-generational space craft this is true. However if your thinking about automated probes that may use artificial intelligence this may not be true since they may last for much longer. In one case on a UFO show when they talked about either being too slow or going several times the speed of life they had a diagram of the Daedalus project in the background. This is ironic since they were omitting the middle ground with the audio and anyone who knows what the Daedalus project is may realize that it theoretically involves traveling 10% of the speed of light which would be the middle ground. Neither the Daedalus nor the Orion Project has gone through the final test to prove that they work since this would involve actually building it however the Orion project is based on mostly tested scientific principles. If either the Daedalus project or Orion project or any other propulsion system can reach this speed and then slow down once it arrives at the destination it overcomes the distance obstacle with limitations. If it is automated it probably won't involve migrating humans unless they use cryogenics. The only alternative would be a multi-generation ship that has an enclosed life support system. This life support system would require full recycling and the most efficient use of resources possible assuming it is possible at all.

The following are scientific articles mostly from Wikipedia that may influence future space travel. If there is an extraterrestrial intelligence visiting earth they would have had to go through this process in the past. They wouldn't have relied on Hollywood to define space travel. They would have gone to the scientists. If they did rely on Hollywood to define space travel they never would have made it.

The following sites including NASA are about astronomy and space exploration projects that are actually happening. The technology clearly seems to be advancing rapidly over the last 50 years.





Wikipedia Astronomy

Lists of stars organized in several different ways including closest stars

Extraterrestrial Civilizations is a book written by Isaac Asimov in 1979, wherein the probability of there being intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations within the Milky Way galaxy is estimated.

Wikipedia Terraforming

Wikipedia Extrasolar planet

Wikipedia Extraterrestrial life

The following articles are about theoretical propulsion projects and gravitational laws. These do not address any of the issues but propulsion.

Wikipedia Project Prometheus

Wikipedia Project Orion

Project Daedalus

Wikipedia Project Longshot

Wikipedia Project AIMStar

Wikipedia Newton's laws of motion

Wikipedia Kepler's laws of planetary motion

Biosphere 2 addresses an enclosed environment. This has not been successful for long-term contained environment but it has taken the first step.

Wikipedia Biosphere 2

Wikipedia The International Space Station

Traveling long distances will almost certainty be much more effective if you can carry the most in the smallest amount of space which is why Nanotechnology will almost certainly be a necessity. Since life support may be the toughest part of space travel the more they can rely on Automation and Artificial Intelligence the more effective it will be.

Wikipedia Nanotechnology

Wikipedia Artificial Intelligence

Wikipedia Automation 

The following are UFO related websites including many that provide information that may be better organized than this page however they are still not organized as well as they could be.

Wikipedia "The Day After Roswell" by retired United States Army officer Philip J. Corso and William J. Birnes

Wikipedia Condon Report

Free online copy of the Condon Report

Free online copy of The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward J. Ruppelt

Free online copy of The Flying Saucers Are Real by Donald Keyhoe [1950]



















Wikipedia Disclosure Project

Wikipedia Majestic Twelve

Wikipedia Crop circles





Wikipedia Cattle Mutilations




Wikipedia UFOs


Wikipedia Project Blue Book

Wikipedia Project Sign

Wikipedia Project Grudge

Wikipedia Brookings Report

Wikipedia Abduction phenomenon









The following are UFO cults. The evidence of UFOs may not be as clear as many people would like but there is plenty of evidence of cults that dictate the truth about them without evidence. These are often ignored by UFO advocates because they want the public to take the subject seriously. They are not looked into closely by skeptics either. When skeptics do look at them it is often to ridicule all people who express an interest in UFOs as a bunch of clowns. They don't look into it in a way to intervene and prevent disasters like the mass suicide of Heavens Gate in 1997. One person who has looked at these cults is Jacques Vallee who wrote "Messengers of Deception" in 1979 in an attempt to warn the public about UFO cults. This was 18 years before the suicide of Heavens Gate (aka Human Individual Metamorphosis) which was one of the cults he attempted to warn them about. His warnings went unheeded and the cults got worse.

Wikipedia Heaven's Gate

Wikipedia Raelians

Wikipedia Urantia

Wikipedia George Adamski

Wikipedia Ummo

The following are UFO authors and in most cases their wikipedia profile. this list includes a wide range from some that are very scientific like Jaques Vallee (who does speculate but makes it clear that it is speculation) to some that ignore obvious facts like Zecharia Sitchin (who ignores Keplar's laws of planetary motion and habitable zones required for life). Use your own discretion. Many of these pages will also have links to the authors home page at the bottom in the external links section.

Stanton Friedman

Jaques Vallee

Allen Hynek

Edward Ruppelt

Kevin D. Randle

Budd Hopkins

Dr David Jacobs

John Edward Mack

Whitley Strieber

Linda Moulton Howe

Eric von Daniken

Zecharia Sitchin

Michael Tellinger

Donald Keyhoe

Gordon Cooper

Edgar Mitchell



Jim Marrs

David Vaughan Icke

Milton William Cooper

The following are skeptics. In most cases the skeptics don't make much if any effort to organize information or figure out what is true before expressing strong skepticism. They may make good point in many cases but they often ignore facts that don't suit there cause. What we need are more rational skeptics who try to figure out what is true first with an appropriate amount of skepticism. In many cases people like that have become UFO advocates like Allen Hynek. The Exception may be Marcello Truzzi who has criticized what he calls pseudo skeptics who claim that phenomena are definitely not true. He recommends skepticism that doubts unproven phenomena but doesn't rule it out without sufficient evidence. He also states that many of the theories to explain away mysterious phenomena are at least as far fetched as the phenomena themselves.

Marcello Truzzi

A Commentary by Marcello Truzzi at http://www.anomalist.com/commentaries/pseudo.html

Another partial exception is Carl Sagan who spent most of his time in the public eye focusing on educating the public on science.

Carl Sagan

Donald Menzel

Philip J. Klass

http://www.csicop.org/klassfiles/Home.html Philip J. Klass

Michael Shermer

Edward Condon

Edward Ruppelt





The following are several lists of UFO sightings from different organizations followed by my list of the most prominent reports.

Wikipedia List of UFO sightings

UFO Casebook List of UFO sightings

NUFORC List of UFO sightings This is a exceptionaly long list that doesn't seem to involve close examination or confirmation of most sightings.

UFO evidence List of UFO sightings

Blue Book unknowns List of UFO sightings PDF file at www.cufos.org

List of most notable UFO sightings in Chronological order

Aurora Texas and wave of airships across USA 1897
This is based on historical text that couldn't be confirmed. There are more sitings from that year fitting the same pattern.





Miracle at Fatima 1917

List of UFO sightings

Los Angelas California 1942 WWII air raid or UFO?



Roswell New mexico 1947 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_incident


List of witnesses: PFC Elias Benjamin, Bessie Brazel, Bill Brazel Jr., Mac Brazel, Walter Haut, Jesse Marcel, Jesse Marcel Jr., Sgt. Robert Porter, Loretta Proctor, Lewis Rickett, 1st Lt. Robert Shirkey, Sgt. Robert Smith,
Witnesses that deny incident: Sheridan Cavitt








Kapustin Yar Russia 1948 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapustin_Yar

Lubbock Lights Texas 1951



Chapter Eight of Edward Ruppelt's book about the Lubbock Lights.


White House 1952





Rapid City North Dakota 1953


Vandeburg AFB California 1964


Incident at Exeter 1965 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exeter_incident


Kecksburg Pennselvania 1965



Dexter and Hillsdale Michagan 1966 led to Condon Report





Malmstom AFB Montana 1967 about 16 nukes disabled




Stefan Michalak Falcon lake Manitoba Canada 1967



Shag Harbor 1967



Delphos Kansas farm 1971 trace evidence investegated by Ted Phillips


Rash of Mexican sightings in 1974 including Governors press conference


Colares Island Brazil 1977



Rendelsham Forest England 1980




Belgium wave 1989-91




Lake Michigan 1994 Jack Bushong radar operator and police witnesses


Phoenix Lights Arizona 1997



Lebanon to Highland Illinous 2000


Stephenville Texas Dec. 2007/ Jan. 2008



List of witnesses

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Dennis Joseph Manuel Montoya a Democratic U.S. Senator for the State of New Mexico from 1964 until 1977. Roswell witness



Military witnesses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Haut




107 Wonders of the Ancient World (Blog entry)

One Hundred and Seven Wonders of The Ancient World: Introduction

Middle East Wonders of The Ancient World

African Wonders of The Ancient World

European Wonders of The Ancient World

South American Wonders of The Ancient World

North American Wonders of The Ancient World

Asian Wonders of The Ancient World

Preliminary Conclusions For One Hundred and Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

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