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Wal-Mart Crime report July 2017

Indiana Prosecutor Patrick Harrington says Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program "fundamentally is against what American jurisprudence stand for." Walmart has had a growing crime problem for decades, because they ignore how the changes of their own policies including cutting staff that watches for shop[lifting and store design that makes it easy for shoplifters to get out with enormous amounts of merchandise, ans self-check out lanes that provide even more invitations for fraud or theft. They've also been involved in union busting tactics that are shrouded in secrecy and cut backs in service have led to many angry customers and workers that are fed up when it is difficult to get anyone to address their concerns. their staff is trained to follow store policies that are developed in the corporate headquarters where they don't seem to know or care how it is implemented in the stores.

Instead of acknowledging all these problems and more they came up with what they call a "Restorative Justice" program where they contract out to a for profit organization tells first time shoplifters that if they pay $400 up front or $500 in installments and take an on-line course they won't report it to the police. I went into this more in Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. where I explained that it is doing little or nothing to address the root causes of their crime problem, and that their amazing claim of only a 2% recidivism rate is controlled by people that have an incentive to lie and that no credible crime prevention effort has ever come close to accomplishing that even when they do a much better job addressing the root causes of crime.

As I reported in August of last year there was a surge in reports about Walmart's crime problems as a result of a national news article that was followed up by dozens of local articles around the country drawing attention to the subject. The national article was never reported on television, or at least not widely enough for many people to see it, and it was quickly dropped from national attention; however almost every month, including this one there have been at least three or four follow up articles at the local level including one in Minnesota where they reported that Walmart typically gets three or four times as many police calls as Target, which also gets more calls than small businesses.

This "Restorative Justice" program obviously only reduces calls about the lowest level crimes, not the most violent ones which they can't handle themselves, and they shouldn't be handling even these calls this way. Now that this prosecutor has reported that they won't prosecute if Walmart decides to press charges after offering suspects a way out and they don't follow through with their payments, which clearly seems to be what they want, not actual recidivism, any incentive to pay is gone and their profits will dry up once shoplifters hear about it, which in the Indiana area they've already heard since it has been reported there repeatedly in several articles. They're more interested in using this as another opportunity to increase profits than to actually reduce crime, now it won't take time for word to get out that their program is an empty threat.

There have been at least thirteen shootings and eight deaths at Walmart this month; this includes three as a result of the shootings and one more as a result of a shooting that didn't happen on the premises, another as a result of a car crash, two dead bodies found in the parking lot and one more was a shoplifter that died in police custody after being detained by loss prevention officers, who had drugs in his system. This doesn't include an additional two people that were hacked to death in a Chinese Walmart or the ten bodies found in a Texas tractor trailer this month. If those were counted it would be a total of eighteen almost certainly a record. Even the eight are higher than they typically found a few years ago and until last year the thirteen shootings would have been a record.

Both the number of shootings and the body count as well as other violent crime including arson this month have been rising steadily.

The number of injuries as a result of these shootings is also up and they had seven arsons this month. Most of these arsons were to distract workers from shoplifting attempts, which almost never works however this month three of them were committed by the same person who got away the first two times. On the rare occasions they do get away initially using this tactic they get caught eventually since this method attracts a lot of attention, and there was at least three million dollars worth of damage in one of the arsons and another million in another.

There were at least five more reports of shootings either on the premises or nearby, including at least two that were proven true, one that turned out to be from an air-gun and another one that could have been either an air-gun or a real one. Another fourteen gun related incidents also occurred mostly robberies, either of the store or of customers or employees and at least one of them was an attempted kidnapping.

They had about a dozen chases, crashes or both often where petty stealing leads to major crashes or injuries, one of this months chases resulted in a car crashing into a police cruiser. And over half a dozen stabbings or attempted stabbings either as a result of arguments or attempted shoplifting's.

There were more razor blades found in shopping carts, which has been happening more often than most people realize for quite a while, however one of the reports explains that, contrary to the impression given by past reports this may not be an attempt to arbitrarily injure someone, but a common method of shoplifting. Apparently many shoplifters have learned that if they put a razor facing out in the carts they can open packages with it without drawing attention, but this results in many of these razors being left behind endangering customers including children. This months incidents didn't result in injured children although it may have come close but one woman did get cut, and this is clearly part of a trend.

Some of these crimes are incredibly brazen like smash and grabs that happen almost every month, a husband of a shoplifter that got caught who pulled the fire alarm to try to get her free, bomb threats used as a distraction, which doesn't work better than arson, and another where they were able to switch $15 thousand worth of electronics for a child's car seat and take it through the self check out lane. There were more assaults on police workers and attempts to kidnap or molest children.

If anything all this is getting worse contrary to the claims by subcontractors trying to make a profit off "Restorative Justice."

They had enough information to know this experiment would fail miserably before they even began it but decisions are being made by greedy ideological fanatics trying to maximize profits regardless of how much damage they do to society.

Walmart is being routinely sued for one thing after another including, accidents, Medi-Cal fraud, more labor practices than anyone can keep track of. They clearly aren't even trying to act in good faith and since the government bends over backwards for campaign donors there is little reason to expect this to change unless there is a major uproar and political reform.

They've been caught again overcharging people on receipts, and tried to make it seem like an isolated incident, again, and they're now increasing their attempts to outsource again as well while continuing with lies about made in the USA programs, that are reported more widely than admission of outsourcing.

Even though they can't keep there own shelves stocked in many stores they're trying to move into the banking and even medical field as well as getting patents on drone deliveries and using advanced technology to recognize facial expressions that enables them to learn how to manipulate their customers.

I wish I was making this stuff up, it certainly sound like it, but there are plenty of news reports from traditional media outlets on all these subjects although they're kept low profile.

Hardly a month goes by without extremely strange things going on like a naked man on methamphetamine wandering through with bizarre make up, a marmot being rescued from being trapped in one car then jumping straight into another, and another person that was stuck by a syringe while trying on clothes, and is of course preparing to sue Walmart.

their practice of asking for receipts without evidence of any crime backfired again when an innocent person got it all on camera and swore that teh worker that took an enormous amount of time to admit that he was wrong in a video that went viral.

It's extremely rare for people to get caught in chases on bulldozers or tractors through Walmart but when it happens once in one state it just might happen again in another a day or two apart.

Strange things happen at Wal-Mart!

In 2006 Wake Up Wal-Mart did a study, "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Wal-Mart which showed that it increased when Wal-Marts opened up and that crime was higher at Wal-Mart than at other retailers. Since then Wal-Mart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Wal-Mart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Wal-Mart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Wal-Mart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Wal-Mart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Wal-Mart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in July 2017. According to the "Is Wal-Mart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Wal-Mart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Wal-Mart.

MSP seeks 2 in theft from Walmart near Hastings Mich. 07/02/2017

Brothers charged after fake money used at NC Walmart, Dollar General, Goldsboro police say 07/01/2017

All clear given at Ky. Walmart after threat 07/02/2017

Passer-by rescues 10-month-old from locked car at Ariz. Walmart 07/02/2017

Post Falls Police rescue large marmot from Idaho Walmart 07/02/2017

I could sit here and try to type out what happened in my own words, but honestly, the Post Falls Police Department already perfectly summed it up. So here's the dramatic tale of the marmot rescue at Walmart on the last day of June 2017, as told by a officer with a wonderful sense of humor.

"Officers responded to Walmart when a customer was unable to get her car to start. She opened her hood and found a rather large Marmot trapped in the engine compartment. With the assistance of a kind citizen and a handy tow truck operator from Recovery Masters the Officers worked tirelessly to remove the animal’s fur from the fan belt.

Once Unstuck Chuck was free Officers began the tedious task of negotiation with the furry stowaway. Chuck was very reluctant to leave his new found feast of electrical wires. When attempts to talk him down failed the Officers and helpers turned to their tools and used multiple methods of extraction.

Finally, Chuck gave up and fled the Dodge Neon. While congratulatory back patting was taking place Chuck returned to his life of crime and found another vehicle to unlawfully enter. Once again, Officers tried to reason with the rodent who now seemed tired and perhaps a little stressed out.

Begrudgingly, he quickly gave up and was captured. Officers quickly took him into custody and left the area before Chuck could re-offend.

We are happy to announce that Chuck was granted a full pardon and was released back into his natural habitat. He has been trespassed from Walmart." Complete article

Police: 1 dead in triple shooting in Ga. Walmart parking lot 07/03/2017

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Detectives are working to learn what led to a shooting outside a Walmart in south Fulton County.

One person died and two others were injured after the shooting late Sunday night.

Fulton County police blocked off the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter on Research Center Drive overnight.

Detectives said a witness heard several gunshots and flagged down an officer.

When police arrived, they found two young men with gunshot wounds.

Police located a third person at a nearby house.

All three were rushed to the hospital where one died from his injuries. Complete article

Gang violence at Walmart has some shoppers calling for more security 07/05/2017

UPDATE: Police find 2 men with gunshot wounds at westside Cedar Rapids Iowa Walmart parking lot 07/02/2017 One of them later died.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Cedar Rapids Police responding to a shots fired call at a Walmart parking lot said they found 2 men in a car with gunshot wounds. The call came in around 8 p.m. Sunday from the Walmart on 29th Avenue SW at Edgewood Road SW.

Emergency crews took both men to a hospital and said one had life-threatening injuries.

Police said the car the men were in crashed into a guardrail in the parking lot after the shooting. Complete article

Man dies after Walmart parking lot shooting, authorities say 07/03/2017

Jacksonville Fla. man dies in Walmart parking lot after shooting 07/02/2017

A man died in a Jacksonville Walmart parking lot Sunday morning following a shooting.

Jacksonville police said the shooting happened just before 3 a.m. near the Philips Highway and University Boulevard intersection. Two people were shot in separate vehicles. Police said two cars left that scene to call 911.

One of the drivers, identified as 21-year-old Corey R. Spann, went to a Walmart off of Philips Highway, where he reportedly died.

The other car went to the Shell gas station on Atlantic Boulevard near I-95. That person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Complete article

Man claims Tenn. Walmart checkout caused electrocution 07/03/2017

A Friendsville man claims his right arm was permanently damaged when he was electrocuted by part of the conveyor belt apparatus in a checkout lane at Walmart.

Daniel Ferguson, North Morgan Street, Friendsville, is suing Walmart Store No. 4223 and Claims Management Inc. for $300,000 in the Law Division of Blount County Circuit Court.

According to Ferguson’s complaint, he had been shopping at Walmart, 2410 U.S. 411, on July 3, 2016, when he went to checkout lane No. 18 and placed his goods on the checkout lane conveyor belt to be rung up by a sales associate. Complete article

Pair sought after $1,100+ in merchandise stolen from NC Walmart, police say 07/01/2017

La. Walmart cash register theft caught on surveillance video 07/01/2017

Man stole Turkey Hill customer's car, dumped it at Pa. Walmart and hid among shopping carts 07/03/2017

Chicopee Mass. Police seeking help to ID man who stole 4 TVs from Walmart 07/03/2017

Video captures woman abandoning sick cat in NH Walmart shopping cart 07/03/2017

Tahlequah Okla. Police Beat 7-5-17: 3 Petty Walmart shopliftings 07/05/2017

Police search for Tenn. Walmart shoplifters 07/04/2017

Berea Ky. Police Report Walmart shoplifting 07/04/2017

Fugitive from justice held after Conn. Walmart shoplifting arrest 07/03/2017

Vale Woman Again Arrested for Shoplifting at NC Walmart 07/03/2017 Following her arrest yesterday, Wilson was placed in the Catawba Co. Detention Facility under a $40,000 secured bond.

Car batteries stolen from Ky. Walmart found in van parked at Meijer 07/03/2017

4 men stole TVs, computers from Franklin Ohio Walmart, police say 07/03/2017

Festus Missouri Walmart shopper discovers razor blade on shopping cart 07/03/2017

FESTUS, MO - A Festus woman was cut on Sunday, before discovering a razor blade on the handle of her shopping cart at Walmart.

"It bled a little tiny bit so I went to the doctor and they drew blood and I'll have to go back in six months again" said Michelle Patterson.

It happened Sunday afternoon as Patterson says she was wiping down her shopping cart before using it. She says she felt a prick on her finger and found a razor blade under the handle.

"Either way, it's horrible..." she said. "To leave the blade it was crooked, so the sharp end was out and it just poked me but a little kid it could have been pretty bad." Complete article

Another blade found on shopping cart at Walmart in Festus 07/06/2017 Police do not believe the razor was intentionally placed on the cart to harm anyone, adding it may have been the tool of a shoplifter.

Man shot by Florida felon taken to Walmart instead of hospital 07/03/2017

GAINESVILLE, Fla. A man was shot by a convicted Florida felon and left bleeding at a Walmart, police said.

Michael Hannigan, 34, of Gainesville, fired a pistol June 20 and the bullet struck Shane Russell, 28, in the chest, according to the Gainesville Sun.

An unnamed woman, who was in the room during the incident, drove Russell to the Walmart instead of a hospital. Along the way, Russell called 911 and said “he felt he was going to die, according to the Gainesville Sun. Complete article

Shawnee Kansas Walmart evacuated after gun drawn 07/04/2017

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) - A Shawnee Walmart was evacuated late Monday night after police say two suspects pointed a gun at a shopper outside the store.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident, which happened around 10 p.m. at the Walmart on 65th Street.

Shawnee police said a white woman and a black man pointed a gun at a customer in the parking lot, then fled in a white Toyota Camry. No shots were fired.

The store was evacuated and searched as a precaution, but no evidence was found.

One person was treated for a minor injury suffered while the person was running from the store, but no other injuries were reported. Complete article

Arson Investigated At Haslet Tx. Walmart 07/04/2017

HASLET (CBSDFW.COM) – Haslet Fire investigators have released surveillance video showing suspects believed to have set a fire at the Walmart on Avondale Road.

The fire started on a shelf full of packaged curtains around 4:00 a.m. Monday.

Investigators said a store manager noticed the fire and fought it with an extinguisher as the store was being evacuated.

Sprinklers went off but not before smoke filled part of the store. Complete article

He started a fire at a Wal-Mart so he could steal money. Then he ‘chickened out’ 07/11/2017

Fire closes Walmart in Elkin NC 07/04/2017

ELKIN, N.C. — A Walmart in Elkin closed overnight after a fire broke out in a section of the store.

The blaze started around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Walmart on CC Camp Road. Employees were eventually able to put the fire out but the store had to be evacuated.

No injuries were reported. Employees are preparing the store to reopen.

The Elkin Fire Department and Elkin Police Department are investigating the cause of the fire. Complete article

Teen accused of intentionally setting fire at Walmart in Elkin 07/07/2017 The estimated damages to the store were approximately $3 million, officials say.

Agency looks to fill 200 positions to assist Elkin Walmart closed by arson 07/07/2017

Ohio man with cerebral palsy says Walmart let him go because of his illness 07/03/2017

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- After 22 years working at the same place it's easy to slow down, but not George Grubb. He's the face at Walmart, and the man you come to see.

“Well, I'm not bragging on myself,” Grubb joked, “With my smiling face, thank God my friendly attitude, they are just used to seeing me upfront.”

For two decades, and countless introductions, George's work as the Walmart greeter became the mainstay at the Miami Township location. Complete article

Police: Woman stole several thousand dollars in computer accessories from Ephrata Pa. Walmart 07/04/2017

Man fires shot accidentally inside SC Walmart bathroom say police 07/04/2017

ANDERSON (WSPA) – Anderson Police say a man won’t be charged, but will have to pay for damage after his gun fired a shot inside a restroom at Walmart.

Police were called to the Walmart on Highway 28 Bypass around 7:30 p.m. Monday. The suspect told officers he went into a stall in the men’s bathroom, claiming he was in a hurry because “he needed to go really bad” according to the incident report.

The man says he dropped his shorts, but forgot he had a Smith & Wesson 9 mm handgun at his side. He says when the gun hit the floor, it fired one shot into the wall tile. The bullet left one single hole in the middle of one tile.

The Walmart manager said the store didn’t wish to prosecute the man, but did want him to pay for the damage to the wall. Complete article

Suspect uses assault rifle to rob south-side San Antonio Tx. Walmart 07/05/2017

SAN ANTONIO - A man armed with an assault rifle robbed a Walmart employee at gunpoint.

The suspect covered his face, but if you can identify him it could mean a possible reward.

Police said the man robbed the Walmart on Pleasanton Road on June 14 around 7 a.m. armed with an assault rifle. The suspect ordered employees to fill his backpack with cigarettes and then took off. Complete article

Walmart leaves Mich. Upper Peninsula off map created for grilling study 07/05/2017

Giant self-service order kiosks now available at Walmarts in Alabama 07/05/2017 The retailer only has 15 towers in stores across several key markets, including the two in Alabama. Business Insider reports the kiosks are also available in Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia.

Beebe Arkansas Police seek suspects in Walmart theft 07/05/2017

Suspected thief nabbed after driving stolen John Deere bulldozer through Alabama Walmart parking lot 07/05/2017

A Shelby County man was arrested over the weekend - when he was spotted driving a stolen bulldozer through the Walmart parking lot.

Pelham police said they received a call just before 7 a.m. Saturday from the manager of Warrior Tractor and Equipment reporting the business had been burglarized. Once on the scene, the officers determined the suspect used Hitachi ZX60 excavator to gain entry to the business.

They also noticed several excavators and bulldozers had been moved, and that a 650K John Deere bulldozer was missing.

While officers were investigating, a caller notified police dispatchers that someone was driving a bulldozer through the Walmart parking lot, just off Highway 31. It eventually rammed into the Murphy gas station, police said. The suspect ran but was caught a short time later. Complete article

Police chase man on tractor through Nebraska Walmart parking lot 07/05/2017

OMAHA, Neb. — Police in Nebraska chased after a man who was fleeing on a tractor early Wednesday morning.

Officers said the pursuit started at a Walmart around 12:30 a.m.

Authorities said the man was driving around the parking lot screaming for a sandwich and some water.

Police said the man then turned out of the parking lot and ended up smashing through a fence on private property. Complete article

Woman charged with DUI after driving into Wake Forest NC Walmart 07/05/2017

WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A 58-year-old woman is facing charges after crashing her car into a garden center at a Wake Forest Walmart on Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities said Rebecca Downing Wilson, of 70 Summit Ridge Court in Youngsville, crashed her car into the Walmart at 2114 S. Main Street at about 4:30 p.m.

Police said prior to the crash at Walmart, Wilson was involved in a hit-and-run involving another vehicle near the Rent-A-Center at 11216 Capital Boulevard. The investigation into that crash is ongoing. Complete article

Assault and battery on an off-duty police officer working security at NW Oklahoma City Walmart 07/06/2017

OKLAHOMA CITY – Three men were arrested after allegedly assaulting an off-duty deputy at an Oklahoma City Walmart.

Around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, an off-duty Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy was working security for the Walmart near N.W. Expressway and Council when he confronted three people accused of causing a disturbance.

When the off-deputy asked the men to leave the store, one of the men assaulted him, officials say. Complete article

Shoplifters charged after trying to steal air pistol, drones from Walmart in Mt. Juliet Tenn. 07/05/2017

Elderly woman hit by vehicle in Pa. Walmart parking lot 07/05/2017

Vineland Police shoplifting at Walmart 07/05/2017

Gas Leak in Pierre SD at Walmart Thursday Morning 07/06/2017

Layton City Utah PD seek two men involved in 'high dollar theft' from Wal-Mart 07/06/2017

2 detained in shooting at parking lot of Moreno Valley Ca. Walmart 07/06/2017

Two men were detained Thursday morning, July 6, in connection with a shooting in the parking lot of a Walmart in Moreno Valley.

Nobody was reported to have been injured in the shooting, which was reported at 9:30 a.m. at the Moreno Beach Plaza parking lot, 12721 Moreno Beach Drive, said Riverside County sheriff’s Deputy Armando Munoz. Deputies believe one of the men was the shooter, since they were found in possession of a firearm, Munoz said about 10:30 a.m.

Posts by residents on social media that the incident was a “hostage situation” are untrue, Munoz said. Complete article

Robbed by teen at Little Rock Arkansas Wal-Mart, followed him until he got in wreck, woman tells police 07/06/2017

A woman told Little Rock police that she followed her robber after money was stolen from her at a Wal-Mart store earlier this week.

The Little Rock Police Department responded around 11:20 a.m. Wednesday to a report of a robbery of an individual at the Wal-Mart at 8801 Baseline Road, according to a report.

After being robbed, the victim, a 34-year-old woman, followed the robber to the area of 22nd Street and Broadway, where the assailant became “involved in an accident,” authorities said.

The robber then fled the area on foot, according to police. Complete article

Crash involving SUVs reported in Elizabethton Tenn. Walmart parking lot 07/06/2017

Longview man sentenced to 25 years for 2015 Tx. Walmart aggravated robbery 07/06/2017

Pedestrian Struck At The Walmart In South Charleston WV 07/06/2017

Detectives search for suspect in Wash. Walmart parking lot assault 07/06/2017

Police arrest five men who stole video games from Fla. Walmart 07/06/2017

Woman hit by car in Arkansas Walmart parking lot 07/06/2017

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - One person was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car in the Walmart parking lot in Batesville.

According to a Batesville Police Department crash report, an officer was dispatched to Walmart around 1:15 Wednesday afternoon.

There, the officer saw several bystanders helping a woman who was lying on the ground bleeding from the head and left leg.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene to help the woman.

The officer then spoke with the driver who allegedly hit the victim.

The driver said she was pulling back into work at Walmart when she struck the woman.

The driver said she did not see the victim, but immediately got out of the car and called 911. Complete article


RUTLAND — A local woman with cerebral palsy is suing Walmart, alleging store officials failed to make accommodations for her to work as a department manager and then retaliated against her when she raised concerns.

Lisa Velez, who started working at Walmart in Rutland in 1998, sued this week for unspecified monetary damages.

Her lawsuit alleges Walmart violated the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Vermont statute on fair employment practices. Complete article

Police: Man led chase into Hanover-area Pa. Walmart 07/06/2017

After being caught in a stolen car near the West Manheim Township Walmart, a Penn Township man allegedly fled in the vehicle and then on foot into the store itself, according to police.

The alleged driver, James Lawrance Putman, was found hiding near the cart entrance of the store, court documents allege.

Putman, 43, of 600 Frederick St., is charged with theft, receiving stolen property, flight to avoid apprehension, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and DUI, among other charges.

According to West Manheim Township Police, Putman fled from police when he was pulled over in the parking lot of the Walmart at 1881 Baltimore Pike.

Pulled over: A man reported his 2008 Chevy Aveo stolen from the Turkey Hill in Hanover just before 10 p.m. Monday, and police say that vehicle was seen turning into the Walmart parking lot at about midnight.

The responding officer, who was patrolling the parking lot, pulled the vehicle over and attempted to detain the occupant, later identified as Putman, at gunpoint, according to charging documents.

Putman exited the car, but ignore the officer's commands, police said. Complete article

Slidell police say women pepper-sprayed La. Walmart greeter 07/06/2017

Slidell police are asking for the public's help in locating two women accused of pepper spraying a Walmart door greeter and fleeing the store with stolen items.

Police in a Facebook post Thursday (July 6) said the two women used pepper spray on the door greeter who tried to stop them around 10 p.m. June 25 as they exited the store. Police said they had stolen electronics and baby items and drove off in a dark-colored car or small crossover SUV.

Anyone with information should contact Slidell police Detective T.J. McNulty at tmcnulty@slidellpd.com or 985-503-3477, the department said. Complete article

Maryville woman claims friends made her steal from Tenn. Walmart 07/07/2017

UPDATE: Police recover car stolen from Versailles Missouri Walmart; two in custody 07/07/2017

Alcoa man with extensive criminal history flees police after shoplifting $300 in cologne from Tenn. Walmart 07/07/2017

Watertown man accused of shoplifting at NY Walmart 07/0/2017

Mid-Hudson NY arrests report: Walmart shoplifting 07/07/2017

A wedgie investigation; a mini-horse crash; Pa. Walmart crimes: Offbeat Police Blotter 07/08/2017

Police: Naked man walking around Ariz. Walmart with meth arrested 07/08/2017

TEMPE, Arizona — Police in Arizona have arrested a man they say was seen walking through a Walmart naked while carrying methamphetamine.

Officers were called around 10 p.m. on July 4 to a Walmart store in Tempe, the Arizona Republic reported.

A man, later identified as Robert Kanoff, 49, was reportedly spotted walking through the store, wearing nothing but a pair of shoes.

Police say Kanoff said he had been on drugs and that two people dropped him off at the store thinking "it would be funny to see him naked." Complete article

Dead body found in SD Walmart parking lot 07/07/2017

Sioux Falls police say a dead body found in a car in a Walmart parking lot Friday night doesn't appear to be connected to anything suspicious.

Police arrived on scene at the Walmart at 3209 S. Louise Ave. at about 9:20 p.m. Friday night after a family driving through the parking lot noticed the body inside a car.

Authorities investigated the scene, and said it appeared to be a "sudden death" situation as opposed to anything suspicious. Complete article

Body at Walmart could have gone unnoticed for nearly a week 07/10/2017

Armed Missouri woman arrested after Fla. Walmart disturbance 07/07/2017

LIVE OAK — A late-night disturbance at the Live Oak Walmart including pointing a firearm at a victim led to the arrest of a Missouri woman on aggravated assault charges.

According to a Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office report, 53-year-old Mary Jackson, of Matthews, Missouri, drove her SUV aggressively in the direction of a victim around 11:30 p.m.

Witnesses told an SCSO deputy that the suspect was honking her horn and yelling for help as she drove at the victim, the report states.

The report states that witnesses said when the victim approached the vehicle to ask the suspect if she needed help, she replied “get back” and pointed a firearm at him. Complete article

Florida Highway Patrol: Pedestrian killed in Palm Bay Road crash 07/07/2017

PALM BAY, Fla. - A fatal pedestrian crash forced officials to close Palm Bay Road on Friday in Palm Bay, authorities said.

Westbound lanes of Palm Bay Road were closed from the Walmart entrance to Hollywood Boulevard.

The Florida Highway Patrol said a Ford truck was driving west on Palm Bay Road when the pedestrian stepped into the direct path of the truck.

Troopers identified the victim as Maritza Marales, 57, of Palm Bay.

Palm Bay police re-routed westbound traffic through the Walmart parking lot. Palm Bay Road reopened around 8:30 a.m. Complete article

Anchorage Alaska man found stabbed in Walmart parking lot, refuses to identify his assailant 07/06/2017

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - A man was found bleeding and intoxicated in the parking lot of a midtown Anchorage Walmart late Wednesday night. Police say he was the victim of a stabbing, and had a "laceration in the upper torso."

The victim, who has not yet been identified, was reportedly drunk and would not cooperate with either police or medics who responded to render assistance to him.

In an email, a spokesperson for Anchorage police said he was described as "combative" and eventually had to be placed into handcuffs so that medical aid could be provided to him.

Police called his wound "non-life-threatening," however he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

When police asked him who had attacked him, he allegedly refused to say who was responsible. Complete article

Roanoke County Va. police seek 2 men after phones stolen from Walmart 07/07/2017

Man flees Okla. Walmart after theft, arrested for larceny, paraphernalia 07/08/2017

Missouri Police Reports: Walmart shoplifting 07/07/2017

Police respond to bomb threat at Jefferson City Tenn. Walmart 07/09/2017

Police investigate suspicious package in front of NC Walmart 07/08/2017

Man arrested for string of arsons at three La. Walmart locations 07/08/2017

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office has arrested a man in connection to a string of arsons at three Walmart stores.

Officials say Larry Paul Schouest Jr. was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated arson and six counts of felony theft.

Schouest is accused of setting the fires as a distraction. They say he stole laptop computers from the stores.

The first incident happened on Saturday, July 8, at the Amite Walmart on W. Oak St. in the pool maintenance section at around 2:00 p.m.

The employees at the store put out the fire before crews arrived, but the flames and smoke have caused chemical issues in the store.

Hammond Fire Chief John Thomas said a second fire was set at the Walmart in Hammond on W. Thomas St. less than an hour after the fire in Amite, at around 2:50 p.m.

Thomas said pool chemicals were also set on fire at the Walmart in Hammond, creating a chlorine cloud, which can make breathing difficult.

Both Walmart locations were forced to close. The Amite location reopened early Sunday morning, but the Hammond location remained closed until noon Sunday.

According to State Fire Marshal Butch Browning, there was another incident at the Ponchatoula Walmart a few weeks ago, and Schouest allegedly confessed to starting that fire as well. Officials say laptops were also stolen during that incident. Complete article

Damage from chemical fires at Walmart stores tops $1 million 07/11/2017

Walmart pays $1.65 million to settle Medi-Cal fraud claims 07/07/2017

Walmart has paid $1.65 million to settle claims that it defrauded California’s Medi-Cal program by collecting payments for unneeded or unapproved drugs, the U.S. Justice Department announced Friday. The retailer, which has pharmacies in 283 stores in California, was accused of billing Medi-Cal for drugs after misrepresenting doctors’ assessments of the need for the medications. According to the lawsuit, filed by a former Sacramento-area Walmart pharmacist in 2014 and joined by the state and federal governments, the pharmacies falsely certified that the patients’ doctors had determined the drugs were appropriate for the patients’ conditions, after assessing their safety, effectiveness and cost. Complete article

Woman shot while walking through Jacksonville Fla. Walmart parking lot 07/08/2017

A woman is recovering from a gunshot wound at UF Health Jacksonville hospital, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reports.

According to police, the woman was shot while walking through the Walmart parking lot in the 8800 block of Beach Blvd. at around 10 p.m. Sunday night.

Police say the woman was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center by an unknown person several hours after the shooting and was then being transferred to UF Health Jacksonville for further treatment. Complete article

Police: Woman shot in Walmart parking lot lied, girlfriend arrested for torture 07/14/2017 In a police report released to the media, we've learned Finklea was shot with a BB gun by her girlfriend, 19-year-old Kayla Leonard, while being held against her will.

Walmart Could Collapse Soon 07/10/2017

Man charged after Tenn. June Walmart parking lot shootout 07/10/2017

Laptop thefts from Winchester Va. Walmart being investigated 07/10/2017

Police: Woman cut lock, stole from Pa. Walmart store 07/10/2017

Opelousas La. Walmart Evacuated 07/09/2017 According to Sgt. Crystal Leblanc with the Opelouas Police Department, a customer inside the Walmart store said the word “bomb” causing a panic among other customers.

North Olmsted Ohio police blotter: petty Walmart shoplifting 07/08/2017 Walmart security called the police to their store June 27 about a male store employee who was accused of shoplifting. Security on numerous occasions over a one-month period watched the employee take, and frequently eat in the store, candy and beef jerky without paying for the items. The suspect also took coffee, sugar and cologne, according to police. The value of the items totaled $77. Police charged the suspect with misdemeanor theft.

Police: Altercation allegedly leads to shots fired at Wisc. Walmart near 70th and Main 07/10/2017

Police are investigating after a report of a shooting happened near the Walmart located on 70th and Main Street.

The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday evening.

A West Allis Police Officer was approached by a citizen at the intersection of 70th and Greenfield.

The citizen told police that a shooting occurred during an altercation at the Walmart Market located at 70th and Main in Milwaukee.

The three offenders involved were later located by officers in the area of 65th and Greenfield. Complete article

Man shot in chest while inside car at La Vergne Tenn. Walmart 07/10/2017

LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police are investigating after a man was shot while sitting inside his car at the Walmart in La Vergne.

The victim, who was shot in the chest, reportedly drove to the nearby Bojangles’ restaurant and called 911.

He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. An update on his condition wasn’t immediately known. Complete article

Two suspects charged in attempted armed robbery of Joplin Missouri Walmart store 07/10/2017

A Mount Vernon man and woman have been charged with the attempted robbery Friday of the Walmart store on West Seventh Street in Joplin.

Todd N. Woerner, 41, and Cassandra N. Eustler, 29, were held over the weekend at the Joplin City Jail following their capture and arrest in Carthage.

Capt. Trevor Duncan of the Joplin Police Department said the robbery attempt took place shortly after 7 p.m. inside the Walmart store at 2623 W. Seventh St. A man approached a female clerk at the service desk concerning a purchase of flowers, placed a gun down on the counter and demanded money from her cash register. Complete article

Scammer bilked $4,000 in Pa. Walmart gift cards from 82-year-old woman: police 07/10/2017

Cornwall police are investigating a reported scam in which an 82-year-old Cornwall woman lost $4,000.

A scammer called the woman and told her that her granddaughter had been arrested and was being held in jail, police said. In order to have her granddaughter released from jail, the woman was told she had to purchase $4,000 in Walmart gift cards and then call back with the card and pin numbers. Complete article

Man forgets cash at Virginia Beach Walmart, customer caught on camera taking it 07/10/2017

Ephrata police ask for public's help to identify 2 suspects in theft at Pa. Walmart 07/10/2017

Man ‘upskirted’ young woman at Walmart store in Virginia, police say 07/11/2017

Police: Man stole pressure washer from Madison Heights Va. Walmart 07/10/2017

Man arrested after leaving children in vehicle, burglary of Tx. Walmart 07/10/2017

Shepherdsville woman accused of taking 3 grandchildren shoplifting at Ky. Walmart 07/10/2017

Imperial woman, St. Louis man arrested in connection with stolen car, shoplifting at Missouri Walmart 07/10/2017

Nebraska Walmart Shoplifter arrested on warrant 07/10/2017

Shoplifter tried to flee from Athens Ga. police at Walmart 07/0/2017

Police: Man arrested for shoplifting at Nebraska Walmart after swimming Lake Hastings 07/10/2017

Owasso Okla. Police incidents (7/3-7/9) Walmart assault, petty theft suspicious activities etc. 07/09/2017

Man allegedly films up woman's skirt at Manassas Md. Walmart 07/11/2017

Mother accused of leaving toddler in car at Ga. Walmart surrenders 07/11/2017

Police Seek Suspects in Brooklyn Conn. Walmart Theft 07/11/2017

Marana Ariz. PD investigating shoplifting incident at Walmart 07/11/2017

Mother shopping at Ga. Walmart says man tried to lure her children away 07/11/2017

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: Something happening to your child.

That’s what almost happened to one Gwinnett County mother.

"It was a creepy incident," Kristy Campbell told Channel 2’s Chris Jose Tuesday.

She says the man followed her family into a Walmart in Snellville, and tried to lure her 9-year-old and 6-year-old children away from her.

The man kept following them and the mother believes he was trying to abduct the kids by luring them over to look at watermelons. Complete article

Man arrested for stealing, drinking beer in Ga. Wal-Mart charged with possession of crack 07/11/2017

MACON, Ga. -- A man was arrested Sunday after authorities say he cracked open a beer in a Macon Wal-Mart and starting drinking it without paying for it.

According to a Bibb County Sheriff's Office incident report, a loss prevention official at the store contacted the sheriff's office at around 10 a.m. after they spotted Corey Samples pushing a shopping cart around the store while drinking a Coors Light he took off of the shelf.

The store official told responding deputies that he knew Samples could not have paid for the beer because it was before 12:30 p.m. on a Sunday, when alcoholic beverages cannot be sold. Complete article

Trial begins for ex-Atlanta police sergeant accused of excessive force at Walmart 07/11/2017

A now-retired Atlanta Police Department sergeant who allegedly broke a man’s leg at a Walmart in 2014 had his first day in federal court Tuesday as his excessive force trial began.

Trevor King, of Rex, was indicted last year after the victim pressed charges, more than two years after King allegedly broke the leg of the man — a customer King incorrectly believed to be shoplifting, prosecutors said.

King was working off-duty at the time. He was in uniform at the store, where he worked off-duty security, on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard downtown when he stopped the customer, grabbed his shirt and started to strike him with his baton, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a December 2016 statement when King was indicted. Complete article

He stabbed a Spanaway Wash. Walmart clerk, and now he’s off to prison 07/11/2017

The 32-year-old transient who stabbed a Spanaway Walmart clerk last year pleaded guilty to the incident Friday and will be serving more than two years in prison.

Billy Glen Childs had attempted to steal a BB gun and protein powder from the store at 20307 Mountain Highway E. on Oct. 14, 2016, when the clerk chased him. Childs turned around, stabbed him twice and fled.

Childs pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery and second-degree assault in Pierce County Superior Court, and he received a 25-month sentence. He originally faced first-degree robbery and first-degree assault charges. Complete article

Savannah-Chatham police searching for Wal-Mart television thief 07/11/2017

Suspicious trio arrested with weapon, drugs at Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza 07/11/2017

Ohio Officer who killed John Crawford III a Walmart shopper carrying air rifle won't face federal charges, Justice Dept. says 07/11/2017

Wal-Mart Will Punish Its Suppliers for Delivering Early 07/12/2017

Long known for squeezing its vast network of suppliers, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is about to step up the pressure. The focus this time is delivery scheduling, and the company’s not messing around. Two days late? That’ll earn you a fine. One day early? That’s a fine, too. Right on-time but goods aren’t packed properly? You guessed it -- fined.

The program, labeled “On-Time, In-Full,’’ aims to add $1 billion to revenue by improving product availability at stores, according to slides from a presentation obtained by Bloomberg, and it underscores the urgency Wal-Mart feels as it raises wages, cuts prices and confronts a powerhouse rival in Amazon.com Inc. that’s poised to grow with its planned purchase of Whole Foods Markets Inc.

“Wal-Mart has to find efficiencies wherever it can,’’ says Laura Kennedy, an analyst at Kantar Retail. “They’re trying to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Complete article

Walmart's Haunting Empty Shelf Problem Returns to Wreak Havoc on Sales 07/12/2017

Beginning in 2013, reports began circulating that Walmart Stores Inc. (WMT) was dealing with an out-of-stock issue at its stores nationwide.

At the time, Walmart attributed the problem to a reduction in employees as it worked to cut costs. Fast forward to 2017, and the issue appears to be resurfacing.

"While Walmart is certainly far from alone in seeing an increase in store execution challenges as finding and keeping qualified labor has become an issue in many markets, we do believe Walmart's U.S. business is feeling the impact of self-imposed strains," Wolfe Research analysts Scott Mushkin and Michael Otway wrote in a note on Tuesday, July 11.

In June, Mushkin and Otway first observed a reduction in Walmart's staff at certain of its Houston locations. The analysts noticed there, too, that Walmart's shelves in its fresh food departments were poorly stocked.

Now, Mushkin and Otway said they are starting to see stocking issues spread "around the country" and in other departments such as in general merchandise and health and beauty care. Complete article

'We're basically Walmart's police department;' chief says half of thefts in Zachary La. occur at store 07/11/2017

The Walmart in Zachary has become a magnet for shoplifters, and the thieves are stealing more than just merchandise. They're also taking the time of police officers who must drop everything to take yet another shoplifting report at the department store on Main Street.

About half the theft incidents — 166 out of 336 — handled by Zachary police from January to June have been at Walmart, Police Chief David McDavid told city council members at their Tuesday meeting.

“We’re basically Walmart’s police department,” the chief said, adding that his officers handle three to five shoplifting calls at the store nearly every day.

The problem has gotten much worse in the past couple of years, McDavid said, and the thieves are beginning to target Home Depot, too. He said most of the perpetrators are not from Zachary, but from Baton Rouge or surrounding parishes. Complete article

Elsa Police Searching for Man Involved in 2 Incidents including shooting at Tx. Walmart possible possible airsoft rifle 07/11/2017

ELSA – Authorities are searching for a man involved with an overnight shooting in Elsa.

Elsa Police Chief Primitivo Rodriguez said they were called out for two separate incidents at the Walmart on FM 88, both involving the same man.

Rodriguez said police received a call around 12:30 Tuesday morning, an individual reported a man shooting a rifle outside the Walmart. He said when police arrived they were unable to find the male suspect.

He said right now investigators are working with the store to obtain surveillance video.

“A few minutes later, when the officer was making contact with that first party, then the other subject was still in the area and kidnapped two people, holding them with a rifle and told them to drive north here in town,” Rodriguez said.

The people in the car managed to get away safely. The chief said the gun may have been an airsoft rifle. Police were unable to find bullet casings at the scene. Complete article

Tweet: We're tracking overnight news. Elsa police tell us a shooting happened at the Walmart in Elsa. I'm live until 7 with details 07/11/2017

Nixa Missouri PD Looking For Man Who Robbed Walmart Arvest Bank 07/11/2017

2 Fort Pierce men charged with scam to steal thousands from Fla. Walmart 07/11/2017

Minn. Walmart thefts lead to felony charge 07/12/2017

LETTER: Walmart wants to remove barriers between medicine, retail sales 07/11/2017

To the Editor:

I have worked as an optometric physician in Oklahoma for 15 years and have seen more than 10,000 patients. In addition to fitting patients with contacts and prescription eye glasses, I diagnose and treat debilitating conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and ocular surface disease; I perform both traditional and laser surgeries; and I advise patients whose eyes show signs that they are at risk of a stroke or a heart attack. I have diagnosed patients and saved lives with vision and life threatening conditions like brain tumors, brain aneurysms, and different types of cancers.

Today, my profession and most importantly, the health of my patients, is being directly attacked by Walmart.

Under the guise of “market competition,” Walmart wants to change Oklahoma’s constitution to eliminate the legal barriers between medicine and retail sales. In other words, they want optometric physicians like me to work in a Walmart store and practice medicine somewhere between the frozen food section and their auto-parts shop.

Our state Constitution currently prohibits such a set-up, a choice that Oklahoma lawmakers consciously and wisely made (and have since reaffirmed) to treat medical care as something other than a normal mass market retail product. Complete article

Man reportedly leaves small children in vehicle at Tx. Walmart 07/11/2017

Infant found in locked car parked at Boardman Ohio Walmart 07/11/2017

Shoplifting complaint leads to mobile meth lab bust at Little Falls Minn. Walmart 07/12/2017

Woman Sues Walmart In Shorewood Ill. After Slipping On Fruit Inside Store 07/11/2017

Bryan police: Three arrested in two Tx. Walmart thefts 07/12/2017

Suspects steal five motorbikes from Thomasville Ga. Walmart 07/12/2017 Investigators said two guys seen on surveillance photos, walked out of the Thomasville Walmart Monday with 5 different motorbikes.

LPD: Man with marijuana on him bit employee while robbing Tx. Walmart 07/11/2017

A man allegedly bit a loss prevention officer while exiting a local Walmart without paying for merchandise, according to Laredo police.

LPD said Carlos Alfredo Salas, 26, also had a small baggie of marijuana on him. In addition, he allegedly kept giving police a fake name during booking procedures.

Salas was charged with robbery, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and failure to identify, giving false or fictitious information. Complete article

Razor blade cuts Las Cruces boy riding in NM Walmart shopping cart 07/11/2017

LAS CRUCES - A razor blade lodged in a shopping cart at a Las Cruces Walmart recently cut a 6-year-old boy, and now his mother want fellow shoppers to be careful.

“It’s really terrifying as a parent to have your son be involved with, or child be involved with anything that has to do with a razor blade," said Sarah Jane Baker. "Especially when they’re dirty and you don’t know where they’re coming from."

The mother said she was shocked to learn that her son Gunner, was accidentally cut.

"It was disheartening," Baker said. "It’s really disgusting. It’s unfortunate."

Baker said Gunner was sitting in the large part of the cart, and after grabbing the underside of the baby seat, was cut on this thumb.

"I still am very nervous," Baker said. "This incident has required doctors visits that will require further doctors visits - in addition to incident reports with Walmart and the public health department.” Complete article

Wisc. Supreme Court Sides with Walmart in Worker’s Compensation Case 07/11/2017

July 11, 2017 – An employee with two medical conditions, only one related to her work at Walmart, won’t get worker’s compensation for her permanent partial disability that resulted from a surgical procedure, under a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision.

That’s because the surgery did not treat a work-related injury, a 4-3 majority explained in Flug v. Labor and Industry Review Commission, 2017 WI 72 (June 30, 2017). Surgery treated a preexisting condition that was not caused by the work injury.

Klug, a store supervisor at the Walmart in Chippewa Falls, sought compensation under Wis. Stat. section 102.42(1m), which requires an employer to indemnify an employee who sustains a disability as a result of an invasive treatment undertaken in good faith, even if the treatment turns out to be unnecessary in treating a work-related injury. Complete article

Texas police hoping funny Facebook selfies lead to Walmart robbery suspect's capture; she tried to run the loss prevention officer over twice 07/11/2017

The Kaufman Police Department is searching for a Henderson County woman who led police on a high-speed chase after trying to run over a Walmart employee.

Megan Boulter, 25, is charged with aggravated robbery and child endangerment following a series of incidents that began at 10:40 p.m. on July 2.

Boulter was seen shoplifting at a Kaufman Wal-Mart by a loss prevention officer, said police Capt. Edward Black. Boulter had her 5-year-old daughter with her as well, Black said.

The shoplifting incident turned into a robbery after Boulter tried to run the loss prevention officer over twice with her red 2013 Dodge Challenger, Black said. No one was injured.

Boulter then led police on a 90 mph chase with her daughter in the car. Complete article

Ill. Walmart Closing Was Due To Clogged Drain 07/11/2017

Mid-Hudson NY arrests report: 4 Walmart thefts over one thousand dollars 07/12/2017

Columbia Co. Ga. searching for Evans Walmart shoplifting suspect 07/11/2017

Metro seeks Ga. Walmart shoplifting suspect 07/11/2017

Trespassing bust leads to shoplifting, drug charges 07/11/2017

11 people charged with theft, assault, other crimes 2 petty shop-liftings at Pa. Walmart $2,500 bail 07/12/2017

Voucher scam reaps $3,500 for two people at Montana Walmart; see surveillance photos 07/12/2017

Police investigating suspicious device at Lilburn Ga. Wal-Mart 07/12/2017

Walmart commissioning Griffiss for drone delivery research 07/12/2017

ROME — Drone delivery service just got a little closer to becoming a reality — at least for Walmart.

The Oneida County Legislature Wednesday approved two resolutions that will allow the national corporation to rent and commission research on the possibility of drone delivery for orders.

″(Walmart) is working with another UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) test site; they’ve already started doing preliminary work and they’re working out West,” said Oneida County Aviation Commissioner Russell Stark. “We’re going to basically be the East Coast arm for research and development.” Complete article

Police: Clarksville woman drives Walmart cart home after car won’t start 07/12/2017

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Clarksville woman is facing charges after she drove a battery-powered cart from Walmart home early Tuesday morning when her car wouldn’t start.

Clarksville police reported it received calls a woman was driving the cart down the center of 101st Airborne Division Parkway around 4 a.m.

When an officer attempted to stop 41-year-old Jaimie Taylor, she was near Victory Road, about one and a half miles from the Walmart on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

Taylor reportedly refused to stop for the officer, continuing onward until the officer chased her down on foot and was able to stop her. Complete article

Ca. Woman Files Lawsuit Over Walmart Store’s Breast Pumping Practices 07/12/2017

SACRAMENTO -- The chance to feed mother's milk to a newborn is a beautiful experience many women crave.

But one Sacramento mother says her employer -- Walmart -- stole that opportunity from her and stressed her to the point that her milk dried up.

Christina Alexander claims she was surveilled by security cameras while trying to pump when she returned to work after maternity leave.

After learning she'd been caught on camera, Alexander started expressing her milk in a bathroom stall, but she still didn't feel safe and quit work at the Taylor Center Neighborhood Market.

Following a transfer to the super center in West Sacramento, she also says she was fired for a trumped up missed day from her time at the Market. Complete article

JCPD: Elizabethton man charged with June shoplifting incident at Johnson City Tenn. Walmart 07/12/2017

Bomb Threat led to Brooksville Fla. Walmart evacuation 07/12/2017

SC Walmart evacuated after bomb threat, detective says 07/12/2017

GAFFNEY, S.C. — Police are investigating an attempted robbery at the WoodForest Bank inside of a Gaffney Walmart on Wednesday.

The Walmart was evacuated after a man told a bank teller he knew someone who had a bomb in the Walmart, according to Detective Brian Blanton with the Gaffney Police Department. Blanton said a man came into the Walmart in Gaffney around 6 p.m. Tuesday and went inside the bank in the store.

He said the man was asking bank officials about getting a loan and after a discussion with the bank teller the man left.

The man came back to the Walmart Wednesday around 6 p.m. and said he needed $5,000, Blanton said.

According to Blanton, the man told the teller there was a guy he knew inside the Walmart who had a bomb, Blanton said.

Blanton said the teller told the man the money was in the back, and when the teller went in the back, the man fled the scene. Complete article

Police: Suspect in attempted bank robbery at Gaffney SC Walmart arrested in NC 07/14/2017

Woman Arrested In Pa. Walmart Checkout Line For Leaving Baby In Hot Car 07/13/2017

Police: Man Caught Masturbating At Drive-Thru, Outside Md. Wal-Mart 07/13/2017

Walmart in Lisbon Conn. evacuated after electrical fire 07/13/2017

Oklahoma woman catches snake in Walmart parking lot 07/13/2017 “They’re harmless. Yeah, it could bite you but they’re harmless and they eat poisonous snakes, rats, mice, chickens, eggs, but for the most part, a bull snake is your friend,” she said.

Woman who led historic women’s rights lawsuit against Walmart dies in Antioch 07/13/2017

$4,000 worth of baby formula, detergent stolen from Ga. Walmart 07/13/2017

3 Tenn. Walmarts among top spots where Metro police are called 07/13/2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Metro Nashville Police Department tracks businesses and addresses that police officers are frequently called to.

In their weekly CompStat data, they refer to these as “hot addresses.” In the past 12 weeks ending July 8, three Walmarts appear in the top 15 list city-wide.

There were 113 calls for police service to the store at 3458 Dickerson Pike over the past 12 weeks. During the same time period, there were 86 calls for service to the Walmart at 4040 Nolensville Pike, and 77 calls for police service to the store at 7044 Charlotte Pike.

Many of these calls stem from shoplifting at the stores or due to suspicious or disorderly persons. Complete article

Walmart’s Sick Scheduling Policies

A new survey alleges that the mega-retailer punishes workers for medical absences. 07/13/2017

As if the low wages Walmart’s associates make weren’t bad enough, it turns out the mega-retailer is also failing to abide by federal sick-leave law. According to labor advocates, the company’s strict “point system” for regulating workers’ schedules is penalizing people for getting sick or caring for their family’s health—even when the law entitles them to leave time.

A new report reveals that workers subjected to Walmart’s harsh scheduling rules fear their supervisors’ cold calculations are discounting the value of the health of loved ones, as they are consistently denied time off to care for family in times of need. Workers have reported being arbitrarily denied their right to take time off for family health needs, and even punished for missing work for a medical emergency. According to a voluntary online survey of some 1,000 workers, nearly eight in 10 said they had been “punished” by management for an emergency medical absence.

Under Walmart’s disciplinary system, workers rack up points for missed work time under a “three strikes you’re out” policy, according to the advocacy group that led the survey, A Better Balance (ABB). When they end up getting “pointed out” for the time off that they must take to deal with family health crises, workers end up having to choose between risking their jobs or risking their family’s health—often while struggling to earn enough to cover basic health-care needs. Complete article

Oklahoma City Police Department: Belle Isle Walmart evacuated after bomb threat 07/13/2017

3 suspects steal computers from Kosciusko Mississippi Walmart 07/14/2017

$1000 reward offered in La. Walmart heist 07/13/2017

Conway Arkansas police seek suspect wanted for Walmart theft 07/14/2017

They took credit cards out of cars at a gym and used them at Mississippi Wal-Mart, cops say 07/14/2017

Marana Ariz. Police searching for Walmart parking lot robbery suspect 07/14/2017

Walmart Canada pulls onesie over complaints it was offensive to Indigenous people 07/1/2017

Oregon Walmart workers credited with stopping scam targeting 90-year-old woman 07/14/2017

Passersby chase away man who attacked woman outside Walmart in South Bend Ind. 07/15/2017
Police release photo of suspect in Walmart robbery attempt 07/19/2017

Robbers confront Palmetto man outside Fla. WalMart 07/15/2017

Walmart in East Naples Fla. alleges employee stole $15,000 from cash registers 07/14/2017

Columbus man says he was stuck by syringe while trying on trunks at Ohio Walmart 07/14/2017

COLUMBUS (WSYX/WTTE) — A father says he was shopping for swim trunks at the Georgesville Road Walmart when he felt a poke.

The man said it was Wednesday evening and he was at the store with his brother. The customer said he entered a dressing room to try on the clothes.

"Something poked me in the leg. So I open up the pocket of the shorts and find this syringe.I am like bro, I just got poked and it broke off in my leg because I pulled the shorts up."

The man said store security and clerks called an ambulance to take him the the hospital. He said he was scared.

"You don't check your clothes before you try them on," he said.

The man said he is concerned about becoming HIV positive or getting Hep C.

"I don't know if I caught anything off of this. We won't know until, they say it takes up to two years go figure it out. The prescription is $3,500 dollars for thirty days of medicine and I don't have insurance," he said. ....

The customer said a store associate told him they have found needles in the bathroom and parking lot previously.

The man has retained a lawyer and said he plans to send the syringe to a lab to be tested. Complete article

Viral 85-percent off Walmart coupon is a giant scam 07/15/2017

Police investigate bomb threat Saturday at Ga. Walmart 07/16/2017

2 killed, 9 hurt in cleaver attack at Chinese Walmart store 07/16/2017

BEIJING Two people were hacked to death and another nine injured by a man wielding a meat cleaver inside a Walmart store in China's southern manufacturing hub of Shenzhen, police in the city's Bao'an district said Monday.

A 30-year-old unemployed man was detained as a suspect in the Sunday night attack, police said in an online statement. The motive for the attack was not immediately known.

Firearms are largely unobtainable for ordinary Chinese, and such attacks are more often carried out with knives or homemade explosives. Sales of knives have faced stricter regulations following high-profile attacks, some of which have targeted children at or just outside kindergartens and elementary schools. Perpetrators of most past attacks have been described as being mentally ill or bearing grudges against society, with social dislocation and a lack of resources for diagnosing and treating such conditions contributing to the problem, experts say. Complete article

Suspect Arrested After Starting Fire in South Sacramento Ca. Walmart 07/15/2017

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Police arrested a man Saturday after he started a fire in a South Sacramento Walmart. Witnesses say around 3:30 p.m. a man took lighter fluid and sprayed a display shelf near a can of paint or varnish then lit the area on fire.

Customers and employees in the store on Gerber and Elk Grove Florin roads used fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

The store was evacuated as the man who started the fire attempted to walk away with what appeared to be a red bag full of goods. Complete article

BREAKING: Small Fire Incident Closes Clarke County Alabama Walmart For Hours 07/16/2017

Thomasville, Al (WKRG)- The Clarke County Emergency Management Agency Director Roy Waite confirms to News 5 that someone set fire to the pet isle at the Thomasville Walamrt around 6:55 pm Saturday night.

The store was immediately evacuated.

Hours later, Thomasville Police arrested a juvenile from Marengo County. That person was charged with arson 1st degree. Complete article

Gunman robs women in Ga. Walmart, Kroger's parking lots miles apart, then an auto parts store across town 07/15/2017

Two women in parking lots miles away from each other were robbed by the same gunman Saturday, who then drove across town and held up an auto parts store. The first armed robbery occurred at Walmart on Zebulon Road at 3:30 p.m., a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office news release said. Laquesta Mitchell, 40, of Macon, was at her car when a black male came up to her with a handgun and demanded money. Mitchell gave him an undisclosed amount of cash and the suspect left in a red, four-door vehicle. No one was injured. At about 7:30 p.m., the same suspect accosted Angelique Shepard, 27, of Newark, Delaware, as she was walking to her car outside Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road, the news release said. Complete article

POLICE REPORTS: Police make several arrests at Lufkin Tx. Walmart on Saturday, Sunday 07/17/2017

Couple steals $2K of merchandise from Fla. Walmart (Caught on Cam) 07/16/2017

Attempted shoplifting at Ellicott City Md. Walmart leads to drug bust 07/17/2017

Hurricane WV Police Department Need Help Identifying Walmart Shoplifting Suspects 07/17/2017

Police: Dog found dehydrated at Md. Walmart euthanized, owner threatened to kill officers 07/17/2017

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (ABC7) — A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill police officers because his bulldog was euthanized after they found him with the apparently dehydrated dog in a car with suspected heroin in it at a Walmart in Severn, police say.

Anne Arundel County Police say they were called to the Walmart in the 407 George Clauss Boulevard at around 9:11 p.m. on Wednesday for a report of animal neglect. Officers got to the scene and found James Huckaby, 37, of Glen Burnie, dragging his dog Diesel on a leash. Police say Huckaby told them he fell asleep in his car while he was waiting to give a friend a ride. People told police that Diesel was in the back seat while Huckaby slept and that the dog "appeared to be in distress," according to authorities.

Animal Control took Diesel to an emergency veterinary clinic after police say he collapsed after trying to get up. The dog looked like he was dehydrated and had heat exhaustion, officers said. Complete article

Deputies looking for man who fought past two Fla. Walmart employees to steal Tequila 07/17/2017

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies are looking for a man who stole six bottles of Tequila and fought past two employees at Walmart.

It happened Friday, July 7 at the Walmart in Seminole, located at 10237 Bay Pines Blvd.

The man is seen on surveillance forcing his way past store employees who tried to stop him.

The suspect got in a dark colored Mitsubishi sport utility vehicle with at least two other people inside to get away.

Deputies say the vehicle may have been involved in another liquor theft at the same store with a different suspect. Complete article

N-word used on Walmart website to describe product color 07/17/2017

Walmart was apologizing on Monday after an appalling description of a product by a third-party vendor made its way onto the retail giant’s website.

The retailer was slammed early Monday after the color of a netting weave cap — used as a protective layer between a person’s hair and sewn-in hair extensions — on its site was described as the color “N— Brown.”

“Hey @Walmart what are you doing,” Twitter user Kwani Lunis tweeted with a screenshot of the problematic product listing. Complete article

3 men break glass case, steal headphones and electronics from Arkansas Walmart 07/17/2017

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (WMC) - Three men stole electronics from Walmart in Blytheville on Sunday.

Video surveillance shows the men breaking a glass case and taking headphones, iPods, and mp3 players.

One of the men broke the case using a hammer and filled a tub with video games and game consoles. Complete article

Pair questioned as Fargo ND police investigate report of gunshot at Walmart 07/17/2017

FARGO – A report of a gunshot Monday, July 17, at the Walmart in south Fargo led police to detain a man and woman for questioning, but they were not arrested.

Sgt. Travis Moser said officers were dispatched about 1:30 p.m. Monday to the Walmart by 52nd Avenue South after receiving a call from a driver who had reportedly been shot at in the store’s parking lot by someone with a shotgun.

Moser said officers did not find anybody with a gun at the store. Police also spoke to other shoppers about the incident, but none of them reported hearing a gunshot.

Police said there was no risk to the public. Walmart remained open and was not evacuated. Complete article

No shot was fired at Fargo ND Walmart, police say 07/18/2017

Woman awarded $43.6 million after being run over in Tx. Walmart parking lot 07/17/2017

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Sinton woman, who was run over in a Walmart parking lot, has been awarded nearly $44 million, after suing Walmart and the driver who hit her. Her attorneys say the accident could have been avoided if Walmart had a stop sign at the intersection in the parking lot where it happened.

The accident happened in the Calallen Walmart parking lot in 2014, when then 78-year-old Adelaide Price was run over by a truck. Price had walked out of the store and was crossing in the parking lot when a driver made a left and hit her. The jury says the driver is only 25 percent to blame, placing the rest on Walmart and the lack of a stop sign at that parking lot intersection.

According to Price's attorneys, the driver testified he didn't see Price, but would have seen her if he had stopped before turning because of a sign. .....

Of the total dollar amount of the verdict, $30 million is for punitive damages, but because of state restrictions on how high those kinds of damages can go, Price may get something closer to $950,000. Putting aside any possible appeals, she would still get $13.6 million in actual damages. Complete article

Man arrested for breaking into a car in Fla. Wal-Mart parking lot 07/17/2017 Chiefland officials say that an off duty officer witnessed Nebuchadnezzar Watson smashing out a windown to a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot north of Young Boulevard.

Attempted shoplifting at Ellicott City Md. Walmart leads to drug bust 07/17/2017

Felony theft charge filed for Minn. Walmart shoplifting 07/17/2017

Police looking for Ga. Walmart thief 07/17/2017

Tenn. Walmart pharmacy employee arrested for stealing medication 07/17/2017

Couple steals $2K of merchandise from Fla. Walmart (Caught on Cam) 07/16/2017

Man accused of fondling woman in Fla. Walmart arrested in woods 07/17/2017

Fayetteville man nabbed in NC Walmart cellphone theft, deputies say 07/18/2017

An 86-year-old international jewelry thief is charged with stealing from Ga. Walmart 07/18/2017

A elderly international thief who allegedly stole nearly $2 million in jewelry in her decadeslong career was arrested Monday night and charged with shoplifting from a metro Atlanta Walmart.

Doris Payne, 86, was accused of stealing $86.22 worth of merchandise from the Walmart on Chamblee Tucker Road in Dekalb County about 5 p.m., according to an article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A store employee told a Chamblee police officer at the store that Payne had grabbed items from the pharmacy, electronics and grocery departments, and concealed them in her purse inside a shopping cart, the AJC reported. She also used a Walmart shopping bag to hide the goods. Complete article

Recall of beef ravioli products distributed at Walmart 07/18/2017

The products subject to recall bear establishment number “EST. 19076” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

The Wornick Company, a Cincinnati, Ohio, establishment, is recalling approximately 61,538 pounds of beef ravioli products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday. The product may contain milk, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label.

The beef wonton ravioli items were produced on Feb. 22, 2017 and March 28, 2017 — 14.5-ounce plastic bowl packages containing “Sam’s Choice ASIAN STYLE BEEF WONTON Ravioli,” with “BEST IF USED BY” dates of Feb. 22, 2018 and Mar. 28, 2018. Complete article

Multiple jurisdictions led on chase following shoplifting case, assault of SC Walmart employee 07/1/2017

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Police across two jurisdictions were taken on a multi-city chase in Lexington County following a shoplifting incident and an assault, officials say.

The chase started in Lexington where a loss prevention officer at a Walmart was assaulted by a suspect who is believed to be involved in a shoplifting case. That person fled the store in a car with two others, investigators said.

Officers with the Lexington Police Department pursued the car but were soon joined by the Batesburg-Leesville Police Department.

The chase ended a short time later when the car crashed into a pole and overturned on Walden Street, police said. Complete article

Fort Myers Fla. Walmart Razor Thieves Wanted For Series of Crimes 07/19/2017

Minn. Walmart stabbing suspect committed to St. Peter 07/18/2017

Seekonk RI police recover teen girl’s iPhone taken from Walmart store 07/18/2017

Beavercreek Ohio officer who killed John Crawford III back on ‘full duty’ 07/18/2017

Mount Hope man arrested, charged with shoplifting at Beckley WV Walmart 07/17/2017

Man exposed himself to girl in toy section of James Island SC Walmart, police say 07/19/2017

3 teens charged with stealing $1,700 worth of merchandise from Walmart store in town of Ulster NY 07/19/2017

Police: Man found driving electric cart stolen from Longview Tx. Walmart 07/19/2017

A Longview homeless advocate was arrested Wednesday after police said he stole an electric shopping cart from Walmart on East Loop 281.

Edward Mark Dickard, 52, was held without bond Wednesday, charged with theft of property measuring more than $2,500 but less than $30,000.

Officers arrived about 6:50 a.m. Wednesday and were told a man had stolen an electric cart, police said.

Police said Dickard was found driving the cart on U.S. 259 just north of the city limits.

In a recent News-Journal story about the city’s Task Force on Homelessness, Dickard, who says he is homeless, said he had been harassed this past month by officers when he was arrested on criminal trespass charges while waiting on a bus. Online jail records list an address on Fourth Street for Dickard. Complete article

He threatened to shoot crowd chasing him out of Ocean Springs Mississippi Walmart, police say 07/19/2017

OCEAN SPRINGS A police officer who happened to be shopping in a Walmart was able to help stop a 17-year-old purse-snatching suspect who threatened people with a handgun, officials say.

At 5:12 p.m. Wednesday, the Ocean Springs Police Department received a 911 call of an armed robbery inside the Walmart on U.S. 90, saying a man took a purse from a female and ran away.

The woman ran after him, police said in a press release, and other shoppers joined her as they chased him outside. Once outside, the man pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the crowd, threatening to shoot them, according to the press release. Complete article

Walmart is developing a robot that identifies unhappy shoppers 07/19/2017

Walmart is developing facial recognition technology to detect frustrated or unhappy shoppers.

The technology uses video cameras at store checkout lines that monitor customers' facial expressions and movements to try and identify varying levels of dissatisfaction, according to a patent filing.

If the system detects an unhappy customer, it will ping employees in other parts of the store and order them to report to a checkout register, in the hopes of alleviating shoppers' distress. ....

Walmart will not only use the data to address immediate staffing needs. It will also use the technology to analyze trends in shoppers' purchase behavior over time, according to the patent filing.

To analyze purchasing behavior, the system links customers' facial expressions or "biometric data" as its called in the patent filing to their transaction data — meaning how much they are spending and what they are buying.

Walmart says this will help stores detect changes in a customers' purchase habits due to dissatisfaction.

"Significant drops or complete absence of customers spending ... may be identified," according to the patent filing. Complete article

East Liverpool Ohio man files civil lawsuit against Walmart 07/19/2017

LISBON — An East Liverpool area man who suffered burns when a new gas generator he reportedly bought at Walmart in Calcutta caught fire and exploded, has filed a civil lawsuit in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court this week.

Robert C. Jones, Annesley Road, claims the generator was manufactured or provided to Walmart by Ultimate Solution Tools, also known as International Merchandising Service, Inc., in Fullerton, Calif.

On the day he purchased the new UST GG1350-Watt Portable Generator, July 20, 2015, Jones took it to Salineville to work on a project. He was powering a circular saw when he noticed the power being delivered to the saw was diminishing.

Jones approached the generator to investigate and power it down, however, the generator caught fire and exploded. Jones reportedly had burns on his right arm, left little finger and both his left and right shins. He believes the generator’s engine component sparked and ignited gas leaking from the fuel tank. Complete article

Police charge Hickory NC man banned from Wal-Mart with stealing from store 07/20/2017

Theft from Waterford Walmart prompts multi-agency manhunt 07/20/2017

Mechanicsville woman again faces first-degree murder charge in Va. Walmart shooting 07/20/2017

Cops: Dog found panting in 136-degree SUV while owner was at Ga. Walmart 07/19/2017

Police: Suspects steal Children's Miracle Network donation machine from Ga. Walmart 07/20/2017

Police: Parents left children in hot car while allegedly shoplifting from Va. Walmart 07/20/2017

Police arrest Clermont Fla. Wal-Mart employee on drug, disorderly conduct charges 07/20/2017

CLERMONT — A sheriff’s deputy arrested and charged a Wal-Mart employee Saturday with threatening to shoot people and refusing to leave the store when the manager told her to leave.

When the deputy arrived at the store on U.S. Highway 27 the manager told him that Eucharia Mechile Ike, 28, of Orlando left when she heard the patrol car siren. When the deputy approached her in the parking lot and asked if she had a gun, she said yes and that he should shoot her. When he patted her down, however, all he could find was a box cutter which she used in her work as a temporary employee.

When he searched her backpack he found marijuana in a plastic bag and a partially filled bottle of alcohol.

The store’s security manager told Deputy B. Binder that Ike was throwing things at customers and screaming at employees and customers, including some who told her that there were several children nearby. She also reportedly tried to kick one of the managers. Complete article

Man pulls knife on bank teller inside Henrico Va. Walmart 07/20/2017

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- The FBI has offered a $5,000 reward for information that helps identify a man wanted for a Henrico robbery. The man, police said, robbed the Woodforest National Bank, inside the Walmart on Brook Road.

Before the robbery, the man walked through the store, exited, changed clothes, and returned with a weapon.

"The subject produced a knife and vaulted the teller counter, demanding money from the victim teller as he approached," a FBI spokesperson said about the June 29 crime. "The employee complied with the demands, and the subject fled the bank on foot to his vehicle and fled the parking lot." Complete article

Grocery battle between Amazon, Wal-Mart may be all hype, little drama 07/20/2017

The ongoing clash of the titans between Amazon and Wal-Mart has entered a new arena: the grocery aisle. The two giants have long battled — Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) dominating the online market, WalMart (NYSE: WMT) the reigning king of brick-and-mortar retail — for customers, both using rock-bottom pricing on everything from bicycles to body wash. But with Amazon's $13.7 billion recent deal to buy Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFM), the two heavyweights are on track to expand their turf war into America's… ... Complete article

OPD: Odessa man and former employee arrested following pursuit, Tx. Walmart robbery where gun discharged 07/20/2017

Odessa police arrested an Odessa man this morning after a pursuit through the city ending at the man’s home in the 2700 block of Madera Avenue.

Police were searching for a suspect who stole ammunition from the eastside Walmart this morning. When the man was confronted by an employee, he displayed a firearm and fired off one round before fleeing the scene on foot.

OPD Spokesman Cpl. Steve LeSueur said police identified the suspect as 20-year-old Hector Martinez. Investigation led them to discover the kind of vehicle Martinez was driving, a white Dodge pickup, and when police attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle matching the description, LeSueur said a pursuit ensued. Complete article

OPD: Former Walmart employee arrested after ammo theft, police pursuit 07/20/2017 .... “He did threaten the officer, threatened suicide by cop…” LeSueur said during a press conference in the 2700 block of Madera Avenue where the pursuit ended. ....

The motive of the ammunition robbery is still under investigation. LeSueur said Martinez is a former Walmart employee and the department will be taking extra precautions and increasing their presence at the eastside location.

Odessa Tx. Walmart shooting suspect arrested 07/20/2017

Trio stole more than $15K worth of electronics from Florida Wal-Mart 07/20/2017

Police are searching for a trio who has stolen more than $15,000 worth of electronics from a Florida Wal-Mart.

Surveillance video from the store shows two men and a woman enter the store on June 11 and head to the electronics section, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

One of the men broke a lock on a cabinet and took several items. The group then went to the infant section of the store where they took a car seat out of a box and replaced it with the electronics, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

They scanned the car seat box and some cereal at the self-checkout station before leaving, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Complete article

Deputies find man-on-man fight outside Fla. Walmart 07/20/2017

3 found with meth-making materials in Norwich NY Walmart parking lot, police say 07/20/2017

Car runs into Harleysville Pa. Walmart garden center 07/20/2017

Charleston PD searching for suspect in sexual exposure incident at SC Walmart 07/20/2017

Three arrested on reports of robbing Saratoga Springs Utah Wal-Mart at gunpoint 07/21/2017

Three men were arrested Thursday by Saratoga Springs police officers on reports of robbing the Wal-Mart at gunpoint.

Police reports state that on Thursday, employees of the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart observed Christopher Bullock pushing several items, valued at more than $3,000, out of the business without paying for them.

As employees tried to stop him, he turned around and told the employee, “Do you want to get shot?” while brandishing a gun, reports state.

Bullock, 26, left the parking lot with two other men, reportedly Jose Maqueda, 20, and Juan Rivera, 18.

A customer followed the three in an attempt to get a vehicle description for the police. At one point, Bullock pulled over and threatened the customer, saying he had a gun, reports state. Complete article

Two shot at Mount Dora Fla. Walmart, police say 07/21/2017

Police said they were called to the Walmart just before 9:30 p.m. after reports that two people were shot.

MOUNT DORA, Fla. — Two people have been shot at a Walmart in Mount Dora, police said.

Pictures from a viewer shows multiple police lights in the parking lot of the business on Eudora Road and US 441 in Mount Dora. When they arrived, police said they found one person shot in the back and one shot in the knee. Complete article

Reports of shots fired at Eagle River Alaska Walmart 07/21/2017

EAGLE RIVER (KTUU) Anchorage Police Department says there are reports of shots fired in the Walmart at Eagle River.

As of 10 o'clock Friday APD had evacuated the store while conducting a search.

They say this is not an active shooter investigation.

There are currently no injuries to report and the APD says they will send out a nixle if they get information that warrants it. Complete article

Man charged after alleged threat to Wisc. Walmart manager 07/21/2017

MOUNT PLEASANT — A Mount Pleasant man has been charged after he reportedly threatened to kill a Walmart manager.

Terence Pruitt, 25, of the 4300 block of Shorehaven Lane, was charged with disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon.

On Thursday, police responded to Walmart, 3049 Oakes Road, after it was reported that a man was threatening staff. The complainant said the suspect was making threats and reaching into his pocket. Complete article

Walmart is making their employees wear capes 07/21/2017

Not all heroes wear capes, but some Walmart employees do. At least during “Back to School” season.

In a post on social media, Kennedy, a 21-year-old from Arkansas, posted a photo of herself in a cape during her shift at Walmart. Why? It’s all about the company’s slogan this fall: “Own the school year like a hero.”

When Kennedy found how, she was embarrassed at first, but after the positive reaction she got from the internet, she’s taking it in stride. But she’s not the only one voicing their opinion online. Complete article

Lee County Fla. men arrested for stealing Wal-Mart flat-screens 07/21/2017

Police searching for man using counterfeit money at Columbia Tenn. Walmart 07/21/2017

Mississippi woman charged with lying about fall at Walmart 07/21/2017

Woman, deputies aid 4 children left in car in Va. Walmart parking lot 07/22/2017

Truck Catches On Fire In Oregon Walmart Parking Lot 07/22/2017

Bond lowered for man accused of fatally shooting Fla. Walmart diaper thief 07/21/2017

Longmont police seek suspect in fatal shooting in Colorado Walmart parking lot 07/23/2017

Police say they’ve obtained an arrest warrant on charges of second-degree murder and possession of a weapon by a previous offender for Joseph Keith Anderson, who has ties to the Loveland and Littleton areas.

He was last seen driving a black Nissan Murano with a white or tan top, with Colorado license plate DBQ 998.

Anyone who sees Anderson is asked to call 911 immediately.

Officials earlier this morning said there is no danger to the community following the shooting, and that Longmont police have “identified the involved party, and we are attempting to locate him.”

Police were dispatched to the Walmart’s north parking lot at 2:57 a.m. on a report of a possible shooting. They found that a witness had transported the 23-year-old victim to Longmont United Hospital, where he died of his injuries. Complete article

Man fatally shot in Longmont Walmart parking lot identified 07/25/2017

Police charge man who accidentally shoots himself at SC Walmart 07/23/2017

GREENWOOD, S.C. — Greenwood police have charged a man who accidentally shot himself with his own gun at a Walmart.

Officers were called to the Walmart on Bypass 25 shortly before 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police said 27-year-old James Elliott Johnson had the pistol in his back pocket when it went off and shot him in the leg.

Johnson told officers he was trying to turn on the weapon's safety when it fired. Complete article

Security guard stabbed by shoplifter at Tx. Walmart 07/22/2017

SAN ANTONIO — A security guard was seriously injured in a stabbing outside a Walmart store on the Northwest Side.

The stabbing happened at the Walmart located on the 8000 block of Bandera Road around 12:44 p.m. Saturday. According to police, a homeless person shoplifted and was attempting to leave, when a security guard in plain clothes confronted him outside. They say the homeless person then stabbed the security guard.

The security guard was taken by EMS to University Hospital with life-threatening injures and was taken into surgery. Complete article

25-year-old man dead at Tenn. Walmart 07/22/2017

MILLINGTON, Tenn. - Millington police are investigating how a 25-year-old man died outside a local Walmart.

The incident happened around 5:45 p.m. at the 8445 Us Highway 51 Walmart in Millington.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how this man died.

However, police told FOX13 the man was dead when they arrived. They broke the window of his truck to try and get the man out. Complete article

Walmart evacuated after reports of armed man inside in N. Houston Tx. 07/23/2017

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Walmart store in north Houston was evacuated this morning after reports of an armed man holding up customers inside.

Police and K-9 officers searched the store at 4412 North Freeway, but found no evidence of an armed suspect.

The all-clear has been given, allowing people back into the store, but there were tense moments at the shop as officers searched for the suspect.

A shopper reported to police seeing someone with a gun inside the Walmart store, allegedly attempting to rob customers. ....

Officers were also looking through surveillance camera footage for any evidence of an armed suspect, but could not find any, according to HPD. Complete article

NM Walmart security guard facing charges after allegedly hitting man on bike 07/23/2017

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)– A security officer for Walmart is behind bars for trying to mow over a man on bike with her security car.

It happened around 8 p.m. Friday at the Walmart on Coors near I-40.

According to a criminal complaint, security officer Carmen Fulcher was patrolling the parking lot on the west side of the store when she rammed her vehicle into the man on his bike.

Fulcher told APD she’s “had problems” with the victim in the past and claims the victim threw a cup of water at her security car.

She claimed she didn’t actually hit the man with her car, but APD says the new security car had a bike tire mark on it and a chip in the paint. Fulcher’s supervisor confirmed the vehicle had no dents, scratches or marks when Walmart security got it. Complete article

Journey Fatal for 9 Migrants Found in Truck in a San Antonio Tx. Parking Lot 07/23/2017

SAN ANTONIO — The authorities here discovered eight bodies in a tractor-trailer in a Walmart parking lot early Sunday morning in what they said was a human trafficking crime that underscored the perils facing migrants trying to enter the United States by any means available.

By Sunday afternoon, another person had died at a hospital, according to a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. All of the dead were men.

The eight people whose bodies were initially found were believed to have died from heat exposure and asphyxiation, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department said. Complete article

Officials: Guatemalan citizen among dead in S.A. from smuggling operation, death toll climbs to 10 07/24/2017

Police: Mother arrested after leaving kids, 5 & 7, inside hot car at Springfield Oregon Walmart 07/23/2017

Judge: Laredo woman who attacked pregnant woman in Tx. Wal-Mart parking lot must pay $17K in restitution 07/24/2017

News 13 crews capture shoplifting at Albuquerque NM Walmart 07/24/2017

Parent arrested in relation to child being left in car in Pa. Walmart parking lot 07/22/2017

Florence woman leaves 3 kids in car outside SC Walmart, police say 07/24/2017

Florence police look for individuals connected to shoplifting at SC Walmart 07/24/2017

Lexington dad drops his car at SC Walmart service shop – and leaves baby strapped in 07/24/2017

Shoplifting suspect's husband pulls Maine Walmart fire alarm, police say 07/24/2017

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — The Scarborough Walmart was evacuated Monday afternoon when the husband of a shoplifting suspect pulled the fire alarm, police said.

Police said store employees told them the woman's husband, Sean Francis, 42, of Portland, called and threatened them, ordering the release of his wife.

Francis then pulled the fire alarm and left in a car, police said.

Several officers searched the area around Walmart. Police said Francis called 911 and the police department's business line several times and threatened officers. Complete article

Police investigating armed robbery at Walmart in east Las Vegas Nevada 07/24/2017

Las Vegas police are investigating an attempted armed robbery at a Walmart near Tropicana and Pecos avenues.

Four people fled in a vehicle about 10 a.m. at 3075 E. Tropicana Ave. before officers arrived, the Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement.

Multiple people reported that the masked robbers armed with handguns demanded money from employees, Metro spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said. Complete article

Hamden Conn. police search for suspect in Walmart theft 07/24/2017

Suburban Ill. Walmart Evacuated Over Suspicious Package: Police 07/25/2017

Benton Arkansas PD: Dead body found in wooded area near Walmart 07/25/2017

Irreplaceable iPhone lost at Tx. Walmart 07/26/2017

Upstate SC Walmart stores evacuated after bomb threats 07/25/2017

Campbell County police search for suspect in Va. Walmart shoplifting 07/26/2017

Police looking for suspects who walked out of Tenn. Walmart with two carts of stolen merchandise 07/25/2017

Police: Man shot in parking lot of Oregon Walmart 07/25/2017

GRANTS PASS, Ore. - A man suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen during a dispute in the parking lot of Walmart early Tuesday morning, police said.

Callers reported the shooting at 1:35 a.m.

The responding officers found 29-year-old Cody Whitten on the ground with a gunshot wound. Complete article

'You're going to make me look f***ing criminal!' Moment Walmart customer loses it when loss prevention officer stops her at the exit even though she has a receipt 07/2/2017

A woman shopping in Minnesota was stopped and accused of shoplifting by Walmart loss prevention as she was exiting the store. The problem; she didn't steal anything.

Gina Lescarbeau, 45, pulled out her phone and decided to Facebook Live the exchange with the employees at the Burnsville Walmart location.

Lescarbeau is about to head to her car on July 21, when loss prevention workers Kenny Swanson-Peck and Thomas Ewalt approach her and tell her she didn't pay for one of several items in her cart.

'You know the lion isn't on the receipt' Swanson-Peck says. Then he makes the mistake of goading the now angry shopper: 'You could record me all you want.'

The heated and expletive laden exchange continues when Swanson-Peck says he needs her to come to his office. 'I'm going, and don't you think I'm a fucking criminal cause I'm not,' Lescarbeau says.

A now fuming Lescarbeau follows to the office where you can hear her on the video taking various items out of her purse to prove there's nothing hidden. Complete article

Two Tx. Walmart thieves caught, one on the run 07/25/2017

Decatur man charged in string of Ill. Walmart burglaries 07/24/2017

Mapleton Woman Apologizes for Alleged Death Threats Towards Somali Americans at Fargo ND Walmart 07/25/2017

NY Court drops lawsuit against Wal-Mart 07/26/2017

Walmart confirms it’s canceling every single SNES Classic preorder 07/26/2017

Anna police seek help identifying suspects in Ill. Walmart theft 07/26/2017

Ill. Walmart theft suspect dies in police custody 07/26/2017

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A suspected thief arrested at a Walmart in Chicago's Hermosa neighborhood died Tuesday while in police custody.

Officers responded around 4:30 p.m. to a report of battery in progress at a Walmart in the 4600-block of West North Avenue.

Two people were allegedly trying return stolen merchandise at the store. Security officers caught and held the suspects until police arrived.

When they got there, police said the handcuffed male suspect appeared to be experiencing a health issue. The officers called for EMS and he was taken into custody. The man was transported to Norwegian American Hospital, where he died. Complete article

Exclusive: Not Made in America - Wal-Mart looks overseas for online vendors 07/27/2017

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Walmart.com, trailing Amazon.com Inc in the number of goods for sale on its website, is recruiting vendors in China and other countries to boost its online offerings in a pivot away from Wal-Mart's Made-in-America campaign. While there is a financial incentive behind the move, Wal-Mart's decision comes out of necessity: not all the goods its customers want - ranging from jeans to bicycles to beauty products - are manufactured within the United States. That reality pits Wal-Mart against President Donald Trump's "Made in America" push. It also risks alienating some of Wal-Mart's existing U.S. vendors since it runs counter to the American-made pledge the retailer made in 2013 in a bid to win customers, and satisfy unions and other critics who said its drive for low cost goods was undermining American jobs. According to two sources with knowledge of the matter, Wal-Mart Stores Inc in February began inviting sellers from China, the United Kingdom and Canada to list on the marketplace section of Walmart.com, where it earns a share of revenue from goods sold and delivered to customers by third-party vendors. Complete article

20-Year-Old Man Kidnapped at gunpoint Near Mebane NC Walmart: Deputies 07/26/2017

MEBANE, NC - A 20-year-old man is missing after deputies say he was taken by three men near the Walmart in Mebane Tuesday night.

According to the Alamance County Sheriff's Office, Alejandro Gonzales was driving with two passengers in a Nissan, across from Walmart on Mebane Oakes Road.

The three people in the Nissan were taken at gunpoint by three other men. Gonzales was taken to a different car while the other two were returned to the Nissan.

Deputies said one of the three suspects drove two of the victims to a location in Mebane and let them free, but drove away with the Nissan. Complete article

Dilworth police seek help finding family of man found dead on May 31 outside ND Walmart 07/26/2017

Agencies investigate bomb threats at SC Walmart stores 07/26/2017 According to police reports, the male caller used the same code that store employees use for bomb threats.

Sheriff's Office: Man stole groceries from Timberlake Va. Walmart 07/26/2017

Laredo Tx. PD searching for man who allegedly walked out of local Walmart with unpaid-for 50-inch TV 07/27/2017

2nd theft scheme takes place at Milford Delaware Walmart in less than a week; pair arrested 07/27/2017

Gas leak temporarily closes Lincoln Nebraska Walmart 07/27/2017

Walmart confirms layoffs at corporate office 07/27/2017

VERIFY: Is Walmart overcharging people on receipts? 07/27/2017

QUESTION: Is Walmart sneaking charges on your bill without you even knowing it?

ANSWER: Yes, a woman from Arkansas was overcharged by ten dollars from Walmart, but no this is not an issue happening at Walmart stores nationwide. Complete article

This answer is misleading at best, implying it is an isolated incident; there have been repeated news reports about semi-regular mistakes on many bar-codes. I've also seen mistakes or known people who have seen them, receipts need to be checked on regular basis, preferably on the spot, if you want to avoid overcharging.

Analysis: Police called disproportionately to Minn. Walmart stores 07/26/2017

In the years leading up to 2014, police calls for service to retailers in Cottage Grove mainly came from two stores — Target and Kohl's. Walmart threw open its doors in March of that year, immediately becoming the top source of calls for service in the east metro suburb, claiming a lead that has remained firm since it opened.

"It's become its own little city," said Cottage Grove Public Safety Director Craig Woolery.

The statistics in Cottage Grove follow a similar trendline in other St. Croix and Mississippi River valley communities, where the retail giant serves customers and draws an often daily response from law enforcement.

When compared to Target — the next-largest big-box discount retailer in those same communities — there is a disproportionate response to Walmart stores.

According to a RiverTown Multimedia analysis of 2016 data from five cities with both stores, Walmart saw an average of 3.69 calls for service to every call at Target.

"If you have Walmart in your community, it is going to be your busiest retail grief as far as theft than any other business," said Hastings Police Chief Bryan Schafer.

He would know. In 2016, the Hastings Walmart saw 646 calls for service compared to 109 calls of service to the Hastings Target. Complete article

Why some people are using Walmart as their bank 07/27/2017

Are you ready to starting banking at Walmart?

The retail giant is trying to get people to save up more money, according to a recent report on NPR, and it's offering enticements to get people to start saving.

Though banks are everywhere, many Americans don't have a traditional bank account for a variety of reasons. .....

But there are some downsides of Walmart's MoneyCard.

NerdWallet.com says while cash withdrawals are free at a Walmart store, you'll pay a $2.50 fee to use an ATM elsewhere.

It really makes sense, then, if you live or work near Walmart and will make all your ATM withdrawals there, to avoid extra fees.

Another downside: You will still be hit with a $5 monthly fee for not keeping $1,000 in your account, just like with big banks. There's also a $3 fee every time you use cash to reload the card, though it's free to reload the card via direct deposit. Complete article

Wal-Mart's Unconventional Approach To Get People To Save: Prizes 11/25/2016 A disclosure here - the Walton Family Foundation connected to Wal-Mart is a frequent sponsor of NPR.

Photos Released After Man Hit By Pellet From A Shotgun In Incident At Idaho Walmart 07/27/2017

Rexburg police have released surveillance photos in connection with the accidental gun discharge at the Rexburg Walmart on Thursday afternoon.

“The pictured male believed to be driving a white and grey pickup with attached flatbed, seen next to gas pumps. He is believed to have information on or may have been a witness to an accidental firearm discharge that occurred near the Rexburg Walmart store at approximately 3:45 p.m.,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

REXBURG — A man was hit by a pellet after a shotgun accidentally discharged at the Walmart gas station on Second East Thursday afternoon.

Police say a man got out of his truck around 4:10 p.m. to get gas. When he opened the door, his shotgun fell out and went off.

“A 31-year-old standing nearby with his back to the man was hit by a pellet from the gun,” Rexburg Police Capt. Randy Lewis tells EastIdahoNews.com. “He was not seriously injured and it didn’t even draw any blood.” Complete article

Hostage freed as knife-wielding man arrested in NE Canton Ohio Walmart 07/27/2017

CANTON An off-duty Canton Police officer working a side job at a local Walmart store arrested a man accused of holding a woman at knife-point Wednesday night as she hid in a restroom.

Police say William Mozingo, 27, of 1413 14th St. NE, had refused to let the woman leave his side until she went to the restroom, where she made a phone call for help. Officers believe she knows Mozingo.

Police also received a call from someone else reporting that the woman was being held against her will, said Lt. John Bosley of the Police Department’s Patrol Division.

Sgt. Steve Meyer, who was working a side job at the store, spotted the man and took him into custody, Bosley said. Complete article

Official: Deputies apprehend armed robbery suspect in York Va. Walmart parking lot 07/28/2017

A 32-year-old man is accused of robbing another man outside the Yorktown Walmart earlier this week, an official said.

York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office deputies responded to the store, at 2601 George Washington Memorial Highway, shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, according to spokeswoman Shelley Ward.

There, a 19-year-old man told deputies an armed suspect robbed him of an undisclosed amount of money, Ward said.

Deputies found someone matching the suspect description in the parking lot. Michael P. Reid, of Rockingham, Va., was arrested in connection with the robbery, according to Ward.

He is charged with use of a firearm in commission of a felony; conspiracy to commit a felony; robbery; possess/transport firearms by a convicted felon; and possession of marijuana. Complete article

Walmart Chile workers vote to go on strike 07/28/2017

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - The union representing workers at Lider, Wal-Mart Stores Inc's (WMT.N) main supermarket chain in Chile, said on Friday they had voted to go on strike for higher pay.

"We are awaiting the final result from the work directorate, but we can say that our union approves the strike with 9,850 votes, or 63.4 percent of the total," the union announced on its Facebook site.

Walmart Chile said it did not have an immediate comment on the announcement.

Either the union or the company may now request government-mediated talks that would last five days to try to reach an agreement and avert the strike. Complete article

An Okla. Walmart cashier, a foster mom and the voice of God 07/27/2017

32 Year-Old Sexually Assaults Young Boy in Chippewa Pa. Walmart Bathroom 07/31/2017

According to KDKA News, Adam Michael Tatusko, 32, of West Mayfield is facing a number of charges, including indecent assault and corruption of minors after sexually assaulting a young boy in the bathroom of the Chippewa Walmart last Tuesday.

Reports state that Tatusko followed the young boy into the bathroom, waited until no one else was in the bathroom, and used a “Doctor Who wand,” claiming it was a taser, to force the child into a stall and take his clothes off.

The assault ended after the boy’s father went into the restroom and called for his son, who ignored Tatusko’s threats not to answer. Tatusko then opened the stall door and claimed he didn’t touch the boy.

The criminal complaint says Tatusko also admitted to trying to do the same thing to a young boy in a Chippewa McDonald’s bathroom on Monday, July 17. In that incident, Tatusko threatened a boy with a knife and told him to take off his pants, but the child refused and fled. Complete article

Local woman arrested for using counterfeit money at Shepherdsville Ky. Walmart 07/28/2017

Fixated on feet: Woman says she was followed by man at Okla. Walmart 07/28/2017

At Walmart, $400 and 6 hours will make that shoplifting charge go away 07/28/2017

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Local Walmart stores just rolled back jail time for suspected shoplifters.

"When a first-time shoplifter is caught, … they say, 'If you pay $400 and take this six-hour online program, we won’t call the police,' " Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Patrick Harrington said Wednesday as he summarized a meeting Tuesday with local store managers and law enforcement officials. ......

"We’re encouraged by a 35 percent reduction in calls to law enforcement agencies nationwide, on average, since we began implementing restorative justice and other crime deterrence programs," Dickens said.

Noting that coercion is a good description for the program, Harrington said, "(Walmart is) basically using the power of law enforcement — threats of arrest and this office — to compel them to take a class for a for-profit program.

"That fundamentally is against what American jurisprudence stand for." .....

These reports of people who didn't follow through with Walmart's program will not be prosecuted, Harrington said.

"It’s so open to abuse. That’s the problem," he said of the after-the-fact theft reports. "How do we prove it?” ......

If we don’t have a law that condemns this, I’ll be asking for one,” Harrington said.

He planned to talk about Walmart's program with Indiana Attorney General's office to determine if the program is illegal. .....

The Minnesota bill would bar programs that operate without involvement of the criminal justice system. Complete article

Walmart theft forgiveness program causes concern for Tippecanoe County prosecutor, customers 07/31/2017 “I advised Walmart they cannot use the system to compel someone to take the program,” said prosecutor Patrick Harrington. “If they do offer the program and the person doesn't fulfill the obligation, do not call us. Do not call the police. We will not take the case. We've lost evidence. We've lost the ability to properly identify the time. The investigation has been hindered."

Harrington said shoplifters should be punished immediately.

Some customers said the policy encourages thieves to steal again.

Mom of 4 threatened over parking spot at Tenn. Sam’s Club: “That man was going to shoot and I knew it” 07/28/2017

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Back-to-school shopping takes a lot these days, including buying uniforms, shoes, backpacks and supplies. So single mom of four Nakisha Wardlow always compares deals at multiple stores including Sam’s Club.

"We just went there to check the prices of the kids uniforms. I got those. I see I beat them somewhere else," she said.

Wardlow went back out to her car and took her time packing up. She said she explained what she was doing to a man in his 60s who was in his vehicle waiting for a spot.

"I let the driver know I was fixing my daughter’s clothes with the door open. He said, ‘You cant tell me where to park!’ I said, 'I am not telling you where to park. I was just letting you know why I was taking so long. He proceeds to cuss me out,” she said.

She said she got scared and her son, 14, got out of the car to protect her.

"The driver was behind the truck already. [He went] back to the door to get [his] gun. Clearly, there are children in the car. I'm still telling my son to sit down. He got a gun. Sit down," she said. Complete article

Man, 50, brandishes knife at Fla. Walmart, police say 07/28/2017

A man was arrested Thursday after police say he left a child unattended while stealing DVDs and video games from Walmart and brandished a pocketknife.

Kelvin Bolton, 50, put about $50 worth of DVDs and video games in his pants at the Walmart at 2900 SW 42nd St. while a 9-year-old in his care was outside the store, according to a Gainesville Police Department arrest report.

A loss prevention employee stopped Bolton when he left the store, and Bolton waved a pocketknife at him and told him to “back off,” the report states.

Bolton threw about $37 worth of the merchandise on the ground and left with the child.

A GPD officer conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle. Bolton ran, leaving the child in the car. Complete article

Woman asked to leave Ohio Walmart, despite following service dog rules 07/28/2017

“No Pets Allowed” is common signage found outside businesses, but not all domesticated animals are pets. Some are service animals.

Austintown resident Ann Gott, 67, was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after her husband died. Not long after, she received Barney, a Maltese service dog that helps detect and calm her symptoms.

Barney’s presence helps Gott feel comfortable when she leaves her home, but she said her experience having a service animal in public spaces hasn’t always been pleasant.

She had to leave a Walmart Supercenter after being told her service animal was not allowed inside the shopping cart she was using. Complete article

Convicted shooter back in court after collision with police car during Utah Walmart pursuit 07/28/2017

A Washington County man repeatedly granted probation after he was convicted of shooting an acquaintance during an apparent dispute two years ago appeared in court Friday to answer new charges that include ramming head-on into a police car during a dangerous high-speed chase through a Walmart parking lot.

Riley Joseph Guerrero, 20, is accused of continuing to deal drugs and associating with others involved in the drug trade after prior reports of probation violations following his sentencing in the shooting incident near Dixie High School in 2015. ....

During his arrest Thursday night, Guerrero allegedly rammed an SUV he was driving into a Washington City police car as he attempted to flee from officers through the Home Depot and Walmart parking lots as the businesses’ customers took care of their shopping, according to a report filed in 5th District Court.

Guerrero allegedly drove through a line of shopping carts, narrowly missed striking another driver’s vehicle, and was Tasered after persistently trying to flee into a residential area on foot, according to the report.

The collision with the police car “left both vehicles disable(d) and caused an estimated more than $5,000 worth of damage,” the report states. Complete article

York man arrested for indecent exposure at Walmart 07/28/2017

Deputies investigate suspicious package at Gray Highway Ga. Walmart 07/29/2017

Walmart cooperating with Health District on odor issue 07/29/2017

Man who 'upskirted' women at Fla. Target, Walmart, Big Lots in 2016 sentenced to prison time 07/28/2017

Facebook post calls out suspects in Bellingham Mass. Walmart gaming console swap 07/30/2017

Police investigate armed robbery at Orange County Fla. Walmart 07/31/2017

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orlando police were investigating an armed robbery at a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Monday.

Police received a call from the 24-hour store on Orange Avenue and Michigan Street about 3:15 a.m.

Police said three masked men walked into the store with guns and demanded money. Complete article

Police: Man pulls knife stolen from Napa Ca. Walmart on loss prevention workers confronting him 07/29/2017

A 62-year-old transient man was arrested Friday afternoon after allegedly stealing merchandise from Walmart and using that merchandise against the store loss prevention officers confronting him, according to Napa Police.

After putting more than $300 worth of merchandise into a shopping cart, Mark Leray Vroman exited the store with the merchandise bypassing checkout, police said. When loss prevention officers contacted Vroman outside the store, Vroman reached into the shopping cart and pulled out a large black hunting-style knife that he had just stolen and swung it in the direction of the officers, police said.

Vroman first threatened to stab the officers then, as he reached into his backpack, threatened to shoot them, police said. Fearing for their safety, the loss prevention officers retreated and headed back toward the store. Police said that Vroman then lost his footing, fell to the ground and dropped the knife before fleeing the scene. Complete article

Epping NH police looking for man suspected of theft at Wal Mart 07/30/2017

Trio Charged With TV Thefts From Missouri Walmart 07/29/2017

March Va. Walmart arson case sent to grand jury 07/30/2017

Man accused of stabbing Walmart employee during shoplifting attempt 07/31/2017

A man accused of stabbing a Walmart employee during a shoplifting attempt was arrested early Monday morning by San Antonio police.

On July 22, an employee witnessed a man, later identified as 39-year-old Travis Cobb, putting merchandise in his backpack at the Walmart on 8030 Bandera Road, according to an affidavit.

The employee told police when he confronted Cobb outside the store, Cobb pulled out a blade and cut the employee several times on his arms and torso, authorities said. Complete article

Help from witnesses leads to quick arrest in armed robbery of Ky. Walmart 07/31/2017

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The man suspected of holding up of a Walmart has been arraigned.

Willie Burton, 31, of Louisville, is charged with one count of robbery.

A Louisville Metro police arrest report says Burton wanted into the Fairdale Walmart at 175 Outer Loop around 3:45 p.m. July 30 and handed a note demanding money to an employee at the customer service desk. Burton also indicated that he had a gun. Complete article

Woman arrested after pepper spraying patrons at Walmart, says Carson City Nevada Sheriff’s Office 07/31/2017

At 3:58 p.m., Alida Rios, 43, of Carson City was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery, felony probation violation, two counts of battery, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of stolen property after deputies responded to reports of a woman pepper spraying patrons and employees at the Market Street Walmart. Bail was set at $29,000. Complete article

Cottages at Summerchase man tells deputies he doesn’t know what led him to steal at Fla. Wal-Mart 07/31/2017

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