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Spectacular Heart Transplant for Sophia But at What Cost

The mainstream media recently provided a fair amount of coverage to Sofia Sanchez, who recently received what appears to be a successful heart transplant that may have saved her life, although these advanced surgeries are uncertain, and it remains to be seen how successful it is.

(Edit, this has been updated below based on new ads providing propaganda paid for with donations without full disclosure.)

We should all welcome the scientific advances that can save many more lives in the future; however the highest profile news reports aren't telling the full story behind advanced science that enables this transplant and the potential costs that it comes at. More important they don't tell the full story about efforts that could dramatically improve health care for all children that shouldn't be considered controversial, including access to Single Payer Health care, with full disclosure. There's good reporting on how much bureaucratic expenses are involved in the current system in alternative media outlets, including explaining the fundamentals of pooled risk, which means that all money collected from premiums are put into one pool of funds to pay out claims, profits advertising lobbying expenses and other costs are subtracted then what's left is used to pay claims. Under the current system part of the premiums are donated to campaigns and given to media outlets so the highest profile institutions have an incentive to distort the truth making it inefficient compared to more effective system with Single Payer!

What these news reports about miraculous heart transplants, whether it's Sophia or other occasional stories, practically never tell the public about is the high risk for these operations, that the collection of these is highly controversial since some of these organs are received from questionable sources, including prisoners from China that are often being held for their political beliefs, and that these advanced operations are also almost always experimental.

If you check Wikipedia for articles on the subject they quickly admit that this is highly controversial and heavily regulated; however the vast majority of the public is almost completely unaware of it. The vast majority of this debate is taking place in the academic world by well educated people that are also reasonably wealthy; however the vast majority of the people used for research are working class people or people in the third world, who are often not fully informed about the potential costs.

While the majority of those being used for research are poor the majority benefiting from it are wealthy. I have no idea where the organs came from for Sofia Sanchez and certainly hope they didn't come from prisoners or some other illegal source, but this is far more common than most people realize. I would think that they have someone that looks into this and that they might be skeptical of featuring this in such a high profile manner if they weren't sure it came from a source that went through proper procedures; however the traditional media hasn't proven to be highly credible in recent history, so there's no way of knowing for certain. Most of the articles that I checked don't even mention the source for the organs at all, the few that do only say that the donor also donated other organs, and one that said that many of the family members of Sophia are organ donors.

The mainstream media does report on some of the scandals about organ harvesting, often of prisoners in china but these reports are much lower profile and few people see them unless they search for them including the following article from CNN:

Report: China still harvesting organs from prisoners at a massive scale 07/24/2016

(CNN)A new report claims that China is still engaged in the widespread and systematic harvesting of organs from prisoners, and says that people whose views conflict with the ruling Chinese Communist Party are being murdered for their organs.

The report -- by former Canadian lawmaker David Kilgour, human rights lawyer David Matas, and journalist Ethan Gutmann -- collates publicly reported figures from hospitals across China to show what they claim is a massive discrepancy between official figures for the number of transplants carried out throughout the country.

They blame the Chinese government, the Communist Party, the health system, doctors and hospitals for being complicit.

"The (Communist Party) says the total number of legal transplants is about 10,000 per year. But we can easily surpass the official Chinese figure just by looking at the two or three biggest hospitals," Matas said in a statement.

The report estimates that 60,000 to 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals. Complete article

This is just the beginning of the problems with medical ethics and using poor people, often from abandoned inner cities or third world countries, prisoners, veterans, etc. for medical research or organ transplants; I went into more of this previously in several articles including Deadly Monopolies and Medical Slavery? which explains how an enormous amount of this research is done with tax payer dollars, yet they give patents for it to corporations anyway and they use them to gouge consumers, and more articles listed below. The vast majority of these ethical violations are reported by credible sources; however they're only reported on a low profile basis, which is a common and effective tactic by mainstream media to take credit for reporting but not draw much attention to it. However with enough research this tactic can be exposed without resorting to conspiracy theories, since the information is public.

This isn't limited to China, a recent article, 37 Convicted for Multi-Million Dollar Illegal Organ Harvesting Operation in Egypt 07/12/2018 shows it's happening in other third world countries as well. This type of criminal enterprise can't be run by what we would typically consider the Mafia or other old fashioned crime organizations; it has to be controlled by highly educated people and cater to wealthy people in need of these types of services, and perhaps also with the help of government officials, although the fact that they've been prosecuted shows that they do hold at least some of them accountable, but if others aren't being held accountable there's no way of knowing about it.

This also show's an enormous and rapid advancement in medical technology that has been taking place over the past few decades. A search of history books indicates that the vast majority of what we now consider modern medicine has been developed since World War II, and that nineteenth century medicine wasn't much better than the dark ages, when they resorted to bleeding and on some occasions blamed cats for plagues, instead of the fleas on rats which only made things worse. There have, however, been plenty of stories of ancient technology that has often been lost as well, including medical technology, some listed below although I'm sure I've seen even better than the ones that I found with a quick internet search.

This is just a fraction of the advanced technology that you can find with internet searches on any given subject, searching phrases like "Lost medical knowledge" or "Scientific advances in (fill in the blank)" will quickly turn up hundreds of amazing advances, or alleged advances, including one article about an attempted head transplant that was supposed to take place in 2017, although it doesn't appear to have happened. The vast majority of these advances began developing much more rapidly after World War II, and they've been escalating even more in the past couple of decades.

Why is it developing so fast all of a sudden after it advanced at a snails pace for thousands of years?

Part of the reason could be reductions in child abuse leading to improved critical thinking processes and better organizational efforts on the part of academic institutions; however, if that was all of it why would we still have such an insane political establishment? And, a close look into intellectual property laws indicates that they're designed not to increase the exchange of ideas, but to prevent it which should provide another obstacle making this rapid advancement less likely, not more.

In a follow up to the previous article about medical slavery, Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology?, I pointed out that Philip Corso claimed that he obtained alien technology, from the Roswell or other crashes, and shared it with multinational corporations to reverse engineer. This was a best selling book that couldn't have gotten so much attention without institutional support including the Military where he worked for decades, and there are dozens of other whistle blowers claiming to have knowledge about UFOs, some about exchanging of alien technology.

My previous articles on the subject have also mentioned that even though the History Channel covers similar theories that are much more widely known, they make an enormous amount of obvious blunders, so anything they come up with has to be confirmed through more reliable sources, or they should be considered speculative at best, and in some cases there is adequate information to completely rule some of their claims out. This includes another Sophia, the robot, which they featured in their most recent episode.

However it doesn't take a lot of searching on the internet to find out that other sources also report on her, and there's little or no doubt that they're developing far more advanced technology than most people are aware of and at a far faster rate. The Ancient Aliens show followed up with a lot more science fiction that is turning into reality as well, and speculated about the possibility that some of it can be used to dramatically improve the quality and length of life. Even though they may not be a reliable source of information seeking other sources for their claims or searching for other claims from more reliable sources may turn up many more advances that are far more than many might expect to develop naturally, which makes it that much more likely that Philip Corso was at least partially right.

Unfortunately, even though there are an enormous amount of scientific breakthroughs the vast majority of these benefits aren't available to most people, and they're even causing even more destruction, at least when it comes to the environment and war, than they're providing improvements for a large segment of society.

This doesn't mean there isn't plenty of propaganda to indicate other wise, including commercials for several research hospitals like Shriners Hospital For Children, which appears to show happy children, some of whom may have come from lower economic backgrounds, or just been born with severe disabilities, asking for people to donate $19.95 a month. However this isn't the most effective way of collecting funds for medical research, nor is it the most effective way of educating the public about what's involved in this research and how it's being distributed.

Previously in Wounded Warrior Project finances War Propaganda with donations I reviewed the fundamentals of fund raising in a Capitalist society, including covering the obvious, like that someone has to pay for these ads which are expensive. there should be little or no doubt that a significant portion of the money donated to them goes towards paying for those ads; which means that like Wounded Warrior Project, it may do more to provide positive propaganda to tell the public about scientific advances, and make it seems glorious, even though if you took a closer look at the lives of many of these children there's no doubt that they go through an enormous amount of problems and obstacles, to overcome. Not that I'm opposed to the scientific research or that I would want to deprive these children of opportunities to make the best of their lives, but we need more reliable methods to educate the public about this.

Another previous article, Wanted unsuspecting research subjects, also describes advertising that does more to glorify medications, and possibly recruits patients for some drugs that are undergoing additional testing, than it does to educate them about the best medical treatments for what ever health problems they might have, assuming they actually have any. These ads are designed to increase sales and profits for the drugs that make the most money and that is the motive behind the people that create them as explained by Harriet Washington and Marcia Angell, who are far more reliable researchers but get far less air time, assuming they get any at all; the only media outlets I've seen either of them are alternative ones on the internet like Democracy Now or non-fiction books that aren't very well known to most people.

These ads are also propaganda for the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry, and they share a cut of the profits with the media in the form of advertising dollars, and they also have interlocking board members and stockholders, giving the media a massive financial incentive to provide them with favorable coverage. However if you pay close attention to them they do make it clear that they're involved in some research that might leave some people untreated for the sake of research, like when they say that a medication works so much better compared to a placebo. In order to find that out they have to test it by treating one group of patients with the medication and giving the other a placebo, often while they think they're getting treatment, as Harriet Washington and Marcia Angell have pointed out.

Some researchers have also reported that many of the disclosures that you now hear on these commercials have evolved over the years after complaints about ethical violations. Like the controversial debate about organ harvesting this debate is mostly limited to the academic world where only educated people hear about it, and a small percentage of the public accustomed to seeking out more reliable non-fiction than what the traditional media provides. These researchers are often ridiculed as conspiracy theorists by loud mouthed demagogues like Chris Matthews, and even Rachel Maddow who has a history of ridiculing Alex Jones, in an attempt to make it seem as if all these conspiracy theorists are irrational wackos but now she's one of the leading conspiracy theorists herself obsessing with Russia conspiracies that are just as flawed. Loud mouth pundits try to distract people from the most credible researchers that look through the evidence carefully and slowly checking the facts.

Unfortunately the majority of high profile researchers of UFOs or ancient aliens have serious credibility problems, but if you check some of the work by Angell and Washington and other researchers that don't focus on aliens you'll find that it's much more credible, and even if it's not a result of ancient aliens there's still a lot of unethical research using prisoners, and gouging consumers for research that is funded by the government.

Also, if the ancient aliens hypothesis isn't partially true there still has to be another explanation to how ancient megaliths have been moved, crop circles made, and other unsolved mysteries that skeptics often can't explain without using distraction tactics like mystics including Padre Pio, Edgar Cayce and Helena Blavatsky.

There are also plenty of other subjects that should be far less controversial, like protecting the environment for all, not just the wealthy, or fighting one war after another based on lies about weapons of mass destruction that don't exist or false stories about removing babies from incubators. If we didn't have these stories distracting people from the issues would it be so easy for the political elites to find people to research on or donate organs, willingly or not, when society is much better informed and participates on the democratic process? It hardly seems likely that they would be preserving all these inequalities solely for that reason, but if they did fix them then it would be more difficult to find people willing to sacrifice themselves for this research which is going on.

With or without the ancient aliens hypothesis we should all be demanding more disclosure and carefully considering unsolved mysteries that the mainstream media is often only reporting in a low profile manner, while they distract us with incredibly shallow stories hyped up that have little impact on our lives.

Edit 12/20/2018: As I reported previously the ads for Shriners Hospital must spend a large portion of the money they collect just to pay for the ad, just like Trace Adkins advertising for Wounded Warriors Project; and since then Trace Adkins began advertising for Shriners as well. In the case of Wounded Warriors he glorified vets repeating the false claim that they're "fighting for our freedom" without mentioning that the wars they fight are based on lies leading me to consider it war propaganda not a charity. If he was concerned about vets the best he could do for them was add his voice to help expose wars based on lies so they would never get wounded or killed in the first place, which would be far more cost effective, and the lives saved would be even more important.

In the case of Shriners Hospital, at least it is for a good cause and this research should be done. They should also do far more to make it more affordable for everyone; however these ads are still not the most effective way to get their message across. People pushing for Single Payer insurance or eliminating unjustified patents driving up the cost of health care are doing far more to point out how health care costs could be reduced without paying for these ads, unfortunately, they can't get any attention from the media which is making an enormous amount of profit selling various ads to health care industries without providing peer reviewed education about this subject or anything else. The same goes for other ads like for Saint Jude or the American Cancer Society.

If the hypothesis about using ancient aliens technology is true, then this could be part of a propaganda effort to increase awareness about scientific research; however it doesn't tell the whole story about the full costs of it. It's conceivable that they might be using this as part of an effort to prepare the public for further disclosure; but if so, then it's probably only the disclosure that they want to share when it suits their purposes, possibly still using the public for other purposes.

If the alien technology helping develop this research is false, it's still not the most effective way to educate the public which would still require full disclosure; and we should still demand ends to patents when the public is being used for research and tax dollars are often used to fund it. And we should still demand Single Payer with full disclosure on those expenses, since other countries have already proven that it';s far more effective, although if other countries have smaller amounts of waste we should try to do even better.

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