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Jessie Servos Kills Principal Injures Assistant After School Paddling

According to Bloopbert News an attempt to discipline a teenager went horribly wrong when she broke free of two assistants trying to hold her down while the Principal paddled her reached into her purse, which was near by, pulled out a gun shooting several rounds injuring one of the assistants that was trying to restrain her then shooting an killing the Principal.

(This is a fictional story inspired by The Supreme Court and Corporal Punishment 06/17/2008 none of the names or events are real; and this is not intended to be a recommendation of how to address this situation, which would result in disaster if tried in defense of a real incident. Additional details below.)

One of the assistants asked to help restrain this student informed Bloopbert News that the Principal of a for profit Charter School, Brian Brutus, decided to discipline her for leaving school grounds to eat breakfast, which he claimed was against the rules, even though she returned before classes began. They were ordered to hold her in place while Brutus administered the paddling. They removed her purse, without checking the contents, from her and informed her that she would receive it back as soon as they were done, placing it on a desk nearby.

After administering two or three swats causing Jessie to scream in pain, she broke free swinging at the assistants, who backed off in surprise. Brutus said that he would now start all over and add three more swats as additional punishment for her resistance. Jessie that screeched out "NO" and ran for her purse; one of the assistants grabbed her, but as she turned around she pulled out the gun shooting her in the shoulder, before pointing it at the other assistant who ducked behind the desk as she fired a second time. At this time Brutus ran at her and she fired several shoots hitting him in the chest and one to the head before running out the door.

Jessie apparently ran to her fathers car and left before police arrived and is now at large. Brutus and the assistant that were shot were both transported to the hospital, but Brutus was declared dead on arrival from his wounds. The assistant is in stable condition with non life threatening wounds.

Police claim that Jessie should be considered armed and dangerous; however several of her family members and friends all claim that she has no history of violence, and that she would never have hurt anyone if they weren't abusing her. One of the students that was with her during the visit to get breakfast and was waiting for her paddling out in the hall claimed that they asked to withdraw from the school and that Jessie had that right since she was an adult after turning eighteen two weeks earlier. This was her last week before graduation.

Brutus refused to allow her to withdraw and said that she must take the paddling like any other student.

Jessie was scared and didn't know what she could do under the circumstances. She had just left the school and didn't know how any of the teachers were, or if they had survived, although she was certain that one of them wasn't shot and the police would soon be looking for her. Going to breakfast was such a trivial thing and she couldn't believe that she was being beaten for something so petty; if she had done something like that to anyone she would be treated like a criminal; however it was widely known that when teachers do it the Courts have repeatedly ruled in their favor in the Southern States that still allowed corporal punishment, even in many incidents where students were seriously injured and required medical treatment.

How could a justice system be considered fair when it approves one case after another of corporal punishment even when the students require medical treatment in the emergency room?

She didn't intend to shoot any of them but they were bigger than her holding her down three on one while the Principal beat her, and she was fed up with the threat of being beaten after years in the Texas education system hearing about many more cases where teachers actually seemed to enjoy beating kids with impunity.

She had herd about numerous cases where one judge after another ruled that corporal punishment in schools was legal and was finally relieved to be through with this education system after only one more week; but now in a panic they used the flimsiest excuse to beat her again. Judge Herman Thomas had just been charged with illegally spanking male prisoners and there was another Judge right here in Texas who was just exposed by his own daughter who had video taped him beating her and it went viral even making the national news.

She only acted in self defense but the judges that will inevitably hear her case if she's brought to trial in Texas have repeatedly ruled that teachers and Principals have a right to beat children, and children don't have a right to self defense.

Could she get better treatment if she was able to get amnesty at her aunt's place in Wisconsin, assuming she could get there? or over the border in Canada? Perhaps she could demand fair treatment before they consider extradition assuming she came back; or could she find some way to change her name and start over?

It seems so hopeless, since the law isn't designed to protect kids on some states from their abusers instead it is designed to protect the abusers from justice enabling them to beat and in some cases even hospitalize them.

She had to at least try but if she was going to have a chance she had to move quickly.

She rushed home, but instead of parking at her own house she went around the block and parked in her friends garage and parked it where no one would see it long enough to get some stuff before she left. Then she cut across the back yard and quickly fetched some clothes, and her bank book, which had the savings she was planning to use for college, but now it didn't seem likely that she would be able to go after all.

Why did he have to make such a big deal out of something so trivial?

I don't suppose this is the best fiction, I'll probably put the rest of this story on the back burner for a while to try to make it a little better. If I end this in a realistic manner there is little or no chance that it could turn out well. It should have been clear decades ago that the best way to end this is to stop child abuse in schools and whenever possible at home as well.

According to Wikipedia's List of school shootings in the United States there were quite a few shootings that were directly incited by incidents of corporal punishment going back a hundred years if not longer; however most of them were not directly related to corporal punishment in schools. One of the few that was directly related to corporal punishment was Robin Robinson, which was described by Phil Chalmers in the following excerpt:

One of the first school shootings occurred in 1978, when thirteen-year old Robin Robinson shot and wounded his principal. Robin had been disciplined and paddled by this man. When Robin was threatened with a second paddling, he went home retrieved a handgun, and returned to school. He then shot and wounded the principal. Robin spent time in a juvenile facility. After his release, he killed a retired police officer during a burglary and was sent to an adult prison. Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer By Phil Chalmers p.8

I introduced Robin Robinson in the first chapter as pone of the earliest school shooters in America. He was also involved in a botched robbery that resulted in the fatal beating of a former police officer. ....

Robin continued to relate some of the horrible aspects of being isolated from the real world: “I can’t count the number of guys I have seen raped over the years. I can’t count the number that have lost their mothers or fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and other loved ones and cannot attend their funerals. I can’t count the number of guys I’ve seen go crazy or have to be admitted to mental treatment. Not to mention the number that committed suicide.” Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer By Phil Chalmers p.120-2

Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer By Phil Chalmers Chapter One

This lead to him spending half his life behind bars; although he was released after attending juvenile detention early and often abusive and violent incarceration does little to rehabilitate; and he was arrested a second time after killing a former police officer and was presumably close to the end of a thirty year prison sentence when this book went to press, and may be out by now, although a quick search doesn't show the results.

Most of these school shootings; however weren't directly related to corporal punishment in schools; but according to the following study they're significantly more common in states with corporal punishment in schools:

School shooting fatalities and school corporal punishment: A look at the states 03/29/2002

Student deaths from school shootings were examined across all 50 states according to the state’s policy on the use of corporal punishment in schools after controlling for associated differences in poverty rates and the prevalence of conservative Christian religions. There were significantly more school shooting deaths found in states allowing school corporal punishment compared with those that do not. The odds of fatal involvement in a school shooting were greatest in states permitting school corporal punishment compared with those prohibiting it (odds ratio, 2.04) or restricting it to districts serving less than half the student population (odds ratio, 1.77). Moreover, the rate of school corporal punishment was moderately correlated with the rate of fatal school shootings both across all states and within the South, the region in which endorsement of school corporal punishment is most prevalent.Aggr. Behav. 28:173–183, 2002. © 2002 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

I followed up with a rougher comparison that wasn't peer reviewed by organizing the Wikipedia article of shootings from 2010 to September 2016 and found that there were more school shootings in the states with corporal punishment than those without even though there are now fifty percent more without than there are with corporal punishment. Thanks to a few exceptionally high number of deaths in just four of the incidents, including Newtown, though there were more deaths in the ones without; but these aberrations make it less reliable for statistical purposes, and if they were adjusted per capita it would be significantly less, although I haven't done the math.

There is still enough statistical evidence to indicate that the states with corporal punishment in schools mostly in the South, have far higher murder rates than those without. There are typically six to eight in the top ten on any given year and only one in the bottom ten, and that one is Idaho which hardly ever uses corporal punishment. The only other state close to the bottom ten is Wyoming which also hardly ever uses it even though it is still allowed by the law.

It also appears that a rough look at statistics indicates that the Southern states still allowing corporal punishment in schools also have higher problems with improper sexual relations between teachers and students. Four of the five states with the most incidents including, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Vermont and Mississippi, in that order based on a rough study by Terry Abbott, who in 2001 served as chief of staff under Secretary of Education Rod Paige during George W. Bush's first term as president. The articles I found on this didn't list states beyond that but they did mention that the two with the biggest total were Texas and Pennsylvania, presumably coming in close per capita in the top ten; which means that seven out of the ones reported have corporal punishment, perhaps eight, since they also mention that Florida had a large number. California, which a higher population than any other state doesn't seem to rank high enough for much mention and it doesn't allow corporal punishment.

One of the most famous cases was Shelley Dufresne who happened to be a daughter of a judge and got off far more leniently than any other convicted sex offender could hope to. Even though her father and three other judges officially stepped aside when sentencing her she avoided jail time and being forced to register as a sex offender in return for ninety days of treatment at an inpatient mental health facility, serve three years of active probation and pay a $1,000 fine.

There is simply no way someone without political connections could get that lenient treatment for such a high profile case; and when it was accepted there was no national coverage of the light sentence although it must have been reported locally. This received an enormous amount of attention, nationwide, when it was first exposed.

There are numerous studies available and additional reports below many of which were compiled with help from Julie and George Edgar Worley who have been reporting on this for years if not decades. Some of the supporting articles I reported on in the past two articles of mine were also pointed out to me by them although I failed to adequately mention that at the time.

The best research is routinely reported in the academic world among those interested in the subject; but it rarely gets mentioned in the traditional press. When the traditional press does report on the subject they often give much better coverage for the least credible research and often fail to show the evidence showing how incompetent it is.

This is part of the reason why most people haven't heard about nearly any of these stories. There have been dozens if not hundreds of stories debunking false stories like "Pizzagate" and a few others lately but they fail to mention that for every high profile false news story there are many more accurate ones of abuse that is almost as bad if not worse.

Surprisingly, to many, there are an enormous number of reports of teachers, judges and police officers that really do have fetishes or other problems abusing children, and although I haven't done a statistical review of them, it seems clear that a large portion of them are in Southern states which consider this acceptable.

In an article I cross-posted on the Daily Kos, Springtown Texas expands sanctioned child abuse AKA corporal punishment on 09/27/2012, I received numerous responses, including one which no longer appears to be there, but there are several dead links. This one presumably was full of pictures that were gathered as evidence of abuses at schools where corporal punishment was used. No rational person would consider there photos, which did display partial nudity, to be sexy; however the fact that they were all young teen age girls led me to the conclusion that they might have been selectively displayed for reasons other than their original intent.

They were all shown with their backs to the camera and not showing their faces so that they would be difficult to identify and they all had severely bruised rear ends often legs or lower back as well. This appears as if it might have been done in a systematic way and since the photos weren’t otherwise intended to be alluring I don’t doubt the claim that these were compiled by people documenting them for abuse claims but they look like they could fit just as well in a Sadomasochism porn book. Philip Greven, author of “Spare the Child” has reported on how spanking is a major contributing cause to later sexual dysfunction including Sadomasochism.

By reporting so widely about the false news stories without telling people about the real ones they falsely give the impression that many of these stories should be considered "fake news;" but if you check them most of them are clearly reported in reliable outlets and are true or mostly true.

Amazingly during the presidential campaign they briefly reported that Jeb Bush supported what was known as a "Spanker’s Bill of Rights," not to defend children that were being badly abused but to defend those that were doing the abuse from potential prosecution, except in the most extreme cases.

Several of the reports that do mention Ingraham v. Wright the 1977 case that allowed this abuse mention seemingly mild comments by Lewis Powell that make it seem acceptable but Phillip Greven, (Spare the Child) goes into much more detail explain the abuses that were listed in the decision that Powell simply ignored when he made his decision. The decisions (linked to in the following excerpts from his book) provide even more details about abuses. Jonathan Kozol author or "Death At An early Age," also reported extensively on abuses many that he observed first hand in Boston to minority children. His book almost certainly contributed to the banning of corporal punishment in Boston Schools a few years after it was published. However it wasn't until over a decade later after Ingraham v. Wright that Massachusetts banned corporal punishment. Also Kozol reported that it was widely covered up so it is virtually guaranteed that it took years if not decades to eliminate corporal punishment in Boston even after it was banned. But since then it has been banned in thirty one states and these states including Massachusetts are routinely along the states with the lowest murder rates unlike Southern States still using it.

Philip J. Greven: "Spare the Child" 1991

Jonathan Kozol "Death At An Early Age" 1967 follow up addition 1985

Texas leads nation in teacher-student sexual assaults and relationships 06/01/2016 To put it in perspective, Pennsylvania comes in second with 45 cases. (Not adjusted per capita)

Education expert declares Alabama ‘ground zero’ for teachers having sex with students 03/31/2016

Alabama has highest rate of teacher-student sex, former top education official says 01/16/2015 Kentucky, Louisiana, Vermont and Mississippi round out the rest of the nation's top five worst states for teacher-student sex, according to Abbott's data. Texas led the nation by far in terms of the sheer number of cases recorded with 116 of the 781 accusations and convictions taking place in the Lone Star State. Alabama wasn't far behind, with 25 though, and took the No. 9 spot on that list.

Louisiana No. 3 for inappropriate teacher-student relationships, former U.S. education official says 01/29/2015

Destrehan High teacher Shelley Dufresne admits sex with student 04/09/2015

More teachers are having sex with their students. Here’s how schools can stop them. 01/20/2015

What Happened When Jeb Bush Hired an Evangelical Hardliner to Run Florida’s Child Welfare System 11/05/2015

In First Florida Governor Race, Jeb Bush Backed Controversial ‘Spanker’s Bill of Rights’ 01/09/2015

Bush in 1995: Corporal punishment may prevent school shootings 06/12/2015

Georgia Editorial: Corporal punishment: Put away the paddles 11/22/2016

Paddling at Tenn. school ends with student taken to hospital 06/10/2013

Boy's Paddling at Tx. School Leaves Big Bruises 05/21/2009

Police: Paddling gets Etowah Middle School assistant principal arrested for child abuse in Alabama 12/19/2016

Gov. John Bel Edwards floats narrow agenda for schools in upcoming session 03/29/2017 He wants to end corporal punishment for students with disabilities, narrow eligibility for private school vouchers, help schools recovering from natural disasters and shrink the role of test scores in teacher evaluations.

Remember Paddling Steve Halter, the principal of Booneville High School? He was featured on TruTV in the clips above and below. 09/17/2008

Lawsuit against Caddo principal over sexual abuse case 08/01/2016

Ex-student decries harsh punishment 03/17/2017 The Satanic Temple’s controversial efforts to eliminate corporal punishment in Springtown ISD have at least one alumni supporter.

Accused pastor crusaded against homosexuals 0/28/2010

Cover-up in Alabama?: Newsweek, ABC 20/20 reports expose abuse, torture of gay youths, troubled teens 03/10/2017

Herman Thomas: Could the ‘Spanking Judge’ Become the ‘Spanking Senator’? archive up to 2010

Arkansas Judge Resigns After Thousands Of Photos Of Him Spanking Male Defendants Surface 05/10/2016

Arkansas Judge, Accused of Coercing Defendants Into Spankings and Sex Acts, Resigns 05/10/2016

Haltom City Tx. officer investigated for spanking kids who ran from grandma 01/17/2017

Principal at Prestigious Md. School Suspended After Teacher Spanking Allegations 10/28/2015

Deacon Alan Morris, Sick teacher who had fetish for spanking schoolboys jailed over decades of abuse at top Altrincham Catholic school 08/28/2014

Saryna Parker a South Dade Fla. Middle School teacher arrested for battery on officer, child abuse 03/20/2017

Monty Lewis a Now-former Fresno Ca. police officer facing charges for knocking out teen 03/08/2017

Patrick Cahill a Former Woonsocket RI police officer arrested for assault on 16-year-old 04/04/2017

Officer Francesco Marlett Prince George's Co. Md. officer indicted for spanking child 05/03/2016

Can Childhood Spankings be Administered Because of or Lead to a Spanking Fetish? Darlene Barriere "I know this statement will outrage many, but allow me to elaborate using my own childhood as an example."

7 States Make Up 80% of School Corporal Punishment in US 01/17/2016

Alabama State Law Shields Fired School Contract Worker From Charges 04/24/2013 The unidentified contract worker was immediately fired after the boy's mother reported the corporal punishment, which is forbidden by Huntsville City Schools policy. But legal analysts say state law gives leeway to school workers to use corporal punishment, even if their local school district bans it.

Not guilty: Judge finds corporal punishment at Fuquay-Varina NC private school didn't go too far 09/10/2015

Why did Alabama paddle 19,000 students in one school year? 09/12/2016

Teachers Can Spank Kids Black and Blue 11/08/2016 Michaela Curtis went straight to the hospital and police when her son came home from school with dark bruises on his behind. But what she learned was the people who hurt her 7-year-old had every right to do so: They were his teachers.

Appeals Court Rejects Latest Challenge to Corporal Punishment 03/27/2014 The student then fainted and fell face-first to the floor, breaking his jaw and five of his teeth, court papers say.

A Federal Law Banning School Corporal Punishment Is Long Over Due 10/21/2016

Corporal Punishment : A Closer Look At An Untold And Unseen Crime In Our Society 03/07/2017

Tri-City ghosts: School vouchers raise the possibility of diverting money into abusive faith communities 03/07/2017

Is Spanking Bad? Corporal Punishment In Homes And Schools Banned in Zimbabwe 03/02/2017

Lawmakers hearing bill to ban corporal punishment in Kentucky schools 02/28/2017

New thought on Jessica Serafin case: old enough to drop out, old enough to vacate premises 03/18/2009


Teacher tells 'Dr. Phil' corporal punishment works 04/0/2017

St. Landry Parish La. mom upset after son was bruised from school paddling 03/31/2017

Corporal Punishment Complaint 04/05/2017 Principal Michele Price says Chadie did ask to stop because of the pain and was crying. While Morton believe he gave the swats fairly "without any anger or aggression". But according to the police report Chadie left school bruised and bleeding.

Lincoln High Tx. paddling investigation April 2009

TEA investigating Lincoln paddling incident April 2009 The Lincoln student was beaten so severely that the paddle split -- but was taped up so the beating could continue. The student suffered severe bruising and welts to his lower back, buttocks and upper thighs and was referred to a doctor for care, according to a DISD investigative report.


  1. When I was in the sixth grade many moons ago in Kansas I had a music teacher that paddled a lot of students after his class (always and only the boys) for one infraction or the other. I was asked many times to remain after class to help get lessons ready for the next class, and I witnessed what was going on. I often thought to myself and wondered if this man somehow "enjoyed" doing this to these boys since there were so many of them being hit every day. I would closely study my teacher's facial expressions for some kind of clue as I watched this man's tightly clenched lips and his squinting eyes as he hit the boys again and again with his wood board. Once, I think he almost caught me staring at him, but I quickly turned away. Soon, however, I learned the answer to my questions, as I saw the big bulge in the front of his pants. It told me all I needed to know.

  2. I don't know if you read the link to Jonathan Kozol's book "Death At An Early Age" but he also described similar experiences as a teacher observing other teachers who beat kids in Boston with Rattan; and he came to the conclusion that many of them enjoyed it.

    He didn't explain how they came to be that way but both Philip Greven and Alice Miller did research that lead them to believe that the reason they became so violent is because they were also victims at an early age. Abusive parents teach their children to grow up to be abusive adults.

    Thanks for responding