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Cops Killing And Arson For Insurance Routine?

I don't know if insurance fraud is the most common form of corruption for police; but if it isn't it must be close.

The most common form of insurance fraud for police is probably false workers comp claims; but it may also be part of a slippery slope that leads to more corruption that escalates. Whether this is true or not there are a surprising number of different forms of insurance fraud being committed by police including a lot of arson and at least a few murders. Some of these are being committed by police chiefs or union leaders in higher positions of authority.

There is no doubt that if the volume of this was reported more often by the traditional media that it would be much tougher for them to preserve the glorious image of police officers that are trying to protect us. It would also be easier to find institutional reform that are less likely to provide a motive to commit crime. At least by disclosing how often it happens the public can understand better how much of their premium money is being used for fraud; however insurance companies have a lot of political influence and they wouldn't want anything that would reduce sales or bring regulations even if they save lives. 

Not that there aren’t some police officers that are trying to protect us and expose the police that aren't and they’re as much of a victim of epidemic levels of fraud as the rest of us, if not more since on the few occasions where someone does get fed up with police corruption and randomly shoots police officers they might be just as likely to get shot as the crooked cops. However the Blue Wall of silence may keep this to a minimum or intimidate the best police from speaking out. 

There is even one cop that was arrested not to long ago for being a hit man for a drug running organization; a police chief that killed himself after was suspended and the following police chief that killed his own mistress partly for insurance money, after he found out she was pregnant from another man.

Ex-Police Chief Convicted of Murdering Pregnant Fiancée Years After Claiming Her 2009 Death Was an Accident 09/27/2016 By K.C. Baker

At first, South Dakota authorities believed former police chief Russell Bertram killed his 26-year-old pregnant fiancée by accident during a 2009 hunting trip.

He’d said his shotgun went off accidentally as he loaded it into his truck, hitting Leonila Stickney in her stomach, according to the Associated Press.

But on Monday, seven years after Stickney’s death, a Gregory County, South Dakota, jury found the 64-year-old Bertram guilty of first-degree murder, state Attorney General Marty Jackley and Gregory County State’s Attorney Amy Bartling announced.

“The jury returned a verdict in a case that could have likely gone unsolved but for the hard work of investigators and prosecutors,” Jackley said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Bertram, who had once served as police chief in Harrisburg, South Dakota, “took the life of his fiancée while claiming the death was a result of an accidental shooting with the hopes of collecting over $900,000 worth of insurance money,” prosecutors said in their statement.

Prosecutors also said they believed Bertram murdered Stickney because he had learned she was pregnant with another man’s child, according to The Daily Republic, which covered the trial. Complete article

Ex-police chief, 64, on trial 09/15/2016

A major part of the reason why they’re able to present propaganda glorifying police is that they only report the majority of these incidents at the local level and refuse to do a comprehensive study of it like they do with many other subjects implicating people with political power. One common tactic they might be using as well is quietly deleting controversial articles when no one is paying attention to make it harder for researchers to find out about it like this one Prosecutor: Ex-police chief killed woman for insurance money 09/15/2016, which is no longer available.

Some of these are deleted as routine from some web sites, so it is hard to tell whether they do this more for controversial subjects; however this isn’t the first time I have saved links for some of these controversial sites to check back on them later and find out they’re gone. I often suspect that it is more common when the subject is controversial against people with political clout, especially when they save an enormous amount of useless trash on the internet that has less value. Even if this isn’t the case they also use copyright laws to make it harder for independent researchers to investigate many of these subjects. This would be harder to justify when you consider that the vast majority of the media is controlled by only six corporations, and that we all finance it through routine expenses taken from our purchases and used for advertisements every time we shop.

To the best of my knowledge there is little or no research to find out what trades if any are more likely to commit insurance fraud; however I suspect that some trades with inside information might be more likely statistically because they might think their knowledge of the industry might help them get away with it. People that aren't accustomed to being held accountable may also be more likely to try it assuming they don't actually stand up to the higher standards we're supposed to expect from our elected officials of public servants, including police officers veterans, Security guards and Prison guards; and whether they're statistically more likely to commit fraud I've seen plenty of each case where they do eventually get caught.

I don't know about you but I've noticed far more examples of public officials, including police officers involved in fraud of all kinds than they want to let on.

Those that do their own research instead of relying on the useless information they might get from advertising or insurance salesmen are much more likely to have a good idea of how insurance works and that if it is bought at all then it should be kept to a minimum. An Intro To Insurance: Fundamentals Of Insurance explains part of the basics of insurance; however they omit a few simple facts which can be easily figured out. The premiums go into “what we will call the insurance bucket, or pool” and claims are taken out of this pool of funds. However before this happens expenses and profits have to be taken out in order for the company to be profitable, which they are.

This means that the more they spend on advertising lobbying enormous pay for executives and claims for people that are committing crimes the less they have available for legitimate claims. This is relatively simple but they don’t want to remind the public of this since it makes it clear that they can never get their money’s worth out of it and the money they pay for premiums is providing incentive for crimes including murder and arson, even by cops; and of course this endangers lives.

They say insurance protects you; however it does more to endanger the public since it helps increase crime; and since this crime happens it isn’t always available for those that need it.

Both the FBI and insurance companies provide some limited statistics to those that search for it including FBI: Insurance Fraud and Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: By the numbers: fraud statistics; however they don’t broadcast this because they want people to feel comfortable and keep paying into this even though they can never get their money’s worth. According to these sites, “Fraud comprises about 10 percent of property-casualty insurance losses” and other types of fraud are probably similar, and unlikely to get below 5 percent on the best examples and might be much higher. There are even some isolated examples where insurance agents were taking the money without insuring the customer, although that is rare, I’m sure. If you add that 10% to the commissions for your agent, cost of ads CEO pay stockholders profits it must add up to at least 25-30% of the money from premiums if not more.

There is absolutely no way that the average customer could get their money’s worth with this system; and they won’t spend any time discussing Single Payer system with full disclosures to find out if it would work better, which it does in other countries, because the people controlling the system profit off of it and the rest of us pay for it sometimes with our lives.

The reason the insurance companies don’t want the public to know about the amount of fraud is obvious they want to maximize their profits and they don’t do this by telling the truth instead they spend enormous amounts of money on ads that make insurance seem magical; without telling the customer that the more they spend on ads the less they have available for claims.

However the FBI is supposed to do their part to minimize crime and protect the public; yet they don’t try to inform the public about just how much this provides incentive that endangers the public .

The FBI answers to those at the top who are accountable to politicians collecting enormous amounts of campaign contributions from insurance companies and the media that might report on this sells enormous amounts of ads to the industry so their getting their share of the loot providing incentive to kill and burn.

Unless people at the grassroots level spread education about this that minimizes insurance purchases and possibly reforms both the political establishment and the media so the system can be changed so that it is designed to understand the root causes of crime and violence and prevent it then many of these crimes won’t be reduced.

If there is any doubt to this keep in mind the police that are here to protect us are involved in an enormous amount of these crimes including the following case where a cop blew up his own care, which could have endangered many lives; and many more examples only a small fraction of which are listed below:

Carlos Becker a Cop busted for torching his cars for insurance payouts 08/03/2016

Saving a bundle on car insurance wasn’t enough for one NYPD officer, who was busted by the feds for torching his Range Rover and two other cars to collect at least $34,000 in reimbursement checks from GEICO, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Carlos Becker promised to pay off two men if they helped him crash and burn his gray 2008 Range Rover Sport in September 2012, which law enforcement discovered with broken windows in Laurelton, Queens, court papers allege.

Becker called GEICO and the police to report his car as stolen after he claimed it went missing from his parking spot the day before. Later that month, he submitted claims to GEICO and received two checks totaling $34,260 for the car, which had been doused in gasoline and torched.

Becker pulled the same stunt twice before — getting an accomplice to crash an Audi sedan in 2012 and torch a BMW last year, the complaint charges. Complete article

Carlos Becker Former NYPD cop from Hempstead to plead guilty in fraud case 01/03/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Woman accuses Carlos Becker NYPD cop of assault, false arrest and pressuring her into a date, files $150M lawsuit 01/0/2017

Vancito Gumbs Georgia Cop Admits to Being “Hit Man” for Criminal Gang in Federal Indictment 05/05/2016

Vancito Gumbs Police officer among dozens of Gangster Disciples arrested in federal raids 05/11/2016

Virginia Cop Charged with Embezzlement for Taking Rifle Bags from Evidence Room 09/10/2016

Nevada Metro officer facing arson, insurance fraud charges 04/27/2016 Fire officials determined that Harper set fire to his $45,000 2014 Keystone Fuzion “toy hauler” in January while his $6,000 2015 Razor 90 four-wheeler was inside, according to prosecutors.

Nevada: I-Team: Metro Police K-9 officer charged with fraud 04/26/2016 Documents show charges against Officer Jeff Lynn Harper, 38, including insurance fraud; attempted theft of more than $3,500; third-degree arson; and burning property to defraud an insurer.

Cleveland Tenn. police officer arrested on charges of insurance fraud 09/15/2016 The night before, a car with tags registered to Millan was found on fire just across the Georgia line in Murray County, Ga., on Highway 225.

Officer April Shaynick Philadelphia Pa. Cop Commits Insurance Fraud After Leaving Crash Scene: Police 12/05/2012 She was later compensated by her insurance company for the damage to her vehicle.

Mississippi police chief kills self moments after getting suspended 09/08/2016

Felony fraud warrant issued for Greenville Mich. police chief 12/30/2016

Former Nebraska detective pleas in fraud case 01/13/2017

Pa. Judge, 2 law officers indicted in money laundering scheme & health insurance fraud. 12/16/2016

Hingham Mass. police chief testifies in cop's insurance fraud trial 11/29/2016

Former Cedar City Utah police officer who survived 2007 shooting faces insurance fraud charge 08/31/2016

Santa Barbara Ca. Police Officer Charged With Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud 06/06/2016

WATCH: Asbury NJ cop indicted on fraud charges 06/27/2016

NY EMS workers, traffic agents charged with insurance fraud 12/13/2016

South Carolina Highway Patrolman Arrested for Car Insurance Fraud 04/09/2016

Jose Urena Former NYPD cop jailed for insurance fraud 02/22/2016

Tavares Fla. Mayor Robert Wolfe accused of insurance fraud 07/13/2016

Norman Seabrook NYC Corrections Union Boss, Hedge Fund Manager Busted for Fraud 06/16/2016

Nicolas Carreno Former Broward Fla. Sheriff's Office Deputy Arrested for Alleged Insurance Fraud 05/09/2016

Jaime Robinson Pasadena Ca. Police Officer Charged With Insurance Fraud After ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Video 05/04/2015

Ex-Ca. correctional officer, wife sentenced to jail for insurance fraud 03/04/2016 A former state corrections officer and his wife have been sentenced to 240 days in county jail for insurance fraud stemming from a $4 million claim he filed after he was shot outside a San Francisco sex club in 2008. .... Her companion told Smiley that he “kills people for a living” and “was going to kill him,” according to the news release. .... No one has ever been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Joseph Esposito Former Cop Convicted Of Stealing $200,000 In Massive 9/11 Disability Fraud Scheme 05/19/2016

Former BCSO Ga. deputy among two charged in insurance fraud scheme 08/17/2016

Former Apache Okla. officer arrested on complaint of insurance fraud 08/16/2015

Met police arrest two officers in anti-corruption operation Seven people and two officers, one an intelligence unit detective, detained for allegations of money laundering and fraud 09/20/2016

Jose E. Urena Former NYPD Cop Jailed for Filing False Auto Claims 02/23/2016

Idaho Police Union President and Wife Arrested for Heist on Police Union Lodge 11/29/2016

Daniel Corey Clapp Ex-California Highway Patrol officer told to pay $183,000 for workers’ comp fraud 02/25/2016

Jerry Esch Former Nebraska police officer accused of stealing $21K in fraud 06/17/2016

Hoboken NJ cop scammed $187K in Sandy aid, AG says 06/17/2016

Lebanon Pa. City Councilman resigns after insurance fraud charge 08/16/2016

More details surface about alleged Detroit Mich. police towing scheme 10/19/2016

Thomas Shea Retired New York City Cop Pleads Guilty in Disabilities Benefit Fraud 06/08/2016

Michael Cucciniello Secaucus NJ police officer pleads guilty to fraudulent steroid buy 05/29/2016

Plumstead man arrested alongside two police officers on suspicion of fraud and money laundering in London UK 09/20/2016

Nicholas Zappas a Laguna Niguel Ca. Deputy Charged with Insurance Fraud 11/08/2016

Veteran Sacramento police officer arrested on multiple drug and weapon charges 11/08/2016

Costa Mesa police officer charged with insurance fraud against city 07/23/2016

Fresno police officer charged with insurance fraud 03/18/2014

Bail set at $100K for officer accused in hit-and-run crashes 07/18/2016

Edit additional reports of insurance fraud added 07/13/2017:

Ex-correctional officer, wife sentenced to jail for insurance fraud 03/04/2016

Police officer among those arrested for alleged insurance fraud 09/09/2011 UPDATE (January 7, 2016): On August 29, 2014 the charges against officer Balraj Thind were withdrawn. Four men, including a police officer, are charged and an arrest warrant has been issued for another suspect in an alleged $2 million fraud ring involving staged car crashes.

Sgt. Eric King Shallotte police officer, girlfriend arrested for insurance fraud 07/26/2011 An estimated 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims.

Aisha Barnes Former Shreveport police officer arrested for insurance fraud 06/09/2011 Barnes allegedly reported her 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer stolen. We're told it was found burning a short time later.

Woodrow Brooks Corrupt Fla. Cop Arrested for Staging Fake Accidents 02/09/2010

Officer Angelo Passanisi A Middletown Conn. police officer Accused of Staging Hit-and-Run insurance fraud 12/10/2009

William Robert Queen, Bullhead City police officer resigns following arrest for arson for insurance fraud 08/23/2009

Otto Gilden Barton Logan Township Police Officer Arrested on charges of insurance fraud and theft after investigators say he stole an ATV from the police impound facility. 04/07/2015

EXCLUSIVE: Retired cop, 47, seen riding roller coasters despite claims of 'great pain' that net him NYPD disability pension 01/14/2017

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-NYPD cop who filed disability claim while working as Fla. Deputy fired; another officer claiming disability, who ran triathlons, ordered to undergo medical exam 03/01/2016

Jeanerette La. officer, Iberia deputy arrested; worked for mayor's company 07/11/2017

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