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Mainstream Media Inciting Fake News With Their Incompetence

The so-called epidemic of “Fake News” is clearly causing a lot of problems; however it isn’t new and the leading cause of it is, without a doubt, the traditional news that creates an enormous amount of deceptive propaganda and declines to cover many of the most important stories. By doing such a bad job they’ve forced those that want more reliable news to search elsewhere for it.

Unfortunately those that don’t do a good job sorting through the unreliable news are often misled by it. However if the mainstream media was more diverse and did a better job fact checking, and explaining to the public how they do this it wouldn’t be nearly as bad; and once the public learned how to do their own fact checking then they would be much less likely to fall for the fake news.

As serious as the recent shooting at Comet Ping Pong was, or could have been, if someone was actually hit is, it is only a small part of the problem.

The biggest part of the problem is that such a small segment of the public, a fraction of 1% controls over 90% of the media and they obsessively cover a small fraction of the news that needs to be reported while ignoring the vast majority of important news, including some of the most educational stories.

Now they’re trying to use their control of the media to portray the vast majority of alternative media outlets as unreliable propaganda. For a long time they've portrayed large segments as fringe conspiracy theorists which some of them have always been; however not all of them. Some of them have been much more rational conspiracy theorists, that at least try to sort through the details and expose when the government and corporations get caught in lies and real conspiracies.

Ironically now some of the most irrational conspiracy theories are coming from the mainstream media and they’re trying to convince us that we should continue dismissing all conspiracy theories they disagree with as fringe, while accepting their irrational ones, simply because they come from the mainstream establishment, and they point to ones that might seem even less rational to stereotype alternative media outlets.

Another part of the problem is why do some of the most fanatical viewers like Edgar Maddison Welch react so irrational to extreme fake news which doesn’t even stand up to scrutiny. Some of the educational materials that the traditional media declines to report on does a good job explaining some of that, although most people outside of the academic world, where it might be partly reported, wouldn’t know.

These first two points are based on the assumption that most of the stories the traditional media claims are totally baseless really are false, even though there might be some examples where they’re not. A third issue worth serious consideration is the possibility that a far-fetched conspiracy theory might actually be close to the truth, although caution should be taken to avoid falling for the most irrational ones.

We now have a president elect that is one of the most irrational conspiracy theorists he’s filling his cabinet with more irrational conspiracy theorists; and most importantly he never could have come close to being elected without an enormous amount of obsession media coverage from the traditional media that refuses to provide much if any coverage to grassroots candidates that are much more rational but don’t collect enormous campaign donations from the traditional establishment of work for it in some other way.

Under these circumstances it would be foolish to completely rule out some form of conspiracy!

Some of the worst fake news or examples where they simply refuse to cover the news comes from the mainstream media, not the so called alternative media outlets they’re portraying as coming up with an epidemic amount of fake news like “Pizzagate” For every environmental disaster police shooting, major white color crime targeting the poor and many other types of stories, the mainstream media reports there are almost certainly dozens if not hundreds that they don’t report.

These can usually be found either by searching through alternative media outlets or searching an enormous amount of mainstream media stories at a variety of local outlets around the country. In many cases they don’t completely suppress these stories but they only report them at the local level where the vast majority of the public never hears about them. In some cases they don’t even get reported at the local level and it is only alternative media outlets that report them. When this does happen it is often difficult to determine if it is true or not since, as the mainstream media often points out there are hoaxes reported in the alternative media. However that isn’t a guarantee that it is false; there are also many cases where alternative media outlets reports stories that are true but without follow up investigation it is hard to tell them apart.

The mainstream media has also reported without confirming many lies that led the country into unjustified wars going back decades if not centuries. They reported the Gulf of Tonkin incident without checking the facts; passed on lies about prior to the first Gulf War Iraqis taking out babies from incubators and left them to die; declined to report about how the United States remained silent during the build up to the invasion of Kuwait, when they could have prevented it without a war; reported lies about weapons of mass destruction during the second war without giving adequate attention to Scott Ritter and Mohamed ElBaradei who exposed these lies and were proven to be right and many more lies contributing to wars.

Even during World War II they based a lot of their decisions on lies, even if they were right that Hitler had to be stopped. However they rarely mention that the worst appeasement happened before Neville Chamberlain ceded Czechoslovakia to Hitler; it happened in the late twenties and early thirties when Hitler was rising to power and the most powerful people in other western governments considered Communists a greater threat and thought he would be better since he would stand up to the Communists.

The mainstream media has never had a good track record when it comes to reporting the most important news; even before they consolidated into six oligarchies that control over ninety percent of the national media.

Now they’re even worse!

Some of the biggest problems aren’t even part of a conspiracy, or at least the evidence isn’t, since it isn’t completely secret. They claim this is a representative democracy, yet there’s no doubt that candidates for office can’t win unless they start by getting name recognition. With most statewide or national offices this is impossible without a lot of media coverage and even with most local offices it is much harder. However the consolidated corporate media can ensure that only the candidates they approve of get name recognition by simply declining to cover them at all.

This is standard operating procedure; the constitution doesn’t say anything about candidates for higher office being required to get enormous amounts of money to pay for deceptive ads, which bring big profits for media companies in order to get any coverage from the oligarchies to get name recognition.

However this is now standard operating procedure; in order to be considered a viable candidate by the oligarchies that control the media politicians have to collect bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions to get any coverage; which ensures that we only get candidates approved by those that control the political establishment and the media.

This clearly explains why politicians routinely break promises to the public and keep them for campaign contributors!

Since we can’t rely on the traditional media for a lot of this information the public needs to learn how to do a better job sorting through alternative media outlets, even if traditional media tries to tell us they’re the only reliable source for news and that everyone else is extreme, propagandist, unreliable or intentionally creating fake news.

Ironically in many cases even when it comes to what they tell us is the most irrational fake news it may not be that far off from some real news, which is why many people might be inclined to believe it.

Another one of the fake news stories the media has recently reported about is a report of an FBI agent involved Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail leaks was found dead of a murder suicide which they portray as fake, and apparently this one is and but they also put it in the same category of reports that are so absurd no one should believe it. However once you start Googling it turns out that there are a lot more true stories about police committing murder suicide, some of which are listed below, than most people realize.

The media only reports most of these briefly and forgets about them; however people that check alternative media outlets might be much more likely to know that it is far more common than the media implies by their selective reporting, making this story seem more credible.

The same goes for sex scandals. The media has reported widely on both Anthony Weiner and Dennis Hastert for a little while but there are more that they rarely ever mention and they practically never do comprehensive reporting to find out just how common it is especially when it exposes people with political power.

One of the most widely known one which is true is Jeffrey Epstein who the media almost never mention; but he’s closely tied to both nominees for the president with Donald Trump once saying, "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life." And Bill Clinton was also close with him. Add to that Hillary Clinton’s refusal to address her husband’s problems and the story about “Pizzagate” might not seem quite as unlikely to some people.

However, this still appears to be false and there are more where that came from and it should be easy for people to find this out. Even if some people do believe it; this still doesn’t explain why Edgar Welch would react to it in such an extreme manner.

However there is plenty of research from sociologists and psychologists which may do a much better job explaining this than the mainstream media does; but they don’t cover that any more than they cover a lot of the best research on any other subject.

Now the Washington Post has come up with an article claiming that about two hundred alternative media outlets are providing Russian propaganda reliably. They added a disclaimer after the fact saying they haven’t confirmed their source which is Propaganda Or Not, and claim they didn’t name any of them however it isn’t hard to find this list.

Many of these news outlets were outraged; although I suspect they probably should be thankful. The validity of this list is clearly terrible; and anyone familiar with some of these news outlets will quickly recognize it. A couple of them I find highly unreliable like the Drudge report and Infowars, although there have been a few times where, even though I would hesitate to cite Infowars as a reliable source they have done a better job than the mainstream media, and there are a couple others that I’m skeptical of; however there are well over a dozen that I recognized, including Truthdigg, Consortium News, OpEdNews, Third World Traveler, the Black Agenda Report and many more which I found much more trustworthy than the mainstream media.

The bigger problem isn’t that they might keep some of these sites on the list but that they might remove them. This is a great list of alternative media outlets that I would advise people to check out, although some discretion is advised and people should figure out for themselves which ones are most reliable; which is why I reproduced this list below so this favor will be preserved even if they remove some names.

However both the Washington Post and have demonstrated that they have terrible discretion and major doubts should be raised about them. That doesn’t mean I would advise going to the other extreme, as some of the alternative media outlets have done; and list all the mainstream media outlets as “fake News.” A lot of news from mainstream media has proven to be either fake or extremely biased; but it would be foolish to dismiss them entirely, especially since they still have so much control over the discussion in politics.

The truth is that both alternative media outlets and mainstream media routinely cite each other at least to some degree; so reasonable discretion is needed to sort out the details.

The following are related articled supporting claims in this portion of article:

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South Gate Ca. Police Officer, Wife Dead In Possible Murder-Suicide 11/23/2016

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IMPD officer fatally shot by ex-husband in murder-suicide 04/17/2014

Chicago Cop, Cook Co. Corrections Officer Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide 04/20/2014

Another major problem which I have attempted to explain numerous times including my most recent article, Obama’s Opposition to Corporal Punishment Needs to be Finished by Grassroots, is that the mainstream media refuses to cover some of the best research about long term contributing causes to violence, including early childhood abuse and corporal punishment which leads to escalating violence later in life.

The same research shows that this kind of upbringing which is far more common in the South also impairs children’s abilities to develop critical thinking skills and sort through deceptive propaganda. Corporal punishment is often used as part of the education process, in addition to disciplining children; and it isn’t used to encourage children to sort through details for themselves. Instead it is often used to dictate beliefs and memorize them. Not all parents or teachers use this method, of course, however those that use it for disciplinary purposes also intimidate children whether they intend to or not.

When a child acts out of fear of possible painful punishment he or she might be more concerned with figuring out which response the teacher or parent wants, which would result in positive feedback instead of possibly painful punishment, than the child might be of sorting through the details and figuring our what claims might be true. This results in children that may be less secure and more likely to blindly obey order and go along with crowds. It may also mean that they might grow up to react more emotionally without sorting through facts.

Whether it is the Comet Ping Pong shooting or threats against parents of Sandy Hook, they’re almost certainly from people that not only believe irrational conspiracy theories, but also respond to them in a manner that is irrational and wouldn’t even be appropriate if the conspiracy theory were close to the truth. These are clearly responses from emotionally unstable people; and there is an enormous amount of research to indicate that this is far less likely if they come from an upbringing that teaches them to develop critical thinking skills, instead of an unstable upbringing teaching through abusive means.

This is based on the assumption that these really are irrational conspiracy theories, which most of them are; however with the president elect acting in such an absurd manner and the mainstream media now adopting as many absurd conspiracy theories as the so-called fringe conspiracy theorists, there is growing evidence to indicate that there is almost certainly something farfetched going on and that it may involve some form of conspiracy. However this shouldn’t mean that we should jump to the conclusion that the most irrational ones are true.

Instead if there is some form of conspiracy going on, we should start with the most reliable hard facts, that can be conclusively be confirmed, available and limit speculation to the most rational possibilities that may have some supporting evidence.

Then if far-fetched conspiracy theories fall apart we can fall back on the hard facts.

Also it should be important not to forget when dealing with conspiracy THEORY and act as if it is fact! If the theory is that there are actors carrying out the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook shooting, Comet Ping Pong shooting and someone takes them seriously should they really threaten or attack someone based on this theory, just in case it happens to be false?

For most rational people this would be obvious, they might be highly skeptical of these theories, unless they have much stronger evidence, assuming they actually consider them at all; but they certainly wouldn’t want to attack people based on fringe conspiracy theories. It is ahrd to imagine a person with a reasonably rational upbringing that would seriously consider this; however an abused child raised around irrational parents that attach emotional appeals to these theories and often strike out at their own kids when they get angry might be more likely to do so. This is even more likely if they become accustomed to positive feedback from their caretaker when they respond positively to their irrational conspiracy theories.

A couple things that we can be certain of is that a rational functioning Democracy needs to hear from a large variety of candidates on a large variety of issues. It would be helpful if both the public and candidates had access to advice from opposing views from a variety of people that study specific issues.

We can actually be certain that we definitely don’t have that since the media is controlled by a small percentage of the public and they only cover candidates that they seem to approve of and they provide repetitive coverage of the same narrow group of experts over and over again, which is one of the most fundamental principles of propaganda needed to indoctrinate the public.

People accustomed to reading alternative media outlets that the mainstream portray as fringe are much more likely to understand this than those that don’t have educational background and rely on traditional media.

Another thing we can be certain of is that politicians and media pundits routinely confess to participating in conspiracies and act as if this should be considered normal. They also use conspiracy theory stereotypes to portray anyone that points out open facts that clarify this and more stereo types to present their conspiracies as intelligence, proprietary or trade secrets which the public should feel as if they have no right to know about, and letting the public know what they’re doing is against the public's interests.

Seriously this is true, and I don’t need inside information to draw this conclusion.

All I have to do is look up the words in the dictionary and use rational discretion, although they often even try to spin the definitions to confuse the issue. They routinely use their control of the propaganda machine to repeat the same ideology over and over again to convince, or at least try, the majority of the public that it’s against there own best interest to know when the government and large corporations are keeping secrets about important decisions from them. I went into more details pointing out what would be obvious if not for this propaganda in Espionage isn't intelligent and Proprietary information is, by definition, a conspiracy Duuh.

Recently they went one step further and reported in the Washington Post that the Congress was briefed on legations that Russia intentionally tried to manipulate the public so that they would elect Donald Trump. Whether you accept this conclusion or not this is an admission of a conspiracy to deprive the public of information they should have prior to the election. According to Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House 12/09/2016, Lisa Monaco, a “Gang of 12 — a group that includes House and Senate leaders,” Jeh Johnson, James Comey, Barack Obama were all informed about this alleged conspiracy and chose to keep the public from deciding for themselves if it is relevant to their decision of who to vote for.

This is a confession of a conspiracy assuming it is true, however it isn’t nearly as important as a much larger conspiracy that isn’t well kept at all, and any rational person should be able to recognize it.

Not only did they decide without consent of the public that the public shouldn’t know about this until after the election when it could affect their vote but the consolidated media controlled by a small fraction of 1% decided that only three or four candidates on the Democratic side and seventeen candidates on the Republican side should get the coverage they need to be considered viable and these candidates were all ones that they approved or partially approved of.

In the case of Bernie Sanders he managed to get enough grassroots support to pressure the media to cover him more but they still rigged it in favor of Hillary Clinton who is among the two most horrendous candidates ever to get the nomination.

The other horrendous candidate with record breaking negative approval ratings that never could have gotten the nomination without obsession media coverage is of course Donald Trump. Presumably he was able to get these enormous crowds because the public was so frustrated with establishment candidates betraying them they were willing to fall for a demagogue.

We’re supposed to believe it is ridiculous to consider this fringe conspiracy theory; however the vast majority of the information leading to this conclusion isn’t secret at all so it wouldn’t fit the definition of a conspiracy; only portions that we weren’t aware about involving the planning of it would be a conspiracy.

Amazingly, the basis of Russian’s alleged attempts to influence the elections are, as rational people in the alternative media outlets often point out, hacking to expose real conspiracies the Democratic National Committee have been participating in!

They’re trying to use their overwhelming control of the consolidated media to convince the public that they have the right to manipulate the election; however if anyone exposes them they’re the victims not the perpetrators.

Anyone with a minimum amount of critical thinking skills can see right through this however people raised in authoritarian manners will either believe this or they might fall for a more irrational conspiracy theory that enables them to believe that a demagogue like Donald Trump that got his name recognition with the help of the establishment he pretends to oppose will fix it for them.

It also doesn’t take much research to know that the media establishment also helped elect Donald Trump by simply declining to cover the vast majority of his business scandals that they’re now covering until after the election. The vast majority of scandals they’ve been reporting on since he was elected including his profiting from rentals at his D.C. luxury hotel weren’t news at all and they could have done much more reporting on them in the summer of 2015 long before he got the nomination. A review of all the news since the election will turn up one example after another of stories that could have been reported long before!

Russia wasn’t the leading conspirator to rig the election in favor of Donald Trump at all, that was the traditional mass media that gave him all the coverage he needed to manipulate the incredulous masses that fall for demagoguery. This is assuming these reports about Russian interference are accurate, which Julian Assange and others routinely say it isn’t true; if they’re not accurate, or even if they are, then Russia is being used as a scapegoat.

The same goes for allegations about Fake News: How a Partying Macedonian Teen Earns Thousands Publishing Lies 12/09/2016 reported after the election. If they wanted to prevent these stories from affecting the election they could have done a much better job reporting on a variety of issues, including giving coverage to grassroots candidates or exposing the Macedonian more widely before the election, which was initially reported at least as early as August 2016 in the Guardian, How Facebook powers money machines for obscure political 'news' sites. 08/24/2016

This is assuming that these reports about Macedonian’s being the ones responsible for these fake news stories are accurate at all; which they may not be or if they are partially accurate there is little or no chance that they did it on their own.

Are we supposed to believe that Macedonian’s with little or no education or money are able to set up a fake news operation without major institutional support from an outside source that is really organizing it? This assumption is as irrational as the belief in the “Pizzagate” or Sandy Hook false flag conspiracy, yet the mainstream media expects us to believe it without scrutiny.

Either these reports are missing half the story and reporting it uncritically, or this is a mostly if not entirely fake story misrepresenting the blame for “fake news.” There has to be more institutional support for this if there is any truth to it at all; and one of the most notorious sources for this kind of misinformation has been the CIA, which is now involved in trying to blame Russia for things that the mainstream media and political establishment are at least partially responsible for.

The list of irrational conspiracy theories that the mainstream media is coming up with keep going on much longer than this and some of them are much more rational and probably closer to the truth, although they still don’t report on the most important research; and a lot of this they could have reported on years if not decades ago if they wanted to. If this had been done, and if they provided coverage for grassroots candidates supported by workers groups, antiwar activists, environmentalists, educational advocates that don’t support corporate control of schools, psychologists that expose advertising to children scams and many other researchers that oppose epidemic levels of corporate coverage then we could have had politicians that could have prevented an enormous number of these atrocities, like Rex Tillerson abandoning the deal recently re-reported about Chad reneging on a previous deal to use oil funds for education and infrastructure to avoid the so-called “resource curse” to buy weapons used to oppress his own people.

Good reporting could have prevented the first Gulf War not to mention the second and many other atrocities.

These are all the result of political manipulation and conspiracy that the mainstream media often portrays as fringe when people expose it!

Now they’re coming up with so many of their own conspiracy theories that no one can possibly keep track of them; and many of them are as irrational if not more irrational than the most absurd conspiracy theories they ridicule!

Can’t they do a better job coming up with propaganda?

If you review their history and a lot of psychological manipulation research then there should be little or no doubt that they can; and there should be little or no doubt that they must recognize that this is inevitably going to lead to a disaster yet they keep coming up with the most absurd politicians you can imagine!


Could there really be something to one of these fringe conspiracy theories? Or could they be partly close to the truth on some aspects?

There behavior is insane; and there’s evidence, assuming you look at the right places, to indicate that they’re rational enough to realize how absurd this is and that it isn’t in their own best interests if they follow a course of action that will lead to the collapse of society.

What’s going on?

In my previous post Yes Virginia There Is A Trump And Clinton Conspiracy I attempted to start with rational evidence of conspiracy that was reasonably credible; however it may not have been enough to explain everything that is going on then, nor is it now.

There is something absurd going on!

In other previous articles cited in that article I explored major unsolved mysteries that may not seem related, including the megaliths moved by ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. They did experiments to replicate them dozens of times and failed to come close to moving the largest ones that ancient civilizations were able to move in large volume over long distances. Even when they cheated they couldn’t move stones much higher than ten tons without cheating and none over fifty tons.

There are many other unsolved mysteries including Prophets and Mystics like Edgar Cayce, Edward Leedskalnin, Padre Pio and more that might support the assumption that there might be an unknown advanced intelligence of some sort that has been influencing our history for thousands of years.

As I said in the previous article, on numerous past articles I have pointed out that this could be one of many unsolved mysteries that the establishment isn't addressing properly. One of the earliest that I went into was 107 Wonders of the Ancient World which explains that there are major unsolved mysteries that go back to Biblical times including enormous megaliths moved large distances that shouldn't have been possible based on experiments to replicate these ancient wonders. This was followed up with several additional posts about a UFO Hypothesis with rational use of Occam's Razor The strongest evidence for a major unsolved mystery that might involve UFOs might be the megaliths of Crop Circles which I reviewed more in Why so few arrests for Crop Circles makers? Is there microwave evidence? This was followed up by a couple of articles about research that is definitely going on, however if there is something to the unsolved mysteries including UFOs there could be much larger research projects including "God's Not Dead" But Is He Nice? where I speculated about the possibility that if Ancient Aliens have been visiting our planet for decades and they influenced the moving of the megaliths thousands of years ago that they might be involved in large research projects that could include Climate Change research; and Multinationals Are Using Public For Research On Massive Scale where I reviewed medical research surrounding many common drugs as well as Genetically modified Organisms and anti-depressants.

No doubt this seems far-fetched to many rational skeptics especially if they haven't checked into the details or aren't aware of the unsolved mysteries that mainstream media and science institutions aren't adequately addressing so reasonable skepticism is understandable and advisable; however the current political establishment and media has become so absurd that the official version of the truth is becoming as far-fetched as some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories.

As I said from the beginning theories about Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings and “Pizzagate” being “false flag” operations by our own government are so absurd they’re almost certainly not true; however if there is some partial truth to them, then it would have to be part of something much bigger that seems at least as absurd or insane. Even though this is highly unlikely they’re still over reacting to it using it as an excuse to clamp down on citizens rights without addressing the root causes of violence like early childhood abuse leading to escalating violence or their own arms sales and support of dictators and wars based on lies inciting violence like the Boston Bombings.

And in the unlikely even that there is some partial truth to some of these alleged “false flag” operations it doesn’t impact the research showing that early childhood abuse and support of wars based on lies is a leading cause of escalating violence, since this is primarily based on research that is much lower profile and there is no way that can be faked even if they fake a handful of high profile stories. Also threatening victims of these false flag operations would still be outrageous, since they could still be real victims. The government has demonstrated in the past that they consider lower or middle class people expendable when they send them to war repeatedly or ignore the damage done by environmental pollution and many other things. If they do this, and carry out “false flag” operations, we shouldn’t assume they wouldn’t sacrifice even more innocent people in their “false flag operations.

Samantha Power just asked, “have you no shame” in her speech to the U.N. about Syria; and the answer for a lot of people in power seems to be no. She is of course one of the people in the decision making process so she should also answer her own question. The political establishment has been lying so often to get their agenda through for so long that it is hard if not impossible to tell whether she is trying to promote military action that might prevent more violence or escalate it. When Joseph Welch, “have you no decency,” this was portrayed as the end of the McCarthy era; however they didn’t come up with full disclosure of all their activities and reexamine many of the fiscal ideologies that led to these problems.

Instead they scaled dramatically back on oppressive techniques until they built up again which they have several times since then without fully reviewing and exposing the trust setting up institutions that keep the public informed about the educational ideological and current events they need to know about to participate in the democratic system.

If we don’t follow up this problem with efforts to disclose past scams and educate the public so they can control democratic institutions we can’t put an end to these scams.

At best some of the theories considered are incomplete or rough around the edges but they do a better job addressing many of these unsolved mysteries that the traditional media does. I suspect, there is also evidence, as indicated in previous articles, that some of the highest profile experts aren't even trying to get many of their facts right, which enables them to continue arguing without resolving anything.

This is the same thing that goes on in the political establishment when it comes to trying to end corruption.

Whether any of these theories are close or not it should be clear that we need to do much more to reform out Democratic system and we can't count on our so-called leaders to do it for us. If they wanted to do a good job they would have done much better long ago before it became this insane. Even if these far-fetched conspiracies aren't true simpler ones are being exposed almost on a daily bases and we need much more disclosure that should be standard operating procedure.

As I said above, though, if we get into farfetched conspiracy theories we should be prepared for the possibility that they might not be true and act on the things that we can be sure of.

One thing that we can be sure of is that we need a far more diverse media exploring many issues. The fringe media outlets that Prop Or are trying to tell us are Russian propaganda often come up with far more rational reports than the traditional media. They also include some fringe conspiracy theorists that may be far fetched. This includes several UFO research web pages. As I have indicated in past articles some of these research sites have large amounts of blatantly false information; however the skeptics also have plenty of their own obvious blunders. I previously indicated that this might be part of an effort to intentionally put obvious blunders in stories about this subject to confuse the issue.

It would be easy to dismiss the entire subject as irrational conspiracy theories if it weren’t for numerous legitimate unsolved mysteries like the megaliths, and if you look close enough at the details, many of the UFO sightings, Crop Circles, mystics and other major unsolved mysteries.

If these efforts to insert blatantly false information were intended to confuse the issue they were successful, and it will take a lot of time to sort out the details. If this is the case then we need to research this in a more scientific manner where people from both sides aren’t constantly trying to deny the inconvenient facts that challenge their own beliefs

When that happens we can start getting much closer to the truth; but in the mean time we need major election and media reform along with efforts to protect the environment from the oligarchies that are in the process of consolidating their power under Donald Trump.

Something insane is going on and unless there are major changes it will at best lead to exchanging one set of tyrants manipulating us for another set of tyrants manipulating us!

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The following are the web pages mainstream media attempted to portray as Russian propaganda, although many of them are exceptionally good, even those require scrutiny and some of them aren’t nearly as good so use your own discretion and figure out which ones are worthwhile:

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