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Crooked Trump Is Right About Crooked Hillary and her crooked friends!

Donald Trump and some of his right wing allies may be as corrupt as Hillary Clinton but that doesn't mean they're wrong when they call her "Crooked Hillary."

(Since this was first posted the list of corruption and scandals involving Hillary or her allies continues to grow, which isn't surprising since her scandals have been growing almost non-stop since she's been a public figure. Some of these have been added below, including an incident where one of her delegates shot another one who also happened to be her husband.)

They may be exaggerating some of them, or in some cases making things up, but in most cases after checking facts there are enormous problems with her and her friends and it is clear that even if a few aren't true or are being exaggerated there are plenty that are and she is incredibly crooked and so are some of the people she associates with including some that are now being sent to prison or that have been previously in prison for white collar crime.

I can only cover a fraction of her corruption here including Travel-Gate, White-Water, connections to Sheldon Silver and so many more, since there's so much that hardly anyone can possibly remember them all; and there are as many problems with Donald Trump and many of his allies as well.

Perhaps the bigger problem is why the entire political and media establishment has been giving her the coverage she needs to win or rig the election even though she's an incredibly flawed candidate. Donald Trump is as bad but they gave him obsessive coverage portraying him as an outsider even though he obviously isn't, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten the coverage he needs to become so well known and popular.

There are plenty of potential candidates that don't have all these problems but the traditional media refuses to cover them so that they might have a chance.

The reason we may have two incredibly corrupt candidates that have record breaking negative polling isn't a major unsolved mystery as the media seems to imply.

It's because they refuse to cover candidates that don't collect enormous amounts of money from corporations including the six conglomerates that control the media.

The only exception is when a rare candidate like Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein gets so much grassroots coverage that they can't avoid providing some coverage without being too obvious about their attempts to rig elections. Actually they are too obvious anyway to anyone paying enough attention; but they seem to be relying on complacent people to get away with it.

A recent article A brief guide to Clinton scandals from Travelgate to Emailgate 05/17/2016 reminds people of over a dozen of the past scandals that the Clinton's have been involved in and it is almost certainly only a small fraction of the total which would take weeks if not months to research, and would probably still be incomplete.

There are so many that it is impossible to keep track of, which makes it surprising that she boasted about people not being able to "name one example where donations changed her vote," ignoring the widely known fact that most so-called "Quid Quo Pro's" aren't quite so obvious; however when she helped stop a bankruptcy reform bill as first lady, then took enormous amounts of money from the banking industry as Senator she voted for virtually the same bill, as Elizabeth Warren pointed out in her book "The Two Income Trap" and several interviews while promoting it over ten years ago.

A couple that are only slightly less obvious include Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department 05/26/2015 and Hillary Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons, 07/31/2015

Of course, these are only a few of many examples although most of them don't seem quite so clear cut. However she clearly favors the views of her donors on one issue after another often supporting one position while running for office and another, that benefits her campaign contributors while in office. On just about every issue including NAFTA, TPP, the Keystone pipeline and even CAFTA, which she bragged about voting against, she was on the opposite side when in power. She may have voted against CAFTA but E-mails showed that she lobbied for it and only changed positions when she realized that it wasn't going to win any way and she didn't want the blame for a losing position. The same went for the TPP and Keystone pipeline which she hedged on for a long time after lobbying in favor, but then reversed herself when it was clear the the public wasn't going to vote for her if she supported them.

Ironically Obama campaigned as the more progressive of the two when he ran in 2008 and she had a record that indicated that he probably was; but then after getting in office he also flipped with her help as ?Secretary of State and on at least one occasion she and one of her supporters argued that she only favored the TPP because she was working for him and had to be loyal, ignoring the fact that she supported trade agreements even more than him during the previous campaign.

Her support of Wall Street corruption including Sheldon Silver and many other lobbyists and politicians is just the beginning. Corruption also clearly runs in the family; keeping children off limits including her daughter in the 1990s is reasonable but now she's an adult and married to a son of a felon convicted of white collar crime according to Chelsea Clinton’s ‘father-in-law’ lives down criminal past 07/29/2010 and her husband seems to be following in his fathers foots steps using her mothers connections while working at the State House to increase profits according to Clinton intervened to benefit son-in-law while at State. 12/09/2015 When children become adults and start participating in epidemic levels of corruption then it is no longer inappropriate to keep them off limits especially when her daughter is now campaigning for her and often lying while doing so like when she said that Bernie Sanders wanted to take away the Affordable Care Act, without mentioning that he clearly didn't want to do any such thing without replacing it with a much more efficient Single Payer system, which isn't written by insurance companies. And now her husband is losing enormous amounts of money for his clients according to Marc Mezvinsky: Clinton Son-In-Law Loses 90 Percent For Clients, Closes Hedge Fund; 05/11/2016 but to the best of my knowledge he's not taking the loses himself.

We're supposed to believe she's going to stand up to hedge fund managers, including her own son in law and many others who have donated to her campaign when she's done no such thing in the past, instead doing the opposite.

She's also closely connected to an enormous amount of corruption in New York, although the media somehow manages to avoid blaming her for much if any of it. This includes investigations into her political allies Sheldon Silver, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, and more including several others in addition to Silver that were sentenced to prison, some of which was described in the following article:

NY is a corruption-filled cesspool — and we have ourselves to blame 05/04/2016

Mark the date, remember the moment. The corruption eruption in New York is reaching new heights — and depths.

From City Hall to Albany, the sewer runneth over. It is no longer adequate to talk of a few bad apples. We are suffering through a bumper crop of rottenness.

In normal times, the fall of Sheldon Silver, sentenced yesterday to 12 years in federal prison, would be drama enough. Yet the former Democratic leader of the Assembly is joined in infamy by Dean Skelos, the former Republican leader of the state Senate, whose sentencing comes up next week on the con- man calendar.

The comeuppance of the bosses of both legislative houses and both parties in the same year is, as far as I can tell, unprecedented in modern times. Even the legendary thieves of Tammany tended to leave space between dramatic downfalls.

Yet the Silver-Skelos scandal is just part of the worst of times.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a serious jam, as both state and federal prosecutors have his fundraising-and-favors operation in their cross hairs. Another sordid chapter would be written if the mayor himself is hit with criminal charges.

Then there’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who looked as if he had escaped a federal probe only to see a close friend and former aide suddenly land in very hot water about money paid to him by companies with state business. There’s no telling where the case will lead. Complete article

As I explained in Can Hillary Clinton win without cheating? New York is one of eighteen states with voting irregularities that haven't been explained and almost certainly helped her get her enormous lead, although the rigged media coverage should have done the trick without the need for cheating; but her record is so bad that it doesn't seem to have done the trick. An article written before the primary, Hillary Clinton urges New York state Democrats to aid in decisive primary victory, 04/04/2016 should raise additional questions about whether she used her political connections to win by large margins when she needed a win on several occasions including the New York Primary which had some of the most extensive voter suppression which was quickly forgotten by traditional media.

Her political corruption extends to many of her allies beyond New York or Arkansas of course including Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe who is under federal investigation for campaign contributions 05/24/2016 and this investigation is also related to the Clinton Foundation. Ironically Terry McAuliffe Took $25,000 From Donald Trump 05/2/2016 which means that both corrupt establishment candidates may be connected to this scandal.

Now not surprisingly Donald Trump is bringing back some of her previous scandals including her alleged attempts to intimidate several of the women that accused her husband of misconduct or even rape. Contrary to what Clinton supporters have claimed this has not been proven false although many of the allegations haven't been confirmed either. However some of them have been confirmed including of course Monica Lewinski and Paula Jones, indicating that a candidate that says women should be believed when they make accusations can't hold the high ground while claiming the opposite when it comes to her husband.

Another incident which has almost certainly been exaggerated that Donald Trump is bringing back up again is Vince Foster's suicide which contrary to the most extreme conspiracy theories is almost certainly not a murder; however there was some evidence to indicate that files were also allegedly removed from Foster's White House office before investigators were able to secure it as part of the official probe into his death. This isn't conclusive either but another one of the past scandals that was mentioned is the alleged drug running out of Mena Airport which Bill Clinton may have known about. There has been more reporting of this at the local level than in the national media since it first began including an old article, The Lonely Crusade of Linda Ives 04/18/1996 which indicates that Governor Clinton may have been heavily involved in a cover up removing a medical examiner that might have exposed a murder and replacing him with one that was less inclined to do so.

There is almost certainly more to this than the majority of the public know about and some in depth research may confirm it, although it will take time to sort through it. However some of the strongest evidence includes the Kerry Committee report which was a government investigation headed by John Kerry. The strongest additional evidence, that I know of, tying Bill Clinton to the drug running operations with at least tacit support from the CIA is probably evidence described by Terry Reed in "Compromised" where he discloses his activities with the CIA and how they included drug running some of which took place at Mena Airport, and he provides testimony indicating that Bill Clinton knew about it and that he met him.

Terry Reed's book is mostly personal experience but he does provide some documentary back up and there are plenty of additional whistle blowers and researchers that have confirmed that the CIA has been involved in drug running or at least looking the other way when their allies did it for causes they supported including the Nicaraguan Contras. Gary Webb author of "Dark Alliance" is one of the most extensive researchers providing enormous evidence including the Kerry Report and lots of other testimony that was in a court of law and compiling research done by many other reporters.

When he reported this attempts to discredit him were extensive often smearing his character; however they avoided research into his sources which he cited to back up his claims. This is clearly not an appropriate way to discredit a story if it is false but effective if they want to make it appear false. Alfred McCoy author of "The Politics of Heroin" also did a lot of good research into this subject and Celerino Castillo author of "Powderburns" is a former DEA agent who also blew the whistle on these operations and there are many more, although most of them don't get much if any attention in the traditional press.

No doubt there will be plenty of people that would be skeptical of claims about the CIA running drugs, especially if they rely on traditional media, which treats this like a fringe conspiracy theory; however those that take the time to sort through some of the research might conclude that although some of this does include misinformation, which shouldn't be surprising considering the subject matter and sources researchers have to deal with there is an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that a lot of it is clearly true. However even if many people are still skeptical I have provided a long list of their other corrupt activities from reliable sources, including collecting an enormous amount of money from media corporations and other industries for the Clinton Foundation in a previous article, Why would anyone consider Hillary Clinton if they knew this? the list of corrupt activities they've been involved in is so long that it's hard to imagine how anyone can keep track of it all.

Ironically Hillary Clinton could have pointed out that Donald Trump is as corrupt as her recently but instead ridiculed him for not making enough money in the Casino business when she said, "I mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? Really." She could have easily pointed out that his Casino business is as corrupt as Trump University, actually corruption is one of the core principles for the Casino and organized gambling industries. If an organized gambling industry doesn't rig the odds in their own favor they can't cover their expenses let alone make a profit. Unfortunate it isn't politically correct to mention the basic principles of gambling in politics as I pointed out in The tragedy of gambling politics in United States. Hillary Clinton may not want to point this out anymore than most politicians since she also want to get in on the scam when it suits her purposes and there's no political gain in informing the victims of organized gambling institutions that they're being scammed.

If the media wasn't as corrupt as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump then they would have done a much better job covering the issues and there would be no doubt that other candidates, which they refuse to give fair coverage to, including Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, and probably many more that would be available if they could get coverage, are far more qualified to be president and Trump and Clinton would have been forced to drop out long ago due to lack of support.

Unfortunately that isn't the case, and the media gives corrupt candidates an enormous advantage by giving them obsessive coverage and the best candidates only get fair coverage in alternative media outlets for now. This could change if we get media refome enabling diverse coverage and election reform enabling the public to control the interview process.

The following are a few additional stories about epidemic levels of corruption by the Clinton's:

Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich continues to pay big 01/17/2016

Bill Clinton pardon controversy

Hillary Clinton is unraveling quickly 05/10/2016

Dean Skelos Is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison in Corruption Case 05/12/2016 includes list of longest prison terms for NY lawmakers

Lee Camp: The Elections Board was paid MILLIONS before the NY Primary??, Hillary's new money laundering, and much more 05/10/2016

Peter F. Paul v. Hillary Clinton

Hillary whistleblower: 'I'm a political prisoner' 05/0/2016

Clinton Superdelegate Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Corruption 05/04/2016

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had 'regular' orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times 09/06/2014

Clintons Return White House Furniture 02/08/2001 Members of both parties also have criticized Clinton for granting scores of eleventh-hour clemency requests, including the pardon of Marc Rich, a fugitive in Switzerland from 51 counts in the United States of tax evasion and fraud.

Clintons Began Taking White House Property a Year Ago 02/10/2001

Edit 08.19/2016 the following are some additional stories about Hillary Clinton's scandals or those of her allies:

11 Items from Clinton Foundation’s Dealings with Russian Uranium That Should Have Americans Worried April 2015

Former Clinton Aide Arrested – Hillary Left Rattled 08/05/2016

Hacked Emails Prove Hillary Sold Weapons To Terrorists, Worse Than You Think 08/02/2016

Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban 10/20/2015

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal 04/23/2015

Watchdog group releases 44 new Hillary Clinton emails, highlighting Clinton Foundation ties 08/10/2016

Conservative Group Releases Additional Hillary Clinton Emails From Aide’s Inbox 06/27/2016 “I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State. Who manages both my personal and official files?” Mrs. Clinton wrote early in her term to both Ms. Abedin and another State Department employee. Ms. Abedin responded: “We’ve discussed this. I can explain it to you when I see u today.” March 22 2009 exchange

Huma Abedin left Secretary of State Clinton's schedule on a bed in her UNLOCKED hotel room despite the top aide testifying that her boss burned her daily agendas 08/09/2016

New emails show Huma scheming for Hillary 08/09/2016

Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Caught in Illegal DNC Voting Scheme 07/08/2016

One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent 07/20/2016

Couple give conflicting accounts in Fayette County official’s shooting 07/18/2016

Fayette County Commissioner's wife resigns as Democratic convention delegate after shooting arrest 07/19/2016

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