Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Conclusive evidence of Alien Abduction??

Barney and Betty Hill

I'll keep my comments to a minimum on this one; but take a good look at these pictures and ask yourself one question; can this be explained without either direct or indirect influence from aliens abducting people?

If your answer is no then what we have here is conclusive evidence of Alien Abduction!

Travis Walton

Dan "Potatoe" Quayle

Bob "Viagra" Dole who says, "We know it's (tobacco) not good for kids. But a lot of other things aren't good. Drinking's not good. Some would say milk's not good."

George "Rats" Bush

Dick "Dark side" Cheney

Sarah "can actually see Russia, from land, here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska" Palin

Christine "Not a Witch" O'Donnell

Sharron "Second Amendment Remidies" Angle

Carl "I'll take you out" Paladino

Michael "I'll throw you off this fucking balcony" Grimm

Rand "bit of a crowd control problem (stomping protester for disagreeing)" Paul

Mitt "Corporations are people" Romney although at least 47% if not over 90% might disagree

Herman "999" Cain

Rick "Oops" Perry

Michele "John Wayne Gacy" Bachmann

Newt "Family Values" Gingrich asking for divorce while wife is in hospital bed.

Rick “do not euthanize me” Santorum

Allen "threat to the gene pool" West “This is it. I’m going to count to five again, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to kill you.”

Ted “It is the job of a chaplain to be insensitive to atheists” Cruz

A False for his claim that "the jurisdictions with the strictest gun control laws, almost without exception … have the highest crime rates and the highest murder rates."

Todd "legitimate rape" Akin

Mike “weird spice, kitchen-cabinet cure” Huckabee

Bobby "Stop being the stupid party" Jindal unless ...

Chris "Teacher hating Bridgegate" Christie

JEB “(Poor) People Need To Work Longer Hours.” Bush

Marco "God has blessed the Republican Party" Rubio

Carly "fully formed fetus" Fiorina

Scott “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe (including ISIS?)” Walker

Ben "Grain Storage" Carson

Donald "Show me the birth certificate we're going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it" Trump

Hillary "often confused" Clinton

Even if you don't think this is adequate evidence for Alien Abduction it should raise serious doubts about whether the media coverage is more absurd and insane for UFOs or for the politicians that are expected to lead our country, or at least the ones the media is actually willing to cover.

The political leaders that do get elected routinely authorize bombing around the world and selling more weapons than any other country and other countries routinely retaliate, often with the weapons sold to them by us and after the Paris Attack instead of discussing this they argue over whether they should call them "Radical Islam."

Is any sane person really going to consider that more rational than Alien Abduction theories?

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