Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Republican Party is a Cult or Damn Close

By now this should be obvious to anyone that isn't overly religious. Mike Huckabee's religious rally for Kim Davis is becoming typical for the Republican Party.

There is little or no sincere discussion about issues in the Republican Party or at least not based on any rational thought process. Instead a shocking percentage of them allow their religious beliefs which are often dictated by charismatic leaders without rational scrutiny.

These leaders compete to see who can cater to religious beliefs most effectively then they can serve the best interests of their campaign contributors, since their constituency is more concerned about following crowds that don't understand issues. This has even led to political operatives rigging the coverage so that Mike Huckabee can be the apparent spokesperson for Kim Davis without allowing Cruz to share the stage, although he is just as irrational when he does get to express his views. The fact that he doesn't even seem to know that the Dred Scott case was overturned by constitutional amendment as a result of the Civil War doesn't even seem to matter to many of these cult followers who also believe many other irrational things like that Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya.

The rally in Washington against the Iran treaty is another of the more blatant examples that re surprisingly common that demonstrate how little many of these people know, often because they only listen to charismatic speakers who manipulate there emotions and refuse to check facts. The vast majority of these people are almost certainly not aware of our history with Iran that includes a coup in 1953 which overthrew a much more democratic government than they have now. In the seventies after decades of being abused and often tortured by the Shah installed by the CIA the United States had another opportunity to support the student protesters but remained in denial which led to the religious theocracy that is partly a creation of our own foreign policy.

The foreign policy towards Iran from their own religious leaders is even more extreme than Obama's treaty, including Reagan's Iran-Contra conspiracy which they don't seem to recognize as being worse than this treaty.

The problem isn't so much that they're wrong about the issues; but that they don't even sort through the details or listen to opposing views; instead they take positions from charismatic speakers and intimidate and ostracize those that don't go along with the program, like a cult which is not compatible with a functioning democracy which allows consideration of all views.

This is as extreme if not more extreme when it comes to environmental protection. In 2008 they were able to use charismatic speaking and other manipulation tactics to convince large crowds to start chanting "Drill Baby Drill" without realizing that some of the greatest environmental damage being done to our country was in the south where there are the most religious people. the worst of this is often in minority neighborhoods but it also impacts poor white people as well. and their bigotry against minorities is often religious based.

Elections seem to be getting more irrational every two to four years escalating with the unusually irrational Tea Party group of candidates in 2010 including Sharon "Second Amendment remedies" Angle, Carl "I'll take you out" Paladino, Christine "Not a witch" O'Donnell and even some candidates that actually won like Rand Paul and later Ted Cruz.

A shocking percentage of the public is taught from an early age to believe what they're told and go along with the crowd instead of teaching them to develop critical thinking skills as I explained in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine. He recommends using corporal punishment starting as early as eighteen months old to teach children to obey and believe what they're told. This is before they understand what they're being punished for and it teaches them to obey based on fear, not because they understand what is going on or why.

As I explained in numerous posts in the past including American Psychological Association exposed again and Political Psychologist Are Suppressing Democracy political operatives and psychologists have been studying how to manipulate the public for decades and this includes research into cult activity and how to create cult figures like Donald Trump. Amazingly when they realized that a growing number of people were getting fed up with establishment candidates and how they were manipulating the public the establishment seems to have created their own anti-establishment candidate, or at least someone pretending to be an anti-establishment candidate to continue manipulating the cult followers while pretending to stand up to the establishment.

Actually they've been manufacturing establishment candidates pretending to be anti-establishment for a long time, often starting their career with claims that "I'm not a politician," then once they get elected one after another of these anti-establishment candidates demonstrates with their actions that they're just like the others and go along with the establishment demonstrating they were politicians all along. But Donald Trump takes this to a new level. Clearly if he really wasn't an establishment candidate the establishment media wouldn't be giving him obsessive amounts of coverage even playing many of his speeches live with few if any commercials. This is something they practically never do any more; they used to do this for emergencies or major disasters when they still acted as if the commercial media was supposed to provide some kind of public service but that attitude has gradually disappeared over the decades and they no longer let major catastrophes interrupt commercials and profits, however they do for a candidate they keep telling us is anti-establishment.

Donald Trump has flip flopped on several issues for the sake of his campaign like abortion Single Payer Health Care and more clearly indicating he is like other establo8ishment candidates but they keep repeating over and over again that he's against the establishment so many people that have been taught from birth to believe what they're told and respond to emotional appeals believe him. They don't seem to suspect that insulting each other and demonstrating they have no clue about many of the most important issues is an inappropriate way to figure out who is most qualified to run the country.

The establishment has developed a political industry to study how to manipulate people using cult indoctrination practices without addressing the most important issues for the vast majority of the public and this also includes the Democratic Party although they're not quite as extreme as the Republican Party, or at least they don't seem quite as extreme. Hillary Clinton has been relying on the media to present her as the inevitable nominee for the Democratic Party for years so that she can avoid a significant primary. She doesn't have nearly as strong a cult following as the Republican candidates but that isn't because she isn't trying. She has as many advisers helping her present her case and make promises that she almost certainly will never keep if elected as the Republicans. However they seem to be relying on a common strategy of portraying the Republicans as extremists so the public can't afford to take a chance on a third party candidate and allow the greater evil to get elected. this is the strategy they used in 2012 and many other previous elections and a shocking percentage of the public seems to fall for the same scam every time.

This is how they manage to get an enormous amount of people in both parties especially the Republican Party to support positions that are clearly not in their interests.

If there is a candidate that really is trying to address the best interests of the majority of the public that gets some coverage from the establishment media it must be Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders got almost no coverage for decades until after he gained enough grassroots support to get elected in his home state numerous times and they still don't give him nearly as much coverage as Donald Trump even though his crowds are almost always larger. His biggest crowd was probably either in Oregon or the lakes area close to 28 thousand people. Trump's biggest crowds were in Alabama and Texas, where people are much more religious and more likely to fall for cult leaders. If the public applied scrutiny to Bernie Sanders positions almost all of them would stand up; however if they scrutinized Donald Trump's positions almost all of them would fall apart, but Trump's supporters are much more inclined to base their support on emotions.

Of course the most widely covered so-called “consumer advocate” by the media is Elizabeth Warren but she probably has the greatest cult following of any Democrat as I explained in numerous posts including Elizabeth Warren is a charismatic propagandist not the Messiah and Elizabeth Warren steals credit from real grass roots efforts.

If this isn't a system that created cult followers that blindly accept the lies of their leaders it is way to damn close. As long as the most important decisions are based on lies, whoever controls the lies can control the public. Until we get Election Reform and Media Reform (Alternative Media is an Absolute Necessity!!) that enables the public to get a better education and more accurate information about all the eligible candidates then we won't have a Democracy; instead we'll continue having a Plutocracy disguised as Democracy with the establishment manufacturing cult leaders.

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