Preliminary Conclusions For One Hundred and Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

There is a great deal about history that hasn't been fully recorded and more effort needs to be made to organize the hard facts that we can be sure of. This starts with simple tedious things like inventory of archeology sites and methods to examine archeology sites. The archeologist are familiar with this I'm sure but the majority of the public isn't. for more on this see:

It is also clear that ancient civilizations self destructed for one reason or another. We can't always be sure exactly why this happened but there are some common things that led to this even if the details vary primarily war and internal bickering.

Figuring how some of these Ancient Wonders were created is not easy without complete information. The first thing that needs to be done is organize the hard facts better. Then when complex theories run into problems you'll have something to fall back on and check. Traditional scholars should have done a better job at this a long time ago and perhaps they did but if so they didn't present it to the public in the most organized manner. The editors of the Seventy Wonders of the Ancient world did a statistical analysis of a few of their sites for their fact files including Fortress at Mycenae and Tiryns, Greece, The Ancient Roman Aqueducts and The Baths of Caracalla. Unfortunately they didn't provide a consistent system for all their fact files. Further fact files could be completed that include summarized inventories of these sites so that people will have a better idea of what is there.

Even without further study it is clear that ancient civilizations moved well over 100 colossal stones between 100 tons and at least 750 tons, thousands of colossal stones well over 50 tons, dozens of thousands of stones over 10 tons and millions of stones over 2 tons. Experiments have proven that stones up to 10 tons can be moved with an enormous amount of effort. Alleged experiments without sufficient documentation that I know of may have moved stones up to 50 tons with ancient technology. No one that I know of is claiming they can move stones much if any bigger than 50 tons with ancient technology yet the ancients did it.

This leads me to the conclusion that either they had access to technology more advanced than they have received credit for or they had help of some sort from some one who did have more advanced technology.
If they had advanced technology and lost it why did it happen to so many different cultures? Where did they get the technology? Why wasn't there a more gradual build up of technology in some places especially Egypt? Why wasn't their better evidence of how the technology was lost? Is there something about human evolution that leads people to move colossal stones all over the world then forget how as they evolve a little more?

If Ancient civilizations had help from an unknown advanced intelligence why doesn't this advanced intelligence develop and maintain an open honest line of communication? Where could this advanced intelligence come from? What is this advanced intelligence trying to accomplish?

Many people assume that this advanced intelligence is "God". Once they conclude that it is God they also conclude that all the myths about God are true. The problem with that is that many of the myths about God contradict each other and even themselves. Assumptions about God rarely ever result from an effort to think it through and figure out if he exist or what his true nature is. Assumptions about God are usually a result of coerced indoctrination tactics and wishful thinking combined with run away emotions. Many people assume that since they believe God creates miracles therefore God is good. Whether this is true or not depends on whether or not the miracles are real and they actually provide more benefits than they cost. For example the most common alleged miracles are miracle healing. If this is real it seems good but if it leads to indoctrination that prevents people from getting medical attention then it may do more harm than good. Besides if it was good why would God have to do it in mysterious ways without communicating. That doesn't seem to be the miracle provided by this evidence though. The miracle if you want to call it that involves moving colossal stones and other things beyond the ability of primitive man. These colossal stones have often been used as part of religion. They have been used to amaze people but not educate them. Once people have been drawn into religions their education has routinely been restricted by their religion.

If there was an advanced intelligence involved instead of sorting through all the contradictory assumptions about God few of which involved an effort to figure out what God is it might be a good idea to think about how an intelligent being would act. Would he look out for his own best interest? Would he accomplish his goals in the most effective way possible? Would he have an organized thought process that included an organized set of facts about different subjects? If this advanced intelligence wanted to look out for the best interest of the human race wouldn't he start by communicating? wouldn't he educate the human race instead of using mysterious ways to arrange for others to indoctrinate people in his name?

If there was an advanced intelligence influencing the development of civilization what would he gain by doing it in this manner? If he wanted to teach morals or truth this isn't the way to do it. History has proven that people haven't learned either based on religion. If he wanted to study the human race then he could do it by watching the human race develop. This is just speculation at this point but you have to start somewhere if you want to figure out the truth and religion has been looking in the wrong direction for thousands of years without fixing some of the most obvious mistakes, like do you earn trust by refusing to communicate? Of course not but that is what God has been doing assuming he exists and religious leaders have been using indoctrination tactics to convince people that he is trustworthy whether he exists or not. then in the absence of god they have been assuming the role of divine source of truth for themselves.

If this advanced intelligence is studying human social evolution then allowing different societies to develop and then collapse with little or no records would enable him to study a lot of different situations. This would essentially mean that there is an advanced intelligence and it could be the same one that people refer to as god but most of the assumptions about god would be wrong. Most of the old assumptions about god are wrong anyway so trying new ones might lead to the right one eventually even if this one doesn't turn out to be the true one. This hypothesis would involve a researching god if you want to call it that and the human race etc. would be research subjects. This would be an exceptionally large research project bigger than anything most human researchers ever considered, in fact it would have started long before our civilization started and it would still be going on. This research project wouldn't be for our benefit but for the benefit of those that are actually learning from it, those that actually have access to all the information that would be presumably being collected. One thing that this theory would have in common with religion is that god really would be watching but not to punish or reward. He would be watching to learn for himself. He would study everything he doesn't already know and many things that he does already know to confirm them. In order for the human race to benefit from this research project they would have to learn. That would be the benefit a better education, better access to information that could be used to improve their own lives.

Even if this theory isn't true surely it would be a good idea to learn from mistakes. Surely it would be a good idea to set up a better education system. If this theory is true then it would mean that this researching god has been controlling education for thousands of years and actually preventing the human race from receiving the benefit of the research project. God would have been using religion to distort the thought process of the human race so that he could benefit at our expense. God would essentially be the greatest tyrant there has ever been. However he wouldn't be evil for the sake of evil as many portray the devil he would just be an advanced intelligence that accomplishes his goals in the most effective way he knows how.

The researching God would have some of the characteristics generally attributed to the devil like portraying himself as a benevolent being even when he isn't, using sophisticated ways to lie without literally telling a straight forward lie that can be easily recognized and making promises that come at to high a price. This doesn't mean he would fit the mythological description of the devil since that has as many contradictions as the mythological description of God. Therefore neither one is possible in it's entirety. One of the things the researching god could be studying might be global warming. We're not talking about a god studying simple things he would be studying some things that we would consider very complicated if we were able to understand it at all.

A researching god would keep good records of his work he would use something at least as good as the best computers we have maybe something much better. He would understand the basics of simpler subjects already including indoctrination tactics that people have been using on each other for thousands of years. Only he would understand cult tactics better and if he uses them he would know why even if he doesn't use indoctrination tactics he would recognize when people are using cult tactics in his name and he would have the option of warning people about it. He chose not to use that option. Religious leaders that have used cult tactics often don't fully understand them or what they are trying to accomplish. People like Manson, Jones, Hitler etc. understood how to manipulate people but they screwed it up in the end, they didn't do a good job figuring out their own best interest. Stalin may have done a better job looking out for his own best interest but at such a great cost. Even Stalin didn't benefit that much he lived long but it probably wasn't a happy life. At minimum the researching god gives tacit approval to people who use cult tactics in his name. He gives tacit approval to everything done in his name for that matter. If God did disapprove the first thing he should do is communicate and he doesn't do that. This researching god would also be a cult leader. God would have been around at the birth of civilization. He would have had the option of setting up a rational education system or inspiring religion and standing by silently while they fight wars in his name. God would at best be a negligent or abusive parent or adoptive parent of the human race. He would definitely not be a "Good God".

If god finished with his research project and no longer needed to keep the secrets he could make partial amends if he was so inclined by sharing the results of the research project with the human race but first he would have to come clean. That doesn't mean he should be trusted soon but he should be heard out because people have no better option. This would involve a massive decultification project. Even if this hypothesis is false (as most people will surely believe) we should have a massive decultification process. Even if many people in this generation are not ready for this records of history can be better organized. There are many lessons that can be learned from history, one of the most important ones is don't let demagogues do the thinking for everyone!!

This theory is currently just speculation there is no solid evidence to support it at least not that is presented in an organized way. There might be circumstantial evidence to support it but it would have to be much better organized before it could be a serious theory. However there are a few things that we can be sure of whether this theory (or any other theory) is right or wrong. Pollution is doing an enormous amount of damage whether it is through global warming or destruction of the rain forest and many animal environments. It would be a good idea to figure out what the most effective way to stop pollution no matter what. War is doing an enormous amount of damage the best way to benefit from war is learn the most effective way to avoid war and learn how to settle problems in a more effective manner. Since special interests have always been the only winners of wars assuming there have ever been winners of wars we need to hold them accountable. We need a better education system no matter what, we need election reform and open government.

Whether there is a researching God or not it would be a good idea to learn from our mistakes. It would be a good idea to learn that demagogues that lead us into war for all the wrong reasons shouldn't be elected to public office. It would be a good idea to organize information so that we have an accurate perception of reality to base decisions on. It wouldn't be a good idea to trust people that distort the facts more than we trust people that present them honestly in an organized fashion that could be confirmed.

I have continued this speculation by considering the possibility that this advanced intelligence influenced mystics and miracles as many religious people believe. or that they might be related to UFOs. On this page I started by organizing links to UFO websites, skeptic websites as well as pages for related scientific subjects.

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