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Immigration Policy And Outsourcing Are Virtual Slavery

The debate over illegal aliens, or undocumented immigrants, like all other debates in the mainstream media ignores some of the most basic fundamentals including the fact, yes fact, that this is part of class warfare that leads to virtual slavery and that a large portion of immigration policy is designed to enable rich people to profit by suppressing wages for workers both in the USA and abroad.

The alternative media outlets often catch some of the most important aspects of this much better but they often either miss some of it as well or fail to repeat it very often although they trying to do a much better job.

First of all, for all practical purposes, laws are created by the rich primarily for the benefit of the rich and so-called democracy has been turned into a farce, largely because the media has consolidated into six oligarchies that control over ninety percent of the news nationwide. That means that these oligarchies can rig elections by refusing to cover grassroots candidates and only covering those that cater to their interests. Since one of the leading requirements to getting elected is name recognition this simple method is enough to rig elections so only corporate puppets have a chance.

Our caste system usually doesn't seem quite as blatant as the Indian caste system, which until recently they openly admitted existed, and now only pretend they're trying to get rid of; but it doesn't take much research to realize that it is almost as blatant and that different classes of people that aren't quite as clearly defined exist for different purposes and that the vast majority of benefits for our economic system is designed to go to the rich in a state of virtual slavery that seem almost like a democracy assuming people are complacent and don't read alternative media outlets.

This may not be an intentional well planned conspiracy; but when less than one percent of the population controls all the most powerful institutions the results are the same; and there are smaller conspiracies within these institutions that are exposed on a routine basis. However if you don't check alternative media outlets they'll be quickly forgotten if they're reported at all.

Donald Trump is, of course, one of the most obvious and hypocritical people on this issue, and it doesn't take much research to learn that Hillary Clinton isn't much better, assuming your not a cult follower of one of these plutocrats. They both came up with rhetoric that sounds good to the voters that they were trying to attract during the election; but there were many times, including polish construction workers, Mar-a-Lago guest workers, illegal models and more additional examples than most researcher can come close to reporting on where Trump was doing exactly what he was campaigning against. Hillary Clinton is no better; she supported the coup in Honduras when she was secretary of state, which lead to the assassination of an environmental activists; opposed an increase in the minimum wage in Haiti from thirty one cents an hour to sixty one cents an hour, said that immigrants from these countries "had to go back" while pretending to defend human rights; and voted for the fence and some of the other policies Trump supports as Senator. She is also involved in more scandals than many if any researchers can keep track of.

The media only covers corrupt candidates guaranteeing that we only get corrupt politicians!

Allowing illegal immigrants into this country so that they can hire them at low wages and ensure that they have little or no rights to complain is routine. This enables the rich to get low wages in this country both from these suppressed wages and by using competition to force legal workers to settle for less. If illegal aliens complain they can be deported. They're intentionally creating a class of people who have no rights and using them as scapegoats for their own crimes.

Cabinet members have been repeatedly derailed because they've been caught hiring illegal aliens as housekeepers and nanny's and on some occasions they've created scandals but approved them any way or withdrew them for other reasons like Puzder who was exposed for this but didn't withdraw until it was also reported that he abused his wife as well. This is routine; I wouldn't even know where to hire an illegal alien to clean my house but rich people seem to have no problem whether they set up a network to find them or not.

They passed a law in the eighties giving aliens amnesty on the condition that in the future all employees would be required to check their status; so these people should legally have known they were hiring people here illegally, even though they had no option, yet the people that had influence in the government aren't held accountable for anything while those that have been criminalized take all the blame.

This is justified because they pretend these laws are created by a democracy. In a democracy the people impacted by decisions have a right to the information they need to participate in the decision making policies and then they can vote on it. Immigrants have no such rights and many of them come from countries that are being oppressed by allies of the United States government. Even when they're in their own country and the United States government decides to sell weapons to tyrants that are used to oppress their own people they're not involved in the decision making process.

When the United States supported coups or attempted coups in Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, El-Salvador, Nicaragua, Iran, Vietnam and many other places they never allowed the people of these countries to vote on their efforts to oppress them!

Is this what we should call democracy?

If we're the defender of the free world shouldn't we be trying to ensure that as many people as possible that are impacted by policies, both foreign and domestic are informed accurately about these policies and their concerns should be addressed to the best of our ability? We might not be able to accomplish all of this overnight but the political establishment isn't even trying; instead of improving things they're relentlessly pushing voter suppression laws that infringe on the rights of immigrants, poor people, minorities, the working class and anyone that challenges the rights of the oligarchy.

Outsourcing is, of course another aspect of this. We grow subsidized cotton here in the United States ship it overseas, sometimes as far as Pakistan, pay guards, abusive managers, and union busters in those countries who oppress the people that actually make products without paying the workers and local workers have to compete with that so their wages are suppressed as well. As Bob Ortega reported Kathie Lee Gifford got three percent of the revenue of her clothing line for sponsoring it but the workers who produced the quality were abused on only got less than one percent. We're supposed to believe that she's a good person because she gives ten percent of the money she stole from workers and consumers to charity. Yes I say, stole because for a all practical purposes that is what she did although they create propaganda that makes it seem justifiable. When they send advertising expenses through the roof while cutting manufacturing expenses to the bone the people that create deceptive ads aren't providing benefits to consumers they're committing fraud, or at least this would be clear if the scam artists weren't controlling the propaganda!

Sometimes they hardly even pretend it isn't slavery as bad as it was before the Civil War; and amazingly the government claims they can do nothing according to several reports including the following:

The New American Slavery: Invited To The U.S., Foreign Workers Find A Nightmare 07/21/2015

The H-2 visa program invites foreign workers to do some of the most menial labor in America. Then it leaves them at the mercy of their employers. Thousands of these workers have been abused — deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, raped, and threatened with deportation if they dare complain. And the government says it can do little to help. A BuzzFeed News investigation. MAMOU, Louisiana — Travis Manuel and his twin brother, Trey, were shopping at Walmart near this rural town when they met two Mexican women who struck them as sweet. Using a few words of Spanish he had picked up from his Navy days, Travis asked the two women out on a double date. .....

The man in the truck was the women’s boss, Craig West, a prominent farmer in the heart of Cajun country. As Sgt. Robert McGee later wrote in a police report, West said that Valdez and Gonzalez were “two of his girls,” and he asked the cops to haul the women in and “scare the girls.”

The police brought the women, who were both in their twenties, to the station house. McGee told them they couldn’t leave West’s farm without permission, warning that they could wind up dead. To drive home the point, an officer later testified, McGee stood over Valdez and Gonzalez and pantomimed cutting his throat. He also brandished a Taser at them and said they could be deported if they ever left West’s property without his permission.

A little after 2 in the morning, they released the women to West for the 15-minute drive through the steamy night to his compound — a place where, the women and the Mexican government say, workers were stripped of their passports and assigned to sleep in a filthy, foul-smelling trailer infested with insects and mice. Valdez and Gonzalez also claimed that they and other women were imprisoned, forced to work for little pay, and frequently harassed by West, who demanded to see their breasts and insisted that having sex with him was their only way out of poverty.

These women were not undocumented immigrants working off the books. They were in the United States legally, as part of a government program that allows employers to import foreign labor for jobs they say Americans won’t take — but that also allows those companies to control almost every aspect of their employees’ lives.

Each year, more than 100,000 people from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, and South Africa come to America on what is known as an H-2 visa to perform all kinds of menial labor across a wide spectrum of industries: cleaning rooms at luxury resorts and national parks, picking fruit, cutting lawns and manicuring golf courses, setting up carnival rides, trimming and planting trees, herding sheep, or, in the case of Valdez, Gonzalez, and about 20 other Mexican women in 2011, peeling crawfish at L.T. West Inc. Complete article

For one reason or another these stories are rarely if ever reported in the mainstream media but once you suspect that this might be happening it doesn't take much searching to find more stories that are similar including the following couple of additional stories that are just as bad:

Virtual Slavery Indian workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were packed into cramped dormitories and forced to work 16-hours, six days a week, for less than minimum wage. When they complained, they were patrolled by armed guards. 06/11/2002

Despite U.S. laws, thousands still virtual slaves in America 12/13/2009

Both the Obama and Bush administrations allegedly claim that there's nothing they can do about it in these reports, and even the media outlets that report on it keep their reporting to a minimum and allow the stories to be quickly forgotten so it is hard to believe they're doing as much as they can although we should be thankfully for them for providing the reports and giving grassroots organizations a chance to pressure the government. We certainly can't expect the Trump administration to even pretend to care about it but there's no doubt that if any of these presidencies wanted to do something they could. The problem isn't that they can't do anything it is that they don't wast to!

The government routinely behaves like a fully owned subsidiary of campaign contributors!

Our government isn't accountable to voters; they're only accountable to donors, and the media that protects them by refusing to cover grassroots candidates that might actually try to do a good job!

Amazingly the members of the ruling class that are robbing everyone blind have the gall to claim that illegal immigrants are the ones responsible for all the crime in America!

Statistics can easily be misrepresented, and politicians routinely do just that but The Southern Poverty Law Center pointed out a much more reliable report by The Sentencing Project (PDF) that I'm sure will stand up to scrutiny much better than the propaganda repeated over and over by the Trump administration and the mainstream media which pretends to do a good job debunking some of the lies from Trump. This report points out that, "1. Immigrants commit crimes at lower rates than native-born citizens; 2. Higher levels of immigration in recent decades may have contributed to the historic drop in crime rates; 3. Police chiefs believe that intensifying immigration law enforcement undermines public safety; 4. Immigrants are under-represented in U.S. prisons."

This report indicates that the biggest crime illegal immigrants commit wouldn't even be a crime at all if they were allowed to participate in the decision making process like it is supposed to be in a real democracy! We call it a democracy when one group of people votes to make another group of people illegal just because they were born on the wrong side of the line and these illegal aren't offered any opportunity to defend themselves or participate in the democratic process. How much better would this be than if the most racist Nazi's voted in the forties to exterminate the Jews without letting the Jews vote? How much better would this be than if the most racists Jews vote to take away land from Palestinians without letting the Palestinians vote?

There can be no justification for this in a sincere Democracy!

Statistically foreign born people are significantly less likely to commit crimes than citizens and first generation immigrants are slightly less likely to commit crimes than US citizens! If we used reasonable justification it would be clear that the billionaires that control the government are much more likely to commit much bigger crimes yet a large portion of these crimes are considered legal; and even when they aren't legal they're rarely if ever prosecuted.

Does anyone really earn a billion dollars? Or even a hundred million dollars? Of course not, they use their connection with the government to help steal this money from the vast majority of the public and the people who pay the greatest price are the ones with the least amount of political power including immigrants!

How much is it even possible for a single person to reasonably earn? Not an easy question to answer but with this corrupt system no one is even trying to figure it out!

We live in a Corporate Kleptocracy not a Democracy! The government is controlled by a white collar crime syndicate!

The following are some additional sources and details:

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