Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Public Lost Censored Debates

Chris Cuomo said the big winners of the debate were the public because they got to see both candidates perform.

That is a pathetic lie!

The public is the biggest losers of the debates because they were stuck with two of the most corrupt candidates in history!

And on top of that the media and Commission on Presidential Debates rigged the coverage and the debates so that only those that collect enormous amounts of money from the most powerful corporations have any chance of getting media coverage. This is why we have such horrendous candidates; because the media refuses to cover candidates unless they support the interests of the oligarchy!

In a fair and democratic country the public would have a fair opportunity to see at least half a dozen candidates during the elections season that represent the middle and lower class as well as Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. This year we were lucky to hear from two of them but those two didn't get nearly as much coverage as the more corrupt candidates and it wasn't nearly as positive. Jill Stein only gets a minimum amount of coverage, that gets the attention of those who pay the most attention but the vast majority of the public still hardly even heard of her and the media is trying to make sure that doesn't change so they can continue referring to he as "nonviable."

Bernie Sanders eventually managed to get more coverage, perhaps because he built up a reputation from the grassroots that goes back decades. Presumably this enabled him to get so much grassroots support that the media felt they had to provide more coverage for him; however as the DNC leaks showed and even before that a close look at the media coverage of his campaign and voter irregularities, the deck was stacked against him; and even though the primaries weren't remotely fair they gave the nomination to Hillary Clinton who is despised, for good reason by a shocking percentage of the public.

A reasonably run election is supposed to put the best candidates forward as the nominees.

This one produced the worst.

Both candidates are under investigation for enormous amounts of fraud; although depending on who you listen to it may not be official.

However if one of them isn't under investigation; why not? It's not hard to find out how atrocious both of their records are.

There is no way this would have happened if the six corporations that control over ninety percent of the media hadn't provided obsession coverage for these two candidates and consulted with some of the most manipulative political operatives to ensure that the public only has the most corrupt candidates to choose from.

Or at least that is what the media and political establishment wants the public to think.

With these horrendous candidate that the vast majority of the public hate it could be the best chance to elect an alternative candidate despite enormous amounts of attempts by corporations to rig everything since the Republican Party elected Lincoln, although it would take a major movement that can't be ignored.

While they refuse to allow candidates that get support from the Grassroots like Jill Stein, Ralf Nader, John Hagelin, and many more that most people have never heard of, to get much if any coverage, making it virtually impossible for them to win; they automatically give enormous amounts of coverage to billionaires like Steve Forbes, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg, Pete DuPont, Mitt Romney, making them automatically "viable" by media standards, not because they have public support, but because they have the media coverage to manufacture public support, or the appearance of public support.

The only other way to be considered "viable" by media standards is to collect enormous amounts of bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions from the billionaires.

The constitution doesn't say no candidate shall be eligible for president unless they collect enormous amounts of bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions from the billionaires to be president; that is a conduction imposed on the people by the media who recognized that they can use their consolidated power to rig election by simply refusing to cover grassroots candidates fairly.

I'll let you in on a little secret; even though both these candidates are incredibly corrupt bunch of fanatical war mongers, neither one of them is going to start a nuclear war, although they're trying to make it seem like Trump might. This election is a sham but the richest people in the world aren't going to do something so insane that it could destroy themselves, even if they already demonstrated they're willing to bomb enormous numbers of poor people and kill thousands if not millions more through epidemic pollution, which is currently only being reported reasonably well in the alternative media outlets.

One other thing, when this election is over, if either Clinton or Trump win, they'll make up and join forces to do what's in the best interest of the ruling class.

How do you think I know that?

It's been standard operating procedure for decades. Every time there is a bitter rivalry between members of the ruling class during an election they always unite after the election to advance privatization efforts along with perpetual wars fought one time after another based on lies.

Think about all the past presidential rivalries including Bush v. Reagan, Bush v. Dole, Bush v. Clinton, Clinton v. Dole, Bush v. McCain, Bush v. Kerry, both Skull and Bones men, Clinton v. Obama, and now even Clinton v. Sanders. They always make up and look out for the best interests of the wealthy, perhaps even Sanders who's now trying to convince us that we should trust Clinton.

Both Trump and Clinton are going to be filthy rich no matter who wins and they'll follow the same pattern of behavior, like clockwork unless the public rises up in outrage and stops falling for the same scam every timer.

I don't like it anymore than anyone else but in the event that something does happen to Clinton like her health or more leaks; and after floating the idea that Biden or Kaine should take her place the public revolts forcing them to replace her with Sanders, thanks to his own campaigning for Clinton he might have to be considered the lesser of two evils.

However Bernie Sanders would be far more likely to support real change and reform instead of fighting the grassroots every step of the way. As much as many of us might want to think of him as a savior, we can't forget that he campaigned for one of the first candidates once and he could cave on other things, so we need to keep grassroots pressure on, even with Bernie Sanders.

He would also still need an enormous amount of grassroots pressure to convince Congress to help the reform. The grassroots efforts have to be the most important thing no matter who is elected and more efforts needs to be made to create more reliable media so they can't rig elections in the future. And we need to get instant run-off elections or as Jill Stein calls them Ranked Choice, and other reforms. and a much greater effort needs to be made to inform the public about all the manipulation tactics that have been routine for decades, as described by numerous historical figures including George Orwell, Jack London, and Aldous Huxley.

The media doesn't want to report on it but the grassroots efforts to educate a small but slowly growing percentage of the public is greater than most people realize and it's a matter of time before it grows even more, when it is impossible to ignore the "sacrifice zones" where the inner cities are no longer bearable or pollution becomes epidemic or people can't ignore the desperate striking out, whether it is in retaliation from bombings overseas leading to terrorists attacks at home, or lone wolfs that are fed up with being targeted by the police or political establishment.

We have educational material about how to solve all these problems in a rational manner without using divide and rule tactics; but little or none of it is coming from the traditional media.

As many people including Julian Assange pointed out A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war 02/09/2016 and many other corrupt problems including her claim that "we have to bring them to heal."

Donald Trump got some things right, even if he did mix them up with exaggerations and outright lies, including that Hillary Clinton wants to push through TPP after getting elected, despite her election promises to the contrary. Her track record indicates betraying promises is routine and this extends to support of private prison lobbyists, banks, insurers, war profiteers, and more all of which she claims she's stood up to in the past and will do so in the future.

If she's going to stand up to all these special interests why do they keep donating enormous amounts of money to her campaign?

How many times do the sheep in this country have to be fooled?

If people don't even try to speak out against this then it will continue getting worse.

If enough of us do then we just might succeed.

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