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Dude, We've Been In The Rabbit Hole Or Twilight Zone All Along!

It is now standard operating procedure for the President and mainstream media to come up with competing conspiracy theories that are seriously flawed, while still trying to portray anyone that disagrees with either as fringe, even or especially, people that do good research and may come far closer to the truth than either of them!

Twenty years ago if anyone came up with the absurd conspiracy theories from either the mainstream media or Trump it would have been considered a fringe theory that only a nutcase would believe. If anyone had said that a clown like Trump could ever get elected to president twenty years ago that would also be considered laughable and no one would have believed there was any chance that it could happen.

There have been stereotypes about conspiracy theories for decades, although some of them have always been true, or at least close to the truth; and when they've been proven true they're often only reported in a low profile manner so that a small fraction of the public know about it. However, now the official version of truth repeated over and over again, by both the mainstream media and President Trump are as absurd if not more absurd as many of the conspiracy theories the establishment routinely ridicules.

Not only is the official version of truth more absurd than many so-called fringe conspiracy theories, but now it is a Conspiracy Theory!

How is anyone supposed to tell which is true, especially when the so-called experts on both sides keep making an enormous amount of blunders, and their supporters routinely ignore them and ridicule anyone that points them out?

If anyone wants to figure what's true they may have to start with the most fundamental principles, including learning the basics of propaganda and a few different basics from several different subjects. At first, when doing this it may became even more apparent that many of the things that we've accepted without question, including the core fundamentals of democracy, and many other things, have been wrong all along.

One of the most fundamental basic principles of propaganda is that "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" or at least it seems to, especially if it's not challenged. Right now the mainstream media often seems to expose Trump's efforts to use this principle, by exposing one obvious lie after another; however they're ignoring some of their own lies, or distortions of the democratic process.

One of the most basic principles of democracy and getting elected to higher office is that any viable candidate needs to start by getting name recognition, so that people will consider voting for him. Another basic principle is that the vast majority of voters simply don't have time to check all the facts on many different issues, and they rely on the mainstream media to provide them with simple basics.

Those that are accustomed to checking alternative media are much more likely to recognize that mainstream media isn't doing their job well at all, and even those that don't seem to have major doubts which is part of the reason that Donald Trump was elected.

Basically, by only covering a small fraction of potential candidates, that collect enormous amounts of money from the same corporate interests, the mainstream media is doing far more to rig elections than Russia ever could with this alleged conspiracy theory. The evidence to prove this was public before Julian Assange announced his first E-mail dump on the DNC leaks or hacks in June of 2016; in fact this practice has been going on for decades!

This means that even if there is something to the Russian conspiracy theory, which unlike many skeptics, I'm not ruling out, it's trivial compared to the massive amount of election rigging by both major political parties and the mass media. This is a propaganda masterpiece that has been going on for decades; in one election after another we're informed by the mainstream media which candidates we can choose from based on who they're willing to cover and include in their polls.

This includes 1987 when I remember being informed that Michael Dukakis would be our next president, which turned out to be false, but they did ensure that the nominees were limited to those covered by the media; in 1992 we were informed that we could choose between Clinton and Bush before the primaries took place, and when Clinton scandals broke out his dream team of James Carville and George Stephanopoulos came up with their rapid response team to win the day; in 1999 we were informed that the two nominees would be Bush and Gore and when there was grassroots support for McCain, Bush's political team, including Lee Atwater, used their dirty tricks in the South to defeat McCain; and similar activities for every single election before or after these with people behind the scenes

On top of that, after the 2000 election exposed an enormous problem with problems with one voting system after another across the country, especially in Florida where they had there famous "hanging chads," and worse, instead of fixing the system making it more reliable they made it even worse increasing the amount of electronic voting that might make some of them susceptible to hacking as Russian conspiracy theorists claim, and a variety of additional fraud a lot of which was reported by Andrew Gumbel in "Steal This Vote" or Mark Crispin Miller in "Fooled Again," focusing primarily on Ohio, and more that made the news in both Georgia and Florida this year.

The vast majority of voting manipulation can't possibly be done by Russia without much more help from leaders in both political parties in this country doing most of the rigging and using Russia to take the blame!

They're the ones that rigged the elections for Trump!

But that's just the beginning of the epidemic levels of fraud that's been going on for decades, and doesn't explain how they managed to get so many establishment pundits or politicians to go along with what looks like an insane senseless charade that's so absurd few would believe they would fake anything this insane, yet insanity is now routine.

A close look at history, some dating back decades, and others dating back thousands of years might indicate that there are even stranger things going on that most people would have a hard time believing, and that skeptics might justifiably claim requires "extraordinary evidence," which just might exist, although many skeptics have already indicated that despite their claims that "extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence," they routinely demonstrate that on the rare occasions where that evidence might exist they're often unwilling to acknowledge it.

However, even if there isn't something far-fetched that most people would consider out of the Twilight Zone going on, there should be no doubt that we need to have a much more diverse media covering all candidates, and reporting on wars based on lies, climate change, voter suppression, education suppression, and many other issues that many people that rely on traditional media might not be informed about, and won't realize what they're missing unless they check with alternative media, or we have major media reform preventing a fraction of one percent from controlling over ninety percent of the media!

But if there is something bigger than this then every time we try to come up with a rational explanation there might be another problem, until perhaps we wind up considering something as far-fetched as Ancient Aliens, which I've done and not surprisingly I was informed that:

I'll admit that this seems like a reasonable conclusion, and I would have come to the same conclusion before looking at some of the evidence; however, even though there may not be enough evidence to prove all the details there is enough evidence to raise major doubts about some of the leading scientific beliefs about our social evolution, and it's been around for hundreds of years, and additional evidence has been added throughout history of many other major unsolved mysteries which might be related, although I can't go into all of them in a relatively short article.

However there is extraordinary evidence of an major unsolved mystery that the mainstream media and traditional scientists routinely ignore or downplay in massive megaliths that can't be moved with ancient technology as proved in experiments to replicate them, which I pointed out in 107 Wonders of the Ancient World. Experiments moving megaliths up to ten tons were relatively sucessful, although they were very difficult and weren't good enough to explain the enormous volume of megaliths moved by ancient civilizations. Experiments between ten and forty tons cheated to get the megaliths on sledges then only managed to drag them short distances, at best, before giving up; and they didn't even try megaliths bigger than that. However ancient civilizations moved thousands of megaliths over fifty tones and hundreds of megaliths over a hundred tons, including more than a half dozen over seven hundred tons; the Colossi of Memnon weighing seven hundred and twenty tons were moved four hundred and twenty miles.

This isn't enough evidence to prove that it was moved by aliens; however it is enough evidence to prove there's major unsolved mystery, and that we should consider different theories, especially if there's additional supporting evidence, no matter how weak, until we can confirm or refute these theories.

There is of course an incredibly long list of UFO sightings that go back to the forties at least, and more if you go into historical records before they were recognized as UFOs, including the incident at Fatima (UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun"), which couldn't possibly be the Sun entering the atmosphere as the Catholic Church chooses to believe. Additional evidence of a major unsolved mystery includes Why so few arrests for Crop Circles makers? Is there microwave evidence? and Cattle mutilation

Many people may doubt that this is enough evidence to prove that aliens exist, perhaps with some justification; however, unless they can come up with alternative theories for these major unsolved mysteries or conclusively prove that they don't exist, the ancient aliens theory should be considered a reasonable possibility. This is especially worthwhile if additional research chips away at some of the obstacles that alien would have to overcome to travel from one solar system to another dozens, if not hundreds of light years away. Modern technology, including advanced propulsion, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and much more, is rapidly chipping away at these obstacles, potentially proving that we could be come aliens for some other system thousands of years from now. If this does turn out to be possible then, it's also possible that liens from another solar system came here thousands of years ago and influenced our evolution for some undisclosed motive.

Furthermore, as I've pointed out in numerous article including a couple of my most recent ones, Who's Controlling Oligarchies Dividing The Market? Aliens? and Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft?, there are an enormous number of educated rational people that have investigated this and claimed there's more than the government is telling the public, including a lot of politicians and high ranking military officials. Some of these officials have even gone so far as to claim that they've been involved in reverse engineering of alien technology, although most people making these claims have credibility problems. One of the most credible people making this claim is probably Philip Corso, who at times may have been more credible than his critics.

Not surprisingly some of the people that might be inclined to ridicule this theory include people that believe in a benevolent God including one that told me this "seems a little crazy" (1 & 2), despite the fact that he supports many of his own false flag theories, including ones that I consider irrational; however, not only did they not even try to explain how the ancient megaliths were moved or any other major unsolved mysteries but tehy ignore the fundamentals of their own religion, which Epicurus pointed out hundreds of years before Jesus was even born.

If many Christians were reasonably open minded, and they took their own Bible seriously they might find serious problems with the conclusion that god is benevolent and has the moral high ground that makes it reasonable for him to pass judgement over the human race. In Catholic Bible Exodus 14:4 it says that God "shall then make Pharaoh stubborn" and then he uses this as an excuse to show how great he is by terrorizing the Egyptians for disobeying, even though they were disobeying because that's what God made them do, which is obvious entrapment. And in Matthew 10; 34-7 Jesus says, "it is not peace I have come to bring, but a sword. For I have come to set son against father," turning family members against each other if they don't worship him and his God, coercing his own followers to blindly believe what they're told to believe by their leaders no matter how irrational their beliefs might be.

Of course that doesn't guarantee that the Bible is the literal truth; however, if God did inspire religion and this wasn't what he had in mind, or if he wanted to advise against the Crusades, Inquisitions, Holocaust, and many other atrocities that are partially a result of religion or misinterpretations of religions, then the least God, assuming he exists, could do is maintain an open honest line of communications, instead of limiting contact through alleged revelations, that are virtually impossible to confirm and are routinely interpreted in multiple contradictory ways. The phrase "with God all things are possible" is often repeated by religious people, and it comes from the Bible, but if it's true then God could easily do a much better job educating the human race than he has assuming that's what he actually wants to do, and that he doesn't actually have an undisclosed motive.

If God does exist and he allows all these atrocities to happen, even if you attribute many of them to Satan, then it's only because it must be what he wants or he can't prevent it, but even if God isn't all powerful, which seems unlikely, the least he can do is communicate and provide better advice. If turn about is fair play then according to Matthew 7; 16-7 "You will be able to tell them by their fruits. .... a sound tree produces good fruit but a rotten tree bad fruit," Christianity, along with other religions believing an all powerful and benevolent God, that allows Satan to tempt us without explaining why might be misguided, or an absentee landlord.

But why do so many people believe all this religious superstition? Nowadays, most people almost certainly don't but some of the most conservative so-called fundamentalists, still do; and the leading reason for that is that they're probably coerced from an early age to believe what they're told through intimidation and threats often using corporal punishment as I previously explained in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine. When raising children in an emotional environment, with the threat of abusive punishment if they don't accept beliefs from their elders or obey orders, they're often much more likely to go along with the crowd and believe what they're told to.

What might be a more difficult question might be why secular people are so reluctant to accept that there're major problems with some of the official explanations of our social evolution or the insane political activity that is now routine, even though many of the researchers advising the political class really do know better, including how to rig election without looking so insane, or blaming it on an absurd Russian Conspiracy theory, when traditional media only covers corrupt politicians that cater to corporate interests. Or why the secular skeptics of religion aren't doing a better job teaching how early child abuse leads to more effective indoctrination of religious people as well as more violence later in life.

The best education on this seems to be limited to child psychologists, with very few people associating it with political insanity that is more common in states that still allow corporal punishment in schools, and presumably use it more at home as well; and these states also have higher murder rates. The nineteen states that allow corporal punishment in schools had an average murder rate in 2015-6 of 5.98 compared to only 4.54 in the thirty-one states that don't allow it, based on FBI statistics. These states are also the strongest supporters of Donald Trump, and in the primaries, they were the strongest supporters of Hillary Clinton.

And of course, anyone who's watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel has to know that they make an enormous amount of incompetent blunders, that they almost certainly should have caught; but a close look at some of their claims like that ancient cultures couldn't possibly have moved these megaliths with technology allegedly available to them are close to the truth, even if they do get a lot of the weight estimates wrong.

If there is something to this theory, then this is almost certainly part of the reason why many secular people are unlikely to pay much attention to it; if they make so many blunders they might dismiss the whole thing as claptrap without even looking closely, which might enable them to disclose parts of the truth in a manner where most people won't believe it. However many of the most credulous people especially if they're not well educated or aren't accustomed to reading good non-fiction books or alternative media outlets, might accept an enormous amount of blunders along with the small amounts of truth that might be mixed in with this incompetent series.

If they want to do a good job educating the public there's no way they would report on this subject, or any other, in such an incompetent manner; which indicates the media and political establishment doesn't seem to want the public to understand science anymore than they want us to understand how they're rigging the economic system or leading us into one war after another based on lies.

Not surprisingly I was also asked, Serious question. Have you lost your mind? 11/15/2018 from someone involved in academic research who was apparently contacted by the ancient aliens about the plague which was her specialty, and she claimed they wanted to misrepresent her research, which seems typical of most of their reporting. She recommended that I look into archaeology to understand how they moved the ancient megaliths, which is a perfectly reasonable recommendation; however, I looked into that well over ten years ago, and the archaeologists don't come close to explaining how they were moved.

Instead many of them either avoid the issue or come up with incredibly bad spin that might seem good to people that don't look to closely, but once you realize that the experiments only go up to forty tons, and every experiment above ten tons cheated and still failed. The mainstream media doesn't even try to do a good job reporting on the fundamentals of this anymore than they report on the fundamentals of the plague, how early child abuse leads to escalating violence, the basic principles of democracy, climate change, or any other scientific subject that I know of.

They also have much more effective research about how they manipulate voters as well, and although they don't report it in ha high profile manner a large portion of it isn't completely secret either, nor can it be since some of their propaganda has to be public since the results are aired on TV. As I reported previously Frank Luntz confessed to sabotaging democratic process for clients and he studies how to manipulate people in his focus groups that he claims are to help improve the democratic process but it's not hard to see through this, and that despite his claims he's often studies how to manipulate voters emotions and prejudices, which is why he shouldn't be surprised at Trump's election.

The CIA and American Psychological Association has been studying psychological manipulation for decades as I explained in Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment and Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize which were supposed to be experiments to understand how to avoid creating people that blindly obey orders but they were supported by the Office of Naval Research, which Professor Alfred McCoy credibly argues is often a front for the CIA. But even if it's not a front by the CIA, the Office of Naval research isn't in the business of teaching their recruits to question orders, instead they teach them to blindly obey orders, because, as they falsely say in A Few Good Men "We obey orders or people die!" But in the real order wars are always fought based on lies; instead of saving lives, they cost thousands.

Zimbardo and Milgram's college professor, who according to Professor Alfred McCoy recommended the obedience to authority experiment to Milgram and may have recruited him for the CIA, studied what he called "groupthink," which may have involved researching how people are inclined to go along with the crowd, and are much less likely to consider new ideas unless there are other people with them to support their new beliefs. This can be very helpful when studying how to manipulate and control people, which is what politicians have been trying to do for thousands of years. In many cases when people do change their beliefs it's often sudden and dramatic, when going along with a crown; however, if this happens it's virtually impossible for them to check the facts on complicated issues, so it's almost always a result of manipulation or cult indoctrination, or something similar.

Education takes longer, and has to involve peer review. Is some things are repeated over and over again in education it should be the fundamentals, and they should make sure that they get them right, but they shouldn't be afraid to question them from time to time. If their beliefs are accurate they will stand up to occasional scrutiny. But if simple fundamental facts are clearly wrong it should raise major doubts about more complicated beliefs based on flawed fundamentals.

When you get down to basics there are some simple things that clearly don't add up. These megaliths can't be moved with ancient technology based on the experiments.

There's nothing remotely democratic if a small fraction of the public controls over ninety percent of the media.

And, a benevolent God wouldn't intentionally withhold advice that could prevent thousands of disasters, unless he had some other motive.

The evidence of these major unsolved mysteries might not be strong enough to prove that they're connected; however if Corso is partly right and alien technology is being shared then this is huge and it's virtually guaranteed to impact everything, and this political insanity is keeping people distracted for one reason or another.

Clearly there must be more to it than this; however there's enough evidence to indicate that the official version of truth is false, and that we should keep an open mind. This doesn't mean that I think the evidence is strong enough to believe without a doubt that it's true, just that it's a reasonable hypothesis, at least until someone can prove some of the details wrong or come up with an alternative explanation, which is the way science is supposed to work.

It's only the pseudo skeptics that come to the opposite conclusion that it can't be true, even though they can't explain how ancient megaliths were moved or many other unsolved mysteries, including why there are so many alleged revelations to people that were often considered prophets, and how they were able to convince thousands to follow their cults if there wasn't some very effective indoctrination methods present, often when there shouldn't have been.

Whether people take the ancient aliens theory seriously or not, it should be clear that there's a major effort by the oligarchs to undermine the Democratic process. Right now with all the activities to overturn the election results or suppress voter rights in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and many places throughout the rest of the country it may seem like the Republicans are the threat to Democracy, and the Democrats are trying to portray themselves as the defenders of Democracy; however the reason the GOP was able to gain so much power was because the Democrats were exposed at their own election rigging, and they work for the same campaign donors.

If we allow either political party to control any reform that may or may not be coming then they'll just put in enough false solutions to keep people complacent, and go about with business as usual. If there's going to be a real solution to this, it will be a result of grassroots people educating them selves and controlling their own government and, if the media continues to cater to oligarchs, the public needs to drop them like a hot potato and rely more on alternative media outlets that are at least sincere even if they don't have as many funds.

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