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Who's Controlling Oligarchies Dividing The Market? Aliens?

My previous article Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft? pointed out that, if Philip Corso is right about sharing alien technology, many high tech companies are virtually guaranteed to have benefiting from it. If this is the case, then it's not just high tech companies that are impacted by this technology that is rapidly advancing, but our entire economic system.

Recognizing that Amazon would be benefiting from alien technology, assuming you take this theory seriously, would be virtually guaranteed, especially with their growing connections to the CIA, and their political connection rising to the top of the on line retail industry, in addition to their advanced technology. When you consider, Blue Origin, the space travel company that is much less familiar to the majority of the public, it may be even more obvious that he might have benefited from advanced technology that might have come from aliens. Walmart has also been dramatically increasing their reliance on technology in the past year as well; and they're developing growing ties with Google, Microsoft and many other high tech companies, especially in the health care industry.

Most people that rely on the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series for the majority of their information on this subject might be justifiably skeptical, since they do such an incredibly bad job reporting on it and make an enormous number of blunders; however, the incredibly rapid pace that modern technology has been developing might make many people think twice, especially if they look closer at some of modern technology and more reliable sources, often only reported in alternative media outlets. Furthermore, even if the technology isn't from aliens, it's being used to control our economy, including health care, computer technology, and other advanced industries, including many that have much more political power than the vast majority of the public, especially with the media consolidated into a small number of oligarchs that only provide coverage for candidates points of view that they support.

Another good reason to take a closer look at this theory is the fact that many of the new technology billionaires rose almost overnight to become business giants, often with spectacular breakthroughs in two or three industries, instead of developing the technologies and business over multiple generations, as you might expect in a rational social evolution of advanced society, including Jeff Bezos (Wikipedia). Bezos is the son of a seventeen-year-old mother adopted by his step father from her second marriage, who was a Cuban immigrant and rose to become a tech giant of at least two major companies in different fields and owner of the Washington Post with ties to the CIA.

A close look at the long list of tech giants might raise doubts about whether or not this evolved in a manner that you might expect if it wasn't developed with the help of advanced technology that might have been introduced with the help of people like Philip Corso who might have been acting behind the scenes. Some of them are college drop outs or came from modest means becoming billionaires almost overnight as a result of their amazing developments in advanced technology. Facebook was created in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room. Many of them have ties to the CIA, or if there aren't clear ties if you Google them with the phrase "ties to the CIA" you might find something, although in many cases conspiracy theories might come from questionable sources.

A couple of them including Jack Dorsey supposedly stood up to the CIA and the rest of the political establishment, although he caved and agreed to censor Alex Jones and go along other other activities, and Pierre Omidyar financed the Intercept when they were founded as a result of reporting on Edward Snowden's leaks. However a close look at that might raise doubts about whether they were all that important, since the basic principles about NSA and CIA spying were already reported as part of the ECHELON program which was virtually identical, in many ways, to PRISM, and might indicate that his leaks were selective and the full story (Is “Prism” news? or is it ECHELON?) behind that hasn't been disclosed.

Rags to Riches stories that were previously only common in fictional stories are now routine in the tech industry thanks to the rapid development of advanced science; however there should be major doubts about that, especially after a close look at many of the details which takes an enormous amount of time. These tech giants simply can't rise this fast without the help of oligarchs that control the economic system or government connections.

Previously in Spectacular Heart Transplant for Sophia But at What Cost which was a follow up of Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology? and Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology? I explored the possibilities that the medical industry might be using alien technology as part of their advanced research into new medical techniques, including heart transplants. Even if there is no alien technology, there's plenty of public evidence to indicate that poor people, veterans or prisoners, especially in third world countries, are being used for research without full consent. This is often even reported by mainstream media although they usually report these types of stories in a very low profile manner, where few people are likely to pay much attention.

If that is the case then that could also explain why Walmart is getting so involved in the health care industry, as reported in a long list of articles listed below. With or without alien technology they seem to be trying to turn the health care industry into a chain store commodity where they rush people from the working class in and out as quick and cheap as possible, in a manner that would be totally unacceptable in wealthy communities, and thirty years ago people would have been outraged by what they're doing now.

Another previous article Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory speculates about the possibility that they might also be researching climate change, which according to most reliable sources, is caused by our current economic system burning enormous amounts of fossil fuels. If human activity is influencing Climate Change, as almost all rational researchers claim then it means that some degree of geoengineering is already happening, intentional or not. If it's intentional and as a result of a lot of burning of fossil fuels, it means that this can't be changed overnight with advanced technology, and assuming they want to fix this problem, it can't be fixed overnight with advanced technology either. If that's the case then the people stalling on major reforms on Climate Change might be planning to fix it on their own terms, when it suits their purposes, not ours.

Whether or not Climate Change is part of an intentional research project, if they want to fix it, assuming they're not suicidal, they'll need the help of large institutions and they'll have to reform the way future economic expansion takes place in the third world. This would require help from many power institution that are in a position to install clean energy, including Walmart which, despite it's enormous waste and environmental destruction, is installing an enormous number of solar panels on it's stores, and in many cases they're also installing skylights to cut down on in-store lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Walmart also has a major impact on our entire economic system and didn't rise like most other retail enterprises. Other large retail institutions all rose in major cities where there was a large demand, which makes great business sense. However Walmart rose in rural areas, where there was little money, and it was often very risky, which turned out to be successful, and few argue with that. However, they conducted business from the beginning very differently than any other retailer dominating the entire retail industry where ever they went putting everyone out of business. This was often done with an enormous amount of help at the local level, as described in books like Bob Ortega "In Sam We Trust" and Stacy Mitchell "Big-Box Swindle"

An enormous amount of their growth wasn't a result of competition at all, but because of major advantages they had from local and national politicians, often getting large tax breaks to come into an area which they used to wipe out local business, and resulting in massive tax losses for the cities that subsidize Walmart. They also create an enormous amount of poverty where they expand most as numerous studies pointed out by Stacy Mitchell indicate and they have enormous crime problems as indicated in Wal-Mart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? and monthly Walmart crime reports They didn't grow to dominate the market because people love them or because they compete on a fair basis; they dominate the market because of their massive political connections, and if they had these connections as a result of a massive plan that involved making major changes the public might not consent to as a result.

A little over ten years ago there was a news report saying Wal-Mart operates like a mini-CIA, says security guy it fired 04/04/2007; and he might be closer to the truth than most people might suspect. A close look at the history of Walmart as reported by Stacy Mitchell, Bob Ortega, Barbara Ehrenreich, and numerous other researchers, compared to activities by the CIA going back decades indicates that they have a lot in common. some of this involves their roots in the Bible Belt, where people are much more religious, and their training practices, reported by Barbara Ehrenreich in "Nickel and Dimed" and other sources, often involve a team cheer and other solidarity practices that is more like a religion than what you might expect from a business. This is very similar to many practices researched by the CIA dating back to MKULTRA, only much more subtle than their most extreme research projects, similar to what I reports about in Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment and Eli Roth’s Milgram/Obedience experiment much more extensive than most people realize . According to my list of some Interlocking Boards of Directors, one of their board members, Jamie Iannone, Chief Executive Officer of and Executive Vice President of Membership and Technology, also has ties to the espionage community formerly working for Booz Allen Hamilton, which is the same CIA and NSA front that Edward Snowden used to work for.

Another major mystery might be why they were able to get such preferential treatment in the early days, when Sam Walton practically never donated to political campaigns, according to Sam Ortega; although donating to campaigns became routine after his death. He also relieved the "Medal of Freedom" from George H. W. Bush, showing that his political connections were bipartisan all along despite his lack of donations. This may not seem like much to go on establishing connections between Walmart and the CIA to many rational skeptics, which I try to be myself, however I suspect there's much more to it than that, although it would take an enormous amount of research and further explanation to explain why.

However, some of the possible research that might have involved alien technology might not have worked out quite as well, which shouldn't be surprising, especially if they're reverse engineering this technology as many theorists, including Philip Corso claim; although I have doubts about some of that, and suspect that if they're developing alien technology, at a minimum they must have tacit approval, and more likely some degree of willing sharing of the technology. Massive failures would be far less likely if they have direct advise from the aliens sharing it; however they would still have to do some research on their own and this wouldn't guarantee that there wouldn't be failures, and Theranos could potentially be one example of this as indicated in the following article:

Caught in the Theranos Wreckage: Betsy DeVos, Rupert Murdoch and Walmart’s Waltons 04/04/2018

Even some of the world’s richest people may get duped, according to newly unsealed documents in a lawsuit filed on behalf of investors in the failing blood-testing company Theranos.

High-profile investors who collectively lost hundreds of millions of dollars included Walmart’s Walton family, the media mogul Rupert Murdoch, as well as Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education and her relatives.

The list of investors, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, came to light as part of a class-action lawsuit brought in 2016 by Robert Colman, a retired Silicon Valley investment banker, who claims that Theranos misled investors about its business and technology.

Theranos, founded by Elizabeth Holmes when she was a 19-year-old Stanford University dropout, promised to revolutionize the lab industry using a few drops of blood from a simple finger-prick to look for everything from diabetes to cancer, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional blood test.

The company became a Silicon Valley fairy tale, with investors awarding the privately held company a valuation of around $9 billion. But the story began to unravel in October 2015 after The Wall Street Journal, owned by Mr. Murdoch’s News Corp., began questioning whether the tests worked. Theranos became the subject of federal investigations into its testing and claims of proprietary technology, which were called “nanotainers.” Much of the time the company had to resort to using conventional blood testing methods, unable to get federal approval for any test but one for Herpes. .....

Theranos had always boasted a star-studded list of investors and directors — its board included the former secretaries of state George P. Shultz and Henry A. Kissinger, two former United States senators, and Gen. Jim Mattis, the current secretary of defense. But while some high-profile investors’ links to Theranos had been previously known, the new documents provide a detailed list of financial amounts. Complete article

Are we supposed to believe that all these billionaires fell for a petty scam from a college drop-out? Actually quite a few of the tech superstars that went on to become billionaires started out as college drop outs or people that failed from absurd mistakes early in their carreer, so that might not deter investers alone; however, this also seems to have ties to military espionage (which they refer to as intelligence for propaganda terms despite the fact that obsessive deception isn't intelligent at all) including numerous board members or former board members, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry, former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Senators Sam Nunn and Bill Frist (who, it should be noted, is a surgeon), former Navy Admiral Gary Roughead, former Marine Corps General James Mattis, and former CEOs Dick Kovacevich of Wells Fargo and Riley Bechtel of Bechtel. There is also one former epidemiologist—William Foege.

All these people fell for this scam despite the fact that they claim it's so bad now that it fell apart?

Or perhaps it might make more sense of many of the elites are already accustomed to investing in what they consider advanced technology that some of them might know came from aliens, either directly or indirectly.

Twenty or thirty years ago technology like “nanotainers” would have been considered fanatical and few if any people would have believed in it; however since then Nanotechnology has become routine in the high tech industry; and there's evidence to indicate that they knew about it twenty or thirty years ago when the vast majority of the public might have considered it fringe science fiction. The development of this technology and much more has been rapidly eroding the strongest argument why aliens couldn't possibly have influenced our civilization in the first place, if there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, which most modern scientists now think is virtually guaranteed, they couldn't possibly get here in the first place, because space travel would be impossible. However with long lasting materials, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, advanced propulsion, now becoming routine and many other technologies it's becoming increasingly possible if not guaranteed that some form of long distance travel is possible. However, I suspect that the commuting that most science fiction movies conclude is possible with "warp speed," "Hyperspace," or "wormholes" are all probably not possible.

If they are interested in Climate Change research and burning fossil fuels is part of the method they bring this about for their research, or assuming more sophisticated weather control is possible, that as well, then ties to the oil industry would also be helpful, and the CIA has plenty of that and some of it is far more secretive than others including Genie Energy, which isn't completely secret, but they're almost absent from traditional media.

Genie Energy Strategic Advisory Board

Genie Energy and its hidden role in the war on Syria 07/18/2017

A large portion of this is highly speculative, of course, so I wouldn't recommend declaring it all to be fact without further confirmation; however, the official version of truth is now as insane if not more insane than many conspiracy theories, so I wouldn't rule all of it out either.

Even if there are no aliens, as most skeptics either claim or strongly imply, there's still major unsolved mystery her, because that would mean that in addition to incredibly rapidly developing technology over the past seventy years increasing even faster in the past twenty or thirty years, there's also massive effort to make it seem like there are aliens visiting us by some very high profile people, although once they start talking about aliens traditional media stops covering them. This includes numerous politicians, Senators, Representatives, Governors, and at least one president, Jimmy Carter, and perhaps one of the most famous of all, at least within the UFO community that actually hears about this from alternative media outlets is Paul Hellyer.

Hellyer was the Minister of National Defense in Canada in the sixties, and claimed that after reading the Day After Roswell he spoke to a retired Air Force General who confirmed the accuracy of the information in the book. He supposedly said, according to Snopes that "aliens have visited earth and have technology that would solve climate change, but won't share it with humans because we are too destructive," although that may not be an exact quote. Supposedly he also claims that there is an Illuminati, although if so, it certainly couldn't be the exaggerated claims many conspiracy theorists attribute to them, and that they're interested in seeing oil industries profits remain high, which I have to be skeptical of, even if that is what Hellyer believes. If there is an advanced intelligence controlling things, which he refers to as the Illuminati, unless they were suicidal they wouldn't put the survival of the human race at risk for greed.

Paradigm UFO Research Group: Honorable Paul Hellyer 2008 PRG Courage in Politics Award

Snopes: Did a Former Canadian Official Say the Illuminati Are Real—And Hiding Alien Stuff? 02/14/2018 A former Canadian defense minister, Paul Hellyer, said aliens have visited earth and have technology that would solve climate change, but won't share it with humans because we are too destructive. True

If, on the other hand, the people involved in this think that alien technology might save them from the environmental destruction we're rapidly headed too that might explain why they're going along with the current political agenda. However, even if there's some truth to this, this would still be insane, and with or without the alien technology we need to reverse this as quickly as possible considering how much is at stake, especially since, if these aliens do exist they've demonstrated that thy can't be trusted, otherwise they wouldn't have acted in secrecy and withheld advice that could have avoided many disasters, including environmental, diseases, wars and many other social problems if they had been wiling to communicate with us thousands of years ago.

If they exist and they influenced major monuments thousands of years ago, and religions that were inspired by so-called prophets, which they might have influenced, then not only are they withholding solutions but these religions contributed to many of these wars and foolish decision making it more difficult to deal with plagues, or natural disasters, and much more.

If these aliens exist they're probably control freaks using us for their own purposes, which they obviously haven't explained, and couldn't be trusted to tell the truth about it now. Furthermore, even if they claim they have a solution to climate change that doesn't mean they really do, if they're researching it there's a certain amount of risk to it. And even if they do, there's already far more damage than we should have allowed to happen in the first place, and there's little or no chance that we can change it on a dime, so we would be foolish to count on them to solve it for us. Furthermore, assuming they exist, they've already demonstrated that they're willing to allow dozens of civilizations like the Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, Angkor's, Easter Islanders, and many more to evolve and destroy themselves; why should we believe they won't allow us to destroy ourselves? Would they want to study how we cope with extreme climate change that gets much worse? Nuclear war? Something else as horrible that we can't imagine?

Seems unlikely but this whole thing is unlikely; and there's a major amount of evidence to indicate that something extremely unlikely is already happening.

Some of this evidence has been around for thousands of years raising doubts about our evolution; however, most people don't look at it too closely and shrug their shoulders and go on with their lives without trying to figure out how ancient megaliths were moved. However there have to be an enormous amount of academics that know better, and many of them decline to comment on it, or some intentionally distort the research in order to confuse the issue, for one reason or another.

Many of the highest profile whistle-blowers, conspiracy theorists, or other researchers, including skeptics, often make an enormous amount of blunders, and I've found that few if any of them get everything right; and those that might, only cover a limited amount of research that doesn't cover large portions of major unsolved mysteries. I've begun to suspect that at least some of these people aren't even trying to provide honest disclosures, and are often making some of these mistakes internationally; or, in other cases, when some people conclude that there are major unsolved mysteries they might rush to conclusions assuming that some of their other beliefs, including rational ones might not be true leading to mistakes. Even when some of these flawed theories are partially exposed, though they might get some things right, which shouldn't be dismissed as part of the scientific process.

Even if you have major doubts about this theory there's still an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that rapid advancement of technology isn't being used for the benefit of the majority of the public, but to benefit those that control the technology and powerful institutions, including the media and major Wall Street corporations that aren't directly accountable to the public in many ways, although we claim to be a democracy where politicians hold corporations accountable. There's plenty of evidence, including some of my past articles, to indicate that the government is fa more accountable to campaign contributors, than they are to the vast majority of the public. The media can, and routinely does, rig elections by simply covering only candidates that they, and the political establishments dominated by two Parties, only cover candidates they approve of so no one else can get the name recognition they need to get elected.

Even if this technology wasn't developed with the help of aliens, we need to demand full disclosure of how it's being used to corrupt our political system, since many companies, including the defense industry, Oil industry, Pharmaceutical industry, and more Wall Street firm repeatedly demonstrate they get far more access to government officials gaining preferential treatment when creating legislation the majority of the public never even reads. As I demonstrated in many articles including Copyright & "Intellectual Property" Are endangering Lives & Democracy! there is a large amount of good research on many subjects, including how to reduce violence, without resorting to what some might consider fringe conspiracy theories, yet the media refuses to report on it, passing up opportunities to reform social organizations and save lives.

You don't have to take my word for this, it can be confirmed through reliable sources at your local library in many cases!

Part of the problem is that most people simply don't read good non-fiction, enabling demagogues to manipulate them into electing corrupt politicians.

In my previous article on this subject, Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft? I including a list of additional sources and articles providing additional evidence of major unsolved mysteries; some of the hardest evidence to prove that there are doubts about our social evolution are in 107 Wonders of the Ancient World; but there are additional major unsolved mysteries, including mystics, that can't be explained away easily once you look at many of the details, although there are problems with believers claims as well, crop circles, and many other insane things that are going on including the political establishment that somehow allowed an absurd clown, to either get elected president, or pretend to be president, while the entire political and media establishment goes along with the insane charade.

The following are a few new megalithic sites, some of which I didn't find in previous searches, including some that might be natural formations and others that are almost certainly not indicating there may be more unsolved mysteries that are being disclosed slowly in low profile manners that most people don't notice:

Who were the Ancient Megalithic Builders? 2011

50 amazing images of the Russian megaliths—Evidence of advanced ancient tech?

Found: dragon and griffin megaliths 'dating back 12,000 years to end of Ice Age, or earlier' 05/08/2017

Gornaya Shoria megaliths

Megaliths including The Gigantic wall of Paraiba, Brazil 30 meters long "bricks"! Presumably over one or two hundred tons

The Megaliths of Bada Valley Indonesian island of Sulawesi

The Presence of Megaliths All Over the World

The following are some of the highest profile tech billionaires, including many with highly unlikely backgrounds, along with a list of more and other related articles:

Jack Dorsey

Mark Zuckerberg

Robert Duggan

Elon Musk

Peter Thiel

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Larry Ellison (Oracle with a database for the CIA)

Larry Page (Google)

Jack Ma (Alibaba)

Pierre Omidyar

Jan Koum

Zhou Qunfei

Liu Qiangdong

The Richest People in Tech 11/1/2018

How Andy Tryba, A Mysterious Tech Billionaire Created Two Fortunes—And A Global Software Sweatshop 11/19/2018

The Myth of Rags to Riches 07/11/2012

Senate Hearing: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Is Questioned on Ties to CIA-Funded Company 04/11/2018

Is Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin the Future of Space Exploration? No one had ever launched, landed and relaunched a rocket into space until the company’s historic achievement December 2016

Watch young Jeff Bezos correctly predict the future 20 years ago 07/26/2016

Amazon’s sinister side How the biggest company in America’s most progressive city got tangled up in the surveillance state, ICE , and the military 11/19/2018

CIA to Use Amazon Cloud to Run Big Data Intelligence Experiments 05/10/2018

Is Orwell’s Big Brother Here? Bezos & Amazon Team up With Defense, CIA & ICE 10/26/2018

Amazon met with ICE officials over facial-recognition system that could identify immigrants 10/23/2018

Amazon is launching a 'Secret' cloud service for the CIA 11/20/2017

Out there: Former Sen. Mike Gravel says White House suppressing evidence of ETs 05/03/2013

Visitors From Outer Space, Real or Not, Are Focus of Discussion in Washington 05/03/2013

The following are some of the stories from the past year showing how Walmart is becoming increasingly high tech creating new mergers or deals with other companies, especially computers, surveillance and health care industries:

Walmart wants to learn how stressed customers are 09/28/2018

BENTONVILLE, AR (WLOX) - Walmart filed a patent application so it can learn even more about the company’s shoppers.

According to the patent application, the company wants to equip shopping cart handles with the ability to measure heart rate and body temperature to determine a shopper’s stress level.

Based on the collected date, at least one store associate will be alerted if a shopper needs assistance.

The application says the data will be collected in near real-time as soon as a shopper grabs the shopping cart handle and sent to a server for analysis before sending an alert to store associates. Complete article

Walmart filed a patent application for a shopping cart that would track your stress levels as you're shopping and alert employees if you're internally freaking out 09/27/2018

A Guide to Walmart’s Ragtag Alliance Against Amazon 08/07/2018

The world’s biggest retailer has united a plucky band of tech companies—including Google, Microsoft and—over a shared fear of Jeff Bezos.

Battling Amazon isn’t easy—even for the world’s largest retail chain.

Fear of Jeff Bezos helps explain why Walmart has in recent years forged alliances with Google, Microsoft, China’s and other tech players. The members of the unofficial coalition all share a common goal: preventing Amazon from ruling the digital galaxy. It’s like a movie in which a ragtag alliance faces down an all-powerful foe, only in this case the plucky rebels also happen to be some of the world’s most powerful companies. Complete article

Walmart, Microsoft deepen their partnership to take on Amazon 07/16/2018

Walmart Inc. agreed to use Microsoft Corp.’s cloud technology to power functions that could include algorithms for purchasing and sales-data sharing with vendors, the two companies said, deepening a partnership between two of Inc.’s most powerful rivals.

The five-year deal, to be announced Tuesday, pairs Amazon’s AMZN, -0.21% largest retail competitor with its closest challenger in cloud computing. Walmart WMT, +0.98% has warmed recently to working with technology companies, as it fends off Amazon’s retail ambitions and expertise in data.

The shared rivalry with Amazon “is absolutely core to this,” Microsoft MSFT, +0.09% CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview. Complete article

How the Walmart-Microsoft partnership builds on the four strategic themes for digital transformation 07/25/2018

Patent Applications Offer A Peek Into Walmart’s Possible Techy Future 06/01/2018

And the award for “techiest” retailer goes to … Walmart?

The big-box retailer recently published a number of patent filings that would certainly make it a contender for “Most Futuristic Shopping Experience” if they come to fruition. Though a patent represents an idea, not a technology that has already been created (much less deployed), if Walmart develops even one of these, it could change the way consumers (and merchants) think about retail.

A patent application from March 22 describes a sensing device for shopping carts that would help customers navigate around the store. Shoppers would pair their mobile phone with the shopping cart peripheral device and, using location signals and telemetry data, the cart would return navigational information to the user’s phone. Could this be the advent of self-driving shopping carts?

Another March patent application suggests an employee productivity tool in the form of a wearable tracking device. The device would leverage tech, such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart monitor, speakers, vibrating motor and visual display. Walmart said it could be used to determine metrics and tasks for each user and transmit relevant messages to employee devices. Complete article

Walmart receives patent for health information system 06/20/2018

Walmart recently received a patent for a system designed to store patient medical records in a blockchain database. The information can then be retrieved at the scene of an emergency when a patient is unable to communicate.

The Walmart patent involves three devices which allows the medical record to be stored and retrieved. The first is a wearable device which serves as the local storage medium for the blockchain database. There is a also a biometric scanner used to obtain a patient’s encrypted signature and a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner that reads the wearable device.such as a bracelet.

Walmart’s patent application notes that at the scene of an accident first responders would scan the patient’s wearable device using the RFID scanner. Then they are able to get an encrypted private key as well as a public key associated with the patient they are attending. To decrypt the private key a biometric feature of the patent has to be scanned, this could be the face or a fingerprint. Once decrypted, the patient’s medical records can be accessed from the blockchain database.These medical records can also be shared with other healthcare providers such as paramedics, hospitals and emergency rooms.

Walmart said this patent theorizes the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which will enable medical professional to easily transmit pertinent medical information from one party to another. Perks associated with this patient include time savings which in some emergencies is the difference between life and death. Complete article

An unholy alliance between Google and Walmart could give Amazon a run for its money 03/19/2018

In the great retail war of our time that pits Amazon against every other major retailer, a new shopping initiative from Google could tip the scales back in favor of big box stores.

On Monday, Google announced a new program called Shopping Actions. Under the initiative, when Google users search with the phrase "Where can I buy [product]," Google will serve product listings from mega-retailers including Walmart, Target, Costco, and more. Customers can either directly buy these products from the stores' websites, or put them in their Google Express shopping carts.

So what's in it for Google? Google will actually get a cut of purchases made with Shopping Actions from partner retailers. But that's not all.

According to Reuters, Google found that many of users' shopping search queries resulted in purchases on Amazon. So this initiative not only results in dollars for Google — it also takes purchases away from shopping competitor Amazon. Complete article

Walmart files patent applications for drone shopping assistants and smart shopping carts 03/22/2018

Walmart filed a host of patents today related to how it keeps track of inventory — and the technologies could change the way its customers shop, as reported by Gizmodo.

One of the patents is clearly for the in-store experience, and proposes a sensing device to make shopping carts smart and communicate with a mobile device (presumably to help you navigate to where items are). There’s also a patent that tracks users through wearables, and several for managing / sensing inventory levels.

Walmart has also filed a patent for drones that would assist customers shopping in-store. The patent outlines a method where a drone can be summoned via a mobile device — either personal or one temporarily provided — and then “provide assistance to the user in the form of price verification or navigation assistance.”

There are also two patents for autonomous tech. One outlines a method for detecting items placed in a container, and the other is a system of sensors, a processor, and a communication interface for automatically gathering information about vehicles (presumably transporting goods), like pre- and post-delivery weight, size, and temperature. Complete article

Bees keep dying. Walmart wants to replace them with swarms of tiny robots 03/27/2018

Bees have been in trouble for awhile now - and that means trouble for everyone else.

Scientists have been studying a worrying phenomenon called colony collapse disorder for more than a decade, after beekeepers began reporting that their worker bees in hives were suddenly vanishing. The queen and some young survive for awhile, but can’t live long without the workers.

This is a big problem, not least because bees are responsible for pollinating as much as 80 percent of cultivated crops, according to the University of Arkansas. The global food supply rests on the furry bodies of buzzing bees. Complete article

Walmart goes to the cloud to close gap with Amazon 02/14/2018

One of Walmart's best chances at taking on in e-commerce lies with six giant server farms, each larger than ten football fields.

These facilities, which cost Walmart millions of dollars and took nearly five years to build, are starting to pay off. The retailer's online sales have been on a tear for the last three consecutive quarters, far outpacing wider industry growth levels.

Powering that rise are thousands of proprietary servers that enable the company to crunch almost limitless swathes of customer data in-house. Complete article

The following are some of the stories about their involvement in health care or modern food technology that might have health impacts:

Walmart is Facing a Federal Lawsuit Over Deceiving Buyers of Organic Eggs 01/09/2018

Walmart to Host Free Health Screening Event in AR 01/17/2018

Quitting smoking? Ohio Walmart stores to offer free health screenings 01/17/2018

Walmart offering flu shots in midst of widespread outbreak 01/30/2018

A Metairie La. treatment center is suing Walmart, other drug sellers as opioid addiction surges 02/07/2018

Walmart Wants To Sell The Freshest Produce, And It's Using iPhones To Do It 03/01/2018

FDA asks online retailers Amazon, Ebay, Walmart to restrict anti-diarrheal medication used by opioid addicts 03/01/2018

Give blood at Walmart, earn $10 gift card at select Tampa Bay Fla. area locations 03/04/2018

'Robot Bees.' How Walmart Wants to Use Drones on Future High-Tech Farms 03/15/2018

Broward County Fla. sues manufacturers and pharmacies over opioids 03/15/2018

Walmart in Talks With Humana for Deeper Partnership 03/29/2018

Walmart stores across the nation to offer free health screenings 04/19/2018

Free product samples and health screenings at Walmart Wellness Day on April 21 04/16/2018

Shift To Obamacare Bronze Plans Boosts CVS, Walgreens And Walmart Clinics 04/20/2018

Walmart Names Humana Veteran to Run Its Health and Wellness Unit 07/16/2018

150 people laid off from Walmart Optical Lab in Fayetteville Missouri 07/17/2018

Walmart Details Crawfordsville Ind. Layoffs 07/17/2018

Walmart Faces $2 Billion Lawsuit Over Fresh Produce Technology 08/02/2018

Humana: Walgreens Clinic Partnership Won't Prevent Walmart Deal 08/01/2018

Walmart Partners With Anthem Health Insurance to Benefit Medicare Advantage Patients 08/20/2018

Medicare plan to cover Walmart over-the-counter drugs 08/23/2018

Walmart is changing how we pay for healthcare: 5 things to know 10/03/2018

Is Walmart Blacklisting Doctors? 10/08/2018

"None of us wants to be Sears": A Walmart exec explains why the retailer will be making more "aggressive" strides into healthcare 10/19/2018

Doctor on Demand expands through Walmart collaboration 10/19/2018

The following are other high tech articles related to Walmart but not health care:

Walmart to roll out ‘Scan & Go’ technology in another 100 stores 01/10/2018

Please Do Not Assault the Towering Robot That Roams Walmart 01/12/2018

Copperas Cove Tx. Walmart adds technology to shopping experience 03/02/2018

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Shipping Solution 03/05/2018

Walmart is about to open a technology research center in Plano Tx.'s Granite Park 03/06/2018

Beavercreek Ohio Walmart likely to remain closed through weekend after solar panels catch fire 03/09/2018

Walmart agrees to purchase power from PSO's proposed Wind Catcher project 03/09/2018

Forget self check out. How about no check out? Walmart gives it a go 03/12/2018

Have you ever wondered: What are the blue lights in the Walmart parking lot on the east side of Sioux Falls? 03/13/2018

Walmart Whistle-Blower Claims Cheating in Race With Amazon 03/15/2018

Breach! Walmart exposed personal data of 1.3 million U.S. shoppers 03/19/2018

‘It’s a little scary.’ Walmart rolls out shelf-scanning robots in 50 stores 03/21/2018

Walmart launches ‘Check Out With Me’ for on-the-spot checkouts in hundreds of US stores 04/20/2018

Target, Walmart rolling out more electric vehicle charging stations 04/23/2018

Walmart to buy SoftBank’s stake in India’s Flipkart 05/22/2018

Walmart offers employees new perk: cheap access to online college 05/30/2018 (It's a scam, these colleges have proven to be automated failures)

Walmart, P&G see their ads pulled under Facebook's new political labeling policy 07/02/2018

Walmart Wants to Do What to Its Employees? 07/12/2018

Walmart Gains Patent For Surveillance Tool That Will Record Employees' And Customers' Conversations 07/12/2018

Waymo to trial self-driving shopping shuttles with Walmart, DDR 07/25/2018

Walmart's grocery-retrieving robot will be piloted in Salem NH 08/03/2018

Walmart, in battle with Amazon, completes $16 billion investment in India's FlipKart 08/20/2018

Walmart patent filings envision customers strapping on headsets and virtually shopping 08/21/2018

Breaux Bridge La. Walmart gets first the first Electric Vehicle Charging Station 08/29/2018

Self-checkout is terrible: why Walmart, Target, and others still do it. Wouldn’t it be better if self-checkout just died? 10/02/2018

Walmart planning 'net-connected trolley' 10/09/2018 (update on patent reported last month)

Amazing UFO quotes from world leaders, NASA astronauts and other prominent figures

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek "When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap."­­

UFO Activist to Capitol Hill: ‘Beam Me Up!’ 02/23/2015

Paradigm Research Group Media Coverage Index

The Jade Helm Conspiracy Theories that came out about three years or so ago, were so absurd that no rational person would believe them; and they turned out to be false, at least the exaggerated theories that were widespread; however, this may be part of a pattern of behavior of creating absurd exaggerations, that can't possibly be true, to cover up real activities. Something strange did happen, and Walmart really did close dozens of stores suddenly, claiming that they were for plumbing reasons, but that explanation didn't make any sense at all, and there was never another explanation for what they did or why, indicating that even though the absurd conspiracy theories couldn't possibly be true, they did something odd.

Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories

Wal-Mart mysteriously closed 5 stores, and some people have a wacky conspiracy theory about why 04/21/2015

We May Finally Know What JADE HELM Has Stood For All Along 07/07/2017

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