Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Was Pizzagate a CIA PsyOp to dismiss real sex offenders as conspiracies?

The Pizzagate conspiracy theory went viral online and was followed up by viral coverage debunking it in the mainstream media. This wasn't hard to debunk, since it came from extremely unreliable sources, and it included claims that a child sex ring was taking place in the basement of Comet Pizza, when there wasn't even a basement in the building!

However there did turn out to be many real scandals including Jeffrey Epstein, who had ties to both the Clinton's and the Trump's along with many other powerful people. Many of these scandals are often reported from the same sources that also reported the Pizzagate conspiracy theories, which led to the majority of rational people that check some of their facts to find that these reports have been coming from highly unreliable sources. However, the Epstein story was a real scandal as pointed out by a recent investigation by the Miami Herald, but this was also reported at the time he went to prison over ten years ago from traditional media, but they only provided minimum coverage for it then and most people forgot about it.

Many of the fringe conspiracy theorists on the internet jump to a lot of conclusions spreading false claims that can easily be discredited; however, in some cases some of these stories, like Jefferey Epstein and Alison Mack, turn out to be true, and they often show how well conected some of these people are often to both political parties. Jeffrey Epstein had close ties to both the Clintons and Donald Trump and so did Charles Kushner who secretly hired a prostitute to tempt his brother in law into having sex in a location which he arranged to videotape, and sent the tape to his own sister, as revenge for testifying against him in a corruption trial.

Charles Kushner, is of course Jared Kushner's father and clearly still has close ties to him and is influencing his business practices to this day. Some of these conspiracy theories obviously don't turn out to be completely true, but there are large portions of them that often come from reliable sources and can be confirmed easily, so they aren't entirely false, as many stereotypes often try to convince the public to believe. This is also very effective when the mainstream media obsessively repeats some things, like the Russia conspiracy theory over and over again, but buries stories about how a small percent of the public has strong connections to both political parties, but the working class almost never has ties to more than a handful of politicians, and most of them are only tied at the local level and don't rise to the highest positions in government.

We've recently found out that Don Hewitt and Jeff Fager were both implicated in additional sexual harassment suits or covering them up as a result of investigation into Les Moonves; and buried in the recent disclosure about Jeffrey Epstein is an accusation that Alan Dershowitz raped a minor while at Epstein's property, which he denied and the courts and media gave him the benefit of the doubt. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were also sued in 2016 for alleged rape of a thirteen year old in 1994. This girl was represented by Lisa Bloom and she dropped her lawsuit just before the election, supposedly after receiving death threats.

Mainstream media has given this minimal coverage, if they mention it at all, along with an enormous number of additional stories implicating the well connected. We have no way of knowing if some of these accusations are true; however, we have a pattern of behavior of wealthy people routinely getting caught in incidents like this and signing non-disclosure agreement forbidding alleged victims from talking about it, and often paying them off, like Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and numerous accusers of members of congress.

This means that either contract law is being used to keep criminal sexual assaults secret, or, if the claims are false as suspects often claim, these contracts are being used to cover up successful extortion attempts. Even if this does turn out to be false there's plenty of additional evidence to indicate that Trump and many other politicians have been corrupted by many different sources; and that the mainstream media only seems to cover political candidates that are involved in epidemic levels of fraud or other scandals, who routinely pass one law after another benefiting the wealthy at the expense of the working class.

Is it possible that Katie Johnson was also paid off along with some of Trump's other alleged affairs? There's no way of knowing for certain now, but this does follow a consistent pattern of behavior, so it shouldn't be considered fringe conspiracy theory.

I don't recall the mainstream media mentioning Katie Johnson on national television once, and probably never would have found out about her at all if alternative media hadn't pointed out this story to me. If the mainstream media did mention her while I was watching it must have been very brief, and didn't get my attention, which is how propaganda works. Now the story about Epstein is already being dropped from the mainstream media, and if past is prologue, it's unlikely that they'll mention often if at all again unless some other major scandal forces them to do so.

On top of that the vast majority of the most important details from the story in the Miami Herald, and other lower profile articles about this scandal and many others, weren't even reported in the mainstream media, as you can see in some of the following excepts from the Miami Heralds articles:

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime 11/28/2018

Acosta, in 2011, would explain that he was unduly pressured by Epstein’s heavy-hitting lawyers — Lefkowitz, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, Jack Goldberger, Roy Black, former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis, Gerald Lefcourt, and Kenneth Starr, the former Whitewater special prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton’s sexual liaisons with Monica Lewinsky. .....

A prosecutor under New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance argued on Epstein’s behalf, telling New York Supreme Court Judge Ruth Pickholtz that the Florida case never led to an indictment and that his underage victims failed to cooperate in the case. Pickholtz, however, denied the petition, expressing astonishment that a New York prosecutor would make such a request on behalf of a serial sex offender accused of molesting so many girls. .....

Eventually, the girls told them about still other girls and young women they had seen at Epstein’s house, many of whom didn’t speak English, Recarey said. That led Recarey to suspect that Epstein’s exploits weren’t just confined to Palm Beach. Police obtained the flight logs for his private plane, and found female names and initials among the list of people who flew on the aircraft — including the names of some famous and powerful people who had also been passengers, Recarey said. Complete article

Cops worked to put serial sex abuser in prison. Prosecutors worked to cut him a break 11/28/2018

Licata is among 36 women who were officially identified by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office as victims of Epstein, now 65. But after the FBI case was closed in 2008, witnesses and alleged victims testified in civil court that there were hundreds of girls who were brought to Epstein’s homes, including girls from Europe, Latin America and former Soviet Republic countries.

But Acosta and Epstein’s armada of attorneys — Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, Jay Lefkowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Jack Goldberger, Roy Black, Guy Lewis and former Whitewater special prosecutor Kenneth Starr — reached a consensus: Epstein would never serve time in a federal or state prison.


There were really just two people willing to risk their careers to go after Epstein: Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detective Joseph Recarey. ......

“I was surprised at how quickly it snowballed. I thought at some point there would be a last interview, but the next victim would supply me with three or four more names and the next one had three or four names and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,’’ Recarey said.

By then, word had gotten back to Epstein from some of the girls that they had been questioned by police. Epstein hired famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

“Alan Dershowitz flew down and met privately with Krischer,’’ Recarey said. “And the shenanigans that happened, I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of before.’’

Police reports show that Epstein’s private investigators attempted to conduct interviews while posing as cops; that they picked through Reiter’s trash in search of dirt to discredit him; and that the private investigators were accused of following the girls and their families. In one case, the father of one girl claimed he had been run off the road by a private investigator, police and court reports show. ......

“Early on, it became clear that things had changed, from Krischer saying, ‘we’ll put this guy away for life,’ to ‘these are all the reasons why we aren’t going to prosecute this,’ ’’ Reiter said. .....

Recarey, meanwhile, said he began to take different routes to and from work, and even switched vehicles because he knew he was being tailed. “At some point it became like a cat-and-mouse game. I would stop at a red light and go. I knew they were there, and they knew I knew they were there. I was concerned about my kids because I didn’t know if it was someone that they hired just out of prison that would hurt me or my family,’’ Recarey said.

Despite relentless political pressure, Reiter and Recarey soldiered on, and their determination yielded evidence that supported most of the girls’ allegations, the former cops said. They had phone records that showed Epstein and his assistant, Kellen, had called many of the girls. Epstein’s flight logs showed that the calls were made when Epstein was in Palm Beach.

They obtained dozens of message pads from his home that read like a who’s who of famous people, including magician David Copperfield and Donald Trump, an indication of Epstein’s vast circle of influential friends. There were also messages from girls, and their phone numbers matched those of many of the girls Recarey had interviewed, Recarey said. They read: “Courtney called, she can come at 4,’’ or “Tanya can’t come at 7 p.m. tomorrow because she has soccer practice.’’

They also found naked photographs of underage girls in Epstein’s closet, Recarey said.

There were also witnesses: Two of Epstein’s butlers gave Recarey sworn interviews, confirming that young girls had been coming and going at the house. One of the butlers, Alfredo Rodriguez, told Recarey that when he was tasked with cleaning up the master bath after Epstein’s sessions with the girls, he often discovered sex toys. Once, he accidentally stumbled on a high school girl, whom he identified, sleeping naked in Epstein’s spa, he testified in a 2009 court deposition. ......

In the years that followed, several of the victims obtained lawyers and filed civil lawsuits against Epstein. About two dozen lawsuits were filed, starting in 2008. The early cases were particularly brutal for his victims, the court records show. The girls faced fierce grilling from another pack of Epstein’s civil attorneys, who questioned them about their boyfriends, drinking, drug use, social media posts, their parents and even their medical histories.

One girl was asked about her abortions, and her parents, who were Catholic and knew nothing about the abortions, were also deposed and questioned.

Licata said the questions from Epstein’s civil lawyers were so intimate that she became paranoid that people were following her. ......

It was Epstein’s contacts with powerful and famous people that first propelled him into the public spotlight. In 2002, he flew former President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian Chris Tucker and others to South Africa on his private jet as part of a fact-finding AIDS mission in support of the Clinton Foundation.

But Epstein, a Clinton donor who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and causes, realized that his Democratic connections weren’t going to help him in 2006, when the federal prosecutor was Acosta, a conservative Republican appointed during the George W. Bush administration. ......

“It’s highly unusual and raises suspicions of something unethical happening when you see emails that say ‘call me, I don’t want to put this in writing.’ There’s no reason to worry about putting something in writing if there’s nothing improper or unethical in the case,’’ said former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes, who worked in the Justice Department’s crimes against children unit.

On Sept. 24, 2007, another agreement was reached, but Epstein still wasn’t happy with it, emails show.

Lefkowitz continued to pressure the U.S. Attorney’s Office to keep the agreement secret, even though under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, prosecutors were required to inform the victims that a plea deal had been signed.

“We ... object to your sending a letter to the alleged victims,” Lefkowitz wrote on Nov. 28. “... Any such letter would immediately be leaked to the press, your actions will only have the effect of injuring Mr. Epstein and promoting spurious civil litigation directed at him. We also request that if your office believes that it must send a letter to go to the alleged victims ... it should happen only after Mr. Epstein has entered his plea.’’ Complete article

Even from jail, sex abuser manipulated the system. His victims were kept in the dark 11/30/2018

..... But Epstein — who had a long list of powerful, politically connected friends — didn’t go to state prison like most sex offenders in Florida. Instead, the multimillionaire was assigned to a private wing of the Palm Beach County stockade, where he was able to hire his own security detail. Even then, he didn’t spend much time in a cell. He was allowed to go to his downtown West Palm Beach office for work release, up to 12 hours a day, six days a week, records show.

He was permitted to hire his own private psychologist for his required sex-offender counseling, and after his release from jail, his subsequent year of probation under house arrest was filled with trips on his corporate jet to Manhattan and to his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands — all approved by the courts with no objections from the state.

On the morning of his sentencing in 2008, none of Epstein’s victims were in the courtroom to protest his soft jail term or the unusual provisions of his incarceration and probation — and that was by design.

That arrangement benefited Epstein in a number of ways. Unlike other high-profile sex crime cases, federal prosecutors agreed to keep his sentencing quiet, thereby limiting media coverage. His underage victims — identified in FBI documents — weren’t told about the plea deal so they weren’t in court, where they could voice their objections and possibly sway the judge to give Epstein a harsher sentence or reject the agreement altogether. .....

Few people had as much insight into Epstein’s lifestyle — and its international reach — as Virginia Roberts. By age 16, Roberts had lived a life that was beyond that of most high school girls.

At 11, she says, she was sexually molested by a family friend. At 12, she was smoking pot and skipping school. At 13, she was in and out of foster homes, and at 14, she was on the street.

In Miami, the runaway became a captive of a 65-year-old sex trafficker, Ron Eppinger. For months, she says, she was sexually abused, kept in an apartment and pimped out to pedophiles. After his indictment in 2000 on trafficking charges, Roberts returned to West Palm Beach and tried to heal.

That summer, when Roberts was 16, she said her father helped her get a job as a locker room attendant at the spa at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, records show. Her father worked at the resort as a maintenance man.

There she said she met Ghislaine Maxwell, an Epstein friend and socialite daughter of the late British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell. She offered Roberts an opportunity to become a massage therapist, working for Epstein.

In a sworn court affidavit and in a recent interview with the Herald, Roberts described how Epstein and Maxwell began grooming her — not just to perform massages, but to sexually pleasure them and others.

“It started with one and it trickled into two and so on,’’ Roberts told the Herald. “And before you know it, I’m being lent out to politicians and academics and royalty.’’ ......

As the years went by and Roberts had a daughter, she would be haunted by a fear that Epstein was still taking advantage of young girls. In 2011, she went public in a paid interview with a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, asserting that she had had sex with Prince Andrew, one of Epstein’s friends, several times when she was a teen.

In her 2015 affidavit, she discussed in detail some of her alleged sex encounters with the prince and Epstein’s other friends, including lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Edwards included the affidavit in the court file as part of the Jane Does’ Crime Victims’ Rights Act case, at which time it became public. .....

“I had sexual intercourse with Dershowitz at least six times,’’ Roberts wrote in the 2015 court affidavit. “The first time was when I was about 16, early on in my servitude to Epstein and it continued until I was 19.’’ She detailed some of those alleged trysts, which she said happened at Epstein’s homes in Palm Beach, New Mexico and on Epstein’s island.

One of Epstein’s housemen, Juan Alessi, testified in a 2009 sworn deposition that Dershowitz visited Epstein’s Palm Beach home four or five times a year. He said that Roberts was a frequent visitor as well, but he never placed Dershowitz and Roberts at the house at the same time.

Alessi, who testified he worked for Epstein from 1999 to 2002, said there were often young girls who gave massages at the house, even in the middle of the night. But he said he never checked their ages, and only knew one girl for certain who was underage, because he had picked her up from high school. That girl, who is now an actress, was not one of Epstein’s masseuses, Alessi said. .....

Roberts, now 35, said it has taken her a long time to stand up to Epstein. She and 20 other victims received settlements from Epstein, ranging from $50,000 to more than $1 million. The exact amounts have been kept confidential. ......

Epstein has paid millions of dollars in civil compensation that, for the most part, has kept the details about his operation out of the public eye. As a result, much — but not all — of the testimony and evidence collected as part of the vast litigation has been sealed or redacted from public court records. ......

“Really if you think about this too hard, it’s scary because this is our government that is supposed to protect us but has done everything to protect a pedophile,’’ she said. Complete article

There should be little or no doubt that a massive effort has been made to confuse the issue to cover something up. If the victims are mostly right, there's little or no doubt that Jeffrey Epstein had the resources to hire lawyers and private detectives to confuse the issue and demonize his victims. If, on the other hand, their claims that the victims made up one thing after or another are true, there's little or no chance that they had the resources to make up all this evidence. There's still a chance that they might have exaggerated some of the details or gotten them mixed up; in fact, anyone familiar with personal testimony from complicated issues like this would know that at least a little of that is virtually guaranteed. If there wasn't some details that got mixed up some investigators might suspect it was carefully staged.

Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump were all publicly accused of statutory rape of minors, if not worse; the media and courts all gave the accused the benefit of the doubt, and there are plenty more claims that other politicians or celebrities were involved as well. The vast majority of the evidence to shed more light on this might be secret as a result of non-disclosure agreements as a result of the settled lawsuits. Epstein, and perhaps, other defendants, clearly paid out millions of dollars in settlements to alleged victims that were supposedly making it all up, assuming you believe many of the denials, yet there's no discussion of charging them with extortion. Any lawsuits for libel were settled in sealed agreements that are secret, with all the evidence the investigators have the claim that the victims were making up large portions of this would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

There are plenty of claims that other powerful people that were unnamed, in addition to the ones that were named, were also involved in this sex scandal; let's assume, for the sake of argument that they're all false. Would Jeffrey Epstein have been able to get this good of a deal if none of these claims were true, without the help of powerful people that would be implicated otherwise?

There's no longer much if any doubt that Kevin Spacey, who traveled with Epstein to South Africa, was involved in repeated sexual harassment allegations; and the media hinted that they knew about his sex life years, if not one or two decades, before the claims became public. The first I heard of rumors about his being gay, was when I saw him on an interview, at least five to six years before the accusations came out, where he was asked about rumors that he was gay, and he portrayed it as false claiming to be heterosexual and after his denial both him and the interviewer seemed to portray these rumors as unjustified smears. We now know that there was more to those rumors and apparently they weren't unjustified smears at all, and the truth was even worse, although it might have been reported in the fringe sources that often report claims like Pizzagate without appearing to have any credibility.

If you compare a long list of the different accusation against many celebrities, including Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Harvey Weinstein and many more, there's a pattern of behavior that is often repeated over and over again. This appears to be a way of life for them and once people are drawn into it, in many cases at a young age they become involved in the cover up. Allison Mack was raised as a child model who used her family connections to get ahead in the business. Harvey Weinstein also used private detectives and even Israeli intelligence to harass his victims.

There's now no doubt that Donald Trump paid off both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, to keep their stories out of the press just before the elections and he publicly threatened other adult women bringing allegations against him, and that Katie Johnson canceled her press conference before it got any attention from the mass media. How can we know for certain that she wasn't paid off as well? This would have fit the pattern of behavior, offering money for silence and threats if they don't take it. If such a deal were made it would presumably be kept secret as a result of a non-disclosure agreement.

EXCLUSIVE: Troubled woman with a history of drug use who claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump at a Jeffrey Epstein sex party at age 13 MADE IT ALL UP 11/07/2016 This story is based on an anonymous source and an alleged interview with Katie Johnson; however it doesn't address the two witnesses listed in the court document or provide a link to that document so people will notice the omission. It was also posted just barely before the election. It does mean that either this was done as a smear against Donald Trump or there was a organized cover up with the help of media outlets friendly to Trump to cover up a legitimate accusation. Either way political dirty tricks are far more common than the mainstream media seems to imply.

The recent awarding of legal fees from Stormy Daniels to Donald Trump raises doubts about whether or not the courts are willing to help enforce non-disclosure agreements designed to cover up corrupt or illegal actions from the well connected. Awarding legal fees to be paid by people with far less money to those with far more money should raise doubts about equal access to the court system, especially since Donald Trump is constantly trying to intimidate people into remaining silent suppressing their first amendment right, yet this award claims to defend Trump's first amendment rights at the same time. Successfully requiring the middle class to pay legal fees to the wealthy without doing the reverse when it's far more justified ensures that the so-called justice system is only available for those that can pay for it, which isn't even remotely Just!

Reviewing the articles from some of these different stories there clearly appears to be plenty of people from the FBI and other police departments that knew more about this than they led on; and instead of investigating it and exposing it so it would end they helped cover it up and some of the sincere investigators wound up leaving the police force, for one reason or another.

Many of the people that are now trying to take credit for allegedly helping to expose a lot of these sex scandals are the same people that looked the other way previously, including in Hollywood. Courtney Love went on tape with her accusation against Weinstein over ten years before the press actually reported on it and investigated to find out if there was more to it than that. There were rumors about this going back decades if not much longer. If many of the celebrities that now claim they strongly oppose it were true they could have and would have spoken up much sooner!

Since there are politicians and celebrities involved, it's not unreasonable to speculate about the possibility that this might be related to other far-fetched conspiracies, even if some of them seem hard to believe. Previously in Phony Apocalyptic Judgement Day May Be Here! I pointed out that it was routine to use these sex scandals for political purposes, with politicians from both parties expressing outrage at the scandals on the other side but defending almost identical ones on their own side. the accusation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the most obvious. Before, and during, the Trump Clinton campaign neither side was consistent about standing up to those that have been credibly accused of sexual assault. It was only after Trump won that the Democrats adopted their current zero tolerance policies and on at least one occasion probably jumped to the wrong conclusion.

I'm no fan of Al Franken, especially since he helped rig the primary for Hillary Clinton despite the fact that his own constituents clearly preferred Bernie, but the claims made by Leeann Tweenen against him are highly suspicious, after looking at some of the videos of her in Iraq where flirting with men and grabbing their behinds was part of her routine, and there was even a picture of her with Al Franken kissing, which was clearly consensual. This adds to a long list of efforts to confuse this issue and many others.

In the previous article about a "Phony Apocalyptic Judgement" and additional articles including Dude, We've Been In The Rabbit Hole Or Twilight Zone All Along! I pointed out serious problems with the political establishment and research that should show that the political establishment knows how to manipulate the public far more effectively than they are; but instead they're acting like a bunch of buffoons and taking everything to an insane extreme. These articles also point out that there are other major unsolved mysteries that may not seem related including UFOs and megaliths that were moved thousands of years despite the fact that experiments show that should have been impossible with the technology they had available to them at that time. Philip Corso and several other whistle blowers also claimed that they were involved in sharing alien technology with multinational corporations, which could explain the dramatic advances that have been taking place over the last seventy years and increasing even more in the last twenty years.

Past articles on this subject includes Researching Poor, Slaves, Prisoners, To Benefit Ruling Class With Alien Technology? where I explored real research that was taking place based on traditional mainstream media sources, and speculated that if Corso was right then this research was almost certainly influenced by the technology that came from ancient aliens; and Hurricane Apocalypse Coming With or Without Fringe Conspiracy Theory where I pointed out that if climate change is caused by man that some degree of geoengineering is clearly possible and if there are aliens sharing technology they're almost certainly involved in that as well. Even if there aren't ancient aliens there are plenty of government sources that claim that they're trying to experiment with geoengineering, including some that are reasonably reliable, and as usual in subjects like this plenty of other sources with major credibility problems.

At about the same time that Philip Corso claimed to have been sharing alien technology with multinational corporations L. Ron Hubbard was starting Scientology, which as I explained in Scientology connection to the CIA? Ancient Aliens? Other mystics including Helena Blavatsky? never could have gotten away with their activities if they didn't have government connections possibly from the CIA.

Leah Remini has been attracting a lot of attention on A&E allegedly exposing Scientology; however as I explained in the previous article about it, I doubt if she's trying to expose all of it, and she may be using some of the same appeals to emotions and manipulation tactics as Scientology, although I suspect she's not trying to lure people into another cult, but might be involved in a controlled disclosure effort, which wouldn't be nearly as good as coming out with the truth, what ever that is.

In a couple recent tweets one to an obvious smear from Scientology against Mike Rinder, which was advertised on Twitter, not just a free tweet, and another to Leah Remini's respond to the same tweet I tried to point out that this smear is so obvious that it does more to advertise Leah's show that it does to discredit Mike Rinder, and a close look at the vast majority of responses to that indicates that everyone recognizes that. This is part of an advertising campaign that continued the day after I posted this article when I responded to another paid Tweet by saying, This is an obvious paid smear which raises odd possibility that it might be reverse psychology or bizarre #PsyOp of some sort advertising Leah Remini's show which is good to a point but doesn't disclose whole truth 12/13/2018

The problem with that is that it's just to obvious and Scientology should easily recognize it. Furthermore with all the talk about suppressing fake news it's hard to imagine why Twitter would promote it. This is so obvious that even if they thought it might advance the cause of Scientology the first time after seeing overwhelming negative responses they should have realized that it's backfiring. However, this isn't the first time Scientology has done something like this; it's part of their routine. It may work to keep cult members in line that are already indoctrinated; however, they can do this without an absurd add like this. Which leads me to suspect that this is almost certainly a far-fetched PsyOp of some sort for an undisclosed reason. The evidence supporting this assumption is stronger than the evidence supporting the hypothesis that Pizzagate is a PsyOp. Like a lot of other unsolved mysteries the skeptical explanation seems to make sense until you think it through.

Another recent article Do Aliens own Stock in Monsanto, DuPont, or Microsoft? points out that if this technology is being shared with corporations it must be having a major impact on high tech companies with enormous amount of political connections and this includes a full list of past articles on the subject.

Of course, many people will be skeptical of theories about aliens, especially if they haven't looked closely at the evidence. This is especially true since once they do look at the evidence, it may become clear that there are colossal blunders from both sides of the issue, but skeptics can't explain how the megaliths were moved and some more complicated unexplained mysteries that require a closer look to realize that the official explanation doesn't add up.

Another thing to consider is, if there's no ancient aliens that have been visiting for thousands of years, why is there such a massive effort to make it seem like there is with false whistle blowers, including Senators, governors, astronauts, high ranking military personal, and plenty of other well connected ones; and why does the mainstream media give so much air time to the show on the History Channel?

Even if the ancient aliens theory is wrong there's constant reminders that the wealthy benefit from an obvious and major double standard like Accused of rape, former Baylor fraternity president gets no jail time after plea deal 12/11/2018 and many more that I pointed out in Illusion Of Justice For Sale The investigation into Epstein raises major doubts about how much we can trust the police when they make denials like Guymon Okla. Police refute claim of sex trafficking incident at Walmart posted on Snapchat 12/11/2018 In most cases the police are almost certainly right but when they get exposed so often catering to political pressure how can we be certain, especially when a portion of alleged conspiracy theories eventually turn out to be partially true like about Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Kevin Spacey along with many more turn out to be true? By going along with the cover up it ensure that more people, not less will believe these fringe conspiracy theories

This isn't limited to sex abuse scandals, the wealthy are also accustomed to taking advantage of illegal immigrants even while they demonize them as pointed out recently in Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers 12/06/2018 and this is far from the first time stories like this have been reported; numerous celebrities have been exposed at doing the same things including Meg Whitman and Lou Dobbs as I pointed out in Scapegoating human trafficker to protect corporations? which reviewed the human trafficking scandale a couple years ago where a truck driver was caught with a load of undocumented immigrants including ten that died. They didn't investigate to find out who was hiring all these immigrants to create a market for an organized ring of human traffickers because it would lead to well connected people like Donald Trump and his housekeeper!

And the same fund raiser that support one political party routinely provide fund raiser for the other like Cory Booker who raised an enormous amount of funds with the help of the Kushner's. It's not hard to find many other well connected people with ties on both sides of the aisle, but few if any of the highest profile politicians have close ties to ordinary Americans, even without believing in the Ancient Alien theory and appointing people in the pocket of the industries they oversee is routine like Oil Change USA Response to Manchin as Dem. Ranking Member on Senate Energy Committee 12/11/2018

Whether or not Pizzagate was created as part of a PsyOp to confuse the issue and stereotype claims of sexual abuse by the wealthy, there's an enormous amount of evidence that far more of them than most people realize are involved in sex scandals, and there are massive efforts to cover this up and more. Fringe Conspiracies are no longer limited to unreliable sources; the mainstream media is no constantly pushing one or another, and acting as if they're more credible than the ones they ridicule.

Edit 12/13/2018: shortly after posting this article I found this story, which shows how obvious the hypocrisy of our justice system is, which is a hodgepodge of local political views that has little or not consistency and many states are more concerned with local prejudices than they are with the appearance of justice: Cyntoia Brown Will Have to Serve 51 Years Before She’s Eligible For Release, Tennessee Supreme Court Rules 12/07/2018 At the age of 16, she was sold as a sex-slave to a 43-year-old Nashville realtor—Johnny Mitchell Allan. She was subjected to more abuse by Allan, and in a documentary about her life, she described the abuse and how it made her paranoid. In 2004, she was tried as an adult for killing Allen. She said she shot him because she feared he was going to kill her. During the trial, she said there was always a gun pointed on her during her captivity. She said she was hit, choked and dragged. She feared for her own life, and she acted out of that fear.

In the Twitter string that I found this Bishop Talbert Swan rightfully said, "There is no court in America that would try a 16 year old white girl as an adult, convict her and sentence her to 51 years for killing her rapist. Not one." 12/1/2018

The following are some additional sources including several lists of celebrities involved in sex scandal; but to find a comprehensive list you might have to consolidate the different ones, and do additional research, since they're all missing a lot:

Alan Dershowitz is still 'technically' alleged serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein's lawyer 12/03/2018 One of the women who accuses Epstein of sexual predation, Virginia Roberts, also said in a court document that through Epstein, Dershowitz had sex with her several times when she was 16, a charge Dershowitz denies and likened to extortion. Dershowitz told Axios that when Epstein lent his family his Palm Beach house one week, "I had a therapeutic massage with an old old Russian," but he'd had no idea "anything improper had even taken place in that house."

Settlement Reached in Civil Lawsuit Involving Wealthy Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein 12/04/2018

Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender who is friends with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, explained 12/0/2018 In this photograph from 2004, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein speaks with then-Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, who would later serve on Epstein’s defense team.

The lawsuit accusing Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl, explained 11/05/2016 It seemed like that was all going to change Wednesday, when the woman, who has gone by the pseudonyms “Katie Johnson” and “Jane Doe,” was set to appear at a press conference at the law offices of Lisa Bloom, a high-profile civil rights attorney and TV commentator. But the woman didn’t come to the press conference. Bloom told a room full of waiting reporters that Johnson was afraid to show her face after receiving multiple death threats, and that they would have to reschedule.

Plaintiff Jane Doe, proceeding under a pseudonym, brings this action against Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein, and alleges that: 09/30/2016

All Documents in the Doe v. Trump Lawsuits 10/12/2016

EXCLUSIVE: Trump's 13-year-old 'rape victim' dramatically DROPS her case. Woman withdraws legal claim she was assaulted at Jeffrey Epstein sex party 11/04/2016

Snopes: Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl 06/23/2016

This High-Profile Defense Attorney Is Now Representing A Woman Accusing Trump Of Rape 10/10/2016

Ever Wonder Why Katie Johnson Donald Trump’s 13 Year Old Rape Victim Drops Her Case Dramatically? 03/25/2017

Katie Johnson's Testimony v Donald J. Trump, rape when she was 13 years old via @YouTube warning - hard to watch important - stunning and real? u decide 12/02/2018

Seagrams Heiress Secretly Paying Legal Fees for NXIVM Sex Cult 12/04/2018 The multi-millionaire heiress to the Seagrams fortune, Clare Bronfman, has been secretly paying the legal fees of her fellow NXIVM sex cult members, including leaders Keith Raniere and Alison Mack, prosecutors have revealed.

A Running List of the Women Allison Mack Attempted to Recruit to Nxivm 04/27/2018

Smallville star Allison Mack once thought sex cult was 'a little messed up' 09/14/2018

Charles Kushner, A Multimillionaire Democratic Donor Receives Two-Year Prison Sentence 03/05/2005 The intrafamily acrimony was such that Mr. Kushner retaliated against his brother-in-law, who was cooperating with federal authorities, by hiring a prostitute to seduce him. He then arranged to have a secretly recorded videotape of the encounter sent to his sister, the man's wife.

Meet the Kushners: The Feuding Real Estate Dynasty That Links Donald Trump and Chris Christie 03/01/2016

Charles Kushner: 'I pushed Jared to do the deal' for 666 Fifth Ave. 04/25/2018

Charles Kushner Cites Good Breeding as the Secret to Jared’s Success 01/22/2018 The elder Kushner has long been friends with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who once slept in Jared Kushner’s bedroom at the family’s New Jersey home, while Jared moved to the basement.

45+ Famous People Charged With Sex Crimes Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby

20 People You May Not Realize Are Registered Sex Offenders Jerry Sandusky, Jared Fogle

A semi-complete list of celebrities accused of sexual misconduct since Harvey Weinstein 11/21/2017 Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, James Toback, George H.W. Bush, Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, John Conyers

Les Moonves Obstructed Investigation Into Misconduct Claims, Report Says 12/04/2018

Exclusive: Les Moonves Was Obsessed With Ruining Janet Jackson’s Career, Sources Say 09/06/2018

The Troubled In-Laws of the 2016 Race If Clinton or Trump is elected, there’ll probably be a felonious father-in-law visiting the White House. 04/11/2016 Both Trump and Clinton have ties to both Charles Kushner and Jeffrey Epstein

Jared Kushner, Trump's Unlikely Wing Man 05/31/2016 In 2013, Kushner bundled money for Booker's Senate campaign, hosting a fundraiser for the candidate in Kushner's penthouse at Trump Park Avenue.

NYT: CBS Paid $5 Million In Settlement Over ‘60 Minutes’ Creator’s Alleged Sexual Assault 12/07/2018 Investigators also concluded that CBS was justified in firing Jeff Fager, former executive producer of “60 minutes” and Hewitt’s successor. The New Yorker in August published a report that accused Fager of allowing harassment in the company, and Fager was terminated from CBS shortly after.

Kevin Spacey scandal: A complete list of the 15 accusers 11/07/2017

Sex cult partied on Richard Branson’s private island 04/23/2018

EXCLUSIVE: Troubled woman with a history of drug use who claimed that she was assaulted by Donald Trump at a Jeffrey Epstein sex party at age 13 MADE IT ALL UP 11/07/2016 This story is based on an anonymous source and an alleged interview with Katie Johnson; however it doesn't address the two witnesses listed in the court document or provide a link to that document so people will notice the omission. It was also posted just barely before the election.

I'm not sure I agree with everything @MikeRinder does, but this is obviously a paid smear, which might be the point. The truth is a commodity, often sold to the highest bidder, sometimes using psychological manipulation one way or another, on for profit media outlets. 12/11/2018

True but this smear works well to advertise your show; and the #Disclosure you come up with is almost certainly selective and incomplete! 12/11/2018

The REAL Reason that Trump Fired Comey.It`s Worse Than You Think!! 05/15/2018 “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Trump in 2002

Trump Nominates Pedo Pal for Labor Secretary 05/09/2017

Inside Donald Trump’s One-Stop Parties: Attendees Recall Cocaine and Very Young Models 10/24/2016

Trump/Clinton Connection Continues: Clinton Presidential Library Just Released a Bunch of Photos of Bill Hanging out with Donald Trump Back in the Day 09/09/2016

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