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Censored Candidates For President By Mass Media

If you were involved in the decision making process to hire employees, including executives, for Target, would you allow someone with a conflict of interests, like Walmart executives to screen the candidates and decide which ones you can interview?

Of course not, in the corporate world this would never be considered reasonable at all!

However, when it comes to choosing our politicians from high offices like the president and Senate to local officials that's exactly what the vast majority of the public do!

We have six oligarchs controlling over ninety percent of the media and they automatically provide obsession coverage for billionaires like Michael Bloomberg or the next in line within the traditional Republican and Democratic Parties, without even mentioning the vast majority of candidates running for many offices. This is how they routinely rig elections so that only those getting name recognition with coverage they control are considered viable, guaranteeing that we never even hear of candidates they disapprove of!

To put it simply the mass media can rig elections by refusing to cover candidates they don't like preventing them from getting the name recognition they need to become viable!

The media practically never tells the majority of the public that there are literally hundreds of candidates they refuse to cover or report on many of the issues they run on. On the rare occasions where they do, they treat it as if any candidates they don't cover are fringe or a joke. The only time I remember any pundits even mentioning that there are many more candidates running was years ago perhaps during the 2008 or 2016 elections when Rachel Maddow brought it up, only mentioning irrational or joke candidates like "Deez Nuts" giving her audience the impression that they're not serious and that there's nothing to check out there.

Unfortunately the vast majority of the public is simply letting them get away with this without even doing much if anything to change it, even many alternative media outlets, although some of them provide some coverage for progressive candidates like Jill Stein, who is far better than the candidates the establishment media is willing to cover, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders; however, after the primaries were rigged against him in 2016 even he caved and endorsed Hillary Clinton, which may have actually helped Trump get elected since they rigged the primaries for such a horrendous candidate that he could look like the lesser of two evils to many people.

In 2000 there were at least five alternative candidates that had their names on the ballot during the general elections in enough states to win, but the vast majority of the public wasn't aware of many if any of them. The Mainstream media provided a minimal amount of coverage to Ralph Nader and Patrick Buchanan, who were included but there were at least three others as well, including John Haglin, who was almost certainly the best candidate by far, at least in my opinion; and I suspect if the majority of the public knew about him they would be much more likely to support him and he would have had a viable chance of winning.

But of course the mainstream media gave obsession coverage to Al Gore and George Bush, as if they were the only candidates the public could choose from and that they were popular, even though they both had high negatives polling, and they often made so many idiotic blunders that it seemed like they were both trying to lose.

Things only got worse from there with both Clinton and Trump having record breaking low approval ratings during the 2016 elections, which is of course exactly what the primary process is supposed to prevent. They're supposed to nominate the people the public likes the best; however the media only covers incredibly corrupt candidates collecting massive amounts of bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions.

Every four years there're a few web pages including Ballotpedia and Project Vote Smart put out a full list of all the candidates running for office, including for president. Project Vote Smart also provides questionnaires for these candidates, which most traditional candidates boycott, as long as they can get away with it. If the voters raised questions about it they might be more likely to fill them out so people would know where they stand on the issues; if people refused to vote for them unless they filled out a job application, which is what I refer to them as, then they would routinely fill them out.

As I pointed out previously in Saving Project Vote Smart and improving it or replacing it these questionnaires could be improved and the grassroots should have more control over the interview process, but it's still the best application for candidates that I'm aware of. Working to create better applications is also something that the grassroots needs to work on.

Project Vote Smart has barely put out their page for these candidates and as of this writing it's still blank, but presumably within the next few weeks they'll start adding many candidates. Ballotpedia already has over four hundred and fifty candidates that have officially filed papers to indicate they're running. Most of them don't seem to have much additional information available if you Google their names for president, but there are at least a couple dozen that have some additional information available which I was able to find, although it's still early, and there will no doubt be more candidates entering the race and providing additional information.

If more of these candidates got more coverage, at least at the grassroots level, then they might be more inclined to put out more information on their positions, and this could help educate the public even if they don't have a chance to win. Not that I'm completely ruling out the possibility that a grassroots candidates can win, but of course we go through this every four years and the deck is stacked against them, especially if most people keep their heads in the sand.

If enough people wake up we can get real change, as many reformers often say, and it could happen suddenly at one point or another but that won't happen unless some people start spreading the word to the best of their ability. We may not b able to get the mass media to pay attention right away, but if more alternative media outlets start covering some of the most credible of these candidate they might have a chance of either winning or doing much more to educate the public.

I don't know whether Jill Stein is running again or not, her name recognition helps, but there might be an advantage to getting new nominees as well. Ian Schlakman and a few other candidates have declared they're going to run in the Green Party; I found some information on Ian, but if he wants to run a serious campaign he'll have to put out more soon, although it's still early.

Sanderson Beck provided much more information and is worth a very close look. Unlike traditional politicians he doesn't provide carefully scripted promises catering to each audience that he speaks to without providing a good stand on many issues that is consistent no matter who they're talking to, which is what we should demand from all politicians. It's now routine to for high profile politicians to put out multiple conflicting promises to different audiences, guaranteeing they have to break many of those promises to keep other promises; and they usually keep the ones given to their campaign donors while breaking those to the vast majority of the public.

Beck also wrote extensively about how he thinks that all candidates should be heard and came up with policy positions that can help ensure that this actually happens, which is one reason why the mainstream media would never cover him; but it's also a good reason why the majority of the public should here him out, even if they don't vote for him. He supports an end to wars based on lies, single-payer healthcare, reasonable protection of the environment, and many other positions the corporations controlling the debate want to suppress, which adds to the reasons they don't want us to hear from him, but it's in our best interest to do so.

James Valentine has also created extensive positions that people can review before deciding to support him, which prevents him from adopting a different position every-time he addresses a different audience, including writing his own constitution, which many people might consider fringe or audacious. However our Constitution allows power to be concentrated in the hands of the few controlling the many although it's not supposed to do that. They claimed that they created checks and balances but then they put all three branches of government in the hands of a small percentage of wealthy people. This started out in the hands of white land owners holding slaves and we had to fight a Civil War to get black people the right to vote campaigning and protesting for decades longer before giving women the right to vote; but now six oligarchs control the press and use this control to rig elections.

I certainly don't agree with all his ideas for his Constitution and doubt if most people will either; however they're worth considering as part of a process that might lead to better understanding of our own Constitution and ratifying one that the majority of the public helped create and agrees with. Right now our leaders want us to worship it like a Bible without understanding it. The Electoral College is one of many problems with it that is considered above reproach, and as long as we accept this assumption we won't be able to control our own government as a Democracy is supposed to work.

Hubert Sean Francisco has stated that if the government shuts down those responsible for it shouldn't get paid which should be obviously right to most of us, yet the current administration is clearly forcing those with out political clout to make all the sacrifices while the wealthy that are already profiting from his tax cuts, not benefiting the majority, continue profiting off this corruption, even blatantly funding the Clock Tower at the Trump Hotel and Mar-a-Lago party tents with tax dollars while people required to work aren't getting paid.

However his positions on border security and some other positions might be as draconian as Trump's. I'm certainly not saying all these candidates are serious or good, including a candidate running as the "She-Hulk" and another running as "Frog-Man," but some are much better than the establishment candidates that the mainstream media routinely cover with obsession coverage over and over again, so if we want real reform we have to at least be able to hear from candidates that haven't sold out before the campaign even begins, although many of them do a effective job pretending to support the grassroots during the campaign and only show their true intentions after getting elected and sometimes even then they at least partly cover up their real positions with propaganda and only those watching close enough realize they've been had by some of the politicians they thought would never betray them.

One of the most blatant examples that I went into extensively in over half a dozen articles including, Elizabeth Warren Makes Me Scream! Elizabeth Warren came from the same establishment she claims to stand up to and they helped her arrange to avoid a primary, even though her leading opponent supported single payer at a time she opposed it. She's supported planned obsolescence, while pretending to be a consumer advocate speaking against what she called the "over-consumption myth," which isn't a myth at all, and is part of the epidemic fraud she claims to protect us from, voted for a massive military budget, and waited until massive pressure from the grassroots before switching positions on Charter Schools, and perhaps Single-Payer, although like many other politicians she may only be pretending to switch on these issues.

After a close look it's clear that she hasn't taken the lead on many of the issues they give her credit for, and she's one of the multimillionaires she pretends to stand up to. Even Bernie Sanders caved and endorsed Hillary Clinton. Tulsi Gabbard also seems like one of the more credible progressives; however, if she was as good as many of us want to believe she probably never would have gotten the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee in the first place. Her father was also a politician which means she also came from the establishment all along, and they have an incredible knack for pretending to be progressive when they're not. I checked her record on Vote Smart, below and she refused to fill out their questionnaire, like typical politicians trying to control the debate so they can push their own agenda or give different versions of their positions to different people, and during the 2016 Bernie Sanders also refused to fill out his questionnaire, although he has filled them out in the past.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't support Tulsi or Bernie against the other establishment candidates if we can't get sincere grassroots candidates like Sanderson Beck, John Haglin or Jill Stein; but, if that's the best we can do we'll need to watch them closely to make sure they don't betray us like Barack Obama did.

In addition to trying to hold establishment politicians accountable we have to prepare to give grassroots candidates a much better chance by trying to help them get more coverage, which will also put establishment politicians on notice. This would also help if more alternative media outlets covered some of these candidates as well. Below are a couple dozen more candidates to check out and what ever information I could find on them with a relatively quick search; however, there will be more, and some of the candidates listed by either Ballotpedia or Vote Smart will presumably be putting out much more on their campaigns, although we may have to search for it ourselves. I'll probably follow this up with additional reviews on more candidates as they expand.

Ballotpedia: Presidential candidates, 2020

Project Vote Smart: Presidential candidates, 2016

Project Vote Smart: Presidential candidates, 2020


My name is Ian Schlakman, and I am officially launching my campaign to be the Green Party's Candidate for President of the United States.

Sanderson Beck for President 2020 "The government can make sure that debates open to all candidates are held with fair rules and made available to all Americans by the media which has licenses for broadcasting for the public good. Commercial broadcasting is polluted by advertisements used to raise enormous amounts of revenue, enabling gigantic corporations to dominate the media. Taxing commercials would be a way of alleviating the economic inequality in the media so that the government would have money to invest in public broadcasting with diverse views. Broadcasting and cable should be available to all. I believe that people benefit more by watching programs that are not interrupted by manipulative advertisements."

Literary Works of Sanderson Beck Mostly Free Online

Progressive Democracy How Wise Love Can Produce Prosperity, Justice and Peace by Sanderson Beck Proposed Amendment: "The election campaigns of candidates for the offices of United States President, Senator, and Representative as well as for statewide offices shall be publicly financed. Citizens may contribute up to three hundred dollars to one candidate in each office for which they are qualified to vote during each primary or general election. No other funds can be used for paid media advertisements. Media may not provide free advertisements to any candidate unless they do so equally for all the candidates for that office. No other person, group, organization, or business may contribute to any election campaign for any of these offices. The contributions from citizens not spent by the campaign by election day shall go into the Treasury of the United States, which shall finance the debates broadcast for each office and the sample ballots mailed to the voters that shall give equal time and space to all candidates on the ballots. Whenever and wherever primary or general elections for officers of the United States are held, that day shall be a federal holiday."

James Valentine "The Valentine Constitution would instead have our government pay for all campaigns so that our politicians will be beholden to us Citizens instead of a few billionaires, by establishing a politically neutral body within the Judiciary to provide debates and other forums for all candidates equally so that new candidates and ideas may be exposed and real issues dealt with."

"The Valentine Constitution takes the money out of politics by prohibiting campaign contributions, lobbying and the revolving door so that no favors will be owed to the big-has-failed billionaires or the special interest lobbies who currently fund campaigns and receive favors in return; who have corrupted our government, and who have gained control of our government and our economy." "Toxic packaging used once creates waste. If the world lived like Americans, we’d need 8 planets to sustain us!" "We don’t have enough water to save all Americans, let alone more immigrants. Unless we reduce our numbers we will not be able to save ourselves. We must lead the world in water efficiency, sustainability and condom use."

Hubert Sean Francisco for President 2020 “A Free People absolutely have the Inherent Right to a fully operational government as its funding is derived from the People and for the People. My Administration will send proposed legislation as a stand alone measure, that the Candidate has drafted, called the Reciprocity in Services Act. This law will ban members of Congress from compensation during a partial or full government shutdown.”

“A Free People absolutely have the Inherent Right to be safe in their persons and property from the devastating effect that criminal immigrants pose. My Administration will enforce a "Zero Trade Zero Aid" penalty on Mexico until such time that ICE certifies that the Government of Mexico has secured their Northern Border with Mexican Troops and a Concrete & Steel Wall approved by My Administration.”

Luis A. Szydlowski- De Jesus

Darcie Allen

Rev. Pamela M. Pinkney Butts

Michael W Scruggs

Cecelia Sanborn

Richard Neece Ojeda II Retired Army Major and Former West Virginia State Senator, no issues on web page just requests for donations or shirts for sale claiming he's going to end corruption.

Christina Gerasimos Billings-elias limited content

Gary Swing
Green Presidential Candidate Gary Swing: Corporate Media "Focus on Distractrations Rather Than the Real Issues" 01/15/2012

Jennifer Walters or "She Hulk" for President

Eugene Patilio of "Frog-Man" for President

Alan Howe "To get more for our money, we must invest enough to get young adults on a secure path to the middle class. ..... That likely means more college classes in high school, more years of schooling at public expense, and more interaction between businesses and educators to see that we are meeting the needs of our economy and not relying too heavily on bringing in skilled immigrants to fill the gaps."

Glenn Scott Allistair Simpson

Daphne Bradford
Daphne Bradford Runs for President 12/20/2018

Angela Marié Baxley Glass

William Joseph Hurst "A fair wage should earn you a home, food, and transportation; not poverty. If our children are to have a future, we need to invest in renewable and clean energy, now."
William Joseph Hurst Twitter

Adam Seaman

David Aaron Karaffa for President

Meet Sean Collinson, Hip-Hop Presidential Candidate of 2020 09/20/2018
Twitter: Sean Collinson

Vote Smart: Dr Samuel B Hoff

Michael E. Arth Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign 11/20/2018 His books include: Michael E. Arth Introspective 1972-1982 (1983), Democracy and the Common Wealth: Breaking the Stranglehold of the Special Interests (2010), The Labors of Hercules: Modern Solutions to 12 Herculean Problems (forthcoming), and The Time Traveler: An Artist's Quest Through the Past and Future (forthcoming)

Facebook: Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020 Hey @realDonaldTrump: being Saudi Arabia's bitch is not "America First."

Tulsi Gabbard's Political Summary includes voting record but "Tulsi Gabbard has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2018 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you." so they searched her record to figure out probable answers under "Positions" at Vote Smart

Two Choices For President? Meet The 1,896 Other Candidates No One Ever Told You About 10/10/2016

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Tis' the season for Domestic Violence? murders?

In a recent article, Truth is a commodity for J&J, Wells Fargo, Wall Street & Media, I pointed out that there's inadequate or conflicting claims about whether or not there's spike in domestic violence during the holidays, with several articles claiming that there's inadequate research into the subject. A couple articles on the subject claim that the assumption that violence spikes during the holidays is a "myth" backing this claim up with what they imply is scientific research from some experts, including some advocates for domestic violence victims, although it's not hard to find other advocates for victims claiming the opposite.

In the previous article, without doing a thorough search I cited four violent incidents that turned up on one Florida newspaper, that I came across, following that I did a more thorough search on Google, which still is far from complete, but it turned up a large number of shootings and murders during the holidays, in some cases, enough to show that some areas really did have above average murder rates for a few days and in at least a couple states, including Louisiana, there was indeed a spike in murders, although this doesn't reflect all types of domestic violence.

Louisiana had three murders in the fifteenth of November, one day before Thanksgiving, five on Thanksgiving Day, five on Sunday after Thanksgiving, in Sunday before Christmas, four Christmas Eve, six Christmas Day, four New Years Eve, three New Years Day; although my search methods almost certainly didn't turn up most of the murders for November or December, putting it well above the average for that state for the holidays or days that it did turn up murders, which consistently has the highest murder rates in the country with over five-hundred-fifty murders per year, with less than five million people. Louisiana had 582 murders in 2017 and 555 in 2016, so they have about an average of 1.6 per day; so any day with two or more is above average, which includes all the Holidays and Christmas and New Years Eves, but the rest of the murders during November or December are much less likely to turn up on a search using the holiday and murder, so the rest of the month is inconclusive without further data.

Tennessee also routinely makes it into the top ten for murder rates and had a gruesome murder where someone Dismembered, and attempted to dissolve his parents in acid on Thanksgiving weekend of 2016. They also had one more murders on Christmas Eve, two on Christmas Day, one on New Years Eve, and two on New Years Day, in 2018-9 along with numerous more shootings or other incidents which is enough to put it at least a little above average for those days, but it could be even higher if there are additional reports that didn't turn up in the search.

Some additional crunching of the numbers will be helpful; but, most of the states still allowing corporal punishment in schools, and presumably using it more at home too, had more murders or shootings than the states without out CP in schools, in most cases compared to the typical murder rates for the state, although this is only likely to apply to Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve, in some cases I checked for New Years or Thanksgiving, but this search wasn't as thorough. The most notable exception from states no longer allowing it was probably Ohio which had a high number of incidents, but several of the least violent states also had an increase in violent crime for the holidays as well, although in these cases one or two murders is often enough to put them above average.

The Union Leader provided a reasonably complete list of murders in New Hampshire and they probably had the second highest number of murders in 2018 than in the past ten years and five out of twenty one took place during November and December, including one on Thanksgiving. Occasionally some murders are discovered right away, and often start as missing persons report, but if no other murders turn up that is enough to put it above average and Maine and Hawaii both had murders, stabbings or shootings, over the holidays which is enough to make them above average, since they have among the lowest murder rates as well. Maine had a double murder discovered on New Years Day this year and another double murder on Christmas Day in 2015, since they only have about 20-25 murders a year that's enough to push beat the average even if there were't any more holiday murders for years. Hawaii had a stabbing on Christmas Day this year, and a murder on Christmas Day in 2016, which is enough to put it moderately above average for that state.

Many of the articles reporting on alleged increases of violence during the holidays all cite the same study from Idaho, Domestic Violence and the Holidays 11/30/2010, which says "Although Idaho is not likely to be representative of larger and more urbanized states in terms of index crimes, there is little reason to believe that IPV characteristics in Idaho aren’t generalizable to all states." This is a surprising statement from someone involved in research on domestic violence, since most good sociologists, including Murray Straus routinely point out that no one study is comprehensive, and he often cross checked many different studies before coming to conclusions. Many crime reporters in some of the more violent arias, like Louisiana, almost certainly recognize that the spike in violence during the holidays almost certainly isn't just a "myth" in their areas, even if it doesn't apply to all other states equally.

Idaho is a very rural state similar to other North Western States but very different from the South, or New England, and it's among the least violent states in the country, the only one that still allows corporal Punishment in schools, although they practically never use it, to make it into the bottom ten for murder rates. However it still had their share of murders on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, although this year the deaths caused over the holidays were accidents they had murders in 2003, 2011 and 2014; which is enough to put it moderately above average, or average, since Idaho only has about thirty to fifty murders per year.

At best violence doesn't take much of a break for the holidays at worst it's higher, especially in some of the most violent areas. But most people involved in this research agree that there's a need for more research, with a few exceptions.

According to an article, The Holiday Spike in Domestic Abuse It's not new, and it's getting worse this year. 12/23/2014 2014 report from Wayback Machine, "There is also the issue of research funding—there just hasn’t been enough money to do an exhaustive report on exactly how many people are reaching out, the different channels they may be using, where in the U.S. they are, and who exactly they’re contacting. And frankly, domestic violence advocates are okay with this. 'Any extra money we do have, let me use it on transitional housing, let me use it to put someone back on their feet. For people working in the shelters, domestic violence is pervasive all the time, I don’t need a report to tell me that,' said Kim Pentico, director of the economic justice project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence."

If the politicians and policy makers aren't willing to base their decision on the most reliable research, which they don't appear to be, it would be tempting to agree with this; however, even though they aren't there still needs to be more research so activists can know what types of policies they need to push for that could do a far more effective job preventing this violence. Another reason why we should do more research, is that even if we don't do a comprehensive study covering all types of violence, some of it can be done fairly inexpensively, with limited resources. The listing of incidents that I compiled her didn't take much time and with more help to organize it it could show when some of this violence is more likely to take place and possibly help understand why, and how to prevent it more effectively. But some of this simply requires sincere intentions, which many people more concerned with corporate profits often don't have, and they often accuse advocates of being biased, even when their research is better quality.

We actually have enough research in the academic world and in libraries to know what the most important contributing causes of violence are; but the mainstream media practically never reports on this and politicians don't discuss it often either unless they're pressured at the grassroots level, which in some parts of the country, often the least violent parts, they often are. We need more citizens educated about the leading causes of violence to pressure politicians in order to prevent the contributing causes of violence.

The leading causes of violence during the holidays are almost certainly the same as it is the rest of the year; and as I've reported previously the most important one is early child abuse including corporal punishment leading to escalating violence later in life. Poverty and income inequality are also leading contributing causes of violence, especially in abandoned inner cities with little or no educational or economic opportunities.

Even though these are the leading causes of violence there also has to be additional reasons why many areas are more violent during the holidays, and part of it is clearly a result of the hype around obsessive shopping, which leads to an increase in violence at malls or Walmart, which just broke another record for the most shootings in a month with at least twenty probably more; the previous record was eighteen set in 2016, with an unusually low number, only seven in 2017, but November had between thirteen and fifteen shootings each November between 2016 and 2018; and even the one holiday month with fewer shootings they had plenty of other violent incidences which are higher than most of the year.

Also the Idaho study they cite most of these articles claims that "New Year’s Day has 2.7 times more incidents of domestic violence, followed by Independence Day." And it also says, "Once the Holiday season is over, there is an average 5% increase in call volume over the next two weeks." Even some of the articles that claim that a spike in violence over the holidays is a myth often admit that many of the victims of domestic violence are reluctant to report it because they don't want to break up the family during Christmas. They often speculate that part of the reason why it increases so much on New Years and the two weeks following it is because they hold off reporting it til after the holidays.

Another part of the reason calls increase after the holidays is that this may be when large amounts of credit card bills come in, perhaps from excessive shopping for the holidays season. Holiday shopping has to be the most wasteful spending of the year, and most people don't even think about questioning it or thinking about whether they're getting their money's worth, which is why corporations love it, but after the hype is over there could be a big let down.

The reason we never even question obsessive spending might that we're taught that the way to show we love people is to buy them stuff, and many people are shamed into it, even if the products they buy have little or no practical value. We often say it's the thought that counts, and when we're expected to buy so many items for so many people including many that we don't really care that much about although it's not socially acceptable to admit it.

When people make bad choices for gifts, of course we say, "it's the thought that counts," and often that's all the people getting the gift really get while the corporations get the profits from selling wasteful useless garbage! Perhaps the saying should be "It's the profit for corporations making a killing off wasteful spending that counts!"

We're taught that we're supposed to get all excited over pretty diamond rings, or pearls or other decorations that don't really improve the quality of life but are designed to show our status, and the wealthy rig the economy year round but especially during the holidays when they control epidemic levels of propaganda telling us to BUY BUY BUY all year round but especially during the holidays, with appeals to emotion that we're not supposed to question. As I said in my previous article about Truth being a commodity any effort to question this like Adbusters uncommercials are routinely censored, and more subtly research that might show how excessive consumerism or holiday shopping might contribute to violence isn't even done, or if they have to address the issue at all they come up with massive amounts of propaganda to dismiss the issue.

No doubt this seems like a bah humbug attitude, especially to those that never thought about it before, but Christmas leads to epidemic levels of consumer waste which contributes to poverty that sticks around for the rest of the year; and since that poverty, and fights over money contribute to violence, this epidemic amount of waste actually contributes to violence year round.

Many of these researchers rightfully claim that all types of violence are important and need to be addressed, not just the high profile murders or shootings that reporters focus on or that I've cited here; however, it's difficult if not impossible to know how many of these incidents aren't being reported. Most reports on this estimate that at least half, possibly much more, of these incidents are never reported at all. And murders are the only ones required by the FBI to be reported by local police departments.

In the 2014 study that I did based on 2012 crime rates I noticed that Mississippi was the second highest, when it comes to murder rates, but it was only thirty-fifth when it came to all violent crimes, according to the FBI. All violence is interrelated but they're almost never a perfect correlation, and this was much more than any other state raising doubts about whether they were collecting all the data. There's bound to be some fluctuation in reporting from one state to another, but since this discrepancy was so much larger than other states, it's likely they weren't reporting all the incidents, which adds to other doubts about how many domestic violence incidents are being reported.

Donald Trump's recent speech about how he claims "Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act right now," also adds to the stereotypes and misconceptions about causes of violence, even though he has virtually no credibility. He cited three examples and misrepresented one of them, who was killed by two people omitting the fact that one of them was a US citizen, and there was also Mollie Tibbetts earlier this year and a few other; however it's highly unlikely that there's a large number of additional stories about illegal immigrants committing murder, especially against the middle class or while people with a reasonable amount of political clout, since the right wing routinely makes these stories go viral on the internet to demonize immigrants. In fact most studies indicate that Hispanic immigrants, which are the ones he demonizes the most, are far less violent then the rest of the public, especially in lower income brackets.

In a previous article I pointed out that the cities along the border have much higher Hispanic populations and lower murder rates and another article cited some of those studies that show Hispanic immigrants are less violent than citizens born in the United States, which clearly discredits all the hype Donald Trump, and many other right wing extremists, are constantly repeating.

Furthermore the reason we have so many illegal immigrants being victims of human trafficking is as I pointed out in Scapegoating human trafficker to protect corporations? to fill the demand for cheap labor in many farms, other low wage jobs, often without workers protections, or even working at Trump's resorts which are routinely exposed hiring illegal immigrants. The demand for victims of human trafficking is being provided by people like Trump that are demonizing the immigrants!

One of the leading causes of violence is poverty and lack of economic opportunities, which illegal immigrants are subject to more than most, yet they're less violent, which is actually surprising, since they have plenty of reason to strike out in anger over how they're being abused by an oppressive immigration system designed to make cheap labor available, then when their are complaints put all the blame on the immigrants, who never had any reasonable opportunities, without blaming the wealthy that profit off their cheap labor; which means that it's inevitable that they might incite some violence occasionally, directly or indirectly.

Regretfully, I'm not sure the same could be said for African Americans as pointed out in this article Do black Americans commit more crime? 11/27/2014 which confirms that African Americans are more likely to commit bmurder and reviewing the articles about holiday murders shows a lot of African Americans; however, it also points out that "Some criminologists think we could be simply confusing race for poverty or inequality: black people tend to offend more because they tend to be more disadvantaged, living in poorer urban areas with less access to public services, and so on." The more you look at good research into the contributing causes of violence the clearer it should be that these sociologists are right; so why don't we try to reduce poverty and increase educational and economic opportunities for African Americans?

Like most sociology questions the answer to this isn't easy and those controlling the most powerful institutions will deny it, but, it's virtually guaranteed that public policy is far more concerned with increasing corporate profits that recognizing the causes of social problems and correcting them; and in some cases we can find good research to show how this happens in several subjects, including education.

An article from the Brookings Institution, How charter schools are prolonging segregation 12/11/2017, points out how increasing growth in Charter Schools is focusing mainly on enrolling the poorest people often African Americans. Diane Ravitch has been reporting on how these Charter Schools are part of a massive effort from corporations and economists to control the education system keeping people in their place and that the quality of education is much worse, and in many cases these Charters are accompanied by epidemic levels of fraud to increase profits without providing a good education.

Last year I pointed out in Is Push For Charter Schools Increasing Murder Rates? that the cities and regions with the most Charter Schools also ahve the highest murder rates and that these schools are, if anything making it worse, instead of trying to solve the problem.

Another study, African Americans Own More Life Insurance, Not Less 03/18/2018, claims that, "Life insurance has the potential to mitigate wealth disparities across race," as if Life Insurance is a good thing, without mentioning the fundamentals of pooled risk, or insurance. However, as I pointed out in numerous articles including Insurance Executives Profit By Inciting Murder Occasionally Paying Killers insurance is outright fraud! The average consumer can't possibly get their money's worth, since the administrators have to subtract business expenses from the pool of money available to pay out claims. There are numerous studies saying that property insurance often pays out about ten percent to fraudulent claims, although there are few, except for my own review that explore how often people kill for insurance. If you subtract Ten percent for that fraud, and more for high CEO salaries enormous, amounts of money on lobbying, advertising, and many other business expense, the average policy holder isn't likely to get more than fifty to sixty cents on every dollar that they pay in premiums!

It's a scam!

And we have one white collar scam after another in our economic system increasing poverty while the wealthy profit off it, which leads to higher violence rates.

And one of the biggest contributing causes to violence is early child abuse, including corporal punishment which, in the schools that still allow it, is disproportionately meted out to minorities especially African Americans; teaching them to deal with their problems through violence!

The following are related articles, including a long list of holiday murders organized according to state. This search is far from complete for the months of November and December, even on Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving Days; however in some cases, it's enough to show that some states are above average for those days, and those that are well below on those days probably aren't missing enough incidents to put them above average but those slightly below average, might actually be above average if additional reports are missed. The initial search for Christmas murders or shootings was more thorough than the search for Thanksgiving and New Years. Over the next few weeks or months if I have time I might crunch the numbers a little more or search for more from those holidays, although if the Google search is too long after the incidents they're far more likely to miss many incidents; and this wouldn't be as good as FBI reports which may not be available to the people for easy review.

Murder Rates Nationally and By State at Death Penalty Information Center Includes links to FBI statistics used for their sources.

FBI Crime statistics in the United States for 2016-2017

Why It’s Dangerous To Claim Domestic Violence ‘Spikes’ Over The Holidays 12/13/2016 The persistence of the myth betrays a lack of understanding about how abuse works.

Does Domestic Violence Actually Rise During the Holidays? Actually, the opposite may be true. 01/02/2015

Technical Assistance Guidance to domestic violence and the holidays December 2011 To date, there is no comprehensive national study linking the holidays with an increase in domestic violence. Most of the available information continues to be anecdotal or opinion pieces reflecting the experiences of advocates at a particular shelter program or law enforcement agencies in a given community.

FAQ: Does domestic violence increase during the holidays? 12/17/2014

Intimate Partner Violence: A NIBRS Analysis June 2013 A second obstacle to generalizing findings based on the IIBRS to the total number of crimes occurring in Idaho is the amount of crimes individuals do not report to police. For the crime of domestic violence, Sthor, et al (2000) reported in the publication “Idaho Crime Victimization Survey” that for the year 2000, 83% of incidents of domestic violence went unreported. Part of the reason for the high rate of unreported cases is that emotional abuse was taken into account for this survey, which undoubtedly would never be documented by law enforcement. The victimization study also reported that more than 50% of all violent crimes, child abuse cases, and property crimes went unreported in 2000. Therefore, the extent of the following information does not account for the full range of crime occurring in Idaho, only what is reported by police from 1995 through 2001.

The NVAWS also indicates that approximately 20% of all rapes, 25% of all physical assaults, and 50% of all stalking incidents against women were reported to the police. Male victims of domestic violence were even less likely to report similar types of crime. In Idaho, findings from the first ICVS in 1997 (Crank et al, 1997), conclude that 69% of violent crime and 62% of sexual assaults were not reported to the police. Similarly, in 1999 Stohr et al found that 52% of violent crime and 83% of sexual assaults and rapes were not reported to the police. This trend proves consistent when in 2001 Stohr et al found that, for all crimes not just intimate partner, 48% of violent crime and 60% of sexual assault and rape were not reported to the police.

Ignored evidence linking corporal punishment, poverty and crime grows In 2012 Mississippi ranked second when it came to murder rates, which is the only category that must be reported to the FBI but only thirty fifth when it comes to violent crimes in general which doesn't have mandatory reporting and is up to local police departments whether they report it or not.

Mollie Tibbetts' mother took in the son of Mexican immigrants who worked with murder suspect, Washington Post report says 12/28/2018

21 homicides recorded in NH in 2018 01/01/2019

Full Transcripts: Trump’s Speech on Immigration and the Democratic Response 01/08/2019

Fact Check: Trump invokes California crimes to argue for border wall 01/08/2019 He was referring to the assault and murder of Marilyn Pharis, an Air Force contractor, in Santa Maria, Calif. One of two men convicted of her killing, Victor Martinez, was in the country illegally. The second man was a U.S. citizen, a fact the president failed to mention. .... Researchers, moreover, have found that undocumented immigrants do not present more of a threat for violent crime than American citizens.

Black Friday Death Count

The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time

Trump mentions Georgia killing in border wall speech 01/08/2019

Fla. Police: Suspect dead after driving stolen Camaro through crowd of 200, attempting to run over police 12/26/2018

Clearwater Fla. police kill man during domestic welfare check 12/26/2018

82-year-old father shoots, kills son during argument on Christmas in Plant City Fla. 12/26/2018

Seven arrested on Christmas after large fight breaks out in Winter Haven Fla. 12/26/2018

Sobering Stats for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 10/09/2015

Domestic Violence Spikes During Holidays 11/28/2016 Experts say domestic abuse spikes during the holidays – and or victims of abuse, this can be a terrifying time. However, often times victims do not seek help during the holidays because they don’t want to take the children away from the abuser.

Domestic Violence Doesn't Take a Holiday 12/15/2014

Killed by Police Police are slightly less likely to kill people in December according to these figures; however, the day before Christmas, Christmas, and the day after are often slightly higher; in 2017 there were nine people killed by policethe day after Christmas, one on Christmas, and four the day before.

The Officer Down Memorial Page If you go back ten years police are slightly more likely to be killed in December; however the ratio of people killed by police is still higher with only about ten to one killed killed by police compared to other months when the ratio is higher, although I didn't thoroughly crunch the numbers, and some of the police that died weren't murdered but died in accidents of heart attacks or other job related incidents.

3 Grisly Thanksgiving Family Murders That Will Make You Hug Your Relatives Tighter This Season 11/19/2018 The Guy Family Thanksgiving: Knoxville, Tennessee, 2016; The Mehari-Gebreselassie Family Thanksgiving: Oakland, California, 2006; The Merhige Family Thanksgiving: Jupiter, Florida, 2009

Holiday Horror: The Most Gruesome Thanksgiving Murders Exposed 11/22/2018

Alexander City, Alabama police arrest suspect, Kantrell D’Shaun Moon, in Thanksgiving murder 01/08/2019

Steven Varnado found guilty in 2015 Thanksgiving Montgomery Alabama double killing sentenced to life 01/11/2019

UPDATE: Selma, Alabama Thanksgiving shooting now a murder case, one dead, one injured 11/22/2018

Protesters March After Death of Man Who Wasn't Alabama Mall Shooter 11/24/2018 An officer shot and killed 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr. of Hueytown while responding to the Thursday mall shooting.

One shot, two arrested during Alabama Christmas Eve attempted robbery 12/26/2018

Alabama Family members identify 15-year-old fatal victim of Christmas eve shooting 12/24/2018

Christmas Eve night shooting leaves 1 injured in Birmingham Alabama 12/24/2018 Earlier Monday, a person was found dead at 12th Street S.W., Birmingham police said. Evidence at the scene suggested the victim died by homicide, Sgt. Johnny Williams said.

2 shot in Demopolis Alabama on Christmas night 12/2/2018

27-year-old man killed in Christmas Day shooting in Fairfield Alabama 12/26/2018

Two wounded in Alabama Christmas Day shooting 12/25/2018 News 5's Brianna Hollis says she saw at least 17 shell casings littering the roadway.

Neighbor describes Huntsville Alabama Christmas Eve shooting 12/25/2018

Suspect charged in fatal Christmas Day shooting in Fairfield Alabama 01/02/2019

Arraignment date reset for pair accused in Alabama Christmas Eve murder 12/31/2018

Court record documents violent history of murder suspects Rory Smith, India Nelson in Alabama Christmas Eve shooting 12/26/2018

Kwethluk Alaska Man, Seth Michael, age 21, Allegedly Attempts To Murder Uncle During Thanksgiving Day Hunting Trip 11/26/2018 The nephew pointed his gun at his uncle. The uncle grabbed the gun and unloaded it, but in the fray the nephew managed to take his uncle’s rifle and shoot his uncle three times, hitting him in the ear and arm.

Wasilla Alaska man dead after Christmas Eve shooting 12/25/2018

Homemade fireworks shoot through living room window in Arizona 12/26/2018

Tucson Ariz. man, Lamont Adams, sentenced to life in prison for deadly 2017 Thanksgiving shooting 10/29/2018

Ariz. Man who shot wife lost mother and brother to murder 12/24/2018 A Phoenix man who killed his wife before killing himself over the weekend had a history of domestic violence in his family, including the murder of his mother and brother at the hands of his father two years ago, according to court records and past media reports.

Police ID man shot and killed by Buckeye Ariz. officers on Christmas 12/26/2018

25-Year-Old Man Shot at Little Rock Auto Arkansas Shop Thanksgiving Night 11/23/2018

Man Wanted in Christmas Eve Bank Robbery in Sherwood Arkansas 12/24/2018

Police investigate shooting in Newport Arkansas; one person being held 12/25/2018 A man was being held in the Jackson County Detention Center, awaiting charges after he reportedly shot his wife on Christmas Eve, according to Newport police.

Christmas morning shooting in Hamburg Arkansas kills Crossett man 12/26/2018 Police: Arkansas man fatally shot in car, which then crashed into family's home

One man dead, another, Anthony Brown, 49, facing first degree murder for Arkansas New Year's Eve incident 01/03/2019

Markus Gentry, 29, charged with murder after deadly New Year's Day shooting in Jonesboro Arkansas 01/02/2019

One man dead, another, Anthony Brown, 49, facing first degree murder for Parkdale Arkansas New Year's Eve incident 01/03/2019 poured gasoline on Jesse Burton, 47,

San Jose Ca.: Two charged in Thanksgiving killing of man found in ravine months later 07/31/2018 Eugene Frazier and Renee Wilson, both of San Jose, have been connected to the homicide of Billy Ray Scott, who disappeared Thanksgiving 2017

San Diego Ca. PD Announces Arrest of Brian Hancock, 47, from National City Ca. in 2017 Thanksgiving Missing Person Case last seen on Dog Beach SD presumed dead 06/12/2018
Sex, ties and video land National City man in court for homicide 11/01/2018 Body was never found; woman testified to confession.

Father, Patrick Smith, 41, Dies on Thanksgiving Day After Getting Shot 8 Times While Checking on Elderly Neighbor in Barstow, California on Nov. 14 11/23/2018

Family Of Murdered El Dorado County Ca. Woman on Dec. 18 Look For Answers In Recovered Car 01/16/2019

Reseda, Los Angeles Ca. Man, Ricardo Sauz, 35, Accused of Fatally Beating His Girlfriend on Thanksgiving Charged With Murder 11/27/2018

18-Year-Old Son, Maximilian Gregory Ludwig, Charged With Murder of Father in Laguna Niguel Ca. on the day after Thanksgiving 11/27/2018

Indio Ca. man pleads guilty in 2016 Christmas homicide case 10/04/2018

Indian-Origin Cop, Working Overtime On Christmas, Shot Dead In California 12/27/2018

Holiday homicides: Suspects in family killings charged with murder; One man, Matthew Salewske, 39, accused of killing mother with baseball bat; other, Marco, Lobato 39, suspected of fatally stabbing wife separate incidents in San Jose, Ca. 12/29/2016

Woman Shot In Face During Christmas Day Street Robbery In Inglewood Ca. 12/26/2018

Woman wounded in Christmas Eve shooting in Suisun City Ca. 12/2/2018

1 killed, 1 injured in Moreno Valley Ca. shooting on Christmas Eve 12/2/2018

Ca. Grandmother, 70, shot in face Christmas Day 12/2/2018

2 arrested and charged in fatal Moreno Valley Ca. shooting on Christmas Eve 12/31/2018

Violent crime claims 3 homicide victims over Christmas weekend in San Francisco Ca. 12/26/2018 Three people were killed over the Christmas weekend in San Francisco in unrelated violent crimes. victims Luis Velasquez-Mejia, 26, Jovan Reed, 32, Christine Moyer, 72,

Christmas Eve shooting in Vacaville Ca. leaves 17-year-old dead 12/24/2018 Daignet Montoya, 39, charged

Michael Jacobs, 27, Suspect in Ca. Christmas Day stabbing now charged with murder in Christmas Eve attack 12/28/2018 Second victim injured.

San Francisco Ca. PD arrests murder suspect, Thomas Ortiz, 22, in New Year’s Day 2017 shooting 07/16/2018

New Year’s Murder in Downtown Santa Barbara Ca. One Dead, One Injured Following Shooting at De la Vina and Victoria Streets 01/01/2018 In a separate incident on Sunday night, a woman known by the police to be a transient was stabbed multiple times at Leadbetter Beach.
3 Plead Not Guilty in New Year’s Day Homicide in Santa Barbara Ca. 02/20/2018 Brian Charles Ruiz, 30, and Joel Angel Campos, 26, have been charged in the murder of Jesus Reyes, 24, and attempted murder of Tomas Arzate, 19, on Jan. 1.

Martin Valadez, 40, now charged with murder for Bakersfield, Ca., New Year's Day shooting; Adam Arellano, 28 at large 01/05/2019
BPD: Warrant out for New Year's Day homicide suspect, Adam Arellano 01/03/2019

Hanford Ca. Police used photos from New Year's Eve party to track down murder suspects, John Reyna, 41 and Joe Trejo, 36 01/07/2019

'Total fashionista': Niece remembers La Quinta Ca. woman found dead in apparent murder-suicide 01/10/2019 Ada Heintz, 44, Herman Heintz, 59, died New Years Eve

Desert Hot Springs Ca. man arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with December 11 shooting 01/10/2019

New Year’s night Santa Rosa Ca. stabbing injures one 01/02/2019 James Paskali, 57, charged attempted murder

A Colorado mother, Kelsey Berreth, vanished on Thanksgiving. Now her fiance, Patrick Frazee, is facing murder charges. 12/21/2018

2017 Thanksgiving Day Stabbing: Denver Colorado Former Marine Goes To Court Chris Fernandez, 53, of Denver is accused of 1st-degree murder in the death of his houseguest, and fellow former Marine, Logan Kelly, 24. 06/29/2018

Fort Collins Colorado Thanksgiving crash suspect, Marcos Orozco, 19, charged with murder The crash killed two after the suspect allegedly stole firearms from a pawn shop 11/29/2018

Aurora Colorado police charge Colin McKinnon, 32, with attempted murder for Thanksgiving shooting at Weatherstone Apartments 11/28/2018

Patrick Frazee, 32, Fiancé of Colorado mother missing since Thanksgiving charged with her murder 01/01/2019

Formal charges filed against woman, Saphire Nicks, 22, accused in Colorado Springs December 9th murder 01/10/2019 Savino Benjamin Anceno, 20, also charged in Dec. 9 murder

Violent Christmas weekend in Denver culminates in deadly Montbello Colorado shooting 12/23/2018 A string of violent incidents have left 4 dead

3 people shot at the Colorado Springs Citadel Mall; suspect at large 12/18/2018

Rifle, Colorado man, Jacob Vandiver, 21, charged with attempted murder in Christmas Eve fight 12/27/2018

Police: Juvenile arrested in Conn. Christmas Day triple shooting 12/26/2018 Bridgeport police have arrested a juvenile in connection with a Christmas Day shooting that injured three, and say the suspect is the brother of another juvenile arrested in connection with a shooting this month that left a 12-year-old boy dead.

Teen, Tajay Chambers, 18, arrested in Bridgeport Connecticut drive-by shooting that killed 12-year-old boy 12/24/2018 Alexander Bolanos, 16, also charged along with 12 yr. old & 14 yr. old

Delaware 4-year-old girl standing near Christmas Tree shot after fight at Milford apartment complex 12/24/2018

Javaghn D. Waples, Delaware Man shot girlfriend after wrapping Christmas presents, fighting all night: Court documents 12/26/2018

Logan Mott, 16 accused of killing grandmother last Thanksgiving set for trial Kristina French found buried in Neptune Beach Fla. backyard Nov. 24, 2017 11/19/2018

Keys Fla. man, Steven Matthew Wolf, 58, charged with killing a woman the day before Thanksgiving whose body was found in woods 12/14/2018

Polk County Fla. man, Steven Hunt, 38, arrested for murder on Thanksgiving Day 11/23/2018

Winter Haven man, Steven Nicholas Hunt, 38, indicted for Bartow, Fla. Thanksgiving Day murder 12/13/2018

Luis Rosas Nunez and Amanda Ramsey arrested after Thanksgiving stabbing in Rockledge Fla. 11/27/2018 charged with attempted first-degree murder

Man arrested in connection with fatal shooting in Miami Gardens Fla. Sunday before Christmas 12/23/2018

He was shot and killed at a Fla. Christmas party. But where did the bullet come from? 12/18/2018

Deputies: Man hit by stray bullet in Christmas morning shooting in west Orlando Fla. 12/26/2018

Jacksonville Fla. officer injured following Christmas Day shooting, police chase 12/25/2018

One injured in Christmas Day shooting at apartment complex, Orlando Fla. police say 12/25/2018

Fla. Deputies: Jonathan Velasquez charged with murder after fatally shooting Poinciana man on Christmas Day 12/27/2018

Plant City Fla. father, Guy Vickery, arrested in fatal shooting of son on Christmas, had shot him once before 12/26/2018

Christmas Day shooting at Broward Fla. gas station leaves one person dead, cops say 12/25/2018

Orange Park Fla. man, 41, dies after Christmas Eve shooting 12/26/2018

1 injured, several homes struck in overnight Orlando Fla. Christmas shooting, deputies say 12/26/2018

Arrest made in Christmas Day shooting in Lehigh Acres 12/2/2018 Investigators have arrested a Lehigh Acres Fla. teenager they say shot his uncle following a domestic argument on Christmas.

Palm Beach County Fla. Sheriff’s Office mourns loss of K-9 shot on Christmas Eve 12/26/2018

Suspected Fla. shooter in Christmas Day murder arrested on New Year’s Day 01/02/2019

Kids identified Fla. Christmas Day shooter, police said 01/01/2019 Kahlil Isiah White, 29, was charged with attempted murder, records show.

Bounty hunters side with Fla. deputies arresting murder suspects on Christmas Eve 12/26/2018 Shooting at mall during arrest but murder was before Christmas season

Christopher Cochran from Alabama kills father of girlfriend's children during Christmas day custody swap, at Hamilton, Fla., police station, police say 12/27/2018

Arrest Made, Jeffrey Sapp, In Christmas Day Killing At Fort Lauderdale Fla. Gas Station 01/02/2019

Evidence leads to 2nd arrest in 2012 Fla. Christmas Eve murder 07/24/2018

Florida Man Allegedly Fooled Family Into Believing Murdered Wife Was Still Alive Shelby Svensen, 25, confessed to killing his wife last year, last heard from on Christmas — but only after he was arrested for murdering her parents and brother in December, found on New Year's Day 01/10/2019 Ivancic’s parents and brother were found dead in their Tarpon Springs, Florida home on New Years’ Day, and Svenson, 25, was arrested in Ohio two days later, driving his murdered mother-in-law Laura Ivancic’s stolen SUV.

Mother sues Largo Fla. Walmart where her son worked before he was murdered on New Years Eve 2016 by a coworker, Jared Compton, 19 01/16/2019

Mims Fla. man, Richard Blankenship charged with murder after New Year's Day fantasy football fight 04/13/2018

McKinsey Britton found guilty in New Year's Day murders of his mother and her boyfriend North Topsail Beach Fla. 08/28/2018

Gunman, Joseph Ervin Brown, 26, sought after New Year's Eve murder in Tampa Fla. 01/02/2019

Miami Beach felon, Christopher James Bryant, 22, charged with Little Havana, Fla. New Year’s Eve murder of social worker 01/03/2019

Melbourne Fla. man, William Brian Stillwell, 39, charged with three counts of attempted murder in New Year's Day shooting 01/02/2019

Records sealed in Fort Pierce, Fla. New Year's Day fatal shooting of 18-year-old Jamal Booker 01/10/2019 Amir Tafari Muhammad, 27, of Wellington, and Megan Nichole Craig, 23, arrested

For months, he said his wife was too busy to answer the phone. A Fla. massacre revealed the truth. 01/09/2019 Shelby Svensen, 25, charged with at least 4 murders plus 2 dogs, crime committed earlier but discovered on New Years.
Tarpon Springs murder victims identified; suspect's wife still missing 01/02/2019

Thomas J. Evans, 35, arrested in Ga. for murder of 78-year-old Naples Fla. woman 01/04/2019

DeKalb Ga. Thanksgiving Eve Murder Suspects, Monty Marquies Nelson, 24, Richard S. Pierre-Hayes, 35, Arrested 11/27/2018

Murder trial starts for teen, Re’Deyon Hughes charged in 2017 south Forsyth Ga. Thanksgiving shooting 01/08/2018

Police: Man, 28, dead after Christmas Day Cordele Ga. shooting 12/26/2018

2 injured in Christmas Day shooting in Moultrie Ga. 12/26/2018

MURDER MYSTERY: Woman found dead in latest DeKalb County Ga. homicide 01/03/2019

Dontavious Morgan wanted in connection to LaGrange Ga. murder days before Christmas 12/30/2018

Worth Co. Ga. Christmas Eve Murder Investigation Underway 12/26/2018

2 killed, 1 in critical condition in Ga. Christmas Eve crash 12/25/2018

Columbus Ga. police arrest suspect in New Year’s homicide on Farr Road 01/0/2019 Alfonzo Walker Sr. , 51, was pronounced dead of a gunshot, Antonio Alphonzo Evans, 34, his son charged

Man, Gerald Loch, 46, woman, Ranie Overman, 42, killed in murder-suicide at downtown Decatur Ga. hotel early morning day after New Year’s Day 01/02/2019

Missing Ga. couple presumed to be victims of murder-suicide New Year’s Day 01/08/2019 CRAWFORDVILLE, Ga. - The bodies of two people found inside a pickup truck set afire sometime Tuesday, Jan. 1, are presumed to be the bodies of a Greene County couple reported missing earlier last week, local and state authorities say. Although a positive identification has not yet been established local and state authorities believe the bodies are those of Steven and Melissa Meeks Rhodes, who lived in a double-wide mobile home on Bethany Church Road, about a mile from the Greene-Taliaferro county line.

Veronica Hanawahine, 36, accused in Hawaii Christmas Day stabbing appears in court 12/26/2018

Hawaii Man, Dae Han Moon, 22, Challenges murder Conviction in 2016 Christmas Day Shooting 10/30/2018 outside a Honolulu shopping center

Christmas Marred By Several Tragic Deaths In Idaho 12/26/2018 accidents not murders

Roberts gets life term for the Idaho brutal killing on Christmas Day in 2003 03/10/2010

Final suspect in Caldwell Idaho 2014 Christmas Eve murder is now in custody 05/12/2015

Seven arrested in Christmas stabbing death 12/26/2011

Friends gather in emotional vigil to remember Alton murder victim, Angel Syddall, 31, killed day before Thanksgiving in Wood River, Illinois 11/22/2018 shot during a domestic dispute

One dead in Chicago Ill. Thanksgiving Day shooting 11/22/2018

Little Village, Chicago Ill. man killed near home on Christmas Day 12/26/2018

Peoria Ill. Police identify suspect involved in Christmas Eve shooting, considered armed, dangerous 12/2/2018

Robert Wallace, 25, Chicago Ill. Man stabs mother in alley, leaves body in garbage can Christmas Eve, police say 12/2/2018

Monmouth man faces murder charges in Ill. Christmas Eve shooting 12/24/2017

Double Murder On The Hill Unsolved, 1 Year Later The two teens were killed in Joliet Ill. shortly before midnight last New Year's Eve 2017. 12/31/2018

Billie Jo L. Soyster, arrested in Decatur Ill. New Year's Day murder of boyfriend 01/01/2019

Second arrest, Rashagun M. Hale, 35, made in Kankakee Ill. New Year's Day homicide 01/10/2019 Warren Thomas Jr., previously arrested in accidental homicide

Man accused of 2017 Christmas Day murder in Decatur pleads not guilty 09/05/2018

UPDATE: Another suspect in Christmas morning murder arrested, found in Illinois 12/28/2018

4 dead, 19 wounded in Thanksgiving weekend shootings 11/26/2018

7 Dead, 36 Wounded In Thanksgiving Weekend Shootings Across Chicago 11/27/2017

Antonio Sanchez, 18, receives 20 years in prison for 2018 New Year’s murder of LaHarpe Ill. woman 09/12/2018

How a tip, an internet blog and curiosity shed light on a 34-year-old disappearance 09/07/2018 Loved ones in Indianapolis Ind. last saw Tina Marie McKenney Farmer on Thanksgiving Day in 1984.

Indianapolis Ind. family in mourning on Thanksgiving after 24-year-old father-to-be is shot to death 11/23/2017 Killed just before midnight Thanksgiving Eve. The death keeps the city on pace to break the record for the most murders in a single year. Earlier in the day on Wednesday, a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed on Indy’s east side.

Accused gunman, Kameron J. Joyner, 22, now charged with murder in three Fort Wayne, Ind., Thanksgiving killings, two more injured 11/27/2018

Cass Street Fort Wayne, Ind. Mon. Nov. 26 death ruled homicide 01/17/2019 Cordell Patterson, 22, charged

Jamea D. Parker, 28, fatally shot on Thanksgiving in Kokomo Ind. 11/25/2018

3 dead, 2 hurt in Thanksgiving day shooting in Indiana 11/23/2018
Kameron Joyner, 22, arrested, Gerald Pinkston, 22 sought in Fort Wayne Ind. Thanksgiving night fatal attack 11/24/2018

Indianapolis Ind. Metro police investigate 10 shootings in 48 hours 12/21/2018

Indianapolis Ind. Police: I-465 shooting involved 2 shooters in separate cars 12/26/2018

One injured in I-65 Indianapolis Ind. Christmas Eve shooting 12/25/2018

Indianapolis Ind. soldier flies to Thailand day after wife found murdered in dumpster 01/03/2019

Steven Roe, 32, arrested for murder in deadly Indianapolis, Ind. New Year's Eve shooting on southwest side 01/02/2019 That shooting broke Indianapolis’ murder record for 2018.

Laura Crowley, 59, was shot and killed by Danny Kilgore Jr., 59, found dead on New Year's Day in murder-suicide at Martinsville Ind. home 01/02/2019

Kyley Vincent, 18 arrested in connection to New Year’s Day, 01/01/2018 murder in Evansville, Ind. 12/03/2018
Trial date set for one, Mykel Blair, 18, of four charged in Evansville, Ind., New Year's Day murder 10/29/2018

Judge finds Gary, Ind. man, James M. Jackson-Burnett, 27, competent for trial in 2018 New Year's Day murder 09/13/2018

Victim identified after someone shot into a home in Shelbyville Ky. Sunday 12/24/2018

Lexington Ky. Police Investigate Christmas Day Shooting 12/25/2018

Ky. Police: Christmas Day murder plan foiled 01/03/2019

Victims of Ky. Christmas Eve murder-suicide identified 12/27/2018 Billy Suttles, 54, Rebecca Lancaster, 49,

Portland family searching for answers in Ky. Christmas Day 2012 unsolved murder 12/24/2018

Ky. Troopers: Billy Suttles dies in hospital after shooting girlfriend, then himself on Christmas Eve 12/27/2018

Louisville Ky. detective killed in Christmas Eve crash; driver, Roger Burdette, 60, charged with murder, DUI 12/24/2018

Man charged for Kansas 2017 Christmas shooting 12/20/2018

Man, 19, gets 18 years in Thanksgiving 2 2009 homicides 01/15/2011

Wichita, Kansas, Death on Thanksgiving not being investigated as homicide 11/27/2018

Junction City Kansas woman dead after Christmas shooting 12/26/2018
Two men charged in alleged murder-for-hire Christmas killing of pregnant Kansas mom 01/07/2019

4th Kansas suspect guilty in 2015 New Year’s Day double-murder 12/14/2018 Jamion Wimbley, 22 of Wichita,

Three dead after 'quadruple shooting' on Gus Young Avenue in Baton Rouge La.: 'They're casualties of war' 11/15/2018 Three people were killed and another injured in a quadruple shooting late Wednesday on Gus Young Avenue in Baton Rouge — a shocking display of violence that added to the larger spike in homicides starting the beginning of this month. With the three killings from Wednesday's shooting, the number of homicides this year in East Baton Rouge Parish have surpassed the pace of killings from 2015 — the second most murderous year in the last six, according to records maintained by The Advocate. The homicide count this year still remains below 2017's record-shattering year of violence, when 106 homicides were recorded, but the last two weeks have left a concerning trend.

Terrance Jackson shot Thanksgiving Day 2016 in New Orleans La. later died, authorities say 11/28/2016

Man shot to death in Central City, New Orleans La. Thanksgiving night: NOPD 11/25/2018 Police did not provide any additional details about the man's death, one of four shootings reported by NOPD on Thanksgiving.

'This is not the New Orleans way,' La. mayor says of deadly shootout Sunday after Thanksgiving 11/27/2018 The deceased was identified as 25-year-old Demontris Toliver of Lafayette, Louisiana

13-Year-Old Killed in La. Thanksgiving Hit-and-Run 01/10/2019 A Lafayette man has been arrested after a 13-year-old boy was struck and killed as he walked along a road early Thanksgiving morning.

Ike Hamilton, 36, Zachary La. man accused of killing ex-girlfriend, 3 others, Sunday after Thanksgiving, had history of abuse, victim's family says 11/27/2018

Jerome Anderson Gray, 38, wanted in Thanksgiving Day fatal shooting in Plaquemine arrested in Baton Rouge La. Wednesday 12/04/2018

Update: Victim ID'd in deadly Shreveport La. Thanksgiving shooting 11/24/2017 David Spruill, 29, charged

18-year-old shot and killed Wednesday before Thanksgiving in Shreveport La. 12/22/2018 18-year-old Xavier Thomas, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police nab suspect, Terrance Mandigo, 36, in Shreveport La. Thanksgiving night shooting 11/26/2018

'Armed and dangerous' suspect, Jerome Ricks, 33, in fatal Amite La. bar shooting, late Sunday or early Monday, surrenders on Christmas Day 12/26/2018

Man shot and killed holding baby in Shreveport La. on Christmas Eve ID'd 12/26/2018

Man accused in Christmas Eve mall shooting in Lafayette La. arrested 12/26/2018

Prayer service promotes peace following quadruple Lutcher La. Christmas Eve shooting killing two 12/26/2018
Arkansas Baptist player, Thaddeus Watis, among victims in Lutcher, Louisiana Christmas Eve shooting 12/26/2018

Man killed in Algiers La. shooting Christmas night, NOPD reports 12/26/2018 A man was killed and a woman was wounded in a shooting Tuesday night (Dec. 25) in Algiers, according to New Orleans police.

RPSO investigating Christmas Eve shooting near Cheneyville La. 12/26/2018

Baton Rouge La. Family mourns after man walks out of mom's house on Christmas morning and is shot dead 12/26/2018

Baton Rouge La. PD investigates early Christmas morning deadly shooting; victim identified 12/25/2018

Baton Rouge La. man, Tyree Jackson, 25, dies on New Years' Eve after Dec. 26 shooting; no suspect, motive yet 01/0/2019

Alexandria La. Police: 'Definite links' between 2 fatal Christmas Day shootings 12/2/2018 Corey Reed, 58, Tamyra Lea Tison (nee Allen), 33, murder suicide

4th arrest made in Bastrop La. Christmas Day murder 12/31/2018
3 arrested in Bastrop La. Christmas Day murder 12/28/2018

Three arrested, fourth sought in kidnapping, attempted murder in Acadiana Park La. 01/02/2019 Gabriella Duhon, 18, Hailey Altman, 20, Alex Arceneaux, 23, and Ethan Guidry, 17

In New Orleans, La. a 47-year low in killings -- and that's no accident, police chief says 12/31/2018 Despite a bloody Christmas holiday

New Orleans Murder Map 2018

Man shot during Desire neighborhood in New Orleans La. area robbery late New Year’s Eve: NOPD 01/01/2019

Fatal stabbing, shooting mar New Year's weekend in Baton Rouge La.: 'The devil is not going to steal all our joy' 01/01/2018 Trenity "Trent" Grimes first person killed in New Year.
Man arrested in fatal New Year's Day shooting 01/01/2019 Thornton Lovely, 27 suspect arrested in Trenity Grimes, 29, shooting

Baton Rouge La. woman said man 'walked up' on her before fatal stabbing on New Year's Eve 01/01/2019 Katrice Michelle Belezaire, 34, charged

One final death on New Year's Eve, but homicides down in Baton Rouge La. after 2017's record high 12/31/2018 Tyree Jackson died five days after being shot day after Christmas

Gonzales La. Police: Argument ends in deadly New Year’s Day shooting; suspect arrested 01/01/2019 Jose Artunez, 19, dead; Adrian Liborio, 21, arrested

UPDATE: Suspect, Anthony Richard, in Monroe La. New Years Eve fatal shooting caught 01/06/2016

Body found dumped in Iberville Parish sugarcane field not far from I-10; victim ID released 01/01/2019 Unidentified body but fresh tracks implying recent death of gunshot wounds
Man found shot dead New Year's Day in Louisiana sugarcane field identified, Travis Smart, 28 01/02/2019

Suspect, Michael Meade, quickly turns himself in following Watson, La., New Year’s Eve shooting 01/01/2019 Charges upgraded for suspect after victim from New Year’s Eve shooting in Watson dies

Police: William Dunn, 21, and Henry Warner, 17, accused of shooting almost 200 bullets into the air in Kenner, La. on New Year’s Eve 01/01/2019

Man killed at Northwest Baltimore Md. gas station in Christmas Day shooting, police say 12/25/2018

Six shot in Baltimore Md. on Christmas Eve 12/25/2018 Six people were injured in shootings throughout Baltimore on Christmas Eve, confirmed city police on Tuesday.

Final homicide of 2018 recorded Glen Burnie, Md. New Year's Eve, ending a violent year for Anne Arundel County 01/04/2019 Jon Edward Price Jr., of Glen Burnie, was shot on Sunday but died New Year's Eve. Anne Arundel County recorded 23 homicides, far more than the 14 reported to the county in 2017. Annapolis recorded one. The year included the first mass shooting in county history in June and a murder-suicide involving an FBI agent in March.

17-year-old killed in Baltimore Md. on New Year's Eve brings city's 2018 homicide count to 309 01/01/2019 Meanwhile, the new year got off to a bloody start amid a spate of non-fatal shootings that left seven people injured in the waning hours of 2018 and the early moments of 2019.

Essex man, Jordan Moody, 30, arrested in 2016 New Year's Eve Baltimore Md. murder case 12/04/2018

Boston Mass. Police Officer Shot Wife Christmas Eve, Lied About It: PD 12/26/2018

1 person dead, 2 injured in Dorchester Mass. shooting 12/27/2018

New Year’s party ends in Boston’s first murder of 2019 Police said man shot to death on Johnston Road in Dorchester Mass. 01/01/2019 no suspects Boston had 56 murders in 2018, 57 in 2017

New Bedford Mass. Men, Angel Acevedo, 26, and Aaron Bookman, 25, Found Guilty in New Year's Eve 2015 Killing 06/07/2018

Jose Urena, 49, Lawrence Mass. man arraigned in shooting death of wife's boyfriend 12/31/207 New Year's Eve 01/18/2018

David Marble, 32, Receives Life Term for 2015 Christmas Double Killing in Maine 11/09/2018

Maine State Police spend Wednesday investigating scene of couple’s death found on New Years Day 01/02/2019

Peru (town in Maine) man, Mark Penley, 49, arrested in connection with Me. New Year’s Day murders 01/03/2019

Question remains 20 years after 1998 Mich. Thanksgiving family massacre: Why? 11/19/2018 Seth Privacky killed five family members later, in 2010, shot in escape attempt

Trial begins for Rodrick D. Williams, 18 charged with murder in 2016 Tuesday before Thanksgiving killing in Bay City Mich. 05/11/2018

Hudson Mich. man, Trysten Manuel Valdez, 21, enters pleas in 2017 Thanksgiving stabbing of sister 08/02/2018

'Unruly, combative' Nov. 4 Saginaw County Mich. murder suspect, Morgan D. Notestine, 43, to undergo psychiatric evaluation 11/21/2018

15-year-old Saginaw Mich. boy charged with murder in Nasir Owens' Dec. 15 shooting death 11/0/2018

Ex-husband, Dennis Rich, 63, charged with Auburn Mich. woman's murder Dec. 7th 12/10/2018

Kawkawlin Township, Mich. Dec. 14th murder suspect, Tyler Bothe, 25, appears in court 12/17/2017

Kalamazoo Mich. Man Hurt After Shooting Christmas Eve Morning 12/24/2018

Two men in critical condition after shooting in Inkster Mich. on Christmas 12/26/2018

Christmas Eve shooting in Grand Rapids Mich. leaves 1 injured 12/24/2018

5 shootings reported in Detroit Mich. before Christmas 12/24/2018

Police: Christmas Eve shootings in Washington Township Mich. were attempted murder and suicide 12/27/2018

Father of Mich. 2014 Christmas Day murder victim speaks out 4 years after unsolved crime 12/24/2018

Lorenzo Jackson, 23, charged with murder in double-fatal crash on Mich. Christmas Eve 12/28/2018

Police investigating Christmas morning murder-suicide in Saginaw County Mich. 12/28/2018

Devontae Jackson, headed to trial for Detroit Mich. 2018 New Year's Day murder 06/04/2018

Drequan Scott, 18, officially charged with murder in New Year’s killing in Battle Creek, Mich. 01/04/2019

Michigan State Police respond to possible double shooting in Inkster Christmas night 12/25/2018

Little Falls, Minnesota man convicted of murder in 2012 burglary fights for appeal 08/06/2018 Smith shot and killed teenage cousins Nick Brady and Haile Kifer when they broke into his home over Thanksgiving weekend six years ago.

Minneapolis Minn. woman, Anenia Marie Hare, 47, charged with killing Thanksgiving guest for smoking crack 11/27/2018

1 dead, 1 injured in Christmas shooting in Hibbing Minn. 12/26/2018 Jerome Dionte Spann, 29, charged
Murder charge for Jerome Spann in Hibbing Minn. Christmas Day shooting 12/31/2018

2 brothers reportedly died in murder-suicide at New Year’s gathering in White Bear Township Minn. 01/02/2019 Larry Klimek, 54, who was slain, suspect Lee Klimek, 56,

Tupelo Mississippi Police investigate Thanksgiving shooting 11/22/2018

Mississippi man shot and killed Dec. 9 day before his son was born 12/13/2018

Third man charged in shooting of Mississippi sheriff's son Dec. 21 12/27/2018

Jackson Mississippi police investigate Christmas Eve homicide 12/24/2018

Mississippi Woman missing since Christmas Eve found dead 12/26/2018

Mississippi Police Arrest Christmas Eve Shooting Suspect 12/26/2018

Family: Mid-South man saw demons before shooting, killing woman during Mississippi Christmas Day party 01/03/2019

Man charged with attempted murder in Mississippi Christmas Day shooting 01/02/2019

Community Remembers Grandmother Killed on Thanksgiving 11/30/2011

Kansas City Missouri Detectives still seeking new info in murder of Arthur L. Mourning Jr., 49, the day before Thanksgiving 2016 07/02/2018

2 more charged in 2017 Thanksgiving Day murder of St. Louis Missouri man, kidnapping of his girlfriend 08/06/2018 Durrell Allen Anderson, 33, and Maurice Whitt, 36, KhamKhay Samatmanivong, 51, all charged

One dead and one injured after shooting Thanksgiving night St. Joseph, Missouri 12/24/2018

Kansas City Missouri police identify man killed in Christmas Eve shooting 12/2/2018

Kansas City Missouri Dec. 6 shooting victim spending Christmas in hospital surrounded by family 12/24/2018

Shooting near 40th & Olive Kansas City Missouri on Christmas Eve leaves one man dead 12/25/2018

Police investigating Christmas Day shooting in North City Missouri 12/25/2018

6 people killed in St. Louis Missouri shootings this Christmas weekend 12/23/2018

Police investigate New Year’s Eve homicide in Pagedale Missouri 01/01/2019

Grand Island Nebraska PD investigating Christmas shooting 12/26/2018

‘Pure Evil’: Nebraska Man, John Dalton Jr., 46, Storms House and Murders Parents, Niece the Day After Christmas 12/11/2018 also fatally shot his wife 20 years ago

Lincoln Nebraska New Year’s Eve Murder Suspect, Neland Tevionn Gray Jr., Held Without Bond 01/02/2019 Lincoln's 4th homicide of 2018
Court documents provide new details on Lincoln Nebraska deadly stabbing 01/02/2019

Luke Lefever, 30, Shot by Deputy in Elba, Nebraska, New Year's Eve Shootout Charged 01/08/2019

North Las Vegas Nevada family remembers 17-year-old shot, killed day before Thanksgiving 11/23/2018 Seneca Carey, 21, charged

Shooting at Las Vegas Nevada Christmas party injures 4 people, no arrests made 12/22/2018

North Las Vegas Nevada police seek Christmas Eve shooting suspect 12/25/2018 North Las Vegas police have made no arrests in the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old on Christmas Eve.

New Hampshire Man Murdered Early Thanksgiving Day, Investigators Say 11/23/2018

Bryson Peluso, 27, pleads not guilty in Thanksgiving Day murder in Amherst NH 01/16/2019

NH Police Investigate Murder in Amherst, Fatal Crash on Interstate 93 near Lake Winnipesaukee Over Thanksgiving 12/26/2018

Good Samaritan shot in Salem NH Saturday the 22nd. after checking on man lying in road 12/25/2018

21 homicides recorded in NH in 2018 01/01/2019

A N.J. family of four is found dead two days before Thanksgiving, a mansion is burned — and a sibling, Paul Caneiro, is charged with murder 11/29/2018

2017 Thanksgiving Eve murder: Three men indicted in Asbury NJ shooting 11/14/2018 An indictment handed up by the grand jury charges Vernon Sanders, 34, of Brick, and Steven J. Taylor, 36, and Avery Hopes, 23, both of Asbury Park, with the Nov. 22, 2017 murder of Denzel Morgan-Hicks,

Newark NJ Shooting Claims 29-Year-Old Man's Life On Christmas Eve 12/26/2018

North Brunswick man injured in Christmas Day shooting in Franklin NJ 12/26/2018

Still No Arrests in 2013 NJ Christmas Murder 12/23/2018

Christmas Day murder in Plainfield NJ 5 years ago still unsolved 12/24/2018

Woman slain in NJ New Year’s Eve quadruple murder gets final ovation 01/06/2019 Scott Kologi, 16, killed parents, sister 1 other

Two teenagers arrested after Passaic NJ New Year's Day shooting 01/04/2019 Luis A. Ledesma, 18, of Passaic, and a 15-year-old juvenile

Clovis NM Man in Hospital After Christmas Morning Shooting 12/25/2018

Albuquerque NM PD investigates fatal officer-involved shooting on Christmas Eve 12/24/2018

New York City Murder Rate Goes Flat Over Christmas With None Reported in Five Days 12/27/2018

Coroner calls Beekmantown NY Thanksgiving death of Ginger C. Clark ‘homicide’ 11/28/2018 He said she hadn’t been shot, adding: “The public doesn’t need to hear the details of how she died.” Grandson Gustavo C. Segundo-Clark person of interest
Police: Grandson denied knowing 'a Ginger Clark' 01/16/2019 PLATTSBURGH NY — Gustavo Segundo-Clark told state troopers that Ginger Clark "rolled herself up in the carpet" after a "physical altercation" he had with her, according to court documents. on or about Nov. 20 two days before Thanksgiving

NY Accidental shooting victim hospitalized over Christmas 12/26/2018

Trio charged after Christmas day shooting in Jamestown NY 12/27/2018

Man Wounded In Christmas Night Shooting At Upstate NY Home 12/26/2018

Far Rockaway Man Stabbed To Death In Last Reported Murder of 2018 01/03/2019 Devonte Brandon, 21, found stabbed to death Queens NY

2 Dead In Possible New Year’s Day Murder-Suicide In Washington Heights, NY Police Report 01/0/2019 While the NYPD is claiming that 2018 was one of the safest years in city history, New Year’s Day has been marked by spate of violent crimes.

Deadly Shooting In Brooklyn NY City’s First Homicide Of 2019 New Year’s Day 01/01/2019 Two homicides were reported Monday, New Year’s Eve in Manhattan and Queens.

Young girl’s ‘confession’ allegedly written by her own father Failed stockbroker Rod Covlin stands accused of the unthinkable — killing his wife, on on New Year’s Eve 2009, in NY then trying to pin the crime on his own young daughter. 01/10/2019

North Carolina Man, Jorge Luis Valencia-Lamadrid, Shoots Son on Thanksgiving After Fight Over Kneeling NFL Players: Police 11/28/2018

19-year-old, Jeremy Austin Smith, charged in Gastonia NC Thanksgiving Day killing 11/28/2018 2nd victim injured
Gastonia NC Police ID Thanksgiving homicide victim, Terrence Shatiq Terrell, 30, 11/26/2018

2 NC Teenagers shot, killed the morning after Christmas was murder-suicide, police say 12/28/2018 Carter M. Wilson, 19, Ethan C. Mitchell, 18,

Rockingham Co. NC Sheriff Still Investigating Deadly Shooting From Christmas Eve 2016 12/24/2018

South Charlotte NC Christmas Eve Shooting Leaves One Injured 12/25/2018

Fayetteville NC Christmas Day shooting injures man 12/25/2018

Death investigation underway in Pitt County NC after person found shot on Christmas Eve 12/25/2018

Wake Forest NC police investigate Christmas Eve shooting of George Chance 12/24/2018

Two Teens Dead in Christmas Night Shooting in High Point NC 12/2/2018

3 shot during Christmas Eve home invasion in Wayne County NC 12/25/2018

Greensboro NC man facing attempted murder charges in quadruple stabbing 01/03/2019 A Greensboro man is facing two attempted first-degree murder charges after allegedly stabbing his baby's mother and three other people just days before Christmas.

Hickory NC man charged in Christmas Eve stabbing death was convicted in 1982 murder 01/01/2019

2 NC teenagers shot, killed the morning after Christmas was murder-suicide, police say 12/28/2018

Sheriff's office investigates Greenville NC Christmas eve shooting death of George Chance 12/27/2018

1 arrested, Jonathan Cabrera, 18, another, Jose Manuel Vargas-Regino, 20, at large after Durham NC double murder on New Year's Day 01/09/2019

Crime Stoppers offering cash reward for suspect in Columbus, Ohio Thanksgiving 2017 murder of Adrian Scott, 34, 11/0/2018

Roselawn Ohio Family coping with loss on anniversary of unsolved 2017 Thanksgiving Day murder of Dina Mosley 11/21/2018

Canton Ohio police investigating Thanksgiving murder 11/23/2018 James Nathaniel Howard, 42, was shot twice
Arsenio C. Smith, 30, and Ashley N. Singleton, 33, sought in connection with Canton Ohio Thanksgiving Day homicide 11/24/2018

Toledo Ohio Police arrest Detroit (actually he's from Toledo) teenager in Thanksgiving murder of 3-year-old 12/07/2018
Teen, Matthew Smith, 17, pleads not guilty in Toledo Ohio Thanksgiving killing of Malachi Barnes 12/08/2018

Bond of 2M set for Leo Duane Stanford Jr., 21, arrested for murder on Thanksgiving day in Columbus, Ohio 11/24/2018 Murder of Tiarra Tasha Seals, 22, on Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday, November 21

Columbus, Ohio, Thanksgiving night murder of Christie Howard, 41, has family and friends on edge as police search for killer 11/26/2018

Police: Middletown, Ohio, murder suspect, James Ray Carroll, steals car filled with Thanksgiving groceries 11/19/2018 Murder Sunday the 18th

Man hospitalized after Christmas morning shooting on Cleveland Ohio’s East Side 12/25/2018

Shooting victim shows up at Dayton Ohio hospital Christmas night 12/26/2018

Police ID victim in fatal Christmas Eve shooting in Fairfield Township Butler County Ohio 12/26/2018

Cheviot Ohio police investigating after Christmas Eve shooting injures 2 12/25/2018

Woman shot Christmas Eve in East Akron Ohio 12/26/2018

Cleveland man charged in deadly Christmas Eve shooting at Glenville Ohio auto body shop 12/26/2018

911 caller in Ohio Christmas Eve shooting: ‘He’s dead. He’s not moving’ 12/26/2018

Man charged in Howland Ohio Christmas shooting 12/25/2018

Police: Man hospitalized, suspect at large after Christmas night shooting in Golf Manor Ohio 12/26/2018

Mayfield Heights Ohio man accused of running over his mother on Christmas morning pleads not guilty 01/02/2019

'It took a piece of my heart': Driver, Mark Huffman, 61, pleads guilty in deaths of 2 in 2015 New Years crash in Independence Ohio 08/17/2018 The crash happened on Dec. 31, 2015, on KY 17.

Lorain Ohio man, Marlon J. Johnson, 42, found guilty of aggravated murder in 2018 New Year's Day shooting 04/20/2018

Christian Daequen Dillon, 19 and Mario Marshawn Wade, 18 charged with murder of couple for deadly Columbus, Ohio New Year's 02/21/2018

Uninvited guests at New Year’s Eve party in Cleveland Ohio open fire, killing 3 and injuring 2 others 01/01/2019

Tulsa Okla. Deputies: Tips Led To Arrests In Thanksgiving Day Murder 11/28/2018 Brendon Davis, 17, for murder and Bambi Ashley, for accessory

Pittsburg County Okla. Sheriff's Office investigating Christmas Eve drive-by shooting 12/27/2018

Tulsa Okla. Police Say Alcohol A Major Factor In Christmas Day Homicide 12/26/2018

Woman Dead Following Double Shooting In Tulsa 12/28/2018

Man Restrained by Portland Police on Thanksgiving Died of a Meth and Cocaine Overdose, Medical Examiner Says 12/10/2018

Portland Police Fired at People Six Times in the Last 100 Days 01/09/2019

Police: 'Most Wanted' Anderson SC sex offender, Kristopher Gartrell, 48, charged in rape, killing of elderly Pa. woman 11/2/2018 Pennsylvania police say a man from South Carolina was charged in the killing of an elderly woman after he broke into her home the day before Thanksgiving.

Discovery of Hidden Drug Stash Led to Executions of Teen, 3 Adults in Southwest Philadelphia Pa. Basement, Police Say Discovery of Hidden Drug Stash Led to Executions of Teen, 3 Adults in Southwest Philadelphia Basement, Police Say 11/29/2018 Presumably Killed Sunday before Thanksgiving Jahlil Porter, 32, is charged with four counts of murder and related offenses in the deaths of Maurice Taylor, 31; Taylor's half-brother 28-year-old Akeem Mattox; Tiyaniah Hopkins, 20; and 17-year-old Yaleah Hall. Keith Garner, 31; Robert Long, 30; Nasir Moss-Roberson, 36; and Jahlil Porter, 32 are each charged with murder,

Vigil held for Ayessa Edwards, 25, killed in Juniata Park Pa. Thanksgiving Day 11/25/2018

Lancaster Pa. Police looking for suspect in Christmas Day shooting 12/27/2018

18-year-old in critical condition after North Philadelphia Pa. Christmas shooting 12/26/2018

Armed standoff ends with Pa. DA bringing cookies, SWAT singing Christmas carols 12/27/2018 A Chester County man barricaded himself into his home Christmas night and started shooting at police and around the neighborhood, District Attorney Thomas Hogan reports. But after a long night, and cookies from the DA (pictured), the SWAT team was able to convince the man to surrender by singing a Christmas carol.

Woman, Dominique Jones, 27, Charged With Homicide in Pa. Christmas Hotel Slaying 12/26/2018 stabbing death

2002 Christmas Eve triple murder in Middletown Pa. featured on TV true-crime show 12/22/2018 Oxygen about horrific crimes over the holidays

Jani Morris, 15, Charged With Murder After Newborn Baby Found In North Philadelphia Pa. Dumpster On New Year’s Eve 01/02/2019

Police make arrest in Dec. 26 murder in downtown Providence RI 12/31/2018 Pofinima Mabuo Gweama Jr., 29, charged

Deputies investigate Christmas night shooting, stabbing in Greenville County SC 12/26/2018

Deputies seek suspects after Christmas day shooting injures one in Sumter SC 12/26/2018

SC Gang member, convicted in 2014 Chester murder case, sought in 2018 Christmas shooting 12/28/2018

19-year-old shot 2 people in Christmas Day home invasion, SC cops say 12/31/2018

Conway man, Jarrell Lorenzo James, 23, charged with attempted murder in SC Christmas Day shooting 01/09/2019

Stanley Dixon, 55, charged with SC murder for body found the day after Christmas 12/2/2018

2 arrested, Marquoise Isaiah Mickel and Bryheem Kamise Oakman, both 20, in fatal Columbia, SC New Year’s Eve armed robbery; sheriff says 35 murders in Richland Co. in 2018 01/09/2019

Jesse Odle Who Attacked Mother On New Year's Day Dies In Jail in SD 01/09/2019 Odle was facing a long list of charges, including attempted premeditated murder. He's accused of brutally beating his mother on New Year's Day.

Murder-suicides an almost weekly occurrence in middle Tennessee 12/05/2018 Jerry Matthews, 55, Air Force Veteran, stabbed his wife Emma Teeters and her father Terry Teeters, before Terry shot and killed Matthews, on Nov. 20th in Brentwood. Gail Andrews Miller, 65, killed her 97-year-old mother and her and her sister before turning the gun on herself in West Meade on 21st, day before Thanksgiving.

Mother, daughters killed in double murder-suicide at West Nashville Tenn. condo 11/21/2018 Gail Andrews Miller, 65, killed Rachel Andrews, 97 day before Thanksgiving

2 dead, 1 hurt in stabbing, shooting at Governors Club home in Brentwood Tenn. 11/20/2018 Jerry Matthews, 55, killed wife before being killed by father in law two days before Thanksgiving

Murfreesboro Tenn. woman climbs out window to escape men forcing her into sex slavery on Thanksgiving 11/27/2018

Joel Michael Guy Jr., of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Accused Of Dismembering, Dissolving Parents In Acid Over Thanksgiving in Knoxville, Tennessee, 01/01/2016
He was fine at Thanksgiving, his sisters said. But now he is accused of dismembering their parents. 12/01/2016
Man accused of killing, dismembering parents appears in court 12/03/2019

Sheriff’s office identifies Fayette County deputy shot on Thanksgiving day in Oakland Tenn. expected to recover 12/23/2018 Christopher Lee and Jessica Gardner charged

Accidental Tenn. Thanksgiving shooting nabs burglary suspects 12/23/2018 Brandon Chesney, injured & recovering

Police release photos of suspects wanted for Tenn. Thanksgiving mall shooting 12/24/2018

Teen charged in North Knox Tenn. shooting similar to Thanksgiving Day incident, two days later 12/27/2018 No fatalities

Victims identified in south Nashville murder-suicide 11/29/2018 Sonny Coulter, 47 killed Ethan Love, 29 then himself Nov. 29.

Police: Husband, wife dead after murder-suicide in Smyrna Tenn. 12/03/2018 According to police, investigators believe 43-year-old James T. Barnes shot and killed his wife, 32-year-old Tiffany Barnes, before fatally shooting himself Dec. 2nd.

Police Arrest 18-Year-Old Murder Suspect In Lebanon, Tennessee 12/30/2018 Christian Ballance allegedly killed victim Sunday, December 17, just eight days before Christmas.

Two Bellevue shooting deaths within two months, suspects not caught 12/23/2018 Second murder on Dec. 22 three days before Christmas

Murder victim's family offers reward for information in Hickman County Tenn. December 27th, 2015 cold case 12/16/2018

Tenn. 3-year-old shot in neck, hospitalized, during Christmas Eve road rage incident 12/25/2018

14-year-old charged with murder after Memphis, Tenn., Christmas Eve shooting, killing one injuring another 01/04/2019

Investigation continues in Waynesboro, Tennessee fatal shooting Sunday Dec. 23rd 12/26/2018 Greg Bratcher, 47, shot and killed son, Jansen Bratcher, 25, claims self defense

Nashville Tenn. police: Zyqiius Barnes, 18, shoots and injures sister, kills her boyfriend in fight over car keys on Christmas 12/26/2018
Zyqiius Barnes, wanted in South Nashville Tenn. Christmas murder of sister's boyfriend turns himself in 12/26/2018

Personal dispute allegedly led to Christmas Day homicide in Chattanooga Tenn. 12/26/2018 Gregory Scott Martin, charged with homicide. One person is dead after a violent four-day holiday period, which saw five shootings across Chattanooga, others non-fatal.
Investigators locate gun possibly related to Christmas Day Chattanooga Tenn. shooting 12/26/2018 Gregory Martin arrested as suspect.

No charges filed in Antioch Tenn. Christmas Day fatal shooting 12/26/2018 Metro Nashville police said Montarius Bean admitted to shooting 18-year-old Alijah C. Williams after the victim allegedly showed up at his family’s home, kicked his way in, and acted in a threatening manner.

One shot outside Antioch Tenn. bar on Christmas Eve 12/25/2018 Victim in stable condition.

Selmer Tenn. Police investigate New Year's murder suicide 01/08/2019 "Can you please send First Responders," the man said, according to the release. "I've just killed my wife and I'm about to kill myself and the door is unlocked, thank you." Regina Morris Bryant and husband Charles Anthony Bryant

Bartlett Tenn.: Suspect, Robert Matthew Vaughn, charged with murder in New Year's Eve shooting 01/01/2019

Memphis Tenn. homicides 2019: A comprehensive look at the victims, arrests and circumstances 01/11/2019 7 in first 10 days including one on New Year’s Day; victim and suspect names not released.

Woman accused of putting baby in freezer and closing lid in Tennessee 01/09/2019 "last week" shortly after New Years, condition of child, who was taken to hospital, not released in article

UPDATE: Jonesborough Tenn. Couple accused of keeping autistic child in cage given probation 01/10/2019

Hearne Tx. police re-examining 2015 Thanksgiving murder of Jaterryion Davis, 18 11/12/2018

Teen, Elishah Treviño, gets 45 years in Corpus Christi Tx. 2016 Thanksgiving day killing 04/09/2018

Austin Tx. police identify 'new' suspect, Edgar Perez-Gamez, 18, in 2017 Thanksgiving night murder 02/12/2018 second victim injured

Family calls for justice one year after 10-year-old's murder on Thanksgiving in San Antonio, Tx. 11/24/2018 Cody Gann and Jasmine Cary charged with her murder.

Carla Welch woman pleads guilty to Corpus Christi Tx. Thanksgiving Day murder 08/17/2018 Police say Welch kept his body for two days. His death wasn’t reported until the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Lindale man, Dabrett Montreal Black, 33, suspected of killing DPS Tx. trooper on Thanksgiving Day 2017 appears in Freestone County court 09/28/2018

Lewisville Tx. Thanksgiving Murder-suicide Shines Light On Domestic Violence 11/27/2018 Lewisville Police say Kishana Jeffers was shot and killed by Daryl Stegall who then turned the gun on himself.

San Antonio, Tx. Police seek info in connection with Thanksgiving highway murder of Eriberto Escamilla, 26 10/10/2018

Kendall Deshonn Morris arrested in fatal shooting outside Dallas Tx. strip club day after Thanksgiving 12/13/2018

Video shows pursuit of the El Paso Tx. Thanksgiving murder suspect 11/28/2018 Jason A. Gibson arrested in Daytona Beach Fla. 1 dead, 2 in critical condition, 2nd died later
El Paso father, son killed in Thanksgiving home invasion 'filled hearts with joy and hope' 12/04/2018
Suspect, Jason Aaron Gibson of Mesa, Ariz., in Thanksgiving crime spree beginning in Las Cruces NM arrested in Fla. 11/28/2018

Tx. Police ID Daryl Stegall, 32, Who Shot, Killed Ex-Wife Then Shot Himself On Thanksgiving 11/23/2018

San Antonio Tx. Police arrest teen accused of shooting, killing 16-year-old on South Side Dec. 5 12/10/2018

Tx. Victim shot in leg during Christmas Day dispute, armed suspect remains at-large 12/25/2018

Fugitive Wanted After Tx. Christmas Eve Shooting 12/26/2018

Tx. Police investigate Christmas Eve shooting 12/24/2018

Person shot on Christmas Eve in Tx. arrested on drug charges 12/25/2018

Houston Tx. Area Man charged in shooting of girlfriend in front of son on Christmas night 12/26/2018

Video Could Lead to Suspect in Deadly Fort Worth Tx. Christmas Shooting: Police 12/26/2018

Suspects arrested for day after Christmas murder in Frisco Tx. 01/03/2019

Family seeks help to solve Tx. Christmas Eve murder three years ago 12/24/2018

2003 Tx. Christmas Eve murder remains unsolved 15 years later 12/21/2018

Man killed by gunman outside Fort Worth Tx. game room on Christmas Eve 12/26/2018

2 women and man killed in suspected murder-suicide days before Christmas in Corsicana, Texas 12/26/2018 Vanessa Mendoza, 27 brother-in-law Rosalio Mendoza, 36

Don Spriggs, 39, Arlington man shot and killed on Christmas Eve, in East Fort Worth Tx. police say 12/26/2018

83-year-old woman killed in Christmas Day house fire in southeast Houston Tx. 12/25/2018

Fort Worth Tx., man, Brandon Clayton Yocum, 29, charged with murder in New Year's Day early morning shooting 01/09/2019

Suspect, Dwight Patrick Scott, in 12/31/2017, Kilgore, Tx., New Year’s Eve murder of Kilgore woman arrested in Indiana 01/08/2019

Police identify man, Marcus Carprew, 39, killed in Waco Tx. New Year's Day murder 01/01/2019

14-year-old driver charged with murder in fatal north Harris County Tx. New Year's Day wreck; victim identified 01/02/2019 The chase led to a crash that killed 45-year-old Silvia Zavala.

Dallas Tx. New Year’s Eve Shooting; Two Men, Eric Hansen, 27, and Daterrious Haggard, 25, nightclub security guards, to be Charged With Murder 01/01/2019

Dallas Tx. Police Seek New Year’s Eve Murder Suspect Following 36-Year-Old Man's Death 01/07/2019 Elroy Taylor was found dead in East Dallas on Dec. 31.

Victim's family speaks after murder early New Year's Day 01/0/2019 Timothy Collins, 7-Eleven clerk, San Antonio Tx. killed, suspect at large

Man guilty of Robstown Tx. Dec. 31 2016 New Year's Eve, murder 12/18/2018

Harris County Tx. Reports High Number Of DWI Arrests During New Year’s Holiday Period 01/02/2019 On New Year’s Eve, 11-year-old Vanessa Ledezma died in a crash at Highway 90 and Beltway 8. Her father, 33-year-old Jorge Ledezma Echavarria, is charged with murder.

Drunk dad, Jorge Ledezma Echavarria, 33, charged with his daughter’s murder in New Year’s Eve crash, in the Houston area, Texas cops say 01/02/2019

Utah Woman decorated tree with boyfriend's kids before reported shooting by Lehi teacher 11/28/2018

South Salt Lake Utah police are investigating after a Christmas morning shooting leaves one man injured 12/26/2018

Randal Weed Dickinson, 57, a Utah man is charged with attempted murder after he 'drunkenly stumbled into a Christmas tree before firing off 15 rounds at his roommates' 12/17/2018

Utah man, Michael Ray Mendoza, charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing fellow Farmington Utah New Year's party-goer 01/04/2019

Vermont State Police contend with backlog of homicide investigations 12/11/2018

Police: Attentive Student in Vermont Stops School Shooting Plot 12/19/2018

He killed a security guard on Thanksgiving Day 2016. Now this Newport News Va. man, Coleston Ryan Lewis, 28, is headed to prison 10/03/2018

Ex-youth ministry director, Christopher R. Gattis, 59, to serve 58 years for Chester Va., 2017 Thanksgiving triple killing; cellphone footage of murders shown in court 08/15/2018

PD: Rene Rachelle Drake, 60, shoots, kills husband, Tyrone Timothy, 54, after argument on Thanksgiving Eve in Woodbridge Va. 11/22/2018

Husband kills wife before killing self in Falls Church, Fairfax County, Va. murder-suicide, night before Thanksgiving police say 11/22/2018 Judith Garcia Gonzales de Gudiel, 51, Ever Gudiel, 60

Petersburg Va. police still looking for person who shot 20-year-old Christmas Day 12/26/2018

Richmond Va. dog ‘Angel’ injured in Christmas Eve shooting 12/25/2018

Defendant, Michael Lee Langford, in Christmas Day slaying in Rustburg Campbell County Va. grilled on statements to law enforcement, denied bond 01/03/2019

Asst. high school girls basketball coach in Atlee Va. killed in New Year's Eve murder-suicide 01/03/2019 Michelle Rawlings, 25, ex-boyfriend

Arlington Va., woman, Linda Snow, 60, arrested after dispute turns fatal on New Year’s Day 01/02/2019

Marine, Riley Kuznia, shot on-duty, in Wash. DC, investigated as accident 01/02/2019 Previous reports said officials do not think the fatal shot was self-inflicted.

Newman Lake Wash. man sentenced to 16 years for the murder of his girlfriend on Thanksgiving of 2017 The judge sentenced Nicholas Holden to 16 years for second degree murder of Tina Stewart. 06/01/2018

Wash. Christmas Thief Shot By Homeowner 12/25/2018

Remembering unsolved 2005 murder of homeless woman, Davina Garrison, 42, beaten, set on fire in Wash. on Thanksgiving Day 11/23/2018

Wash. Man, William Foster kills mother on Christmas, claims she was ‘a demon’ 12/26/2018

One killed on Thanksgiving Day from gunshot wound in Raysal, McDowell County, WV suspect, Shane Hagerman, 25, in custody 11/22/2018

Deputies investigating fatal Marion County WV shooting Christmas night 12/27/2018

Man killed in Beloit, Wisc. shooting night before Thanksgiving; suspect in custody, police say 11/22/2018

Teen and adult injured in Wisc. Christmas Eve double shooting 12/25/2018

Man, teen hurt in Wisc. Christmas Eve shooting 12/24/2018

‘Blood ... in nearly every room’ after Wisc. Christmas Day baseball bat attack 12/27/2018

Violence mars New Year's in Milwaukee Wisc. 01/01/2019 Despite posting the fewest murders in three years, Milwaukee Police are investigating four murders over the New Year's holiday. 1 early Monday morning 3 early Tuesday morning.

Mill City, Wy. Phillip Donald Walters, man charged with murder 01/10/2019 Walters called 911 to report Lorenzen missing on New Year’s Eve around 4 p.m., police said. Last seen day before.

Calgary Police shoot Woman dead on Christmas Day 12/28/2018

Woman shot and killed by Calgary Canada police on Christmas Day 12/26/2018

Man killed in Christmas Day shooting in North Vancouver Canada 12/26/2018

Man wanted in Toronto Canada Christmas Day attempted murder nabbed 01/03/2019

Vera Raquel Grieves, Teen charged with attempted murder after Winnipeg Canada Christmas Day stabbing 12/2/2018

Irving John Hastey, 55, a New Brunswick, Canada man facing 2nd-degree murder charge in Christmas Eve death of St. Stephen woman 12/27/2018

Windsor Ontario Canada woman, Karolina Zak, 25, charged with attempted murder after Christmas Eve stabbing 12/25/2018

Man wanted for attempted murder in New Year's Day shooting 01/04/2019 Leo Soloman Martin, 28, of Toronto Canada is wanted for attempted murder

Samuel Moneyas, 18, and Storm Moar, 22, charged in Winnipeg Canada New Year's Day murder 01/05/2019

Yellowknife Canada woman attacked on New Year's Eve, man charged with attempted murder 01/02/2019

Double-Murder Spoils Christmas In Hanover Jamaica 12/27/2018

Suspects in Mandeville Jamaica Christmas Eve murder of Richard Howard to be charged, police say 01/01/2019

Three murders in August Town Jamaica on New Year’s Day! 01/02/2019

Cayman Islands Christmas Day murder suspect, William Ebanks, appears in court 01/01/2019

Brother of mafia supergrass shot dead on Christmas Day 12/26/2018 England?

Murder investigation as 79-year-old man dies after Manchester England Christmas Day attack 01/03/2019

Brentwood England Christmas Eve murder suspect bailed 01/02/2019

England Police name Harrow man charged with attempted murder days before Christmas 01/04/2019

England: Samantha Ford charged with murder of her twin toddlers over Christmas as family say their deaths were a ‘terrible tragedy’ 12/28/2018

England Teenagers arrested over ‘senseless’ murder just days before Christmas 12/23/2018

Kent England Police launch murder probe as teen woman, 19, found dead on Christmas Day 12/26/2018

England: St Neots 'murder': Mum-of-two who died three days before Christmas had 'drowned' 12/2/2018 Robert McWhir, 25, of St Neots, has been charged with her murder.

England: Contractor, Miguel Chacon-Perez, guilty of murder in 2016 Christmas party stabbing 12/14/2018

England: Cumbernauld shopkeeper stabbing: Three charged with attempted murder after Christmas Eve attack 12/28/2018

England: GONE TOO SOON First pic of ‘BFG’, 34, killed in village street fight on Christmas night out, 12/21, as heartbroken family tell of agony 12/23/2018 Police said Daniel Forster and Michael Milligan Nield, both 24, have been charged over the death of Hogan.

Charlotte Huggins: Michael Rolle, 34, charged with New Year's Day murder in London England 01/05/2019

Murder arrest of 26-year-old man over New Year's Day Park Lane stabbing in London England 01/02/2019 Tudor Simionov, dead, 3 others stabbed

Kirton England house fire: Murder probe continues, 3 dead including suspect 01/10/2019

MURDER CHARGE Ex-boyfriend, Michael Foran, 32, charged with murder of 33-year-old Jude Jones found dead at home on New Year’s Eve in West Bromwich England 01/06/2019

Two die on New Year's Day in London, England after worst year in a decade for murders 01/01/2019

Revealed: Hate preacher Abu Hamza's son, Imran Kamel, 26, is man being quizzed over bouncer's murder at New Year Mayfair, London, England, 'sex party' - as he appears in court charged with firearms possession 01/03/2019

Cops arrest THIRTY-NINE on suspicion of attempted murder after London England New Year's Eve stabbing 12/31/2018

2018? New Year's Day Byker, Newcastle England, murder victim was 'unrecognisable' 11/02/2018 George Dixon, 38, and Sean Histon, 32, deny his murder. Lee Annis, 39, also charged with murder but died in prison while awaiting trial.

Pair, Wes Reid and Adam Valentine, in court charged with Scotland New Year’s day murder 01/04/2019
Wes Reid and Adam Valentine accused of murdering man in Dundee Scotland on New Year’s Day ordered to stand trial 01/11/2019

Mohammad Qoraishi charged with Ireland Christmas Day murder in Maidstone 12/27/2018

Extra armed garda patrols to be rolled out over Ireland Christmas after gun murder 01/04/2019 victim investigated for ties to organised crime

Ireland Daughter of pensioner murdered with crucifix still gets flashbacks of 'dark days' 01/03/2019

3 dead, several wounded in shooting at Christmas market in Strasbourg, France 12/12/2018

German car attack: New Year’s Day suspect faces attempted murder charges in Bottrop 01/03/2019 A man who went on a New Year’s Day rampage in Germany running over and injuring at least eight people with his car at four locations in two cities is likely to be charged with attempted murder.

Arabianranta Finland residents hold Christmas Day vigil for murdered schoolboy 12/26/2018

Denmark Soccer star’s Christmas: Blasted with shotgun in bungled murder attempt 12/27/2018

Anti-Armenian Tension Rising in Kazakhstan after New Year’s Eve Murder 01/10/2019

Traffic Deaths, Murders Surge Over Russia’s Long Holiday Period 01/10/2019 National traffic police told Interfax on Thursday that 227 people, including 10 children, died in 1,700 traffic accidents between Jan. 1 and Jan. 8. An average of 250 Russians are murdered on New Year’s Eve alone each year, according to Vladimir Kudryavtsev, a criminology expert at the European University in St. Petersburg. In a column published Wednesday by the Vedomosti daily, Kudryavstev wrote that around 75 to 90 people are killed during other holidays, which in itself is almost double the average daily murder rate of 44.

Man to apply for bail following South Africa Christmas Day murder 01/02/2019

Thaba Nchu, 32, Free State South Africa man to appear in court for his mother's Christmas Day murder 12/31/2018

South Africa: KZN teen dead in car after apparent murder suicide on Christmas day 12/27/2018

Family member arrested for 'Christmas day murder' in Eastern Cape South Africa 12/27/2018

Top South African rapper, Thulani Ngcobo, otherwise known as Pitch Black Afro, charged with premeditated murder of wife in Johannesburg 01/10/2019

Family friend's robbery bid led to murder of 16-yr-old girl on New Year's eve in India 01/04/2019 Parvinder Singh alias Rinku alias Kaku, accused

Another Transgender Woman Was Found Murdered in Klang Malaysia on New Year’s Day 01/02/2019

Nine hurt as car rams into New Year's Eve crowd on famed Tokyo Japan street 01/01/2019 Kazuhiro Kusakabe, 21, arrested

Two Irish nationals face court over Summer Hill murder charge Two Irish men on working holidays in Sydney Australia are facing murder charges after a man was allegedly brutally bashed before New Year. 01/09/2019 Nathan Kelly, 21, Christopher McLaughlin, 24, charged for Dec. 29 murder

Charges filed vs suspects in Cotabato Manila New Year's Eve mall blast 01/11/2019

Christchurch New Zealand woman, Franchesca Kororia Borell, gets life in prison for 2016 Christmas Day murder 12/12/2018