Monday, April 1, 2019

Walmart Crime Report March 2019

There were at least thirteen shootings at Walmart or Sam's Club last month, with only two of them causing a death; however there were a total of at least ten deaths with three of them caused by automobile accidents, including one shoplifter that ran into traffic while trying to get away after being tased by police, another person stabbed to death, and four bodies found on the property, although one of them was old remains found nearby, another body found in a SUV was decomposing, although it was presumably from earlier in the month. The dead bodies found in the parking lots often claim "no foul play suspected" but it happens a lot, and there should be some consideration about the causes of it and how poverty, lack of health care, or addiction is contributing to it.

Several of these shootings also involved attempted kidnapping or carjacking attempts; one of the fatal ones was an officer involved shooting; and another non-fatal shootings was by a Walmart worker shooting another worker. Another argument between co-workers resulted in a stabbing. There were also several more injuries as a result of the shootings. Two of the shootings were at Sam's club or as a result of a carjacking that began at Sam's Club, which was also the officer involved fatal shooting.

These shootings are often referred to as "isolated incidents," without compiling the data or letting people know how often they happen, or that shootings are steadily rising, let alone trying to figure out why they happen and trying to prevent them.

There were at least ten more gun related crimes, mostly robberies, including a couple stolen cars, another shooting with a BB-gun not counted among the thirteen shootings with real guns, and a stand off on the highway that stated out as a robbery at Walmart.

Walmart has been suppressing wages for so long that it inevitably leads to large amounts of employee theft, when people feel that's the only way they can get their money's worth including a couple incidents this month where one worker stole his income was "insufficient to support his family," and another stole because he was homeless even though he was working.

The annual map for the largest non-government employer came out this year, and Walmart is the biggest in twenty-two states. These states are on average more violent than the other twenty-eight states, with only six of those states below average for murder rates and one tied with the national average. FBI statistics listed at the Death Penalty Information Center Seven of the states with Walmart as the top employer were in the top ten sates for murder rates last year and only one, New Hampshire was in the bottom ten. Wyoming is the only other one that comes close. They're the biggest employer despite the fact that the most violent areas are usually in big cities and Walmart is most dominant in rural areas where it expanded fastest and earliest. The reason they dominate the market is partly because of tax payer subsidies, which raises the question of whether our tax money is subsidizing violence, intentionally or not.

Walmart has been quietly closing stores as I reported last month, this month another media outlet reported a list of at least nine that they found; however, Walmart didn't return their calls to check so it's probably higher. They report these only at the local level, and a few more came out since they reported this, although I don't know if they're included. They also had a post by a Walmart worker which went viral on Facebook, that looked like an obvious ad although they don't present it that way. There have been numerous reports of marketing people influencing social media, often signing non-disclosure reports, this mat include some discussed in "Born to Buy" by Juliet Schor or "Consuming Kids" by Susan Linn. I wouldn't be surprised if they hire contractors to do this, which they've been caught doing on numerous occasions for ethically questionable practices in the past.

There were a few attempted kidnappings at Walmart and one victim of human trafficking left a note at a North Carolina Walmart saying that he was being held against his will. There have been several viral claims similar to this in the past which the police have denied; however this one appears to be true and there was also the incident a couple years ago where human traffickers were caught with about ten or so dead people in a semi in Texas, with at least one more dying in the hospital shortly after that. In that case the truck driver from Clearwater Florida was sentenced to a long prison term, perhaps life; but they made little or no attempt to find out where the demand for this came from. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together when Trump keeps getting caught with illegal immigrants at his properties and they use them for farm work that supplies our food including what's bought at Walmart, and Walmart has also been caught with cleaning people in the country illegally, and much more.

Wall Street oligarchs create a market for human traffickers, and when it comes to sex trafficking people like Jeffrey Epstein provide it, or Bob Kraft, although in his case he might not have known it although he might not have wanted to know it either.

A corrections officer was caught shoplifting at Walmart for the second time after winning arbitration the first time and keeping her job and a magistrate allegedly bought meth from an undercover cop at Walmart.

Walmart promised to donate $500 to a local library in NJ but reneged on it until the librarian who had made plans for it for months and repeated requests which were ignored; until she went to the media and it created another public relations disaster, and they quickly sent someone over with the check withing hours. Another story went viral when police reported about a mother stealing a car safety seat for her child and people offered to pay for it if they would let her off. Police say they'll probably prosecute her anyway when they catch her. It's routine to spend more money in tax payer dollars to prosecute many people for petty theft; however they don't spend tax payer dollars to protect consumers or workers from massive corporate fraud, often, instead, spending it to arrest peaceful protesters.

A relatively minor crime in Lakeside Colorado, just a shoplifting where the suspect left his phone behind, might indicate one of the tactics that Walmart uses to avoid property taxes. The article made a point of saying that it's a real town even though there were only eight people living there, but it had a Walmart, a liqueur store, and an amusement park. Schools and other city services are paid for with property taxes, and Walmart is famous for shopping around to squeeze towns for tax beaks, and by placing their store in this small town without schools or other services, there's a good chance they managed to avoid property taxes that most cities would have charged them, which shifts the tax burden to those that can least afford it, which is a typical practice for oligarchs.

Walmart had at least a dozen major crashes or auto thefts, with three of them killing people, one after he was chased into traffic by police who already tased him, another in a hit and run, and the third a small child. One of the crashes was a car speeding fast enough to push under a pick up truck he T-boned, and another where someone was temporarily caught in the vehicle in another major T-bone crash.

Walmart had at least eight knife attacks last month with most of them resulting in stabbings, including several attacks on employees, one of them by another employee, and one fatal stabbing. Britain is trying to restrict access to many knifes, and Walmart is trying to help in that country, due to a sharp increase in stabbings. Great Britain has some of the strictest gun control laws, but apparently they still have violence; although they probably don't teach people about the leading causes of violence including child abuse leading to escalating violence later in life, poverty, lack of child care or education; some of the other countries in Europe that do a better job reducing violence with many of the ones banning corporal punishment at home and providing better child care having murder rates below one per hundred thousand; in some cases this is half of England's rate and a tenth of the United States rate.

This might be a bigger problem in the United States; they often have armed robbers that don't bother bring weapons at Walmart; instead they pick up knifes, bats, axes, machetes, hammers, BB-guns or what ever they feel they need at Walmart, and steal them along with other merchandise, and if confronted threaten them with it or use it.

Walmart had a few fires, which is fewer than they've had most months, with one of them started by an employee that didn't want to work, another was truck truck bursting into flames, and another two causing an evacuation, although one turned out to be a false alarm. There are always numerous incidents where people attack Walmart workers, including one where a woman bit a security guard, and an assault on a state trooper leading to a manhunt. In addition to the robberies where they pull out their guns they often hand over notes implying they have a gun often taking money without showing it, other cases they run if faced with resistance.

They had several fights including a confrontation over a nail in his tire, and another theft knocking over a shopper while trying to escape. There was a major panic when a man unboxed a BB-gun and walked around the store with it along with a knife. Another shoplifter tried to get away by somehow climbing through the crawl space in the ceiling but was caught anyway. I don't know how to get into these crawl spaces, but it's not the first time this happened, another incident showed a woman falling down from the ceiling a year or so ago.

One police department says that Walmart might press charges over a stolen Butterfinger, which would cost tax payers hundreds if not thousands of dollars if they do.

According to a new book "The People's Republic of Walmart," they could be demonstrating how a socialist society could successfully work with centralized control of the economic system, although the authors are clear about not approving the way Walmart is currently carrying it out. Our government has subsidized Walmart enabling it to wipe out small businesses, and some distribution practices have been efficient, however they have little or no concern about the best interests of their workers or customers. The authors clearly don't approve of that, but although I haven't read the book they might be claiming that some of this could provide a goo example if it's controlled in a more democratic manner to protect workers rights, consumers rights and address other social causes including acknowledging how corner cutting store design, union busting, and other policies might be contributing to their high crime problems.

If they're correct it could be a call for nationalization; which might be justifiable since they dominated the market due to government help not because of their ability to keep customers happy and address legitimate concerns. The government is subsidizing Walmart's high crime problems!

As it is Walmart is increasing their domination over the market, moving into other countries, including Israel and India, wiping out dairy farmers, trying to take over the alcohol industry as well, in some cases succeeding, although Connecticut is holding them off this month Pennsylvania has given them another licence, creating their own iPad. They have a revolving door with several of their executives going to other businesses, including supposed competitors often hiring others from other business, without disclosing any non-compete clauses that might be in non-disclosure agreements which we have no way of knowing how common they are, although recent reports indicate they're very common among white collar workers.

Walmart has half a dozen new lawsuits, investigation or settlements, just about every month, and most of them are rigged heavily in their favor which is why they don't seem to worries about squeezing workers suppliers and even customers.

Where do they get all this political power?

there are more stories about how their gift cards are being drained by scammers, and Walmart doesn't refund money for this easily, if at all; they're also ending price-matching program which is angering many people, although this is clearly an anti-competitive practice, used to wipe out small business. Now that they dominate the market there's not longer as much incentive to keep prices down or maintain quality, which hasn't been very good for decades.

They try to improve their image with talk about putting workers on the board, although they haven't done it or dozens of stories about what sounds like a massive "$207 million in bonuses after strong sales growth" until you do the math and realize it's an average of about $227, or $4.37 a week, for each worker.

This is also the business that wants to dominate self-driving vehicles for their deliveries!

Do you really want to know how that will work if it's mass produced, after the recent Boeing crashes?

Walmart finally agreed to wage hikes with a union, although there was virtually no reporting on it in traditional media, but it wasn't nearly as much as the workers wanted and it's in a very low wage area. Typically when the union has success in countries like Canada they shut down stores and fire everyone, although I think some European countries may have forced Walmart to accept unions if they want to do business there.

Have you ever though of just walking into Walmart and stealing large pieces of equipment, like a claw machine? Someone in Florida did at least twice successfully before police decided to put all their resources into hunting them down and making an example out of them for stealing from a rich corporations that doesn't even try to keep track of their own equipment.

Have you ever decided to simply make your own sandwiches at a Subway in Walmart, help a few customers at the register, and pocket the sandwich and cash? Even after asking and being told no someone did and they let him.

How often do people ask you to stand on their stomach when you go to Walmart?

How many trips do you think you can make through the garden center with shopping carts full of beer before getting caught? If someone gets arrested for stealing $500 worth, should he have stopped at $450 worth?

How often do you thin kids spray deer urine on merchandise throughout the store? If they get caught doing it at least two or three times how many times do you think they got away with it? Are there times where it wasn't reported due to possible damage to their reputation?

Will you start giving merchandise a smell check at Walmart if you still shop there?

You think I make this up? No need, it's Walmart!

Strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Walmart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Walmart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Walmart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in March 2019. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

2 shot outside North Dallas Tx. Sam's Club store 06/14/2017

1 shot in San Antonio Tx. Sam's Club parking lot in road rage shooting, police say 07/30/2018

Pooler Ga. Sam’s Club shooting suspects captured in Riverdale, Ga 02/28/2019

Gunfire exchanged in Va. Walmart parking lot at Manassas Mall 03/01/2019

Man arrested after knife fight in Wisc. Walmart parking lot 03/01/2019

MOUNT PLEASANT — At about 3:45 p.m. Thursday, two men allegedly began fighting in a parking lot outside of Walmart, 3049 S. Oakes Road. At least one of the men appeared to have been wielding a knife, according to a 911 call.

Upon arriving at the scene, a Mount Pleasant police officer said he saw a group of people shooting cellphone video of a fight between two men. One of them was later identified as Leonard Harlan, 49, of the 900 block of Center Street, Racine. The other man ran off, according to police, and has not been identified.

According to a criminal complaint:

A witness in the parking lot heard the other man yell at Harlan: “What’s up Superman?” The man then allegedly accused Harlan of stealing his son’s bike, at which point Harlan allegedly swore at the other man and screamed: “I’ll cut your (expletive) up.” The fight followed, according to the witness’ statement. Complete article

Suspicious substance in RV at north Spokane Wash. Walmart deemed non hazardous 03/01/2019

Early this morning, officers were looking into a possible stolen motor-home in the parking lot of the Walmart store in the 9200 block of North Colton. During the investigation officers arrested a man for unlawful possession of a firearm and developed probably cause for a search warrant of the vehicle.

While searching the motor-home SPD found more firearms, cash, drugs, possible counterfeit money and what appeared to be an explosive device.

Those officers immediately called the Explosive Disposal Unit. Complete article

Man leaves loaded gun in bathroom at Hartsville SC Walmart 03/01/2019

HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WPDE) — A man left a loaded gun Thursday on a toilet paper roll in the bathroom at the Hartsville Walmart, according to Lt. Mark Blair with the Hartsville Police Department.

Blair said an employee found the gun and turned it over to the store’s Asset Protection, or security personnel, who then notified police.

Blair said the man’s concealed weapons permit had expired. He added because the permit was expired, they’re seeking the forfeiture of the gun. Complete article

Police: Women arrested for fighting at Walmart in Joliet Ill. 03/01/2019

Two women were arrested in connection with an incident where a large fight broke out between two groups of men at Walmart in Joliet, police said.

The men had apparently left before officers arrived Thursday at the 2424 W. Jefferson St. Walmart in response to a report of a fight, Joliet police Sgt. Christopher Botzum said in an email.

The only people who were still fighting were women in the entrance area of the store, Botzum said. The officers arrived at the store about 6:30 p.m. and saw the women arguing and threatening each other, he said. .....

The officers were able to determine that a large fight had broken out between two groups of men at the checkout lanes in the store, Botzum said, and during the fight, Gordon and Saunders joined in.

Displays were knocked over and damaged, which alarmed Walmart customers, Botzum said. Complete article

Sticky fingers: Decatur Ill. police say man stole Butterfinger — and Walmart may press charges 03/01/2019

DECATUR — A man purchased food from Walmart on Maryland Street Thursday afternoon using a self-checkout, but left without paying for one Butterfinger candy bar, Decatur Sgt. Steve Carroll said.

Walmart security told police they saw a man with curly white hair, a short beard and a mustache enter and exit Walmart between 4:32 p.m. and 4:39 p.m, Carroll said.

The man purchased food items, but did not scan an 85-cent candy bar, he said.

Walmart employees recovered the candy bar, but are still hoping to press charges, Carroll said. Complete article

Amazon's Reported Grocery Plans Should Worry Walmart and Kroger - Tech Check 03/01/2019

Though building them out will take time,'s (AMZN) reported plans to build a new line of grocery stores could eventually be a bigger problem for big-box retailers and traditional supermarket chains than its purchase of Whole Foods.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jeff Bezos' firm plans to "open dozens of grocery stores in several major U.S. cities" that would be separate from its Whole Foods stores. A Los Angeles store could reportedly open by year's end, and talks are said to be underway for opening stores "in shopping centers in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia."

Notably, sources state the grocery stores aren't meant to directly compete with Whole Foods, which (although having seen price cuts since Amazon bought it in 2017) caters on the whole to more affluent consumers, but will instead "offer products at a lower price point." In addition, Amazon is said to be thinking about buying "regional grocery chains with about a dozen stores under operation" to expand its new supermarket brand's reach. Complete article

Walmart facing gender discrimination lawsuits from female employees 02/18/2019

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is once again facing a raft of sexual discrimination lawsuits – eight years after the supreme court blocked the company from facing the largest gender discrimination case ever brought against an employer.

Nearly 100 workers filed gender discrimination lawsuits against Walmart on 1 February, alleging denial of equal pay for retail store and certain salaried management positions. The plaintiffs include current Walmart employees and others who left the company from the early to late 2000s.

Francine Radtka worked as a deli manager at Walmart in Manatee County, Florida from 1995 to 2000. She expressed concerns to her manager when she found out the other department managers, all men, were being paid much more than she was, and ultimately quit after she was forced to take on the duties of the bakery manager for several months without any additional compensation. Complete article

Virginia men accused of stealing items worth $6K from Pa. Walmart 03/01/2019

Ashland Wisc. Walmart to cut hours 03/01/2019

Walmart Promotes Homosexuality With New Video: 'Love Is In the Aisle' 03/01/2019

Montana Police blotter: Motor vehicle theft; possession of dangerous drugs; Walmart shoplifting 03/01/2019

Cullman Alabama Police investigating robbery at Woodforest Bank in Walmart 03/01/2019

He was scanning items incorrectly at SC Walmart. Now, that’s the least of his worries 03/04/2019

Tribute song mourning University Commons Tenn. Walmart closing goes viral 03/04/2019

Arizona Man Accused of Stealing Brisket, Smoker Wood Chips, Blender from Pa. Walmart 03/04/2019

Body found at local Walmart; Shreveport La. PD investigates 03/03/2019

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The Shreveport Police Department is investigating the death of a person after they were found deceased in a parked vehicle.

Authorities were called to Walmart on Shreveport-Barksdale Highway on Sunday evening.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The Shreveport Police Department is investigating the death of a person after they were found deceased in a parked vehicle.

Authorities were called to Walmart on Shreveport-Barksdale Highway on Sunday evening. Complete article

Body of man found in Walmart parking lot identified 03/13/2019

Siler City NC Walmart employee stabbed while on break, police search for suspects 03/04/2019

SILER CITY, N.C. — A 57-year-old Walmart employee was stabbed multiple times early Monday morning while on a break, according to Siler City police.

Authorities said the woman was in her car smoking a cigarette at about 12:55 a.m. when two men started stabbing her.

She's now in serious condition and police are working to find the suspects, who were caught on surveillance cameras. Complete article

Walmart clerk stabbed repeatedly outside store where razor blades were stuck on cart 03/05/2019

Police: Teen sprays deer urine on Danville Ky. Walmart merchandise 03/04/2019

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A teen is in trouble with Danville police after investigators said he sprayed deer urine over numerous items of merchandise.

Police responded to Walmart after receiving a call about criminal mischief. Officers said a 17-year-old opened two cans of deer attractant and sprayed it throughout the store.

The suspect is accused of causing $2,345 worth of damage as a result of the vandalism. Complete article

Wood County WV women wins multi-million dollar lawsuit against Walmart 03/04/2019

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) - A Wood County jury is returning a verdict of $16.9 million against Walmart.

The ruling was made regarding an incident at the Parkersburg store in February of 2015.

Wheeling-based law firm Bordas & Bordas helped its client win a major lawsuit against the corporate powerhouse.

According to a press release from the law firm, the jury deliberated for less than two hours in the case.

They awarded $6.5 million in past and future medical expenses and more than $10 million in general damages.

The jury found Walmart to be 30% responsible for the incident and the shoplifter to be 70% responsible.

“We are sympathetic to Ms. Ankrom and what she experienced in our store. However, we strongly believe our associates did nothing wrong and followed company policy," Walmart said in a written statement sent to 7News. "The jury’s verdict is not supported by the evidence as we believe the actions of the shoplifter were the sole cause of Ms. Ankrom’s injuries. We are evaluating all our options, including post-trial motions and an appeal.”

Jamie Bordas, who served as the lead counsel for plaintiff Diane Ankrom, said that there is a lesson to be learned from this situation.

"I think this case was really important to demonstrate that corporations can't put profits ahead of safety," Bordas continued. "Unfortunately, Walmart didn't follow industry best practices or even its own written policies with respect to the detention of shoplifters and as a result of that, they tried to keep persisting to detain the shoplifter, who was resisting, who had already tried to flee once and the second time. When they dragged him back into the store to try to detain him, he ran into Ms. Ankrom when he fled from the Walmart employees and caused her some pretty significant injuries." Complete article

The People's Republic of Walmart: how late-stage capitalism gives way to early-stage fully automated luxury communism 03/05/2019

Science writer Leigh Phillips's 2016 book Austerity Ecology and the Collapse-Porn Addicts was one of the most important, angry and inspiring books I read that year, a passionate argument for a high-tech just and sustainable world that celebrated materialism and comfort, rather than calling for a return to a world of three billion people scratching potatoes in the dirt; so when Phillips sent me a manuscript for his new book, The People's Republic of Walmart: How the World's Biggest Corporations are Laying the Foundation for Socialism last year, I dropped everything and read it, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Phillips and his co-author, Canadian labour organiser Michal Rozworski, have outdone themselves with this volume.

The two are addressing themselves to the socialist calculation debate, which raged through Austrian economic circles a century ago, with market-focused economists like Ludwig von Mises arguing that it was technically impossible to calculate an efficient allocation of goods in a large, industrial society, and that markets alone -- as a kind of distributed calculation engine -- could solve the problem of getting goods to the people who could make best use of them. Complete article

Note: Either "the devil is in the details" when it comes to socialism; or the "most effective solutions can be in the details." The version of Socialism that has been routinely demonized is centralized authoritarian control of the economic system, which is what Walmart is creating, in an oligarchy system, with some similarities to Russia; however more rational democratic socialism has worked much better in many European countries and Canada, although they're trying to corrupt their successes making them more like the oligarchy system in the United States.

Montreal Canada woman stunned to find her Walmart gift cards drained 03/04/2019

Scammers depleted $550 worth of cards that looked untouched before consumer even had chance to shop with them

After receiving a set of Walmart gift cards before Christmas, Samantha Vandzura tucked them into a drawer for safekeeping while she went on vacation to Florida.

After returning to Montreal a few weeks later, Vandzura decided to use the cards to buy baby supplies and drove to a Walmart.

While at the checkout to pay, a cashier told a shocked Vandzura her cards, valued at $550, were already used and nearly drained of money. ......

(after a long run-around)

Curious to see if other consumers were running into the same problem, Vandzura went online and found several stories similar to her own, in the U.S. — in Missouri, there's even a class-action lawsuit contending Walmart doesn't do enough to protect its gift cards from thieves.

After three weeks of getting what she describes as the runaround from Walmart, Vandzura reached out to CBC.

"To be honest, if it wasn't $550, I probably would have given up already," said Vandzura. Complete article

Suspect wanted for theft of thousands of dollars in merchandise from South Lake Drive Lexington SC Walmart 03/04/2019

Cadillac Mich. Walmart theft suspect identified 03/05/2019

Theft suspects use distraction at Walmart register in Cape Coral Fla. 03/04/2019

Walmart Checkout Line Brawl 'Alarms Customers,' Joliet Ill. Police Say 03/04/2019

Armstrong DA approves extradition of three Virginia men accused of stealing from Pa. Walmart 03/04/2019

Walmart International and P&G Combine Efforts to Bring Clean Drinking Water to Children and Families Around the World 03/04/2019 Instead of fixing the distribution process of tap water, and reducing pollution so it will be cleaner, these organizations have been supporting privatizing of the water system increasing use of bottled water which is far less efficient, more expensive, and causes an enormous amount of pollution making clean water scarcer for the majority, while providing it for a minority. As long as they continue supporting these policies this initiative can't be more than a public relations stunt, which is common for corporations like these!

Police seeking ID of suspects in Norwich Conn. Walmart counterfeit money case 03/04/2019

Man accused of stealing brisket, smoker wood chips, blender from Ariz. Walmart 03/04/2019

Walmart loses fight for lower taxes in Washington County Minn. 03/05/2019

Shooting victims show up at La. Walmart parking lot 03/05/2019

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police say two shooting victims showed up at a Walmart parking lot Tuesday night.

According to officials, the shooting happened near the Walmart on College Drive around 7 p.m. Two people showed up in the parking lot of the store, apparently suffering from gunshot wounds. Witnesses said one man appeared to have been shot in the face.

Investigators say they’re looking through surveillance video and running tests on a silver Nissan found with blood on the driver’s side door. Complete article

Two people arrested following attempted robbery, double shooting near Walmart on College Drive 03/30/2019

Police Search For Suspect In Glen Burnie Md. Walmart Armed Robbery 03/05/2019

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — Police are searching for a suspect in a Glen Burnie Walmart armed robbery from Monday.

At around 2:45 p.m., officers responded to the Walmart located at 6721 Chesapeake Center Drive in Glen Burnie, after an unknown man entered the store, displayed a handgun and demanded cash.

The clerk complied and the suspect fled the store, police said. Complete article

Williamsburg Man Accused Of Holding Knife To Ky. Walmart Worker’s Neck, Threatening To Kill Others 03/05/2019

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Police say a Williamsburg man was arrested Tuesday morning after he allegedly held a knife to the neck of a Walmart worker and threatened to kill everyone in the store.

Authorities say 23-year-old Brad M. Lovitt is facing multiple charges after the incident.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root’s office said deputies and officers with the Willamsburg Police Department were called out just before 6 a.m. to reports of a fight inside Walmart in southern Laurel County.

Police said Lovitt confronted a female employee with whom he shares a child when a manager tried to have him removed. Complete article

Woman bites Madison Tenn. Walmart security guard trying to get her to leave 03/05/2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A woman is arrested for assaulting a Walmart security guard overnight in Madison.

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, Metro Nashville police officers were called to Walmart, 2232 North Gallatin Pike, regarding the assault of a security guard. When police arrived, the security guard had a woman pinned to the ground.

The security guard told police that the woman had been asked to leave the location twice before she became combative and refused to leave. After another attempt to walk her out by the arm, the woman reportedly swung at him, kicked at him, then bit him on the hand.

The security guard pinned the woman and detained her until police arrived. Paramedics treated the victim's injuries. Complete article

Woman charged for allegedly trying to kidnap a boy at a Maui Hawaii Walmart 03/05/2019

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A woman on Maui has been charged with attempted kidnapping after an incident at a Kahului Walmart.

Police say 44-year-old Brisa Nip allegedly tried to abduct a 5-year-old boy at the store.

Police said the boy was shopping with his mother on Saturday when Nip allegedly walked up and grabbed him.

She was arrested a day after the incident, according to The Maui News. Her bail has been set at $20,000.

Police believe that Nip is homeless. Complete article

FDA threatens Walgreens, Walmart, other retailers for allegedly selling tobacco to kids 03/04/2019

The Food and Drug Administration is accusing 15 national retailers, including Walgreens, Walmart, and several gas station chains, of selling tobacco products to minors.

The agency disclosed Monday that it is considering "enforcement avenues to address high rates of violations" at the retailers after more than 1 million undercover checks this decade allegedly found high rates of sales to youth.

The FDA said it also sent letters to more than 40 companies that may be illegally marketing certain tobacco products or e-cigarettes. Federal regulators are concerned about increased nicotine vaping among teens, which can lead to cigarette smoking. Tobacco use is a major cause of cancer and other health problems.

In its latest step in a campaign against tobacco use, the FDA is initially targeting Walgreens for what it described as a "disturbing" record of illegal sales to minors "since the company positions itself as a health-and-wellness-minded business." Complete article

Woman with wrong license tag on vehicle nabbed at Wal-Mart in Summerfield Fla. 03/05/2019

Teens involved in Dec. deadly Central Texas Walmart shooting identified 03/05/2019

Mecosta Co. Deputies Looking for Man Who Stole $5K Worth of Items from Mich. Walmart 03/05/2019

Denison Tx. police searching for suspects in Walmart theft 03/05/2019

Mississippi man arrested in West Memphis Arkansas Walmart shooting 03/06/2019

Gregory Frazee Search Warrants Released: Suspect Seen In Colorado Walmart Day Kelsey Berreth Disappeared 03/06/2019

2 arrested after attempted armed robbery in Valdosta Ga. Walmart parking lot 03/06/2019

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Two men are facing multiple charges for an attempted armed robbery in broad daylight, in a Walmart parking lot.

Imagine a trip to your local grocery store and you’re standing outside beside your car, when a man comes up to you and tries to rob you at gunpoint.

That became reality for one woman who was shopping at the Walmart on Norman Drive when the man approached her, but when he was unable to get anything, he took off running. Complete article

Attempted murder suspect arrested at Yucca Valley Ca. Walmart 03/06/2019

YUCCA VALLEY, Calif.- - A man wanted for attempted murder in Yucca Valley has been arrested.

On Tuesday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department sought the public's help finding 35-year-old San Bernardino resident Gregory Brazee, who was wanted for the attempted murder.

On Wednesday at 6:40 a.m., deputies responded to a report of a citizen who recognized Brazee, who was seen inside the Walmart in Yucca Valley, less than a half mile away from the scene of the attempted murder. Deputies arrested Brazee without incident and booked him into the Morongo Basin Jail. Complete article

Jury finds Walmart wrongly fired Washington pharmacist who could not give injections 03/06/2019

A federal jury in Tacoma found Wednesday that Walmart wrongly fired a Western Washington pharmacist whose medical conditions kept her from giving injections.

The company should pay 63-year-old Lori Jacobs roughly $1 million for its violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the jurors in U.S. District Court decided.

The verdict came amid a national uproar about the company’s recent decision to get rid of its greeter positions, which greeters with physical disabilities worried would leave them without jobs. Complete article

Flipkart founders are among the world’s richest again, thanks to Walmart 03/06/2019

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the celebrated co-founders of India’s most valuable internet firm, are back on the Forbes list of global billionaires. They had dropped out in 2016 after their firm Flipkart’s valuation nosedived amid a global funding crunch.

In 2019, the duo is ranked 2,057th with a net worth of $1 billion each.

Their return proves that, unlike the dire predictions that followed their Flipkart exit, Walmart’s takeover of their firm in 2018 for $16 billion has been a good thing, both for them and the Indian startup ecosystem. Complete article Good for business owners, not necessarily for shoppers or workers.

Milwaukee Wisc. Fire Department officials respond to Walmart near 27th and Morgan for electrical fire 03/06/2019

Woman wanted in questioning for NC Walmart theft 03/06/2019

Walmart Selling Satanic Paraphernalia 03/06/2019

Suspects accused of stealing wallet left behind for shopping spree at Tx. Walmart 03/06/2019

Springfield Tenn. Police seek suspect in Walmart fraud case 03/07/2019

Fake checks got this SC man $240 worth of items at TJ Maxx, Walmart, deputies say 03/07/2019

Man stabbed at Eastland Tx. Walmart dies, suspect in custody 03/07/2019

EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Eastland Police say a man has died as a result of stab wounds suffered at Walmart Thursday afternoon.

According to a news release, 75-year-old Lyndell Garrett of Throckmorton died from multiple stab wounds.

Police say they were dispatched to the Walmart around 3:15 p.m. Thursday, where they found a man in the parking lot near the front of the store who was bleeding from the hand.

The man stood up and tried to run away when he saw police, but he was caught and handcuffed.

Witnesses at the scene called the officers inside the store where they found Garrett bleeding from multiple stab wounds, according to the release. He was taken to Eastland Memorial Hospital, where he later died. Complete article

UPDATE: Bond set for $1.5M for man charged in fatal stabbing at Eastland Walmart 03/08/2019

Funeral arrangements set for man stabbed in Eastland Walmart parking lot 03/09/2019

YPSO: Human remains found behind Va. Walmart, no foul play suspected 03/07/2019

On Tuesday, York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the 700 block of East Rochambeau Drive in York County after a person called 911 and told the dispatcher they’d found skeletal remains.

The remains were found in a wooded area behind Walmart, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

An initial investigation at the site determined the human remains had been behind the Walmart for a relatively long period of time, according to sheriff’s office spokeswoman Shelley Ward.

There were no signs that the body had been disturbed by any person after death, Ward said. The sheriff’s office does not suspect foul play. Complete article

Harrisonburg Va. Police Respond to Reports of Shots Fired at Walmart 03/07/2019

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WVIR) - A scary situation unfolded on Thursday night at the Burgess Road Walmart in Harrisonburg.

Police responded around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, for reports of shots fired.

No one was believed to be injured during the incident and police say they do now have a suspect in custody. Complete article

Grottoes man arrested in shooting at Harrisonburg Walmart 03/07/2019

Fugitive apprehended at Janesville Wisc. Walmart 03/07/2019

Police apprehended a fugitive after a struggle Wednesday afternoon in the Walmart parking lot, according to a police news release.

The Janesville Police Department Street Crimes Unit, working with an informant, lured Quentin L. Cobb, 27, of South Beloit, Illinois, to the store at 3800 Deerfield Drive, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers followed Cobb in the parking lot at 5:30 p.m., told him he was under arrest, and Cobb ran to his car, according to the complaint.

After a struggle in which Cobb tried to get into the driver’s seat and put the key into the ignition, an officer used a Taser on him, according to the complaint. Complete article

Walmart gives workers share of $207 million in bonuses after strong sales growth (average of about $227, or $4.37 a week, each worker) 03/07/2019

BENTONVILLE, AR (WCMH) -- Walmart says it has given many of its U.S. workers a bonus after a strong fourth quarter sales growth.

According to a release, 912,000 of Walmart’s associates in the U.S. will receive a share of nearly $207 million in cash bonuses. Complete article

Worland Wyoming City officials address the question 'where is Walmart?' 03/07/2019

WORLAND — After receiving a voicemail message from an anonymous caller, Worland Mayor Jim Gill addressed the issue of the city’s response now and in the past regarding bringing Walmart to Worland.

Gill said the caller accused the city of “doing your best to run Walmart off” and also alleged the city colluded with a local store to increase the store’s prices. He added that the caller also noted that she shops out of town for basic needs including groceries. Complete article

56 supervisors graduate from new Walmart Academy in Sioux Falls SD 03/07/2019

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The first-ever class of Sioux Falls' new Walmart Academy celebrated graduation on Thursday. "They send all their supervisors to our store to train them, to develop them and also learn all the new process and procedures and new apps and technology that we're working on," store manager Scott Becker said.

The academy receives hourly supervisors from 21 stores in the area, putting them through six weeks of training before graduation. Complete article

Man steals 70" T.V. from Moline Iowa Walmart 03/07/2019

Ga. Walmart Santa’s Children Found Buried in Yard Were Homeschooled, Never Reported Missing 03/07/2019 In court Tuesday, prosecutors revealed that one of the deceased children, Mary Crocker, 14, allegedly spent much of her young life zip-tied, starved and held in a dog cage while naked, and was beaten when she tried to eat food. She was last seen in October 2018.

Sebring Fla. Walmart back open after bomb threat reported 03/08/2019

Man with gun in Bethlehem Pa. Walmart parking arrested, police say 03/08/2019

BETHLEHEM - A 37-year-old man was arrested after pointing a gun at another person's chest in a Walmart parking lot Friday morning, police said.

Joshua Weiss, of Sand Lake, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and reckless endangerment, police said. Complete article

Confrontation erupts at Myrtle Beach SC Walmart after man gets angry about nail in tire 03/08/2019

A nail in a truck tire led a disturbed patron to attack employees at a Myrtle Beach repair shop, cops say.

The incident started Wednesday afternoon at the Seaboard Street Walmart. A victim told police that Josh Lee, 29, came into the tire service station and demanded a tire be fixed because of a nail.

One person said it couldn’t be repaired because of where the nail entered and tried to explain the reasoning, according to a police report. Complete article

Walmart Vendor’s Employees Face F.B.I. Inquiry for Snooping on Retailer’s Internal Emails 03/08/2019

The F.B.I. is investigating whether employees of one of Walmart’s technology contractors obtained sensitive information by monitoring email accounts at the retail giant, including those of several executives.

The investigation into the employees of Compucom is described in an application for a search warrant filed by the F.B.I. in federal court. It was approved by a federal judge in Fayetteville, Ark., in August.

In the court filing, the F.B.I. accused the Compucom employees of sifting through internal Walmart correspondence in search of information that could give the firm an edge over competitors. In at least one instance, the filing says, the Compucom employees obtained information that may have helped the firm submit a winning bid.

A spokesman for Compucom, which was acquired by Office Depot for $1 billion in 2017, said the company was cooperating in the investigation. Complete article

Incident Of The Week: Investigation Of Walmart Email Breach FBI has accused Compucom employees of sifting through the retailer's internal email 03/15/2019

PD: Phoenix Ariz. Walmart manager accused of stealing over $100,000 in cash over ten months 03/08/2019

PHOENIX — A store manager has been arrested after reportedly stealing over $100,000 in cash from a North Phoenix Walmart.

Phoenix police report that on February 28 they arrested Troy Fusilier, age 37, at the Walmart where he worked near Tatum Boulevard and Bell Road.

Walmart discovered "large amounts of cash shortages over a period of months," and began an audit. The audit reportedly showed that $106,251 was missing over ten months.

Surveillance video reportedly shows Fusilier removing small stacks of $20 bills, estimated to be about $1,000 to $1,600, on multiple occasions.

Upon his arrest, Fusilier allegedly told police that he estimated that he stole about $50,000. He reportedly said he did this because his income was "insufficient to support his family."

Police say Fusilier also admitted to a severe gambling problem, using a 'significant amount of money' to purchase lottery tickets. Complete article

Man flown to Pittsburgh hospital after arrest outside Pa. Walmart 03/08/2019

CHIPPEWA TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Tonight, Chippewa Township detectives were at a Pittsburgh hospital, waiting to serve a warrant to Shawn LeClair.

Police say LeClair tried to steal a big-screen TV from the Chippewa Walmart. Then, after a scuffle with police, was life-flighted to Pittsburgh.

Detectives tell Channel 11, they tasered LeClair as he tried to run from the parking lot, and the shock agitated an underlying condition. Medics decided he needed additional medical treatment, including surgery. Complete article

Walmart Is Being Accused of Manipulating Social Conservatives. It's Either Twisted Or Very Clever 03/09/2019

And the big retailer isn't the only brand that's being accused of these tactics.

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

When big brands get involved in noisy controversies, many often act shocked, shocked, shocked.

It's as if they never imagined that running a certain ad would elicit a reaction from the more extreme elements of society.

Yet I've just received wind of a curious accusation being levied at Walmart. Complete article

Christians demand Walmart take down gay dating ad 03/08/2019

Walmart Loses Another Top Female Executive in Sam's Club's Ruiz 03/08/2019

Walmart Inc. lost its second high-ranking female executive in the past few weeks as Gisel Ruiz has decided to take early retirement from its Sam’s Club division.

The 48-year-old Ruiz, who was chief operations officer at Sam’s, is leaving to “pursue other passions,” according to an internal memo, dated March 6, from Sam’s Club Chief Executive Officer John Furner. Her departure follows that of fellow executive vice president Jacqui Canney, Walmart’s top human-resources officer, who’s leaving for advertising giant WPP. Ruiz will be replaced by Walmart Senior Vice President Dacona Smith. A search is underway for Canney’s successor. Complete article

How Walmart Uses a Purple Team to Improve Cyber-Resilience 03/08/2019

RSA Conference 2019: Applying a collaborative, yet adversarial model has worked out well for Walmart as it works to reduce risk and improve cyber-security.

SAN FRANCISCO — Few if any, organizations on the planet operate at the size and scale of Walmart. Scale isn't just about normal retail operations either; it also comes in play with how the organization handles its own security resiliency testing.

In a session at the RSA Conference here, Jason O'Dell, director of incident response and hunt at Walmart, explained how the world's largest retailer uses an innovative approach known as purple teaming at scale to improve security and reduce risk. Complete article

Theft investigation at Holton Kansas Walmart lands 3 Topekans behind bars 03/08/2019

University Commons Tenn. Walmart running store closing sale on merchandise 03/08/2019

Police say Mississippi Walmart shoplifter used unique (and stolen) getaway method 03/09/2019 A Mississippi man faces shoplifting charges after police say he rode a stolen bicycle out an emergency exit at Walmart while hauling other goods he stole.

Craig Colorado police investigating possible credit card theft at Walmart: On the Record — March 7 03/08/2019

2-hour rescue completed after person falls on trail behind Walmart in Conover NC 03/09/2019

Off-Duty Deputy Saves Man’s Life at Green Country Okla. Walmart 03/09/2019

Man shot by co-worker at Upstate SC Walmart distribution center, sheriff says 03/11/2019

LAURENS COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said law enforcement responded to a shooting at a Walmart distribution center Sunday afternoon. Sheriff Don Reynolds said shots were fired and a man was shot in the leg around 3 p.m. at the facility, located at I-385 and Highway 221.

Authorities said a deputy located the victim in the building's warehouse.

The Sheriff's Office did not disclose the name of the man, but Sheriff Reynolds said he was taken to the hospital and was "in no grave danger." The Sheriff said no other employees were hurt in the incident.

Deputies said they found the suspect sitting in a break room near the main entrance while searching the building.

Deputies arrested Deborah Morgan from Greenwood in connection with the shooting. She faces several charges, including assault and battery with the intent to kill, violation of a protective order and other weapons charges. Complete article

Woman shoots fellow worker in leg at Walmart warehouse 03/11/2019

Woman violated protection order, shot man at Walmart distribution center, deputies say 03/11/2019

Unidentified male found dead near Shreveport La. Walmart 03/11/2019

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A man’s body was found about 1 p.m. Sunday on the corner of Knight Street near Walmart.

While the cause of death is still undetermined, investigators say there were no outward signs of foul play.

The body is confirmed as being that of a male in his 20s to 30s.

This is the second body found dead in that particular area within the week. Complete article

Man stabbed in head by co-worker outside of Buechel Ky. Walmart 03/10/2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Police are investigating a stabbing near a local Walmart.

About 2:30 p.m. Sunday West Buechel Police contacted the LMPD Homicide Unit for assistance regarding an assault that place at 2020 Bashford Manor Lane.

Officials say two Hispanic males got into a physical altercation resulting in one of them being stabbed. The victim was believed to be in his 40s, and was transported to University Hospital in critical condition.

The suspect fled the scene and has not yet been located. Complete article

Man accused of stabbing co-worker outside of Buechel Walmart in head arrested 03/11/2019

Suspect arrested after man stabbed in the head outside Walmart 03/11/2019 District Court Judge Amber Wolf ordered Alvarez-Carrionto have no contact with Walmart or his co-worker and not to possess deadly weapons.

Walmart steps up 'knife control' in Britain 03/09/2019

The Walmart-owned British supermarket chain Asda is going to stop selling single kitchen knives following a spate of stabbings in the country.

Asda, one of the Big Four supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, said in a statement that "the decision to stop selling these items comes in response to rising concerns about knife crime in the UK, particularly those involving children and young people."

"We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to support the communities that we serve," senior vice president Nick Jones said. "Whilst we have already taken steps to restrict the sale of knives to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, we felt there was more we could be doing to support those looking at how to bring this issue under control."

"Control" is the issue, as stricter and stricter knife control has taken hold in the UK. It is already illegal to sell individual knives to anyone under 18. A discount retail variety chain in the UK, Poundlands, last year banned the sale of knives altogether in their own stores. Complete article

Police: Car driver continues for 50 feet with pickup truck on roof in Oregon Walmart parking lot 03/09/2019

NEWPORT, Ore. – Newport police responded to a crash in the Walmart parking lot Thursday afternoon and found a Dodge pickup truck on top of an Acura Integra.

Police responded to the multi-vehicle crash at 4 p.m. Witnesses reported several vehicles on their sides and one vehicle on top of another.

Investigators determined that Chase Castle, 27, of Depoe Bay, was driving the Acura. They say he sped away from the car wash south of the Walmart parking lot and traveled across Northwest 25th Street at 60 mph.

Police say he then entered the Walmart parking lot, struck a curb, and then T-boned the Dodge pickup truck, which was parked in the lot. The force lifted the Dodge on top of the Acura.

Officers say the Acura continued for about 50 feet with the pickup truck on top of it before coming to a stop. Police say the pickup truck struck several other vehicles while it was on top of the Acura. Complete article

Metro-Detroit Mich. group accused of multi-million dollar credit-card scheme targeting Walmart 03/11/2019

Two Macomb County men and an Oakland County man are accused of participating in a theft ring that rang up millions of dollars in illicit credit-car charges at more than 75 Walmart stores nationwide, according to federal officials.

A criminal complaint against the “Free Band Gang” was unsealed recently in U.S. District Court in Detroit, showing the members used “cloned” credit cards to purchase hundreds of gift cards they used at Walmart stores and purchased a variety items such as Apple iTune cards, men’s clothes, prepaid phones, movies and video games, and food.

The members traveled alone or in small groups from this area to stores in 11 states, committing the illegal acts for two years through Sept. 2017, according to the feds. Complete article

Walmart spent $16 billion to go big in India. She has to make it work 03/11/2019

Risk Takers 2019: Sometimes a risk works. Sometimes it fails. Sometimes it takes years before you know. See who else made the list.

The last two executives to run Walmart had overseen the company's international business. Now it's Judith McKenna's turn to show what she can do with the global role. Her first test is a big one.

McKenna took over in February 2018, and three months later Walmart International signed its biggest deal ever — spending $16 billion to buy 77% of India's top online retailer, Flipkart. She was appointed as Walmart International CEO after spending three years as the chief operating officer for the company's main US business. Complete article

Staying mad: Walmart gets even–by contracting directly 03/09/2019

Walmart makes $3 million donation to close job gender gap 03/10/2019

Walmart Is Smart To Let Sam's Club Follow Its Own Innovation Path 03/10/2019

Elderly woman robbed at Walmart, men turn selves in 03/09/2019

Couple suspected of shoplifting $5,000 in cell phones from NM Walmart 03/08/2019

Police looking for Pa. Walmart Red Bull bandit 03/11/2019

Orlando man accused of leaving children unattended in car while shopping at Fla. Walmart 03/11/2019

Man arrested after found with opioids in SC Walmart parking lot 03/11/2019

Police looking for shoplifter who pulled knife on Ormond Fla. Walmart worker 03/11/2019

The latest incident comes as police search for suspects in recent store thefts.

Ormond Beach police on Monday said that a man robbed the Walmart on Granada Boulevard at knife point, the latest incident where people have been victims of crime in the retail corridor, officials said.

Police said that a shoplifter was approached by a Walmart employee in parking lot of Walmart after stealing items. The suspect pulled out a knife on the employee and an Ormond Beach officer attempted to give chase on foot, but suspect got into a car and left the area, said police spokesman Officer Keith Walker. Complete article

Police looking for suspects who attacked Walmart employees in Victorville Ca. 03/11/2019

VICTORVILLE, Calif. ( — Police are searching for multiple subjects who physically fought with employees at a Victorville Walmart Sunday night.

It happened at about 10:00 pm, on March 10, 2019, at the Walmart located at 12234 Palmdale Road in Victorville.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez told Victor Valley News deputies responded to a report of approximately four unknown males causing problems and fighting with store employees.

Rodriguez said a physical altercation took place before the suspects left the location and one victim was transported to a local hospital for his injuries.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, two of the suspects walked inside the Walmart and were attempting to get cash back from a Paypal account.

After being informed the service was not available, the suspect’s sucker punched two female associates that were attempting to assist them. The source said a male store manager stepped in to help the victims and was violently attacked. Other employees were also hit during the assault and the manager was transported to a hospital for his injuries. Complete article

Charleston woman allegedly found with suspected meth after Ill. Walmart theft arrest 03/11/2019

Police: Pa. Walmart groping suspect identified 03/12/2019

Man accused of exposing himself to 10-year-old girl at Dallas Tx. Walmart claimed he'd done it before, police say 03/11/2019

Luciano: Is it yours? Customer finds gold ring inside glove bought at Peoria Ill. Walmart 03/12/2019

Four arrested after alleged attempted robbery at Independence Walmart 03/12/2019 As the women were leaving, one of them pepper-sprayed an employee while another tried to push a full shopping cart out of the store.

Police searching for suspect who used stolen credit card at Hoover Alabama Walmart 03/12/2019

Police looking for persons of interest after cars broken into on parking lot of Glen Carbon Ill. Walmart 03/12/2019

MCSO: Man in serious condition after being shot at Walmart in Queen Creek Ariz. 03/12/2019

QUEEN CREEK, AZ — A man is in serious condition after being shot at a Walmart in Queen Creek Tuesday night.

Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were called to investigate a shooting call at the store near Rittenhouse and Ellsworth roads around 7:46 p.m.

According to deputies, no other injuries have been reported at this time.

The victim is not being identified at this time.

The circumstances of the shooting are still under investigation. Complete article

Man arrested for random drive-by shooting at Queen Creek Walmart 03/15/2019

Mother says she was robbed at gunpoint outside Baytown Tx. Walmart 03/12/2019

BAYTOWN, Texas - Police are looking for suspect accused of robbing a mother and her boyfriend in the parking lot of a Baytown Walmart.

Jocelyn Newkirk said she and her boyfriend were on a date night Friday night. They went to the movies, a restaurant and then made a final trip to Walmart off of Garth Rd.

BAYTOWN, Texas - Police are looking for suspect accused of robbing a mother and her boyfriend in the parking lot of a Baytown Walmart.

Jocelyn Newkirk said she and her boyfriend were on a date night Friday night. They went to the movies, a restaurant and then made a final trip to Walmart off of Garth Rd. Complete article

Man arrested after failed robbery attempt of Walmart banks in Clinton and Meridian Mississippi 03/12/2019

CLINTON/MERIDIAN, MS (WLBT) - Due to some quick action by an employee, a robbery suspect was arrested moments before he tried robbing a bank in Meridian, shortly after a failed attempt in Clinton.

Mark Jones with the City of Clinton said police received a call around 12:30 about a bank robbery in progress.

According to the call, a man entered the Woodforest National Bank, inside of Walmart, and handed the teller a note demanding money. He eventually left the bank without any cash.

According to WTOK, he then made his way to the Woodforest National Bank inside the Walmart on Highway 19 in Meridian, where he was recognized by an employee who immediately called police. Complete article

Man charged with indecent exposure, hit-and-run at Kernersville NC Walmart 03/12/2019

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — A man faces multiple charges after an incident at the Kernersville Walmart Tuesday evening, according to a news release from Kernersville police.

Justin Zachary Irvin is charged with indecent exposure, careless and reckless driving and hit-and-run.

Around 5 p.m., officers came to the Walmart at 1130 S. Main St. after a report of an indecent exposure.

The victim told police a man exposed himself to her in the parking lot. The man then got in a vehicle and hit another car as he was leaving the parking lot, police said. Complete article

Grand Traverse Co. Deputies Working to Identify Sandwich Thief at Mich. Walmart Subway 03/12/2019

Grand Traverse County deputies are looking into an unusual theft at an area sandwich shop.

It happened on Saturday night at the Subway restaurant inside Walmart in Crossing Circle.

Investigators say a man walked in and told employees he worked at another Subway and asked if he could make his own sandwich.

Employees said no, but the man went behind the counter anyway and helped himself. He then went to the register and began ringing up other customer’s sandwiches. He reportedly took $20 from the register before leaving the store. Complete article

Could Walmart Be a Model for a Socialist Future? 03/11/2019

Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski want you to know that their new book, The People’s Republic of Walmart, is not a socialist defense of Walmart, a company they call “execrable.” Rather, they use the megacorporation as a model to imagine what a centralized, planned economy might look like.

The authors offer Walmart as an empirical refutation of mid-20th-century conservatives, such as Ludwig von Mises, who insisted that efficient economic planning on a mass scale was simply infeasible because of the enormous number of variables, such as thousands of end products and materials from suppliers around the globe. To objections that the world is simply “too complex” for such centralized planning, Phillips and Rozworski observe that today’s global economy is fueled, not by competition and free market exchange, but by megacorporations whose globally integrated supply chains are masterworks of economic planning. Complete article

Yes, a Planned Economy Can Actually Work 03/21/2019 "Planning on its own is not enough. It has to be truly democratic."

Sen. Bob Casey, other U.S. senators call on Walmart to support workers with disabilities 03/12/2019

Following the announcement that Walmart’s greeter positions are being transitioned into “customer hosts,” Sen. Bob Casey and five other U.S. senators called on the company to make a commitment to staff with disabilities.

Walmart announced Tuesday that one of the new duties their hosts would handle will include returns and refunds. The change is one of many, and other changes to the role could impact staff members with physical disabilities and whether they’re able to fulfill the duties of the job. Complete article

Walmart Toughens Delivery Demands for Suppliers 03/06/2019

Walmart Inc. is raising its delivery goal posts for suppliers, asking them to deliver more goods on time as it competes with Inc. for shoppers online and in stores.

The retailer wants suppliers that ship full trucks of products to deliver orders within a specified two-day window 87% of the time, up from an 85% rate it targeted previously. Suppliers that fill part of a truck with their goods must hit a 70% on-time threshold, a significant jump from the previous target of 50%.

Walmart also is changing how it penalizes suppliers when they make partial deliveries, an effort to make sure products are on shelves when needed, a particular focus for Walmart as it ramps up online grocery pickup and delivery services that pull from store inventory to fulfill orders. Complete article

Arkansas Senate approves Walmart-backed proposal to test drive self-driving vehicles 03/12/2019

The Arkansas Senate on Tuesday (March 12) took a final step to allow Walmart, J.B. Hunt and other Arkansas companies to “test drive” up to three autonomous or driverless vehicles on state roads and highways.

In a short session on the Senate floor, House Bill 1561 by Rep. Austin McCollum, R-Bentonville, was easily approved by a vote of 27-5 with three members not participating. It will now be sent to the governor’s office, where Gov. Asa Hutchinson is expected to sign the law that will make Arkansas the 30th state to allow driverless vehicles on local roads. Complete article

Two men accused of stealing wallet at Dixon Ill. Walmart 03/13/2019

Merced County Ca. school on lockdown after bomb threat at nearby Walmart, police say 03/12/2019

Man allegedly tried to take items from Sand Springs Okla. Walmart, flee police 03/12/2019

LPD: Multiple females accused of stealing 70 items from Laredo Tx. Walmart store 03/12/2019

Hammond La. Walmart bandit sentenced to more than 12 years, must pay $3.4K 03/14/2019

Four alleged shoplifters arrested at Kansas Walmart for thefts 03/13/2019

At SXSW this year, Walmart bills itself as a tech company 03/10/2019

Four teens indicted in deadly Dec. 2018 shooting outside Tx. Walmart store 03/14/2019

Carjacking Occurred At East Brunswick NJ Walmart, Police Report 03/13/2019

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ — A woman was forcibly pulled out of her car at the East Brunswick Walmart this past Sunday, March 10 and a man drove off in her vehicle, said East Brunswick police.

The man then fled the area, driving north up the New Jersey Turnpike into Woodbridge, where he called in a bomb threat at the Woodbridge Walmart and later robbed a Woodbridge pharmacy at gunpoint, police said.

After this alleged crime spree, Andrew Vayda, 58, a Linden resident, was apprehended by police two days later, on Tuesday, where he was staying at the Studio 6 motel off Rt. 18 in East Brunswick. Complete article

Homeless Wisc. Walmart employee charged with taking thousands 03/13/2019

A homeless Walmart employee has been charged with taking over $4,400 from his employer over the course of several months because he was homeless and living in their parking lot, he told police.

Patrick Green, 26, of Racine, was charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office Wednesday with theft from a business setting. If convicted of the charge, Green faces up to three years six months in prison and/or fines up to $10,000.

According to the criminal complaint, officials at Walmart, 3049 S. Oakes Rd., contacted the Mount Pleasant Police Department for a report of a theft by an employee. Green started working for Walmart on Feb. 2 as a teller. A computerized machine counts the cash in the teller drawers. It documented several large amounts of money missing from Green’s drawer. The total amount discovered missing was $4,446.59.

The officer arrested Green, who had lived in his car in the store’s parking lot. He told police he wasn’t able to afford much so he started taking the money in early February because he was behind in paying his bills. He would take the money and put it in his pocket, the complaint reads. Complete article

Nevada Walmart raider gets 3 years in prison 03/13/2019 A Reno man was sentenced to up to three years in prison for fighting with a deputy along Highway 395 in February 2018. Ross Thomas Bayard, 28, received two concurrent 1-3-year sentences on Monday for battery by a probationer and principal to grand larceny.

Clinton police seek Walmart theft suspect 03/14/2019

Lakeside Colorado PD posts mirror selfie from Walmart shoplifter they say left behind phone 03/14/2019 For what it’s worth, Lakeside is a real town. Sure, just eight people live there, but in addition to the Walmart and the liquor store within city limits, there’s also an amusement park.

Older man asked women to 'stand on his stomach' at SC Walmart 03/14/2019

WALTERBORO, S.C. — Police in Walterboro are making residents aware of some "suspicious" incidents at a local Walmart.

An older white man approach several women at Walmart, asking them to "stand on his stomach," according to a report. Many of these were offered compensation for the act.

And while the request is not considered criminal, police do deem it suspicious, and are urging caution, as well as these tips:

Be aware of your surroundings
Never leave your children unattended
To report anything suspicious Complete article

'Very dangerous' man wanted for Columbia SC Walmart, church robberies 03/14/2019

COLUMBIA, S.C. — He's been arrested over a dozen times, and now deputies are looking to add another to the list for one robbery suspect.

Mell Johnson III is accused of two recent robberies in the Columbia area.

On February 2, Johnson reportedly stole a 58-inch TV from the Walmart on Two Notch Road after removing its security sensor. When confronted by an employee, Johnson used a shopping cart to knock her to the ground. Complete article

Is Walmart launching an iPad rival? 03/15/2019

According to a report from Bloomberg, Walmart plans to launch a low-cost tablet to rival Apple's iPad.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed with Bloomberg that the world's largest retailer is currently developing the device, which is expected to be both child-friendly and inexpensive.

A price and release date have not been announced, but Bloomberg reported that Walmart has tapped a Chinese supplier to manufacture the devices and the product will run on Google's Android operating system. Bloomberg uncovered those details based on photos filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Complete article

The largest (non-government) employers in Pa. and elsewhere: From medical centers to Walmart 03/15/2019

The top non-government employer in the United States and in almost every state in the southeast is Walmart, according to a recent study.

The website, Visual Capitalist released a study earlier this year about the largest non-government employers in Pennsylvania and every other state. The largest employer in every state but one is actually either the federal and state government -- with the only exception being New York where the largest employer is New York City, according to the website.

The study:

The study excluded government, and when government was excluded the largest employer in nearly half the states is either a hospital or a university and many times the hospitals are affiliated with a university. One employer – Walmart - is the largest non-government employer in 42 percent of the states. Only in five states, you’ll find a non-government employer that isn’t affiliated with health or education and isn’t named Walmart. Take a look at the map on Visual Capitalist’s website, it visually outlines Walmart’s dominance in the southeast, which according to the website’s video follows Walmart’s expansion over the years from its home state of Arkansas Complete article

Who is the largest employer in your state? Walmart top in nation with Amazon second. 03/30/2019

For the past seven years, at least, seven or eight of the states with the top ten murder rates also have Walmart as the biggest non-government employer; only one of the ten states with the lowest murder rates has Walmart as the biggest non-government employer.

Walmart Mexico and union agree on wage hikes, avert strike 03/14/2019

MEXICO CITY, March 14 (Reuters) - Walmart de Mexico, Mexico's biggest retailer, has reached a deal with a union to raise worker salaries, both groups said on Thursday, heading off a possible strike and offering reassurance to businesses in the early months of a new government.

Walmart Mexico said in a statement it struck the agreement on Wednesday with the Revolutionary Confederation of Laborers and Farmworkers (CROC), offering its workers an average annual salary increase of 5.5 percent and an annual bonus tied to store performance.

The dispute, despite involving only a few thousand of Walmart's 234,000 employees in Mexico and Central America, has been closely followed by economists and business lobbies as a bellwether for how labor negotiations will fare under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office in December.

The leftist has vowed to fight poverty and deep-seated inequality across the country, and in January raised the daily minimum wage by 16 percent.

The same month, factory workers went on strike in the city of Matamoros near the U.S. border and teachers blocked railroad tracks in the western state of Michoacan to press home demands. Complete article

Walmart Mexico and union agree on wage hikes, avert strike 03/14/2019 CROC, which previously said it was seeking a 20-percent salary hike, confirmed the deal in a separate statement.

Wiggy Wack! Kandi Burruss Threatens To Sue Walmart After They Illegally Use Her Image To Sell Wigs 03/14/2019

Woman arrested, two others wanted in Mich. Walmart theft 03/14/2019

Parents facing neglect charges after passing out with child in Walmart parking lot 03/14/2019

Walmart's new consolidation center will move products 2-5 days quicker 03/14/2019

Delivery man accused of grabbing woman's breast in a NY Walmart 03/15/2019

Man collected money for veterans outside Walmart. Police think he kept it for himself. 03/15/2019

Child dies after being struck by vehicle in Fla. Walmart parking lot 03/15/2019

The victim was taken to Lakeland Regional Hospital and pronounced dead.

AUBURNDALE, Fla. — A 4-year-old girl has died after being struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart in Polk County.

It happened around 11 a.m. Friday at the retail giant on Highway 92 West in Auburndale.

The child was at Walmart with her grandmother, who she lived with in Winter Haven.

The grandmother was returning a shopping cart to the cart corral area when a pickup truck driven by a Winter Haven man stopped to let her pass. But, as the little girl darted to follow, the pickup truck continued forward and accidentally hit her. Complete article

Pedestrian injured in hit and run near Myrtle Beach SC Walmart 03/15/2019

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - One person was injured after being struck by a car in Myrtle Beach.

According to Cpl. Thomas Vest with Myrtle Beach police, officers responded to the crash at 17th Avenue South and South Kings Street, near the Walmart Neighborhood Market, just before 7:30 Friday evening.

A pedestrian was hit, and the vehicle initially drove away from the scene.

Later Friday evening, police detained one person in connection with the incident and also found the vehicle involved. Complete article

Bridgeton Missouri Walmart evacuated after man unboxes, walks around store with BB gun 03/15/2019

BRIDGETON, Mo. ( -- The Walmart in Bridgeton was briefly evacuated during a disturbance Friday morning.

According to Bridgeton police, officers were called to the store in the 11000 block of St. Charles Rock Road around 10 a.m. for a disturbance. While they were on their way, police received another call about a man walking around the store with a gun, at which time Walmart was evacuated.

When officers arrived at the store, a man was found sitting outside the store on a bench holding a BB gun. The man reportedly took the BB gun out of the box and started walking around the store with it. Complete article

Bridgeton Walmart evacuated briefly after disturbance 03/15/2019 According to the Bridgeton police department, the suspect took a knife and bb gun off the shelf and began yelling inside the store.

Crazy crowds looking for deals, forces Northside Lafayette, La. Walmart to close early Friday 03/15/2019

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - Thousands of people flocked to the soon to be closed, Northside Walmart.

The store was packed with customers, looking to take advantage of a 50% discount on their entire order.

Before the sun even came up, people stood in lines outside the Walmart on the Evangeline Thruway, Hearing the news that the soon-to-be closed store, was having a massive deal. Complete article

Deputies looking for suspects who stole claw machine from St. Augustine Fla. Walmart 03/15/2019

Deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office are searching for three people who stole a vending claw machine from a Walmart in St. Augustine.

According to SJSO, a repair man came to service the claw machine at the store located at 2355 US 1 South in St. Johns County, when he noticed the machine was missing.

After contacting his manager, who said they did not take the machine, he told an assistant manager at Walmart that it was missing.

According to the report, the Walmart employee said someone called the store and said they were picking up the broken claw machine for repairs.

They reviewed surveillance video, where deputies said three people were seen taking the machine, but they were not repair employees.

The repair man told deputes that a similar incident happened in Gainesville. Complete article

Walmart is so desperate to fix health care, it flies employees to top hospitals in other states for treatment 03/14/2019

“Bill,” an employee at Walmart, had been suffering from mild neck pain and a tremor in his hands. A local surgeon recommended spine surgery as the next course of action.

Walmart decided to send him and his wife on a flight to a hospital in another state, all expenses paid, so he could get a second opinion. He saw a team of clinicians at Geisinger Medical Center, a top hospital system in Pennsylvania. They noticed a subtle shuffle in his step and diagnosed him with Parkinson’s Disease.

The employee avoided a painful, expensive surgery that he did not need. Walmart (which is self-insured) saved about $30,000 it would have paid for that surgery, and it also benefited when he went back to work after his symptoms improved. Geisinger got paid for the consult. Complete article

Men reported stalking women at Angola Ind. Walmart parking lot 03/16/2019

Women accused of stealing from Walmart in Shallotte NC 03/15/2019

Deputies: Uncle left niece, 4, alone in car at Palatka Fla. Walmart 03/15/2019

Nicotine fix?: Police say $1,500 worth of cigarettes stolen from Ephrata Pa. Walmart 03/17/2019

SHOCKING SWEATER: Youth marijuana-themed sweatshirt appears on Walmart website 03/17/2019

Police searching for suspect who allegedly fired shots at victim in Tx. Walmart parking lot 03/17/2019

SAN ANTONIO — Police are searching for the suspect who allegedly shot at a victim several times outside at a Walmart parking lot.

The San Antonio Police Department said a victim and one of the suspects got into an argument Saturday, March 9 inside a Walmart on Bandera Road and 3500 West Woodlawn Avenue. The suspect followed the victim outside into the parking lot, and then fired several shots at the victim.

SAPD and Crime Stoppers are searching for the suspect responsible for the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information which leads to the arrest of the suspect. Complete article

North Naples Fla. Walmart evacuated Sunday night; possible fire investigated 03/17/2019

The Walmart at Immokalee Road and U.S. 41 in North Naples was evacuated around 10 p.m. Sunday night following reports of a possible fire in the store.

A Walmart employee standing in the parking lot said employees and customers had been evacuated because someone “smelled something burning.”

Several fire trucks and police cars surrounded the Walmart, and firefighters could be seen climbing onto the roof of the store. Complete article

Walmart ending price-matching program in May 03/18/2019

Walmart is discontinuing its Savings Catcher price-matching program on May 14, the company announced to customers.

Walmart, which built its reputation on having THE lowest prices, will end the program that refunded the difference if an eligible item was advertised at a lower price by a competitor. Customers submitted receipts through the free Savings Catcher app or online to receive refunds on Walmart eGift cards. Complete article

Walmart Japan's new CEO: Seiyu 'absolutely' not for sale 03/18/2019

Couple arrested at St. George Utah Walmart after man allegedly steals stuffed unicorn for fiance 03/17/2019

Lebanon man sentenced to five years for attempted robbery at Oregon Walmart 03/18/2019

Abilene man accused of stealing $11,000 worth of cell phones from Tx. Walmart 03/18/2019

Scammers impersonate NC Walmart employees, target your receipt in order to shoplift 03/19/2019

Police: Man robbed credit union inside La. Walmart 03/18/2019

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Man wheels out 50" TV from NC Walmart 03/18/2019

Chiropractor placed on probation for stealing merchandise from Idaho Walmart to sell on eBay 03/18/2019

Decomposing body found inside SUV in southern Dallas Tx. Walmart parking lot 03/19/2019

Dallas police are investigating after a decomposing body was found Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a Walmart Supercenter in southern Dallas.

The body is believed to have been in the SUV for more than six weeks, Dallas police say.

Surveillance cameras at the Walmart, located on Wheatland Road near US 67, show the Ford Explorer pulled into the lot in early February, police say. The man’s body was found in the back seat as if he was asleep.

An employee of Walmart discovered the body after seeing what they thought was blood coming from the car, which was parked toward the middle of the lot under a tree. Complete article

Police searching for Ariz. Walmart robbery suspect 03/19/2019

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Detectives are searching for a man who they believe was involved in a robbery at a Walmart on 1650 West Valencia on March 19, 2019.

The suspect resisted arrest and struggled with police during a shopping investigation. He was last seen on foot running out of the front entrance.

While fleeing, the suspect assaulted and injured an elderly employee of the store. Complete article

Walmart robbery suspect located, arrested with help from public 03/20/2019

Fla. Walmart evacuated and placed on lock down 03/19/2019 headline was changed to "Man accused in alleged kidnapping, sexual assault in custody" within twenty two hours after being posted. Man was an Alleged Aryan Brotherhood member

Escambia County, Fla. (WEAR-TV) — Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) have caught the suspect who they believe allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman overnight.

ECSO confirms to Channel 3 News the man was caught in the woods behind the Verizon store on Sorrento Road - across the street from Walmart. ....

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. deputies received a call of a male who dropped someone off matching the woman's description acting strange while driving a truck at Walmart on Blue Angel Parkway.

Deputies say he was possibly armed.

ECSO arrived immediately and searched the Walmart.

Walmart was evacuated and placed on lock down. Complete article

Alleged Aryan Brotherhood member charged with sexual assault and kidnapping 03/19/2019

Suspect behind Fla. Walmart evacuation pleads not guilty to sexual battery, kidnapping 03/28/2019

Corrections officer charged with shoplifting again from Boardman Ohio Walmart 03/19/2019

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) - A corrections officer, charged with stealing from the Walmart in Boardman in 2017, now faces another shoplifting charge.

Juliana Stefek, 44, was charged with stealing from the same store on Saturday.

According to a police report, Stefek selected several items -- including a jar of American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade -- concealed the merchandise under her purse and went through the check-out.

Police said Stefek paid for everything but the pomade.

Police said when she was stopped by security, Stefek said, "This time it was a mistake, not like last time."

Stefek's 2017 theft case was dismissed, according to court records.

According to the police report, Stefek is still employed at the Ohio State Penitentiary.

Thomas Horton, a correctional warden assistant at the prison, said Stefek has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Horton said Stefek was removed in 2017 after the previously shoplifting charge but was able to win her job back through a grievance settlement. Complete article

Virginia Beach teacher told police he used cellphone to 'spy' on man in Walmart bathroom 03/19/2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) -- A W.T. Cook Elementary School music teacher accused of recording a man who was using a Walmart bathroom admitted to police that he used his cellphone to "spy" on the man, court documents show.

Michael Burke, who just celebrated 25 years in the Virginia Beach public school system, has been charged with peeping and spying in a building. Burke was charged with the class one misdemeanor on March 7 – about a week after the alleged incident happened.

A search warrant filed for Burke’s Myrica Place home states that security footage taken on March 1 at Walmart showed Burke going into the men’s bathroom around 4:12 p.m. and not leaving for 50 minutes.

Burke was removed from the bathroom by security at 5:01 p.m. after a man reported that a person’s hand was holding a cellphone above the bathroom stall he was using, court documents state.

The man followed security to Burke’s car and got his license plate number, which he later provided to the Virginia Beach Police Department.

Police interviewed Burke on March 5. Police say that Burke admitted to them that he was in the Walmart bathroom on March 1 and that he used his cellphone to "spy" on the man who reported him to security, according to court documents.

Police say that several children and adults used the bathroom during the 50 minutes that Burke was inside of it. Officers searched his home for electronics on March 7, taking an iPhone, an iPod, a Samsung Galaxy SII, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Dell Inspiron laptop, and a Gateway Atheros. Complete article

Longtime VB music teacher accused of recording man in Walmart bathroom 03/18/2019

Assault on state trooper led to manhunt, arrest of pair accused of shoplifting at Mass. Walmart 03/20/2019

PITTSFIELD — A Florida man is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a state police trooper on Tuesday during a multi-town search for him and another man accused in a shoplifting scheme in North Adams.

Shannon Brown, 33, of Tampa, Fla., and Arnold Chapman were arrested after a pursuit — by car, foot and helicopter — that spanned more than two hours.

The incident began around 2 p.m. when North Adams police notified state police that they were looking for two men who were attempting to return stolen merchandise worth nearly $2,000 to Walmart Supercenter. The men fled the store in a black Ford 150 pickup truck with Florida plates, leading authorities on a chase that continued through several towns. Complete article

Two giant TVs stolen from Madison Heights Va. Walmart, authorities looking for this man 03/19/2019

Man Banned From Walmart Trespasses, Shoplifts over $21 worth of goods: Milford Conn. Police 03/20/2019

Bomb Threat or "Code Blue,” Investigated at Wapakoneta Ohio Walmart 03/20/2019

Walmart will close San Jose Ca. neighborhood market 03/21/2019

Man Tried to Use Dead Homeowner's Check at Asheboro NC Walmart: Sheriff 03/20/2019

Ariz. Walmart to close down an East Valley store 03/20/2019

City, south side Springfield Ill. Walmart close to resolution on improper truck parking 03/20/2019

'Black hair products' locked in anti-theft case at Ca. Walmart 03/20/2019

Ex-priest charged with rape violates house arrest with NM Walmart visits 03/20/2019

Trial set for woman arrested for shoplifting at Iowa Walmart 03/20/2019

Suspected Mount Vernon Wash. Walmart shoplifter gets tased, hit by car and killed 03/21/2019

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — A suspected shoplifter was hit by a car and killed when a Mount Vernon police officer tased him as he ran across the street causing him to fall on the roadway.

The State Patrol says police were called just before 8:30 Wednesday night and encountered the suspected shoplifter as he ran from Walmart.

Attempting to elude police, the suspect began crossing Freeway Drive near West College Way, where the officer used his taser on him.

He then fell to the ground and was hit by a car. Complete article

Dead Walmart shoplifting suspect identified 03/28/2019

Suspected McDonalds robber arrested at Ohio Walmart 03/20/2019

Township police this morning arrested the man suspected of robbing the Mahoning Avenue McDonald’s restaurant at gunpoint Tuesday.

Detective Jordan Yacovone said an off-duty officer caught up with Jawwaad R. Pusey, 32, of Carlotta Drive, Youngstown, just before 7 a.m., at the Mahoning Avenue Wal-Mart, attempting to make fraudulent returns of merchandise he claimed was bought at the store — the same type of scam he tried at the McDonald’s before pulling a gun and making off with about $75.

“When they were giving him a hard time about it, he got loud with the managers, made a big scene, was kicking carts,” Yacovone said. “He has a history of doing this. He’s done this at numerous McDonald’s and Taco Bell restaurants.”

Yacovone said Pusey wasn’t carrying a gun at the Wal-Mart and did not recover the small, semi-automatic handgun he allegedly used in the McDonald’s robbery. When interviewed by detectives, Pusey claimed he didn’t own one, Yacovone said. Complete article

Walmart customer sprayed in face with liquid during robbery in New Jersey 03/21/2019

UNION TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WABC) -- Two women are accused of attacking a customer at a Walmart in New Jersey.

They allegedly sprayed her in the face with a cleaning liquid and snatched her purse.

Police released surveillance photos of the women they are looking for in the attack.

The incident happened at the Walmart in Union Township on Tuesday, March 12th. Complete article

Wy. Walmart drops trespassing charges against Marcus 03/20/2019

KPD: P.O. Castillo saves man at NJ Walmart using Narcan 03/20/2019

Man sought in NC Walmart TV larceny 03/20/2019

Layton Utah police seek public's help identifying suspects in jewelry theft from Walmart 03/21/2019

Marana Ariz. Walmart set to close 03/21/2019

Trial delayed until July in Ind. Walmart Sept. 2018 shooting case 03/21/2019

Wyoming Walmart Larceny Suspect Apprehended at Motel 8 03/21/2019

Can you identify him? Mobile Alabama Police seek Walmart bank robber 03/21/2019

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — According to Mobile Police on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at approximately 11:15 a.m., police responded to the Walmart located at 101 East I-65 Service Road in reference to a reported bank robbery inside the Woodforest Bank branch inside the location.

The subject is wanted in connection with the bank robbery, also pictured is a photo of the vehicle that is also wanted in connection with the bank robbery. Complete article

Bergenfield NJ librarian takes on Walmart — for a $500 grant check 03/21/2019

David versus Goliath? How about local librarian versus the world's largest retailer?

Bergenfield Library Director Allison Moonitz isn't asking for much from Walmart — just the $500 grant the library was promised in September.

It's been months since the check from the Walmart Community Grant program was supposed to arrive.

In the meantime, Moonitz has made it her mission nearly every week since January to call Walmart's customer service department or send emails to the retail giant asking what the holdup is. She has doggedly visited the Walmart store in Saddle Brook in pursuit of the check.

She had plans to use the money to buy audiobooks for the library's children's department. But those purchases have been put on hold.

"It's just frustrating, because we were going to use that money to enhance the children's collection," Moonitz said. "It's not about me — it's about the library. It's about the kids in this community. And that is what's disappointing about this endeavor." Complete article

Bergenfield Public Library finally gets the $500 grant from Walmart 03/22/2019

Carrier Mills man gets 3 years for hitting, strangling woman in January in Marion Ill. Walmart parking lot 03/22/2019

Third suspect in Walmart theft ring sentenced in Eau Claire County Minn. 03/22/2019

Suspect exposed himself, urinated on vehicle at Tenn. Walmart, police say 03/22/2019

Police ask for help identifying Nevada Walmart larceny, assault suspect 03/22/2019

Shooting near Montana Walmart leads to kidnapping charges for two men 03/22/2019

Two men face felony charges Friday morning after an 18-year-old man was allegedly shot in the foot in the area of the westside Walmart.

Timothy Wayne Schreck, 40, and Russell Joseph Garcia, 27, are both charged with aggravated kidnapping, a felony. Schreck is also charged with felony robbery, and Garcia faces a second charge of felony assault with a weapon.

According to court documents, the Great Falls Police Department was dispatched to the Benefis Health System Emergency Department just after 11:30 Thursday morning for a report of an 18-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the foot.

The man reported that Schreck and Garcia accosted him in the parking lot of Walmart at 701 Smelter Ave. N.E., demanding that he return property he had allegedly stolen from Schreck’s vehicle.

The man told police that Garcia then shot him in the left foot and both men forced him into their vehicle.

The affidavit states Schreck and Garcia had the man take them to where he stored the property to retrieve it for them, then forced the man to Schreck’s residence on the 400 block of 9th Street South. Complete article

Arlington Police Searching For Suspect Who Tried To Steal Car In Tx. Walmart Parking Lot 03/22/2019

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Arlington police are searching for a person suspected of trying to steal a car in a Walmart parking lot Thursday evening.

Police say the incident happened at the Walmart near North Collins Street and Lamar Boulevard when a person attempted to carjack a woman who just arrived to the store. Complete article

Police release video of man who tried to carjack woman outside Arlington Walmart 03/22/2019

Customers, employees evacuated from Horry County SC Walmart due to fire 03/22/2019

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A fire forced customers and employees to evacuate Friday night from a Walmart in the Conway area of Horry County.

Horry County Fire Rescue and the Conway Fire Department responded to the fire around 8:30 p.m. at the Walmart on Middle Ridge Avenue, just off Highway 501.

The building was evacuated, and the fire was put out by the suppression system. .....

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Complete article

Naples man arrested for stealing $500 worth of beer from Fla. Walmart 03/22/2019

Corona, Heineken and Budweiser, a thirsty thief stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of all three types of beer. Collier County sheriff’s deputies said it all happened at a Walmart on Collier Boulevard. The guy walked out of the store with a full cart three separate time.

On Thursday, Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gerard Antonio Intindola, 55, of Naples after they said he stole $500 in beer from Walmart in Collier County.

The accused man used the garden center of the Walmart as his exit each time. He loaded his truck up three times before anyone noticed what he was doing.

“I’m astonished that somebody would do that three times,” John Dalessandro said. “He should’ve quit while he was ahead. Greed, that’s one of the deadly sins, right?” Complete article

Support pouring in for woman seen stealing car seat from Avon Park Fla. Walmart 03/22/2019

AVON PARK, Fla. (WFLA) - It's not common for a suspected shoplifter to earn sympathy on Facebook, but that's what's happening after a woman was caught on camera stealing a car seat and baby wipes from a Walmart in Avon Park.

The Highlands County Sheriff's Office Facebook page shared an image of a woman accused of stealing the items with a young son in her shopping cart on February 1. Deputies say she stole the car seat and baby wipes before running across the parking lot and departing in a dark gray Chevy Suburban.

NewsChannel 8 is told investigators have several leads on the identity of the suspect.

Commenters on the Facebook post, however, are offering to pay for the stolen items in the hopes that the woman won't face charges.

"If someone pays the bill for her will Walmart drop the charges?" asked Kaitlyn on Facebook. "Stealing is wrong period but the things a parent will do for their child are endless." Complete article

Walmart supports Girls Who Code to expand the national tech talent pipeline 03/20/2019

NEW YORK – Today, Walmart announced a $3 million commitment to Girls Who Code—the largest commitment in the organization’s history—as a part of an effort to close the gender gap in tech across the United States.

The commitment by Walmart will support the organization’s ambitious goal of growing to 10,000 clubs across the U.S. and in rural areas – nearly doubling the 6,000 Girls Who Code clubs already running across the nation. The programs will provide computer science programming for girls in rural areas, where fewer girls have access to computer science education and the support necessary to make sure they persist in the field. Complete article

Walmart is quietly closing stores — here's the full list (WMT) 03/22/2019

Walmart is closing at least eight US stores across eight states.

The closing stores include one Walmart Supercenter in Lafayette, Louisiana, and seven Walmart Neighborhood Market stores in Arizona, California, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

The closing date for most of the affected stores is April 19, according to employees of those stores, who confirmed the closings to Business Insider.

Walmart representatives had previously confirmed the closings to various local media outlets but did not immediately return Business Insider's request for comment. Complete article

Two Deerfield men charged with shoplifting at Mass. Walmart 03/2/2019 NORTHAMPTON – Two Deerfield men were arrested Thursday night at the Walmart on North King Street for stealing baby formula and various other merchandise.

Recognize him? Police seek suspect who stole 55-inch TV from Walmart in Saukville Wisc. 03/25/2019

Police looking for theft suspects accused of stealing from Tx. Walmart 03/24/2019

Homicide investigation underway in Tulsa Okla. after shooting victim drives SUV nearly into Walmart entrance 03/24/2019

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities in Tulsa are investigating after a man who had been shot drove a vehicle nearly into a Walmart.

Police say the man drove an SUV into the Walmart parking lot near 31st and Garnett Saturday night, hitting several vehicles and crashing near an entrance of the store.

FOX 23 reports police say the man, identified as 25-year-old Desean Tallent, had been shot in the upper torso.

He was taken to the hospital where he later died. Complete article

Arrest made after deadly shooting, crash into east Tulsa Walmart 03/26/2019

After the incident, detectives say they learned Tallent had been involved in an altercation at the Arby's restaurant near 41st and Garnett about an hour prior to the crash. Police say Tallent allegedly threatened Deionna Young -- the restaurant's manager -- and spit on her.

Police say Tallent returned to the Arby's about an hour later and Young got in her car and followed him.

Detectives say Young fired her gun at Tallent's SUV one time and returned to work. Tallent was hit by the bullet and crashed into the front of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 31st and Garnett -- and later died.

Hillsboro man identified as carjacking suspect killed in trooper-involved shooting in Illinois after carjacking call at Sam's Club 03/18/2019

MACOUPIN COUNTY, Ill. ( -- A suspect was killed and an Illinois State Trooper was wounded after a chase led to an officer-involved shooting in Macoupin County Saturday afternoon.

Police said it started at 3:45 p.m. after the Glen Carbon Police Department was sent to a call for an armed carjacking at a Sam's Club parking lot.

A 36-year-old trooper responded and saw the suspect driving north on I-55 and started a pursuit. The trooper attempted a traffic stop but the suspect kept going until driving off to the median near the intersection of Staunton Road and I-55.

Police said the suspect's car got stuck so he fled on foot, produced a handgun and fired at the trooper. The trooper fired back, striking the suspect and fatally wounding him. Complete article

One injured in shooting at Hanover Pa. Sam's Club, police investigating 03/24/2019

One person was shot in the leg Sunday afternoon while at the Sam's Club in Hanover, according York County 911.

The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries, but their condition is unknown at this time.

Officers were called about shots fired in 200 block of Wilson Avenue around 1:30 p.m., and the Hanover Borough Police Department is investigating the incident. Complete article

Woman stabbed during large fight at Davenport Iowa Walmart 03/25/2019

A woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries when she was stabbed during a large fight in front of Walmart in west Davenport Sunday night.

Davenport police responded to the store, 3101 W. Kimberly Road, at 10:10 p.m. after receiving a report of a disturbance involving 10 to 12 people who were actively fighting near the entrance.

The crowd dispersed prior to officers arriving on scene. Complete article

Two males in custody following 'altercation' at Gettysburg Pa. Walmart, police say 03/24/2019

Two males have been taken into custody following an altercation in the Gettysburg Walmart parking lot, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Police responded to the incident at 1270 York Road in Straban Township shortly after 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

A 34-year-old male and a 56-year-old male were injured in the altercation and medically treated. Their names have not been released, but police anticipate they will be charged with assault-related offenses, according to a release. Complete article

Woman steals Walmart employee's phone in North Port 03/24/2019

Man arrested after allegedly inappropriately grabbing woman in Ky. Walmart restroom 03/25/2019

Motion: Grand jury not given all info in Alexandria La. Walmart Sept. 2018 shooting 03/25/2019

Inmate who escaped Louisiana jail caught at Memphis Tenn. Walmart 03/26/2019

Culprit shows gun, steals car in Nebraska Walmart parking lot 03/26/2019

OMAHA, Neb. — A man showed a handgun outside an Omaha Walmart and took off in a victim's car, police said.

The victim told officers the man approached him in the parking lot near 72nd and Pine streets around 12:45 a.m. He took the victim's keys, jumped in the Hyundai Excel and was last seen heading northbound. Complete article

Hesperia Ca. Walmart employee accused of setting fires at store in order to get out of work 03/25/2019

HESPERIA, Calif. (FOX 11) - A Walmart employee in Hesperia is being accused of starting several fires at the store in order to get out of work.

The incident happened Sunday night, March 24, at the Walmart store located in the 13400 block of Main Street. Authorities identified the employee as 24-year-old Victorville resident Kevin Jermaine Smith.

Investigators say video surveillance from the store showed fires inside and outside the Walmart being started by Smith who was scheduled to work later that night. Complete article

Walmart Worker Accused of Setting Store on Fire 03/26/2019 Video

California Man Started Multiple Walmart Fires to Avoid Work, Law Enforcement Says 03/26/2019

2 sought for robbing woman in Pa. Walmart store 03/25/2019

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) - Police are asking for help to identify two people accused of robbing a woman after she cashed a payroll check at a Walmart store.

Manheim Township police released surveillance photos of their suspects. They said the man and woman in the photos approached the victim at the customer service counter at the Fruitville Pike store on Saturday afternoon. The female suspect grabbed the victim's purse and removed a large amount of money she just received. Complete article

Sioux Falls SD woman sues Walmart after customer hits her with scooter cart 03/25/2019

A Sioux Falls woman is suing Walmart after another customer hit and injured her with a motorized shopping cart in 2017, saying the company was negligent in its instructions on how to operate the scooters.

The 85-year-old woman was shopping with her daughter in Walmart on South Louise Avenue in June 2017 when another customer who was "recklessly driving a motorized shopping cart," ran into her right side, causing "serious injury and extreme pain," according to the lawsuit filed in Minnehaha County civil court this week.

The customer "clearly did not know how to stop it (the motorized shopping cart)," the lawsuit claims. Complete article

Walmart and the Push to Put Workers on Company Boards 03/26/2019

In 2000, Cynthia Murray started working as a fitting-room associate at a Walmart store in Laurel, Maryland, and she still holds the position today. “I take all the calls that come in. I take care of the customers. I do returns,” Murray, who is in her early sixties, told me recently. “I do a little bit of everything in the store. I’m always around the fitting-room area, but sometimes I have to go to customer service, and there are seven departments I separate returns for. If you call the store, I’m the one that you get. If you need a manager, I use a walkie that I have to find one. I help customers if they have issues.” Murray grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was raised by a single father who drove a truck for a living and was a member of the Teamsters union. After graduating from the South Side High School in Pittsburgh, she did a variety of jobs, including working in the canteen of a steel mill, serving as a home health aide, and driving a truck. When she was first hired at Walmart, Murray worked full time and was paid $7.30 an hour; today she works four days a week and makes $14.68 an hour.

During her nineteen years at Walmart, Murray has seen changes that, she feels, have undermined the long-term health of the company and its workforce. A few years ago, the company modified the way that it gives pay increases to its retail employees, moving from a set annual raise of forty cents an hour to a two-per-cent increase in pay, a change that Murray says has resulted in lower raises for many workers. The company started using a points system to track sick days, which Murray says pressures workers to come to work even if they are running a fever. Waves of layoffs and reductions of shifts over the last decade thinned out staff inside Walmart’s vast emporiums, leading many merchandise shelves to sit empty for long stretches because there was no one available to stock them. In 2016, an article in Bloomberg Businessweek noted elevated crime rates at Walmart locations across the country, which were straining local police departments; the crimes were attributed in large part to cuts in staffing at stores. (Last year, Walmart announced that it was raising the minimum wage it pays employees, to eleven dollars an hour; this past February, when it introduced the changes to its sick-day policy, it also said that it was offering bonuses to workers who minimize their absences from work.) Complete article

Woman sentenced in Wisc. Walmart theft ring 03/25/2019

Man Arrested For Selling Drugs Outside Wyoming Walmart 03/26/2019

An Exorcist Comments on Walmart’s Satanic Products 03/25/2019 “Either they are intentionally promoting demonic things, or they are ignorant. Either way, they are responsible for spreading evil.”

Pueblo Colorado Police arrest suspected Walmart bank robber 03/26/2019

Bristol man faces cruelty charges after dumping dog at Torrington Conn. Walmart 03/25/2019

Help Winter Haven Fla. Police Department Identify Walmart Thieves 03/26/2019

Police ask for public's help finding Marshalltown Iowa woman missing for 10 days last seen near Walmart 03/25/2019

2 officers help save child who stopped breathing in Upstate SC Walmart 03/25/2019

Woman charged with theft, "attempting to steal all night" at Tx. Walmart 03/25/2019

Police: Woman tried to take items from Sand Springs Okla. Walmart, obstruct officers 03/25/2019 Employees recovered three items for $19.80, a report states.

Police looking for theft suspects accused of stealing from Tx. Walmart 03/24/2019

CVS, Walmart set to cut back on greeting card shelf space 03/26/2019

Twin Cities woman linked to six-state including Wisc. Minn. Walmart theft spree gets 3 years probation 03/26/2019

BLOTTER: Woman accused of stealing wheelchair from Ill. Wal-Mart 03/26/2019

Enraged Missouri Walmart customer sent to prison 03/26/2019 An Oklahoma man who became enraged at a Walmart store in Joplin and threatened both a customer service associate and a customer with a knife has been sent to prison for two years.

Police release photo of suspect wanted in NY Walmart groping incident 03/27/2019

2 Arrested for Stealing from Grand Traverse County Mich. Walmart 03/26/2019

Bizarre Va. Walmart Incident Leaves Four Charged In Stafford: Police 03/26/2019

Tupelo Mississippi police seek suspect for Walmart theft 03/26/2019

Massachusetts man gets two to five years prison sentences for NH Walmart thefts 03/26/2019

One in custody after shots fired in Franklin Wisc. Walmart parking lot 03/26/2019

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 51-year-old from Milwaukee is in custody after police said shots were fired in a Walmart parking lot in Franklin.

Police said it happened around 11:45 Monday night at the Walmart near S. 27th Street and W. Sycamore Street. No injuries were reported and the person was arrested for first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

Investigators say the case will be sent to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for review. Complete article

‘Isolated incident:’ 1 in custody after shots fired in Franklin Walmart parking lot 03/26/2019

Shots fired at Okla. Walmart gas station 03/27/2019

Tulsa, Okla. - Tulsa police are looking for three cars involved in a rolling shootout in a Walmart parking lot.

Police say shots were fired from the cars at the gas station at the Walmart at Admiral and Memorial Tuesday.

More shots were fired in the parking lot.

We're told everyone involved raced away and no one was hit. Complete article

Indiana magistrate accused of buying meth from undercover cop in Walmart parking lot 03/26/2019

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A suburban Indianapolis magistrate facing a drug charge has been suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Hamilton County Magistrate Will Greenaway is accused of buying methamphetamine from a state police informant in a Walmart parking lot last Wednesday in Noblesville. He's also accused of biting an officer's thumb while trying to swallow the bag of meth.

Greenaway was suspended with pay Tuesday.

Magistrates have the same duties as judges in Indiana but aren't elected. They are chosen by judges to work with them. Greenaway has been a magistrate for eight years. Complete article

EEOC says Walmart should be sanctioned for denying settlement efforts 03/26/2019

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has asked a federal judge in Wisconsin to sanction Walmart Stores Inc for its “frivolous” claim that the agency did not attempt to settle a pregnancy discrimination complaint by a warehouse employee before suing the company.

The EEOC in a filing on Monday said it had contacted the retail giant 25 times in the three months before suing the company for widespread bias against pregnant women at its Menomonie, Wisconsin warehouse. But the agency said Walmart falsely claimed last month in an answer to the lawsuit that the commission made no effort to conciliate, as it is required to do under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Complete article

Pinterest hires Walmart CTO ahead of IPO 03/21/2019

Pinterest has hired Walmart CTO Jeremy King as its head of engineering ahead of the company's upcoming IPO.

King announced his departure from Walmart Wednesday, according to a memo obtained by CNBC. He'll now be responsible for Pinterest's "visual discovery engine" that recommends posts and images to Pinterest users.

Last month Pinterest filed confidentially for a public offering, after a decade as a private company. An IPO and subsequent public disclosures would open the company and its underlying tech up to heightened scrutiny. Complete article

Elkton Md. Walmart shoplifter homicide trial gets underway 03/26/2019 ELKTON — A jury trial is underway for a woman who stands accused of killing one of her alleged shoplifting accomplices in September when she backed over her with a car in the Elkton Walmart parking lot, as they tried to make their getaway.

Walmart will close San Jose Ca. neighborhood market 03/21/2019

Man Steals $1,500 In Baby Formula From Placerville Ca. Walmart, Gets Away Through Fire Exit 03/27/2019

N64 hoodie wearer among trio authorities say stole from Madison Heights Va. Walmart 03/27/2019

Woman Hospitalized After Being Shot Behind Spring Tx. Walmart Supercenter 03/27/2019

Spring, Texas – March 27, 2019 – A woman was hospitalized Wednesday evening after being shot behind a Spring Walmart Supercenter.

The incident occurred at the Walmart Supercenter located at 155 Louetta Crossing near Louetta and Interstate 45. Officials tells us that a woman sustained a single gunshot wound to her torso.

She was transported to an area hospital in stable; her injuries were non-life threatening. Complete article

Hamilton crash in front of Ohio Walmart tilts vehicle, temporarily entraps driver 03/27/2019

HAMILTON — A driver was temporarily entrapped by a crash in front of a Walmart in Hamilton today,

The crash was reported at 1:52 p.m. today in the 1300 block of Main Street in Hamilton, near the Walmart. It caused heavy front-end damage to one of the vehicles and left another tipped at an angle, with its driver temporarily entrapped, police said.

Police officers were still at the scene this afternoon. No injuries were reported to the people inside the two CRVs, said Sgt. Rich Burkhardt, a Hamilton police spokesperson. Complete article

Officers use pepper spray to subdue man after disturbance at Conn. Walmart 03/27/2019

WESTERLY — A local man who was subdued with pepper spray during a disturbance at the entrance to Walmart has pleaded no contest to charges of misdemeanor shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

The man, Kevin Krag Collins, 48, of Westerly, entered the plea on Wednesday in Fourth Division District Court after initially pleading not guilty at his arraignment earlier this week. He received a one-year suspended sentence and a year of probation. As part of a plea agreement, a charge of resisting arrest was dismissed.

Collins was arrested Saturday after an incident at the Westerly Walmart on Post Road. Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said officers arrived to find Collins, with a bulge in his pocket and a bag beside him, yelling and swearing at customers outside the store. An officer tried to calm him, but the police said he remained aggressive and threatened to become violent. He was subdued with pepper spray. Complete article

Hoboken man’s getaway through NJ Walmart crawl space is thwarted: police 03/27/2019

A man being held for shoplifting by Bayonne Walmart security officers attempted a bizarre escape through a crawl space in the ceiling, but he was quickly caught by Bayonne police, authorities said.

Matthew Ricciardi, 27, of Jackson Street in Hoboken, was charged with making terroristic threats, robbery, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a hypodermic syringe, Bayonne police Lt. Eric Amato said. Complete article

Conn. craft beer staying out of Target and Walmart 03/27/2019

Craft beer lovers won’t be seeing locally made brews on Target and Walmart shelves any time soon.

A crucial committee at the General Assembly approved a modified bill aimed at streamlining the state’s craft alcohol industry Monday, killing a component that would have allow big-box chain retailers to sell beer in the process.

“The committee felt that it was not something that was appropriate to helping out existing interests, including breweries and package stores,” said lobbyist Carroll Hughes, who opposed the box store idea when it first appeared last month in a proposal by Sen. Kevin Witkos, R-Canton. Complete article

Jared Kushner called Walmart to get job in Daphne, Alabama for first woman freed by First Step Act 03/28/2019

Catherine Toney began February in prison and ended the month with a job at Walmart after White House adviser Jared Kushner called the Arkansas-based retailer on her behalf.

Toney, 55, is believed to be the first woman freed by the First Step Act, which President Trump signed in December. She was released Feb. 1 after serving 16 years, benefiting from the law's retroactive crack cocaine sentence reductions.

Toney will join Trump on Monday for an event celebrating the criminal justice reform law, his first major bipartisan policy achievement. Other recently released inmates were invited to attend. Complete article

Woman suspected of stealing nearly $3,000 in jewelry from NM Walmart 03/27/2019

LCSO: Suspects involved in grand theft scheme at Walmart 03/27/2019

Man Accused of Groping Woman at Hudson Valley NY Walmart 03/28/2019

Stolen WAMO gear returned in Pa. Walmart rendezvous, says station GM 03/27/2019

Man who broke into Moses Lake Wash. Walmart, stole shotgun sentenced to 26 months 03/26/2019

Man Charged With DUI In Tenn. Walmart Parking Lot 03/28/2019

Officers Converge On Roseville Ca. Walmart Parking Lot After Suspect Tried To Pass $100 Bill 03/28/2019

Man gets 25 years for stabbing San Antonio Tx. Walmart employee during shoplifting attempt in July 2018 03/28/2019

Parent looking for child causes false alarm at Walmart on Kirkman Road, Orlando Fla. police say 03/28/2019 Orlando police say no shots fired at Metrowest area Walmart

Scarborough Me. P.D. seek help identifying suspects in Wal-Mart theft 03/28/2019

Police are looking for this man they say stole computers, TV from Ga. Walmart stores 03/28/2019

Pedestrian dies after hit-and-run near Myrtle Beach SC Walmart Neighborhood Market 03/28/2019

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A pedestrian has died after a hit-and-run in Myrtle Beach.

Robert Edge, with the Horry County Coroner’s Office, confirmed to News13 that Brian Bigert, 36, has died.

Police responded to the crash on March 15 at 17th Avenue South and South Kings Street around 7:30 p.m., near the Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The pedestrian was hit and police said the driver of the vehicle initially drove away from the scene. One person was detained in connection with the incident later in the night. Complete article

Walmart heads land in Israel, wooing Israeli partners 03/29/2019

The head of Walmart was in Israel this week, according to a report by the Israeli business site CTech.

Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillion reportedly came to Israel with a group of other senior Walmart delegates to meet with Israeli officials and local startups.

The visit comes on the heels of last month's acquisition by Walmart of Tel Aviv-based product review start-up Aspectiva for an undisclosed sum. Complete article

Does America Want Walmart Milking Its Cows? 03/29/2019

Small dairy farms are going under while more of America’s food comes from bigger and bigger operations.

Joe Kelsay’s family has been dairy farming for more than a century. He said President Martin Van Buren originally granted the family their land just south of Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1837, as part of a program to settle what was then considered “the West.”

But the milk business, like the broader agriculture industry, is struggling. It’s become more difficult for dairy farmers to turn a profit thanks to low prices for their product.

Last year, Kelsay Farms lost its biggest customer, dairy processor Dean Foods, which had bought and distributed their milk for 25 years. Dean would pasteurize the milk and then sell the finished, packaged product to retailers like Walmart. But Walmart decided to cut the middleman and build its own milk processing plant to serve its stores in the Midwest. Complete article

Trigger-happy woman fires BB gun outside Ga. Walmart 03/28/2019

Shoppers at Walmart on Barrett Parkway in Powder Springs had to not only watch out for drivers battling for prime parking spaces.

Flying bullets also became part of the shopping experience when a woman shot a BB gun outside the big box retailer. Cobb police found her around 12:20 p.m. March 23 firing the weapon towards the parking lot where employees and customers were walking.

She was charged with reckless conduct, obstruction and possession of cocaine. The gunslinger was booked into the Cobb jail and was released March 27 after posting a $6,820 bond. Complete article

Walmart not exempt from vaccinating workers on first-aid team - 8th Circuit Fla. 03/28/2019

A U.S. appeals court on Thursday rejected a Walmart Stores Inc unit’s claim that it was exempt from having to provide hepatitis B vaccinations to warehouse workers in Florida who volunteered for an injury-response team.

A unanimous three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that because workers did not provide first aid at the scene of workplace injuries but rather at a designated area at the distribution center, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules requiring that certain workers receive vaccines did apply. Complete article

Court of appeals upholds ruling against Walmart distribution center in Alachua Fla. 03/28/2019 A federal court of appeals has upheld a ruling that the Walmart distribution center in Alachua failed to protect workers who were trained to provide first aid.

Washington Township Pa. to bill Walmart for its trash 03/28/2019

Parents of teen killed Nov. 2018 in NC Walmart shooting devastated after charges dropped 03/28/2019

Man Foiled in Attempt to Steal Electronics from Cheyenne Wyoming Walmart 03/28/2019

Walmart Neighborhood Market in Morristown Tenn. to close in April 03/29/2019

Columbus Nebraska's Walmart celebrates remodel 03/29/2019

Police: Man charged after shooting at woman outside Colerain Township Ohio Walmart 03/29/2019

A man has been charged with aggravated robbery after trying to steal a woman's phone outside the Walmart at the Colerain Towne Center, according to police.

Brain Foster, 34, of Kennedy Heights, was arrested early Friday morning after police said he used a handgun during an attempted aggravated robbery.

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. Police said Foster fired "multiple rounds from his handgun at the victim's car as she fled."

Court documents said Foster admitted he shot at the victim. Complete article

Tense I-75 standoff started with attempted robbery at Ga. Walmart, police say 03/29/2019

COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Police say a man who ended up in a tense standoff with police on I-75 first attempted to rob a Marietta Walmart.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes was in Cobb County, where several squad cars were at the Walmart at 210 Cobb Parkway Friday afternoon.

Police said the suspect, who has not been identified, walked up to customer service counter around 8:30 a.m. and pointed a gun in an employee's face. Someone called 911, but when officers arrived, the suspect was already gone.

Officers responding to the report of the robbery spotted the man's car and tried to stop him. He led them on a chase that ended up on I-75 South, where the driver pulled over and refused to leave his car, police said.

He was taken into custody after a tense, hourslong standoff with police. Complete article

3 men rob woman at gunpoint in La. Walmart parking lot 03/29/2019

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A 38-year-old woman was robbed in the parking lot of an eastern New Orleans Walmart, according to a preliminary police report.

It happened Thursday around 6:30 p.m. in the 6000 block of Bullard Ave.

Three males approached the woman when one pulled out a gun and demanded her property, the report said.

The victim told police she threw her wallet and keys to the ground. One of the robbers demanded the woman’s cell phone. She ran inside the store. Complete article

Note left at NC Walmart led to man’s arrest on human trafficking charges in Myrtle Beach SC 03/29/2019

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A suspicious note left behind at a North Carolina Walmart eventually led to a man being arrested on human trafficking charges out of Myrtle Beach.

Johnny Ricardo Donovan Thomas, 31, of Durham, N.C., is charged with sex trafficking a minor after an investigation determined he was involved in a multi-state human trafficking case.

Thomas was arrested by the Rockingham Police Department in North Carolina on Tuesday.

WMBF’s news partners at The Richmond Observer reported that Rockingham Police Department investigators got a call Tuesday from Walmart regarding a suspicious note that had been left behind.

A young man had received out-of-state funds from the Money Center and dropped a note saying he had been kidnapped, which the teller didn’t read until after he had left, investigators say. After reading it, the teller told a manager, who called police. Complete article

7-year-old injured in hit-and-run at Brown Deer Wisc. Walmart parking lot 03/29/2019

BROWN DEER — A 7-year-old girl was struck in a hit-and-run Thursday at a Walmart parking lot.

A 30-year-old woman was with her niece when a car ran into them, striking the child, according to a report from Brown Deer Police.

The vehicle stopped, and the 60-year-old driver fled the scene. The passenger, a 74-year-old woman, remained on the scene. Complete article

Suspect Dragged Woman, Ripped Out Her Hair During Attempted Carjacking At Arlington Tx. Walmart 03/29/2019

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Police have arrested a man who they say dragged a woman out of her vehicle by her hair in an attempt to carjack her at a Walmart in Arlington.

Kori Draper, 31, was arrested after attempting to carjack a woman at the Neighborhood Walmart near N. Collins Street and Lamar Boulevard last week.

According to the arrest warrant, Draper approached the woman as she was arriving to the store, opened the driver-side door and demanded that she get out of the vehicle.

Police say he then grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her out of the vehicle. During this, he ripped out a “significant amount” of her hair.

Draper then threw her to the ground, which caused an injury to her hand. After forcing her out, he then tried to steal the vehicle.

According to police, Draper ended up running away from the scene after multiple witnesses showed up to help the victim. Complete article

After one post on social media, a local Walmart employee goes viral 03/28/2019 Is this viral at the grassroots level or because of marketing ploy?

If you saw this on Facebook, you probably wouldn't think anything of it. A Walmart employee, standing in front of a stack of sodas and a sale sign but thousands of people online disagree.

This is Matt, he works at Walmart, one on Saddle Creek in Omaha. He now has a rabid fan base and had no idea his photo had taken off.

When FOX42 spoke with Matt, he said he didn't understand why he went viral but it's all thanks to a photo with Fanta soda bottles here at Walmart.

Someone special is hard at work inside and not expecting any special recognition. A few weeks ago, that all changed. "I was a little bit surprised and a little bit confused, I wasn't sure why it had happened," Complete article

If it's a marketing ploy, would Walmart employees handle it directly?

Not likely; it's far more likely that they hire a contractor, that requires non-disclosure agreements, and doesn't tell those helping to make it go viral the full story.

Walmart selling beer in Pennsylvania? The retailer submits top bid for liquor license 03/29/2019

The state’s first seven restaurant liquor license auctions have attracted some big names — Redner’s Markets Inc., Sheetz Inc., Turkey Hill Minit Markets and even the now AMC-owned Carmike Cinemas Inc. among them.

But the eighth auction, the results of which were announced Friday, brought the biggest name yet: Walmart. Complete article

Two Arrested In Connection To Mich. Walmart Thefts 03/29/2019

Students break out of school to head to Mich. Walmart 03/2/2019

Abilene Tx. police release surveillance photos of 2 women wanted for shoplifting at Walmart 03/29/2019

Death of a SuperCenter: Shuttered Walmart joins retail graveyard on Lafayette La.'s north side; leaders seeking alternatives 03/29/2019

Stolen license plate leads to arrest of Bonnybrook woman at Fla. Wal-Mart 03/30/2019

Banned from NY Walmart, Niagara Falls man arrested after he returns 03/31/2019

Truck erupts into flames in a Walmart parking-lot 03/31/2019

OCALA, Fla. (WCJB)-- Shocking video outside of a Walmart near the Top of the World Community Sunday in Ocala.

The video shows a truck bursting into flames in the Walmart parking lot. Customers waited near the Walmart afraid the truck could burst or impact other vehicles.

Fire officials were called and they can be seen containing the fire, no injuries have been reported and no further information is available at this time. Complete article

Lawsuits over bias still dog Walmart 03/31/2019

Though a sex-discrimination lawsuit against Walmart Inc. was ended by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011, echos of the action, Betty Dukes et al v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., continue.

Some of the women from that 1.5 million-member class -- the largest in U.S. history -- are now suing the Bentonville retailer. Two suits that together represent 79 women gained national attention when they were filed last month in Florida, and their attorney says hundreds more lawsuits are in the works.

Lindsey Wagner, an attorney with Scott Wagner & Associates law firm who represents the Florida women, said in a phone interview that the plaintiffs were all members of the certified class in the Dukes case. The firm also represents women in Ohio and California, along with hundreds in Florida, who are preparing similar "spinoff" suits, she said.

Wagner's law firm works on Walmart lawsuits with Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll in Washington as its lead counsel. Cohen Milstein was involved in the original Dukes lawsuit. Wagner said the firm is also joining efforts with law firms across the country to help the women get their day in court. Complete article

Man wanted for taking money from another Walmart customer in Kitty Hawk NC 03/31/2019

Police: Perfume, cologne, fishing gear taken in reported Ohio Walmart theft 03/31/2019

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