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Glorifying War Endangering Safety, Democracy And Veterans!

We worship wars based on lies.

This isn't such a good idea, no matter how much propaganda both political parties and the mass media comes up with. Nor does this change when one political party goes completely out of it's mind; and the other one the media is willing to cover, only does a slightly better job pretending to defend the majority of the public, occasionally coming up with better rhetoric claiming to only support wars for a just cause.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; the Vietnam war didn't involve defending democracy by fighting the people that signed their own Declaration of Independence based partly on ours; and most if not all other wars are based partly on lies, including the ones about taking babies out of incubators, and the fact that we routinely arm many of our enemies while they're on our side of another conflict before they turn against us, maintaining a permanent state of war.

Yet, even when many of these lies are disclosed we routinely glorify the veterans that fight these wars, calling them heroes, while often demonizing the people that tell the truth about these wars based on lies.

Intentionally or not, there often seems to be a massive propaganda effort to glorify war, often even coming from progressives that you would expect to oppose wars based on lies, sometimes even the reformers that the mainstream media refers to as "radicals" Bill McKibben who recently tweeted This really is a remarkable ad. Keep working, everyone--November could be remarkable 10/13/2018 citing Seth Moulton's group Serve America saying "Before these badass women decided to run for Congress, they served our country. This is the leadership we need in Washington. Let’s show up for them in November!"

This is part of a massive organized campaign to recruit veterans for Congress, often challenging the fanatical positions of the GOP and Trump administration appearing to be the lesser of two evils; however, the result is an extension of a massive propaganda effort to glorify the military, and one war after another that we fight based on lies; and it routinely has the opposite results that many progressives like Bill McKibben are trying to accomplish. One of the biggest threats to the environment that progressives are trying to protect is the military, yet they routinely help them to glorify it, distracting from the fact that we fight one war after another based on lies.

Veterans that sign up to "serve our country" are routinely led to believe that they're "fighting for our freedom" with an enormous amount of propaganda, and some of them often find out the hard way that they've been betrayed by their leaders, often abandoned after they no longer have any use for them. Many of these people learn that they haven't been recruited to fight wars to defend freedom after all, instead they learn about the lies that led them into war, but they're often under a lot pf pressure to accept these lies. The same boot camp indoctrination teaching them to blindly obey orders is also used to intimidate them if they speak out against these wars based on lies and go along with the program.

A few of them join organizations like Veterans for Peace or some other organization to protest wars based on lies or support progressive causes, however these don'e seem to include the candidates running for Congress, or at least not the ones that get enough positive media coverage to win the nomination. The candidates that are running for office with the support of the mainstream media or the traditional political parties aren't exposing the lies used to lead us into war, they're helping provide propaganda to reinforce the image of fighting for our freedom, and helping distract people from the many problems that are caused by these wars, including veterans that come home with PTSD and have a lot of emotional problems, including suicide or, in some cases, there have been a lot of high profile shootings sprees, including one about a month ago where a South Carolina police officer was killed and several more that were badly wounded, including another that just died.

It's difficult to find good statistics on whether or not veterans are more likely to go on shootings sprees; however there are some that indicate that they're at least as likely if not more, as the rest of the population, which shouldn't be to surprising, when considering that they're trained to kill people for their country. As indicated below, based on a partial review of the shootings of police officers, a higher percentage of the cop killers are veterans than the rest of the population; and numerous studies have shown that military veterans and police officers that also go through authoritarian boot camp training have higher rates of domestic violence within their own families.

Propagandists seem to have learned long ago that the most effective way to glorify wars based on lies often involves burying the truth where few people ever see it, and promoting the propaganda over and over again, often without challenge, including from so-called liberal pundits or politicians. This is exactly what the traditional media does. For a long time one of the most progressive voices on the mainstream media was considered Rachel Maddow, although she doesn't do nearly as good a job as she used to; but she's always been coming to the defense of veterans, or so it seems, often calling for veterans parades, and providing a limited amount of coverage about some of the problems they go through, although the most detailed coverage of these problems has never been in the mainstream media. This is part of an indirect strategy of indirectly glorifying the war by diverting blame away from the veterans that aren't involved in the decision making and indicating that even if the Iraq war was based on lies then it wasn't their fault, although this was considered a complexly unacceptable excuse when trying Germans after WW II.

The one thing the mass media never does, including the most progressive pundits, or perhaps the ones that do the best job pretending to be progressive, is to remind the public that it's almost always the people from the working class that are most likely to die as a result of these wars, but it's the people from the political class that tell the lies about it, which is why they don't have anyone like George Carlin or people from the anti-war movement on traditional media.

Instead they have politicians and pundits that do a much better job pretending to be progressive like Elizabeth Warren who voted for a massive increase in military spending, bigger than even Donald Trump asked for, along with several other supposedly progressive politicians, but this was hardly mentioned in the traditional press. Or like Van Jones who was supposedly one of the radicals from the Obama administration, who supported Bernie Sanders, or at least he claimed he did; but, when the primaries were half way through in 2016, like several other so-called Sanders supporters, he began defending Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump with most of the time he had on the media, instead of reporting on how the primaries were being rigged against Sanders at the time. Van Jones once said about Trump, “You can’t polish this turd,” however if they provided the same media coverage for Trump that they do for the problems of wars based on lies and the social problems it causes when veterans came home with emotional problems, they might come close, and part of the efforts that they come up with to glorify war based on lies is to portray it as the lesser of two evils.

Mainstream media spent a fair amount of time for a while, covering the problems with suicide by veterans, and some of the mass shootings, but they never covered the large number of shootings within families of veterans or incidents where many veterans killed each other, nor did they cover some of the most important contributing causes of all these problems which includes their training and abusive hazing during boot camp.

What the mainstream media almost never mentions is that boot camp indoctrination is designed to teach blind obedience, through intimidating tactics that often include massive amounts of abuse to control recruits as indicated in some of the following stories:

Marine’s PTSD Claim Scorned By Leader Who Caused It 07/12/2014

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – Sources from 1st Battalion 8th Marines say that a Marine claiming severe post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is being openly mocked by the Marine who is the leading cause of it.

Cpl. Donald Bogdan, a squad leader in Charlie Company, expressed both amazement and contempt about the claims of PTSD by Lance Cpl. Sean O’Connell, who is both Bogdan’s assistant automatic rifleman and the frequent recipient of Bogdan’s physical and psychological torture.

“Is that little bitch still saying he’s got PTSD?” asked Bogdan, according to sources in second squad, after hearing O’Connell was making another attempt to see a military psychiatrist. “What a fucking boot! Nothing even happened in-country,” he said, omitting multiple incidents in which he openly mocked, shunned, and physically assaulted O’Connell.

“I told him his PTSD is all bullshit, and if he claims it again the next time we have MCMAP [Marine Corps Martial Arts] I’m going to break his arm,” Bogdan added. “When I first picked [O’Connell] up last year, the dumb-ass didn’t know how to patrol, never remembered what he was supposed to do, always had this confused look on his face — I mean basically the kid was going to get someone killed. He had to understand that we’re a family and a family is only as good as its weakest link: that’s why I pulled him into the head one night and beat him unconscious.” Complete article

Military Hazing, PTSD, Alcoholism, Murder and Suicide: It's Everywhere and Dangerous 08/14/2012

For Veterans Medical care, the philosophy seems to be “delay, delay, delay until the Veterans die!”

(PORTLAND, OR) - All branches of the military have an ignominious history of extreme hazing. The Marines seem to be proud of the dictum “We break down (the recruits) so we can build them up.” The Army certainly has a similar philosophy and the Army Infantry is even as stringent as the Marines but obviously does not the press coverage.

My grandson recently went through basic training at Fort Benning after going through a similar training in a year of High School in the National Guard Army-style program. He was graded top of his class of 100, but he came out with grade 3 PTSD. He then spent a year in the Middle East and became totally disenchanted with how the Army ran and the absolute obedience demanded of lower ranks with the Privates at the bottom of the “snake pit”.

I had warned him of my own previous, similar, experience in WWII. I was a college graduate in Chemistry when I volunteered and ended up as a Combat Infantryman, Battalion Scout, Pointman and Forward Observer, all of which were frequently suicide missions.

I was taught a dozen ways to kill an enemy with the dictum, “Shoot first and ask questions later”. As far as I was concerned, I was trained to be a psychopathic killer with a hair trigger with my finger on the trigger and a microsecond to reflexively act. All the Combat Infantrymen in my Battalion and Regiment were trained the same way. Complete article

Veterans Affairs Office Decides To Trust Women About PTSD 07/13/2011

A woman in the military is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. One in 5 women who seek veterans’ health care say they experienced sexual trauma during their service.

We’ve known these shocking statistics for years now. Less discussed is the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) afflicting many veterans who survive sexual violence: A startling study released yesterday found that 80 to 90 percent of New Mexican women veterans with PTSD say the cause was sexual assault, not warfare.

Despite this, victims of sexual violence have faced huge obstacles in securing military disability benefits, once required to submit proof the assault had occurred. But that may now be changing, thanks to yesterday’s revised policy from the Department of Veteran Affairs. After talks with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), Secretary of Veteran Affairs General Allison Hickey announced that the agency will “ease [its] standards of proof” for sexual assault-related disability benefits. Complete article

The mainstream media almost never mentions these stories, and on the few occasions they do, it's only briefly; and it's quickly forgotten by many people while the contradictory propaganda propaganda is constantly repeated over and over again. This is one of the most fundamental principles of propaganda, "A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth," or at least it seems to, especially if it's not challenged. The mainstream media is now dominated by six oligarchs that control over 90% of the national media; some the biggest exceptions including the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos, Time Magazine owned by Marc Benioff, and the Los Angeles Times owned by Soon-Shiong are all controlled by billionaires; and the biggest social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter are also controlled by billionaires.

This means that a fraction of 1% of the richest people in this country control or influence almost all of the national media we use to make decisions, and these people don't have to fight wars based on lies and do nothing to expose this deceptive propaganda, enabling the elites to manipulate the majority of the public with their propaganda.

The people that control the media have access to some of the best research available to the public, and more since they also have access to research that is proprietary or secret, often with that secrecy protected by law. This includes research on psychological manipulation of the public and on how early abusive child rearing tactics can be used for indoctrination purposes, and how it also leads to escalating violence.

However they demonstrate with their actions that they're far more concerned with using this research, or their own ideologies, to use the media to manipulate the majority of the public than they are with educating people about how violence escalates from early child abuse. Previously in Dobson’s Indoctrination Machine I explained how early child abuse leads to escalating violence later in life and how his teachings on corporal punishment is designed to teach blind obedience, instead of teaching children to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to recognize when their leaders are lying to them.

This indoctrination process is most common among religious people, especially in the Bible Belt, where the largest number of recruits for the military come from, although the highest recruitment rates are from rural areas in the north west with lower population. I was unable to find polling base don states to see whether or not people in the Bible Belt are more likely to support various wars including the Iraq War, which was based on weapons of mass destruction that the government knew didn't exist, but there are numerous studies or polls, some listed below, that indicate that religious people are more likely to support wars, including the Iraq War.

The Bible Belt states are among the nineteen states that still allow use of corporal punishment in schools, presumably they also are more likely to use it at home, and they also have some of the highest murder rates in the country; just a glance at the FBI reports show that the South is typically the worst. In 2015/2016 the average murder rates in states that still allowed corporal punishment in schools was 5.98 per hundred thousand people compared to only 4.54 in states that no longer allow it. The states that still allow corporal punishment in schools are also more likely to have police officers killed in the line of duty by gunfire as well, making up only about forty percent of the population, but usually having over half of police officers killed by gunfire. In the past eight years, since Ohio banned corporal punishment in schools, six years had over fifty percent of police killed by gunfire in states that allow corporal punishment, with a couple having almost 65%; the other two years had almost exactly 40%, so they always have their share or more. Three of the four years before that they also had more than fifty percent, and only one of them had forty percent, at a time when both New Mexico and Ohio still allowed corporal punishment, so this was the only year where the states allowing corporal punishment had a lower rate than those not allowing it; and that year had three high profile shootings in states without it that killed a total of eleven officers causing a spike in those states. There are many other Corporal punishment is routinely used to teach children to blindly obey orders and accept beliefs without question.

There's also evidence to indicate that veterans with emotional problems are more likely to go on shootings sprees including U.S. Mass Shooters Are Disproportionately Veterans by David Swanson 11/17/2017 and some additional articles I wrote below. The mass shootings get much more attention, but the vast majority of problems with violence from veterans is much more likely to be against their own families or other veterans. This doesn't mean that all veterans are violent, of course, and a close look at some of the few reports about this problem often indicates that other veterans and family members of veterans are often the ones doing the most to solve this problem, although they get little or no help from the media or politicians including those running as veterans, who often express concerns about PTSD, but never discuss how hazing and pressuring them to blindly fight wars based on lies contribute to the problem.

As of this writing, there have been forty-six police officers killed this year, and at least five of them were killed by four veterans, and one more was killed by a former cadet that went through JROTC boot camp training. At least four of these police shootings were double murders, so there's at most forty-two killers of police officers, which comes to about 9%, but only about 7% of the adult population are veterans, and that rate has been sharply declining for decades, so a large portion of these veterans are older veterans, and the majority of people convicted of murder, including of police officers, are much younger so this percentage should be even higher if adjusted by age. Furthermore, in most of the stories that I could find they didn't specify whether they were veterans or not, although about a half dozen or so did provide background that virtually guarantees they weren't. This means that a few more of them could have also been veterans. But the majority of cop killers aren't veterans and almost certainly come from troubled abusive homes, often in abandoned inner cities where there's little or not educational opportunities; the same goes for all other murders. However the same politicians that are pushing wars based on lies are also ignoring the education system that is abandoning these people as well.

As I went into in Philip Zimbardo, Lucifer Effect, Stanford Prison Experiment and Eli Roth and Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority experiment much more extensive than most people realize the Office of Naval Research, perhaps with the help of the CIA has been studying how to train cadets to blindly obey orders and supported research that they claimed was doing the opposite. One of the leading researchers into the indoctrination of veterans was Philip Zimbardo, who became president of the American Psychological Association in 2002, which was also the year that they had a meeting in August to revise the ethical guidelines for the APA watering them down dramatically, and outraging some psychologists including Susan Linn who expressed shock in her book "Consuming Kids" because they removed the "Social responsibility" clause, in addition to enabling the atrocities at Abu Ghraib they also enabled psychologists to study how to manipulate children when marketing to them, which was Linn's specialty.

The people that give orders for these wars based on lies are practically never held accountable, and when they need someone to blame, assuming they can't cover up problems they routinely use those with the least amount of political power to take the blame including Sgt. Ivan “Chip” Frederick who had Philip Zimbardo testify as an expert-witness at his trial; however, his account of this story doesn't acknowledge the work he did to develop interrogation techniques, and it's unlikely that Sgt. Frederick recognized that he had a major conflict of interest as a result of this.

Veterans that recognized that this war was based on lies and refused to serve were also prosecuted and there are many more stories where veterans were betrayed by the military and abandoned; however the reports of these stories aren't covered widely in the mass media, often only reported briefly in obscure articles, or in alternative media outlets.

Many of these veterans are not surprisingly in denial about some of the worst atrocities committed in these wars based on lies, often doing what they're told to do, and many of them even say things like, "it's not my job to get involved in politics," or many variations of this; and some of the ones that do, accept the propaganda they've been given, often even when it's seriously flawed. However there are a lot more that pay more attention and speak out when they realize they've been betrayed. In some of the highest cases like when Chris Kyle wrote in his book about an alleged fight with a celebrity, he seems to think that it's appropriate to fight people that are being disrespectful by pointing out the fact that they've been betrayed by their leaders; however, in this case a jury found that he lied about this in a lawsuit. There are still many more that resulted in fight, though including, perhaps, when he was shot and killed while taking someone with PTSD to a rifle range, as part of his treatment.

Some of those that do recognize they've been betrayed help explain why, including Vietnam veteran Lynda Van Devanter, author of "Home Before Morning" who claimed that one of the reasons they often remained in denial is because of all the trauma they faced they couldn't admit to themselves that they fought the Vietnam war based on lies, since they had been led to believe that what they were doing was fighting for freedom; so even though the evidence indicated they'd been betrayed they were slow to face it, which is virtually guaranteed to be a major contributing cause of high rates of PTSD and other emotional problems.

Now, intentionally or not, there's a massive effort to make the military seem like they continue to fight for our freedom, and are often more credible than some of the fanatical politicians like Donald Trump. This includes efforts to demonstrate that they're advancing women's rights by recruiting more of them and they've been recruiting minorities more for decades, as well; however that doesn't mean they treat them as well as the officer class, which is where most of the politicians come from that the media is willing to cover.

They even have half a dozen or more CIA agents, including Abigail Spanberger, or other espionage officials (they refer to themselves as intelligence officials but there's noting intelligent about forcing the public to base their decisions on lies controlled by covert organizations) openly running for office. Anyone that does a minimum amount of research can find out that these espionage organizations have been lying to us for decades and studying how to rig elections at home and abroad is part of their routine. Intentionally or not one of the most effective methods they're currently using seems to be manipulating voters on one side that support fanatics like Trump or Dave Brat so that espionage agents, especially female espionage agents seem like a good choice or the lesser of two evils.

If they actually were a good choice they would have done much more to speak out against all these wars based on lies, and if they wanted to defend women rights or minority rights, they wouldn't be doing their part to glorify war!

As in previous articles, I would like to note that the people most involved in recognizing and fixing these problems are often veterans but ignoring them won't help fix it and as I pointed out in Teach a soldier to kill and he just might and States with high murder rates have larger veteran populations there are much more problems than most people realize; and even though the first response of many is to blame the veterans themselves and assume there must be something wrong with them, the bigger problem is the politicians and commanders that are training them to kill based on lies then abandoning them. they often have access to some of the best research to show how to reduce violence; but instead use it to increase indoctrination so they can control veterans and voters.

The following are some additional sources and stories about veteran violence:

Kayla Williams spoke to Soledad O'Brien on CNN about the suicide of her colleague Alyssa Peterson and explained how she was also forced to take part in torture interrogations during which detainees were assaulted, stripped, blindfolded, and then confronted with a female interrogator.[2] Williams also said she is still haunted by these events years later.

Alyssa Peterson died on September 15, 2003 from a "non-hostile weapons discharge" at the Tal Afar airbase on the Syrian-Iraqi frontier. Subsequent investigation revealed that she had been placed under suicide watch after refusing further participation in interrogation sessions which she said constituted torture of Iraqi prisoners. "We told her that you have to be able to turn on and off the interrogation mode -- that you act differently towards the people we meet with outside of the detainee facility," one fellow soldier stated. "She said that she did not know how to be two people; she ... could not be one person in the cage and another outside the wire." She refused to participate in this, according to journalist Ann Wright, "for saying no to torture, is dead, perhaps by her own hand".

Fred Hopkins, 74, Suspect in deadly South Carolina police ambush identified as elderly Vietnam veteran 10/04/2018

Many express their sympathy for Investigator Farrah Turner who died weeks after being shot in South Carolina mass shooting 10/2/2018

Authorities Arrest Navy Veteran, William Clyde Allen III, in Connection With Suspicious Envelopes Sent to President Trump 10/03/2018

Insider Speaks: San Diego Psych Doc Exposes Marine Corps’ Broken Mental Health Care Culture, and How to Fix it 09/11/2012 Even if the overt message is “seek help,” the covert message is “you should be strong and man up.”

After Boot Camp Scandal, Lawmaker Calls for Hazing Review 10/29/2016 "I am concerned about the recent media reports depicting a culture of hazing and abuse at the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot," she wrote to Reps. Mac Thornberry, a Republican, and Adam Smith, a Democrat, in a letter first reported by Marine Corps Times. "These media reports seem to be indicative of a larger, pervasive hazing problem that has harmed soldiers' mental health, caused serious injury, diminished unit cohesion, and even cost lives."

Marine Corps drill instructor convicted of abusing recruits 11/17/2017

Marine Boot Camp Covered Up Recruits' Hazing-Related Medical Issues 09/18/2016

Report Finds Sharp Increase in Veterans Denied V.A. Benefits 03/30/2016

Corporal Punishment in U.S. Public Schools: Prevalence, Disparities in Use, and Status in State and Federal Policy 01/12/2018

McKibben: Time to Declare a War (Literally) on Climate Change 08/15/2016

Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget 10/02/2017

Veterans Campaign

Meet America's New Generation of Veteran Leaders

Female Veterans Lead 2018 Charge 12/08/2017

Candidates Tout Careers in Espionage 08/10/2018 Campaign season features several contenders for the House, most Democrats, with backgrounds in espionage, counterterrorism and foreign policy

Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War 03/16/2006 Least supportive are non-Christians and people with no religion

U.S. evangelical support for Iraq war slipping 10/27/2006

Most Evangelical Leaders Still Support Iraq War 02/12/2008

POLITICS-U.S.: Conservative Christians Biggest Backers of Iraq War 10/09/2002

Religious Groups Issue Statements on War with Iraq 03/19/2003 Bishop Adam J. Richardson, president of the Council of Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, said in a March 12 interview that he was troubled by the support of possible war by some in Christianity’s conservative wing. “I think that, from my perspective the right-wing faction of Christianity is doing Christ a disservice by attempting to back their jaundiced views with Scripture, trivializing the Bible in public view and making a mockery of the best traditions of biblical scholarship.”

Bush And God 03/09/2003

The Iraq War and Christian Faith by Joseph L. Cumming, April 20, 2004 Ted Haggard, elected in early March as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, sought to mobilize 1,000,000 people to pray on March 3rd (03-03-03) that war might be averted. He did this because he was convinced that in November 2002 God had given him a vision in which he saw “pictures of suffering, pictures of children in Iraq, and the people in America suffering because of a war.”2

The Persian Gulf War: A Case Study in Just War Theory Laurence W. Jones 1998

American Public Support for U.S. Military Operations from Mogadishu to Baghdad 2005

Here’s what we know about the man charged with shooting 4 York Co. police officers 03/16/2018 Christian Thomas McCall, 47, The York man charged in the killing of a York County deputy and wounding three other law enforcement officers earlier this year is an Army veteran, according to new information.

Pfc. Raymond W. Begay Marine Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter in Killing of Fellow Private 07/26/2018

Army veteran describes shooting rampage on base that killed soldier from Jacksonville 10/17/2018

Iraq War veteran charged in deadly Solon shooting 'did not know wrongfulness of actions' due to mental illness, doctor finds 09/26/2018 Matthew Desha, a combat veteran of the Iraq War, believes God, Satan and the Illuminati are all trying to influence his trial on aggravated murder and other charges in the 2016 killing of Deborah Pearl, doctors have found.

Police: James Harris Jackson, Army veteran arrested for murder went to NY to attack black people 03/24/2017

Eric Brown, 45, Retired Navy veteran accused of killing girl found on lawn of Charlotte church 11/09/2017

Marine Veteran Arrested in Machete Killing in Taiwan Left Service as a Private 09/06/2018

TSA Touts Orlando Fla. Bomb Suspect, Army veteran Kevin Christopher Brown, Arrest 10/1/2018

Army combat veteran’s call for help lands him in jail 05/30/2018

Veteran sets himself on fire in protest outside Georgia Capitol 06/26/2018

Fort Polk La. soldier sentenced for making and using a chlorine bomb April 12, 2017 on post 09/25/2018

Robert Decoteau III, Mass. Veteran set to plead guilty after causing a pipe bomb panic found dead at home, spokesman for DA's office confirms 03/27/2018

Ex-soldier pleads guilty to wife’s gruesome murder 10/24/2018

Low blow — soldiers arrested after allegedly kicking South Korean policeman in the genitals 10/23/2018

Former Army employee admits taking bribes for work at military bases 10/23/2018

Report: Accused murderer 'blacked out' before shooting, killing Highlands Co. deputy 05/09/2018 Joseph Edward Ables, 69, who is listed as unemployed and disabled, said he was a Vietnam War veteran who suffers from PTSD, the report said.

Suspect has Nogales roots 04/30/2018 David Ernesto Murillo, 28, and his older brother were in the school’s JROTC program.

Isaias De Jesus Valencia, 39: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 03/11/2018 3. A Neighbor Said He Served in the Military & Was in ‘Extreme Need of Mental Health Care’

After deadly Henry County police shootout, five boys left fatherless 02/10/2018 Tierre Guthrie, 39, ex-Marine suspect

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