Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Walmart Crime Report April 2019

Walmart had at least eleven shootings in April, with five of them fatal, but two of them didn't take place on the premises. One was of two Walmart workers that were shot and killed shortly after leaving work; and the other one involved someone that claimed he was asked to kill a suicidal person in a park nearby then brought her to Walmart and called it in. One of the other fatal shootings was an officer involved shooting where a suspect with a knife was killed; the other was a civilian murdered. One of the non-fatal shootings at the beginning of the month, in Ohio, was in the same city that had another shooting just a few days earlier in March, although I'm not sure it's the same exact store. There were also several injuries resulting from the shootings.

There was also a shooting early on May 1, although this one doesn't appear to be on the premises, but the victim went to a nearby Walmart immediately afterward where she was found injured. This is the first time that they've ever had more than ten shootings for six consecutive months, although two of this months shootings were,' on the premises, but they either brought the body to Walmart or were two Walmart workers killed shortly after leaving Walmart, and it's the highest total number of shootings ever for a six month period, with one of those months, December, breaking the all time record with at least twenty, probably more shootings. Even if you don't count April, with two shootings off the premises, the five consecutive months with at least eleven shootings each would be a record as well.

There were more than half a dozen additional gun related crimes including several road rage incident, one with an off-duty cop pointing a gun at someone after he confronted him for cutting him off, a kidnapping and several armed robberies. In addition to the five people killed in shootings there were at least five more people who died, one as a result of an assault, three bodies found on the premises, and one person was killed on the highway in an accident that involved a Walmart semi-trailer.

These dead bodies show up every month, they often say there's no foul play, and move on; no need to figure out why or how to prevent it, they're usually poor people, and addressing their concerns might not increase profits for wealthy people.

Another video shows a cop slapping a handcuffed suspect while he was being detained at Walmart's interrogation room. Yea apparently many of them have interrogation rooms for suspected shoplifters. Cops usually don't face serious consequences for this; but when they rob Walmart, which another cop did this month they're prosecuted. It's different when the victim is a powerful corporation.

A Walmart Florida shopper that was accused of stealing, but there was no video to prove it was banned by Walmart, without evidence, is suing Walmart; the police don't seem to think they did anything but they're following orders, which is what people do when they work for Walmart, or is it the state, either I get confused about that or maybe they're the ones confused.

An investigation showed that drug addicts are being forced to work without pay in Louisiana and Texas as part of what they call "rehabilitation" often doing work for Exxon, Shell or Walmart. Inigo Montoya might say "I don't think that word means what you think that word means." I'm not sure the executives are too concerned, this isn't entirely new, and there's little or no chance that they're working directly for Exxon Shell or Walmart. By now they have this down to a routine and hire contractors for this kind of work, and when they get caught they put the blame on the contractors.

They're like the Corleone family, they have a lot of "buffers," and corporations that donate to political campaigns aren't accountable to the same laws the rest of us are accountable to.

At least three people were convicted for shootings or murders, one of them was only a month before which should raise major doubts about how thorough the investigation was or if they considered mitigating circumstances, but he probably wasn't rich enough to afford a high priced lawyer. The police went on a shoplifting "sting" in Florida catching 39 people; I guess they let them get away with it for long periods of time then work with Walmart to catch a lot at once to use as an example. With corporations working so close together with the government, it often appears as if they far more concerned with maximizing profits, that with looking out for the best interests of the majority by recognizing causes of high crime and preventing them.

Some of the causes are incredibly easy to recognize, they cut so many corners on employees and design the store so it's incredibly easy to walk out with entire carts full of merchandise, that it should be incredibly obvious example of entrapment, then on top of that they carry out enormous amounts of union busting activities that anger people, both workers and customers, but since most of this is done in secret they don't know why the service is so bad or that it's partly a result of union busting.

There were only three stabbings, assuming there weren't many more that didn't show up in searches, but there were at least a dozen crashes, chases, carjackings, hit and runs and who knows how many minor fender benders which are almost never widely reported. It's been a while since anyone drove a car or truck through the entrance and down the aisles, so it was overdue, and one crashed through the entrance this month and a motorcycle drove down the aisle in a separate incident, claiming he has a bomb.

They practically never have bombs.

The media often makes it sound like there's a great threat from bombs, but they're almost all false alarms, and on the few occasions where there is a device considered a bomb it's usually incompetent and harmless, but they create a lot of scares anyway. Police and management at Walmart have to know this, so do the media, assuming they want to know it, but they don't let the public know. I suppose one real bomb could quickly change statistics, but Walmart has been getting over a hundred deaths annually for at least the last few years, and none of them are from bombs.

If bombs were as easy to make as the media often implies, Walmart would be blowing up just about every week, but as it is saying they have a bomb is much easier and they must get them on average at least one a day somewhere int the country.

Walmart had at least half a dozen fires this month including a couple vehicle fires, most if not all the others were arson. there was also a report about three arsons in previous months that didn't turn up in searches which raises doubts about how well the media is reporting on Walmart's crime problems. There have been many hints indicating that Walmart is using their political and legal clout to try to minimize coverage of their crime problems over the years. One time, back in the nineties, they threatened a customer with legal action if he told anyone about his stolen car which was taken by an employee who was supposed to service it. Walmart initially refuse to take responsibility for it, but after it was reported in the media they had to; this story was also told in "In Sam We Trust," by Bob Ortega; now Walmart knows how to be more subtle, assuming they are trying to suppress reports about their crime problems.

There were also the usual amount of assaults, purse snatching, various other scams including counterfeit bills, mace attacks, bomb threats, walking out with entire shopping carts full of merchandise etc. One Walmart worker gave a co-worker a Marijuana cookie making her sick.

Walmart had at least three major recalls this month, including one for another salmonella outbreak, which didn't kill anyone that I know of but did make many people sick, a recall on Chips Ahoy!, which was supposedly "voluntary" as a precautionary measure; however this is misleading. Large corporations have been lobbying to reduce accountability for decades, and the government usually doesn't have the authority to demand a recall. Even though they claim it was a minor incident done only as a precaution, they're not required to tell the truth by law and routinely withhold information about serious problems. If they recalled it they probably thought they ahd good reason. one of several researchers on this is Eric Schlosser who wrote about it in "Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal" which focused primarily on fast food like McDonald's but a lot of it applies to Walmart as well.

They also recalled nearly 700,000 rocking sleepers after five infants died using them, this followed another recall, within the past few months, that killed over thirty infants. If there were any lawsuits about these deaths they would include non-disclosure agreements, so we don't have the right to know if they're taking precautions to make sure it doesn't happen again. These non-disclosure agreements also enable corporations to settle with people that can't afford good lawyers for much less money, sicne they won't know how often incidents happen or what other people get in lawsuits. Lawyers, lobbyists, corporate executives all like these agreements since they help increase profits. the vast majority of the public don't complain about them, because they don't know what's being hidden from them.

Do you want to be the next one to fly on an automated Boeing 737 MAX? How about an autonomous car? how about being a pedestrian when one is driving by? Walmart is bringing them to Arkansas, they've already been to Arizona and a few other states, but so far only =on a small basis and only a handful of people have been killed by them; I have no idea how many more will be killed if Walmart expands them rapidly. Any decent corporation would be very cautious about this.

This automation isn't limited to cars there are growing examples where they no longer have any cashiers and all people have to use self-check out lanes, although when enough people complain they put out more cashiers, for now. And, they're increasing use of robots and artificial intelligence for all kinds of things including spying on people in the parking lots, finding out how fresh the fruit is, keeping track of inventory, and much more.

Despite some rumors Walmart hasn't claimed they've been taking advantage of advanced technology shared with many corporations over the past seventy years from reverse engineering of crashed vehicles from aliens.

Doug McMillon is making $23.6M, which is probably about 900 times as much as the average Walmart worker, and four more top executives are making an average of over $11M each which is more than 400 times the average worker. they continue relying on union busting to increase their profits and don't spend this money to reduce crime by hiring more workers to watch the stores so it's not a massive invitation for theft. Income inequality and poverty ale also major contributing factors to crime, but lobbyists executives, and politicians aren't too concerned about that, although the politicians pretend to care during election season.

They also don't spend any of that money on things like "an AED" whatever that is; but a nurse who saved a life, despite the lack of this, seems to think it should be a no-brainer.

False advertising is part of an old routine for Walmart, it's been a little while since they've been caught falsely claiming products were made in the USA, but they got caught misleading customers with over-sized boxes, claiming that a professional wrestler would be visiting their store, and one media pundit has doubts about their claim “Save money. Live better.,” as a result of a lawsuit to lower the tax assessment since their store is only useful as a big-box store not for any other use. Some communities bought this argument but not in Maine, at least not yet. a simple obvious rebuttal is that if they leave the community would be stuck with the blight left behind by empty stores, as Stacy Mitchell reports. This should be a good reason for communities to demand that they have an exit plan before allowing them to build, and without that exit plan it should be good enough reason to deny them the tax break.

These tax breaks are part of what enabled them to wipe out small businesses that weren't getting them, and also have less crime. Which means that many communities are subsidizing high crime with tax breaks to Walmart. Raytown Missouri is one of the worst towns hit by these incredibly bad deals that were probably made by corrupt politicians, where they're facing massive budget cuts as a result and can't afford the police to take care of Walmart's high crime problems.

Walmart routinely uses their marketing clout and connections with the media to use them as their own public relations arm; they put out stories about renovations in stores all over the country which came out within hours of each other, this is now standard operating procedure, and often even includes ads disguised as news stories. They're also using marketing power to decide which doctors employees can use to cut costs on health care, little research is done to find out how it impacts quality; and they're pressuring suppliers to ditch Amazon, which should be a clear antitrust violation but it's not nearly as bad as what tehy do to smaller businesses ensuring that the large oligarchs can divide up the market, instead of a competitive market.

Additional oligarchy practices include influencing what we watch on TV, taking over the beef supply, increasing profits from deceptive ads, dominating child's clothing, and allowing food stamp recipients to order online, which will add to advantages over small stores wiping out even more competition, with help from the government that is supposed to enforce antitrust laws. but in the UK they're standing up to at least one sale of an Asda Unit to Competitor.

Pontiac pensioners managed to win a lawsuit against them, at least for now; and they worked out deals with optometrists to open operations in their stores, although there's little reporting on if consumer rights are being protected; and their feud with Jeff Bezos led to them saying "How about paying your taxes?" after he challenged them to pay higher wages, without noticing that both the pot and kettle are black.

Walmart still has more outraged greeters including one that made financial plans just before they decided to let him go with virtually no notice; other workers are accusing them of racial bias; and the FDA is threatening them for selling tobacco to minors. They're going to trial with a teen for refusing to sell him a gun, no word on if they intend to stall this until he's old enough to buy it under their new policies.

They had another hazardous waste problem in one store; and locked a women in after closing without checking in another.

They have no shortage of strange events including a man dancing on cars without shoes, while on heroin; another person helped distract the cashiers after they got suspicious when his friend was stealing thousands by dancing; and a women going to several stores trashing them throwing things around, before leaving quickly. No word on whether she's outraged by service or some other reason, not that they're likely to report that, especially if it makes Walmart look bad.

A mother and son with there dog created an panic in Wisconsin when she started practicing karate on them while her son and dog ran around naked.

Employees told some of their favorite stories to a news reporter. Over the years there have been dozens of stories where customers have claimed to find rock in their packages instead of merchandise, some might have wondered if they were making this up; but one of these stories is about a manager selling jewelry to her friends and replacing the empty boxes with rocks in them decided to start throwing jewelry at customers, when it looked like she was going to get caught. Someone from Target also told a strange story about a person that "took a dump in a kid training toilet, boxed it back up, and replaced it on the shelf." a few months ago the same thing happened at Walmart in the auto repair shop in the bucket of rags; I'm glad I'm not the one assigned to investigate the video to catch that guy.

And of course, alligators and geese just might want to do their share of shopping too, at least the alligators don't attack people though.

Strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Walmart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Walmart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country; now after counting them for several years that average is over two per week. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Walmart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in April 2019. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

Three petit larceny arrests at Queensbury Walmart 04/01/2019

Man charged with indecent exposure outside SD Walmart 04/01/2019

Police: Man Stole Almost $1,000 Worth Of Items From Pa. Walmart 04/01/2019

Woman accused of slicing another woman with knife outside Grand Forks ND Walmart 04/01/2019

A Grand Forks woman allegedly sliced another woman's face with a knife during a scuffle Thursday in the Walmart parking lot.

Leah Ann Corona, 22, is facing charges of aggravated assault and terrorizing.

An affidavit for her arrest said Corona parked next to a woman she knew Thursday afternoon at the Walmart on 32nd Avenue South. The victim told police Corona jumped out of her vehicle, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the ground, the affidavit said. Corona allegedly opened a knife and sliced the woman's face. The woman tried to grab the knife, but Corona brought it toward her neck and threatened to kill her, the affidavit said. Complete article

Elderly Driver Slams Into Woman, Damages Cars In Salem Mass. Walmart Parking Lot 04/01/2019

SALEM (CBS) – A woman suffered serious injuries after she was hit by a car driven by an 80-year-old woman in the Walmart parking lot in Salem. Police said the woman who was injured, a Swampscott mother of three, was trapped under a car as she was leaving the store.

The incident took place around 2 p.m. Salem Police said the elderly driver lost control in the parking lot on Highland Ave.

The woman struck three parked cars. One vehicle in the parking lot had heavy front-end damage while another had its bumper ripped off. Complete article

Fleeing man suffers head injury after tasered by deputy at Fla. Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge 04/01/2019

A fleeing man suffered a head injury after he was tasered at the Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

Justin Wayne Taylor, 42, of Ocklawaha, had been captured on video surveillance on March 25 putting a Skil brand circular saw into a shopping cart and leaving the store without paying for it, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy attempted to question Taylor in the parking lot, he gave the the deputy a false name. It was also determined that Taylor had arrived at Wal-Mart while driving on a suspended license.

When a deputy ordered Taylor to put his hands behind his back, Taylor began to run across the parking lot. He ignored warnings that he was about to be tasered. When he was hit by the taser he landed face first on the asphalt and suffered a head injury. He was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center. Complete article

Rock Springs Wy. PD Seeks Help in Identifying Hit and Run Suspect at Walmart 04/01/2019

ROCK SPRINGS– The Rock Springs Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance to help identify a suspect in a hit and run crash.

Officers of the Rock Springs Police Department are looking for information on a hit and run that occurred in the Wal-Mart parking lot (201 Gateway Blvd.) on March 22, 2019. Surveillance video provided by Wal-Mart confirms the crash occurred sometime between 3:45 pm and 4 pm.

The suspect’s vehicle is a newer model white Dodge crew cab pickup with unknown plates. The suspect is a male in his late 30’s to mid-40’s and was wearing a blue zip up sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. Complete article

Letter: Walmart employees are friendly folks 04/01/2019 Usually true; but, this is obvious fluff supporting an oligarchy.

North Port woman in custody after stealing an employee’s phone at Fla. Walmart 04/01/2019

Person of interest in I-75 standoff, Ga. Walmart robbery, last week, named 04/01/2019

Police: Man tries to take items from Okla. Walmart, flee police 04/01/2019

Thomson Ga. Walmart cash register theft 04/01/2019

5 Arrests made at Boardman Ohio Walmart over the weekend 04/01/2019

Florida woman accused of directing 11-year-old daughter to steal from Walmart 04/02/2019

Two women shot to death on South Side of Chicago Ill. after leaving work at Walmart, police say 04/02/2019

Three co-workers were sitting in a car in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood after finishing their shift at a Walmart store when gunfire erupted late Monday.

Two teenage women in the bronze Nissan sedan were killed and a teenage man was wounded after three men jumped out of a blue sedan and at least one of them opened fire, police say.

On Tuesday morning, Chicago police asked the public to help identify the suspects. Detectives think the shooting was “targeted,” but not gang-related.

“Was it a domestic? Was it something at work?” police Capt. Gil Calderon said at a news conference near the scene of the killing in the 7700 block of South Eggleston. Complete article

Teenager hurt after shooting in Colerain Township Ohio Walmart parking lot 04/02/2019 The same Walmart had another shooting just four days earlier on Friday

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) - A teenager was hurt Tuesday night after a shooting in a Walmart parking lot in Colerain Township.

Police were called to the Colerain Towne Center around 8 p.m. Investigators say two groups had an argument before the teenager was shot.

The teenager was taken to UC Medical Center but is expected to be OK. Complete article

Man with Shotgun Robbed Woman at Burlington NC Walmart Parking Lot, Took Off in Car: Police 04/02/2019

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Burlington police need your help finding the man who robbed a woman at the Walmart on South Graham Hopedale.

Police say it happened around 9:30 Tuesday night.

The woman says she was putting groceries away in her car when the man approached her.

She says he took out a shotgun, then robbed her. The man took several personal belongings and drove off in either a gold or silver sedan, according to police. Complete article

Retired nurse speaks out after saving man's life at Tenn. Walmart 04/02/2019

Kay Wade was inside the White House Walmart when she heard the frantic calls for help.

"Finally someone came over, kind of in my vicinity, and said, 'does anybody know CPR," said Wade.

As a retired nurse, Wade knew exactly what to do.

She began doing CPR on the man who had turned blue.

Then she asked for the one life saving tool she was sure they had, an AED machine.

"I said, 'I know you've got an AED. This is Walmart,'" said Wade. .....

"I know that they cost about $3,000. That's a drop in the bucket compared to somebody's life, especially to their children, and grandchildren, and their parents. I just can not understand why a Walmart would not have an AED," said Wade. Complete article

A good reporter would have asked what an "AED machine" or at least Googled it; it turns out cheap ones sell for under $200, with some between $800 and $1,300, she's probably accustomed to ones hospitals use which are presumably even better, and more expensive. Automated external defibrillators: Do you need an AED?

Inmate who escaped from Tazewell County now spotted at Walmart in Lewisburg WV 04/02/2019

LEWISBURG — The Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office recovered the truck, driven by escaped fugitive, Joshua Keen, Monday night in Lewisburg.

According to Lt. G.K. Reynolds of the Richlands Police Department, Keen was spotted at the Lewisburg Walmart as well.

Richlands Police, state police, Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshals are actively searching for Keen. Law enforcement is currently unaware of what vehicle he may be driving. Complete article

Walmart unveils voice-activated, Google-powered grocery shopping 04/02/2019

Walmart will let customers order groceries by voice through Google’s smart-home assistant, an attempt to counter’s growing clout in e-commerce.

Beginning this month, Walmart shoppers can add items directly to their online shopping carts by saying “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” Information from prior purchases will help identify the correct brand and size — like whether you drink 1% or skim milk without having to specify, according to Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice president of digital operations. In a blog post Tuesday, he said customers can tweak their orders at home or from their smartphone while on the go.

The voice-shopping service comes out of a partnership between the two companies that began in August 2017, one of several alliances Walmart has made in recent years with technology companies including Microsoft, China’s and Japan’s Rakuten. But the Walmart-Google pairing hasn’t had much to talk about since then, especially after Walmart withdrew from Google’s shopping platform earlier this year. Complete article

Marietta Ga. police release surveillance photos of Walmart armed robbery suspect 04/02/2019 Days after a traffic stop connected to an armed robbery at a Walmart turned into an hours-long SWAT standoff on I-75 in Cobb County, Marietta police have released photos of the person they say triggered the entire incident.

Employee at Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. arrested in alleged theft of merchandise 04/02/2019

Father of six shot by stranger outside Queen Creek Ariz. Walmart last month says he 'doesn't hold a grudge' 04/02/2019

Walmart shoplifting arrests in Spring Tx. lead to heroin charges 04/02/2019

Winona Minn. police find meth, cash on Wisconsin man found unconscious in Walmart parking lot 04/02/2019

Redbird Tx. Area Walmart Supercenter Set To Shut Down Within Weeks 04/03/2019

Police investigating deadly shooting at Colorado Springs Walmart 04/04/2019

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - One person is dead after a shooting in the back half of a Walmart parking lot.

Police say a man called them just before 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning to report he had shot someone four times at the Walmart on 8th Street.

When officers arrived, they found both the man who called and a deceased victim. It's still unclear what led up to the shooting.

A section of the Walmart parking lot is blocked off with crime scene tape, but our crew on scene did see people coming and going from the store. Complete article

Police: Colorado Springs man accused in woman's death claims she wanted to die 04/05/2019

Two armed robberies in two hours at Rockford Ill.'s Northridge Walmart 04/03/2019

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) - Rockford Police say they are investigating two crimes at the Northridge Walmart less than two hours apart.

Police say the first incident occurred at the store, at 3849 Northridge Drive, around 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Police say a suspect took merchandise from the store, displayed a firearm, and threatened an employee. The suspect then punctured the tire of a security vehicle as he was leaving.

The suspect is described as a black male between 30-35 years old, 5'9", 160 pounds, wearing a dark jacket and light colored hoodie.

The second armed robbery happened at 3:30 a.m.

Police say a 57-year-old man was in his truck in the parking lot when he was approached by a suspect in a tan suburban. The suspect had a gun and demanded property from the victim. When the victim threatened to call police, the suspect fled west on Riverside Boulevard. Complete article

Road rage incident ends in Summerfield Fla. Wal-Mart parking lot with gun pointed at victim 04/03/2019

A man called a Marion County sheriff’s deputy for help Monday after being threatened with a firearm in the parking lot of the Summerfield Wal-Mart.

The victim told the deputy that the incident started at the nearby Bealls store in Lady Lake, located at 13687 U.S. Hwy. 27/441. The victim said he was trying to leave the parking lot but couldn’t because a gray SUV was stopped at the exit. The man said he waited about 15 seconds and then honked his horn with two short bursts.

Both vehicles then headed north on U.S. Hwy. 27/441, with the victim passing the SUV and turning into the first entrance to the Summerfield Wal-Mart store, located at 17961 S U.S. Hwy. 27/441. The victim said the SUV followed him into the parking lot and pulled into a spot beside him near the garden center. When the victim looked out his driver’s side window, the other driver pointed a small pistol at him and then drove away, the report says. Complete article

Ohio man pleads guilty in murder of Throckmorton man at Eastland Tx. Walmart 04/03/2019 This plea took place less than one month after the murder.

EASTLAND — An Ohio man received a life sentence Tuesday in a courtroom here after pleading guilty to first-degree felony murder of Lyndell Ray Garrett, 75, of Throckmorton.

Brad Randall Wilson, 39, formerly of Cambridge, Ohio, stabbed Garrett in an Eastland Walmart parking lot March 7, according to a news release from Russ Thomason, Eastland County district attorney.

The sentence was handed down by Judge Steven R. Herod of the 91st District Court.

As part of an agreement, Wilson waived all rights to any appeals. He will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years, according to the news release. Complete article

Walmart misled customers with oversized containers, California prosecutors say. Now it’ll pay 04/03/2019

Walmart misled customers by packaging some of its health and beauty products in oversized containers, prosecutors say, and now the company will pay $495,000 in costs and penalties.

The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office announced in a news release Wednesday that its office, along with five other California district attorney’s offices, reached a settlement with Walmart Inc. in a civil enforcement action.

“The civil complaint filed by prosecutors alleged that Walmart packaged 14 of its health and beauty products in oversized containers which could have misled consumers into believing that they were purchasing more of the product than they were actually receiving,” the news release states. Complete article

Leland NC police looking for man in connection to Walmart thefts 04/04/2019

Stolen Credit Card Used at Tenn. Walmart from Jerry Erwin Park Burglary 04/0/2019

Man wounded in Hobart Ind. Walmart shootout last Sept. charged with possession of cocaine, marijuana 04/03/2019

New York man involved in 2016 ‘shoot-out’ outside Augusta Me. Walmart sentenced on federal drug conspiracy charge 04/04/2019

Warwick RI police say man walked out of Walmart with 2 computers 04/04/2019

Two duos tried to steal TVs from a SC Walmart — deputies say one was successful 04/04/2019

Walmart closing unprofitable Dallas Tx. store 04/04/2019

Police searching for a man who allegedly groped 10-year-old girl at Avondale Ariz. Walmart 04/04/2019

Police: Gun, knife pulled during fight about shopping cart at Gettysburg Pa. Walmart 04/04/2019

Pittsburgh Pa. man sought in connection with Walmart theft 04/04/2019

New evidence released in Kimberly Kessler case involving missing Nassau County mom Joleen Cummings 04/05/2019 Police say, they found more than $1,600 in cash, a Bible, black gorilla tape, eight journals and religious booklets. There was also a passport under the alias "Jennifer Sybert." Investigators say Kessler previously used 18 different names. There is also new video of Kessler appearing to buy an electric knife, trash bags, gloves and ammonia at a Walmart.

Police: Man arrested after carjacking woman at Walmart in Newark NJ 04/04/2019

NEWARK - Newark police have arrested a man after he carjacked a woman in a Walmart parking lot.

It happened around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday when officers were dispatched to a report of a robbery on North 21st Street.

The woman told police she was getting out of her car when she was approached by a man wearing a bandana over his face to conceal his identity.

The woman said he demanded her car keys and kept his hands tucked under his sweatshirt implying that he had a weapon.

She then gave him her keys and he fled in her car. Complete article

Walmart agrees to pay $495,000 for selling products with misleading packaging in Ca. 04/04/2019

FRESNO, California -- If you've ever bought something only to find the product inside doesn't quite match the package outside -- you're not alone.

"Like they're trying to deceive you. Hide something. Make you pay more for a product that's not there," said consumer Bryce Bustamante.

Tina Lee says misleading packaging is especially concerning with the amount of non-English speaking shoppers.

"They don't speak English well and so they're buying things based on the packaging, and they could be misled therefore they can get cheated out of their money as well," Lee said.

A civil complaint filed by six counties alleges Walmart deceived customers with the oversized containers some of their store brand "equate" products were sold in. Complete article

Walmart, Other Employers Get Choosier About Workers’ Doctors 04/04/2019

Companies find benefits in health-care costs and results with employees going to their selected doctors Walmart Inc. and other employers want more say over which doctors care for their workers, and they are ramping up efforts to pick and choose physicians included in health plans as they seek to reduce health spending.

Many big companies are mining data from their own health plans and public records and working with consultants to compare physicians, searching for those with the best results and competitive costs. Top doctors earn favored spots in health insurance offered to workers; poor performers are more costly for patients... Complete article

Target Stock Jumps after Top Walmart Rival Hikes Minimum Wage 04/04/2019

Walmart Loses Another Senior Female Executive as Katie Finnegan Leaves 04/04/2019

How Walmart Is Quietly Wooing Millennials With Technology 04/03/2019

Watson v Walmart in Oregon Heads to Trial 04/04/2019

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- The case Watson v Walmart is heading to trial.

The case stems from Tyler Watson, of Gold Hill, suing Walmart after the company refused to sell him a gun because he was under 21 years old. Watson sued Dick's Sporting Goods for the same reason.

The companies changed their policies to only sell to adults older than 21 after the massacre in Parkland, Florida in February 2018. Watson sued the companies in March 2018; he was 20 years old at the time. Complete article

Man charged with lewd conduct outside Walmart in North Attleboro Mass. last August given probation 04/04/2019

Pair arrested in Cass County after Jamestown ND Walmart theft 04/04/2019

Two arrested in Seaboard St. SC Walmart parking lot following undercover drug operation 04/04/2019

Suspect wanted in Denison Tx. Walmart theft 04/04/2019

Police Seek Help To Identify 2 Women And Man After Tx. Walmart Theft 04/05/2019

Police: ID Needed For Suspect Who Stole Pa. Walmart Customer’s Cash 04/0/2019

Cash confusion scam: Thief targets Wisc. Walmart 04/05/2019

Bloomingdale Ill. police fatally shoot man armed with knife in Glendale Heights, after he stole a car at Walmart 04/05/2019

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. — Police fatally shot a man armed with a knife in Glendale Heights on Friday night, officials said.

Officers were called to the Bloomingdale Walmart at 314 W. Army Trail Rd. about 7:20 p.m. Friday for a call of a man with a knife, according to the Bloomingdale Police Department.

A shopper told police the man stole her car. Police said officers spotted the man in the car and followed him down the road to the intersection of Chippendale Lane and Mill Pond Drive in neighboring Glendale Heights.

The car stopped, and the man exited the vehicle, police said. He then "brandished the knife at officers," according to Frank Giammarese, director of public safety in Bloomingdale.

Giammarese alleged the man "moved rapidly" toward police, and officers opened fire. The man was pronounced dead at Adventist Medical Center Glen Oaks. Complete article

Bluffton man arrested after he struck a girl with shopping cart at Hilton Head SC Walmart, police say 04/05/2019

A 73-year-old Bluffton man was arrested Thursday evening after he allegedly hit a Hilton Head girl in the back with a shopping cart at the Hilton Head Walmart sending her to the hospital, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report.

The girl’s dad told deputies he and his daughters were going down a shopping aisle when he heard one of them “make a noise as if she was in pain,” the report said.

He turned around and saw the suspect, “an elder gentleman,” yelling at his daughter, the report said. She told her dad the suspect had pushed a cart into her and her back hurt.

An employee who witnessed the incident told deputies the suspect was “extremely angry, loud, and didn’t stop with the cart,” the report said. Complete article

Oberlin Ohio police looking for Walmart theft suspects 04/06/2019

Serial Walmart shoplifter has hit the South Milwaukee Wisc. store six times, police say 04/05/2019

Traffic accident reported on Telegraph near Mich. Walmart 04/05/2019

2 Men Caught Stealing Samsung Galaxy Tablets at Sebastian Fla. Walmart 04/06/2019

Big-hearted Walmart employee pays for Gardner Mass. mom’s car repair 04/06/2019

Police in Ennis Tx. Seek Alleged Serial Walmart Thief 04/07/2019

Who is this? Cops look for scarf- and hoodie-wearing Pa. Walmart theft suspect 04/07/2019

Father, son arrested in Polk County after stealing bike from Fla. Walmart then attempting to return it 04/06/2019 .... Fowler Sr. was able to return the bike for a $179.76 Walmart gift card. He immediately used the card to buy a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, the sheriff's office says. When he exited the store, he was approached by law enforcement.

Spill at Ca. Walmart in Simi Valley brings hazardous materials team, closes alley 04/07/2019

A hazardous-materials spill at a Simi Valley Walmart Sunday brought emergency personnel and closed an alley behind the store but posed no threat to the public, officials said.

The spill was reported shortly before 3:50 p.m. at the 255 East Cochran St. location, according to Ventura County Fire Department reports. The site is just east of Madera Road on the south side of Highway 118.

The spill reportedly took place near a loading dock at the rear of the store, according to firefighters at the scene. Some nine people were affected, firefighters said. Multiple fire department units responded, including a hazmat team. Complete article

Exclusive: Mexico's Walmart pressures suppliers on pricing, forcing some to ditch Amazon 04/08/2019

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Walmart’s Mexico unit has penalized food companies supplying groceries to rival Amazon, pressure that has forced some to pull their products from the world’s largest online retailer, four people familiar with the matter said.

The tough tactics come as the two giants battle for supremacy in one of their most important foreign markets, one that Walmart currently dominates.

Walmart last year demanded discounts from food businesses whose products it found priced lower on the Mexican website of Inc, the people said, even though suppliers had no say in the Seattle retailer’s decision to undercut Walmart on price.

Two suppliers told Reuters they moved swiftly to pull their brands from Amazon, wary of jeopardizing their relationship with Walmart de Mexico. The companies, both of which sell common pantry goods, said Walmart accounts for more than half their supermarket sales in Mexico. Complete article

Walmart is beating Amazon in a business worth $35 billion 04/07/2019

Mom and pop stores go from Walmart's victims to allies in India 04/07/2019

Tornado damage in Alabama update: Latest pictures, video; Guntersville Walmart damaged 04/08/2019

Police looking to ID man wanted for stealing from Va. Walmart's 04/08/2019

Two accused of armed robbery at Monkey Junction NC Walmart 04/09/2019

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Two people are accused of armed robbery at the Walmart store in Monkey Junction Monday night.

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Edward Huffman and Audrey Cross were leaving the store when loss prevention officers asked them to come back inside and answer a couple of questions regarding shoplifting.

Huffman then turned around and allegedly said he had a gun while lifting his shirt to expose the firearm. Huffman and Cross then fled the scene, according to officials. Complete article

Police searching for crooks who cleaned out Ohio Walmart cash registers during holidays 04/08/2019

REYNOLDSBURG & CANAL WINCHESTER, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — Two women used the holiday season to blend in with customers and steal thousands of dollars from Walmarts in Reynoldsburg and Canal Winchester, according to police.

"It's pretty bold." said Reynoldsburg Police Detective Nikki Riley, "They seem pretty confident in what they are doing, did not hesitate, just went from register to register."

Riley said the women used a store cash register card to steal nearly $7,500 from several registers.

"There's a good possibility they were employees at Walmart or maybe have a family member that's an employee," said Riley. Complete article

Police: Man Arrested After Dancing On Top Of Cars In Ky. Walmart Parking Lot 04/08/2019

RICHMOND, Ky. (WBON) – A Ravenna man was arrested after police say he was caught dancing on top of cars in the Richmond Walmart parking lot.

According to WBON, Jeffery Smith was seen dancing on the vehicles without shoes. When officers arrive, they say Smith did not give a reason for the dance party and was irritated and could not stand still.

Smith was arrested and taken to the Madison County Detention Center. An arrest citation states that Smith admitted that he used heroin inside the detention center. Complete article

Employees Share The Most Walmart Thing They've Ever Seen 04/08/2019

Former Walmart cashier/Customer Service Desk associate here. Had a guy bring in a copied $10 bill to make a purchase. When the cashier told him he couldn't use it, he demanded to speak with a manager.

Now, I'm not sure if a hand-colored xeroxed $10 bill, or the manager approving the sale was the most Walmart thing, but I think the argument could be made that it doesn't matter in the end.

He Just Had To Try

Once had a redneck with a mullet try and steal a comforter by just walking out with it, not even from the checkout lanes. Just blatantly walking out. When I asked can I see his receipt he hands me a receipt from 7/11 for beer. I said this is a 7/11 receipt and he looks at me and with the biggest smile goes "AYYYYEEEEEE" hands me the comforter and walks out like nothing happened. I was like tf

Flying Rings

My mom worked at Walmart for about a year. She actually liked it as she was more active, but she decided to quit after the jewelry department manager had a meltdown and started throwing jewelry at customers. One old lady got pelted in the head with a heavy ring box and it was over.

Turns out the manager was selling the jewelry to friends and family, but would keep the boxes and stuff them with rocks and trash so inventory would stay the same. She had the meltdown before she was caught.

The Competition Doesn’t Have It Any Better

People of Target from my four years there:

The person who took a dump in a kid training toilet, boxed it back up, and replaced it on the shelf.

The guy who disrobed in the entrance, and a bunch of managers had to block views of him by holding up cardboard until the police arrived.

The trail of poop that led, Family Circus dotted line-style, up and down and in and out of nearly every aisle in the store until it led me to the abandoned electric scooter that had diarrhea pooled in the seat, dripping on the floor.

Stay fast, fun, and friendly out there, team members!

That Isn’t How You Use That

If this says anything about the associates, just last week I was in the employee bathroom when another associate walked in. All the stalls were full so he peed in the sink, didn't wash hands, and left. Complete article

Woman caught gleefully shoplifting from Ohio Walmart 04/08/2019

Police: Woman used Tenn. Walmart scooter to drive to Waffle House 04/09/2019

Walmart now accepting ‘Open Call’ applications 04/08/2019 Open Call is a two-day event happening in June of this year where entrepreneurs can meet face-to-face with Walmart buyers for a chance to sell their American-made products. The June 2018 event saw more than 350 businesses meet with buyers; participants traveled from 46 states to attend the event at Walmart’s Home Office campus in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Eureka Missouri Police investigate theft of two drones from Walmart 04/09/2019

3 Men Stole $5K Worth Of Electronics From Walmart: Naugatuck Conn. PD 04/09/2019

Oklahoma man arrested after allegedly trying to hide propane tank down his pants at Walmart 04/09/2019

New York man sentenced in 2016 Augusta Me. Walmart confrontation 04/09/2019

Man swipes $3K worth of baby formula from Florida Walmart: police 04/09/2019

Armed robber sought after crashing stolen car near Casselberry Fla. Walmart, police say 04/10/2019

Starkville Mississippi police evacuate Walmart after bomb threat 04/09/2019

Suspect in robbery of Dauphin County Pa. Walmart arrested: police 04/09/2019

Florida man and woman nabbed for Pa. Walmart gift card theft operation, cops say 04/09/2019

A Florida couple got to "work" quickly when they arrived in Pennsylvania earlier this month, allegedly taking more than $12,000 in gift cards and items from six Walmart stores before they were caught in northern York County.

James Louis West, 25, and Tiesha Reneice Wimbush, 28, both of Tampa, Fla., were arrested Friday at the Walmart at 50 Newberry Parkway in Newberry Township, according to charging documents.

The two face charges of organized retail theft and conspiracy to commit organized retail theft. West and Wimbush posted bail on Saturday and are due back for a preliminary hearing on May 22 before District Judge Scott J. Gross, according to online court dockets. Complete article

Walmart doubles down on robots to shift labor costs: "We're going big" 04/09/2019

The robots are coming for Walmart workers' jobs, with the retail giant saying it plans to add almost 4,000 robots to its stores and facilities as it seeks to remove human workers from routine tasks like scrubbing floors.

The company said the plan is part of a goal to shift human workers to customer-service roles, such as "engaging with customers," according to a blog post. The new robots include the "Auto-C," which polishes floors, and the FAST Unloader, which scans and sorts items unloaded from delivery trucks.

The investment in automation comes as the retail giant has pledged to boost worker wages, pledging $2.7 billion over two years to boost pay as well as training and education. Robots, while requiring an initial investment, promise lower labor costs because they don't require benefits, while they can often perform the same job in much less time than a human worker. Walmart said the Auto-C will replace a store worker who typically spent two hours polishing floors with a scrubbing machine. Complete article

'I Could Scrub Rings Around It': Walmart Employee Slams Grocery Store Robots 04/11/2019

9 facts that demonstrate the enormity of Walmart's scale 04/10/2019

Everyone knows that Walmart is a behemoth.

But sometimes, it becomes difficult to picture just how massive the company has become since it was founded in 1962.

This previous year, Walmart raked in $514.4 billion in total revenue. That's more than the GDP of countries like Belgium, Thailand, and Israel.

And all that revenue has meant a major payoff for the company's founding family. Forbes estimated that the Waltons were collectively worth over $155 billion as of March — that puts them just behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The Washington Post found that the average Walmart associate "earns less in a year than the Walton family earns in a minute just from dividends paid on the family’s stock holdings" — a fact which Sen. Bernie Sanders has blasted as indicative of rampant income inequality.

Walmart also commands a powerful global presence. The company currently boasts over 11,300 retail units operating under 58 banners around the planet. Complete article

'Lot Cops' provide eyes — and speakers — in the sky at Valley View Va. Walmart 04/09/2019

On a recent blustery day at the Valley View Walmart Supercenter, employees are showing off the store’s latest surveillance technology.

Always watching, sometimes talking, the new camera systems stand sentinel-like over the parking lot. The solar-powered “Lot Cops” are rigged to a trailer and feature two pan/tilt/zoom cameras, a 360-degree camera, a pulsing blue strobe light, flood lights and speakers. “You have entered restricted area, move away,” a prerecorded voice tells the employees. (They have not.) It repeats the message in Spanish.

“If there happens to be teenage mischief, we can tell them it’s being recorded,” Caroline Jones, market asset protection manager, said. “It’s our first line of defense.” Besides the two parking area Lot Cops, three more are affixed to the outside of the store. Complete article

Deputies: 39 people arrested during shoplifting sting at Marion County Fla. Walmart 04/10/2019

MARION COUNTY, Fla. - Thirty-nine people were arrested after a retail theft sting in Marion County, according to deputies.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said they worked with the Ocala Police Department and loss prevention personnel at Walmart on April 4 and 5 for the sting operation.

Deputies said Walmart personnel and undercover detectives arrested 39 people who are now facing 39 felony and 46 misdemeanor charges. Complete article

Two women don't pay for items at Pa. Walmart 04/09/2019

Police: Man wanted for using $300 in counterfeit money at NC Walmart 04/09/2019

Craig Colorado Walmart parking lot pole stalwart in collision with car: On the Record — April 8 04/09/2019

'Give me the wallet' | Woman follows suspect accused of taking money at Walmart The victim's girlfriend filmed the person Clearwater Fla. police say is the suspect. 04/10/2019

Walmart will sell 98¢ reusable bags at checkout carousels to cut down on plastic 04/10/2019

Stolen Concord daycare van found at nearby Ca. Walmart 04/10/2019

Police: Woman stole items from NY Walmart, bit employee 04/11/2019

'Walmart Wendy' filmed calling Ca. police on city worker she claims looks 'illegal' and 'creepy' 04/11/2019

Owensboro Ky. PD looking Walmart thefts suspects; Wanted Wednesday 04/1/2019

Va. Walmart Counterfeiter Sought In Stafford: Police 04/10/2019

Two suspects were charged with crimes associated with a fire at the Richfield Utah Walmart Sunday afternoon 04/10/2019

Two suspects were charged with crimes associated with a fire at the Richfield Walmart Sunday afternoon.

“Fortunately an alert employee was able to put it out quickly,” said Richfield City Police Chief Trent Lloyd. He said the damage was limited to some merchandise and shelving in the garden area.

The fire was started by a pair of teenaged boys.

“They were just messing around,” Lloyd said. “The problem is that it’s aggravated arson, and that’s a first-degree felony.” ......

“They admitted what they did,” Lloyd said. The suspects could face restitution in the tens of thousands of dollars not only for the damage caused by the fire, but also due to Walmart having to shutdown while the smoke and smoldering material was cleared out of the store. Complete article If Walmart ahs their way these kids will be in debt for the rest of their lives.

This is one of dozens of local articles around the country coming out at the same time about renovations; it's clear evidence of routine printing of Walmart press releases presented as news. This often also includes obvious ads presented as news which are also routine.

Florida Walmart stores to undergo $173M in renovations including in Orlando 04/11/2019

Walmart Inc. will make a major store renovation push across the state in 2019, and Central Florida will get a piece of that.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer (NYSE: WMT) announced it will invest $173 million into updating Florida Walmart locations over the year, including 11 in metro Orlando. Those changes include several tech upgrades such an autonomous shelf scanning machine for 32 stores and 36 pickup towers, which are vending machines that can fill customer orders in-store. Complete article

Rincon Ga. Police seek help finding Walmart theft suspects 04/11/2019

Halfmoon woman charged in NY Walmart burglary 04/11/2019

'All clear' given after police investigate bomb threat at Del City Okla. Walmart 04/11/2019

Disgruntled Customer threatens to 'literally blow Walmart up' over cellphone, Pa. police say 04/11/2019

A Harrisburg man faces charges after police say he threatened to "literally blow Walmart up" while at the Springettsbury Township store on Tuesday, according to charging documents.

Philip E. Ramsey, 73, of the 300 block of Second Street, said he bought a cellphone there but that it didn't work. He demanded a refund and issued the threat, but then walked out of the store, documents state.

Ramsey faces charges of terroristic threats and bomb threats. As of Thursday, he remained in York County Prison on $20,000 bail. He has a preliminary hearing before District Judge Barry L. Bloss Jr. scheduled for April 23, according to online court dockets. Complete article

Sheriff: Man cashes counterfeit bill at La. Wal-Mart, leads deputies on chase 04/11/2019

A fleeing suspect who refused to exit his vehicle for an hour following a slow speed pursuit with deputies on Thursday is facing a number of charges, according to Sheriff Steve Prator.

At approximately 12:35 p.m., Caddo deputies attempted to stop Jovi Christopherson's vehicle on I-49 after it was reported that he cashed a counterfeit $100 bill at Wal-Mart on Northport Boulevard. Christopherson finally pulled over for deputies about two miles from the store but refused to exit the truck when ordered to do so.

Deputies were forced to shut down the interstate near North Market Street during the incident. Patrol commander Capt. John May spoke by cell phone to Christopherson for nearly an hour, finally pursuading him to surrender.

After the arrest, deputies conducted a search of the truck and found methamphetamines, a loaded handgun, more counterfeit money, a paper shredder and other evidence. Complete article

Situation escalates quickly at Wisc. Walmart theft call 04/11/2019

Eau Claire, Wisc. (WQOW) – What started as a routine theft call for police at the Eau Claire Walmart turned out not to be routine at all. In the end, a woman was doing karate and a man was naked in the back of the store while their dog ran free.

Eau Claire police say they were called to Walmart around 8:30 Wednesday night for a retail theft that was happening. Police were told a woman and her dog were shoplifting from the store.

When police arrived they found the woman, Lisa Smith, 46, screaming in the entryway and trying to catch her dog, Bo. Police also learned Smith’s son, Benny Vann, 25, was in the store causing problems.

Officers learned Smith went into Walmart with her unleashed dog. While Bo ran up to customers Smith started ‘erratically’ pulling apart store displays and putting them in her cart. When she was asked to leave she started performing karate moves in the parking lot.

They say Bo grabbed some cornbread mix and tried to leave the store, too.

Smith was arrested and fought with officers. She also attempted to kick out a window on the squad car, police said.

While all of that was going on, police say Vann was in the back of the store and had removed all his clothes exposing himself to customers.

When officers approached him, Vann tried to run over an officer with his scooter. He, too, was arrested. Complete article

Walmart to Amazon's Jeff Bezos: "How about paying your taxes?" 04/12/2019

Walmart is punching back after Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on Thursday challenged other retailers to match or exceed the ecommerce giant's minimum wage for workers, which it moved to hike last fall to $15 an hour.

In his annual shareholder letter, Bezos called out his "top retail competitors (you know who you are!) to match our employee benefits and our $15 minimum wage." He added, "Better yet, go to $16 and throw the gauntlet back at us. It's a kind of competition that will benefit everyone."

In response, Walmart executive vice president of corporate affairs Dan Bartlett tweeted, "Hey retail competitors out there (you know who you are ) how about paying your taxes?" He included a news article about Amazon's zero tax liability in 2018 on $11.2 billion in profit. Complete article

Retail Briefing: Walmart is bulking up its advertising business 04/12/2019 Walmart’s next move in remaking its image in the Amazon age: muscle up its advertising business.

Walmart’s $25 insulin can’t fix the diabetes drug price crisis 04/11/2019 The US chain offers a low-cost option, but it’s far from ideal for all patients. The problems with Walmart’s insulin Doctors and diabetes advocates point out that while ReliOn may help patients in a pinch, especially those without health insurance, it’s also a formulation (known as “human” insulin) that came on the market in the 1980s, more than a decade before more refined insulins started to emerge.

Judge OKs $160M Walmart settlement 04/12/2019 A federal judge in Fayetteville has approved a $160 million settlement between Walmart Inc. and a Michigan pension fund in a class-action lawsuit accusing the Bentonville retailer of securities fraud.

Woman locked in Tx. Walmart garden center after it closes 04/11/2019

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman says she was locked in the garden center at a Galveston Walmart for almost an hour after it closed.

Sarah Luke says she was at Walmart on Seawall Boulevard picking up medicine when she decided to browse through the garden center before leaving. Little did she know they were about to close.

"I thought he (employee) saw me, but I was also wearing a green sweatshirt," Sarah said. "Maybe I blended in with the plants, but he or she, don't really know, locked me in!"

She tried getting out and the doors wouldn't open. "I just stood there and said, 'Oh, this isn't happening,'" she says. .....

"The assistant manager assured me that it was not her who locked me in, and the police officers started talking to her about how they need a more thorough walkthrough before locking the doors," Luke said. Complete article

Men took $14,000 worth of cigarettes from Fla. Walmart, Fort Myers police say 04/11/2019

Walmart outside Bakersfield Ca. limits charging customers city sales tax rate 04/11/2019

Police: Ohio Walmart parking lot skirmish including pry bar, glass cleaner leads to citations 04/11/2019

Woman steals items from WV Walmart by disguising them as diaper genie, potty seat 04/12/2019

Two women wanted for stealing a pink pony and cosmetics from Va. Walmart 04/11/2019

Walmart receipt helped nab teen suspects in ‘chemical bomb’ attack on Arvada Colorado officer 04/11/2019

Man steals TV from Yorktown Walmart and assaults employee 04/12/2019

Beeville man arrested in connection with fatal assault at Tx. Walmart 04/12/2019

BEEVILLE, Texas — A Beeville man was arrested Thursday after police were called to reports of an assault at the local Walmart.

According to Beeville Police Chief Robert Bridge, officers got a call around 2:50 p.m. Thursday regarding the assault. When they arrived they found bystanders performing CPR on the victim. Medics arrived and transported the victim to Christus Spohn Beeville Hospital.

A police investigation led officers to a home in the 1400 block of Mockingbird Lane where they made contact with a man they identified as a suspect in the assault. 36-year-old Randy Tamez was arrested and booked into the Bee County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

The victim, identified by the Nueces County Medical as 44-year-old Jaime Lopez, was pronounced brain dead early Friday morning and remains on life support. Complete article

Cleveland cop charged in robbery at North Olmsted Ohio Walmart 04/12/2019

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland police officer is charged with robbery in connection with an incident at a North Olmsted Walmart.

Officer Tashalee Norris, 35, faces the second-degree felony charge along with a separate first-degree misdemeanor theft charge. Norris is not in police custody and warrants were issued Friday for her arrest.

Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia said Norris was placed on unpaid administrative leave while the felony case is pending. Complete article

Surveillance video has been released showing a Cleveland police officer attempting to leave Walmart without paying 04/15/2019

'I Was Screaming Then I Started Crying' 5-Year-Old in a Cast After Hit-and-Run in Greensboro NC Walmart Parking Lot 04/12/2019

GREENSBORO, North Carolina — A mother says her son was screaming at the top of his lungs after he was hit by a car in a Walmart parking lot in Greensboro.

WFMY News 2 spoke to to the mother of the boy who was hit.

"He yelled, he screamed, he was crying," Charlita Hamilton said.

The hit-and-run happened at the Walmart on 2107 Pyramids Village on April 9 according to Greensboro Police. Complete article

Felony theft from Polk Fla. Walmart evolves into high-speed chase 04/12/2019

LAKE WALES — Five people were arrested last Thursday and a sixth is still being sought following a multi-agency pursuit that began at the Lake Wales Walmart.

According to Lake Wales Police reports, officers were called to the Walmart at 2000 State Road 60 East at 1 a.m. on Aug. 4 after numerous witnesses reported multiple individuals had removed several electronics items, valued in excess of $2,300, from the store. Witnesses told police they saw the suspects get into a silver Toyota 4-Runner and flee the area.

Police located the SUV a short time after an officer spotted it traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on Highway 60 near the intersection of 11th Street in Lake Wales. Officers tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused to stop, according to a LWPD media release. .....

A short time later, Lake Wales Police were notified that the Lake Alfred Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office were pursuing the stolen Toyota on Interstate 4.

After a short pursuit, the Toyota crashed into a vehicle leaving the Wawa convenience store located at 43582 Highway 27 in Davenport. Complete article

North Collier Fire responds to vehicle fire in Fla. Walmart parking lot 04/12/2019

An electrician's work day had an added spark when his truck caught fire Friday morning at a Walmart.

North Collier Fire Control and Rescue responded to a vehicle fire in the Walmart parking lot on 11225 Tamiami Trail in North Naples.

Pedro Rey, an electrician with Starlight Electric, was shopping at Walmart for a few minutes and noticed smoke coming from his employee-issued 2003 Chevrolet Express when he was walking back to the van. Complete article

FDA threatens to fine Walmart, Kroger and convenience store chains for selling tobacco to minors 04/12/2019

The Federal Drug Administration threatened to fine Walmart, Kroger, Family Dollar and more than a half dozen convenience store and gas station chains for illegally selling tobacco products to minors.

The agency cited high rates of violations in nearly identical letters sent to retailers last week. In addition to the retailers above, 7-Eleven, BP, Casey’s General Stores, Chevron, Citgo, Exxon, Marathon Petroleum, Shell and Sunoco all received the letters, which were dated April 5 and posted to the agency’s website Friday. The FDA gave them 30 days to submit a detailed plan describing how they will mitigate illegal tobacco sales to minors.

None of the companies were immediately available for comment.

“Retailers in particular are on the front lines of these efforts to reduce the health consequences of tobacco use and nicotine dependence,” the FDA said. “Because tobacco use is almost always initiated and established during adolescence, early intervention — including making sure tobacco products aren’t being sold to minors —is critical.” Complete article

100 people sick in salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon sold at Target, Walmart, elsewhere 04/13/2019

(CNN) - Nearly 100 people from nine states have gotten sick in a salmonella outbreak.

Pre-cut melon sold at Whole Foods, Kroger, Target, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and other stores is now being voluntarily recalled due to the possibility of salmonella contamination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration made the announcement Friday.

The recalled products include pre-cut watermelon, honeydew melon and cantaloupe.

They were packaged in clear, plastic clamshell containers and sold under various brands.

They were distributed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Complete article

Salmonella outbreak in melon sold at Kroger, Walmart hits Ohio hardest 04/25/2019 Majority of the infection reports linked to pre-cut melon sold at Walmart, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and other stores began between March 14 and April 9, according to the Centers for Disease Control. During that time, 31 Ohioans reported salmonella-related illnesses. Indiana came in second with 23 of the 117 total reported illnesses.

Walmart wants to become a big advertising player like Amazon 04/12/2019

Walmart is serious about giving Amazon a run for its money online. It’s so determined that the company bought a startup to help it compete in an unexpected business: online advertising.

The retailer on Thursday bought Polymorph Labs, a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in managing digital ads for brands. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Walmart said adding the startup’s technology would enable current and potential advertisers to reach consumers more effectively.

The acquisition positions Walmart to compete with Amazon, which became the country’s third largest ad platform last year behind Google and Facebook.

“Our data has never been monetized, and we have a tiny ad business,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told analysts last year. “It could be bigger.” Complete article

Attempted shoplifter charged with assault for pepper spraying S. Austin Tx. Walmart employees 04/12/2019

Woman wanted for robbery and disorderly conduct at Pa. Walmart 04/12/2019

Person struck by vehicle near SC Walmart on Sunset Blvd., Lexington PD says 04/13/2019

Man used phone to ‘upskirt’ female shopper at Cobb Ga. Walmart, police say 04/12/2019

UPDATE: Police identify man photographed in connection with $1,900 Ind. Walmart thefts 04/12/2019

Homeless man accused of stealing 3 computers, men’s clothing from Walmart in Manheim Township Pa. 04/12/2019 A homeless man is accused of stealing goods totaling more than $1,200 from Walmart in December and February.

Police investigate bomb threat at West Michigan Walmart 04/14/2019

Six TVs stolen from Arnold Missouri Walmart 04/15/2019

Accused Iowa Walmart thieves plead not guilty 04/13/2019

Stabbing at Dardanelle Arkansas Walmart gas station leaves one man injured 04/15/2019

DARDANELLE, Ark. - A Danville man is behind bars facing battery charges.

The Dardanelle Police Department arrested Juan Carlos Fernandez.

Police say he is accused of stabbing another person at the Valero gas station and Murphy USA on Highway 7 Sunday night.

When officers arrived they found the victim with serious injuries. People in the community are shocked.

"It's like we hear about it in Little Rock, Pine Bluff, but you would never think it would happen here or hear about it. All of sudden it's all over news and Facebook," Johnny Litsey said. Complete article

Walmart asks for millions in Maine tax abatements 04/10/2019

ELLSWORTH — Walmart is making a push in communities around the state, including Ellsworth and Bangor, to lower the property valuation of its stores by millions of dollars.

The requests, if granted, could cost host communities hundreds of thousands in one-time retroactive reimbursements and future tax revenue.

In many towns, Walmart is arguing that, despite its thriving business, its stores should be assessed as though they were vacant.

“Essentially they’re saying, ‘We should be assessed based on a shuttered, empty, gargantuan warehouse,’” said Noel Madore, an accountant with a Farmington-based tax firm.

Assessors in some states, including Wisconsin, Texas and Michigan, are buying the argument. Complete article

How Pontiac pensioners battled retail giant Walmart and won 04/15/2019

It was 2012 when a pint-sized David north of Detroit took on a well-known Goliath in Arkansas.

Last week, their epic struggle ended. Contrary to early predictions, a federal court in Arkansas decided in favor of David — that is, the puny City of Pontiac General Employees Union Pension Fund.

After a seven-year slug fest in and out of court, Pontiac's pensioners prevailed in a lawsuit about stock investing against the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

These 1,200 retirees of city government in Pontiac, who live on modest pensions, have yet to receive official notification. And their joint nest egg of about $500 million soon will get merely a modest infusion of perhaps $20,000 or $30,000 — the amount has yet to be calculated, their California lawyers say. Complete article

Woman Charged With OUI After Driving Car on Top of 2 Other Vehicles at Mass. Walmart 04/15/2019

A woman has been charged with drunken driving and negligent operation after driving her car up on top of two other vehicles in Halifax, Massachusetts, on Sunday.

The Quincy Patriot Ledger reports that police said the woman was parking in a Walmart parking lot around 11 a.m. when she accidentally accelerated the car, driving up onto two cars parked side by side. She slightly damaged a third car in another parking lot as well.

Authorities said a Walmart employee was in one of the cars during the incident and was shocked but unharmed. The crash caused damage to the hoods of both vehicles and the windshield and roof of one. Complete article

2 suspects sought for using stolen credit card at Va. Walmart 04/15/2019

Police search for man wanted for stealing cell phones from a Camdenton, Missouri Walmart 04/15/2019

Deputies: Walmart shoplifting suspect caught hiding in vacant west Macon Ga. house 04/15/2019

Police: Two females caught on camera stealing iPhone XR from Walmart in North Port Fla. 04/15/2019

Prosecutors: Man accused in thefts at Wisc. Walmart, Meijer, Home Depot may be responsible for 23 others 04/15/2019

Carlsbad NM Police: Body of a man found behind Walmart 04/15/2019

Carlsbad Police said they are investigating a decomposed body found in the 2400 block of South Canal Street April 10.

Lt. Jaime Balencia, Carlsbad Police spokesperson, said the body appeared to be a male in his 50s or 60s.

"He was pretty well decomposed," he said. "We have no identity, it looks like a transient may have been living in back for a while." Complete article

Man arrested, accused of threatening customers at gunpoint in La. Walmart 04/15/2019

PONCHATOULA - Reports say a man arrested Sunday is accused of threatening customers and employees with a gun at a Walmart location Sunday.

The Daily Star says Ponchatoula Police were informed by Walmart personnel of an incident of a male pointing a semi-automatic rifle at customers and employees. The suspect was seen on surveillance cameras armed with a gun, approaching the front door of Walmart and making threats to kill people.

Reports say later in the day an officer spotted the suspect's vehicle driving through town and conducted a traffic stop. 26-year-old Gevoki Irving was placed under arrest. A semi-automatic rifle was recovered from the back seat of his vehicle. Complete article

Man drives motorcycle into La. Walmart, threatens to have a bomb 04/15/2019

Walmart shoppers in New Iberia had a different sort of shopping experience Monday afternoon when a man drove his motorcycle into the store, zoomed past customers then threatened that he had a bomb on his bike and would blow it up.

According to Capt. John Babin with the New Iberia Police Department, the driver was already being sought after motorists reported a motorcycle being driven erratically moments earlier.

“We received a call about a guy driving recklessly on the road,” Babin said. “Then a call came in saying he had driven into the Walmart and said he had explosives.” Complete article

UPDATE: Police identify motorcyclist who rode his bike into a local Walmart 04/16/2019

$3M in damages due to suspicious fire at Harbison Blvd. Walmart, Columbia SC fire chief says 04/16/2019

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Columbia Fire Department and the Columbia Police Department are investigating a suspicious fire that happened Tuesday morning at Walmart on Harbison Boulevard.

Crews were called to the store around 3:30 a.m. and worked quickly to put out the fire. However, officials said the store suffered a heavy amount of damage from the flames and the smoke inside.

“The fire is out, but this is a pretty big store,” said Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins. “We’re working on getting all of the smoke out of there.” Complete article

Police seek 3 persons of interest in Harbison Walmart arson 04/16/2019

Harbison Walmart re-opens after fire that caused nearly $3M in damages 04/19/2019

2 men charged in Walmart arson case that caused $3M in damages 04/20/2019

Attention, Fla. Walmart shoppers -- watch out for the alligator 04/15/2019

WIMAUMA, Fla. — You never know who's going to turn up at Walmart, do you?

In this case, it was an 8-foot-5-inch alligator who decided to stop by the store in Wimauma.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded to the call, as did a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper, who was able to wrangle the reptile before anyone got hurt.

It's another opportunity to remind you that it's gator mating season, and lonely gators are showing up in places you might not expect as they travel long distances between water sources looking for some love. Complete article

2 injured by goose in Fishers Ind. Walmart parking lot 04/16/2019

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) -- Two people were injured after being attacked by a goose in Fishers.

The Fishers Police Department said a goose attacked two people in the parking lot of Walmart.

Police said the injuries were minor.

"Geese can be territorial and aggressive," the department said in a Facebook post. "Please be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from wild animals." Complete article

Meet the 45-year-old executive helping Kroger take on Amazon, Walmart, and Aldi 04/16/2019

The stakes have never been higher for Kroger.

The 135-year-old grocery chain is facing stronger competition than ever before, between Amazon's foray into groceries with its acquisition of Whole Foods, Walmart's multi-billion-dollar investments in store remodels and digital grocery services, and the rapid growth of German discount grocers Aldi and Lidl, both of which have upended the UK grocery market over the last decade.

Yael Cosset, 45, is tasked with helping Kroger fend off those threats. He's currently the head of digital for the grocer, and in May, he will be promoted to chief information officer. Complete article

Troy Alabama police looking for suspect in Walmart robbery 04/15/2019

Suspect in motorized shopping cart steals shopper's wallet from floor of Florida Walmart, police say 04/16/2019

Homeless Bradenton Fla. woman loves the choice she has made. You may have seen her at Walmart 04/16/2019

Lexington Police searching suspects who stole $600 display watch from Lexington SC Walmart on Sunset Blvd 04/16/2019

Walmart customer who lost envelope with $2,500 in store reunited with cash thanks to good Samaritan, N.J. cops 04/17/2019

Women shoppers arrested for shoplifting at Walmart: Brooklyn Ohio Police Blotter 04/17/2019

Man shot in parking lot of Jennings La. Walmart 04/16/2019

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - A man was shot in the in parking lot of the Jennings Walmart Monday night, according to a post on the Jennings Police Department Facebook page.

The man was meeting with the person who shot him around 10 p.m. The shooter was driving a silver hatchback wagon.

Jennings Police Chief Danny Semmes says the victim was shot multiple times. He says the police department is currently going through surveillance footage from nearby businesses. Complete article

Man arrested for robbing elderly people at Macomb County Mich. Walmart parking lot 04/16/2019

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — The Clinton Township Police Department said it has arrested a man who allegedly targeted elderly people for robberies at several locations over the weekend.

According to police, a 79-year-old Macomb Township man was at Walmart on Hall Rd. and I-94 on Friday afternoon when he was approached by the suspect, who asked him how to get to Gratiot Ave. The 79-year-old man told the suspect he would show him, so the suspect followed the victim. At Gratiot and Maplehurst, the suspect stopped his car in front of the victim, got out and approached his car, implied he had a gun and reached inside the vehicle, stealing the 79-year-old man's wallet.

Two days later on Sunday morning, an 87-year-old Clinton Township woman was loading groceries into her car at the same Walmart. The suspect then pushed the woman into her car and stole her purse, which was on the seat. Complete article

Police: Woman who trashed 3 stores on Saturday also hit Westwood Ohio Walmart 04/16/2019

WESTWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) – A woman accused of trashing three stores over the weekend is now facing new charges.

Falicia Ford is now charged with criminal damaging after allegedly trashing the Walmart on Ferguson Road in Westwood. That brings the tally to four stores police say Ford trashed Saturday.

New video is now surfacing on social media of the Walmart incident. None of it shows Ford, but it does show the aftermath.

“She walked into the store, went to the laundry detergent aisle, poured all the detergent out on the floor,” a woman in the store at the time of the incident told Local 12. “Glass, salsa, whatever she could get her hands on. Canned goods were flying." Complete article

Chips Ahoy! Cookies Sold At Walmart, Others Recalled 04/16/2019

Heads up Pennsylvania: a nationwide recall has been issued for certain packages of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies that were sold in major retailers including Walmart and Giant Eagle. Mondel─ôz Global LLC on Saturday announced a limited voluntary recall of some of its 13-ounce cookie products, the recall notice said.

The product was sold at major retailers including Giant, Giant Eagle, Food Lion, Acme and Walmart.

Certain ingredients that make up the cookies solidified during the baking process because they were not fully incorporated into the mixing procedure, the company told Patch. The ingredients in the cookies include unbleached enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup, palm kernel oil, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, cornstarch, cocoa, dextrose, baking soda, salt, caramel color, milk, skim milk, artificial flavoring, soy lecithin and natural flavoring.

The ingredients are not hazardous, the company said, however some consumers have called the company and reported experiencing "adverse health effects." The company did not immediately have details on what those adverse health effects were but stressed that all of its products are cleaned extensively. Complete article

Stop & Shop, Walmart and Even Banking Are Replacing Workers with Robots — Quickly 04/15/2019

Longtime American jobs are disappearing — they are being replaced by robots that are more efficient and don’t require health coverage or vacation time. Automation and the deployment of robots will be likely taking jobs at the local Stop & Shop, the nearby Walmart, that Fall River Amazon warehouse and even at your bank's headquarters.

While Stop & Shop is mired in a labor dispute with 31,000 employees, the company is deploying hundreds of robots in stores.

One of the latest additions is Marty — a spill detection robot. This technology is just the beginning for Stop & Shop and other retailers. Complete article

Walmart partners with subscription-based children's clothing startup, Kidbox 04/16/2019

Walmart is getting into subscription-based fashion with today’s announcement of a partnership with Kidbox — a sort of “StitchFix for kids” where parents receive a personalized, curated box of children’s clothing on a seasonal basis. The deal will see Kidbox offered to’s online shoppers, where they can fill out a short style quiz, then receive their box of four to five fashion items for around $48 — or 50 percent off the retail prices of the bundled items.

The boxes are available in Sizes 0 through 14 for girls and 0 through 16 for boys, and include styles like sweaters, denim, dresses, graphic tees and more — based on whatever is seasonally appropriate. Kidbox today also has relationships with more than 120 fashion brands, including BCBG, Butter Super Soft, C&C California, Puma and others. Complete article

North Little Rock Arkansas woman faces robbery, theft charges after attack at Walmart 04/16/2019

Beloit and Belvidere Ill. Police look for Walmart thieves 04/16/2019

Man accused of struggling with officers after refusing to show receipt to Ohio Walmart greeter 04/17/2019

Sheriff: 2 wanted for stealing underwear, Doritos, right foot socks from Va. Walmart 04/18/2019

Man robs Walmart Neighborhood Market in Visalia, Ca. doesn't get far 04/18/2019 Verissimo says rejection didn't stop the suspected thief, who police described as homeless. .... He settled for a $7 pack of cigarettes that police say Keanche stole when he went behind the counter. He then walked outside.

Colorado Walmart shoplifter slips police for now: On the Record 04/18/2019

REPORT: Escambia man attempts to steal 50-inch TV from Fla. Walmart 04/17/2019

Vermont man accused in $200K Walmart embezzlement to pay $75K 04/17/2019

Man Found Dead In Converse Tx. Walmart Parking Lot 04/17/2019

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A man was found dead inside a car in a Converse parking lot Wednesday morning.

Converse police say the car was parked at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Toepperwein Road.

Police say the county medical examiner’s office is working to determine the cause of death, though foul play is not suspected. Complete article

Video: Dancing bandit helps accomplice steal $2,000 from NY Walmart 04/18/2019

ROTTERDAM — Police need the public's help to identify a dancing bandit who, they say, acted as a distraction while his alleged accomplice ripped off Walmart of $2,000 in cash.

Police the scheme began with the pair paying cash for three laptops.

After the cashier counted the money, one of the men asked for it back under the guise that he had over paid. Police said that in an effort to distract and confuse the cashier the other man began dancing nearby.

The man at the register is seen on store surveillance cameras putting some of the money back into his pocket before giving in rest back to the cashier, police said. The cashier did not recount the money before putting it into the register. The store later determined that they were out $2,000. Complete article

Walmart Closes Store in Dallas Tx. Redbird Neighborhood 04/19/2019

Lexington SC Police identify brothers who shoplifted over $4000 worth of items from Walmart on Sunset Blvd 04/18/2019

Maysville couple accused of Walmart assault last month in Swansboro NC 04/18/2019

Man involved in 2017 Cape Girardeau Missouri Walmart carjacking sentenced 04/18/2019

Tallahassee Fla. PD searching for suspect connected to Walmart battery 04/18/2019

Theft at Crockett Tx. Walmart 04/18/2019

Police searching for man who stole nearly $2000 worth of cigarettes from SC Walmart 04/1/2019

Hendersonville NC Walmart closed to ventilate following early morning fire 04/19/2019

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Firefighters responded to the Walmart at Highlands Square shopping center in Hendersonville Friday morning just before 4:30 a.m.

Hendersonville Fire Chief Joseph Vindigni tells News 13 the fire was in one of the units in the frozen foods section.

The fire is now out and Chief Vindigni says there was minimal damage but a fair amount of smoke in the building. Complete article

Truth in advertising for Walmart 04/19/2019

Walmart’s ad slogan, “Save money. Live better.,” has at least one ardent adherent — Walmart itself.

The multinational retailer is looking to save money by having its stores’ property assessments slashed. A lower assessment means a reduced property tax bill. Bingo: money saved.

The push for a lower assessment is being felt in several Maine communities, including Ellsworth and Bangor. If the push succeeds, Walmart host communities would be out hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue.

OK, who doesn’t want to save a buck? But Walmart’s argument for tax relief isn’t for everybody. It rests on the original premise that its buildings have very little value beyond housing Walmart stores. It’s known as the “dark store” theory of taxation. The idea is that big-box retail locations are so specially built that once they leave them, the properties won’t be worth much to anyone else. They should, so the logic goes, be assessed as if they were large, empty warehouses.

Hmm. Perhaps Walmart stores could be constructed in such a fashion that their value endures. Just saying. Complete article

Walmart shopper asks 'Where are all the cashiers?' 04/18/2019

Claims only self-checkout lanes were open If you got the feeling some big stores have fewer human cashiers these days, you might be correct.

One woman says her local Walmart store had no live cashiers when she stopped in the other day.

Peggy Werner says she ran in and grabbed a few items at her local Walmart, the Milford, Ohio Supercenter. There was nothing super about the checkout experience, she says.

"I went to check out and I went up and down the lanes looking for an open light," she said, "and there wasn't anybody there."

Werner says she flagged down an employee.

"I said, 'How am I supposed to check out?' She said, 'Everybody has to check out in self-check.'" Complete article

Food stamps recipients can now order groceries online for delivery at Amazon, Walmart and ShopRite 04/18/2019

(CNN) -- Walmart, Amazon and grocery chains like ShopRite hope to tap into a lucrative new market: Food stamp recipients who want to shop for groceries online.

For the first time, the US Department of Agriculture has given the green light for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, to use their benefits to buy groceries online and get them delivered to their homes, the agency said Thursday.

The retailers are kicking off a two-year pilot in New York that will enable some of the state's 2.7 million SNAP recipients to to use their benefits for online grocery orders.

ShopRite and Amazon will service the New York City area, while Walmart will cover upstate locations. Additional retailers are slated to join the pilot in coming months, and the test will eventually expand to other parts of New York, as well as Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. It's not yet clear which other grocery chains will be involved. Complete article

Episode 168: Ex-Walmart exec talks electric fleets, investors and the low-carbon economy 04/19/2019

From Walmart to Nikola Motor (16:21)

Elizabeth Fretheim spent the last decade with the world's largest retailer, most recently as senior director of supply chain sustainability. She chats with GreenBiz Senior Writer and Transportation Analyst Katie Fehrenbacher about why she's joining electric truck startup Nikola Motor, and why she anticipates a "poly-fuel" future for corporate fleet managers. (You can read a longer interview with Fretheim here.)

Mercer: Investors are better off in a low-carbon economy (18:19)

"The key takeaway is that a 2-degree [Celsius] scenario is both an imperative and opportunity for investors," notes Alex Bernhardt, principal and head of responsible investors for Mercer, discussing the advisory firm's latest analysis of the implications of global temperature increases on climate change. Complete article

Why Walmart wants robots, not workers, stocking shelves 04/18/2019

Family remembers Kaviaun Nelson, killed in Nebraska Walmart shooting, one year later 04/18/2019

Walmart, Va. police replace man's stolen bike 04/19/2019

Police say incident in Okla. Walmart bathroom was a misunderstanding 04/19/2019 We verified that he was in fact a plumber whom Walmart had contracted to fix a toilet located in that bathroom.

Suspects accused of trying to return broken TVs at Ky. Walmarts 04/19/2019

Man charged with crashing pickup through San Angelo Tx. Walmart last June officially indicted 04/19/2019

Shoplifters hit WV Walmart 14 times in 3 days 04/19/2019

Person shot at Atlanta Highway Montgomery Alabama Walmart 04/19/2019

A person was shot outside the Walmart on Atlanta Highway on Friday afternoon.

A woman sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound following a verbal altercation in the parking lot, Montgomery Police Department said in a statement.

Suspects fled the scene and were shortly apprehended by Montgomery police officers, according to MPD. Complete article

Suspect charged after woman shot in Walmart parking lot 04/22/2019 MPD has a policy to not release the name of a business where a crime happens, but a WSFA 12 News crew saw a police presence in the parking lot of Walmart on Friday. The address of Walmart is 6495 Atlanta Highway.

Second teen charged in shooting outside Atlanta Highway Walmart 04/23/2019

Shooting In Mount Olive NC Walmart Parking Lot 04/20/2019

Mount Olive Police are investigating after shots are fired in the Walmart parking lot.

The incident occurred late Friday afternoon. Mount Olive Police received the shots fired call and responded to the location immediately.

Officers found only one of vehicles that was involved in the shooting sitting beside N.C. 55 near Walmart. Police believe this was an isolated incident between the two parties involved. No one was injured in the shooting. Complete article

Video shows storm flipping cars over in Clinton Mississippi's Walmart parking lot 04/19/2019

Surveillance camera footage from Clinton's Walmart shows the moment when two vehicles were flipped over during Thursday's severe storms.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a parked light-colored sedan.

The car is momentarily obscured by heavy rain. Then it comes crashing into a fence. Complete article

Fire crews put out car on fire at Jerome Idaho Walmart 04/19/2019

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Jerome Fire Department firefighters put out a car that had flames coming from under the car’s hood at the Walmart in Jerome.

Interim Fire Chief Mike Harrison said a passerby called firefighters at about noon for a car that was smoking.

Firefighters found a fire burning in the engine compartment of a Nissan Sentra and knocked down the flames. Harrison said the owner of the car saw her car smoking before it died and pulled it into the store’s parking lot. It stopped smoking and she went inside, but then the passerby saw it later on. No one was injured. Complete article

Streetsboro man indicted for setting fires in Ohio Walmart 04/19/2019 Not reported in previous articles.

An 18-year-old Streetsboro man has been indicted after allegedly setting fire to several items at the Streetsboro Walmart with a juvenile after several incidents earlier this year, said Streetsboro Police Chief Darin Powers.

Martise McWilson, of 10140 Ravenwood Court, is suspected in three separate fires at the store on Jan. 20, March 12 and March 13, Powers said.

He was charged with six counts of aggravated arson, three second-degree felonies and three third-degree felonies.

On March 12, Powers said a bicycle was lit on fire in the bicycle aisle. On March 13, a trash can was set on fire in the men’s restroom. McWilson and the unnamed juvenile were observed in a security camera in the areas of the fire on both occasions, Powers said.

On Jan. 20, there was a fire involving a bicycle at Walmart, and the same juvenile and McWilson were also seen on video in the area, Powers said. Complete article

Wal-Mart Can’t Beat Suit Over Deficient Health Coverage Notices 04/19/2019

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. must defend claims that it failed to provide adequate notices of continued health-care coverage to current and former employees.

Wal-Mart’s notice was deficient because it failed to identify the plan administrator as required by the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and its regulations, Judge Jose E. Martinez of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida held April 18.

The notice identified CONEXIS as the party that would provide information about the plan and COBRA,... Complete article

Babysitter who left infant unattended in Delaware Walmart parking lot arrested: Police 04/17/2019

Police: Mother leaves infant in car in NY WalMart parking lot 04/22/2019

Suspects caught with printer after using fake money at Fla. Walmart 04/20/2019

Three arrested following WV Walmart purse snatching, running from deputies 04/21/2019

CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ)- Three people are in custody following a purse snatching at the Walmart in Barboursville then leading deputies on a lengthy chase.

Deputies with the Cabell County Sheriff’s department say two men stole a purse from a woman on Walmart’s property then fled to an apartment in the Rotary Garden Apartment complex after a deputy tried to stop them.

Deputies say the two men entered into an apartment of a friend where they hid inside a cabinet and closet.

After a 45 minute standoff with deputies and state police, officials went into the apartment arresting the two men and one woman who deputies say lied to investigating officers. Complete article

Police: Suspects stole $4,200 from RI Walmart register 04/22/2019

Police roundup: Two arrested in connection to WV Walmart unarmed robbery 04/22/2019

Three Men Caught on Camera Stealing Thousands From Pa. Walmarts in Two-County Spree 04/23/2019

Have you seen Faith Kepner? Police search for woman last seen at St. Cloud Fla. Walmart 04/23/2019

Route 59 Walmart Busts Shoplifter, Joliet Ill. Police Say 04/22/2019

Pair sought in robbery of Walmart employee in Caernarvon Pa. 04/22/2019

Deputies searching for suspects who used counterfeit money at Crawfordville Fla. Walmart 04/23/2019

Police: Woman steals more than $1,100 in goods from Ill. Walmart, flees in Mercedes 04/2/2019

Man Recovering After Being Shot In Parking Lot Of Red Oak Tx. Walmart 04/23/2019

ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A man remains hospitalized after being shot in a parking lot in Red Oak.

Police say Max Pryor was caught shoplifting inside the Walmart store on Ryan Drive. Employees were trying to stop him from leaving when the 33-year-old got into an argument with another man just outside the store exit.

Both men continued arguing as they moved into the parking lot, but ultimately went to their separate vehicles. The man who Pryor argued with was in a vehicle with his family, attempting to leave, when Pryor chased them down.

After again arguing with the man, Pryor got out of his vehicle and began hitting the driver’s side window of the man’s vehicle and yelling profanities and threats.

According to police, Pryor opened the driver’s side door of the other man’s vehicle at which point he was shot several times. Bullets hit Pryor in his pelvic region and one of his hands, but his injuries aren’t believed to be life threatening.

The man who police say shot Pryor, who has not been identified, is cooperating with the investigation. Complete article

Police: Woman kidnapped outside Baton Rouge La. Walmart, robbed at gunpoint 04/22/2019

BATON ROUGE - Police are looking for a pair who allegedly abducted a woman after they convinced her to give them a ride from a local store, police announced Monday.

The Baton Rouge Police Department says the woman was outside the Walmart at Cortana Place on March 5 when she was approached by the suspects, a man and woman. After they convinced the victim to give them a ride, the man pulled out a gun and forced the victim to drive to various locations, including what appears to be a bank, in order to obtain cash.

After the two robbers took an undisclosed amount of cash, they ordered the victim to drop them off in the O'Neal Lane area. Complete article

Car slams into Trussville Alabama Walmart, no injuries reported 04/22/2019

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) - We are following Breaking News: A car slams into a wall at Walmart in Trussville.

Walmart is located off Chalkville Mountain Road at 5919 Trussville Crossings Parkway.

Rescue crews are on the scene. We are working to get more details on the incident.

A CBS 42 crew is headed to the scene, as the story develops we will update. Complete article

Phoenix mom accused of punching 7-year-old for failing job as lookout while grandma shoplifted at Ariz. Walmart 04/2/2019

Phoenix police officers arrested a mother on suspicion of punching her 7-year-old son in the mouth because he didn't do a good enough job as a lookout while his grandmother shoplifted at a Walmart store, according to Maricopa County court documents.

The boy told police "he was hit because he didn't watch out for his grandma good enough," documents said.

His grandmother was at the Walmart store at 7575 W. Lower Buckeye Road around 8 p.m., Friday, and used the woman's son as a lookout while she attempted to shoplift, documents said.

Officers observed the child walk out of the store to the parking lot with his mother, identified as Rebecca Gonzales, 27, where she began "spanking [him], then slapping him and finally punching him in the face," documents said. Complete article

Once feuding, Walmart and optometrists see eye to eye on new Okla. bill 04/22/2019

A bill allowing optometrists to practice in big-box stores like Walmart is quietly making its way through the state legislature. It may look familiar to Oklahoma voters, who defeated a similar state question last fall.

Oklahoma and Rhode Island are currently the only two states that ban the sale of glasses and contacts outside of non-medical settings and bar optometrists from setting up shop in large retail stores. Senate Bill 100 would lift that ban, allowing chains like Walmart and Target to sell eyewear and allow optometrists to lease office space in the stores.

The bill is endorsed by both the state’s optometric association and Walmart, who just a few months ago were on opposing sides of SQ 793. At face value, the two measures look very similar.

The constitutional measure would have allowed Oklahoma optometrists to open clinics in large retail stores as well as the sale of eyewear. But last year, state optometrists were vehemently opposed to a section of the state question which would have allowed optometrists sign a contract with a retailer like Walmart limiting their scope of practice — the procedures and services an optometrist is allowed to perform under their state license, including laser eye surgery. Complete article

13 financial services Walmart offers that you probably didn’t know about 04/18/2019

Walmart is known as a shopping destination for affordable clothing, groceries and electronics. But you might not be aware that the retailer also offers a comprehensive range of financial services.

From credit and debit cards to money transfers, here are 13 financial services that the superstore offers. Complete article

Walmart to offer free wellness checks 04/23/2019

Walmart is offering free wellness checks this upcoming weekend. During the event, people can get their cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, BMI and vision checked.

Some of the screenings vary from store-to-store, so you may want to contact your local store beforehand if you're looking for a specific test.

The screenings will be offered at stores throughout the country on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Complete article

Help officers ID NC Walmart theft suspect in Forest City 04/22/2019

Suspects sought for shoplifting at Grovetown Ga. Walmart 04/22/2019

Metro Animal Care & Control looking for person who left kittens to die in Tenn. Walmart parking lot 04/23/2019

3 men sought in series of Pa. Walmart thefts 04/24/2019

Police looking for Benner Pike Pa. Walmart theft suspect 04/23/2019

Police: Man took money from Pa. Walmart self-checkout 04/2/2019

Woman alleges wallet stolen at Mich. Walmart 04/23/2019

Safe found near Mass. Walmart traced to Worcester storage facility thefts 04/24/2019

2 suspects arrested, 1 still on the loose after Warrenton Missouri Walmart robbery, police chase 04/23/2019

WARRENTON, Mo. — Two people were taken into custody and one is still on the loose after a robbery and police chase early Tuesday morning.

Just after midnight, three people stole multiple cell phones from a Walmart in Warrenton.

The suspects fled the area and continued onto eastbound Interstate 70.

Officers with Warrenton and Wentzville police attempted to stop them but were unsuccessful. The suspects continued into St. Louis County where St. Ann police began to pursue them.

The suspects' car ended up crashing on the highway. Complete article

Springfield Mass. police captain under investigation for drawing gun in Walmart parking lot dispute 04/23/2019

SPRINGFIELD — The actions of a Springfield police captain are under scrutiny after he reportedly drew his weapon this weekend in a parking lot dispute with a civilian in the Boston Road Walmart.

Capt. Richard Labelle is the subject of an investigation by the department’s Major Crimes Unit for the the Saturday night incident, said Springfield Police spokesman Ryan Walsh.

“We are aware of the incident and it is being investigated,” Walsh said.

Detectives are trying to talk to witnesses and review video taken at the scene, he said.

Acting Commissioner Cheryl C. Clapprood will not publicly address the incident until Major Crimes Unit wraps up its investigation, Walsh added.

The incident is reportedly captured on video from security cameras at Walmart, and on cellphone used by a spectator.

While the video clearly shows LaBelle drawing his weapon, the circumstances leading up to that point remain murky, according to a police official involved in the investigation.

As best investigators can tell, the altercation in the parking lot was the result of a road rage. Labelle apparently cut someone off in traffic, and the other driver took exception to it. Complete article

State troopers looking for witnesses in confrontation at Walmart in Springfield 04/30/2019

Ariz. Walmart security video appears to show officer slapping suspect 04/23/2019

Phoenix officer on leave after punching, slapping shoplifting suspect

A Phoenix police officer is under investigation for possible criminal misconduct after allegedly punching and slapping a shoplifting suspect at a Walmart. Complete article

They worked in sweltering heat for Exxon, Shell and Walmart. They didn’t get paid a dime 04/24/2019

Constant work leaves little time for counseling or treatment, transforming rehab patients into a cheap, expendable labor pool for private companies.

A nationally renowned drug rehab program in Texas and Louisiana has sent patients struggling with addiction to work for free for some of the biggest companies in America, likely in violation of federal labor law.

The Cenikor Foundation has dispatched tens of thousands of patients to work without pay at more than 300 for-profit companies over the years. In the name of rehabilitation, patients have moved boxes in a sweltering warehouse for Walmart, built an oil platform for Shell and worked at an Exxon refinery along the Mississippi River.

“It’s like the closest thing to slavery,” said Logan Tullier, a former Cenikor participant who worked 10 hours per day at oil refineries, laying steel rebar in 115-degree heat. “We were making them all the money.”

Cenikor’s success is built on a simple idea: that work helps people recover from addiction. All participants have to do is surrender their pay to cover the costs of the two-year program.

But the constant work leaves little time for counseling or treatment, transforming the rehab into little more than a cheap and expendable labor pool for private companies, an investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

At some job sites, participants lacked proper supervision, safety equipment and training, leading to routine injuries. Over the last decade, nearly two dozen Cenikor workers have been seriously injured or maimed on the job, according to hundreds of pages of lawsuits, workers’ compensation records and interviews with former staff. One worker died from his on-the-job injuries in 1995. Complete article

They Worked in Sweltering Heat for Exxon, Shell, and Walmart. They Didn’t Get Paid a Dime. 04/29/2019

Elwood Ill. warehouse workers accuse Walmart of discriminatory hiring 04/24/2019

Two workers at a Walmart warehouse in Elwood have filed complaints against the company, accusing it of employing discriminatory hiring practices.

Walmart, which owns the 3.4 million-square-foot distribution center where nearly 600 work, decided in January to “in-source” its hiring process instead of using the third party operator Schneider Logistics.

Although Walmart said it would directly hire back “as many people as possible,” a number of workers said they were not hired back despite having worked there for Schneider, in some cases for as many as four years, according to a news release from the advocacy group Warehouse Workers for Justice. Complete article

Charlotte Pike Tenn. Walmart reopens after natural gas leak evacuation 04/23/2019

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Walmart on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville is reopen after being cleared earlier for a natural gas leak.

Nashville Fire Department was on the scene and assessed at least ten patients complaining of a headache. The ten patients were a mix of workers and shoppers.

Fire department officials tell News4 everyone was awake and able to move on their own and vital signs were normal. Complete article

Md. Walmart freeloader remains at large, caught on camera 04/24/2019

Springfield Ohio Police seek person of interest in Walmart theft 04/24/2019

Southport NC police searching for suspects in Walmart larceny 04/23/2019

Police: man runs out of RI Walmart with unpaid television, air conditioner 04/24/2019 The man took a cart with an air conditioner, a television, and an air compressor said the Warwick Police Department.

SD Walmart employee accused of 'under ringing' items, charged with grand theft 04/24/2019

Man knocks off SC Walmart gas station Tuesday 04/24/2019

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — Myrtle Beach police are investigating a robbery of a convenience store Tuesday night.

Police responded to the Murphy's Express convenience store at the Walmart on Oak Forest Lane around 10:30 Tuesday.

The victim told police a young black male approached her with his arm out and demanded the money from the cash register. The woman reported that she opened the register and the suspect grabbed all the $5 and $10 bills from the register and fled the store northbound.

"The victim explained she never saw a handgun, but the suspect had something in his hands and it was wrapped up in a white tshirt," the police report reads. Complete article

Total Pay for Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Hits $23.6M 04/23/2019

Walmart Inc. President and CEO C. Douglas McMillon saw his total compensation increase 3.6% to $23.6 million for the fiscal year that ended Jan. 31 compared with the previous year.

McMillon, who has been head of the Bentonville retailer since February 2014, received stock awards of $15.6 million during the fiscal year, according to the company's annual proxy. McMillon received a $5.1 million bonus. His salary was $1.3 million, the same as it was the previous year.

The annual total compensation of Walmart's median associate was $21,952, which was up 14.5% from the previous year. The ratio of McMillon's total compensation to the median associate's was 1,076-to-1. Most of McMillon's total compensation includes the stock awards of $15.6 million, which has not yet been earned or paid but will be determined based on Walmart hitting its goals. Complete article

Walmart’s top five executives earned $68.73 million last year 04/24/2019

At this NY Walmart, AI and cameras are minding the store 04/25/2019

Levittown, N.Y. - Inside one of Walmart's busiest Neighborhood Market grocery stores, high-resolution cameras suspended from the ceiling point to a table of bananas.

They can tell how ripe the bananas are from their color. When a banana starts to bruise, the cameras send an alert to a worker. Normally, that task would rely on the subjective assessment of a human who probably doesn't have time to inspect every piece of fruit.

The thousands of cameras are a key feature of Walmart's Intelligent Retail Lab, which officially opens inside this 50,000-square-foot store on Thursday. It's the retail giant's biggest attempt so far to digitize the physical store.

Walmart envisions using the cameras, combined with other technology like sensors on shelves, to monitor the store in real time so its workers can quickly react to replenish products or fix other problems. The technology, shown first to The Associated Press, will also be able to track when shelves need to be restocked or if shopping carts are running low. It can spot spills and even detect when more cash registers need to be opened before long lines start forming. Complete article

Walmart turns store into "A.I. Factory" 04/26/2019

UK Regulators Block Sale of Walmart's Asda Unit to Competitor 04/25/2019

LONDON — British regulators blocked Sainsbury's $9.4 billion purchase of Walmart's Asda unit on Thursday amid concerns the deal would have increased prices and reduced the quality and range of products available. For Walmart, it's another setback in its effort to export its low-price strategy around the world.

The Competition and Markets Authority said the deal creating the U.K.'s biggest supermarket chain would lead to a poorer overall shopping experience across the country, even in places where there was no direct overlap. It also found that motorists would be forced to pay more at over 125 locations where Sainsbury and Asda have gas stations near one another.

"We have concluded that there is no effective way of addressing our concerns, other than to block the merger," said Stuart McIntosh, who led the agency's review of the deal. Complete article

Walmart creates an Angus beef supply chain, bypassing Tyson 04/24/2019

Walmart is getting into the beef business.

The nation’s biggest grocer has partnered with a Texas cattle rancher and other industry-related businesses to provide a steady supply of no-hormone-added Angus beef to 500 of its U.S. stores beginning later this year.

The move comes two years after Walmart upgraded its steaks and roasts to higher-quality Angus, part of a broader push to improve the quality of its fresh foods amid intensifying competition in the $840 billion grocery sector.

Tyson Foods and Cargill currently provide Walmart with most of its beef, and will continue to do so. But Scott Neal, who runs Walmart’s meat business, said the retailer also wanted to form its own supply partnership in response to customer demands to know more about who actually grows the food found in supermarket aisles and where it comes from. The company estimates the effort will trim costs and create about 450 jobs. Complete article

Where's the beef? Walmart looks to add 'transparency' as it enters industry 04/24/2019

Vermont Walmart surveillance catches suspects passing counterfeit bills 04/25/2019

Escapee, woman arrested at Gardendale Alabama Walmart 04/24/2019

3 men sought in series of Pa. Walmart thefts 04/24/2019

Police investigating incident at Mattoon Ill. Walmart 04/25/2019

Two wanted in armed robbery at south side Tucson Ariz. Walmart in March 04/25/2019

Shot fired over parking lot etiquette at Arnold Missouri Walmart, police say 04/25/2019

ARNOLD, Mo. ( – A fight over parking lot etiquette led to shots being fired in the parking lot of a Walmart in Arnold Thursday afternoon.

Police said a 57-year-old man was driving down the middle of a lane in the parking lot, upsetting a 47-year-old man. The two then got into an argument.

The 57-year-old man then pulled over to confront the other man, police said, and the two got into a physical fight, in which the younger man threw a punch.

The older man then pulled a gun and fired a shot into the air as the two kept fighting. The 57-year-old was taken to a hospital. Complete article

Police: Woman maces, fights Ohio Walmart security guard in attempt to steal TVs 04/25/2019

FAIRFAX, Ohio — A television heist turned into a shopping center struggle in Fairfax, as a security guard got maced in the face.

The woman, police said, who started it all is now in jail.

Fairfax police said the security guard caught the woman trying to do the same thing a few weeks ago and recognized her.

It was a fight you might see on TV, but this one was in front of the Fairfax Walmart over TVs.

"Somebody was trying to steal something. She was fighting security and everything. We was trying to get somebody, somebody to help him," a woman told 911 dispatchers. Complete article

Marijuana cookie gets Craig Utah Walmart worker fired 04/25/2019

A Craig woman lost her job at Walmart and is facing two felony charges after police say she gave a marijuana-laced cookie to a 19-year-old fellow employee.

Michelle Dawn Moore, 48, was arrested Tuesday, April 23 on felony charges of offenses relating to marijuana/marijuana concentrate and second-degree assault.

According to an arrest affidavit compiled by Officer Joshua Lyons, on Tuesday, April 23, Craig police responded to the Walmart on West Victory Way to learn the assistant manager “had recently terminated an employee for giving marijuana edibles” to an underage female and “now wanted to report the incident to the police.”

The manager told police Moore “had given another Walmart employee a cookie containing marijuana in it without the knowledge of the other employee,” the affidavit said.

The young female employee apparently didn’t take to Moore’s cookie too well, as she became ill soon after eating the cookie. Complete article

Black Workers Say Ill. Walmart’s Background Checks Are Racially Discriminatory 04/25/2019

When Walmart announced in January that it was “in-sourcing” its Elwood, Illinois, distribution center, workers were cautiously optimistic.

Since it opened in 2006, the 3.4 million-square-foot warehouse has been operated by Schneider Logistics, a third-party contractor, which in turn hired workers through temp agencies. Walmart’s plan to absorb several of its outsourced warehouses nationwide meant an end to this web of subcontracting, which labor organizers charge is one of the company’s union-busting tactics.

The retail giant also announced that it would rehire as many current warehouse workers as possible, with raises in starting pay and benefits. Mark Balentine, who has performed quality assurance in the Elwood warehouse for three years, says he was offered and accepted the same position as a Walmart employee. It came with a pay bump from $16.35 an hour to $18.65.

“I was absolutely excited,” says Balentine.

But last month, just three weeks before Walmart was set to take over, Balentine says he received an e-mail informing him he was ineligible to work for the company based on the results of a criminal background check. He has a conviction for cocaine possession on his record that dates back to 1999.

Now 52, Balentine says he mentors youth leaving prison and is an ordained deacon at his Baptist church in Auburn-Gresham. He says the conviction hasn’t posed a problem for him in years. Complete article

Walmart To Test Autonomous Cars In Bentonville, Arkansas, Tyson Talks Technology 04/25/2019

BENTONVILLE (TB&P) —Walmart will begin testing autonomous vehicles in Bentonville in the next six weeks. Jason Shaffer, director of digital operations at Walmart, who broke the news was one of the keynote speakers at the Trends in Supply Chain Management Conference held at the University of Arkansas on Thursday (April 25).

Shaffer said while Walmart has tested autonomous vehicles for online grocery orders in areas like Chandler, Ariz., the technology is coming to the streets of Bentonville in the next few weeks.

“We will be running a line haul from the pickup location on J Street to the Neighborhood Market on I Street. The J-Street location picks online grocery orders for pickup by customers at the I Street location. We make several runs daily with those orders. Soon we will be testing autonomous vehicles in that operation,” Shaffer told Talk Business & Politics.

He said Walmart worked to get Arkansas law changed to allow for the testing of autonomous Class 4 full-size pickup trucks and Class 5 passenger cars. Shaeffer said Walmart wanted to study the vehicles at home in a suburban setting. The goal is to get autonomous cars to make the runs without a human in the vehicle. Complete article

Officers: Alabama man goes on two-day theft spree at Bainbridge Ga. Walmart 04/25/2019

Lexington SC PD searching for woman accused of shoplifting items from Walmart 04/25/2019

Crime Stoppers: The Ind. Walmart purse snatcher 04/25/2019

Paris Tx. police identify suspect in Walmart purse theft 04/25/2019

Felon Arrested for Firearm in Minn. Walmart Parking Lot 04/25/2019

Florida man accused of trying to steal $4K worth of stuff from Walmart blamed diabetes, deputies say 04/26/2019 Investigators say he told them his blood sugar and diabetes mean he does not always know what he's doing.

Pa. Walmart Theft Suspects Named 04/2/2019

Burglars strike at Planet Fitness, shop at Fla. Walmart: Sheriff 04/26/2019

PHOTOS: Walmart semi involved in deadly crash on I-10 outside Eloy Ariz. 04/26/2019

DPS spokesman Trooper Kameron Lee confirmed that one person was killed. Four other people were hurt. Lee said those injuries “appear to be minor.”

DPS spokesman Trooper Kameron Lee said multiple vehicles, including a commercial vehicle, are involved. Complete article

UPDATE: Fire intentionally started inside clothing department at Niles Mich. Walmart 04/26/2019

NILES, Mich. (WNDU) The Walmart on S 11th St. in Niles was temporarily closed on Friday, April 26, after a fire was intentionally started in the store's clothing department.

That's according to the Niles Daily Star.

The Niles Township Fire Chief, Gary Brovold, says store employees were able to contain the fire and quickly put it out. Complete article

Walmart shopper banned for stealing sues store and manager 04/26/2019

Titusville police officer: 'I don't think she was stealing' TITUSVILLE, Fla. - Robin Marsh will be the first to tell you she walked into her neighborhood Walmart with a shopping bag every week, but last June she was “trespassed indefinitely” by store management, banned from the store because management suspected her of shoplifting.

“I was dumbfounded,” Marsh said. "I couldn’t understand where it was coming from.”

The Titusville hairdresser said she had been following that weekly routine at the Walmart on Cheney Highway in Titusville for eight months and had no idea the store suspected her of stealing.

Titusville attorney Daniel Faherty said once he reviewed the facts he decided to “take the case right then and there.” ......

“I know shoplifting happens at Walmart, but this wasn’t even a close call," O’Mara said. “It was an overreaction and somebody should apologize.”

As Marsh is seen walking away from police, one of the officers tells her partner, “I don’t think she was stealing.”

In 2016, Reuters reported theft cost the retail giant $3 billion every year, 1 percent of the company’s $300 billion in revenue.

Requests for the store’s security video by both Marsh’s attorneys and News 6 were declined. Complete article

Nearly 700,000 rocking sleepers sold at Walmart, Target recalled after 5 infants die 04/26/2019

Kids2 recalled all models of its rocking sleepers Friday after five infants died in the sleepers.

The recall affects nearly 700,000 products sold under brands such as Bright Starts, Ingenuity and Disney Baby. Kids2, also known as Kids II, introduced rocking sleepers in March 2012. Since then, five infant deaths have occurred "after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach while unrestrained, or under other circumstances." The sleepers were sold by major retailers, including Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, according to the announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Parents should immediately stop using the Kids2 sleepers and contact Kids2 toll-free at 1-866-869-7954 or for a refund or a voucher.

The announcement comes on the heels of a similar recall of Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleepers after the popular product was linked to more than 30 infant deaths in 10 years. That recall affected about 4.7 million sleepers, officials said. Complete article

Ozark Arkansas Walmart Accused Of Falsely Advertising Appearance By Wrestler Bushwhacker Luke 04/24/2019

OZARK, Ark. (KFSM) — A brawl is brewing between a local Walmart and Hall of Fame wrestler Bushwhacker Luke.

Fans claim that a Walmart in Ozark falsely advertised the wrestler would make an appearance at the store to help raise money for veterans, but Bushwhacker says knew nothing about it.

"A friend of mine who is a promoter in Arkansas text me the poster for Ozark Walmart May the third from 11 to 5 p.m. or whatever and I have never heard about the booking," Bushwhacker said. "I’m already booked elsewhere in the country on that weekend so that’s how I know. It would’ve been in my book."

The post has since been taken down and Walmart says the event is no longer taking place.

"I think it’s the same guy from Louisiana, he does these scams," Bushwhacker said. "I spoke to them at the Walmart and told them who I was and said you can look me up at Clearwater Beach Fitness and see that I'm the genuine Bushwhacker."

He added that this isn't a shock to him because it's an easy way for promoters to make money.

"He gets a booking fee, plus he gets transportation and hotel," Bushwhacker said. "The agents usually book the hotel, the airfare and get a deposit and of course a percentage." Complete article

'My Whole Life Is On Hold': As Walmart Eliminates Greeters, A Dream In Limbo 04/25/2019

One weekend in February, Justin Kelley, 33, made the biggest financial commitment of his life: He paid a friend to start custom-building an airboat. He had dreamed of owning one since an early age.

"That's my level playing ground. It's my freedom," Kelley says. Onshore, he uses a walker to get around and a wheelchair at work, because he has cerebral palsy. But on an airboat on a Florida lake? "To me it's the one place that, when I'm in that seat, you don't see that walker. You don't see the chair. ... It's my escape. It's my happy place."

But two days after putting down money for the boat, Kelley found out his job was in jeopardy. He was one of the greeters at about 1,000 Walmart stores who were told their positions would be eliminated in late April. That gave them about 60 days to get reassigned or take severance and leave. Complete article

Amazon's One-Day Shipping Plan Sends Target and Walmart Shares Tumbling 04/26/2019 Inc. will spend $800 million in the current quarter to reduce delivery times for top customers to one day from two, trying to revive its main e-commerce franchise and ward off greater competition.

The announcement came after the online retailer Thursday reported first-quarter profit that exceeded analysts’ estimates, demonstrating the company’s focus on cloud-computing, advertising, and other high-margin businesses continues to pay off. Complete article

Stores such as Walmart now on list of proposed Omaha Nebraska ban on plastic bags 04/26/2019

OMAHA, Neb. — After hearing from the community on his proposal to ban plastic bags, City Councilman, Pete Festersen filed an amendment.

It would include big-box stores selling general merchandise, such as Walmart and drugstores, such as Walgreens.

"They are the largest consumers of single-use bags," Festersen said. He said 350 communities have done this throughout the country.

Festersen plans to introduce his amendment to the council at its Tuesday meeting. Council President, Ben Gray partnered with Festersen on the first proposal, which limited the ban to grocery stores, bakeries and delis. Complete article

Woman accused of shoplifting items from Lexington SC Walmart arrested, deputies say 04/26/2019

Walmart must stop trucks from using Weeks Road in Queensbury NY 04/244/2019

Gordon man arrested in Bainbridge Ga. after ‘2-day crime spree’ at Walmart 04/25/2019

Hamburg NY Police looking for individual in quick change scam at Walmart 04/26/2019

Police find parents of toddler seen wandering in front of a Phoenix Ariz. Walmart 04/28/2019

Retail Roundup: Yaphank NY Walmart backtracks on 24-hour LI store 04/29/2019

Naugatuck Conn. police searching for alleged Walmart shoplifter 04/29/2019

On The Lookout: Woman stole $1,300 from Walmart in Rome NY 04/28/2019

One in custody after person shot, killed in Walmart parking lot in Sulphur Okla. 04/29/2019

SULPHUR, Okla. — A person is in custody in connection with a deadly shooting Sunday in Sulphur.

According to authorities, a person was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Walmart, and they have the accused shooter in custody.

Sulphur police officers, Murray County deputies and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents are investigating the shooting. Complete article

Edmond Mother Allegedly Killed By Her Father-In-Law In Sulphur 04/29/2019

Human remains found behind Bangor Maine Walmart, police say 04/29/2019

BANGOR, Maine — Authorities said human remains were found behind the Bangor Walmart on Sunday morning.

Bangor police received a call from the Maine Warden Service that the remains were in a wooded area behind 900 Stillwater Ave.

The search was part of an effort to find Thomas Lynch. Lynch has been missing from the Bangor area since September 2018. Complete article

Walmart Fires Back at Amazon Following 1-Day Delivery Announcement 04/29/2019

Shares of Walmart (WMT - Get Report) were showing signs of recovery Monday after the company fired back at rival (AMZN - Get Report) about the giant online retailer's plans to launch one-day delivery for its Prime members.

Walmart and Target (TGT - Get Report) fell sharply last week following Amazon's announcement. Walmart, apparently, isn't taking the threat lying down. Complete article

Walmart Bets on TV Shows for Families, Date Night in Media Push 04/28/2019

Walmart Inc. already sells more TVs than anyone. Now it wants to make the shows you watch on them, too.

The retailer plans to bankroll at least a half-dozen original programs over the next year, and will unveil the first few to advertisers in New York this week, people familiar with the plans said. Walmart has talked with several Hollywood studios about rebooting family-friendly projects from years ago, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public yet.

Walmart’s slate is supposed to lure more viewers to Vudu, a company-owned streaming service that already offers free programs with commercials, along with online rentals and sales of movies and shows. The strategy has worked for Netflix Inc., Inc. and Hulu LLC. Complete article

Walmart China Closes Hypermarkets, Expands Online Shopping and Delivery Service 04/29/2019

According to domestic Chinese media reports, Walmart China is planning to close many of its hypermarket stores in a bid to reposition its online and offline market presence. Since 2012, the company has been continuously adjusting its expansion strategy. Between 2012 and 2017, Walmart China closed a total of 74 locations, with the number of store closures growing each year. In just the first few months of 2018, Walmart China had already closed four locations. Since the beginning of 2019, Walmart China has not opened any new hypermarket locations, indicating further contraction of its market presence, and it has already closed five locations in the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong.

Analysts have pointed out three main reasons for Walmart China’s store closures. First, the impact of e-commerce and “new retail” have eroded the low-price advantage on which Walmart relies. Compared with such modern retail formats, Walmart’s hypermarket locations have comparatively high costs of rent, utilities, and labor, all of which must be factored into product pricing. Second, China’s rapid urbanization has caused real estate prices to soar, increasing one of the main costs of hypermarket operation. While originally having benefited from low rent lease agreements, as those lease terms come to an end Walmart is faced with increasing rent prices. Third, the number of shopping malls in China is rising rapidly, even outpacing growth in supermarkets. .... Complete article

Man found guilty of second-degree murder in April 2018 Omaha Nebraska Walmart shooting 04/29/2019

Salem Oregon man gets 30 years in prison for June Walmart parking lot shooting 04/29/2019 An employee told police Borrego and a woman — later identified as Natali Tavizon — stole several items from the store, including a vacuum valued at $171.

Man robs Gretna Nebraska Walmart using sleight of hand 04/29/2019

Troopers look to identify woman accused of keying car at Unity Pa. Walmart 04/29/2019

Man stabbed early Tuesday in New Braunfels Tx. Walmart parking lot, officials say 04/30/2019

A man was hospitalized early Tuesday after being stabbed outside a New Braunfels Walmart, according to city officials.

Police responded at 2:20 a.m. to the Walmart in the 1200 block of Interstate 35 South, which is near South Walnut Avenue in New Braunfels, to reports of a stabbing, authorities said.

They found a 24-year-old New Braunfels man with injuries. He was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center and was in stable condition Tuesday morning, authorities said. Complete article

Newington Conn. police investigating armed robbery at Walmart 04/30/2019

NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) - Police in Newington are investigating an attempted armed robbery on Tuesday afternoon.

According to officials, units responded to the Walmart at 3164 Berlin Turnpike.

Authorities said a Hispanic man and woman displayed a firearm when loss prevention tried to apprehend them.

The duo then fled the scene in a silver vehicle, traveling northbound on Route 5/15. Complete article

2 cited for Hillsboro Ohio Walmart fight 04/29/2019

Cops: Altercation left blood on the floor

One citation apiece was the net result Saturday of an apparent fight between two men in a nail salon at the Hillsboro Walmart.

Rumors circled over the weekend that the store had to be shut down, but Hillsboro Police Department Patrol Officer Brian Butler said Monday that was not the case. Store staff did, however, take some time to clean up blood off the floor, the officer said.

“This was something minor that went too far,” Butler told The Times-Gazette.

According to Butler, a woman was getting a manicure at the salon when Duong Tran, 30, Hillsboro, reportedly became aggressive as he worked on her nails.

Butler said Tran was allegedly “being rough with her hands,” and the woman began to protest. It was then that her son, Keith Ford, 40, also of Hillsboro, stepped in to intervene, Butler said. Complete article

Walmart Stock Is Overpriced, But Worth Keeping A Lookout For A Better Entry Point 04/28/2019

Despite a drop of almost 60% in profits since 2015, Walmart's stock price increased by 15% since then, making it greatly overvalued.

We have to recognize Walmart's strengths as a retailer, which may make it an interesting investment choice, despite the sliding profits and the overvalued stock price.

A good entry point, coupled with a coming economic downturn which should push customers through the doors of Walmart, should present us with a buying opportunity into an economic downturn. Complete article

Couple sought for shoplifting Red Bull at Fla. Walmart: Police 04/30/2019

JBC Airmen shown riding scooters in Charleston SC-area Walmart, base officials respond 04/30/2019

Woman created multiple IDs to return items to TX. Walmart, warrant says 04/30/2019

Two men, woman wanted after dropped credit card used in Prattville Alabama Walmart 04/30/2019

Police: Shots fired after robbery at Santa Fe NM Walmart Supercenter 04/30/2019

Santa Fe police are investigating a report that two teenagers fired shots in the air after stealing liquor from the Walmart Supercenter on Herrera Drive on Saturday night.

Police reports say the robbers entered the store at about 9 p.m. and took eight bottles of Hennessy cognac, valued at about $40 a bottle.

After leaving the store, police reports say, the thieves were seen getting into a black Dodge Charger, from which they fired multiple rounds from firearms as they left the scene. Complete article

What’s It Like to Work at Walmart? 04/30/2019

French Canadian journalist Hugo Meunier specializes in “immersion reporting.” He spent three months working at a Walmart store and offers an insider’s account of the plight of low-paid worker bees who stock the shelves and endure abuse from bargain-hunting shoppers.

In this WhoWhatWhy podcast interview, Meunier explains the training and indoctrination he received, as well as the company’s attempts to motivate workers with daily reports on store sales and repeated dangling of a $2,000 annual performance bonus. Employees are required to watch training videos and attend morning meetings that include a ritual Walmart cheer.

Meunier offers some amusing stories from his Walmart experience, and details the sinister side of the world’s biggest retailer. For instance, during the peak sales month of December, he and his fellow “associates” saw their hours cut in an effort to improve the corporate bottom line. The workers’ loss of income was especially painful during the holidays.

Hugo Meunier’s book, Walmart: Diary of an Associate (Fernwood Publishing), has just been released in English. Complete article

Police investigating after woman found shot outside Hartsville SC Walmart 05/01/2019

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