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Hillary Clinton Is The Bigger Threat To Democracy

Hillary Clinton is constantly saying that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy becasue he isn't promising to accept the results of the election, implying that there is no reason to believe it is rigged.

As I said previously, there's an enormous amount of evidence to indicate that Donald Trump is right about it being rigged but it isn't being rigged against Trump. By giving him enormous amounts of coverage while running against the only candidate that could be as bad or even worse than him and not covering rational candidates they're rigging it so that the only candidates the public can choose are two incredibly corrupt clowns.

As I write this the FBI is reopening their investigation against Clinton based on her E-Mails, and many people including me hope this might provide an opportunity for her campaign to collapse and force her to withdraw. This could enable Bernie to take the nomination, although there will probably be an attempt to rig it for Kaine or Biden, but if there is a massive protest it is still possible.

However even in the unlikely event that does happen the political establishment and media that enabled Hillary Clinton to rig the nomination will still be in place and it will still be a greater threat to Democracy than Donald Trump.

Amazingly they constantly say there is no smoking gun in the Podesta E-Mails or anyplace else.

There are so many smoking guns I don't see how anyone can keep track of them all!

If the media looks into the news about all the scandals and doesn't see an enormous number of smoking guns plus an enormous amount of smaller corroborating pieces of evidence indicating that she's incredibly corrupt and violating lots of laws, or that the only reason she isn't violating more laws is because laws are created by people that don't want to be held accountable so the make the laws meaningless, it's becasue they don't want to see any smoking guns and they put their heads in the sand.

The leaks ahve exposed that the Clinton Campaign often acts more like La Cosa Nostra with their code of Omerta, than they do like a democratic interest that is looking out for the majority of the public and accountable to them. John Podesta even wrote "I am happy to fire someone for leaking whether they did or they didn't just to make the point;" even though there are plenty of other leaks that show how they often leak intentionally when it suits their own purposes. This is routinely done to give the public a misleading image of the campaign.

According to ‘The Secret S**t Has To Stop’ — Robby Mook TRASHES Clinton Camp’s Internal Practices In WikiLeaks Emails 10/24/2016 after Robby Mook complained about investigating each other Podesta shut him down. Perhaps these investigations were to prevent corruption from destroying the campaign, if that was the case then maybe it might make sens, although even then there would be some problems with constantly secretly investigating each other.

However that clearly isn't even close to being the case.

In another leaked E-Mail Robby Mook is trying to advise against a speech but Hillary insisted on allowing Bill Clinton to do a speech for big money just three days after she announced her campaign. Another one, I previously mentioned, showed that she lied about not knowing that she was going to run for president during one of the debates when she accepted the last speech. According to the famous 'Bill Clinton, Inc.': WikiLeaks Shows Foundation Donors, Personal Cash Overlap 10/2/2016 and many other sources corruption is routine in the Clinton campaign and they look the other way when the highest people in the campaign are the ones profiting off of it. E-Mails from

I'm hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug Band indicate that he's pointing out that they're holding him to a higher standard than Bill Clinton. Chelsea Clinton also complained about his corruption and the media has, at times, presented her as holding the high ground because of this; however she remains silent about her mother and father's corruption not to mention her husband's who is a hedge fund manager and son of a former law maker who was convicted of a felony for his own corruption.

Corruption is routine for dozens of their allies as I pointed out in numerous articles including Crooked Trump Is Right About Crooked Hillary and her crooked friends! and more evidence is coming out raster than I can keep track of it including Bob Creamer who recently resigned in disgrace taking the blame for coordinating campaigns illegally, while the people at the top pretend they didn't know anything about what he was doing.

The response to these E-Mails complaining about the double standard seems to come from Neera Tanden when she writes, "I'm hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug Band."

The now famous $12 million dollar donation from the king of Morocco could easily be considered a smoking gun if they actually wanted to find a smoking gun or the $1 million birthday gift from Qatar while they get arms deals and of course John Podesta's brother Tony is a registered lobbyist for Saudi Arabia which also donates to the Clinton Campaign and gets weapons to bomb Yemen killing plenty of civilians among other things they do in their own country.

The leaks found further evidence of them trying to push back the Illinois primary to prevent moderates from winning the primary and they also show that they're intentionally trying to bait Trey Gowdy into overeating to some of their scandals so they can portray if as a which hunt without acknowledging that if they sorted through the exaggerations that there is a lot of legitimate scandals to investigate even if Gowdy does a terrible job at it.

They may now have given the Trump campaign a massive gift with many of these leaks being disclosed, including one saying that they were planning to do a "swift boat" distortion campaign instead of running on the issues. They often claim they're going to "go high" when the opposition "Goes low," and discuss issues but, of course they don't demonstrate this in practice. If Trump has a chance of winning because of this ineptitude and corruption on the part of the Clinton campaign it won't be the fault of the Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein campaigns who are "stealing their votes" as they often falsely claim. It will be their own fault for doing little or nothing to earn their votes while doing plenty to betray those votes!

There are several leaks showing that they have had double standard for their donor compared to grassroots organizations looking out for the best interest of the public including a request from Greenpeace to sign a pledge, which was turned down because they claim they don't sign pledges for anyone but they later signed one for one of their rich donors, and offered a weaker promise that had no credibility. another E-Mail says they consider the option of, "lean into this to send a wink-wink to enviros while she continues to give her non-answer."

I could go on forever and more keeps coming out faster than I can keep track of it!

When Jill Stein says that, "Trump says very scary things -- deporting immigrants, massive militarism and ignoring the climate, Hillary unfortunately, has a track record for doing all of those things," she's right; and those that pay attention to a fraction of the news, especially if they get their information from alternative media outlets that do a much better job than the commercial media, can't possibly keep track of all the evidence against her.

The following seems like an incredibly long list of these E-Mails but it's only a fraction them including the best ones I found, the ones cited in this article were for the most part listed first:

Re: Leaks 03/09/2016 Podesta to Philippe Reines I don't condone leaks, but she has a very tough job to do tomorrow. Do you really think it helps get her in the right head space to tell her she can't trust anyone she just brought on board? Why are you fanning this with her? CNN thinking Andrea Mitchell is getting an interview is about the least of our problems. I am happy to fire someone for leaking whether they did or they didn't just to make the point, but let's try to get through the next few days.

Re: Tweet from @JoeNBC 03/08/2016 Neera Tanden to Podesta @JoeNBC: A source close to the Clintons tell @ron_fournier to "follow the money" and find the real HRC scandal. I'm hoping someone is keeping tabs on Doug Band. Quote in here is from someone who worked in Clinton Foundation.

Re: 11/17/201 Doug Band to Podesta Oddly, wjc does not have to sign such a document even though he is personally paid by 3 cgi sponsors, gets many expensive gifts from them, some that are at home etc I could add 500 different examples of things like this and while I removed lasry bc they are all on the offense, I get the sense that they are trying to put some sort of wrong doing on me after the audit as a crutch to change things and if I don't mention things like lasry where they all have issues, I may regret it

Re: FYI CGI Africa 01/18/2015 Just to give you some context, the condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. If hrc was not part if it, meeting was a non-starter. CGI also wasn't pushing for a meeting in Morocco and it wasn't their first choice. This was HRC's idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request. The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting.

'She created this mess': Clinton aide reveals concerns in #PodestaEmails13 10/20/2016

Huma on Hillary’s $12M Morocco fiasco: ‘She created this mess and she knows it’ 10/21/2016

WikiLeaks: Bill Clinton took home 'expensive gifts' from foundation donors 10/20/2016

WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL! 10/21/2016

FW: one more Podesta question 12/05/2008 Do you have any policy regarding John's brother, Tony Podesta, who is a lobbyist? Does he ever introduce clients to John, and are you aware of whether his clients are giving to CAP, or have started giving since John joined the transition in August?

Intercept: Saudi Arabia Continues Hiring Spree of American Lobbyists, Public Relations Experts 10/05/2015

Hillary Clinton, the Podesta Group and the Saudi Regime: A Fatal Ménage à Trois 08/30/2016

At White House And On Hillary Campaign, John Podesta Gave Access To Lobbyists, Including His Brother 10/17/2016

Re: Hill and Dem reax 03/11/2015 People seem to favor notion we are getting this back in the Bengahzi box, saw it as positive that Gowdy took the bait and overreacted to her comments. ..... Yes, we will send out updated talking points to our surrogates and also another Q & A to reporters that just deals with the inaccuracies and issues they keep raising. Will send this group the materials.

Greenpeace 02/01/2016 Hillary had no-pledge policy Billionaire Tom Steyer asked for one: She gave it Greenpeace asked again: no! John - Greenpeace asked us to sign their pledge (*attached*). We originally told them we are not signing pledges. Then, apparently on the ropeline, HRC signed Tom Steyer's NextGen pledge. When Greenpeace read in the press that we agreed to that pledge, they came back about theirs.

Re: WJC speeches 130/11/2015 Robby Mook Tina Flournoy I know this is not the answer she wants, but I feel very strongly that doing the speech is a mistake--the data are very clear on the potential consequences. It will be three days after she's announced and on her first day in Iowa, where caucus goes have a sharply more negative view of Wall Street than the rest of the electorate. Wall Street ranks first for Iowans among a list of institutions that "take advantage of every day Americans", scoring twice as high as the general election electorate. I recognize the sacrifice and dissapointment that cancelling will create, but it's a very consequential unforced error and could plague us in stories for months. People would (rightfully) ask how we let it happen. I would suggest that if she is determined to keep this speech that she talk with John becuase this is a very big deal in my view.

Re: HRC and the email flap 03/07/2015 Wait... Slaughter admits she can't work w/ HRC people bc of her position as head of NA but forwards email to Mills?? There Is Just No Good Answer .... Tom — just to follow up, didn’t you just move away from AOL a couple of years ago? Long after you knew you probably should have? Honestly, OTR, EVERYONE I knew at State used our private email (I used Princeton) when we were out of the office .... Moreover, the overall lesson that everyone had taken away from the Clinton administration was not to put ANYTHING politically sensitive on email period, regardless of the system. .... I’m not working directly with Hillary’s folks; I can’t, given my position as head of New America. So this reach-out is on my own initiative.

Re: 02/26/2016 Joel Johnson to Jennifer Palmieri I know you can't look past Bernie and March primaries -- but who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project? Needs to be ready, funded and unleashed when we decide -- but not a half assed scramble.

CARACAS' VIEW OF SMARTMATIC AND ITS VOTING MACHINES 07/10/2006 1. (C) The Venezuelan-owned Smartmatic Corporation is a riddle both in ownership and operation, complicated by the fact that its machines have overseen several landslide (and contested) victories by President Hugo Chavez and his supporters. The electronic voting company went from a small technology startup to a market player in just a few years, catapulted by its participation in the August 2004 recall referendum. Smartmatic has claimed to be of U.S. origin, but its true owners -- probably elite Venezuelans of several political strains -- remain hidden behind a web of holding companies in the Netherlands and Barbados.

HRC Paid Speeches 01/25/2016 Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets. *“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

Fwd: FW: Comms Memo 9.17 09/17/2016 includes attachment with talking points for the day practically scripting everything including both questions and answers.

Re: TPA/TPP 03/25/2016 She has concerns about where TPP will end up. But denying potus negotiating authority to finish a deal she has championed? The message of that would be, I thought this was a good idea, but he screwed it up, and so now I don't trust him enough to bring home a good deal.

Re: Proposed Final for Infrastructure Memo 11/13/2011 Ira runs chai and has been doing outside consulting all these years Bob harrison has a ton of goldman stock and makes decisions on goldmans engagement/role in cgi Valerie uses office space of a donor in chicago Bruce was paid by his law firm for years and may still be People sit on boards, for profit ones and not for profit ones I am sure there are many others we don't know about

Re: Top 10 Answers 12/13/2015 Per our post-debate prep conversation, here is a first stab at a cheat sheet pointing her to the answers we most want her to learn and prepare rigorously.

Re: 09/15/2015 "I mean it makes my life more difficult after telling every reporter I know she's actually progressive but that is really the smallest of issues. It worries me more that she doesn't seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment." N Tanden to Podesta

Re: Deutsche Bank 11/23/2015 I think we could come up with a vanilla characterization that challenges the idea that she sucked up to these folks in her appearances, but then use AP's raising of this to our advantage to pitch someone to do an exclusive by providing at least the key excerpts from this Deutsche Bank speech. In doing so, we could have the reporting be sourced to a "transcript obtained by [news outlet]" so it is not confirmed as us selectively providing one transcript while refusing to share others.

RE: Press Question - Time Magazine - Podesta 07/28/2015 Or option 3 - lean into this to send a wink-wink to enviros while she continues to give her non-answer. On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 1:26 PM, Jesse Ferguson <> wrote: Sam Frizell (Time) is wondering if Podesta is advising HRC on Keystone policy. Noting that Podesta recused himself from advising the WH/POTUS on Keystone, since he was already opposed, Sam is asking about his status advising HRC on the issue. Two options 1) Don’t comment and hope it goes away. 2) Say – Hillary Clinton likes to hear from policy advisors from various and sometimes disagreeing points of view. Then she comes to her own conclusion on her agenda.

CNN and bed-wetting 07/09/2015 Brent to Podesta HRC's appearance on CNN was awful. She made statements that were untrue and appeared legalistic, evasive and programmed. And gave the worst possible answer on the trust issue when there multiple possible answers that were all better. Considering how long the Clinton campaign was planned, this thing is very weirdly off-key.... And it would not be against her interest for Hillary to support the partial version of Glass-Steagall offered by Elizabeth and John McCain....if a Republican like McCain can sponsor it, she should be able to support it, and it would do wonders to help her with liberals and trust without any downside from moderate voters except a few Wall Street donors who might not like it, but if they support her now, they will not abandon her because of this bill....

Fwd: WaPo/Donors/MOU 02/23/2016 Maybe it's hard to do this before we announce, but I feel like we should be going on offense with the you want to know what using a foundation for political purposes looks like? The Koch's!

Re: Robert Wolf 09/26/2015 I saw him a few days earlier at David Brock's book party and had heard he was cranky so asked if I could come see him. He wasn't so much cranky as trying to figure out > where, if anywhere, he fits in the campaign. He has a super close relationship with Obama. Obama asks his advice on all sorts of economic matters. He's not expecting that, but hoping that he could have some direct relationship with you and that the campaign would seek his views on economic issues. He raises money, but hopes that he isn't just connected to the campaign only as a fundraiser and only through Dennis.

Re: DNC update 12/29/2014 In 2014, b4 @HillaryClinton announced, her camp mgr talking about working w/ DNC to insert staffers who'd prep 4 general He said Debbie and Amy are supportive of bringing someone in to fill a general election planning/preparation role.

DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency 03/01/2016 Is she out of her mind or has she simply on the Payday lender payroll? This is beyond contemptible.

The Democracy Alliance meeting 04/15/2015 I am following up on our very brief discussion, held as you were leaving the DA meeting, about Hillary Clinton's emails. I've included a summary of the issues and a precautionary step that I think should be taken.

RE: Clyburn - Good News 02/11/2016 He refused to say whether he was more likely to support Clinton or Sanders, and he described his own family as divided. His daughter is "very much for Hillary," he said, and his grandson for Sanders, telling him, "It's generational." Of himself, he said, "My heart and head are in different places right now, but we'll see." but the day before "We have his endorsement confirmed."

Analytics Communications Nightly Report 2015 06 01.pdf 06/02/2015 @HillaryClinton camp talking about doubling email list bc they've added PAC's email list...which is illegal coordination #PodestaEmails17 We're now showing the RFH email addresses being added onto our list, which has doubled our list size (shown on Slide 2)

Fwd: RE: hello 04/21/2015 Reuters journalist smuggling docs from an ongoing investigation to the party. I have run across a rather interesting document which outlines in detail the principal current objectives of the House Benghazi Committee, and was wondering if you might have a minute or two to discuss this. If you are anywhere near 1333 H in next day or two I might even show the document to you (I’m out on Thursday, however) though I am reluctant to hand out copies at this stage.

Re: CNN | Gowdy's Server Request 03/21/2015 Looks like our friends at NYT are saving the personal emails story for a nice front page Sunday Times liar, liar pants on fire, all smoke no substance piece. We should be ready for a story posting this afternoon.

Atlas polling recommendations 01/18/2008 Hey, when can we meet? I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media

VMs: 1 New (OBE from Tony) 10/06/2015 *Claire McCaskill* Give me a call back at your convenient on my cell or at home. Got some info about the state department IG. You guys should digest and figure out what if anything we can do.

Re: Candidates Tech Platform Debate / Jerry Berman 05/08/2016 I did the OSF Board Dinner last night and we got into a national security/privacy/civil liberties discussion with Yokai Benckler and others. Chris Stone had a good idea which is to pledge to appoint a USG Chief Privacy Officer reporting directly to the President.

RE: Any sense of whether and when she wants to talk? 09/26/2016 Podesta "How bad is her head?" Jennifer Palmieri "Don’t know. Huma left here about an hour ago. I just pinged again to ask about prep, haven’t heard back. She leaves at 6 pm for DC."

Re: OutFront Tonight 02/08/2016 Ryan Buckley to Donna Brazile We are going to change the topic tonight – and focus on this report out of Politico that the Clinton campaign is looking at a possible shake-up.

Re: REVISED FINAL: AIDS statement 03/12/2016 This issue is important to me. At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, when my husband accepted the nomination for president, we marked a break with the past by having two HIV-positive speakers -- the first time that ever happened at a national convention.

Re: Goldman Sachs paid speeches 01/23/2016 Mandy Grunwald It's pretty bad. She is critical to some extent of what led to the crash but the more memorable stuff is totally accomodationist: "I'm not interested in pointing fingers" Dodd-Frank was just because "people needed to do something for political reasons" Suggesting that people in the industry know best how to regulate it.

Re: "Huge gap" in Clinton emails 30/08/2015 Do we have an answer for why there are no emails from the Oct. 8 trip to Libya?

HRC 04/26/2015 Brent to Podesta The net net of everything HRC has done since leaving the State Department is that her trust numbers have fallen dramatically. Frankly it is inexcusable that all foreign donations were stopped months ago and that some continue today. Except for her Citizens United position that I publicly and loudly applauded, she has said virtually nothing of consequence and inspiration for two years which has created a gigantic news void that has been filled by stories about her tactics, her money, her consultants and her maneuvers and on current course I see nothing that will change that. She needs to be bold, pro-active and reformist and make hard decisions on matters such as ending ALL foreign donations to the foundation NOW, forcefully and clearly offering reformist ideas, and not play a four corner offense stalling and avoiding bold positions thinking her position is safe----which I believe it is not.

Re: NYT piece 03/23/2016 Twitter is more interested in the substance of the emails (spontaneous vs non-spontaneous), which I think is manageable and much better than have the reaction that she lied in describing her emailing practice with staff. Morning Joe discussion is coming up, so trying to reach Mika and will report back after that. Ted Cruz announcing today helps.

outstanding issue 11/30/2011 John - one thing to raise with Laura when you think the timing is right is the outstanding expenses bill the CF/ CBHF has with McKinsey. My friend Eric was the partner who led the work McKinsey did pro bono + expenses for the CF/ CBHF and the IHRC in Haiti for more than a year and their expenses have not yet been paid. Eric did not want to reach out to me but after Laura hung up on him last week - after not responding to any of the formal bills or formal emails or Eric's emails - I think he's a bit at wits end and also doesn't want to run it up the flag pole at McKinsey to attract any undesired attention. I have not raised with my father yet as I thought you or Bruce were a more appropriate vehicle though I am happy to raise if you think helpful. Thanks, Chelsea

Re: HRC, Obama and ISIS 12/21/2015 I suspect her negative trust ratings are locked in through election day. If there is a Trump ISIS video the campaign release it. If not, her untrustworthy numbers will remain further locked at high levels. These trust problems are self-induced and keep occurring.

Clinton Foundation 02/26/2015 John, some free advice, good advice. Clinton Foundation should cut off foreign donations ASAP. Inevitably will happen anyway, they should get it off the table now. Not only because of the intrinsic issue, but it would be good for the Clintons to get in the habit of cutting off downside risks of any kind. You do not need me to tell you, before this campaign is done, it will not be pretty. I will not publicly call for this, but this is my advice to you and them......Brent

Re: HRC joke on emails at Emily's List 03/03/2016 Kristina Schake "I think it would be good for her to show some humor. This is her crowd so the response would be great. Also Dan is looking to add more humor overall so more jokes are welcome too." "Margolis and I discussed. We don't know what's in the emails, so we are nervous about this. Might get a big laugh tonight and regret it when content of emails is disclosed." replied Mandy Grunwald

Re: URGENT: Making sure you are in the loop on this 02/23/2016 Gary Hirshberg to Podesta I can't stress too strongly how important it is for HRC to come out strongly against the Roberts bill and for citizens having the right to know and choose whether to buy foods with GMO ingredients.

Re: 09/18/2016 James Hodges to Podesta "In the matter of full disclosure, I do work with manufacturers and am sympathetic to their position, but also think there is a solution that works for all, particularly our 16 candidates. Hope this is on your radar screen." Podesta reply "Thanks. I'll try to ck in on this."

Re: DRAFT: Marie Claire guns essay [edits by 4pm] 01/14/2016 You know where I stand on this. It can be racially motivated and gun violence should still very much be part of the discussion. Even more so here given that Jordan's mom is one of the leading gun violence prevention proponents in the country.

Re: HRC, Obama and ISIS 12/21/2015 Walk back and escape from her statement that "finally we are where we need to be" against ISIS. We are not where we need to be, we are far from it, most voters do not believe it, and when the next terror attack comes in America--- which it certainly will----she will be branded in hot iron with that statement.

She just called to share that she will announce July 25th as the Convention date. Decision will be tweeted at 11:30am tomorrow. 01/23/2015

Ok, one a week 02/13/2016 I think people are more in despair about how things are—yes new jobs but they are low wage jobs. HOUSING is a huge issue. Most people pay half of what they make to rent…

Re: fyi 02/02/2016 Laura called today with this idea that HRC and BS will have an argument over ideas, placing Hillary wield tooas the centrist incrementalism and Bernie as the liberal. I pushed back pretty hard saying they are both progressive, Hillary is just focused on getting results that will make a difference in people's lives.

Re: July 8th Nightly Press Traffic Summary 07/09/2015 Per CTR, Amy Chozick is working on story for this weekend about how the GOP will attack Hillary, will likely include focus group data suggesting that trustworthiness and being out-of-touch will be top targets.

John, be careful 05/18/2016 I am not going to raise this publicly, but one of HRC's opponents will soon charge that she is running an "imperial campaign." If it is the right opponent, Democrat or Republican, the charge will resonate. Probably 90% of the total media coverage of HRC has a negative slant, from her paid speeches to foundation donations to not answering questions from the press. Her caution on policy has created a news vacuum that is filled by these other stories. And while I don't have the highest regard for most of the campaign press corps, they are getting dangerously unhappy about HRC refusing to answer questions.

Sham debate times anger Bernie people, some of whom will not vote for HRC in November 12/19/2016 All of HRC's spinmeisters parading to television camera do ZERO to mitigate the lack of trust and enthusiasm among Bernie supporters that is the greatest single danger threat to her election....and when they say on TV today that the DNC is not fronting for the Clinton campaign every Sanders supporter believes they are lying through their teeth and they are right, and if HRC wants to lose the election, this is how to do it.

Re: one chain on DOMA 10/25/2015 But I would just say we should use it as the vehicle for giving a statement that reads as a walkback, even as HRC will never approve a true walkback, and then we circulate the story to our LGBT friends so they see that both they humbled us with a bad story and we highlight our statement giving a win-win walkback, and we move on. On Oct 25, 2015 9:01 PM, "Robby Mook"

A Few Thoughts on Trump's ISIS Comment - For What They Are Worth 01/03/2016 While I’m sure you are all on top of this, I thought to mention a few points for what they are worth. While on one level Trump’s assertion is somewhat silly and superficial, on another its potentially clever because it could possibly lead to a new spate of articles on how ISIS came to be and the US role in it. Frankly, it also may resonate somewhat as well (especially with respect to Obama) because of the widely shared perception, rightly or wrongly, that the Obama Administration was slow to address ISIS and that its resulting strategy is limited in nature and ineffectual (witness terrorist incidents in Europe and the United States).

RE: KXL 08/22/2015 Expanding Consumer Choice: Offer financing tools for grid investments that support the integration of distributed energy resources and for gas pipeline investments that enable households and businesses to switch away from heating oil and other petroleum products (the trades won’t love the distributed energy piece but the expanded natural gas pipeline network to enable replacement of old fuel oil furnaces with natural gas furnaces is positive for LiUNA, UA and the Boilermakers) .

Final draft now on her web page: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for Modernizing North American Energy Infrastructure

Re: Obama Says He Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton Was Using Private Email Address - 03/08/2015 Suggest Philippe talk to Josh or Eric. They know POTUS and HRC emailed. Josh has been asked about that. Standard practice is not to confirm anything about his email, so his answer to press was that he would not comment/confirm. I recollect that Josh was also asked if POTUS ever noticed her personal email account and he said something like POTUS likely had better things to do than focus on his Cabinet's email addresses.

RE: 2016 GOP HIT - HILLARY CLINTON 06/19/2015 excerpt from Robby Mook I think we should just be clear about exactly what news we want to make. Personally, I think branding the GOP as bigoted and extreme is more in line with our bigger picture, long term goals, so I would favor sticking with asking why they didn't speak out against what trump.

Re: Bernie's negativity 11/19/2015 Spoke to Shaheen yesterday who said she and Claire were talking about Bernie going negative. I asked her if she thought some of the women might be inclined to speak to him about it. She thought they would be

Re: Emails - my thoughts 08/22/2015 N Tanden to Podesta I know this email thing isn't on the level. I'm fully aware of that. But her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character problem (more so than honesty).

Shumlin 05/20/2015

Re: in case you have time 08/03/2015

Hillary almost 100% negative 01/21/2016 And bluntly, it is getting to the point where every word she utters, there are more young people and first time participants in politics who support Bernie who would not support her in a general election no matter how hard I and others try to persuade them..... I strongly suspect she has been sold a bill of goods from Obama consultants who became Hillary consultants, but whoever is the cause, and whatever is the motive, something is horribly and terribly wrong with this campaign.....and when Dan Pfeiffer says on CNN that this is not a change election he has his head nine feet up his ass.....this is a change election, dammit, and Hillary Clinton is running as the candidate of the status quo and that is the worst possible place to be.....and her sycophantic adoration of Obamacare is absurd and totally out of touch with the reality of general election politics....

RE: memo on govt reform/pulbic corruption 03/01/2016 The second idea is a favorite of mine, as you know, but REALLY dicey territory for HRC, right?

Re: Hillary Clinton 2016: Bernie Sanders attack from her proxies 09/06/2015 There was not one student who gave enough of a damn for Hillary to open a booth, or even wear a Hillary button I didn’t see one and I was looking. .... Moreover, Bernie is a pro, and his inclination will be to play ball if Hillary is nominated and urge his supporters to come around. .... make love to Bernie and his idealistic supporters, and co-opt as many of his progressive issues as possible, ..... The way NOT to handle Bernie is to telegraph how afraid the Clinton campaign is of him, and then dispense covert talking points that cannot be put in writing that embody the oldest politics that will only infuriate many liberal Democrats and give an already-biased media a legitimate story line to push.

Re: Rahm 03/05/2016 I saw an interview he (jealous) did this week which basically tied welfare reform and mass incarceration in the 1990s to Rahm and the tied all that to HRC

RE: DRAFT: TPP statement 10/06/2015 I get this. But the reality is HRC is more pro trade than anti and trying to turn her into something she is not could reinforce our negative around authenticity.

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