Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Walmart Crime Report September 2019

Walmart had at least eighth shootings last month killing at least three people which is a large drop over the previous month with 18 killing at least 25 people, thanks to the El Paso shooting racking up a high death toll. But even without the ElPaso shooting that was near the record and this month is still higher than the average from just a few years ago. One of the shootings from last month wasn't reported until two weeks after the fact raising additional doubts about whether or not these are adequately reported in the media. It would be unreasonable to assume they report most minor incidents, but you would think that shootings would be reported promptly.

Edit 10/11/2019: Another shooting has been added, bringing the total up to eighth, this was also fatal with the victim dying eleven days after the shooting, so that brings the shooting deaths up to three, and total deaths up to six. This shooting wasn't reported in the media for two weeks which is a growing occurrence, possibly indicating a reluctance among some media outlets to report on Walmart crime. There was also an armed robbery that wasn't reported promptly.

There were at least two more panics that some thought might be a shooting, one of them was a man that fell hurting his head & causing a lot of bleeding, the other was reported by numerous people but police found no evidence of a shooting, although they didn't completely rule it out.

They had at least one more shooting nearby, where a man was caught burglarizing his neighbors house which led to a SWAT stand-off for six hours before realizing that he wasn't at his own hours and they caught him at Walmart. They also had another shooting that turned out to be an airgun on the premises.

There were also at least three more deaths for other reasons, including one body found on the premises, one person that died trying to repair his car when it fell on him, and a third person who allegedly swallowed narcotics or some other substance after police confronted him for a trespassing complaint. These six deaths don't count eight traffic related deaths over the past six years at one store where they're finally redesigning the intersection.

They had at least half a dozen additional gun related crimes, which didn't involve shootings including robberies and panics when they saw people they thought might have been going on a shootings spree. They stopped selling many types of guns and there were numerous reports of people bearing arms specifically to test how they would respond, some saying they didn't enforce it at all, others saying they went to extreme measures to ban people instead of just asking them to leave, and they claimed they might in their new policies. And at least two of the so-called heroes from the El Paso shooting were allegedly exposed when the video didn't back up their stories, one of them was arrested on unrelated charges as he was preparing to be recognized by Donald Trump about the same time he was exposed.

At least two more police departments have reported at the local level that they're having major problems with crime at Walmart, which is part of a major national trend yet the mainstream media rarely reports on it. There was a report from Bloomberg about it three years ago which was followed by dozens of local reports with at least two or three cities reporting on crime problems every month since then. Prior to that report there ware at similar reports at the local level about half as often.

they follow the same pattern of behavior, meeting behind closed door saying they're going to increase security and change things, yet nothing happens & the reports continue to rise. Even though September was the second slowest months for shootings of the year we broke a hundred earlier than ever before & are heading towards a new record.

A man was cleared for a standoff following a heist after they proved that he couldn't have done it in the first place, which adds to evidence that Walmart's high crime problem is leading to many false accusations. The police were baffled about why he didn't get out of his car, since he turned out to be innocent; however, I suspect many minorities are accustomed to being falsely accused and targeted far more often than White people, and with all the police shootings taking place occasionally killing people for the wrong reasons, assuming they had any reason at all, this shouldn't be that surprising, which is why we should address root causes of high crime problems before they lead to confrontations, yet media doesn't report on the best research on how to do this.

They said they "never want to jump to conclusions or charge the wrong individual,” yet they did just that when they sent a SWAT team to pull over the wrong guy without evidence & even though "he would not get out of the car for fear of being shot," they charged him with obstruction anyway!

There were also at least three alleged attempted child abductions, one that was confirmed by police the other two refuted, one that possibly lead to an arrest for a false complaint. Several employees or police were assaulted in various incidents. And one police officer was convicted of switching bar codes after being charged over three years ago.

Walmart offered a $30 gift card for trading in car seats from infants for a few weeks cutting it short, because of massive response; what they tried to downplay was that it also provided an incentive for a large number of break ins to cars to steal them and collect the $30 as reported in both Ohio and California, and there were probably additional incidents around the country that got less attention.

They had close to if not more than a dozen major accidents, police chases, or carjackings, including several major injuries and a person that crashed into a motorized cart twice while trying to get away after being caught shoplifting. One of these was a truck that exploded.

In addition to that truck fire there were at least four more fires at stores, one of which was definitely arson, although the others may not be conclusive. They had at least four knife crimes, including two stabbings & two more threats with a knife.

There were dozens more incidents including two infants that were abandoned or suspected victims of abuse, one that was buried under an enormous amount of merchandise, theft of $90 K worth of phones, which is becoming a regular occurrence, although usually not quite that many, various assaults purse snatchings, and other crimes.

Walmart was accused of selling a used tablet which they deny. The reporting isn't adequate to know what happened; however, even though it's unlikely that they're doing this on a large scale, there's a fair chance that someone sent back a used one as part of a scam return and they passed it onto another customer. They were also accused of selling bad meat putting it back in the cooler after it had been sitting on the shelf unrefrigerated. This is part of a pattern of behavior that is reported every few months, if not more often.

They also had another recall of Zantac and were exposed trying to sell moldy toys, some that were so obvious no one would fall for it but others that might have been less obvious not acting after a customer told them about it, instead waiting until it was clear the media would report them. This is the kind of problems they have when they seek people that blindly fallow orders without critical thinking skills, firing those that stand up for their own rights.

The moldy toys is mild compared to a tire that fell off after being worked on at their shop, which is another result of their corner cutting policies. Other problems that may have resulted from corner cutting include a lawsuit over gift cards that weren't secure and that they must have known were being hacked, refusing to refund money of victims, a defective vending machine that leaked and may have contributed to an accident, and a contractor that din't call dig safe breaking a gas main, and much more just about every month, although most of their problems don't get much media attention.

A bigger potential problem is their escalating plans to increase their influence in both the education system and health care system. They're offering their workers a program that say is a college education plan for just a dollar a day, however once you look closer this is an online course. Few people have looked to close at this program yet; however Diane Ravitch has taken a close look at online charter schools which are virtually identical to this and they've proven to be a disaster. Now they're including health care training courses in this college education offer, which should worry everyone.

A Forbes article says You Might Soon Go To Walmart To See A Doctor 09/30/2019 He starts to explain that stocks have sky rocketed for health care industry before going on to say "Believe it or not, America’s largest retailer, Walmart (WMT), is my top choice to disrupt healthcare." The thought doesn't seem to cross his mind to consider the obvious movement toward Single Payer which would be far more effective than going to an oligarch that has a history of screwing everything up and may be the only way to make our health care system worse!

Could he be using reverse psychology?

Or does he really believe this crap? Perhaps that's more likely people in the financial sector often target each other with their propaganda so they don't hear feedback from the majority right away, at least, then they seem to dismiss them as "radicals" which is why we've been stuck with such an insane economic system. It's kind of like the old Russian sayings from people that believed state propaganda when they often said "If Stalin (or the Tsar before him) knew about this he would do something about it," not knowing that neither the Tsar or Stalin cared about the people as long as they could continue to control them!

They're already offering health care screenings that include minor tests and clinic work, along with their Pharmacy and optometrist operations and some other health care services, which is turning the health care industry into a fast food version. This is part of the reason why they're cutting back on their sales of tobacco products, but it's still a recipe for disaster. One example of this is a politician that's promoting their $25 insulin, however people familiar with diabetes know that this is a recipe for disaster since the cheap insulin is outdated and methods of injecting it are more complicated, so people buying it without proper advice from a doctor are at risk.

They were also implicated in an old sex discrimination lawsuit, more revolving door hiring from executives from companies supposedly competing against them and a massive tax scam, according to a former executive dodging $2.6 billion in US tax through a “fictitious” Chinese entity.

They had a couple guys spray bee repellent on products making at least one person sick and forcing a store to close down and at another store they found another person living there and even getting drunk eating their snacks before getting caught. This isn't the first time things like that happened at Walmart, they're semi-routine with no one paying attention at some store while other store have massive clamp downs on shoplifting , or other activities, which is highly erratic.

Benjamin Franklin once said three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead; some of Walmart's successful shoplifters of liqueur could have learned from that and known that posting “Party bussssss free liquor all night,” with a “be quiet” emoji on the internet isn't the best way to avoid getting caught. It was only after a Walmart manager found out about his that he decided to check security footage and call the police to arrest them.

This was trivial compared to a customer that found blood on the toilet paper which she somehow concluded was from a drug user wiping off needles and a couple different naked women at Walmart at two separate stores, one of them was arrested for being drunk.

The other one was falsely accused of shoplifting and decided to prove that she wasn't stealing anything by stripping and walking out of the store with her clothes in hand.

Strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Walmart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Walmart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country; now after counting them for several years that average is over two per week. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Walmart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in September 2019. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

1 wounded by shooting inside northwestern Indiana Walmart 09/02/2019 There was another shooting at a Hobart store last year too

HOBART, Ind. (AP) - Police say a man was wounded during a shooting inside a northwestern Indiana Walmart store.

The shooting happened Sunday at the store in Hobart after what city police Lt. Jim Gonzales says was a dispute between two men who knew each other.

Gonzales says the wounded man was taken to a hospital in stable condition and was undergoing surgery. Gonzales says one man was taken into custody by an off-duty East Chicago police officer who happened to be shopping when the shooting happened. A woman who was with that man was also taken into custody. Complete article

Hobart Ind. Walmart draws critics, shoppers after weekend shooting 09/06/2019

Frustration continues over firearm given to defense attorney after 2018 Hobart Ind. Walmart shooting 09/06/2019

Tyler Tx. police arrest suspect who threatened Walmart employees, customers with gun 09/02/2019

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Tyler police said a man was arrested Monday after threatening employees and customers at a Walmart store.

According to Tyler police, at 1:43 p.m. they received a 911 call from a Walmart employee located at 450 SSE Loop 323 in reference to a man threatening to shoot everyone with a gun.

The suspect, who has been identified as Trumaine Washington, 32, of Tyler, had gotten into an altercation with an employee inside the store. Complete article

Teen Charged In Ill. Walmart Purse Snatching 09/03/2019

CRESTWOOD, IL — A Country Club Hills teen is accused of snatching a woman's purse in a Walmart parking lot. The Cook County State's Attorney's Office approved a felony robbery charge for 18-year-old Daquan Steele. Bail was set at $100,000.

According to the charges, on Monday, Aug. 26, Crestwood police responded to a report of a woman having her purse stolen in the Walmart parking lot at 4700 W. 135th St. The woman told police she was walking in the parking lot when a silver Nissan pulled up. A young man later identified as Steele, is said to have gotten out of the car and walk up behind the woman. Police said Steele ripped the woman's purse away and then fled in the Nissan.

Officers reviewed store surveillance video and were able to get a license plate. A check of the law enforcement database showed that the car had been reported stolen in Country Club Hills two hours prior to the purported purse snatching. Crestwood cops canvassed the area, but could not locate the vehicle. Complete article

Walmart closing stores ahead of Hurricane Dorian 09/02/2019

20 used car batteries stolen from Rantoul Ill. Walmart 09/02/2019

People make last-minute run as Vero Beach Fla. Walmart prepares to close at noon 09/02/2019

Robots show up in Delaware’s Walmart stores 09/01/2019

Man arrested, charged with evading police after Tx. Walmart robbery in July 09/02/2019

Desloge Missouri Walmart Employee Charged After Laptop Theft 09/02/2019

Man, woman wanted after stolen credit card used at La. Walmart 09/03/2019

Man arrested after shot fired outside Benson Ariz. Walmart Aug. 31st 09/03/2019

A Month After Minn. Walmart Parking Lot Fire That Killed Her Sister, Taraji White Remains Hospitalized 09/03/2019

Baby left in car at Geneva Alabama Walmart; police investigating 09/03/2019

Walmart Stops Selling Handguns And Some Kinds Of Ammo, Changes Open Carry Policy 09/03/2019

Topline: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon issued a memo Tuesday that announced the store will stop selling handguns, as well as ammunition for handguns and short-barrel rifles, and no longer supports customers openly carrying guns in states with open carry laws. The change follows this year’s mass shootings at Walmarts in Mississippi and Texas that left 24 dead.

Walmart will stop carrying the ammo and firearms once it sells out its current stock, according to the memo.

Although open carry will be banned moving forward, McMillon wrote that concealed firearms will be allowed if people have the permits for those weapons.

By exiting those areas of the firearms market, Walmart’s share will drop from 20% to, at most, 9% of all ammunition sales.

Walmart stock was trading up slightly, at around 0.3%, by Tuesday afternoon.

A Walmart spokesperson explained the company’s new open carry policy in a statement: “We will treat law-abiding customers with respect, and we will have a very non-confrontational approach. We will respectfully request that they do not carry. The discretion will be given to the store manager. If there is not imminent threat, the store manager can ask them to leave the weapon in the vehicle for next time. If the customer is causing concern or fear with customers or associates, the store manager can then approach the customer and/or follow necessary protocols for a potential active shooter. In some states, open carry is very common, so again, some discretion will be given to the store manager.” Complete article

NRA fires back at Walmart's decision to stop selling certain ammunition 09/03/2019

TFA fires back at Walmart's 'increasing gun control agenda' 09/03/2019

Kroger joins Walmart in asking customers to 'no longer openly carry firearms' in stores 09/04/2019

Southaven Mississippi shooting cited in Walmart’s gun decision 09/04/2019

Kroger, Walmart asks shoppers not to openly carry guns, will allow concealed ones 09/06/2019

Sheryl Crow has some new thoughts on her old feud with Walmart 09/06/2019

El Paso family sues Walmart for lack of security after mass shooting 09/03/2019

HOUSTON — The Garcia family has filed the first lawsuit after the Walmart shooting in El Paso, which was a month ago Tuesday.

According to the Ammons Law Firm, which is representing the family, Jessica and Guillermo Garcia were at the store with their two children at the time of the shooting.

In a release the firm said this is when the shooter came in and began the rampage. Some of his shots hit Guillermo Garcia in the spine, he's since gone through multiple surgeries and is still in the hospital in critical condition. His wife, Jessica, was also hospitalized but has since been released.

The family's suit claims Walmart had a responsibility to protect its customers, which it failed to do because no security guards were patrolling the store.

“We are also requesting information about Wal-Mart’s security practices, including how the El Paso store was rated on Wal-Mart’s highly secretive risk-scoring and crime-database systems,” says family attorney Rob Ammons. “We also want to know whether El Paso Wal-Mart managers altered store security policies in response to a hostage situation and shooting that took place in 2016 at a Wal-Mart in Amarillo, Texas.” Complete article

Probe into Me. Walmart last month threat continues 09/03/2019

Suspect wanted for stealing TV from Walmart in White Lake Township Mich. 09/03/2019

Authorities arrest four teens for driving stolen car to Monona Wisc. Walmart 09/03/2019

Westfield Mass. Police looking for suspects in connection with stolen phone at Walmart 09/03/2019

Customer Steals Cash From Another At Tenn. Walmart 09/03/2019

1 charged, 1 let go in Aug. 21 Ill. Walmart shooting 09/04/2019 (Location not reported until two weeks after the event.)

Newly obtained police records show that an Aug. 21 shooting in Joliet took place at a Jefferson Street Walmart.

No one was hurt in the shooting that occurred about 10:20 p.m. Aug. 21, when police were called to the Walmart at 2424 W. Jefferson St. after receiving reports of gunfire, according to a heavily redacted police report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Joliet police initially said the shooting took place in the 2400 block of West Jefferson Street but did not specify where it occurred. Complete article

Disturbance outside Pittsfield Mass. Walmart prompts police response, but no arrests 09/04/2019

PITTSFIELD — Walmart shoppers flooded city police with 911 calls on Tuesday evening describing a large disturbance of people, several wielding baseball bats outside the store, police said on Wednesday.

But by the time local and state police responded to the parking lot at Berkshire Crossing, the unruly crowd had dispersed, according to Pittsfield Police Lt. Jeffrey Bradford.

Bradford said the calls starting coming in around 6:30 p.m. about a disturbance just outside the main entrance to Walmart at the Berkshire Crossing retail complex. The callers told police dispatch that some of the people were armed with bats. The police response was swift as up to 10 police cruisers from the Pittsfield and Dalton police departments and the state police Community Action Team descended on the shopping complex, only to find some of the individuals were fleeing the scene.

Police did recover a hatchet in the area of the fracas, but there was no other evidence of weapons or that anyone was injured, according to Bradford. Complete article

Walmart truck crash temporarily blocks Cornelius Pass detour route in Oregon 09/05/2019

A Walmart truck illegally using a designated detour on a narrow two-lane road in the west hills during the months-long Northwest Cornelius Pass Road closure got stuck on a curve and briefly blocked traffic on Wednesday.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to the semi-truck incident and tweeted pictures of the big rig going off the pavement on Old Cornelius Pass Road, a designated detour route for thousands of cars trying to travel between Washington County and U.S. 30. Crews cleared the truck from the area within about an hour, narrowly averting a commuting calamity through the corridor.

The truck actually lost control around 2 p.m. on the narrow two-lane road in Multnomah County. Mike Pullen, a county spokesman, said Wednesday’s crash was a rarity during the closure that began July 22 and is expected to last through this month – only because the truck was caught in the act. Complete article

Walmart dodged up to $2.6 billion in US tax through a “fictitious” Chinese entity, former executive says 09/05/2019

Walmart, the world’s largest company, “improperly avoided” up to $2.6 billion in US taxes through an elaborate tax dodge involving a “fictitious” Chinese entity, according to documents authored by a former Walmart executive and reviewed by Quartz.

Even in an era of rampant corporate tax avoidance, it’s rare to see inside details of such a case in which, experts say, the US Internal Revenue Service could have a legitimate claim to a large amount of taxes avoided by a major company. If the IRS aimed to reclaim all the avoided taxes, it would be seeking a figure close to the largest tax repayment in US history—behind GlaxoSmithKline’s $3.4 billion settlement with the IRS in 2006.

Chinese tax authorities may also have questions about the arrangement, a Chinese tax law expert said.

Walmart’s arrangement, internally named “Project Flex,” revolved around the company’s payments to its Chinese subsidiary in Shenzhen, from which it sources many of the billions of dollars of Chinese goods it imports every year, the former executive wrote in a presentation explaining it. To avoid paying tax in either the US or China, Walmart created a “tax nowhere” entity that neither country would claim jurisdiction over, according to the former executive.

“The goal of Project Flex was to create something from nothing, that China would say is nothing, but which the US tax rules would be required to embrace,” the former executive wrote in the presentation. Tax law experts confirmed the executive’s thesis that the structure does not exist in Chinese law and said the IRS would have grounds to challenge Walmart. Complete article

Walmart's Scanning Robots Are Taking Over Store Aisles 09/05/2019

In addition to Walmart‘s highly automated warehouses, the retail conglomerate has slowly started introducing robots to its store aisles, beginning with 50 stores in 2017 and increasing to 350 stores this year. Designed to strictly act as tools for the company instead of interaction points for customers, the robots have one job and one job only: to scan shelves searching for out-of-stock items. Human employees still need to replenish missing items located by the robot, but the scanning itself eliminates a major time sucker for the shop personnel.

One of the main concerns robotics company Bossa Nova faced when designing Walmart’s shelf-scanning robots was ensuring seamless integration amongst human shoppers and employees. Neither group has been overly comfortable with the robots so far, as employees fear for their jobs and customers aren’t quite sure how to interact with the 6-foot-tall robots. According to The Washington Post, “many Walmart workers said they had long feared robots would one day take their jobs, but they had not expected this strange transition era in which they are working alongside machines that can be as brittle, clumsy and easily baffled by the messy realities of big-box retail as a human worker can be.” Complete article

The Oregon Property Owner Wanted a Walmart. Instead, He Got an Empty Field—and a Massive Fire. 09/04/2019

Man connected in NM Walmart shooting off Coors in Aug. held until trial 09/04/2019

Woman Steals $100 From Ill. Walmart Check-Out Kiosk, Police Say 09/04/2019

East Side man arrested at Pa. Walmart 09/04/2019

Pa. court backs midstate man’s conviction for attempted sex assault in Walmart parking lot 09/04/2019 A state appeals court panel Wednesday rejected the appeal of a Shippensburg man who is serving a prison term for trying to sexually assault a female co-worker in a Walmart parking lot.

The Ben Shapiro Show: Ep. 853 - Tear Down This Walmart 09/04/2019

Woman pocketed someone else’s cash at Pa. Walmart checkout, police say 09/04/2019

Two charged with shoplifting from Leesburg Va. Walmart 09/04/2019

Florida man arrested in Aug. Walmart shooting threat called himself white nationalist in Facebook post, cops say 09/06/2019

Details in Burlington Walmart shooting emerge slowly 09/05/2019

Court hearing reveals new details in deadly Me. Walmart parking lot shooting in late July 09/06/2019

Tx. Walmart Parking Lot Argument Ends in Shooting 09/07/2019 Update: Veteran victim dies four days later.

Gunfire in the parking lot of the Walmart at Bandera and Mainland early today left the victim with a gunshot wound to the head, and a gunman on the run, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police were called to the store about 1 am.. They were told that an argument between two men 'escalated quickly.'. One of the men pulled a gun and shot the other in the head.

The gunman jumped into a car and sped away north on Bandera toward 1604.. The victim was rushed to University Hospital in very critical condition. Complete article

Bandera Tx. Walmart shooting victim dies, family wants shooter caught 09/13/2019 The Army veteran was shot in the neck outside of the Bandera Road store after an argument in the parking lot. He was rushed to the hospital where his family says doctors determined was paralyzed from the neck down. 4 days later, he died from his injuries.

Man seen walking toward Tx. Walmart with apparent weapon prompts 911 calls, officials say 09/06/2019

NEW CANEY, Texas - Multiple 911 calls were made Thursday after a man was seen walking toward a Walmart with what appeared to be a gun, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office received a 911 call at about 5:24 p.m. Thursday about three young males walking toward the Walmart in the 20300 block of U.S. Highway 59 in New Caney, with one of the males reportedly carrying what appeared to be an AR-style rifle on his back, officials said.

The Sheriff's Office received additional 911 calls while deputies were en route to the Walmart, which advised that a man had a rifle on his back. Officials said deputies arrived and made contact with the man, who was wearing a tactical thigh holster, which appeared to hold a pistol, and a rifle on his back.

The man was identified by the Sheriff's Office as Matthew Woodrow, 18. Officials said Woodrow stated he brought his airsoft rifle -- which authorities said was a simulated AR-style rifle with no orange tip markings, indicating it was not a real firearm -- and his BB pistol to the Walmart as he was trying to get people's reactions to him walking around the store and parking lot while carrying a rifle and a handgun. Complete article

PD: Two men spray bee repellent in Phoenix Ariz. Walmart, forcing it to close 09/06/2019

PHOENIX — Police arrested two men after they sprayed bee repellent in a Phoenix Walmart store, forcing it to close for several hours.

Phoenix police report that on August 29 around 9 p.m., 23-year-old Tyler Aaron Davis and 48-year-old Daniel Thomas Punch entered the Walmart near 32nd Street and Thomas Road.

Court records show that they sprayed "Butyric Acid, also known as bee repellent, on several items of merchandise."

Due to the odor, Walmart was forced to close the store, and one member of the cleaning crew reportedly got ill from the substance. Complete article

Video: A furious woman at Walmart calls cops on a man because he "looks illegal" 09/06/2019

A Glendora, California woman is about to blow a gasket because she spots a man in the Walmart parking lot who "looks illegal."

That's the reason she tells police that they have to come and arrest him. "There's a guy illegal here," she insists.

"The other guy behind him might snap my neck." She babbles on, irate as hell, and even gets into a heated argument with another guy, in his car, who calls her a racist. Complete article

Woman arrested after spotted stuffing merchandise into her bag at Fla. Wal-Mart 09/06/2019

Police Searching For Suspect Accused Of Inappropriately Touching 10-Year-Old Girl In South Jersey Walmart 09/06/2019

Man charged in Aug. shooting over parking space at Lakewood Colorado Walmart 09/06/2019

Jackson Tenn. police seek 3 in Walmart theft investigation 09/06/2019

Bandits sought after attempted theft at Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. 09/07/2019

Woman Accused Of Altering Price Tags At Pa. Walmart 09/08/2019

Police: O'Fallon, Missouri Walmart back open after bomb threat unfounded 09/08/2019

Update: Washington Twp. police identify man after alleged NJ Walmart incident 09/06/2019

Gun discharged at Buckeye Ariz. Walmart, police say 09/08/2019

Several individuals may have accidentally discharged a gun at a Buckeye Walmart Sunday night, police said.

Buckeye police responded to a possible shooting at about 5 p.m. at the Walmart at Yuma and Watson roads, according to a tweet from Buckeye police.

Police reported one shell casing was found in an aisle. Police detained three individuals believed to be involved. Complete article

PD: 18-year-old arrested after firing gun in Buckeye Walmart 09/09/2019

Man arrested for allegedly breaking into Colorado Walmart and threatening employee with a knife 09/08/2019

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - A man is behind bars for allegedly breaking into a Walmart and even threatening an employee with a knife.

Police were called to the Walmart located at 6310 S. Highway 85 around 1 a.m. Sunday. Once officers got there, they say the man had already damaged the entrance doors and was inside the store. The man listened to police and was taken into custody without incident. Police say he was armed with a knife at the time of his arrest and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the store.

Suspect Joshua Berta was booked into jail on burglary, menacing and criminal mischief charges. Complete article

A Germantown Wisc. Walmart shoplifting incident ends with a crash in Menomonee Falls, police say 09/09/2019

Two people are in custody after a police pursuit that started in Germantown ended with a crash in Menomonee Falls.

Germantown Police responded at about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8 to a shoplifting complaint at Walmart, W190 N9855 Appleton Ave. Police found the vehicle in the parking lot and pursued as it fled south on Appleton Avenue. It crashed into an unoccupied, parked vehicle a short time later near Appleton and Cleveland avenues, according to the police department.

Officers arrested two Milwaukee men who were in the car, including the driver. Two others fled the vehicle and remain at large. Complete article

Can India’s richest man take on Amazon and Walmart? 09/09/2019

MUMBAI — He is the richest man in Asia, an industrialist who built an energy giant, launched a nationwide telecom network and lives in his very own skyscraper.

But Mukesh Ambani’s next gambit may be his most audacious yet — and it will put him on a collision course with Amazon and Walmart in the battle to dominate e-commerce as hundreds of millions of Indians begin shopping online.

Digital purchases are growing rapidly in India and could hit $200 billion in the next seven years, according to a recent report by Deloitte. Unlike China, where homegrown players like Alibaba have cornered the e-commerce market, the future of online shopping in India remains up for grabs. Complete article

Police: Trio stole thousands from Ill. Walmart 09/09/2019

Police searching for stolen Walmart fishing gear thief in Clearwater Fla. 09/08/2019

Jane, MO Walmart evacuated due to bomb threat 09/10/2019

Mississippi gov signs extradition warrant in Walmart killing on July 30 09/09/2019

Sheriff Forte hoping to work with KC Missouri PD, Independence PD to reduce crime near U.S. 40 Highway Walmart 09/09/2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is calling on community members, business owners and local law enforcement agencies to work together to reduce crime near the Walmart on U.S. 40 Highway.

Sheriff Darryl Forte' held a public meeting Sunday to invite residents to share their concerns about crime and safety in the area.

According to the Kansas City Police Department's online crime report map, the area immediately around Walmart has had more than 250 reported crimes, most of them being thefts.

Independence resident Laura Dominik was one of the people who attended Sunday's meeting with Sheriff Forte'. She has lived in the area for about 20 years and has only shopped at the Walmart twice.

"I don't feel comfortable shopping in this area," Dominik said. "I know a lot of friends who won't shop in this area, which is unfortunate for the businesses because that's lost revenue for them."

She noticed an increase in crime when the Blue Ridge Mall was taken down and the Walmart and other nearby businesses were built. Complete article

Sheriff’s Office holding meeting to address troublesome Walmart, bus stop off 40 Highway 09/13/2019

‘Predator hunter’ group leads Glen Carbon police to Walmart, where man was waiting to ‘chill’ with someone 09/09/2019

GLEN CARBON — Police are investigating a possible case involving a man accused of “grooming” a fictitious young girl for an illegal sexual act.

Authorities have filed a search warrant for the cell phone of a man accused by the group “KTS Predator Hunters.”

The group is known to track down suspected child sex offenders by posing as children online, then exposing those who attempt to engage inappropriately with them or meet them in person. The group is not affiliated with law enforcement.

When a member of KTS Predators contacted a Glen Carbon police officer the night of Aug. 17 to report a potential abuser parked in the lot of the Glen Carbon Walmart. The officer located the individual made a traffic stop on the suspect, who told police he was waiting to “chill” and have sex with an adult.

However, the “Predator Hunter” reportedly showed the officer text messages in which a “decoy” allegedly told him she was under the age of 14. The members of the group use pictures of adult females but also send fake messages that the intended victims are under the age of 14. The sender is actually a grown man. Complete article

Active shooter call at South Austin Tx. Walmart turns out to be false report 09/09/2019

AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) - Austin Police say they've responded to multiple "terroristic threats" during the past six months.

The most recent was last Thursday where several calls came in about an active shooter at a local Walmart. APD says 43 officers rushed to the scene but soon found out it was a false report.

“In their head they're thinking this is a situation like what occurred in El Paso and they're trying to get there as fast as they can,” Southwest Patrol Commander Michael Eveleth says. Complete article

Gun rights activists test Walmart request not to open-carry guns into store 09/10/2019

Gun rights activists in Texas are testing Walmart’s request not to open-carry in stores by doing just that.

David Amad, the vice president of Open Carry Texas, told The New York Times the 38,000 members of his group have openly carried their guns inside Walmart stores since the retailer announced last week it is “respectfully requesting” customers to no longer openly bring guns into its stores.

He said none of the members who have done so have been asked to leave.

“They are ducking the issue,” Amad told the Times. “They are trying to get the gun haters to leave them alone, while at the same time leave us alone when we carry in their stores.”

Walmart spokesperson Lorenzo Lopez told the Times that company employees are instructed not to obstruct peaceful shoppers from openly carrying guns. But he said stores should call law enforcement if an employee or customer feel unsafe. Complete article

Walmart employees taking advantage of $1 a day college program 09/09/2019

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - If you're thinking you can't afford college, getting a job at Walmart might be the trick you need to earning that degree.

"Walmart's Live Better U" Program gives employees the opportunity to go to college for just a dollar a day.

The program launched about a year ago. in that short period of time they are being recognized in the top 5 Fortune's "Changing The World List."

So far they have invested 17 million dollars in the program and their workers. Complete article

People should be highly skeptical of this offer, especially from Walmart. The privatization of education has been a disaster pushed by corporations with the help of traditional media which isn't adequately reviewing the. One of the best exceptions of this is Diane Ravitch, who has written several books about the subject, exposing how online schools and Walmarts influence on education have both been a disaster. She hasn't addressed this specific offer, to the best of my knowledge, but her work raises major doubts. There was one article by Matthew Yglesias on Vox criticizing it, and much more work on Ravitch's Blog.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Walmart’s too-good-to-be-true “$1 a day” college tuition plan, explained 06/01/2018

Man accused of setting Oregon Walmart fire faces additional charge of arson 09/09/2019

New York woman involved in shootout at Augusta Walmart in June 2016 gets 54 months 09/09/2019

Safer? Hardly, Walmart 09/09/2019

Shoplifter steals 10 packs of hearing aid batteries from Walmart, cops say 09/10/2019

‘It’ was taken from Minn. Walmart 09/09/2019

Judge won’t dismiss charges against Wash. Walmart employee 09/10/2019

University of Texas at El Paso Police focuses on community safety after Walmart shooting 09/09/2019

Police: Woman left baby in hot car while she went into Walmart for diapers 09/10/2019

Three-peat Mich. Walmart thief gets a year 09/11/2019

Video: Police take down man accused of carjacking a couple at NM Walmart 09/10/2019

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico criminal accused of carjacking a couple at Walmart is now in even deeper trouble. The feds have decided he’s a perfect candidate for prosecution.

Back in May, New Mexico State Police were flooding East Central looking for troublemakers. Jan Garcia was one of those cases they came across.

Police had been on the lookout for a stolen white Mazda 3 that was taken earlier in the day at gunpoint in the Walmart parking lot in Los Lunas. They spotted it near Central and Pennsylvania.

State Police officers in unmarked units boxed Garcia in, so he hopped out of the passenger’s side and kept walking away before he was tackled. Then, he came up with a flimsy explanation for why he was behind the wheel of a stolen car. Complete article

Report: Tx. Walmart hero’s story called into question 09/11/2019

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — One of the El Pasoans honored by President Trump for his heroism the day of the Walmart shooting wasn’t a hero and was instead a wanted criminal. That’s according to the Washington Examiner who cited El Paso Police spokesperson Sgt. Enrique Carrillo in a report Tuesday afternoon.

Christopher Grant was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo shortly after the Walmart shooting August 3. In the interview, Grant describes throwing bottles at the Walmart shooter in an effort to deter him.

“I started throwing random bottles at him,” Grant said during his interview with CNN. “I’m not a baseball player, so one went this way, one went that way.” In the interview with Cuomo, Grant was reunited with off-duty CBP Officer Donna Sifford, who he praised with helping him after he was shot. Grant called Sifford his “guardian angel.”

According to the article in the Examiner, El Paso Police dispute Grant’s version of the events, saying “his statements were inconsistent with what was revealed on video.”

It is unclear what Grant was doing during the Walmart massacre, but police do not dispute that he was injured in the attack, which killed 22 El Pasoans and wounded two dozen others.

As KTSM reported, on Monday, President Trump honored Grant and four other El Pasoans for their response during the shooting. Grant wasn’t in attendance because, according to the Washington Examiner, he was temporarily detained by the Secret Service for being a ‘fugitive from justice.’ Complete article

Walmart shooting 'hero' arrested just before meeting Trump 09/10/2019

Man Banned from Every Walmart Store for Legal Open Carry ~ VIDEOS 09/10/2019

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Virginia Citizens Defense League has been made aware of an incident at a Walmart in Kentucky where someone open carrying a handgun was approached by police and asked to sign a trespass document saying he acknowledges being banned for Walmart property anywhere in the U.S., indefinitely.

That contradicts the official policy as laid out by Walmart's CEO.

I have also heard from a third party that Walmart is going to post their stores “no open carry.” However, I'm not taking that as Gospel until someone actually sees such a sign.

In the meantime, I recommend that you do not open carry in Walmart for at least a week until we see if such a sign materializes or we get more definitive information from Walmart.

Concealed carry remains a safe option, as Walmart's policy specifically allows for such.

Complete article

Walmart taps former Amazon exec for new digital role 09/10/2019

Walmart has appointed an Amazon veteran to a newly-created position supervising its use of data and technology.

The discount giant has named Nuala O’Connor senior VP and chief counsel of digital citizenship. She will report directly to Rachel Brand, executive VP of global governance, chief legal officer and corporate secretary. The new function will focus on how Walmart uses data and technology in a way that supports the company’s goal to be the most trusted retailer.

O’Connor brings more than 20 years of technology policy and legal leadership experience. She was most recently president and CEO of the global nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology. Previously, she served as both VP of compliance and customer trust and associate general counsel for privacy and data protection at Amazon, was the chief privacy leader at General Electric, and held both privacy leadership and legal counsel roles at DoubleClick. Complete article

Mitchell Woman Arrested After Stealing Items from Ind. Walmart 09/10/2019

Meme Misleads on Walmart Gun Sales 09/11/2019

Police seek identification of Ind. Walmart theft suspects 09/11/2019 eight iPads, valued at $249 each, and one Samsung S3 smart watch, valued at $458, authorities said. The theft total $2,450.

Police: Another man charged after exposing himself at a Tx. Walmart 09/11/2019 In his own car, woman took pictures.

Tyler Tx. police: No evidence found of gunshot victim or discharged weapon at Walmart on Hwy 64 despite numerous reports 09/11/2019

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Officers with the Tyler Police Department responded to reports that gunshots were heard near the Walmart on State Highway 64 Wednesday evening at 5:49 p.m. No injuries were reported in the incident, and the store has been cleared. The investigation is ongoing, police say.

A Walmart spokesperson said that as of 9 p.m. Wednesday night, the store has reopened and is back to business as usual.

Statement from Tyler Police Department issued at 8:31 p.m.:

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 6:05 p.m., Tyler Police received numerous calls of shots fired near or at the rear of Walmart located at Highway 64 W. and Loop 323.

Officers responded to the area immediately to assess the situation of the reports. Upon officers arrival it was determined that there was no indication of any active shooter within the store. Complete article

Update: Tyler police release 911 calls reporting shots fired at Walmart 09/12/2019

Man involved in I-75 standoff cleared in Marietta Ga. Walmart robbery 09/11/2019

A robbery suspect who was involved in a tense standoff with Marietta police on I-75 earlier this year has been cleared in the Walmart heist that prompted the ordeal and traffic nightmare, authorities said Wednesday.

Taylor Alexander Smith-Duffy was arrested March 29 after an hourslong standoff with police on the side of the interstate. Authorities said Smith-Duffy and his gray Honda Civic matched the description of a man who robbed the Walmart near the Big Chicken on Cobb Parkway earlier that morning.

The 25-year-old was ultimately charged with misdemeanor obstruction after refusing to get out of his car during the two-hour standoff, but police never charged him with armed robbery. .....

After receiving a call about the robbery and a description of the getaway car, an officer spotted Smith-Duffy on I-75 and tried to stop him. Police said he did not immediately stop, but eventually pulled over between Windy Hill Road and the I-285 interchange.

Officers didn’t approach the car at first, believing the man was armed. Police gave Smith-Duffy verbal commands to get out of the Civic, but he did not comply, McPhilamy said. Complete article

'We cannot explain his behavior': No probable cause for man initially arrested in Walmart robbery 09/12/2019

Tense I-75 standoff with armed robbery suspect blocks lanes for hours 09/12/2019 If the same news outlet wanted to "explain his behavior" they could ahve checked this older article of theirs where it says "he would not get out of the car for fear of being shot," which might explain it!

Police question second heroism story from El Paso Tx. Walmart shooting 09/11/2019

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) — Police are disputing a second story of heroism during the Aug 3. mass shooting.

The day after the shooting, a Fort Bliss soldier, Pfc. Glendon Oakley, told a very emotional story about allegedly carrying children out of the Cielo Vista Mall, located next to the Walmart.

Since his story was told, no one has been able to verify if it’s true. Complete article

Lakewood Colorado Walmart Shooting Suspect Facing Additional Charges 09/11/2019

Police look to ID suspect in Ind. Walmart battery 09/11/2019

Woman found guilty of first-degree murder, abduction in Feb. 2018 Yorktown Va. Walmart shooting 09/12/2019

Court hearing for man charged with shooting 3 at Mississippi Walmart 09/13/2019

Newark Valley man accused of displaying BB gun, shoplifting at Ithaca NY Walmart 09/12/2019

A 37-year-old Newark Valley man has been arrested after reportedly displaying a BB gun — which was believed to be a handgun at the time — while allegedly shoplifting Monday evening at a Walmart at 135 Memorial Parkway in Ithaca.

Police charged Gregory Desamours with petit larceny after he fled the Walmart. He was then turned over to the New York State Police due to warrants for unrelated charges in another jurisdiction.

At 7:04 p.m. Monday, Ithaca police officers responded to a report of a subject who displayed a handgun when confronted by store personnel about shoplifting.

When approached, the report stated, the suspect placed his hand on the handle of what appeared to be a handgun that was tucked in the waist of his pants before fleeing the store with the stolen property. Complete article

Tx. Walmart purse-snatching suspect crashes into Metro bus while victim is chasing him 09/12/2019

HOUSTON — Houston Police are investigating after a man allegedly stole a woman’s purse and ended up crashing into a Metro bus before taking her car.

The incident happened just after 1 p.m. Thursday at a Walmart near Center Street in Washington Heights.

Police said a woman was shopping there when a man stole her purse.

According to police, the woman chased after the suspect and rammed her car into his, causing his car to go over a median and crash into a Metro bus.

The suspect then hopped into the woman’s car and took off. She had gotten out of the car. Complete article

Investigators ID woman seen at Ky. Walmart with infant buried under merchandise 09/12/2019

SOUTH WILLIAMSON, Ky. (WKYT) – Pike County authorities said they have identified a woman after photos began circulating around social media showing her at a Walmart with what appears to be an infant buried at the bottom of a cart loaded with merchandise.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office said the photos were taken Wednesday at a Walmart at South Williamson. A shopper who saw what was happening took pictures and posted them to social media. The photos went viral, leading to thousands of shares and drew the attention of law enforcement.

Working with Walmart, deputies were able to review surveillance video and identify the woman.

Deputies and representatives from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services also went to the woman’s home to conduct a welfare check on behalf of the infant. Complete article

Threatening comments reported at another Florida Walmart 09/13/2019

Yet another man made another alleged threat in a Florida Walmart, police said.

Near Miami on Thursday afternoon, witnesses said Eduardo Sanchez, 38, implied “someone was going to die and the world was going to end today,” WSVN-Channel 7 reported. The incident reportedly took place inside a Hialeah Gardens Walmart.

Sanchez was arrested and charged with one count of breach of peace and disorderly conduct.

Cellphone video showed people running out of the store in a panic after hearing a rumor of a man possibly armed with a gun, the TV station reported.

Police later said Sanchez wasn't armed but that he hadn't taken his psychiatric medication that day. Complete article

Police: 3 arrested for battery on an officer at a Kenner La. Walmart 09/12/2019

KENNER, La. (WVUE) -Three family members were arrested after screaming racial profanities at an employee at a Kenner Walmart.

Kenner Police say Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. a Kenner police officer working a detail was called to the front of the store at 8912 Veterans Boulevard by an employee.

The employee told the officer that two males approached her where she was standing near the self-checkout lanes. Both subjects began yelling racially related profanities and insults at her. .....

The officer then instructed Wence that he was under arrest and attempted to handcuff him. Wence pushed at and pulled his arms away from the officer.

At that point several members of Wence’s family surrounded Wence to prevent the officer from making the arrest. The officer requested additional backup to the store and again approached Wence to make an arrest. The struggle became physical, Wence attempted to strike the officer.

Patrons within the business came to the aid of the officer. Complete article

Emergency crews respond to situation at Walmart on Ogeechee Rd. Savannah Ga. 09/12/2019

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There was a heavy police presence at the Walmart on Ogeechee Road Thursday night.

Police had a portion of the parking lot taped off while they looked over the scene.

WTOC is working to find out what happened, but police have not yet released any information on the incident. Complete article

Emergency crews respond to fall near Walmart on Ogeechee Rd. 09/12/2019

NC Walmart parking lot incidents investigated 09/10/2019

The Wilkesboro Police Department was told that a man made several young people put their hands on a vehicle and then took $5 from the wallet of one of them early Sunday morning.

Officer C.G. Colbert reported that he was dispatched to the Walmart parking lot about 3:30 a.m. Sunday to speak with Brandon Combs, 20, of Purlear, and found Combs there with four other people ages 17-19 standing beside a Pontiac Bonneville.

Colbert said one of the five, Hunter Handy, 17, of McGrady, then told him they were standing in the parking lot talking a little earlier when they saw a red Ford F-150 pickup with an extended cab pass by a row of stores with its headlights off. Handy said the pickup’s headlights came on just before it reached the group and stopped.

Colbert reported that according to Handy, a white male with gray hair, possibly in his 60s, exited the pickup and told the young people to turn around and put their hands on the Pontiac. The man was smoking what looked like a hand-rolled cigarette. Handy said the young people complied, thinking he was an undercover officer.

Handy said the man “kept asking them something about a fight going on,” stated that he was a private investigator and pulled the right side of his coat back as if to reveal a gun and badge, but Handy didn’t see these, Colbert reported.

Matthew Lovette, 19, also in the group, said the man took his wallet when Lovette held it up after the man asked another of the young people for a driver’s license, Colbert reported. Lovette said his wallet was returned but he later realized $5 was missing from it, the officer reported. Complete article

Another former Walmart exec joins Memphis company 09/12/2019

A few months after adding a 30-year veteran of Walmart Stores Inc. to its C-suite, Memphis-based Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) has hired another executive who spent more than two decades at the behemoth retailer.

On September 10, CPS named Keith Cook as president of its Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy Division.

From 1983 to 2006, Cook worked in increasing roles of responsibility within Walmart, moving up from retail pharmacist to pharmacy operations coordinator and director of managed care. Complete article

Video shows ruckus at Port Isabel Tx. Walmart 09/12/2019

Thief takes computer out of Minn. Walmart 09/12/2019

Main break leaves East County Ca. homes, Walmart without water 09/12/2019

Man freed of murder charges from 2015 stabbing in Rockford Ill. Walmart parking lot 09/12/2019

Man accused of knife assault last Aug. at Jamestown ND Walmart pleads not guilty 09/12/2019

Roanoke Rapids NC Police Department roundup: Walmart larceny; larceny by employee 09/12/2019

2 sought in Ill. Walmart wallet theft, fraud 09/12/2019

Kohl's, BJ's, Walmart among retailers cited by Brookhaven Town NY fire marshal for code violations 09/12/2019

Winter Park Fla. white supremacist can't possess gun for 1 year after making threat to Walmart on Facebook 09/13/2019

D.A. now estimates $5 million cost for trial of accused El Paso Tx. Walmart shooter 09/13/2019

Mt. Juliet Tenn. Police searching for Walmart shoplifters 09/13/2019

Southaven Walmart shooting suspect waives extradition, heads back to Mississippi 09/13/2019

Gwinnett County Ga. solicitor general meets with Walmart to discuss store safety 09/13/2019

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Gwinnett County's Solicitor General, Brian Whiteside, met with representatives from Walmart's corporate office to discuss safety in Gwinnett County stores.

Whiteside sent a memo to Walmart's President and CEO Doug McMillion in August requesting a meeting with to discuss the possibility of the company hiring off-duty police officers to provide security at all stores in Gwinnett County.

"There have been 3,000 calls to Walmarts this year in an 8 month period," Whiteside said.

A shoplifting suspect killed loss-prevention worker J.D. Ferguson at a Lilburn Walmart in 2016. Ferguson and another employee were trying to stop a shoplifting suspect from stealing three televisions. .......

Whiteside said that if an agreement is reached, Walmart will pay for the off-duty officer patrols.

Reporter Donovan Harris asked Walmart's Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations Glen Wilkins about the company's position on paying for the off-duty officers.

"We don't have any plans in place other than to continue working with the solicitor general," Wilkins said. Complete article

Man accused of fighting at Ill. Walmart 09/13/2019

MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - A Mattoon man was charged after police said he attacked someone at Walmart.

Police were called to the Mattoon Walmart around 11:30 Thursday night.

Officers said 21-year-old John Pabatao struck and kick another man. Complete article

Woman charged with threatening Cameron Missouri Walmart 09/13/2019

A Liberty, Missouri, woman has been charged after allegedly threatening shoppers at a Walmart in Cameron, Missouri.

According to court documents, Samantha Parson was pulling into the parking lot of the Walmart on Aug. 29, when she threatened to kill people who were there. Parson allegedly said she was tired of the town and threatened to cause harm to those at the store.

The woman has been charged with attempting to make a terrorist threat in the second degree, but no warrant has been issued, according to court records. Complete article

Accident in Glasgow Ky. at Intersection of Veterans Outer Loop and Walmart 09/14/2019

Two women were involved in a Glasgow accident Wednesday. Police say one of them was injured.

According to a news release, the Glasgow Police Department responded to an injury accident at the intersection of Veterans Outer Loop and Walmart.

Police say a 1999 Pontiac was traveling northbound on Veterans Outer Loop when it collided with a 2017 Nissan. Danielle Sweeney was driving the Pontiac. Shirley Reed of Park City was driving the Nissan.

Police say the collision happened when Reed was attempting to turn left out of Wal-Mart. Complete article

CMPD: Woman leaves disabled person in hot car, shoplifts at NC Walmart 09/13/2019

Three charged with fraudulent returns activity at WV Walmart 09/14/2019

What Happened After Walmart Sued Tesla 09/13/2019


Pair of alleged Ca. Walmart thieves sought 09/14/2019

Parolees caught red-handed stealing at NY Walmart 09/14/2019

Augusta man arrested in Ga. Walmart theft 09/13/2019

JUST IN: All-clear given after bomb scare at Ga. Walmart distribution center 09/14/2019 Bomb threats at distribution centers may mean disgruntled employee.

Walmart's car seat recycling event underway through Sept. 30. What you need to know. 09/16/2019

POLICE: 3 injured after shooting at a Gainesville Fla. Walmart 09/15/2019 They had another shooting just last month at a Walmart in this same city.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Gainesville Police have confirmed their response to a shooting near Walmart in Butler Plaza.

Witnesses say they heard gunshots around 8:40 Sunday night.

Officials say three people have been taken to UF Health Shands.

GPD has limited information they can share at this time, as they are actively investigating.

Videos at the scene show heavy police presence and forensic trucks outside of the Jersey Mikes nearby. Complete article

UF student arrested in Walmart parking lot shooting 09/16/2019

GPD: 4 arrest warrants issued after shooting in Walmart parking lot leaves 3 injured 09/20/2019

Gainesville PD still searching for Walmart shooting suspect 09/26/2019

UF student arrested in Gainesville Walmart shooting 09/30/2019

GPD: Walmart shooter arrested again; charged with attempted murder 09/30/2019

Another man arrested in Gainesville shooting outside Walmart 09/30/2019

Woman's zipper gets caught on a sign in the checkout line at Okla. Walmart 09/15/2019

OWASSO, Okla. (KTUL) — It was supposed to be a typical grocery run to Walmart for an Owasso mother.

But for Celia Guinn, her trip to a Walmart turned into a peculiar situation that sent her home with a not so fashionable belt chain after her zipper got stuck to a magnetic “lane closed” sign.

"This doesn't happen to anybody. This could only happen to me," said Guinn. "I am a dork, I have a history of doing dorky things."

When she leaned over the checkout conveyor belt, the sign latched on to her zipper. Complete article

Three charged with fraudulent returns activity at Ohio Walmart 09/16/2019

Walmart Removes Armed Customer From Store Enforcing ‘No Open Carry’ Policy 09/15/2019

UPDATE: Judge sentences man to 2 years in Mandan ND Walmart assault case last month 09/16/2019

Person dies after confronted by police, swallowing possible bag of narcotics outside Walmart in King NC 09/16/2019

KING, N.C. — A person died after swallowing a bag possibly containing narcotics when police confronted him outside of a Walmart in King, according to the King Police Department.

At about 5:30 p.m. Saturday, police responded to a report of trespassing at a Walmart.

When police arrived and found the suspect, he swallowed a bag which police say may have contained narcotics.

Shortly after, he became unresponsive.

Officers called in EMS and tried to save his life using CPR, but he died on the way to the hospital. Complete article

Police: Man attempted to abduct 11-year-old girl inside Newport News Va. Walmart 09/16/2019

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A man assaulted and attempted to abduct an 11-year-old girl inside a Newport News Walmart Sunday afternoon, according to police.

Police responded around 4:46 p.m., to the Walmart located at 12401 Jefferson Avenue for the report of an attempted abduction of a child.

Officers spoke with the 11-year-old girl who told officials that a man she didn’t know approached her and started asking her questions. She also told police she did not respond to him and started to walk away, but he grabbed her.

The day after the incident, parents shopping at the Walmart said they were surprised to hear about the abduction. One parent said he would take action against someone if that person laid a hand on his three-year-old son. Complete article

NJ Walmart shoplifter stopped by motorized shopping cart: cops 09/16/2019

A shoplifter trying to speed away from a New Jersey Walmart hit the same motorized shopping cart twice — before finally crashing head-on with a police car, police said Monday.

Siedah Smith, 34, fled the Bayonne store on Sunday afternoon, racing to her white car after a staff member tried to stop her from stealing shopping worth $235, according to the Bayonne Police Department.

Her getaway was soon stopped when she ran into a motorized shopping cart driven by an unidentified elderly man, police documents show.

After a yelling match with her victim, Smith again tried to flee after seeing a squad car responding to the initial shoplifting call, the docs say.

Somehow she managed to hit the same man, dragging him and his cart at least 10-foot — before finally smashing head-on into the police cruiser, according to the arrest report. Complete article

Man assaulted Tx. Walmart employee during beer run, say police 09/17/2019

SAN ANTONIO — Police are searching for a man who assaulted a Walmart employee during a beer run last week.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the suspect walked into the store on Bandera Road near Mainland Drive last Friday, September 14, and grabbed a case of beer from the beer aisle.

He then grabbed two Walmart shopping bags from an unmanned cash register, put the beer in the bags and walked out. Complete article

UPDATE: Local man arrested in stabbing at Pa. Walmart parking lot 09/16/2019

ELKO – A Halleck resident was arrested Sunday afternoon for allegedly stabbing an acquaintance in the Walmart parking lot.

Steven N. Ackerley, 38, was booked into Elko County Jail on charges of attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon.

Elko Police Department officers were dispatched to Walmart at about 5:45 p.m. on a report of a stabbing. Officers learned the suspect and victim knew each other and were involved in an ongoing dispute, police said. The two men apparently saw each other in the Walmart parking lot and got into a physical altercation.

“At some point, the suspect produced a knife and stabbed the victim in the left side of his abdomen,” stated police. Complete article

Attempted murder charge in Elko Walmart parking lot stabbing 09/18/2019

Woman Arrested After Found Naked at Ind. Walmart 09/16/2019

(BEDFORD) – A woman was arrested after she was found walking around naked at Walmart on Friday night. According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, an off-duty police officer found 53-year-old Sherel Bell, of Highland TX, walking naked in the parking lot and screaming at customers.

Officers arrived at the scene at 7:29 p.m. and located Bell’s clothing and asked her to get dressed.

Police say Bell was intoxicated. Complete article

Open Carry at Walmart and Fry’s in Arizona: No One Asked to Leave 09/16/2019

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- There is an ongoing thrust by the fanatical pushers for a disarmed population, to enlist corporate America to their cause. Understandably, corporate entities are uneasy about outright support for any political faction; come out strongly on one side or the other, you are potentially alienating 20-30 percent of your customers. The 50% that are not strongly engaged in politics are unlikely to respond.

When it comes to Second Amendment issues, there are about 5 million NRA members and 100 million gun owners. There are about 30 million people that think owning a gun is immoral. The numbers game falls to the Second Amendment, but the Old Media are overwhelmingly hostile to gun ownership.

This puts corporate America in a bind. Several large corporations have yielded to old media pressure and enacted policies that request Americans who are exercising their Second Amendment rights, not to openly carry in their establishments. Complete article

Walmart Likely Discriminated Against Female Store Workers, EEOC Finds 09/17/2019

Walmart Inc. WMT +0.74% likely discriminated against 178 female workers by paying less or denying promotions because of their gender, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in memos viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The EEOC documents ask Walmart and the women who filed complaints to come to “a just resolution of this matter,” which could include a settlement and changes to Walmart’s practices, say labor lawyers. If Walmart and the women don’t reach an agreement, the EEOC could file a lawsuit against the retailer.

The determination by the federal regulator marks a milestone in a nearly two-decade effort by current and former store workers to seek damages from the retail behemoth for discrimination.

In 2001, Walmart workers pursued a sprawling class-action suit against Walmart, alleging the retailer systematically paid 1.6 million female workers less than men and offered fewer promotions. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2011 the group had too little in common to form a single class of plaintiffs. Complete article

Deputies: Walmart 'mystery shoppers' scam circulating community 09/17/2019 "We assure you that this is 100% a SCAM! Do not deposit this check into your bank account, or purchase the Walmart gift cards with the money," deputies wrote in a Facebook post. Deputies say those who fall victim to the scam will lose around $900 when your bank discovers that the checks are fraudulent.

LCSO: Man stole vehicle battery from Tallahassee Fla. Walmart 09/16/2019

Suspect buys electronics from La. Walmart using stolen credit card, goes back for 2 TVs 09/16/2019

Orange County man pleads no contest in shooting of suspected shoplifter stealing diapers at Fla. Walmart 09/16/2019

Police investigating after man found dead in vehicle at Camdenton Missouri Walmart 09/17/2019

CAMDENTON — The Camdenton Police Department said a man was found unresponsive in a vehicle at Walmart Monday evening.

A news release stated officers found a Walmart employee in the rear cargo area of an SUV in the parking lot about 5:20 p.m.

Police said the body of 45-year-old James Edward Warner of Joplin, Missouri, was found lying on a mattress with clothing items around him. Complete article

Undercover Walmart bust in Anderson Ca. 09/17/2019

ANDERSON, Calif. - An undercover Walmart operation netted 10 arrests at the Anderson Walmart.

On Monday, Police said undercover officers arrested 10 people for theft, fraud, drugs and active warrants.

Police said some suspects had stolen items from Walmart stores as far as Yuba City. Complete article

Anderson PD cracks down on criminal activity at Walmart with "Problem Oriented Policing Unit" 09/1/2019

In fact, since October 2018, APD responded to more than 1000 incidents in the Walmart parking lot alone.

"You can commit fraudulent purchases. you can steal things. You can steal cars. Make fraudulent returns, You can steal somebody's identity. So, the reason why Walmart is such an issue isn't necessarily about Walmart itself. It's because it attracts the largest amount of our citizens,” said Anderson Police Department Detective and Problem Oriented Policing Unit member Jacob Duncan.

Woman could face charges after lying in viral post about attempted luring at Pasco Wash. Walmart 09/17/2019

PASCO, Wa. — According to Pasco Police, a woman’s viral post about her child almost being taken from the Walmart off Road 68 is false.

The post said multiple men were smiling and signaling at her daughter to go near them and that they were following her around the store but police said that Walmart security footage shows otherwise.

Sgt. Scott Warren of the Pasco Police Department said, "He did not follow her through the store and he didn’t do any of what she said in her post." Complete article

Police: Attempted luring did not occur at Pasco Wash. Walmart 09/12/2019

After failing to call diggers hotline, construction company hits gas main at Lake Delton Wisc. Walmart 09/17/2019

No injuries were reported Sept. 17 after a drilling incident caused a gas leak in the parking lot of the Lake Delton Walmart.

First responders evacuated the building as a precaution.

Pete Goethel, from Alliant Energy, said that the contractor Walmart hired for the job, Pavement Solutions, neglected to check with Alliant or Diggers Hotline before starting drilling on the project. He said before starting a project such as this, companies should call the energy supplier to check that any planned digging sites will not result in incidents such as this. Complete article

El Paso Tx. Walmart victim Chris Grant responds to claims he made up story 09/17/2019

Wash. Walmart Thief Boldly, Casually, Strides Out of Store 09/17/2019

Cops: North Huntingdon woman, teen tried to steal dog clothes from Pa. Walmart 09/17/2019

Kenton man charged with robbery after Ohio Walmart incident 09/18/2019 A Kenton man was charged with robbery after allegedly pushing down a Walmart employee Tuesday morning, according to Tiffin Police Department.

Woman charged after Va. Walmart shoppers rescue baby from hot car 09/18/2019

Walmart unveils new rewards credit card, but some experts say proceed with caution 09/19/2019

$12K in iPhones stolen from Xenia Ohio Walmart: Can you ID suspects? 09/18/2019

Multiple agencies respond to Walmart for report of man firing gun in store: Mayfield Heights Ohio Police Blotter 09/18/2019

A man discharged an air-powered rifle inside of Walmart Sept. 7. He had left the store before multiple agencies responded and cleared it of all customers. A witness gave a description of the man and he was located the following day walking on Temple Road.

He said he saw the rifle and wanted to hear how it sounded but did not expect it to be so loud. He said he handed to a store employee but did not think it was an issue because she did not say anything about it.

The Lyndhurst man, 51, was advised to never dry fire a gun inside a store. Complete article

Man linked to robbery attempts at 2 Tx. Walmart stores arrested 09/17/2019

(KWTX) Police Wednesday arrested a man they think is responsible for robbery attempts at Walmart Super Centers in Bellmead and Hewitt, sparking unfounded rumors of an active shooter in one of the stores.

Bellmead police arrested Michael Chad Reeves, 41, Wednesday n Lacy Lakeview, Hewitt police said in a Facebook post late Wednesday morning.

He was in the McLennan County Jail Wednesday evening charged with aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence in the bank robbery attempt in Bellmead in connection with which he may also face federal charges. ......

The man handed the teller a note demanding money that indicated he had a gun, although a weapon wasn’t displayed, police said.

The man left the store empty-handed, but the incident triggered rumors about an active shooter in the store that police said were unfounded. Complete article

NM Walmart pulls some food due to cooler problem 09/18/2019

Some Roswell Walmart customers have been a bit disappointed in recent days as malfunctioning freezer and refrigeration units since Saturday meant that almost all fresh and frozen foods had been pulled from shelves.

Videos by customers have appeared on Facebook showing row after row of empty freezers and cooler units at the store on North Main Street.

Local managers and employees chose not to comment, referring questions to a corporate media office. A list of queries, including impacts on local employees, was not responded to by press time. Complete article

Men stole $1K worth of vacuums from Mount Pleasant Wisc. Walmart, police said 09/18/2019

Spencer Man Arrested at Ind. Walmart After Police Find Meth 09/18/2019

Man wanted for stealing electronic items from multiple Va. Walmart stores 09/19/2019

Probation ordered for woman convicted of stealing thousands from Walmarts, including in Eau Claire Wisc. 09/19/2019

‘Mortified, Embarrassed’: Woman Accused Of Urinating On Pa. Walmart Potato Bin Appears Before Judge 09/19/2019

NH Walmart theft suspect rolled big-ticket items out the door 09/19/2019

Coroner: Man trying to repair car dies in accident behind Walmart in Irmo SC 09/19/2019

IRMO, S.C. (WIS) - Police found a person’s body in the woods behind the Walmart in Irmo, sparking a death investigation.

The gruesome discovery was made Tuesday night.

Jacob Hunter Roberts, 21, of Columbia, appeared to be lying under his car trying to work on it when it started rolling, pinning him under a front tire, Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said.

Roberts’ death has been ruled an accident. His cause of death was traumatic asphyxiation, Watts said. Complete article

Thieves Take Advantage of Walmart Trade-In Event by Stealing Car Seats 09/19/2019

NORTH HIGHLANDS Ca. -- Avid North Highlands neighborhood watch groups have been warning parents that thieves are breaking into cars and stealing child car seats.

Police say the thieves are turning those stolen car seats in to Walmart for $30 gift cards. The company’s program accepting car seats ends Sept. 30.

“For $30. Anything to get money nowadays,” said North Highlands resident Ashley Quill Simonton.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tess Deterding told FOX40 this crime is not new to North Highlands. Complete article

Ravenna Ohio police: Car seats stolen after Walmart promotion begins 09/19/2019

Walmart ending car seat recycling event early due to 'overwhelming response' 09/20/2019 There's no mention of problem with stealing car seats happening in at least two large states that have reported it probably much more.

Portage Ind. Man Arrested After Being Caught Living at Walmart 09/19/2019

PORTAGE, Ind. -- Police in northwest Indiana say a man has been arrested after he slept at a Walmart for several days, stole and ate potato chips, and crashed an electric cart into a wine display.

Timothy Bryant, 22, admitted to Portage police that he had been sleeping in the changing rooms this week.

He was caught early Thursday morning after getting drunk, and driving an electric cart into a wine display, breaking several bottles and spilling wine all over the floor.

The Times of Northwest Indiana says he was escorted out of the Walmart, but returned several hours later, and was found eating a bag of chips. Complete article

Fremont Ca. man says Walmart tricked him by selling used tablet; company refutes his claim 09/19/2019

FREMONT, Calif. (KTVU) - Buyers beware: That's the message from Doug Ewing of Fremont, who said he didn't get what he paid for when he bought a tablet from a Walmart in Fremont.

Ewing made the purchase Friday at the store on Osgood Road.

"When I opened the box, this is what I ended up with," said the 70-year-old as he held an 8-inch tablet, which shows signs of use. "There wasn't a battery charger. There wasn't a warranty."

The former U.S. Marine said the box was vacuum-wrapped when he bought it. He said he went back to the store a few hours later to get a refund on his credit card, but managers at Walmart refused to accept the return.

A company spokesman told KTVU the older, used tablet that Ewing tried to return is not in Walmart's inventory. Walmart wrote in an email to KTVU: "After reviewing surveillance footage, we determined that the item the customer attempted to return was not the same item the customer purchased."

When KTVU asked Ewing if he had switched the item, he answered: "No. Look at my computer over there. It's a dial-up. I don't do computers." Complete article

Consumers file suit against Walmart over allegations gift cards were tampered with before purchase 09/19/2019

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Legal Newsline) — A group of individuals is suing Walmart over allegations that funds they loaded onto gift cards were used by a third party because the cards had been tampered with prior to their purchase.

Gracie Foster, Pearlie Boyd, Monica Robinson, Jodie Roskydoll and others filed a complaint on Aug. 15 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas against Walmart Inc., Walmart Stores of Arkansas LLC and Walmart Stores East L.P. alleging violation of the Alabama Consumer Protection Act and other counts.

The plaintiffs allege that they were victimized by the defendants' negligence regarding their gift cards. According to the suit, Walmart has been aware that thousands of their gift cards were tampered with prior to their sale and that scammers would come into the store, remove security tape from the cards in order to log the pins and then use the funds that customers loaded onto the cards. They allege they purchased gift cards and loaded money onto them, but when they attempted to use the cards, the defendant had deactivated them or the funds had already been used by another party. Complete article

America's CEOs have a new spokesman. He's from Walmart 09/19/2019

New York (CNN Business)Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on Thursday was named the incoming chairman of Business Roundtable, the prominent group of 192 chief executives representing corporate America's interests in Washington.

McMillon, a Walmart lifer who became the company's chief executive in 2014, will serve a two-year term as Business Roundtable's leader beginning in January. McMillon will take over for JPMorgan CEO Jaime Dimon, who has led the group since 2017.

Business Roundtable counts some of America's largest companies among its ranks. The powerful group lobbies policymakers and looks after corporate America's public image. Complete article

Police: Rochester man stole over $3,000 in tobacco products from Auburn NY Walmart 09/19/2019

Man suspected of stealing several times from Gulf Breeze Fla. Walmart behind bars 09/19/2019

Judge may drop charge against woman who allegedly urinated on potatoes at West Mifflin Walmart 09/20/2019

Employee charged with making terror threat at Missouri Walmart 09/20/2019

A Jefferson City man was charged Friday with second-degree making of a terroristic threat after he allegedly shared threatening comments the day before with a fellow employee at the Walmart on the west end of Jefferson City.

A Jefferson City Police Department officer spoke with a witness — identified as "witness 2" — on Thursday at the Walmart at 724 W. Stadium Blvd. in reference to threats made by another employee, Nicholas B. Pratte, 38, according to a probable cause statement from JCPD.

The witness told police she and another supervisor had a meeting with Pratte that morning "regarding his recent drop in productivity."

After that meeting, the witness said she was approached by "witness 1" — another employee — "who advised while stocking shelves, (Pratte) was agitated about the meeting, felt he had been targeted and made a comment about getting a gun and shooting people."

"Walmart management felt the threats made were significant enough that outside security was hired to safeguard the store," according to the police.

When police spoke with the employee who had been stocking shelves with Pratte, he said "during the conversation, (Pratte) stated he could have said a lot of things like 'I could have said I'd come in and shoot everybody.'"

The employee also told police Pratte felt he had been "targeted for his productivity," and the employee "felt (Pratte) does have the capacity to follow through with his statements, especially after (Pratte) had recently made a comment about shooting a school if his daughter got pregnant." Complete article

N.J. cop convicted of stealing from Walmart, Target while in uniform using counterfeit bar codes 09/20/2019

A Union County Police Department officer has been convicted of theft and official misconduct after stealing about $600 in merchandise from Walmart and Target by using counterfeit bar codes.

A jury found Blake Clay, 36, of Rahway guilty of theft, theft by deception and official misconduct following a two-week trial, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement Friday.

Clay, who has been a police officer since 2006, faces up to five years in state prison and will be banned from all future employment when he is sentenced Nov. 15. He will receive a minimum of two years behind bars.

His firing is “imminent,” a spokesman for Union County said.

Clay ran the scheme at stores in Clark, Edison, Linden and Woodbridge multiple times in 2016, using the counterfeit bar codes to pay significantly less for items, officials said. For example, Clay paid between $1.50 and $4.50 for products that were supposed to cost between $15.99 and $39.99 after cashiers scanned printed bar codes of unknown origin.

When Clay got caught by a store employee at a Walmart, he signed an agreement promising to never again set foot in any Walmart in the country. Clay then began showing up at Target stores in his police uniform to do the same thing, officials said.

Clay was suspended without pay from his $83,308 per year job after being charged in May 2016. He was indicted in September of that year. Complete article

Teachers and Walmart Workers Top List as Sanders Campaign Hits 1 Million Individual Donors 09/19/2019

With 99.95 percent of those who gave still able to do so again, 2020 candidate says record milestone—reached faster than any other campaign in history—"is astonishing."

The presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders said it made political history on Thursday by receiving campaign donations from 1 million individuals in the shortest amount of time.

"With 1 million contributors, this is the only Democratic campaign that has more supporters than Donald Trump," said campaign manager Faiz Shakir in a statement.

"Our strength is in numbers," continued Shakir, "and that is why Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is able to say his campaign will rely only on grassroots funding in both the primary and against Donald Trump. Like all campaigns we are beholden to our donors, and we're proud to stand with one million working people." Complete article

Walmart to stop selling E-cigarettes 09/20/2019

BOSTON — Walmart said Friday that it will stop selling electronic cigarettes at its namesake stores and Sam's Clubs in the wake of a string of several hundred mysterious illnesses and eight vaping-related deaths.

The nation's largest retailer said move is due to "growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity" regarding vaping products. It will complete its exit from e-cigarettes after selling through its current inventory, the company said in a statement.

Walmart's decision is the latest blow to the vaping industry, which has tried to position its products as healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes, which are responsible for 480,000 deaths a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But the industry has come under increased scrutiny after the deaths and illnesses - along with a surge in underage vaping. Complete article

No credible bomb threat at Foley Alabama Walmart, one arrested 09/20/2019

Ga. Walmart, Target stolen credit card scheme in Fulton has cops seeking 3 09/20/2019

WHO AM I? Person of interest wanted in NC Walmart theft 09/19/2019

Osage Beach Missouri Walmart reopened after gas leak 09/2/2019

Woman who stole LED bulb at Buffalo Ridge Fla. Wal-Mart sentenced to jail time 09/21/2019 A woman who contacted Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages to reclaim a $20 bill and was arrested in the theft of a LED bulb is serving time behind bars.

Deputies seek serial Walmart thief last spotted in Powhatan Va. 09/21/2019

Northern Arapaho: Tribal Member Fatally Shot at Riverton Wyoming Walmart 09/21/2019

A member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe was shot and killed by a police officer at the Riverton Walmart store Saturday, the tribe announced on its Facebook page.

"We are working diligently with local and federal officials to learn more details regarding this incident, and will release additional information to the public as quickly as possible," they said.

The Riverton Police Department announced it was "working a shooting that occurred outside of Walmart," in a Facebook post from Chief Eric Murphy. The Fremont County Sheriff's Office and Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation were said to be assisting. Complete article

Shooting at Jackson Tenn. Walmart parking lot injures juvenile 09/21/2019

Jackson police are investigating a shooting incident at Walmart North that left one juvenile with non-life-threatening injuries Friday night.

Officers responded to a shots fired call in the parking lot of Walmart on Emporium Drive around 10:02 p.m., according to Jackson Police Department news release.

Upon arrival, officers found a juvenile in his late teens suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his leg. The juvenile was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released.

JPD has not yet identified any suspects in connection to the incident. The juvenile, who is from a neighboring county, was uncooperative with investigators, JPD Major Phillip Kemper said, but witnesses at the scene told police that the incident appeared to be targeted and not random. Complete article

Jackson police seek to identify vehicle in investigation into Walmart shooting 09/23/2019

Police investigating attempted child abduction at Bedford County Pa. Walmart 09/22/2019 Update: police say claim was unfounded

UPDATE: 9/22/19 9:16 P.M. – Police have identified the person who tried to lure the child into his car. Police did not release the identity of the man or say whether or not he’s in custody.

SNAKE SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WTAJ) — Police are investigating an attempted child abduction that occurred Sunday afternoon at the Walmart at 72 Bedford Square in Snake Spring Township.

According to police, an unidentified white male between the ages of 60-70, wearing green shorts, a black t-shirt, and large glasses made contact with a 12-year-old female and is believed to have asked her to get in his vehicle.

Police say the suspect was confronted by the juvenile’s mother in the parking lot before he fled in an older-model 2-door, blue, white, and black pickup truck. The driver door also had a wolf black emblem painted on it. Complete article

Police: Claims of child abduction attempt at Bedford County Walmart are unfounded 09/23/2019

Nick in the AM: Women go on liquor-stealing spree at Ill. Walmart, police say 09/23/2019

Peoria police reported to the Walmart at 8915 N. Allen Road after a manager there was made aware of a photograph that was posted on the Snapchat social-media platform.

According to a police report, the photo showed a shopping cart filled with liquor and parked next to the Walmart electronics section.

The text that accompanied the image stated: “Party bussssss free liquor all night.” A “be quiet” emoji capped it.

(Alas, the Journal Star content-management system doesn’t provide for a “be quiet” emoji. That would come in handy some days.)

The Snapchat post prompted the manager to review security footage, the report stated. Complete article

WATCH: Truck explodes in Fla. Walmart parking lot 09/21/2019

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - A truck exploded Saturday morning in a Walmart parking lot.

In a video, bystanders could be heard yelling at a man who appeared to be the truck's owner to get away from the truck. "I got thousands of dollars of tools in there," the man could be heard saying.

Firefighters were able to quickly douse the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown. Complete article

After eight deaths, this stretch of U.S. 19 in Hudson Fla. to get safety fix 09/23/2019

A deadly stretch of U.S. 19 in Hudson is about to get a $2.7 million makeover to make the roads around a Walmart store safer.

Eight people have died in the vicinity since 2014, and over the past six years, there have been 200 accidents leaving 75 people injured, according to data shared with Pasco County commissioners by County Engineer Margaret Smith.

The improvements are planned for Beacon Woods Drive, U.S. 19 and Dipaola Drive near the Walmart store in Hudson. Pasco County, the state Department of Transportation and Walmart are sharing the costs. Complete article

Man suspected of keying marked police unit outside Las Cruces NM Walmart 09/21/2019

LAS CRUCES - Police released an image of a man suspected of damaging a marked police unit parked outside a local Walmart store.

Shortly before 6 p.m. on Friday, police say the man "keyed" a marked unit parked outside the Walmart store at 571 Walton Blvd. The suspect, accompanied by a woman, then left the parking lot in a black Buick LaCrosse.

Anyone with information that can help identify the suspect is asked to call police at 575-526-0795 or Las Cruces Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Those who call Crime Stoppers will remain anonymous. Complete article

Small wood fire near Ga. Walmart in Thomson 09/22/2019

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Thomson-McDuffie Fire Department confirmed a small wood fire near the Harrison Road Walmart in Thomson.

The Thomson-McDuffie Fire Department says the call came in around 1:06 p.m.

The fire was contained by the Thomson-McDuffie Fire Department and Georgia Forestry. It has been considered an unintentional fire. Complete article

Owls Head Me. woman sues Walmart, Coca-Cola 09/22/2019

ROCKLAND — A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of an Owls Head woman who said she was injured in 2013 at the Walmart in Rockland from a defective vending machine.

The lawsuit was filed Aug. 21 in the Knox County court on behalf of Jane Newcomb against Walmart Inc. and various Coca-Cola companies.

The lawsuit states a beverage vending machine leaked and Newcomb slipped and suffered serious injuries from a fall. Complete article

Man accused of exposing himself at Oregon Walmart 09/23/2019

Thomasville Police say man “targeting younger women” at Alabama Walmart 09/23/2019

Webster Man Arrested for Stealing Hoverboards, Chainsaw from Mass. Walmart 09/23/2019

Michigan man arrested for discharging fire extinguisher in Walmart: Avon Ohio Police Blotter 09/23/2019

Liberty Ohio crime activity: Man chased with knife in Walmart parking lot, police say 09/24/2019

2:23 p.m. – 200 block of Goldie Rd., Max Sparks, 27, of Texas, arrested and charged with aggravated robbery; and David Nelson, 30, of Oklahoma, charged with complicity.

Police say they were called to the Walmart parking lot for a report that a suspect was chasing someone with a knife.

The victim told officers that the men chased him and one yelled “Kill him! Stab him!” several times. The victim told police he confronted the suspect about stealing his bookbag, and that’s when they started chasing him, according to a police report. Complete article

Troopers: Six from Schoharie, Montgomery NY counties charged in $90K Walmart phone theft scheme 09/23/2019

FONDA - Six people have been arrested in connection with a scheme to steal upwards of $90,000 worth of iPhones from the Gloversville, Amsterdam and Cobleskill Walmart stores, state police said.

The six charged are all from Montgomery and Schoharie counties and each face multiple felonies, state police said.

The investigation began in early August when Walmart's asset protection personnel contacted troopers about thousands of dollars worth of iPhones missing from store inventories, state police said.

The investigation revealed that, beginning in May, employees of OTS Wireless, a company used by Walmart to sell cell phone contracts in stores, continually used fraudulent information to sell contracts and phones. Complete article

2-month-old baby left in shopping cart outside Arkansas Walmart, mom charged 09/23/2019

BRYANT, Ark. – A local woman has been arrested after police say she left her 2-month-old child in a shopping cart outside a Walmart store.

The Bryant Police Department says Lessie Marhanka, 22, was taken into custody late Saturday afternoon.

When officers were called to the store parking lot they found the child in the care of another person who had witnessed the incident.

Police say it was determined that Marhanka left her baby in the cart after pushing the cart into the corral.

While witnesses gave officers a description of the vehicle, the woman had also left her wallet behind. With that information, police were able to make contact with Marhanka and her husband. Complete article

'I kind of went into panic mode': Man speaks out after rescuing abandoned baby at Wal-Mart 09/24/2019

'They were completely covered in mold': Child's toy pulled from Eugene Oregon Walmart shelves 09/23/2019

EUGENE, Ore. - Kade Schneider recently spotted what appeared to be mold growing on a child's toy for sale at the Walmart on W. 11th Avenue in Eugene.

"I spoke with two employees and an assistant manager about the mold problem in toys. I showed them the photos," she wrote in a Facebook post addressed to the store September 21. "I gave you the opportunity to resolve the problem (...) An hour later I walked by and the same puzzles were left there for people to buy."

Walmart Eugene - W 11th Ave I spoke with two employees and an assistant manager about the mold problem in toys. I showed them the photos. I gave you the opportunity to resolve the problem. I did say it was a clear danger to children and suggested it be removed from the shelf because I almost purchased one of these for my daughter. An hour later I walked by and the same puzzles were left there for people to buy.

Please be cautious when purchasing toys for your children. 🙁

"They were completely covered in mold. The black and white spotted kind," she told KVAL News on Monday. "I was watching other people walk by and try to purchase those same items or items adjacent to it. There was just no way we were going to let people buy that. That would be horrible to buy that and find out later. Or buy one of the ones that was right next to it that supposedly weren't contaminated and find out later they actually were carrying mold spores." Complete article

Minnesota GOP legislator touts $25 insulin at Walmart; diabetics say it has drawbacks 09/23/2019

The Facebook video shows state Rep. Jeremy Munson walking into Walmart without an insulin prescription and picking up a vial for $24.88.

“I hear testimony about people rationing their insulin,” Munson, a Republican from Lake Crystal, tells the camera in a video that’s been viewed more than 6,600 times. “That shouldn’t need to happen when there’s affordable options out there.”

Democrats quickly condemned Munson's advice as irresponsible and dangerous, warning that different types of insulin cannot be treated the same way. But as state lawmakers remain locked in a fierce debate over how to help Minnesotans shelling out $300 for a couple weeks of insulin — and who face deadly consequences if they cannot pay — Munson is not the only person suggesting the cheaper option.

The debate over the video comes as Republican and DFL lawmakers are holding hearings this week on competing programs to provide insulin to those who can’t afford it.

That has left policymakers confronting the difference between the expensive medication diabetics travel to Canada to procure and the $25 vials that can be bought over the counter. The cheaper “regular” insulin sold at Walmart became widely available in the early 1980s. Newer analog insulin products emerged in 1996 and grew in popularity, but their price has skyrocketed in recent years. The analog insulin kicks in faster than the traditional version and is more predictable, helping people avoid potentially dangerous peaks that lead to low blood sugar, said Matt Petersen, a vice president at the American Diabetes Association. Complete article

Jefferson Police Department searching for man suspected of following women around Walmart 09/24/2019

Va. Walmart Arrests: Men accused of stealing from same store twice in one week 09/24/2019

Ill. Walmart shoplifter in red robe caught red-handed 09/24/2019

Oxford man nabbed at Villages Fla. Wal-Mart gives Sumter deputy false name 09/24/2019

Police investigate shots fired from an AR15 rifle behind Opelousas La. Walmart 09/25/2019

Opelousas police responded Tuesday night to shots fired outside a Walmart.

Officers responded to the shots, believed fired by an AR15 rifle, at about 9 p.m. at the Creswell Lane location. Police reported that 15 rounds were fired.

There were no reports of injuries. The investigation is ongoing. Complete article

Opelousas police investigate Walmart shooter 09/25/2019

Emergency crews respond to Walmart on Crewswell Lane in Opelousas 09/24/2019

Jonesborough man arrested for Tenn. Walmart carjacking 09/24/2019

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Police say a Jonesborough man was arrested after he carjacked two women in a Walmart parking lot.

According to the Johnson City Police Department, a man with a gun approached two women in the parking lot of the Walmart on West Market Street early Tuesday morning and demanded that they get inside their van. Police say the victims refused and the man drove away in the van.

Officers say they arrested Randall Eric Bennett of Charlie Hicks Road after they found him creating another disturbance in the parking lot of the Kroger on West State of Franklin Road.

Police determined that the gun he used in the carjacking was a pellet gun. Complete article

BREAKING: 1 injured, 1 in custody after stabbing at Douglas County Ga. Walmart 09/25/2019

A suspect is in police custody after investigators said he stabbed someone Wednesday morning at a Douglas County Walmart.

Officers were sent to the store at 1100 Thornton Road about 9:40 a.m. after receiving a report that a person had been stabbed, Douglasville police said in a statement.

The officers encountered the suspect, who was taken into custody inside the store. The stabbing victim was taken to a local hospital. The person’s condition was not released. Complete article

Police ID suspect accused of stabbing man inside metro Atlanta Walmart 09/25/2019

Large fire outside Colorado Walmart on Razorback 09/25/2019

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The Colorado Springs Fire Department says a large fire was reported at about 5 a.m. Wednesday morning in the parking lot of a local store.

Large flames could be seen outside the Walmart on Razorback Road.

CSFD says there was no damage to any buildings. Large stacks of cardboard and pallets of plastic were burning. Complete article

Walmart announces plan to build healthcare workforce, offering education for $1 a day 09/24/2019

As Walmart moves deeper into primary care, the retail giant wants to ensure there is a skilled healthcare workforce to fill critical roles in its 20 care clinics.

Earlier this month, the world's largest retailer unveiled its new clinic called Walmart Health in Dallas, Georgia, which gives patients access to low-cost primary care including for mental health issues.

Walmart announced Tuesday its 1.5 million associates will be able to apply for one of seven bachelor’s degrees and two career diplomas in health-related fields for $1 a day through Live Better U, Walmart’s education benefit program. ......

The education program will arm employees with training to fill critical healthcare roles across Walmart and Sam’s Club, which includes more than 5,000 retail pharmacies, 3,000 vision centers and 400 hearing centers, the retailer said in a release. The upskilled workforce will help the retailer make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to customers in the communities it serves. Complete article

Walmart expands workers' college benefits to include health, wellness degrees 09/24/2019

This article is trying to normalize their claim to offer low cost college for a dollar a day without mentioning upfront that it's online & probably very low quality, if not totally useless!

Why Walmart, Disney and so many other companies are paying for their employees’ college education 09/25/2019

Over the past year or so, thousands of people have become eligible to attend college at low or no-cost — and that’s not thanks to a new government policy or a sudden drop in tuition levels.

It’s because major employers from McDonald’s MCD, -0.09% to Disney DIS, -0.30% have launched or expanded programs that allow some of their employees to attend certain colleges and take certain courses on the company’s dime. Walmart WMT, -0.06% announced in June that the retail giant would extend its educational assistance benefits program to high school students. Through the program, teens working at Walmart will have access to flexible schedules, free standardized test prep and up to seven hours of free college credit.

The company also added more degrees to the suite of programs employees can pursue for $1 per day and introduced a completion bonus for workers who finish their bachelor’s degrees and haven’t completed any previous college credits. Complete article

Crash closes northbound Del Prado Boulevard at the 1400 block, near Fla. Walmart 09/24/2019

State College Pa. police look for information on theft suspect at Walmart 09/24/2019

Couple charged in massive identity fraud case bought $30K worth of iPhones at Pa. Walmart 09/25/2019

Judge recuses self from El Paso Tx. Walmart shooting case 09/25/2019

East Norriton Pa. Walmart set to close its doors after 17 years 09/26/2019

Suspect in theft of electronics at Englewood Pa. Walmart identified, still sought 09/25/2019

Police searching for man who attempted to rob Lake Delton Wisc. Walmart pharmacy 09/25/2019

LAKE DELTON (WKOW) — Officers from the Lake Delton Police Department were called about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to the pharmacy inside Walmart for a report of an attempted robbery.

The suspect demanded narcotics from the pharmacy staff and then fled thru the general merchandise entrance of the store.

No weapon was displayed and the suspect was gone by the time police arrived. Complete article

Walmart Looks To Leave Tobacco Behind As It Enters Healthcare Sphere 09/25/2019

Massive brick and mortar retailer Walmart announced recently that it would separate itself from the electronic cigarette industry as the products draw increased negative attention and criticism. The company announced back in May that it would be increasing its purchase age on tobacco products to 21. To further distance itself from the tobacco industry, Walmart also discontinued its sale of flavored electronic cigarette products such as fruit or dessert flavored nicotine vapor cartridges. The announcement came ahead of the Trump Administration announcement to look into banning the products altogether in an effort to diminish electronic cigarette-related illnesses that have popped up in recent years.

Walmart likely wanted to distance itself from the electronic cigarette market as controversies surrounding it heated up. Juul, one of the most infamous electronic cigarette makers in the world, has long been the subject of criticism over its fruit and dessert flavored products that were once advertised heavily toward teens and young adults. Today, the company is being investigated by California lawmakers for its questionable marketing practices. For this reason, Walmart chose a convenient and good time to make a statement on the subject before became a subject of widespread discourse.

Walmart Enters Healthcare Industry

Though the announcement came back in May, it looks as if Walmart is hoping to distance itself from the tobacco industry before it invests further into the healthcare sphere. A new concept for healthcare was announced recently that would make everyday healthcare more affordable to Americans in certain areas. Walmarts new healthcare clinic, Walmart Health, aims to provide access to affordable general healthcare with ease. The company’s first foray into the healthcare industry will start in Georgia, where a test clinic is opening. Pricing for the services range greatly, but are affordable. Things like general checkups for adults lie in the $30 range (!!!) while more urgent services like urgent care and stitches range from $40-$115. Still, those prices are drastically far below anything else in the healthcare market for the uninsured, making healthcare a realistic option for families that would not otherwise be able to afford it. Complete article

Boardman crime activity: Woman tries using child to shoplift from Ohio Walmart, police say 09/25/2019 That, and other crime reported in Boardman over the past week

1-year-old unconscious after falling out of shopping cart at Milford Ohio Walmart, officials say 09/26/2019

Couple sought after woman reports purse stolen from Villages Fla. Wal-Mart 09/26/2019

Tx. Walmart to reopen store on Nov. 6 where massacre happened 09/27/2019

19-year-old arrested at Ga. Walmart after SWAT situation in nearby DeKalb neighborhood 09/26/2019

A six-hour SWAT standoff came to an end in DeKalb County after the suspect, who is accused of breaking into a neighbor’s home, was found and arrested at a nearby Walmart, authorities said.

About 2 p.m., a homeowner walking into his house off Ridgetop Trail in Ellenwood to discover a burglary in progress, DeKalb police Sgt. J.D. Spencer said. The homeowner, Saladine Rahman, recognized the alleged burglar as his neighbor, 19-year-old Julian Lewis. “I don’t understand (why) you would do something like that to your neighbor,” Rahman told Channel 2 Action News.

The suspect fired two gunshots at Rahman before running away, Spencer said. Neither bullet hit the homeowner, and no one was injured during the incident.

Lewis was allegedly seen running into his house off the same road and locking the door. When police arrived, a SWAT team set up a perimeter around Lewis’ house, since he wouldn’t come out.After about six hours, the SWAT team entered the house to find out Lewis was not inside, Spencer said. Police eventually got Lewis on the phone, and they quickly found him at the Walmart off Panola Road. Complete article

Police want help identifying suspect in Alabama Walmart, Michael’s fires 09/27/2019

Huntsville Police are looking for help in identifying a man suspected of lighting fires at two area businesses.

On Thursday, a fire in the arts and crafts department at the Walmart on Sparkman Drive shut down the store for the day. The store had fire and water damage, officials said. Later that day, a second fire occurred at Michael’s on Airport Road.

An image of the unidentified man suspected of setting the blazes was captured on surveillance cameras. Complete article

Man charged with arson in connection with fires set at Sparkman Drive Walmart, Airport Road Michaels 09/27/2019

Gun Shoplifter Triggers Scare At Porter Ranch Walmart: LAPD 09/26/2019

LOS ANGELES, CA — Los Angeles police swarmed the Porter Ranch Walmart Thursday afternoon to investigate a report of a gunman, but it turned out to be a case of pellet gun shoplifting, police determined.

The massive police presence triggered alarm among shoppers shortly after 3:08 p.m. Thursday at the Walmart near the intersection of Rinaldi Street and Corbin Avenue in Porter Ranch.

Officers found no evidence of a shooting, said LAPD spokeswoman Officer Lizeth Lomeli. Instead, they arrested a shoplifter attempting to escape with an armload of pellet guns, she said. Complete article

Macomb Ill. Walmart customer arrested for attacking an employee 09/26/2019

MACOMB (WGEM) — A Macomb man has been arrested after an altercation that sent a Walmart employee to the hospital, police said.

Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker stated that on Thursday at 8:08 a.m., officers were dispatched to Walmart at 1730 E Jackson St. in reference to a subject attacking a Walmart employee with a knife.

Barker stated that officers found the suspect, later identified as Duane Gosa, 43, of Macomb standing at the service counter.

Officers were able to determine that Gosa and the Walmart employee had been involved in an altercation in the restroom prior to police arrival.

Police said the employee exited the restroom and Gosa exited a short time later to confront the employee a second time.

Police said security video shows Gosa took the employee to the ground and was threatening him with a knife.

Police said Gosa can be seen sitting on the employee’s chest as the employee is laying on the ground. Officers said the employee sustained two cuts to his left arm and chest along with multiple bruises. Complete article

Fire Reported At Walmart In Concord NH 09/25/2019

CONCORD, NH — Concord firefighters were sent to Walmart on Loudon Road Wednesday for a report of a fire. Firefighters, and police officers, assisting with crowd control, were called to the store around 1:30 p.m. after employees reported a fire in the deli department. It's unknown at post time what the exactly caused the fire.

After the fire was put out, employees were allowed to return to the store at around 2:15 p.m. Customers, however, remained outside. Complete article

Naked truth: Woman STRIPS NAKED in Walmart to prove she didn’t steal (VIDEO) 09/27/2019

A woman accused of shoplifting at a Walmart in Mexico City took drastic measures to prove her innocence, stripping stark naked in the middle of the supermarket as a stunned security guard looked on.

In a video of the incident, filmed at the Tepeyac Walmart branch in Mexico City earlier this week, a security guard can be seen approaching a woman apparently suspected of theft as she neared the store’s exit. Her reaction once she was stopped, however, left the watchman speechless.

The woman first peels off her skirt and begins to proceed toward the exit, but, perhaps unsatisfied that her innocence was proven, soon turned around to remove her shirt as well. Now fully nude, she stormed off, clothes in hand. Complete article

Tire falls off car after visit to Ga. Walmart Auto Center 09/26/2019

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is working to get results for a metro Atlanta family who's visit to a Walmart Auto Center turned into a disaster.

Melanie Callaway says she took her van in for service when something went horribly wrong.

Two weeks ago, the front tire fell off her specialized van after a routine visit to the Auto Center Willow Lane in McDonough. To make matters worse, the van is designed to accommodate her son with special needs.

“It’s very stressful and I worry about his safety,” Melanie Callaway said.

Callaway said she went in to have her back tires balanced and when she picked up the van, she realized a service technician also rotated her tires and in doing so made a huge mistake that put her family at risk.

“Of all places, yes. A big company like that you would think they would have some regulations and certifications for the people that work there to do a simple job like that,” Melanie Callaway said. Complete article

ON YOUR SIDE CONSUMER ALERT: FDA announces recall of generic Zantac sold at Walmart, Walgreens 09/26/2019

The Food and Drug Administration announced a recall of generic Zantac sold at Walmart and Walgreens stores.

Apotex Corp. is voluntarily, on a precautionary basis, recalling Ranitidine Tablets 75mg and 150mg. Apotex learned from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulators that some ranitidine medicines including brand and generic formulations of ranitidine regardless of the manufacturer, contain a nitrosamine impurity called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) at low levels. To date, Apotex has not received any reports of adverse events related to use of the product.

Risk Statement: NDMA is classified as a probable human carcinogen (a substance that could cause cancer) based on results from laboratory tests. NDMA is a known environmental contaminant and found in water and foods, including meats, dairy products, and vegetables. Complete article

Mich. State Police: 2 Wanted For Using Fake Traveler's Checks At Walmart Stores 09/26/2019

Officials say bomb threat at Springville Utah Walmart was not credible 09/26/2019

Warrant served for man accused of stealing vacuum, air fryer from Pa. Walmart in May 09/26/2019

Rome Ga. police seek Walmart thief 09/27/2019

Police seek man suspected in Ind. Walmart merchandise theft 09/27/2019

Yakima woman claims she found blood from needles in Wash. Walmart bathroom's toilet paper 09/27/2019

YAKIMA, Wash. - A Yakima woman posted a photo of toilet paper rolls with what look to be spots of blood to Facebook. The post has since been shared nearly 9,000 times.

Nicole Medina said when she went into the bathroom at the West Valley Walmart, she noticed the toilet paper container was open and saw "red marks all over." She said she thinks it's from people shooting up in the stall and using the rolls of toilet paper to wipe clean their needles.

Medina said she reported it to management.

Store manager Tessa Laroque confirmed this complaint, saying they handled it at the store level and replaced the roll. She couldn't comment any further about how common something like this is at their store. Complete article

Walmart opens first-of-its-kind training academy in Texas 09/27/2019

Walmart has extended its training efforts to the fast-growing supply chain field.

The retail giant opened the first Walmart Supply Chain Academy, at its distribution center in Sanger, Texas. The training center was created specifically to train the retailer’s supply chain associates and provide them with a clear path to advancement. Areas of study include leadership, safety, supply chain foundations and area-specific training.

“Within the Walmart Supply Chain, we are focused on creating a great place to work where our more than 100,000 associates can be empowered to solve problems for our business,” said Greg Smith, executive VP of Walmart U.S. Supply Chain. “This first Supply Chain Academy is a pivotal step on that journey. North-central Texas customers will see the impact of the training and hard work of these graduates on the shelves of the more than 140 Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs this distribution center serves.” Complete article

WV Lottery, Walmart strike deal after years of talks 09/29/2019

Controversial Walmart site in Midtown Miami Fla. sells for $26M 09/27/2019

Missing NH teen found with 23-year-old boyfriend in Pennsylvania Walmart 09/29/2019

Report: Man banned from Ga. WalMart wanted in 3 counties 09/29/2019

Man crossing road hit by car near Henrico Va. Walmart 09/28/2019

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A man who was struck by a car Saturday evening on Nine Mile Road in Henrico County is recovering in the hospital.

Henrico Poice were called to Nine Mile Road and Kenway Avenue just before 7:20 p.m.

A witness told WTVR CBS 6 the man was struck in front of the Walmart Supercenter. Complete article

Cops: Monticello NY Walmart worker helped stop thief 09/29/2019

MONTICELLO - A Walmart security officer is being hailed as a hero for aiding a Sullivan County deputy sheriff who stopped a thief who “violently resisted arrest,” according to a press release from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.

Daniel King, a Monticello Walmart employee, called for help when he saw a man fighting Sheriff’s Deputy Connor Alvarez around 11:20 a.m. Wednesday, after the police official tried to stop the man for stealing electronics from the store, the release said.

“Mr. King did an outstanding job,” Sheriff Mike Schiff said. “Instead of just standing by and watching the deputy get assaulted, he rendered the appropriate assistance to protect the deputy and take the suspect into custody.”

Maurice Mitchell, 30, of New Windsor, was charged with assault on a police officer and grand larceny, felonies, and a misdemeanor of resisting arrest, the press release said. Complete article

NYS Police ask for help finding shoplifter who walked out of NY Walmart with CO2 air pistol 09/29/2019

WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- State police are asking the public to help identify a shoplifter who took a CO2 air pistol out of its packaging, tucked it into his waistband and walked out of Walmart in Watertown.

Video surveillance caught the theft, which concerned troopers.

On Sunday, state police shared a surveillance image of the young man, who they say had concealed the air pistol in his waistband as he walked out of the store. Complete article

Ca. Walmart Store 1755 Selling Bad Meats 09/29/2019

They have been notified Dozens of times

Walmart has been putting their bad meat back in their Processed Meat Refrigerator after it has been sitting out on the shelves over night. This spoils the meat, and makes it turn colors. This could cause a Rohnert Park Citizen get sick.

I shop there every day and the first thing I do is walk by and check to see if they put any spoiled meat back to sell to the unsuspecting customers! I take a photo, and remove the bad meat to give it to a manager.

And now they just tell me Sorry, there's nothing they can do about it. Complete article

EEOC files lawsuit against Geneva Walmart over handling of alleged sexual harassment 09/28/2019

Geneva, N.Y. (WHAM) - The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against the Walmart in Geneva, claiming the company did not take action to stop the sexual harassment of a female employee for a more than two-year period.

The alleged incidents occurred between June 2015 and September 2017.

The lawsuit alleges the male employee regularly made vulgar comments to his female coworker. It also alleges that at times the male coworker would scare her, “making her speechless.” Complete article

Man who threatened Maine Walmart in august may face federal charges 09/30/2019

Walmart takes on Amazon in India with enhancements to Flipkart’s ‘Big Billion Days’ 09/30/2019

Walmart closing Montco Pa. store 09/30/2019

Popular heartburn drug sold at Walgreens, Walmart recalled 09/30/2019

A popular heartburn drug, Ranitidine, is being recalled because the medication may contain an impurity that could cause cancer, according to a notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Apotex Corp. is recalling Ranitidine Tablets 75mg and 150mg, of all pack sizes and formats, that were sold in Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid. Apotex learned from the FDA and other global regulators that some ranitidine medicines, including brand and generic formulations regardless of manufacturer, contain a nitrosamine impurity called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) at low levels.

NDMA is classified as a probable human carcinogen, which is a substance that could cause cancer. It is a known environmental contaminant found in water and foods, including meats, dairy products and vegetables. Complete article

You Might Soon Go To Walmart To See A Doctor 09/30/2019

Was Obamacare good for the average American family? Before you answer, look at this chart...

It shows the stock performance of UnitedHealth (UNH), America’s biggest health insurance company, since 2010:

(Two more charts with rising stocks more than five times value.) ......

As I said, healthcare premiums have shot up 275% since 2000. While there have been major breakthroughs like gene testing and 3D-printed body parts led by disruptive companies like Illumina (ILMN), they have little to do with the cost of delivering healthcare.

Believe it or not, America’s largest retailer, Walmart (WMT), is my top choice to disrupt healthcare.

“Walmart Health” Is Disrupting America’s Most Broken Industry

“Walmart Health” opened its first location next to Walmart's retail store in Dallas, Georgia this past week.

Walmart Health is essentially a mini-hospital. You can now walk in and get basic medical services like a doctor’s checkup, your teeth cleaned, an X-ray, a hearing test, and vaccines. Complete article

Under Bernie Sanders' Income Inequality Tax Plan, Walmart Would Have Paid up to $794 Million More in 2018 09/30/2019

Walmart would have paid up to $794 million more in taxes last year under a tax plan from Senator Bernie Sanders, according to the Institute for Policy Studies.

The Vermont senator and presidential candidate on Monday published a plan to decrease income inequality by raising taxes on companies that have large gaps between CEOs and average workers. Companies with CEO-worker pay gaps over 50-to-1 would be subjected to new taxes, and businesses bigger CEO-worker pay gaps would face a higher tax rate. The plan would apply to both public and private corporations with annual revenue over $100 million.

The proposal would mean that many major American companies would pay hundreds of millions of dollars more in taxes each year.

Walmart, whose CEO earned 1,076 times more than an employee with a median salary did last year, would face a five percent increase. Walmart paid $3.2 billion in federal corporate income taxes last year, according to CNBC. Complete article

Walmart, Washington County dispute over taxes headed to Minn. Supreme Court 09/30/2019

The Supreme Court is scheduled to take up the matter on Oct. 7; no oral arguments will be heard.

In July, the Supreme Court in July ruled on a similar case concerning three Walmart stores in Anoka County, affirming the Minnesota Tax Court’s decision dismissing the company’s tax petitions and determining that properties such as nail salons, Subway restaurants and beauty salons were “income-producing. As such, Walmart was required to disclose certain financial information in order to challenge its property taxes, and, the Court held, it failed to do so.

Our case is virtually identical to the Anoka case,” Assistant Washington County Attorney James Zuleger said Monday. “We anticipate the Court will make a similar ruling in our case.”

In response, Tiffany Wilson, Walmart director of communications, said in a written statement Monday: “We believe in fair and equitable property taxation and that every property owner has the right to challenge their property tax assessment if there is evidence of over-assessment. Complete article

Walmart taking its fight against Minnesota assessments beyond tax court 09/30/2019

She stole $358 worth of property at Fla. Walmart, police say. She then pepper sprayed staff and ran off 09/30/2019

After loss prevention pulled the pepper spray out of Doranda Jo Ussery's hand, she pulled out a knife, according to the Lake Wales Police Department.

LAKE WALES, Fla. — The search is on for a Florida woman seen pepper spraying Walmart loss prevention employees after she was being questioned for shoplifting.

Doranda Jo Ussery walked into the Walmart store on State Road 60 just before 6 a.m. Sunday and shopped for more than two hours before heading over to a self-checkout lane, according to a Lake Wales Police Department news release. Complete article

Woman accused of retail theft at Lancaster Pa. Walmart 09/2/2019

Three arrested in alleged $2,200 Woodland Wash. Walmart theft 09/30/2019

Man arrested for cutting security tags off merchandise at NY Walmart 09/30/2019

Suspect in SC Walmart parking lot shooting to face murder charge after victim dies 10/10/2019

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Police say they have obtained a warrant for murder for the man accused in a September shooting after the victim died Monday.

Ke’Varius Sparks, 18, had been charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime in the incident. He was captured in Georgia and extradited to South Carolina where he faced a bond court judge on Oct. 2.

Kevin Lamar Holmes, 25, of Summerville, died Monday at 10:01 p.m., 11 days after being shot, Dorchester County Coroner Paul Brouthers said. An autopsy for Holmes was scheduled for Thursday at MUSC.

The report states officers obtained a murder warrant against Sparks Wednesday, the report states.

The shooting happened on Sept. 26 at approximately 10:22 p.m. where police found a victim in a BMW SUV with a gunshot wound to the right side of his face, the incident report states. Complete article

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