Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Walmart Crime Report August 2019

Walmart has gone wild this month. It's always been bad; and it seemed especially bad last month with their epidemic of product tampering; but after the El Paso shootings they had dozens of panics and at least eighteen separate shooting incidents, with three more deaths on top of the twenty two killed at El Paso and another two nearby where the victims showed up at Walmart parking lots. (One of these shootings wasn't reported as being at Walmart until two weeks after it happened, the police initially specified the block without saying exact location, for one reason or another.)

Initially when the El Paso shooting was taking place the mass media began reporting that it happened at the nearby mall and that the shooter had previously just left the Walmart before the shooting; at best this was incredibly incompetent reporting which is routine, and even more common during mass shootings; however it also follows a pattern of behavior of downplaying crime at Walmart. The entire shooting clearly took place either in the Walmart of in the parking lot. The police in Illinois also declined to report that a shooting previously reported took place at Walmart until information was released as a result of a freedom of information request. If this was an intentional effort to avoid reporting on another couple Walmart shootings it was incredibly bad, especially the one in El Paso.

There were also at least five bodies found on their premises and a girl that died as a result of injuries in a fire at Walmart, so the total death toll if at least thirty one, which is a record, more than double the third highest death count. The previous record high for deaths was when they found ten dead undocumented workers in a truck a few summers back and an eleventh died in the hospital, along with several more unrelated deaths for that month which must have been close to if not slightly higher than twenty.

The dead bodies are usually not considered suspicious, since poor people have to die someplace and that's increasingly turning out to be Walmart.

That's hardly worth reporting about, at least for traditional media which works for for-profit organizations.

There were also dozens more injuries as a result of the shootings, most coming from El Paso, the other injuries include a police officer, a dog, and several more people including a self inflicted accidental gunshot. One of the shooting deaths outside of El Paso was a suspect killed by a cop and another was a suicide, the third was murder. One of the accidental shootings was from a bail bondsman that was supposedly trying to arrest someone but that person was released and there's some indication that the bondsman might be subject to charges, although there were many details missing from the article so that's uncertain.

There were about two dozen or more additional gun related crimes, some including BB guns that people thought were real but most were real guns, which is probably about twice the average. these gun related crimes included the usual robberies or arguments and at least one or two stolen guns, which is typical, and it also includes a few armed people threatening to shoot up Walmart, at least two police departments in Maine And Mississippi seemed to claim they prevented more mass shootings, although the details were too vague to be conclusive, and there's no way to be sure. Several of these incidents caused panics and evacuations.

These shootings spurred additional discussion about Walmart's high crime problem, although only at the local level, as usual, and they don't report on more than a fraction of it. There was a report on national media referring to a "surge" in gun related incidents saying that there were at least four nationwide in the week after El Paso and another one on line that said there were at least eight; if it was only four as they implied that wouldn't have been an increase at all and eight would have been only moderately above average. However, there was at least a dozen or more,in that week alone, which was a modest surge, although not nearly as high as the total number of panics or hoaxes this month.

There were at least three to five dozen panics around the country, possibly more, including the son of a Florida Walmart worker that called in a threat the day afterwards, someone with a history of YouTube stunts going into a Missouri store with body armor, supposedly to find out if they would respect his right to bear arms, another in Florida that came in asking if they had a gun that could kill two hundred people supposedly to draw attention to weak gun control laws, and at least one or two white supremacists that threatened to shoot up Walmart. Some of these incidents may have involved actual firearms so the figure for gun related crimes already cited might be even higher.

They also included many minor incidents like panics over ordinary shoplifting, seeing someone with a gun, which is common in many open carry states, and even reporting people because they don't like the way they were dressed. There were also a lot of real threats or intentional hoax, including dozens that circulated on the internet about stores around the country saying that a relative that was a police officer told them that they thought there was a potential shooter, often exchanged second hand so they couldn't find the source.

There were at least half a dozen local stories about how their Walmarts are the biggest crime problems in their own areas, one in Atlanta Georgia even telling them to stop it or get out of town which an obvious bluff for political purposes so he can convince the local residents he's being tough on them. Many of these cities, especially in the South are encouraging Walmart to hire more off-duty police officers; yet, there's no discussion of potential conflicts of interests with Walmart hiring large portions of the police departments part time, at least not in the traditional media. This is part of a massive effort to privatize the Justice system. In some cases there's regulations about this to prevent conflicts of interests since they recognize that police being paid by Walmart may be more concerned with Walmart's best interests instead of the most effective way to reduce crime.

The most important solution to reduce crime is almost certainly increased education or social workers to teach parents from at risk environments not to abuse children which teaches escalations violence later in life, or other social problems including poverty or income inequality. However Walmart and many other Wall Street firms are constantly lobbying against these practices, which work, while academics that can explain them better are left almost out of the decision making process.

There are also several incidents with either disgruntled workers or customers making threats which is also semi-routine. It's virtually guaranteed that their corner cutting and union busting policies are contributing to this problem, but that's not even discussed by mainstream media or Walmart, since it would impact profits, and implicate people in power.

There were at least a dozen major accidents, hit and runs, police chases, carjackings or other automobile related incidents, including the vehicular fire that killed a little girl and led to manslaughter charges. They also had half a dozen fires unrelated to automobiles, including at least a couple arsons, one of which was set as a distraction in an attempted shoplifting, which never works since they always check the cameras carefully and catch them when that happens even if they do initially get away.

They had about half a dozen knife related crimes, including three actual stabbings, the other ones may have just been threats. there were dozens more assaults robberies, an accusation of excessive force by police in Arizona, and probably many more minor incidents that were buried in the news about major panics of shootings this month.

Walmart is being sued for a wrongful death when a dresser fell over on a toddler, where the plaintiffs said they were aware of the problem, which must be true; they've been selling thousands if not millions of these dressers for decades and they constantly discontinue or recall them, one after another, for the same reason only to reintroduce more with the same problem. this comes up several times every year. If they wanted to develop stands they could have and would have decades ago, instead they lobby against government mandated ones and cut corners every time until this happens again.

They were also sued for an exploding thermos, in one incident and gas can explosion in another, and had a case of Hepatitis A which they say didn't impact any customers. They had recalls for chocolate chip cookies and 5.7 million kids water bottles both for choking hazards, which is actually a slow month for recalls if that's all there was.

They're facing potential lawsuits over guns and being criticized for donating to GOP lawmakers opposing gun control, and boycotted over their sales of guns, especially after their attempt to blame violent video games, even though most research shows this is at most a minor contributing factor to shootings in a small number of cases. They also faced outrage for some of their gun rights T-shirts including one that said "Gun control is being able to hit your target." Some of their products were withdrawn this month, although it's unclear if that was one of them.

Walmart changed their open carry policies a few days after the end of August, when this article was initially posted according to >Walmart Stops Selling Handguns And Some Kinds Of Ammo, Changes Open Carry Policy 09/03/2019 It remains to be seen how much if any impact this will have, but they had their first shooting of September on the first day of the month, which was before the policy change.

Amazon is trying to force their sellers to raise their prices on Walmart, which is and obvious violation of antitrust laws, however they've been abandoned decades ago and only large oligarchs like Amazon or Walmart are controlling the market which is no longer a free enterprise at all. They have interlocking board members and revolving doors among their executives that all draw from a small fraction of the public in the upper management.

Their incompetence, and market control should be especially concerning when they're trying to take an increasing amount of control over the health care system and self-driving cars which are virtually guaranteed to be involved in a growing number of accidents as they expand them. They're being caught repeatedly failing health inspections because of roaches or some other reason, and using their market power and large legal team to intimidate small towns into lowering their tax bills even more, even though they already got many tax breaks to come to many of these towns, and many of the small businesses that used to pay more in taxes are now out of business, which is why they're so short on funds in the first place.

A boy found a rusty needle in one of their hacky sacks and got poked with it, so now he has to be checked for infection or communicable diseases. There product tampering problems that skyrocketed last month haven't completely ended, there was another video of someone licking a Blue Bell Ice Cream, for a YouTube video, although he bought it before leaving the store, but the police still went through the video to find him and arrest him, since this is panicking people.

They had their share of other strange shoplifters or other customers, including a woman that said she couldn't be arrested because she was pregnant, which the police disagreed with, and a man jumping on the check out stand yelling at people, who supposedly had mental health issues.

They had two separate videos of a bunch of teenagers riding bikes through Walmart occasionally harassing customers, and a worker who was fed up with management that started knocking things off the shelf, in what was presumably his last day. Videos of teenagers going through Walmart aren't that common but workers that go out with a bang happen at least a few times a year, perhaps much more, it's impossible to know how many don't make the news.

Another man shoved Beef Brisket and Propane Bottles Down his Pants at a Walmart, which is quite common, although they rarely ever discuss whether or not they return these products to the shelf. Beef Brisket,

Have you even wondered if any of the meat or other food products that you bough at Walmart were previously shoved in someone's pants before returning it to the shelf?

They wouldn't cut corners that much to increase their profits; would they?

In one of the dozens of panics this month the bomb squad apparently decided to blow up what they now believe to be a bottle of urine, previously though to be a suspicious item. They do this a few times a year, as a controlled explosion, if they're not sure if the item is explosive or not, and presumably they're almost always harmless. There's little or no problem exploding urine although it's a waste of effort but if it was another chemical it might do more harm than good for all I know.

Strange things happen at Walmart!

In 2006 Wake Up Walmart did a study, "Is Walmart Safe?" based on incidents in 2004, (PDF) about crime at Walmart which showed that it increased when Walmarts opened up and that crime was higher at Walmart than at other retailers. Since then Walmart Shootings began compiling a list of gun related incidents at Walmart and demonstrated that they have a large number of them, including on average more than one shooting per week somewhere in the country; now after counting them for several years that average is over two per week. In January of 2014 another study, "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" provided additional statistical research indicating that Walmart might be contributing to higher crime rates or at least a slowing of the decline in crime. The study found that. “on average, communities with Walmarts had 17 more property crimes and two more violent crimes per 10,000 people than those communities without Walmarts.” I reviewed this more in Walmart’s crime problem, Rolling Back Safety more than prices? where I explained that although this study is helpful they could have done better with additional data that is available and I reviewed some of that. I also added my own review about why I think that Walmart policies have been contributing to higher crime in a previous blog, Walmart high crime rate continues un-investigaterd and have provided additional information under the author tag Walmart Crime Watch.

Stacy Mitchell has also compiled a list of other studies about Walmart and how they impact society, Key Studies on Big-Box Retail & Independent Business. To the best of my knowledge Walmart has done as little as they seem to get away with, often relying on rhetoric that isn't backed up with action, when it comes to addressing any of their critics concerns, including crime. One of the responses they’ve come up with is what they call "Restorative Justice" which gives first time shoplifters a chance to avoid being arrested or any criminal record if they take an on line course which costs $400 up front or $500 in payments, plus perhaps, reparations. This has been part of the privatization process and often denies suspects of the due process or access to a lawyer, perhaps even intimidating and extorting from some people that might not even be guilty. Walmart seems to be trying to find a way to turn crime into a profit making situation instead of looking for the most effective ways to reduce it. Making Change at Walmart is asking If you or someone you know has gone through @Walmart's "Restorative Justice" program for first-time suspected shoplifters, send us a DM. 03/30/2017 to ensure that it isn’t doing more harm than good. I did my own review of this program as well at Walmart’s “Restorative Justice” Endangers Public Without Reducing Crime. The following are a list of incidents that occurred in August 2019. According to the "Is Walmart Safe?" the average store in their sampling had 250 incidents per year, indicating that these are only a fraction of the crime reports at Walmart, and presumably, the ones most likely to make the news on the internet nationwide. This isn't statistically representative, as the 2006 or the "Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates?" study or some of the studies cited by Stacy Mitchell; but it does provide some additional information that may help recognize how many problems there are at Walmart.

Cashier accused of stealing $5k from Mount Dora Fla. Walmart 08/01/2019

Man Goes Viral For Wearing ‘Make Racism Wrong Again’ Gear At Pennsylvania Walmart 08/01/2019

Man steals chainsaw from Williamsburg Va. Walmart twice in one week 08/01/2019

TPD: Man pushes elderly woman down in Ariz. Wal-Mart parking lot, steals her truck 08/01/2019

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Tulsa police are searching for the man who ripped an elderly woman's car keys from her hands, pushed her to the ground and stole her truck on July 7.

Officers say around 5 a.m. video surveillance shows a man, possibly Hispanic, hanging around the Walmart near 81st and Lewis for a few hours, approaching several people.

When the victim parked her truck in the parking lot, video shows the suspect quickly walking up to her. He then pulls the keys from her hands, knocks her to the ground and climbs into the truck. Complete article

Flagstaff Ariz. PD releases body cam video from viral Walmart scuffle 08/01/2019

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A cell phone video of a police encounter outside a Flagstaff Walmart went viral this week. Now, the police department has released body cam video to show what happened with a suspected trespasser.

The original cell phone video making the rounds has no audio. But our editor was able to sync the audio from the body camera with the silent cell phone video to give you a better picture of what happened.

A manager at the store called police after asking a large man who was playing ukulele at their door to leave their property. The caller said the man wouldn’t leave. Officer Cooke arrived, found a man who fit the description, and walked up to him at the door.

“Excuse me sir. Can I talk to you real quick?” he said

He mistakenly asked if the man’s name was Donald (that was the name of the store manager who called for police), and the man said ‘no’ and started walking away, saying his name doesn’t matter.

“Actually, it does because you match the description of someone management asked to leave,” Cooke said.

The man, whose name is Justus Law, said someone had been getting him a meal from the store while he waited outside, and said he was leaving. But he wouldn’t respond to Cooke’s questions when he detained him.

“Don’t touch me,” Law said as the officer put his hand out in front of him.

“Come back over here, then,” Cooke said.


“Yes. You are not free to leave now!”

“Yes I am! Do not touch me. Don’t you understand me?!” Law shouted.

The conversation eventually turned to a scuffle, with Law and Cooke both ending up on the ground. One passerby started helping the officer while another held Law’s dog during the scuffle. Complete article

Fire forces evacuation of North Side Walmart 08/02/2019

SAN ANTONIO - Employees at a North Side Walmart were evacuated early Friday morning due to smoke in the building, San Antonio firefighters said.

The fire was reported just after 4 a.m. at the Walmart store in the 8500 block of Jones Maltsberger Road, not far from Loop 410 and Highway 281.

Firefighters said they arrived at the scene to find light smoke inside the store. An electrical short in a meat cooler is what likely caused the fire, fire officials said. Complete article

Suspicious item at Ky. Walmart likely a bottle full of urine 08/01/2019

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The bomb squad was called in to investigate a suspicious item at the Walmart store in Shelbyville on Thursday.

It turns out it was likely a bottle full of urine.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office called in KSP and the LMPD Bomb Squad, who blew up the item. Complete article

Idaho Walmart employee arrested for alleged video voyeurism 08/01/2019

CHUBBUCK — A Walmart employee has been charged with video voyeurism.

Pocatello resident Alex M. Aguilar, 27, is facing two counts of video voyeurism by installing or permitting the use of an imaging device without mutual consent, according to Bannock County Magistrate Court records. The crimes allegedly occurred at Walmart, located at 4240 Yellowstone Ave. in Chubbuck, where he is employed.

Walmart officials were not immediately available for comment about the allegations or Aguilar’s current employment status on Thursday.

Aguilar is accused of using his cellphone to take pictures or videos underneath female customer’s dresses on at least two occasions, according to court records. The incidents allegedly occurred on June 30 and July 28. Complete article

Grocery traffic report: Walmart rules! 08/01/2019

If you take it for granted that omnipresent Walmart Supercenters dominate the grocery world, well…you’re right.

Silicon Valley-based Placer.ai, which operates a store traffic data analytics platform, did a quarter-over-quarter comparison of the top 10 supermarket chains and found that, in Q2, Supercenters took in 47.3% of overall U.S. grocery traffic.

Target finished second with 14.8%, Costco was third with 8.2%, and Kroger came fourth with 7.6%. Complete article

Walmart filed patent for “Digital Currency via Blockchain” 08/02/2019

Patent filing number 20190236564, “System and Method for Digital Currency via Blockchain,” was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Aug. 1. The document outlines a method for:

“Generating one digital currency unit by tying the one digital currency unit to a regular currency; storing information of the one digital currency unit into a block of a blockchain; buying or paying the one digital currency unit.”

Walmart continues to outline that the proposed digital currency project can provide a zero- or low-fee place for users to store wealth; one that can easily be redeemed and converted to store cash at selected retailers or partners. Such accounts could even be interest-bearing, the filing adds. Complete article

Ex-Walmart Manager Heads Missouri Medical Marijuana Program 08/02/2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Like many elderly, frail people, Lyndall Fraker's parents spent their final days on a morphine drip, drugged into incoherence.

Fraker, appointed in December to lead Missouri's medical marijuana program, wonders now what the family missed out on in those days — what his parents might have told him and what he could have told them if they'd had an alternative that could dull their pain without dulling their minds so much.

"I've often thought about that since I've been put in this position," Fraker said. Complete article

Scammers take $5K in merchandise from Prattville Alabama Walmart 08/01/2019

Texas teen is accused of urinating on a Tx. Walmart shelf in the same week that a woman turned herself in for peeing on Pa. Walmart potatoes 08/02/2019

Mattoon Ill. police request public help identifying male involved in Walmart incident 08/01/2019

Kitty Hawk NC police trying to ID Walmart theft suspect 08/02/2019

Robertsdale Alabama Police look for Walmart theft suspects 08/01/2019

Man Allegedly Recorded Women, Children at Hudson Valley NY Walmart 08/01/2019

Man cited for indecent exposure in Idaho Walmart parking lot 08/01/2019

Seneca Falls NY woman charged after leaving kids in car in Walmart parking lot 08/02/2019

Me. Walmart parking lot shooting started with bad blood between coworkers, court documents say 08/02/2019

Man gropes woman in West Jordan Utah Walmart 08/02/2019

Sheriff arrests man who tried to video tape other man in SC Walmart restroom 08/02/2019

Clayton police seeking man they say used lost credit card at NC Walmart 08/02/2019

Cops: Woman left dog in hot car while shopping for printers at Georgia Walmart 08/02/2019

Gainesville Fla. PD investigating shooting outside of Walmart in Butler Plaza 08/02/2019

Gainesville police are investigating a shooting outside of the Walmart in the Butler Plaza area.

The Gainesville Police Department spoke with TV20 and say the incident occurred around 9:45pm on Friday, August 2nd and currently believe it was accidental.

The suspect was the only person hurt and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Complete article

The 901: Could 'red flag' laws have prevented the Southaven Mississippi Walmart shooting? 08/02/2019

Seventeen states and Washington, D.C., have "red flag" laws allowing courts to order the removal of weapons from someone who is suicidal or an imminent threat to others.

But that's not the case in Tennessee, Arkansas, or Mississippi, despite bi-partisan support, according to our Sarah Macaraeg's latest, subscribers-only report, out today.

After a Southaven Walmart employee shot and killed two coworkers and wounded an officer on Tuesday, it's hard not to wonder if a red flag — aka, an "Extreme Risk Protection Order" — could have saved the lives of Brandon Gales and Anthony Brown. Complete article

Osceola Fla. deputies say no shots fired after reported shooting in Poinciana Walmart 08/02/2019

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident at a Walmart in Poinciana after reports of gunshots in the area.

Deputies cleared the store after complaints of gunfire, according to early reports. The sheriff’s office confirmed there was a dispute among several people at the Walmart “where a firearm was possibly brandished,” but no shots were fired nor were there any injuries, Maj. Jacob Ruiz said in an email. Complete article

Woman reacts after she was carjacked in Ky. Walmart parking lot 08/02/2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — (WHAS11)-A woman was carjacked at a Louisville Walmart.

The carjacking happened Thursday in the Outer Loop Walmart parking. The suspect took the car Sherri Reynolds had just bought.

“I saw his face. He didn’t try to conceal his face, his gun, and he didn’t even care” Sherri says.

Reynolds walked out of the Walmart after grabbing a few things and said she was shocked when a man held a gun to her chest demanding her car keys. Complete article

Chocolate chip cookies sold at Walmart, Target recalled for choking hazard from plastic pieces 08/0/2019

Entenmann's Little Bites Soft Baked Cookies sold by Walmart, Target and other retailers across the country are being recalled because the product might contain a choking hazard -- visible blue pieces of plastic -- in the packaging.

The recall involves boxes of 5-pack mini chocolate chips due to possible pieces of plastic in the individual packaging pouch, according to the product's manufacturer, Bimbo Bakeries USA. Based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, the baking company is the American subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican multinational and the world's largest producer of baked goods.

The plastic is not baked into the product as it was introduced during the packaging process; however, consumption of the plastic pieces may result in a choking hazard, the company said in a notice posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Complete article

One charged, one sought in stabbing of Siler City NC Walmart employee last March 08/02/2019

CSA Exclusive: Walmart creates real-world training scenarios with VR 08/02/2019

Cam Newton's Shirtless NC Walmart Shopping Spree, ... No Shirt? No Problem!!! 08/01/2019

Bomb threat at Theodore Dawes Alabama Neighborhood Walmart 08/02/2019

Man left NC Walmart without paying for 22 wedding rings, deputies say 08/02/2019

2 sought for theft at Walmart in Lower Allen Pa. 08/02/2019

West Mifflin Pa. Police Asking For Help In Walmart Incident 08/04/2019

Walmart shooting in El Paso Tx. among deadliest gun massacres in US history 08/04/2019

Another mass shooting took place in America -- this time, at a Walmart in Texas -- that changed the infamous rankings of the deadliest mass shootings in the nation's modern history.

On Saturday morning, 20 people were killed and 26 others were injured as a result of a shooting at an El Paso store.

That tally makes it the deadliest shooting in the U.S. since the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a year and a half ago.

The list of the deadliest mass shootings spans 53 years and seven states. The shooting at the El Paso Walmart marks the fourth shooting of the deadliest 12 across America that took place in Texas.

Six of the 12 deadliest shootings in the country have taken place in the past five years, as the shootings at the Las Vegas music festival, Pulse nightclub, Sutherland Springs church, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the San Bernardino regional center, and now the Walmart in El Paso, have all occurred since 2015. Complete article

Mexico planning legal action over El Paso Walmart shooting, foreign minister says 08/04/2019

EL PASO, Texas -- Mexico's foreign minister said Sunday the country plans to take legal action against whoever sold the gun to the man suspected of killing at least 20 people and wounding more than two dozen others at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

As of Sunday, six Mexican nationals are confirmed dead and another seven injured in connection with Saturday's deadly shooting rampage, according to Mexico's government.

Texas Police Seek Clues to Explain Walmart Shooting That Killed 20 08/04/2019

Family searches for possible Walmart shooting victim Arturo Benavides 08/04/2019

Alleged shooter cased El Paso Walmart before rampage that killed 22: Law enforcement officials 08/05/2019

After Deadly El Paso Event, Walmart Contemplates Active Shooter Instructions 08/06/2019

El Paso congresswoman says Trump 'not welcome' in the city after mass shooting 08/05/2019

El Paso Walmart shooting: Suspect surrendered to police officer on motorcycle with hands up 08/06/2019

El Paso shooter went to Walmart ‘because he was hungry’: authorities 08/05/2019

El Paso Walmart shooting: Suspect's mother asked police about weapons, lawyers say 08/07/2019

Walmart to remain closed for weeks; police chief says 'scene was a horrific one' 08/08/2019

Did Authorities Warn of More Attacks on Target and Walmart Stores in El Paso? 08/06/2019 Snopes False.

ICYMI: Hispanic El Paso Residents Urgently Seek Firearms Training To Carry Concealed 08/17/2019

The CEO of Walmart describes the moment he learned of the El Paso shooting 08/19/2019

Walking around Walmart with a rifle is legal — and shows insanity of Missouri gun laws 08/19/2019

What's causing the strange odor people are smelling at the memorial behind Walmart? 08/21/2019

Alleged El Paso gunman was ‘surprised no one challenged him’ during Walmart rampage 08/29/2019

El Paso shooting: Two Walmart attacks in one week draw attention to store’s history of gun sales 08/04/2019

(The average for the last few years is about two shootings at a Walmart somewhere in the country every week; there were about seven shootings during the week specified, although a couple of them might have been a day or two earlier. When the media reports on multiple shootings at Walmart they don't even try to find them all.)

The recent gun violence at Walmart stores, with 20 killed by a gunman in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday and two killed in Mississippi days before, has drawn attention to the company’s complicated history with gun sales.

Firearms have long made up a key part of Walmart’s business. In addition to being the world’s largest retailer, the multinational company is often referred to as the world’s largest gun retailer.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, was big on guns. An avid hunter, he opened his flagship store in Bentonville, Arkansas, specifically so he could be close to his in-laws’ quail-hunting ranch. Remington shotguns were his favourite, as retailer Field & Stream once noted. He was such a devout fan that the gun-maker issued a commemorative model in his name after he died. Complete article

Dog injured after being shot by Nebraska Walmart security guard during disturbance 08/04/2019

A Walmart security guard shot a dog Saturday night after someone had released it when the guard was trying to de-escalate a disturbance in the store's parking lot, Omaha police said.

The dog was injured but survived, Omaha police spokeswoman Kelsey Murphy said.

No humans, including the security guard, were injured, Murphy said. The guard was an off-duty police officer, but not from the Omaha Police Department, she said. Complete article

Fla. Walmart employee's son, 31, called in threat to 'shoot up' store, prompting evacuation, authorities say 08/04/2019

Authorities in Florida made an arrest Sunday after a Tampa-area Walmart store received a threat that prompted the evacuation of customers, according to reports.

The suspect, identified as Wayne Lee Padgett, 31, allegedly called and threatened to “shoot up” the Gibsonton store Sunday afternoon, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in confirming the arrest. Padgett's mother is an employee of the store, Sheriff Chad Chronister told Tampa Bay's FOX 13.

Shortly after the 1:17 p.m. call, five patrol deputies arrived at the Walmart, located in the East Tampa area, as shoppers were directed out of the store and into the parking lot, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Deputies checked to make sure no one was hurt and looked for anyone acting suspiciously. Complete article

‘Copycat’ attack thwarted at Fla. Walmart, suspect ‘intrigued’ by mass shootings: cops 08/04/2019

THE LATEST: Suspect in custody after domestic dispute leads to evacuation at Marietta Ga. Walmart 08/05/2019

A suspect is in custody after a report of a man with a knife prompted evacuations at a Marietta Walmart, police said.

Officers responded to the 210 Cobb Parkway store around 8 a.m. Monday and quickly apprehended the man without incident.

“Everyone is safe and the suspect is in custody,” Marietta police said in an alert. Police confirmed the man did not have a gun. Complete article

Man's threats with a knife prompt evacuation of Marietta Walmart 08/05/2019

Pa. Walmart Customer Arrested After Making Temple University Threats 08/04/2019

TULLYTOWN, Pa. - A man with ties to Bucks and Northampton counties has been charged with making threats toward Temple University while he was purchasing ammunition at a Walmart store.

Police say a potential mass shooting at Temple has been averted thanks to the folks at the Walmart in Tullytown, Bucks County.

"A stitch in time saves nine," said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub.

Investigators say as 29-year-old Patrick Buhler bought five boxes of bullets commonly used in an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle Wednesday at the store, Buhler made concerning statements about Temple to two different customers.

"He was making threats that were not only concerning but ended up being criminal," said Weintraub. Complete article

Man accused of multiple thefts at a Baton Rouge La. Walmart on O'neal Lane 08/03/2019

Hagerstown man sentenced for assaulting Md. Walmart employee 08/05/2019

Southaven Mississippi Walmart works on cleanup after shooting, fire 08/05/2019

One injured in Walmart shooting in Louisiana 08/06/2019 Follow up report says shooting was a false alarm; it does not explain all questions, including what made noise causing panic or say how person was injured, but does say that he was treated and released.

One person was injured Tuesday in a shooting at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, La., after an altercation between two customers.

The victim was a bystander who was hit multiple times by gunfire, The Advocate reported, citing authorities. The injured man is reportedly in fair condition with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said that, despite some initial reports, it was never an active shooter situation, according to a local Fox affiliate. .....

The victim in Baton Rouge was a 42-year-old man who drove himself to the hospital, Fox 8 reported. He was at the store to buy a lunchbox for his child when two shoppers got into a dispute and both pulled out guns, according to investigators. Only one of the two shoppers fired a gun, according to Gautreaux. Complete article

‘No shooting at Walmart’: Person legally armed with gun, one with scissors get into altercation; bystander injured 08/06/2019

Arrest made after altercation at Baton Rouge Walmart that drew heavy police presence 08/07/2019

THE INVESTIGATORS: Questions remain unanswered following Burbank Walmart fiasco 08/08/2019

THE INVESTIGATORS: Sheriff’s office hands over surveillance from Burbank Walmart debacle in early August 08/21/2019

Boy arrest for making threats to West Valley City Utah Walmart 08/05/2019

(KUTV) — A male juvenile was arrested Monday night after making threats to a West Valley City Walmart.

2News received calls from viewers saying there was a large police presence at the Walmart located at 5675 West 6200 South on Monday.

West Valley City Police Lt. Justin Wyckoff told 2News there were threats made by a boy on social media. While no specific threats were made to the store, the West Valley location was mentioned and police responded as a precaution but found nothing. Complete article

Walmart Shooting in El Paso Renews Attention on Crime Frequency at Its Stores 08/05/2019

A 21-year-old man was charged with murder last week after shooting another man in the parking lot of a Walmart in Auburn, Me. At the retailer’s store in North Bergen, N.J., a woman squirted pepper spray at people around the customer service desk in February, temporarily blinding some employees and customers. She then retreated into a back room, wielding a knife and shouting obscenities.

And on Monday a customer grabbed a kitchen knife off a shelf, began unwrapping it and threatened an employee, prompting an evacuation of a Walmart in Marietta, Ga. A few weeks ago, a man was arrested at the same store, accused of trying to kidnap a 9-year-old from the bathroom.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, with more than 4,000 sprawling stores dotted across every region of the United States. And partly because it operates in so many places, crime, some of it deadly, seems to follow it.

The shooting at the Walmart in El Paso that killed 22 people on Saturday was the worst episode to happen inside or in the parking lot of one its stores in the company’s history. Police and law enforcement experts have said there was not much Walmart could have done within that store to prevent the gunman from carrying out the massacre. But it has placed renewed attention on why the retailer has historically been the scene of so much crime, and whether the company has done enough to deter it. In the week before the El Paso shooting, at least three people were killed at Walmart stores across the nation, including two employees who, officials said, were shot by a former colleague at the store in Southaven, Miss. Complete article

Small explosion sparks scare at Topeka Kansas Walmart 08/05/2019

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- An explosion outside the Walmart Supercenter in west Topeka sent customers running from the store late Monday morning.

Initial reports from authorities were that the store, on SW Wanmaker Rd., had been evacuated, however store management told 13 NEWS after consultation with police they decided it was not necessary. Many customers did make for the doors, though, when they heard the explosion.

Members of the Topeka Police Dept. and Fire Dept. were called to the scene approximately 10 a.m. when someone reported hearing a blast in the parking lot. Topeka Fire Marshall Mike Martin says it may have been a homemade firework tossed from a vehicle and noted it did not appear to be designed to cause damage or injury. Complete article

Armed man arrested at Denton County Tx. Walmart 08/05/2019

A man acting suspiciously at a Denton County Walmart on Friday was found to have a stolen handgun in his bag and was arrested, according to the Northeast Police Department.

Northeast police officers responded to the Walmart in Cross Roads on Friday evening to a reported theft in progress, according to a news release from NEPD. Officers caught and cited the suspect, and after finishing up with the incident, an employee told the officer still on scene about a suspicious man who had been standing in the shopping cart breezeway near the store entrance/exit. The man had been standing there so long the reporting employee assumed he was a new staff member on his break, but that wasn’t the case so the employee asked the officer to check on him.

The officer went to the breezeway and checked on the man, who said he was waiting for an Uber shuttle and needed to use the store’s WiFi. He said several things — including that he’d only been there for a few minutes — that conflicted what the store staff had told the officer, according to police. Complete article

CCPD: Tx. Walmart and H-E-B threats not credible 08/06/2019 Follow up says it's a misunderstanding.

Social media has been buzzing Monday night after posts began circulating that someone made a threat to the Walmart on Saratoga.

Corpus Christi Police confirmed that the threat is not credible.

According to Lt. Gonzales with CCPD, officers responded to the social media threats around 9 p.m. After officers checked out the Walmart and the HEB Plus on Saratoga, CCPD did not find credible evidence to be alarmed.

The post began circulating on Facebook Monday evening two days after a Walmart in El Paso was targeted by an active shooter. Complete article

Local Walmart "threat" turns out to be misunderstanding 08/06/2019

Hepatitis A case confirmed at Greenwood Ind. Walmart; no customers affected 08/0/2019

GREENWOOD, Ind. – The Johnson County Health Department has confirmed a case of hepatitis A at a Walmart in Greenwood.

Director Betsy Swearingen says employees at the store on County Line Road and Emerson have been told to report the health department to get vaccinated. She added that no customers have been affected.

Local officials worked with the Indiana State Department of Health to perform an environmental assessment of the Walmart and say they found no evidence of hepatitis A.

Swearingen says the injected employee didn’t work any shifts at the Walmart while they were symptomatic. Employees were urged to get vaccinations out of precaution because they may have had exposure to the infected employee outside the store. Complete article

Walmart reportedly to sell off Modcloth 08/05/2019

Online indie and vintage-inspired women’s apparel retailer Modcloth may soon have a new owner.

“I can confirm that Walmart has received outside interest from buyers for Modcloth,” Silvia Mazzucchelli, CEO, Modcloth’s CEO, told Glossy. “We are in the process of exploring potential opportunities.”

Walmart acquired ModCloth in March 2017 as part of a move to increase the retail giant’s brand portfolio and target younger, higher-income shoppers with brands not available on Amazon. But Modcloth, along with several other of the acquired brands, including Bonobos, have yet to turn a profit, according to Recode. Complete article

WKYT Investigates | Truckers angry over $500 fines for parking at Kentucky Walmart 08/05/2019

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - There is outrage among truck drivers passing through Kentucky lately, and their anger is focused at retail giant Walmart.

The Walmart in Williamsburg just off Interstate 75 at the state border has partnered with a group called R & R Management. The job of the company is to get truckers to stop parking their tractor-trailers in the store parking lot overnight. According to the truck drivers WKYT interviewed, R&R puts a boot on the window of the truck with a ticket for $500 that must be paid in an hour, or R&R will have the truck towed.

"Rest assured what goes around comes around," truck driver Michael Pruitt said.

Pruitt has been driving a truck for 15 years. He says a few weeks ago, he was required to make his stop for rest at the state line.

"They put everyone on electronic logs. So with that being said, it seems as though the industry has changed so everybody has changed to the same shift," Pruitt said. Complete article

Customers, Employees Allowed Back Into Walmart In Roanoke Tx. After Bomb Threat 08/05/2019

Deputies investigating theft from Ind. Walmart 08/05/2019

Waterloo Iowa police locate two children who walked into Walmart 08/05/2019

Columbia Missouri Walmart evacuated Monday morning for gas leak 08/05/2019

He swapped price tags at Idaho Walmart and then took off running before being arrested, police say 08/05/2019

Monte Alto Tx. mom homeless after June storm slept in Walmart parking lot 08/0/2019

Man caught on video taking inappropriate photos of woman, 13-year-old girl at Poplar Bluff Missouri Walmart 08/06/2019

Raymore Missouri police looking for suspect after shooting in Walmart parking lot 08/06/2019

RAYMORE, Mo. -- Raymore police are attempting to locate a suspect following a shooting Tuesday evening.

Police responded to the incident just before 6:30 in the parking lot of Walmart near Interstate 49 and 58 Highway.

The victim was approached by the suspect who talked to him in the parking lot, according to police The victim was shot in the leg and shoulder and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A passenger inside the victim's vehicle was not injured. Complete article

Two men charged in Raymore Walmart shooting 08/14/2019

Police arrest ‘serial burglar,’ a metro man also charged in Raymore Walmart shooting 08/16/2019

Shots fired reported at Bedford Park Ill. Walmart, no shooter or victims found 08/07/2019

Bedford Park police responded to calls of shots fired at a Walmart Tuesday but did not find a shooter or any victims at the southwest suburban store.

Police received several calls of shots being fired about 8:25 p.m. at the Walmart in the 7000 block of South Cicero Avenue, Bedford Park police said. Several police departments responded to the location and conducted an extensive search of the store but found no shooter, victims or signs of an ongoing active shooting incident.

Officers then searched the surrounding areas of the store and found no victims or offenders, police said. Complete article

Man arrested after calling in fake shooting at Florida Walmart 08/06/2019

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. (FOX 35 ORLANDO) - A man is behind bars after allegedly calling in a fake shooting threat at a Brevard County Walmart.

Deputies arrested 41-year-old Richard Seepersard on Sunday. They say he lied about calling the Walmart located on East Merritt Island Causeway, saying that two men were on their way to shoot up the store.

He now faces several charges, including the False Report Concerning the Use of Firearms in a Violent Manner and the Unlawful Use of a Two-way Communication Device. Complete article

Man arrested after hoax about shooting up Walmart in Central Florida 08/06/2019

Police: No active shooter at Walmart in Leesburg Fla. 08/06/2019

LEESBURG, Fla. — A report of a person possibly armed with a long gun prompted a police response Tuesday morning near a Walmart in Leesburg.

Officials with the Leesburg Police Department said Fruitland Park police received a report just before 7 a.m. that a man on a bicycle in the area of Pennsylvania Avenue might be armed with a long gun. Complete article

Police: Man arrested for bringing BB gun to Walmart in Plymouth Mass. 08/06/2019

PLYMOUTH, Mass. - Plymouth Police arrested a man for bringing a BB gun to the Walmart Supercenter Tuesday, according to a police report obtained by Boston 25 News.

A manager at the store on Colony Place called police around midnight to report a man in the parking lot with a gun.

BREAKING: Man facing charges for allegedly bringing a BB gun to the Walmart in Plymouth overnight. Customer alerted manager, who put store on lockdown. Police arrested Edward Jones. He's charged with disturbing the peace. Police say the BB gun looked like real handgun. #Boston25
When officers arrived, they said the man was kneeling in the passenger side of his truck with the weapon. They noted the truck was parked five spaces from the main entrance of the garden center.

According to the police report, an officer used his loudspeaker to order the man, later identified as Edward Jones, to drop the weapon and move away from his truck. Complete article

Anniston man accused of threatening to 'shoot up' Walmart in Oxford Alabama 08/07/2019

OXFORD, Ala. — Oxford police arrested Gregory Todd West, 63, of Anniston, after he threatened to shoot the staff and customers at the Oxford Walmart Monday.

An officer was at the Walmart on Plaza Lane around 1:30 p.m. when a staff member told him of the threats.

apt. L.G. Owens said West had threatened to shoot the staff member before shooting up the entire store. Complete article

Why Walmarts Are Hotbeds for Crime 08/06/2019

The massacre at Walmart is renewing concerns over the troubling high number of crimes at the retail giant.

Fights regularly break out at Walmarts across the nation. Crime at Walmart is so rampant in certain cities that police departments say their resources are being stretched thin responding to calls.

In the small city of Chicopee, Massachusetts, there is only one Walmart, but cops say they've received 2,359 calls since 2015.

"On average, it is once or twice that the police are at a Walmart a day, especially in our city,” one officer told Inside Edition.

There are 16 Walmart’s in Jacksonville, Florida, and in 2015 there were a whopping 5,298 calls.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero went on a ride-along with police in Lakeside, Colorado, which has a police force of 12 officers and in 2015 got 1,270 Walmart-related calls. Guerrero was there when an accused shoplifter was taken into custody. Guerrero also met Ashlyn Rogers, who was beaten with a baseball bat by a Walmart shopper. Complete article

El Paso wasn't the first incident: Walmart wrestles with how to respond to active shooters 08/06/2019

NEW YORK – Like most retailers, Walmart is accustomed to the everyday dealings of shoplifters. Now, it’s confronting a bigger threat: active shooters.

Three days after a man opened fire at one of its stores in El Paso, Texas, and left at least 22 dead, the nation’s largest retailer is faced with how to make its workers and customers feel safe.

The discounter has long dealt with violent crimes at its stores across the country, including one that took place less than a week ago in Mississippi where a disgruntled employee killed two co-workers and wounded a police officer. In early November 2017, three customers were killed at a Walmart in Colorado in a random shooting by a lone gunman.

Yet another Walmart shooting occurred Tuesday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when a man got caught in between an altercation between two other patrons, The Advocate reported. Police said there was no active shooter situation, despite initial reports saying so. Complete article

Walmart's political group has given millions to GOP lawmakers who oppose gun control measures 08/06/2019

Walmart (WMT) has been thrust into a national reckoning over gun policy, after 31 people died in two mass shootings over the weekend, one of which took place at the company’s store in El Paso, Texas. On Tuesday, police responded to a shooting at another Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Critics have faulted the company for its continued sale of firearms. But less attention has been paid to the millions in campaign contributions that Walmart’s political action committee (PAC) has given in recent years to Republican candidates for Congress, many of whom have voted against gun reform measures and received funding from the National Rifle Association.

“It’s no surprise Walmart has backed candidates who’ve opposed commons sense gun reform,” said Andrew Patrick, media director with the advocacy group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “They’ve tended toward the Republican side and that side has historically been opposed to passing gun legislation.”

In the most recent election cycle, spanning 2017 and 2018, a Walmart-affiliated political fundraising group gave about $655,000 to Republican candidates for the U.S. House and Senate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Those contributions nearly match the some $690,000 given by the NRA to Republican candidates over the same period. Complete article

2 girls in critical condition after being rescued from vehicle fire at Fridley Minn. Walmart; suspect arrested 08/06/2019 Update one of the girls dies, suspect charged with manslaughter.

Two girls are in critical condition after being rescued from a vehicle fire at a Walmart in Fridley Tuesday morning, and a suspect has now been arrested.

Fridley police said they were called about a van fire possibly spreading to nearby cars at about 7:15 a.m. in the parking lot of Walmart at 8450 Unversity Avenue NE.

Police said two girls, ages 6 and 9, had to be rescued from the fire.

Authorities said one of the girls suffered possibly life-threatening injuries, but on Tuesday afternoon, officials said both girls were in critical condition, although the 6-year-old is in much worse condition. Complete article

Man jailed after 2 vans catch fire at Fridley Walmart; 2 young sisters burned 08/06/2019

6-year-old girl dies after van fire spreads to other vehicles in Walmart parking lot 08/07/2019

Cheboygan Mich. Walmart catches on fire 08/06/2019

CHEBOYGAN COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- Black smoke emerged from the roof of the Cheboygan Walmart as the building caught fire today at around 3:30 p.m., according to witness Jacob Rash.

Rash, who sent in video, said police and sheriff deputies were helping to get everyone out of the store. Complete article

Ca. Walmart Employee Who Protested the Retailer’s Gun Sales Says the Company Retaliated Against Him 08/06/2019

A Walmart employee has been shut out of the company’s networks after organizing a protest against the retailer’s stance on gun sales.

Thomas Marshall, a 23-year-old category manager in Walmart’s San Bruno, Calif.-based e-commerce business, asked employees to call in sick Tuesday, leave work early on Wednesday, and sign a Change.org petition that urges the company to stop selling firearms and ammunition in the wake of two shootings at the company’s stores in recent weeks.

Marshall said Walmart retaliated by blocking his access to both his corporate Outlook email account and Slack, a workplace collaboration platform where he had originally publicized the protest. Company spokesman Randy Hargrove confirmed that Marshall’s access to networks had been temporarily suspended, and said they’d be reactivated once he returns to work, pending a review.

Walmart has said it has no plans to change its gun-sales policy, and Hargrove chided Marshall’s tactics, saying “there are many more constructive avenues for employees to offer feedback.”

Next Steps

Marshall says the email deactivation hasn’t deterred his plans. “We have been shut out of all systems, essentially ending our jobs without yet firing us,” he said. “We will be seeking legal counsel.” Complete article

Walmart worker sends mass email urging thousands of associates to strike over gun sales 08/07/2019

'Customers no longer feel as safe': Walmart employee emails petition protesting gun sales to CEO Doug McMillon 08/21/2019

Why We’re Seeing More Worker Protests 08/09/2019

Mass Spoofing Campaign Takes Aim at Walmart 08/06/2019

The sites are targeting job-seekers, movie aficionados and shoppers in hopes of harvesting their personal information.

An ongoing domain name spoofing campaign is taking aim at retail giant Walmart and other big fish, with more than 540 malicious domains being used to harvest consumer information.

The scam domains are mimicking legitimate sites in name and appearance, in hopes of fooling visitors into entering their personal details, according to analysis from DomainTools. Aside from Walmart, other big-name lures are affiliated with the phishing campaign, spoofing Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s, online dating sites and movie downloads. An unknown threat actor is behind it all, the firm said, displaying an obvious level of sophistication given the sheer scale of the effort. Complete article

At Plattsburgh NY Walmart, fear and uncertainty over mass shootings 08/07/2019

Sheriff’s office: Man allegedly stole generator, AC unit from NC Walmart 08/07/2019

Pa. Police seek help in identifying suspected Walmart gift card scammer 08/05/2019

Mass shootings remind local victims of 2013 Greenville NC Walmart shooting 08/05/2019

Man arrested after “strange call” at Walmart in Sahuarita Ariz. 08/07/2019

‘Not a gun control problem:’ Son of man shot to death at Auburn Me. Walmart defends right to carry 08/07/2019

Man shot dead in California Walmart parking lot, suspect still at large 08/07/2019

A gunman fatally shot a man in a Walmart parking lot in California early Wednesday — and the “armed and dangerous” suspect remains on the loose, police said.

The shooting unfolded at around 4:06 a.m. in the parking lot of the box store in the city of Livermore, cops said.

Officers responding to the incident found the victim with several gunshot wounds to his upper torso.

The man, whose identity was not immediately released, died at the scene.

Investigators identified the suspect as 30-year-old Johnathon Michael Inocencio who fled the scene in either a 2014 white Ford Explorer or a 2000 white and red Tioga motorhome, authorities said. Both vehicles had California license plates. Complete article

Arkansas Walmart cashier planned robbery then told police it was a Hispanic man 08/07/2019

A 19-year-old Walmart cashier told police after an armed robbery that a masked man with black paint on his face yelled, "vamanos!" to her during the robbery on July 20.

After police examined store surveillance, they noted that the cashier, Destine Potts, was behaving "very suspiciously," before and during the robbery.

Potts said a Hispanic man with a handgun stole $2,400 from the Fayettville Walmart Neighborhood Market and was described as "frantic" by the police.

A few weeks later, during a police interview, Potts confessed to police that she helped organize the robbery with three other people and that she had invented the man's ethnicity and what he had said to her during the robbery. Complete article

Apparent armed man made threats at Fed. Way Wash. Walmart, suspect at large 08/07/2019 Follow up indicates it's a false alarm.

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Federal Way Police are searching for a man who appeared to have a gun and triggered an evacuation at Walmart in Federal Way.

Investigators said the man walked in and made threats Wednesday afternoon.

The scare rattled nerves after the recent mass shootings, including one at a Walmart in El-Paso, Texas. Complete article

Suspect in Federal Way Walmart security scare had a BB gun, police say 08/08/2019

Employee jailed for threatening an employee at a north Laredo Tx. Walmart 08/07/2019

Laredo police arrested a man who had made threats against a local Walmart employee.

Investigator Joe E. Baeza, police spokesman, said the department wanted to address certain rumors about a possible violent act at the business, given the over-the-weekend mass shooting reported in El Paso.

LPD officers responded to a terroristic threat report at about 12:20 p.m. Thursday to Walmart on 2615 N.E. Bob Bullock Loop.

An employee stated that a co-worker made verbal threats to him, causing him to fear for his safety and the safety of other Walmart employees.

Crimes against persons detectives took over the case. Authorities identified the suspect as Gerardo Eli Rodriguez, 35. He did not have access to any weapons in his residence, according to police. Complete article

Arrest after a threat at Chipley Fla. Walmart 08/07/2019

CHIPLEY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Chipley Police Department has made an arrest after they say a threat was made at the Chipley Walmart.

Police say they've arrested Charles Thomas, 33, of Chipley.

Witnesses told police that Thomas became angry after Walmart employees denied his shopping return.

Police say Thomas made comments about shooting things in the parking lot and an employee overheard him saying there were going to be "even bigger problems."

Thomas was found after he left the store. Police say he was wearing a shoulder holster with no gun. Complete article

Police seeking man accused of shoplifting BB guns from a RI Walmart 08/07/2019

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a man accused of taking two realistic-looking BB guns from a North Smithfield Walmart.

The North Smithfield Police Department released images of the suspect they say took two black BB guns from the Walmart on 7 Dowling Village Boulevard on Wednesday.

Police say the BB guns, both were Crosman semi-automatic revolver-style units, closely resemble real handguns.

Complete article

Quincy Fla. Walmart reopens following shooting threat 08/07/2019

QUINCY, Fla. (WCTV) -- UPDATE: The Walmart in Quincy that closed after it received a shooting threat this afternoon reopened around 6:15 p.m., the Quincy Police Department said.

The Quincy Police Department confirmed the Walmart Supercenter at 1940 Pat Thomas Parkway was threatened, but said it was non-credible. Walmart managers made the decision to close the store out of an abundance of caution, police said. Complete article

Weslaco Tx. Walmart shuts down following social media threat 08/08/2019

Weslaco police have identified the suspect responsible for the overnight closure of a Walmart following threats made via social media.

According to officials with Weslaco PD, the suspect appears to be a juvenile. Complete article

South Texas Walmart Shuts Down Temporarily After Social Media Threat, 13-Year-Old In Custody 08/08/2019

Albuquerque NM PD: Social media posts about Walmart threats are hoaxes 08/07/2019

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In the wake of the deadly shooting in El Paso, there have been several warnings being shared on social media. One warned people to stay away from Walmarts, due to the threat of another mass shooting.

Albuquerque police have said they've investigated every local threat, but so far all the warning circulating on social media are just hoaxes. They want to remind the public to think twice before hitting the "share" button.

"You could just be exacerbating the problem," said Gilbert Gallegos, APD spokesperson. "Consider the source that you're getting it from. If it from law enforcement, or if it's not from law enforcement – be skeptical." Complete article

Amazon price alerts are leading sellers to raise prices on Walmart or risk losing perks 08/05/2019

Amazon is indirectly causing third-party sellers to raise prices on their products if those products are listed on competing storefronts at lower prices, according to a report from Bloomberg. This is potentially anti-competitive, and it may become a central piece of evidence in the federal government’s ongoing antitrust investigations into US tech companies.

Amazon is not going so far as to openly demand its third-party sellers raise prices, according to Bloomberg. In some cases, Amazon may want the seller to lower the prices of its items on Amazon.com to match the prices on Walmart and elsewhere. Walmart also encourages its sellers to match prices across platforms. But Walmart isn’t as influential as Amazon’s Marketplace, which is the dominant online platform in the US for third-party sellers.

Amazon scans a merchant’s prices for listings on its Marketplace platform and compares them to that same merchant’s listings on other platforms, like Walmart and eBay. It then notifies the seller of the disparity and informs the business that it may lose promotional benefits — like a higher placement in search results, Prime shipping, and access to “buy now” buttons — due to the difference in price, which would lead to lower sales.

“One or more of your offers is currently ineligible for being a featured offer on the product detail page because those items are priced higher on Amazon than at other retailers,” reads one alert sent to sellers that price products differently on Amazon and Walmart. Complete article

Man accused of sexually assaulting woman in Winston-Salem NC Walmart parking lot arrested 08/07/2019

Walmart hires extra security for Nogales Ariz. store, amid weekend shootings 08/07/2019 “They were interested in hiring off-duty officers to have an increased presence at Walmart. It’s my understanding it’s not the only Walmart,” Nogales Police Department Commander Carlos Jimenez.

Police: Suspicious package at Garden City SC Walmart contained narcotics base 08/07/2019

5 from N.Y. arrested after stealing electronics from Bayonne NJ Walmart, cops say 08/07/2019

Is Walmart ‘one of the largest sellers of assault-style weapons,’ as MSNBC anchor said? 08/07/2019 It’s true that Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States, but the retailer does not sell assault-style weapons. In fact, the company banned the sale of assault-style rifles in its stores in 2015.

Police rescue dog from 117-degree car at Lakeside Colorado Walmart, arrest man after parking lot pursuit 08/07/2019

Huntsville Alabama Walmart orders Lot Cops for parking lot security 08/07/2019

Mississippi Walmart reopens after fatal worker shooting 08/09/2019

Man wearing body armor, carrying tactical weapons arrested at Walmart in Springfield, Missouri 08/09/2019

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Police in Springfield, Missouri, say they have arrested an armed man who showed up a Walmart store wearing body armor, sending panicked shoppers fleeing the store.

Springfield police posted on Facebook that "an armed individual" was arrested. No shots were fired.

The Springfield News-Leader quoted Lt. Mike Lucas as saying that the man showed up Thursday afternoon wearing body armor and military-style clothing. He walked inside the Walmart carrying a "tactical rifle" and another gun. Lucas says the man had more than 100 rounds of ammunition. Complete article

Dmitriy Andreychenko, armed with ‘tactical rifle’ and body armor, sparks chaos at Missouri Walmart 08/09/2019

Police: Man Who Entered Missouri Walmart with Rifle ‘Lucky He's Alive Still’ 08/09/2019

An armed man who caused panic at a Walmart in Missouri says it was a 'social experiment' 08/10/2019 He told his sister it was "a social experiment on how his 2nd amendment right would be respected in a public area," according to the document.

Judge allows bond for man accused of making terroristic threat in Mo. Walmart 08/12/2019

Armed man who filmed himself at Springfield Walmart has history of 'prank' videos 08/16/2019

Driver, Officer injured in crash responding to Springfield Walmart incident 08/08/2019

BATTLFIELD, Mo. -- A two-car crash involving a police patrol cruiser injured both drivers Battlefield, Mo. Thursday evening.

The happened around 4:20 p.m. near Republic Road and State Highway FF. The driver of the SUV suffered serious injuries. The officer suffered moderate injuries. Emergency crews transported both to a hospital.

Attorney: Man's gun-toting 'stunt' at Springfield Walmart leaves woman badly injured 08/14/2019

Police investigate armed robbery at Walmart parking lot in Ozark, Missouri 08/08/2019

OZARK, Mo. -- The Ozark Police Department is investigating an armed robbery in the parking lot of the Walmart.

Officers responded around 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Police say a man left the parking lot in a stolen white Chevrolet Traverse. Police in Springfield later located the man in the stolen car. The suspect was taken into custody.

Police say it was an isolated incident. Complete article

Walmart In Northwestern Minnesota Briefly Evacuated After Report Of Man With Gun 08/08/2019

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials in northwestern Minnesota say an area Walmart was briefly evacuated and searched Thursday afternoon following a report of a man with a gun.

Bailey Hurley, a reporter with Valley News Live in Fargo, reported that the Walmart in Dilworth was evacuated around 12:30 p.m. Shoppers and employees were let back into the store about 15 minutes later.

Dilworth police say a full search of the building was completed and the all-clear was given. An investigation into what prompted the call is underway. Complete article

Philips Highway Fla. Walmart evacuated as precaution after statements made by unhappy customer 08/08/2019

Police said the individual was "trespassed from the store." and Walmart will be re-opening shortly.

The Walmart located on Philips Highway was evacuated as a precaution Thursday after statements made by a customer, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Police said that an unhappy customer made statements that made other customers in the store feel uncomfortable at the Walmart located in the 4200 block of Philips Highway. Complete article

Gun-related incidents surge at Walmarts after El Paso shooting 08/08/2019

At least four gun-related incidents have been reported at Walmarts across the country — including a murder outside a California store — since Saturday’s mass shooting at an outlet in El Paso, according to local reports.

In the latest incident, an unidentified man walked into a Florida Walmart shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday and asked a clerk “for anything that would kill 200 people,” KIRO-TV reported.

“They announced over the intercoms for everybody to leave the store,” one shopper at the Port St. Lucie store told the station. “One of the employees said there was a guy with a gun and that’s when everybody was running out.” Complete article

Fla. man asks Walmart for gun that could ‘kill 200 people’ to make a point, he says 08/09/2019

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) - Florida police got involved when they heard a man had asked a Walmart clerk for a gun that would kill 200 people.

The man told WPTV he had no intention of causing any harm or alarm to anyone and it wasn't intended as a joke. He said it was more of a political statement against the sale of certain firearms.

Phil Attey now admits the best way to make a point might not have been to ask a Walmart clerk Wednesday night if they could sell him a gun that would kill 200 people.

He insists he wasn't serious and that he's a gun violence prevention activist.

"I'm in a Walmart a few days after El Paso and I'm seeing a white nationalist looking guy purchase a gun and I got mad,” Attey said. Complete article

Reported Tx. Walmart theft causes panic 08/08/2019

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) A reported theft at the Harker Heights Walmart caused a major panic Thursday evening.

Officers were called out to the store on 2020 Heights Drive around 6:30 p.m.

The theft suspect was able to evade Walmart's Asset Protection Team and ran across Interstate 14.

However when officers arrived they saw a large crowd running out of the store because somehow there was a spreading rumor of an active shooter at the store. Complete article

Police: Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart, attempts to run over people 08/09/2019

GIBSONTON, Florida -- A Florida man is facing charges for driving a golf cart through a crowded Walmart.

Police said Michael Hudson was blocking the store's entrance when deputies arrived in Gibsonton around 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

That's when police said he suddenly took off, driving into the store as several pedestrians were hit and others jumped out of the way.

Hudson eventually crashed into a cash register and was taken into custody. Complete article

Nation's largest teachers union threatens Walmart boycott over gun sales 08/09/2019

Walmart could suddenly become a whole lot less busy this back-to-school shopping season. The American Federation of Teachers, the nation's largest teachers union, is threatening to boycott the giant retailer if it continues to sell guns. The labor group also wants Walmart to stop making financial contributions to politicians who oppose gun control.

"If Walmart continues to provide funding to lawmakers who are standing in the way of gun reform, teachers and students should reconsider doing their back-to-school shopping at your stores," AFT president Randi Weingarten wrote in an Aug. 7 letter to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon.

The letter references Walmart's sales of bulletproof backpacks, as well as the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and calls on the company to do its part "to help build a future with fewer guns and safer communities."

The letter also urges Walmart to fund gun buyback programs, and for McMillion to create a summit with other CEOs to discuss ways corporate America can address rising gun violence. Complete article

Walmart removing violent video game displays, signs from stores but still selling guns 08/09/2019

Following two shootings inside its stores, Walmart is removing violent video game displays and signs from stores, the retailer confirmed Thursday.

Stores were sent a memo that called for “immediate action” to remove signing and displays that "contain violent themes or aggressive behavior." The memo circulated on Twitter and Reddit, and Walmart officials confirmed its authenticity to USA TODAY.

“We’ve taken this action out of respect for the incidents of the past week, and this action does not reflect a long-term change in our video game assortment,” said Tara House, a Walmart spokeswoman, in a statement.

On Saturday, 22 people were killed at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, days after two Walmart managers were killed by a gunman described as a disgruntled worker in a store in Southaven, Mississippi. Complete article

Dog rescued from inside of 124-degree car outside of Colorado Walmart parking lot 08/09/2019

Clarkston Wash. Police Chief: officers acted within law in WalMart incident 08/09/2019

Elizabeth Warren: Walmart should halt gun sales 08/09/2019

Democratic lawmaker tells Walmart to stop 'making up stupid s---' by targeting video games after mass shootings 08/09/2019

Sheriff says Walmart security policy ‘breeds’ criminal activity after Eldersburg Md. location robbed at gunpoint 08/10/2019

In a week when Walmart’s security has been scrutinized nationwide, Carroll County’s sheriff directed strongly worded criticisms of the company’s security policies after a man allegedly robbed the Eldersburg location at gunpoint Friday morning.

“Walmart’s corporate policy on security breeds this type of activity,” Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees said in an interview Friday.

DeWees alleged that would-be criminals know they will encounter little to no security when they enter a Walmart store. He described Walmart’s approach to security as “reactive” rather than “proactive.”

“They all but wait for these things to happen before they put measures into place,” he said. Complete article

Walmart executives, Carroll County sheriff, others meet on heightened security after Eldersburg armed robbery 08/15/2019

Man sought in armed robbery of Eldersburg Md. Walmart 08/22/2019

UPDATE: Police identify ND Walmart assault person of interest 08/09/2019

MANDAN, N.D. - UPDATE: Mandan Police have identified a person of interest in the Walmart knife assault Friday morning as Hilario Flores. ....

According to Mandan Police, they are investigating an assault on an employee of the store.

The Mandan Walmart was evacuated late Friday morning. Police entered the building guns drawn telling shoppers to exit.

An eyewitness saw workers helping an individual who was holding their neck, but authorities have not confirmed the reason for the evacuation. Complete article

MFRD: Man stabbed at Rangeline Alabama Walmart parking lot 08/09/2019

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police and Fire-Rescue responded to a stabbing at the Walmart on Rangeline Road Friday evening.

Mobile Fire-Rescue says they responded to the Walmart around 9 p.m. to the report of a stabbing in the parking lot. MFRD says the crews treated an approximately 40-year-old man. He was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Complete article

Man accused in Wash. Walmart theft, leading police chase 08/10/2019

A man is accused of stealing a TV from Walmart and leading police on a high-speed chase before crashing and running away, according to court documents.

On July 8, a Walmart employee reported that a man, later identified as John R. Kearney, 28, had returned after stealing a TV and other electronics earlier in the day, according to the report by an Oak Harbor police office. Kearney left in a green Volkswagen before police arrived.

An officer located the car, which didn’t yield, and pursued it at a high rate of speed. The car crashed on Navy base housing near Regatta Drive and the driver fled on foot. Complete article

Bomb Squad Renders Suspicious Device Safe at Milpitas Ca. Walmart 08/09/2019

MILPITAS (CBS SF) — Police said a suspicious device was rendered safe Friday night in a Walmart store in Milpitas.

According to a Twitter message at 10:29 p.m. by Milpitas police, a San Jose police bomb squad had rendered the device safe. The bomb squad found it was probably fireworks.

Late Friday, Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies were completing a search of the business with a bomb dog. The store was evacuated following the report of the device. Complete article

Masked man with backpack arrested at Napoleon Ohio Walmart 08/09/2019

TOLEDO Around 9am on Friday morning employees of the Napoleon Walmart noticed a man walking through the store with a mask, backpack and camouflage clothing. According to police, store managers approached the man and asked him to remove the mask, but he ignored them.

Meantime, Henry County Sheriff Michael Bodenbender was going into the store as the man, identified as 33-year old Bryan Gonzalez, was walking out. "He had kind of a plastic white mask with just eyeballs that's all I could see," says Sheriff Bodenbender. "I grabbed a hold of him and spun him around and said what's up with the mask. That's when he decided he was going to wrestle a little bit. We just wrestled down on the ground."

That's when Lt. Edward Legg from the Napoleon police cam onto the scene. He'd been flagged down by a customer, "He expressed that he was very scared about the situation and that others there at the Walmart were as well," says Lt. Legg.

Officers quickly found out that Gonzalez had no weapons, but also did not have a good explanation for his behavior. Sheriff Bodenbender says Gonzalez muttered something about being in training for mixed martial arts. "There was something going on there," says Bodenbender. Complete article

‘Masked person’ reported at St. Charles Ill. Walmart was using a ‘medical device’: police 08/09/2019

Reports of a masked person that prompted an evacuation Friday at a Walmart in west suburban St. Charles turned out to be a person using a “medical device,” authorities said.

St. Charles police were called at 10:09 a.m. with reports that a male wearing a mask to conceal his face had entered the store at 150 Smith Road, according to a statement form the department.

Store management evacuated the building as a precautionary measure and officers from St. Charles, Geneva and West Chicago responded to the scene, police said. Further investigation revealed the person was “wearing a medical device due to recent medical treatment.” Complete article

Panic in a matter of minutes: False post of active shooter at Newnan Ga. Walmart causes uproar in the community 08/09/2019

NEWNAN, Ga. — A recent post on Facebook claiming there was an active shooter at the Walmart in Newnan led to panic both online - and off.

Now, investigators are looking into what led to the post - and they're looking for who put it online in the first place.

"Everyone in Coweta County or surrounding areas you need to lock down!!!" the since-deleted post said. "Active shooter at the Walmart in Newnan." Complete article

Salem Oregon Police finds no evidence to back up shooting threat at Walmart 08/09/2019

SALEM, Ore. – Police say there’s no credible information behind a rumored shooting threat at a Salem-area Walmart.

Salem Police said they’ve looked into the alleged shooting threat rumors that have been circulating on social media.

“At this time SPD has no info to support the veracity of the post,” said Salem Police. Complete article

Man arrested for saying he should go to Armada Mich. Walmart with an assault rifle 08/09/2019

(FOX 2) - Paul Norgiel is out on bond Friday night after being charged for allegedly saying he should go to a Walmart with an assault rifle and 12 rounds.

The threat was taken seriously from police especially after finding he had four guns registered to him at his home.

"It is never a joke, this is never, ever, a laughing matter," said 1st Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police. Complete article

Shoplifting call at Yarbrough Walmart; man ‘sent on his way’ in unrelated incident 08/09/2019

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Police responded to a shoplifting call at the Walmart store located on Yarbrough on Friday afternoon.

According to police, a man with a gun call was also reported at the nearby Lin’s restaurant.

Officials say the man was not armed with any weapons, but was temporarily detained before being “sent on his way.” Complete article

Police: Social media threat aimed at Katy Tx.-area Walmart 'not credible' 08/09/2019

After an unknown suspect allegedly made threats to a Katy area Walmart prompting concern from residents via social media, officials with Katy's Police Department have confirmed there is "no credible threat."

The threat was directed toward the Walmart located near Katy Mills Mall, located at 25108 Market Place Drive, according to a spokesperson with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office tweeted it received inquiries all day Thursday and into the evening after the "irresponsible post implying there is a true threat." Complete article

Backfiring RV causes panic, incident at Missoula Montana Walmart 08/09/2019

MISSOULA, Mont. — Missoula Police confirm a backfiring motorhome caused someone to report shots fired at the Walmart on Brooks Street Friday afternoon.

An NBC Montana viewer called to tell us the store was on some sort of lockdown, but they didn’t know why.

Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says someone called 911 around 1:50 p.m. reporting they heard three gunshots while at the store. Complete article

Walmart Fights $54 Million Lawsuit Verdict Awarding Drivers Sleeper Berth Pay 08/08/2019

A three-member panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Aug. 6 in an appeal by Walmart Transportation of a $54 million jury damage award in 2016.

The case involves a class-action lawsuit filed by hundreds of former Walmart longhaul drivers who sought payment for 10-hour layover shifts and other employee tasks from 2007-2015.

Walmart attorneys have raised multiple core issues in the appeal. One is whether a federal district court judge’s jury instructions improperly influenced the jury’s decision in favor of the drivers. Another is the relevance of a recent Department of Labor opinion letter that the time drivers spend in sleeper berths does not count as compensable time, unless they are actually performing work or are on call.

The plaintiffs in the case are former truck drivers in California employed by Walmart who went to trial on their minimum wage claims in 2016. They alleged that Walmart violated California’s minimum wage law by failing to pay class members the minimum wage for 11 tasks. Complete article

Parkland student rips Walmart decision to pull violent video game displays: 'Pure stupidity' 08/09/2019

Ex-constable who shot woman in Ky. Walmart parking lot in 2011 seeks school board seat 08/09/2019 Dave Whitlock, who in 2012 entered an Alford plea to charges of assault and wanton endangerment stemming from the shooting, confirmed Friday that he is one of the applicants for the District 4 vacancy on the school board. Whitlock completed a one-year diversion program as part of the plea agreement that allowed those charges to be dropped.

Update: Franklin Wisc. Walmart reopens after bomb threat investigation 08/11/2019

De Blasio calls on Walmart to remove guns while speaking at fair 08/11/2019

Six Democratic presidential candidates say Walmart should stop selling guns 08/10/2019

Should Walmart, Kroger and other retailers ban carrying guns in stores? 08/08/2019

Gun misfires in NC Walmart parking lot during Bail Bond arrest 08/11/2019

Goldsboro police are investigating after a gun discharged in the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market parking lot off Tommy’s Road on Friday afternoon.

Capt. Trey Ball, with the Goldsboro Police Department, said officers received a call regarding a gunshot and a fight in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart around 1:45 p.m. Friday. A caller told dispatchers the fight involved four people and at least one person was running from the scene, said LaToya Henry, spokeswoman for the city of Goldsboro.

When officers arrived, they found two men fighting.

Police learned that bond agents, Bryon Thompson and Joquita Rivers, with 1st Action Bail Bonding, were attempting to take Tony Patrick into custody for bond surrender, Henry said. Thompson and Rivers confronted Patrick, who was sitting in a vehicle operated by Meaghan Coble.

At that time, a fight started and Coble attempted to drive away while Thompson was hanging partially inside her car. Coble hit the agents’ vehicle, drove to the opposite side of the parking lot and stopped. While Coble was driving away with Thompson hanging out the car, Thompson’s handgun fell out of its holster, struck the ground and discharged one round. .......

All parties involved were released, Henry said. Police seized Thompson’s handgun pending further investigation. Complete article This article was deleted after no more than one week; the following two articles remain up as of this writing.

Police Respond To Gunfire At Walmart 08/09/2019

Suspect Wanted In Relation To Altercation At Walmart 08/16/2019

Police: Shots fired at N. Charleston SC Walmart 08/11/2019

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - North Charleston Police say they responded to Walmart near Tanger Outlets in reference to shots fired on Sunday morning.

When officers arrived at about 1:15 a.m., they say they located evidence of shots being fired but the people involved had left the scene.

The Walmart is located on Center Point Drive.

Authorities say during the investigation one person was detained. Complete article

Police make second arrest in shooting incident at North Charleston Walmart 08/23/2019

At least 8 Walmart stores across the country were the subject of threats over the past week 08/11/2019 There were much more than this and if they wanted to find them they would have.

At least eight Walmart locations have received threats over the past week after deadly shootings at two stores in recent weeks, law enforcement agencies said.

The threats follow a horrific massacre at a Walmart in Texas last weekend and a deadly shooting at a store in Mississippi late last month.

In Florida, Richard D. Clayton, 26, was arrested after he allegedly posted a threat on Facebook that he was about to have his gun returned and people should stay away from Walmart.

He was detained Friday after an investigation by various agencies, including the FBI, the Winter Park Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Complete article

At least 5 Walmart stores threatened this week That's after deadly shootings at 2 Walmarts 08/10/2019

Police arrest white supremacist for threatening Fla. Walmart attack 08/11/2019

A white supremacist has been arrested after he posted a message on Facebook threatening a shooting at a Walmart in Florida, police have said.

Richard Clayton, 26, was arrested after making an online threat on Friday, according to police, just days after a gunman stormed a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 people. That suspect, Patrick Crusius, reportedly posted an anti-immigrant screed on the online messaging forum 8chan shortly before the mass shooting.

Mr Clayton reportedly wrote on Facebook: “3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back.”

“Don’t go to Walmart next week,” the post continued. Complete article

Florida man arrested for alleged threat involving AR-15: ‘Don’t go to Walmart next week’ 08/11/2019

Cortland NY Walmart evacuated after reports of a person with a gun 08/11/2019

A Cortland County Walmart was evacuated on Saturday evening after receiving a report that a person with a gun was in the store.

At around 6:23 p.m. the Walmart in the Town of Cortlandville received an anonymous phone call reporting a person with a gun inside the store at 819 Bennie Road.

Officers conducted a search of the store and were unable to locate any such person. As a precaution the Walmart was evacuated with the assistance of the Walmart employees while law enforcement conducted a search of the building. Complete article

Kansas City Missouri PD investigating threat to area Walmart 08/10/2019

(CAMERON, Mo.) Kansas City Police Department is investigating a potential threat to an area Walmart.

KCPD received the threat Thursday and is investigating it with Homeland Security. According to their Facebook post, the threat was made on Reddit and other websites.

The Cameron Police Department posted on Facebook Friday evening commenting on receiving several calls and messages in reference to the threat. Complete article

Wilkesboro NC Walmart evacuated; man faces multiple charges after police say he went into store with pellet gun 08/11/2019

Wilkesboro Police arrested a man following an incident Saturday night at the Walmart at 1801 W. U.S. 421 in Wilkesboro when he was found armed with what resembled a real gun but turned out to be a pellet pistol.

Jimmy Roger Minton, 29, of Wilkesboro has been charged with multiple offenses including assault, larceny, possession of stolen goods, and communicating threats, the Wilkesboro Police Department said in a press release.

Minton could face additional charges at the end of the investigation, police said. Complete article

'Kill a bunch of people': Man enters Walmart with mass murder intent, reports say 08/13/2019

Man with gun taken into custody at Meridian, Idaho Walmart 08/11/2019

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Ada County dispatch confirms a man with a gun was taken into custody by police at the Walmart off of Overland Road in Meridian, Idaho, on Sunday afternoon.

No shots were fired and nobody was injured.

Meridian Police are now investigating. Complete article

Walmart workers grapple with heightened fears in the aftermath of deadly shootings 08/09/2019

Some Walmart employees are grappling with safety concerns in the aftermath of two deadly shootings last week at the retailer's stores, according to interviews with seven store-based workers in seven states.

Ashley Brown, who works at a Walmart store in Sterling Heights, Michigan, said she's been thinking about her plan of escape in the case of a violent act.

As a cashier stationed at the front of the store, she said, "my line of defense is either run out the nearest door or somehow make it to the back."

An Arkansas-based Walmart employee said she carries pepper spray on her keychain to protect herself against potential threats.

"I don't really feel safe," said the worker, who asked to remain anonymous. "My state has concealed carry, and associates aren't allowed to arm themselves."

Walmart allows shoppers to carry guns in stores where state and local laws permit. Employees, or associates, as Walmart calls them, are not permitted to carry guns in stores. Complete article

Walmart shoppers threaten to boycott after stores remove violent video game displays, but not guns 08/10/2019

Walmart is facing increasing pressure to pull guns from its shelves in the wake of the recent shootings at its El Paso, Texas and Southaven, Miss. stores that killed 24 people. Shoppers were also on edge after a man in body armor and armed with a rifle sparked panic at a Missouri store on Thursday.

Instead, Walmart WMT, -1.07% ordered employees to remove video game signs that depicted violence, as well as displays for movies and hunting videos that reference gun violence. Now shoppers and the American Federation of Teachers have threatened to stop shopping at the retail giant, with #BoycottWalmart trending on Twitter TWTR, -1.00% on Friday.

“Let’s stop going to Walmart until they stop messing guns and ammo,” tweeted David Hogg, one of the Parkland, Fl. students who co-founded March for Our Lives following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 students and staff. “Make money, arm shooters, Walmart,” he added. Complete article

Walmart rolls out self-driving vehicles in Arkansas hometown 08/12/2019

The residents of Bentonville, Arkansas, may soon see autonomous cars driving through town.

Walmart is partnering with Gatik AI on a new pilot program in which a self-driving vehicle will move customer orders on a two-mile route between two of the retailer’s brick-and-mortar stores.

“We’ve been exploring a few pilot projects with self-driving car companies that include both customer delivery as well as transporting goods between our locations,” Tom Ward, senior vice president of digital operations for Walmart U.S., wrote in a recent blog post. Complete article

Inflation Stings Prices at Walmart, and Something’s Gotta Give 08/10/2019

(Bloomberg) -- Walmart Inc. prides itself on rock-bottom prices for everyday goods, but as soda, snack and toothpaste makers boost what they charge retailers in response to rising costs and looming tariffs, something’s got to give.

The question is where. Investors will get a sense of that give-and-take when Walmart reports results Thursday. Average prices for consumer goods rose 2.3% in the first six months of 2019, according to data tracker Nielsen, the fastest pace in several years. Walmart said it saw “modest” inflation in the first quarter, but it has heated up lately, and a Walmart shopping trip was 5.2% more expensive in June compared with a year earlier, according to Gordon Haskett Research Advisors. For thrifty Walmart shoppers, that matters.

Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and Kellogg Co. are among those jacking up prices, pressuring Walmart into a decision: The retailer can absorb the price hike and see its profit margins suffer, pass along the increase to shoppers and risk losing sales, or use its clout with suppliers to delay or mitigate the impact. Walmart won’t comment on its plans, but experts say the retailer will likely employ a blend of all three strategies. Complete article

Walmart brand to be dropped from supermarkets in Brazil 08/12/2019

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Private equity firm Advent International Corp will drop the Walmart Inc (WMT.N) brand from supermarkets it acquired last year in Brazil by June 2020, the Brazilian retailer said in a statement on Monday.

The retailer itself will also be renamed to Grupo BIG from Walmart Brasil, it said. Complete article

Walmart car burglar sought by El Paso Tx. PD 08/11/2019

Blotter: Tx. Walmart cashier suspected of stealing more than $7,000 over two weeks 08/11/2019

Mother Arrested For Leaving Infant In Hot Car At Pea Ridge Arkansas Walmart, Bystanders Broke Window To Save Child 08/11/2019

Police seek suspect in $2,900 jewelry theft from Shelby Twp. Mich. Walmart 08/12/2019

Stephen Landes from New Mexico pleads guilty in 'swatting' Delaware Walmart, school 08/12/2019 Prosecutors say Landes falsely reported in May 2018 that he had planted bombs at the Georgetown school and the Walmart while claiming to be a Georgetown resident.

Body found in parked car outside Glendora Ca. Walmart 08/12/2019

A man was discovered dead in a parked car outside the Walmart in Glendora on Monday.

Authorities have not yet identified the man.

Glendora police received a call at 2:47 p.m. about a body inside a car on the 1900 block of Auto Centre Drive, Sgt. Ryan Layaye said. He added that one of the store employees made the discovery.

Police notified the coroner’s office which will determine the cause of death. Complete article

Man With Gun Wanted For Theft At Niles Ill. Wal-Mart Store 08/12/2019

CHICAGO (CBS) — An armed man, along with a female accomplice, robbed a Niles Wal-Mart on Sunday night, police said.

Niles Police responded to the Wal-Mart at 5630 W. Touhy Ave. for a report of a man with a gun around 7:40 p.m.

Police said the man brandished the weapon after store employees attemped to retrieve merchandise the man had stolen. Complete article

Talk Of Blowing Up Torrance Ca. Walmart Prompts Evacuation, Search 08/12/2019

Someone's comment about blowing up a Torrance Walmart led police to clear and search the premises Monday, but no threat was found.

It's unclear what time the potential threat was made, but according to Torrance Police Department Sgt. Paul Kranke, someone overheard another person talk about wanting to blow up the store at 19340 Hawthorne Blvd.

The business was evacuated and searched, but after no threat was found, the all-clear was given about 5:45 p.m., Kranke said. No arrests were made. Complete article

Harlingen Tx. resident charged with terroristic threat at the local Walmart 08/12/2019

HARLINGEN — Jose Luis Gonzales Jr. remained in police custody yesterday afternoon after being charged with terroristic threat, a third degree felony. His bond was set at $75,000.

The 21-year-old Harlingen resident was arrested Saturday in connection to a social media threat to shoot people at the local Walmart.

Harlingen police received information at about 3:53 a.m. Saturday that a person had posted a threat on a social media site. Complete article

Walmart criticized over pro-gun t-shirts on its website: ‘Gun control is being able to hit your target’ 08/13/2019

"Gun control is being able to hit your target," a T-shirt on Walmart.com reads. The letters are white typewriter font, and there are large, red crosshairs behind them.

T-shirts like this, sold by third-party vendors on Walmart's website, have sparked backlash.

It is the latest public outcry concerning the store, after two shootings recently took place at one of the nation's major gun sellers. Complete article

Walmart Slammed for Vendor’s Pro-Gun T-Shirt, Adding to Pressure 08/12/2019

Walmart removes 1,000 third-party items from its website after mass shootings 08/14/2019

Walmart Family Earns $100M Every Day, Making Them World’s Richest Dynasty 08/12/2019

Every minute, Walmart’s founding family earns a whopping $70,000.

That’s $4 million every hour and $100 million every day — making the Waltons the richest dynasty in the world, according to Bloomberg’s annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest families.

Spanning three generations, private holding company Walton Enterprises owns roughly half of the Bentonville, Ark.-based company. Founder Sam Walton’s heirs include sons Jim and Rob and daughter Alice as well as Sam’s late son John’s widow, Christy Walton, along with Lucas, his grandson from the marriage. Nancy Walton Laurie, daughter of Sam’s brother and business partner Bud, also receives earnings. Complete article

Arkansas man receives 30 year sentence for killing man in April 2018 Walmart shooting 08/12/2019

Mom: Man took video of 6-year-old son using urinal in Jacksonville Fla. Walmart 08/12/2019

Pair stole Ephrata Pa. resident's credit card information, charged $7,500 at Walmart, police say 08/13/2019

Jacksonville Fla. man arrested after boy saw cellphone camera in Walmart bathroom 08/13/2019

Man charged after five children left in hot car at SC Walmart, police say 08/13/2019

Man arrested for stabbing outside Jamestown ND Walmart 08/13/2019

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) - Police say a man has been arrested for a stabbing outside a Walmart store in Jamestown.

Authorities say the 29-year-old victim was approached by someone he knew in the parking lot Monday about 8:30 p.m. KQDJ reports Assistant Police Chief Justin Blinsky says the suspect grabbed the victim from behind after they exchanged some words and used a knife to cause injuries to the victim’s neck and chin area.

Blinsky says the injuries were not life threatening. The 54-year-old suspect drove away and was arrested early Tuesday in rural Logan County. He’s being held on suspicion of aggravated assault. Complete article

Man sought in Mandan ND Walmart stabbing in custody 08/13/2019

UPDATE: Bond set for man accused of assaulting a Walmart vendor 08/14/2019

Florida man threatened to bring a gun to Walmart if remote control car didn't work, Clearwater police say 08/13/2019

Anthony Reed, 33, made the threat while standing in the toy aisle of the Clearwater store, according to police. He said he was joking and doesn’t own a weapon.

CLEARWATER — A 33-year-old stood in a Walmart toy aisle on Friday and threatened to bring a gun to the U.S. 19 store if the remote control car he was buying didn’t work, according to police.

Anthony Reed, 33, was arrested Monday evening on a felony charge of making a false report about using a firearm in a violent manner.

The alleged threat was made days after 22 people were killed in an Aug. 3 mass shooting attack at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and nine people died in a bar shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Reed may be a sovereign citizen, according to the arrest report. Those are anti-government extremists who do not believe they are subject to federal, state or local laws or taxes. Complete article

Police: No active shooter at Walmart in Pasadena Tx. 08/13/2019

Pasadena Police are dispelling rumors they said are circulating on social media regarding an active shooter at the Walmart on Fairmont Parkway, PPD tweeted.

"There is NOT an active shooter at the Walmart on Fairmont," police said in the tweet. "Officers have thoroughly investigated the false claims and there is NOT an active shooter situation." Complete article

Three arrested in Falcon Colorado Walmart robbery 08/14/2019

Three men were arrested on suspicion of assaulting an employee and robbing a Falcon Walmart on Monday, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday.

Deputies responded to the reported robbery at the Falcon Walmart, 11550 Meridian Market View, about 8:40 p.m. Monday and were told that three men "assaulted an employee while stealing 23 iPhones valued at approximately $23,000," a Sheriff's Office news release read.

Deputies apprehended the men in the 1100 block of Interquest Parkway, Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Natalie Sosa said. Complete article

Police investigate possible threat at a Walmart in Bolivar, Missouri 08/13/2019

BOLIVAR, Mo. -- Police in Bolivar, Mo. arrested a woman after a customer told workers she was showing a gun and threatening to shoot people inside the Walmart.

An employee dialed 911.

Officers arrested the woman as she was checking out for the possible threat. She did not have a gun on her at the time. But police say she did have one in her car. Complete article

Police arrest, then release woman accused by customer of threat at Walmart in Bolivar, Mo. 08/15/2019

Mexican, US officials meet on probe into Walmart shootings 08/13/2019

Family sues Walmart after dresser falls and suffocates toddler 08/14/2019

The parents of a 2-year old girl who died after suffocating between the drawers of a toppled dresser have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Walmart.

Destiny Russell says she found daughter Lorelei Lyons “pinned between the drawers of the subject dresser” when she went to check on her sleeping child in August 15, 2017, according to the new suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Russel and her husband, Albert Lyons, were gifted the South Shore brand Libra 3-drawer dresser two years prior, which was bought at Walmart.com, the court papers say.

The family claims Walmart knew that the piece of furniture was top-heavy and had a tendency to topple over. Complete article

‘Roach activity’ causes McDonald’s inside Ga. Walmart to fail health inspection 08/14/2019

A DeKalb County McDonald’s located inside a Walmart failed its health inspection last week after an official noticed “roach activity.”

The fast food restaurant at the Walmart on Fairington Road in Stonecrest failed with a score of 65 last Thursday, according to the inspection report from the DeKalb County Board of Health.

A health inspector noted seeing roaches near the main handwashing sink, a cooler and the employee table.

There was a black mold-like substance in the back ice machine, the report stated. Some food was also not held at the proper cold temperatures. Complete article

Ben Shapiro Challenges Elizabeth Warren’s Comparison of Earnings of Walmart Heirs and Employees 08/13/2019

Conservative pundit and Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro issued a challenge to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) after Warren compared the earnings of Walmart heirs to those of the company’s new-hire employees in a bid to justify her proposal for a new tax.

Warren posted her pitch for a new tax Monday evening, tweeting a Bloomberg story reporting that heirs of Walmart, Inc. founder Sam Walton make $4 million an hour, while new employees earn a minimum of $11 an hour:

“The Walmart heirs make $4 million an hour. A new Walmart associate makes $11 an hour. My two-cent wealth tax on families like the Waltons would help level the playing field for working families and rebuild the middle class.”

“Let me know when the new Walmart associate employs 2.2 million people,” Shapiro tweeted in reply to Warren’s post. Complete article

Police: Identical bomb threats called into two Iowa Walmart stores 08/14/2019

Walmart in Weaverville NC deemed safe after bomb threat, police say 08/14/2019

Bomb threat at Saraland Alabama Walmart 08/13/2019

Wal-Mart gaffe adds fuel to NC rivalry 08/13/2019

Bomb threat unfounded at Walmart in Zachary La. after police search for more than an hour 08/13/2019

WFPD: Woman riding electric Tx. Walmart shopping cart arrested for shoplifting 08/13/2019

Pair stole Ephrata Pa. resident's credit card information, charged $7,500 at Walmart, police say 08/13/2019

Police trying to ID woman who stole from Wash. Walmart by 'returning' item she didn't pay for 08/13/2019

Mom says 9-month-old daughter got sick after drinking tampered baby formula from Ariz. Walmart 08/14/2019 Tucson police reported in May 2017 that a woman had been buying baby formula, replacing the contents and returning the formula to the store at Fry’s located at 7050 E. 22nd St.

[Off-duty working security security] Las Cruces police to patrol area Walmarts around the clock 08/13/2019

LAS CRUCES - Las Cruces police officers are now patrolling area Walmart stores in the wake of the Aug. 3 mass-shooting that killed 22 and injured several more in El Paso.

A news release from the Las Cruces Police Department stated the city entered into agreement with Walmart, through a private security company contacted by Walmart, to allow off-duty LCPD officers to work 12-hour shifts at the local stores.

There are four Walmart stores in Las Cruces.

The officers will be paid from the private security company, not from LCPD. ......

Las Cruces police officers were first allowed to work Outside Employment in 2018 when general orders were approved to include Secondary Employment, Off-Duty Employment and Extra-Duty Employment.

Off-Duty Employment is defined as employment obtained by an officer where the actual and potential use of law enforcement services is anticipated, is of a police nature and provides law enforcement services, the release stated. Complete article

Walmart Hires Armed Guards To Watch El Paso Store, ‘No Timeline For Reopening’ 08/14/2019

Police: Man Shoves Beef Brisket, Propane Bottles Down Pants At Tenn. Walmart 08/14/2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS Local) — A Nashville man who was allegedly caught shoving beef brisket and propane bottles into his pants at a Walmart store was also charged with assaulting a police officer.

Officers said they were at the Walmart store on Dickerson Pike north of Nashville on unrelated call when they observed John Allen Honaker shoplifting on a security cameras.

When police and the store’s loss prevention employee detained Honaker, they allegedly discovered he had placed two propane bottles in his pants, along with sliced beef brisket. The total value of the items found in Honaker’s pants was approximately $35.00, WSMV reported. Complete article

Cops: Man pulls gun on Ga. Walmart employee 08/14/2019

City and county police descended Tuesday night on the Neighborhood Market Walmart parking lot, located at 11 Glynn Plaza off Altama Avenue, after a man allegedly pulled a gun on a store employee who was taking a cigarette break, said Brunswick Police Capt. Angela Smith.

In the end, Johnny Adrain Logan, 35, was arrested by Brunswick police and charged with aggravated assault, according to Glynn County Detention Center records. The 35-year-old man from Sumter, S.C., remained Wednesday afternoon in the county jail, held without bond, jail records show.

He also is a person of interest in an unrelated robbery within Glynn County, county Police Chief John Powell said. Complete article

Police arrest man walking with a shotgun near Walmart in Hesperia Ca. 08/14/2019

HESPERIA, Calif. (VVNG.com) — People shopping in Hesperia on Tuesday evening feared the worst after a man armed with a shotgun was seen walking near the Walmart shopping center.

It happened at about 7:47 pm on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, in the 13300 block of Main Street in Hesperia.

Hesperia sheriff’s spokesman Edgar Moran told Victor Valley News deputies were called to the O’Reiley’s Auto Parts Store after a man with a black firearm entered the location. Deputies made contact with the man identified as John Sebastian Waller, 48, inside the business.

“Waller told deputies that he was involved in a verbal argument with his girlfriend in a nearby parking lot. He then exited the vehicle and grabbed a loaded shotgun out of the trunk because he did not want his girlfriend to make any “irate decisions” with the gun. Waller unloaded the gun and threw the ammunition in a nearby bush,” stated Moran.

Moran said when Waller attempted to place the unloaded gun back in the truck, his girlfriend sped off leaving him there.

“Waller then decided to walk across the street to the O’Reilly’s to have a staff member place the gun in a safe place,” said Moran. Complete article

Police Called on Metal Band For Sitting in Van in Walmart Lot 08/12/2019

This headline isn't a joke — metal has been stigmatized once again. Death metal group Torn the Fuck Apart were sitting in their van in a Walmart parking lot near Chicago, and someone called the police because they found it suspicious. Good grief.

According to MetalSucks, TTFA were wrapping up their tour with Atoll and Mortal Torment near Chicago when they decided to park in a Walmart lot to relax. A little while later, the van was surrounded by police. The band knew the officers had just been doing their jobs — especially because Walmart is pretty infamous for sketchy occurrences — but they were upset to have been profiled as dangerous for doing absolutely nothing.

Frontman Michael Langner provided a statement to MetalSucks regarding the experience.

"In the morning we had stopped and parked in the back of the Walmart parking lot in forest park, IL to stretch out and grab a few things after a night off of tour and enjoying the Chicago Domination Fest. We had been there for about an hour as our drummer was inside the store getting a few things, and about 15 mins after he went in we heard radio dispatch from behind the van and noticed a cop car pull up behind us. Just as quickly we saw three more pull up and surround us."

"After a few minutes of answering questions, the cop said that they were there because they had received multiple calls about a dark van with “suspicious characters ” in it. After all IDs were checked they knew that wasn’t the case. The cops were very professional and respectful to us after they realized we were no threat to anyone, and they even took pictures with us as though we were under arrest, and played along with us to tell our drummer we had warrants and were under arrest when he came back to the van." Complete article

Hammond Ind. man charged after threatening to shoot up Walmart 08/14/2019

HAMMOND — A local man is being charged with threatening to shoot up a Walmart on the Indiana-Illinois border in recent days.

Marquis J. Washington, 21, is being held on a $100,000 bond in the Lake County Jail awaiting trial in Lake Criminal Court on a felony intimidation charge filed last week.

The Lake County prosecutor’s office and Hammond police allege Washington posted threats on social media the evening of Aug. 6. “Murder suicide tomorrow at Wal-Mart” and “Yes bro im shooting the store up too and the cops is gone (shoot) my a-- down.” Complete article

Borger Tx. Police aware of social media threats against Walmart 08/15/2019

BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Borger Police is reporting the department is aware of posts made on social media pages regarding threats against Walmart.

Officials say a quick google search will show that Walmarts across the US, and some in parts of Texas have received threats recently. This is not uncommon following an active shooter incident.

There are currently no threats received about the Borger Walmart. Complete article

High carbon monoxide levels force Walmart evacuation in Dayton Tenn. Wednesday morning 08/14/2019

DAYTON, Tenn. — Workers at the Walmart Supercenter on Rhea County Highway in Dayton were forced to evacuate the store early Wednesday morning after the store filled with dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide (CO). One woman on the scene complained of dizziness to firefighters, but refused medical treatment. The building is being ventilated now. .....

Chief Suttles says crews were using propane-powered sanders to clean the floor. He says investigators believe the machine malfunctioned, raising CO levels to 250 parts per million. Chief Suttles says that's not enough to be deadly, but it would be enough to cause headaches, dizziness and nausea.

As of 7 a.m., Chief Suttles says CO leves are now down to 6 parts per million, and employees and customers will not be allowed to 5 parts per million, which should take a little longer. Complete article

Weekend of action planned to pressure Walmart to stop selling guns 08/14/2019

Calls for Walmart to stop selling firearms grew louder as a coalition of unions and organizations said they would stage rallies nationwide this weekend to pressure the country's largest retailer to use its influence to push gun reform.

Guns Down America says that Color of Change, MoveOn, and the American Federation of Teachers are among the organizations joining it at Walmart stores across the U.S. to not only call on the company to stop selling guns, but demand that it support gun buybacks and use its clout to push for a ban on military style weapons.

The coalition also wants its campaign to go viral, launching the #Walmartmustact challenge. Visitors to Walmartmustact.org can print out a letter asking the retailer to stop supporting NRA backed politicians along with the other demands. Then they're being asked to take a picture, tag their friends, and deliver the letters to a Walmart store manager. Complete article

Walmart shares jump following earnings beat and raised outlook 08/14/2019

Walmart on Thursday reported second-quarter earnings that topped expectations and raised its outlook for the full year, building on the momentum in its core U.S. business, online operations and investments in grocery.

It marked the 20th consecutive quarter of sales gains in the U.S. for Walmart and its 19th quarter of traffic growth on its home turf.

Walmart shares jumped more than 6% in premarket trading on the news. Complete article

Walmart loses tax appeal in Pulaski County 08/15/2019

Walmart lost its appeal on lowering its Pulaski County tax assessments Wednesday as County Judge Barry Hyde issued a ruling that said reports submitted by the retailer were "fundamentally flawed."

Officials across the state have closely monitored the case, which is viewed by government tax assessors as Arkansas' first serious test of the so-called dark-store theory. The legal argument, which has found mixed success nationally, holds that big-box retail stores should be valued, for tax purposes, as if they are closed and vacant.

Attorneys for Walmart and Pulaski County indicated during a two-day hearing last month that they anticipated an appeal to circuit court. Observers have said both sides are preparing as if the case will ultimately go to the state Supreme Court. Complete article

Walmart reports ad delays as it brings services in house 08/14/2019

Some brands are experiencing delays in the deployment of their Walmart ad campaigns due to what the big-box retailer is calling unexpected glitches as it moves the work of serving advertisers to an in-house team. Previously Walmart had been using Triad, an outside agency, to manage advertising on its website.

A Walmart spokeswoman confirmed the delays, but says that the retailer is working closely with the advertisers to inform them of any problems. No campaigns have been canceled, the spokeswoman says.

“We are migrating remaining accounts from Triad to Walmart Media Group and, as with any transition, there can be delays,” the spokeswoman said in an e-mail. “But we’re committed to the best possible campaigns for our brand partners and are in close contact with them as we work through the delays.” Complete article

Man, woman with eight warrants arrested at Fountain Walmart 08/14/2019

Man sentenced for Irvington Nebraska June 2018 Walmart gunfire incident 08/14/2019

Trial delayed for second man in Sep. 2016 Walmart killing 08/14/2019

California Walmart cleared out after ‘unsubstantiated bomb threat,’ police say 08/14/2019

Bonner Springs Missouri Walmart will open Thursday morning after a suspicious package scare Wednesday night 08/14/2019 There is no word on what was in the backpack, but these scares rarely have bombs, or other dangerous items.

Walmart remodels building for associates 08/14/2019 BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Walmart has remodeled and opened a state-of-the-art center for employees. Those with Walmart are calling it a “contact center”. Employees will have access to a 24-hour fitness center, cafĂ©, a game room, outdoor patios and training and associate development spaces.

WANTED: Man accused of stealing laptops from La. Walmart 08/14/2019

Police Called on Metal Band For Sitting in Van in Walmart Lot 08/12/2019 This headline isn't a joke — metal has been stigmatized once again. Death metal group Torn the Fuck Apart were sitting in their van in a Walmart parking lot near Chicago, and someone called the police because they found it suspicious. Good grief.

Florence man arrested, accused of stealing from Alabama Walmart 08/14/2019

Florida man stole wine, shoved it in his pants, drank it at Walmart, police say 08/15/2019

Suspect wanted for inappropriately touching girls at Walmart stores in Montgomery County Tx. 08/15/2019

ACCIDENT: Man shoots self with ex-lover's gun in NC Walmart parking lot 08/15/2019

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - A man has been charged after police say he accidentally shot himself with an ex-lover's gun in the parking lot of a Walmart.

Greenville police said it happened shortly before 9:00 a.m. this morning at the Walmart on Greenville Boulevard.

Officers say Jeffrey Gibbs had the handgun in his pocket, and while walking to his car he pulled up his pants, the gun hit something in his pocket and it went off. He was hit in the calf by the gunfire and taken to Vidant Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Complete article

Armed Suspect Arrested After Running Into Royse City Tx. Walmart, Causing Evacuation 08/15/2019

ROYSE CITY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Walmart in Royse City was evacuated Thursday morning after police say an armed suspect went inside the store as he was running from officers. The suspect was eventually taken into custody without incident.

Police say the suspect had assaulted a Cumby (Hopkins County) officer at around 10:15 a.m. and fled in a vehicle going westbound on I-30. The suspect wrecked near I-30 and Erby Campbell Boulevard and then ran into a Walmart to hide from officers.

The Cumby officer who was assaulted told police the suspect was armed with a pistol. Complete article

Alleged thief stealing airsoft gun sparks 'armed masked man' scare at Walmart in Union, New Jersey 08/15/2019

UNION, New Jersey (WABC) -- A man who allegedly shoplifted an airsoft gun at a New Jersey Walmart created quite the scare -- and someone called police to report an "armed masked man."

Police were called to the Walmart on Route 22 in Union before 11:00 a.m. Thursday.

The caller told police that a man wearing a black mask and holding a black gun was in the toy department.

The building was evacuated and police say they found a package that normally contains a large black airsoft gun but was missing. Complete article

Active bomb threat forces Walmart to evacuate in Apple Valley 08/15/2019

The Walmart in Apple Valley was evacuated Thursday night after a bomb threat was made and threats to shoot up the store.

Authorities arrived to the Walmart located at 20251 Highway 18 with guns drawn and immediately began evacuating the buildings just before 9 pm, several employees told VVNG.

“We received a call saying there was a bomb inside the store and that they will also be shooting up the place,” stated a Walmart employee, who declined to be named. Complete article

Police say Walmart threats on social media not believed to be credible 08/15/2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Posts concerning threats to Walmart are circulating on social media but Huntsville police say there are no verifiable threats to stores in our area.

Police say some of the posts go as far as to say there have been arrests made and that is untrue for our area. Complete article

Police: Threat against S.C. Walmart stores is a hoax 08/15/2019

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Many viewers reached out to WIS with concerns over a threat circulating on social media Thursday.

The threat appeared to target Walmart stores, with several locations across the state -- including Lexington -- being named in the posts.

Lexington Police confirmed these threats are a hoax. However, they did respond to the store as a precaution. Complete article

Police Investigate Walmart Shooting Threats That Appear To Originate In Western Pa. 08/16/2019

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (KDKA) – Police are investigating threats of a Walmart shooting that appear to have originated in the Johnstown area.

In a Facebook post posted late Thursday night, the Richland Township Police Department said they’re investigating claims about social media posts that talk about a possible shooting at Walmart this weekend. Complete article

DeRidder La. Police handle incident with former Walmart employee 08/14/2019

DERIDDER, La. (KPLC) - There was a situation at the DeRidder Walmart with a former employee, according to DeRidder Police Chief Craig Richard.

Richard says there have been no reported shootings at the Walmart in DeRidder Wednesday night.

An upset employee was let go and asked to leave. DeRidder Police were called in, according to Richard, but the situation was handled without further incident and the disgruntled former employee eventually left. Complete article

South Carolina Man Sues Walmart After Gas Can Explosion 08/16/2019

AIKEN, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina man is suing Walmart, saying a gas can that exploded and set him on fire was defective and should never have been sold to him at a Walmart store in Barnwell.

In a federal lawsuit filed this month, Jamie Grubbs says he was using fuel as an accelerant for a fire in his back yard. He says fumes from the gasoline ignited, causing a "flashback explosion" and throwing burning gasoline onto him in 2015.

The lawsuit is one of several filed in recent years involving portable gas cans manufactured by Oklahoma-based Blitz U.S.A. Inc. Others have been filed in Arizona, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

Blitz U.S.A. closed in 2012. Its CEO blamed the lawsuits . Complete article

Walmart loses round in bid to sell hard liquor in Texas 08/15/2019

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A federal appeals court says a Texas law that keeps Walmart from selling packaged liquor in the state does not violate the Constitution.

Texas allows privately held businesses — but not publicly held corporations such as Walmart — to own "package stores" where hard liquor is sold.

Thursday's ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans says a federal judge erred in ruling that the Texas restriction is discriminatory and violates constitutionally protected interstate commerce. Complete article

Accused Mississippi Walmart killer, from late June, set to face judge Friday 08/16/2019

Report of person with gun at Greer SC Walmart prompts police response; turns out to be sunglasses 08/15/2019

Man wanted in two Ky. Walmart thefts 08/15/2019

Update: Lewisburg WV Walmart reopens after earlier evacuation 08/15/2019 A bomb technician later determined the contents of the package were blankets.

Tractor-trailer catches fire on SR-80 in LaBelle Fla. near Walmart 08/15/2019

Police: Man and woman pass several counterfeit $50 bills at Walmart in Kitty Hawk NC 08/16/2019

Accused Mississippi Walmart killer from late July faces judge from hospital bed 08/16/2019

Shooting complaint triggers evacuation of Walmart in Okeechobee Fla. 08/16/2019 turned out to be a hoax.

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. (CBS12) — The Walmart in Okeechobee has been evacuated as the sheriff's office investigates a shooting complaint.

The sheriff's office is asking people not to come to the area near the Walmart Supercenter off Highway 441.

"We have no reason to believe that any other businesses are affected by this evacuation at Walmart," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. Complete article

Virginia Beach Police Department responds to circulating Walmart threat 08/16/2019

A post on social media claims a group of mass shootings will take place at several Walmarts.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The Virginia Beach Police Department on Friday addressed a social media post that has been circulating on Facebook and creating fear.

The post shows a text message chain that reads:

"Stay out of Walmart this weekend. Just got a text from a friend that an officer (his friend) said they arrested a man in Virginia Beach on suspected mass shooting and the suspect told them he was part of a group that would be shooting up Walmarts this weekend."

Multiple viewers reached out to 13News Now concerned about the post. Similar text messages have been making the rounds that claim more attacks could be coming to Walmart or Target locations across the country. Complete article

Jacksonville NC PD: No credible threat to local Walmart 08/16/2019

Champaign Ill. Police Investigate 'Concerning' Social Media Threats Against Walmart 08/16/2019

Police: Post about Huber Heights Ohio Walmart shooting result of nationwide hoax 08/16/2019

Abilene Tx. Police: Social media rumors about local Walmart attacks unfounded 08/16/2019

UPDATE: Authorities investigating online reports of alleged threats made to Clarksburg WV Walmart 08/16/2019

Lexington Ky. police warn of Walmart hoax on social media 08/16/2019

Police investigating shooting threat about Salisbury Md. Walmart 08/16/2019

Social media post threatening shooting at Arroyo Grande Ca. Walmart not credible, police say 08/16/2019

Two juveniles arrested in connection to Cortland NY Walmart threat 08/16/2019

Cape Prosecutor: NJ Walmart threats on Facebook unsubstantiated 08/17/2019

Bakersfield Ca. PD says social media posts alleging active shooter threats at Walmart are fake 08/16/2019

Mobile Alabama PD investigates threats toward local Walmart stores on social media 08/16/2019

Walmart in Downey Ca. evacuated after sudden sound caused by prankster teens sparks panic, police say 08/17/2019

DOWNEY, Calif. (KABC) -- A crowded Walmart in Downey was evacuated after a sudden sound set off a panic inside the store.

The Downey Police Department quickly responded to the store in the 9001 block of Apollo Way around 9 p.m. Friday and tried to determine what the sound was that made customers run for the exits.

People inside took to Twitter reporting everything from a loud popping noise to a man running in the store with a knife.

AIR7 HD was overhead as dozens of people stood idly by a nearby Chase bank.

Police said a group of teens who were inside the store were trying to pull off a prank and film it for YouTube. Police believe something those teens did sparked the panic. Complete article

PD: Walmart shoplifting and carjacking in Tempe leads to serious crash in Scottsdale Ariz. after pursuit 08/16/2019

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Police agencies are investigating after a shoplifting in Tempe led to a carjacking and pursuit, which ended in a serious multi-vehicle crash in Scottsdale on Friday afternoon.

According to Tempe police, officers responded to the Walmart Supercenter near Priest Drive and Elliot Road for reports of a shoplifting. When officers arrived at the scene, a witness identified the vehicle of the suspect involved in the shoplifting, which officers saw trying to leave the area. A patrol officer followed, and while attempting to stop the suspect, saw an occupant trying to push someone out of the moving vehicle.

Police say the vehicle did not stop for the officer, and after a brief pursuit was last seen exiting the Loop 202 at Scottsdale Road. Another patrol officer eventually spotted the vehicle driving northbound on Scottsdale Road, and due to the erratic driving behavior, advised all Tempe officers to terminate the pursuit. The officer then notified the Scottsdale Police Department the suspect vehicle was heading into their city.

A short time later, a serious multi-vehicle crash was reported at 68th Street and McDowell Road involving the vehicle connected to the initial shoplifting, according to police......

Tempe police said Scottsdale officers took the man and woman from the suspect vehicle into custody. Those two were treated for non-life threatening injuries. During their investigation, detectives determined that the occupant the patrol officer saw being pushed in the suspect vehicle earlier was a victim of carjacking after the shoplifting at Walmart, and was not involved in the crime. Police were not able to specify who the victim was. Complete article

Trussville Alabama Fire responding to small fire at Walmart 08/16/2019

TRUSSVILLE — Trussville Fire and Rescue responded to a fire in the produce section at Walmart on Chalkville Mountain Road on Friday, August 16.

Trussville Police Detective Ben Short said five or six juveniles lit paper towels on fire.

Firefighters said the fire was quickly extinguished with a fire extinguisher. There is no damage and operations at Walmart were only briefly impeded. Complete article

Arkansas State suit targets Walmart gift cards 08/17/2019

Walmart Inc. faces a lawsuit that claims the retailer sold unsuspecting customers store gift cards it knew could have been tampered with by scammers.

In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, 29 plaintiffs say they bought Walmart gift cards and loaded money on them, only to learn when they tried to use the cards that the funds had already been used by an unknown third party or that Walmart had deactivated the account. The plaintiffs claim Walmart did not reimburse them for the lost funds. According to the complaint, "Walmart knew that scammers would enter its stores, remove the security tape from its gift cards, log the card's PIN, and use the PIN to remove customer funds after the customer loaded money onto the gift card.

"Consumers have lost millions of dollars that they loaded onto the gift cards because Walmart failed to take adequate and reasonable measures to ensure that scammers did not tamper with the gift cards and failed to disclose to its customers the material fact that it was possible the gift cards had been tampered with." Complete article

Suspected driver in Missouri Walmart parking lot robbery waives hearing 08/16/2019 An Oklahoma man waived a preliminary hearing Thursday on a charge that he participated in the armed robbery of a woman in January 2017 in the parking lot of the Walmart store at 1501 S. Range Line Road in Joplin.

Crime Stoppers: Brazen pair steals $1,400 worth of merchandise from Lincoln Nebraska Walmart 08/16/2019

Suspected Meth Lab Investigation Shuts Down Walmart Parking Lot in Burlington NC: Police 08/16/2019

Lenoir City Tenn. Walmart evacuated after bomb threat, no device found 08/16/2019

Dixon Ill. police ask for help identifying man after theft at Walmart 08/16/2019

Walmart says viral photo of gun display touting 'own the school year like a hero' was staged 08/14/2019 The photo is two years old but recently resurfaced online. It has been shared tens of thousands of times on social media as Walmart faces growing pressure to stop selling guns in the wake of an August 3 shooting that killed 22 people at one of its stores in El Paso, Texas.

Roswell NM PD will do walkthroughs at Walmart after threat alerts 08/17/2019

2 charged in New Hartford NY Walmart larceny 08/17/2019

Shots fired in NC Walmart parking lot 08/18/2019

GASTONIA, N.C. — A shooting happened in the Walmart parking lot on East Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia, officers say, FOX 46 WJZY reports.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot in the foot.

Gastonia police began an investigation into the incident when a call came in around 6:00 a.m. Sunday.

Officials confirmed that the shooting was the result of an attempted carjacking.

Witnesses on the scene say an old man was shot. Complete article

Body found outside Prince George's County Md. Walmart 08/18/2019

CLINTON, Md. - Prince George's County officials say they found a body Saturday morning outside a Walmart store in Clinton.

They found the body around 9 a.m. in the store's parking lot located at 8745 Branch Ave.

Authorities don't suspect foul play. Other information wasn't immediately available. Complete article

Dead man found in ditch next to Cleveland Tx. Walmart 08/18/2019

The body of a dead man was found in the ditch between a Cleveland Walmart and U.S. 59 Sunday morning, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

Cleveland Police responded to a call around 7 a.m. and found the body of a male who appears to be in his early 20s. Detectives were unable to determine the cause of death, and the body was sent to Beaumont for an autopsy.

Police also took a black SUV in the parking lot that they believe belonged to the victim for processing. Complete article

Police: Juvenile threatened to ‘shoot up’ Wilkes-Barre Township Pa. Walmart 08/17/2019

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — A juvenile faces charges after calling Walmart and threatening to “shoot up the store,” township police said Saturday afternoon.

Store management reported the call to police shortly before 3 p.m., according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Police traced the phone to a juvenile in Hanover Township, the post stated. No information about the youth was provided. Complete article

Police: ‘No validity’ to text messages about shooters at Virginia Walmarts 08/16/2019

Police say 2 armed men at Missouri Walmart committed no offense 08/18/2019

Fremont police step up patrols at Ohio Walmart after someone made threatening phone call 08/17/2019

Walmart in Great Bend Kansas has reopened after police evacuation, store officials say 08/18/2019

Police investigate possible threat at San Benito Tx. Walmart 08/18/2019

Three people charged with robbing elderly couple at Lexington Ky. Walmart 08/17/2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Three people have been arrested in connection with the robbery of an elderly couple in Lexington.

Police say the crime happened late last month at the Walmart on Nicholasville Road.

They say an 88-year-old man and his 84-year-old wife were walking to their car when they were approached by Austin Morrison and Mercedes Childress who were armed with a shotgun and pistol. Complete article

Man who brandished gun at East Marlborough Pa. Walmart identified as Kennett grad 08/19/2019

EAST MARLBOROUGH — Quick response by police along with alert employees at the Walmart store in East Marlborough Saturday was responsible for the apprehension of a man yelling and brandishing a gun. The gun was later revealed to be a black airsoft pistol.

The suspect has been identified as Edilberto Ayllon-Tapia, 19, from Toughkenamon. He is a 2018 graduate of Kennett High School.

An employee, well aware of a recent mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart store that left nearly 22 people dead, saw a man near the sporting goods department of the store pull out a gun from his waist band Saturday. Police said the employee immediately notified the store manager, who called police. Complete article

Police say man who climbed atop checkout stand at Woodville Tx. Walmart in viral video had mental health issue 08/18/2019

WOODVILLE, Texas — The man who stood on top of a self-checkout register at the Woodville Walmart in a viral video was having a mental health issue, police said.

"This is another prime example that video does not depict what is actually going on," Woodville Police Chief Mike McCulley said.

The video posted on Facebook had about 1,300 shares as of Sunday afternoon. Complete article

Man charged after paramedic, Davidson County ambulance hit by car in Lexington NC Walmart parking lot 08/17/2019

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- A paramedic suffered leg injuries Saturday when she and an ambulance were hit by a car in the Walmart parking lot at 160 Lowes Blvd. in Lexington, police say.

Nathan Fowler, 36, of Clemmons, was driving a black Mustang, hit the paramedic around 12:30 a.m. and pinned her between the ambulance and the Mustang, police say.

The Mustang crashed into the yellow cement barriers at the grocery side of Walmart, Fowler went into the store and was arrested in the sporting goods section after officers arrived.

Once in custody, police say Fowler was taken to Lexington Medical Center and a search warrant was taken for his blood. Complete article

Paramedic Intentionally Hit in Walmart Parking Lot by Impaired Driver: Police 08/18/2019

'She's Going to Be in the Hospital for a While.' 2 Paramedics Recovering After Being Assaulted in Walmart Parking Lot: Documents 08/19/2019

Large police presence at Walmart in Conway SC because of power outage 08/18/2019

Motorcyclist disappears into North Side San Antonio Tx. Walmart after high-speed chase 08/17/2019

Police searching for Wisc. Walmart shoplifter 08/19/2019

Walmart hiring 65 people for Ottawa Kansas distribution center 08/19/2019

Enid Okla. police seek public's help in identifying Walmart thieves 08/19/2019

E’Town Ky. police searching for Walmart theft suspect 08/19/2019

Employee accused of stealing money from Wisc. Walmart, hiding it in her bra 08/19/2019

Villagers’ son wearing only underwear arrested at Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. 08/19/2019

Atlanta Ga. Metro prosecutor has warning for Walmart: Cut crime or get out 08/19/2019

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A Gwinnett county prosecutor is taking on Walmart, telling the discount retailing giant to deal with crime concerns at its stores.

Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Tony Thomas requested crime stats from police departments and found law enforcement officers responded to calls for service at Walmart store across Gwinnett more than 3,000 times in the past 12 months.

The cases ranged from everything from a homicide and a carjacking to hundreds of shoplifting cases. ......

“The cameras are for after the fact. We want crime deterred before the fact,” Whiteside said.

Whiteside is threatening to begin citing Walmart for nuisance violations.

“We are asking that Walmart have certified off-duty police officers to add a deterrent of protection,” Whiteside said.

Through open records requests, Thomas got statistics from calls for police to 11 different Gwinnett County Walmart stores.

In Lawrenceville, two stores accounted for 846 calls in the past year. Of those calls, 224 for were for theft.

Gwinnett County police cover six stores across their jurisdiction and say they responded 710 times to Walmart stores and 293 of those cases were for shoplifting. Complete article

Family asks for help after woman was last seen leaving Colorado Springs Walmart 08/19/2019

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police are looking into a missing person's case involving 47-year-old Jennifer Cleland.

According to family members, Cleland was last seen Saturday around 7:30 p.m. at the Walmart on N. Union and Lelaray St.

Cleland's brother reports, employees at the Walmart say they saw a lady with coffee buy groceries and then leave the store. A short time later a man was seen pushing her cart into the store with the coffee and all the groceries inside. Walmart is following protocol and is working to report what they saw to the police. Complete article

Kansas City, Kansas, felon steals gun in Bonner Springs Walmart parking lot 08/19/2019

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. — Police in Bonner Springs, Kansas, were called Sunday night to the Walmart at 12801 Kansas Avenue after a caller reported seeing a person with a gun.

Police said upon arrival it was determined two parties had arranged to a face-to-face sale of a firearm over the internet. Police said when the seller arrived and showed the firearm to the buyer for inspection, the buyer grabbed the firearm, left the Walmart parking lot and ran toward Nettleton Avenue.

Additional officers were called to the scene, including a Bonner Springs Police’s K-9 unit.

Police said after a short amount of time, the buyer who had taken the firearm and the stolen firearm were located. Complete article

Brooklyn Park Minn. boy finds needle in toy from Elk River Walmart 08/19/2019

It was a scary way to end a birthday party. Catie Lund said a bag of sports-themed hacky sacks was one of the party favors, and when her 7-year-old son opened one of them, there was a needle inside.

"It was rusty, it was like a very long sewing needle. We're not sure where it came from," she said.

What's worse: He got poked by it and it caused him to bleed. Now he is being tested for a host of communicable diseases as a precaution. Complete article

Robot 'associates' reportedly help Walmart beat earnings expectations 08/19/2019

Walmart’s automated “associates” are part of why it did so well during the second quarter, according to one report.

The retail giant reported its earnings on Thursday, with a net income of $3.61 million, according to MarketWatch. Those earnings beat expectations.

Part of the success was due, in part, to the use of robots, the website reported, which research analyst groups noted. Complete article

Walmart’s CMO Barbara Messing to Leave the Retail Giant 08/19/2019

Michael Francis, former marketing chief at Target, will temporarily step into the role Walmart is bidding adieu to its CMO.

Barbara Messing, who has held the top marketing job at Walmart since August of last year, is leaving her post to “return to the Bay Area with her family,” according to an internal memo announcing her departure. Her last day will be August 30. Complete article

Judge rules against sex-bias lawsuit by ex-Walmart workers 08/19/2019

A federal judge in Miami has ruled that three women suing Walmart Inc. on claims of sex bias in denying them raises and promotions didn't present enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

However, in granting the Bentonville retailer's motion for summary judgment Friday, Judge Robert N. Scola in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida wrote that the plaintiffs' evidence "certainly indicates that something was indeed rotten within the corporate culture at Walmart."

That evidence includes a report by a statistics expert that was not disclosed by the court's deadline and thus deemed inadmissible for consideration, according to Scola's order. Since the report contained "the only statistical evidence the Plaintiffs submit in support of their disparate impact claims, those claims cannot survive summary judgment," Scola wrote. Complete article

Walmart shoppers rush for exits amid bomb threat at Houston Tx. store 08/19/2019

2 charged after thefts at Ga. Walmart 08/19/2019

Shopper stole cart full of groceries from Pa. Walmart: police 08/19/2019

Two women arrested for thefts from Walmart, Target in Framingham Mass. 08/20/2019

Police: 2 women sought after switching pricing stickers at Centre County Pa. Walmart 08/20/2019

1 charged, 1 let go in Aug. 21 Ill. Walmart shooting 09/04/2019 (Location not reported until two weeks after the event.)

Newly obtained police records show that an Aug. 21 shooting in Joliet took place at a Jefferson Street Walmart.

No one was hurt in the shooting that occurred about 10:20 p.m. Aug. 21, when police were called to the Walmart at 2424 W. Jefferson St. after receiving reports of gunfire, according to a heavily redacted police report obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Joliet police initially said the shooting took place in the 2400 block of West Jefferson Street but did not specify where it occurred. Complete article

One injured by stabbing at a Walmart parking lot in Englewood Fla. 08/21/2019

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says a stabbing took place in a Walmart parking lot in Englewood overnight.

According to CCSO a call came in around 3:05 AM for a report of a stabbing at the Walmart on south Mcall Road.

They found the victim in the parking lot suffering a single, non life threatening stab wound to the abdomen. Complete article

Drunk Florida man drives Walmart courtesy scooter out of the store, then another mile, cops claim 08/20/2019

It was a case of grand theft blotto.

John Davis is accused of stealing a courtesy scooter from a St. Petersburg, Fla., Wal-mart shortly before 11 p.m. Friday, then riding it out of the store and driving for another mile before stopping at a gas station as the battery started to run out of juice, according to Pinellas County police.

Making matters worse, police say the 58-year-old motorist was intoxicated when he drove the $1,500 scooter to a WaWa gas station, where he told cops he’d planned to charge the battery. Complete article

Mayor, police chief hint that authorities stopped a mass shooting at Mississippi Walmart 08/20/2019

An employee at Walmart in Petal had a feeling something wasn't right when he encountered a customer Friday afternoon.

The customer, identified by police during a news conference Tuesday as 22-year-old Patsy Victorius Delvecchio III, was seen at the store carrying a handgun in his waistband, asking questions that made the employee feel uncomfortable.

Delvecchio, who had purchased some ammunition, left the store but remained in his vehicle for about 15 minutes, which also made other people who observed him feel uneasy, Police Chief Matthew Hiatt said.

After interacting with Delvecchio, the employee contacted a store manager, who then called the police.

When asked if he believed the actions taken by the Walmart employee, police and others helped saved lives, Hiatt responded, "I would absolutely say that." Complete article

Man in custody after ‘suspicious person’ call from Petal Mississippi Walmart 08/17/2019 Hiatt said officers made contact with the man while on a traffic stop and found two guns along with ammunition. The man, whose name is not being released at this time, was questioned by police and released on scene. The department later received additional information, which prompted further investigation, and for the man to be taken into custody for questioning.

Court orders treatment for man held after Petal Walmart incident 08/27/2019

Tx. Walmart confirms man bought Blue Bell after licking container; didn't leave in display 08/20/2019

PORT ARTHUR — DEVELOPING: KFDM/Fox 4's Quentin Hope says a Walmart spokesperson called him minutes ago and said the company confirms the man who posted a viral video showing him licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream at Walmart on Twin City Highway, purchased the exact tub of ice cream and didn't leave it in the freezer for others to buy.

Walmart statement: “We were able to check the surveillance footage and it does look like the customer ended up purchasing that tub of Ice Cream. That being said we do take this kind of thing seriously so if anyone does tamper with product in our store and they do leave it on the shelf, then we will work with Law Enforcement to identify who that is, and go from there.”

Port Arthur Police Detective Mike Hebert tells KFDM/Fox 4 investigators plan to present evidence to the District Attorney's Office to see if charges are warranted against a man seen in viral video licking ice cream from a Blue Bell tub at Walmart on Twin City Highway Monday. The man had a receipt showing he purchased the ice cream and didn't put it back in the freezer, according to PA Police Chief Tim Duriso. If the D.A. pursued the case, the potential charge could be tampering with a consumer product. That's a 2nd degree felony and it could bring up to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 to anyone who is convicted of the charge. Complete article

Viral Blue Bell saga continues: Third ice cream licker arrested in Texas 08/23/2019

Man arrested in alleged Walmart gift card scam in Boaz Alabama 08/20/2019

BOAZ, Ala. (WAFF) - Boaz’s police chief says during an off-duty trip to Walmart last week, employees made him aware of a suspicious customer. That customer was later arrested for allegedly scamming people.

Police say Peifhi Lui was repeatedly going to Walmart to buy a large amount of gift cards. When employees told Lui he couldn’t buy any more, things reportedly got heated between him and loss prevention. Chief Josh Gaskin was in the store at the time, so he got involved.

Gaskin said Lui lied by saying he bought the gift cards with his own money. When loss prevention watched security footage, they realized he was using Walmart digital gift cards to buy more gift cards.

Police say he was getting those digital gift cards by scamming people, then using them to get gift cards at the store. Complete article

Walmart donates $15,000 to Police Activities League 08/20/2019

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Walmart stepped up to help cool off Bakersfield police officers and local kids keep on the right track.

Walmart donated four pallets of water plus coolers for Bakersfield police vehicles. It’ll help the men and women in blue stay hydrated in the valley’s notoriously hot summers.

Walmart also dropped off a $15,000 check for the Police Activities League. Complete article

Top CEOs from Macy’s, Target and Walmart Send a Striking Message to Their Shareholders 08/19/2019

More than 180 CEOs at some of the largest and most recognized corporations in the United States are changing the ways they do business.

In a statement released today, the Business Roundtable — counting retail members like Macy’s, Target and Walmart — announced that it was updating its corporate governance principles, which has served as a guideline on “the purpose of a corporation” for more than four decades.

The group’s new standard for corporate responsibility is no longer based on shareholder value alone, which has served as the central tenet in each statement issued since 1997. Complete article

Walmart sues Tesla over solar panels it says caused multiple fires 08/20/2019

Walmart has sued Tesla, saying solar panels supplied by the electric carmaker were responsible for fires at about seven of its stores.

The fires destroyed significant amounts of store merchandise and required substantial repairs, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket losses, according to a lawsuit filed in a New York court on Tuesday.

As of November 2018, no fewer than seven Walmart stores, including those in Denton, Maryland, and Beavercreek, Ohio, had experienced fires due to Tesla’s solar systems, according to the lawsuit.

“This is a breach of contract action arising from years of gross negligence and failure to live up to industry standards by Tesla with respect to solar panels that Tesla designed, installed and promised to operate and maintain safely on the roofs of hundreds of Walmart stores,” Walmart said in the court filing. Complete article

Column: Walmart reopens old wounds over Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity 08/22/2019

Amazon joins Walmart in saying Tesla solar panel caught fire 08/23/2019

Walmart, Tesla working to settle lawsuit after solar panel fires 08/23/2019

Man wanted for inappropriately touching girls at Tx. Walmart stores arrested 08/20/2019

Black beauty products kept in locked cases at Walmart draw claims of discrimination 08/20/2019

Walmart Giving donates to Crookston Minn. Youth Foundation 08/21/2019

Tips Help Police Identify 2 Suspects Caught Stealing From Harford Co. Md. Walmart 08/21/2019

DPS: No credible threats to Arizona Walmart stores following mass shootings 08/21/2019

All clear given after suspicious item left outside Madill Okla. Walmart Wednesday morning 08/21/2019

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Madill Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad have now cleared the scene after someone left a suspicious item left outside Walmart Wednesday morning.

Madill police said they got a call from Walmart around 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Donny Raley, public information officer for the department, said a witness saw a man leave the tote on the north side of the parking lot, close to the store.

'Because of the suspicious nature of how it was left in the parking lot, where it was located, we decided to go ahead and take the safe precaution and call the OHP Bomb Squad, have them come out and deem the tote safe," Raley said. Complete article

Wal-Mart sues Beaver Dam Wisc. to lower tax bill despite $6.18 million incentive 08/21/2019

Walmart is seeking to reduce its city of Beaver Dam tax bill, despite the fact the city provided $6.18 million to the business for locating its distribution center here.

Walmart filed a suit against the city Friday to lower the property value of its two properties in Beaver Dam, the WalMart store at 120 Frances Lane and the Walmart Distribution Center at 115 Distribution Way.

The city assessed the value of the store at about $9 million, but Walmart claims to value to be about $7 million. The 1-million-square-foot distribution center is valued at $40.72 million, but Walmart wants that lowered to $26 million. With lower property values, Walmart would pay less in property taxes.

Walmart already negotiated with the city last year to be reassessed and lower its taxes here. Mayor Becky Glewen has said that the first value change shifted tens of thousands of dollars onto other residents of Beaver Dam, and such another huge change could go into the hundreds of thousands.

In 2003, the city struck a deal with Walmart to offer $6.18 million in incentives to Walmart to build the distribution center, including a lump sum of $1.38 million and 20 annual payments of $200,000. Complete article

Online threat closes Thomaston Me. Walmart 08/21/2019

Bluffton man arrested after secretly filming sexual videos of women in SC Walmart, police say 08/21/2019

All clear after Pembroke Pines Fla. Police evacuate Walmart for possible gas leak 08/21/2019

Villagers’ daughter jailed in theft of merchandise from Wal-Mart at Buffalo Ridge Fla. 08/22/2019

Albuquerque NM PD: Officers shot, killed man who was reportedly waving gun at people in the area near Walmart 08/23/2019

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The Albuquerque Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting near the Walmart on Eubank near I-40.

Police said they responded to the scene Thursday afternoon after getting reports of a man waving a gun at people in the area.

A witness said the officer shot the person after he appeared to reach for something.

“Right when I pulled up, he made a really aggressive move for his waistband and that was it,” Lester Gonzales said.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not said whether they found a weapon on the man. Complete article

Albuquerque police have Eubank shut down in front of the Walmart at Copper Avenue. Police are investigating an officer involved shooting in the area. We don’t have any other details right now. Avoid the area. 08/22/2019

Running Rampant: Kids Ride Their Bikes Right Through A Store, And An Employee Trashes A Walmart Video 08/22/2019

A suspected Walmart employee lost his cool and proceeded to go up and down the aisles pulling items off the shelves and breaking them, video revealed.

A gang of kids also tore through a store on their bikes, but the disturbance didn’t end there — they recorded themselves riding rampant on a major road after they were done. Complete article

Two Arrested after Jumping on Vehicles at Ind. Walmart 08/22/2019

(BEDFORD) – Bedford Police arrested two Missouri men after one of their officers were told about two males jumping on vehicles in the parking lot at Walmart.

According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore, the witness gave the officer a description of the vehicle. The vehicle was located at the Super 8 hotel with the two males sitting inside.

Officers spoke with 25-year-old Dustin Fullington and 23-year-old Christopher Cameron about the complaint. Complete article

UPDATE: Man reported in Missouri Walmart scare says shoppers overreacted 08/22/2019

COLUMBIA - An incident at a Columbia Walmart Thursday afternoon that left shoppers fearing an active threat turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Earlier, police said they responded to the scene after people reported that two men wearing body armor walked into the Walmart on Conley Road.

City spokesperson Steve Sapp later said neither of the men were actually wearing body armor. One was wearing pants with multiple pockets and the other was wearing a vest.

One of the men, Chris Current, said he saw about six police officers approaching him in the store.

"I knew right away they were there for me," Current said.

Sapp confirmed that the two men cooperated with CPD officers and were at the store to exchange an item. The men allowed officers to search their car, and no weapons were found.

Current said he believes police shouldn't have considered him a threat unless he clearly had a gun.

"In that severe circumstance, you don't need 6 officers with 6 guns," Current said. Complete article

I tried to buy a gun at Walmart twice, and roadblocks left me empty-handed both times 08/21/2019

The availability of guns at Walmart has become a hotly debated issue in the wake of two deadly shootings at its stores that killed 24 people.

More than 128,000 people have signed a petition urging Walmart to stop selling guns and take a stronger stance against firearms since the shootings at stores in El Paso, Texas, and Southaven, Mississippi. But the company has said it has no plans to stop selling them.

I went to Walmart with the intention of buying a gun last week as part of an investigation into the placement, selection, marketing, and security of firearms in Walmart's stores, and to learn more about the retailer's processes governing gun sales.

My journey to bring a gun home from Walmart turned out to be far more complicated than I expected. .....

Over an hour and a half, I placed more than a dozen calls to multiple stores, waited on hold for a combined 40 minutes, and got through to a human only three times. Three Walmart employees told me they didn't know which stores sold guns in the area. Complete article

Walmart hires two global compliance execs 08/22/2019

Walmart announced the addition of two executives in its global governance and compliance department who will support the retailer’s financial business as one global team.

Emma Waddell will join Walmart as vice president of financial services compliance on Sept. 16. She most recently was chief compliance officer at SunTrust Bank. Joe Rodriguez has joined Walmart as lead counsel of financial services. He most recently served as vice president of compliance at Capital One.

Walmart executives Daniel Trujillo, global chief ethics & compliance officer, and general counsel Karen Roberts made the announcement Thursday (Aug. 22). Complete article

Walmart picks firms for campus project 08/22/2019

Walmart Inc. said Wednesday that it has selected the architect and design team that will make its vision for the new headquarters campus a reality.

Dan Bartlett, Walmart's executive vice president of corporate affairs, said in a news release that the Bentonville retailer has chosen global architecture firm Gensler to oversee the project as executive architect. Based in San Francisco, Gensler has 48 offices in 16 countries around the world. Complete article

Houston firm to oversee engineering for Walmart's new global HQ 08/23/2019

Officers take to Hawaii Walmart roof to raise money for Special Olympics 08/2/2019

Flint Hill teacher arrested after allegedly shoplifting meat from Ga. Walmart 08/22/2019

Abingdon Md. Walmart Shoplifters Left In U-Haul: Harford Sheriff 08/21/2019

Suspects steal $800 worth of gift cards from Alabama Walmart 08/22/2019

Miley Cyrus reveals she lost a Walmart deal as a teenager for 'ripping a bong' 08/23/2019

Suspect in Rolling Meadows Ill. Walmart parking lot June 15 shooting captured 08/22/2019

Man facing forgery charges in two counties after passing fake bills at Arkansas Walmart, Gamestop 08/23/2019

Local Walmart giving away $15k to Broken Arrow Okla. Public Schools 08/23/2019

Bail hearing set for Auburn Me. man charged in fatal July Walmart shooting 08/23/2019

Walmart fulfills wish lists of 347 teachers in WV 08/23/2019

Shooting victim catches ambulance ride near Mississippi Walmart 08/24/2019

NATCHEZ — Natchez police are investigating a Friday night shooting that occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. as the victim drove his car along Inez Street, Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong said.

The bullet went through the car door and hit the victim in the leg, Armstrong said, and the victim attempted to drive himself to the hospital.

At some point, however, the victim was intercepted by an ambulance in the vicinity of the Natchez Walmart, perhaps in the parking lot of the Walmart, Armstrong said. The commotion at the Walmart prompted some people to believe a shooting had occurred at Walmart. That is not the case, Armstrong said.

“The victim said he was driving along the 500 block of Inez Street when a car pulled up beside him,” Armstrong said. “He didn’t know who fired the shots.” Complete article

Police: Somerset woman abandoned children at Adair Co. Ky. Walmart 08/24/2019

COLUMBIA, Ky. (WKYT) – The Columbia Police Department is asking for help from the pubic in locating a mother they say left six children at a Walmart and then drove away.

According to officers, Amanda Jardinex brought the children, ranging in age from six to eleven, to the Walmart in Columbia, told them to go find a worker to speak to, and then drove off.

Police say Jardinez drove a blue Dodge Caravan. They also say she could be in the company of Alex ‘Loop’ Holovich. Both are from Somerset. Complete article

Walmart and other retailers face a new front on gun sales: Lawsuits 08/23/2019

Although the recent mass shootings at Walmart stores in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, have renewed calls for retailers to stop selling firearms, some people tragically affected by gun violence are taking matters into their own hands — by suing.

“Retail sellers are facing serious issues of liability exposure,” said Timothy Lytton, a law professor at Georgia State University and author of a book about litigation against the gun industry. “We’re likely to see a stream of lawsuits in the wake of these mass shootings.” Complete article

Walmart seeks patent for blockchain-based drone communication system 08/24/2019

Walmart continues to work on it various blockchain applications and earlier this year filed a patent application entitled “Cloning Drone Using Blockchain.” The filing was made public recently by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Walmart noted in the application filing, “A blockchain ledger may store any kind of information that may be stored in any other format or medium, for example, a large list of instructions of different types, navigational information, and maps. In such a way, a same software profile may be deployed across the cloned drones.” Complete article

Woman accused of improperly using self-checkout at Nebraska Walmart 08/23/2019

Church Point man arrested for bomb threat in Acadia Parish La. Walmart 08/23/2019 According to Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard, just before 3:30 p.m. a 21-year-old suspect walked into the business with a duffel bag and reportedly claimed he would “blow up a bomb.”

Man arrested for voyeurism at Fla. Walmart 08/23/2019

Masked troublemaker ejected from Minn. Walmart 08/23/2019

Arrest made after false threat at Jacksonville Ill. Walmart 08/25/2019

2nd hoax bomb threat at Jacksonville Ill. Walmart 08/28/2019

A paw-sitive outcome: Suffolk police rescue kitten in NY Walmart parking lot 08/25/2019

Man dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Irvine Ca. Walmart parking lot 08/2/2019

A man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the parking lot of a Walmart in Irvine on Sunday, Aug. 25, police said.

The shooting was reported at 16555 Von Karman Ave. at about 4:25 p.m., Irvine Police Lt. Matt McLaughlin said. A man was found dead near a vehicle in the store’s parking lot, which is typically busy on a Sunday afternoon.

His death was ruled a suicide, McLaughlin said. The man’s identity was not immediately made public. Complete article

Police investigate shooting outside Lakewood Colorado Walmart 08/25/2019

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Police are investigating a shooting outside a Walmart in Lakewood that sent one person to the hospital.

Lakewood police said a man was shot in the parking lot of the Walmart at Wadsworth Boulevard and West 4th Avenue at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

He was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, police said. Complete article

Suspect arrested in connection with shooting at Lakewood Walmart 08/28/2019

Florida woman charged after dog dies in hot car in Walmart parking lot 08/24/2019

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. -- A Florida woman was charged after a dog died when it was left in a hot car for several hours, WEAR reports.

The dog, a female pitbull mix, was locked inside a white Toyota Camry Thursday when the high in Pensacola, Florida was 89 and the feels like temperature was closer to 100.

A bystander caught the incident in the Walmart parking lot on camera. Complete article

Woman Sends Warning Over Dangerous Prank at Conn. Walmart That Targets Shoppers 08/25/2019 Razor blades are put on carts to cut packaging as part of shoplifting pactice & Walmart knows it but only reports it in low profile manners sometimes even omitting this when people think it's a prank.

A woman went on social media to warn others over a nasty prank she noticed at Walmart.

Kelly Boulay of Connecticut said that she was injured after finding a razor blade embedded in a Walmart shopping cart handle.

Boulay wrote about the incident on Facebook after she claimed she cut her finger. Complete article

Police: Johnstown suspect pulled gun on man in Pa. Walmart parking lot 08/23/2019

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WJAC) — Police were called to the Walmart in Richland Township just after midnight for a physical altercation.

Police say a man was punched in the face inside the store by another man.

The altercation continued outside, where the man pulled a gun on the other man before being struck by a vehicle and leaving the scene in a vehicle with four other people. Complete article

Crews stop vegetation fires behind Anderson Ca. Walmart and in Igo 08/24/2019

Firefighters have stopped vegetation fires that broke out Saturday evening behind the Anderson Walmart and on Platina Road in Igo.

The Deck Fire, near the 13000 block of Platina Road in Igo, was reported at 5:22 p.m. It had engulfed what appeared to be an outbuilding, according to scanner communications.

The fire was estimated to be burning about 1 acre. Complete article

Detroit Lakes Minn. men accused of sliding goods under Walmart garden center gate 08/25/2019

Clewiston Fla. officers seek identity of Walmart thieves 08/24/2019

Marion man on electric cart accused of following woman while fondling self at Iowa Walmart 08/2/2019

Police: Stolen car found in Wisc. Walmart parking lot, 4 returning to vehicle attempt to run, arrested 08/26/2019

Man gets prison for trying to shoot and kill trooper in York County Pa. Walmart in April 2016 08/26/2019

14 DUI arrests over weekend in Clarksville, including driver of Tenn. Walmart motorized cart 08/26/2019

Woman who contacted Fla. Wal-Mart to reclaim $20 arrested in theft of LED bulb 08/26/2019

Police: Trying to identify Pa. Walmart shoplifting suspects 08/27/2019

1 Shot In Walmart Parking Lot, 3 Suspect Vehicles Involved In Burlington NC Shooting: Police 08/26/2019

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Burlington Police are continuing to investigate a shooting that occurred Monday night at a Walmart store parking lot. Police said at least one person was shot and is recovering at a hospital.

Police have developed three suspect vehicles from surveillance video that they believe was involved in the shooting. Investigators identified a blue Ford Mustang, a gold Honda Accord, and another possibly white Honda Accord as the vehicles used by the shooters.

The shooting occurred just before 9:00 p.m. in the store's parking lot on South Graham Hopedale Road in Burlington. Police said three vehicles were struck by bullets along with another business along North Mebane Street. Complete article

Man charged, suspect vehicle wanted after shooting in Burlington Walmart parking lot 08/30/2019

Police investigating shooting at Butler Twp. Ohio Walmart 08/28/2019

BUTLER TWP. — One person was injured in a shooting around 1:30 a.m. outside the Walmart at 3465 York Commons Blvd. in Butler Township.

Scanner traffic indicated that a victim had been shot in the leg, and later that officers were pursuing a vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting.

Police at the scene only confirmed that a firearm was discharged and a man sustained minor injuries. Complete article

Teen shot in the leg outside of Walmart parking lot 08/28/2019

Body found at Walmart in Kenner and two murders on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish La. 08/27/2019

Detectives are looking for clues after finding a body at the Walmart on Veterans Blvd. in Kenner and two murders in Marrero in about six hours.

WWL First News confirmed that authorities were called to the the 8900 block of Veterans about reports of a body behind the Walmart.

Kenner police later said a man had been living behind the Walmart amoung the wooden pallets, got pinned between palleets and died. Complete article

A man threatened to bring an AR-15 rifle to a Maine Walmart. Police say they might have stopped the next mass shooter. 08/26/2019

A New York woman last week tipped off Maine authorities to an armed felon police say could have been targeting a local Walmart. Police say the tip fueled a fast-moving investigation from multiple law enforcement agencies that may have stopped Jeremy Hugh Rogers, 25, from becoming the next mass shooter.

“He was prepared for something,” Officer Elizabeth Hart of the Thomaston Police Department said. “We’re not sure what, exactly.”

Rogers, of Norwalk, Connecticut, is charged with terrorizing, terrorizing with a deadly weapon and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person. In October 2016, he was convicted in Connecticut on firearms and child endangerment charges — both felonies.

While searching for Rogers on Wednesday night, Maine police closed and evacuated the Walmart in Thomaston where officers believe he may have been heading. Rogers, who was eventually detained outside a Rockport residence Thursday, made his initial court appearance on Friday in Knox County Court in Rockland. He remains in jail on $50,000 cash bail. Complete article

Man accused of pointing airsoft gun at customers, police outside south Tulsa Okla. Walmart 08/26/2019

TULSA, Okla. - A man is in custody after police say he pointed an airsoft gun at a Tulsa police officer Sunday night.

Tulsa police say around 7:30 p.m. an off-duty officer was working his second job at Walmart near 71st and Memorial when he was told about a man pointing a modified airsoft gun at customers.

Police say 39-year-old Jason Gambler pointed the airsoft gun at the officer.

The officer drew his weapon and gave commands for Gambler -- sitting in a wheelchair with both legs amputated -- to drop his weapon. He dropped it without a further reported incident. Complete article

Austin Tx. FD: Two Walmart shoplifting suspects set fires in bathroom to create distraction 08/27/2019

Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects who allegedly started fires inside a North Austin Walmart's bathroom to create a distraction to shoplift.

It happened Friday, August 23, at around 5:35 p.m. at the Walmart Supercenter located on the southbound I-35 service road just north of the East Parmer Lane intersection.

Investigators with the Austin Fire Department said two fires were intentionally set inside the women's restroom. The two suspects were seen stashing items around the store and are believed to have set the fires as a distraction in order to shoplift those items. Complete article

Cops: 2 men threatened to blow up Walmart, stole items — then returned to steal TV 08/27/2019

McDonough police are searching for two thieves accused of threatening to blow up a Walmart before making two trips to steal flat-screen televisions and other items.

The two men stole from the Walmart off South Willow Lane on Aug. 14, police told Channel 2 Action News on Tuesday.

The incident began in the store’s self-checkout lanes, where they allegedly told an employee that they were going to blow up the store, Channel 2 reported. As security responded, one of the men tried to walk out of the store with a cart full of items, police said. Complete article

Georgia woman loses use of left eye after Walmart-brand thermos explodes, lawsuit says 08/27/2019

A Georgia woman is suing Walmart in a defective-product lawsuit, claiming that a store-brand thermos she purchased “exploded, resulting in serious and permanent injuries” to her face, eyes and body after she filled the container with hot soup.

Maria Lopez filed the lawsuit earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

Lopez lives in Taylor County, which is located between Macon and Columbus. Complete article

5.7 million kids water bottles sold at Target, Walmart recalled for choking hazard 08/27/2019

Contigo kids cleanable water bottles are being taken off the shelves of prominent grocery stores such as Walmart, Target and Costco for posing a choking threat.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the Contigo bottles' clear silicone spout can detach, rendering it a possible choking hazard.

According to Contigo, the recalled bottles were sold from April 2018 through June 2019. Complete article

The world’s largest retailer is reaching out to India’s small farmers with new technology 08/28/2019

The world’s largest brick-and-mortar retailer is loosening its purse strings to help small Indian farmers improve their livelihoods.

Yesterday (Aug. 27), Walmart Foundation, the philanthropy arm of the Bentonville, US-headquartered retailer, said it has pledged grants worth $4.8 million (Rs34 crore) towards Digital Green and TechnoServe, both organisations that help Indian farmers increase their income.

The grants will be used to support programmes that help small farmers gain access to agriculture technology, training on sustainable farming methods, enhanced access to formal markets, and skill and capacity building for farmer producer organisations. Complete article

Walmart's biggest-ever holiday toy list is dominated by kid influencers 08/27/2019

And on the same day that Starbucks made an early reintroduction of its Pumpkin Spice Latte, Walmart (WMT) also evoked cooler weather by posting its biggest ever "hottest toy" list for the holidays.

The world's largest retailer dropped a list with 48 toys, rated by kids who tested and played with hundreds of products. The collection includes dolls, scooters, and games.

This season, Walmart will increase its exclusive toy offering in stores and online by 25% — and is adding over 40 new toys from kid-influencer brands.

"When you think about that, that's really powerful because [kids] can now watch their peers actually playing or doing something and then it's not just their parents or an adult showing it to them,” said Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of toys at Walmart. Complete article

Walmart testing lactation suites for mothers 08/27/2019

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — A Walmart Supercenter in Arkansas is launching and testing a new amenity for mothers: a lactation suite.

Mamava Lactation Pod is a free, app-enabled pod. It is accessible by downloading the Mamava app and using a Bluetooth connection, according to a news release.

The pod provides privacy so mothers can breastfeed or pump. It also has adjustable lights, a fan and plays music, according to the release. Complete article

FDA, IBM, Merck, Walmart and KPMG Collaborate on Blockchain Pilot Project to Track Pharmaceuticals 08/28/2019

First used to track cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, blockchain is finding its way into tracking and quality control systems in healthcare, including clinical laboratories and big pharma

Four companies were selected by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to participate in a pilot program that will utilize blockchain technology to create a real-time monitoring network for pharmaceutical products. The companies selected by the FDA include: IBM (NYSE:IBM), Merck (NYSE:MRK), Walmart (NYSE:WMT), and KPMG, an international accounting firm. Each company will bring its own distinct expertise to the venture.

This important project to utilize blockchain technologies in the pharmaceutical distribution chain is another example of prominent healthcare organizations looking to benefit from blockchain technology. Complete article

Burbank Ca. Walmart is evacuated after suspicious phone call 08/27/2019

Threat temporarily closes Flint Township Mich. Walmart 08/27/2019

6 Rules for Hiring the Best Employees, According to This Top Walmart Executive 08/28/2019

Man Accused of Stealing From Mason Co. Mich. Walmart Charged 08/27/2019

All clear after bomb threat reported at Tillman’s Corner Alabama Walmart 08/27/2019

Melbourne man charged with exposing himself in women's bathroom at Fla. Walmart 08/27/2019

Vidor Tx. Police ask for help identifying suspect after Walmart theft 08/27/2019

Recognize him? Police try to ID man who charged $1,000 at Pa. Walmart with stolen card 08/26/2019

Dalton Tenn. police searching for Walmart thief 08/28/2019

Trio used stolen credit cards to rack up $1,600 bill at Ephrata Pa. Walmart, McDonalds, police say 08/28/2019

Police search for suspect in Westside Albuquerque NM Walmart shooting 08/28/2019

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One person has been hospitalized and another is in custody following a shooting near the Walmart on Coors and I-40 Wednesday morning.

Officers with the Albuquerque Police Department say the victim is currently in stable condition and one subject is being questioned. Authorities say a second subject is outstanding at this time.

Witnesses say the incident happened in the parking lot near the Chili’s, but police have yet to release any more details. Complete article

Dixon police seek woman accused of hit-and-run at Ill. Walmart 08/28/2019

DIXON, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Dixon Police Department asks for the public's help finding a woman accused of hitting a pedestrian with her car and taking off from a Walmart parking lot.

Police say the hit-and-run happened around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of the Walmart at 1640 S. Galena Avenue. Complete article

Fla. Walmart shoplifter says she can’t be arrested because she is pregnant, cops say 08/29/2019

Manatee County sheriff’s deputies say 27-year-old Teixeira Sharquila Kiara Williams helped herself to more than $800 in goods from Walmart on Aug. 27, assuming she couldn’t be arrested because she is pregnant.

According to the arrest report, Williams placed 45 items into her shopping cart and tried to exit without paying for any them from the Walmart at 2911 53rd Ave. E.

Loss prevention intervened as Williams was leaving the store, telling her she needed to pay for the merchandise, but Williams refused and abandoned the cart as she left the store, the report states. Complete article

Walmart’s robot army has arrived 08/29/2019

The last machines to invade people’s space at scale were cars; now, it’s Walmart’s robots. How’s that going?

As robots start to move into more public places, like streets and stores, the people who encounter them won’t have any kind of instruction manual on how to engage with them. One of the main places this is happening? The aisles of your local Walmart.

For years, Walmart has been automating its warehouses with robots that can pack and sort items as they zoom along conveyor belts. But the company has also slowly been rolling out robots that roam around store aisles alongside customers, launching in 50 stores in 2017 and rolling out to 350 in 2019. These bots are designed to scan shelves looking for items that are out of stock, eliminating a time-intensive chore that human workers no longer have to do—though workers still have to refill the shelves when the robot finds a missing product. Complete article

Minn. Walmart announces it will close store on University Avenue 08/28/2019

Oregon man sentenced in June 2018 theft of security guard’s car at Walmart 08/28/2019

Man took 'illicit photographs' of woman at Greenville Co. SC Walmart, deputies say 08/28/2019

Milwaukee man charged with sexual assault for lewd behavior in Franklin Wisc. Walmart checkout line 08/28/2019

Newcastle Okla. Police search for information on Walmart pickpocket 08/29/2019

Deputies: Girl pretends her name is 'Royalty', shoplifts from Macon Ga. Walmart 08/29/2019

MSP searching for driver in Ludington Mich. Walmart hit-and-run 08/30/2019

LUDINGTON, Mich. — Authorities in Ludington are looking for the driver who crashed into a parked vehicle in the Walmart parking lot Saturday.

According to a release from the Michigan State Police Hart Post, it happened around 6:25 p.m. at the Ludington Walmart, located 4854 W US-10.

Troopers say a maroon, newer model Toyota Highlander -- or similar SUV -- crashed into a parked vehicle as it drove through the parking. The driver caused significant damage to the vehicle and was even seen on surveillance video surveying the damage before driving to the other side of the parking lot and going inside to shop. Complete article

Police: Man accused of assault in Pa. Walmart threatened to shoot 2 people 08/29/2019

A homeless man, accused of assaulting a man inside Walmart before pulling a gun and threatening to shoot two people in the parking lot, will stand trial on assault charges.

Deshawn Matthew Lieb, 20, waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday before District Judge Susan Gindlesperger, of Stonycreek Township.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Richland Township police, Lieb allegedly punched a man in the face while inside Walmart at 150 Towne Centre Drive on Aug. 23.

Once outside, Lieb allegedly pulled a handgun and threatened to shoot two people before fleeing in a white Hyundai with three other people inside, the complaint said. Complete article

Oxford Mississippi Walmart works with OPD to increase security after shootings at other store locations 08/29/2019

Oxford’s Walmart is taking preventative measures, namely increased security, to improve the safety of community members following shootings in Southaven and El Paso, Texas, Walmart stores in recent months.

Though Walmart employees declined to comment, Oxford Police Department’s interim police chief, Jeff McCutchen, confirmed that OPD has increased its security presence at Walmart.

“We partnered with Walmart after the events in Southaven and El Paso to provide security and stability for the workers and our community,” McCutchen said.

McCutchen said that Walmart contracted a security team to increase the store’s security, hiring police officers to work security while they are off duty in their department. Complete article

Walmart tests dentistry and mental care as it moves deeper into primary health 08/29/2019

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, is moving deeper into the primary care and mental health market, opening a new clinic called Walmart Health in Georgia.

The company recently updated its website with a link to Walmart Health, describing its “newest location in Dallas, GA.” It also went online with the site “Walmarthealth.com,” where patients can set up appointments. Walmart is testing the concept with the initial clinic and could open more in the future, according to people familiar with the matter who asked not to be named because the plans are confidential.

The Dallas location, which is set to open its doors next month, will give patients access to comprehensive and low-cost primary care, including for mental health issues. The clinic is in a separate building next door to a Walmart store to give a sense of privacy for patients. Complete article

Walmart to offer gift card for car seat recycling; Target offering discounts 08/30/2019

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Target and Walmart are holding events in September to help keep car seats out of landfills.

In connection with National Baby Safety Month in September, car seat trade-ins are being held at both retailers.

Walmart will host its first-ever car seat recycling event Sept. 16-30. Customers can trade in used car seats at the service desk at any participating Walmart and receive a $30 gift card that can be used in-store and online to buy baby items. Complete article

Suspected counterfeiter caught at Ind. Walmart 08/2/2019

Liberty Ohio police arrest man on theft from Walmart 08/29/2019

Man arrested after resisting deputy and locking himself in Ca. Walmart bathroom, KCSO says 08/29/2019

Glendale Taco Bell employee stole customers' credit cards, then used them at Wisc. Walmart, police say 08/29/2019

Man pleads guilty to shoplifting from NH Walmart 08/29/2019

Police: Man tried to use stolen credit card to buy TV at Chesterfield Va. Walmart 08/30/2019

Waco Tx.: Man charged with indecent exposure in Walmart incident 08/3/2019

Teen who shot man outside Roanoke Va. Walmart Dec. 28, 2018 is given juvenile detention 08/30/2019

Body found behind Tyler Tx. Walmart; police investigating 08/30/2019

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Tyler police are investigating after a body was found behind a Walmart on Friday afternoon.

According to online records, Tyler police were called to a welfare concern in the 3800 block of Highway 64.

The unidentified male was spotted by workers in the area, according to Det. Andy Erbaugh with the Tyler Police Department.

The man was found in the overbrush near a fence. At this time, it’s unclear what caused the man’s death. His body has been for an autopsy. Complete article

Body found behind Walmart on Highway 64 08/30/2019 Erbaugh said it is possible the man was homeless, as Walmart employees have reported some homeless people living in the area.

Thieves set their sights on NJ Walmart 08/29/2019

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – The number of calls College Place police officers are responding to at Walmart are escalating and that could be tied to the recent closing of Shopko and Kmart in Walla Walla. According to Chief Troy Tomaras, the department had 51 calls for service resulting in 25 arrests at Walmart or in the Walmart parking in 2018. In 2019, by comparison, CPPD has had 236 calls for service resulting in 36 arrests.

“Although the calls for service have increased by 185 incidents, which are remarkable, the arrests have increased, but only slightly,” Tomaras said.

Tomaras said he believes that the statistics indicate the closing of Shopko and Kmart is tied to the increase in calls for service at Walmart. Complete article

Driver cited after rollover accident in Hadley Mass. Walmart parking lot 08/30/2019

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – A driver was cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle after allegedly hitting two cars in the Walmart parking lot in Hadley on Friday.

Hadley Police Lt. Mitchell Kuc told 22News they were called to the parking lot for a report of a rollover accident just before 1:00 p.m.

“Upon arrival, it was discovered that the operator of a 1998 Jeep Cherokee had struck a parked car and was attempting to leave the scene,” Kuc said.

“After leaving the scene of the first crash at a high rate of speed traveling north through the lot, the operator came to the end of the parking row and struck a 2019 Hyundai Tuscon traveling east in the outer roadway of the mall lot.”

Kuc said as a result, the Hyundai Tuscon hit a curb and rolled onto its roof. No one was seriously injured. Complete article

Pursuit from Timnath Colorado Walmart ends with crash in south Fort Collins 08/30/2019

A police pursuit that started at Timnath's Walmart ended in a crash in southeast Fort Collins on Friday afternoon.

Around 1:50 p.m., Larimer County Sheriff's Office deputies were advised that Timnath police were in pursuit of a suspect on foot near the superstore, which is located just east of Interstate 25 near Harmony Road.

Timnath officers then told deputies the suspect and a passenger had fled in a gray SUV, according to sheriff's office's public information officer David Moore.

Deputies soon spotted the vehicle traveling west on Harmony Road. After the vehicle ran a red light, the deputies tried to pull it over, but the vehicle sped away, according to Moore. The deputy in pursuit stopped pursuing the vehicle because it was driving so erratically but followed further behind, Moore said.

The vehicle then crashed near the intersection of Harmony and Corbett Road. Larimer County deputies, Timnath police and Fort Collins police all responded to the crash site. Complete article

SAFE & SOUND: Boy, 7, Feared Abducted From Garfield Walmart Walked To Lodi, Police Say 08/30/2019

An all-out search for a 7-year-old boy who went missing from his parents at the Garfield Walmart ended Friday afternoon when police found him safe and sound in Lodi.

The boy's mother told police they'd gone shopping for school supplies around 1 p.m. when they turned around and he was gone, Lt. Richard Uram said.

Security guards who searched the store with no luck were joined by several Garfield police officers, Uram said. Complete article

Phoenix Ariz. Walmart store closed due to strong chemical odor 08/30/2019

PHOENIX - Phoenix Fire and Police Department teams were on the scene of chemical exposure at a Walmart store near 37th Street and Thomas Road.

Officials say the store was closed Thursday night due to a strong chemical odor in the building and industrial chemical cleanup crews have been working to remove the substance.

PFD Captain Kenny Overton stated, "Fire Department HazMat crews returned to the scene on Friday when one of the members of the cleaning crew began to feel ill."

Crews continued to monitor the building and didn't find evidence of atmospheric contamination.

"Phoenix Police Bomb Squad personnel retrieved the substance for evaluation and found that it was Sulphuric Acid," said Overton. "Sulfuric acid is a bee repellent and non-toxic substance." Complete article

Sketch shows suspect in robbery outside of Fort Wayne Ind. Walmart 08/30/2019 Officers were called to the business on Apple Glen Blvd. Monday morning at 4:15. Witnesses say the suspect was involved in a strong armed robbery outside of the store.

Suspect identified in Ariz. Walmart shooting incident 09/02/2019

BENSON, Ariz. — Benson Police have identified the man who fired a shot in a Benson Walmart Parking lot on Saturday, according to San Pedro Valley News Sun.

The newspaper reports that Benson Police Chief Paul Moncada says 26-year-old Alejandro Ponce was not an active shooter.

The newspaper reports also that Chief Moncada says the incident did not occur inside the store, and the weapon was not pointed at anyone. Complete article

Police: Gunshot victim shows up at Walmart in Whitehaven Tenn. 08/31/2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say a man suffering from a gunshot wound showed up at a Walmart in Whitehaven.

Police responded to the Walmart in the 5200 block of Elvis Presley just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

According to police, the victim said that he had been walking when the suspect pulled up next to him and tried to talk to him. When the victim refused to talk, the suspect shot him. Complete article

Man allegedly drives Ky. Walmart scooter while intoxicated 08/3/2019

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) - Laurel County Deputies arrested Steve E. Eaton of Corbin on Friday after they say he drove one of Walmart’s motorized scooters while drunk.

After investigating, the sheriff’s office reported that Eaton allegedly stole a total of ten shopping carts from three other local stores.

He was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place and unlawful taking. Complete article

Walmart to close Midway Minn. store in St. Paul. Overall performance cited as factor. 08/28/2019

‘We’re going to be there for you’: Walmart donates food and beverages to Odessa shooting investigators 09/02/2019

1 wounded by shooting inside northwestern Indiana Walmart 09/02/2019

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